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Deku: The Golden Saiyan Hero of Hope

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Chapter 1: Primal Nature


Izuku Midoriya was having a bad day…


It started out okay when this morning he was able to catch a villain attack during rush hour before school. He was even able to see the up and coming heroine Mt. Lady in action.


But once he arrived at school, all of the regular bullying and abuse happened. This was because in a world where 80% of the population possess a superpower, dubbed “Quirks”, he had no super power and was dubbed, “Quirkless..”


This made Izuku Midoriya a social outcast, worthless, perceived as a person without a purpose in the world…


When it was revealed that he was Quirkless to his classmates, he was immediately castigated and bullied to the highest degree. However it didn’t hurt as much when his former “best friend”, Katsuki Bakugo bullied him… verbally and physically.


Hell, even today after classes were over, Bakugo literally told Izuku to “jump off the roof and hope to have a Quirk in the next life.”


The reason he said this was because their teacher revealed to the class that aside from Bakugo, Izuku will also be applying for U.A High… the greatest Hero Course in all of Japan.


And knowing that Izuku had no Quirk, in Bakugo’s mind, Izuku Midoriya had absolutely no chance to make it into the prestigious high school. He even added that the green haired boy will die in the exams!


Yep, pretty bad day so far. However Izuku has learned to deal with this on the daily for over 10 years. So meh… it was whatever.


But as Izuku took a shortcut to get home faster through a tunnel, he was captured by a slime villain who was trying to take control of his body and suffocate him to death…


Okay, yeah pretty bad day at this point, but there was a twist!


You see, as Izuku was seconds away from death, the Number 1 Hero, The Symbol of Peace, ALL MIGHT saved the day when he landed a Texas Smash on the ugly Slime Villain and freed Izuku from his grasp.


When Izuku woke up from his unconsciousness, he immediately entered fanboy mode when he saw his idol. He asked him to sign his Hero Journal Number 13, but gasped in delight when he saw that he already signed it.


But then Izuku wanted to ask All Might one last thing… A question that mattered more than anything to him. A question that still roamed his mind for over 10 years. Something that has been answered countless times with the same answer…


Can I become a Hero… even if I’m Quirkless


However Izuku saw that the Number 1 Hero was about to leave saying that he had to turn the Villain into the authorities. This caused Izuku to panic. He may only have this one and only chance aas he doesn’t know if he will ever have the opportunity to ask All Might this question again since he is a very busy person.


So he decided to take the risk and grab onto All Might as he took off and jumped high into the air.


All Might noticed that Izuku was hanging onto his leg for dear life, so he was forced to land on a roof, even though his transformation was running out…


When they landed, there was a huge puff of smoke, and when it cleared, it was revealed to be a skinny almost anorexic looking version of All Might.


Izuku was confused and asked where All Might went. The skinny man told the young man that he indeed was All Might, that was his true form, and his real name is Toshinori Yagi.


Toshinori then explained to Izuku that 5 years ago, he fought a Villain who mortally wounded his respiratory system and destroyed his stomach. He visited countless doctors but neither one could do a damn thing. This injury has now limited to All Might only being able to complete 3 hours of Hero Work each day.


Toshinori also explained that the public doesn’t know this information because he still has to keep the persona of The Symbol of Peace. If word got out of his true condition, then Villains could take advantage and cause more havoc. That is why it is necessary for All Might to never show any weakness and to always have a smile in his face so that the people won’t have to worry, because “I am here!”...


After Toshinori’s explanation, Izuku decided to ask THE question… can he become a Hero even though he is “Quirkless”...


Toshinori then proceeded to tell Izuku that no he cannot become a Hero. The job of a Hero is too dangerous for somebody without a quirk. Rampaging Villains would do anything they can do to achieve their goals and that meant killing as well…


Toshinori told the child that it is alright for him to dream big, but he also to dream realistically. Toshinori told him to that he should look into more suitable careers such as a policeman or firefighter. Those jobs were also very important and admirable as they also risk their lives to protect and serve the people.


Toshinori also asked to please keep all of what he told Izuku a secret as the public don’t need to know that The Symbol of Peace was at all vulnerable. After that he exited the rooftop and left Izuku alone…


Izuku Midoriya was speechless. He didn’t know what to say. He had just been told by his idol and Hero that he blanatanly could not be a Hero no matter how hard he tried. All because he wasn’t born with a Quirk. Something that was completely out of his power.


There were so many emotions going through Izuku at that moment. Sadness, anger, hurt, depression, but the biggest one was definitely disappointment. Disappointment in himself and in his idol. How could he say that? He’s supposed to inspire hope into people and motivate them to achieve their dreams. These were the thoughts of Izuku Midoriya as he left the rooftop and proceeded to the ground as he heard an explosion.


He subconsciously continued to walk where the commotion was. As he was walking, he was beginning to realize how bad of a day he was truly having. He thought that this was the worst day of his life no matter how you try to slice it…


Now in the present time, Izuku is walking towards a large crowd to see the fight that started earlier when he and All Might were on the rooftop.


“That’s strange. Is the fight from earlier still going on,” Izuku said.


‘Why am I here? Did I subconsciously walk here just to check it out?’ Izuku thought as he crossed the street to get a closer view.


‘I shouldn’t even stop. All of my notes are useless’, Izuku thought depressingly. However his tone shifted as he saw the Villain that was causing havoc.


‘That’s the same guy who attacked me!’ Izuku thought as he saw the same Slime Villain who tried to take his body through the tunnel earlier.


‘That can’t be right! All Might captured him.’ Izuku then thought back to when he and All Might were flying through the air.


‘He must have dropped the bottle when I was holding onto his leg,’ Izuku then realized another fact.


“But then that means, it’s my fault,” Izuku said as his face filled with dread.


“Why aren’t the heroes doing anything?” a civilian asked as he was apart of the crowd.


“It looks like they met their match, plus the villain captured a kid and things aren’t looking so good,” another civilian responded.


‘He caught someone? I wonder how long they’ve been in there. How could they survive being suffocated like that? I thought I’d die after only a few seconds of struggling’ Izuku said in his mind as he thought back to his near death experience when he was captured by the very same Slime Villain. He cringed at the thought of somebody else going through the same traumatic experience.


“Wait, I’m confused, isn’t that the same Villain All Might was chasing earlier today?” one civilian asked.


“What, All Might?! No way he lost, where is he?”


“Can someone call him or something?” a young woman asked


“Seriously, why hasn’t he shown up to help the Heroes?!”


Toshinori, who was at the back of the crowd, looked down to the ground in anger and was clutching his chest as he couldn’t do anything because his time limit was up and couldn’t jump in and save the day.


Izuku has his hands covering his mouth and looked down in utter shame.


‘I’m the one to blame. He wasted his energy on me,’ Izuku said in his mind


‘I’m worthless,’ Toshinori thought with the same shame as Izuku


‘He can’t power up yet. And none of the other Heroes have the quirks to stop this monster. They’re not doing anything and are being forced to watch as none of them have the courage to risk their lives. Come on aren’t they called Heroes for a reason?’ Izuku thought with anger


‘So pathetic,’ Toshinori said to himself as he is doing nothing but being a bystander.


