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Took Your Hand And We Ran...

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There was nothing special about nineteen-year-old Jamie Smith. Nothing, really. He was just an average college student, nice, shy, a bit awkward. He had friends, his days were normal. He went to class, to work, came back to his dorm and repeated. He was also deaf but that never stopped him from living a normal life. He managed. He knew how to do sign language and lip read.

The night air was chilly. He now wished he had money for a cab! Jamie zipped up his jacket despite the wind he was feeling good, tonight. It was Friday night! Drinks and the big soccer match were on the local pub’s T.V and it was his friend Mickey’s turn to buy the drinks! Jamie was looking forward to this all week!

As he walked the damp sidewalk something strange across the street caught his eye from where he worked. The clothing store Henrik's light from the basement appeared to be on. Which would be fine but one problem. The shop was closed on Fridays.

Jamie frowned and went closer to the three-story building. But when he got there the light was now, off.

Okay, now he was confused. How could the light be on and then be off a second later? Then a scary thought occurred to him.

Maybe someone was in there, he thought. Part of Jamie told him to tell the police but what if it was Wilson, the night watchman? Then he would look stupid, Jamie reasoned.

He stood there in the middle of the street debating what to do. Then he saw the lights flickering from the entire building, rapidly almost dancing, funny shadows appeared but he couldn’t tell what they were. The lights were too fast. He swallowed. Something was wrong.

There was a knot in his stomach. He didn’t have a choice, he had to go in. He looked up at the sky and sighed heavily. Jamie went around the back and took his ID and scanned it before unlocking the door.

The basement was dark and the floor creaked. Amazing how scary this place was at night, Jamie thought nervously as he walked through. It was filled with store dummies just looking at him with blank dead stares. Like something out of the Twilight Zone.

He shook his head.

“Get it together,” He told himself. “You’ve been down here before!” Jamie’s inner voice scolded himself.

He felt the wall for the light switch but the light wouldn’t come on.

Okay, now, he was scared! Jamie’s heart was now pounding, his stomach was twisted in knots. Jamie took his special whistle and blew hoping Wilson or whoever was in there that he was there. But nothing happened. That made him nervous. His hands couldn’t stop shaking as he blew again.

Nothing! This didn’t make sense! Wilson had to know he was here, there was a light in his office! But before he could blow again suddenly the store dummies started moving and gathering around him!

Jamie’s eyes widen with fear and shock. This had to be a sick prank! Mannequins don’t walk! He had to get out but they seem to surround him pinning him to a wall. He was trapped!

Then one dressed in a suit and came closer and raised its arm over his head, Jamie winced getting ready to either feel pain or something worse when he felt someone grab his hand.

He looked and a young woman in leather jacket and dark short hair ordered him to ‘Run!’. Jamie didn’t need to read her lips to understand and quickly and followed her just as the dummy’s arm broke through the pipe Jamie was standing in front of a second ago.

His heart was pounding in his ears as they raced down the hall with the store dummies still chasing them. It felt like these things were catching up! Finally, they found an elevator and rushed in before the dummies could catch them. But one of the dummy’s arm got caught in the door, it moved around angrily until the woman boldly ripped the arm off.

Jamie looked on slightly scared and stunned.

He watched as the woman pulled out a silver thing and calmly buzzed the arm.

“Cheap plastic, now!” She declared.

He frowned.

“Was she daft?” Jamie wondered.

The woman noticed his expression.

“It’s a sonic screwdriver,” She said. “Should hold them.” The woman glanced at him.

“Catch!” She added tossing the plastic arm.

Jamie caught it and made a face.

She smirked. She had to admit he was cute, tall, thin, messy dark brown hair and amber colored eyes.

He rested against the wall catching his breath.

‘Those had to have frat students.’ He signed without thinking about it.

The young woman looked at him curious.

“Why would they be students?” She asked.

He gave her an obvious look.

‘Because I’m a student,’ Jamie explained signing. ‘I know these guys from campus. They play jokes all the time.’ He signed.

She nodded.

“Logical,” The woman replied. She sighed. “But they’re not students.”

He shrugged.

“Well, the night watchman will take care them.” Jamie signed.

The woman’s head turned towards him.

“Night watchman?” She said.

He nodded.

“Wilson.” Jamie signed.

The woman shook her head.

“He’s dead.” She replied.

Jamie scowled.

“That’s not funny!” He signed.

She shrugged.

“Didn’t know I was making a joke.” She replied simply.

Jamie looked at her in disbelief.

“Those things killed him?” He signed.

She nodded.

“But no worries,” She smiled. “I’m going to stop them.” The woman replied. She pulled out a remote with a red button. “With this,” The woman grinned. “I always did like a big red button!” She gushed.

He gave her a look like she was daft and nodded.

“Sure.” Jamie signed.

She looked at him.

“Don’t believe me, do you?” The young woman asked.

Jamie sighed.

“After tonight I’ll believe anything!” He signed.

She smirked. Oh, she liked this one.

The elevator stopped. The woman led Jamie outside.

He glanced at her curious.

“Now what?” Jamie signed.

The woman patted his shoulder.

“Now go home, have some chips and watch T.V,” She rambled. “You know do whatever it is humans do.” She said before shutting the door.

Jamie paused confused. Wait, did she say humans?

But a second later the door opened and she reemerged looking at him intrigued.

“What’s your name?” She asked.

“Jamie Smith.” He signed.

She smiled.

“Nice, to meet you Jamie Smith,” She replied. “I’m the Doctor, now run for your life!” The Doctor warned.

The Doctor went back inside.

Jamie was in a daze but he quickly ran off still holding the arm despite people looking at like he was crazy. He eventually found a dumpster and tossed it and just kept walking until he felt a powerful vibration. He turned and saw a cloud of smoke and fire.

A sense of dread came over him. That woman. The Doctor. He hoped she had made it out.

Then he realized him that woman carried a conversation with him without ever questioning his deafness which was first and he also realized she just blew up his job….

"Wonderful." He thought exasperated.

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It was all over the Saturday morning newspapers. Henricks store blows up due to gas line! At least that’s what everyone thought. There was no way Jamie was going to tell anybody what really happened. They would lock him up! Even Jamie couldn’t wrap his head around what just occurred.

Jamie sat in his dorm watching T.V, his mind wandering back to that woman. She was so mysterious. He tried not to say she was beautiful but she was. Short dark hair, silver delicate ear piercings in one ear, sparkling hazel eyes and the fairest skin he had ever seen.

He then shook his head. What was he thinking? He just met the girl, he didn’t even know her name. For all he knew she could be some nut.

Just then his phone vibrated. He checked it. It was a text from Roni, his mother. She was deaf like him.

He sighed and read it.

‘Hey, luv, how are you?” It read.

“I’m fine, mum,” He texted back.

“Good,” She replied. “Cause, I’m a wreck!” Roni texted. “I’d feel better if you were home!”

Jamie sighed. Obviously, his mother had seen the news.

“I know, mum,” He replied back. “But there was no need to for me to come home.” Jamie reasoned.

A minute later his mother texted back.

“Yes, there is,” She said. “You'd be safe!" His mother replied back.

"Did you ask your boss about compensation, yet? God, knows you deserve something after going through all that!” Roni complained.

Jamie rolled his eyes. He didn’t want compensation, he wanted a job. But who would hire him?

Just then he saw his door light bulb above his wall blinking indicating someone was at the door. Jamie texted his mother he’d call her later. He then got up and went to answer it.

But when he looked through the peep hole no one was there. He frowned. Then he saw his doorknob moving and a couple of screws pop out.

He went from confused to annoyed. Jamie opened the door and was shocked to find the Doctor messing with his door!

“What are you doing here?” He signed.

She scowled.

“Me?” The Doctor questioned. “What about you?” She asked.

Jamie scoffed signing.

“I live here!” He signed.

The Doctor rolled her eyes.

“Well, what did you do that for?” She asked.

He gave her an annoyed look but the Doctor was unfazed.

“Anyway, I was using my sonic to detect Auton plastic and it led me here.” She explained studying the device. The Doctor shook her head. “Must be busted,” She muttered. She looked at Jamie. “You’re not made of plastic, are you?”

Before he could respond she tapped his head.

“Nah, just a bone head.” The Doctor remarked. She sighed. “Well, see ya’!”

But Jamie was not letting her go that easy. He still had questions. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back inside.

“Oi’, careful new arm, yeah!” She frowned.

Jamie stared hard at her.

“I want to know what the hell is going on?” He signed.

The Doctor sighed.

“Can’t you humans let it go?” She said.

“No,” He signed. “Now, listen everybody keeps asking me what happened but I have no answers.” Jamie signed.

The Doctor tilted her head.

“Just tell them the truth.” She replied.

He gave her a look.

“I can’t tell them I was attacked by store dummies.” He remarked signing.

She rolled her eyes.

“I meant lie. Tell them it was a gas line.” The Doctor said.

“I can’t,” He signed. “I want to know what those things are.” Jamie peered into her old yet young eyes. “They’re something else, aren’t they?” He signed.

The Doctor sighed. He had her. This one was very clever.

“They’re Autons,” She said. “Living plastic taking form of manikins and…”

But she was interrupted by a loud beeping from her sonic. The Doctor frowned.

“Are you sure you don’t have any living plastic here?” She asked reading her sonic.

Jamie shook his head.

“No.” He swore signing.

The Doctor was confused. Why was her sonic going crazy? Then a terrifying thought struck her. What if that plastic arm wasn’t as immobile as she thought?

Just then the Doctor heard a sound from behind the couch. She swallowed nervously.

Jamie caught her nervous expression.

“What’s wrong?” He asked signing.

“Please tell me you have a cat.” She said carefully.

“No,” He signed. “Why?”

The Doctor grabbed his hand and yelled.

“Duck!” She pulled him down as a plastic arm jumped out from behind the couch and lunged at them. It missed and hit a wall leaving a hole but turned and aimed at the Doctor! Jamie pushed her out of the away and ducked nearly hitting him. It knocked down picture frames and books. For a plastic dummy arm, it was powerful!

The thing swirled around lunging at them both causing the Doctor to fall back. It tried to take a swipe at Jamie but missed. He went to the floor beside the easy chair.

Finally, the Doctor gained her footing and aimed her sonic blasting the arm until it was subdued. The Doctor went over to Jamie to check on him.

“You alright?” She asked.

He nodded, slowly as he stood, his knees shaking.

The Doctor exhaled.

“Well, that was fun,” She declared taking the arm. “Obviously, they're not going to stop." The Doctor said.

Jamie watched her as she started go.

“Where are you going?” He signed.

“To find that signal. Before this thing gets worse.” She replied.

"I want to help." Jamie signed.

The Doctor looked at him shaking her head.

"No, no, I've put you in enough danger." She said.

He scowled.

"I'm not fragile! I am capable!" Jamie signed protesting.

The Doctor looked at him and sighed heavily.

“There are some things you don't understand." The Doctor said sadly.

Her eyes became sad and regretful. Jamie wondered just how much she had seen.

"Now, stay home, be safe,” She told him. “And forget me, yeah?” She simply shrugged.

Jamie just watched as she briefly touched the side of his face and left the dorm.

Forget her, he thought?

That wasn’t going to happen!

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Jamie needed some fresh air. The past couple of days had been so weird! He hadn't heard from the Doctor but he certainly hadn't forgotten her either. She was a mystery, a beautiful and unique mystery and maybe he liked that about her. Maybe he trusted her.

He then shook his head. He had been reading way too much emo novels.

He walked along the London sidewalk, the street lights and cool breeze soothing him. Just then he saw his friend Mickey approaching.

“Jamie! Jamie Smith!” Mickey declared. “Out I see! Good, good!” He said.

Jamie paused arching his eyebrow. Something was unusual about the way he was walking, it was stiff. Very stiff. And his skin was the smoothest he had ever seen almost like plastic. But what creeped him out was that tooth eating grin on his face.

Jamie nodded.

“Yeah, out for a walk.” He signed.

He continued walking. Mickey followed close beside him.

“Walking with my pal, walking with my pal!” He rambled.

Jamie looked at him strangely.

“Are you alright?” He signed.

“Never better, pal,” Mickey said enthusiastically. “So, meet anyone new, lately?” He asked. “Any Doctors, pal?" He said eagerly.

Jamie was getting uncomfortable.

“Um, whatever.” He signed. Jamie tried to leave but Mickey blocked him.

“Go on, tell me,” He said menacingly grabbing his wrist.

Jamie was getting scared. Something was really wrong!

This was not his laid back, fun loving friend!

His eyes became darker.

“Tell me about your Doctor!” Mickey demanded.

His grip tightened and it was starting to hurt!

Just then he felt a pebble hit the top of his head.

Jamie looked up and saw the Doctor hanging out in a tree.

"Hi!” She waved. She hopped down and went over to Mickey placing her arm around him.

“Ah, you found one,” She said tapping his plastic head, making a hollow sound. “Such cheap materials!” The Doctor scoffed.

“We will bury you!” Mickey growled.

The Doctor chuckled.

“Oh, really,” She scoffed. She wrapped her hands around its head and pulled until there was a loud pop! “Like to see ya’ try with no head!” The Doctor remarked.

Jamie looked ill.

Suddenly the headless Mickey body started flailing his arms around angrily.

“Okay, bad move!” The Doctor said. She grabbed Jamie’s hand and pulled indicating to run.

They started running but Jamie had no idea where they were going. The headless plastic Mickey was gaining.

Finally, they made it to an alley and stopped at a blue box?

Jamie frowned. How was this supposed to help? It was tiny!

But the Doctor pulled him inside. Jamie closed the door and leaned against it catching his breath. Then he turned and his mouth dropped! The room was huge! But how was that possible? Wasn’t small a second ago?"

It was the most incredible thing he had ever seen! Like a story book come true! Jamie walked around in awe glancing up at the high ceiling he touched the orange coral, the whole thing was surreal!

The Doctor caught his expression and smirked.

“Yeah, I know,” She boasted. “It is impressive! Bigger on the inside!” The Doctor said.

But Jamie’s awe turned to disbelief as he remembered Mickey. He gawked at her.

“You ripped off my best friend’s head!” He signed angrily.

The Doctor scoffed.

“Did not,” She defended. “It was a dummy!” The Doctor protested.

Jamie sighed.

“Okay, fine,” He signed. “But what if there was a link or something? What if you hurt him?!” Jamie pointed out.

The Doctor gave him a look.

“First off, I’m sure he’s fine.” The Doctor assured him. She then shrugged. “Well, as fine as he can be, anyway. Considering he was kidnapped by the Autons.”

Jamie rubbed his eyes frustrated. The dummies took his friend...brilliant!

She sighed. “Anyway, they don’t need humans like Mickey for anything. They want to take the form of dummies and destroy all humans and take over your planet,” She explained calmly.

He looked at her.

“But you do have a plan, right?” Jamie signed.

She rolled her eyes.

“Of course, I have a plan, smarty,” She snorted. “That’s why I grabbed this head. It has the signal to track the Autons and with this bottle of anti-plastic oil I will have this problem solved. I have everything under control!” The Doctor boasted placing the tiny bottle into her pocket.

Jamie nodded and pointed.

“It’s melting.” He signed.

She frowned and turned and saw the head was quickly melting on the console.

The Doctor groaned.

“Great, that’ll leave a mess!” She complained.

Jamie scowled.

“Hello, my friend?” He signed reminding her.

“Hello, doppelganger,” The Doctor reminded him. “Anyway, we have more important things to deal with. We’ve got to stop Nestene Consciousness before they wake up all the store dummies and they began their attack.”

Jamie looked at her, curious.

“We?” He signed.

“Yeah,” She replied. “You want to help, right?” The Doctor asked.

Jamie's smile grew.

"Yeah!" He signed.

“Come on then!” She smiled going down the ramp.

Jamie started to go but paused briefly. There was a strange sound in his head like a humming or a gentle whisper but that wasn't possible! He was deaf.

He ignored it and followed the Doctor.



They ended up outside the London Eye. The perfect transmitter! It shined brightly with its blue glow and it was huge, ready to send out a signal for an attack!

Soon they were underground inside a boiler type room. It was extremely hot! The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS first.

Jamie stepped out next and found the real Mickey nearby tied up. He rushed to his friend.

“Mickey,” He signed. “Are you okay?” Jamie signed untying him.

Mickey nodded.

“Yeah,” He groaned rubbing his wrists. “I’m fine.”

“What happened?” Jamie signed.

Mickey scoffed.

“I don’t know,” He exclaimed. “All I did was take the trash out and suddenly the bin grabbed me!” He remarked.

‘Living plastic,’ Jamie thought. ‘Like the Doctor said.'

He helped his friend up.

Suddenly Mickey's eyes grew.

“What the hell is that!?” He yelled.

He pointed at a large massive vat of moving slimy goop.

“Long story.” Jamie signed exasperated.

The Doctor sighed at them both.

“Do you mind?” She said.

“Who’s she?” Mickey frowned confused.

“The one who’s going to save us.” He signed confident.

The Doctor looked into the vat.

“I’m speaking to the Nestene Consciousness, yeah?” She said holding the small bottle.

The Nestene Consciousness bubbled in reply.

“I’m the Doctor and I’m asking, no, I'm telling you to leave this planet!” She ordered.

The vat bubbled and boiled like it was in defiance.

The Doctor scoffed.

“Okay, your planet was destroyed so was mine but that doesn’t give you the right to take this one!” She argued. “There are other places to live, you know?”

The Nestene Consciousness bubbled again.

She shrugged.

“Sure, I can help,” The Doctor said. “I can take you into the TARDIS and…”

The Nestene Consciousness interjected.

The Doctor nodded.

"Yes, I'm a Time Lady, why?" She asked.

Suddenly the Nestene Consciousness became violently angry and spat at the Doctor. Apparently, she said something wrong.

She frowned confused as two dummies grabbed her.

Jamie watched and eyes widen. They were going to hurt her!

“Wait, what did I do?” She said trying to break free.

The vat spat and spewed at her.

Her eyes widen in fear.

“Wait, listen,” She begged. “I didn’t destroy your planet!” The Doctor insisted.

But the Nestene Consciousness wasn’t listening.

"No, listen to me," The Doctor shouted. "I can help you!"

They kept pushing her closer and closer to edge. She was going to die. No regeneration. No second chance. No way back to Jamie.

Just then a figure flew by knocking one of the dummies into vat causing the Doctor to drop the bottle of anti-plastic into the vat.

The figure landed beside her. It was Jamie!

Before questions could be asked there was a loud rumbling, the anti-plastic was working! The structure around them started falling apart.
They had to get out! They all made into the TARDIS leaving the collapse and cries of the Nestene Consciousness behind.



Afterwards they dropped Mickey back to his dorm. He was so freaked out by everything including the TARDIS he couldn’t wait get out!

The TARDIS then materialized in Jamie’s dorm. He slowly stepped out. It was still a bit of a mess from earlier. He hadn't had time to clean it.

The Doctor smirked and leaned against the door frame.

“That was pretty impressive,” She said. She tilted her head. “Where did you learn that?” The Doctor asked.

Jamie shrugged.

“I was very good in gym class.” He signed.

The Doctor smiled.

He glanced at her.

“Is it over,” Jamie asked. “Is everything normal, again?” He asked signing.

The Doctor nodded.

“Yeah, except for some major city cleanup everything’s back to normal.” She said.

Jamie nodded.

“That’s good.” He signed.

The Doctor sighed.

“Well, best be on my way,” She dawdled. “Unless…you want to come along?” She casually added.

Jamie smiled a bit.

“Yeah?” He signed.

“Yeah, as a thank you for saving my life.” She replied. “Which I could’ve done on my own, mind you!” The Doctor added.

Jamie nodded.

“Of, course.” He sarcastically signed.

The Doctor smiled.

“What do you say? One trip?” She offered.

He grinned.

"I like that." Jamie signed.

"Me too." She signed back.

He smiled and quickly went inside.

The Doctor felt her smile grow as she closed the door behind her.

The TARDIS slowly vanished and was off to their first adventure!




Next: *The End of The World*

Chapter Text

The Doctor looked her new companion, they had been drifting in space for a while. She tilted her head, curious. It looked like he was distracted.

She tapped his arm.

He glanced up slightly embarrassed. The sound had returned and it was a bit distracting but he didn’t want to worry the Doctor.

“So, where would you like to go?” The Doctor asked.

Jamie thought about it.

“We’ve got all of time and space!” She added.

He looked at her and grinned.

“Surprise me!” Jamie signed.

The Doctor smiled. That’s what she was hoping to hear! She started pushing buttons and flipping levers.


Soon they landed with a thud. The Doctor dashed to the door and opened it wide.

Jamie stood there slightly excited and nervous.

“Go on!” She encouraged.

Jamie slowly stepped out and his eyes widen! He was on a spaceship! An actual spaceship!

“Wow!” He signed looking around the futuristic metal structure. It was big and covered with large panes of glass. It was really surreal and amazing!

The Doctor beamed.

“Jamie,” She grinned “You are on Platform one, five billion years into your future. We’re on an observation orbiting around Earth.” She explained.

He nodded slowly.

“Observation deck for what?” He signed.

The Doctor motioned him to follow her.

They walked to a large fancy room with a wood floor, there was a big window facing the earth. Jamie noticed the sun was dangerously close to it.

“You see that,” The Doctor said. “The earth is about to be roasted by the sun.” She explained.

Jamie’s eyes widen in horror.

“Don’t worry,” She said. “It’s empty. Everything’s gone.” The Doctor replied simply.

Jamie nodded but it did little to comfort him.

“Anyway, in a few minutes everyone will gather here to observe, remember and celebrate the earth. Like a party.” The Doctor added.

Jamie looked around the empty room.

“What people?” He signed.

“The aliens.” She replied simply.

Suddenly a blue alien appeared. He was tall, wearing a gold metallic suit and cap. He reminded Jamie of something out of the ‘Blue Man Group.’

“Excuse me,” He said frowning. “Do you have an invitation?” He asked.

The Doctor nodded.

“Yes, I do,” She said flashing a blank card. “I’m the Doctor and this is Jamie Smith, my plus one.” She smiled.

The alien looked at it and nodded.

“Oh, yes, of course,” He said. He smiled. “Well, welcome! Hope you enjoy yourselves and we will start introducing the guests shortly.” The alien nodded politely and left.

Jamie looked confused.

The Doctor just grinned.

“Psychic paper,” She said waving it front of him. “Makes them see whatever I want them, too.” The Doctor said.

Jamie just shook his head.

This space traveling thing is a lot more complicated than he thought.

Just then the blue alien went to the podium and the lights dimmed. A bunch of smaller aliens scattered everywhere getting ready. He then started announcing the guests.

Jamie just stared as each one appeared from the elevator, some were metallic, blue, some look like they stepped out of Star Wars, a couple look like dinosaurs and one look like a tree! It was the weirdest thing he had ever seen.

But the Doctor was right at home. Of course, she was, Jamie thought. It was easy to forget she was an alien.
Then the last guest was announced. The special guest, the last human! Lady Cassandra!

The elevator opened and Jamie’s eyes grew, instead of a normal human, a flat piece of skin with lips and eyes emerged stretched out on a rack with a couple of helpers dressed in plastic suits.

“Moisturize me!” She demanded.

They quickly sprayed her down.

Cassandra tiny lips formed a smile.

“Yes, I am the last human,” She declared dramatically as one of the helpers wheeled her cup. “I know I look fabulous!”

Jamie suppressed a smirk.

Was she kidding!?

“My mother was a Texan, my father born in the Arctic dessert,” Cassandra stated. Her tone became sad. A fake sad. “They were born on Earth and were the last to die on Earth.” She sniffed.

Her helper dried her tears.

“No, no, tears,” She wept.”

Jamie rolled his eyes. This woman or whatever it was, was a phony!

“I have come to say my farewells!” She declared.

Everyone in the room applauded and Cassandra smiled almost sneering.

“I’ve also brought gifts from Earth,” She said. “An Ostrich egg, these birds breathed fire and had wingspans up to fifty feet!”

The guests oohed and awed.

Jamie made a face. This was ridiculous! None of this was true!

Cassandra was clearly lying! But there was nothing he could do.

“And I’ve brought an i-pod!” She boasted. Her helper rolled in a giant old jukebox.

Jamie just shook his head in disbelief.

The guests applauded and the party began.

While the Doctor spoke to Jabe's family.

Jamie wandered through the room, politely turning down the odd looking and smelling hors d'oeuvres and green and black swirled cocktails.

He found a wall to stand against. Jamie felt weird. It was all so surreal, here he was a normal looking human surrounded by proper aliens, talking and laughing with each other like normal. Almost like humans, he realized.

He lowered his gaze. Maybe he was the odd one? Maybe he was the freak? Finally, Jamie had enough and left, he had to be by himself.

The Doctor noticed and followed him not noticing Jabe, of the Forest of Cheem had flashed a light at her as she passed.


She found Jamie in a room sitting on a platform, his head down and his long legs dangling over. The Doctor sat beside him.

She could tell he was miserable. Not what she really wanted. The Doctor sat there and waited for him to start the dialogue. After a few minutes his fingers moved.

“I’m six foot one.” He signed.

“Really?” The Doctor replied nodding. “Must be nice, I’ve always wanted to be tall.” She scoffed.

Jamie shrugged.

“Yeah, well, it gives two things for the kids to tease ya’ about.” He signed. He gazed down at his shoes. “I never heard them but I always knew. I could still see.” Jamie signed sadly. “But it got better,” He added. “But sometimes I still feel out of place.”

The Doctor met his gaze.

“Like now?” She said as a fact.

He looked at her and sighed.

“This world may be fine for you,” He signed. “But to me it’s weird. I can’t pretend those aliens are normal or that I’m normal to them.” Jamie signed honestly.

He hopped down and stared at the glass window facing the earth. A dismal look was on his face.

The Doctor came towards him.

“Would calling home, help?” She asked.

He gave her a look.

“Yeah, I’ll call mum, who’s billions of light years away,” He signed sarcastically. Jamie rolled his eyes. “I don’t think my phone plan will cover it.”

The Doctor made a face.

“Just give the phone.” She said.

Jamie reluctantly handed it over.

She pulled out her sonic screwdriver and buzzed his phone.

