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It's three little words that make Katsuki rethink his entire existence. His ambitions. UA. His career choice.

All of it.

“You're an Omega.”

An Omega. Not an Alpha, or hell, even a Beta. But an Omega. The more fragile subgender. The one that equates to a bitch in heat and nothing more. (At least in most of society’s eyes.)

Omegas aren't pro heroes. They’re ovens for pups. They don't make villains submit, they’re the ones forced to submit, just because of some shitty pheromones.

At first it’s a fucking death sentence. Katsuki’s sure there is no way he’s going to be allowed to continue his training. He’s sure he probably won't even be allowed to dorm, because of the close proximity and the bullshit heat week he's now forced to endure.

He's ready to protest. But Recovery Girl stops him cold.

“Your quirk… Well. There might be a direct link between your sweat production and the frequency of your heats. We will have to monitor that. And of course, there are suppressants. But we do not recommend those until after the initial heat.”

Heats. Suppressants.

The devastation lasts a week. He barely sleeps. He barely eats. He loses twelve pounds.

And then on Sunday, he wakes up and decides fuck it.

Fuck. It.

Nothing was going to stop him from being Number 1 Hero. Not even himself.




It's three words that change Kirishima's life forever. His ears ring, like someone has smacked him upside the head with a 2x4. When he can finally hear again, Recovery Girl is still chatting away, throwing out medical terms and procedures. He can't keep up.

“I'm sorry.” Kirishima says, calmly. It's the opposite of what he feels. He wants to yell, to scream, to argue. He doesn't. That wouldn't be manly. “Can you repeat all of that?”

“You're an Alpha.”

Yep. He heard that part. Accepted that part willingly. Being an Alpha was a good thing. It meant he could protect his pack and his future family.

He nods, to show he's listening. It was a little… far fetched, sure. Kirishima didn't feel strong like an Alpha. And when he had laid awake imagining his secondary gender it wasn't that. He is maybe a little embarrassed to admit he imagined being mounted and producing slick for an Alpha. For a certain… sweet smelling blonde who is sure to present as an Alpha. But still. He accepted it better than-

“You have two.”

“Uh huh. That's what I thought you said.” His voice is hollow. Numb.

Three words.

You have two.

Suddenly he feels the need to take a page from Bakugou's book and curse. Really curse. To get it out of his system. It's a bad habit he's pretty much adopted from the blonde anyway.

“It isn't a death sentence, sonny. It just… I'm not going to pretend that this isn't a big deal. It is. You can't spend ruts with anyone but an Omega. You'll need the slick to help--”

“That's okay!” Kirishima says roughly, hands flying up to cover his reddening cheeks. “I understand, ma'm. We don't have to discuss it.”

“Fine. I'll respect your privacy. But I'll be available to talk whenever you need to. Just remember, you could seriously hurt even an Omega. Especially a Beta. Remember to discuss safe, consensual--”

Kirishima's ears stop working again. He's too busy focusing on the fact that he'll likely be a virgin forever. Not just because he's reluctant to ever put someone in the situation of dealing with his weird dick, but because…

Well, he had kind of had his hopes up for something else. Someone else.

He opens his snapchat. There's an unopened snap from Blasty ❤.

He knows what it is. It's a photo. Vaguely suggestive. Enticing. Hot. Ever since Kamino, okay maybe before then, Bakugou has been less and less subtle, sending him snaps of him shirtless with flirty one liners.


Alpha on Alpha was rare. He didn't know anyone who made it work long term.

He feels his heart shattering in his chest as he deletes the entire chat log without opening the picture.



It's the first time they've all gotten together since Kirishima presented. Perhaps it's their shared closeness, or the fact that they're a pack, but Mina and Sero presented this week too. Alpha and Beta respectively. Kami was the only one without a secondary subgender and the blonde has his fingers crossed for easy life as a Beta.

He laughs it off, makes jokes about how he couldn't handle being an Alpha because he isn't into borderline hate-fucking once a month, and how he doesn't want to be an Omega because he would have to choose between his boyfriends for Heat week.

Kami doesn't have to worry about his quirk giving him two knots.


