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But Now I Got a Bellyache

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Izuku's heart beat hotly in his ears as he felt flush run up his body and into his ears and cheeks. Below him, Recovery Girl leaned in, listening closely to the stethoscope currently pressed against the boy's upper navel. The cool metal burned against his skin oddly enough, making him feel somewhat feverous. The clock hanging crookedly on the wall ticked over several beats, stretching out his wait and being the only noise in the bleak room. His eyes burned into it, too shy to bother making eye comtact or seeig what she was doing. He waited awkwardly for a few moments until the older woman pulled away and motioned for him to lower his shirt.

"Everything sounds fine. Just a little bruising but I imagine that's something you can heal up on by yourself relatively quickly. No kisses today." She sat back and smiled softly, setting aside her stethoscope and clipboard.

Izuku breathed out a huff and nodded curtly, straightening his back. She'd been referring of course, to this afternoon's latest fight. A simple sparring match with Ojirou had ended in Izuku clumsily tripping just at the same time as the blond boy's well-muscled tail slammed down at him. The wind was knocked out of him, which ordinarily would have been brushed off, but the second he stood up he collapsed. He woke up a moment later, complete with a bloody nose and nasty headache. Normally, something like this wasn't that bizarre, given his...interesting track record. But as far as injuries went, he couldn't afford anymore. At least, that's what Aizawa had told him when he commanded Izuku to leave practice early.

"As far as the fainting goes, I think it's probably just you either overworking yourself or not drinking enough water or eating enough food to correlate with your workout." The older woman coolly explained, pushing her glasses up. "How many times have you had a fainting spell or felt nauseous or lightheaded in the last two weeks? I'm thinking a previous head injury hasn't properly healed, or there's an injury you haven't told me about."

"I've been trying to keep better care of myself..." Izuku nervously laughed, trying not to let the embarrassment of what she was suggesting obvious. He shifted, reflecting for a second before shrugging. "But nausea...I don't know...only four or five times I think? I just assumed I was catching a stomach bug."

Recovery Girl hummed to herself momentarily, turning to write something back down on the clipboard.

"Any hot or cold spells recently? Or unusual tenderness around your waist and hips?"

He nodded, hand unconsciously reaching for his side. His knee bounced, nervousness clear. "Yeah, I've had a few moments like that in the past few days."

She nodded again, scribbling a few notes down. "I hate to ask but when was your last heat, Midoriya?"

The green-haired teen flinched in surprise.

Oh yeah. That. 

He was still so unused to the word that he was surprised for a split second. He glanced down, somewhat kicking his dangling legs as he mulled the thought over. It was still such a foreign subject to him, something he didn't think about often or forgot about most of the time. He hadn't ever seen himself as an omega before nearly half a year ago and was still a fledgling when it came to his experiences with any of it. Most of what he knew had come from brief sex-ed lessons at his old school, and the occasional online search from when he was bored and curious. Shaking the ramblings from his head, he exasperated a huff and looked back up to meet her eyes, nervously scratching the back of his neck.

"I think it was just a month ago? I'd been on suppressants so I didn't really feel it outside of occasional nausea or feeling tired." It didn't take much for him to connect the dots, having already pieced together what the nurse was getting at. "You don't think it's something to do with that, do you?"

"Hmm. It might be." She murmured back, not easing his worries much. "It might just be a bug though, like you said. How many heats have you had since your transition from Beta to Omega?"

"Only the two, including that one."

"You shouldn't be going into another for at least a month, a month and a half then, I assume?"


Midoriya looked back down at his feet, frowning slightly. He remembered the day he found out he presented as a beta, just 8 years old to be sorely disappointed for the second time in his life. It would have been impossible to not be a beta, given his circumstances, but that didn't mean it hadn't broken his heart as a kid. All quirkless individuals, at least according to every doctor he'd asked and source he'd looked at, was definitely destined to be a beta. There were no exceptions as far as the little boy knew. Yet after discovering he was quirkless, it had been the one thing he'd been hoping would be different. As a toddler, he'd shown signs of being an alpha after those strange doll tests they used to pass out in Kindergarten, something that had been mandatory for school to track progress of sexual development. 

After his quirkless diagnosis, the young boy had done everything in his power to try changing fate, somehow being the first of his kind to be different. 

As expected, he showed clear signs of beta passage. By the time the official presenting of second sex came around when he was 12, no one was surprised when that was exactly what he got.

Lucky, some kid had bitterly told him after getting his own results. At least you aren't an omega.

All that changed the instant All Might passed on One for All to him.

His mentor had already informed him of the many changes he'd undergo if he went through with it, not wanting to get his hopes up or make him feel like he was scamming him. According to him, if you were quirkless before obtaining it, you would undergo a change and transition either into an Alpha or an Omega. It was the decision All Might and the mentors before him had to make, something he'd have to choose.

Izuku had hesitated. Just for a second. He was excited at first of getting his dream of presenting as an alpha, but the idea of being an omega has him stilling. It was never that he hated omegas, he treated them as he would any other person. It was more the stereotype that had immediately popped into his head. He couldn't really help it, the thought of the scrawny, effeminate Omega father meekly carrying several kids as his much manlier alpha bossed him around. He felt bad for thinking it, but it only lasted a moment. 

And without contemplating it further, Izuku accepted. His desire to be a hero had always outweighed his desire to be a beta or even greater, an alpha, and with that, he never looked back.

"I understand you're quite new to this, right?"

Izuku's head snapped off, caught off gard by his thoughts.

"O-oh, yeah."

"Alright, I'm not surprised then. Let me explain-It's not uncommon for new omegas to have unusual, random heats," Recovery Girl chimed. "It happens more often than you would think actually. Your body isn't quite used to the hormones in your body, so it tries to level it out by forcing them more often in shorter heats or less often in lengthier heats. It can take up to 10 months to fully regulate, but it usually won't. This is only your fifth month, correct?"

Izuku nodded, taking in the knowledge with an edge of disappointment. "Yes, but I didn't get it until 2 weeks after the entrance exam, or the day after receiving my quirk."

She merely nodded, seeming used to the bizarre situation. "Don't worry, it should be okay. I'm going to assume its just signs of an early heat, okay? I'll prescribe you some suppressants- I assume you don't have any on you- and pain and nausea pills just in case it gets nasty. Take one suppressant for now and if your heat doesn't start up in the next 2 days take another. If you wake up and feel too dizzy to walk, I recommend just staying in at home until it passes over. Just call me and I'll write you an excuse."

She stood up and Midoriya jumped to follow her, still feeling sour over the news. She led him over to a tall metal cabinet, undoing the padlock and pulling open the doors. He watched as she shifted through several rows of bottles, before coming across three she needed and grasping them. She locked the door and handed them over to him. He hastily stuffed them in his pockets, backing up so she could lead him back to the door.

"Can I go back to class?"

Recovery Girl scoffed. "Always eager to get right back into trouble, I see. Fine, but take it easy and if it happens again, head to your room and sleep it off. I expect it will hit you anytime in the next two days but I'm not sure. You can resume school until then."

Izuku nodded his thanks and headed out.

The hallway was relatively empty, save for a janitor swiveling a cleaning cart down the hall. His class was still out with All MIght, practicing with their quirks and working on development. Izuku decided to head back to his locker last minute, to drop off the medication before he went out to fight. He needed the suppressant to kick in as soon as possible. Sure, the others obviously could smell the omega in him no matter, just the same as when he could smell a beta or an alpha. The last thing he wanted was someone smelling the heat on him though, especially Kacchan or Kaminari of all people. It shouldn't be embarrassing, but generally, most people didn't like that fact getting out. At least, he didn't.

The scent hadn't been obvious for a while, he thought to himself, making his way to the the locker rooms in the gym. It didn't really kick in until a week after the entrance exam. It seemed to hit him one night, not subtle whatsoever. His mother had rushed into his room, worried someone had sneaked in. She immediately took him to the doctor's office, and with great surprise to her and the doctor, and little surprise to him, Izuku was an omega. With no other explanation, they ruled it as a very, very late development and rare case of a failed test. Izuku had been content enough to leave it at that.

A week later his first heat hit. Just like the scent, it completely overtook him with little warning. One moment he was watching television with his mom, standing up because he felt a little nauseous. The next he found himself vomiting in the bathroom and feeling like his blood was boiling beneath his skin. He locked himself in his room the whole week duration of it. The new feelings he didn't understand and the weird urges overtaking him had been overwhelming at the time, and he'd cried and often worried that it would wreck his chances of being a successful hero. If he was a crybaby before, being in heat just amped that up another 200%.

Then he would remember All Might. The memories of the older man's encouragement, him telling Izuku that he could get through anything if he truly wanted to. And it wasn't as if there weren't omega heroes. Eraserhead and Miruko, just to name a few. In the end, he got through it okay, and by the time his second hit, he was already on medication and had barely felt it. Subtle cramps and more...urges, if anything at all.

The first time Bakugou smelled it on him, the older Alpha had turned in complete disgust, unbelieving of it. He had ended up confronting him later on, shoving him into a wall and demanding Deku tell him why he reeked of omega scum. Midoriya knew he didn't mean that as a genuine insult, or, he hoped so. He was just angry over his assumed explanation of why. That Izuku had hidden the fact he was an omega and had a quirk so well because he must have been scared of Bakugou, or had pretended to be a beta to seem less pathetic. 'You're right to be scared and ashamed, coward,' the blond sneered, tightening his grip on his collar. 'People like you are meant for one thing and you know it.'

He didn't let it get to him. He'd prove him wrong, one day.


Deku rushed up the stairs and out of the commons rooms of the school. He wandered to the locker rooms and spotted his locker number fairly quickly. He only unlocked and opened the locker for a second to toss the bottles of pills randomly onto a pile of training clothes before he slammed the door and relocked it. 

A few minutes later and he was back at the training field. The memories were pushed from his head, and he was back to finishing training. It was tough, but he was getting more and more used to it. It wasn't like it wasn't fun either. Ochaco glanced at him from where she was watching one of the last pairs, turning to smile and wave. 

"Hey, Midoriya!" She beckoned him over and he obliged, rushing up to greet her.

"Hey," he breathed out, stopping abruptly in front of her. Ojirou seemed to catch wind of his voice and turned around, an apologetic look quickly gracing his face. He walked over and stood beside Ochaco, dipping his head slightly.

"Hey, sorry about that. I didn't see you trip right away and by the time I did my reflexes already had acted." His tail wavered slightly as he spoke, curling up to his back. 

"Yeah, are you all right?" Ochaco continued, hands fidgeting nervously. "We were all worried when you fainted like that. We knew you could take more, so it was a little surprising."Ojirou nodded in agreement.

Midoriya just shook his head and sniffled. "No, it's fine. Recovery Girl just said I was coming down with something and needed to take it a little easier. It was nothing you did. " He felt somewhat guilty lying to him when he did trust him, but it still felt new and embarrassing in his eyes. And, it gave him a less private excuse to tell others just in case he did need to take a few days off.

"That's good," Ochaco replied, breathing out in relief.

Ojirou's expression brightened. "I'm glad that's all it is. We can go again after this one if you want? I can go a little easier, though. If you're up for it anyways."

Deku nodded his thanks and smiled warmly. "I'd appreciate it."

Somewhere in the back of his mind it occurred to him he had spaced it and forgotten to take the suppressant in his rush to get back to training, but he merely threw it off. A few hours until he got home couldn't hurt.

The three joined the others in watching the current fight between Tokoyami and Iida unfold. The blasts from Iida's engine blinded the other's Dark Shadow several times, but he managed to push through it. The giant monster ripped Iida off the stage, catching him by surprise and sweeping him several feet away. Iida regained himself and stood to shake hands with the other male, and they walked offstage. Iida glanced in Izuku's direction, sending him a soft smile before he stood off to the side.

Another fight between Kirishima and Aishido was pulled on before he and Ojirou were called up.

As Izuku walked onstage he couldn't help but pout slightly, already imagining how finished he'd be feeling in the next few days.


 By the time the school day dulled around to the end, Midoriya felt sore and tired. The tenderness he'd felt earlier hit him and he felt more tired than a day like this would have usually rendered him. He made it back to the commons area in the school alongside Ochaco and Iida. The omega girl and alpha boy beside him were eagerly discussing the battles from earlier. Normally, Deku would have joined in a heartbeat, but the weight of the day had him dragging his feet and almost yawning.

They settled in on the couches in the lounge, with a few others following and joining them. The conversation drifted to several different subjects, the tired boy only ever adding his thoughts when asked and in a few words at most. Right now, they were all heavily talking about the signature moves everyone had in development and the new costumes people were contemplating or already having made.

Izuku smiled to himself. He loved this part of UA the most. The friends he'd made here which had accepted him without any hesitation and were so open and friendly. It felt so close to being a family even. He wished moments like this would never end. He could relive this for years and never tire of the warmth of it all.


When Izuku got home, he was exhausted. His mom offered him dinner, but he could only manage a small bowl before the sleep tugging at his joints forced him to resign for the night. He wished her a quick goodnight, before heading up to his room. His door closed quietly behind him, and he slumped against it. The teen released the yawn he had been suppressing and slowly dragged his feet over to the small dresser he kept his clothes in. Izuku grabbed the nearest pair of shorts and t-shirt and got dressed in the dark sluggishly, haphazardly tossing his clothing into the growing heap in the corner of his room. 

He fumbled around in the dark for several agonizing moments. Eventually, his hand came across the bottle he had shoved into his pocket earlier at school. He took two and swallowed them dry, before turning back to his bed.

Within seconds he collapsed under the covers, and tugged the blanket around his form, never bothering once to pull it out.

His eyes lowered and his breathing slowed down into a quiet rumble. Before he knew it, he was dead asleep.


Icy hands traced down the curve of his spine, sending a shudder throughout his warm body. The same hands continued to feel around the base of his back, occasionally lightly scraping at him with his dull nails. Little shivers occasionally racked him at the light touches, making him shift uncomfortably. He moved some more, and the little touches grew firmer. Izuku leaned into the touch, earning a gentle squeeze at his hips. He let out the smallest of whimpers and the hands dipped lower until they were tugging at his waistband. The boy shook his head and groaned, hips twitching slightly. It wasn't going fast enough.

Suddenly, the same hands disappeared, getting the message. One grasped his hair by the roots, pulling him harshly. Izuku let out a cry of surprise, trying to pull back. The other hand gripped his jaw, tilting his face up.

Before he could protest again, lips were crashing down on his. All control seemed to abandon him at the moment, and he hated the way he loved the feel of it. His body leaned further into the kiss as if on instinct, and in response, the other person nipped lightly at his bottom lip. His mouth opened in a sharp gasp, and they took the opportunity to pull him into another, deeper kiss. 

Teeth attacked his mouth until blood was filling his mouth and he could do nothing but whimper at the bites. His chest was flush against theirs, hand still clasped in his hair. The other had worked it's way slowly down from his jaw. It came to rest at the front of his pants, palming lightly and making Izuku groan and push back into it. Whenever he leaned in too close, the hand in his hair would pull him back again, giving the person better access. They moved from biting to licking around the teen's mouth, exploring and playing with spots he gave more response to.

Finally, the person pulled back from the kiss, gasping at the same time as Izuku. Their hand stayed rooted in his hair, easing but still holding him. His eyes cracked open, leaving him to gaze up into their red eyes.

"You belong to me."

Izuku didn't know how long he had been asleep, but when he awoke it was pitch black all around him. He gasped for air, sweat coming off of him at contact with the air. His body felt disgustingly hot, and he felt like he was drowning in the blanket that dwarfed and muffled him. He clawed around blindly, grasping until he managed a hold on the blankets side. He ripped it away and rolled over, his whole body shaking and hot to the touch. His shirt was soaked to his chest, and he could already feel the sticky mess in his shorts.

His body immediately shivered at the coolness, bringing attention to the wetness of his groin. He groaned, not being able to help the small thrust his hips made on their own accord.

Embarrassment heated his face immediately, despite his being the only one there. He felt sick. 

Izuku tried to stand, but the second he did his legs gave out, making him stumble blindly forward. Panic clashed with the lust in his head, his heart beating even faster. He needed to find those suppressants immediately. 

He gave his legs a second to regain themselves before he began to ease along the wall, trying not to trip on the laundry tossed on his floor. When he found the light switch, he flicked it on and quickly turned back to glance around the room. 

His room was a mess. 

The sheets and blankets were tangled and thrown over the side of the beds, his tossing and turning from the wet dream obvious. He could see the soaked sheets, and his face heated even further in disgust. His clothes remained tossed all over the side of the room. 

Midoriya rushed across the room, sifting through the sheets and blankets as he reached around for the bottle. All he needed was to take two and this would be all better in an hour or two, give or take. He could do this, he had to before the heat got worse. He glanced under his bed, relief overwashing him as he caught sight of it. He hastily reached out and grabbed at it, pulling back and sitting on his haunches. He pulled at the cap but immediately froze at the action.

He stared in disbelief. Disappointment and dread consumed him at the sight. 


The damned ibuprofen rested in his palm. He'd grabbed the wrong one. It explained why he woke up to such an intense heat, probably grabbing a different one in his tired state. He must have left the other one at school in the locker rooms.

The teen cursed himself and struggled back up to his feet, regret filling him. He looked around again, anxiousness rejuvenating itself. He ignored the pressing hardness in his pants and forced himself to look around the room wildly. He did it for several seconds, grunting when he saw nothing. He pulled apart his bed and began pulling out his drawers violently, a wild look on his face as his breathing only quickened. He looked for several minutes until it got to be too much and his legs gave out again. Izuku meekly groaned out, arousal intensifying in every passing second. 

Part of him cried out to touch himself, ease the pent-up energy and frustration. He gave in for the moment, pressing his hand against his length, breathing out hard. 

He might have continued from there, but the panic caught up to him through the haze. Midoriya grit his teeth and shook his head, grabbing his thigh and sinking his nails in. After a moment, the arousal died down for the most part. He rushed to get back up, knowing it would be back in just a moment.

The teen gave up on looking to see if he might have brought it, and scrambled to change his clothes. If Midoriya couldn't find it now, he'd just go run and get some from the medicine cabinet, no big deal.

He threw on his loosest pair of sweats and an oversized hoodie, not bothering to change the sweat-stained shirt.

A minute later, he was rushing down the block's hallway. He was hoping- no, praying, he wouldn't run into a teacher or another student. Especially an alpha. He couldn't do that right now. Alphas had a better sense of smell, and the second he smelled one or they smelled him it would too late. He was embarrassed enough as it was and he was the only who knew. No way in hell would he let someone else see him like this. Never.

He pulled his hood over his head and tightened its strings. His pace grew into a run.

He had almost reached the exit when he unexpectedly hit another body as he rounded the corner. He immediately jumped back. The scent of alpha hit his nostrils within a second.


Izuku softly hissed to himself as he back further away. 

Kirishima stared at him in surprise and confusion, red eyes glistening softly under the fluorescent light.

"Y-yeah?" He attempted to reply. Midoriya nearly punched himself at how weak and broken his voice came out. He might as well write guilt across his forehead with how obvious his voice made it sound.

"Where were you, dude? We were all talking about sneaking out to the pool when we realized you disappeared."

"Oh. Oh! I uh.." He trailed off, eyes suddenly trailing down Kirishima's body. He was in his swimming trunks alone, a towel draped over his shoulder. He stayed on him for a second, before he shook his head at his own staring. Kirishima's brow lowered in further confusion. He stepped forward, making Izuku leap back again as if he had the plague.

"Is something wrong? Are you okay?"

Izuku felt immediate guilt at the worry evident in the redhead's voice. He wished he could do something to ease it, but the scent of alpha screamed at him and he could feel his own pants tightening at just the fantasies swarming his head. Every atom of him was demanding he rush over, but Izuku held back.

'Yeah, yeah! Uh...I'm sick. I came down with a fever. And...I'm looking for the nurse's."

Kirishima stayed quiet for several seconds. Deku almost broke, his paranoia over being caught intensifying. He must know, he had to with all that staring. 

"Oh, jeez. That really sucks..." Kirishima frowned, taking in the flushed appearance of the green-haired boy in front of him, sweat clearly rolling down his face and shivering all the while. He attempted to step closer again, and in turn the other back away even further. "Do you need help or something?"

"No! I mean, no. I don't." Before Kirishima could ask he was interrupted again. "I don't want you to catch it. I'd feel horrible if I got you sick."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I promise." He threw a shaky thumbs-up and attempted to smile and not look as nervous. He probably still looked sketchy, but after another moment of silence Kirishima nodded and smiled back. His shark-like teeth glistened and he threw back a thumbs-up.

"Alright. Well if you need something or end up feeling better, you know where I- err, we are."

Deku nodded with another forced smile, waving.

"See you, Midoriya."

The redhead turned around and began walking away, Izuku staring after him until he eventually vanished past the exit doors. He immediately released the breath he hadn't known he'd been holding, and backed himself up into the wall. He half-collapsed against it. shakily breathing. He let a minute, and then another pass before he straightened himself up again. He found himself grabbing his thigh again, forcing the thoughts he'd conjured up away again. Kirishima should be gone for sure, but he still cautioned himself into running at a much slower pace. At least he'd be able to smell if someone was coming his way again. As he exited the building, he tugged his hoodie tighter around his heated body.

It ended up taking him several minutes longer to reach the building holding the nurse's office than it normally would have. He forced himself to go the long way around, not wanting to chance the shorter route. It crossed directly in front of the pool where Kirishima and likely at least half the class was, and he wasn't going to chance another surprise encounter. The second he entered the building he pushed himself into a full-on sprint, doubting he'd run into anyone now that he was free of his classmates' territory. All the teachers should have left, save for the nurse who typically stayed after hours. 

Izuku made it up to the third floor using his full-cowl relatively quickly, skidding to a stop at the door. He gazed up at it hopefully, breath catching.

He really hated his luck today.

The lights were off and when Izuku twisted the knob, I stayed still. Agitation set in his muscles. He found his fists clenching and his brows furrowing within a second. Tears threatened to spill and he made no attempt to hold them back. His fist banged against it as he slumped forward. His teeth grit, being the only barrier to hold back the choked-up sob escaping his throat. He felt disappointed, but mostly in his self. Why he never bothered to check the time the moment he got the idea to try finding Recovery Girl eluded him. His nails dug into his palm irritably.

He had no idea what to do.

Waiting it out was next to impossible. The idea of locking himself in for possibly a week repelled him. People would know what was up by the time the third day hit. It was a no-brainer.

Part of the teen considered heading back and begging one of his other fellow omega classmates for help, but he rejected the idea as quickly as he thought it up. He didn't want to go around knocking on their doors in his messed-up state and chance disturbing them, or a non-omega in that block who might overhear. He couldn't go to the pool area either. Guarantee everyone would smell the lewd scent he was giving off like a dog, and guarantee they'd want to know why he was there even if they didn't. 

Just the thought of Bacchan sneering at him in disgust made him sob even harder. 

Izuku sat with his knees pulled up to his chest as he cried. He should call his mom. She'd know what to do. She always did, she always was there. How disappointed she'd be, though. First chance he had to be on his own and prove himself to her, make her even prouder, and he had messed up. She'd ask- no, demand he come home the second he was back in her arms. No way would Inko let something like this happen ever again. She loved her son way too much, which at the moment was more of a reason to cry about it than anything. He sat there for twenty minutes, quietly tearing up to himself until eventually, his eyes dried on their own and he couldn't cry anymore.

No, Deku finally decided. He pulled himself to his feet and swiped a hand across his wet cheeks. He was an adult now. Close to being one anyway. He had to do this on his own. The sooner he learned how to grow up and past this, the better. It might not be the first time it would happen, and he couldn't cry to his mother every time something bad happened. He needed to get stronger, for her and himself. 

Izuku heaved out a heavy breath of air, still shaky from crying. 

He went with his final plan, the only other thing he could think of: going off and buying them himself. 

It was late, but he knew a 24-hour convenience store about 30 minutes away from the school, 15 minutes if he ran. 

Izuku sniffled, only thinking it over another moment. He could do this. He had to.

His full cowl activated, and Izuku found himself dashing wildly out of the school, determination in his eyes.

Somewhere, in the back of his head, he knew it was going to be a long night.

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Izuku sat back against the wall, huffing out an exasperated breath. The heat and dryness of his mouth seemed to scorch the back of his throat irritably, and he had to swallow to keep from coughing at the action.

He currently was sitting in the back of an alleyway, just a few blocks down from the 24-hour convenience store he just had run from. He let himself calm down his breathing for several drawing minutes until the tightness in his chest alleviated itself. It was a quiet night, unusual for being a Friday. There were only a few passersby and barely any traffic as far as he could tell. Mostly drunk groups of friends, couples or families coming back from dining, and the occasional homeless person walking a shopping cart. This neighborhood, in particular, wasn't nearly as sketchy as some others, but Izuku still felt uneasy walking through it, especially at night and during his heat of all times. Speaking of which...

The green-haired teen slipped a hand into his shorts and pulled out the small bottle hidden under the elastic there. He felt bad- he never ended up grabbing money in his rush so by the time he'd found an open store (after checking out others), he realized he would have to steal it. Just to make himself feel a little better about it, he grabbed the tiniest, cheapest brand.

The other two customers in there and the beta cashier didn't even look at him when he left supposedly empty-handed. How they didn't smell the heat on him he didn't know.

He was still nervous about getting caught, which is why he ended up running a few streets away and tucking himself into an empty alleyway.

Izuku read over the label several times, having trouble thinking in his current state. When the words finally went through he checked the dosage and twisted the lid. It came off in ease with a satisfying pop. He picked out two of the small, pink tablets and plopped them in his mouth, swallowing them dry and gagging slightly when they brushed the back of his itchy dried throat.

With a sigh of relief, he stuffed the bottle into his hoodie pocket and pulled his knees up to his chest. The familiar good pinprick feeling he got near the starts of his heats was starting up, but he figured it would pass in an hour when the medicine kicked in. He could take it easy and walk back now. Everything was going to be okay.