“There,” She said giving it back. “Now, you can phone home from anywhere, anytime. No worries!” The Doctor grinned.

Jamie looked at her skeptical but started texting Roni. The Doctor watched thoughtfully. All he wanted was to call his mum. She liked that.

His eyes widen when his mother texted back. It worked! He was texting his mum billions of years away! It was incredible!

After a few minutes he texted bye to her and placed the phone in his pocket.

Jamie looked at her stunned.

“I just texted my mum from another planet!” He signed.

The Doctor nodded.

“You certainly did ‘Touchstone!’” She teased.

Jamie blushed. She saw that. Touchstone was a childhood nickname.

“Mum, likes Shakespeare, okay?” He signed in a huff.

“It’s cute, though.” The Doctor smiled nudging his arm.

Finally, Jamie cracked a small smile.

The Doctor grinned and took his hand.

“Come on, plus one,” She said. “Back to the fun, yeah?” She said.

Jamie thought about it. What did he have to lose?

He looked at her and nodded and they walked back, unaware of the danger that was ahead.

Chapter Text

“So, where are you from?” Jamie signed. They walked down the hall back to the party.

The Doctor looked uncomfortable and shrugged.

“All over.” She replied.

Jamie scoffed and signed.

“No, seriously,” He signed. “What planet are you from? Who are you?” He continued.

The Doctor groaned.

“Does it matter?” She said.

Jamie paused and scowled.

“Yes!” He signed.

“Why?” The Doctor asked.

Jamie started signing furiously.

“Because it just occurred to me that I don’t really know you,” He signed. “Who you are, what you are.” Jamie scoffed and added. “You could be the Terminator for all I know!” He signed.

The Doctor made a face.

“The Terminator,” She scowled. “Now, that’s just insulting!” She scoffed.

“Then tell me who you are!” Jamie signed.

The Doctor sighed.

“I’m here, okay,” She snipped. “I’m me and I’m here and that should be enough!” The Doctor said firmly.

Jamie didn’t respond and they continued walking.

A second later he signed.

“You’re also the touchiest designated driver ever!” Jamie frowned.

The Doctor rolled her eyes but before she could say anything there was a sudden rumble making the ground shake. The Doctor stumbled but Jamie caught her before she could fall.

“What was that?” The Doctor said.

Just then the Steward’s voice came over the intercom. The Doctor signed so Jamie would understand.

“We’re sorry everyone,” The Steward apologized. “We’re expecting…um, turbulence,” There was a hesitance in his voice. “Just normal turbulence. Please, enjoy the rest of your stay.”

The Doctor frowned. That did not make sense.

Jamie glanced at her.

“Do you believe him?” He signed.

“No,” The Doctor scoffed. “That was not turbulence.” She concluded.

She pulled out her sonic screwdriver and started scanning.

The Doctor frowned reading her device.

“Something’s messing with the circuits.” She muttered.

She bit the inside of her cheek as in deep thought.

“Come on, Watson.” The Doctor finally said.

Jamie sighed and followed.

When they returned the Doctor started looking through the map on the wall.

“What are you looking for?” Jamie signed.

“The engine room,” She muttered. “Should be here but it’s not!” The Doctor frowned confused. “These maps are so complex!” She complained.

Jamie kept looking then sighed and tapped her shoulder.

“Isn’t that it?” He signed pointing a tiny square labeled ‘Engine Room’. He gave her a smug smile.

The Doctor cleared her throat looking sheepish.

“Clever clogs.” She smirked.

“So, now what?” He signed.

The Doctor exhaled.

“Well, I’m going to go down to the engine room and find out what’s going on!” She replied simply.

“And what am I supposed to do?” Jamie signed.

She shrugged.

“Drink some cocktails and don’t get into a spat with Cassandra.” The Doctor advised.

Jamie rolled his eyes as she left. He suddenly felt like he was three, again!

Jamie sighed looking around the room filled with aliens. Just then he noticed Lady Cassandra. She was talking and laughing with a captivated audience. Though he couldn’t hear he knew she was lying. That’s all she had been doing!

Finally, he approached her.

Cassandra noticed him.

“Ah, a fan,” She sighed heavily. She glanced at him. “As you can see, I am in no position to sign autographs but you’re allowed to stand and admire if you like.” Cassandra said dryly.

Jamie scowled.

“I'm not a fan!" Jamie signed shaking his head.

"You’re a fraud, Cassandra,” He signed. “The gifts, your stories, everything is a complete lie! You’re not a legend, you’re a lying trampoline!” Jamie signed angrily.

Cassandra just looked at him unimpressed.

“Sorry, I don’t understand hand flapping.” She remarked. “Is that some sort of performance piece?” Cassandra joked cruelly.

She had him.

Suddenly Jamie felt silly. Cassandra didn’t understand signing or she was trying to make him look stupid. Something told him it was the second thing.

Cassandra sneered at him.

“Go on continue your hand clapping dance,” She remarked. “We do so enjoy it!” Cassandra snorted.

His cheeks turned pink as everyone stared at him like they were waiting him to do something else.

Embarrassed and angry he flipped her the middle finger and dashed off.

But Cassandra’s evil grin just grew.

Jamie stomped through the hall feeling humiliated.

“Screw this ship, screw them bloody aliens!” He thought bitterly.

Jamie just wanted to get away from them all!

Just then he nearly bumped into Jabe.

“Oh, sorry.” She said.

Jamie smiled politely.

“It’s okay.” He signed.

Jabe smiled with approval.

“So polite,” She said.

He smiled slightly. At least she was nice.

“I was wondering if you could tell me where your wife went?” Jabe asked.

Jamie frowned confused.

“My wife?” He signed.

She nodded.

“Yes, the Doctor is your wife, isn’t she?” Jabe asked.

Jamie shook his head.

“No, she’s not my wife.” He smirked signing.

Jabe nodded.

“Mother?” She asked.

He quickly shook his head.

“Sister?” Jabe guessed.

Jamie sighed.

“No.” He signed.

“Oh,” Jabe replied nodding. “So, you’re her male prostitute, then?” She guessed.

Jamie’s eyes widen in shock. Was this tree lady daft!?

“I am NOT a prostitute!” He mouthed and signed defensively.

Jabe raised her tree like branch hands in peace.

“Terribly sorry,” She apologized. Jabe looked at him confused. “So, what are you?”

Jamie honestly didn't know. Was he a friend? A passenger, another human to impress?

“I don't know,” Jamie signed honestly. “Nothing, I guess?” He sighed. “And if you’re looking for the Doctor, she’s in the engine room.”

He started to go and paused and looked at her. Jamie leaned against the wall.

“If she wonders where I am, tell her I’m being serenaded by her ship.” He sarcastically signed before leaving.

When he wasn’t looking Jabe looked down at her identifier device.

“Human. Silent Bad Wolf,” She read on her device.

Jabe watched the human male with a slight impressed smirk.

“Oh, he certainly wasn’t nothing.” She thought and left for the engine room.


As Jamie walked, he felt silly for leaving the party like that. He just hated being humiliated especially by a bitchy trampoline! Who did she think she was, anyway?

Maybe this trip thing was a mistake, he wondered with regret?

Unfortunately, Jamie never noticed the footsteps or the dark shadows behind him but he felt a hard object hit the back of his head and everything went black!


The Doctor walked through the engine room, her mind wandering to Jamie. She was regretting her tone earlier.

“All he wanted to know was where she was from,” She thought. “She didn’t have to snap at him.” The Doctor sighed.

Is that the kind of woman she was, now? Rude and still not ginger?

Suddenly a female voice broke into her thoughts. It was Jabe.

“Jabe,” She frowned. “How did you know I was here?” The Doctor asked.

Jabe shrugged.

"Your friend," She explained. "The tall one that speaks with his hands told me." Jabe replied.

The Doctor nodded. Jamie.

She sighed. Obviously, he wondered off, she thought with dismay. Like they all do!

The two continued through the narrow room dodging metal pipes and wiring.

"He seemed rather upset." Jabe commented.

The Doctor winced. She knew why and it was her fault. She really needed to make it up to him, somehow.

The Doctor glanced at her, curious.

“Tell me something, where’s the captain on this platform?” She asked changing the subject.

Jabe shook her head.

“There isn’t,” She replied. “Just the Steward, staff and the metal mind.” Jabe replied.

“Seriously, a computer,” The Doctor scoffed. She sighed. “You think being on a fancy ship filled with zillionaires you could afford more high-tech stuff and a Captain.”

Jabe shrugged.

“I suppose,” She said. “The platform is owned by the Corporation.” She added. “Of course, they’re not needed. The whole thing is automated.” Jabe said.

The Doctor paused and looked at her.

“So, if we’re in trouble we’re pretty much on our own?” She said.

“I guess.” Jabe replied.

The Doctor nodded slowly.

“Great!” She declared sarcastically.

Jabe scoffed.

“I don’t see how that’s great!”

“It’s called sarcasm, Jabe.” The Doctor remarked concentrating on a screen with her sonic.

As Jabe watched her she swallowed.

“I scanned you earlier,” She admitted. “I was just curious about what species you are." She said.

"I meant no harm.” Jabe quickly added. She sighed. "But I know."

The Doctor said nothing but the pain was clearly there.

Jabe then gave a sad smile. “You're from Gallifrey."

Tears pricked the Doctor’s eyes. She briefly lowered her gaze almost in shame and regret.

“Yeah, all gone, now," She said softly. She then sighed and shook it off. "Right, that should open it!” The Doctor declared hearing a zap.

They went inside and found themselves inside a huge metal room filled with giant and deadly metal fans whirring in front of them in a line. It was freezing in there!

“Bit chilly, isn’t?” The Doctor commented.

She went to a panel and scanned it, a metal spider creature popped out and crawled up the wall.

Jabe yelped.

“What is that?” She said.

“Probably part of the problem,” The Doctor replied. “Just need to catch it.”

Just then Jabe snagged it with her root and handed it to her.

The Doctor smirked impressed.

“Nice catch!” She said.

Jabe smiled proudly.

The Doctor started scanning it.

Jabe watched her.

“So, what’s it for?”

“Sabotage.” The Doctor replied simply.

Jabe’s eyes widen.

The Doctor looked around as the computer announced the death of earth in ten minutes. They had to go before it got hot!

But when they got to the hall, they discovered the sun filters going up! The staff started coughing and their blue skin was burning! They were getting terribly overheated.

The scent of the Steward’s body roasting from the other room filled the air making it almost unbearable and hard to breath.

"Doctor, can you get them down!" Jabe asked with some fear.

The Doctor was struggling with her sonic.

"I'm trying!" She said frantic. "But another one is moving!" The Doctor replied panicking.

Then a horrifying thought occurred to her.


Where was he?!

Chapter Text

The Doctor was in panic mode! The computer voice was echoing loudly as the alarms went off, she rushed down the hall working to raise back the sun shields and hopefully find Jamie. She started working on another sun shield when she thought she heard a faint banging beside her.

“Is somebody there?” She called.

No answer just constant pounding and the bloody computer was too loud! But she saw a light and a slim male figure on the other side.

Her eyes widen. Jamie, she realized!

“Oh, no, no!” She muttered. The Doctor felt the door using her Time Lady senses. It was him!

She could feel his fear and he was clearly terrified!

She took her sonic screwdriver and pressed it against the door hoping he could feel some the sonic’s vibrations though it might not be much but she had to try. She had to let him know she was here and was trying to get him out.

The pounding stopped letting her know Jamie knew she was there. But there was no time to breathe, yet.

The Doctor then kept working the shields but they kept going down, again.

“Wonderful, the computer wants to be clever!” The Doctor groaned frustrated.

Meanwhile Jamie was getting worried.

‘Sun shield is descending.’ ‘Sun shield is descending.’

The Doctor was struggling and the door was getting hotter. Jamie was going to roast in there!

‘Sun shield is descending.’ ‘Sun shield is descending.’

“Oh, no, you don’t.” She grunted.

The Doctor quickly and desperately shoved her sonic inside the panel.

“Please work.” She muttered.

Finally, she heard the computer say;

‘Sun shield is raising.’ Sun shield is raising.’

The Doctor breathed a sigh of relief. She went to open the door but it was jammed.

“Of, course!” The Doctor groaned.

She hated it but had no choice but to leave him and go back to the main room. The Doctor touched the door making a silent promise to him that she would be back before leaving.

Inside Jamie waited before exhaling. He could finally breathe. For now.

He tried the door but it was jammed. He was stuck inside.

‘Great!’ He thought bitterly.

Jamie leaned against it extremely anxious, wishing he knew what was going on. Where was the Doctor? Was she okay? Did she leave him behind?

He hated not knowing but he had a feeling she was gone. Jamie was worried and on top of that the stupid sound was back! That annoying humming in his head he normally heard in the TARDIS had returned except it was soft and almost comforting like it was trying to soothe him but right now he didn’t want comfort he wanted to get out of here!

He just hoped the Doctor had a plan.

The Doctor walked down the hall, glaring and fists clinched. Jabe spotted her and called out to her.

“Doctor!” She said catching up.

“It was Cassandra,” Jabe said. “She did all this.” She replied.

The Doctor nodded.

“Of, course, she did.” She replied plainly.

“She used the Adherents of the Repeated Meme,” Jabe explained. “They were just robots.” She added.

"She probably wanted money.” The Doctor replied.

Jabe frowned.

“You sound like you figured this out, already.” She commented.

The Doctor glanced at her.

“I didn’t,” She said. “Jamie did. He has good instincts and really good facial expressions. I can read him like a book.” She sighed. “Where’s Cassandra, now?”

Jabe shook her head.

“She’s gone. Teleportation.” She replied.

The Doctor rolled her eyes.

“Humans!” She remarked.

Jabe stopped her.

“But that’s not the worse part,” She said with dread. “She’s done something with the computers. Pretty soon everyone here will die.” Jabe told her, grimly.

Suddenly the ship shook, the alarms were blaring and the shields started going down. They were in trouble!

“Come on, we’ve got to get to the fans and reactivate the system!” The Doctor said.

“But we only have minutes!” Jabe argued.

“Exactly!” She scoffed and started running with Jabe following her.

They made it back to the room with the giant fans. Of course, they were moving. Quickly.

The Doctor swallowed. The fan blades swirling fast and rapid in a pattern in front of her with the switch box mocking her on the other side. Almost like a video game. This was not going to be easy.

Suddenly the fan blades slowed. The Doctor looked behind her. Jabe was holding the switch.

“Go!” She ordered.

The Doctor took a deep breath and quickly past the first blade. The second one brushed past her, she went past it. The third one almost made her lose her balance, shaking her a little.

“Hurry, Doctor!” Jabe begged. Her voice sounding panicked.

The Doctor had to focus. She was losing time.

She closed her eyes and Jamie’s face entered her mind. His smile, his spirit. Everything that made him, him. All that human potential.

Soon the Doctor was crossing each blade, one by one until she made it to the other side. Unfortunately, the heat overcame Jabe, killing her. Her haunting screams echoing in the Doctor’s ears as she worked on the fuse box. But eventually she got the system activated again but at the cost of her friend, Jabe.

The Doctor walked past briefly pausing over her friend’s charred body, rage and fire burned inside her. Lady Cassandra was about to face the Oncoming Storm!


It was over. Lady Cassandra was dead. And Jamie was safe. The Doctor should've been glad but it was bittersweet. Jabe was gone. Another sacrifice for the Doctor, she thought sadly.

After everyone was gone the Doctor, found Jamie standing in the party room alone watching the burning fragments of the earth split and float by. She slowly approached and stood beside him.

He just stared blankly at the fiery view.

“They missed it,” Jamie signed. “After all that fuss…they missed it.” He signed. He glanced at her, curious.
“What happened to Cassandra?” He signed.

The Doctor looked straight ahead. She didn’t want to go into details of what happened.

“Everything has it’s time,” The Doctor replied simply. “And her time was up.” She added looking grim.

Jamie just nodded and returned his view to the window watching the earth slowly burn and explode apart. His eyes grew sad and he shook his head.

“All that stuff. The history and things just lost,” Jamie signed. He looked at the Doctor. “No one will remember it.”

The Doctor swallowed.

“Someone will,” She replied. She lowered her gaze. “I remember mine.” The Doctor said softly.

Jamie frowned.

“You lost your planet?” He asked signing.

She nodded slowly.

“Gallifrey. I lost in a war. Huge war,” The Doctor admitted. She sighed. “Just me, now.” She said. The Doctor scoffed. “The last Time Lady.”

Jamie stared at her. He could see so much sadness and regret in her ancient eyes. He took her hand.

She glanced at him.

“You’ve got me.” He signed.

The Doctor looked at him. He was serious.

"Are you sure," She said. "Cause you saw how dangerous it gets." The Doctor warned.

Jamie just shrugged.

"So?' He signed. "Anyway, better with two, right?" He signed.

She slowly smiled.

"Yeah, I suppose." The Doctor replied.

He then dramatically flexed his arms.

"Besides I'm a big strong guy I can handle myself and any danger that comes." Jamie jokingly signed.

The Doctor smirked. After everything that happened, she needed a laugh.

Jamie smiled at her and they walked back to the TARDIS, together.


Next: *The Unquiet Dead*

Chapter Text

“I look stupid.” Jamie signed, frowning. He kept tugging at his collar like a school boy wearing a tie for the first time.

The Doctor smirked.

“You look fine,” She said. Then the Doctor shrugged. “Well, for a human, anyway.” She added.

He made a face at her.

The Doctor just grinned.

Actually, he really didn’t look bad, she thought. In fact, Jamie looked rather handsome in his black trousers, white button-down shirt, black short jacket and long overcoat. Perfect for the 19th century. Of, course, she wasn’t going to tell him that.

"What about you?" Jamie signed looking at the Doctor's street clothes, a leather jacket, jeans and a purple t-shirt.

She glanced down and shrugged.

"I see nothing wrong." The Doctor replied.

Jamie just smirked and looked around the Victorian era Cardiff, it was incredible! Everything was so old but in a cool nostalgic way. Then it suddenly occurred to him as he passed by the store window decorations. It was Christmas!

The Doctor noticed his eyes shining and smirked.

“So, figured it out, yet?” She asked.

He grinned.

“It’s Christmas,” He signed excitedly. “Victorian Christmas in Cardiff! Wow!” He added.

The Doctor nodded.

“Yep and we’re going to see the famous Christmas Carol,” She announced. “The way it was meant to be seen, of course.” The Doctor added.

Jamie just shook his head amazed.

The Doctor beamed. She loved seeing him smile.

“Not bad, huh?” She smiled nudging his shoulder.

He grinned.

“Best day ever!” He signed.

Suddenly there was a loud screaming that got the Doctor’s attention. They paused.

“What was that?” She muttered.

Just then a flash of green swirled out the theater and people rushed out in a panic shouting ghost!

Jamie tapped her shoulder.

“Is that part of the play?” He signed confused.

The Doctor shook her head.

“Definitely not,” She said. “Come on!” She said running towards the chaos. Jamie followed. The Doctor ran into the theater but Jamie paused noticing a woman and a man putting an unconscious elderly female inside a carriage.

Jamie frowned and immediately went over glaring at the young dark-haired woman. She seemed startled and frantic.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Jamie demanded signing at her.

The young woman seemed flustered and did her best to sign to him

“It’s alright, sir,” She tried to explain. “This woman just overheated.” She flimsily added.

Jamie wasn’t buying it.

He rolled his eyes.

“In winter!” He signed sarcastically.

Jamie then reached and touched the elderly woman's cheek. Her skin was stone cold. There was no pulse.

His eyes widen.

“This woman’s dead!” He signed looking shocked. “Are you some kind of sic….” But before he could finish the man came up from behind and smothered him causing him to become limp and unconscious.

The young woman frowned.

“Wasn’t that a bit harsh, sir?” She said with disapproval.

“I know and I’m sorry,” He replied. “But he knows too much.” The elderly man said. He looked him over. “Tall one. Help me get him in, Gwyneth.” He ordered.

Gwyneth sighed and helped her boss.


Meanwhile the Doctor ran out following the green gas. She had just seen a woman, well, a dead woman walking out of there! Definitely not normal!
She looked around among the crowd for Jamie or the dead woman. She couldn’t find either.

“Where is he?” She wondered. She tried to see among the chaos and suddenly she saw two people put a young man inside a carriage labeled Sneed’s Funeral Parlor. Then her eyes widen.

Oh, god, she realized! It was Jamie!

She ran over but the carriage was gone.

The Doctor groaned.

Just then she saw another carriage!

“Oh, yes!” She thought happily.

Without a second thought she dashed inside, an older man with a small beard was already in there and not happy about the extra company.

“I say madam,” He scowled. “Just what are you doing?” He demanded.

“Shut up,” The Doctor replied. “Follow that hearse!” She ordered and shoved the driver prompting him to go.

Soon they were off.

The man was now very angry.

“This is an outrage!” He complained.

“So’s kidnapping my friend.” The Doctor scoffed.

He stared at her odd attire.

“You're weirdly dressed for a young woman, aren’t you,” He commented. “You’re practically naked!” He scoffed.

“Then don’t look,” She remarked keeping her eyes on the road. “Would you hurry!” She yelled.

The man cleared his throat. This young woman was very bold.

“Just who are you?” He said.

She glanced at him.

“I’m the Doctor,” She replied. “You?” She asked unimpressed.

“Charles Dickens.” He replied.

Her eyes widen.

“Really,” She said. “The Charles Dickens!?” The Doctor grinned.

He just nodded.

“Oh, wow,” She gushed. “You are like the best author ever!” The Doctor said. “Oh, Jamie will go nuts!” She exclaimed. “Hey, can I get an autograph? He’s such a huge fan!”

Charles frowned confused.

“Fan?” He questioned.

“Sorry, admirer.” The Doctor clarified.

A large smile grew on his face.

He then looked at her.

"So, you say your friend's been kidnapped?" Charles asked concerned.

The Doctor nodded.

"Yes, his name is Jamie and he's in that hearse!" She explained.

He nodded understanding.

“Sir, what do you want me to do with this strange girl?” The driver asked.

Charles scoffed.

“Help her, of course! Her friend's in trouble,” He said. “Onward!” Charles ordered.

The Doctor grinned feeling a sense of relief.

“I’m coming Jamie.” She said determined under her breath.


The first thing Jamie felt was the hard table under him, he winced and slowly opened his eyes. He was in a dim room with an orange light, a candle, he guessed.

He felt dizzy and tried to figure out where he was as he slowly sat up but he didn’t have much time to think! He noticed the green gas he saw at the theater coming from a nearby coffin! And it was opening!

Jamie quickly jumped off the table as the lid opened. A pale dead man emerged, his eyes yellow and hollow, his skin grey.

Jamie slowly backed towards the door, just staring in shock. This had to be a joke. This didn’t happen in real life. This wasn’t ‘Night of the Living Dead!’

Suddenly the dead elderly woman appeared and they both flipped the table! Jamie tried throwing a vase at them but of course that did little to stop them! They were getting closer and the door was locked! Jamie was in big trouble!

He started pounding and shoving against the door as hard as he could.

Finally, he burst through the door stumbling into the Doctor, the two kidnappers and a strange man.

“Jamie, hi,” The Doctor smiled. “You got out on your own!” She said.

But Jamie was not in the mood for joking he just pointed frantically at the room. Too scared to sign.

The Doctor tried to calm him down.

Charles frowned.

“Why doesn’t he speak?” He asked.

“He’s deaf,” The Doctor replied harsher than she meant. She returned to Jamie. "Now what is it?" She signed to him. Just then she heard a low moan.

She looked up. “Okay, I think that speaks for itself.” The Doctor said watching the walking dead people emerge.

Everyone was now gripped with fear as the two dead bodies were coming closer towards them with their arms stretched out.

‘Open…’ The man groaned. ‘Open…’ He said again.

The Doctor swallowed.

There was nowhere to go.

They were trapped!

Chapter Text

The Doctor just stared hard at the two ghosts as if challenging them.

“Go on,” She pressed. “Open what?” The Doctor wanted to know.

“Open the rift,” The ghostly man said. “We’re dying… we…want out.” He struggled to say.

The Doctor scoffed out a laugh.

“Out where,” She remarked. “On the street?” The Doctor folded her arms. “You’ll be a bit out of place, won’t you?” She said sarcastically.

“We will use the bodies here,” The Gelth explained. “We just want to feel, to walk again.” He moaned. “We lost everything during the Time War.”

The Doctor swallowed feeling a twinge of guilt.

“We just want to live,” The Gelth said pathetically. “Please help…” He finished.

The Doctor frowned. Before she could ask more the ghosts eyes lit up and glowed, more gas came out and they’re was a shallow scream before they collapsed to the floor.

The Doctor just stood there feeling torn. The Gelth wanted help. Now what does she do?

Suddenly Charles voice broke into her thoughts.

“This has to be a trick,” Charles declared shaking his head in disbelief. “This is pure fantasy! A joke, right?” He said.

The Doctor looked at him questionably.

“Do you really believe that?” She asked.

Charles sighed. The whole night had been one surreal nightmare!

He shook his head.

“I don’t think I know what to believe anymore.” Charles replied honestly.

Jamie stared at the man, curious and tapped the Doctor’s arm.

“Who’s he?” He signed puzzled.

The Doctor gave him a look like it should’ve been obvious.

“That’s Charles Dickens,” She scoffed. She tapped his chest. “You should really be used to this by now.” She remarked.

Charles nodded politely at him.

Jamie just sighed. He really should know better, by now.

“Hang on," Mr. Sneed said frustrated. "Can we please focus?" He demanded. “What the hell was that thing talking about?” He wanted to know.

The Doctor glared at him still angry about kidnapping Jamie.

“First off, explain kidnapping my friend!” She snapped peering over him.

Mr. Sneed immediately coward.

“I meant no harm,” He insisted. “I would never abuse the mute!” Mr. Sneed replied defensive.

That made Jamie angry. He hated anyone calling him mute!

He signed furiously at the elderly man then raised two fingers at him.

The Doctor arched her eyebrows.

"Jamie," She said with mock horror. "Shame on you!' The Doctor playfully scolded.

Mr. Sneed frowned confused.

“What did he say?” He asked.