Bakugou presented the same day as Kirishima. Or so he was told. The blonde had disappeared for the entire week, not even coming out to attend class. Aizawa had the BakuSquad delivering assignments until Bakugou had shown back up last Monday, work completed, the residual flush of pink on his cheeks, and smelling so fucking good.

Much to Kirishima's surprise, Bakugou was an Omega. But hell. That made everything worse.

Especially because he kept sending snaps. Ones that Kirishima couldn't stop himself from opening.

Bakugou sees him opening them. Ghosting him. He tries to corner him in the halls, palms igniting. Kirishima runs off, fake smile in place, claiming he's late for something or other.

He hadn't even known Bakugou was coming to game night tonight. He probably would have given an excuse if he had known.

He's secretly glad he didn't though. Because, shit Bakugou looked good tonight. His hair was still damp from his shower, black eyeliner smeared wildly around his eyes where he hadn't used a makeup wipe yet. He smelled so good too. So natural. Sweet. Spicy. Like some weird combination of marshmallow creme and cayenne pepper.

Kirishima has to grip his thighs to stop himself from leaning in and inhaling.

“You're been fucking dodging me.” Bakugou announces to the entire fucking room. “I know you've been reading my snaps, Kirishima.”

His tongue is thick in his mouth. He doesn't know what to say. He just shakes his head, red hair flying.

The round ends and Mina hands the controller to Bakugou. Kaminari switches off to Sero. Kirishima breathes a sigh of relief. Maybe the new round will entertain Katsuki and get him off his back. Because Kirishima wants to deny it, wants to lean over and give Katsuki something to really think about.

Kirishima has shitty luck.

“So,” Katsuki says casually. Smashing buttons on his controller. He doesn’t look away from the screen in front of them. “You gonna spend my heat with me or not?” He doesn't look at Kirishima, but they all know who he’s talking to.

Kirishima chokes on the soda he’s sipping, orange flavoured fizz spilling everywhere. He looks around the room with wide eyes. Kami, Sero, and Mina are in similar form, their mouths hanging open. The chip that Kami is holding falls back into the bag. Mina is practically vibrating. Sero’s character stands stupid on the screen while Bakugou’s character utterly destroys him.

He looks back to Bakugou. Did he have any idea what he just proposed? In public?

Sure, the snaps. And sure, they messed around a little, months ago- Twice!!- just light grinding and heavy making out- but the Bakusquad didn't know.

The red flush on his cheeks suggests Katsuki might know what he's done and he doesn't care. He throws down the controller. “Well, Shitty Hair? Is that a yes or a no?” The screen announces his win. He finally looks over at Kirishima.

Kirishima looks back to their friends. And then to the blonde. It's a dream come true. But as much as he wants it, as much as he's fantasized about it, fucked his fist to the idea of it.. He can't have it. Can't have his life's desire. “Uh, er. C-can,” he clears his throat. “Can we talk about this later?” He squeaks out. Real manly.

Katsuki’s face immediately sours. He takes the dismissal for what it is, a refusal. Smoke curls up from his fingertips. He's already a hair trigger away from exploding. That spicy sweetness fills the room until Kirishima starts to pant.

“Why wait?” Mina shouts, way too loud. She pulls Kami and Sero off the couch, forcing them toward the door. The snacks and controllers in their laps fall to the floor.

“No, Mina that's okay--” Kirishima doesn't want to have the conversation with Bakugou yet. They can put it off for a little longer!

Plus it would be, uh, rude to their bros! Yeah! That's it!

It has nothing to do with Kirishima wanting Katsuki more than he wants to draw his next breath and being unable to have him. Of course not.

Mina, the instigating witch, doesn’t stop pulling on Kami and Sero until they're halfway out the door. “TTYL, guys!”

And then there are two.


Katsuki pushes up from the bed, shoving snacks and controller away from him. He immediately launches into the conversation once the door clicks shit. “If you’re too chicken shit, that’s fine.” He stretches, his spine popping, like they aren't hashing out the most important conversation of Kirishima's life. “I thought you were a fuckin’ Alpha. But it’s whatever.”