‘It’s my fault. I’m sorry. So sorry,’ Izuku thought in sadness.


‘I am a disgrace,’ Toshinori thought as he kept on insulting himself.


‘Help will show up and save the day, I’m sure,’ Izuku said in his mind with hope


‘I’m not a real Hero,’ Toshinori said in his mind as he clutched his chest harder and looked downwards.


‘Someone… A real Hero will come soon,’ Izuku thought.


However at that moment, Izuku saw the face of the person who was currently being held hostage by the Slime Villain. He had blond spiky hair with red eyes… He was struggling so hard and trying to breathe as he desperately opened his mouth to no avail.


The hostage is Katsuki Bakugo…


Izuku’s eyes widened with shock. He couldn’t believe it. His former ‘best friend’ was getting suffocated and tortured right in front of his eyes. An innocent child who could be moments from death. And HE was the cause of it. Even though Izuku has been a victim to Katsuki’s traumatic bullying in the past up to the present, he still hasn’t done anything near as bad to deserve the sadism he was enduring at the moment. Nobody deserved this. It was too much.


Izuku look at the Pro Heroes… nothing. They were doing absolutely nothing to save the child. They were merely helpless bystanders. Not even Mt. Lady could do anything as she couldn’t transform to full height since the alley was way too narrow and it would risk serious property damage and even some lives as well.

No one was doing anything…

At that very moment, something awakened within Izuku. Something that has been dormant for a very long time. Something that has been built up and has been waiting for its release.


‘What is this sensation?’ Izuku thought as an unknown source of power went through his body, coursing through his veins as he felt his muscles bulging (wait, he has muscles? Isn’t he all skin and bones?).


Izuku looked towards Bakugo and how he was struggling against the Slime Villain, then the look of shock was replaced by a look of determination and anger as he sprinted towards the Slime Villain.


(Music: Boku no Hero Academia OST - You Say Run. Start playing at 0:22 time stamp)

Toshinori and all the other Heroes gasped as they witnessed Izuku Midoriya run straight ahead towards the Villain.


“NO YOU IDIOT. STOP YOU’RE GOING TO GET YOURSELF KILLED!” Death Arms yelled as he tried to stop the young man from heading straight into danger.


“Not this brat again…” The Slime Villain said as he looked towards Izuku.


“Deku?!” Katsuki said in shock as he couldn’t believe that his Quirkless classmate and former ‘best friend’ was running towards him, seemingly to save him.


‘What am I doing? Why am I running? Why can’t I stop?’ Izuku thought to himself as he kept running at full speed towards the Villain as he continued to feel the unfamiliar, yet it felt so natural, power flowing through him giving him an unbelievable amount of power that felt so right that it was almost unexplainable.


“You’re toast kid!” The Slime Monster yelled as he aimed his fist towards Izuku


Izuku took off his book bag and threw it towards the Monster’s eye to momentarily stun him. This loosened his grasp on Katsuki and gave him the opportunity to finally breathe.


Izuku then jumped high in the air and landed a strong right fist straight at the Slime Villain. The punch was so strong that it was able to push the Villain back about 50 meters.


This allowed Katsuki to finally be freed from the Villain’s grasp as he looked at Izuku in shock.


“What the hell! Why are you here?” Katsuki asked Izuku. He was about to respond but suddenly Izuku started moving towards the Slime Villain again at high speeds.


‘What in the world is happening to me? My body is moving on its own. Yet for some reason… this power… why does it feel so good… and so natural?’ Izuku thought as he got closer to the Villain.


“Okay, now you’ve made me mad. I’M GOING TO KILL YOU, YOU DAMN BRAT!” the Slime Villain yelled as he threw tentacles towards Izuku.


However, Izuku is somehow able to dodge all of the attacks perfectly and uppercut the Villain with even more force.


‘Is my body moving out of pure instinct?’ Izuku thought as he saw the Slime Villain land to the ground after getting hit with an uppercut that generated so much force, it was able to create shockwaves that push the bystanders back a few steps and even broke some nearby windows.


Izuku turned around tears around his eyes and with a big smile on his face. “Kaachan, i couldn’t just stand there and watch you die!”


Toshinori gasped in utter shock. Here was a Quirkless boy doing everything in his power to save the hostage while he was just being a bystander doing absolutely nothing.


‘I have to do something! No matter the cost!’ Toshinori thought as his body began to get bigger and steam was forming around him.


“I’m done playing with you!” the Slime Villain said as he moved towards Izuku to finish him off.


“Save the boy! This thing will kill him!’ Death Arms yelled as the Pro Heroes began to advance to get Izuku out of the way of the Slime Villain’s attack.


Izuku however felt no fear and was about to counter attacker when there was a mini explosion in front of him that made him cover his face.


I really am pathetic.


Izuku opened his eyes to see that All Might was the one who blocked the Villain’s attack.


“All Might… but..”


I told you the traits to make a great champion. But I see now that I wasn’t living up to my own ideal.


Izuku and Katsuki looked on in amazement as they witnessed the Number 1 Hero lift the tentacle upward and made a fist.


Pros are always risking their lives! That’s the true test of a HERO!” All Might yelled as blood was escaping through his mouth. Illustrating the pain that he was suffering due to forcing his Hero form beyond his three hour time limit.


“DAMN YOU ALL MIGHT,” The Slime Villain then began to strike the Number 1 Hero using numerous Slime Tentacles.


“DETROIT SMASH” All Might yelled as he punched the Villain square in the face and created a tornado that produced shockwaves and winds that were blowing everyone away, both figuratively and literally.


( Music End )


All Might panted as everybody looked in awe at the his raw power.


It then began to rain as the clouds were moving.


“Holy crap. He changed the weather,” Death Arms said.


Then the crowd started cheering as All Might saved the day once again.

After that the Heroes collected all of the scattered mounds of sludge. And the Villain went into police custody where he belonged. There were crowds of reporters and cameras trying to get an opportunity to speak to All Might.


Izuku got chewed out by the Heroes big time while Katsuki was praised for his bravery. The one who was hostage and almost died was getting praised for bravery while the one who risked his life and saved the hostage was castigated. Oh the irony.


Sunset came and Izuku was walking home. He wanted to apologize to All Might, but he was swarmed by interviewers. He didn’t want to interrupt. He can always try to send a message through his website when he gets home.


He was also feeling really tired after fighting the Slime Villain. He felt really sleepy and really needed to take a nap. He was still trying to figure out just what exactly he did back there. That power, speed, strength, agility,and instinct. His body was moving on its own. Was it his Quirk? It didn’t feel human. But it did feel natural, almost like a primal power that he is only now experiencing.


And it also felt like he knew how to fight. The way he was dodging and counteracting. He wasn’t even nervous or scared… more like excited…



Izuku turned around and saw Katsuki running up to him.



“Listen, I would never ask a weakling like you to help me. Don’t think you can look down on me. GOT THAT! I was fine by myself. You’re just a Quirkless failure who won’t even cut it as cop! You didn’t help me… You did nothing. Don’t forget it. I don’t owe you anything!” Katsuki then turned around and began to walk off.


