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The last things the Phantom Troupe heard was laughter. 

The last things they saw was a strange pale man standing before them. 

They had no time to react when within seconds this man had wiped them all out. 

They also had no idea that the next time they awoke they would be introduced to a new supernatural world that they had no clue that had lived in secret within their society. 

They also had no idea that when they all awoke they would have a undying thirst for blood. 

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The first thing Chrollo Lucifer felt was a strange aching hunger, gnawing inside him but stayed calm and tried to remember what had happened. They had been faced with a stranger and he'd been deciding if he wished to kill him or not but then-then...? His mind was blank. He slowly lifted himself from the floor. I was knocked unconscious? He thought. 

However he couldn't stop his reaction as he noticed other bodies surrounding him. The phantom troupe, all of them! They'd been knocked out as well? But-but that was impossible, who-? 

"Ah, I was wondering who'd be the first to wake" 

Chrollo twisted sharply to look at who had spoken. 

"You-" But he couldn't get his words out as suddenly a sharp and twisting cruel pain entered his stomach then seemed to circulate through the rest of his body. If he was a normal person he'd be screaming in agony right now, however all he did was grimace and stop talking, what was this? 

His Nen also seemed to be feeling the affects as well, it felt weaker and less controllable than before, like something was stopping him from fully using it. 

The stranger looked like a older man than Chrollo, with long brunette hair, blue eyes that seemed full of greed and anticipation, he was smiling coldly and darkly. 

Chrollo's eyes narrowed as he looked at him, he couldn't sense any Nen? But then how did he knock them all out?

Just then movement behind him notified him that at least some of the others where waking up.

 Shizuku, Franklin and Shalnark like Chrollo couldn't understand what was happening. 

Franklin was the first to get up and access the situation properly. Ignoring the odd hunger curling in his gut, he stepped closer to Chrollo, noting their leader seemed just as confused as them, he turned to the unknown man. 

"How did he knock us all out like that?" He asked Chrollo, while continuing to stare at the man. 

His leader instead replied grimly "Unfortunately I don't think thats our biggest concern"

"Then what is?" Shizuku asked calmly, like this wasn't effecting her at all. 

She wondered if she would need Blinky to suck this guy up. He seemed like trouble. 

Slowly their leader put his hand on his stomach and his hands clenched on to his own clothing but it felt he almost wanted to reach inside his own stomach and pull something out.

"Can't you feel it?" He asked. 

A gasp of pain seemed to agree with what Chrollo was saying. 

Shalnark was bent over, breathing heavily, a drop of sweat dripped down his face, on to the ground. His expression one of surprise and pain, his hands clutching his stomach. 

What on earth was going on? 

Shalnark gritted his teeth as the pain after going inside his stomach seemed to travel all over his entire body, his throat started to burn as well. What the- ?

"Hunger pang's are different for everyone, some feel them more frequently than others" The unknown stranger then added as he looked at Franklin and Shizuku "Don't worry, you'll eventually feel them soon as well"

"What did you do to us?" Chrollo demanded, trying to keep the strain out of his voice and his voice level. 

The man simply smiled as he said "You're all transitioning into... something different" He shrugged as he then said "I'll tell you all whats happening once you all wake up, I detest repeating myself" 

Shizuku wondered "What makes you think you'll live that long?" Though in words it sounded threatening, she sounded genially curious about his answer. 

His smile broadened as he looked at Chrollo "Because you want to know what I've done to you and I won't be able to tell you that if I'm dead, will I?"

"Fair point" She concluded, sighing, she had been looking forward to killing him though. 

Their leader closed his eyes for a brief second to stave of his frustration and anger, for some reason since he'd woken up his emotions normally under his complete control felt very unstable, much like the feeling of his Nen. 

"Fine" He ground out, feeling like he didn't have much of a choice "Lets wait" 



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Bonolenov was the next to wake up, Machi merely seconds afterwards. Her thoughts where scattered as she tried to understand what was happening. Their leader was glaring at the strange man she remembered seeing before darkness took her, Shizuku and Franklin stood stiffly by his side, while Shalnark was facing away from them, leaning against the wall, looking pale and like any moment he'd throw up his guts. 

Before she could say anything Chrollo spoke to them calmly but his eyes did not stray from the stranger "It seems he has done something to us while we where all knocked unconscious and will only explain once everyone has woken up" 

Bonolenov didn't say anything but Machi could see worry in his eyes and she voiced his concerns "You where knocked unconscious? I find that difficult to believe" 

"Its true, we where all knocked out" He replied grimly. 