He's goading me. On purpose. Trying to push me into mating with him . Resist . “Katsu!” Kirishima blushes. He needs to defuse the situation as lightly as he can. “It’s not that. I--”

“What? You aren’t into guys?” He leans down, stuffing snack cake wrappers into an empty chip bag. He's cleaning up, acting like he could care less about the outcome of their talk, but Kirishima can smell the nervousness pouring off him. “Color me fucking surprised. Because I for sure as shit, thought with the way you are always scenting me after sparring that you were more than willing to fuck me. Also, you swallow my tongue like you don't give a fuck if I have a dick.”

I want you! I want you! “Wait. That's not it--”

“So, if you do like cock, then what? It’s just me you won’t fuck?” He throws the chip bag into the nearby trash can. It goes in, perfectly. He turns back around, hands on his hips. “That’s fine, Kirishima. I ain't gonna beg you. News flash. I don’t need your Alpha knot. I need a Alpha knot.”

What was happening here?! Katsuki wasn't even giving him a second to respond! His head was spinning, he didn't know what to say to appease the blonde, to keep him safe…

He knew one thing though. Kirishima growls at Katsuki. Like fuck, he was letting the blonde mate with someone else.

When Katsuki moves to go around him, Kirishima latches on to his wrist. Tight. Unbreakable.

A feral sound rips itself out of his throat. “I can’t, okay? Gods Katsuki, I want to. I want to so fucking bad. But… I can’t.” He rubs his thumb over the pulse point in Katsuki's wrist, trying to soothe the Omega. He gives a tiny, light push of Calm, just enough to be subtle and not piss the blonde off. Katsuki would no doubt hate being controlled by Alpha pheromones.

A small whimper escapes the blonde's throat. He tries to hide it behind a cough. Not hate, then. “Why the fuck not?” He tries to rip his hand away, but Kirishima holds him tighter. Even goes so far as to try to pull Katsu into the line of his body. It's not his fault. No Alpha can resist a whimpering Omega. Especially not one who smells so sweet.

It's now or potentially lose him. He has no other options. Katsuki is too stubborn to give him any other choice. Kirishima sighs with defeat. Because, yeah. In the end, he’ll always do whatever it takes to keep Katsuki with him.

“I have two.” Kirishima mutters into his lap.


Kirishima doesn't lift his face up. It's too embarrassing. He murmurs again, “I have two knots.” He wants to disappear. Take the words back. His face flames and he can't look at Katsuki.

“What?” Katsuki repeats.

Jesus. Can't he let him have his dignity for once? “Two knots Katsuki, fuck !” He shouts. “I have two.” He groans, trying to keep his voice level. His heart hammers in his chest. “It’s a result of my quirk or something.”

Katsuki's eyes narrow. His mouth falls open slightly. “Let me see.”

“No!” Embarrassment makes Kirishima tuck his face into the Omega's neck. His burnt sugar scent fills his lungs and he has to resist the urge to purr. Or lick at the skin like an ice cream.

“Fine. Don't need to see them.” Bakugou moves until he's sitting directly on Kirishima's lap, his ass settling perfectly on his thighs. He wraps his legs around Kirishima's waist so they wrap around his lower back, his ankles resting on the bed. “I can take ‘em both.”

“You aren’t listening to me!” Kirishima growls, tossing Bakugou onto the comforter. He can't handle the touching. His Alpha is prowling the edges of his mind, perking up at the idea of claiming Bakugou, his crush, once and for all.


No! Diffuse the situation.

Bakugou's back bounces on the bed twice before stilling. Kirishima's yelling, his skin vibrating. “This isn’t some little puppy knot you’re asking for! You have to take two--”

“Are you looking down on me, Shitty Hair?” The Omega says, pushing himself up on his arms. “I ain’t made of fuckin’ glass! Either fuck me or I’ll find someone who will.”

He's a dirty liar. Kirishima knows this. Bakugou is tilting his body slightly, his chest pumping up and down like he's ran a marathon. He's exposing his neck, his scent gland. And Kirishima can smell him. Can smell his concentrated sweetness coating his thighs.

Oh gods. He's wet.


He's growling now. His teeth feel sharper in his mouth. His nails are more like claws. “You fucking asshole!” Kirishima’s hand rips at his own hair. He needs to calm, calm, calm.  “You can’t take this back, Katsuki! Once I’m in you, that’s it . You’re mine! This isn’t going to be some fuck that you can forget happened!”