Izuku sweatdropped. “What was that?”

“Kaachan is right though. It’s not like I did anything to help today. But at least I tried. Guess now I should get back to giving up on my dreams.” Izuku said as he began to walk back towards home.


“I AM HERE!” All Might yelled as he landed in front of Izuku.


“All Might?! Why are you here? How did you get rid of all of those reporters?”


“HAHAHAH! I stand for justice. Not sound bites. Because I am ALL MIG-”


All Might was cut off as his transformation ran out and now returned to his true form while spitting out blood and coughing as Izuku screamed in shock.


“Young man, I came here to thank you. And also to discuss your question from earlier.” Toshinori said



“If you hadn’t told me about your life… If you hadn’t run into that fight… I would’ve been a worthless bystander watching from the crowd… so thanks.”


“OH NO! It was my fault he was there to begin with… I got in the way of your hard work. I wasted your energy and not to mention your time.” Izuku responded


“I’m not done. You told me you didn’t have a Quirk. So when I saw this timid Quirkless boy try to save a life. It inspired me to act too.”


Izuku gasped as he processed the words his idol, the Number 1 Hero just said.


“There are stories about every Hero. How they became Great. Most have one thing in common… Their bodies moved before they had a chance to think. Almost on their own…”


(Music: Boku No Hero Academia OST 2 - You Can Become a Hero ( 君はヒーローになれる )

Izuku’s eyes widened as he began to shed tears. For some reason, he remembered his mother’s words in that moment.


“I’m sorry Izuku.I wish things were different”


Izuku clutched his chest with both hands as he began to lower towards the floor.


“And today, that’s what happened to you.”


Izuku’s mother never told him the thing he wanted her to say back then… The words he needed to hear.


The wind started blowing as cherry blossoms flew through the air.


“Young man… You too can become a Hero.” Toshinori said.

Izuku then began to sob fully.


Dreams can become reality .


Mark Twain once said: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”


And on this day is when Izuku Midoriya found out that he indeed was born… TO BECOME A HERO!


Izuku clutched his chest even harder as he began thinking of all of the doubters and bullies that told him that he was useless, worthless, and had no shot to become a Hero.

Izuku needed someone to tell him that, that he can become a Hero. And the person he admires most in the world just did.


Honestly, part of him thought he would never hear those words, You can become a Hero . Much less from All Might.


“I deem you worthy of my power. My Quirk is yours to inherit.” Toshinori said as he put out his two hands in a motion like he was trying to give someone something.


Izuku stopped crying and looked up with tears still around his eyes and mouth.


“Huh, wait, what do you mean inherit? Inherit what?” Izuku asked with a confused look on his face.


“Hahahahah, you should see your face right now! Don’t worry, I’m not going to force this thing on you.” Toshinori laughed as he walked closer to where Izuku was sitting. Toshinori raises his index finger pointing up towards the sky, “LISTEN well young man! This is your choice…” Toshinori points his finger towards Izuku now, “ DO YOU WANT TO ACCEPT MY AWESOME POWER OR NOT!” He yells as blood comes out his mouth.


Izuku continues to look at Toshinori with a clueless face. ‘ What is he talking about, hat is this?”


Toshinori rubs the blood away from his mouth. “There are a couple things you should know about my abilities. Journalists always guess my Quirk as Super Strength or some kind of invulnerability. When people ask in interview, I always make a joke and dodge the question. And it’s because the world needs to believe that their Symbol of Peace is just a natural born Hero like any other… but I’m not. There’s something natural about my ability.”




Toshinori then spread his arms out and looked towards the sky. “I wasn’t born with this power. It is a sacred torch that was passed on to me from someone else!”


“Someone gave you this Quirk? No way.” Izuku said in shock


The wind blows as Toshinori’s shirt moves revealing bits of his scar. “Yes way, and you’re next. I can give you my abilities.” Toshinori said in a dramatic pose.


“Wait hold on this is a lot to process,” Izuku replied. “It’s true there’s a lot of debate as to what your Quirk actually is. Nobody has ever figured it out, it’s one of the world’s greatest mysteries! People are constantly talking about it online. Well the idea of passing on a Quirk and inheriting it just doesn’t make any sense to me, I never heard anything like it, a power is supposed to be unique to each individual and since the first super powers no one has been able to just give someone their power like a present, that’s crazy! If this is true, this has changed everything we knew about Quirks to begin with..” Izuku kept on muttering and muttering as Toshinori looked on awkwardly.


“Uh, sounds like you’re overthinking this whole inheriting thing. STOP NERDING OUT!”


Izuku stopped his muttering as he heard Toshinori’s shout. “You’ll have to adjust your reality and accept this new truth. I can transfer my Quirk to someone else. And that’s just one facet of my secret abilities.”


Toshinori holds out his hand as rainbow colored light starts to emit from his palm.” The true name of my power is One For All ,” Toshinori revealed with emphasis on the One For All part.


One For All ... “ Izuku said slowly in awe as the name itself radiates power.


“Yes…One person improves the power, then hands it off to another person and continues to grow as its passed along…” Toshinori says as inside Toshinori’s soul, multiple different colored stars move and turn into bigger and brighter stars as it finally stops when it reaches to a bright yellow star.


“It is this cultivating power that allows me to save those who are in need of a Hero. The truth behind my strength…” Toshinori finished as the rainbow colored light in his palm faded.


“But why would you choose to give me a gift like that? What if I can’t live up to it?” Izuku asked. “I was on a long hunt for a worthy successor. And then, I watched you jump into action as the rest of us idly by. You may just be a Quirkless fanboy, but you tried to save that kid… you acted like a Hero.” Toshinori answered Izuku’s question.


Izuku then began to cry tears of joy from listening to the inspiring words of his idol.


Toshinori saw this and began to laugh, “Come on seriously, you’ve got to stop crying like that if you want my Quirk. Come on kid.”


Izuku made a fist in his left hand, ‘He said so much to encourage me… he even told me the secret behind his powers. Is this… is this what I’ve been waiting for all these years, how can I turn him down?’ Izuku said in his head as he wiped the tears off his face.


Izuku stands up with a determined look on his face.”Okay I’ll do it, YES!” Izuku accepts Toshinori’s offer.


“No reluctance, that’s exactly how I figured you’d respond,” Toshinori said with a smirk. “Meet me at the Dagoba Municipal Beach in two days 5 A.M sharp. That is where we will begin your training for you to inherit One For All .”


“RIGHT! I’ll be there,” Izuku responded.


“Oh right, one more thing. Mind explaining me those moves you pulled off while fighting the Sludge Villain? Where did all of that speed and strength come from? I thought you said you were Quirkless, did you lie to me?” Toshinori asked the green haired boy as he never seen moves like that before. It was like he was fighting as an experienced fighter with such expertise and it seemed like he knew what he was doing.


Izuku waved his hands around in panic, “ What? No no no, I would never lie to you All Might! I really am Quirkless. What happened back there… I don’t know how to explain it. My body was moving on its own, on pure instinct. I felt something… a power… a power so great that it flooded throughout my body and filled me with… excitement. I had no fear, I was just going with the flow. I’ve never had any kind of experience like this, yet it felt so natural… like I was born to fight and it just awakened.” Izuku finished as he looked at his hands in wonder.