Midoriya only let himself rest another few minutes, forcing himself up when the heat of his run started to seep away to the cold, crisp air. Even in summer, it had been known to get really chilly at night. The town wasn't far from the coast, so an unexpected see breeze sweeping over the city and fogging up the air wasn't that uncommon. Izuku began walking back the way he came, sticking to the darker side of the streets. He pulled his hoodie over his head and watch as his breath fogged up the air in front of him. He still didn't want to be seen. There was an off chance he'd get recognized even if it had been several months since the sports festival and it was this late.

Izuku's skin continued to burn at the slightest touch or rub of his clothes, making him groan. He sped up his pace, wishing the medicine would work its way into his system faster.

The boy had been walking nearly ten minutes before he realized he was being followed. He stopped to stretch for a minute, jumpy from his nerves flaring up. The sound of footsteps behind him abruptly stopping made him jump. His head swung around, glancing around his settings nervously. There was no one to be seen, save for a couple walking past him, an older man begging at the curb, and a younger woman sitting alone at a bench. His eyes stayed on the scene for a moment, before he relaxed and turned back around.

It was just his paranoid head on this late night, he was overreacting. In just 20 minutes or so he would be home, and this would all pass over as if nothing happened.

Another five minutes of walking and he stopped again to catch his breath from the speed walking. The footsteps matching his own stopped a second after his own. Izuku's blood seemed to freeze at the silence that suddenly engulfed him. The only audible thing was his own heartbeat ringing heavily in his ears. He swallowed again and started walking much faster. He gave it a few seconds, before quickly whipping around. Out of the corner of his eye, he swore he could see a figure dip back into the sharp shadows caused by the dull streetlamps. His heart seemed to drop.

He was being followed.

Without a second thought, Izuku broke into a run. His full cowl activated as if on instinct. The teen dashed wildly down the street, positive he could hear footsteps rapidly going after him. The anxiety he slowly had been accumulating beforehand seemed to amplify within seconds. He couldn't even hear his own steps. In fact, he could barely feel his heels colliding with the pavement as he took off. All that mattered was his rapid heartbeat and the footsteps gaining on him. He cried out as they suddenly seemed to be much closer, and catching up fairly quickly. He couldn't go any faster, he was at the end of his rope.

As the aggressor neared him, the scent of alpha hit his nose and tears began to well up in his eyes.

No, no, no...!

Maybe if he had waited a little longer before he took off his head would have been clearer and he wouldn't have been forced to make a choice.

As they neared, Izuku's eyes seemed to brighten in semi-relief. Ahead of him, a crossroads in street ahead came off. It divided into two separate paths. One of them seemed bright and lively, he could already see a few businesses' lights up and running and several people stationed outside of them. The other looked much emptier, and in the distance seemed dark.


Izuku made a bee-line for the more populated street. His pursuer didn't seem surprised whatsoever, and if anything sped up. He could feel the man only a few feet behind him now. He gasped too loudly when he felt a hand brush against his back for a millisecond. His scent filled the teen's nose and his senses felt overwhelmed by it. It got worse every second, he swore he might succumb to it any moment now...

The second his foot landed on the pavement of the street, Izuku sidestepped and started down the darker street with a new burst of speed. Wind whipped past his head as he narrowly avoided a hand reaching just where his neck would have been a second ago. The other person seemed unprepared for the movement, and he heard a hiss as their footsteps slowed down.

He didn't give them a chance to catch up and rushed with all the speed in his being down the street. After several seconds and about fifty feet later, he pressed himself into the nearest space between the tall buildings crowding the street. It was pitch black, making his breath catch and his body still. He waited a minute in silence until his lungs eventually screamed for oxygen and he had to force himself to open up. The teen gasped for air and dropped to his knees. He found himself hugging his body tightly. He struggled to breathe- wheeze, as the cold night air hit his burning desert off a throat. His breath came as a whistle entering and exiting his throat fairly quickly. A car passed by, illuminating his shuddering form for a moment and blinding him.

Izuku coughed several times when his breathing finally regulated. His nerves still felt like they were on fire from the brief contact with the unknown alpha, but he could feel them subtly easing down with the frigid air.

His legs felt wrecked from the chase and shook when he managed to bring himself up to his feet. He needed water desperately. He felt woozy, whether from the hormones, the strain on his body, r a combination of both he couldn't tell. Just enough to help clear his head would be fine.

He paced out of the dark crevice and back onto the streets. The majority of the lights were off, and in the distance, it looked much darker, save for a few street lamps, one of which flickered ominously. Izuku shivered and looked around. A store a little bit down the other side of the street looked open. He sighed in relief and made his way over.

Only two other people were out, covering the scene in an eerie silence. The teen did his best to not think about it.

The glass door to the store opened with a cheery jingle, and warm air immediately engulfed him. The door fell shut slowly behind him as Deku stepped in. A rosy-cheeked older woman threw him a puzzled look and quirked her eyebrow up.

"Hun, we're closing up. Didn't you see the opening hours sign?"

Deku stared at her for a moment, before it hit him. "Oh. Oh! Yeah, sorry. I was hoping I could run in and use your bathroom real fast."

She stared at him for a drawing moment looking unsure before she shrugged halfheartedly. She had a weird look on her face but continued anyway. "Uh...sure. Just be quick, I need to get home."

He nodded eagerly, shuffling his legs. She nodded in the direction of the bathrooms and he quickly thanked her.

He made quick work in the bathroom. The second he entered he was turning on the sink faucet and shoving his hands under the stream. Water droplets sprayed his face where they bounced off of the porcelain but he couldn't bring himself to care. He cupped his two hands together and brought them to his mouth, sipping the collected water. His throat initially persisted the liquid, stinging at the contact. After several gulps, it started to feel soothing, and his throat didn't feel nearly as flayed as it had before. He glanced up at his reflection and winced slightly. No wonder the woman seemed hesitant, he looked like a wreck. With his messy hair, pasty complexion, and dark circles.

He bit his cracked lip, drawing blood.

After splashing his face and wiping it down, he shut off the faucet and left, thanking the woman on the way out.

Izuku glanced around briefly. He should really be going back the way he came, but a small part of him still felt uneasy. He didn't want to run into that alpha again, or any other for that matter. For the most part, the area he was on was pretty unpopulated and if he traveled far enough, he figured he'd see a familiar landmark and be able to find his way back towards the school.

He eventually decided on it, and started heading further down the street and into the foreign neighborhood.



Izuku was exhausted.

He had been walking for 20 minutes now and had only ended up finding himself in an even more unfamiliar part of town. He was sure he'd at least be able to see the school from here, but with no such luck. His suppressants still had refused to kick in except only in cooling the heat of his body and the arousal somewhat, flaring his agitation up even more. The scent was still there, just not as obvious. His legs felt light and unusually sore. He was growing more tired by the minute.

He needed to stop, he finally decided with a grunt.

It had to have been 12 or something, as nearly every business he passed was closed until morning. He could hear the distant shouts and laughter of passing groups of people or the occasional car passing, but it was quiet for the most part. The current area was even sketchier than any other he'd been through this night, so he chose to keep to himself and refrain from asking any passing strangers. He was just waiting until he stumbled upon an open building, a shop or something, where he might be able to ask an uninfluenced person where exactly he was and rest for a while. He really wished he'd prepared more and brought his phone. Then he could at least get directions.

Izuku had nearly given up when a distant fluorescent light caught his attention.

Relief spread across his face and he sped up his walk. As he got closer, he saw a sign overhanging the door. It was along the side of a seemingly dull building. If you'd seen it from any other angle you would probably think it was abandoned. Yet warm lighting escaped through the bottom of the door. The name on the sign looked scratched out and old, the only decipherable word being 'Bar' scrawled in cursive. There were no other posters up with opening hours or any clue it was actually a business.

He considered going in, but he decided against it.

He didn't like the feel of this neighborhood and the building was a large question mark in itself. He'd keep looking.

Too bad he had lost his chance.

A hot unfamiliar scent rushed over him in seconds. His knees naturally weakened and he cried out in surprise. He had to grit his teeth as he nearly doubled over, body feeling even weaker. It was as if he'd never taken those damn suppressants, every cured symptom rushing back to him. He bit down on his tongue to keep from crying out again.

Several moments passed before Izuku could regain himself enough to look past his shoulder where the scent had come from. His whole body immediately tensed.

A hooded figure stood behind him, their features concealed by the shadows but very clearly looking at him like he was a piece of meat.

Could it be the alpha from earlier? No, this scent was different. It was alpha alright, but it was different, it almost hurt in a way.

His lip twitched and his paranoia screamed in his head, but his body was unwilling to move. All he could do was stare in fear at the hoodie.

"I thought I smelled a rat." A cracked voice said, malice and some other emotion clearly evident.

Somewhere in the back of his head, Midoriya remembered something All MIght had told him after his first heat. A forewarning.

"Now I wonder, what could everyone's favorite UA student be doing here? Especially this late at night." The voice tsked and shook their head, starting to walk towards him.

'Suppressants are the #1 choice in rejecting or lessening the effects of a heat, as I'm sure you're well aware. They 're generally over the counter and easy to get your hands on, with a 96% effective rate. That 4% of the time when it isn't effective? Ruts.' Midoriya had initially been confused. He couldn't remember having heard that before.

"What would he think of you being out here, that All Might? Do you think he's worried? Or maybe just annoyed?" The figure remained a few yards away but was still advancing at a steady pace. The scent grew more saturated. Izuku despised the way his groin began to stir.

"I don't get it," Midoriya had complained.

'Ruts. When a nearby alpha has entered a rut around or at the same time an omega enters a heat, it can cancel out the suppressants effects as the body produces more hormones to draw them in. This can happen almost as quickly as them entering the same room.'

"Imagine my surprise at finding Midoriya Izuku, wandering around in my territory. I almost couldn't believe it." The voice sounded eerily similar. If he could think at all he would have identified it in a second. His hairs stood on end just at the sound of him. The teen managed to stand up slightly and back away a few feet. His skin was on fire.

'Promise me, Midoriya. Promise me if you ever find yourself in that situation, you'll get out of there. We can't have something like that happening, ever again.'


'Promise me.'

'I promise.'

"Now imagine my surprise when I smell the reek of a heat, conveniently now. It was just too perfect to pass up, you know? You were practically begging for it." He was directly in front of him now. Close enough for his facial features to finally be recognizable, and close enough to make Izuku's heart drop in his chest.

He ran.

He managed to pull away from the willingness his body had succumbed to, almost regretfully. It was shortlived, however. He had initially hoped he'd make some distance, but a moment later he found himself at a dead end that the darkness had camouflaged. He tried to turn around but a body crashed into his sending him sprawling backwards. He jumped to his feet with lightning-fast reflexes, only to be spun around and pushed face first into the brick wall.

"Now where do you think you're going?"


"Get away from me!" Izuku managed to choke out. He felt like he was drowning in the scent of Shigaraki. It filled him and his body slowly slipped out of his control with every breath. In fact, the line separating his instinct and his reasoning was blurring. Part of him was aching for it, an ache he'd never felt before this. Shigaraki remained pressed flush against his back. His hands were grasping around for the green-haired boy's wrists until they managed to get a firm hold of them. He tried to struggle beneath the older boy but could do nothing as his hands were forced up and pinned above his head.

"Pretty little things like you should really take care in places like this, you know," Izuku shivered at the hot breath in his ear, heart beating wildly as the warm body pressed further up against him.

"You never know what might happen."

Deku gasped loudly, unable to hold it back as Shigaraki did the unexpected. He pressed a gentle kiss to the side of his throat, followed shortly by another. His dry lips were cracked and dry, but an unexpected warmth spread across through the teen's body at the light touches. He continued to pepper small kisses against his skin, only stopping to rest his chin on Deku's shoulder. He inhaled for a lengthy moment, only moving to breathe out into the fabric of his hoodie.

"You smell amazing." Shigaraki's voice came out as unusually soft.

"What are you doing?" He winced at his own voice, not meaning to whisper or sound so...meek.

The softness switched out as quickly as it came. One of the hands moved to restrain both of Izuku's hands, and the other pulled at his collar, exposing his shoulder. He kept his pointer finger lifted the entire time. Teeth came down on his skin before he could react. Izuku screamed at the movement, adrenaline pumping back into his blood. Shigaraki's teeth dug in deeper, definitely breaking the skin. Deku could only struggle and yell out as tears formed in the corner of his eyes and blood trickled down his shoulder.

The scream turned into a sob. He tried to hold it back, but he couldn't hide the choking sound his throat let out.

Shigaraki finally released to lick at the blood spilling from the wound. He moved to suck on it until it stopped leaking, sending a shiver down the boy's spine. He moved to another area and started to suck on that spot. Izuku felt so confused, his own body betraying with him with little tremors. He didn't know what to do anymore and that same persistent part of him cried for even more of the strange sensations he was completely foreign to.

Shigaraki's hand came up to his jaw, stroking it for a moment before turning it to the side sharply. Izuku tried to turn away but to no avail. He would have struggled more if he'd been given another moment to think.

Dried lips crashed onto his own, taking him by surprise. It was a long, drawn-out kiss that he felt himself melt into warmly. Teeth lightly scraped against his own before the older boy pulled away to huff out a breath. Deku breathed out heavily, a tightness coiling into his chest. The rest of his body felt lukewarm, the places touching Shigaraki heated up. Shigaraki's mouth met his again, this time much harder. It was longer and met with little resistance, which he didn't hesitate to take advantage of. Shigaraki bit down on his lower lip, drawing blood. Deku gasped on accident, giving him access. The man was on him in a heartbeat, pulling him into a deeper kiss. Shigaraki invaded Izuku's mouth. His tongue slipped inside and licked around hungrily. Izuku gave up nearly all resistance he had prior, giving into the new feelings overwhelming him.

The kiss was heating up fast. Shigaraki pulled away once to catch his breath before he dove back in. Deku met the kiss halfway, his arms having relaxed a while ago. Their teeth clashed instantaneously. His hand released Izuku from where he'd been pinned up. His arms dropped down to his side, giving Shigaraki a chance to wrap an arm around Izuku's chest and pull him closer. Izuku could fell the other's dick pressing against his leg, but he couldn't be bothered to care.

Shigaraki's other hand released itself from his jaw as he continued his assault on Izuku's mouth, occasionally nipping him. He wasn't sure kisses were supposed to have this much teeth, not that he was complaining. The man's hand slid beneath the boy's shirt, ghosting over his navel.

He pulled away to breathe again. Izuku was panting. His mouth slack with lips pink and littered in bruises. A line of spit connected their tongues as they both panted, meeting eyes. The older man held an unknown expression as he stared into his lidded eyes.

Shigaraki moved back down to his throat. He licked at the bite again, and then beside it before he started to suck and kiss the skin. The hand over the boy's navel was rubbing in small circles with three fingers, enticing little groans from him along with the kisses. The hand noticeably made its way down to his waistline. He tugged at the button until it gave in and undid itself. He shoved his hand down the front of the teen's pants and quickly made work of palming Izuku.

The teen arched into the touch with a loud cry that died down into a shaky whimper. He flushed, embarrassed with himself. He'd been pointedly trying to ignore the tenting in his pants as much possible, hoping Shigaraki wouldn't notice.

Of course, he would, it wasn't really that difficult.

"Look at that, you're already hard," Shigaraki teased. Deku could feel the corner of his lip twitch up into a smirk against his skin. He continued to palm him through his boxers, relishing the little noises that escaped Izuku's mouth when he tried to hold them back. It wasn't long before the front of his boxers were wet from pre-cum. Shigaraki's own hips were grinding against his ass, occasionally twitching with the movement. A minute passed before Shigaraki was slipping his hand fully down the boy's boxers.

Izuku cried even louder. Shigaraki's hand wrapped around his cock and started pumping it rapidly, not even bothering to ease him into it. It felt better than when Izuku would touch himself, probably because it was someone else this time. His hands flew up to the arm still holding tight onto his chest, holding onto it as if his life depended on it. He found himself humping into the hand on his dick, Shigaraki groaning every time his hips swung back and rubbed against the tent in his pants. The younger boy let out a string of moans and his hips sped up. He felt his climax approaching and the white-hot feeling in his gut grow.

Before he could, Shigaraki retracted his hand. Izuku whined at the loss and reached down for him, but Shigaraki was already pulling away. His hips stilled, leaving Izuku to twitch as he whimpered pathetically. Shigaraki cut off any complaint coming at him as he flipped the boy around so they were finally facing each other. He forcibly pulled the teen's shirt over his head and lazily tossed it to the side. His eyes swept over the revealed chest in front of him, eyeing all the muscle he had built up over the past year. Izuku stilled, the only part of him moving was his chest as he panted. Shigaraki looked down on him with observant eyes, fogged up with lust. The younger boy wanted to shrink under his gaze, he hated the way he felt under his eyes. He tried to catch draw his attention again with a soft whimper.

It worked. The man grunted before a smirk overtook his expression.

"You really want this, don't you?" The words slipped off his tongue in a teasing manner. Izuku could only whine in response. His hips bucked into Shigaraki's on impulse and he automatically arched at the friction.

In a second, the older man leaned forward to slip his hands under his thighs and hoist him up. Deku was initially surprised at the action until he felt his large hands slide up so he was holding the boy's hips firmly to his own. One of Shigaraki's hands disappeared for a second to pull at his own pants, pulling them down to expose the tenting in his boxers. The sudden shift in his weight made the teen jump and reach out. His arms wrapped around his shoulders, steadying him as the other reached back out to get a firm hold back on his hips.

Shigaraki sighed, rubbing his clothed dick against the curve of Izuku's groin. The moment he opened his mouth to whine again, the taller of the two thrusted his hips forward. Their erections rubbed and he threw his head back and groaned at the sensation. Shigaraki took it as a sign to continue and began speeding up the pace of his thrusts. Izuku tried holding back his moans by biting his lip, but he couldn't stop the muffled feeble noises he made in response.

Shigaraki suddenly lifted him up higher and bent his neck to leave a kiss above his left pic. He continued to pepper him with little kisses until he reached his nipple. He gave it a gentle flick with his tongue. The combined sensations made the boy noticeably shiver and tighten his grip. Grinning, the blue-haired man gave another more drawn-out lick, attempting to draw out- and succeeding in earning another noise from him. He latched on, sucking on the areola hard and occasionally flicking it with his tongue. His hips sped up as he rutted firmly against the boy's leaking dick. The repeated action had slowly caused his boxers to slip down, until they completely slipped under the head of his dick, revealing him. Shigaraki took the chance to shift all the boy's weight onto just one of his forearms. The other moved to his exposed dick and grabbed it at the base.

Izuku weakly attempted to thrust into it. Shigaraki's thrusts had slowed at that point, shifting to the side to rub against his hip bone.

He stopped sucking to spit on the other's dick, before he started to pump Izuku, rapidly getting straight into it just like before. All the while, returning to sucking on his nipple to elicit the most debauched moans the boy had probably ever made. He continued to pick up the pace, his large handing nearly covering his dick entirely. He moved to thumb the slit, smearing pre-cum across the tip. The two sensations quickly grew to be too much. A moment later, Izuku was clinging to Shigaraki desperately crying out. His dick twitched in Shigaraki's hand, squirting out a thick rope of cum directly into his palm.

The man rested his head on the younger one's shoulder, holding him as his body spasmed from the orgasm. He waited for the cum to cease as he collected it all in his palm and Midoriya began to still. He was still crying out near the end of it, gradually quieting down until he was just panting. His eyes were squeezed shut and his face flushed a subtle red.

Shigaraki continued to spread the boy's seed over his own dick, groaning into his shoulder as he started to jack himself off. A minute later, his hand sped up, until he was thrusting himself against Izuku's hip as he came with a shout. His orgasm lasted several moments longer, with much more seed. He spilled his cum across his stomach, some going as far as his chest. By the time he did finish, he was stuffing his dick back in his boxers and lowering the shorter of the two down.

He immediately dropped. He would have fallen straight to his knees had it not been for the other catching him.

Shigaraki moved down to lick the spilled semen from Izuku's navel and chest, and then his own hand. Izuku looked on with confusion and slight disgust as he started to finally come down from his orgasm. Shigaraki pulled him into a deep kiss, forcing his way into his mouth and making Izuku taste their mixed cum. He tried to pull away and gag, but Shigaraki forced his jaw still and continued to tongue him. When he did pull back, he held his jaw tight so he was forced to swallow it. Midoriya sputtered slightly, crinkling his nose.

Shigaraki grinned, making the other furrow his brows. His thumb moved to swipe some of the pale liquid where it dribbled at the corner of his mouth, and he licked it up making direct eye contact the whole time.

"We're not done yet." His voice broke the uneasy silence casually.


He squeaked out as the man hoisted him up for the second time that night. Shigaraki picked him up with little difficulty, holding him against his clothed chest. Izuku tried to kick and hit him, but he didn't falter for a second. He continued to carry the frantic teen towards the door of the bar. He pulled it open with zero resistance, Midoriya struggling and protesting all the while.

As they entered the warm room, Deku watched the door close behind him, evading the grasp of his fingers for it.

"Don't forget for a second, Midoriya. You begged for this."

Chapter Text

Izuku clenched his eyes shut as Shigaraki carried him inside, the door slamming behind them. Izuku held onto him, not even bothering to resist anymore. He buried his head in the man's shoulder and groaned through clenched teeth. As he came down from his high, all reasoning slowly began to seep back into him. The first thing he'd felt was regret. A string of 'No, no, no's!' screamed in his head. All Might was going to be so disappointed when- no, if he got back. He wasn't even sure he was going to be alive come tomorrow. For all he knew the villain was probably just as well going to dissolve him from the throat up when he was done with him. Even if he did let him leave he was going to show up reeking of heat, the alpha, and sex. If anyone recognized the alpha's scent he would be done for. The paranoia induced thoughts continued to increase his anxiety until he was literally shaking from it. He could already imagine Kacchan's disgusted face or the disappointed look Iida would be giving him.

He would have dwelled further on it had Shigaraki not interrupted his thoughts.

"Don't forget for a second, Midoriya. You begged for this."

Confusion filled his head before it quickly turned to anger.

"No! No, I didn't! Let me go!" He emphasized his demand as he started to squirm wildly. Tomura didn't seem to care, his grip only tightened further. He tried to activate his quirk, but it refused to do anything more than let a few sparks of green fizz off of his skin. The affects of the heat still had it mostly disabled- he was helpless.

"What was that, then? What did you think was going to happen, hmm? Please enlighten me as to what you were doing, at 1 AM, in the sketchiest neighborhood in this city, reeking of heat? Seemed to me like you were looking for a quick fuck."

Midoriya growled at that, immediately defensive.

"I'm not like that. I was..." The green-haired boy trailed off, looking away. He didn't want to bother telling him why he was there in the first place. He might ask about why he seemed like such a fledging to his second nature and Izuku wasn't sure he wouldn't just spout it out the second he got a little horny.

"You certainly seemed like 'that' a minute ago."

The teen flushed and moved to bury his head book in the crook of his throat, staying quiet. The scent of burning pine and ash filled his sense and a wave of euphoria rolled over Izuku. It had only been a minute and he felt something stirring in himself again. His body didn’t seem to want it to be over either.

"Look, I'm not shaming you. I could care less. You're not the first lost little omega to come strolling through here in need of a little assistance."

Izuku stilled at that. What was that supposed to mean?

"Anyways," Shigaraki hoisted him up a bit more so he could get a better grip, raising his hands up higher from where they held the back of his thighs. "I'm not complaining. Why would I? You come in on your heat during my rut, it's almost too perfect. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. Right?"

"I...I guess." Izuku murmured, briefly remembering All Might's warning. Before he could linger on it, a question rose from his throat. "How do I know you aren't going to kill me?"

"I don't fuck and kill." He said it as if it was almost casual. That scary edge to his voice was almost completely gone, but he could still hear the lust behind his words.

"...I'm supposed to trust that?"

"You don't really have a choice now, do you? What are you going to say? You were wandering out late at night here, barely suppressed and then I showed up. We had sex and then I calmly let you go so you could go cry about it to your precious All Might? Does that sound believable to you at all?"

Izuku flushed at how shameless the villain was. "No, but-"

"But what? Trust me. You obviously can't tell and I don't think you'd want to, with your hero complex and all. People might talk. And you can't escape. Take one step in the direction of that exit and you're gone. Remember?" He gave a quick squeeze to his thighs from where was holding them. Three of his nails dug dully into his skin, sending a whimper through the teen. He was starting to fall back into his heat.

"Besides, I don't think you want to."

Izuku flushed and groaned again. He was already hard despite it having only been a few minutes. It was probably a mix of the effects of the heat and his teenage libido. He could already feel Shigaraki's hard prick pressed against his inner thigh. He knew where this was going. Not that his body was necessarily against it. He could already feel himself heating up and that natural urge begin to take over. His small moment of reasoning was gone just as quickly as it came.

"What are you going to do?" It was a pathetic, quiet whisper. Deku wasn't even sure the man would hear it being whispered into his neck.

"You ask too many questions." Shigaraki huffed. Another door slammed shut and before he could react, his body was suddenly weightless. He cried out as he was tossed onto some sort of cushion effortlessly. It didn't as much hurt as it surprised him. In the time he had questioned the older boy, he was too distracted to notice him taking him to a room. He wasn't even sure they were in the bar anymore, the scent of alcohol gone completely.

Midoriya's eyes took a second to adjust to the dim lighting- and the only lighting- coming from a tableside lamp. Tomura had his back turned from him, where he was presumably locking the door by the sound of it. He took the chance to try calming his breathing and taking in his surroundings. He was- he was on a futon. It was a simple room- very minimalist by the looks of it. The frame of the bed was black, contrasting the entirely white sheets and grey blankets on it. The nightstand, a short coffee table and a bookshelf across the room matched the frame. The walls were cream and several paintings and taped-up photographs were placed over it. He tried to focus in on them but his foggy mind immediately denied the action. Another door lay parallel to the one they'd come in through, probably a closet.