But how? She wondered, she was about to summon her needles but before she could a very sharp pain stopped her, she gritted her teeth against the pain. 

Wait a second...? 

Franklin spoke up "I'm not sure how but for some reason ever since we all woke up we've all been in pain" He glanced at Shalnark as he added "Some more than others" 

Any other questions she had disappeared as behind her more of the spiders awoke. 

Phinks and Feitan awoke at the same time, both jumping to their feet, alert and ready for a fight. 

Phinks was the one who noticed the odd hunger uncurling inside him first but surprisingly it was Feitan who was hit the hardest, one hand went to his stomach which felt like it was painfully cramping and his other hand went to his throat, his mouth suddenly felt like a desert and his throat burned with a desire for something he couldn't put his finger on, he knew it wasn't water though. 

"He called it hunger pangs but even when I was starving I've never felt anything like this before" Shizuku stated. 

Feitan sneered "Who cares about waiting for the others, I can just torture the answer out of him, can't I?" 

The man just smiled at Feitans threat and said with a chuckle "That might be an option if you can catch me that is" 

 Feitan moved so fast that the Troupe barely could see him but despite this Feitan found his hand grasping at thin air, he let out a angry snarl of frustration which sounded a little more animalistic than he intended. 

"Now, now, theres no point in this. I told you when I'll explain and I don't intend to change my mind" 

The stranger was now standing behind them, next to the two other unconscious phantom troupe. 

The ones that had woken up all thought the same thing. 

How could he move so fast?!

Phinks had had enough, he tried to summon his Nen but like the others found it very unstable, his aura felt difficult to control. 

"I'm sick of this. What did you do to us! Stop being so dam cryptic already!" He shouted. 

The man opened his mouth to speak but just then the last two Spiders that where unconscious stirred. 

"It seems I won't have to repeat myself, thankfully" 

Kortopi and Nobunaga both had very different reactions, while Kortopi stayed silent like Bonolenov however Nobunaga tried to rush at the stranger with his swords but just like Feitan he found his swords cutting through thin air. 

He tried to rush at him again, not deterred but Franklin stepped in front of him. 

"I think finding out what is wrong with us is more important than wanting to kill him, don't you?" 

Nobunaga wrestled with his anger for a couple of seconds, staring at Franklin but thankfully the stranger started talking again, distracting him, his curiousity winning him over. 

“Now that you are all woken up I think I’d better explain. You’ve probably noticed since you woke up your emotions and Nen have been a little unstable though I’m impressed despite this you’ve all been able to stay in control. You’ve also noticed that you and all hungry. A devedtating hunger that can drive some insaine. You all in transitioning and once you all have gotten what you now desire, you will complete this transformation” 

Chrollo asked coldly “Transforming  into what?”

 The stranger smiled widened and he chuckled “You probably won’t believe me at first. It is rare that even hunters know of our existence” 

“Get to the point!” Phinks growled. 

The man smirked. 

“Vampires, you are all turning into vampires” 



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There was silence for a while as the Troupe processed what he had said.

Chrollo's eyes narrowed slightly as he said "That's impossible" 

The older man chuckled "Is it now? There are many secrets in this world that Nen users are not aware of. Vampires being one of them" He added, looking at all the Troupe members "Think about it, you are all a little more pale than usual and the hunger inside you all. I know what thats like, I've been through it" 

Machi said carefully and warily "You mean... we're not human any more?" 

"You all are considered human until you drink human blood for the first time, then you will complete the transition" 

"You actually believe him Machi?" Phinks sneered. 

"It makes sense doesn't it? This odd hunger. The reason Feitan couldn't grab him, he wasn't using any Nen but he was faster than Feitan, thats...humanly impossible, right?" Machi said reasonable but crossing her arms and turning a little to look at Phinks a little defiantly. 

"Is that what your instincts are telling you?" Chrollo asked curiously, far calmer than before and before Phinks could retort.  

She nodded as she said "They are" 

Chrollo considered her for a moment, he knew like everyone else that Machi's instincts where usually right, he turned to the other members, he needed a second opinion. This was against everything he'd believed in, would they really not be human soon?  

"Franklin?" He asked. 

"I wish he was lying but I doubt it, he has no reason to lie" The Emitter said grimly

He would have asked Shalknark as well, if the Manipulator didn't look like he was to busy trying not to throw up. 

