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“Have I ever told you that you taste absolutely delicious?” he murmurs, lips trailing along the hot flesh of my neck. “A time or two. Why?” I tease, as I continue to scrub at the grease left on the pan. Growling, he takes the flesh between his teeth and suckles gently, desperately trying to garner my attention.
“Daddy’s eating mommy! Lookie, Kookie!”
Our daughter’s high pitched squeal has Jin jumping off me so fast, it’s almost like we haven’t been married for six years and showing affection isn’t the norm, making me laugh as he backs into the wall. Jungkook sweeps the little girl into his arms after shooting us a quick glare and runs back into the living room.
I giggle as Jin groans from where he’s plastered against the wall. “Why on earth do we have so many kids?!” he whines. Rinsing off the soap, I set the pan  in the drying rack before turning to face him. “Baby, I just carried your babies, you’re the one who wanted them. Besides we only have two kids, how is that so many?” I quirk, gently pulling him off the wall.
“It’s not. I just want to love my wife without a little demon interrupting me. It’s either this angel running in at the worst time or our little prince crying as soon as we get comfy. I just wanna worship you again,” he whispers, leaning down for a quick peck, then jerking his head up to make sure no one was coming before resting his forehead against mine. “The last time you worshipped me, we ended up having a baby, I don’t know how you’re going to get whatever you want while aiming for another kid but please, feel free to try,” I laugh before pecking his cheek and turning around.  
“Come on then, love, everyone is waiting,” I tug on his wrist and drag him back to the living room where the rest of the boys are hanging out with their girlfriends or wives.
Sliding the door open, we’re met with our oldest animatedly explaining how she thinks her dad is a vampire because he was biting my neck. Flushing scarlet, Jin rushes forwards and slaps a hand over his daughter’s mouth and quickly hushing her, eliciting laughs all around. Laughing awkwardly himself, “Uh, princess, why don’t you take the other kids to your room. Show them that new toy I bought you the other day! Go on, run along now, play nice,” he mumbles quickly, gently pushing her out the door as the other babies take the cue and follow.
“Hyung, aren’t you a little past your honeymoon phase? You have two babies,” Namjoon laughs, wrapping his arm around his own wife, who slaps his shoulder with a laugh. Shooting them a pointed glare, “And you aren’t? You have a baby too, brat!” he chides as Namjoon tries to steal a kiss from his wife. Hoseok throws his arms around my shoulders, “Yaaah, Y/N, I thought you’d be the only one who’d manage to keep Jin hyung under control but you’re still too smitten to say no, aren’t you?” he laughs as I turn and bury face in his shoulder.
“So, sue me for loving this giant dork, jeez, guys, it’s not like you guys have any censor either,” I mumble as Hobi ruffles my hair and then sits on the floor next to Tae to resume their conversation. “Technically Hobi hyung, Jiminie hyung and I do,” Jungkook pipes up from the corner and Jin silences him with a glare. “Okay, Mr. Single-For-Life, get the heck out of my house. I don’t wanna see your face until you find a girlfriend.”
Jumping up from his seat, he runs to my side and loops his arm through mine and grins, “Found her. Can I live with the babies now? I’ll be a good daddy, I swear!”
“You little son-of-a-!” I giggle as my husband jumps up to tackle Kookie into the floor, attacking him with tickles as he wheezes under him.
Carefully escaping them, I plop down next to Tae’s wife, leaning against her shoulder. “Why’d I ever even get married?” I sigh as she giggles and strokes my cheek reassuringly. “I ask myself the same thing everyday,” she laughs, pointing at her own husband engaged in a heated discussion with Hoseok about their favourite One Piece character.
Joon’s wife joins us and points towards Yoongi and his girlfriend peacefully napping against a barely-awake Jimin on the couch, “We could have had that, but we married a bunch of kids and then had their kids,” she laughs as Namjoon looks at us, fully offended. “Baby, I thought what we had was real,” he fake sobs, crashing into a puddle in her lap as she coos over him.


A couple of hours later, after we’ve bid everyone a good night and the kids are tucked in bed with their nightly kisses and routine checks for monsters under the bed, we finally return to our own room, sighing with relief as we slump against each other on the bed.
Jin stretches his arms over his head before wrapping them around me and pulling me into his chest. “Hi, stranger,” he whispers, trailing kisses along my neck. “Hi, vampire,” I giggle and he stops dead in his motions. “Jagiya~!” he whines, nuzzling his entire face into the crook of my neck. “I can’t believe my own daughter called me a vampire,” his voice muffled as he continues to whine. “All I wanna do is kiss my beautiful wife without being judged and here we have my own kid making a mockery out of me. I need cuddles, Y/N. Make me feel better with your wifey power.”