“GOOD! News flash, Shitty Hair- I want to be yours! But fuck you, alright? I ain't forcing you. Fuck off.”

I want to be yours.

Yours. Yours. Yours.

Katsuki can’t believe the shit that just came out of his mouth. He doesn't regret it, it's fucking true. But damn, did he have to sound so fucking needy?

That isn't him.

I am more than an Omega!

I'm Katsuki fucking Bakugou.

Kirishima is on him in a second, his tongue in his mouth, fighting for dominance. It's so fucking hot, searing. Just like the other times they've kissed. It makes Bakugou want to press deep into Kirishima, wrap himself around him like warm taffy.

But no. No. He has to remember. Just because the bastard is an Alpha doesn't mean Katsuki is going to let him win. If Kirishima wanted him, he’s going to have to fucking PROVE it.

Submit to him!

Katsuki growls, ripping his mouth away from from Kirishima's, a line of drool connecting his throbbing, kiss sore lips to the redhead's.

"Fuck you!" He shouts, flames crackling in the air from his hands. "You lost your fucking chance to touch me."

It's not enough. Katsuki's hands sweat. Slick dampens his boxers. He's getting hot. Fuck. Feverish.

He kicks at Kirishima with his legs, and he has a lot of strength behind the kick, sending the male flying into the far wall. He slams against the hard surface with a loud Smack! He slides down to the floor, his hardened skin digging ruts into the drywall.

Kirishima looks up at him and his eyes darken, the pupils absorbing all color as he wipes at the bloody cut on his lip with the back of his hand.

He growls, feral, before he pounces. He soars through the air like he's propelled by Katsuki's own quirk. His hand latches hot around Katsuki's ankle. His fingers become steel bands as he starts dragging the blonde off the foot of the bed.

He looks like the Big Bad Wolf, sharp teeth on display in a dark grin. An animal. One who is hungry.

Katsuki is not about to be eaten for dinner. Not yet.

Submit! Please ! His Omega screams at him.

Fuck off!

Katsuki scrambles to sit up, intending to explode Kirishima's fucking face. He doesn't want to maim him, he knows he'll harden his skin. And so what if he plans to attack him using only a little of his total firepower.

Kirishima expects the attack, Unbreakable cutting sharp lines into smooth skin. He looks dangerous, hot, and a new wave of slick coats his thighs.

Doesn’t stop him though.

His palms heat, and it aims his blast directly at those lips he wants to kiss.

“Fuck!” Katsuki breathes as Kiri lunges, pushing his arm straight up and redirecting the blast up toward the ceiling. Smoke fills the room, cloying. The lack of vision doesn’t stop Kirishima.

Immediately Katsuki is flipped to his stomach, and Kirishima is climbing on top of him, his weight trapping his cock against the bed, the friction enough to make precum leak out of the tip.

Unbreakable isn't just hot as fuck. It’s insanely good at restraining. Katsuki’s arms are pinned down, his wrists above his head, his hands, his weapons, imprisoned in his Alpha’s grip. Kirishima is growling, his hot panted breaths tickling against the back of Katsu’s neck. His hips press into his ass, that hard cock of his straining to probe Katsuki’s entrance through his pants.


Kirishima’s chest vibrates with approval. He thinks he’s won. Katsuki can feel the rumble of his Alpha’s chest against his shoulder blades and it’s good. It’s so good.

Not yet.

Katsuki waits until he feels all the hard planes of Kirishima’s body melt into his. His rough hands trace over his hips, the sides of his body, his thighs. Katsuki pretends to go lax, to submit. He even goes so far as to offer his throat up.

Kirishima moans softly, licking at the base of his neck. His long wet tongue slides around until it teases the edges of his scent gland. He rubs his face into him too, lips and cheek ghosting over his goosebumped flesh. His Alpha is praising him for being good. He’s congratulating himself on catching an Omega to fuck.

Katsuki’s skin prickles. He is more than some fuck.

But shit. He wants to thrust back into the male on him and present for him properly. Some tiny, embarrassing part of him wants to beg for it. Cry out for not just one knot, but two. But he can’t; He has to know Kirishima means this.