"And if we don't complete the transition, what then?" Chrollo asked the older man simply. 

The stranger stiffened a little as he said coldly "I'd advise against it, if you don't drink human blood in the next couple of days, you will die" He shrugged "Though if your body and mind is to weak you could possibly die in the transitioning stage" 

"This is bullshit!" Phinks hissed. 

No one replied. 

Most looked resigned while Feitan looked as angry as Phinks but didn't act on it. He was hoping whatever happened, there would still be a chance to kill this guy. Whether what was going on was real or not, whatever the case, he was still forcing their hand, far to powerful than he should be and for that he should die

"So... can we decide quickly on what we're going to do? I'd rather not throw my insides up but I don't think I'm having much success" Shalnark finally spoke up, his voice light but very strained at the same time. 

"I can get you a bucket if we decide to stay human" Shisuku said, not caring at all that that would mean their deaths. 

"Thanks...I think" Shalnark muttered. 

Chrollo let out a slow breath, closing his eyes briefly before saying "Well, it doesn't look like we have much of a choice" 

The vampire standing before them smiled excitedly at that, clapping his hands together "Thats the spirit, now follow me! I know perfect place for you all to taste human blood for the first time" 

"I can't believe we're doing this" Nobunaga sighed. 

Everyone in the Troupe agreed with that sentiment. 


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The Phantom Troupe followed the vampire out of their hide out. Their steps slow and hesitent, still unsure. Was this really happening? Did vampires truly exist? With the existence of nen it wasn't impossible. But it felt so absurd, vampires, seriously? 

Yet they had no other explanation for the burning and dryness in their throats and the hunger twisting in their guts.

 He lead them into a club that was underground.

The stranger knocked out the bouncer silently and with ease.

He then locked the huge, heavy metal door behind him.

"The good thing about this place is it only has one entrance and that entrance we came through can easily be closed from the inside and without the code, which I know, they'll be no escape for everyone"  

"So you just want us to kill everyone here?" Chrollo asked slowly, not that he had a problem with that but usaully they killed when they where stealing something or revenge or maybe to send a message. Killing a bunch of unexpecting teenagers and slightly younger adults would feel...weird, especially the drinking of the blood. 

"Don't worry, it'll feel like the most natural thing in the world once you've had a taste" The stranger said with a grin, guessing correctly at what Chrollo was most concerned about.  

 He, with no hesitation grabbed a random women from the heaving crowd, bringing her to the Phantom Troupe. She was clearly drunk, not looking concerened with the strangers surrounding her, she asked the vampire with a grin "Hey, you wanna dance?"

The stranger ignored her, he pulled back her hair exposing her neck, then pricked a long sharp finger nail on her skin, drawing blood. 

The smell entranced them all, every Phantom Troupe member suddenly found themselves unable to look away from the blood. 

He shoved her into Chrollo's arms. 

The women looked more and confused, a little fear tingling into her scent as well. 

Chrollo's eyes dilated and he took a deep breath in. 

She smelled delicious.

The hunger twisting in his gut, doubled in intensity.

Chrollo slowly traced the blood with his finger then with a little hesitation, he put his finger in his mouth. 

Oh god...

It was unlike anything he'd ever tasted before.

Energy filled him to the brim.

His nen spiked dramatically, he could feel it expanding in power inside of him, his aura doubling then tripling with size and intensity. 

At the same time, ice spread through his veins, reaching for his heart, which burned painfully stopped beating, just like that. 

His tongue traced his teeth, two of his canines ached and he could feel them reshaping in his mouth, becoming sharper and more pointed, then returning to normal. 

His clothes also felt a little tighter on him and Chrollo could feel a new far from normal strength inside his body. His senses sharpened to inhuman degrees. 

His human instincts where replaced with far deadlier ones. 

All this happened in a matter of seconds. 

If he'd had time, he would have screamed with how intense it was... 

 Chrollo turned a little to face the Phantom Troupe, the stranger was smiling in victory, a couple of the Phantom Troupe looked shocked but most of them where very much overwhelmed by their hunger, breathing heavily and eyes dilated. 

"So?" Machi asked warily.

He smiled slowly, feeling his own blood lust increase dramatically "Go ahead, kill them all"

They didn't need to be told twice, even the ones who had wanted to resist, they couldn't, it was just too tempting.

