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Paint the Town Green

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It was a usual night in Kamurocho, loud and boisterous. Always moving and bursting with the usual energy a city such as this has. Bars were packed on this Friday night. The clubs were crawling with all types of people, bustling.

Behind New Serena was an alley. Nothing special about it. Just some staircases leading to the backdoors of businesses, a vending machine, and some trash cans.

And beside the trash cans, stood three men, engulfed in a cloud of foul, pungent smelling smoke.

“Quit hoggin’ the fuckin’ bong, Daigo. For fuck's sake.” Majima huffed, scowling.
“Dude...Just...Gimmie a minute.” Smoke rolled from Daigo’s nostrils as he pulled away from the glass for the third time, lidded-eyes glassy and bloodshot. Daigo coughed a bit, the smoke harsh on his throat.
“You popped, like, 5 kratom in the car. Quit being a jackass.” Akiyama gestured to the pockets on Daigo’s marshmallow-esque coat. The loan shark then took a healthy hit of a fresh joint he had rolled earlier; the umpteenth one he’s had today, thick and sticky with wax.
“Dude...Fuck, I said GIVE me a MINUTE.” Daigo held the bong limply in his hands, slouching against the wall as he stared at the murky water in the glass. The kratom was setting in, mixing nicely with the THC. The combination of the two substances made Daigo feel like his body was jello. A dizzy euphoria buzzed in the back of his mind, making him grin lazily.
“That’s it.” Majima hissed before snatching the bong away from Daigo, who was so baked he hardly noticed. “Fuckin’ idiot.” And with that, Majima relit the dwindling amount of kush in the bowl, putting a gloved finger over the carb and taking a lung full of off-white smoke. He held it in long enough for Akiyama to hazily start cheering (“Ma-ji-ma! Ma-ji-ma!”) for him (so around 30 seconds or so) before, choking back a laugh, Majima had to release the smoke, sputtering and coughing, lungs burning from the smoke and lack of oxygen.

“Ah, FUUUUCK!” Majima nearly roared, smoke still pouring from his nose.”Oooh, hohohoo..!!” His voice echoed off the walls of the alley. And then, Majima stopped laughing and hollering to cough and spit on the ground, the taste of the thick smoke making him salivate.
“That’s,” Majima began, wheezing. “That’s good shit, guys.” Akiyama always had the best shit.

This was their Friday night ritual. It began with Akiyama smoking by himself after hours in the alley below Sky Finance, a ritual the finance man had had for years.

Of course, the smell of that dank green attracted a fellow pothead. Majima wormed his way into the alley and bonded with Akiyama over their mutual love of marijuana. They quickly became smoking buddies. Then, not wanting to be left out of Majima’s fun, Daigo decided to tag along. Hell, being the chairman is a stressful job. The Dojima Patriarch needed some time to unwind, and this was the perfect way to do it.

Akiyama chuckled at Majima’s antics, taking a hit of his own joint before eyeing over Daigo. Daigo was still slouched, a stupid grin on his normally annoyed face. He seemed to be staring at a beetle on the ground, half-lidded eyes glazed over. He was having a good time, mind fuzzy with drugs.

The three of them seemed to be in their own little nirvana for a moment, silent aside for some stray coughs and giggles, that is, until they heard a door open and close.

“...What are you guys doing?”

Oh god. That deep, rumbly, disapproving voice.

They all slowly turned to whoever opened the door, worry painted on their otherwise dopey faces. Fuck. They weren’t gonna survive this one.

Majima was the first to say something, of course, swallowing his initial anxiety.

“Kiryu-chaaaaaan!” His voice slurred, the weed creeping up on him. “Welcome to the party!”

Oh. Just Kiryu. No worries...Right?

“I came outside because I smelled something akin to a dead animal--Majima, is that...Is that marijuana?” Kiryu looked dumbfounded, eyebrow cocked in disbelief.

“Oh god, guys, he’s gonna tattle on us.” Majima started in fake worry. “He’s gonna take our weed and turn us into the police.”

Daigo was too out of it to actually feel any concern, head swimming with a dazed euphoria.

Akiyama just chuckled, dismissing Kiryu.

“I..I’m not going to do that.”

“You sure about that, Kiryu-chan!? You seem like a square to me.” Teased Majima, laughing.

The other two stoners nodded in agreement.

Kiryu scowled at all three of them. He’s not going to sit back and let these idiots call him a square.

“Shut up and give me the bong.”

“Ooooh!” Akiyama, Majima, and Daigo Oooh’d in unison.

“Of course, Kiryu-chan. Gimmie a minute.” Majima shifted around in his pocket before pulling out a little baggie of weed, packing the almost-empty bowl before handing the bong and lighter to Kiryu.

“Kiryu, this is some dank stuff, I don’t think-”

“Majima, shut up. I know what I’m doing.”

And then, Kiryu took a huge fucking hit of the bong, waiting until the smoke inside was thick, almost a light-yellow, before inhaling all of it. He held it in for 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 seconds before letting it pour from his nose. Afterwards, he simply cleared his throat before looking up at the others, noticing their bewildered staring.

“What?” Kiryu blinked.

“Kiryu...What the fuck? You smoke--” Diago began before being interrupted by Majima’s yelling.

‘THAT’S MY KIRYU-CHAN!” Majima slung an arm over Kiryu’s shoulder (almost making him drop the bong). “WHAT A FUCKIN’ CHAMPION!”

Kiryu only smirked before taking another impressive hit of the bong, though, before he could expel it from his mouth, Majima grabbed Kiryu’s head and kissed him, sucking the smoke from his mouth.

Kiryu blinked at him, caught off guard, but not too surprised. He was no stranger to Majima kisses.

Daigo and Akiyama just chuckled to themselves, sharing a blunt between them. Majima pulling gay shit like this was no secret to them.

When Majima pulled away, he let the smoke out of his mouth and laughed obnoxiously. “Fellas,” He began after coughing a couple times. “Fellas, we should ditch this alley. Go do somethin’ fun since we got Kiryu-chan with us.”

“Sounds like a solid idea.” Akiyama agreed, finishing off his blunt.

Daigo nodded, popping more kratom before slipping the bottle into his pocket.

And then, they were off, setting foot into Kamurocho, high as fuck and ready to stir some shit.