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X Files investigating the Blair Witch...

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9:30am the next day

“So we’ve just taken the tent down,” Reyes said to the camera that she had set up on her phone to record a blog. “John is taking the bonfire apart. Last night was mad to say the least. We woke up at around midnight and heard children laughing and crying from outside the tent.
But when we got out to investigate it went quiet before we heard the cries again which sent us running away around the tent. It was strange band unreal. Didn’t sleep much after that. Now we’re going to go deeper into the woods and try and reach Coffin Rock. If the worst comes to the worst we have AD Skinner on standby. We told him if he doesn’t hear from us by tomorrow then he will have to come and get us. So we have one more day to get to Coffin Rock. Let’s go,” Reyes said before ending her blog.
“Do you have to make a diary of us, Monica?” Doggett complained as he rubbed his back after finishing with the bonfire wood. “It’s to keep record so we can type it up when we get back,” Reyes told him defensively as she got hers and Doggett’s backpack together. “I suppose so,” Doggett said before yawning and rubbing his neck.
They were both incredibly tired from last night’s activity that Reyes’ hopes to reach Coffin Rock was fading by the minute. None the less, she was determined to try and get there.
She gave Doggett his backpack and they both returned to the hike.