Gwyneth suppressed an amused smile.

“I don’t think you want to know, sir,” She replied. “But I wouldn’t call him mute, again.” Gwyneth advised.

The Doctor smirked. She liked Gwyneth.

Mr. Sneed just pressed his lips slightly annoyed and nodded.

“Sorry.” He apologized to Jamie.

Jamie just folded his arms still frowning.

The Doctor sighed.

“Now, this hocus pocus when did that come about?” She asked changing the subject.

Mr. Sneed sighed.

“It happened after I bought this house,” He explained. “I kept hearing whispers and seeing a green gas then the bodies started coming to life.” Mr. Sneed’s shoulders fell. “I tried everything but the problem persisted…I…I honestly don’t know what to do, anymore.” He replied defeated.

The Doctor nodded and slowly paced around trying to think.

Jamie then noticed Gwyneth walking to the back room. Curious, he followed her to the back and found her folding laundry.
He should’ve been mad after everything but he felt kind of sorry for her, in a way she was like him. Doing thankless work and being picked on and doubted by others. He really didn’t know where he would be without the Doctor.

She looked up and smiled at him.

“Oh, hi,” Gwyneth signed. “Just folding some things.” She said.

Jamie smiled slightly surprised.

“You sign?” He signed to her, intrigued.

She nodded.

“Oh, yes, my aunt was deaf.” Gwyneth explained.

He nodded and started helping her.

She glanced at him.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that.” She signed.

“I know,” Jamie signed. He looked at her. “I just want to.” He added smiling.

She smiled at him grateful. It was the first time anyone had ever helped her.

“Your friend is rather interesting.” Gwyneth commented signing.

Jamie smirked.

“Yeah, she is,” He signed. He tilted his head smiling. “She’s definitely something.”

Gwyneth lowered her eyes in guilt as set aside the folded sheets.

“I’m sorry about everything,” She signed. “I did try to stop him but….”

Jamie stopped her.

“It’s okay,” He signed assuring her. “You did your best.” Jamie signed.

She smiled slightly.

“Well, I’m not surprised,” Gwyneth shrugged sitting. “No one ever listens to me.” She sighed. “I’m just the common ordinary maid.”

Jamie frowned.

“I don’t think so,” He signed. “You’re pretty special to me.” Jamie signed. “And that’s final!” He nodded grinning.

Gwyneth blushed.

“Thank you,” She signed. Gwyneth glanced at him carefully. “Can I tell you a secret?” She asked.

He nodded.

She sighed.

“I have sight,” Gwyneth told him. “I mean I can see things like the future and it’s very strong sometimes and for some reason it’s particularly strong with you.” She frowned almost curious.

Jamie looked at her shrugging. He didn’t really believe in that stuff.

“Okay.” He signed casually.

 Gwyneth then came closer studying him. She tilted her head as if in a trance, her smile and the light from her eyes was gone.

“So, far from home.” She said somber. “A world where metal birds fly and people see images in flat boxes of all sizes, everyone so untroubled,” Her tone grew serious tone. “But you hold a message, a message that’s following you around. You can hear it, can’t you? All the time.” She said as a fact.

Jamie was now getting nervous. He swallowed as Gwyneth’s eyes became darker. Jamie just stared slightly scared but unable to tear away like there was some kind of hold there.

“Be careful. The darkness is coming and so is the Silent Bad Wolf,” She warned. “And he will be silent no more. The wolf has chosen his messenger.” Gwyneth said darkly, her eyes burning into him.

Suddenly Gwyneth seemed to snap out of her trance and swallowed feeling embarrassed.

“I’m sorry,” She apologized. “I can’t seem to control this stupid sight!” Gwyneth grumbled hanging her head ashamed.

Jamie’s expression softened. She seemed like she was hurting and gently squeezed her hand.

Suddenly the Doctor’s voice chimed in.

“How long have you had it?” The Doctor asked.

Gwyneth looked at her.

“Since I was a child,” She explained. “I’ve tried everything to control it!” Gwyneth insisted.

The Doctor shrugged.

“Well, maybe in this case it’s needed,” She said. The Doctor came closer. “Maybe you’re what we need.” She replied.

Jamie suddenly had a sick feeling in his stomach.

Gwyneth looked at her curious.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

The Doctor sighed.

“I think you’re the key to opening the rift.” She said.

Chapter Text

“You can’t be serious!” Jamie signed furiously at the Doctor.

The Doctor looked at him.

“Why not,” She asked. “It’s like organ donation.” The Doctor pointed out. “Gwyneth helps, the Gelth use the bodies and everybody’s happy!” She shrugged.

“It’s wrong,” Jamie signed. “These are still people. And I won’t let Gwyneth be used to help these things!” He added angrily.

The Doctor arched her eyebrow.

“Things?” She questioned.

He sighed.

“Fine, aliens, ghosts, whatever,” Jamie signed. “I don’t trust the Gelth and I won’t let them hurt Gwyneth!” He repeated.

Before the Doctor could protest Gwyneth stepped in-between them.

“I appreciate, it but think I can speak for myself.” She said looking at Jamie. Gwyneth then turned towards the Doctor. “I want to help.” She said.

Jamie’s eyes widen! He couldn't believe it!

The Doctor looked at her.

“Are you sure?” She said.

“Yes,” Gwyneth replied confident. “If that’s what it takes to fix this and help the Gelth then…I want to.” She decided.

The Doctor shrugged.

“Okay.” She replied motioning her to follow. Jamie just shook his head, a gnawing feeling growing in the pit of his stomach.


They ended up the morgue, best place to open the rift mainly because that’s where the Gelth had been seen the most.

Jamie was less than enthused! The place was freezing and reminded him of a dungeon! All that was missing was the dragon! He shivered looking around the dead bodies. He just wanted this to be over.

The Doctor, of course took it stride.

She shrugged.

"Needs a little decorating, The Doctor remarked. "So, where are the Gelth?” She sighed.

As if on cue the room became colder and a blue mist formed and the Gelth appeared floating and ghostly this time. Almost shapeless.

“Ah, right on time!” The Doctor replied with sarcastic smile.

“Have you brought help?” It asked.

The Doctor nodded.

“Gwyneth has agreed to help.” She replied.

That seem to make it happy.

“Send her to the arch!” It said.

Gwyneth started to go but the Doctor stopped her. She was now having doubts. Maybe Jamie had a point.

“Wait,” She interrupted. The Doctor stared hard at the Gelth. “How this? How about I take you to another planet instead?” She offered. “There are plenty of empty ones. I can take you anywhere.” She promised.

But the Gelth refused.

“We’d rather have the bodies.” It replied.

The Doctor looked at the young maid.

“It’s up to her.” The Doctor said.

Gwyneth smiled slightly.

“I’ll be alright,” She assured her. “I want to do this.” Gwyneth insisted.

The Doctor looked back at the Gelth.

“Alright but you will not hurt her!” She warned.

“We just want the bodies.” It replied.

The Doctor sighed and let Gwyneth go.

She stood in the arch with her arms outstretch like she was locked in.

The Gelth went behind her and shouted through her.

‘Establish the bridge out to the void, let us through!’

The others just watched as lightning and a windy mist appeared forming the connection. Suddenly Gwyneth shouted.

“I can see you,” Gwyneth declared. “Come to me!” She replied happily. “Come to me, poor lost souls! The bridge has been made! Come to me!” She said.

All at once the Gelth started coming through her one by one and then it became too many and too fast! And that’s when it all went wrong! The bluish Gelth suddenly turned fiery red almost devilish!

Fear gripped them all! The Gelth was coming in all directions and was out of control, flying everywhere! Gwyneth was now just standing there almost like a puppet.

They were dodging Gelth flying overhead! It was too much!

“Doctor, what’s going on?” Mr. Sneed shouted.

“Something’s gone wrong!” She yelled back.

She watched them fly around aimlessly like they were lost. Where were they going?

She soon got her answer! The Gelth started flying into the corpses causing them to become alive and they were coming for them!

Dread filled the Doctor, she had been tricked!

“Run!” She shouted.

But they were surrounded, too many corpses and Gelth!

The Doctor looked at Gwyneth in panic.

“Gwyneth, stop!” She yelled.

“I can’t.” She replied expressionless.

Mr. Sneed scowled and went up to her.

“You silly, girl,” He scolded. “Now stop!” He ordered. “I command you to…” But before he could finish a Gelth entered his mouth killing him and converting him.

Jamie swallowed.

“What do we do?” He signed.

The Doctor honestly didn’t know.

She glared at the Gelth as it sneered at them.

“We showed you pity!” The Doctor shouted.

The Gelth just grinned.

“We don’t want pity, Doctor,” It sneered. “We want to convert you!” It hissed.

The dead bodies were surrounding eyeing them with their glassy stares. Just then the Doctor felt Jamie grab her hand pulling her into a dungeon cell locking it. But they were far from safe!

The Gelth possessed corpses were trying to reach in grabbing at them. The Doctor glanced at Jamie. Her hearts dropped. He was only nineteen, she realized with guilt. So much promise and he was going to die and it was her fault.

Jamie looked at her questionably.

“I’m sorry,” The Doctor apologized. She scoffed. “I should’ve listened and now, you’re going to die and it’s my fault!” She said angrily at herself.

Jamie shook his head.

“It’s okay.” He signed.

She gave him a look.

Jamie smiled.

“I wouldn’t have missed any of this for the world.” He signed.

The Doctor smiled slightly.

She sighed. “But dying in a dungeon, in Cardiff in the eighteenth century with zombies,” She scoffed. “That’s a bit embarrassing for me.” The Doctor remarked.

Jamie shrugged.

“But we’re going down together, right?” He signed.

She smiled and nodded.

“Yeah.” She replied taking his hand.

Jamie then frowned and looked at the Doctor.

“Where’s Mr. Dickens?” He signed.

Suddenly they heard Charles Dickens shouting and running around turning the nozzles on.

“The gas,” He yelled. “Turn on the gas!” He shouted excitedly.

The Doctor frowned then her eyes widen realizing what he meant! The gas might kill the Gelth!

The Doctor immediately starting turning on the gas and had Jamie doing the same and the corpses started to collapse! They were finally out of the dungeon but they still had to deal the larger Gelth even with the gas it was too strong and it still had Gwyneth.

And Jamie was coughing hard the gas was becoming too much!

“What now?” Charles asked.

“We have to blow this place up. Only way to stop it,” She reasoned. She heard Jamie cough again. “Get him out of here!” The Doctor ordered Charles.

Jamie shook his head and pointed at Gwyneth who was still in the arch.

“I’ll get her,” The Doctor promised. “Just go!” She said.

Charles helped Jamie out of the house. The Doctor glanced back at Gwyneth, sadly. Her bright eyes cold and blank, already. The Doctor really had no intention of getting her out. There was no point.

She was already dead.

“I’m sorry,” She said sincerely. “So, sorry.” The Doctor repeated regretfully.

“How did you know?” Gwyneth asked in a lifeless voice.

The Doctor swallowed.

“The minute you entered the arch,” She admitted. The Doctor pressed her lips. “I swear if I had known…”

“Don’t. I was the fool.” Gwyneth interjected.

The Doctor shook her head.

“No, you’re weren’t. You saved us,” She said. “Jamie was right about you and your bravery will go on.” The Doctor promised.

Gwyneth just looked at her with that same blank stare.

“Tell Jamie, thank you.” She said pulling out the matches.

The Doctor nodded. The gas was getting worse. It was time to go.

The Doctor briefly glanced back at her.

“Thank you, Gwyneth.” She smiled sadly before leaving.

Seconds later the house exploded igniting the sky in fire! Everything in it forgotten and burned.


Later Jamie and the Doctor were in the TARDIS. The Doctor was pulling levers and pushing buttons as usual trying to make things feel normal, again. She noticed Jamie coming out dressed in his regular clothes again. He looked sad. She knew why, of course. Gwyneth.

The Doctor lowered her gaze then glanced at him.

“I’m sorry couldn’t save her.” The Doctor replied.

Jamie just nodded.

“I know,” He signed. “I’m just a bit bothered by what she said.” Jamie admitted.

She frowned pulling some levers.

“What do you mean?” The Doctor asked.

Jamie paused knowing this was going to seem ridiculous!

He looked at her and signed.

“Gwyneth said I’m hearing a message,” Jamie signed. “Called Silent Bad Wolf.” He added.

The Doctor just nodded.

“Okay.” She replied simply.

“It’s weird but…” Jamie continued. “I am hearing something.” He admitted signing. “Whenever I’m in here or near the TARDIS…I’m actually hearing the TARDIS making a sound or something?” He signed confused.

A concerned expression appeared on her face for a second but then it quickly disappeared.

She shrugged.

“Well, could just ringing in the ears,” The Doctor replied. She glanced at him. “I wouldn’t worry.” She assured him.

Jamie looked at her uncertain.

She smiled.

“It’s probably nothing,” The Doctor scoffed. “Go get some rest, yeah?” She said.

Jamie thought about it. Maybe the Doctor was right. Maybe it was nothing.

Jamie finally, nodded and smiled before leaving.

The Doctor continued working on the console. It probably was nothing. The TARDIS can’t communicate with humans!

But as she glanced at the dark screen, the words, ‘Silent Bad Wolf’ appeared sending a chill down her spine.

Chapter Text

The TARDIS was like a corn maze only worse, rooms and halls at every turn plus it was huge! Jamie learned quickly that when it came to looking for the Doctor it was just best to stand and wait for the TARDIS to direct him.
And somehow the TARDIS always seem to know and gently blew some warm air in the direction of where the Doctor was.

Jamie signed a ‘thank you’ secretly grateful she didn’t sing at him. Sounds were so odd to him.

He found the Doctor, under the console her black leggings and short boots sticking out beside a tool box.

He crouched underneath tapping her foot.

She glanced at him as she was fixing some wiring.

“Oh, hi,” The Doctor greeted. “Just doing some repairs.” She said.

“The TARDIS needs repairs?” Jamie signed curious.

“Yeah, just like humans need a doctor, right?” The Doctor reasoned.

He nodded. It made sense.

“Need help?” Jamie signed.

“Do you know what a silver nuclear micro-tuner looks like?” She questioned.

He frowned.

“No.” He signed.

The Doctor nodded.

“Neither do I,” She replied simply. “Come on.” She said.

Jamie smirked and laid beside her staring at a huge overlay of wires and gizmos. It almost reminded him of one those sci-fi tech shows.

“Wow!” He signed.

She glanced at him.

“What?” The Doctor said.

“This,” Jamie signed. “It’s impressive.” He added amazed.

She smiled.

“Just the TARDIS,” The Doctor replied twisting some cords. “I mean you’ve seen planets and aliens.” She pointed out. “Way more impressive than some wires.”

Suddenly there was a small spark and the Doctor jerked her hand back scowling at her ship.

Jamie suppressed a smirk.

“Oh, no need to get fussy!” The Doctor scolded the TARDIS.

She shook her head muttering in Galefreyian.

Jamie just smiled and shrugged.

“Well, I think the TARDIS is amazing,” He signed thoughtfully. “Definitely not something you see every day.” Jamie added.

The TARDIS made a happy sound making the Doctor smile. It made her so happy that the TARDIS like Jamie. And deep down she wasn't the only one.

“I think she likes you.” The Doctor said.

Jamie smiled slightly.

“Maybe that’s why she sings at me all the time.” He signed.

The Doctor lowered her eyes. If only it were that simple.

She looked at him.

“Could you hand me the thingy?” She asked gesturing with her head.

He gave her a look.

“The what?” He signed.

The Doctor sighed.

“The thingy?” She repeated moving her hand up and down.

“You mean a wrench?” Jamie guessed signing.

The Doctor scoffed.

“Clever clogs.” She remarked.

Jamie rolled his eyes.

“Oh, excuse me.” He signed teasing and handing it to her.

The Doctor playfully poked her tongue out and continued working.

“So, how’s your mum?” She asked.

He sighed and signed.

“She’s fine,” Jamie smirked. “Not happy that I’m doing this but she understands.” Jamie signed.

The Doctor nodded.

She looked at him curious.

“How come you never talk about your dad?” The Doctor asked.

Jamie lowered his gaze.

“Well, he died when I was baby,” He signed. “Hit by a car just before a gig.” Jamie explained signing.

“I’m sorry.” The Doctor replied.

Jamie shrugged.

“It’s okay,” He signed. “I really don’t know much about him except that he was a struggling musician.” Jamie explained. “Mum’s never mentioned him that much…I think she’s mad at him for leaving us with nothing. You know wasting it on demo tapes.” He signed honestly. Jamie looked at her. “She never wanted him to be in music.” He signed.

The Doctor nodded. Despite his casual tone she could see the sadness in his eyes. She knew what it felt like to lose family. They both were kind of alike, she realized. Maybe that’s why she felt so close to him?

The Doctor snapped out of her thoughts.

“I’ll be done in second,” She said. “Just need to figure this out.” The Doctor sighed.

Jamie watched as she concentrated on some wires, muttering something about if it was red and blue that went together or red and green.

Jamie studied the wires and finally grabbed the wires from her and twisted the red and the blue. Suddenly it lit up under the dark console like a Christmas tree.

The Doctor smiled and looked at him impressed.

“Wow,” The Doctor let out,” She looked at him. “How did you know it was the red and the blue wires?” She asked.

Jamie shrugged.

“I watch a lot of T.V,” He signed. “It always the red and the blue wires.” He added smug.

The Doctor playfully scoffed, tapping his leg before helping him off the floor.

Suddenly the screen on the console flashed and the Doctor frowned.

“Oh, this is interesting.” She said.

Jamie peered beside her.

“What is it?” He signed.

The Doctor turned some dials.

“Distress signal from “Van Stratten Museum?” She said puzzled.

Jamie mouthed her words back confused. He had never heard of this place.

“Never heard of it.” He signed.

“I'd be surprise if anyone has,” The Doctor replied. She sighed. “Could be trouble.” She said.

The Doctor glanced at him with dancing eyes.

“Wanna go?” She grinned.

He nodded eagerly.

The Doctor smiled excitedly and set up the TARDIS for their next destination!

*Next Episode: Dalek

Chapter Text

Jamie sighed looking over at the Doctor as they sat in the posh office waiting for Henry Van Statten, owner of the underground alien bunker. Once again, they were in trouble.

The Doctor noticed his look and scoffed.

“What's that look for? She remarked.

“You had to land in a tight security bunker, didn't you?” He signed unhappily.

The Doctor rolled her eyes.

“Excuse me,” She reminded him. “Technically, I didn’t take us here, the TARDIS did.” The Doctor replied.

Jamie just scrunched his nose.

A minute later the door opened and a medium height, fancy dressed man in a velvet suit and a posh mustache walked in almost like a peacock. Mr. Henry Van Statten, Jamie guessed.

Jamie wasn't impressed. The man definitely had an attitude as he pushed aside everyone including his assistant Miss Goddard, to sit down while Jamie and the Doctor were forced to stand.

“Alright,” He said placing his feet on his desk. “Who are you, two?” He sighed.

“Well…” The Doctor was about to say but before she could speak, he interrupted her.

“Sorry, don’t care.” He remarked snapping his fingers, a young man with dark hair hurried to his desk.

The Doctor frowned. That was rude.

“You said you had something to show me, Adam?” Mr. Van Statten said bored.

Adam nodded and handed him a triangle shaped silver device.

“This just came in, Mr. Van Statten.” He said showing him. “From an abandon spacecraft.” He said.

He studied it.

“Looks like a weapon, maybe a knife?” He guessed.

Just then the Doctor snickered.

Mr. Van Statten arched his eyebrow.

“What’s so funny?” He said.

She shrugged.

“Nothing,” The Doctor replied. “It’s just unless you plan on attacking someone with music.” She commented.

Mr. Van Statten looked at her intrigued.

“You know what this is?” He asked.

The Doctor nodded.

“And you’re holding it wrong.” She added. The Doctor took it from him. She gently moved her hand across and it made a beautiful high-pitched sound.

She smiled.

“See,” The Doctor said. “It’s a rare space instrument. Can’t find them anymore.” She said. She gave him a curious look. “Interesting how you got it though.” The Doctor commented.

Mr. Van Statten bit the inside of his cheek.

“Interesting, you know what it is.” He noted. He studied them both. “Who are you?” Mr. Van Statten asked suspicious.

“I’m the Doctor.” She replied.

He nodded then glanced at Jamie.

“What about your friend, tall and silent, over here?” Mr. Van Statten remarked.

Jamie scowled and signed annoyed.

Mr. Van Statten just looked confused.

“I’m deaf, you twat!” Adam suddenly translated back.

He turned giving him a look.

Adam shrugged.

“Sorry, I can read sign language.” He replied.

Mr. Van Statten grunted.

“Good then you give smart ass, here a tour,” He snipped. “While I talk to this Doctor.” Mr. Van Statten remarked.

Adam just nodded as Jamie scowled at Mr. Van Statten as he was led down the hall.

The Doctor glared at Mr. Van Statten.

“For the record his name is Jamie.” The Doctor corrected.

Mr. Van Statten looked at the Doctor.

“For the record I don’t care,” He replied plainly. “Now, how about a tour, hmm?” Mr. Van Statten said.

The Doctor didn’t trust him but followed.

“So, Henry, where we are going?” She remarked.

Mr. Van Statten smirked.

“Don’t waste time, do you?” He remarked. Mr. Van Statten sighed. “Well, we have this new arrival,” He explained. “Some kind of alien but we can’t make it talk.” He said.

The Doctor scoffed.

“And this applies to me how?” She asked.

They stopped at a metal door, he turned and looked at her, smug.

“Well, you seem to be a little Miss Know it all,” He remarked. “Let’s see what you can do.” Mr. Van Statten said.

The Doctor glanced at his assistant, Miss Goddard.

“How do you keep from hitting him?” She asked sarcastically.

Miss Goddard just gave a faint smile as the Doctor was led into the dark room; the door clanged shut behind her.

The Doctor rolled her eyes unimpressed.

Just then a blue light caught her eye she turned.

“Who’s there?” She said.

No answer but it blinked.

The Doctor swallowed.

“I’m not going to harm you,” She assured it. The light moved a bit. She came closer. “I’m the Doctor. I want to help.” She said.

Suddenly the thing spoke, it’s voice gravely and robotic but also terrifyingly familiar!

“Doc-Doctor?” It replied.

Her eyes widen. No, it wasn’t possible!

“What did you say?” She said with some fear.

“Doctor!” It said louder.

The thing came out of the shadows and the Doctor’s hearts nearly stopped! It was Dalek! A creature thought long and gone during the Time War but here it was! For once the Doctor was terrified! This wasn't real! It couldn't be!

“No, no,” She shouted at it. “You’re dead! I saw!” The Doctor screamed.

The Dalek raised its metal plunger at her.

“I will destroy the Doctor,” It yelled. “Exterminate!” It shouted.

The Doctor winced preparing herself for the pain but nothing happened when the Dalek fired. She heard a repeated clicking and slowly opened her eyes.

“What this is?!” The Dalek replied angrily.

The Doctor scoffed.

“Ha!” She laughed. “Just a worthless piece of a tin, huh?” The Doctor taunted.

“No matter,” The Dalek growled. “I will just summon my fleet!” It declared.

She chuckled harshly.

“Yeah, too bad they won’t come,” The Doctor remarked. “Cause they’re gone.” She said coldly.

The Dalek looked at her.

“Explain!” It ordered.

She shrugged.

“Gone. Dead. All of them,” She scoffed. The Doctor came closer. “I blew them up!” She growled.

The Dalek was silent for moment.

“Even Gallifrey, your planet?” It questioned.

The Doctor’s face fell.

“Yes,” She admitted. “I had no choice.” The Doctor said softly.

“We are alike then, Doctor.” It replied cruelly.

The Doctor glared at it. Rage surged through her!

“We are nothing alike!” She yelled.

Just then the door opened Mr. Van Statten strolled in.

“Well, Doctor, thank you for discovering our little friend’s name, here.” He remarked.

The Doctor looked at him, very concerned.

“You need to destroy this thing!” She begged.

Mr. Van Statten just shrugged.

“What for,” He said. “It’s unarmed, like you said.” He pointed out.

She groaned.

“Exactly,” The Doctor replied. “That’s what makes them even more dangerous!” She said.

He came closer towards her.

“Like you?” He replied plainly.

She looked at him confused.

“Miss unarmed alien?” Mr. Van Statten smirked.

The Doctor sighed. She had been caught!

"Well?" He said.

She gave him a look.

"Seriously, the blue box didn't give it away?" She remarked.

He glared at her unamused.

“Lock her in the cell!” Mr. Van Statten ordered.

The Doctor just rolled her eyes as she was handcuffed by the guards and taken to her cell.

Chapter Text

“Would you listen!” The Doctor yelled frustrated. But the guards ignored her as she was brought to a dark room with no windows.
The Doctor just sat there grumbling as the guards tied her hands behind her back. She shook her head. Stupid humans! They never listen!

Once she was tied the guards left leaving her alone with Mr. Van Statten. To say the Doctor was worried was understatement.

He started fiddling with a huge electronic device. It resembled some sort of X-ray machine except larger and it had metal tools and what appeared to be electric rods.

The Doctor swallowed nervously as it started zapping as he plugged it in.

“What’s that thing for?” She asked.

“Oh, just a little tool to find out what makes you tick.” He replied casually.

Her eyes widen. This was not good.

He glanced at her.

“You might as well get comfortable it takes a while to warm up,” He said coldly. Mr. Van Statten sighed. “The new one I ordered hasn’t arrived, yet.” He said with some disappointment.

The Doctor suddenly felt sick. He had done this before. But she was still determined to get through to him.

“Please listen to me,” She begged. “That Dalek is dangerous!” The Doctor insisted. “It’s shell indestructible. It’s stronger than you think!”

Mr. Statten just sighed.

“I have guards, Doctor,” He told her. “I also have the best weapons in the world. The only thing that has to worry is that metal trash bin.” He remarked.

The Doctor groaned frustrated.

Mr. Van Statten then smiled as he grabbed a metal rod. The Doctor’s hearts suddenly clinched with fear.

“And of course, you might have to worry,” He sneered. “But if you hold still it should hurt…much.” Mr. Van Statten shrugged.