"I think you already know."

Izuku made eye contact. Shigaraki's russet-colored spheres burned into his green ones, and Izuku immediately recognized the look. His eyes were partially lidded and cloudy with intent, something his body immediately seemed to respond to. His hair stood on end and his breathing quickened as if on instinct. The alpha's scent seemed to intensify with his gaze. It filled him. Izuku whimpered pathetically and flushed in embarrassment when he felt his body respond. He could feel slick trickle down his thighs and start to soak the bottom of his pants. It took several moments before he could force himself to avert his eyes in embarrassment. He had completely spaced that slick was even a thing.

Shigaraki noticed immediately. His lip curled into a grin and he huffed in amusement, making his way over to the teen.

"You to this. Are you a late bloomer or a virgin or something?"

Izuku flushed a deeper shade and buried his head into his arms. He shouldn’t be embarrassed about any of this- about being a late bloomer or a virgin- he was barely 16. He squirmed uncomfortably when he felt the slick continue to run down his leg.

"Probably both, then."

At that point, the older of the two was kneeling in front of Midoriya with a playful smirk plastered on his face. One of his hands grasped his wrist firmly, one finger raised to avoid decaying him. The teen shivered at the touch and gasped out when he tore his arm away from his face. He tried hiding his face in the nook of his elbow but Tomura grabbed his other wrist and pushed him back until he was laying down. He pinned his hands up above his head and positioned himself until he was between the boy's legs. Midoriya attempted to close his legs to hide the mess, but the blue-haired teen stopped him completely. He testingly rolled his hips into Izuku's, eliciting a poorly suppressed mewl-like groan from the hero.

"I don't know why you're being so shy? You clearly want this." Shigaraki drew out mockingly.

"N-no. Go away." His plea was shortlived as he found his hips grinding back almost against his will. Almost.


Tomura continued to press forward until his whole body was flush against Izuku's and his mouth found his once again. The green-haired teen grit his teeth and screwed his eyes shut in preparation for the harsh lovebites he felt coming. Instead, he was greeted with a gentle, almost loving kiss. It felt normal, no teeth scraping his chapped skin on his lip away and no tongue forcing its way in. His body seemed to melt right into the softness of it, only hesitating for a moment. He pulled back for a few seconds before he went back in for another, slightly firmer kiss. Izuku met it this time, mind foggy but feeling more at ease at the gentleness of the actions. He couldn't figure out why he was being so careful this time, not that he could ponder the question longer than a second. Without realizing it, one of Shigaraki's hands slowly released one of his own from where it was pinned past his head. Izuku barely noticed the way he moved his hand up, moving to rest a hand under the curve of the man's jawline. A finger stroked the peach fuzz there, as he unconsciously began to take over. The other allowed him to control the kisses, with no obvious motive behind the newfound submissiveness.

After a few more soft pecks, the heat pressed up against him reminded him dully of the growing dampness between his legs. Shigaraki's cock was already hard again and lightly grinding against the curve of his thigh, but he made no move to do anything about it. Izuku's own cock was already half-way there from just the little touches he'd been receiving, and aching for more. He was feeling touch-starved. That deep, primal part of the virgin boy was begging to be manhandled, to be filled up until he could fit no more and to be marked. He was so new and confused to this. He hadn't ever really imagined what it was like to be an omega, so needy and dependent. How just the smell of an alpha looking for an easy fuck was enough to have him leaking slick and secreting his scent like a dog in heat. He would have hated it if it didn't feel so good right now.

This was going way too slow for his liking. Izuku realized Tomura was waiting on him to make a move.

Nervously, he pressed another kiss to his mouth, harder than the ones before it. His teeth softly scraped his lower lip. Trying it again, he did it harder and found himself licking the corner of his mouth. Shigaraki made no move besides pressing back at the touch, a sign to continue. He did, licking and biting harder until he worked up enough will to try forcing himself in. The blue-haired man gave in with no resistance, the reigns fully in the hero’s hands. All the while, his hand rested on his jaw, grip firmer.

He attempted to follow the more experienced of the two's moves from earlier, tentatively licking around his mouth in small circular motions. He felt awkward and clumsy at it, being his first- err the second time now with little experience. He tried to work his way up, broadening his licks gradually. Tomura followed him, moving more just as he did. Their teeth clashed when they fully met. He let tet the younger in and in turn Izuku began to explore his mouth more thoroughly. He lapped at every nook and cranny he could find, focusing more on every soft spot Tomura would let out little groans at. He pulled away for air several times but came back less and less shy at every break. Of course, it was still sloppy, but he was getting better. Tomura found his attempts cute anyhow. The boy had managed to worm his other hand out of his grip and into his hair at one point, pausing before threading lithe fingers through it and grasping not-too-tightly. His chest was pushing against him, every part of him trying to arch into the body above like he'd die if he ever let go. He continually took over the kiss, deepening it at every chance. The whole time, Shigaraki's hips had been humping at his own, slowly building up speed. Izuku's occasionally attempted to grind back into the movement.

Shigaraki left Izuku to it for another minute. When he did decide to pull away, the boy had tried pushing back against his mouth, whining at the loss. He smirked at the neediness. His tongue peeked out to lap away at the combined spit that had collected on the corner of his mouth.

"You're.....getting there." He teased, laughing sharply at his own comment. Izuku tried not to let it bother him. His hips twitched up again, casually trying to remind the other of his worsening situation. He was positive his pants had soaked through with slick now, no doubt in it. The wetness only seemed to increase the heat boiling beneath his skin. Tomura took notice, grunting with a soft smile.

"So desperate to be touched. I guess I don't have a choice, then. I'll have to make you cry for more, huh?"

Midoriya swore he felt himself harden at the words.

Shigaraki took his flushed expression as a yes. Humming, he wrapped an arm around Midoriya's back and pulled them both upright, so the smaller was sitting in his lap and was still pressed up against his chest. The only big difference about the position change was that they were no longer eye to eye and he was seated directly over his hardened cock. Izuku ground against the member pressing into him, grunting at the friction. He jumped slightly as he felt a hand pull at his pants until they slid fully down the curve of his ass. Shigaraki made a mental note to take those off of him in a second.

"This is going to feel a little weird-"

The teen didn't have time to question it until he felt a digit pressed flush against his hole. Before he could push away, it circled and breached him in one swift motion. He cried out with a yelp and tried to stand. His body immediately tensed, his muscles straining to accommodate to the pressure that had so roughly and suddenly been forced onto him. One of the villain's hands immediately clamped down on his hip, four fingers digging in sharply. His index finger hesitated a breath away from his skin, reminding Izuku what would happen if he tried to get away. Begrudgingly, he attempted to settle down, swallowing the heavy lump in his throat. He tried to shift around on the foreign protrusion, but it felt extremely uncomfortable so he grit his teeth to still himself.

"Good boy." Tomura purred in his ear as he pushed it in further. Midoriya's hole was tight, obviously mostly new to the experience. The only reason his finger slid in as easily as it did was because of the thick substance that had been seeping from him. The worst part was that once he was in, his tight hole eagerly swallowed up the digit. His long, slender finger only ever moved out when he started to feel around the hot walls oh his ass gingerly. He was practically massaging him from the inside out. He was almost down to his third knuckle when he decided to push a second finger in. The boy cried, clenching around him again and making his hole even tighter. He had to bite his cheek to keep from yelling again, but a groan still grumbled out. The thought of his cock in that tight, wet heat made Shigaraki roll his hips up again, effectively shutting the boy up.

"Ease up. The more you clench the more it hurts."

The green-eyed hero paused at the instruction, but eventually followed it and tried to release his hold so Shigaraki could move further. Pleased, he slowly pulled the fingers out before he pushed back in. Izuku's eyes screwed up again, struggling not to tighten and hold at the almost painful feeling of the stretch. Well, it was more an awkward ache then painful, really. The fingers moved slowly at first, only massaging him further and drawing little circles on the heated flesh. Surprisingly, it subtly started to feel better. As the man continued to extend the reach of his fingers, Izuku loosened and felt his muscles relax. All of his pained grunts were quickly fading into soft groans of bliss. Izuku tried to hide them through biting his lip, but that seemed to only make the little sounds he was making come off as even worse. Shigaraki eventually had set himself at a slow but firm pace. He would draw back his fingers about two-thirds of the way before slamming back in, slowly gaining speed with the new movement. The teen's quiet groans had quickly turned into mewls at that point. His arms were wrapped around the taller teen's back, clinging to him like a little kid. He occasionally spread his fingers in a scissor-motion to stretch him even further, earning an even whinier cry every time he did it or sped up. The stretch that felt awkward just a moment ago had started feeling good, even. His hips were rocking back into the protrusions.

This was heaven in Izuku's clouded mind. Or at least he thought it was.

Then Tomura crooked his fingers in a particular direction. Izuku's eyes nearly popped out of his head.

His nails dug into the blue-haired man’s shirt as he scrambled around helplessly. Shigaraki nearly laughed at the choked noise he made.

"You really haven't ever done this before, have you?"

"God, stop stopstop-" He rushed out, breath coming down in the cutest little huffs, cheeks flushed. His pleas held no fire, so Tomura continued after giving him just a moment to take it in. 

"Just a little longer."

His fingers were immediately right back at rubbing little circles on his sweet spot. Izuku buried his face Tomura's shoulder as he bit his lower lip to hold back any noises. Instead, he gave up the neediest moans (though muffled) the man was sure he had probably ever made. His cries had turned into a mix of slightly pained, blissed out, and most of all, desperate. His cock was pressed against Shigaraki's navel, rutting against him like an animal. Shigaraki pretended not to notice.

He transitioned into twisting his fingers in and out of him as roughly as he could- he hit Izuku's prostate head-on every time. His cries only got louder at that, and more sped up. The boy stopped resisting entirely. He found his hips lifting up to push back down. He had known Midoriya had physically submitted to his urges a few minutes ago, but now any moral shred of decency and hesitation he had was gone completely. Shigaraki rested his hand and let the other lift himself to impale his hole on the fingers. Tomura only occasionally crooked them when he recklessly shifted positions in his rush. He let the boy play around for another minute.

When he felt him start to speed up and pant harder, he withdrew his fingers in a heartbeat. Izuku continued for several seconds before he realized he was empty again. He whined and attempted to grind against Tomura in some attempt to get even a little friction. When he failed to comply, he pulled away and looked up at him in confusion. His eyes were glossy like he was crying and lidded in an almost cute sort of way.

"You just can't get enough." Tomura murmured teasingly.

"Please, please! I was so close," Izuku whined again, still grinding on his lap. He could feel Shigaraki's dick pressing against him, yet he was acting like he didn't really care.

Which he did. A lot.

It was taking all of his will to act so laid back. The way the boy looked up at him through his girlishly long eyelashes, literally begging to be dicked down sent nothing but more blood straight to his cock. This was such a surreal situation. If someone had told him this would happen a month ago he would have laughed. He shouldn't be doing this at all. He wouldn't be. He'd been aggravated the last few days. Only a few days into his rut had proven to be just enough to send him sprawling at the smallest inconveniences. He didn't deal with his ruts. They usually consisted of him locking himself in his room until they passed over. He couldn't risk leaving and spreading his scent around. Sometimes Dabi might assist him or he'd get the chance to sneak out when it was late and he'd find some random omega to mess around with. He couldn't now, though. They needed him way too much, too much planning for him to take a break. An argument with Dabi resulted in Kurogiri telling him to go out to cool off. Next thing he knew, the scent of omega was hitting him. And then, heat. And then him.

There were so many risks he was taking, but the idea of being able to screw all his anger away was more than enough to convince his hazy mind.

Now all he wanted to do now was flip the omega over and fuck him until he screamed.

Which is exactly what he did.

"Fine." Shigaraki was fast in grasping his waist and throwing him down on his back and off of his lap. Izuku stated his confusion with a piercing shout. He glanced up, puzzled even further when he saw him move away. Then, hands were digging into his shoulders and flipping him around.

"Hey- what are you doing?" He struggled to look over his own shoulder at the man. Shigaraki was already unzipping his pants and shuffling them down his hips and off his legs.

"I don't want to ruin anything." He stated it as if it was obvious, as he pulled at Midoriya's own pants from where they bunched at his knees. "Stop asking questions you already know the answer to." The second he got the pants off of his legs he was scooting forward. He hesitated for a moment when he remembered his shirt was still on. He really shouldn't. He did anyway. He was far too gone to really care anymore, and the sweat soaking his back was starting to make his skin crawl. He pulled it up and over his head and tossed it somewhere to the side with the rest of their clothes.

Midoriya watched him the entire time. He was less frenzied than before, his heartbeat calmer and his senses returning. All he could really focus on right now, however, was the older teen. The moment his shirt disappeared Izuku was clenching his jaw. That was not what he expected. Shigaraki surprisingly had visible muscle. He was no pro wrestler, but he looked well enough like he actually put in effort. Izuku had always seen him as frail and lithe, sort of like All Might in his weaker state. Even if he'd proven before this that he was stronger than he looked, anyhow. Those baggy clothes never gave off a lot of implications. They didn't do him any justice. Small white scars littered odd parts of his torso but Izuku couldn't focus enough to dwell on it too long.

His eyes fell below his hips and widened.

"How- no, that's not gonna fit." He managed out in a split-second of reasoning in the midst of his heat.

Izuku made eye contact and looked away automatically in embarrassment. Shigaraki just gave a Chesire-esque grin. One of his arms tried to lift him as he quietly demanded, "Get on your hands and knees."

Izuku didn't argue and did exactly what he was told. He was past arguing anymore. He couldn't exactly tell if the grunt the man produced was because he was pleased with the obedience or disappointed he didn't fight him on it. When he felt a finger run along the cleft of his ass his body quickly pushed back into the touch, chasing the pleasure from just a minute ago. Shigaraki let out a sharp laugh at that. Izuku flushed in embarrassment, even harder when the head of his thumb teasingly pushed into him and he unconsciously whined.

"It's not as loose as I'd prefer, but it should do..." Shigaraki hummed to himself. He removed his thumb and aligned Izuku's hips with his own. Izuku closes his eyes and grit his teeth in preparation. He hated the anxiety coursing through his veins like wildfire, but hated the fact that his body was practically screaming for this even more.

He only felt Tomura press the crown of his dick against him for a split second before his hips were slamming forward. Midoriya immediately fell forward in a breathless scream. All he could feel was his hole struggle to stretch with the intrusion and the painful sensation following it. Shigaraki had completely bottomed out. The slick and his orgasm from earlier combined with the quick prep was just enough for Shigaraki to slide in all the way with little resistance. He buried his face in the silky sheets below him to muffle to cries collecting in his throat. He could barely ground himself. Shigaraki, on the other hand, released a pent-up sigh of satisfaction. His thumbs lazily massaged his hips bones as he continued to slowly rock his hips. Izuku had screwed his eyes shut, and was trying to regulate his breathing. His eyes were wet with suppressed tears from what he could only describe as a burn. The pain subsided gradually, but he still felt overwhelmed. The feeling of being full for the first time washed a strange feeling - though not completely unpleasant- over his whole body, something that made him shift uneasily.

Shigaraki took the subtle movements as a sign to continue further. He pulled back about halfway before slamming in again. He set a slow and methodical pace, either kind enough to let the boy adjust or just trying to make this last for his own benefit. Izuku didn't really know. The pain ebbed away with every thrust and blossomed into that same feeling from earlier. The second he felt it he involuntarily pushed back to meet Shigaraki's hips.

"God, you have no idea how long I've wanted this. How much I've needed this- fuck, you're tight-" Shigaraki managed out between huffs.

Shigaraki's hips were snapping forward at a faster pace, every noise the omega made only encouraging him further. Izuku himself was heaving out soft, pleasured little pants. One of Shigaraki's hands buried itself in his mop of hair making him momentarily panic. The moment was gone the second he felt only 4 fingers and he immediately was pulled back into his previous blissed-out state. Tomura used the grip he had on his hair to pull sharply, evoking a yelp from the hero. Izuku couldn't find it in himself to mind the pain of it. All he cared about was the feeling growing every time the alpha sped up, even a little bit. Shigaraki came to reach a point where he pulled nearly all the way out before snapping back in relentlessly. Izuku groaned loudly at the action. His arms gave out and he fell forward clumsily. The hand tangled in his hair pushed his head down into the covers below them, muffling Izuku's loud moans while the other held him tight in place. At the slight change in positions, the cock sliding in and out of his walls brushed his prostate. The cry the teen produced made Shigaraki grit his teeth over his own pants.

Shigaraki teasingly changed his angle and resumed thrusting. He rubbed against the bundle of nerves with every thrust. He absolutely reveled in the new wails Izuku made. Tears were brimming in the teen’s eyes again, but not for the wrong reason. His thighs were trembling and his hands were clawing tightly at the stained sheets, clasping harder every time his sweet spot was hit.

Somewhere in the storm of it all, he managed out Midoriya's mangled rambling.

"Ahh, fuck, m-more-"

Tomura rewarded the plea with another hard thrust against his prostate.

"You want more?"

Izuku only whined in response, pushing back in time with the thrusts.

Shigaraki hummed at that. In a heartbeat, he drew to a full stop and pulled out completely. He almost purred at the sight of Izuku’s abused hole trying to clench around something, anything. The pained expression on the omega's face was worth it, even if his dick was achingly hard and his senses were paining with the need to come. Tears fully streamed down Midoriya's face, glassy eyes looking back in confusion. Shigaraki's heart was racing.

The hero didn't complain, though. Shigaraki's needs easily overpowered the sadistic thrill he was getting out of this, and in a moment he was rolling the student onto his back and lifting him onto his lap. He immediately melted into the villain's warmth and was grasping onto him tightly. As cute as it was, he had to growl so Izuku would loosen his grip on his shoulders. When his grip released, he promptly lifted Izuku's hips again and adjusting him over his leaking cock. It took Izuku a second to comprehend the situation, but once it snapped he was steadying himself. His hands held onto Shigaraki's shoulders with a steady grip, and he slowly eased himself down on it. The sight of the boy biting his lip as he carefully sank down made Shigaraki's cock throb needily. Izuku noticed as given by the quick breath he sucked in. Shigaraki released a groan once his cock had completely disappeared inside of Izuku’s hole

Izuku didn't bother trying to get used to it. He immediately pulled himself up using his hold on the older man’s shoulders until he was all the way at the tip. His ass dropped down, completely swallowing Shigaraki. Izuku tossed his head back with a loud groan, feeling fuller than he had all night. The teen didn't relish it for long. He set himself up at a fast pace, occasionally swiveling his hips so that every thrust massaged his prostate. Pretty soon, he was back to being a moaning mess, his head thrown back and mouth open in a constant stream of inaudible pleas. Shigaraki had a similar look on his face. His pants were increasing with every move and his fingernails dug into the skin over the boy's hips, definitely breaking the skin, not that either of them noticed.

"Shit, you feel good-" Shigaraki rumbled. "You look so hot right now, moaning on my dick like that. I don't know how you haven't been fucked before with a face like that." Izuku only groaned, the words barely reaching him.

Shigaraki's grip suddenly tightened, pressing hard enough to bruise as he took the reigns. He pulled Midoriya's hips down on his own at a relentless and brutal pace, moaning out below the boy. Midoriya arched his back almost painfully, keening in the most debauched way Tomura had heard all night. His thrusts grew rougher and shallower as he approached the edge. He was so close and he could feel his knot growing. Just a few more seconds and he could pull back. Just a little more...

Izuku unexpectedly tightened around his cock, pulling him completely in. Shigaraki blanked for a moment. A moment too long.

A flushed Izuku with his head thrown back, tear-stained eyes rolling to the back of his head, mouth open in a soundless scream had Shigaraki biting his lip hard enough for the skin to break. Hot come spilling from his twitching cock painted both of their navels in thick sheets. His thighs quivered at his sides from the orgasm racking his lithe shape. He looked absolutely wrecked.

The sight and tightness around his cock was more than enough to pull Shigaraki over the edge with a startled shout. His orgasm hit him harder than he thought possible as his knot swelled up and somehow managed past Izuku's impossibly tight hole. Shigaraki's eyes clenched shut as he arched up into the listless body on his lap. His dick twitched inside the hero’s hole, filling him. 

Izuku was on cloud nine. He collapsed against Shigaraki's chest with a broken cry. He could feel Shigaraki completely filling and stretching him more than he had been all night, but he was too dazed out to dwell on it right now. Shigaraki's arms wrapped around him unexpectedly in a vice-like hug. The older teen grounded in deeper with a cry, riding out his orgasm until the end. He was still coming, by now having filled up Izuku’s ass to the brim and even further. That part caught his attention at least.

As Izuku came off the high of his orgasm, he grew distantly aware of the intense stretch inside him. His eyes fluttered halfway open in mild confusion, breath still coming in hot pants. His hands fumbled around for his belly warily. He felt almost bloated in a way. He felt around at his distended stomach for a moment, before he tried pulling away. He was immediately met with a sharp aching from his hole. Shigaraki growled, holding him still. 

"Don't move, it'll hurt."

Midoriya blinked a few times, before resting back on the villain's chest. He suddenly felt too drained and blissed out to really care right now. Exhaustion hit him and within seconds, his eyes fell closed again. 

Shigaraki watched him as he came down. One of his hands moved to rest in the boy's hair, running through it softly. As his senses returned, regret hit him almost immediately. He had knotted Izuku.

He tried not to think about it. It could wait until morning.

Ideally, Shigaraki would have just passed out inside Izuku, but he needed to clean up. He waited for his knot to come down enough for him to pull out without hurting either of them. It took a few minutes, in which he rolled over so the teen would be laying on the futon. When it did, he pushed himself up on wobbly legs and took in the scene below. The student and apprentice he loathed, passed out and covered in his own cum. Shigaraki’s seed was oozing out of his sloppy hole in a steady stream. His cock twitched at the sight and Shigaraki briefly considered going at it again, fucking his cum back into Izuku’s right ass and adding more to it so that he was full.

Shigaraki’s eye twitched. He could kill him right now. 

Something Sensei had told him months ago briefly flashed into his head, and he shook the thought off. Not now.

He threw on whatever baggy clothes he had around, before he stumbled into the bathroom upstairs. The bar had been empty when he had arrived with Izuku, and luckily, it was still empty. Kurogiri and Dabi must have left sometime after he had. Not that he would have particularly cared if they had heard him fucking the teen’s brains out.

Grabbing several damp washcloths, Shigaraki quickly returned to his room. and kneeled to clean up the mess. He wiped the drying cum off of his own chest first, before getting the teen and cleaning out as much of his hole as he could. When he was done, he tossed the clothes into the corner lazily and slumped back down on the bed, a million thoughts racing through his head. 

Shigaraki glanced down at Midoriya's sleeping form. The boy was fast asleep, face drawn up and mouth openly drooling in an almost cute expression. Hatred filled his mind immediately. Shigaraki harrumphed and left the room. He was exhausted but it would most likely be a restless night. He headed into the bar, until he was sitting back on a bar stool with a drink idly in his hand. Just like before this night started. 

Everything could wait until morning.

Chapter Text

Izuku had found himself waking up the next morning, completely confused at first. When his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting surrounding him, he immediately recognized the familiar setting of his dorm room. His clothes were haphazardly strewn in the same places, sheets still a mess exactly as they'd been the night before. He rubbed his eyes in thought, taking everything in. His room was oddly warm, no indicator of the searing heat of last night.

Oh. Heat.

Last night's events immediately unfolded in his mind. Running through the streets, desperate to get home. The scent hitting him before he'd even seen Shigaraki. The light touches melting into his skin, every kiss rough enough to leave a mark. His hands on his hip, that stretch. Despite the haziness of his memory, everything came back to him. Izuku was hit with a wave of regret. His lip twitched into a grimace and his hands moved to cover his mouth at the sick feeling twisting in his gut. Part of him hoped it was a dream. Some sick, twisted dream, but nothing more than that. He was in his dorm, right? As far as he knew, none of the villains could access the school campus, even Kurogiri with the new tech in place. If they had managed to get in, some sort of alarm would have gone off by now. And his clothes were clean. That's right. This had to be a dream. Doubt still hung in the back of his mind, but he tried to push it away.

A subtle sting in the back of his throat pulled Izuku out of his cluttered thinking. His throat was irritably hot and dry, and his head felt light. He moved to get up out of his small twin-sized bed, only to immediately cry out and fall to the ground. His knees gave out with little resistance. A not-so-dull ache consumed him from the lower back down, most notably his ass. He was initially confused before he had to remind himself why. Izuku was positive this couldn't be a dream now.

It took him several moments to get up. His legs shook as he managed to pull himself to his feet using his dresser as a support. After he steadied himself enough to walk- drag his feet- he made his way over the window and pulled back the dark curtains obstructing the light. The second it flew open he was temporarily blinded by the harsh light. Warm light immediately flooded the room, painting the walls in a series of bright yellow-whites. Izuku rubbed at his eyes warily and looked around his room. He briefly considered going to his dorm block's shared bathroom, but immediately rejected the idea. Instead, he rifled around in his dresser for the hand mirror he remembered his mom giving to him before he started living there. His hand clasped around the handle of the mirror and he sat back on his heels as he pulled it up to his face.

Midoriya scowled. His hair was a literal bird's nest at this rate, messy curls tangled and clumping. He tried running a hand through it, hissing when it caught on his fingers. His eyes still had bags and were red-rimmed as if he'd been crying. Light hickeys and bruised trailed from his mouth to his adam's apple. He unconsciously reached up a hand to feel around the marks.

Alright, so going outside was out of the question. He missed all his morning classes by the looks of it, he might as well stay inside the rest of the day. Izuku briefly remembered Recovery Girl's advice from the day before.