At the same time the Phantom Troupe started to move, Chrollo turned his attention back to the women in his arms, who looked to shocked to react, her mind still trying to process what was happening. With no hesitation, following his new instincts, he bit deeply into the side of her neck.

Blood poured into his mouth and he swallowed hungrily, his new instincts completely overwhelming him. 


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The stranger, his name was Relic, couldn't stop his own smile as he watched the Phantom Troupe turn into vampires, they would soon be his. He was their sire, once they where all vampires, he'd be able to control them. 

He watched Phinks and Feitan's transformation first.

Feitan was really struggling in his mind but it seemed his body had no such struggles. Before he knew it his teeth were digging into some teenagers unexpecting neck.

Not that he had a problem with killing but more over the fact that at the moment it felt like he barely had control over himself, a feeling he did not like one bit. 

But with the taste of the blood filling his mouth, he soon forgot about what he'd been upset about. It was the best and most addicting thing he'd ever tasted. 

He needed more.

Feitan did not register the screams that filled the air as everyone in the club realised what was happening.

He gulped the blood down feverishly, not even aware that without using any nen, his grip was now completely crumbling and crushing the teens bones into dust. 

He did not drink quite as smoothly as Chrollo had. In his haste to drink as much as possible, he spilled a lot of the blood on the floor and a large amount ran down his chin, giving him an even more monsterous look.

With the speed in which he was drinking he was the first to drink someone dry but as soon as the blood stopped running, with an animalistic snarl he throw her away and grabbed the nearest human to him, burying his canines that now resembled fangs more, deep and savagely into their neck. 

The same transformation that Chrollo had gone through happened to him as soon as he tasted and swallowed the blood for the first time but he did not really feel it, the taste of the blood and a starving need for more completely smothered his senses.  

Phinks watched Feitan transform, transfixed. His mouth hung open and he was aware saliva had gathered inside his mouth, if he stared any longer he'd start drooling. 

Relic noted that Phinks and Machi both had suprising amount of control though he knew that control would vanish once they'd had a taste. 

Its not that Phinks didn't want to but so far what was happening to the other Troupe members was interesting him much more than the smell of blood.

All their Nen was expanding and filled with new power. 

Their physical abilities and senses also hightened to supernatural degrees.

The screams where like music to his ears. He watched as all the other troupe members apart from Machi were overwhelmed by their instincts, hungry gasps and groans of pleasure filled the club.

Phinks turned towards Feitan as he spoke "You know its strange how its disgusting it is, watching you loose control like this" His eyes narrowed as he added "Behaving like a dam animal the same time..." He shuddered, the hunger inside himself rising to unbelievible levels. At the same time he wanted to loose control like that too.

But he also wanted to see the proper effects of becoming a vampire with a...well... normal stable mind set and he could tell by subtile changes in the other members aura that it just wasn't their bodies and nen that changed, their general mind sets seemed to have changed as well. He supposed that came with the not being human anymore thing. He knew Machi had the same idea.

Feitan didn't react, he hadn't heard him, to far consumed by his hunger.

"You know you better drink soon. The way some of the others are going-" The new vampire glanced at Feitan and some other Troupe members "-they're not going to be able to tell the difference in which human is food and which isn't" 

Phinks blinked as he turned a little to look at the first Troupe member who had stopped drinking, having his fill. 

"Franklin" He said.

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Franklin felt amazing, everything was hightened. The new strength pumping through his body made him feel more alive than ever before. As he looked around he did notice it was only him that felt like his hunger had been satisfied. Everyone else was still drinking, apart from Machi and Phinks, who where watching the others drink. But they had to drink soon, or judging by their animalistic aura's some of the phantom troupe wouldn't have enough control over there hunger to recognise that Machi and Phinks where not food. He warned Phinks of this.

 "What about you?" Machi asked warily. 

"I had my fill already" Franklin said. 

"Honestly I'm surprised you have this much control, its not often a newbie has their fill so early" Rellik said, sounding impressed. 

Machi, Phinks and Franklin glared at him. 

Rellik didn't care about Machi and Phinks yet but he frowned at Franklin, I'm his master, he thought, he should feel the need to obey me and respect me, a small slice of doubt edged into his mind however he shook it of, he just needed to use his influence over them as their Sire, that was all, that was why it hadn't effected Franklin yet. 

Franklin went over to the human he'd been drinking from and with ease picked him up, he marvelled at his new strength, yes he usually was very strong and people didn't weigh that much to him but they didn't feel as light as a feather, which they did now. 