He started to come closer. The Doctor had to think fast.

“Wait,” She said smiling, tilting her head. “Can’t we talk about this?” The Doctor asked shifting in her seat showcasing her long shapely legs.

“What for?” Mr. Van Statten questioned.

The Doctor smiled sweetly.

“Well, you are kind of cute.” She flirted.

He gave her a look.

“You’re an alien.” Mr. Van Statten pointed out.

“So?” She replied simply. The Doctor poked her tongue between her teeth. “To be honest I prefer big strong human males." She grinned.

Mr. Van Statten gave a hint of a smile. Her plan was working.

He then looked at her suspicious.

“Is this a trick?” He asked.

She gave her best sexy smile.

“I’m tied up, remember,” The Doctor pointed out. “I’m not going anywhere.” She said in a sultry voice. The Doctor was trying her best to not to be sick.

Just as planned Mr. Van Statten grinned and placed down the rod and came towards her but was immediately met by her knee cap.

His eyes teared gave out a yelp of pain and eventually fell to the floor groaning and whining in terrible pain.

She breathed a sigh of relief. The Doctor was so glad she hung out with Mata Hari, now!

The Doctor quickly broke free from her restraints. She glanced down at Mr. Van Statten shaking her head.

"Rule one, Henry, the Doctor lies." She sang.

The Doctor left the room leaving Mr. Van Statten whimpering on the floor. Once outside she looked around the large bunker, it was like a maze! It was going to take forever to get through this! Worry and dread filled her.

She had to find Jamie before that Dalek did!



Meanwhile Jamie was in some room filled with stuff mostly alien. Adam kept showing him things that had been damaged and discarded. Normally, Jamie would’ve been impressed but he had already seen this and really wasn't interested.

“Check this out!" Adam said handing him a charred piece of spacecraft.

Jamie looked at it. It was silver and rusted.

“It’s from Roswell.” Adam boasted.

Jamie just nodded. He had actually been there. The Doctor took him on the ship. But he couldn't tell Adam that.

“Nice.” He signed.

Adam looked at him strangely.

“You know I swear you act like you’ve seen all this before.” He commented.

Jamie shrugged.

“Well, it is everywhere, yeah,” He signed flimsily. "Gift shops, right?" Jamie added.

Adam scoffed.

“Well, personally, I think it’s all rubbish.” He remarked.

Jamie tilted his head.

“Why?” He signed.

“Because I’m a genius, technical wizard,” Adam bragged. "I mean I deal with every day." He shrugged.

Jamie rolled his eyes.

Adam leaned against a table.

"I mean there’s always a logical explanation for all this alien stuff, yeah.” He said. He sighed.

Jamie looked at him.

"You really believe all that," He signed. "You've never wondered?" Jamie asked signing.

He shrugged.

“Well, a part of me has wanted to see the stars.” Adam admitted.

Adam then smirked at him.

“Anyway, you're lucky, having a girlfriend like that to hang out with.” He said casually.

Jamie shook his head.

“Oh, we’re not a couple.” He signed.

A small grin formed across Adam’s face.

“Really, pretty girl like that single?” He said pretending to be interested in some moon rocks.

Jamie felt a twinge of jealousy.

Just then he realized he hadn’t received a text from the Doctor in a quite a while.
He checked his phone but there was nothing. He was getting worried.

Adam tilted his head.

“Something wrong?” He asked concerned.

Jamie shrugged.

“Not sure,” He signed. “I haven’t received a text from the Doctor in a while and I’m a bit worried.” Jamie signed concerned.

“Well, if you want, we can check on her,” He offered. “As long as you got a pass card, any room is easy access.” Adam replied.

Jamie nodded and they left.



They made it to the vault and despite a couple of guards Adam was able to swipe his card with no problem. A huge door opened and Jamie went in first. It was dim, it looked like more a storage unit. But the Doctor wasn't there.

There was an uneasy feeling in Jamie’s stomach. Maybe being here was a bad idea! He started to leave when he felt a tap on his arm. Adam just pointed and he turned and saw a large metal robot chained in the corner. It almost reminded Jamie a cross between R2-D2 and a trash bin. It looked battered and broken. Almost sad. It wasn't moving.

“What is that?” Jamie signed.

Adam shook his head.

“Don’t know.” He replied.

Suddenly the thing lit up and moved startling them both. The light blinked indicating that it was speaking but Jamie couldn’t hear it.

Adam tugged on his sleeve.

“It’s asking for help,” He said. “Let’s get out of here!” Adam replied.

Jamie scowled at him.

“No, if it’s asking for help then we should help it.” He signed.

Jamie came closer to the metal alien.

Adam pulled him back.

“Could be a trap,” He pointed out. “Let’s find that friend of yours the Doctor, yeah?” Adam suggested.

But Jamie was determined. Whatever that thing was it needed help and he was not leaving it.

Jamie scoffed.

“I think this whole place is a trap.” Jamie sarcastically signed. “Besides I can handle this.” He added.

He moved away and carefully moved towards the Dalek.

Its light continued to slowly blink.
Jamie really felt sorry for this thing. He couldn't understand it so he gently placed his hand on it to show comfort. It was a bad move!

All of sudden the Dalek shook and rattled removing its chains. Jamie quickly back away confused. What was happening?
It seemed stronger and angrier firing off its weapons in all directions.

Jamie and Adam were terrified dodging and backing away. Just then one of the guards rushed in.

“What the hell is going on?” He shouted.

“That thing woke up!” Adam pointed at the Dalek.

The guard pushed the two young men behind him and just smirked coming towards it.

“So, the trash bin is awake from its nap, huh?” He scoffed.

The Dalek just raised its plunger at him.

Jamie had a feeling this was going to end badly.

The man rolled his eyes.

“What are you going to do plunger me to death?” He remarked.

Before he could laugh the Dalek moved its plunger on his face and started sucking his skin quickly and painfully.

Jamie just stared in horror before he felt Adam pull him away and they ran out of the room and into the hall as the man’s terrified screams echoed from inside the room. A code red alarm starting going off. Probably from that man, Jamie realized with dread.

Within seconds soldiers stormed everywhere. They went in all the rooms, checking surveillance, shouts of a guard being killed echoed everywhere.

It was complete chaos! Jamie looked Adam in a panic.

“What now?” He signed.

Adam shrugged.

“The soldiers, Miss Goddard and Mr. Van Statten will take care of it.” He replied.

Jamie scoffed.

“You saw that thing,” He signed. “It’s alive because of me! This is all my fault!” Jamie signed with regret and worry.

"There is nothing we can do!" Adam insisted.

But Jamie wasn't waiting. He pulled out his cell phone and started texting.

Adam frowned.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

Jamie didn’t sign back and just frantically texted.

‘Doctor, we need help!"

Chapter Text

There was chaos, alarms going off and windows being shut and locked as the Doctor finally made it to the hall. The Doctor sighed. She had a feeling she was a bit too late. Of, course, she muttered.

Her phone rang and she looked at it, an urgent text from Jamie.

‘Ah, Jamie,’ She replied. ‘I was just looking for you!’ She texted back.

Jamie frantically replied.

‘Doctor, this is serious,’ He texted. “I really messed up!” Jamie replied.

The Doctor could see he was scared but before she could respond, he sent another frantic text.

‘I touched this metal thing. I felt sorry for it,’ He explained. ‘It killed a guard…I’m so sorry.’ Jamie rambled.

She sighed. Now, she was worried.

‘What is that thing?’ He asked.

“It’s a Dalek.’ The Doctor replied. ‘It’s an old and deadly enemy of mine. It’s very dangerous. You need to get out of there!’ She texted back.

Before she could explain further Mr. Van Statten’s angry voice echoed from behind the Doctor.

“Ah, there you are!” He yelled.

The Doctor rolled her eyes and turned to face him; he was still limping a bit. Miss Goddard stood beside him holding his arm. The Doctor suppressed a smirk.

“You think you’re funny, don’t you?” He glared.

She folded her arms, unfazed.

“Actually, I think I’m quite hilarious,” The Doctor remarked. “You should see me at a Marx Brothers party, sometimes.” She said with a smug.

Mr. Van Statten was unamused.

“Now you listen to me…” He started to say.

But the Doctor wasn’t hearing it and quickly interjected.

“No, you listen,” She shouted back. “There is a Dalek and it is awake and it's angry and it wants to kill every human on the planet!” The Doctor snapped angrily.

Mr. Van Statten sighed.

“I told you we have the greatest weapons.” He replied.

The Doctor arched her eyebrow.

“And you really think that’ll stop it?” She questioned.

Before he could answer Miss Goddard went pale looking at her phone.

“Sir, twenty of our guards were just killed in fifteen seconds.” She said grimly.

He looked at her stunned.

“Twenty?” He said.

Miss Goddard shook her head.

“Now, it’s twenty-five.” She said with fear.

The Doctor came towards him.

“This is not a game,” She told him. “If you are smart let me help.” She said as a fact.

Mr. Van Statten scoffed.

“Oh, you think you more capable than our guards?” He challenged.

“Fifteen more, sir.” Miss Goddard replied swallowing.

“Well?” The Doctor replied.

“Fine.” Mr. Van Statten huffed.

The Doctor smiled.

"Good," She said. "Now, where do start first?" The Doctor said.

Within minutes they were back in the office. Mr. Van Statten had all the computers showing the cameras in the building, the Doctor hooked up her phone to a special computer that allowed her to text and speak to Jamie and Adam at the same time. Though her goal was to stop the Dalek but she also wanted to get Jamie out safely.


Meanwhile Jamie and Adam were running, dodging explosions and gunfire. It almost reminded Jamie of a war, a war he couldn’t hear. Adam was his ears. They end up in some sort of storage unit where a bunch of guards were standing by.

They were instructed to stand behind some guards, they were still panting from all the running.

“I’ll say this,” Adam commented. “I don’t think I’d ever imagine running from a metal trash bin!” He remarked.

Jamie made a face at him.

“What is that thing?” Adam asked.

“It’s a Dalek.” He signed.

“A what?” Adam said.

“According to the Doctor it’s one of the oldest and deadliest aliens ever,” He explained signing. “Kills anything that’s isn’t like them.” Jamie added.

Adam just nodded.

“So, where is it?” He asked.

Jamie looked at his phone and his eyes widen.

“It’s coming,” He panicked. “It’s figuring out the code to unlock the door.” Jamie signed.

Adam scoffed.

“That’ll take forever.” He replied.

Suddenly there was a loud bang!

“Or not.” Adam muttered before a loud explosion!

They’re eyes widen as the door flew off and the Dalek appeared.

'Exterminate!' It shouted.

“Guns up!” The guards ordered.

But it was pointless.

Click! Click! The Dalek had sabotaged their guns! Then the Dalek just calmly spun around and shot each human with its plunger like weapon killing everyone.

Jamie and Adam just stood there frozen.

Meanwhile the Doctor watched from the office in horror before she shouted into her phone.

“Get out of there, now!” The Doctor ordered!

Adam snapped out of his head and grabbed Jamie’s arm and they dashed up the stairs but to their shock the Dalek started to rise and follow them! The metal thing could fly!

The Doctor’s hearts dropped. This Dalek was not playing fair.

“Extraordinary,” Mr. Van Statten exclaimed eerily pleased. He looked at Miss Goddard. “Stop the shooting. I don’t want anything to harm that Dalek!”

Miss Goddard just looked at him in shock!

The Doctor turned and glared at him.

“Are you insane!” The Doctor yells.

“Humans are expendable,” Mr. Van Statten told her in a cold tone. “Besides I want it for my collection.” He said firmly.

The Doctor shook her head.

“Forget it,” She yelled. “I won’t let Jamie get hurt!” The Doctor replied firmly.

The Doctor exhaled feeling desperate. A text appeared reading, 'What do we do now?'

She honestly didn't know. She was running out of options.

“Do we have anything else?” The Doctor asked looking at Miss Goddard.

Miss Goddard sighed.

“Our only option is sealing the vaults,” She said. “But your friends would have to make through before they close.” Miss Goddard explained.

It was a risk but she couldn’t let Jamie get hurt or risk anymore lives.

The Doctor slowly nodded.

"Seal the exits." She ordered.


The two you men were still running up the stairwell, the Dalek right behind. Adam’s phone started ringing.

He answered it; Jamie glanced at him hoping the Doctor had a new plan.

“It's the Doctor, she wants us to make it through the exits,” Adam told Jamie. “She sealing the vaults.” He explained.

Jamie just nodded. At this point he was willing to try anything!



The Doctor watched as each exit closed, it wasn’t long before the Dalek found them. The dots on the screen getting faster, the Doctor anxiously clinched her fists watching the two red dots make each exit. But on the last exit something happened. The screen suddenly went black.

The Doctor panicked!

"Hang on," She said. "What happened? Did they make it?" The Doctor said frantic.

She grabbed her phone and texted Jamie.

“Jamie, did you make it?” She texted to him.

She waited with bated breath. It seemed like forever before he finally answered. Her hearts sank.


Chapter Text

Jamie stared at his phone trying to think of what to say next. He knew the Doctor would blame herself but it wasn’t her fault. He had tripped. Unfortunately, it was going to cost him his life.

He exhaled and finally, texted the Doctor.

‘Don’t ever blame yourself,’ He texted his hand shaking a little. ‘I wouldn’t trade any of my time with you for anything in this world!’ Jamie told her.

Jamie paused he needed some last words that sounded appropriate but sincere.

Finally, he texted; ‘Thank you.’

He slowly put his phone away.

Suddenly, there was a tense feeling in his stomach. He could feel the Dalek approaching. From the corner of his eye he saw the Dalek turn a corner and slowly come towards him.

Jamie turned, his back pressing against the wall. He hitched a breath and clinched his fists and braced himself.


The Doctor was stunned. For a moment she couldn’t breathe. Jamie was gone. Nineteen-years-old, she muttered. There was a tense silence before Mr. Van Statten spoke.

“Um, I-I’m sorry…about your friend.” He said.

The Doctor turned almost wanting to laugh at that comment. She shook her head and pressed her lips.

“No, you’re not,” She started out softly. The Doctor then glared at him peering over him. “Cause if you if were you wouldn’t have let so many people including a nineteen-year-old young man die!” She shouted.

He became flustered.

“I just wanted the best space collection,” Mr. Van Statten explained. “A piece of the galaxy.” He stuttered.

Miss Goddard bit the inside of her cheek disgusted while the Doctor rolled her eyes. She was done with him!

Just then the door opened and Adam came in out of breath but his presence did little to quell the Doctor’s anger.

She angrily came towards him.

“What the hell happened!?” She demanded.

“It wasn’t my fault,” Adam insisted. He tripped.” He replied defensive.

That made her more upset.

“And you left him?” She accused.

Adam scoffed.

“You closed the exits!” Adam shot back.

The Doctor just turned away, the guilt clawing away at her.

Suddenly the screen came back on and a familiar mechanical voice spoke.

‘Am I speaking to the Doctor?’ It was the Dalek!

The Doctor turned and was shocked and relieved to see Jamie alive! He gave a small wave.

“Jamie,” She let out. “He’s alive!” The Doctor said thankful. But how, she wondered?

She then noticed the burn holes on the wall behind them. The Dalek actually missed? That made no sense but she was so glad!

“What do you want!?” She questioned.

‘To talk.’ It answered.

Did she hear right? When did Daleks just talk?

“Sorry," The Doctor scoffed. "First, you have bad aim and now you want to talk?" She remarked. "What kind of game are you playing?" She accused.

‘I needed the touch of a time traveler,’ The Dalek explained. ‘Jamie Smith provided the DNA I needed to revive myself.’ It said.

“Still using humans, huh?” She remarked.

‘But his compassion has made me contaminated,’ It added. ‘I want the bulkhead opened…’ The Dalek struggled. ‘Or Jamie Smith dies.’ It said coldly.

The Doctor felt a pit in her stomach.

Jamie glanced up at the screen shaking his head.

‘Well,’ The Dalek challenged. ‘What use are-your-emotions, Doctor-if you won’t save the man you-love?’

The Doctor just froze before the screen turned black.

Adam glanced at her.

“What are you going to do?” He asked.

The Doctor was tired of this! She shook her head.

“I’m not losing Jamie again,” She said determined. The Doctor looked at Adam. “Got any old guns?” She asked.


Meanwhile Jamie walked along with the Dalek, part of him was sacred but part of him wasn’t. The Dalek was dying and seemed harmless. He was actually able to touch the Dalek feeling the vibrations so he could understand it a little.

‘Why can’t you hear?’ It asked.

“Born that way.” Jamie signed simply.

“Does…it make you hate?” The Dalek asked.

Jamie shook his head.

“So...many questions...ideas…” The Dalek said. “It’s killing me.” It added slowly.

Jamie just lowered his gaze unsure how to respond.

The Dalek stopped in front of the bulkhead.

‘I-want-to feel sunlight.’ It said. The bulkhead opened.

Jamie was unsure and confused as the Dalek then opened its shell revealing a slimy jellyfish looking creature. It was almost hard to believe this thing was a murderous Dalek.
But as it laid in the sun, Jamie realized that’s all it wanted. It wanted sunlight.

Suddenly the Doctor appeared with a giant gun aimed at it the Dalek, anger burning in her eyes.

Jamie frowned.

“Doctor what are you doing?” He signed.

“Get out of the way, Jamie!” She ordered.

Jamie moved further in front of the Dalek.

“No.” He signed defiant.

“This Dalek has killed people,” She said. “It needs to die!” The Doctor replied bitterly.

He scoffed signing.

“Well, guess what,” Jamie signed. “It already is!” He signed.

“Good,” She remarked. “It’ll make it easier. Now, move!” The Doctor ordered.

Jamie looked at her. In his heart he knew she didn’t want to do this.

“Will that make you feel better,” Jamie signed. “Killing this sick and dying Dalek?” He questioned.

There was a moment of reluctance in the Doctor’s eyes. She held the gun tighter.

“You don’t understand, the Daleks killed my family and my people,” She yelled, her voice cracking. “I have nothing!” She said sounding defeated.

“There’s me,” Jamie signed. "And I meant that." He added sincerely.

The Doctor lowered her eyes.

Jamie came closer meeting her eyes. He could see the years of hurt and loss in them.

“I know it hurts but this is not who you are,” He added. “And if you kill this Dalek, that makes you no better than them. Do you really want that?” Jamie questioned.

The Doctor kept her gun aimed at the Dalek determined to make that Dalek pay but finally she lowered her gun feeling deflated. She couldn't do it, no matter how much pain she was feeling, no matter how much anger. She couldn't do it.

Jamie carefully took the gun from her before wrapping his arms her, it felt assuring like everything was going to okay. It was the first time the Doctor let anyone comforted her. It felt nice.

Just then the Dalek started shouting, its voice getting faster and frantic, ‘Exterminate!’ Exterminate!”

They pulled apart and watched in shock as its shell closed and it began shaking and a bright light burst through as it rose up in the air.

“What’s going on?” Jamie signed.

“It’s dying,” The Doctor said. “Your DNA contaminated it. The Dalek can’t take it anymore! It’s killing itself!” She replied grimly.

The light materialized casing the Dalek to implode leaving nothing behind but smoke.

It was over. The nightmare was over.


Later the Doctor and Jamie were at the TARDIS getting ready to go.

“Where do you want to go to next?” The Doctor asked fiddling with the lock.

Jamie smirked.

“How about anywhere but a museum?” He jokingly signed.

The Doctor just laughed.

He glanced at her, curious.

“What’s going to happen with Mr. Van Statten and this place?” Jamie signed.

She shrugged.

“Don't know,” The Doctor replied honestly. “No one's seen Van Statten but according to Miss Goddard the museum is going be buried over with cement.” She said.

Jamie nodded.

Finally, the Doctor got the door opened and were about to go inside when they heard Adam’s voice.

The Doctor rolled her eyes muttering fantastic. Jamie just smirked. Apparently, Adam wasn't the Doctor's favorite person.

“Hang on,” He called catching up. “I wanted to give you something.” Adam said handing the Doctor a space shuttle scrap. It looked fake.

The Doctor just nodded. She glanced at Jamie, who just shrugged.

“Wow, never seen one of these things before.” She replied feigning ignorance.

Adam smiled.

“It’s a going away present,” He said. "You can make that into jewelry." Adam explained.

The Doctor smiled slightly.

“Thanks.” She said unsure what to do with this. She handed it to Jamie who frowned. He didn’t know what to do with it.

Adam sighed.

“Well, good luck you, two,” He replied. “By the way can I give you a lift to the airport?” Adam offered.

Jamie shook his head.

“Nah, we’ve got transportation.” He signed.

Adam shrugged and turned to leave but noticed the Doctor and Jamie going into a blue box?

He frowned.

“Oi’, what are you going in there for?” He called.

No answer.

“Hey,” Adam called. “Doctor?” He said as he followed them inside.

A second later the TARDIS materialized along with an unexpected guest.

Chapter Text

It was late or early? In the TARDIS, Jamie couldn’t tell and sense the Doctor didn’t keep clocks around he stopped checking. But he knew she was still bothered by today though she'd never admit it. The Doctor was always fine.
Regardless, she needed a friend and maybe a little ice cream couldn't hurt. With the help of the TARDIS he found her sitting on the floor near the console.

He slowly approached with a couple of bowls of strawberry and banana ice cream. He hoped it would help make her feel better.

She glanced up at Jamie, his sweet smile and amber eyes were so caring and concerned.

He motioned her to take the bowl.

The Doctor took the bowl as Jamie sat beside her.

“What’s this for?” She asked.

“Whenever I have a bad day, mum would always give serve up a bowl of ice cream.” He explained signing. He swallowed a spoonful.

She arched her eyebrow,

“Is the method that humans always use?” The Doctor asked.

Jamie shrugged his shoulder.

“Worked for me.” He signed.

The Doctor shrugged.

“Thanks, but who says I’m having a bad day?” She asked eating some ice cream.

Jamie gave her a look.

“I do.” Jamie signed.

She frowned.

“Oh, and who are you?” The Doctor remarked.

Jamie tilted his head.

“Just the silly ape that cares about you.” He reminded her signing.

The Doctor lowered her gaze slightly taken aback. Normally, it was her that looked after her companions not the other way around. It amazed her how much Jamie cared. Maybe she needed him more than he needed her.

She gazed down into her bowl pushing her spoon around the cold desert.

“I almost became one of them, didn’t I,” The Doctor said softly. She glanced at Jamie. “I was just as bad as them, huh?” She added regretfully. "I'm not a Dalek, am I?" She questioned.

Jamie studied her and placed his bowl down.

“Let’s see,” He signed. The Doctor watched as he studied her closely before gently tapping her forehead. “Nah, no metal just bone!” He teased signing.
The Doctor giggled gently swatting his hand away.

“Oi’!” She scoffed.

He shrugged.

“Just using the same method, you used to see if I was an Auton.” Jamie pointed out signing.

The Doctor couldn’t help but smile.

“Alright, fair enough.” She teased.

Jamie smirked and continued eating.

The Doctor looked at him.

“When I thought that Dalek had done something to you…I lost it. I couldn’t stand it.” She admitted. The Doctor shook her head. “I can’t imagine doing my travels without you.” She muttered softly.
“I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry.” She replied.

The Doctor stared down at her bowl feeling embarrassed and defeated. Jamie then nudged her arm. She slowly glanced at him.

He smiled softly and signed.

“It’s alright, you acted normal,” Jamie signed. “I probably would’ve done the same thing.” He added. "There's nothing Dalek about you," He assured her. "You have two pure, beautiful kind hearts." He signed sincerely.

The Doctor blushed smiling.

She looked at him thoughtfully.

“Trying to make me feel better?” The Doctor teased lightly.

Jamie shook his head.

“Just telling the truth,” He signed simply. Jamie held up his bowl. “The ice cream is for making you feel better.”

The Doctor nodded.

“Ah, of course,” She smirked. “Ice cream makes everything better!” The Doctor declared.

Jamie smiled.

“Now you’re getting it!” He signed.

They smiled and clinked bowls and continued eating.

The Doctor glanced at him.

“Of course, this would’ve been better with some chocolate syrup.” She commented.

Jamie made a face at her, scrunching up his nose making her laugh. She slowly rested her head on his shoulder and glanced up at him.

“Thank you.” The Doctor signed.

Jamie just smiled

They settled back and sat in the glow of the lights of the TARDIS.

Soon the Dalek, the bunker and Mr. Van Statten were a distant memory.



Next: The Long Game

Chapter Text

The TARDIS landed with its usual groaning wheeze. The Doctor grinned stepping out with Jamie following.

“Ooh, I like this!” The Doctor said happily.

They were inside some sort of space station with aging metal futuristic architecture and boilers and grids all around.

Jamie frowned.

“You sure, it’s a bit hot,” He signed. Jamie looked around. “Where are we?”

She tilted her head in thought.

“I believe we’re in the year 200, 000,” The Doctor said. She knocked her fist on a metal wall. “Definitely a space station.”
“Not bad,” She sighed. “So, Adam what do you think?” The Doctor asked.

There was no answer.

The Doctor frowned.

“Adam?” She said looking behind her.

He was standing by the TARDIS holding his stomach.

“I think I have time travel sickness.” He complained.

The Doctor rolled her eyes. She was regretting bringing him along.

“Come on, Adam,” She said. “This will be fun!” The Doctor replied placing her arm around him. He just groaned.
“Oh, think of the culture, the food, the advanced in etiquette, the people, the…” She started to finish.

All of a sudden, a loud rude voice interrupted.

“Get out of the way!” A man yelled rudely brushing past them.

Suddenly food carts quickly emerged and people moved by, shoving and swarming over to these carts ordering and demanding something called Kronkburgers.
It all reminded Jamie of a busy New York street.

Jamie glanced at her.

“So, much for manners.” He signed sarcastically.

The Doctor made a face at him.

“So, I got my time wrong,” She remarked. “The point is that right out there is the 4th great empire, planet earth and we’re traveling outside of it.” The Doctor said simply.

Jamie nodded.

“Yeah, but still no advances in manners.” He reminded her signing.

The Doctor sighed.

“Humans.” She muttered.