Toshinori hummed, ‘This is something that I should keep an eye on… It may be a hidden Quirk that was never awakened until met with a life or death situation…’ Toshinori thought as he returned his attention to the freckled boy. “We’ll talk about this later. It’s getting late, so head on home and get some rest so you’re ready in two days.”


“Alright!” and with that, the two parted ways and Izuku went home to rest for the upcoming trials ahead.

When Izuku reached his house, he immediately felt tired and yawned. ‘Must be from all of the stress today, I should go take a shower.’ Izuku proceeded to the bathroom and took a warm shower and as he was washing himself, he felt a slight bump near his butt.

‘Must be a bruise from the Sludge Villain’ Izuku assumed and finished showering and proceeded to bed.


As soon as he reached his room, he collapsed on the bed and felt really sleepy. ‘Man, I’m really tired today, oh well, lights out,’ Izuku though as he shut off the lights and proceeded to fall in a deep slumber…


The Next Day


Izuku woke up from his deep sleep. He yawned and stretched as he got up from his bed. “ Woah, I slept good, I feel full of energy,” Izuku said as he headed to his bathroom.


As he walked to the bathroom, Izuku feltl really weird. He didn’t feel any pain or drowsiness, but something felt… off. For one, Izuku felt a little higher as if he was standing on a stool or something. Also, he felt like something was attached to his bottom… he didn’t have any clue as to why that is and his clothes felt really tight... When he reached the bathroom, and looked at the mirror, his eyes widened in shock.


Standing in front of the mirror wasn’t the skinny little plain Deku that he was known as. No, standing there was young man with a height of 5’11 with broad shoulders and a defined lean muscles all throughout his body that would put most bodybuilders to shame. There was no more baby fat as his face had defined cheekbones and a sharp jaw with a face that resembled more like a man than a boy. His chest was much bigger and so were his biceps and triceps that they were bulging under the now too small and tight shirt Izuku was wearing. His hair was longer, denser thicker and much more spiky and a lot more darker.


While all of this is surprising to say the least, the thing that shocked Izuku the most was what was behind him, more specifically apart of him.


Behind him was a wagging brown monkey tail that was a few feet long. It was moving freely as it was the most normal thing in the world. ‘What in the world?! Why do I have a monkey tail and why do I look so different? Wait a minute… could this be my Quirk?’ Izuku thought as he closed his eyes and concentrated. He felt it… the same rush of power he felt yesterday against the Sludge Villain. Only this time, he felt more in control and like it was something he has had for his entire life.


‘I feel the exact same energy when I was fighting the Sludge Villain, is this really my Quirk? If so, what exactly is i-’


“IZUKU! Are you still sleeping? It’s past noon already, it’s time to get up!” Inko Midoriya said as she walked towards her son’s room but stopped when she saw the bathroom door open. She peeked inside and saw a completely different Izuku inside with a brown monkey tail.


“Izuku, honey what happened to you?!” Inko asked in shock as she couldn’t believe her son was in the bathroom, taller and packed with muscles that looked he worked his entire life to gain. Not to mention the fact that he had tail too!


“I don’t know Mom. I just woke up and I looked into the mirror and saw this. I think this could be my Quirk that has finally awakened.” Izuku said as he tried swinging his tail which he successfully did.


“Well okay, you can explain in a minute. I’m going to go look for some of your father’s clothes as it looks like they can fit you now,” Inko said as she went to her husband’s old closet to fetch some apparel for Izuku.


After putting on some of his Father’s clothes, Izuku explained everything that happened yesterday with his fight with the Sludge Villain, leaving out the part where All Might picked him as his successor obviously.


Inko thought Izuku’s new ‘Quirk’ was a bit strange. His father, Hisashi Midoriya, who works overseas, Quirk is that he can breathe fire. Her own Quirk is the attraction of small objects. Usually a child’s Quirk is either one of the parents’ Quirks or a combination of both. So where in the world did that monkey tail come from? Nevertheless, she felt extremely happy for the fact that her son finally has his own Quirk. She felt guilty for all of the trauma that Izuku had to endure because of his Quirkless status. She hated that he wasn’t able to inherit her power or his father’s. She even felt guilty for not encouraging and inspiring him to pursue his dream no matter what. Instead she just said sorry. But now, Izuku has a power now and has a chance to follow his dream… and that’s all a mother can ask for.


“Izuku, please be careful honey, don’t hurt yourself testing out your new powers. We don’t want a repeat of what happened with the Sludge Villain,” Inko said as she was worried for her son’s safety after the incident yesterday.


“Don’t worry Mom, I won’t do something that stupid,” Izuku said as he ate his breakfast and went outside to test his new Quirk out.


Izuku went to his backyard and decided to see if he can recreate the moves he performed against the Sludge Villain. “Alright let’s see how high I can jump.” Izuku them jumped with all of his might as he rocketed towards the air in high speeds. He looks down and sees that he’s up so high that he’s about 200 feet in the air looking down towards his neighborhood.


“Woah, I didn’t know I can jump his high! Hold on, why aren’t I falling down?” Izuku looks down and sees that he’s floating! “WHAT! I can fly too!? Just what is my Quirk?” Izuku said in shock as he went down back to his backyard.


“Alright, let me test out my strength,” Izuku then punched the ground with so much force that it was able to create a mini shockwave and craters in the ground.


Izuku looked at his fist in awe. It was unbelievable! He was able to go from a weak little Quirkless boy to a guy who’s able to fly with superhuman strength.


“Wow, what else can I do with this power…?”


One Day Later


Dagoba Municipal Beach is a beach that was once a beautiful place with golden sand and a glistening blue ocean. It was an ideal spot for young couples to come and relax and express their love for one another.


But now it is a complete dumpster. Full of trash and garbage. It has been a total mess for the last few years. Because of the ocean currents, anything that is dropped in the water ends up on the beach. People take advantage of that when they are illegally dumping their trash. Now all the locals avoid this place.


Toshinori is on the beach waiting patiently for a certain green haired boy to show up. He looked at his phone and the time read 4:58 A.M.


“He should be arriving any minute now,” Toshinori said as he looked towards the entrance of the beach. In the distance, he could see a what seemed to be a young man with a mop of green spiky hair, running to the beach with a bright green tracksuit on as he was getting near to where Toshinori is standing.


“Wait a minute is that…” Toshinori said in surprise as the young man reached Toshinori.


“Hey, All Might I’m here, 5:00 A.M sharp just like you said! So why did you tell me to come here to train in this dumpster?” Izuku asked with curiosity as he wondered how this would be the ideal training place.


“Wait a second! Young Midoriya is that you? When were you this tall? And where did all of those muscles come from? And… is that a tail?” Toshinori asked as he couldn’t believe that the skinny, plain, little boy with no Quirk is the same tall and muscular young man standing right in front of him right now.


