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Blood Diamond

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Piercing fangs, slipping through the swollen skin of his thigh, another breath caught in Hawk’s throat. Choking on his own drool, his tied hands fisting the sheets under him, arms aching, forced above his head by red rope trapped in a single position. The aching stretched down his body, his chest sore from labored breathing, his jaw burned from being stretched to wide moments earlier, and his thighs— God they throbbed. Fangs buried down to the base, a hot mouth around the wound, blood flowing freely. The sheets below him were a mess, the other bites on his leg still bleeding. The venom causing a hemophiliac reaction, each bite littering his skin unable to stop, it wasn’t heavy, but slow flow from each puncture wound coated the bed sheets crimson. He could feel each drop dripping down from his own shaking limbs. Enji’s hand cupping the back of them to hold them still as he drank, the pressure of his hold causing more blood to flow—he had to be full by now, how could he not be?

The multitude of bite wounds spread out over both his thighs were unnecessary, excessive, a vampire of Enji’s age didn’t need to drink this much. He was doing it to tease , to torture. He just kept biting, moving after an undetermined amount of minutes to a new unmarked area of Hawk’s thigh, only to sink his fangs down again and drink more , until the whole span of skin was red and swollen, coated in red. Each deep suck of blood sending a throbbing sting of arousal to the painfully hard cock curving against the blond’s stomach, each choked gasp for air interlaced with a forced moan. Each bite sent a wave of intoxicated lust through him, there was cum on his stomach drying from earlier orgasm ripped out of him at the beginning.

He should have know, he was too cocky, barely considered the danger when he met Enji in that damned tavern. It was always his style though, being cocky, this was just the first time he lost. He was good at tracking them down, traveling miles and miles in between towns, villages, cities; he was surprised when he heard news that their kind was popping up in the Capitol. Usually they stayed away from it all the big places, keeping to smaller areas where there would likely be less retaliation. Cities were complicated, dense harder to find people—but also plenty for a mob, and plenty of skilled scholars and various other minds to bring monsters down. Hawks had been excited though, to hear news that the Capitol was dealing with a vampire, dealing with one for months and they still hadn’t be able to stop him.

Looking back at it now, he understood why, hard to catch someone who also happened to be the second wealthiest man in there. Who knows how long Enji had actually been feeding there—why he suddenly being sloppy enough to be noticed . Not that Hawks wasn’t royally screwed regardless, this wasn’t the first time he dabbled in his work, get a quick fuck and stake a heart all in one night. The problem was that it only happened when he was in control, or faked not being in control. When he met Enji in the tavern that night, control walked out the window and took its hat and coat with it. Hawks had a type, a weakness for big guys, big angry guys with a lot of problems. It’s like he could smell them, and when his eyes found cold ones in the dim light of the tavern, smitten would be calling it lightly. So he wandered his way over, offered to buy tall, dark, and huge a drink and—

Fuck .”

A sharp drag of fangs through the skin, the unclean bite more painful then the others but the pleasure sank bone deep once the thick hot tongue slipped back over the wound.

“You’re distracted.”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full—FUCKngh—“

Enji’s teeth raked over the bloody bite marks, his eyes staring down, still cold, but livelier, full of colors that hadn’t been there when they first met. Hawks moaned out, a hollow chuckle following when he finally caught his breath,

“Didn’t think you’d be one to play with your food.”

That didn’t reward a response, instead another yelp was ripped from the blond’s mouth as Enji sat up, hands gripping the back of Hawk’s calves to pull his legs up, slotting them over his shoulders. A shudder slipped through his body again as Enji let his fangs slip back into an already made puncture wounds. He was going to die, either by blood loss, getting a major artery ripped out or his dick exploding. His body was officially his worse enemy at the moment, completely fine and aroused by each puncture mark, each tight grip, and the possessive hold doing wonders for his libido. They hadn’t even fucked yet, would they fuck? Could they? Do you go to hell if you ask the monster about to kill you to at least wreck him with his dick first or did the life dedication to monster hunting give him a free pass? Looking back they never said in his training that he couldn’t get fucked by a monster before killing one.

“God you think loudly.”

“You can hear my thoughts?”

“No. You’re just obvious.”

“I’m hurt.”

A squeeze to his thigh caused another yelp of pain to slide out Hawk’s throat as a thick pulse of blood flowed out of the various puncture wounds. Enji’s tongue lazily licking it up, “Yes you are.”

A shiver rolled down Hawk’s spine again, the upward angle of his thighs pulling the blood down his body—the blond treated to a morbid display of his own blood slowly coating his body.

“Please don’t use my blood for lube.”

“Hmm your heartbeat tells me otherwise.”

“Listen—NGNhnnn WILL you let me- FUCK .”

There was a hot stripe of Enji’s tongue down the base of his thigh to the shaft of his cock, licking up and God—he was normal sized person, average, his dick wasn’t small but Enji’s tongue felt so big, so fucking good and he barely teased the tip with it. A shout slipped through Hawk’s body as another orgasm took him. Tired body sagging as he his face flushed in mortification over the short hot streaks of cum now covering Enji’s face. Maybe he would die tonight.


There was no response again instead Enji moved back wiping his face off with a his own fingers before shoving the soiled digits into Hawk’s mouth, his eyes direct enough in their command. Obediently cleaning them, the blond couldn’t help but slide his tongue against them with purpose; careful, reminiscent of the blowjob he gave earlier before he was tied down. Enji, more than aware of his actions, showed no emotion on his face but didn’t remove his hands right away, letting the blond have his fun before yanking them out again. It felt redundant, gravity already pooling blood down his thighs again, not that he would mind sucking the vampires fingers clean again. Enji’s eyes following his own to lock onto the crimson liquid again, one hand kept pressed to the blond’s left thigh the other sliding from his mouth to tease at his rim his own blood and spit lubricating his entrance, Hawk’s cock twitching weakly in protest to harden again, his arms tugging on reflex at the restraints only to realize they had fully gone numb.

“Hey big guy—gonna probably pass out from blood loss soon so, I mean if you’re going to kill me then—“

“I’m not going to kill you.

Oh , too good a lay?”

“I don’t kill those I feed from.”

He didn’t deny that he was a good lay … focus.


“The murder you’re looking for isn’t me, I’m not stupid enough to get caught in the Capitol.”


Civil vampires, he knew they existed, heard words that there was a list of them the hunters guild wasn’t allowed to kill, contracts with humanity and all that. Not that Hawk’s ever read the list.

“So—You’re not going to kill me?”

“No. But I like how you taste. So I think I’m going to keep you.”