They kept walking. Adam looked around confused. They all looked human. They were sitting and eating and talking like at home.
The future and space travel was nothing what he thought it was or at least heard it was going to be. This was too normal.

Adam glanced at the Doctor.

“This is doesn’t look right,” He said. “Where are all the species and planets?” He questioned. “Why are they human?” Adam asked.

The Doctor paused. He actually had a good point.

She looked at him and smiled sweetly.

“Wait here.” The Doctor said. She hurried over to an ATM and came back with some credits.

“Here,” The Doctor said shoving the futuristic money into his hand. “Two credits. Don’t spend it all in one place.” She advised.

He frowned confused staring at the alien currency.

“What do I with this?” Adam asked.

The Doctor sighed. She placed her hands on his shoulders.

“Rule one of time traveling don’t ask questions just go with it!” She said pushing him along.

Jamie looked at her, strangely.

“I thought it was ‘don’t wander off’?” He signed.

She nodded.

“It is,” The Doctor replied. “Now go keep an eye on him.” She ordered.

Jamie scowled.

“Great, now I’m a companion sitter.” He signed grumbling.

She smiled.

“A title you wear very well.” The Doctor told him sweetly.

Jamie playfully stuck his tongue out at her. He actually knew she was going to do some investigating and was fine with it.

“Go on.” She smirked and tugged her ear, a special code between them.

"Be careful." Jamie signed tugging his ear and went off to join Adam.

The Doctor looked around the huge crowd. She needed to find someone to talk to. But she had to be careful. She glanced up the at the video camera watching her.

The Doctor sighed.

“Typical technology,” She muttered. “Now, to find someone trusting.” The Doctor said to herself.

She wandered around until she spotted two women.

The Doctor walked up to them, smiling.

“Hello, sorry to bother you,” The Doctor said to the tall dark-skinned young lady. “But what floor are on we on?” She asked.

“Satellite five.” She shrugged.

The Doctor nodded.

“What’s that exactly?” The Doctor asked.

The woman scoffed.

“Blimey, how much have you had?” She said.

The Doctor faked a sheepish smile.

“Well, to be honest I did just get back from a party.” She lied.

The brown-haired woman leaned over.

“She does look like she was out all night, Cathica.” She said to her friend.

The Doctor scowled.

Cathica then looked nervous.

“Suki, she might be a test,” Cathica said. “They told us about that.” She whispered.

The Doctor arched her eyebrow.

“Something wrong?” She asked.

Suki shook her head.

“No, we were just wondering if you were a test, a management, thing.” She explained.

The Doctor smiled and sighed.

“Yep, you caught me,” She said holding up the psychic paper. “That’s exactly what I am.” The Doctor replied. “Can’t fool you!” She joked.

Cathica smiled slightly.

“Well, in that case you’re free to ask questions then.” She said.

The Doctor nodded.

“Thanks, so what happened to the five hundred walls?” She asked.

Cathica just smiled.

“The walls are made gold,” She replied. Cathica leaned closer. “And you should know, Miss Management.” She gently chided.

The Doctor was now really confused.

Cathica sighed.

“Come along.” She said.

The Doctor followed not noticing that the cameras were too.



Meanwhile Jamie and Adam were sitting at a table, Adam was watching Jamie sip his second alien slushie. Adam made a ick face holding his stomach.

“How can you drink that?” He said disgusted.

Jamie shrugged sitting down propping his feet on the table.

“I like them,” He signed. “Tastes like cherry.” Jamie signed before slurping. “You want some?” He offered.

Adam shook his head.

"Are we done, yet?" He moaned.

Jamie sighed putting his feet down.

“You need to relax,” He signed. “This is supposed to be fun.” Jamie signed exasperated.

Adam gave him a look.

“Fun,” He said. “I'm two hundred thousand years from home, surrounded by weird alien food, on a space station!” He whined. Adam looked at him in disbelief. “How do you stand this?”

Jamie calmly sipped his drink.

“I trust the Doctor." He signed simply.

Adam groaned lowering his head on the table.

Jamie felt kind of bad for him, remembering how hard time travel was for him at first. He then had an idea, Jamie pulled out his phone and tapped his head.
Adam looked up and Jamie placed the phone in front of him.
“If it’ll make you feel better,” He signed. “You can call home, if you like.” Jamie offered.

Adam took the cellphone and frowned.

“How does that work?” He asked.

Jamie pointed at the phone.

“The Doctor fixed it so you can call anyone in the world, in the universe, any era.” He explained signing.

Adam looked at the phone then at him skeptical.

“You sure?” He said.

Jamie sighed heavily and signed frustrated.

“Just do it!”

"Okay, okay!" Adam frowned.

He heard a ring and then got his voicemail.

His eyes widen in shock! It was incredible!

Jamie watched him leave a message to his mom before hanging up.

Adam was still smiling amazed!

“That was so cool!” He said.

Jamie just grinned, happy he could help.

Suddenly an alarm went off and people started leaving just as the Doctor came back. She hadn't gotten far but learned a few things. Cathica and Suki were journalists and the space station was also a news center. There was a room filled with T.V's that broadcast nothing but the news. It wasn’t much to go on but something wasn't right.

She spotted Adam and Jamie and motioned them over.

Jamie saw her and tapped Adam’s arm.

“Come on.” He signed getting up.

Adam nodded but then realized he still had Jamie’s phone. He glanced over at Jamie then back at the phone. A lot of tech companies would be impressed, he thought slyly.

He grinned placing it in his pocket before walking towards Jamie and the Doctor.

And besides what Jamie doesn't know won’t hurt him.

Chapter Text

They entered a large white room, with a strange shaped table with what looked like a dentist chair in the center. People sat on pillows in front of handprints. It was like a futuristic newsroom!

They stood by the rail as Cathica took to the podium. She smiled brightly at everyone.

“So, ladies and gentlemen,” She started. “Multi sex, undecided or robot.” Cathica said. “My name is Cathica Santini Khadeni, in case you want to write to floor 500 praising me and please do.” She smiled at the Doctor.

The Doctor just nodded.

Cathica sighed.

“Feel free to ask questions, process of news gathering must be open,” She went on. “Honest beyond bias. That’s company policy.” Cathica concluded.

“It’s the law, actually.” Suki chimed.

Cathica just rolled her eyes.

“Now, let’s begin.” She said.

They watched her move to the center and sit in what looked like a dental chair. Cathica leaned back and took a deep breath.

“Engage safety!” She declared.

Everyone simultaneously placed their hands on the metal plates, the lights flickered and there was a loud humming sound.

“What’s happening?” Jamie signed.

The Doctor just shrugged.

Cathica snapped her fingers and the middle of her forehead opened.

Jamie’s mouth dropped. It was surreal! Her forehead just opened!

“One, two, spike!” Cathica ordered.

A light appeared from a screen and entered into the opening of her head. All sorts of images and words just raced into her head.

Adam watched intrigued.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

The Doctor just stared.

“Compressed information literally going into her, streaming into her,” She said plainly. “Reports, facts, information from every planet, city and country right into her head.” The Doctor explained.

“Like a computer?” Jamie guessed signing.

She nodded.

“Exactly like a computer. Cathica is basically the software.” She said.

Jamie glanced back at Cathica.

“So, she’s a genius, yeah?” He signed.

The Doctor shook her head.

“As soon as her head closes, she’ll forget everything,” She explained. “The human brain can only handle so much.” The Doctor said.

“What about them?” Jamie asked signing at the people sitting.

“The chips in their heads are connecting to her, transmitting six hundred channels, every single fact from this place.” The Doctor reasoned. She pressed her lips looking up at the ceiling. “This place is wrong.” She said. "The technology is wrong." The Doctor added disgusted.

Adam looked at her.

“How,” He asked. “I mean what’s wrong with being a genius?” Adam said.

The Doctor gave him a dark look.

“No one should know everything,” She said. “Not like this. Not this way.” The Doctor muttered glancing around.

Jamie nudged her arm.

“Trouble?” He signed.

The Doctor grinned.

“Always!” She replied.

Jamie just smiled.

Adam stared at them strangely.

“You two are daft.” He muttered.

Then his attention went back to Cathica as the information streamed into her. Wrong or not, he wanted that technology!


Later, they were back in the main part the station. Adam was still freaked out by Cathica’s head. He couldn’t stop staring at her as she spoke with the Doctor.

Jamie sighed and waved his hand over his face getting his attention.

Adam snapped out of his thoughts.

“What?” He said.

Jamie smirked.

“Just checking to see if you were still with us." Jamie remarked signing.

Adam shook his head.

“I’m sorry,” He apologized. “It’s just that head thing… so bizarre!” Adam shuddered. He looked at him. "Is she normal, now?" He asked.

Jamie rolled his eyes. He was getting tired of this!

“Yes, she’s fine, now, okay?” He signed.

Adam nodded.

“I'm sorry, but I’m not used to this like you are. This chasing aliens, strange planets is not for me,” He said. “Let’s face it sometimes I think you and the Doctor live in your own little world!” Adam replied.

Jamie just shrugged. He didn't think that was so bad.

"Maybe we do," He signed thoughtfully. “But look if you’re not enjoying this do you want to go the TARDIS?” He offered.

Adam’s eyes glistened almost mischievously.

“Well, that's a bit extreme besides like the TARDIS isn't any stranger!" He scoffed. "Actually, I think I’d rather go back to the observation deck.” Adam said. “Just hang out. Look at the earth.” He sighed.

Jamie looked at him strangely.

“Are you sure?” He signed.

Adam nodded.

“Yeah, I'll be fine.” He said.

Jamie shrugged and reached into his pocket.

"Okay but in case there’s danger,” Jamie signed. “Here’s the key.” He signed handing it to him.”

Adam nodded.

“Thanks, pal!” Adam grinned grabbing the key before strolling away.

Jamie glanced back slightly worried.

He really hoped he hoped he wasn't going to regret that.

Chapter Text

“You’re not management, are you?” Cathica questioned as they went back to the room.

The Doctor smirked.

“Ah, she is clever, then,” She said plopping into the chair. “Tell me have you ever been to another floor?” The Doctor asked.

Cathica thought for a moment.

“Yeah, I went to floor 16 when I first arrived to get my head done and then straight to Satellite five.” She replied.

“What do you do here?” Jamie signed curious.

She shrugged.

“Not much,” Cathica replied. “Work, eat, sleep then repeat.” She sighed.

The Doctor studied her for a moment before speaking.

“You know as a journalist I would think you would notice that there are no aliens on this station.” She comment.

Cathica shrugged.

“So, no aliens, So what?” She replied.

The Doctor scoffed.

“Don’t you want to know,” The Doctor asked. “I mean don’t you find it strange?” She asked.

Cathica folded her arms.

“Look, I’m sure there are reasons.” She said.

“Such as?” Jamie signed.

Cathica shrugged.

“Immigration issues, price space war, collapse of government five…lots of things!” She said flustered.

The Doctor sighed.

“All adding up to one fact,” She said. “This society is shaped wrong; the technology is wrong!” The Doctor concluded.

Cathica looked at her.

“Our technology is cutting edge.” She defended.

“You have a door in your head!” The Doctor scoffed.

Cathica frowned.

The Doctor shook her head.

“No, no, it’s not just the space station,” She said. “It’s the attitude, the way people act!” The Doctor remarked.

“How would you know?” She challenged.

She gave her a look.

“I’ve been around. Humanity has been set back nine hundred years,” The Doctor replied. She then looked at her, curious. “When did Satellite five start broadcasting?” She asked.

“Ninety-one years ago.” Cathica answered.

The Doctor nodded as if a light bulb went off.

“Right,” She exclaimed. The Doctor tapped Jamie’s arm. “Jamie, Cathica come with me, please!” She ordered.

Cathica frowned curious and followed Jamie.

“Is she always like this?” Cathica asked.

Jamie just nodded as they followed.

The Doctor worked intently on the mainframe of the computer. Cathica paced the floor nervously.

“We’re going to get caught,” She said. Cathica glanced at the Doctor. “They’re going to see you vandalizing and give you a good talking to.” She told her.

The Doctor briefly glanced at her.

“Gee,” I hope they don’t send me to me room.” She replied unimpressed.

Jamie wiped the sweat from the back of his neck. He swore it was getting hotter.

“Why is it so hot,” He signed. “Do they want people to melt?” Jamie signed to the Doctor.

The Doctor sighed.

“Well, give me a few minutes and I’ll find out what’s going on.” She assured him.

Cathica rolled her eyes.

“Why are you so interested in our cooling systems,” Cathica remarked. "I thought you cared about our empire?" She taunted.

"Plumbing's important, too." The Doctor replied and kept working.

After a few minutes she finally hacked into the mainframe. She grinned and turned the screen.

“Now, take a look at this,” The Doctor said. “Tell me what you see.” She said

Cathica studied the screen. Her eyes widen.

“The cooling ducts, ice filters are all working flat out,” She noticed. “All channeling massive heat to the top.” Cathica frowned. “But why?” She asked.

The Doctor scoffed.

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask that!” She replied.

Just then the screen flashed an override. Cathica looked at the Doctor confused.

“That doesn’t make sense,” Cathica said. “You need a key. Why did it do that for you?” She asked.

The Doctor glanced up at the camera.

“I guess somebody really likes me.” She said grimly.

The Doctor started inside for the elevator with Jamie following.

She glanced at him.

“You’re not going to stay behind, are you?” She sighed.

He shook his head.

The Doctor smiled slightly and together and they entered a dark and icy room. It was freezing! They’re were icicles hanging from above. Jamie rubbed his arms as he walked.

"It's cold!" He complained signing.

The Doctor sighed.

“Well, you wanted it cooler.” She commented.

Jamie made a face and they walked until they found a tall, pale man with white hair and a black suit watching over screens and a line of frozen looking people.

The man looked at them and grinned.

“Well, this is an honor,” He chuckled. “Two people who don’t exist, not even a footprint just appear!” He said.

The Doctor nodded.

“Yeah,” She replied. “Now, who are you?” She replied.

“I’m the editor,” He said. “And you are?” The Editor questioned.

The Doctor smirked.

“Does it matter, if I’m consider nobody?” She remarked sweetly.

The Editor laughed.

“Oh, aren’t you cheeky?” He replied.

Jamie was looking at the people in the chairs. Some of them had icicles on their eyebrows. He waved his hand in front of their faces but no reaction. They were motionless.

He looked at the Doctor, concerned.

“What’s wrong with them?” Jamie signed.

“They’re dead,” The Doctor said sadly. She then glared at the Editor. “Of course, with the computer chips they can still work for you, huh? Like puppets.” She said as a fact.

He shrugged.

“Full of information,” The Editor said. “But you are no one.” He remarked. The Editor sighed. “So, again, who are you?” He repeated.

The Doctor just looked at him.

“Doesn’t matter,” She replied. “Cause, we’re leaving.” The Doctor said firmly. She motioned Jamie to follow her.
But just as they were going, they were suddenly grabbed by some of the Editor’s puppets. They struggled but the men were too strong.

“Apparently, we’re staying.” The Doctor grunted.

Soon the Doctor and Jamie were bound with sturdy and stiff hand rails and attached to electric packs. They couldn't move.

The Editor sneered at them both.

“Now, enough with the games, tell me who you are?” He demanded.

“Is there really a point?” The Doctor scoffed.

He sighed.

“Well, maybe you'll talk once you meet with our Editor in Chief.” The Editor said.

“And who’s that?” The Doctor questioned.

The Editor just pointed up. There was a low growl.

They looked and there was a large mass covering the ceiling. He had a tiny head and sharp teeth. He was growling and snapping.

Jamie swallowed nervously. But the Doctor laughed.

“A big blob is the boss?” She scoffed.

The Editor scowled.
“He’s the mighty Jagrafess Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe,” He said proudly. He allows humans to live here. He knows all the news broadcasts! Everything these cattle have been told is a lie simply to benefit us!” These silly humans owe everything to him and any doubters I crush!” The Editor declared.

He leaned closer.

“And I call him Max!” The Editor grinned.

The Doctor nodded slowly.

“Great.” She said.

The Editor pulled back, glowering at her.

“Now, let’s get you talking!” He sneered ready to the pull the switch.

The Doctor’s eyes widen.

She needed a plan.




Chapter Text

The Doctor had to think fast! She could handle the electric currents but they would surely hurt Jamie! The Editor was about to flip the switch when the Doctor shouted.

“Wait, I’ll tell you who I am,” She said. “Just don’t hurt him!” The Doctor begged.

Then the Editor turned and looked at her, intrigued.

“Time lady!” He said.

The Doctor frowned.

“How did you know?” She said.

He grinned.

“Oh, I know, everything about you, Doctor,” The Editor sneered. “Every bit of information is in here!” He said pointing at his head. “Including your little human companion!” He chuckled

The Doctor scowled.

“That’s not possible!” She replied.

“It is when your friend Adam Mitchell is downloading information into his head!” The Editor sang. An image emerged of Adam using a chip in his head to download information.

Anger surged through her!

“That little twit!” The Doctor snipped.

The Editor grinned evilly.

“And you apparently have a very lovely flying machine,” He added. The Editor paused. “Let’s see what was it called?” He taunted. “TARDIS!” He declared.

The Doctor glowered at him.

“I won’t let you have her!” She growled.

He just sneered.

“You’re powerless,” The Editor said simply. “I’ve got the key!” He told her.

They're eyes widen as the key floated from Adam’s pocket. The Doctor was really scared, now! The TARDIS and its power was in danger of falling into the wrong hands! She had to do something! Suddenly she spotted Cathica in the other room. She was her last hope!

“So, Satellite five is one big life support for this Jeffries monster, eh,” She said loudly. “Just one big air conditioner? Sounds simple.” The Doctor stated.

Jamie just looked at her reading her lips, wondering if she had lost it.

The Editor rolled his eyes.

“Well, the Editor in Chief has to stay cool, he can't get too warm!” He said annoyed.

“Right, can’t get hot, so the rest of us suffer! But maybe some heat would be helpful!” The Doctor said looking at Cathica, hoping she get the hint. Cathica nodded getting the message and got to work.

The Editor looked at the Doctor curious. She didn't seem worried.

“You seem awfully calm.” He noticed.

The Doctor shrugged.

“You’ve got the Editor in Chief,” She said. “I’ve got Cathica!” The Doctor grinned.

All of a sudden there was a zap and an explosion, the room began to shake and feel hotter!

The Doctor grinned.

Cathica was doing it! She was overriding the system!

Computers exploded, screens shattered, any information that Adam was gathering was being reversed!

The Editor looks around confused.

“What is going on!” He demanded.

The shackles suddenly broke free releasing Jamie and the Doctor.

The Editor seemed shocked.

The shaking and heat was getting worse! the monster was getting bigger! The monster growled unhappily!

“What is this!?” He yelled. "What did you do!" The Editor panicked.

The Doctor sighs.

“I believe your being overridden,” She replied. “And in a few seconds, there’s going to be a very messy bang!” The Doctor said making a face. “Bye!” She waved before dashing off.

Jamie grabbed the Doctor's hand and they ran, dodging debris, there was a huge explosion behind them. They somehow made it back to a dazed and confused crowd. They eventually found Cathica, she was panting but okay.

The Doctor smiled.

“Underestimated you, huh,” She said. “You okay?” The Doctor asked.

Cathica nodded.

“I've got a lot to explain," She realized. She glanced at her. "Guess you have to go.” Cathica said.

The Doctor nodded.

“Yeah," The Doctor replied. "But you can manage." She told her confidently.

“Thanks,” Cathica smiled. “But what about your friend?” She asked.

The Doctor glanced at Jamie and shrugged.

“Jamie’s fine.” She replied.

Cathica shook her head.

“I meant…” Cathica gestured at Adam.

The Doctor scoffed.

“He’s not my friend,” She said annoyed. “And thanks for reminding me!” The Doctor grunted.

Her anger returned and she glowered in Adam’s direction.

“Adam!” She shouted loudly.

Jamie quickly followed her making sure she wouldn’t do something rash.

Adam was terrified as she approached, the oncoming storm! Her fists were clinched and her eyes were glaring at him!

“It-w-was an accident, I swear,” He rambled. Adam cowered. “Please don’t hurt me!” He begged.

The Doctor just grabbed him by the arm and shoved him in the TARDIS. A second later they were inside Adam’s house.

“I’m home,” He said surprised. “I'm actually home!” Adam replied relieved.

Jamie rolled his eyes.

The Doctor grunted brushing past.

“Don’t get mushy!” She said. The Doctor aimed her sonic screwdriver at his voice mail zapping it.

She turned towards him biting the inside of her cheek.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t catch those world changing messages?” She remarked.

He winced.

“Um, how did you know?” Adam asked carefully.

“Perhaps it was your noble personality!” The Doctor replied sarcastically.

She glanced at Jamie.

“We’re off, then?” The Doctor said.

Jamie nodded.

Adam frowned.

“Wait, what about me?” He said.

The Doctor simply looked at him.

“What about you?” She sighed exasperated.

He scoffed.

“I have two chips in my head!” Adam whined.

The Doctor causally tilted her head.

“Oh, you mean that?” She said snapping her fingers.

A door in his forehead opened.

Adam sighed.

“Yes.” He snapped his fingers closing it.

She smirked snapping her fingers again.

He scowled.

“Stop it!”

She nodded.

But there was a snap and his forehead opened again, the Doctor glanced at Jamie, feigning shock.

"Jamie Smith!" The Doctor playfully scolded.

He shrugged.

“Couldn’t resist.” Jamie signed.

He sighed.

“Look, you can’t leave me like this!” Adam complained.

“Yes, I can.” She shrugged.

“What am I supposed to do?” Adam asked.

The Doctor sighed.

“My advice would be to live a quiet life and don’t be around certain noises.” She said.

The Doctor turned to leave.

“Come on, I’m really sorry,” He apologized. “Please take me with you!” He pleaded.

The Doctor opened the door and paused.

“I only take the best,” She said. The Doctor glanced thoughtfully at Jamie. “I’ve got the best. I have Jamie.” She added.

Jamie suppressed a smile.

Adam just watched the Doctor stepped inside; Jamie followed giving a small wave before closing the door.

The TARDIS quickly vanished leaving Adam behind to live with his consequences forever.


Next: Father's Day

Chapter Text

Three-year-old Jamie wandered into the living room. It was late and he was supposed to be in bed but the light from the hall caught his attention. He stood from the hallway watching his mother sitting on the couch the looking at some photos. As always Roni could sense her shy son standing by and smiled.

She sat back, spotting the teddy bear and bare feet sticking out.

“It’s okay, Touchstone,” Roni signed. “Come on in.” She gestured.

Jamie slowly walked in and settled into her lap still clutching his teddy bear.

He noticed a photo of a man but it wasn’t his grandfather or uncle. He was wearing shades and had wild dark hair. He looked like a rock star!

He pointed at the photo.

Roni smiled sadly.

“Jamie, that’s your daddy, Peter,” She signed. Roni glanced down at her son. “He died shortly after you were born.” She added sadly.

Jamie just stared at the picture, curious.

“What was he like?” He signed.

Her sparkling eyes grew sad.

“He was a good man. He loved music,” She signed somberly. “Sometimes I think he loved it too much. Wanted to be a star.” Roni shook her head. “Died in a hit and run trying to go back home to fetch some sheet music to play at Stuart and Sarah’s wedding.”
She swallowed. “No one knew. By the time the ambulances came…he was gone.” Roni signed. Tears pricked her eyes. “I should've been there.” Roni signed regretfully.

Jamie just looked back at the photo feeling his mother's sadness, too.



Jamie always wanted to correct the moment his father died alone. It didn't seem fair. He just wanted to be there for him. So, when the Doctor offered to take him back to that day it was a chance to fix this. But he was scared and nervous but he needed closure for him and his mother.

The TARDIS landed in Cardiff, 1987. They stepped out and the Doctor inhaled the fresh air.

"Ah, Cardiff, 1987," The Doctor declared. "Records, big hair and bad fashion," She commented. "Well, at least for me, anyway." She muttered.

Jamie just looked around; everything was normal. It felt strange and quiet.

He glanced at the Doctor.

“Are you sure I can do this?” He signed.

The Doctor gave him a look.

“I told you as long we don’t interfere, we’re fine,” She assured him. The Doctor tilted her head. “Besides you want to be with him, yeah?” She said.

Jamie nodded.

She smiled softly.

“Let’s go then.” The Doctor replied.

Jamie looked around as they walked. It felt so weird being here. He had expected the day his father died to be gloomy.

The Doctor glanced at him.

“You okay?” She asked.

He shrugged.

“I guess, just feels strange being here,” Jamie signed. “I was just expecting today to be cloudy or rainy.” He signed. “Instead it’s just normal.”

The Doctor scoffed.

“Well, you should try from my end,” She replied. “Let’s just hope I don’t run into myself!” The Doctor remarked.

Jamie just smirked as they walked along the sidewalk.

“How much further,” The Doctor asked. “Not every day I let the companion lead.” She said.

Jamie sighed.

“Not much further,” He signed. “Mum, said he died near home just across the street from where I grew up.” Jamie explained signing.

The Doctor nodded.

When they finally stopped, they were in this middle-class neighborhood with two rows of houses set close together. They waited across the street to avoid being noticed. Now, Jamie had to remember which house was his.

The Doctor glanced at him.

“Do you remember where you lived?” She asked.

He nodded keeping his eyes on the house with the awful orange door. He was positive that was the house!

Jamie waited for his father to come out. He was feeling anxious. But as the time came close Peter wasn’t showing up.

The Doctor looked at him. “Are you sure you this is the house?”

“Yes!” He signed exasperated.

The Doctor sighed. Something wasn’t right.

“You know what I’m going to check to see if we have the right year,” The Doctor said. “I’ll be back.” She told him.

Jamie nodded.

She glanced back. He wasn’t coming, they probably got the wrong year or something.

The Doctor started back towards the TARDIS when she noticed several houses with orange doors! Suddenly she felt worried! What if they had the right street but wrong house…? She had to get Jamie before things went really wrong!

The Doctor darted back to Jamie but it was too late! Her worse fear confirmed!

It was Jamie's father! He was helping a confused Jamie back on his feet just as the silver car that originally hit Peter whizzed by.

The Doctor’s eyes widen!

