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wrapped around his finger

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fact: bakugou’s friends were the only people that were ever allowed to catch him daydreaming.

“bakugou? bakugou. dude, you in there?” the voice sounded distant, and it took him a moment to realize who was speaking, his eyes suddenly refocusing. kaminari was sitting next to him-- a little too close at that-- and was looking at him with an amused expression that looked so soft on his features. it took a second for bakugou’s mind to catch up so he could tell kaminari to stop being so damn pretty.

“what?” he instead snapped characteristically. kaminari didn’t appear to be surprised by this response, his mouth twitching upwards. bakugou was so glad that kaminari couldn’t hear how hard his heart was beating.

“nothin’,” kaminari said smoothly, tilting his head a bit as he looked at bakugou. “you completely zoned out there for a sec.” bakugou made a face, then looked back out the window as the bus passed by trees, trees, and more trees.

the class had gone to a short one-day training camp to practice their abilities to fight and defend in natural areas, instead of the cityscapes they were used to. they’d been gone all day long, and by the time everyone had climbed onto the bus, it was dark. a lot of people fell asleep as the bus drove the hour back to ua, but bakugou was too stubborn to fall asleep in this cramped ass bus. besides, there was no way he was going to let kaminari see him sleep anyway.

fact: bakugou had it so bad for fucking stupid offbrand pikachu. he hated that out of all the people he could fall for, he decided to fall for kaminari denki, resident dumbass of class 1-a, but as time went on, he started to find everything he’d initially thought annoying very charming-- like the way kaminari chewed on the ends of his pencils when he was thinking really hard or the way he’d flirt with everyone without a second thought. bakugou came to adore kaminari’s smile, his laugh, his eyes, his fingers… he’d even started to like that little field of electricity that seemed to surround kaminari at every given moment. he was crushing so fucking hard on him, but he could never know. bakugou didn’t think he’d be able to live with himself if kaminari somehow found out. he had a feeling that kirishima already suspected something, but thankfully shitty hair had half a mind to keep it to himself, although suspiciously amused looks were often cast bakugou’s way.

“hey,” kaminari said, quietly as to not disrupt any of their sleeping classmates. “you wanna know something?” bakugou barely held back a desperate “yes!!,” fixing his eyes on a smudge on the window. kaminari continued, used to bakugou not responding.

“i think i might wanna start a band.” bakugou couldn’t keep himself from saying anything this time, turning to look at kaminari just as the boy tucked some hair behind his ear. they looked at each other. kaminari’s eyelashes were so long and pale.

“with who?” he asked. kaminari shrugged, looking off into the dark bus, giving bakugou a moment to quickly admire kaminari’s features without him noticing.

“jirou, maybe. i haven’t said anything to her yet since i’m still only thinking about it.” kaminari’s gaze drifted back to him, and bakugou had to rapidly avert his eyes. he thought he caught the end of a smile but didn’t want to risk another look to find out.

“don’t tell anyone i said it, okay? i still don’t know if i’m gonna do anything yet.”

“okay,” bakugou forced himself to say. he was sure kaminari was smiling this time.

“cool,” he said. it fell silent, neither of them saying anything for a really long moment. someone on the bus snored.

“hey-- you wanna know something else?” kaminari’s tone was different this time, lighter and flirtier. bakugou raised his eyes to look at kaminari even though he knew he shouldn’t. kaminari’s eyes sparkled and bakugou didn’t fucking know how they managed to sparkle like that, but they were fucking sparkling like some sort of cliche anime bitch.

it was very obvious that kaminari wanted him to ask him what he was going to say. bakugou held out for fifteen seconds before relenting, not really caring what kaminari was going to say because he just wanted to hear his voice.

“what,” he said as flatly as he could muster. kaminari’s mouth quirked up again. bakugou had a feeling that whatever kaminari was about to say was going to take time, so he proceeded to zone out so all he would hear would be the soothing lulls and dips of kaminari’s voice.

“do you really think i don’t notice you staring? you’re not very subtle, you know.” bakugou’s attention snapped back to kaminari, his mouth falling open a little. his heart started to beat three times faster as his cheeks heated.

“what??” he said a little too loudly. kaminari’s smile grew and it was so painfully obvious that he was very satisfied with this response. his grin turned cheeky and bakugou swore his heart stopped.

“now, i can’t say that i don’t like your attention, “ he continued, starting to twirl a lock of blonde hair around his finger. that one action made a mess of bakugou’s breathing, and for once in his life, he was stunned silent. “actually i think i rather like how often you look at me, dude. sometimes i think to myself, ‘wow! i can’t believe i have bakugou katsuki wrapped around my finger.’” kaminari tugged on that piece of hair. his words were sending bakugou reeling. he didn't think he could look at him anymore. everything he did was perfect and beautiful and really fucking charming, and it was true-- kaminari did have bakugou wrapped around his finger. at this point, bakugou wouldn’t have it any other way.

“i don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about,” bakugou said stupidly. he watched kaminari grow infinitely more pleased, his reddening cheeks a rather cute contrast against his golden hair.

“oh, i see,” he teased. “so why do i catch you staring at me like i’m some fine piece of art all the time? i caught you looking at me the other day during lunch and it took you a whole five seconds to stop looking after we met eyes.”

“you know what? you talk way too fucking much, sparkplug. why don’t you shut up and--” bakugou was startled into silence when kaminari reached over and ran his finger down bakugou’s nose. it took a moment, but bakugou flushed like he never flushed before. it was embarrassing, but it made kaminari blush in return out of satisfaction, which was really nice. kaminari was toying with him now; bakugou knew it.

“you have a really cute nose,” kaminari said, blonde hair falling into his eyes. he traced the bridge of bakugou’s nose again, slower and more deliberate this time. bakugou’s gaze accidentally dropped to kaminari’s mouth and by the time he realized, kaminari was already grinning, his hand dipping away from bakugou’s face.

“hold my hand.” bakugou felt like he was dying.

“what?” kaminari huffed goodnaturedly, rolling his eyes. his hand touched bakugou’s on the seat, their pinkies brushing together.

“my hand, blasty. i want you to hold my hand.” bakugou’s mouth worked uselessly, his hand moving on its own, covering kaminari’s hand. kaminari’s head tilted to the side as he watched bakugou carefully curl his fingers into the space between kaminari’s. kaminari had soft, warm hands. they were meant for holding.

kaminari’s smile was dreamy when bakugou looked up at him. they’d gotten closer together somehow.

“don’t make that face, dude,” kaminari said with a soft laugh. bakugou had no idea what face he was making, but it must’ve been something because kaminari squeezed his hand and scooted close enough to make their thighs touch. bakugou looked down at their hands, fingers delicately intertwined, then up at kaminari’s face. their eyes met and bakugou’s heart nearly stopped because he really couldn’t believe that he was holding hands with kaminari fucking denki.

kaminari let out a pleasant little sigh, snuggling up to bakugou’s side without warning. he rested his head on bakugou’s shoulder and some of his hair tickled bakugou’s cheek. kaminari smelled like the cinnamon gum he was always chewing.

“this is okay, right?” kaminari murmured, his eyes closed.

“yeah,” bakugou replied, quicker than he’d ever replied to anything.

“okay, good.” bakugou waited a long moment, then squeezed kaminari’s hand just to see what he would do. he felt the other boy smile, squeezing back. bakugou’s heart did a flip in his chest. he dared to rest his own head against kaminari’s, each movement feeling unreal. he closed his eyes and let himself breathe. the bus rumbled on.

fact: kaminari had a lot of people wrapped around his finger, but bakugou most of all.