He ended up calling in sick and staying in his dorm for the next few days. His heat ended abruptly, only lasting a few hours after he woke up. The rest of the time he spent recovering from the night. After a few days, he was right back in class as if nothing had happened. When he returned, Iida and Uraraka voiced their concern and relief over him, and Kaminari gave him an odd look, but otherwise, everything was fine. He tried to push the memories away and not dwell on them too long. He would keep that night a secret until he died if we could.

Several weeks passed after the incident. Everything almost returned to normal. Almost.


Izuku cried out loudly as his body tensed again. His stomach felt like it was twisting itself into knots at each wave of nausea that hit him. His mouth opened again in a wordless scream as he dry-heaved for the second time that day. Nothing came out save for the spit trickling down his chin and the choking sounds he made as he struggled to breathe through it. His body convulsed with each gag until it finally settled a minute later. Izuku fell back into a sitting position as he gasped for breath. All he could taste was bile and salt in his mouth, proving to make his stomach tighten even further. His stomach gargled slightly, making him wrinkle his nose.

He hadn't even eaten today. He'd been trying not to. Something was wrong but he couldn't tell what for the life of him. This had been his reality for a whole week. At first, he thought it was a genuine virus he'd caught, with all the nausea and lightheadedness and cramping overwhelming him. He was hoping somehow it would get better and go away, and he could pretend it wasn't coming off as what it sounded. He guessed he was having another heat. It was about that time again.

"Hey! Are you okay in there?" Iida voiced his worries from behind the stall door. He'd initially gone with the other boy when he nearly vomited during class and had waited for him the entire time. "It seems like you've caught a virus of some sort."

"Yeah, I know. Just give me a moment."

Midoriya released a pent-up sigh and leaned back against the door. One hand lazily rest on his navel, feeling the muscles there through the fabric of his school uniform. After his body gave no signs of retching again, he pulled himself to his feet and pushed the stall door open. Iida caught him with a strong grip as he staggered out, nearly tripping.

"Midoriya, be careful," Iida's hissed as his dark grey-blue eyes focused on Izuku's wavering green ones in worry. The shorter blinked several times before steadying himself.

"I'm fine. I've just been feeling a little off the last few days. I'm probably getting sick." He tried offering a half-smile to ease the older boy. Iida only lowered his brow further.

"No. We should go see Recovery Girl."

"What? No, it's fine." Izuku shoved past him, feeling guilty immediately at how hostile it came off as. He walked over to the row of sinks in the bathroom and started to rinse out the rancid taste in his mouth. He didn't feel like he would, but he knew the taste of bile resting in the back of his throat would be enough to send him heaving again. He really wished he could brush the taste out of his mouth right now. No matter how much rinsing he did, he could still feel it lingering around his mouth.

Tenya was still watching him with his signature stern look. The only other emotion on his face was the tender worrying in his eyes, something specific to only Izuku and Ochako oddly enough. He didn't speak until Izuku was done wiping his mouth.

"Midoriya, please. She's the school nurse for a reason. She'll have you better in no time."

Izuku looked away, snorting to himself. She couldn't fix this. Still, he felt bad Iida was worrying this much over him. He didn't understand, which wasn't really his fault. It wasn't like Izuku wasn't going to go. He'd been planning on doing so by himself after school let out. He just hadn't managed to push through until then. "I guess. I just...I think I know what's going on. It's just a little...embarrassing." He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck as his eyes met the other teen again. Iida took a moment to stare at him before he abruptly nodded.

"I understand. You don't have to tell me unless you think I can help somehow."

The green-haired boy smiled softly at that. "It's fine. You can't really fix this for me but that's okay, I trust you enough." His voice wavered slightly as he continued. "I think I'm getting my heat early."

Iida didn't look nearly as surprised as he had anticipated. In fact, he just nodded knowingly. "That was my second guess. I just didn't want to embarrass you or cross a line by mentioning it."

Izuku blanked for a second, expecting...something else. A sudden thought came up, and he came back to, grimacing and looking away. "Is it that obvious?"

"Oh, no, no. Not as far as I can tell anyway. Even if you're about to start, you don't smell like it at all." Iida offered a comforting smile. His hand rested on the shorter teen's shoulder, making him jump slightly."The health of your sex is nothing to be ashamed over. It's going to be fine, I'm sure of it. You really should see about getting that checked out, though, Midoriya." His hand squeezed his shoulder softly, before dropping back down to his side.

Trust Iida to say something like that. He always seemed to have some sort of motivational line stored away for every occasion. Izuku, smiled again, thankful. "Yeah, I guess, you're right." He went to say something else, but the school bell rang loudly, signaling the end of their morning class and the beginning of lunch. Tenya looked up for a moment and then back down at Izuku, a strange look on his face before he shook it off. "Should we be going, then."

"Yeah." Izuku hummed, nodding.

They exited the bathroom together and started out towards the third floor where the nurse's office was located. They kept small talk up, but for the most part, they were silent as they walked. In the distance, the general studies classroom opened and the sounds of cheery laughter and talk echoed throughout the hallway. It drowned out into the general buzz of movement as the whole of the classes began collecting together in the main hallway for lunch. He half-wished he could be joining them, but he already guessed the second food hit his mouth he'd been hunched over a toilet again. Izuku was halfway lost in thought, still going over his talk with Iida. He really couldn't help but feel it was obvious now. He seemed to pick it out right away, which may be on behalf of the teen's uncanny ability to easily read people, but still. It would explain the weird looks Kirishima had been giving him often. Bakugou too, but to be fair the boy was always scowling.

When they got to the nurse's office, Izuku insisted Tenya go back on his own and get lunch. He respected his wishes luckily enough, even if he obviously didn't want to. Deku thanked him for helping him out and waved him off, watching the taller boy until he disappeared around the corner.

Turning back to the door, he heaved an anxious sigh. He had to give it a second before he was knocking and testing the handle. When it opened with no resistance, Izuku pushed inside and let the door fall behind him with a satisfying click.

Recovery Girl didn't even glance up from where she sat at her computer, busily typing away. "Again, Midoriya? This is the fourth time in the last month and a half." Her tone was very orderly, though the hint of humor in her voice was evident enough for him to crack a sheepish grin. He spoke up, fingers fumbling nervously.

"Are you busy?"

"No, I'm almost done here. Just sit yourself down and I'll get to you in just a second. You don't sound too injured to wait a little." She spoke in a singsong voice that immediately brought a smile to his face. He wandered over to the examination table and took a seat. His legs kicked as he waited for her, listening in to the messy clacking of the keyboard as she finished up her work. A few minutes droned on by as he studied the room and the various health posters scattered along the walls. She turned from her computer and rolled her chair closer to him, pushing up her glasses.

"So, what's the problem this time?" She sounded ready for just about anything he sprung on her, definitely more than used it through her years as a nurse at the academy.

"I think it's the same problem I had last time."

"Ah, an early heat? As expected." Recovery Girl moved to grab a clipboard and pen, scrawling something down hastily. Her small hand pushed back a strand of greying hair as she nodded at him."Okay, just go ahead and give a basic run through of your symptoms and when you started noticing them. Just in case, sometimes it can be something else entirely and I don't want to misdiagnose."

Izuku nodded. He took a breath, giving himself a moment to gather up all his thoughts so he wouldn't jumble over them. "So...I think a week ago or around then, I started getting really lightheaded during school. At first, it was just in the afternoons but it's moved on to random times of the day or even in the middle of the night along with nausea and cramping. I'll be fine but suddenly I get really nauseated and need to puke. It still happens even when I don't eat, I just do it and nothing comes out. I thought I was just overworking myself but then I...I started bleeding."

Recovery Girl occasionally scribbled down something as he spoke, completely calm and controlled despite his nervous fidgeting. When she finished, she studied him for a second before continuing.


"Y-yeah...I noticed at first when I went to go shower and I saw it...and then later when I used the bathroom." Izuku looked away as he trailed off. There was an awkward pause before she finally moved to write it down along with another note. Izuku played with his hands as he waited for her to finish up.

"Okay, so normally if it was another heat, it would have nearly the exact same symptoms. You're missing a few and have several new ones, and if it is the case, the heat's coming even faster than the ones before which is very uncommon for those new to it. They usually slowly space out. This means you could be getting a virus even, but I won't rule it out." Izuku tried to calm his nerves and focus as she explained it to him. Another question came up in his head, but she answered it before he could even ask. "Professionally though, I'm going to say otherwise it sounds an awful lot like the stomach flu, or even kidney stone or several. Bleeding isn't uncommon with that as they can block urinary tracts and such, and both typically cause fatigue, nausea, and cramping."

Midoriya's eyes brightened- making the nurse snort - and he breathed out in relief. He was possibly the only person she'd seen this happy at hearing they might have a kidney stone or be getting sick. She gave him a second to let it sink in.

"When was the last time you ate?"

"Yesterday for lunch, I think. I just haven't been able to keep anything down so I stopped in the hopes it would go away." Izuku guiltily looked down, though he still had a subtle smile from the news. She tsked at him in disapproval, before going on.

"If you'd like, I can do a physical exam to determine if stomach flu is the case, and we could have a diagnosis or at least an idea of what's going on for you in the next 30 minutes. Does that sound okay?"

It wasn't even a question, really. Izuku was immediately nodding his head before she even finished speaking."Yes, that sounds fine. The sooner I have this fixed, the better."

Recovery Girl gave a brisk smile at his excitement. She turned back to the computer and pulled up a program, scrolling through until she had a page of some sort pulled up on it. She entered in several lines into a few blank areas, before she turned back to him. "Alright, so are you taking any medication regularly at the moment?"

"Just the heat suppressants and scent blockers you gave me last time."

The exam continued for the next twenty minutes, mainly consisting of a few questions about his overall life at home and school, a vitals check-up, and then the actual physical part. She measured and weighed him, to find he gained a little weight oddly enough (he threw it off as muscle). She did a quick test of his reflexes and felt around his torso for any abnormalities or soreness. Finally, he was given a urine test. He came back a few minutes later a little embarrassed, but she took it without any qualms.

He sat back down again as she turned her back to him and pulled out a small, plastic stick. She continued to do something he couldn't see from his position, and finally turned and sat back down. "Just give it two minutes and we should have your results up. So far you haven't shown many signs of a heat coming. I think it's safe to say it's regulating itself now."

Izuku nodded in relief, gracious. By the time it came around to test it, she pulled it out along with a chart with several different colors on it. Izuku watched her earnestly, trying to somehow guess what it all meant. She seemed to go over it several times. "Everything looks fine but..."


Her sunny disposition faltered into something more serious. Midoriya's heart dropped at that. He was filled with a strange feeling. Something bad was going on, he just knew it. He shuffled nervously under the sudden drop in atmosphere of the room. She remained still for a moment, a calculating gaze set in stone.

"It detected hCG. There's a chance it's some antibody or mistake but that's a very low chance. The most common reason is pregnancy. Midoriya, are you sexually active?"

Midoriya's heart dropped. Just like that, everything around him collapsed into nothingness. The realization had suddenly hit him with no warning. Or maybe there had been a warning. A warning when he first stepped into that alleyway that he chose to ignore. A warning when he could have fought back and ran. Shigaraki of all people had warned him. "Pretty little things like you should really take care in places like this, you know," The villain's words echoed in his head dully. He'd let himself freeze over it. He had liked it. Izuku didn't know how he hadn't thought of it when it suddenly felt so obvious. No, no, no. It was wrong. It had to be. He'd been careful. He tried to at least. It would have already shown, right? Right. The little voice in the back of his head screamed louder. Fear. Recovery Girl watched as his eyes focused and unfocused on the ground in front of him. He was visibly shaking at that point. It was all the answer she needed. 

"How long have you been sexually active?"

Her words fell on deaf ears. He mumbled out in a low voice, eyes darting around precariously. 

"That's not possible. I'm a good kid, that can't happen. It can't." He sounded more like he was reassuring himself if anything. It was still enough to send an ache to her heart though. 

"Midoriya, try to stay calm, please. You didn't do anything wrong, and I don't doubt for a second that you didn't intend for this if it is the case. But I need you to answer my questions and stay as collected as you can so we can figure out what's going on. Just do yourself a favor and take a deep breath, okay?'

The plea took several seconds to register in the teen's brain, but when it did he tried to obey. The breath he took was shaky and she could hear how close he was to crying. It helped in calming him slightly, at least. He spoke up in an almost demanding voice, surprising her slightly. "It's wrong. I'm not, I can't be."

"It might be. But I need to know first. How long have you been sexually active?" 

Midoriya made eye contact. His eyes were devoid of anything but agony at the question as he stared her down like he was silently pleading for her to say this was some sort of sick joke. He didn't seem like he was going to answer, so she moved to repeat herself. The same low voice from a moment before answered finally. "Almost 2 months."

"Now, do you remember when the last time you had sex was?"

"Almost two months ago." Izuku was looking down again, hands fidgeting.

"Was that around or during the time of your heat? Or before or after?"

"During. The night you had prescribed me the suppressants."

She nodded in understanding. It was starting to make a little more sense now. "Is the father a student?"

He was a little too quick at shaking his head with that. The somber look he had quickly turned into a grimace. "No, he's not." He seemed to wince at something unknown to her, but left his answer at that. 

"Do you know who it is?"

Izuku remained quiet. She decided to push him about it later. 

"Okay, so you have two options right now if you still doubt it. You can take a blood test in 5 minutes and go home, call it a day. Your results will come back in a few days and we can continue from there. Or we can do an ultrasound right now and be done with it in 20-30 minutes give or take. Both of them should accurately confirm if you are pregnant and give an idea of how far along you are if it is the case. It all just depends on what you feel up to right now. I just really recommend doing either of those today. The sooner, the better."

 He only took a second to ponder it before he was responding, "Ultrasound." All he wanted to do right now was go home and bawl his eyes out until he fell asleep. He was drained. He felt like he needed at least a whole week of just sleep to compensate. But he knew he wouldn't be able to stand the anxiety gnawing on him for the results while he waited. That would be way too much. Maybe, it would all be wrong and he could do just what he wanted, and sleep off the little scare.

She told Midoriya to wait while she set the machine up, moving to a closet to get it. The appointment had quickly gone from being nearly exciting in a sense to just nerve-racking. She came back, dragging with her a monitor of some sort and several console-like devices he couldn't recognize or probably even name. She set them up on her rolling cart and moved it alongside the examination table.

"Sorry," She murmured softly as she started plugging it in. "It's been a bit of a while. Anytime I've had a student in need of one these they're usually very injured and they go to a hospital instead. Better equipment there, but this does its job well enough." Izuku watched her set up with an anxious expression, as she typed into the keyboard attached to it, It took a minute, but soon it was up and starting. She breathed out in triumph and turned to her main desk. The nurse pulled open a drawer and rummaged through it until her hands finally came across a small tube. Closing the drawer with her hip, she returned and put on a new pair of gloves.

"You can go ahead and take off your shirt and lie back now. I'm going to apply a little gel so we can get a clear image."

Deku nodded solemnly and followed her command. He unbuttoned the blazer part of the uniform and tugged around at his tie until it undid itself. He finally pulled the undershirt over his head and grabbing the mass of clothes, dropped them by the side of the examination table that the ultrasound wasn't near. Recovery Girl allowed him to get into a comfortable position on his back until he stopped fidgeting. "Careful, it's a little cold." She squeezed the tube until a good-sized dollop of the clear goo was situated on his upper navel. Izuku shivered at it, even more so when she began to spread it with one of the pieces of the machine and apply it over the area beneath his belly button. As it was evenly distributed, she pressed the transducer further against his skin and began to move it around. They both stared at the screen while they waited until a sudden black-and-white image popped up on the monitor. Deku could hear his heart beating faster, along with some other ringing noise that had set a dull ache in the back of his head.

Midoriya looked at it, puzzled by the random shapes he was seeing, trying to make out something in the white lines and the general fuzziness. "I can't see anything."

"Yes. Again, older equipment, but an ultrasound is really just sound waves we can turn into an image, which is why it looks a little odd. Also, you keep shaking. Go ahead and take a deep breath for me, and slowly let it out. I know you're scared, just try and stay still for a moment."

Izuku did as he was told and took a large breath. He held it as he forced his body to still, eyes still fixating on the screen. The image shifted as he did but overall just 'focused a little more. Recovery Girl stayed on it for a few more seconds, before she started to move the transducer over the area, searching for something. It was mostly odd formations in the same black and white as she looked around. He calmed slightly. Maybe it really was nothing but a false-positive after all. 

She suddenly put it at a different angle and shifted it over. A black shape came into a view. A tiny grey-white blob rest in the corner of it. The way she stilled over it and studied the screen made his heart sank.

"Do you see anything?" Was the first thing Izuku managed out despite the obvious answer.

"I'm sorry, Midoriya." Her mouth turned into a soft frown and her eyes fell on him with a sense of pity. "You appear to be 7-8 weeks pregnant."

The nervousness he felt quickly seeped into a much harsher anxiety. Wetness crept into and started to collect in the corner of his eyes. He had to bite his cheek to keep a sob from leaving his throat. His eyes stayed glued to the little shape on the screen. Recovery Girl paused the monitor so it would stay before she set the transducer to the side. He flinched slightly when she started to clean the gel off of his navel with a moist towelette. His worrying only grew and grew. The more he stared, the more real this situation started to feel. He was hoping he'd wake up any minute now. Just wake up like it was some sort of surreal nightmare. Something he'd forget within a few minutes. This couldn't be real. Yet there it was, the reality of his mistake and recklessness staring down on him.

"So," he hadn't realized she had already set everything aside and was back in her chair. "We need to talk about what you plan to do with this. You don't have too many options and I'm sure all of them are going to be difficult for you. Whether or not you plan to go through with it and keep it or put it up for adoption, or terminate it."

"What do you think I should do?" His voice cracked miserably at the words, his eyes boring into her. 

"That's not my call to make, and my personal opinion shouldn't shape yours whatsoever. It's all you. I obviously don't expect a result right now- nor do I encourage one. You're tired and confused and scared. You need to take a night, or even a week to sleep on it. This doesn't have to happen right away, but the sooner you do make a decision the easier it might make it. On the contrary, rushing into something you might regret later isn't ideal. Just give yourself time to collect your thoughts, okay?"

Izuku barely felt himself nod at her reassurance. His head was lost somewhere else right now, non-existent in the moment.

"Just know you're not alone in this."

His brows furrowed slightly despite the softness in her tone. He sure didn't feel not alone right now. It was all his mistake, no one else knew how badly he had messed up or the depth of the actions that had lead him here. No one. Except for him. Izuku pushed the pessimistic thought away. The last thing he wanted to think of was Shigaraki right now.

"And no one needs to know. At least not right now."

Good. At least he could relax slightly with that.

"That doesn't mean they won't find out. I legally have to inform your mother of every medication I prescribe you. If I start prescribing prenatals and medicine for nausea- which I might- she's going to see it and I doubt it'll slip past her. It's best you tell her soon. All Might too. He's going to want a good reason for your hold on training unless you plan on continuing that workout and risking endangering either you or the fetus." Her words hit him hard, even if the worry and warmth behind them was in good intentions. Izuku hadn't even thought about them yet, especially his mom. Hey briefly imagined a glimpse of the look of despair she'd throw her son at the news. Or the disappointment All Might would practically radiate when he heard about how Izuku threw his one shot at being a hero away. His life might as well be over. 

"If you don't want to tell them, I can do it for you. But it might be better in person. They're going to want to address you one-on-one about this. If you're not too drained, we can go ahead and get easy part done. I can call All Might up and you can break it to him right away."

Midoriya listened on sullenly. He tried focusing on her words, but all he could think about was how badly he had messed up and their reactions when they'd know. When they'd know how much of a screw-up he was, how stupid he'd been. He wanted to just push this away forever and never look back on it. He swallowed the limp in his throat and shivered, remembering his chest was still bare. He only got to ponder the thought for a moment before she abruptly spoke again.

"If you're worried he won't accept it, don't. In all my years with him, I've never known Yagi to turn on a student in help, in which you are. He knows what this is like. It wouldn't be his first time handling a situation like yours."

Midoriya looked up questioningly. Several questions popped in his mind, but they all died in the back of his throat. She seemed so sure he wouldn't be angry with him. Maybe Izuku just didn't know him enough to know. He hoped that was it. Without thinking about it, he was nodding. "Sure."

She offered a comforting smile and turned over to the phones at her desk. Entering the digits to his number as if on memory, she pressed the phone to her hear. It rung several times before the sound of him picking up became clear. "Hello, Toshinori. It's Shuzenji. I was hoping I could have you come up if you're not busy." Rushed chatter carried out on the other end. "No, no. Something important came up. Regarding young Midoriya." The emphasis on his name made him grind his teeth.

A moment of silence followed as inaudible speech carried on the other end. The elder cut him off, hastily. "He's actually here right now, don't worry. But if you could come in it would really help. I can't disclose over the phone." He said something short after another pause before she wished him goodbye and promptly hung up.

The ten minutes they waited felt like hours. When the call ended Izuku wasted no time in redressing himself. The coolness of the room had left his skin icy and goosebump-ridden and hairs on end. He ended up only putting on the button-up undershirt and blazer, his hands to shaky to do his tie. He felt every second pass agonizingly. The only noise of the room was the clacking of Recovery Girl back at her computer and the ticking of the clock. It left just enough space for his anxiety to start murmuring again to him. Midoriya hated the awful, tight feeling in the back of his throat that made it difficult to breathe and forced him to take quicker shorter breaths. His leg bounced uneasily and his hands were clasped tightly together in an attempt to ground himself. His gut felt twisted in several knots, but he didn't dwell on the cause of that. The voice in the back of his head screeched the endless horrible outcomes destined to befall him. They all fell short at the knock at the door.

"Come in!" Recovery Girl was already shouting before he could even blink. The door opened and shut behind All Might as he walked in with that same satisfying click. 

"Midoriya, my boy, I hear something happened?" He sounded way too cheery. Izuku briefly debated over whether he should drop down and beg for his mercy or just let Recovery Girl do all the talking. He found neither option. "Are you okay?" 

 He obviously wasn't. It didn't take much for Yagi to notice that of all things. His successor was shaking where he sat, hunched forward with his hands tightly bound between themselves. His curls bounced slightly as he glanced up to look at him. The sight nearly broke his heart. Midoriya's eyes were redrimmed and brimming with tears he hadn't seemed to notice. His cheeks were flushed in stark contrast to the sickly paleness enveloping him. His mouth was pulled tight into a grimace. The second he took the sight in a sense of dread filled the teacher. This wasn't going to be good.

"Do you need a second, Midoriya?" Shuzenji spoke up his worries for him. The boy registered it momentarily before he shook his head and tried to blink away the wetness in his eyes. 

"N-no, I just..."His mouth twitched into a near unreadable look as his fists tightened on the hems of his sleeves. "I...I can't do this. This was a mistake. I'm so sorry-"The words choked out of him in a violent sob. The tears threatening to spill a second ago now hotly streamed down his cheeks. He shakily was on his feet. the nurse jumped from her chair in the means of comforting him but it seemed to only scare him more. In the blink of an eye, the teen was pushing past All Might and out of the room.

Yagi was already shouting and moving after him before he found a small, firm hand holding him back.



"Let him. I was hoping he could get through it so it wouldn't hurt more later, but I overshot it." Yagi looked back at her curiously. Her face held a deep look of profound sadness he hadn't seen in a while. Every atom in his body urged him onward, but for once, he held back. He watched as the door came to slow close and rushed footsteps echoed out of existance in the hallway.


Chapter Text

Typically, pregnancy was a good thing. It was something to be overjoyed over. To be cried over. Izuku could remember hearing people, including his own mother, say the day they found out was one of the happiest days of their lives. The following months always were stressful and difficult sometimes, as expected when you have only about 7 or 8 months to get ready to introduce a new person into the world. But it was good. The way it should be after all. Mom and dad would get together and start planning for the future for their little one immediately. They would tell all their friends and family (or keep that as a surprise for later), build and set up a nursery, have regular appointments, and all the rest of the likes of it until eventually, the big day came. The day their baby would meet the whole world.

It was supposed to be beautiful.

Yet Izuku felt disgusting.

He wasn't joyed in any sense of the word. If anything, all he could feel since the news was pure terror and nothing but regretful, deprecating thoughts. He was crying. But not in the happy sort of way that was expected in the ideal situation. It came in hot, nasty sounding sobs that choked out from the back of his throat. This was possibly the worst day of his life. His lack of a quirk, his passage as a beta, didn't compare in the slightest to the shame he felt now. Those weren't his fault, he could accept them even if it hurt. This he couldn't. 'Mom' was a wreck. He was in no position to be caring for another human being, barely doing so for himself, made pretty obvious by his frequent run-ins to the nurse's. "Dad' was out of the question. He had no one he could tell, no one to confide in. Izuku was positive there would be no support, just backlash.

This wasn't right.

Izuku's head spun, and he fell back with a groan, hands ceremoniously clenching and unclenching at the skin over his navel, grasping at the hardness there. This was just a little mistake, right? He didn't mean for any of this, it had never been his intention. Yet the grim memory festered further in his mind, sending him down another road of nausea. His hand flew up to his mouth, and he grit his teeth, one thought playing on repeat in his dazed head:

This couldn't be happening.

Midoriya's came up to grasp at his hair as he choked out another cry. Pathetic. He felt pathetic. 

In his panic, he had ended up fleeing the nurse's office. Leaving behind Recovery Girl, All Might, and that stupid image that just kept staring down at him. Just a physical reminder of his mishap. It made his skin crawl. The look on his face was even worse though. The way All Might's eyes immediately fell on him the second he walked in as if he was expecting to see him fresh and bloody from another accident- which this was. Izuku seemed prone to accidents at this point. There was no disappointment, no anger or sadness, nothing. Just that cool blue gaze that had him tensing up like he already knew.

"Midoriya, my boy, I hear something happened?"