This wasn’t happening!

“He’s alright,” Peter said. “My fault, bit of a hurry.” He apologized. “Very lucky,” He chuckled. “Nearly missed that daft car driving by, eh?” Peter grinned.

The Doctor felt a pit in her stomach.

They had missed it!

Peter was alive and now there was big trouble!

Chapter Text

Peter Smith was alive! An accident, a simple miscalculation. Who knew standing in a spot would alter history!? The Doctor just stood there trying to think while Jamie just stared at his father. It was just surreal! His dad was right there! Something he never thought would happen!

“So, can I give you both a lift?” Peter offered.

“Uh, yeah, sure.” The Doctor said awkwardly.

He nodded.

“I’m Peter, by the way.” He introduced himself.

“I’m the Doctor and this is um, Jamie.” She said.

Peter chuckled.

“Small world, my son’s name is Jamie.” He said.

They got into the car with Jamie and the Doctor slowly getting the back.

A few minutes later they were in Jamie’s old house. It felt weird. He had never seen the place as a young man before. Seem a lot smaller, now.

“Make yourself some tea,” Peter offered. “I’ve got to get some sheet music. I promise I play for a wedding!” He groaned.

The Doctor glanced at him.

“You don’t sound excited.” She said.

Peter scoffed.

“To be honest I’m not a fan of weddings,” He admitted. “But they’re my wife’s friend and a wedding’s a gig, too I suppose!” Peter shrugged.
“Make yourself comfortable.” He said leaving the room.

Jamie kept his eyes on the small table staring at the photos and forgotten antiques his mother had packed away after his father died. He could feel the Doctor watching him and he hated it! He kept his fists clinched, pacing the room trying to avoid her. He knew what she was going to say. Jamie had traveled with her long enough and he didn’t want to know!

The Doctor met his eyes.

“Jamie…” She started to say.

“No!” Jamie signed determined.

The Doctor sighed.

“Jamie, I know it’s hard but this wasn’t supposed to happen.” The Doctor said carefully.

He shrugged.

“So?” Jamie signed.

She looked at him.

“I’m sorry, Jamie but history has to be fixed. Time has to be corrected, that’s the way it is.” She replied honestly.

Jamie glared at her.

“So, you want me to kill him?” He signed hurt.

The Doctor groaned.

“Jamie…” She started to say.

“No, that’s what you want,” Jamie accused. “And I won’t do it!” He signed defiant.

She scoffed.

“Jamie these are the laws of time,” The Doctor explained. “If they could be changed then I would but I can’t!” She exclaimed.

Jamie looked at her like she was stranger.

“Then you’re a liar,” He signed bluntly. “You go on about saving planets and stuff and you can’t even spare one life! My own father!” Jamie spat.

He had hit a nerve. His words stung.

The Doctor glared at him.

“Don't test me, Jamie,” She shouted. "I've been through more with these bloody time lines than you can imagine so don't even go there!" The Doctor warned.

Tears pricked his eyes.

“Then don’t ask me to kill my father!” Jamie signed hurt.

The Doctor stared at him. She wasn't backing down. She knew she was right!

“Alright, fine," She said shrugging. “I’ll be at the TARDIS and when you’ve calmed down, we'll talk.” The Doctor replied.

Jamie scoffed.

“You’ll be waiting a long time,” He told her signing. “And don’t forget you’re the one who came to me, breaking into my place and you called me a bonehead!” Jamie reminded her.

She grabbed the door knob and glanced back.

“Well, you got the last part right!” The Doctor scoffed opening the door and closing it behind her.

Jamie ran his hand over his face, frustrated and leaned back against the wall. Peter poked his head from the dining room.

“Girlfriend trouble?” He asked.

Jamie didn’t answer. He didn’t know how this time.

Instead he just shrugged and plopped onto the couch folding his arms. Peter shouldn’t have cared so much but for some reason he felt like he almost knew this young man. Like he trusted him?
He came towards him as he fixed his tie.

“It’ll be alright,” Peter assured him. “Sometimes things with Roni get a little intense.” He said carefully. “But that’s one of things I love about her.” He added quickly. “And one day I’m going to show her going into music was the best decision!” Peter said determined.

Jamie just looked at him.

“With the Doctor it’s a bit more complicated than that,” He signed. Jamie smirked. “I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.” He added.

Peter nodded.

“Tell you what, I’m on the way to the church,” He said. “Why don’t you come and maybe Roni can give you some love advice?” Peter offered.

Jamie’s eyes widen! Oh, no, his mother! How would that work out? Would she know him?

“I’m not sure that’s a good…” He started to sign.

But before Jamie could finish Peter was already grabbing his arm and dragging him out the door.



Meanwhile the Doctor was walking down the sidewalk, muttering under her breath. The Doctor knew she was right! She wasn’t worried about Jamie. He would come around. She would just wait; give him a little scare and he would come to his senses.
But there was a hint of guilt. Maybe she had been a little insensitive?

She felt a chill. Blimey, it was cold!

She shivered. Why was it cold?

The Doctor shook her head and made it to the TARDIS about to unlock it. Suddenly a homeless man shouted.

“Don’t bother with a key, sweetheart,” He yelled. “It’s unlocked and empty!” The elderly man coughed.

"Empty!" A sense panic rushed through her as she opened the door.

He was lying! He had to be! But to her horror the TARDIS was just a box! Just a blue box! Everything was gone!

The Doctor’s eyes widen! What the hell happen!

Then she felt it, something was watching her. She looked up and saw it! It was big, black and large wings, a sharp mouth in the middle of its stomach! It screeched and flapped.

A Reaper!

It lunged for her but she moved, missing her. The Doctor examined the darkening sky. It was happening!

The paradox!

The whole town was in big trouble!

The Doctor needed to find Jamie and Peter!


Chapter Text

The church was nearly empty when they got there. There were just a couple of people including the bride and groom. Peter looked around the parking lot confused.

“Blimey, where is everyone?” He muttered.

“Did we miss it?” Jamie signed.

Peter glanced down at his watch and shook his head.

“No, it’s early.” He replied.

It suddenly felt cold. Despite his grey hoodie Jamie rubbed his arms but it just felt colder!

“Blimey, it’s chilly.” He thought.

Just then a young woman in a yellow sundress came towards them looking worried. Jamie gawked. It was his mother at least he thought it was. She was a lot younger and with short pink hair!? Jamie almost smirked.

“Where have you been,” Roni signed exasperated. “It’s been crazy over here!” She signed rapidly. Something she did whenever she was scolding.

Jamie sighed. Yep, that was his mum!

Roni then glanced at Jamie confused.

“Who’s this,” Roni signed pointing at Jamie. She then looked back at Peter. “Oh, no, not another manager. You promised!” She signed.

Peter sighed.

“No, this is just Jamie. He needed a ride,” He explained. “Anyway, I don’t see what’s so bad about another manager or gig. I’m doing this, aren’t I?” Peter scoffed.

Roni looked at him.

“Look, music is fine as a hobby but right now I need you,” She signed. Her eyes became desperate. “Touchstone needs you.” Roni added.

He rolled his eyes frustrated and gestured at himself.

“I am here!” He insisted.

Roni scowled.

“Not enough.” She signed before walking away.

Peter sighed heavily.

“One day she will understand.” He muttered.

Jamie felt a sense of sadness watching his parents argue. He knew his mother loved his father a lot but now he was beginning to understand why his mum never talked about their life much. It wasn’t always Roses.

Suddenly Jamie saw the Doctor running towards them. He slowly grinned. He knew the Doctor wasn’t going to leave. But then he noticed she looked panicked and worried. Something was wrong?
Just then he felt a heavy weight pull him to the ground, hard! It was Peter! He held him close to the ground just as the Doctor fell to ground beside them.

Jamie was now really confused! What was going on? Then he saw it! A huge black winged creature flying overhead! It looked almost prehistoric!

People started screaming and ran around trying to dodge the creature but more appeared!

The Doctor and Peter helped him up, Jamie kept his eyes on the terrifying creatures!

It was chaos, a man tripped and was instantly overtaken and devoured by the huge monster. And another! People were running and shouting in fear. The Doctor had to get everyone in the church! Now!

“We’ve got to get inside,” She said. “Everybody inside! Now!” The Doctor ordered.

People raced inside and the Doctor barred the door shut with her sonic screwdriver. The Reapers were still flying outside but they were safe. For now.

Jamie looked at the Doctor.

“What was that?” He signed.

“Reapers,” She replied. “You know grim reapers except this type flies!” The Doctor remarked.

“Are we safe?” Peter asked.

The Doctor nodded.

“Yeah,” She said. “Shouldn’t be able to get in. The older something is, the stronger it is.” The Doctor shrugged.

“This doesn’t make sense,” A wedding guest exclaimed. “Why are those things here?” He demanded.

The Doctor sighed.

“There’s been an accident in time,” She explained. “A rip, a tear….and the Reapers are trying to fix it anyway they can and nothing can stop them.” The Doctor said.

Jamie then lowered his gaze, there was a twinge of guilt.

"So, there's nothing we can do?" The bride interjected.

The Doctor scoffed.

"I’m working on it!” She promised. “Typical human brides.” The Doctor grunted taking out her sonic screwdriver.

The Doctor started scanning the walls. Jamie came towards her. She glanced at him.

“Can I help you?” She asked.

“This is my fault, isn’t it?” He signed.

The Doctor looked at him.

“It was a tear in time.” She told him.

“Caused by me.” Jamie signed as a fact.

The Doctor just lowered her gaze and Jamie stormed off upset.

Peter looked at them both confused.

“What was that about?” He asked.

The Doctor briefly glanced at him.

“Don’t worry about it.” She replied and continued scanning.


Jamie stood in the back of the church staring out the window. He wished he had never come here. This was his fault! He had made such a mess and wouldn't blame the Doctor if she left him behind!

Just then he felt a tapped his arm. It was Peter.

“You okay?” He asked.

Jamie nodded.

“Yeah.” He signed lying.

Peter smirked.

“I used to say the same thing when I was your age,” He said. Peter sighed. “It was usually code for ‘I'm feeling lousy’.” He replied. Peter looked at him. "What's really going on?" He asked.

Jamie lowered his gaze.

“It’s complicated,” He signed shrugging. “A big complicated mess.” Jamie added.

Peter smirked slightly then looked at him curious.

“I gave you a ride,” He realized. “I never give rides to strangers. It was like I trusted you.” Peter scoffed. “I feel I know you.” He said.

Jamie just stared at him.

Peter tilted his head.

“That friend of yours said there was a time rip…” He continued. “And you look so much like Roni, her amber eyes and dark brown hair and yet it’s messy like mine!” Peter almost laughed.

Jamie just swallowed feeling anxious. Deep down he just wanted Peter to finally figure it out, that he was his son!

Peter came closer. A small smile formed on his face.

“You are my son, aren’t you? It’s there the height, Roni’s eyes, my attitude and the Smith skinny frame…” He lightly scoffed. Peter smiled touching his son’s face. “My Jamie…all grown up.” "You are really my Jamie." He said.

Tears started pricking his eyes and Jamie sniffed.

“Hi, dad.” He signed smiling.

Peter pulled him into a hug and Jamie hugged him back holding his father, tight.

After a few minutes Peter pulled back grinning at his son.

“Look at you,” He gushed. “So, tall and handsome!” Peter smiled. “I knew you grew up just fine!” He said. “I bet you have a lot of dates, huh?” He teased.

Jamie wiped his eyes turning crimson.

Peter smiled proudly.

“I bet growing up with a rock star dad helps, huh?” He joked.

Jamie’s smile faded. A pit fell in his stomach. He wasn’t sure how to respond.

Peter frowned.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

Jamie swallowed.

“Well I…” Jamie started to sign.

But before he could Roni came in holding a carrier.

“Uh, I hate to interrupt your guy talk,” Roni signed. “But Touchstone needs a bottle.”

Peter nodded then followed Roni.

Jamie stood alone in the room feeling more torn and deflated. Just then something caught his eye out the window, he peered closer and his heart stopped.

It was a silver car coming and going over and over on repeat almost like a skipped DVD.

He felt a sudden sense of dread.


Chapter Text

Jamie slowly walked back to the main part of the church. He found the Doctor with the baby version of himself.

She glanced up.

“Hi.” The Doctor said.

“Hi,” He signed. “What are you doing?” Jamie asked signing.

“Just looking after the baby,” She replied. “Roni asked me.” The Doctor said. Jamie watched as she cooed and played with the baby. She sighed. “Funny this version of you doesn’t mind having his ears played with.” The Doctor commented.

Jamie shook his head.

“I hope you know how weird this feels.” He signed.

The Doctor scoffed.

“Somebody’s grouchy,” She remarked. “By the way don’t touch the baby.” The Doctor warned. She gestured outside. “Don’t want those things getting stronger because of a paradox.” The Doctor said.

Jamie rolled his eyes.

“Of course, if something's going to go wrong it’s because of me.” He signed sarcastically.

“You said it not me.” The Doctor remarked.

He scowled.

“I get the point!” Jamie signed.

The Doctor regretted her tone. She really hated fighting especially with him.

“You were right,” The Doctor admitted keeping her eyes on the baby. She looked at him. “I was being insensitive, too much of a stuffy old Time Lady and less of a friend.” She said.

Jamie sighed.

“Well, I was never going to leave.” He signed. “I didn’t mean all that stuff. I was just hurt.” Jamie explained signing.

The Doctor nodded.

“Fair enough.” She replied. She glanced at him.

“Truce?” The Doctor said.

Jamie smiled.

“Truce!” He signed agreeing. They hugged and pulled back and he sighed. “But everything’s still messed up,” He signed. “How’s it going to be fixed?” Jamie asked signing.

The Doctor looked at him regretfully.

“I think you know how,” She said honestly. “And I’m so sorry.” The Doctor apologized.

There was a knot in his stomach. But before he could respond he saw Roni storming down the aisle looking angry with Peter following after her.

Peter gently pulled her arm so she would face him.

“I’m not speaking to you,” She signed upset. “You’ve been lying!” Roni accused. She pointed at Jamie. “Admit it! He’s your new tour manager!” Roni signed.

Peter groaned.

“No and this time you’re wrong,” He insisted. “He’s our son! Can’t you see it?” Peter scoffed. He took the baby from the Doctor. “Look, it’s as clear as day!” Before either of them knew what was happening Peter placed the baby in Jamie’s arms for a better comparison.

The Doctor’s eyes widen and she jumped up in a panic!

“Peter, no!” She shouted.

But it was too late, the part of the roof disintegrated allowing a reaper to fly in! Its wings spread as it hover over the terrified guests.

“Get behind me!” The Doctor ordered. Everyone moved behind her.

Jamie watched fearfully as the Doctor confronted the reaper.

“What is she doing!?” He wondered. Then his eyes widen in fear. "She wouldn't!?" Jamie thought.

“The older something is. The stronger it is.” The Doctor muttered.

She closed her eyes and in a flash the reaper overpowered the Doctor! Panicking Jamie bolted towards the creature but Peter pushed him out of the way just as the reaper flew towards the crowd barely missing them and ending up inside a reappearing TARDIS before it quickly disappeared again.

Suddenly everything was calm, the roof of the church suddenly intact. But Jamie was alone and feeling helpless. The Doctor was gone. Dead.

He sat on his knees in shock. This couldn't be happening.

Jamie felt a hand on his on shoulder. He slowly glanced up at Peter.

“She’s gone,” Jamie signed stunned. “The Doctor’s dead.” He signed.

"It wasn't your fault." Peter said.

Jamie shook his head.

“It is my fault. I let her down!” He signed angrily pulling away upset and storming off.

Peter stood there looking around at the dazed guests, the reapers still flying outside. His head was spinning. Then something caught his eye out the window, something shiny flashing by. He went to the window and saw a silver car with a man inside shielding his eyes. The car kept disappearing and a reappearing over and over.

Peter remembered seeing that car just before he bumped into Jamie. But why was it…? Then it dawned on him. Everything started to make sense. Peter swallowed. That car was meant for him.


Jamie sat on a church bench hugging himself, lost in thought. He noticed Peter standing there looking regretful and deflated.

“It's my fault, isn't it?” Peter said sadly.

“What?” Jamie signed confused.

“That’s why you looked so reluctant when I asked about growing up around me. Why the Doctor dodged my questions. Why I saw that car stuck in a time loop.” He said. Peter came closer. “I was never there for you, was I?” He guessed. Peter sighed heavily. "Because I was supposed to die today, wasn't I?"

Dread filled inside Jamie. He glanced up at him.

“You would’ve been there, though if you hadn't.” Jamie signed determined.

Peter smiled.

“Oh, I would've,” He said. “But look at you!” Peter sniffed. “All grown, traveling, being there for your mum, following your dreams.” His voice cracked. “I couldn’t be prouder.”

Jamie’s eyes brimmed with tears.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t tell you…” He signed. “I’m sorry!” Jamie broke down.

Peter knelt and cradled his face.

“You have nothing to be sorry for,” He assured him. Peter scoffed. “You came all this way to be with me.” He said. “I couldn’t ask for anything more.” Peter told him.

Jamie looked at his father. His heart was aching.

Peter gave him a sad smile.

“My little Touchstone,” He said thoughtfully. “All the things I never got to do with you, camping, soccer games, bike lessons….” Peter told him.

Jamie sniffed. It hurt so much.

“It’s not fair.” He signed.

Peter lightly scoffed.

“No, it’s not but this short time we've had has been the best.” Peter said sincerely.

Jamie looked at him.

“I don't think I can let you go, again.” He signed.

Peter smiled.

“All my life I've been selfish," He admitted. "Now, for once let me make things right, eh?” Peter replied.

Jamie sniffed grabbing Peter in a tight hug.

Peter hugged Jamie back then slowly pulled back. He wiped Jamie's tears away with his thumb.

"I love you," Peter said. "That never ends." He told him.

Jamie nodded signing 'I love you' back.

Peter smiled and kissed his son's forehead before leaving Jamie alone in the church.

Jamie just sat there letting the tears fall as the pain set in. He had lost his father. Again.


A few minutes later he felt a soft a hand on his shoulder. Jamie glanced up and saw the Doctor standing there.

She knelt in front of him.

“Come on,” The Doctor said softly. “He’s waiting for you.” She said.

She took his hand and they left the church.

Jamie made it to Peter and knelt beside his dying father holding his hand fighting back tears. His father was unable to speak but Jamie could see the gratefulness in his eyes.

Jamie gave a sad wet smile and squeezed his hand.

Peter slowly raised his hand and signed ‘My special boy’ before closing his eyes and his body relaxed. His father was gone. It was over. Jamie exhaled and hugged his father’s hand before slowly standing while the EMT’s tended to him.

He walked over to the Doctor.

“You okay?” She asked.

“I will be.” He signed honestly.

"Ready to go?" The Doctor asked.

Jamie nodded.

She gave a faint smile and took his hand and they walked back to the TARDIS and quietly disappeared.


“So, no one knew about the accident,” Roni signed to little Jamie. “Thankfully, he didn’t die alone.” She assured him.

“Did an angel come?” Jamie asked signing.

Roni smiled.

“I suppose in a way,” Roni signed. “I was told a young man was with him. He stayed with him until the ambulances came.”

She tilted her head thoughtfully.

“Don’t know who he was but I was always grateful your dad wasn’t alone.” Roni signed.

Jamie stared at the photo of his dad but he didn't he feel sad for some reason. He just cuddled up to his mother feeling a calming sense of closure.

Somehow, he knew he wasn't alone.



Next: The Empty Child

Chapter Text

Jamie held onto the console as the TARDIS shook and weaved side to side as it chased down a torpedo shaped object! He couldn’t hear the blares of the siren but the mauve color glaring above obviously wasn’t good.

The Doctor noticed his worried look.

“It’ll be fine,” She assured him. The TARDIS gave a spark. The Doctor swallowed. “Hopefully.” She muttered.

Finally, the TARDIS landed. Jamie stepped out relieved the ride was over! But the Doctor was unfazed.

“Well, that was fun, huh?” The Doctor declared stepping out.

Jamie gave her a look.

“No?” She shook her head.

He made a face and looked around. It was dark and they were in some kind of alley. The walls were covered in tattered posters.

“Where are we?” Jamie signed.

The Doctor looked at her sonic screwdriver.

“Looks like 1940’s London.” She concluded.

Jamie gave the Doctor a wary look.

The Doctor scoffed.

“We should be fine,” She assured him. “As long as we don’t run into Patton.” The Doctor scoffed. “I still owe him five bucks from a card game.” She grunted.

Jamie just looked at her and shook his head.

“So, you sure it landed here?” He signed.

The Doctor nodded.

“Yep, one month later," The Doctor concluded. "Now we just have to find out where.” She said.

“How are we going to do that?” Jamie signed.

The Doctor shrugged.

“Should be someone around to ask.” She said.

Suddenly she could hear jazz music nearby.

“Ah, there’s a night club down there.” The Doctor pointed at the end of the alley. “I’ll just ask them if they’ve seen anything.” She said simply.

Jamie scoffed.

“That’s it?” He signed.

“Yep, asking questions is the best solution sometimes,” She reasoned. “Especially when everyone’s been partying. Partying humans will tell you anything.” The Doctor added.

He arched his eyebrow at her like she was daft.

“What?” The Doctor scoffed.

“If we’re looking for something that could be alien shouldn’t we use alien technology?” Jamie signed.

The Doctor sighed.

“We don’t even know what this is, yet,” She pointed out. “Besides these humans are already scared. We have to be careful.” The Doctor said.

Jamie rolled his eyes. He disagreed. This thing had to be alien; they were chasing it in the sky! But there was no sense in arguing with the Doctor.

“Now wait here,” The Doctor told him. “And don’t wander off!” She warned before heading to the night club’s back door.

Jamie scowled. Sometimes he felt more like a grade school student than a companion!

He leaned against the wall and waited, folding his arms. Blimey, it was chilly!

Just then he noticed a young woman. She was almost his age but a bit younger with long brown hair and worn out brown coat. She seemed poor. She was staring at the TARDIS with dread and reluctance.

Did she need help, Jamie wondered? She seemed upset.

But before he could approach her, the girl was gone!

He frowned confused. Where did she go?

Jamie then noticed a figure walking quickly up the street, it was her! Jamie decided to follow her. At least make sure she was okay. He scribbled a note for the Doctor and stuck it the door before following after the girl.



Meanwhile the Doctor came back out disappointed. No one gave her an answer about seeing something fall from the sky but they thought she was funny! Maybe they should've used alien technology?

“Well, that was a waste of time!” She sighed. She looked around and realized Jamie was gone!

The Doctor threw her arms up.

“Humans," She scoffed annoyed. "I always say don't wander off and they wander off, anyway!" The Doctor complained.

Suddenly there was a faint sound. The Doctor frowned and looked around. She turned and realized the ringing coming from the TARDIS phone! But that didn’t make sense! The phone was disconnected! The ringing just grew louder.

Finally, the Doctor carefully went towards the TARDIS.

The Doctor stood there reluctantly before answering.

“Hello, Doctor speaking?” She said.

A voice immediately answered back.

‘Mummy, mummy,’ His haunting voice said. ‘Are you my mummy?’ It was a child?

The Doctor’s expression became puzzled. She frowned.

“Who is this?” The Doctor questioned.

‘Mummy? Mummy?’ The child repeated. 'I'm scared of the bombs, mummy.' He replied grimly.

There was a click and the Doctor slowly hung up the phone.

That was odd, she muttered.

The Doctor looked around the TARDIS for a clue before finding a Jamie’s note. She pulled it and read it.

‘Saw girl staring at TARDIS with dread, seemed upset, gone to find her’

The Doctor bit the inside of her cheek, it now made sense. Maybe the girl was staring a ringing phone and Jamie didn't realize it? Why else would he follow her?

The Doctor had to find them both before it was too late but it was an air raid? How would she see them?

The Doctor noticed a rope and grabbed it. If she could get to the ledge, she could spot them with her screwdriver!

But as she climbed something was wrong. She seemed to be climbing but not going anywhere.

"Am I moving?" She muttered.

The Doctor looked and her eyes widen! The rope was attached to a zeppelin and she was being carried away! What was worse there were more zeppelins in the night sky!

"Oh, brilliant!" The Doctor groaned.

She was surrounded! And there was no way to find Jamie, now!

The Doctor was in huge trouble!

Chapter Text

It was dark and hard to see but Jamie managed to follow the girl to a grassy field over by a broken-down abandon car. She seemed to be storing food.

He slowly approached her nearly startling her and causing her jump.

He quickly did the apology sign.

The girl sighed.

“It’s alright,” She said placing some cans down. “To be honest, I had a feeling you were there.” She told him. The girl smirked. “Your kind of hard to miss.” She teased eyeing his height.

Jamie's cheeks turned crimson.

“Well, I meant no harm,” He signed. “I’m Jamie.” He signed to her.

“Nancy,” She replied. “And if you're the cops I’m not doing anything wrong.” Nancy said. “We need this food. Besides it was taken from empty houses because of the raids. When you lose everything, it’s them or us.” Nancy said firmly.

Jamie nodded.

“I understand,” He signed. “And I'm not the cops. I was actually worried.” Jamie signed concerned.

Nancy shrugged.

“What for?” She asked.

“You look sad,” Jamie signed. “You still do.” He added.

She scoffed.

“We’re at war, what rock have you’ve been under?” Nancy remarked. She started to brush past him.

He couldn’t let her go, yet. Jamie knew she was hiding something. He knew that sad look in her face. He moved in front of her.

“Who did you lose?” He signed.

Nancy looked at him.

“What?” She questioned.

“I know that look. I lost my dad when I was baby,” Jamie signed. He tilted his head. “You’ve lost someone, haven’t you?”

Nancy lowered her eyes then looked at him.

“My brother, Jamie,” She admitted. “I was going out for food and he hated being alone, the bombs scared him…” Nancy paused.

He could tell this was hard for her.

“I thought he was at home but he followed me and…well, with a war going on you can guess the rest.” She said grimly.

Jamie just nodded.

“When it did happen?” He signed carefully.

“A month ago, after a bomb fell from the sky.” Nancy replied.

Jamie’s eyes widen.