Izuku smiled and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, “Well you see… “ Izuku told Toshinori all of what transpired the day before, how he woke up and the powers he discovered that he had. He hypothesized that this is his Quirk that took a long time to manifest probably because of the physical requirements needed to use properly. Izuku demonstrated his power by picking up a fridge with one hand and absolutely crushing it with the other hand. He then showed how fast he was by running so quick he was able to run across the ocean. After that he flew up so high that Toshinori thought he was dreaming.


After Izuku’s demonstration, Toshinori turned into his Hero form, “ MY GOODNESS! Never have I seen such feats from such a young boy. It seems that inheriting One For All will be better much easier than expected!”


“Wait what do you mean by that,” Izuku asked as he flew back down to the beach. “ What I mean is that, my Quirk One For All is a whole lot to handle. The combined physical prowess of everyone who has ever used it creates a hurricane of pure force. An unprepared body can’t fully inherit it. Your arms and legs would shoot off if you tried to .”


Izuku imagines his limbs tearing off and his body falling apart and decimating itself. He cringed, “Seriously!? Damn that’s harsh!.” Izuku shaked his head as he tired to get the image out of his head. “Okay so this whole trash thing is some kind of hardvore gym workout. And you’re my trainer.”


All Might smirked and did a thumbs up, “ You got it! But there’s another reason to. I did a little online research yesterday. Turns out this part of the beach used to be beautiful but it’s been a total mess for years.


Izuku looked around and nodded in agreement, “Yeah, people just throw their garbage here and since it’s already a mess, people wouldn’t suspect a difference. It’s a shame nobody has taken the time to clean this place up.” Izuku said with disappointment as one would think a Hero would at least try to renovate the place.


Heroes these days are all about showing off and capturing flashy Villains. Things were different before Quirks. Service is what mattered. Back then Heroes were those who helped the community even if it was kind of boring! ” All Might said as he grabbed a microwave and crushed it effortlessly.


You will restore the coastline for this entire section of the beach. That is the first step of your path young man, towards being a Hero. ” All Might finished as he stared into Izuku’s eyes seriously.


“Um, all this? But there is so much,” Izuku said looking around the entire beach which was filled to brim with garbage of all different kinds. “That’s impossible!”


Young Midoriya, you want to go to U.A right?


“Well yeah, of course. You went there, so it must be the best school around, right?” Izuku looks down and balls his right fist. “It’s a long shot… but still, I’m going to shoot for the moon. U.A… “


YOU’VE GOT A LOT OF SPIRIT FANBOY! But as I said before, being a Hero isn’t easy to do without a Quirk… It’s not fair but that’s unfortunately the reality. And U.A is the hardest Hero Course to get into. So that means…


“-That I have to prepare my body for your Quirk really fast! U.A’s exams are in 10 months!”


All Might took out sheets of paper, “ Not to worry kid! I’ve got you covered with the help of my handy ‘Aim to pass American Dream Plan’, follow this to the letter and you’ll clean up just in time. I also detailed every other aspect of your life while I was at it!


Izuku looked at the sheets of paper, “Wow, even my sleep is scheduled.” “ If I’m being honest, this is going to be super hard, think you’re up to it?


Izuku smirked and gained a look of confidence, “Yeah, sure I am. I have to work to work 100 times harder to get in if I’m going to outdo everybody else. So what choice do I have right?”


( Music: Boku no Hero Academia OST: Hero A Instrumental )

Izuku went right to work, taking as much trash as he could at a time. Ever since, he has gotten his new found power, his overall strength, speed, and stamina increased to the level of superhuman. He’s able to lift cars and trucks that weigh several tons with relative ease. His efficiency in cleaning up the trash was so off the charts, that All Might estimated that Izuku may get the job done with time to spare!


When Izuku returned to school, all of his teachers and peers were speechless. They almost couldn’t recognize him as he looked like a totally different person. It was unreal to them. When they saw his tail, they were even more shocked as they thought the green spiky haired nerd didn’t have a Quirk. He explained to the class that his Quirk finally awakened during the whole Sludge Villain ordeal. He theorized that the Quirk is mutant/physical enhancement type that required the user’s body to be developed in order to use as if he would’ve had it when he was 4, it may have been too much for his small body to handle.


Surprisingly, Katsuki Bakugo didn’t really give Izuku’s new found Quirk much glance. If anything, he probably still thought he was much superior thanks to his incredibly powerful Explosion Quirk. After that day, Bakugo and pretty much everybody else stopped bullying Izuku. This was most likely because, Bakugo respected Izuku a little, for what he did against the Sludge Villain, and now that he had a Quirk, it moved him up on the proverbial food chain in society.


Since, Izuku’s ne power gave him inhuman amounts of stamina and endurance, he was able to study and do his school work with ease since he didn’t feel much fatigue after the morning and afternoon workouts cleaning trash that he would’ve otherwise felt. Another cool aspect Izuku discovered about his new abilities was that he is able to feel the energy signature of any living being. He could tell where someone was located based on their unique, ‘power level’, which is what he liked to call it and he could how strong exactly someone was and asses their abilities. This would be a very useful ability as a Hero where he could predict the power level of dangerous Villains.


Another ability Izuku had was what he dubbed ‘Ki Blasts’ which were small laser like blasts generated through an energy called Ki and fire them like projectiles. This was especially useful as long range attacks since, it wouldn’t be a good idea to always fight somebody at close combat depending on what type of Quirk they had. Izuku set time aside to practice his Ki control so he would be able to increase the efficiency of his Ki attacks and hopefully master them to an extent before the U.A Exams.


Izuku gave his mother a recipe for the new diet he would have to take courtesy of All Might’s training. A side effect of Izuku’s new ‘Quirk’ was that it increased his metabolism which allowed him to eat a ridiculous amount of food that wasn’t normal by human standards. Inko was surprised at first, but she smiled and didn't’ mind it since she had no problem cooking for her beloved son. Izuku loved his mother’s cooking and it would motivate him to keep on training and studying as hard as he could in order to achieve his dream to become a Hero.


His motivation was so strong, he even went to the beach and did extra clean up during the times that he was supposed to be sleeping. He wanted to get it done as soon as possible and to get as much training as he could before the Exams. ‘I need to train 1000 times harder than anyone else if I want to be the Number One Hero,’ is what he told himself when he would spend the late night and early morning hours cleaning trash as fast as he could. He was so serious about his training that he even put training weights on all 4 of his limbs weighing 200 pounds each in order to increase his strength and endurance so that he can be the best possible vessel he can be for One For All .


When Toshinori would arrive at 5:00 A.M at the beach, Izuku would already be there hard at work, disposing as much garbage as possible going at incredible speeds even with his training weights on. Toshinori was appalled at Izuku’s pure work ethic so much that it even scared him a little. The only person that he could think of with the same kind of work ethic was his old sensei Gran Torino. Izuku would spend so much time on training that it wouldn’t be far fetched to say he was addicted to training. However, it would be a healthy addiction, as Toshinori knew the disadvantage that the young man was put under for the majority of his life. Not having a Quirk at an early age and not adapting and training it like other kids of his generation have already done is a big detriment to Izuku’s overall growth and chances of making it into U.A. However, if there is one thing that Izuku has over anybody else is his Will and Ambition. He has the Will of a Hero. And that can take someone a long way. Couple that with his work ethic, incredible power, and the fact that he will soon be inheriting One For All, there is no limit to what he can achieve.