He hadn't completely drained him, he put the human in front of the two vampire infected humans, who both were immediately drawn to the bite mark on his shoulder that had a little blood leaking from it. 

Phinks could feel his mouth watering. 

Machi couldn't help herself but step forwards, drawn in.

"Here, the faster you drink, the safer you'll be" Franklin said, shrugging but he didn't say anything else, its up to them now, he thought to himself, though he did understand why they hesitated, it was a big decision, he was actually impressed with their control. Everybody else, including me, he thought, weren't able think it over, our instincts completely consumed us, and still consuming most of us apart from me, he thought.

Machi asked but didn't take her eyes away from the blood "What does it feel like? Being...-" She struggled to find the right word "-not human?" 

Franklin said, thinking it through "I...still feel like myself if thats what you mean but everything is heightened? I think thats the best way to describe it and I think you could tell when you were looking around, theres this more instinctive, animalistic side to us thats been awakened but once I had my fill, it was quite easy to get to grips with, I assume the same will be for everyone else once their blood lust dies down"   

She nodded, bending down next to the body, Machi put her finger in the wound, taking it out she looked at the blood on her finger for a couple of seconds, ignoring the now biting hunger at the back of her throat, well she thought, as long as I'll still be myself. 

Phinks eyes widened slightly at Machi's action. 

It was unlike her to take action so suddenly, she took a deep breath and then brought her finger with the blood on to her lips. 

Not wanting to be the only human phantom troupe member but at the same time not feeling ready to transform just yet, Phinks cried out "Machi, wa-" But he cut himself of as she gasped at the taste and the swallowed almost eagerly, he was to late. 

The transformation was instant, her skin paled, her heart stopped, her body pulsed with power while her clothes suddenly felt very tight.

Yet she wasn't thinking about any of that, the only thought that crossed her mind was...I need more.

Machi bit deeply into the mans shoulder, then started to drink greedily. 

Very soon no more blood came and she stood up, not noticing how her movements where no longer human like, all what was on her mind was that she needed more.

There was some prey right next to her, she smiled darkly, it was stupid for getting so close to her in the first place. 

Machi lunged and with ease, toppled them to the ground, her eyes tracking the vein in her preys neck. 

It seemed to be shouting something at her but what did she care? All she could hear was the throb of its delicious pulse. 

She lowered herself, ready to bite, yet something troubled her, something about this prey looked familiar, why did it look familiar? Its pulse was still loud in her ears yet slowly the preys voice became just as loud.

"Machi! Its Phinks, remember?! Machi!" 

Reality crashed down on her but she knew that with the overwhelming hunger inside of her she didn't have much time. 

She jumped away from him as if electrified however growled out as soon as she was a good few steps away from him "Phinks! Get away from me!" 

Instead Phinks stepped closer, what was that idiot doing?! She thought furiously. 


"I told you-" His heart beat became incredibly loud in her ears and it became increasingly difficult to stop her hunger take over, low hungry growls ripping from her throat "-To get away from me"


She blinked then sighed in relief when she saw it was Franklin and what he was pointing at, there were some humans hiding under the drink bar, they looked terrified, especially over the fact they were very close to Shalnark who wasn't paying them any attention as he was drinking savagely from a guy who looked like he had been the bartender, far to lost in his current meal to notice them.

By this point most humans were dead and drained, so luckily no one else had spotted them yet, she wasn't sure how they or hell, how she'd react if she or the other phantom trope members were interrupted while they were all, well apart from Franklin, in this blood lusted state of mind.

Now she could focus all her hunger on to these people instead of Phinks.

As soon as she completely focused on them the hunger swamped her, all thoughts left her apart from one.

Before she realised it, she was right next to them, not noticing the humans shrieks of terror and surprise, all she noticed was their veins sending blood through their bodies. 

Not thinking twice about it, reacting entirely on instinct, she dragged one out of the bar then with no hesitation, bit deeply into the guys neck, the blood and the scream that followed was heavenly. 

Shalnark was the closest to Machi, not that he noticed another extremely close vampire presence, he was far to hungry to notice. The blood soothed his throat and stomach, the sick feeling disappearing, giving away to pleasure, ecstasy even. The same transformation had swept through him as soon as he'd swallowed the blood, everything heightening, him paling, his heart freezing, his clothes tighter but he hardly noticed any of it, the blood tasted divine and all he needed was more...

