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In my Dreams

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Kaminari stared his eyes in a milky haze. He stared at them. He stared at two of his best friends, Bakugou Katsuki and Kirishima Eijirou. The newest couple in school. The couple everyone expected. The couple Kaminari Denki put together. The couple that Kaminari Denki was jealous of. He didn't know why he was jealous, but he often found himself being a third wheel on their dates, which caused his heart to hurt. Before Kirishima and Bakugou were together it was always just the three of them. The trio. Of course their friend group consisted of Mina and Sero as well, but Kirishima, Bakugou, and Kaminari were especially close. Kaminari was even one of the only people, besides Deku, that was able to call Bakugou Kacchan without being blown to bits. It was obvious when they weren't officially together that Kirishima and Bakugou had some sort of feelings for eachother, but Kaminari was still much happier being a third wheel then instead of now.

"Hey Denki,"

The voice of Kirishima interrupted Kaminari's thoughts,

"Wanna walk home with us?"

Kirishima asked,

"Oh ye-"

Kaminari glanced down at Kirishima's fingers which were interlocked with Bakugou's. Kaminari's mouth unintentionally pulled into a frown,

"Uh..nah I'm good."

It felt as if the whole class stopped whenever they heard what Denki said. Kaminari never passed up an oppurtunity to hang out with Kirishima and Bakugou. Even if they didn't ask Kaminari still went everywhere with them. At this point whenever they asked Kaminari to hang out they just did it out politeness, because they already expected him to say yes.

"Are you sure?"

Kirishima asked, as Bakugou growled at the people in his homeroom who were staring,

"What the fuck are you fucking extras staring at!"

Bakugou yelled causing everyone to avert their eyes,

"Yeah I'm sure!"

Denki gave a thumbs up, as he hauled his backpack onto his shoulders. Kaminari then left the classroom. He pulled out his IPhone, as he walked down the hallway avoiding other students. He grabbed his ear buds putting them in, as he opened spotify. He clicked shuffle, and the first song to play was "Famous Last Words" by My Chemical Romance. Kaminari sighed, as he made the lonely journey home. As, soon as he got home he immediately felt jumpy, and excited. He ran up to his room slamming the door shut, on accident. He sat on his bed criss cross, and searched backpack for his homework. After about twenty seconds of searching he completely dumped his bag out. He finally found what he was looking for "The Flowers in the Attic". He opened the book, and began reading. As he read the book slowly his leg began to bounce up, and down. Kaminari glanced over seeing a red and gold fountain pen he got from Momo. He began chewing on the pen. He sighed frustrated, as he realized that he didn't understand what the hell he just read. Starting at the top of the page he read it again, and by the time he finished that page he still didn't know what he just read. He tried again and again chewing on the fountain pen. Finally the pen burst. Ink filled his mouth, and covered his shirt. He quickly stood up running to the bathroom that was in his bedroom. He threw up the black ink into the sink before stripping himself of his shirt. He reached into his laundry basket picking up the first shirt he could find which happened to be a long sleeve Joji, "Slow Dancing in the Dark" shirt. Now distracted from his work, and thinking about Joji he pulled out his phone. Going to youtube he played the song.

"I don't wanna friend, just one more night,"

Kaminari sung in a mumble voice trying to imitate Joji when he sang. Kaminari quickly got bored of that song, and played I Like It by Cardi B. He prefered Nicki much more than Cardi, but he loved this song.

" Now I like dollars, I like diamonds. I like stunting, I like shining. I like million dollar deals, where's my pen? Bitch I'm signin'!"

Kaminari yelled dancing in the mirror, there was a buzz, and Kaminari glanced down at his phone. Instagram had given him a post notification, "Red_Ri0t has posted a photo!"
Kaminari stopped smiling swallowing down nervousness and sadness that, for some reason, built up inside of him. He opened the photo, and saw that it was a picture of Kirishima kissing Bakugou's hand. Kaminari felt tears brimming his eyes, as he stared at the photo. He just stared without moving, without fidgeting, just staring at the photo. He double tapped the photo before gently placing his phone on the bathroom counter, screen down. He walked out of the bathroom gently pushing all of his stuff off of his bed. He laid there looking at the ceiling like it was the only thing he could look at. He looked at the ceiling with eyes filled with comfort. He looked like he thought the ceiling was the only thing that could protect him from this pain felt. He, finally, managed to roll over. Gripping the pikachu plushie that Tokoyami won for him, while Kaminari was third wheeling he and Aoyama's date, his eyes felt heavy. He thought about how many dates in his class he's third wheeled. It made his already shattered heart break even more thinking about the fact that his classmates probably found him annoying. They probably just thought of Kaminari as that annoying kid who third wheels their dates and has ADHD. Kaminari had third wheeled Momo and Jirou's date to a haunted house. He had third wheeled Ochako and Tsuyu's date to the movies. He third wheeled Aoyama and Tokoyami's date to the carnival. He third wheeled Todoroki and Deku's date when they went shopping. He even managed to always third wheel Kirishima and Bakugou even when they weren't on dates. Kaminari slowly closed his eyes thinking, "I'll just rest my eyes", but he managed to find himself pulled into a deep sleep. When he opened his eyes again he wasn't in his room. He looked around, and saw that he was at a carnival. Everything was so colorful, and warm. There were orange and red lights hanging everywhere, with pink booths that held yellow and gold prizes. Denki took a few steps forward his mouth agape. Everything felt so warm and welcoming it almost brought tears to his eyes. He looked forward, and saw that there was an area where a stage stood, and all his classmates stood around.


Kaminari heard all too familiar voices yell. Kaminari looked forward, and saw Bakugou and Kirishima standing there. Seeing Bakugou smiling was a little unsettling and caused Denki to take a slight step back.

"Will you dance with us?"

Kaminari's eyes widened, as he felt his heartbeat quicken. He stood there his hand hovering outward. No! He didn't like them like that! He didn't have a crush, on them! He's the one who got them together for crying out loud. He loved seeing them together. He was just jealous. He had always been jealous. He's jealous of everyone's relationships, because he's single.

"Why don't you guys dance with each other,"

Kaminari asked averting his gaze,

"Besides I wouldn't be able to choose one of you to dance with.."

Kaminari mumbled.

"Oh Kami,"

Kaminari felt his heartbeat quicken, and his skin heat up at being called "Kami" by Bakugou,

"We don't want you to choose one of us,"

Bakugou continued. Kaminari looked back over to them eyes widening,

"We want you to dance with both of us!"

Kirishima finished Bakugou's sentence. Kaminari felt a flood of happiness spread through his body, as he clutched his chest.

"We love you Kami!"

They said at the same time. Kaminari's eyes shot open, as he stared at his ceiling in a cold sweat. His heart still beating a million miles a second,

"Oh my god..."

He mumbled the reality of the situation sinking in,


"I'm not jealous of their relationship. I'm jealous I'm not in their relationship."