Letting out an unattractive snort, I pull him off me with a few short tugs and scuttle up until I’m resting against the headboard and hold my arms out to him. Like the giant baby he is, he dives right in, nuzzling his cheek against my chest, pressing short kisses into the exposed skin of my nightshirt. “Seokjin,” I start evenly, as his lips trail higher and his hands start to roam, “we leave the door unlocked in case the kids have nightmares, not so we can give them nightmares.”
“It’s called disciplining,” is all he utters before he nips at my lips to shut me up, and then takes his time. He starts his onslaught kisses from the crown of my head, to my brow bone on each side, then both eyes before kissing the apples of my cheeks. Hands cupping my face now, he kisses the tip of my nose, laughing when I scrunch it in response. Squeezing my cheeks together, my lips are pushed into a pout, and he kisses my chin and feathers his lips along my jaw, before pressing a sensitive peck right under each ear. Nipping at my collarbone lightly, he finally kisses me, hands release my face to favour sliding under my shirt as I pull him closer by the hair, groaning in pleasurable pain as he rests his body against mine.
Licking the seam of my lips, he prompts entry, letting his hands squeeze at the mounds under his own chest. He smirks when I moan, leisurely exploring the cavern of my mouth with his tongue, sighing in contentment when he pulls away.
“More?” he asks, tracing his fingers along my side. Nodding frantically, I wrap my arms behind his neck and pull him back down to kiss passionately again. Slightly breathless, he rests his chin against my collarbone once we part, fluttering a dozen or so kisses to mine. I push him away before things get too heated and he lets out a small whine before pulling me atop of him. Rolling my eyes, I play with the ends of his hair, watching with a small smile as his eyes flutter shut. “Jagiya, let’s go on a honeymoon again. Just you, me, and us,” he whispers, lips tugging into a little grin.
“Seokie, as appealing as that sounds, we can’t just leave the kids behind!” I chide gently, pinching his squishy cheek when he pouts.
“Joonie’ll do a great job of taking care of them while we’re gone, come on, please,” he begs, making sad eyes and exaggerating his pout until I’m kissing it away with a laugh.
“I’ll think about it later,” I murmur and he grumbles, knowing that is basically my sweetest way to say no and remains stoic when I run my hand across his chest, lightly dragging my nails as I go. I litter a bunch of kisses on his pulse point and nip at his ear when he shudders. “You’re being awfully mean today, babygirl, do I need to remind you how to play nice, hm?” he growls lowly, causing goosebumps to erupt all over my arms and neck, a rush of excitement searing through me, before blanching.
Shaking my head, I reach up and twist his ear. “Ow! What the fuu-fudge was that for?!” he yells, tearing his ear away from my grasp and rubbing the reddened tip. “Kim Seokjin, you horny piece of crap, I can’t believe you’re trying to dom me while our babies are sleeping across the hall!” I fire back and he shoots me a flirty wink. “You’re absolutely shameless,” I groan, rolling off him and climbing under the covers. “Please, you love me. It’s why you married me, isn’t it? Now come back and cuddle me, you’re so warm,” he hums holding out his arm while busying the other trying to fit under the comforter. Stifling a grin, I push my feet up against his bare legs and he hisses, “C–cold! Get off me, frosty!”
I scoot closer until I’m resting on his pillow, rubbing my feet on his squirming legs in attempt to warm them up, “I’m trying to cuddle, keep still, damm—,” I’m cut off with an entire hand being slapped against my mouth. “No swearing, gosh darn it! It’s been four years since you’ve had kids and you still haven’t learnt to censor!” he yells, outraged when I laugh and lick his palm, causing him to pull away with a yelp. Despite his yelling and complaining about my cold feet, he tugs me to lean against his chest, humming old songs from when we first began dating, and playing with my hair until my eyes grow heavy. “Love you,” I mumble, eyes falling shut and his chest vibrates as he chuckles. “Goodnight, jagi, love you more,” he whispers, voice heavy with sleep. Smiling through closed eyes, I embrace sleep taking hold of us and curl my fingers around the hand that’s dropped next to my face before drifting off.