The same pattern repeated as Izuku would start working before Toshinori got there, go to school, lift weights under the table during class, eat, study, sleep, train, train, and train some more. After a while, Izuku got accustomed to his training weights, so he increased them to 2,000 pounds each. He kept these weights on 24/7, even when he was showering or sleeping because he wanted his physical body to get used to the strain so that when he inherits One For All , it won’t be a problem for his body and he will be able to adjust with relative ease. This made his body add in even more body muscles and made his figure  even bulkier, but not too bulky as Izuku didn’t want to trade strength for speed as he loved the fact that he had an equal balance of the two. Izuku is too smart to think that strength alone can win you any fight, you need to have other attributes and bring other things to the table to be considered a Pro Hero.


With that said, Izuku has not only trained his body, but also his mind. He has continued working on his Hero Journals and practiced the many strategies that he has either learned or created that would benefit his Quirk. He would spend long hours just thinking about how he could improve his training regime and get the best possible results before the Exams. One time he was even caught muttering to himself in class. Although it was embarrassing, he didn't mind, because in his mind and heart he knew, that he needed to have the determination and Will of a Hero if he is going to achieve his dream…

( Music End )


September 26, Exactly 5 months before the U.A Entrance Exams

Toshinori got out of his truck and walked towards the beach. It was the halfway mark until the U.A Entrance Exams, and he needed to assess Midoriya’s progress in cleaning the beach and see how much longer it’s going to take him and if they need to make any adjustments in the Aim to Pass: American Dream Plan to get the job done quicker. It was currently 4:30 A.M so Izuku should already be there cleaning up as usual.

However before, he took another step forward, Toshinori heard something that made him stop in his tracks…


“ROOOOOOOOOARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” A primal roar was heard throughout the entire park in the early morning as birds scurried an flew away fearing that such a beastly roar belongs to a predator that is nearby. Toshinori’s eyes widened as he looked for the source of the roar until he looked up and what he saw made him drop his jaw to the ground.


On top of a pile of trash was a shirtless Izuku as the sun rose and made the sweat around his body glisten. Over the past 5 months, Izuku grew 2 inches making his heigh now 6’1. His overall figure was much more muscular and leaned as his body adjusted to the harsh training protocol Izuku went through. His weights were still on as they now weighed 10,000 pounds each! The entire beach and the shoreline was completely clean and not an ounce of trash was anywhere in sight. Izuku has completed his task in half of the time that was expected...


“Hey, hey holy crap kid! You even cleaned outside the area I told you to. Seriously! There’s not one speck of trash left on this beach! And with 5 months to spare! You’ve exceeded my expectations! Holy, stinking… SUPER CRAP! ” Toshinori said as he transformed to his Hero Form mid sentence.


Izuku started wobbling and fell off the pile of trash that he was on top of on. But before he could hit the ground, All Might caught him in his arms.


Excellent work! ” Izuku looked at All Might with a tired smile, “Hehehe, I finished everything… All Might. I did it as fast as I could. Do you think I’m ready now for your Quirk?” Izuku asked as he panted. Truth to be told, Izuku was exhausted. He spent countless sleepless nights overworking himself trying to clean the trash up as fast as he could. There were days where he didn’t even shower or eat, because he was so focused on getting the job done as fast as possible because he knew that he needed as much time as he could in order to prepare for the U.A Entrance Exams coming up in 5 months. However his determination and the fact that he worked 1,000 times harder than anybody else allowed him to finish cleaning the beach in half of the time that was expected. It was hard, but it was worth it in the end, because now he has 5 more months to train.


Yeah, you did good kid. I gotta say I’m impressed. I knew you had it in you but this is beyond what I thought was possible! Look at this, ” All Might showed Izuku a picture he took 5 months ago at the beginning of their training.


It’s you! 5 months ago! Look how far you’ve come! Such improvement! There’s still a long road ahead of you before you can inherit my full power set. BUT IT’S STARTING TO LOOK LIKE YOU CAN DO IT! ” All Might bellowed as he pointed towards the huge pile of trash above them from where Izuku fell.


Izuku looked down and raised his fist, “All Might… do I deserve this? Are you sure?” All Might raised his eyebrows as he looked at Izuku curiously.


“You’ve put so much time and energy into helping me. How did I end up so lucky,” Izuku said as tears began to escape his eyes.


Hahahah! ” All might laughed, ‘ Are you really worried about that after all of these months?’


All Might pat Izuku on the back, “It was all your hard work that did this, not mine. Now, for your reward, Izuku Midoriya!


Izuku smiled, “Yes Sir!”


All Might plucked a hair from his head, “ Someone told me this once. There’s a difference between being lucky and deserving: One’s an accident and the other, a reward. Never get the two confused! ” All Might replied to Izuku as he remembered the words of his deceased predecessor. “ Take that to heart young man. This gift… you earned it with your owned valued effort.


Izuku smiled as he heard All Might’s words. He knew what he said was true. And he took great pride in the fact that he did indeed earn his Quirk and is worthy to inherit it. But what All Might said next completely made his eyes go wide…


EAT THIS! ” All Might yelled as he held his strand of hair towards Izuku. Izuku was speechless as he slowly comprehended what exactly the Number One Hero was saying.


To inherit my power you got to swallow some of my DNA, that’s how it works !”


“This isn’t exactly how I imagined it!”


“Come on, there’s no time! The Exam is in 5 months, and we have to get you ready so that you’re able to use One For All efficiently so you’ll no doubt make it into U.A! EAT EAT EAT!” All Might yelled as Izuku took the strand of hair and forced himself to swallow it and cringed as he stopped his gag reflex and swallowed as hard as he could feel the strand of hair going down his throat.


It should take you about 2 hours for you to digest my DNA. By then, One For All should start taking into an effect. Until then you should relax and take a breather. I know how hard you have worked these past 5 months. Also take off those weights as you shouldn’t strain your muscles because One For All can hurt your body enough as it is. ” All Might said as he gave Izuku a water bottle.


When Izuku finished the water bottle and took off his weights, he began to feel a surging sensation throughout his body. It’s similar to the Ki energy he uses with his Quirk but it was different. He could feel a lightning ozone go through his veins and a shooting star rushing through space as it gathers energy and power second by second.


“All Might, I think I can feel One For All . It’s growing stronger by the second!” Izuku yelled as immediately stopped resting to tell All Might the news.


But that should be impossible! It has not even been 5 minutes yet, surely your body hasn’t digested that one strand of hair that fast!


“Well you see, one side effect of my Quirk is that it exponentially increases my metabolism rate. So food digests faster and it makes me hungrier than the average person and it allows me to eat a lot more than the average person also. So your hair has probably digested by now, and I think I’m able to use your Quirk now.” Izuku explained. He could feel the power get stronger and stronger, adapting to the incredibly strong body.


I see. I guess it’s convenient for the situation. Are you feeling okay Young Midoriya? You think you can try to use One For All in your current state. ” All Might asked with concern for his successor.


Izuku smirked as he flexed his right arm, “I think it wouldn’t hurt to give it at least a test run.”