Rellik grinned as the last living humans scream died out, he was honestly surprised at how quickly the Phantom Troupe had drained and killed the majority of humans at the club, it was basically a massacre.

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Phinks watched as Machi gave in to her new instincts, becoming just as enraptured with her own meal, the human struggled with all his might but could not get free. 

He thought frowning, she actually attacked me, I guess Franklins right, unless I want to get killed by my own comrades I'll need to turn soon. 

"Phinks, if you're going to join us, do it now" Franklin warned, a little urgency in his voice. 

Phinks could see why, Feintan, Shizuku and Nobunaga had drained the humans they'd been feeding from and now were beginning to look in his direction, hunger in their eyes.

He knew the only reason they hadn't outright attacked him yet was because they knew him or at least he was familiar enough for them to struggle with their new deadly instincts that were likely telling them to drain him dry, he could see the struggle in their eyes and tensed up bodies but he had a feeling they could snap at any moment.

He scowled, thinking, no way in hell am I going to get killed by the spider, I am one of the spiders!

However there was only one way to do that.

Phinks gritted his teeth, he blocked his own thoughts on the matter and he glanced at the man Machi had killed but that was no good, she'd already drained him dry. 

Surely everyone in the club weren't all dead yet? 

Yet all he could see was bodies and humans that were still alive were being killed by the other phantom troupe members. 

"If you can get there fast enough, before Shalnark or Machi finish and find them, theres one more, hiding under the bar, they were with the one Machi's just grabbed" Franklin said calmly, as though this was completely normal. 

 "You gave the last person you caught to Machi, why can't you do the same now?" Phinks growled, not really liking the idea of getting close to two blood thirsty vampires, the first experience with Machi was enough for his liking, he didn't want a second while he was still human. 

Franklin however shook his head and said "With the state they're in, they'd notice me and attack me if I got to close, they'd ignore you however as the human they've got now are more important to them..."

Phinks read the unsaid words, until they drained those humans dry and looking for the next closest meal, which would be you, so act fast, before they finish with the humans they have. 

Phinks ground his teeth together then growled "Fine" 

Looks like he didn't have a choice. 

He swore angrily then half ran, half speed walked over to the girl, still hiding under the bar, horrified. 

Though to her it looked like one second he was no where near her, the next he was right in front of her.

She let out a yelp and tried to scramble away but Phinks grabbed her by her elbow and pulled her up to a standing position.

"P-please, don't. P-" She begged but Phinks, knowing he was on limited time before he was attacked, didn't even try to listen to her pleads. He shoved her head at a slight angle then with no hesitation, he'd hesitated enough already, he bit down, deeply into her neck. 

He couldn't imagine what it be like until it happened.

The transformation was quick and sudden, as soon as he swallowed, like the others, his control slipped completely.

Rellik grinned broadened as the last member of the phantom troupe turned, he couldn't wait to have them under his thumb. 

Everyone who looked down on him, would pay. 

In vampire society it was illegal to turn anyone with nen and if you did, you and whoever you turned would be killed however strangely there was no reason given as to why it was illegal only that something catrophic had happened the last time someone with nen was turned but he knew the real reason why, they feared nen users being turned, whoever turned them would get all the power and the vampires at the top did not want that, nor did they want the secret of the vampire society to get out into the human world, normal humans and humans with nen. 

He had read that the reason nen users were so powerful as vampires was because their nen was boosted to reach incredible levels of power after they were turned. 

Not only was their nen affected by the fact they'd technically died, their hearts stopped beating, making the nen become stronger after death but as it was more of a transformation than actual true death, despite their bodies still dying, their nen did not need a grudge or strong emotions to become stronger after death.

Another reason was that normal vampires take their strength from drinking human blood, essentially being able to convert the blood into energy, into power, while vampires who have nen, do the same however to a much greater extent as not only will their bodies become stronger, like normal vampires as they drink blood but so will their nen, thats what he'd read anyway. 

No nen users had been turned in what, hundreds or thousands of years?

And from what he was seeing, he could tell what he'd read was true.

Though he couldn't use nen, as it was just a different application of peoples life force, he could still see it, and he watched the phantom troupes aura's growing stronger, expanding and becoming denser. There was a pressure coming from all of them that was unbelievable, especially... what was his name again? Oh yes, Chrollo. 


Chapter Text

Chrollo's mind very slowly calmed down, the blood lust began to ebb as he drank, the greedy gulps becoming more controlled as he drained her, the blood flow coming to a halt. 

