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seven days

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Day 1 entry.

"Shit, is this thing on? I don’t think- Oh, it is. I can't believe I've done this, I swear to God. I can't believe I agreed to travel all by myself this year, I literally have no sense of direction? How the hell am I supposed to live through this week without my friends or any help? How did I agree to this? Seriously Jungkook, why did you bought me those tickets to Dubai, I can't even speak Arabic or Hindi I CAN'T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH PROPERLY JUNGKOOK, WHAT THE HELL? And also, I can't believe you made me record a log for this week because I know in the end, you're gonna clown me for that and this will appear on my funeral. I hate you and I hate myself even more for agreeing with this. I'm packing my things now and I'll be heading to the airport in two hours. You're going to pay for that, brat."


Day 2 entry.

"Okay, I might take that back, JK. Dubai is really beautiful. Surprisingly I had no problems at the airport and I found out that you bought my tickets with a travel company that has tour guides that speak Korean and MAYBE I will thank you later. But I did had problems at the hotel because I almost lost one of my backpacks with my passport and I think people there were kinda angry with me but hey! now as you can see, I'm lying on the bed now and I'm ready to explore the city tomorrow. Btw, there's this guy I met and I think he might be my tour guide tomorrow and he's really cute and bubbly with his fluffy hair and he has tiny hands and it's so cute??? I accidentally touched his hands when he gave me the map and they are so soft???? I guess his name is Jamal or something, I couldn't see his card but I'm looking forward to see that pretty boy tomorrow. Bye!"


Day 3 entry.

“It’s Jimin. His name is Park Jimin, he’s 22, art student in Seoul who happens to be on an exchange program so he can save more money to pay for his tuition. Not that he told me all of this but maybe I overheard him talking to someone else. But whatever, he’s cute and really funny. Today we visited the Dubai Fountain and Jimin was really excited to show us everything and he seemed more like a tourist than a tour guide. I liked him a lot. And he’s handsome. Did I tell you that he’s cute? Because he is... Anyways, I did have fun today, even with this really hot weather. Can’t wait to see him again tomorrow.”


Day 4 entry.

“WHAT THE FUCK JUNGKOOK????? I thought we were going to stay only in the city but then they took us to the DESERT? THE DESERT JUNGKOOK. I DIDNT BRING CLOTHES FOR A DESERT TRIP. But in the end that was a good thing because Jimin said he could lend me one of his shorts and what was I supposed to do? Say no??? Even though I felt like I was dancing on Satan’s lap, it was a beautiful thing. The sunset was really pretty and everything looked like gold. I can’t take how ethereal Jimin looked when the sunset light touched his face out of my mind. And I think he noticed it because I stared at him for a really long time. Seriously, he’s so beautiful. Oh, and at night we went to a local restaurant and they had a karaoke and Jimin sang. Beautiful, tiny with a voice of an angel. I’m sure he isn’t real.”


Day 5 entry.

“So, yeah. I can’t remember most of the day because Jimin sat next to me during our road trip and we talked so much about so many things. Like I said, he’s really funny. And he also loves to dance! I forgot to ask him when he’s going back to Seoul because I’d like to meet him someday...But I’m enjoying this trip maybe a little bit too much thanks to him. And at one point of our trip I could’ve sworn that he was talking to me looking at my lips and I don’t know what to do with this information because I’m this close to kiss him and I swear if he does that again I won’t hold my gay ass back. I’m really tired and I’m going to sleep. Bye, brat.”


Day 6 entry.

“God, that was a date, I can feel it in left tiddy. Wait, let me explain. I woke up early this morning because I thought we were going on another trip only to find out that it’s the sixth day of the trip and it’s a free day for us. Meaning: I wouldn’t see Jimin. I’m not lying when I say that I almost cried when I realized that because I wanted to know him more. As you know me, I was frustrated so I went to the breakfast table and ate as much as I could. That’s when Jimin approached me and asked how I was and if I was doing something after that. Obviously, I said no because he’s my top priority in this trip, I’m not dumb. So, he said that he wanted to walk around the city and buy a few gifts to send to his friends but he didn’t want to go on his own, so I said that I would go with him because I had nothing to do and I was bored. We ended up walking all over the city and in the end, he even bought me dinner. That’s when I decided to be a confident gay and ask him if he had a boyfriend or girlfriend and guess what?
He said no!!! NO! NO, JUNGKOOK. Not only that, he even gave me the biggest smile after saying this and what did I do? Yes, I gay panicked and did nothing! And the worst thing is that tomorrow is my last day here and the only thing he’ll do is driving me to the airport and God, I miss him so much already, I can’t believe I’m falling for my tour guide. This is your fault.


Day 7 entry.

“I felt like one of those moms that needs to say goodbye to their children when they’re going to college, except I’m the mom saying goodbye to my big fat crush. Wait, that sound odd but anyways, Kookie, I’m at the airport now, alone and thinking of him. I can’t get him out of my head? I keep remembering his smile, his perfume, the sound of his laugh, his pretty lips, his smooth voice. I’m about to cry in the middle of the gate. But there’s good news! I gave him my number and he said that he’s going to text me later! And- Wait, he just texted me.
Oh my fucking God, Jungkook, I gotta go.”


Day 8 entry.

“Uhhhhhhhh, yeah. I read all of your texts, Kookie don’t worry, I’m not dead or injured or whatever. I mean, my lips are pretty swollen from kissing too much but that’s amazing. Remember when I said that Jimin texted me? Well, he said that I could stay a little bit more if I wanted and I wouldn’t pay much for taxes so I decided to stay. To my surprise, that little bitch never left the airport and he was waiting for me outside! When I got there, I saw him and he just kissed me and said that he wanted to know me better. Of course, I say that I’d love to know him better too if you know what I mean. So... now we are at a new hotel, just the two of us, enjoying the city and all that. He also said that he’ll go back to Korea in three weeks so I won’t wait for him that long. I still have money to stay at least 5 days so I’m going to stay. I won’t record things anymore because I want to enjoy things with him for now. I’ll update you when I get home, okay? And, Kookie? Thank you for buying me that ticket. I love you, bye.”