Well alright, don’t push yourself too hard young man. Remember we got 5 months left to prepare you for the Exams, so we’ve got plenty of time!


“Right! So how exactly do I activate the Quirk?” Izuku asked curiously as he can still feel the intoxicating power flowing through him just waiting to burst out.


“It’s pretty simple kid! All you have to do is clench your buttcheeks and reach down from the depths of your heart and yell SMASH!!!!!” All Might yelled as he demonstrated by punching the air and creating a mini tornado that resulted in a whirlwind.


Izuku nodded and looked towards the crystal blue ocean. He concentrated and raised his right arm and clenched his butt cheeks. His arm began to glow as red markings appeared and his biceps bulged as he can feel the power building up in one point. He can also feel his Ki in his right arm supporting the power that One For All was giving him. It was so unreal… the power, he has never felt anything like this before. It felt so right and meshed so well with his other Quirk, that it practically felt like a perfect combination. Izuku looked towards the ocean and yelled with all his might…




Izuku sent a thunderous punch towards the sea. The force of the punch was so great that it sent him back a couple of yards. It created winds that were going at 60 miles per hour. The sea was split into two as it created waves that were so high that it seemed that they could touch the heavens. Izuku’s punch also created a tornado similar to the one that All Might produced with his Detroit Smash against the Sludge Villain. It wasn’t strong enough to completely change the weather like All Might did, but it was still impressive in its own right. Especially since it was Izuku’s first try.


All Might smirked as he saw the display of power Izuku put on. He was extremely impressed and Izuku even exceeding his expectations once again! That smash was near the level of All Might’s 5% Detroit Smash in his prime.


All Might walked over to Izuku to see the condition of his arm. He knew what the backlash of using One For All for the first time could be like. He just hoped that he didn’t completely break his arm.


“WOW! I was able to do that much with just one punch! I can’t wait to see what I’m able to do when I’ve mastered this Quirk. The power output is so amazing!”


All Might’s jaw dropped to the ground when he saw Izuku standing with no injuries at all, looking completely fine.


Young Midoriya, is your arm alright? Do you feel any pain? ” All Might asked in surprise as Izuku didn’t even look like he was in pain. His arm looked completely normal!


“Uh yeah. It feels a little numb, but that’s probably mostly from the weights I had on. I guess all my training paid off. My body is able to handle the backlash of One For All with little to no injuries. So does that mean, my body is a proper vessel now?” Izuku asked All Might as he was stretching to loosen up his muscles.


This will make your training a lot easier! And since, you’ve given us a 5 month head start, in that time, we will be focusing on increasing your control and efficiency rate of using One For All. This is so that by the Exams you will be used to the effects of One For All and you won’t have to worry about not knowing how to use it! Young Midoriya, are you sure you don’t need rest? I know you have been working really hard, so are you sure you can keep training for the rest of the day?” All Might knew how important getting into U.A and becoming a Hero is to Izuku. He also understood how little time he has to prepare. However, too much of anything can be detrimental to anyone. Especially if one were to overwork themselves. The human body had limits after all. So it would be only natural is the young man needed to take a day off to rest and recuperate.


“No, it’s fine! I promise you All Might I can keep going. How many times do I have to tell you this. I have to work 1,000 times harder than anyone else if I want to be number one. I don’t want to just make it into U.A. I want to excel and be the top student of my class. So that’s why I’ll keep training no matter what, and I won’t rest until my job is done!” Izuku yelled with vigor. The same red markings of One For All began to appear around both of his arms and legs as he flexed his arms ready to get to work.


All Might just smiled. What else could he expect? Hearing those words just gave him the reassurance that he made the right decision in choosing Izuku as his successor to bear One For All. “You truly have the spirit of a Hero, young man. Then it’s settled! These next 5 months we will train your control of One For All and we will commence by holding a series of sparring matches between you and me so you can get some combat training. Get ready young man, because this is where the real training starts. Also, I almost forgot to mention, from now on… refer to me as TOSHINORI-SENSEI!


4.5 Months Later, 2 weeks until the U.A Entrance Exams…


It’s been over 4 and a half months since Izuku gained One For All , and the progress he was able to make in such a short amount of time is nothing short of amazing. He is now able to use One For All at 20%, and at a very proficient level. Usually, when children awaken their Quirks, it’s hard for them to use their powers without wasting a lot of energy. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Izuku though. Izuku is so skilled at using his Quirk, that he’s able to fight and launch attacks with little to no backlash to his physical body. When All Might saw the progress that Izuku was making during their sparring matches, practically getting stronger, faster and better everyday, it almost scared him. He has never seen someone so young be able to adapt and increase the output of their Quirk almost flawlessly.


Izuku’s Ki abilities improved as well. He could now sense the energy signature of a person 1,000 miles away and can even lower his own energy to the point where he’s almost completely unnoticeable. During these 4 months, Izuku has had some weird dreams. His dreams would always involve either a man with spiky black hair and an orange outfit or shorter man with long upright spiky hair with some sort of armor on. In these dreams he saw various things. He saw many fights and the encounters that those two had in their lives and even some techniques that Izuku learned. One technique that Izuku was able to learn was the Kamehameha and the Galick Gun used by the man with the orange outfit and the man with the blue armor respectively.


Izuku felt like he should know who those two are… but he just couldn't quite put his finger on it. Maybe it was another side effect of his Quirk? Whatever the case, they were very helpful to him in his training. It allowed him to learn many fighting techniques that he could use during his sparring matches with All Might. Granted he was never able to win against the Number One Hero. He just had much more experience than him. However, Izuku was able to land some hits on him and even catch him off guard a couple times and actually almost managed to beat him one time, if it wasn’t for that damned Oklahoma Smash that sent poor Izuku flying away towards the sky. All Might went really hard on him during those spars and he even complimented on Izuku’s fighting style saying if he had not had more raw power and Hero experience than Izuku, he probably would have beat him.


During those sparring matches, All Might made sure to have Izuku wear his training weights at all times. He increased the weight to 25,000 pounds on each limb. His rationale for such harsh training conditions, is that if Izuku is able to keep up with somebody as fast as All Might with 100,000 pounds on his body, then he should have no problem outperforming any other person during the Exams physically. This day in age, too many people rely solely on their Quirk to do all the hard work. When in reality they have forgotten the just how powerful humans can become with their physical bodies alone. And thanks to Izuku’s Quirk, his physical abilities seemed to have  skyrocketed. This is one edge that Izuku will have over any other applicant as both Izuku and All Might knew for a fact that no other person his age trains like Izuku does.


Detroit Smash!


Instantly the waves of the Dagoba Municipal beach were raised to seemingly impossible levels. The ocean rumbled as if a tempest was taking place, but the weather remained the same.


“Not strong enough. Toshinori-Sensei is able to change the entire weather with a single Detroit Smash almost effortlessly. Mine is pretty good, but it still lacks the extra force and volume that Toshinori-Sensei’s smashes have. Guess, I’ll have to keep practicing until I get to that level,” Izuku said to himself as he stood on the beach by himself. He is currently shirtless as he was sweating from training the entire day. All Might isn’t there because this is one of the days when Izuku is supposed to be taking a day off. But who was he kidding? Izuku doesn’t know the definition of a day off!