“A bomb?” He signed intrigued.

She sighed.

“Well, no one’s really sure,” Nancy replied. “It fell at the other end of Linehouse Green Station,” She pointed. “A lighthouse over there.”

Jamie slowly smiled. This could be the break they needed!

He looked at her.

“Show me!” Jamie signed eagerly.

Nancy shook her head.

“No. It’s guarded, barb wire besides someone like you doesn’t need to be there, anyway,” She reasoned. “Too dangerous.” Nancy said.

Unfazed, Jamie just shrugged and brushed past her heading in that direction. Nancy grabbed his arm.

“Alright, alright,” She conceded. “I’ll show you.” Nancy sighed. “But when you get there, you’ll be greeted by a Dr. Constantine.” She told him.

Jamie nodded.

He started to go when she pulled him back.

“And don’t touch anyone!” Nancy warned.

Jamie looked at her strangely, wondering what she meant but followed her, anyway.



The Doctor’s head was swimming when she slowly opened her eyes. It took a second to realized she wasn’t hanging from a zeppelin. She was inside some kind of high-tech vessel?

But how? She noticed a tall man with dark black hair dressed in a WW2 coat.

He gave a big smile as he poured a glass of champagne.

“Hi, how are you?” He said sitting in a pilot's chair.

The Doctor sat up wary.

“Depends,” She said. “I’ve been rescued, right?” The Doctor guessed.

The man nodded.

“Uh, yes.” He replied.

She sighed.

“Good,” The Doctor replied. “Sorry, just not used to it, that’s all.” She said.

He tilted his head, confused and shrugged.

“Sorry, about the force teleportation,” “I would’ve transported you the other way but it looked like you needed help, quickly.” He explained. “Wine, intergalactic champagne?” He offered.

The Doctor made a face and shook her head.

The man shrugged and leaned back in his chair.

The Doctor sighed looking around.

“Nice vessel,” She said impressed. “Bit high tech for the forties.” The Doctor remarked.

The American nodded.

“It is,” He replied. “Also, way advanced than what you’re probably accustom to.” He bragged.

The Doctor arched her eyebrow. This guy was a character!

She folded her arms.

“Who are you?” She questioned.

“Captain Jack Harkness,” He introduced himself. “133 Squadron Royal Air force.” Jack said showing her a card. “I’m also a volunteer.” He added.

The Doctor scoffed.

“You’re also a liar, this says you’re single and work out,” She replied. “Bit of an amateur when it comes to psychic paper, huh?” She teased.

Jack shrugged.

“Very tricky, psychic paper.” He sighed.

She studied him.

“What are you, really?” The Doctor questioned.

Jack smiled.

“Love it when they're clever,” He commented. “I’m a Time Agent.” Jack admitted. “And apparently you’ve come a bit of a long way from the future, too.” Jack noted.

The Doctor shrugged.

“Maybe, I suppose you call me a time traveler.” She replied causally.

Jack grinned.

“I was hoping you say that.” He said.

Jack came closer towards her.

“I’m assuming you’re a Time Agent, yeah?” He asked.

The Doctor wasn’t sure how to respond but nodded to be safe.

He smiled pleased with her answer.

He leaned closer as if telling her a secret.

“Now, listen, I have something you will be very interested in,” Jack told her. “I happen to have in my possession a space weapon that I know the time agents will find very useful.” He explained.

The Doctor looked at him intrigued.

“Really?” She said.

This could be the space object, she realized!

The Doctor glanced at him.

“What’s it look like?” The Doctor asked.

“I’ll take you there,” Jack replied firmly. “First I need to know can you make payment?” He asked carefully.

The Doctor slowly smiled.

"I can but I insist my partner be there, too.” She replied.

Chapter Text

The place turned out to be a hospital, not something Jamie was expecting. He entered the dark building alone. It was really creepy like something in those horror films. It definitely reminded him why he hated hospitals!

There was no sign of Dr. Constantine as Jamie looked around. He walked into a room. It was dim and there were rows of beds each one with a patient lying still with a gas mask. Jamie wasn’t sure if they were dead or alive.

Before he could take a closer look, a light switch came on. Jamie turned, an elderly man with a cane and a white medical jacket was standing there. He had to be the doctor. He also looked like he wasn’t feeling good.

“Are you Jamie?” Dr. Constantine questioned.

Jamie just nodded feeling nervous.

The elderly Doctor sighed.

“Nancy said you were coming,” He replied. “Probably curious about that bomb.” Dr. Constantine muttered.

Jamie pointed at the people in the beds.

“Why are they all wearing gas masks?” He signed.

“They’re not,” Dr. Constantine told him grimly. “They were all in the blast.” He explained.

Jamie watched as he slowly went to a chair.

“Are they dead?” Jamie signed.

Dr. Constantine scoffed. “Of course not!”

He tapped his cane and they all sat up in unison causing Jamie to nearly jump.

“It’s alright,” Dr. Constantine assured him. “They won’t harm you. They just lay there.” He said.

“Have you examined them?” Jamie signed.

“No,” He replied. “Can’t go near them and I would advise you not to touch them either.” Dr. Constantine warned.

Jamie shook his head baffled.

“What happened?” He signed.

Dr. Constantine heaved a heavy breath.

“A victim, dead at first came in with dreadful injuries that night,” He explained. “A nurse who had treated him came down with the same injuries he had including the same ‘X’ scratch mark on the back of the right hand! And soon a chain reaction started.” He said. Dr. Constantine coughed. “Within a week the entire hospital had been infected.” He finished.

He gestured around.

“This is the result,” He said. “No heartbeat, no signs of life but there alive.” Dr. Constantine insisted.

Jamie just couldn’t believe this! This was crazy! He looked at all the once people. All this from one person?

He looked at the doctor, who seemed to have gotten worse.

Dr. Constantine coughed loudly almost tipping forward. Jamie rushed to help but he stopped him.

“Stay back!” He warned.

Jamie stood back confused then saw his right hand and knew why! There was an ‘X’ scar on his hand! Jamie swallowed feeling scared but needing to know more!

Dr. Constantine looked at him.

“Room 802 is where they first took the first victim,” He struggled to tell him. “Find Nancy…there’s more to what…she’s saying…she’s…”

Dr. Constantine never finished his sentence. He blurted out ‘mummy!” and his eyes changed becoming bigger and glass like!

Jamie watched in horror as his mouth grew wide in a circle and extended in a hose. His face was becoming a gas mask like the others!

Jamie had to get out, now!


At the same time the Doctor and Jack arrived at the hospital just as Jamie skidded into them!

“Jamie, there you are!” The Doctor said exasperated.

Jamie just started signing in a panic.

“That object that fell is dangerous…” Jamie started signing.

He then paused noticing Jack.

“Who’s he?” He signed.

“Oh, Jamie this is Jack. Jack this is Jamie.” She quickly introduced.

Jack just nodded at him unimpressed.

Jamie arched his eyebrow.

She causally shrugged.

“Long story, met while hanging on a big balloon.” The Doctor replied flimsily.

That just made Jamie slightly annoyed. He bit the inside of his cheek.

The Doctor gave an awkward cough.

“So, you were saying about the object?” The Doctor asked changing the subject.

Jamie looked at her and continued.

“According to that girl Nancy, it’s a bomb or at least something similar…” He signed.

Jack scoffed.

“It wasn’t a bomb, Jr.,” Jack interjected defensive. “It was harmless space junk!” He remarked.

Jamie glared at him.

“Well, whatever it is,” He signed angrily. “It’s apparently messing with the people here!” Jamie signed looking furious.

The Doctor glanced at Jack questionably. But before she could ask questions the doors burst opened and gas masked patients slowly came towards them.

They started backing away but the creatures were coming towards them.

“Mummy?’ ‘Mummy, are you my mummy?’ They chanted in a child’s voice.

“What is that?” Jack yelled shocked.

The Doctor frowned. She recognized that child-like voice from the phone! She scanned them with her sonic and gawked.

“They’re humans but their DNA has been rearranged,” She said baffled. “And they all have the same symptoms?” The Doctor added confused. “How’s that possible?” She muttered.

She tried to get a closer a look but Jamie pulled her back.

“Don’t touch them!” He signed.

“Why?” She asked.

“You’re looking at it,” He signed. “I saw Dr. Constantine change.” Jamie added grimly.

“We’re stuck, then.” The Doctor realized with dread.

“So, now what!?” Jack shouted.

‘Mummy, mummy?’ They kept chanting.

They were getting closer so were there chants.

The Doctor just shook her head. She didn’t know.

There was no plan. There was nothing they can could do!

They were in trouble!



Next Episode: The Doctor Dances

Chapter Text

The gas masked people were closing in. The Doctor had no plan but it seemed that the patients were in sync with each other, same movements, same voice. Suddenly an idea came to her!

The Doctor swallowed and raised her hand in an authoritarian manner at the room and shouted firmly.

“Go to your room!” She ordered.

The gas masked people paused.

She smiled. It was working!

“Go on,” The Doctor repeated with more confidence. “I’m very cross, right now! Go to your room!” She scolded.
To their relief the patients hung their heads and retreated to their beds. It worked!

The Doctor exhaled.

“Glad that worked,” She said. She glanced at Jack. “Would’ve been really embarrassing last words!” The Doctor scoffed. “Come on, then.” She said.

Jack just looked at her strangely as she went to a bed and studied one of the patients closer.

“All flesh and bone,” She muttered. "Every one of them." The Doctor said grimly. She looked at Jack who sat with his feet propped up on a desk.

The Doctor folded her arms.

“That night the space junk landed a boy was injured and brought here,” She said. “And now everyone is infected with the same symptoms. Now how does that happen?” The Doctor remarked.

Jack plopped his feet down and looked at her.

“I told you it was junk. Nothing more than a burnt-out medical transporter,” Jack insisted. “It was completely empty.” He swore.

Jamie looked at him.

“How did your con work, anyway?” He signed.

Jack shrugged.

“Pretty easy,” He replied. “Find harmless space junk, let the nearest Time Agent track it to earth, convince him it’s valuable, name a price and as soon as 50% of their own money is put down…”

“The junk is ‘suddenly’ destroyed.” The Doctor guessed.

Jack grinned.

“Very good,” He replied. He leaned back smiling. “The best part they never get to see what they paid for; never know they’ve been had.” Jack said nonchalantly.

The Doctor nodded.

“And that’s it.” She replied.

Jack shrugged.

“Well, we might have a couple of drinks...with their money, of course.” He smirked.

The Doctor bit the inside of her cheek.

“And the blitz?” She asked.

Jack winked.

“Great era to use to destroy this stuff, huh?” He chuckled.

The Doctor just glared at him unamused. Jack’s laughter died quickly.

He sighed.

“I detect some annoyance." Jack commented.

The Doctor came closer.

"Your space junk has caused a lot of harm to humans!" She scolded.

Jack rolled his eyes.

“I put an alarm on the thing so it couldn’t do anything,” He said. “I’m not an amateur.” Jack snipped.

Suddenly there was a siren sounding off outside.

The Doctor looked at him.

“Probably, your alarm.” She mocked.

Jack briefly lowered his gaze then looked at her.
“Look, I have no idea what’s going on but I didn’t do anything.” He insisted.

The Doctor studied him a moment.

“Then you don’t mind helping us for a bit.” She replied.

The Doctor and Jamie started for the stairs with Jack reluctantly following.

“Where are we going?” Jamie signed.

The Doctor scoffed.

“Well, you’re the one who was with Dr. Constantine. I assume he told you where the boy was treated, right?” The Doctor said. “I’m just following you.” She remarked.

He playfully scrunched up his nose at her and went up ahead.

The Doctor secretly smiled.

Jack looked at them both slightly smirking.

“So, how long have you been a space traveling couple?” He said.

The Doctor glanced at him.

“We’re not a couple.” She replied simply.

He scoffed.

“Please, the way you two flirt with each other can’t think of what else you’d be!” He remarked.

The Doctor stopped and scowled at him.

“Look, we’re in the middle of a blitz with an alien plague in WW2 and you want to gossip?” She scoffed.

Jack just looked at her.

The Doctor sighed.

“Can we continue, please?” She said.

She turned back and walked on, Jack slowly following.

They got to the room where Jamie was waiting.

“Door’s locked.” He signed.

“I’ve got it.” Jack boasted pulling out a futuristic gun.

The Doctor rolled her eyes.

“Showing off with your technology, again, are we?” She said.

Jack shot her a glance aiming his gun.

“You were impressed when we were in my vessel.” He reminded her as he fired at the lock disintegrating it.

Jamie gave her a look.

“His vessel?” He signed.

The Doctor rolled her eyes.

“He rescued me, okay,” She admitted. “But that was all, no big deal!” The Doctor insisted.

Jamie just shook his head and they entered into a dim abandon office. It was a mess, a chair was turned over, papers scattered everywhere.

“Wow, someone was eager to leave,” Jamie signed. His shoes crunching on paper. “Who did all this?”

“My guess, something very powerful and angry.” The Doctor replied.

Jack and Jamie wandered into the next room. It was just as messy and the wall was cover in eerie children’s drawings, each one a lady stick figure. Jamie noticed the toys and turned over tricycle.

“It’s a child’s room,” Jamie realized signing. “A kid did this.” He signed stunned.

“Must’ve been on hell of a tantrum.” Jack joked grimly.

The Doctor looked around and noticed a recorder on a shelf. Curious, she turned it on. Instantly she and Jack heard Dr. Constantine and a little boy’s voice.

They looked at each other. It was the same voice as the gas masked child!

‘Are you alright?’ Dr. Constantine asked.

‘I want my mummy. Are you here?’ The boy replied.

“It sounds like he doesn’t know.” Jack said.

‘Are you in any pain? Can you see?’ The elderly doctor asked him.

‘Are you my mummy?’ The boy replied instead.

Jack looked at the Doctor.

“Does he know?” He said.

‘Can you see?” Doctor Constantine asked. “I need to know…”

‘I want my mummy,’ The boy cut him off. “Where is mummy? Are you my mummy?’ He said

The Doctor shook her head.

“He doesn’t know who his mother is or at least who she’s supposed to be. It’s like he’s confused,” She reasoned. The Doctor frowned. “But why? Why doesn’t he know?” She wondered.

The Doctor looked around the room at all the drawings as the conversation on the tape continued. She could sense the fear in the room. There was something scared and powerful in there. It just didn’t know it, yet. But it would, soon.

There was something with the strength of a god and she had just sent it to its room!

Just then a tape clicking broke into her thoughts.

Jack became pale. He actually looked scared.

“Um, Doctor, the tape stopped…” He said nervously. “Thirty seconds ago.” Jack added.

A pit fell in her stomach as she slowly looked at the recorder. Its ribbon was loose and spinning indicating the end but the voice still speaking.

‘Mummy? Are you here, mummy?’ ‘Mummy?’ The voice continued.

The Doctor swallowed keeping her eyes on the recorder. They weren’t alone.

“So, if the tape’s over where’s the voice coming from?” She said worried.

The Doctor suddenly spotted a pair of small brown loafers sticking out from under the desk they slowly looked up and saw the gas masked child on the other side his head tilted at them uttering his innocent yet terrifying words.

‘Are you my mummy?’

Chapter Text

The gas masked child just stared at them with his creepy tempered glass goggled eyes. His head tilted.

‘Mummy? Mummy?’ The boy repeated at them. His voice sounding sad and haunting at the same time.

The Doctor exhaled slowly keeping her eyes locked on him.

“On my count…” She instructed Jack and Jamie.

They just nodded.

The Doctor counted and they quickly made a run for it, the child flipping the table behind them! They raced to the door and struggled to open it but it was locked!

“He must’ve locked it!” The Doctor realized.

Jack stepped in.

“I’ve got it!” He interjected.

The Doctor rolled her eyes aware of what he was planning. He reached into his pocket for his gun but pulled out a banana instead.

“What the…?” Jack frowned confused.

Jamie suppressed a smirked. It was funny!

“Where’s my gun!?” He demanded.

The Doctor casually pulled out his gun from her pocket.

“Looking for this?” She taunted.

“Hey!?” He scowled.

She flashed an innocent smile and used it to blast through the wall.

“Not the only one who’s sneaky, huh?” She sneered.

“Very funny!” Jack remarked snatching his gun back. They went through and Jack used the gun to reseal the wall again.

“There we should be safe!” Jack said confident.

Suddenly the wall started pounding and banging through! He was breaking through the wall!

“Or not!” Jamie signed.

The wall was breaking down more!

“Run!” The Doctor ordered.

They ran down the hall but were blocked by more of the gas masked patients coming towards them!

“There awake,” The Doctor muttered. Move back!” The Doctor yelled.

Jamie couldn't hear! She grabbed him by the sleeve pulling him away. They ended up in an empty doctor’s room but they weren’t safe! More and more of the infected people were circling them! The Doctor wasn’t even sure if they all came from the hospital! No matter what they seemed trapped! There were simply stuck! There were just too many!

With no choice the Doctor aimed her sonic screwdriver.

She noticed Jack pull out his gun.

The Doctor groaned.

“What are you doing?” She said disgusted.

He rolled his eyes.

“Taking proper action,” He said. “Besides it’s better than that sonic lipstick you’ve got there!” Jack remarked.

The Doctor scoffed.

“It’s a screwdriver!” She snapped.

Jamie rolled his eyes! They were surrounded by infected gas masked patients and these two were arguing! He had to do something and grabbed both their devices and aimed them at the floor.

“What is he doing!?” Jack shouted.

Jamie kept the devices on the floor. The Doctor notice the floor buckling.

Her eyes widen realizing he was making the floor cave in!

Suddenly the floor creaked and collapsed underneath them and they fell landing hard on the wooden floor below.

“Ow!” Jack yelped.

He scowled grabbing his gun back and resealed the ceiling.

The Doctor winced and glared at Jamie.

“Next time let me in on your plan!” She grumbled.

Jamie rolled his eyes.

“You’re welcome.” He signed.

They slowly stood slightly sore. They were in some dark dusty basement.

The Doctor brushed off the dust from her clothes.

“Everyone alright? Jamie,” She asked. Jamie nodded. “Jack?” The Doctor asked.

There was no answer.

“Jack?” She called again. The Doctor turned and found Jack gone except for his physic paper. She picked it up.

“Be back for you two, shortly.” It said.

The Doctor rolled her eyes.

“Always the pretty boys that show off!” She muttered.

Jamie made a sarcastic face and shook his head. He found a wheelchair to sit in.

“Do you think he’ll come back?” He signed.

The Doctor leaned against a wall and shrugged.

“I’d be surprise if he did,” She replied honestly. The Doctor sighed. “Typical con artist.” She glanced at him. “Do you trust him?”

Jamie slowly rolled back and forth. He paused thinking a minute.

“Don’t know,” He signed. “But he did save you so I think that says something.” Jamie added.

The Doctor winced. She hated how that sounded! Normally, she did the saving, not the other way around!

Jamie noticed her expression and smirked. He stood and came towards her.

“What?” He signed. “You matter too,” Jamie pointed out signing. He tilted his head. “Even heroes need saving sometimes,” Jamie signed. “Even Time Ladies.” He added teasing.

The Doctor smirked.

“Well, what you did was impressive,” She said. “For a human.” The Doctor added.

Jamie gave a dramatic bow.

“Finally, some deserved recognition!” He jokingly signed.

The Doctor let out a giggle and stared at his eyes; they were so amber like a special gemstone. The dim light above cast a perfect shadow over his face making him more handsome than he already was. She felt her cheeks turn pink. Blimey, were Time Ladies supposed to have these feelings?

Jamie looked at her concerned.

“You okay?” He signed.

Before she could answer a light appeared around them and they were inside Jack’s vessel.

Jack grinned at them. They were still standing close together.

“Interrupting something am I?” Jack teased.

Jamie blushed while the Doctor turned crimson and she glared at him.

She scowled.

“Took your time, didn’t you?” She said.

Jack pouted.

“What, no, thank you for saving you two,” He said mocked offended. “How rude!” Jack replied dramatically.

The Doctor folded her arms.

“So, other than disappearing acts. Why are we in here?” She asked.

Jack sighed going back to his controls.

“Well, since you seem to think I’m to blame for all this,” He remarked. “I thought I show you the space junk myself.” Jack said. “Need to make a quick stop first.” He added.

The Doctor noticed Jamie waving his hand around. Golden particles flew like dust. Curious she came over.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

He shrugged.

“I just moved my hand and these gold things appeared,” He signed. “What is it?” Jamie asked signing.

The Doctor frowned.

“Nano genes,” She said. “They’re very powerful. Get a cut, burn, they’ll heal you right up.” The Doctor explained.

“And in a dangerous ship like this it’s very handy!” Jack chimed.

The Doctor looked at Jack realizing something.

“This is a medical transport, isn’t it?” She said as a fact.

“Yeah, why?” Jack asked.

Jamie saw a light go off in her eyes.

“What Doctor,” He signed. “What is it?”

The Doctor didn’t answer. She looked over at Jack.

“How fast can this thing get us to that space junk?” She asked.

Chapter Text

They ended up in up in a field on an army base. It was dark and cold, a bit hard to see.

“Come on, almost there.” Jack sighed.

They followed him to a huge rocket, bomb shaped capsule wrapped in brown army cloth.

The Doctor looked at him.

“Never said it was gift wrapped.” She commented.

He shrugged.

“The army thinks it’s Hitler’s secret weapon.” Jack replied simply. “Makes it more special to the Time Agents, don’t ya’ think?” He grinned.

She rolled her eyes.

“Now,” Jack said smug. “Time for the unveiling!” He added wiggling his fingers.

Jamie and the Doctor watched as he tried to open it but it sparked and a red light started flashing. Jack stood back worried.

“It didn’t do that earlier.” He muttered.

Just then Jamie tugged her sleeve and pointed at a female form coming towards them. It was Nancy!

Judging from the look on Jamie’s face it seemed he knew her.

“Nancy,” He signed. “What are you doing here?” Jamie asked signing.

So, this is Nancy, the Doctor thought.

She shrugged.

“I heard a noise and followed you.” Nancy replied simply.

The Doctor just looked at her slightly unconvinced.

“So, that’s Nancy,” Jack confirmed. He bit the inside of his cheek. “Why don’t you question her? This all seems to be connected to her, anyway!” He scoffed.

Jamie glared at him.

“Leave her alone!” He warned signing.

Jack snorted.

“Seriously!” He exclaimed. “I get yelled at for an empty junk and she gets off the hook!” Jack exploded.

The Doctor scowled.

“She didn’t drop this thing on the ground!” She shot back.

Suddenly there was loud noise, gas masked people started appearing everywhere! A barrier holding them broke down and more appeared. They were being led by the child.

The Doctor looked around.

“I think they heard the alarm.” She grimly.

Jack shook his head confused.

“I don’t understand…” He muttered.

The Doctor sighed.

“Well, good thing I’m here, then,” She said. The Doctor looked at the vessel. “This space junk is actually a ship.” She explained. The Doctor walked around it. “Filled with billions of Nanogenes…that are too tiny to see.” She looked at Jack. “That’s probably why you thought it was empty.”

Jack just swallowed. The Doctor continued.

“So, when this ship crashed all these Nanogenes were released, ready to fix bruises, cuts, burns cause that’s what they do!” She lightly scoffed. “So, when they find this child, Jamie, not moving or breathing, they do what they do they bring him back!” The Doctor said. “But one problem, they’ve never healed a human so they go with what they see…a child wearing a gas mask.” She shrugged. “And that’s what they think humans look like so they start fixing everyone like that, same face, voice, thoughts…same DNA.” The Doctor sighed.

Jamie looked around at everyone standing there.

“So, everybody’s a scared four-year-old having a tantrum about their mother?” He signed.

The Doctor shrugged.

“Basically,” She replied. “Lost and scared wanting their mom.” The Doctor said sadly.

Jack just stood there shocked and ashamed. He felt sick.

“Oh, god!” He muttered.

The Doctor came closer.

“Just because it looks empty doesn’t mean it is.” She told him.

He glared at her.

“I didn’t know,” He insisted. Jack swallowed. “I swear I had no idea, it looked empty!” He swore.

The Doctor just shook her head.

Then Nancy lowered her head, tears pricked her eyes.

“It’s my fault,” She sniffed. “All of it!” Nancy said upset.

The Doctor glanced at her.

“Why do you say that?” She asked.

Suddenly there was a chorus of ‘mummy!’ from all around them. The Doctor looked Nancy suspicious.

“Mummy?” She muttered. It was now starting to make sense.

‘Mummy, mummy?” The crowd repeated.

The Doctor turned towards her.

“Nancy, is there something you’re not telling us?” She asked.

Nancy just lowered her head.

“Nancy, please?” The Doctor begged.

She still wouldn’t talk. The Doctor was getting frustrated. Jamie intervened.

“Let me.” He signed.

The Doctor watched as he slowly approached Nancy.

He knelt and met her eyes.

“Nancy?” He signed.

She glanced at him.

“You trust me, yeah,” He signed. She nodded. Jamie smiled. “You told me Jamie's your brother but he, isn't he?” He signed. “He’s your son?”

The tears trickled down her face.

Jamie placed his hand on her arm.

“It’s okay,” He assured her signing. “Nothing to be ashamed of. My mom was young, too.” Jamie signed. “But you need to be honest or this won’t go away.”

The Doctor and Jack watched anxiously.

After a few seconds Nancy finally nodded.

“I had to lie,” She said. “I had no choice.” Nancy wept.

Jamie nodded.

“I understand but he’s asking and he’s not going to stop,” He signed. Jamie smiled slightly. “But you’ve got him back! Take this second chance!” He encouraged.

Nancy looked at him and then looked over at her son and slowly walked towards him.

Jamie walked towards her, too.

‘Mummy? Are you my mummy?” He asked.

The Doctor and Jamie watched with bated breath hoping she would acknowledge him.

She exhaled and said.

“Yes, I’m your mummy,” She replied confident. “Always will be!” Nancy told him.

“Mummy?” The boy replied.

Nancy knelt and wrapped her arms him hugging him tight, telling him over and over again she was his mother.

Jamie looked worried but the Doctor stopped him.

“It’s okay.” She said.

Just then gold particles flew around them and everywhere.