He has to know Ei wasn’t just provoked. Because… because Katsuki needs him to mean this. He needs Kirishima’s words from earlier: You’re mine; to be more than just some words he threw out to warn Katsuki away.

It’s pathetic. But Katsuki is so fucking in love with the shitty haired alpha it hurts. And yeah, he fucking sucks at feelings. He ain’t the best with words. But he knows fighting. He understands it. So he’s going to talk with his actions. Get Kirishima to use his Alpha strength like a weapon. Win him like some archaic war prize.

So what if he has to fight dirty?

Katsuki whines like he’s in pain. He curls down toward the bed, forcing his body to let out scents of distress and Get off me! It about makes him naseous to do it because he feels content and ready to fuck, not scared, but he manages to push out some halfass rendition. Kirishima, the good boy, the good Alpha he is, quickly eases his grip, thinking he hurt him. He doesn’t notice how weak the scents are, that he can resist the commanding scent when it would be overwhelming and unable to fight if it was real. He’s just concerned as he pulls back on straightened arms.

As soon as he’s released, Katsuki whips his head into Kirishima’s face. The back of his skull lands directly into Kiri’s nose, the fragile bone making a crunch sound. The red head had no time to defend against the attack, the movement too unexpected to harden his skin.

His howl in pain makes Katsuki wetter. Especially when he doesn’t let Katsuki up. --No he keeps his hold on the struggling Omega. Strong. Unrelenting.

When he repins him, slamming his chest down, Katsuki feels his sharp teeth hover over his scent gland. Those sharp incisors score against him lightly, a rasping that makes him gasp.

It’s a warning. Not biting down, not claiming, but…

“Mine.” Kiri says into his neck, excitedly. “I won.”

“Y-yeah.” Katsuki croaks. His dick harder than it ever has been in his life. He arches into Kirishima like a cat demanding to be pet. “So what the fuck are you waiting for? Take your prize.”

He writhes, rubbing back on that thick erection, mouth falling open on a silent scream. FUCK, Kirishima is thick. He knew from their limited makeout sessions, but he’s never felt the thing in between his cheeks, this close to penetrating.

Bakugou goes limp. For real this time. He presents his neck, a real whimper escaping. His skin is on fire. His heat must be coming early, their fight triggering it. He whimpers again, jerking his head repeatedly in offer, emitting Submission so even a dumbass like Kirishima knows what he means.

And thank fuck he does.

“I’m gonna fuck you so good, Omega.” Kirishima says into his neck, his tongue pressing against his sensitive spot, hard, like the press of his fingers. “Fuck you open until you cry on my knots.”

Jesus fucking Christ. Kirishima.

If anyone ever even so much as suggested that he begged for it, he’d deny it. But since it was just the two of them, just him and his Alpha… “Please. Please.”

Bakugou’s pants are wet. Like he jumped into the shower and forgot to take them off.

It’s embarrassing. And hot as fuck.

“Gotta make sure you’re soaked for me,” Kirishima growls, hands pulling at Katsuki’s waistband. He roughly shoves the slacks and boxers down to his knees, holds them so Bakugou can kick them off. It’s awkward with their position, but he manages. “Don’t want to hurt you. Only wanna make you feel good.”

As soon as his lower half is naked, Kirishima is back on him, hips thrusting over the curves of his ass. Bakugou spreads his legs as wide as they can go, trying to fit all of Kirishima’s big body in between his thighs. Through the thin material of Kirishima’s pants he feels the hot flared head of his dick kiss his entrance. He immediately moans, hips jerking for more. Why was Kirishima wearing clothes?

His slick gets all over the Alpha, dampening his pants. It drives Kirishima visibly insane, his growls racking up louder until they almost sound like muffled words. “I’m going fuck you so perfect you cry,” Kirishima says with confidence, popping open the button on his pants. He kicks the material down harsh, like it offends him. Which it does. It’s the only thing stopping him from slamming home and finding peace in his mate’s tight ass.

Kirishima has plans to thrust inside as soon as the cool air brushes over his dick. He grips the base of his already swelling cock, about to line them up, when Bakugou’s scent wraps around him like it has fingers and pulls him in. Maybe a better Alpha could resist.