He already knew. She must have told him when that image distracted him- that thing right there on the screen and inside of him. Quietly whispered that his little prodigy had done exactly what they all knew he would and mess everything up. How it was foolish to trust an overly hopeful, star-eyed, sappy, daydreaming kid with that much power. They must have all known it the way Aizawa had, they just tried to put in the tiniest bit of hope to make it all seem real for a second. All Might must have asked because he knew. He knew but he wanted Midoriya to confirm it. Confirm it, rip the band-aid off. He had failed.

It had proven to be too much for him to handle. In his head, it could have gone a little smoother. In retrospect, he should probably have taken a breather and tried to tough it out. Bakugou was right. He was weak.

Now here he was, bawling his eyes out in his dorm room. The panic attack was coming down now, and that should have helped a little. All he got when he came back to himself was even more agony. Before he felt panicked. Now he felt slightly less panicked but all the stupider.

This all felt too surreal. He was going to wake up any minute now, painting from the sick nightmares this was. He would tell Iida and Ochako about the crazy dream he had, they’d laugh it off and Izuku would move on with his life. No abandonment. No pregnancy. No mistakes.

His thoughts moved back. How many people knew now? Recovery Girl obviously. Himself now. All might would be ruled in, it wouldn't take the hero long at all to guess what was going on even if Recovery Girl didn't tell him. And for all he knew the two of them could be telling his mom right now. But before that? He didn't know and that was what scared him most. Iida...Iida was way too smart for his own good. He had guessed with the heat, he'd be surprised if the teen didn't piece it together. Kirishima too, probably. It would explain all the strange looks he would catch him giving him before he pretended to be looking somewhere else. Bakugou. If Kirishima knew it was only a matter of time before his childhood friend turned rival found out. The two were practically attached at the hip. His whole class would know depending on the next upcoming weeks. If it went that direction, every alpha within a few feet would be able to smell it on him, and in a few months, everyone would be able to see it. The very idea of that sent a wave of anxiety rushing down his body.

The only person who absolutely wouldn't know was the very last person he wanted to see, now or ever. Shigaraki.

His lip twitched until he was grimacing. 

The thought of the blue-haired man already had new tears springing back into the corners of his eyes. He tried to blink them away. The night he regretted way too much and had promised himself to keep repressed for as long as possible had forced its way back into his life. Shigaraki made him feel something- he wasn't sure what it was. It wasn't quite hatred. But it, whatever it was, had started the second the villain had his sickly hands on Aizawa during the USJ attack and had only grown with every incident after that. The attack over the summer, at the mall, the All for One battle, and that night. The consequences of that night- mistakes Izuku had made -presented a harsh new present. There was easy no way out of this, and that was all his fault. Maybe if he tried to remember hard enough, it would clear up. His head felt foggy with the thoughts reentering his mind, and he had to doubletake why exactly he was here and what had happened before he started to space out. He went over it once, and then twice again. And just like that, his mood shifted entirely.

All the resentment he felt for himself melted into a livid anxious.

No. It wasn't entirely his fault. It took two people to make the predicament they were in, or rather that was in him. Izuku's browed furrowed slightly as he stilled. That was right. It wasn't just him.

 It wasn’t the same nervousness from earlier, but adrenaline pulsed in his veins in a way that had him craving movement, anything that would get his blood pumping. He needed to move.

A sudden thought came up. It was stupid. Very stupid. Izuku should really just leave it alone, he had much bigger things to handle right now. That didn't stop him from pondering it though. It was almost completely out of the question, sure. It was dangerous. But the more he thought about it, the much more enticing it sounded. Izuku wasn't fueled by his need for support like with the others. He was fueled by an aggaravated nervousness that threatened to consume him right now. This might have been the most tense he felt in years. His blood was pumping rapidly.

Izuku's anxious, tired, aggravated mind didn't need any more convincing. He unfurled himself from the silk comforts of his bed and sniffled. He rubbed away the stinging dryness his tears had left on his cheeks and pushed himself up on wobbling feet. The teen's body still shook slightly from the aftershock of the panic attack he had, but he felt confident enough. This was probably just a hormonal tantrum but it felt grounding to do something, as unreasonable as it was. Midoriya was too aggravated to care too much about it that much and he felt like he needed to move right now. All he managed to throw on was a plain tee-shirt he pulled his black hoodie over and a pair of slim-fitting joggers. The second he was dressed, he was already out the door.

Okay. So this was happening.


 Midoriya had realized once again how incredibly stupid this was as he walked. 

He had left the campus, avoiding every student he happened to cross. Midoriya wasn’t sure where exactly where he was going, his feet randomly taking him wherever they felt like going, but as long as he was away from the school, but as long as it was a distance from Yuuei he was content. It gave him some time to work that anxiety from his nerves and get his head straight, no worry of people showing up to check on him and this no having to be confronted. Guilt still lightly stung at him in the shape of his clenched jaw and tense shoulders, but he was a little better now. Just walking off like that was definitely stupid and the teachers were bound to panic upon his disappearance (especially if Recovery Girl or his sensei noticed), but this get like the best idea at the moment and he couldn’t bring himself to regret it now.

He was walking around the city again. It was barely turning around late afternoon. Most of the streets felt foreign without the veil of night and shadows enveloping them. Any of the ones he could remember anyhow. There were still people wandering through the streets, bringing it to life. It looked completely different when it was bustling like this. A new...mood to it all. Young couples happily strolled through the streets. Groups of kids and teens not older than himself grouped together with overly cheery laughs and grins. Kids dragged along their parents to point at displays in store windows. The whole array of it should have been positive and warm, but he couldn't help the anxious feeling that persisted upon him. This place wasn't nearly as cheerful at night- a completely different place in comparison.

Most of the steam he had built up in anticipation of leaving had blown itself off as he arrived where his feet randomly brought him to and started to travel through the streets. He was almost angry at how calm he felt if that even made sense. He had taken the train this time. He felt more worried with every passing minute, but this wasn't an emergency like last time.

Did he mention he was lost? Very lost in fact.

After Izuku had gotten off the train, he ended up wandering around for a good half an hour or so. It was different, better now, but he still felt disappointed with it all. He actually had his phone on him, his emergency contacts set just in case something bad did happen. He had money, so he ended up buying a hot chocolate and heated croissant to help pass the time as he wandered around and battle the chilliness starting to seep into the late afternoon.  The sunset was already starting to dip at the horizon- it was already 5;32 pm-, starting to paint the sky in a soft orange, but he still had a while before it grew dark. It was only September, autumn barely having started. The few trees he had seen planted around so far were just starting to boast yellow colors, a precedent to the persimmon and maroon they'd be displaying in the upcoming weeks. It was a little cooler tonight, probably 60-something degrees but as far as he knew it was nice enough to be enjoyable. He spent the rest of his time strolling through the warm streets, stopping in little shops every now and then. It was whatever he could do to not think and distract himself with moving around.

The sky had grown a deeper orange and the temperature was dropping gradually by the time a whole hour had passed. The wind had picked up somehow around this time, whipping the teen's hair into his face every time he turned. 

With a soft sigh, he stilled and ran a hand through his mop of hair. A few tangled curls caught on his fingers until he pulled them loose. Deciding to take a break, he looked around until he saw an empty bench across the street. He made his way across quickly, sighing in relief when he was off his feet. He normally wasn’t drained so quickly. It must have been how sick he was, how sick it was making him. 

He tried not to focus on it.

Instead, he only had a minute to breathe and think before his phone started vibrating. Midoriya let it continue to vibrate until it finally stopped. He was too busy for this, too tired to talk to anyway, especially with the current stress eating away at his mind. 

The caller didn’t seem to care. 

Izuku let it go off one more before they called again. He scowled. Despite his better judgement, he decided to at least look at the caller ID. The second blond flashed across the screen he was shoving the phone back in his hoodie pocket. Nope. He definitely couldn’t do that.

All Might called again. And then two more times. 

Midoriya only stared stone faced at his feet.

Finally, the calls seemed to falter and he was left in silence again. The sky was growing darker and darker with every few passing minutes, and the air physically felt cooler and cooler. Izuku pushes himself back up to his feet. He fired he might as well check out one or two more before he head back. He didn’t know what he’d do when he got home. He had school tomorrow so coming around late wasn’t an option. Not that he even felt like going tomorrow anyways. He’d probably end up puking in class and just embarrassing himself. Who knew if he even could go? Aizawa didn’t seem like such a forgiving type of person, not in this case, not when it was clearly his lack of judgement that landed him here. Izuku wouldn’t be surprised if by next week he had an expulsion. Just the idea of that had the sensation of tears pricking the corners of his eyes.

The green-eyed boy shook the thought away. Midoriya would worry on that later, right now he needed to hurry if he intended on getting home before it got too cold.

Back on his feet, he stretched out his legs for a moment before he started back down the street. 

Almost immediately his phone rung again. Annoyed, Izuku pulled out his phone and put it on silent. The call ended, but something else caught his attention. 

A voicemail.

That wasn’t really all too surprising. He hesitantly checked the caller ID, still unphased as All Might’s smiling profile picture staring back at him. Izuku turned off his phone again, but immediately another idea hit him. It was getting chilly and dark outside and he needed to get home, soon preferably.

It only took him a few seconds to type in the number he’d had imprinted in his mind for years now. A moment or to passed before it started ringing, but almost immediately the other line picked up. Frowning nervously to himself, Izuku presses his ear to the phone.

”Hey, mom.”

Chapter Text

Inko Midoriya wasted no time in making her way across town to Izuku. The second he’d gotten on the phone he was swarmed with questions about if he was okay, what he’d broken this time and how. He pretended that only hurt a little bit. She was relieved upon hearing that no, he didn’t hurt himself again, and yes, they were taking good care of him and he was doing well at Yuuei. That quickly changed the second he had told her where he was and that he wanted to go home. She was confused at first, but that didn’t stop her from dropping everything and coming for him if the sounds of her stumbling out of the house were any indicator. She hung up with a chaste ‘I love you, I’ll be there in just a minute Izuku!’, and after that it was only a matter of waiting a few minutes.

In the time he waited, he found his way back to a bench and sat down, playing some game he had downloaded just for the purpose of having something to distract him from boredom like now. Except he wasn’t bored, Izuku was lost in thought, a million questions crowding his head and threatening to spill out in the form of mumbling. The only thing keeping them from spilling out and making him look a weirdo to passerby was the teeth he was worrying into his lower lip, not even noticing when they broke the dry skin there and made him please.

His mind was still caught on everything that had happened today - there was so much, was any of it even real? It felt like just a flash, a minute had gone by and suddenly he went from being the sick kid heaving in a bathroom this morning to being where he was now, the same kid cold and alone and left with the scary realization that no, he wasn’t completely alone- not that he was trying to even think about it. That...thing couldn’t have been there that long, right? He would have noticed. If a whole tiny human was in him, growing, and had been there for...8 weeks is what she said, almost two whole months, he would have somehow known. Izuku was oblivious sometimes, he knew that, but he wasn’t completely blind. Didn’t people typically known? Maybe he was just stupid. Or pre-occupied. That two month time he’d been so busy, so much had happened. Between training camp and Bakugou being captured, he didn’t have time to be thinking about any of that. That hadn’t even been a possibility or even a passing thought in his mind. He still half thought he’d had a nightmare all those weeks ago. This almost seemed like a cruel joke. Whatever deity or force was up there controlling his life had thought it would be absolutely hysterical to do this to him, to stupid, useless, oblivious Deku, someone who just seemed to be asking for it with how blind he was. All he could ask himself was why it had to be him.

He still wasn’t getting over the fact that it was happening. It was him and that was partially his fault.

Izuku happened to glance up right as a passing couple passed him a strange look. Shame heated his cheeks in a bright cherry color and he forced himself to look back down at the game he’d died on minutes ago without noticing. Okay. So he had been mumbling.

Midoriya would have stayed contemplating his bad life choices and how embarrassing he was, but the honk of a car caught his attention.


Immediately, his head shot up, catching the familiar sight of the car they’d had for years and his mother’s worried form as she waved at him.

”Oh, mom! I’m coming!” He shot up from his seat and quickly made his way over, seating himself in the passenger side. He glanced at his phone, checking the time, as she started to drive away again, a much slower speed than we she arrived.

“I was so worried about you, I only seem to get called this late when you’ve broken something,” Inko spoke softly, a gentle nervous laugh escaping her. She was worried, but it had become so easy to laugh it off now, not that he minded.

”Sorry, mom. I guess I should call more so it’s not always that.” He shared the same nervous smile she did.

”I don’t mind, I see you every weekend so it’s not big.” Inko softly sighed as she pulled to a red light. “Though I was wondering why I needed to pick you up tonight, especially outside in the city. Usually I come for you in the morning.”

Izuku stilled for a moment. He looked absolutely caught off-guard, the expression a kid caught stealing sweets late at night had. It caught her attention, making her tilt her head curiously before her eyes flicked back to the road. “You’re looking a little pale...did something happen, Izuku?”

He was horrible at hiding it. Forcing a smile and a laugh, he averted his eyes. “No, no, don’t worry about it. I just had a bad day, and was sort of eager to get home. I’m just a little stressed right now, ha. I needed some fresh air and I got a little lost, I guess.”

”Really now?” His mother’s eyebrows quirked down in worry, sparing a glance back at him. “They aren’t working you too hard over there, are they? You know if it gets too hard for you, you always have a place back at home. I know being in school 24 hours a day, 5 days a week can be a little much.”

He shook his head again. “I promise it’s fine, mom. I actually like staying there, it’s been fun being able to hang out with people after school and it’s convenient having sources all around me for school work. I just think I’m coming down with something, that’s all.”

”Coming down with something? You think you’re getting sick?”

”Y-yeah,” Izuku shifted in his seat uncomfortably. “Probably just a stomach bug, nothing big.”

Inko hummed thoughtfully. “If you say so, Izuku.” It was silent for a minute as they passed through the more noisy parts of the city to the gentler more suburban side of Musutafu. They small-talked the rest of the ride, mostly about anything interesting that had happened, what he was learning in his class with All Might (he tried to ignore the pang of guilt saying his name brought up) and the latest hero news, something they both had continued to constantly stay caught up on for the past ten years. It was very wholesome talking like this, and for a minute Izuku completely forgot about the sickening feeling he just had.

When they arrived home in their quaint little neighborhood, they rushed inside eagerly, ready to get out of the cool night breeze. Izuku immediately melted when the warm air from inside their house gushed over him, defrosting his chilled skin and numb nerves. He only got to settle in for a minute, before his stomach was grumbling (the last thing he’d eaten was the light breakfast from this morning that he ended up vomiting anyway). His mom immediately commented on it, and feeling a little bad about worrying her, Izuku jumped to help her.

They ended up making onigiri, Izuku saying it had been a while and he had been craving hers especially since moving into the dorms at UA. Really, he didn’t think he could stomach anything as rich as katsudon right now, not that he didn’t miss the way she made rice balls.

It was a relatively fast meal to prepare. His mom warmed up leftover rice from the night before, making it just a matter of cooking and cutting the salmon, and squeezing the seeds out of the pickled plums. They didn’t have many other ingredients and didn’t have too much rice, so the two of them agreed on making only two flavors and a few plain rice balls. Once they were done with prepping the flavors, Izuku salted his hands and helped his mom start to press the rice into firm triangles with the salmon and plum carefully tucked into the center. He wrapped them gently in dried seaweed, placing them on a plate when he finished. They finished in around ten minutes after they’d made about a  little more than a dozen.

Sitting down at the dinner table came as a relief to his surprisingly sore feet. The second he had his plate, he was piling food onto it rapidly, earning a quirked eyebrow from his mom. The scent of cooking fish and promise of something hot in his stomach had been more than enough for him to work up a strong appepite. Inko just shook her head with a laugh before she joined him in the meal. 

“Wow, you’re certainly hungry tonight.”

”Mmm-hmm.” Izuku swallowed down what was already his third, nodding vigorously. “Yeah, sorry! I just had trouble even thinking about eating today, so being able to hold anything down is really a relief.”

Inko shook her head with worry and tsked. “Izuku, you shouldn’t be skipping meals too often. Even if you’re feeling a little sick try to for me, okay? Or visit the school nurse.”

Her son’s verdant colored eyes cast down sullenly, and he looked off to the side with a huff. “I know mom, I’m sorry...”

”No, no, it’s fine! I just worry sometimes.” She slid her soft small hand over Izuku’s, giving a gentle squeeze. He gave a small squeeze back, meeting her eyes again. “It’s not that I’m angry, I’m just wondering if that’s why you’ve been feeling ill. Maybe you’re not eating enough to maintain yourself with all the work you do at school-“

Inko was prepared to go off on a rant over the dangers of undereating, but the small shift in her son was enough to catch her attention. The change was sudden, but the eerie drop in warmth from his hand had her stilling. Izuku dropped her hand, and stumbled to his feet on wobbly legs. 

“Hey, Izuku? Are you okay?”

He didn’t answer, just shook his head and slapped a hand over his mouth. 

“Sorry sorrysorry, it’s just, I think I-I...” Muffled words stumbled out of his covered mouth, before he made a grotesque gagging noise and his forearm was curling around his navel tightly. Before she could even blink or ask what was wrong again, Izuku was rushing off to the bathroom. His mom blinked in surprise, before she immediately was on her feet, calling after him as she followed. Izuku barely managed to make it to the bathroom, immediately collapsing to his knees and heaving violently forward into the toilet. She nearly ran into him, only catching herself at the sound of him retching.

”Izuku- oh jeez, Izuku-“ He couldn’t see what she was doing at first, only heard her footsteps echo down the hall as she ran out on him. Tears sprung into the corners of his eyes. He couldn’t do anything to stop them from collecting on his eyelid, before streaming down his hot cheeks messily. Inko was back again in a heartbeat, sloppily pushing his hair out of his face. Izuku almost pushed back into her touch as she carefully pulled his bangs and the longer bits of his hair back into a tiny ponytail of a sorts, grateful for the touch. The feeling of another wave of nausea hitting him though had his body jerking forward as more of his stomach contents came up. She continued to stroke his back lovingly as he finished getting all of it out, murmuring soft apologies and words of encouragement to him. He wished he could tell her that no, it wasn’t her, that it was all his fault. Izuku was the one who needed to apologize. The words sat empty on his tongue despite his urge to cry out how sorry he was, and all that came out was more sour bile. 

He finally finished after dry retching nothing but spit for several minutes, feeling absolutely disgusted. Izuku pushed back onto his haunches, still shaking from the mild sobs racking his chest. Inko pulled him into a hug from the side, avoiding his face still. She rocked him back and forth carefully.

“Shhh, Izuku- it’s okay, it’s okay, you’re good, right?” The worry in her voice had him sniffling again, and having to force down the pathetic cry building in the base of his throat. It took way too much effort, but he tried clearing his throat enough to talk. The taste of vomit still on his tongue had him reeling with a grimace, but it didn’t stop him from shakily reaching an arm over to return the hug.

” ‘M okay mom- I...I’m sorry-“

”Hey now, don’t worry about it, okay? I’m not mad. I could never be made with you. Everyone gets sick, you’re okay, alright?” Her voice was as gentle and fretful as ever. Something about it stung.

“Why don’t you go shower and I’ll get some medicine and tea for you, okay?” His mother’s hand went to stroke his hair softly as she murmured to him. “Do you think you can stomach it?” 

Izuku absently nodded. He wasn’t sure if his body actually would let him, but the idea of saying no and stressing her even more made him more tense. His mother held him for another minute, quietly stroking his hair. They didn’t say anything to each other, Inko rocking him gently back and forth as he calmed down from the sobbing fit he’d just had. Childish. When she finally moved, it was to press a soft kiss to his hairline, before she pushed herself up. Izuku followed her, legs still trembling slightly under his weight when he did finally manage up. 

She left only after he gave his okay, promising to make something with mint to hopefully soothe whatever stomach problems he had. He smiled and voiced his thanks, even though he couldn’t stop the bitter thoughts that rapidly followed.

If only it were that simple.

The first thing he did when he stepped in the hot shower was to brush his teeth. The nasty aftertaste of his own bile had well enough tattooed itself into the back of his throat and the bottom of his tongue. It was making him gag any time he breathed too hard or swallowed, just sending more nauseous waves over his body. Toothpaste felt too strong for his weak stomach, so he only wiped a soft dallop of the flavored paste on his brush so he wouldn’t be able to taste it horribly. When he finished, he just let himself relax for a moment. Hot water blanketed his skin in the nicest way, a few degrees away from burning and a few degrees ahead of being not warm enough. 

Izuku wasn’t sure how long he stayed in the shower, but soon enough when his fingers had started pruning and the steam had him feeling more lightheaded, he was forcing his way out. Just as promised, a fresh pair of All-Might themed pajamas lay waiting for him on the sink. The sight of the all too familiar face had him reeling, so he made quick work of throwing them on so he wouldn’t have to stare it any longer.

 Cool, thin air hit him as he opened the door, a stark contrast to the steamy humid bathroom he’d left behind. Shivering softly, he glanced down the hall, catching the sight of the faint-darkness outside. The afternoon had felt like such a blur, leaving him wondering if the day was real. If he could just open his eyes and wake up and laugh at himself for the short nightmare he was living. His heart sunk slightly and tears were back to trickling in the corner of his eyes. Izuku wiped them away and sniffled. 

 Inko was there waiting when he stumbled into the kitchen, lost in a book with a tired look on her face and two cups of still steaming tea. It took her a moment to notice his presence, but then her head snapped up and a relieved look replaced her tired one. With a gentle smile, she pushed one of the cups to the other side of the table where he'd been sitting earlier. Izuku tried offering back an equally warm look,having to force it slightly. He took his place beside her and sat down to take a long sip of the sweet brew. He absently noticed that their plates were gone and that the food must have been packed away. He immediately felt guilty.

"Are you feeling a little better after that shower?" Her voice was soft and gentle like milk and honey, soothing.

Izuku quickly nodded. “Yeah, I don’t feel so dizzy or nauseous anymore...” 

“Maybe this will help clear up the rest of it, then,” She gestured at the tea and miniature vile of red-colored medicine. 

“Thank you.” He nodded again, reaching out to down the foul-flavored liquid as quick as possible. It tasted nasty, per usual, but he couldn’t say no at this point. The tea helped wash out the rest of the burning flavor, for the most part, and it genuinely seemed to ease the rest of the nausea plaguing his stomach.

“I think I’m going to head to bed early tonight,” Izuku softly murmured, half-faking a yawn. “Today has been a little tiring.”

”That bad, huh?” Inko looked back over at the stove, clock. Her eyebrows quirked down slightly. “It’s barely going to be 5:30.”

Izuku stilled, a little surprised himself. ”5:30?”

”Yeah, it’s a bit early, don’t you think? Maybe I should schedule you an appointment for tomorrow...” Inko looked at him thoughtfully, tilting her head.

“No! I mean, no, it’s really not that bad.” Her son was quick in shaking his head and cutting her off before she could say anything else. “I’m already through the worst of it, I think I just need to rest this weekend.”

”Izuku, are you sure?”

”Yes. I promise, it’s not that serious. This is practically an improvement from a few days ago.”

”If you’re sure.” She didn’t look convinced at all, but she wasn’t one to push.

”I am.” 

 “Alright.” Inko sighed and she suddenly looked much older and tired than he remembered. “Come get me if you’re not feeling any better, okay?”

Izuku nodded. “I will.”

With that he left her with a quick hug and hasty ‘goodnight’, before he was scrambling up the stairs to his room. He threw the door open, before unceremoniously closing it behind himself. Izuku left the lights off, managing his way beneath the thick comforter and silky sheets on his bed.

He considered genuinely sleeping for only a brief second. Checking his phone (he’d grabbed it earlier from the pocket of his jeans), he wasn’t surprised to see two new messages from both Ochako and Iida respectively. He wanted to ignore them at first, until morning, at least. His curiosity had other ideas.

Iida Tenya:

Dear Midoriya, it was brought to my attention that you left campus earlier today due to illness. I leave you the best of wishes, and sincerely hope you recover soon. 


So formal. Izuku grunted in amusement, shooting him back a quick thanks. He exited their messages to check on Ochako’s.


Uraraka Ochako:

Hey Midoriya! Just wanted to see how you were doing, we didn’t see you in class this afternoon. 


Izuku paused, caught for a moment. All of his excuses seemed bad, so he sent back the easiest one he could. It wasn’t a complete lie at least.

Izuku Midoriya:

I wasn’t feeling well so my mom came to pick me up. Sorry for worrying you


It’s fine! I hope you feel better, soon. :) We missed you in training today. 


Thanks, I’ll try getting better and taking it easy this weekend so I can make it to class next week


No problem, you didn’t miss much anyway. Oh, besides Denki electrocuting Sero and making him act funny 


That sounds great! I have to make it next week then so I don’t miss that again


Yup! All Might was asking if we knew where you went today. I wouldn’t go worrying him again


Izuku grimaced.


 I guess I forgot to tell him


It’s fine, I’m sure he figured it out or called your mom to check in.


He really hoped not.


 Probably, yeah


So what are you doing this weekend?


Midoriya stayed up for another half an hour texting with Ochako before he did feel sleep start to tug at his eyelids. He wished her a good night, before rolling onto his side and setting his phone on the nightstand beside his bed. He curled further into the sheets, letting his eyes drift shut and the gentle feeling of sleep overtake him. 

Maybe when he woke up this surreal nightmare would be over.

Or maybe that was just too naive.

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up to the smell of something rich cooking downstairs, followed by a soft sense of dread that weighed his chest down. His eyes flickered open only to clench shut at the bright light that hit them, no doubt from the open window he’d forgotten to cover that night. He breathed out heavily and decided to just roll over and laze back to sleep. He didn’t feel like getting up today at all. He could have been fine just doing that, but the scent of cooking food lingered in the air, making his stomach pang with hunger in response. He stayed for another minute, trying to ignore it, but his stomach just grumbled again and had him giving up.