We’ve probably been snoring for thirty minutes at most when a loud wail has us both jumping up in bed, knocking my head into my husband’s jaw with a groan of pain. “Seokjin~,” I whine. He offers me a hum to show he’s listening. “I’ll really think about that honeymoon if you can make the baby quiet,” my voice is muffled as I crawl back under the covers but he’s still jumping up in excitement to check on the wailing demon-child, feet slapping against the tiled floor in his haste to get to the baby room. A few moments later, the wails cease and his footsteps can be heard padding back to me. He’s quietly cooing over the infant, “My sweet little prince, please go back to sleep. You want daddy to take mommy on a vacation, don’t you? That’s my boy, shh, there’s my sleepy angel. Daddy’s so proud of you.”
The bed dips when he sits next to me, rocking the baby gently as he makes cute gurgling noises. Pulling myself out of the cocoon of blankets, I lean against Jin’s side and look down at the baby making grabby hands towards me. With a tired laugh, I carefully remove him from his dad’s arms and place a peck on his nose, smiling as he giggles happily.
“Mommy?” A soft squeak comes from the door and I turn to face my daughter. “Can I sleep with you? I think there’s a monster under my bed,” she sobs pitifully and my heart breaks at the sight. Jin looks like he’s going to tear her bedroom apart because it made his precious princess cry. He holds his arms out to her and she dives in, clutching his shirt and crying harder as her daddy tries to soothe her. “You wanna play with your brother, princess? Look, he’s looking at you. Don’t you wanna show your brother how brave you are?” he asks softly, kissing the top of her head and wiping away her tears. She turns determinedly to face her brother and carefully lets him wrap his little fist around her finger, “Look, bubbie I’m not scared. I’m your brave big sister, I’ll protect you from all the monsters. I’m not scared of anything,” she says, puffing her chest out a little and Jin laughs, pressing another kiss to the top of her head, “Attagirl, that’s my brave princess.” She beams at the praise and then curls back in his lap and he rocks her until she falls asleep.
“And what about you, sir? Won’t be sleeping anytime soon?” I ask the bundle of blankets in my arms who lets out huge yawn before shaking his tiny fists. I rest my head against Seokjin’s when his drops on my shoulder as we watch the baby squirm. Yawning widely, little tears form at the corner of my eyes as I stare at my family fondly, “You made them,” I whisper and Jin slowly manoeuvres his hand around his daughter’s form to find my hand and squeeze. “We made them,” he corrects, shifting his head enough to kiss my jaw, nuzzling his nose beneath my ear in the process. Lifting the swaddled baby against my chest, I drop a kiss on his head as I rub his back, then turning to press a kiss to my daughter’s head that’s cozied against her dad’s chest. Lowering my head a little, I manage to peck the tip of Seokjin’s nose, smiling as he giggles in response. The soft humming by my ear tells me the baby is asleep and cradle him in my arms so I can see. Sighing in relief, I stay as still as possible, soon hearing Seokjin’s snores softly resonating through the room as I slowly let my eyes drift shut and let sleep take me.



The following morning, we’re roused by a series of hard knocks on the door. Groaning in pain from sleeping so awkwardly with the kids in our laps all night, I call out a simple come in before Namjoon steps inside, clutching a stuffed bunny. “Good morning, you two. Sorry to barge in so early but you know my baby girl is absolutely inconsolable without her Kookoo from her favourite Uncle Kookie,” he laughs tiredly. “You guys weren’t picking up so I hope you don’t mind I let myself in. I just wanted to let you know before I left with Kookoo. You two should get some rest, I’ll take the kids back to their rooms so get some sleep, okay?” he murmurs, reaching forth to gently lift the baby from my numb arms. “Kim Namjoon, if I weren’t happily married I would have kissed you right now. You are an absolute angel ,” I cry, reaching out to cup his cheek and he chortles, “Not sure the missus would like that, but it’s nice knowing that I’ve still got it.”
He exits to room to place the baby in his cot in the next room and returns to untangle my daughter from her father. “Seriously, dude, I don’t care about my wife or yours, I want to kiss you right now,” Jin sniffles, staring at his friend like he’s his hero, the latter reddening under his gaze. “Oof, hyung, knock it off. Your kids are my kids as mine are yours. This one’s every bit my princess as she is yours,” he smiles, securing his grip around the four year old before exiting the room again to deposit her in bed. He reappears a moment later to squeeze my hand reassuringly before bidding us adieu and departing with Kookoo in his hands, but neither of us are really conscious, choosing instead to embrace the comforter as we fall into a deep slumber in each other’s arms.