Kirishima has never been able to deny himself anything. So when the overwhelming desire to bury his tongue in Katsuki hits him, he quickly falls prey to the idea. His hands, hardened now he notices absently, dig into the lush globes of Bakugou’s pale cheeks. He spreads them apart, the tips of his fingers teasing over that wet hole, watching it twitch and wink, begging to be filled.

He only allows himself seconds of teasing, before he leans down and flattens his tongue right over the puckered skin. He moans loud at his first taste of pure Katsuki. His fingers clench down, keeping his prey pressed to his mouth. And that’s what Bakugou is. The most desirable prey in the world.

Katsuki screams in pleasure, the most pathetic sobs exiting his mouth as Kirishima uses every weapon at his disposal. He rubs his chin, his lips, his jaw, all of his face into the blonde. He wants Katsuki’s scent on him for days, wants everyone to know exactly what was happening between them. It’s a primal desire, but he gives in to it.

He’s wild. On fire. A toy for Kirishima to use. He whimpers, his body quivering, his dick jerking in consistent pulses. He’s going to cum soon if Kirishima doesn’t stop. He tries to warn him, to tell him that he wants to cum all over his knot, but his tongue isn’t working, glued to the roof of his mouth as he can do nothing but helplessly cry out and prepare his body to orgasm so hard he’ll never be the same.

“Fuck, you’re so wet.” Kirishima grunts, wetness clear all over his face. “You need me, don’t you baby?” It’s carnal, pure sin, and at the rough timbre of Kirishima’s voice and the long lick he gives to Katsuki’s entrance without breaking eye contact, Katsuki feels like he never really stood a chance against the Alpha.

The pressure in his cock makes him grit his teeth. He ruts against the sheets, simultaneously fucking back on Kirishima’s tongue. “Oh gods. K-Kiri, oh fuck. Ah-!”

The room fills with the scent of cum as Katsuki’s vision blurs. He clenches around the long prod of Kirishima’s tongue, the Alpha eating at him in earnest now. His orgasm forces another wave of slick onto the Alpha’s waiting tongue, and it’s so much, so good, that tears spring in his eyes. He wets the bed and the hem of his shirt with his orgasm. There’s so much. He’s never cum so much before. Is this what heat is like? This urgency in his blood, demanding more?

Or was that just Kirishima’s intoxicating presence?

When Kirishima doesn’t stop lapping at him, Katsuki reaches back, awkwardly trying to get his attention. He settles for getting an unsteady grip on the red head’s hair, uses that hold to pull the male away from him. He yanks hard, until Kirishima is forced to raise his head. The Alpha growls, angry and threatening. His pupils are entirely black, and he’s fucking gorgeous when he swipes his tongue over his bottom lip to savour the taste of Katsuki on his mouth.

“F-fuck me, Alpha.” Katsuki pleads. “P-please fuck me.”

Kirishima bares his teeth, the incisors looking dangerous and hot. He gives a devilish grin. One that makes Katsuki’s head fuzzy. “Not so defiant now, little Omega. Are you?” His hands are rough on Katsuki’s hips as he pulls him on his knees into the position to mount him properly. “Hard to be tough when you’re begging for my knot.”

Knots, Katsuki almost corrects him. He wants both of them. But he can’t comment. Not without giving himself away.

Through the haze of the Alpha screaming Claim! Take! Fuck! in his head, Kirishima vaguely remembers to prepare Katsuki for his cock. Not just mentally, they already had the talk about his dick having some ridiculous Buy one, get one free deal, but also to physically stretch him open.

He slides his fingers down, pressing into Katsuki’s crack, when the male thrashes his head side to side in protest. “I’m ready, Ei! I’m ready!”

Kirishima slaps his ass, the pale skin reddening. It’s meant as a warning. He’s letting the action say, You’re ready when I say so, instead of using his words. Despite that, Kirishima can’t fight the throbbing of his cock or the instincts in his head.

He spreads Katsuki’s cheeks with one hand. Just enough to expose his hole. His dick starts to swell in his hand and he panics. If he waits too long, he’ll never be able to get it inside Katsuki. He was so tight inside, those slick inner walls clenching down on Kirishima’s tongue. It’s now or never.