He gave in, forcing himself to sit up and open his eyes, making them trickle with unbroken tears. He groaned, blinking the blurriness and moisture from his eyes as they adjusted to the fair lighting. Golden light streamed in from the uncovered window across the room, painting the warm floorboards and white sheets of his bed a smart color. His room was a little stuffy, leaving his back somewhat sweaty. His eyes continued to water and he started even sniffling. He let himself cry for only a minute and would have gone on much further, but his hunger didn’t let him. He could mope later.

Izuku made quick work of swapping his top for a thinner t-shirt, and his long pajama bottoms with an old faded pair of joggers. 

Following the scent that had wafted to his room downstairs, he made his way down into the kitchen. The sight of his mother setting down a bowl of something steaming made him push back any depressing thoughts as far as possible. His lips quirked into a half-forced smile, just as he stepped off the stairs.

”Hey,” Izuku spoke out, almost whispering with how quiet his voice sounded.

Inko caught on, spinning around to look at him with surprise followed by cheeriness. “Oh, morning Izuku! I was just about to come wake you.”

”I woke up just from the scent, it smells good,” Izuku mumbles with a chuckle, moving to his place at the table and taking in the site of the meal she prepared. A simple bowl of rice with a raw egg on top, as well as soy sauce and on the side a few small slivers of chicken. It was a very common breakfast dish, though they used to have it a lot more when Izuku still lived at home and when he was younger. 

“Thank you, though you’re probably a little disappointed,” Inko spoke warmly, taking her place across from him. “Sorry, I had thought of making something bigger, but I remembered you were getting sick. I didn’t want to upset your stomach further with anything heavier. If the egg is too much just pick it out.”

”No, this is fine. It looks great, thank you, mom.” He nodded his head at her, before going to take a bite of the steaming rice. His stomach hadn’t made any nausea known yet, so he decided to risk the egg now that he might be able to keep it down. The meal was simple but it felt practically godly on his empty stomach. He didn’t even realize how fast he had cleared his bowl until the sound of his mom laughing snapped him out of it.

”Jeez, Izuku,” Inko shook her head with a chuckle, barely a few spoonfuls of her own bowl eaten. “You must have been starving. Are you still hungry?”

”Hmm?” He stared at her for a moment before he shook his head and wiped the rice stuck to his mouth off. “O-oh, sorry! I made a mess, huh? No, I’m fine, I promise-“ Izuku mumbled to himself, fumbling to reach around for a napkin to clean up. Inko just chuckled at his antics again, turning back to her bowl.

Izuku got another serving, albeit much smaller, not wanting to test his stomach’s limits. His mom turned on the television while they ate, putting on the usual hero news that they typically watched together. Not much had changed this week apparently, the usual few petty crimes caught, more talk of All Might’s fall even though it had been a few weeks now. The rising crime rates were brought up, a little concerning but expected given the fact that the Symbol of Peace was retired. Seeing the man stirred up mixed emotions, leaving Izuku to opt into pushing them back down and focus back on the food in front of him.

When they finished, Izuku helped his mom clean up a little. She insisted that he take it easy, but chores would at least leave him with something to do instead of thinking all day. He insisted he was fine enough to at least do dishes and sweep a little in the end. 

The rest of the day was more or less uneventful. He finished helping his mom clean up the rest of the house, really only taking about two hours or so given how clean it already was. The following few hours he stayed with her, watching some foreign sitcom with her and laughing at all the corny jokes (half of which he didn't get) and weird lines that weren't even really that funny (and probably weren't supposed to be in the first place). Normally, Izuku spent his weekend afternoons finishing homework or big school projects, catching up on any hero news he missed, and otherwise working out and helping Inko around the house. He was lucky enough to not have any homework this week (or maybe not, he didn't exactly know considering he missed half of Friday), and nothing disastrous seemed to be happening out in the hero world, which was honestly a little strange given the current circumstances. The quiet in the streets seemed so unnatural. He decided not to think about it for too long. This just left him with working out, which he probably should get to later if his body was still feeling up to it. He supposed this was good though, it was probably his first 'real' weekend in months now that wasn't occupied and he could just relax with. His nausea only came back in much smaller waves two or three times, thankfully enough. 

Izuku was still thinking about going out to work out a little when Inko suddenly perked up.

"Oh shoot, I completely forgot," His mother jumped up from where she'd been curled up on the couch, glancing into the kitchen warily. "I still have to bring that thing for Mitsuki."

Izuku tilted his head in curiosity at the name of Katsuki's mom. "Oh, was she here earlier?"

"Yeah, she came by just a few days ago," Inko was already getting up to look for wherever her shoes were strewn about. "We went out for lunch and we came back for tea. I'd made her and her husband a strawberry shortcake just the night before but I completely spaced it. I think it's still good, I'll have to bring it by now before it spoils."

Izuku got to his feet before she could finish searching. "If you want I can bring it over."

”Hmm? Oh really, you would do that for me? But you’re getting sick.”

”It’s not a problem, really. I was feeling a lot better so I was thinking of going out for a run anyways, so it’s no trouble.” 

She didn’t look too convinced, but after a moment she sighed and nodded. “If you really want to, I’d appreciate it. I left it there in the fridge on the bottom shelf.”

Izuku didn’t bother dressing, instead throwing on a old baggy hoodie and a faded pair of sneakers. He grabbed the cake from the fridge, carefully checking it before securing it again. Inko wished him a hasty goodbye, pressing a soft kiss into his forehead and sending him off. 

The day was only barely winding down to an end. Orange painted the edges of the horizon in the far distance where the sun was starting to dip. It was still warm out, with a gentle breeze being the only escape from it. The street he lived on was never particularly noisy, given that most of the residents were older and any kids around were well into high school. The whole block looked empty save for a rowdy group of several small kids, all excitedly crowded something on the sidewalk. Probably some poor animal that managed to get itself caught by the high-pitched sounds of praise. It brought back a pleasant sense of nostalgia, sending a soft smile to Izuku’s bitten lips. 

He walked past the scene, throwing an apologetic look to the neighbor’s cat- now decorated with dozens of bows and ribbons. 

Auntie Mitsuki’s house was only a minute walk, given they were close-ish neighbors. He’d come here a lot more as a kid, back when Izuku still confused Katsuki’s bullying for friendship. He fully realized it had been at least a good year or two since he’d actually been by, it had most likely been for Christmas- his mom’s date with her friend had probably been the first in a while, too. The two women were always good friends, from high school through college and eventually into domestic life, if the stories he heard were any indicator. They hung out often all through Izuku’s younger years. Then with Izuku avoiding Katsuki most of middle school, they just started going by less and less. Midoriya felt guilt surge up at the thought.

He shook it off immediately, recognizing the still familiar house from across the street. Two stories, a cheery warm color greeting him at the sight. He didn’t stare long, leading himself to the door and knocking several times.

Nothing happened for several long moments. Izuku moved to knock again, but the door swung open before he could.

”Hey Auntie Mitsuki-“

”What.” Kacchan. Just the angry spikey-haired blond he wasn’t looking for. Bakugou glared at him with his usual aggressive resting face, in nothing but old baggy gym clothes and an ice pack pressed to what was undoubtedly a nasty bruise on his cheek. “My parents aren’t home right now, what is it?”

Midoriya must have been staring, because Kacchan barked at him again.

”What the hell do you want?”

”Oh, Kacchan! Sorry, I uh-“ He looked around dumbly before realizing it was right in his hands. Here.” He pushed the cake pan into Katsuki’s chest, nearly making him drop his ice pack when he jumped to grab it, earning a vicious ‘klutz’ in return.

”Sorry- I wasn’t expecting you to be home.” He tried helping Bakugou get a hold on it, but the boy just shoved him back with a growl.

”Where else would I be?”

”I’m sorry, that was dumb to say.” Midoriya backed off a step, glancing back into the other’s red eyes nervously.

”Stop apologizing.” Midoriya moved to speak again, but Bakugou merely cut him off before he could accidentally apologize again. “What is this supposed to be?”

”A cake, I guess?”

”No shit, dumbass. What type of cake?”

”Oh, a strawberry shortcake I think. My mom made it for you guys just two or three days ago but we forgot to bring it until today, sorry. It’s still good, though!”

“I said to stop apologizing. It’s fine. Tell your mom we said thanks.” Bakugou looked significantly more irritated, a good sign Izuku had overstayed his welcome.

”I will, sor-“ The green-haired boy turned to leave, stopping to look back one more time. “Bye Kacchan, I’ll see you in school, I guess.” 

Izuku tried leaving without another glance, walking quickly back in the direction of his block. He barely had managed to get halfway down the streets before a loud booming voice caught him. “Deku, wait!”

He paused to look back, met with the sight of a slightly less pissed off blond staring him down. 

“Just...come here.” He was still shouting, more than loud enough to get a complaint from the neighbors if they hadn’t already tired over doing just that for over a decade now.

Izuku hesitated, but before he even realized he was walking back towards him. “What is it?”

”Do you want to,” Kacchan paused, brow lowering in an unsure look. “...come in and have a slice or something?” 

“What? Really?” Izuku quirked an eyebrow in confusion.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t want you to.”

”I mean, if you’re sure it’s okay.”

”Moron.” Bakugou growled back at him, but Izuku could tell he wasn’t angry by the way his shoulders slumped. Izuku followed him back to the door, carefully watching the other just in case he randomly decided to change his mind. Katsuki moved back to hold the door open, letting Izuku head in first. He hesitated, throwing another unsure look.

“I’m not gonna bite you, shithead.” 

“Sometimes I doubt that,” Izuku flinched, nervously laughing to himself.

”Don’t.” Katsuki followed him in, letting the door fall shut with a loud slam. He shoved a gawking Izuku aside forcefully to get the island in the kitchen. 

The house hadn’t changed much since the last time he was here. He could still remember where mostly everything was. The only big change he could see was the kitchen- they must have redone it sometime this last year or two. Pretty marble countertops and new cabinets and counters replaced the old freaky furniture he always remembered Mitsuki complaining about. Katsuki didn’t bother mentioning anything about it, instead moving to get two paper plates and forks.

He shoved one of the plates and forks in Midoriya’s direction roughly. “Serve yourself.”

Midoriya muttered a quick thanks, waiting for Katsuki to go first. The blond didn’t even bother getting a knife, instead just cutting what had to be the most unsatisfying slice of cake with his fork. Izuku laughed, cutting a much neater and smaller slice for himself. He watched the other sit down across from him and slam a large chunk of it in his mouth. He was probably the only person that could look that pissed off while eating. The thought of it alone had Izuku snorting and shaking his head. He moved onto his own, picking at it slightly before indulging himself. Inko always managed to make the best tasting treats.

”It’s good,” Bakugou stopped angrily eating for just a second. “Tell your mom I said thanks.” 

“I will.” Midoriya nodded solemnly, swallowing down another bite. “So how’d you get that bruise? I couldn’t help but notice earlier.”

”Training yesterday. Kirishima and I were sparring last night in the back and he managed to get my cheek a lot harder than J thought he would.” His words sounded so glum for something that usually was exciting for him.

”Oh, I see. Well at least it’s not that bad then, right?” Midoriya tried.

“It’s just some shitty bruise, I can handle that.”

After that it got awkwardly silent (awkward to him at least) too quickly. He itched to say something to fill it, but he didn’t want to chance annoying Bakugou when he already was being nice for once as it was. Bakugou had stayed mostly quiet the whole time, some weird tense and questioning look on his face as he picked and took little nibbles of the cake, like he was convinced Izuku had poisoned it or something. He shook the thoughts off and forced himself to eat faster, momentarily forgetting his fragile stomach. He felt eager to just get out of there and back home. Staying hadn’t been a good idea. He didn’t like being alone with the other like this, not with how sketchy and avoidant Bakugou had been acting with him lately. That little jog didn’t sound nearly as enticing anymore, and Iida and Ochako had probably texted him while he was out. 

“I should probably get going now, it’s a little late and I’m sure my mom is probably a little worried.” Midoriya finally piped up. 

Katsuki glanced at the stove’s clock as if he didn’t believe him or something, before sighing. “Yeah, you should. Do you want me to walk you back or whatever?”

“What? No, I’m fine.” He was taken back by the nice offer, just because it was Bakugou of all people offering. “I’ll be okay by myself, I mean.” 

”Whatever, if that’s what you want go ahead then.” His voice sounded too foreign, too soft to match his words. He didn’t like it at all.

Midoriya tried getting up to go throw his plate, but Katsuki merely slapped his hand away without a word and threw both of theirs. 

“Well, uh, thanks for having me! I’ll see you later,” Izuku’s voice trembled slightly. He was practically halfway out the door in just a heartbeat, not wanting to be there another second.

”Hey, Deku, wait goddamnit-“ Katsuki barked out, stalling him completely.

Midoriya glanced back at him warily. “What is it?”

“I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” Bakugou’s brow lowered in an heavier look of annoyance. His eyes swept up Izuku’s body and he was surprised he didn’t just scoff and spew another insult with the way he looked at him. Instead, his face softened for just a split second. 

“I was going to ask if you wanted to come hang out sometime. Or something.”

”Hang out?” 

“Yeah, that’s what I said, shithead. Do you want to hang out next weekend?” So he was serious.

”I just... what do you mean? Like how we did when we were kids?” Midoriya shook his head in confusion. This felt way too surreal.

”If that’s how you want to see it, sure, whatever. You could call it a sleepover, I guess.” Bakugou gave a low sigh, flickering his eyes to the side to stare at something Izuku couldn’t see.

”It’s been a while since we’ve done that.” 

“If you don’t want to you don’t have to. I’m not gonna force you.”

”No, no, I’m not saying no. I can see, I’ll ask my mom if we’re doing anything and if not I’ll come over.” Midoriya really wasn’t sure if he wanted to but he wasn’t just ready to provoke the lion. 

“That works.” Bakugou nodded, seemingly satisfied with his answer. He leaned back against the counter, watching Izuku with a blank gaze. “Get home safe, okay?”

Izuku nodded quickly. “I will.”

The door slammed behind him with the same loud clash as earlier. Midoriya didn’t bother taking the relatively short route between their houses slow. He rushed down the street as fast as he could without actually running, not wanting to chance Katsuki calling him back for a third time. He shouldn’t have agreed at all, not to that sleepover and not to come in. He wasn’t there that long even, the sky barely any darker and the air only slightly chillier. He had overstayed his visit though, and the whole experience just kept rewinding itself endlessly in his mind over and over. So much so that he nearly walked past his own house. He only caught himself when he nearly tripped on the curb at the end of the street.

Muttering to himself, Midoriya darted back over to his house, quickly letting himself inside. 

The warm vanilla-scented atmosphere of his home welcomed Izuku in immediately. He released a shaky breath he didn’t even know he’d been holding, then kicked off his shoes and moved them over to the corner. 

Inko was still where he’d left her, enthralled with some ancient civilizations documentary she must have switched onto while he was gone. His mother didn’t notice him at first, but when she did her eyes snapped up and she smiled cheerily, pausing the show. “How was that run? Are you still feeling okay?”

”Mmm-hmm. Hopefully I got over most of it.” Izuku sat down beside her, shifting back into the couch’s cushioning. For a second another thought came up that had him paling, but he shoved it back down as quickly as it came over him. “I actually didn’t get to run. Auntie Mitsuki wasn’t home, so I left it with Kacchan. He invited me in for a while I guess.”

”Oh, really?” Inko sat up fully, scooting over to give him more room. “That’s good to hear!”

”He says the cake was really good and to say thanks for him.” Izuku hummed, running a hand through his messy green locks. 

“I’ll keep that in mind. Maybe we can make him something for his birthday this year. I’m glad to hear you two are hanging out more, though. It was a little sad to see you guys split up like that in middle school.”

”I’m happy about that too, I think.” He decided not to mention how unnatural and weird his overly nice behavior was, not when she seemed so relieved. “He invited me out to have a sleepover next weekend.”

”A sleepover? I can’t remember the last time you and Bakugou did something together. Are you going to go?” She tilted her head curiously.

Izuku bit his lip nervously. “Maybe. I don’t...I don’t want to get him sick or anything.”

Inko nodded, giving him a gentle nudge. “Hopefully it clears up before then, huh?”

”Yeah, hopefully.” Izuku sighed, bringing his knees up to his chest. Inko offered him a loving grin and a gentle hand on his shoulder, squeezing softly. She turned back to her show, curling up against his side. 

Izuku smiled to no one, staring blankly down at his feet.

Hopefully this week would be better.

Chapter Text

The rest of the weekend went by slowly and somewhat somberly, not that Izuku had many complaints, if any at all. The rest of his Saturday and Sunday was spent doing almost literally nothing. He relaxed the rest of that evening, only to wake up in the middle of the night feeling sick again. It wasn’t nearly as horrible as it had been in the middle of the week, but he was nauseous enough to have a near constant reminder of the last thing he wanted to think of. He stayed locked up in his room, covered in a pile of blankets and pillows, and didn’t move much between texting Iida and Ochako and getting up for more water and medicine. That is until it was Monday morning and he actually had to get up and out of the house. Inko had suggested he take a day or two off of school to get better, but as tempting as it was, he needed to. All Might had tried calling him a few times before seemingly giving up, but Izuku had no doubt in his mind that if he ignored the man and didn’t show up to school for even another day he’d just up and show up on his doorstep. In the end, Inko agreed but made him swear he would visit the school nurse. Midoriya still didn’t know what he was going to do. 

All of this left him waiting in front of the school gates, staring up at the behemoth of a school that U.A. was. His mom had already waved him off and wished him a good week a few minutes before, but he still stood right where she had left him. His knees were aching with how stiff and tense he held them, but he felt completely unable to go forward. He was having an argument in his head, genuinely debating if this was still a good idea and if he could still go back. 

As fate would have it put simply, no.

”Hey, Midoriya!”

Izuku snapped out of it and glanced back at the sound of his name being called. His eyes immediately caught on the familiar sight of a bright-eyed Ashido excitedly waving in his direction. It took him a minute of staring to recognize Kaminari rushing to keep up with her quick pace.

”Oh, Ashido, Kaminari! I didn’t see you guys there.” He turned to wave back, giving an equally though not nearly as enthusiastic smile.

”Of course you didn’t,” Ashido snorted with a teasing grin. “You were all super spaced out!”

”Yeah man, you looked like you were staring off into the Twilight zone or something crazy like that. You good?”  Kaminari followed with a laugh.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t even notice I was doing that.” He chuckled nervously, eyes darting off to the side.

Kaminari grinned widely, tossing an arm over Midoriya’s shoulder and making him jump in surprise. ”No worries my dude, I totally get it!”

”Do you?” Ashido asked with a laugh.

”Why, of course! Sometimes Mondays just have you like that, you know?”

”Oh yeah, I definitely get it now!”

”You do?”

”Nope! I’m dead everyday of the week.” Ashido and Kaminari started laughing again. Izuku scoffed and shook his head, but he couldn’t help the small smile forcing its way on his lips from their antics. 

He walked with the two on the way inside, listening to the crazy story Ashido had to tell about some guy she’d been talking to and ended up ditching after meeting once. Kaminari continued to chastise her over as if he was some expert, adding in little quips and jokes every now and then. Their dynamic was...interesting to say the least. Izuku laughed once or twice, but pretty soon he wasn’t even paying attention. The winding labrynth of halls had become so familiar, so the walk was relatively short. On their walk to class they ended up being joined by Sero and Jirou. 

 The rest of their class was already there when they came in, save for the actual teacher. Midoriya walked over to his usual place behind Bakugou and beside  Sero. The firey blond didn’t even bother sending the usual glare he gave Izuku like clockwork every morning, not that he had for for a few weeks now. He even pointedly turned his face away the second Izuku glanced at him. Izuku just sighed to himself, completely confused. It was like Bakugou was purposely ignoring him half the time, and then watching him under a microscope the other half. He almost missed getting yelled at and given dirty looks every second of the day. Almost.

“Hey, Deku!” Izuku perked at the sound of a bubbly voice calling him. Uraraka waved at him from where she sat in the far corner, a big grin on her face. Iida was already talking with her, turning to shoot Izuku a smile.

“Oh, hey Uraraka! Iida!” He quickly got to his feet to meet his two best friends so they wouldn’t be yelling across the classroom. Ochako immediately shot up to pull him into a tight hug, earning a startled laugh from him.

“I’m glad to see you’re feeling better!”

Izuku paled for a second before he regained his composure. “Oh yeah- well, I’m not entirely better but I feel fine today.” 

“Oh, that’s good at least!” She pulled back from their embrace to sit down again, only to look up with a worried face. “Wait, it’s not contagious or anything, right?”

Iida shook his head. “I doubt Midoriya would be reckless enough to come if he was still sick and contagious.”

”Yeah, he’s right. I promise, I doubt you’ll get this.” Izuku’s voice faltered slightly, but neither of them seemed to notice. Ochako sighed in relief and apologized, before Iida said something Izuku didn’t hear, too lost in invading thoughts. He pushed them back away as quickly as they came, shaking his head to clear away the gut-twisting feeling he got. 

“Hey, are you okay?”

Midoriya quickly shook his head, speaking in a strained voice. “I’m fine.”

Iida eyed him warily, but he didn’t push. Uraraka brushes it off, opting to tell them about some amusement park in a nearby town she went to with her parents that weekend. She barely managed to mention that they visit sometime when they weren’t busy. A loud voice sounded out, breaking through the noise of the class.

”Quiet down, everyone. I expect more from the hero class, start acting like it.” With those two lines he managed to have everyone going eerily quiet and back to their seats. Aizawa was already at his desk flipping through a folder, looking just as tired as he usually did, with deep dark circles, red-rimmed eyes, and his messy long hair down. He didn’t speak for several moments, leaving the room awkwardly tense. Finally, he sighed and turned his lidded gaze up to the students in front of him. 

“The hero analysis I had you do this weekend is due today. I hope you all remembered.”

It was hard not notice the exaggerated cry of defeat Kaminari let out.

”For those of you who did finish, I want you to trade papers with a partner and analyze each other’s work. By the time homeroom ends I want your papers in. Those of you who didn’t do it,” Aizawa’s gaze flickered briefly over Izuku, making him still. “...have until the end of the day to turn it into me. Get the assignment from one of your classmates. That is all.”

Students immediately began flocking across the room to find a partner, leaving Izuku standing idly by as he glanced back and forth. Ochako didn’t mind giving him the assignment, which wasn’t nearly as bad as Aizawa made it seem. Just a four-paragraph paper on the hero of their choice, with information on two of their supermoves, what they worked with, and their general quirk info. Midoriya immediately started to write about All Might, not even thinking. Then he got that sameness horrible gut feeling and he found himself haphazardly erasing it. He switched to Sir Nighteye instead. Besides, someone else had probably already done All Might. 

He pushed his thoughts back and got to work.

The seven minutes left of their brief homeroom went by in a blink. His hand had started to cramp painfully with how fast he’d been writing. The time he’d had obviously wasn’t enough time to finish, but he had a good start. The rest wouldn’t be hard at all, it was more or less just reciting what he knew about the pro-hero from memory, which thankfully enough, he had a lot of. 

Everyone else started getting up to turn their papers in, Midoriya soon following. An upbeat mood had set over most of his classmates, save for a few (mostly the students who never got too talktabive anyways). Izuku couldn’t say he was as ecstatic, if you called shaking your head and chastising or calling the other students nerds ‘ecstatic’. 

His classmates started to file out of the classroom quickly, eager to get out as soon as possible for their first period. Aizawa barely managed to glance up from where he’d dozed off in time to catch them leaving.

Several students immediately started talking about grouping together to hang out as they exited the room. Izuku was the last to leave, feeling He forced himself to actually pick up his feet and move quickly, not entirely in the mood to get caught in the hallways foot traffic.


Izuku froze at his name, glancing up to make eye contact with the dark-haired teacher a few feet away. Black eyes stared blandly back into his own anxious greens. 

”Yes, Aizawa-Sensei?” Izuku’s voice faltered. He internally reeled.

Way to not sound guilty.

I hope you feel better.” 

“Thanks,” Izuku breathed out shakily. Aizawa’s expression didn’t even falter, still apathetically studying him. 

He turned quickly after an awkward pause, just about ready to go hide in a bathroom stall. He didn’t, of course.

Japanese History with Midnight came next. She was already sitting expectantly at her desk, typing away at a computer and nodding at her students as they came in. Everyone settled in quickly, just before the bell rang. The noirette got up with a sigh, looking all too exhausted to be there. 

“Today we have a pop quiz. I hope you all read this weekend like I told you to.”

A collective sigh of disappointment echoed throughout the classroom. Midnight immediately silenced it with a stern look. That didn’t stop the pained expressions that several of his classmates gave each other, though. Izuku was silently thankful that he remembered last minute to read. Sero, on the other hand, looked he was praying for some deity or another to come save him. Izuku couldn’t see him from where he sat, but Bakugou probably didn’t even care. This was easy for him. 

Midnight began passing out the quiz sheets and started the test. “You all should know this by now, but if I catch any cheating or talking I’ll make sure your grade suffers and I’ll give you lunch detention for at least two weeks. I’m giving the responsibility of making sure you stay obedient to your class representatives. Turn in your papers and sit quietly once you’ve finished.” And with that she went back to typing away at the laptop on her desk.

Izuku sighed and looked down at his test. What a great start to his week.

 That class went by agonizingly slow. He finished twenty-something minutes before class even ended, leaving him to rest his head on the desk and try falling asleep. He definitely passed, but he doubted he aced it completely with how groggy he felt the whole time. He only managed to actually fall asleep a few minutes before the bell rang, and then it was on to his next three classes. 

Which went by just as slow.

By the time lunch came around he felt done with the day.

