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More than a Little Secret (Tumblr Prompt Collection)

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Clint was going absolutely bonkers.

Apparently Steve and Tony had argued at some point, and now the whole damn tower was on edge. No one was talking and without any disasters or missions, there was nothing really to do.

He had to get out for a while.

“Yo, Stark, what do you want from the store?”

Tony looked over from his spot on the couch, raising an eyebrow “You’re actually going to a store? Why on earth would you do that when I can have FRIDAY speed order whatever you want and have it delivered in an hour?”

Clint returned his eyebrow raise “Uh… Cause shopping can be fun and we’re all dying of boredom here?”


Clint stared back at him, suddenly realizing “ Wait… Have you never…?” He settled his mind “We’re going right now, get your shoes on”

“Excuse me?”

“We’re going shopping asshole, come on. You could use the air” Clint offered. Tony contemplated, before getting up - already in his shoes.

“Alright, I’ll humor you”

“Sweet. Come on, there’s a Whole Foods down the road. You’re paying”

Tony rolled his eyes, but there was a hint of a smile and Clint took it as a victory.

The walk was brief, for the most part, and they got to the two story Whole Foods with no fuss.

“So, what are you getting?”

“Snacks and quality time with my favorite metal man”

“Hurting Vision's feelings, are you?”

“Hey, you ain’t my kids, I’m allowed to have a favorite” the man said as he passed by the coffee, taking a deep sniff of the french brew.

“And your favorite is me? Wait till I tell Natasha”

“Don’t be rude.” Clint glared playfully

Tony just rolled his eyes - but he was smiling, so Clint kept up the quips.

“Ever had ramen noodles?”

“Yes, I’ve had ramen noodles. I went to college”

"Okay but did you buy them yourself?”

There was a moment of silence.

“... You had your butler buy it didn’t you?”

“I... didn’t have him do it. I never asked that of him” Tony’s voice when uncharacteristically quiet “He did it because he wanted to”

There was a pause “Sorry man, didn’t mean to offend”

“No, no sorry. Jarvis was… important to me” Tony reasoned.

“I can tell” Clint pointed out as he gazed at the wide array of Honey types the Whole Foods provided. “So uh…. Change of topic. What the hell happened with you and Cap?”

Tony didn’t answer right away, but grabbed a squeeze bottle of Orange Blossom honey. It took him another minute “... He confronted me about something I didn’t want to talk about yet. We both overreacted and I don’t have the gumption to say sorry yet.”

“... Yikes. Sure you two aren’t married?”

“As if. Bucky might snipe me where I stand”

Clint snorted before grabbing “spicy” honey.

“I’m guessing that thing he talked to you about isn’t something I’m privy to?”

“Not yet, no. We’re working on it”


Tony paused “.... Okay that was a slip up. You’re not getting more out of me” Clint rolled his eyes

The men grabbed a few more items before going up to the counter.

“Shopping is so mundane. Why did I let you convince me to do this again?”

“Hell if I know, i’m just happy I found these cookies. Laura’s bringing the kids up and these are Cooper’s favorite” The hawkeye’s tone went slightly soft as he talked about his family.

“Headed home with them after?”

“Hah, if they let me”

“I”ll put in a good word” Tony mentioned as he paid for the food.

“Thanks, man” Clint smiled. Tony just smiled back and grabbed one of the three bags

“Come on, Peter’s coming over with his geek friends and I need to embarrass him within 30 minutes or I owe Rhodey 50 dollars”

Clint let out a laugh “We gotta hurry then. I’m not missing that”

Tony managed a chuckle, and Clint couldn’t help but grin.

Mission accomplished.