He chooses now.

It takes all his self control to not thrust deep inside Katsuki and rip him open. He doesn’t want to hurt the male, never ever hurt his Omega, but he can barely contain his excitement at finally sliding inside. His aching balls tighten when Katsuki moans under him. He grips Katsuki’s hips, rocking gently, pushing in a little more.

It burns, fuck it burns, but it also feels so fucking good. Kirishima feels so fucking HUGE, and hot, and oh gods,--"A- ah !" Katsuki doesn't even get the entire head inside before he’s cumming. His back arches like a bow with the string on too tight. His nerve endings light like they’re on fire, and he’s screaming Kirishima’s name. He clenches around the thick cock not even half way inside of him, soaking it with slick. He’s helpless to do anything, and he groans, his weight collapsing his arms. His brain feels like oatmeal. Warm, mushy.

Kirishima catches Katsuki before his chest slams into the mattress. He’s gasping, hair plastered to his temples, and he’s trying to fuck back on Kirishima’s erection, almost mindlessly. Kirishima bites at Katsuki’s ear lobe, whispering hotly, “Hold still .” Kirishima has never had to cum so badly. But he won’t, not until he’s entirely inside Katsuki’s wet heat and he’s certain not one single drop of his cum will be wasted.

Thanks to Katsuki’s orgasm, the glide is wetter, drenched even, and Kirishima is able to work his cock in deeper. The Omega freaking keens when Kirishima gets half way inside. His skin is pink, and it’s warm to the touch. His scent is getting more pronounced and when Kirishima’s knot finally kisses Katsuki’s rim, the blonde starts begging incoherently.

He’s already so deep and wide inside Katsuki. And he hasn’t even taken one knot yet.

But he will. Holy fuck, he will.

Kirishima holds Katsuki up, letting the Omega lean on the muscle of his forearm. He looks so fucking amazing, boneless and wrecked, split open and begging for more. He takes him so well, his whines sweet enough to make Kirishima lose his mind all on their own. Kirishima almost doesn’t recognize the sight of his own cock. It’s red and swollen, and he can see his second knot forming, down at the base of his cock where the other is about an inch above it.

Katsuki only lets him fuck him like a cocksleeve twice, before he’s struggling back to his knees, slapping at Kirishima’s hands supporting him. He’s gasping, but he leans up under his own power. Katsuki is that prideful. Even when cumming on Alpha knot.

Kirishima gets impossibly larger, until it burns. “Lean up,” Kirishima growls out, moaning when Katsuki complies. The shift in position pushes his dick deeper until his actual knot pops inside. Kirishima's sweaty forehead slams down on Katsuki’s shoulder, his eyes squeezing tight as he feels Katsuki clench around him a second time.  

“You are so good for me, baby. You cum so perfect.” He rubs his face along Katsuki’s neck, breathless. “You’re so fucking pretty.” He quickens his pace, fucking Katsuki with shallow thrusts that rub deep inside him, the tip of his dick occasionally scraping over his prostate and making him scream. When Katsuki feels his second knot tease his rim, he moves to both get away from it, and to thrust down on it.

It’s going to stretch him so deep. He’s never going to be the same. He doesn’t want to be.

“Alpha, please! I want your cum.” Katsuki tries to hide his face from Kirishima, embarrassed at his own begging. There’s nowhere to run from, not with Kirishima’s chest cemented against Katsuki’s back. Shame fills him, but he finds that he kinda likes it. It’s lewd and… it makes him feel good. “ F-fill, fill me up. Please.”

“Come around me!” He needs Katsuki to cum for him one more time so he can finally push the second knot in and flood him with his semen. He’s barely keeping himself in check. If it wasn’t for his inner Alpha screaming to hold out, to wait until Katsuki orgasms so he can sink his fangs deep in his neck in the most savage claiming bite ever, Kirishima would have already lost his mind. Twice. “You’re so fucking tight!”