Iida and Ochako caught him when he came in, offering words of support like they always did when something came up. Izuku grumbled out a thank you and quickly got his tray, joining them, Tsuyu, and Tokoyami at their lunch table. Lunch Rush’s food was nothing short of impeccable, but even the idea of eating felt harsh to his churning insides. It wasn’t even nausea this time, surprisingly. It was just that horrible feeling that kept plaguing him over and over. He’d managed to avoid it mostly through Saturday and Sunday, but being back at school seemed to relight the feeling. He tried not to think about it, and just went back to picking at his food thoughtlessly. 

Tsuyu offered a gentle smile, giving his shoulder a gentle pat. “Midoriya, have you tried seeing the nurse?”

Izuku shifted under her touch, glancing down. “Yeah, I have.”

”And what did she say?” The rest of the group turned to them curiously.

Izuku stayed quiet for a moment, letting his eyes flicker from his lap to his arms, tracing the scars there.  

“I’m not feeling good. I’m going to get some air, I’ll be back.” Izuku finally murmured, getting up to throw his food. The group watch in confusion as he got to his feet and turned towards the exit. The door closed behind his slouching form, leaving the group in silence for a moment. No one said anything for a long second, all sharing equal looks of worry.

“So,” Ochako finally piped up, eyes darting to the others. “How was your guys’ weekend?”



When Aizawa finally got home it was already well off into the evening. The sun had completely disappeared from the sky long before, leaving inky darkness to shroud the streets. It must already be eight-something. He usually was home by four, maybe five if he got caught up after work, but never this long. The air was chilly, just cool enough to turn his breath into frost if he breathed hard enough. His street always happened to be much more quiet than others, so at this time of night it was dead silent, leaving him with an uneventful walk. When he finally reached his house he slipped the key from under the mat and let himself in.

Yagi must already be home, if the tossed off shoes haphazardly strewn in the corner of the kitchen and coat messily strung up on a chair was any indicator. All the lights were off, save for one in the living room the older man must have forgotten to get on his way up. Aizawa merely snorted, already used to it, and moved into the living room to get it. He tore off his own coat and shoes  and neatly fixed them and the others Toshinori didn’t bother to place properly.

A soft mew sounded out from the kitchen table, catching his attention. A dark colored cat with scruffy fur and ears torn from years of scars stared back at him with round yellow eyes. It mewed again, sitting up to stretch its legs out. 

“Hey Daiki, being loving for once?”

Daiki only blinked at him in response, before jumping down from the table and strolling over to the door to paw at it.

”Of course. You only pay attention to me when you’re hungry or want to go out, huh? Yagi must not have seen you.” Aizawa opened to door again for him, allowing the black cat to dart out without a second glance. He made sure to refill the cats’ food and water before he went up the staircase to the second story. 

Light streamed from the crack in the bedroom door. Good. He wasn’t asleep yet then. 

He pushed the door open producing a strained creak. He’d have to get that fixed soon, it was getting on his nerves lately. 

Yagi was still in his suit from that school day, apparently having not even changed. The blond was reading some sort of novella Aizawa had already seen him picking up so many times before. Airi was curled up in his lap with his hand carefully stroking her smooth calico coat. Yagi didn’t look up for a second, not until the noiret cleared his throat, letting his presence be known. Bright blue glanced up warmly from underneath sullen brows, and a smile forced its way into his lips.

“You’re home late.”

”I got caught up with work. Hizashi asked for some help grading English papers and then we ended up going out to eat. Did you get the message I sent you?” Aizawa pulled the scarf wound around his neck loose and set it down on the foot of the bed, already knowing it would be kicked on the floor or covered in cat hair come morning. Probably both.

”My phone died a few hours ago and I left it downstairs charging.” Yagi closed the book in hand and set it off to the side. He finally turned all the way to face Aizawa, a cheerful smile still on his face.

”I see you didn’t bother changing either, then.” Aizawa eyed the wrinkled suit as he himself started to tug off the dark long sleeve he’d had on.

Yagi looked confused for a second, before he looked down and realized that yes, he was in fact still in his work clothes. He blushed slightly, before breaking into a chuckle. “I guess I got caught up reading and didn’t even think about it...”

Aizawa hummed from where he was undressing, only stopping to grab a pair of shorts and a loose t-shirt. “You must have read that book about a hundred times now, Toshi. Why not try something new sometime?”

”I can’t help that it’s an amazing read. You really should try it out sometime, you’re so critical and I doubt you even know what it’s about.” Yagi followed suit as he spoke, quickly undoing the tie and dress shirt, followed by the pants all into a neat pile in the corner. Airi nearly jumped from his lap when he got up, moving to the end of the bed to curl up on the scarf there.

“I’m too busy to read. Reading too long makes my eyes strain anyways.”

“You really need to get your reading glasses repaired so you can fix that sometime.”

”Maybe next week.”

”Shouta, you say that every week.”

Aizawa just tsked. The two settled into bed, the dark-haired of the duo moving to turn off the bedside light.

”Isn’t this a little early to be going to be bed? Especially for you.” Yagi laughed gently, shaking his head even though Aizawa wouldn’t see it.

”I could do with some extra sleep. Besides, you’ve fallen asleep much earlier lately. You’re back on an 8:00 bedtime I guess.”

The blond snorted. “I do not.”

”You do. I keep coming home to find you passed out on our bed and I end up having to sleep on the couch because you refuse to roll over.” Aizawa shifted so that his head was resting on Yagi’s chest. He could hear his heartbeat, steady yet dull, throbbing twice with every rise and fall of his chest. 

“I refuse to believe that until I get proof.”

“I’ll take a picture next time if you want. Don’t blame me if you’re making a weird face and it ends up immortalized as Midnight’s background though.”

 Yagi scoffed and rolled his eyes playfully. “You wouldn’t.”

”That’s bold of you to assume. I definitely would.”

“Fine, maybe I have been. I’m getting old, Shouta,” Yagi let out a throaty laugh that’s shouldn’t have been as warm as it was, curling an arm around the other’s side.

“You’re not that old.”

The blond merely grunted and gently pushed a few fingers through Aizawa’s dark hair. He hummed in response as Yagi started to run his hands through it, stroking it gently and pulling out little tangles he came across. They laid like that for several minutes, Yagi playing with Aizawa’s hair thoughtlessly, while he he stayed resting his head on his chest and listening to his heartbeat. Aizawa felt sleep start to tug at his eyelids sullenly. He almost did fall asleep, having to snap his eyes open everytime he felt himself start to doze off. He still needed to talk to Yagi about that, today, if possible. 

Quietly, Shouta shifted under the gentle touch and breathed out heavily.

”Were you aware that Izuku Midoriya is pregnant?” 

The hand in his hair went still. It told him all he needed to know.

Shouta pulled back to look up through the hair in his face and study Toshinori’s face in the darkness. He could barely make him out, but he could at least somewhat visualize the way his brows had lowered grimly and his eyes were cast down in thought. It was a yes.

Aizawa stayed quiet, waiting for the other to say something. Several moments passed until he finally did, carefully murmuring in a low whisper.

“How long have you known?”

”Only a few hours now. The moment he came into my classroom I noticed. I don’t think he’s figured out that other people can tell. I’d noticed he had a lot of tardies in his classes the past week or two and then his scent told me the rest.” Aizawa breathed out with a sigh, the stress from earlier that day coming back as a dull reminder. Toshinori didn’t say anything, prompting him to continue. “I’m going to assume that’s why he wasn’t here on Saturday. Unless he doesn’t know, either.”

”He knows,” Toshi sighed, moving to sit up. “I assume that’s the reason he wasn’t here too. He got scared and ran off after he found out. I wasn’t sure if he was okay or not. When he didn’t show up to my class I was worried, so it’s a relief to hear that he came today.”

”You didn’t look for him?”

”No, I didn’t. I tried to but Chiyo stopped me. She...she said that it was best I give him space, just to figure things out, I guess. I called him a few times but he never picked up.” 

“Hmmm.” Shouta hummed, following Toshi’s gaze to his hands. Carefully, he placed his own on top of his to stop his fidgeting and slowly twined their fingers together. He gave a gentle squeeze. “You’ve only known since Friday, then.” 

“Not really. I wasn’t completely sure, I was hoping it wasn’t true. Izuku never told me.” 

“So Chiyo?”

”No, not her either. Chiyo would never give that away if he asked her to keep it a secret. I think she figured out that he was...” Toshi stilled for a second, biting his lip. “Then she called me and said something happened. I thought Izuku had managed to hurt himself again, but she sounded serious so I went in to see. When I got there Izuku looked so worried and... scared. Shouta, he looked scared of me.”

Aizawa didn’t know what to say. He remained quiet, giving Toshi a few moments to breathe without interruption. He wasn’t so sure about what it was about Midoriya that had struck a chord so well with Yagi; the second that green-haired kid had entered his life he’d completely taken over. Yagi could pretend all he wanted that it wasn’t there, but Shouta had noticed the strange parenting attitude he took for him. He knew he had high hopes for the boy, that much was obvious. But looking so crestfallen over this was somewhat surprising yet not at all to say the least. Aizawa kept all this to himself, of course. Yagi didn’t need doubt right now. He needed comfort, which is what Shouta was going to give him.

”I’ll talk to him.” The noiret stated clearly.

Toshinori’s eyes immediately flickered up with a tense look. “Shouta...your talks usually mean one thing and he doesn’t deserve that right now. He’s worked so ha-“

Aizawa just shook his head, cutting him off. “It’s something else. But you’re right, not now. Let’s just go back to bed and talk about it more tomorrow. Okay?”

The blond looked unconvinced for only a second before he was sighing and nodding solemnly. “You’re right. Tomorrow is better...I’m tired.”

”I always am.” Shouta smiled gently and rolled over to lay on his side. Large, gangly hands stroked over his sides, before moving down so he could wrap his arms around him and bury his face in the crook of Shouta’s neck. He inhaled sharply, taking in a large whiff of his scent of dark coffee and lavender. 

“I hate that you always know what to do and say.” Yagi murmured, this time with a smile obvious in his voice. 

“Mm-hmm,” Aizawa nodded, sighing in bliss. “You love it.”

”I do.”

They both chuckled softly every now and then, talking more until sleep genuinely became an option. Aizawa was a little surprised at how quickly he felt sleep creep into his body, but nustled into Toshi’s arms made him not care too much. He wasn’t sure how many more gentle moments like this he’d have in the next few months. Taking the opportunity, Aizawa let his eye close and he sleep take over. Toshinori’s gentle snores faded away into silence as he drifted off. One passing thought passed through his head, but just as quickly he was asleep.


Chapter Text

The next day of school came quickly, leaving Izuku feeling like he was in a daze. He felt on edge all morning, dreading what was to come when lunch ended and class started. Managing to pay attention for all of class proved to be a failure, so he did his best to at least try so he wouldn’t have to think about it and stress even more. A million different outcomes played through his head on repeat. None of them seemed good for the most part. Everytime he tried mentally prepping himself the only thing he could picture was All Might trying to hide his disappointment. All Might avoiding his eyes and subtly teaching around him because he couldn’t bear the sight of his failure of a successor. All Might would be so disheartened to see Izuku had fit the stereotype he had helped protest against perfectly. Maybe they both felt intense regret. 

Izuku shook the thoughts away, finding that prepping wasn’t doing him any better. He desperately tried to focus on paying attention to Ectoplasm’s trigonometry lesson for the rest of class. 

Before he knew it, it was time. The rest of his classes ended way too quickly and the teacher departed, leaving him in his current position, waiting in 1-A’s homeroom for All Might to arrive. The thoughts plaguing him earlier returned tenfold, leaving him completely distracted from the rest of the conversations taking place while his class waited. Repeat, repeat, repeat...he couldn’t get it out. All of the mental prepping these last two nights, every pep talk, every positive article he read on talking about these...issues. What a waste. 

All Might didn’t bother calling him in yesterday, or checking in with his mom this weekend. He stopped calling eventually the night before skull started, too. He was avoiding him. He couldn’t do it face to face. That had to be it. 

He was going to choke up and sob the second he saw his former mentor and then everyone would know. They would all feel pity and awkwardly give him a pat on the back before going home to talk about and pity him even more. What kind of idiot would get themself in that situation? How did he not know any of this? Izuku was going to look stupid and weak and pitiful and then everyone would know about his mistake. All Might would disown him as gently as he could, too scared to break the boy he once believe in’s heart. His mom- his poor mom who had worked and slaved so hard to raise him right, to show him they didn’t need others feeling bad for them over that deadbeat- she was going to be devestated to learn that he was going to end up just like the person they cut out of their lives all those years ago. Kacchan- he hadn’t even thought about what he might think recently. But he probably already knew. He had invited him over this weekend because he was going to kill him, that had to be it. He could hear it already, the exact things he’d been calling himself this past three days being repeated back with fire. Izuku was just some dirty omegan whore who went and got himself knocked up the first chance he could.

He really did fit that nickname now.

Izuku didn’t realize he was visibly shaking and muttering under his breath at that point. Not until a mildly concerned and confused Sero gently tapped on his shoulder with an inquisitive look. 

Midoriya flinched on reflex, hitching his breath and hesitantly darting his eyes up. Had he said all of that out loud? 

“You okay, man? You’re looking kind of sick.”

Sero just looked at him curiously, no indicator he had heard anything self-deprecating from him.

Izuku nodded eagerly, swallowing the lump in his throat. 

“Yeah, I’m just...really excited for today! That’s all!”

Sero laughed, called him a nerd (Bakugou was rubbing off way too obviously on his whole friend group), and then proceeded to talk with him about some big incident or another that had happened recently. Midoriya tried to pay attention -he really did- nodding and adding in what he could as he desperately tried to hold back from any more toxic thoughts. Half because he genuinely was feeling sicker with each second that passed, and half because he actually might say his thoughts out loud unconsciously this time. It was a decent distraction nonetheless.

He almost wished it had gone on longer, but then the door was opening and Sero was perking up excitedly, effectively cutting their conversation short.

This was it, the hour he’d been waiting and dreading since Friday. There was no running away from this.


There it was. Izuku’s stomach dropped painfully.

All Might entered the same way he almost always did, dramatically and poised. He was clad in his Bronze Age costume- this particular version tailored to fit his now much slimmer, lithe form, yet still somehow being baggy on different areas of his body. It was still strange seeing him decked out in hero gear in his weak form. Especially considering the fact that it had only been a few classes now since All Might had been able to return since his fall. He was weakened now, obviously, and Izuku was half-expecting him to spew blood just from coming in so haphazardly.

That wasn’t his most pressing concern.

Izuku really wished he could avert his eyes, look anywhere else but All Might. All he could manage was to nervously flit his eyes across the room and do his best not to make his displeasure visible to anyone else. Everyone else immediately cheered upon seeing the teacher, overly excited for the class. All Might himself looked just as pleased as he waited for the class to quiet so he could continue.

“Today I intend to get work more with each of you on your super moves and see how far you’ve progressed. I know it’s been a few weeks now since you all first started developing them, but today I want to see how you do in a civilian area. The goal today is to work on causing the least damage possible while also using your quirk to the best of its ability in this particular scenario. So, I’ve arranged you into teams...”

Midoriya watched half-curiously as All Might started to list the chosen teams out. The exercise sounded exciting, a million different strategies and ideas for everyone working it’s way into his head. He could have gotten lost then and there, completely spaced out from his previous and current dilemmas to even concentrate on them. He should be freaking out. 

“All Might?” Uraraka’s sweet voice snapped Izuku out of it as he turned to look at her.


”You forgot about Midoriya, sir.”

He hadn’t heard his name be called out. Izuku furrowed his brows and hesitantly looked back at their teacher. He immediately froze to find piercing blue eyes greeting him with an indecipherable look in place. He shared the look quietly, not daring to move a single muscle, not even when All Might broke the look himself. He turned to Ochako with a gentle smile.

”Thank you for pointing that out, I almost forgot.” He straightened slightly, making his skeletal figure look even more gangly. “Aizawa wishes to speak with Midoriya for a few minutes before we start. As for everyone else, we will head to Ground Beta and dress for today’s practice.” All Might turned his gaze back to him with a warm look. 

No anger. No disappointment. No pity.

Just that familiar, friendly smile. Something about it made Izuku’s guts twist harder. He tried to play it off and smile back anyways.

Everyone started getting out of their seats eagerly to rush out to the door. Midoriya stayed in his seat, watching warily as everyone collected at the door and started pouring out. Ochako threw him a quick wave and cheerful smile, before disappearing out of sight. He barely threw a wave back, but she was already gone.

”Aizawa should be here shortly.” 

All Might’s gentle voice had him jumping again, looking back anxiously.

“Y-Yes, sir. Thank you, All Might.” Izuku managed to speak through a shaky whisper, still trying to force a smile.

”Sorry for the wait. When you’re finished in here you can come join the others in training.” All Might’s gentle smile didn’t falter for a second. Izuku nodded his thanks and the older man left with a simple nod of understanding. The second his teacher was out of sight and the dirt had closed, he released a pent up sigh and sunk into his seat. 

Maybe he didn’t know then after all? Not yet, at least. He could hope Recovery Girl kept his information private after he left, and All Might was just worried because of how it looked. Maybe that was it and he had spent the past four days panicked over nothing. Izuku furrowed his brows and pushed the thoughts back down. If today was going okay so far he wasn’t going to push it and think about it any longer.

The door opened a minute later with a gentle click. Izuku quickly shot up, nearly toppling his desk in the process.

”Ah, Aizawa-sensei,” Midoriya swallowed the lump in his throat and tried to keep from sounding so nervous. It was difficult to help it, given how irritated Aizawa looked all the time. “You wanted to see me?”

”Yes.” Aizawa stated simply in response, moving over to his desk and sitting down promptly. He didn’t say anything else, instead reaching into one of the drawers and pulling out a packet of some sort. Izuku waited awkwardly for several seconds, before getting the impression he was probably waiting for Izuku to come closer. He moved out from his desk and quickly approached Aizawa’s desk.

Aizawa continued to remain quiet as he flipped through the packet emptily with dead eyes. Izuku stood their awkwardly, too nervous to say something or sit down again. After a few moments passed, he slumped a little, glancing up at the clock. Aizawa caught the movement and shifted until he was sitting up straight, eyes boring directly into his student’s. He regarded him with a low sigh, finally speaking.

”Midoriya, it has come to my understanding that you are pregnant.”

Izuku stilled. His face fell into a pale expression caught between panic and confusion. 

“I assume you are aware of this.”

”W-what...?” Izuku stuttered out, frown deepening.

”You don’t need to confirm or act surprised. I already know. Right now, what I need is to discuss this further with you.” Aizawa’s expression was unwavering. He continued to keep eye contact while he spoke, no sign of any emotion past mild annoyance evident on his face. 

“I...I don’t know what...where you heard that-“ Midoriya started mumbling in broken sentences, struggling to form anything coherent. He struggled to keep his face from giving away the raw anxiety coursing through his veins. He hadn’t even considered Aizawa, probably because he was the worst person that could possibly find out. He was doing his best to not think about any of this. How had this happened?

”Don’t bother. I can smell it on you.” Aizawa leaned back in his seat and tilted his head. “I don’t care if you want to deny this because you’re embarrassed. You can try to all you want but it’s not going to change the fact.” 

Izuku opened his mouth to protest, that no, he wasn’t denying anything, he didn’t have anything to deny, but the words were gone before he could even think to say anything. Smell? How did that even work? Had it been obvious to everyone this whole time? He clenched his teeth together and averted his eyes to the ground, focusing on anything but unmoving gaze settled on him. Tears threatened to spill from his eyes, but his arms firmly planted on either side of his body refused to move to wipe them away.

”I assume you’re confirming this, then.” 

Izuku shifted uncomfortably, before slowly nodding with a sniffle. There was no point in lying to Aizawa. He already knew and he’d see past anything he could say, anyways. “Yeah. It’s true...”

“When did you find out?” 

The teen’s eyebrows pushed together in an unreadable expression. He struggled to hold back the tears collecting in his eyes.

”Friday. I had been feeling sick so I went to see Recovery Girl and...she told me then.” 

“How far along are you?”

”8 weeks.” 

“Were you planning on telling anyone anytime soon?” 

“No- well...soon. But...I didn’t know what to do and I was trying not to think about it...I didn’t want this to happen. I just needed some time. To think, I mean. Just...that’s it.” Izuku stammered, shuffling in place. His thoughts were complete gibberish and a string of repeating 'Oh my God's' drowning out anything reasonable. How did he not think about that? It seemed obvious now that his scent would change/ His mom might have mentioned that once or twice now that he thought about it. All this stressing over trying to pretend this wasn't happening and worrying about getting caught had made him overlook something that should have been obvious. How stupid

"I take it your mother doesn't know?"

"No, she doesn't. I didn't want her to stress out over it. I just needed time-" Izuku’s barely thought about his mom either. That’s been one of the worst people to think about it. He’s been trying so hard to make her proud and prove he’s not the disappointment they both thought he was a year ago. This is going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. He knows it.

”I don’t think you understand how serious of a situation this is.”

Izuku blanks. “What?”

”I don’t care if you need time or not. I don’t. The last thing you need to be doing is not thinking about this. Do you know what this entails?”

”I don’t understand.”

Exactly. This is huge. Not only does it reflect on you, but it reflects on both me, as your teacher, and the school, as your safety provider. You were within dorms 8 weeks ago, if I’m correct. You were under our protection.”

Midoriya furrowed his brows in anguish. What was he getting it?

”And for that, I apologize.”

What? Izuku blinked in response, completely confused.

Aizawa’s face remained still and expressionless, the exact same as before. His voice dropped in an uncharacteristic tone that Izuku thought he coils recognize as his ‘proffessional’ voice from interviews. Something about it felt uncomfortable and had Izuku squirming even more.

”We intend to provide the utmost safety to our students, so you can understand why I’m torn over this. For you to have that happen to you on school grounds makes me feel ashamed, as both your teacher and a staff member here.” 

It clicked.

”I wasn’” Midoriya flushed and shook his head so quickly he felt like he got whiplash. “I wasn’t forced.”

”No?” Aizawa tilted his head. 

“No. I wasn’t.” Midoriya hated thinking about that night, but the memories resurfaced when he forced himself to remember why. “The night I did...’that’, I wasn’t even on campus. It’s no one’s fault but my own.”

His teacher sharply snorted. “Your fault? I have trouble believing that.”

”No, no, I think you’re getting this all wrong-“

”Really, now? What happened then?” Aizawa leaned forward, resting his chin in his hand. Midoriya hesitated, but he felt the need to trust Aizawa right now. He hadn’t said anything bad like he had expected. He wasn’t sure what he would get from telling his teacher, but confiding in someone might finally pull him out of this rut of internally panicking for the past few days. He still had one condition, though.

“If I tell you, will you promise not to tell All Might?” Izuku’s voice wavered slightly.

Aizawa didn’t hesitate. “I promise.”

Midoriya swallowed down any resistance opposed to what he was about to do. His breath hitched. “Okay, then.

The night it happened I wasn’t thinking right. I had gotten my heat early and I didn’t have anything on me for it. I didn’t want the others knowing, say I decided to go off campus on my own to buy something to suppress it. I got what I needed and took it right away, but I got lost and tried finding my way back instead of calling someone like I should have.” The teen’s voice cracked as he continued.

“I ran into someone- an alpha in a rut.” 

Aizawa shifted.

”The medicine wasn’t working yet so when we bumped into each other something sort of clicked? I don’t know how to describe it- the rest of that happened, and then I left and came back to campus. I think I slept in the rest of the next day before going home. I guess it should have been a clear indicator that something was going on- but my heat stopped after that completely. I was too...I don’t know. I just didn’t tell anyone after that. I haven’t told anyone actually. Just you now, I guess. I didn’t even think this could happen to me.”

Midoriya finished with a sigh. He didn’t like lying. He promised himself he wouldn’t, but he didn’t want to see Aizawa’s face when he knew what had really happened. Disgust, probably.

Shigaraki -Izuku had to swallow down the bile that came up hid throat the second he thought about him- had killed dozens, probably even hundreds at this rate. He had nearly killed Aizawa himself, and he definitely wasn’t past murdering kids- that much was obvious. Finding out he was involved wouldn’t be a field day in the slightest. Just thinking about him had Izuku cringing at the memories like it was something sour. Out of anyone on this planet he could have run into, it had to be the most wanted villain in Japan. He could barely accept that he was the one that had happened with. This thing in him was Shigaraki’s. Shigaraki put that there. Without even thinking about it, Midoriya lifted a hand to his naval, completely forgetting about the other presence in the room. Beneath his hand, the skin and muscle there, hidden under his organs was an actual life. He pictured the sonogram he’d gotten of it. That small, white dot was his and Shigaraki’s and it was right there beneath his palm. A barely visible, living thing that had been making its presence known for the past two weeks. Or trying to at least. It definitely hadn’t breached the wall he’d put up between his thoughts and memories in an attempt to ignore it. But there it was. Could it feel or think? Did it even have a heartbeat yet?

Izuku realized in dread that he hadn’t even thought about it since seeing that still image in Recovery Girl’s.

Aizawa seemed to catch the crushing thoughts starting to overwhelm him. 

“It was a stranger, then?”

”Hmm?” Izuku looked up, before flushing again. He pulled his hand away from his stomach and cleared his voice. “No- I mean, yeah. It was. Just a stranger.”

”When I first learned of this I was under the impression it was another student or even a staff member that might have forced you. It seems I was wrong, then.” 

“Yeah- neither of us had control over that, I think. I can barely even remember what happened.” Midoriya frowned. It was mostly true. The exact specifics were foggy but he definitely knew it happened. Very faintly, he could remember the feeling of Shigaraki holding him with a four-fingered grip. He shivered and focused on Aizawa.

“I see.” The older man promptly stood up, surprising Midoriya for a second. “If that’s all then, you can return to your class.”

”Wait, that’s it?” Midoriya blinked in disbelief. 

“Yes. What else were you expecting?”

”I’m not sure. I honestly was expecting you to write me up or expel me...”

Aizawa scoffed. “Expel? What do I have to expel you over?”