He let go of her, the body falling to the floor. 

Closing his eyes for a couple of seconds he let himself relax, stretching his senses, marvelling at how much stronger they were, he could hear people talking in the next building, traffic up above, worms moving underground. 

He turned his senses inwards and stopped a groan of pleasure, there was... so much energy inside of him now. It was electrifying his very cells, shooting across his blood stream at high speed.

He ran his tongue over his teeth, tasting some of the blood that was still there, it tasted amazing however the hunger that had driven him to taste even more of it seemed to be settled, for now. 

Chrollo looked over at the other members of the phantom troupe, he smiled darkly as he felt and saw how much more powerful everyone had gotten. 

“Franklin, you finished up early” He said noticing apart from him, Franklin was the only other group member who seemed more of less in control of himself and not as blood thirsty. 

Franklin said calmly and shrugging “I seemed to have become full up quicker than the rest, I assume that everyone will eventually will do the same” 


Chrollo nodded in agreement. 


A laugh and a clapping sound made them both remember who was in the room with them. 

“I must say you both have remarkable control being able to actually stop yourselves. Usually new vampires will fight each other over their next meal” Rellik chuckled.

Chrollo’s eyes narrowed as he said “You were expecting us to fight each other?” 

Rellik just said with a dark smile “It’s just the natural way of things” 

Rellik looked at all the other phantom members, he couldn’t wait for this! It was almost time! Time to show everyone who looked down on him what a big mistake that had been, I could destroy anyone who even looks at me the wrong way with them! Rellik thought excitedly and greedily. 

He told Chrollo smugly “I suspect we’ll have to step in soon to stop some fights breaking out over their food” 

However to Chrollo and Franklin’s surprise, pride and relief, and to Rellik's disappointment and irritation no actual fights broke out as the Phanton Troupe members slowly also gained more control over themselves after they had their fill of blood. 

Only the occasional growl or snarl if one of them got to close someone else who was feeding but no actual fights as each of them gained control over themselves like Chrollo and Franklin had, despite some much slower than others. 

Machi surprisingly was the first, despite the last to turn, while Feintan was the last one. Everyone followed a similar patten once they started to gain control of themselves, they took a couple of seconds or minutes to process what had happened. They all also took a moment to relish in their new found power, activating their nen just to see and feel how much stronger it had gotten and dark dangerous smiles where shared around the troupe.

The pressure in the room, due to everyones nen tripled many times over and even the floor cracked under those of the troupe who'd activated their nen,

Rellik said smirking "Right, first follow me"

He turned around walking a few steps but then stopped frowning as he noticed no one was following him.

In fact his instincts could even sense...some hostility?

But that was impossible, he was their sire!

"I said follow me" He snapped, why weren't they obeying him?

Chrollo's eyes narrowed at his tone of voice "Why?"

Rellik spluttered for a couple of seconds "Why?! I'm you're sire, you obey me!"

This was impossible! They should feel incredibly loyal to him, not questioning him, thats how siring worked! 

Chrollo smiled but there was no warmth to be found, he said darkly "You know minutes ago I would have listened to your begging, you did turn us all into this after all but... now all I want is to tear you apart, just thinking about ripping you limb from limb fills me with the great satisfsction though its strange I don't think I've ever been as eager to completely destroy someone before as I am now"

He looked down at his hands, noticing how they were trembling but not with weakness or nerves but with anticipation, with need, need to utterly rip Rellik apart, need to feel flesh tearing under his fingers, that now looking at how sharp his nails were, almost looked like claws. 

"I can hold him down if you like?" Feintan asked, pure blood lust and need to destroy reflected in his voice. 

Chrollo looked at the Troupe, noticing with surprise that they all were wearing the exact same expressions, the want to kill Rellik gruesomely and violently. Some troupe members though it defiantly looked more intense than usual but it defiantly was a shock to see such dark and blood thirsty expressions on certain Troupe members like Shizuku, Franklin and Shalnark.  

"Mmm" Chrollo said, sounding curious "It seems that this transformation has not only increased our physical and nen abilities but its increased our darker impulses as well" 

There where moments of suprised agreements in the troupe. 

He gave a nod in Feintans direction, who grinned wickedly and in half a second he'd grabbed Rellik by the arms and wretched him down, forcing him on his knees. 

 Rellik couldn't believe what was happening, this wasn't possible! He had turned them, he was their sire. No vampire could break the sire bond this early! Unless...

But that was impossible!