The Doctor waited eagerly hoping the Nanogenes would correct themselves.

“Come on, please?” She said quietly.

Finally, the golden dust faded and the Doctor and Jamie ran over to Nancy. The Doctor carefully removed the mask revealing a blond hazel eyed boy. It worked!

“Ah, ha, fantastic!” The Doctor grinned.

Nancy’s eyes widen! Her son was normal again!

“Jamie!” She smiled hugging him.

The Doctor picked up the kid, happily.

“Welcome back!" She grinned. "You’re going to love the future,” She said. “Elvis, Beatles, T.V!” The Doctor rambled.

She caught the strange looks Nancy was giving her.

The Doctor gave a sheepish smile.

"Sorry," She blushed. "Just forget I said that." The Doctor replied handing back her son.

The Doctor then noticed her hands. They were glowing with Nanogenes. Enough to heal…an idea came to her!

She dashed off. Jamie looked at her curious and followed. The Doctor stood on a small hill facing the infected townspeople.

“What are you doing?” He signed.

The Doctor grinned.

“Saving everyone,” She replied simply. The Doctor exhaled. “Just this once, Jamie,” She said. The Doctor dashed and raised her hands. Jamie watched her. “Everybody lives!” She exclaimed.

The Doctor thrusted her hands forwards the infected people covering them with the golden Nanogenes, everyone healed in seconds! Jamie watched in awe! Every person cured and restored!

The Doctor lowered her hands smiling.

“Not bad, huh?” She said.

Jamie shrugged.

“Eh, it’s okay.” He signed feigning a yawn.

She made a face at him but he smirked at her. She hopped down playfully nudging his arm.

Then Jamie looked around realizing something missing.

Where was the vessel? And where was Jack?

Chapter Text

Jamie leaned against the console staring at the controls trying to ignore the humming in his ear. It was actually getting easier; he was so used to it. Still every now and then he was tugging his ear. He noticed the Doctor approach. She sighed standing beside him taking over the console.

“How’s Jack?” He signed.

The Doctor shrugged.

“He’s fine. Bit of a bruised ego but I think he’ll get over it.” She said. The Doctor started muttering about stupid humans trying to dispose dangerous items on a ship with no hatch.

Jamie smirked.

“Kind of you to save him.” He signed sincerely.

She shrugged.

“Well, I think he’s sorry for what happen,” The Doctor replied. “He might be a con artist but I don’t think he meant to cause harm.” She reasoned. “But he’s got a lot to prove.” The Doctor added.

The Doctor glanced at Jamie. He seemed bothered.

“You okay?” She asked.

“Yeah.” He simply signed.

“Worried about Nancy, huh?” The Doctor guessed.

He shrugged.

“Well, kind of,” He admitted signing. Jamie sighed. “I just hope she’s okay.”

She smiled.

“Oh, I’m sure she’s fine,” The Doctor said. “She’s probably married and became a grandmother.” She reasoned.

Jamie gave her a look.

“Oh, how do you know?” He questioned.

The Doctor casually shrugged.

“Maybe I can tell the future, perhaps,” She replied. “Or it could be that I’m a time traveler?” The Doctor said nonchalant.

He smirked feigning shock.

“Of course, how could I forget?” He playfully signed.

The Doctor scoffed.

“Oi', don't knock time travelers," The Doctor scolded. "Who do you think help Santa get you that skateboard when you were eight?” She said.

Jamie just frowned at her strangely but shook his head.

“Anyway, there was so much war and fear in the forties,” He signed. “I’m beginning to understand what my grandparents went through.” He added sadly.

The Doctor looked at him.

“Yeah but it wasn’t all bad,” She assured. “There was the patriotism, the music and the movies.” The Doctor told him. “The movies were a way to escape and be happy for a moment.” She replied.

Jamie nodded and smiled thoughtfully.

“Yeah, I remember my grandmother telling me about that,” He signed fondly. “Her favorite was Fred Astaire.” Jamie remembered.

The Doctor grinned.

“Yeah, Fred was a nice bloke. Great dancer, too,” She replied. “Taught him and Ginger everything they knew!” The Doctor bragged.

Jamie gave her an unconvinced look.

The Doctor noticed and scoffed.

“What? You don’t believe me?” She said.

He shook his head smirking.

“I’m sorry but I have a hard time imagining you as some outer space choreographer.” Jamie signed skeptical.

She scowled

“Alright, then” The Doctor remarked. “Come on, I’ll prove it!” She said determined. She pointed at him. “Prepare to be amazed!”

The Doctor flipped a switch on the console and ‘In the Mood’ started playing.

She moved him in front of him under the TARDIS lights.

“So, ready to put your money where your mouth is?” The Doctor challenged with a smile.

Jamie smirked.

“You’re on!” He signed. Jamie stood about a minute feeling the vibrations from the music before the Doctor took his hands.

The two began dancing around the console, hopping and swinging side to side along to the bouncy music. The Doctor had to admit he was good! He dipped her and twirled her around both laughing and forgetting who was proving what to who. Just two people dancing and having fun. And it was nice being in his arms.
Jamie twirled her again dipping her twice making her laugh. Looking at her, the Doctor's hazel eyes shined and her dark hair seem to frame her face perfectly. He never realized how pretty she was.

He grinned.

“Bet Fred couldn’t do that, huh?’ Jamie signed still holding her.


She tilted her head smiling.

“No, don’t think he could,” The Doctor replied thoughtfully. She then grin at him. “Got some moves, huh?” She teased. Jamie just gave a big smile causing her giggle and they kept dancing until they ended up plopping onto the floor smiling and laughing, catching their breath.

Suddenly, the Doctor's smile faded, she quickly sat up looking uneasy and worried.

Jamie sat up.

“Doctor?” He signed.

She didn't answer. Her face became stern almost grim. It was like she sensing something in the air. Something really bad.

He was getting a little scared, now.

“Doctor, what is it?” Jamie signed concerned.

"It's coming, it's close." The Doctor replied in a grave tone.

"What?' He asked signing.

She looked at him with dread.

"Silent Bad Wolf." The Doctor replied.



Next Episode: Bad Wolf

Chapter Text

Big Brother:

The Doctor was spinning! Everything around her was spinning! She didn’t know where she was but she definitely was not in the TARDIS! She just remembered falling out of some room and landing on a floor.

“I think she’s waking up!” A voice said.

The Doctor slowly opened her eyes, a girl with blond pigtails peered over her.

“Hi,” She smiled. “About time you woke up! Getting’ worried there.” The young woman said.

The Doctor frowned confused as she struggled to get up. She was really dizzy!

“W-who are you?” She asked almost falling again.

The girl helped her up.

“I’m Lynda,” She replied. “And that’s Lynda with ‘Y’ not ‘I’.” Lynda told her.

The Doctor just nodded.

“I’m the Doctor.” She said. The Doctor looked around at the strange room. The décor was awful! She was really confused. “How did I get I here?” The Doctor asked.

Lynda scoffed.

“Transmat,” She said like it was obvious. She studied her. “So, you’re the new housemate.” Lynda told her. She smirked. “Bit odd considering we’re about to start elimination.” Lynda commented.

The Doctor looked at her strangely.

“Wait, what?” She said.

“House mate,” Lynda repeated. She tilted her head. “Don’t you watch the show?” She asked.

The Doctor sighed.

“Not really, I’m afraid. Very busy.” The Doctor remarked.

Lynda sighed.

“Well, you’re on Big Brother and it’s your tun to go to the diary room.” She said.

The Doctor frowned as Lynda led her to a door with a painted eye on it. She went inside and sat on a strange looking orange chair. It was dark.

Suddenly, computer voice came out of nowhere.

“Welcome Doctor!” “Please look into the camera and express your feelings.”

The Doctor rolled her eyes.

“But keep mind there are 44, 000 people watching so mind your language,” The voice said. “Now, is there anything you’d like to say?”

Slightly annoyed, she leaned closer to the camera.

“Yes,” She said calmly. “Where are my friends!?” The Doctor demanded.

Weakest Link:

Jamie felt a hand shaking his arm, his eyes opened. It was hard to see, he struggled to focus his eyes. The room was dim. A man’s face was staring at him.

“Hey, you okay?” He asked.

Jamie slowly sat up. He wasn’t in the TARDIS. Where was he?

“Yeah,” He signed. “Where am I?” Jamie signed confused.

The man helped him up. Jamie’s knees were wobblily causing his legs to nearly buckle.

“Whoa, gotcha,” The man said. “That transmat is tricky.”

Jamie looked at him confused. Transmat?

“What’s your name?” The man asked.

“Jamie.” He signed. He looked around. “Where’s the Doctor and Jack?” Jamie wanted to know.

The man ignored his question.

“They’ve got the podium all ready for you. Should work with you being deaf and all,” He told him. “Just smile for the camera and don’t annoy the android.” He warned.

Jamie saw his name on the podium and immediately protested. Something was wrong!

He stopped.

“Wait, podium? Cameras,” He signed. “Where am I?” Jamie demanded signing.

The man scoffed.

“Only the biggest game show ever!” He said.

Jamie was still lost.

He sighed.

“Don’t you watch the ‘Weakest Link’?” He remarked.

Jamie’s eyes widen! He was on what!? He looked around the room, the podiums, the crew, the cameras but what caught his eye was the menacing metal robot with painted red hair!

He swallowed feeling sick. That was the android. The Ann-droid!

Now he understood. And now he was scared!


What Not To Wear:


Jack heard female robotic voices talking. His eyes opened slightly blurred, once they came into focus, he saw two tall blue, sleek and skirt formed robots.

“Uh, hi ladies,” He said sitting up. Jack looked around the dressing room. “Where am I?” Jack said.

“You are on ‘What Not to Wear,” The first robot said. “And you have been chosen.” It said.

Jack frowned standing.

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” He asked.

The second robot scoffed.

“Well, first off it’s very South Dakota farm boy,” It complained. “I mean where did you get that 20th century denim!” It remarked.

Jack scowled.

“A shop at Cardiff.” He replied.

The robots made a clicking sound.

“Just put us in our hands and you will look amazing!” They promised.

Jack shrugged. It sounded good.

“Okay, what do I have to lose?”


Big Brother:


“There has to be a way out of here!” The Doctor said looking around.

“You won’t find it! Might as well give up” Lynda’s housemate, Strood remarked from the couch.

“Yeah, well, you don’t know me.” The Doctor muttered trying a door. It wouldn't budge.

"You've got to admire her determination." Another housemate noted sitting beside him.

Lynda followed her.

“It’s deadlock. Everything is sealed tight." She told her.

"Of course." The Doctor grunted and went over to mirror.

“Exoglass, can survive a nuclear blast.” Lynda said.

The Doctor wasn't fazed and pulled out her sonic screwdriver and scanned the mirror.

Lynda watched her curious.

“What’s it like outside,” She asked. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen it.” Lynda said sadly.

The Doctor shrugged.

“Couldn’t say,” She replied honestly. “I travel so much I hardly see it.” The Doctor replied.

Lynda nodded then smiled slightly.

“I love gardens,” She commented. “You must’ve seen those.” Lynda said.

The Doctor scoffed.

“Never thought of that,” She said. “Suppose I could, I do have a TARDIS.” The Doctor replied. Then it hit her! She suddenly remembered!

Lynda noticed.

“What is it?” She asked.

“I remember how we got here,” The Doctor said. ‘We were in the TARDIS just hanging out and suddenly a light appeared and it got brighter and brighter and then I ended up here. It was like it pulled us.” She said. The Doctor’s face turned grim. “Which means this is more than a game. Something wants us here. Something powerful.” She said with dread.

Lynda looked at her.

“Like what?” She asked.

The Doctor shook her head.

“No idea.” She then looked at the camera above her, glaring at it.

“But here's what I do know," She said confident. "I will get out; I will find my friends and I will find YOU!’ The Doctor promised harshly.

Chapter Text

Weakest Link:

Jamie had no choice but to play the game. Shouldn’t be too hard after all he had seen this show on T.V all the time with his mum, well, minus the creepy robot. But he could this. The game started. The droid began asking questions, turning to each contestant. Jamie was able to see the questions on the screen.

So, far everything going good. Jamie was getting the questions right but there was something uneasy in that room. The contestants looked tense and scared especially the woman next to him. She was a bundle of nerves and it seemed to affect how she was playing.

She got another question wrong and was near tears as the droid turned towards her.

‘That was the third question wrong.’ The Droid said.

The woman started crying.

“Please, just one more chance,” She begged. “I’ll do better!” She cried.

Jamie frowned. What was the big deal? Being eliminated wasn’t the worse thing ever. He noticed everyone’s somber faces. Jamie was confused. He looked at the woman then the droid. He suddenly had a bad feeling.

‘Sorry but you are the weakest link, goodbye!” The droid said simply. It raised a laser and zapped her, disintegrating her to nothing.

Jamie’s eyes widen. He looked at the man, Rodrick in shock and anger.

“What the hell was that for!?” He signed.

Rodrick looked at him grimly.

“It's part of the game,” He told him. “You either play or die.” Rodrick said. He leaned closer. "You're playing for your life." Rodrick added bluntly.

Jamie just looked at him, pale.

“And it would be wise not to escape.” He warned.

Jamie suddenly felt sick but with no choice he continued playing. All he could do was hope that the Doctor would come before it was too late.



Big Brother:

“It’s time for elimination!” Strood announced.

The Doctor sighed.

“Great, maybe I’ll get eliminated.” She remarked rolling her eyes joining everyone on the couch. Strood, Crosby and Lynda held hands.

Lynda scowled at her.

“This isn’t funny, it’s a very big deal.” She scolded.

“Oh, of course.” The Doctor nodded unmoved. Lynda looked at her strangely.

Just then a voice appears from the screen.

‘Crosbie, Strood, Lynda, you have all been nominated for eviction…” The robotic voice announced. The Doctor watched the three housemates nervously squeeze hands looking terrified. She frowned slightly puzzled. The voice continued. “And the housemate to be evicted is…”

There was a dramatic pause, the three housemates waited on bated breath but the Doctor sat there bored.

Finally, the voice spoke.

‘Crosbie!’ It said.

Strood and Lynda looked at Crosbie sympathetically. Crosbie just sat there stunned and pale.

“Oh, Crosbie, I’m so sorry!” Lynda said hugging her.

The Doctor watched as the other two hugged her and saying goodbye. Crosbie slowly stood and exited the room.

Strood and Lynda came back sitting down looking grim.

The Doctor sighed.

“Well, that was fun,” She commented. “Now, she can go about telling her story, making the rounds, yeah?” The Doctor smiled.

Lynda looked at her like she was daft.

“What are you going on about,” She said. “Don’t you watch the show?” Lynda asked.

The Doctor scoffed.

“Not really,” She replied. “Bit busy.” The Doctor remarked.

“There she is!” Strood shouted pointing at the screen

The Doctor watched as Crosbie appeared on the screen. She just stood there in a white and bright room. Tears pricked her eyes. She seemed scared. Very scared. Terrified but she just stood there. Like she was waiting for something.

The Doctor was really confused.

“Why don’t they let her go?” She asked.

Before anyone could answer there was a bolt of light and a scream! The light faded and there was nothing left of the young woman.

The Doctor was horrified!

“That’s why,” Strood said with dread. “That’s the disintegration room.” He told her.



What Not To Wear:


Jack stared at his image in the mirror trying out his tennis racket. He sighed reluctantly at his new look. It was nice but not him.

“I don’t know,” Jack said. “I don’t think this works.” He shrugged. “It’s too clean!”

“Well, that’s alright,” One of the robots replied. “It’s time for stage two of your makeover, anyway.” It said.

Jack grinned.

“Great, bring it on!” He replied. But when he turned, he was greeted by a saw and surgical drill attachments to the robots.

He nodded.

“So, that’s phase two?” Jack replied.

The robot tilted its head.

“Correct,” It said. “As part of the package we offer plastic surgery to everyone on the show!” The Robot informed him.

Jack chuckled.

“Yeah, well, I don’t think so.” He said.

The robots chuckled a menacing mechanical laugh.

“You don’t have a choice,” They said. “You will get one whether you want it or not!” They told him. “Besides you can’t leave and we know you’re not armed!” The robots replied confident.

Jack just gave them a look and simply pulled out a gun.

The robot gasped. “How, we took your weapons!’ It said.

Jack calmly aimed it at them.

“Not this one!” He remarked before firing at them both causing the robots to explode.

Jack sighed.

“Well, that was fun,” He commented changing clothes. Jack nodded at the damaged robots. “Nice meeting you ladies.” He added as he quickly dashed off to find the Doctor.



Big Brother:

The Doctor couldn’t believe what she had seen! What just happen!?

She looked at Lynda, angrily.

“What was that!?” The Doctor shouted.

“Don’t yell at me! It’s part of the show,” She replied. “It’s not my fault!” Lynda defended.

“No, but you humans tolerate it by participating,” The Doctor yelled. “Is that how people become famous, now!?” She remarked.

Lynda scowled.

“It’s not a choice,” She protested. “Nobody asks to be here. People are picked at random whether they like it or not!” Lynda explain.

The Doctor looked at her, questionably.

“What do you mean random? How do people get here?” She asked.

Lynda sighed.

“It’s a transmat beam,” She said. “After that people compete in these game shows, the first prize is you get to live. It like this in all the shows.” Lynda told her.

Now it made sense. It also meant Jamie was in real danger! She had to find him, now!

The Doctor nodded.

“Right!” She said getting her sonic screwdriver. The Doctor aimed it at the camera causing it to explode.

Lynda frowned.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Getting evicted,” The Doctor grinned. “Destroying property is the best way to do it!” She said.

“But you’ll get killed!” Lynda said.

The Doctor scoffed.

“I don’t think so,” She replied. “Somebody worked very hard to get me here so they would be pretty stupid to kill me!” The Doctor reasoned.

She went towards the eviction room and glanced at Lynda.

“Wanna come?” The Doctor asked.

Lynda was reluctant.

The Doctor scoffed.

“You might as well,” She said. “You’ll have a better chance of living than you would here.” The Doctor pointed out.

Lynda thought about it.

What did she have to lose? Finally, she nodded and followed behind her.

Which was good, the Doctor was going to need all the help she could get!

Chapter Text

The Doctor and Lynda found themselves in a very familiar place. Too familiar!
“This can’t be right,” The Doctor frowned stepping into the grey and metal room. “I’ve been here before. This is Satellite Five.” She realized.

Lynda scoffed.

“They haven’t called that in years,” She said. “It’s the Game Station, now.” Lynda replied. “A hundred different game shows.” She added.

The Doctor switched on the lights. Her eyes widen as she saw in big bold letters, ‘Silent Bad Wolf.’

The Doctor pointed.

“What’s that doing here?” She asked.

Lynda shrugged.

“Just the name of the place,” She replied. “I never understood the silent part.” Lynda sighed.

The Doctor just nodded uneasy and went the window noticing a foggy planet.

“Is that earth?” She asked.

Lynda nod and pointed at a tiny spot that was still clear. “That was home, right there…all gone, now.” She said her face growing sad. “Everything went just wrong.” Lynda commented. “No news, nothing, nobody knew what was going on. One hundred years of hell!” Lynda scoffed.

The Doctor lowered her gaze ashamed. She thought she had fixed things. Not made them worse!

Just then they heard a voice.

“Doctor!?” It was Jack.

He paused catching his breath.

The Doctor scoffed.

“Well, hi,” She said. “Where have you been?” The Doctor asked.

He shook his head.

“You don’t want to know,” Jack replied. He then saw Lynda and smiled. “Well, hello!” He greeted. “Captain Jack Harkness and who are you?” He grinned kissing her hand.

Lynda blushed.

“Lynda with a Y.” She smiled.

“Nice to meet you Lynda with ‘Y.” Jack replied.

The Doctor rolled her eyes.

“Seriously? We’re in the middle of a horror game show and you’re flirting!” She scoffed.

“I’m just saying hello!” He scowled.

“To you that’s flirting,” The Doctor remarked. “And we still to find Jamie!” She said.

“Well, I was trying to tell you that I while I was battling two crazy fashionista robots, I found out he’s in room 407.” He told her.

Lynda’s eyes widen with fear.

“Oh, god, that’s bad!” She said.

The Doctor looked at her.

“Why?” She asked.

“That’s the Weakest Link, they disintegrate anyone that gets a wrong answer!” Lynda replied with dread.

Panic filled the Doctor.

They raced to the room 407 but there was no Jamie? Just a man surrounded by empty podiums celebrating.

The Doctor felt sick. They couldn’t be too late! She looked around confused.

“Where is he?” She said frantic.

Jack came closer the man.

"Excuse me, do you know where Jamie is?” He asked.

The man leaned against the podium smirking.

“Just missed him.” He scoffed harshly.

The Doctor turned pale. Jamie was gone?

“Wait, what do you mean?” She said.

“Didn’t get the last answer right, I’m afraid and *poof! *” The man chuckled. "I almost feel sorry for the stupid twit!" He laughed.

Jack glared at him and slammed him against a wall while the Doctor attempted to charge at him as well but two officers stopped her while a third pulled Jack off the man and started to arrest him.

The second officer turned the Doctor around and started searching her.

“I’m sorry about your friend but these are the rules and we can’t allow violence.” The officer told her.

The Doctor pressed her lips and remained quiet and calm.

The guard started reading the Doctor her rights when she nodded at Jack and they both broke free and sucker punched the guards out cold.

Lynda just looked at them shocked and in awe.

The Doctor sighed.

“Now, if we can continue!” The Doctor said her tone laced with anger.

“What are we going to do?” Lynda asked.

“Take over the station.” She replied simply.

They followed her to the control booth and the Doctor kicked in the door startling everyone.

“Hi,” The Doctor waved. “Don’t mind us. Just your friendly kidnappers!” She remarked walking in.

“Don’t worry, we’re friendly.” Jack assured despite carrying a laser gun.

The Doctor rolled her eyes.

“Anyway, I’m the Doctor, this is Jack and Lynda with a ‘Y.” She introduced.

Jack and Lynda gave a small wave.

A man stood from his chair scowling at her.

“What is the meaning of this?” He wanted to know.

The Doctor glared at him.

“You just killed a lot of people including my friend and that makes me very angry!” She shouted.

“We’re just doing our jobs!” A young woman interjected.

The Doctor gave her a look.

“That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard a human say,” She remarked. “Now, I want to know who’s in charge here!” She demanded.

The Doctor felt Lynda tap her shoulder and pointed at the end of the room.

The Doctor followed her gaze, a female cover in grey with attached with wires, her eyes were icy blue and she was glowing.

The Doctor just looked at her almost baffled.

A man spoke.

“We call her the controller. She came to us at five,” He explained. “This is the only life she knows.” The man added.

The Doctor turned back to the woman.

“Who are you?” She asked

The woman wouldn’t speak.

“Answer me! Who are you!?” She repeated.


The Doctor was getting annoyed.

She looked back at them frustrated.

“Why won’t she answer?” She asked.

Everyone just looked at each other.

"She just speaks when she does." Someone said.

The Doctor sighed heavily.

“Fine, I’ll just wait.” She said.

The Doctor started using her sonic screwdriver on a computer. She glanced at the frozen broadcasters. "Feel free to move around." She gestured.

A minute later a dark-haired woman went up to her looking angry.

“You can’t hold us hostage like this,” She told her. “It’s not right!” The woman said.

“Neither is killing people,” The Doctor replied. “So, until you have something smarter or even worth my time hearing, shut up!” She snapped.

The woman huffed insulted and left.

The Doctor continued scanning trying to forget the sadness she was feeling over Jamie. But it was hard and it hurt. God, how was she going to tell Roni?

Suddenly a light, airy voice broke into her thoughts.

“Doctor? Doctor?”

The controller was calling her. The Doctor rushed over to her. The wires swam around her as she spoke. Her glassy gaze focusing on nothing.

“Yes, I’m here.” The Doctor said eagerly.

“I can't see but I saw you. Solar flares hound me, they can’t hear me, master can’t see me.” The controller said.

The Doctor frowned.

“What masters?” She asked.

“They wired my head, control my thoughts. I must be careful,” The controller sighed. “They monitor the transmission but never watch programs. I could hide you in games so you would be safe.” She explained.

It was the controller that had kept her safe, she realized. But the Doctor still needed to know who were the masters?

“But who are your masters?” The Doctor repeated.

Her gaze was distant and her face became full of anguish.

“You know them. They fear you, Doctor. For thousands of years they have feared and dreaded your name but they are coming and getting stronger…” Before she could finish, she jerked back and groaned loudly.

The Doctor was frustrated. She was so close! Just then she heard Jack's excited voice.

“Doctor, Jamie’s alive!” He said.

The Doctor looked at him confused.

“What?” She said.

“I went to the TARDIS to investigate and I discover that this is all a transmat,” He replied. “No one is disintegrated. Jamie’s alive!” He grinned.

A big smile formed across her face. She felt hopeful again!

“He’s alive?” She said hopeful.

Jack nodded.

The Doctor grabbed Jack in a hug feeling relieved. Jamie was alive! But there was no time to celebrate! She still had to find him!

Suddenly a screen started zapping and a picture was forming. But how? She looked at the broadcasters but it wasn't them. The Doctor looked back and she had her answer. The controller was gone. She swallowed. The controller had risked her life to help. But who were her masters?

The Doctor turned back to the screen.

It was still fuzzy but an image formed.

“There he is!” Jack said.

Jamie was in a large room and appeared to be okay but he was also surrounded by Daleks. The Doctor’s heart sank.

Lynda frowned.

“What are those?” She asked.

“Daleks,” The Doctor muttered. “One of the most deadly and dangerous creatures ever.” She said grimly. “And Jamie’s surrounded by of tons of them.” She added worried.

Jack looked at her.

“Since we can see them, are we in trouble?" Jack questioned.

The Doctor nodded.

"Oh, yes," She replied. "Pretty soon they'll be here." The Doctor sighed.

"Do we have a plan?” He asked.

“No,” She said shaking her head. “No plan, no weapons, we’ve got nothing.” The Doctor replied. She then grinned. “And that won’t that just scare them to death?” The Doctor added confident.

"But first let's get Jamie." She said determined.



Next Episode: Parting of The Ways