”This isn’t expulsion worthy?” 

“No, it isn’t. I’m allowed to be strict with my teaching and expel as I see fit. I’m allowed to do this because the school recognizes my eye for talented heroes. This has nothing to do with your talent. Maybe your decision-making yes, but not your talent. Expelling you over something that didn’t happen on school grounds and doesn’t involve another student would get me in trouble I don’t care to deal with. As far as I know, this doesn’t reflect on your training or ability and I have no grounds to do anything to you because of it. U.A. doesn’t wish to get involved in trouble either. Even if I were to try anything, nothing would happen to you. The school would override my decision in a heartbeat out of both fear of you taking this to the media, and personal worry over you.” Aizawa spoke clearly, never missing a beat. Izuku could only remain quiet and listen as he explained everything to him a monotone voice. It was so much information to take in all at once. He couldn’t believe it.

”So, I’m not in trouble then?” His voice wavered slightly.

“Professionally, as your teacher, I have no right to hold this over your head. Even if personally, I’m disappointed and feel like you could have made much smarter choices.”

His words struck a chord. It definitely stung, hearing them, but this went way better than expected. He wasn’t going to be expelled. Looked down upon? Probably? But that meant he hadn’t completely messed up.

”Are we done now?” Aizawa interrupted his internal rambling.

”Oh, yeah, but-“

”But what? We both have a class to get to.”

”That thing you said earlier, about my scent.” Midoriya moved to scratch the back of his neck, beside where his scent gland was located. “Could you explain that to me?”

He might as well ask now. He didn’t want to stress anymore trying to figure out if it was obvious or not. 

“What do you mean ‘explain it you’?”

“I mean, can everyone else smell it? Does everyone know? How does that work?”

Aizawa blinked and remained still. He held his gaze for several long moments with an irritated look in his eyes, as if Izuku had just asked him the stupidest question in the world. And apparently, he had. Midoriya shifted under his gaze awkwardly, suddenly feeling very put on the spot.

“Do you not know scents work?” His teacher slowly asked. It was too clear how much he was struggling to hold back.

“I...” Midoriya’s face reddened in embarrassment. Any excuse he could think of seemed trivial. At a lack for words, he shook his head no.

”That’s disappointing to hear. I thought students were educated on these matters in junior high.”

”My junior high only offered health lessons on most of these things to alpha and omega students. I was considered a beta when the lessons were offered, and by the time I discovered my alignment I had graduated.” The teen grimaced. Another mistake on his part. He probably should have looked these things up when he first transitioned. Maybe he wouldn't be in this mess at all.

Aizawa lowered his brows and tsked. “I’d hope for better. Maybe it’s time we introduce some sexual health lessons.”

Izuku paled at that, but Aizawa continued anyways.

”If you really must know, yes and no. No, not everyone knows as far as I've heard, and yes, people can smell it, but only certain people. When you get pregnant, your scent changes. Older omegas, omegas used to the scent of pregnancy like mothers, midwives, and OB-GYN’s, and the person who impregnated you can usually detect this scent easily after two months. Sometimes omegas or even betas very close to you like siblings or close friends can sense it as well. You fit that time frame now, so anyone under those roles in your life will most likely pick up on it like I did.”

 Midoriya's shoulders drooped in relief. That was a huge weight off of his chest, for the most part. That only left him with a handful of people that could know. But that left one more question.

”Can I cover it up at all?”

Aizawa shifted thoughtfully, leaning back against the wall so he wouldn’t have to stand. ”Not really. Scent blockers don’t work on pregnancy scents. I’ve heard of people scenting themselves with strong perfume and flowers to mask it for a while, but that only works for so long." His tone darkened suddenly, as he looked the student over again. "I hope you aren’t planning on hiding this any longer."

Midoriya tensed again.

“I haven’t decided yet.” His nervous expression disappeared into another scowl. He glanced back down at his feet. Recovery Girl did say he had time, right? She told him he could take however long he needed to think about it. Truthfully, he hadn’t even considered anything regarding that. The time between now and when he found out had more or less been spent trying his best to not think about it whatsoever. Now that all the crippling anxiety about being found out was gone, the decision was clear in his head again. 

“I hope you make the right choice when you do decide.” Aizawa sighed in a tired voice. "Are we done now?"

"Oh- one more thing sir, if you don't mind-"


"You promised, right? That you won't tell All MIght?" Midoriya tilted his head in question. 

Aizawa's eyes bored into him with apathy. He looked Midoriya up one more time, before pushing off the wall with a grunt. "I promise."

"Thank you," Izuku bowed his head.

"Besides, I can't tell him what he already knows." Aizawa turned away from Midoriya and moved towards the door to leave.

Izuku's heart dropped for the dozenth time that day.

"W-what do you mean?" 

Aizawa glanced back over his shoulder. "Exactly what I said. But that's a conversation for you to have with him on your own time. I need to get back to class and so do you. Worry about it later." He held the door open, looking at the student expectantly. Midoriya looked grim, but he didn't argue. Aizawa watched him warily as he passed him before trailing behind, sending chills up the teen's spine. So All Might did know. Should that be a relief? He hadn't disregarded or disowned Izuku yet. If anything, he acted the same way he always had. But that wasn't a fair statement at all. They had shared a handful of words he could count on his fingers just today, and before that, nothing. Maybe he was still just as shocked as Izuku was himself. But maybe he wasn't angry or disappointed. Maybe.

"I said not to worry about it." Aizawa was following at his heel.

"Okay, sir."Midoriya sputtered out. He tried relaxing his face, trying to hide the inner turmoil wracking his mind. Aizawa was probably right. He just needed to stay focused now.

Without sparing any more words, the two disappeared into U.A.'s hallways.


 "Alright, Kirishima! Just put more body into it!" 

"Yes, sir!" 

Toshinori observed from the bench he was sat at, as the redhead pulled his arm back and hardened it until the skin was visibly rough and jagged. Kirishima threw out a heavy punch directly into an unbroken wall of thick cement. The second his fist touched down to the wall, bits of broken cement flew out from the now crumbling rock. The boy pulled back to look over his work. He immediately gleamed at seeing the large, broken crater his punch left-about three feet deep. The cracks from the hole started to spread, making an eerie groan as the breaking wall struggled under its own weight. He turned to grin back at his teacher, eyes shining with determination

"That's the deepest I've done it!"

"Good job." Toshinori nodded with a gentle smile. Kirishima held a lot of potential and determination. Sometimes he came off a little too strong-headed, but he got the impression that the teen would grow into a powerful hero in the next few years. "Just keep practicing that until the movement and strength you need come naturally. I'd also like to see how long you can hold that hardening- practice with that too, alright?"

Kirishima eagerly nodded. "I definitely will, thank you!"

Toshinori would have loved to continue assisting the boy, but the sight of two approaching figures in the corner of his eye grabbed his attention. Kirishima seemed to catch it too, suddenly walking forward and waving.

"Oi, Midoriya!" 

The teen in question perked up with a strained expression before his face relaxed at recognizing his friend. "Oh, Kirishima." 

Kirishima ran over the boy, quickly pulling him into a deathly tight hug. Midoriya made a choking noise at being practically choked in the embrace, but returned it anyways."Hey, you want to practice together? I have something really cool to show you, dude!"

"Oh, uh- sure?"

Toshinori smiled warmly at the antics between the two. They would inevitably, as well as the rest of class 1-A, be good friends throughout the rest of their years there at U.A.and long after they graduated. That much was clear. Maybe the two or several of the students would work as sidekicks together before opening up their own hero agencies. The future looked more than bright for the particular group, and the man found himself more than excited to see them grow up. 

He spared Aizawa a friendly glance as the man took a seat beside him with a sigh. He felt a finger gently push under his palm. That was probably the most affection the two would share when not at home. Aizawa didn't like making their relationship public at school or work. Not that Toshinori minded. He'd had partners before the younger man who had been a little too comfortable with being affectionate and open about being together. It used to make for an attraction he couldn't afford at work, which was probably why all those partners were no longer in the picture. He preferred and was more than content with the little touches Aizawa occasionally graced him with throughout the day.

"How did the talk with him go?" Toshinori asked without his eyes ever leaving the two teens. Kirishima was currently showing off the move he'd just been practicing with his teacher. Midoriya was watching intently, before giving advice and copying Kirishima's motions and trying it himself. 

"Better than I'm sure you expected it to."

Toshinori snorted in amusement despite the seriousness of the question. "And how is that?"

"For starters, there weren't any waterworks like you predicted.”

“Really now?” That was a surprise. The teacher honestly doubted their was a day that went by where Midoriya didn’t cry.

“And it wasn’t a case of rape if that’s what you were expecting.”

Tosginori stilled a little at that, caught between relief and surprise. He knew the implications of what that meant.

“But we cant talk more about that later- or you can talk to him yourself. Anyways, I think he took the talk in general well for the most part. He asked a few questions.”

"For the most part?"

"I believe he's under the impression you're disappointed and hate him over this." 

"What?" Toshinori finally pulled his eyes away from the students to look at Aizawa in question. "What gave him that idea? I don't hate him. He has to know that."

"That's something he needs to hear from you. I don’t know where he got that idea, but it’s for you to fix. He was begging me to promise not to tell you, you know.”

”And what did you tell him?”

”The truth-“

”Shouta-!” The blond exclaimed in surprise.

”-that I wasn’t going to tell you what you had already figured out.” Aizawa promptly continued despite the interruption. 

“He’s going to be even more scared of me now.” His eyebrows knitted together in worry. He could already anticipate the boy avoiding him at every turn. He probably thought that Toshinori was disgusted with him or something else vile that was entirely out of his character. He must be so scared.

“Maybe. But then I guess you should talk this over with him sooner rather than later, huh?” Aizawa’s voice seemed to pick up a tone that Toshinori easily recognized. It wasn’t a specific emotion, but it dropped with a slyness only Aizawa could pull off as subtly as he did. He was unmoving, still watching the class before them as they practiced. But Toshinori could still read him like an open book.

”You planned this, didn’t you? Exposing me like that so I’d have to do it quickly.” Toshinori frowned, thought’s falling back to the conversation from the night before.

”If you want to see it like that, then yes, I did. You two are frankly equally as awkward as each other and I couldn’t see any progress being made between the two of you. So I might have taken some initiative, just this once.”

Toshinori’s mouth twitched into a small smile.

Aizawa continued, finally meeting his blue eyes with his own dark gaze. “I didn’t think I could stand having to deal with the two of you making both my work and personal life tense for any longer. Maybe that was out of line for me to do, but I’d also like to say it’s safer for him this way. Get it done, Yagi.”

For a brief second, Aizawa’s hand slid over his to give a gentle squeeze. Then it was back in his lap as if never there. 

“You’re right.” 

“I know.”

Toshinori turned back to look at the training commencing in front of them. Midoriya and Kirishima had joined a few others from their group. He was exchanging words with Uraraka excitedly, a gleam in his eyes. Bright vermillion sparkles with a mix of determination and excitement. Warmth blossomed into Toshinori’s chest at the sight. He could never hate Midoriya- that much should be obvious. He was almost like a son to him, the closest thing really. He had high hopes for the boy. Even with this new problem, he knew Midoriya would prevail and continue to impress him. He just knew it.

Releasing a breath, Toshinori cast his gaze back at Aizawa.

”Maybe tomorrow.”

Chapter Text

"Izuku! Dinner's almost ready!" Inko's warm, familiar voice called from downstairs.

"I'll be down in just a few minutes, mom!" Midoriya shouted back, voice quivering.

The teen shuffled in his seat anxiously. His nerves were especially high tonight, higher than they’d been all day surprisingly. He kept telling himself over and over that he shouldn’t be this nervous, that this was not a weird or incriminating thing to be doing. If anything, he was just being responsible. Recovery Girl would want him to be looking at his options. Evidently, Aizawa did too.  It was more than reasonable based on how the past few days had been. Yesterday he nearly had a stroke when the older man confronted him, but he lived and everything was going to be okay. At least better than he expected it to. People did this all the time- well, maybe not in this exact situation dire times, other people definitely did this.

This should be easy.

Still, that thought didn’t stop him from the weird anxious-gut feeling brewing in his stomach. Izuku felt like he was on a rollercoaster seconds away from dropping.

His finger hovered over the 'enter’ key. He repeated the words typed into the search bar in his head as he worked up the nerve to continue. Why was he so scared? 

Abortion at 8 weeks’.

The words were dull and clear. They had meaning but he was struggling to grasp them behind the array of letters. He released a shaky breath and hit enter after a moment. The page loaded immediately. Several sites immediately popped up with the names of a few nearby gynecologists and clinics, either local or from neighboring towns. He recognized one of the clinics as one not too far from there. He opened up the site, only to find it only had the location and contact details. He exited and went back to scroll to the bottom of the page, past the clinics until he found a site that looked like it just plainly described the process. Opening it up, he mentally prepared himself for whatever it would tell him.

Quickly, he read through the summary of the process, preparing for the worst.

Only to be surprised by how much simpler it actually was.

There wasn’t any blood or guts or...anything that graphic at all. Apparently, because he was still early in his first term, all he had to do was take a pill to stop it from growing. Then another pill after 48 hours to make his uterus (he cringed at the thought) dispell the fetus. It would feel like heavy heat cramps, but after a few days, it would be done. Just like that. As if it never happened. He hadn’t known before how that sort of thing worked. The fetus passing didn’t sound great either, and he could more or less guess what that meant, but it wasn’t horrible. He was honestly expecting surgery or something much more intense. Probably because he couldn’t really imagine what it would look like. When he thought of it, the ultrasound came back into thought. That little white dot was somehow a fetus. A fetus that would just...expel itself after a single pill or two. It wouldn’t bleed or cry or struggle at all, right? Just take them, and it’s done? It wouldn’t even know. No one else would either.

That thing could somehow become a fully grown baby in just seven months from now. A baby complete with eyes and hair and skin and it’s own personality and memories and quirk. A complete person, from that white little dot. Just like that.

If he let it be, that is.

How big was it now? Was it really just a little orb thing or did it look like a baby?

Midoriya’s eye twitched anxiously.

Curious, Midoriya closed the tab having found all he needed to know, and opened up another. He quickly looked up ‘fetus at 8 weeks’ and clicked on the first site to come up. A bright, pastel-colored page came up decorated with butterflies and baby toys. He paled.

The colors immediately burned his eyes, making him have to squint and lower his computer’s brightness to be able to see clearly. After a moment of skimming through for what he was looking for, he came across a paragraph seeming to describe it. So far, it was just turning into a fetus from being an embryo. It had little legs, arms, and most of its major organs like its brain, lungs, and heart, though they were still early into developing. It was barely developing facial features, and its head made up a little more than half its body. It was only about the size of a cherry.

At the bottom of the page was a picture of the size of the fetus in relation to his body, and below it, an overly exaggerated drawing of a cartoon version smiling. He wrinkled his nose at the mildly inappropriate drawing. It wasn’t exactly something you’d expect or want to see on page for something if this nature. He looked back over the relation picture. It was a small, ball-like thing, impossibly small in comparison to his body. It could pass as a large freckle.

Izuku glanced down at his navel and slowly slid a hand under his shirt. He felt around the area just between his hip bone and bellybutton. That’s where the uterus was, right? The thing was supposedly right there then. Yet it didn’t feel any different. His stomach was still hard with the muscle he had built up the past year. Maybe if he was still the same scrawny kid from junior high, he would be showing or something right now. Right?

It suddenly dawned on him that if he left it be, his stomach would give away into a gradual firm bump in the next few weeks. He tried to imagine what that would look and feel like. The same stereotypical visual of the pregnant omega father with his overbearing alpha and several children popped into his mind. He immediately cringed and shook the thought away in embarrassment. He moved his hand to quickly close the tab.

He pulled up one more and hastily entered another search. The drawing managed to spark enough interest to look up what an actual fetus might look like. It had arms and legs already, so it had to look somewhat human-like.

...Apparently not. What came up under images barely resembled something alive, much less a person or baby. The head was the most notable part- it was either pale or bright red in the pictures, with vibrant veins in the back of its skull and large black dots that must be eyes. Its mouth and nose weren’t discernible. The tiny thing’s little body was curled, and its legs and arms were only tiny stumps that tapered into what looked like hands if you looked long enough. It could pass as ball of meat or an alien he’d see in a scary story or horror movie. It didn’t look very human at all. 

Looking at it made Midoriya feel a weird sense of dread. And guilt. And embarrassment. That exact thing was in him right now, making him nauseous and tired all the time. It felt surreal.

He probably would have stared at it longer if given the chance.

Loud knocking sounded out, startling him. Izuku jumped, glancing back at his bedroom door with wide eyes. Before he could even blink, the door was pushing open. 

"Hey,'Zuku! Homework is important but dinner’s done if you're ready to come down and eat-" 

Midoriya's brain took a second too long to realize what was happening. The teen scrambled forward to block his screen and repeatedly mashed the 'x' button so hard he swore his mouse would break. The page closed, but it must have been too late. He held his breath and turned back. His mom stared back with an equally-wide-eyed expression, mouth parted a little and face tinting with color.

“I swear, it isn’t what it looks like-“

He tried. He probably looked even more guilty now. The room went dead silent as they both held eye contact for several agonizingly long moments. Neither of them moved as the atmosphere grew even more tense. Izuku was too scared to move or say anything. She had definitely seen something, right? He had no idea what she was thinking. Was she figuring it out now? Or did she just think he was weird or sick? What does someone think when they see their kid looking up photos of live fetuses? Well...what does someone think when their sick omega son looks up photos of love fetuses? That had to be at least a little concerning. Izuku's thoughts continued to twist more and more as his heart sped up impossibly faster. He open his mouth to say something but all that came out was an awkward mutter.

“I swear I was just looking something up-“

Inko roughly cleared her throat and straightened her posture.

"Sorry for interrupting you- I'll make sure to respect your privacy more next time-" She moved to step out, but Izuku quickly shouted after her.

"Wait! I promise that was really not what it looked like-"

"No, no- I completely understand, you don't have to explain anything. It's normal for boys your age to be doing that. Just maybe not so soon before dinner, okay?" Inko awkwardly shook her head and forced a smile that dripped in embarrassment. 

Oh God. 

Izuku reddened in shame, mouth opening to protest again, but any sound died in his throat. She thought he was doing that.

"Mom, no- oh my god-"

"Please, don't worry about it! I'll knock next time-"

"I swear I wasn't doing that-"

"No, really! Don't worry!"


Izuku facepalmed in shame. This was it. This was how he was going to die. He was going to shrivel up in embarrassment and the alien-fetus thing was going to eat him alive. He was going to die.

"I completely understand. Being a teenager gives you a lot of...’needs’...especially with all that stress of being a U.A. student after all. I'm not mad or anything! I swear!” Inko awkwardly waved her hands and forced an even worse smile.

"Mom, I promise you I wasn't doing what you're thinking." Izuku tried in a desperate voice. This was probably one of the worst scenarios he'd ever imagined happening to him. 

Her fake smile disappeared into a confused frown. "Oh?"

"Y-yeah! Nothing bad, I promise! I just uh," His mind blanked for a complete second, making say the first thing that came to mind. "I have a weird growth. On my back. That I had to look up. Yeah.”

Izuku immediately cringed at his poor choice of excuse.

"Really?" Inko held another expression of mortification that had guilt descending on his conscious again. "Do you want me to look at it? Does it hurt? What did it tell you?"

"No, no- it's fine now. It doesn't hurt at’s just really gross." Izuku shook his head, dismissing her offer. "Uh, it said to just leave it and wait for it to go away on its own."

Something about the last line stung to say. To lie.

Inko's frown deepened. "It doesn't have anything to do with you getting sick, right? It's not an infection or anything?"

Guilt deepened in the pit of his stomach. Should he tell her now? It was just, ‘Hey mom, I’m pregnant.’

’And it’s because I take horrible care of my body and have virtually no confidence in talking about those issues.’

’Also, it’s the most wanted villain in Japan’s.’

’Also I have no idea what to do and I want to curl up into a ball and disappear forever.’

Midoriya winced and grinded his teeth. He quickly disregarded the horrible feeling and moved on. He couldn't. Not now, at least.

"No, nothing like that! Just a...weird bump on my back That's it. Nothing more.”

"If you're sure." She seemed discontent with his answer but didn't push. She brushed a lock of hair from her face, clearing her throat and continuing after a long pause. "Well, dinner's ready if you want to come eat. I made miso soup so that you could have something light for your stomach to settle on. I’ll be downstairs -“

His mom paused, unsure of what to say from there. Izuku nodded absently, still caught on his initial embarrassment. 

“Y-yeah, I’ll be down in just a second-“

She nodded back, giving him one last glance before she left his room, leaving the door cracked. He held his breath while the tell-tale sounds of her walking down the stairs echoed across the house. Midoriya released a breath.

His eyes immediately began watering. Such a crybaby.

How was he going to be able to handle an abortion when he couldn’t even think of telling his mother about it? When lying to her made him start to break down? He was a crybaby

Tears flowed steadily down his cheeks, but Izuku couldn’t bring himself to clear them. He was so pathetic. Such an unstable wreck, incapable of any big decision. Every choice leading him to this exact situation- all his fault. Every. Single. One. 

No, even worse was that he did have value. He knew that. All Might told him exactly that frequently, and his mentor wouldn’t lie. He could become a hero. He had so much opportunity and potential. So many people were proud of him. He had come so far and put in so much effort to achieve his dreams, and he had been in the right path. He still was, mostly. 

But this. This wasn’t exactly small. There wasn’t a clear answer. He barely knew anything about this and he had to make a decision himself. His mom didn’t know.  Bakugou didn’t know. Ururaka and Todoroki and Iida didn’t know. The rest of his class didn’t know. All Might- All Might probably knew something to some extent. 

And nobody else had to know. No one. Recovery Girl said his mom would find out regardless because other way, she would be informed of anything medical that happened to him.

But that was only in regards to school. Maybe he could go privately? Find a private clinic willing to take him. Or buy the pills online if they sold them. He had birth money left over that might be enough. And if not...maybe there were other ways to get rid of it that he could do himself. That’s right. No one actually had to know. He could tell Recovery Girl and Aizawa (and maybe All Might?) that he had just over-stressed and miscarried. Abortion, essentially, was just a miscarriage, right? An induced one, but no one would know that. And that would be hit. His little secret and no one else’s. His mother wouldn’t realize how much of a wreck he is, or how bad he screwed up. None of his friends or classmates would.

No one would know about the baby.

Izuku had stopped crying at some point.

The baby.

It suddenly hit him that that was probably one of the first times he actually called it that. A baby. He narrowed his eyes at the spot on his floor that he had been intently staring down now for a few minutes. The baby. Not the thing or the ‘it’. The baby. The very real, very alive baby developing inside of him. A tiny little person that didn’t even have the ability to think, just resting inside of him without any worries or fears or awareness of what its parent intended to put it through. 

He was a parent.

Well, maybe not legally yet. But biologically, he had another life inside of him. He was pregnant. With a baby. That he was the parent of. A future Kota or another kid. 

This was Izuku’s first time actually considering that. His first thought had gone to getting rid of it and hiding it, covering up every loose end and worrying about who might know what. This entire time he had been preoccupied about what people would think, or how many people he was letting down. But not once had he actually taken time to think about it himself. Or the baby

And now here he was, immediately looking for an easy way out and an easy way to get rid of it. He didn’t really know about his other options, but he definitely hadn’t thought about them. 

There was adoption. Yeah, adoption. People wanted babies all the time, right? 

And then there was raising it himself. Izuku completely stilled starts the thought. He couldn’t take care of a baby. Not at all. Not when he was attending U.A. and working so much. And his mom- he couldn’t do that to her. She was done having kids after Izuku himself. Inko probably wasn’t prepared to be a grandparent- and he wasn’t ready to be a parent. But adoption...would that be any better?

Izuku was filled with guilt. 

Having a baby only to send them off with strangers because they’re an inconvenience had to be some sort of cruel. Or at least embarrassing. 

But either way, he would still need to not end the pregnancy. He still had to go through then. Go through with another few weeks of morning sickness, cramps, and being over emotional. Then, seven months of pregnancy, getting big, telling everyone- or having them figure it out, being questioned and then- either giving it away or having it.

They were both horrible options. He wasn’t ready for a baby. But he wasn’t ready to give one away either. And he wasn’t ready to end something that he was still so confused about.

Izuku was a wreck in every sense of the word. He was right. This was going to be the death of him.

In the several minutes it took to have his mini-breakdown, the computer automatically shut off. The sudden darkness pulled Izuku out of his thoughts, and back into reality. He briefly blinked away all the internalized arguing still trying to push its way into his focus. Without even thinking about it further, he shut off the computer quickly, and slowly stood up. 

He could think about this later. Any longer and he was going to breakdown. Again.

Midoriya quickly made his way downstairs, eager to fill the gnawing pain in his gut. He’d practically been starving all day (the sole yogurt he had had was enough to give his stomach a tantrum earlier). Inko quickly met his eyes with a curious and unsure gaze, before breaking into a soft and caring smile.

”Hey, bunny. You feeling alright?”

Izuku blankly nodded while he served himself a bowl. The soup smelled amazing on his mostly empty stomach, but the deep feeling of dread numbing his insides made it look nor hung short of unappetizing. Yeah. Just getting over being a sick, I guess.” He forced a smile and sat down. “Hopefully it goes away soon.”

He stared at one of the shrimp lifelessly floating in the bowl and immediately cringed. Nausea crept back up into the back of his throat. 


“Izuku...? What’s wrong?”

“Hmmm?” Izuku’s head snapped up. It took him a moment to realize he’d been pulling a face the entire time. He immediately waved it off and awkwardly laughed. 

Inko hummed in response and peered at him thoughtfully. “Well, tell me if you start feeling bad again, alright?”

”Yeah, I will.”

Izuku shoved a spoonful of broth into his mouth and swallowed forcefully.

This was never going to get better.