Katsuki whimpers at the praise, body moving faster, his hips snapping. Kirishima picks up on it and is quick to indulge the male. Using his last brain cells to make the connection Katsuki + Praise = Amazing. "Oh fuck, good boy. Good boy..." Kirishima mindlessly chants. "That's only one. Got one more baby. You're doing so good. You take me so fucking good. Made for me. S-so perfect.”

His little Omega is so fucking wet, sloppy even. "Knot me! Knot- ah !" When the second one pops inside, slightly bigger than the first, Katsuki cums . Kirishima groans loud, his control breaking, licking furiously at his pale, perfect skin. Tears fall down Katsuki's cheeks. He feels like his blood has been replaced with fire. He's so hot.

Kirishima feels Katsuki clench around him, seconds away from his third- fourth? - orgasm. Kirishima rocks his hips, as limited as he can. He can’t even move he’s stuffed so deep inside Katsuki. The blonde goes mindless, drool leaking down his chin as he is helpless to do anything but take it. The first knot gets pushed directly on his prostate when the second one enters him, scraping against his most sensitive spot until he’s sobbing from overstimulation.

When Kirishima feels his cock jerk, announcing he’s about to orgasm, he grips Katsuki’s chin and tilts his neck. He doesn’t stop thrusting, not even with his Omega limp in his arms, emitting scents of Content, Exhaustion… and… and…

Kirishima inhales the sweet hidden scent, until it invades his senses and he’s light headed. He smiles when his knots start to expand, a deep guttural sound ripping from his chest. “Love you" He groans before claiming Katsuki. Hard. He gives a battle ready yell as he sinks his sharp shark teeth deep into Katsuki’s neck, claiming the Omega as his.


His soft flesh gives way under razor sharp teeth. He floods his mate with so much cum that his stomach probably looks inflated as he takes it all. Kirishima moans into Katsuki’s flesh, not releasing his bite. Not yet. Kirishima tastes copper, blood. But Katsuki isn’t telling him to stop. Quite the opposite. Katsuki is cumming a final time, his hand tangled in Kirishima’s hair, shoving him deeper into his neck, grinding his scent gland into Kirishima’s fangs as his hole milks him. And still, Kirishima is pouring white hot cum into his mate, jet after jet, snarling into his bite.

Finally, Kirishima releases his bite with a whole body shudder and collapses against Katsuki. He eases them down to the comforter. They’re going to be tied to together for a while, but Kirishima has never knotted before so, he’s not quite sure how long. He goes to apologize for the knot wait time, for how much he came, for the harsh bite, but one look at his mate’s face has him stopping, an exhausted smile on his face.

His perfect little Omega?

Is passed out cold.

“Kirishima! Holy fuck, you lazy bitch, wake up!”

Kirishima opens his eyes, his head fuzzy as he tries to make sense of his surroundings. A tuff of blonde hair and a scowl fills his vision. Bakugou. A smile spreads across his face. His mate.

“Finally. Thought my ass was so bomb it killed you for a minute,” He says wryly.

Kirishima is tempted to reclose his eyes, but he knows it will probably result in a blast to the face. “You are so right.” Kirishima smiles lazily, his sharp tooth spearing his bottom lip as he looks at the wrecked image his Omega makes standing over him, bright red, raw bite mark over his scent gland. “I definitely experienced Heaven.” He thumbs at the wound, chuckling when Katsuki shivers.

It’s silent then, and Kirishima looks around the room. Their clothes are on the floor, including Bakugou’s shirt. He must have shed it when he woke up. The scent of cum and slick is so thick you could cut it with a knife, and the Alpha in Kirishima purrs loud to smell it.

“You told me you loved me.” Katsuki comments, eyes downcast in his lap. “It’s the last thing that I remember before blacking out. Well, after the bite. And the orgasm. Both mine and yours.”

“Sure did,” Kirishima says honestly, pushing himself up on his arms. He has so much love for Katsuki his chest hurts from it. He moves his damp hair out of his face. “Meant it too.”

Katsuki crawls into his lap, mouth hovering on the side of the Alpha’s neck. He inhales deep. Kirishima notices Katsuki moves gingerly, like he’s sore. And he’s shivering like he’s nerves are still sensitive. “Good. I love you too, Shitty Hair.”

I know. I smelt it.

“Now. When can I bite you?”