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Kinktober 2018 Voltron Fics

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Title: Licking

Pairing: Ranveig/Sendak (Randak)

Warnings: grooming, afterglow, knotting, ABO dynamics (Alpha!Ranveig, Beta!Sendak) (set in Sendak’s Lieutenant days)


He almost ripped the blankets of the bed when he felt the large Galra’s knot spreading him open as he rode out the last of his orgasm. He breathes heavily as his ears lower, slumping down.

The calloused fingers lightly trace over his clit beneath his balls, cock softening after coming so hard. Streaks of white stained over his chest as he felt himself coming down from the high of orgasm before he felt something along his neck.

Blearily, he tilted his head a bit to better look at what his commander was doing.

A blush touched his face when Ranveig moved to gently lap over the crest of his head, smoothing the fur there gently. Sendak purred quietly, before he moved to return the favor—

A hand touches his cheek to stop him.

“Rest. Let me do the work for now…” 

Sendak opened his mouth to reply but only a yawn escapes him before he just nods and slumps against him. He swears he almost feels a kiss pressed to his temple, but it must have been his sleep heavy mind having a wishful fantasy before he falls asleep.


Title: Rimming

Pairing: Gnov/Sendak (Senov)

Warnings: femdom, rimming,  piledriver position, ABO dynamics (Alpha!Sendak, Alpha!Gnov)


Sendak gasped softly when he felt the tip of that soft tongue lightly probe over the cleft of his ass. His toes twitch as he gasps softly, feeling Gnov’s hand gently close over his ballsack and gently fondles him there.

A shudder runs through him, his fur fluffing up slightly as she swipes the tip of her tongue over the small hole below his tiny slit. Little patterns were traced over the rim, making him buck his hips up.


He gasps sharply when she wriggles her tongue inside slowly and carefully. That lovely tongue lightly spreads him open, pressing over the walls and getting it slick with her saliva.

“Aaaah….Gn-Gnov…! Oooh quiznak…!” He felt her chuckle softly before she gripped his cock and slowly pumps it to make him buck his hips up.

Gnov gave a quiet purr, just basking in the way Sendak fell apart just for her.


Title: Pet Play

Pairing: Blaytz/Lumin (Galra Servant) (Blaytant.)

Warnings: Leash, collar, D/s, oral sex, cloacal sex, ABO dynamics (Beta!Lumin)


Lumin bites his bottom lip as the leash tugs him forwards.

The pretty blue color with silver star shaped studs glimmers softly in the light, as he manages to settle before his mate. He rested his head on his thighs and looked up at Blaytz with a soft blush.

He’s met with a soft grin as the blue paladins gently strokes his ears and crest with a soft purr. 

“You’re doing very well today…the training must be really paying off Hmm?” He playfully scratched Lumin’s ears, watching him shiver with a soft moan, “Yeah you’re a good boy aren’t you?” He slowly starts to tug Lumin closer, “And you know what a good boy gets for a reward right?”

The Galra starts panting softly in slight excitement as he is drawn closer to Blaytz’s cloacal. He looks up at him as he gives a small tentative lick over it….and groans when his face is pushed between those lovely thighs.

“Hmmm…you really enjoy your treat don’t you? Hmmm…” Blaytz smirked softly as he caresses over the little horns that form a crest on Lumin’s head.

Lumin just slowed his mouth over him and savored every bit of it.