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Head In The Clouds

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Killian walked to the gallery with Graham. He felt the tall man him staring at him during the walk but every time he looked at him, he'd look elsewhere.

Once he got inside the Gallery, Killian spotted Emma. She was now surrounded by many people, men and women, all congratulating her.

“She's very talented, isn't she ?” Graham said, now looking at him. “she also has this ability, to shine in the middle of a room, much like you”

Killian didn't know how to take this statement. Was it a compliment ? He thought. He shrugged it off and decided to talk about Emma “You're right she does shine, doesn't she ?”

One thing was for sure to Killian, Emma and Graham's relationship was not common. He couldn't put a name on it, was it friendship ? Was there more between them ?.

The rest of the night went by quickly after a couple of glasses of Champagne and then everyone was leaving and Emma, Killian Graham and August went back to Emma's apartment.

“Killian, you can sleep on the couch, it's very comfortable, you can ask Graham, he used to sleep on it before he got his own bed” She said with a smile pointing out the tiny bed at the far end of the living room. Killian hadn't noticed it before but now, knowing the other man had a bed in Emma's apartment, Killian grew even more curious about their relationship.

The couch seemed comfortable indeed, but Killian regretted it wasn't Emma's bed he was sleeping in tonight.

Emma left for the room with August. In the meanwhile, Graham took off his shirt and went to sit on his bed with what looked like a medical book.

Killian changed out of his clothes and laid down on the couch to sleep. And just as he was starting to drift off, the laughter from the other room begun which woke him up. He sat up and looked at Graham who was now looking at him instead of the book.

Graham could read sadness on his face. He had understood Emma was more to Killian than a friend.

Killian closed his eyes. Trying to brush off their laughter but that's when it turned into moans and he was certainly not prepared for that.

“He just wants to make you jealous and he knows the walls are paper thin.” Graham said, leaving his book and approaching from the other end of the room. He sat beside him on the couch.

Killian watched him as he took one of his hands, and looked him in the eye “don't let him get to you” he said, caressing it gently.

“it's too late” Killian got off the couch and started changing.

“Where are you going ?” The other man asked.

“I'm going back to England” with that said, he packed his bags and left, closing the door behind him.


Killian got to Gare d'Austerlitz and waited in line before he bought the first ticket leaving Paris to get to Calais.

He couldn't stop thinking about what had happened in those less than 24 hours, Emma and her friend August. Graham and his odd behavior. What did he think leaving everything behind him ? He shouldn't have left like that.

Before noticing it, 2 hours had gone by and it was now time to embark on the train.


Emma got inside the train station with Graham, she ran to the trains and asked around for the train to Calais, shouting “Killian”.


Killian felt like someone was calling him but looking around, he couldn't see anyone.

As the train started moving he heard it again. Looking out of the window he saw Graham, then Emma, who saw him too. “Killian, KILLIAN !!”

“EMMA! What are you doing here” he said, he started moving from his chair and retrieving his bag.

“Killian please come, hurry, please” she said, begging him to listen to her.

And that he did. He opened the door of the slow yet moving train and jumped.

Running to him, Emma jumped on him, hugging him tight.

“Don't ever do that again, do you hear me ?” she said, then kissed his lips hard, once, then twice and then a third time. “Don't leave without telling me”

“How did you know where to find me ?” he said, his eyes almost watering, moved by Emma's display of feelings.

“Graham told me you decided to go back to England. It was just a matter of finding the right station.”

“What about August ?” Killian Asked.

“It's over, It was never a thing, he was just a friend.”

“Like I'm a friend ? Like graham's a friend ?” Killian asked, dropping her, displeased by her choice of words.

“No, Killian ! You're my Killian, you're not just a friend, you're... you're more.” she said sincerely, looking him in the eyes. She knew it wasn't a lot but it was all she could give him.
Killian knew he couldn't ask more of her so he dropped it at that moment. Only noticing the other man then.

The three walked back to the apartment rue Montmartre.


“I have to gather my books and go to class, I'll see you guys later” Graham said before kissing Emma on the cheek. “Oh, what the hell !” He said before kissing Killian too and running out of the flat.

“That was odd” Killian said, puzzled.

“What is ?” Emma asked “ He obviously likes you, I knew he would. As I know you like him too...” Emma said, playing with the lapels of his shirt.

“Yeah, I like him too but I wouldn't have felt at ease kissing him on the cheek” He looked at Emma, eyes full of questions.

“Killian you asked me something earlier” Emma led him to the couch. “You asked if you're a friend like Graham.” she looked at their now intertwined hands. “Graham and I don't share the same thing we share you and I. Graham is, and has been my closest friend for a bit now, but Graham and I were never a thing and we could never have been a thing. Graham only likes men, he's gay. And judging from what I saw yesterday, he seems interested in you” Emma looked him in the eyes as if she tried to read his mind.

“Emma ?”


“I like you, you know that” Killian said

“I know Killian” Emma didn't know what to expect of him.

“Do you like me ?” he said, his voice full insecurity. “Of course I do” she answered before he could think otherwise.

“Then why does it feel like you're trying to set me up with your friend ?”

“I'm not, Killian, I just want us to be friends, the three of us” Emma said. She didn't know what to expect as an answer. She was asking a lot of him, she knew that. She didn't even know if she could ask something like this of him.

“I don't know what to say.” he said, surprised. “I don't even know how it would work”

Emma answered with a smile “Then let us show you. In the meanwhile, you should go to bed, I have business to attend to.”