Izuku now stood at 6’2 as he was able to grow one more inch during the past couple of months training with All Might. Izuku guessed that the reason he was growing so fast was because of the addition of One For All, his body adapted since the bigger and stronger his body is, the more effective his usage of One For All can be. He now had a defined 6-pack which is a sign of evidence of all the hard training he has done these past 9 and a half months.


“Well at least it’s better than before two months ago… “


Flashback to 2 and a half months ago…


“Damn it!” yelled a frustrated Izuku. He just finished a sparring session with All Might, and was currently taking a 5 minute break. “ Why do you seem so troubled my boy? You have made excellent progress! ” At this point, Izuku has already gained access to 10% of One For All . He is able to activate it in all four limbs and fight on par with All Might’s 10%.


“It’s just that,I feel that there is a way to use One For All a lot easier and more efficiently like you, Toshinori-Sensei. When you use One For All , it’s not just in your arms and legs, but your whole body and you’re able to use it with much more versatilIty. I want to be able to use it like that as well, but for some reason, I can only activate it in my limbs.” Right when he said those words, Izuku widened his eyes as a lightbulb lit up in his head.


“Wait a minute, that’s it!” Izuku exclaimed as he jumped up and confused All Might.


Huh ?”


“All this time, I’ve been thinking of One For All as sort of like a switch. Where I turn on and off whenever I use its power. As if it’s an external weapon, sort of like a gun or sword. However, I’ve got it all wrong. One For All isn’t just some disposable weapon! It’s apart of me. It’s connected to my very core and sore. It’s the power that will unite the world and smash all evil into its place. I AM ONE FOR ALL !”


Izuku closed his fists and began to power up and use One For All. Red markings immediately appeared on his arms and legs. Then it started to spread to his forearm, then to his hands, then to his feet and upwards to his chest and shoulders.


“Come on! Focus and concentrate!” Izuku said loudly and grit his teeth as he put in his absolute best effort. The red markings then rose up to his neck, cheeks and ears. Then it finally reached to his eyes and head as his eyes turned into a brighter and glowing shade of green. His hair rose a little as his green spikes became a little more defined.


After that, the unique red markings completely disappeared, and in its place came a sparking green lighting coated with a reddish aura that produced a an ozone scent.


Izuku smirked, “I did it! I can use the power of One For All throughout my whole body now. It feels amazing!


All MIght smiled in pure pride. He was so proud of how far Izuku was progressing in such little time. He will even admit that he’s doing better than when he himself got One For All for the first time. All Might cracked his knuckles, “ You ready for another round?


Izuku just grinned and charged full speed towards All Might and yelled, “ ONE FOR ALL: FULL COWL!

Back to the Present…


Izuku smiled at the memory. Ever since that day, he has practiced using Full Cowl nonstop, doing his best to increase his control as much as possible for the Exams. Now he had only two weeks left and he wanted to be prepared for anything U.A may throw at him. However, he also knew that if he pushed himself way too hard, it could start to have negative effects on his overall health. Izuku is smart enough to know that any addiction, even an addiction to training, is bad for you. But he just can’t help himself. He just loves to train and fight. It fills him with excitement, and joy that he can’t really explain. It’s almost like some sort of primal nature. Maybe it’s because now he has a Quirk, he has never experienced the joy in having his own power to develop and train. But it feels like something else.


“Wow! I have never seen someone pay so much attention to detail for their own Quirk!”


Izuku’s eyes widened as he heard a sweet feminine voice behind him. He thought he was alone on the beach. He must have been so preoccupied with his training and own thoughts that he didn’t notice their energy signature in close proximity to him.


Izuku turned around and was shocked to see what seemed to be a teenage girl his age with his Hero Journal Number 14 in her hands as she read with awe. However the fact that there was a girl reading his Journal wasn’t what shocked him, but it was the girl herself.


Standing at a height of about 5’8, she has  black hair with a long spiky ponytail and grey eyes. Her face is nothing short of beautiful. She has a mature physique for her age and a curvaceous figure that most women would kill for. She has bangs on the right side of her face and she also has a large bust. Izuku had to admit, she is one of the most gorgeous females he has ever seen.


“Oh hi, I didn’t see you there. What brings a beautiful young lady like yourself to this beach?” Izuku asked as he put back on a green tank top he was wearing earlier, feeling embarrassed being shirtless around such a pretty girl.


The girl blushed after hearing that kind of compliment from a boy who she will admit is handsome, “I could say the same to you. I just wanted to find a good spot to relax and ease my thoughts. And what do you know, I find a beautiful beach that suits perfectly.” she said as she turned a page in Izuku’s Journal. “My name is Momo Yaoyorozu by the way. And what is a handsome hunk like you doing out here alone?” she asked with a smirk as she complimented Izuku back.


Now it was Izuku’s turn to blush,”My name is Izuku Midoriya, nice to meet you Yaoyorozu-chan! As to what I’m doing here? Well I’m just training to prepare for the U.A Entrance Exams in 2 weeks. I really want to excel above my peers and get in and I know it’s going to be really difficult. So that means I can’t slack off and I have to continue training diligently.” Izuku answered proudly with a big smile on his face .


‘Cute smile,’ Momo said in her head as she smiled in awe of Izuku’s will and determination. “Well then if you make it in, then we’ll be seeing more of each other. Because I got accepted into U.A through recommendation.”


“Woah SERIOUSLY!? You were able to get into the number one Hero Course solely through recommendation?That must mean your skill set and Quirk is amazing enough to accomplish such a feat! Wow, congratulations, you earned it.” Izuku said impressed.


Momo was speechless to say the least. She expected him to say how lucky she was or that she got in the easy way. But in reality, Izuku said the opposite. Which she really appreciated since she deals with self-confidence issues and sometimes doubts her abilities as a Hero. So hearing Izuku’s words was a relief to her that she needed.


“Thank you very much, Midoriya-san. That really means a lot to me,” Momo said as her cheeks became a little red.


“Don’t mention it! And you can call me Izuku. You don’t have to be so formal.” Izuku said as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.


“Okay, then if I can call you Izuku, then you should be able to call me Momo. It’s only fair right?”


“Sure, no problem, Momo-chan,” Izuku said as his eyes widened. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot to ask. What is your Quirk? It must be really powerful to allow you get accepted into U.A through recommendation alone.” Izuku asked curiously as he was now really interested in Momo’s Quirk, being the nerd that he is.


“My Quirk is called Creation. It allows me to create any inorganic object as long as I understand the atomic makeup of said object. The only drawback is that creating objects require lipids as fuel and my skin needs to exposed so I can create something.” Momo demonstrated by holding out her hand as a baseball appeared out of her skin.


“That is so cool! That makes your Quirk adaptable to virtually any situation. It’s also very useful in daily life as well. No wonder you were able to get accepted into U.A through recommendation alone. You’re really amazing Momo-chan!” Izuku said as he truly was i pressed by the greatness of Momo’s Creation Quirk.


Momo’s face began to get red once again as she received another kind and truthful compliment from the Ninth Holder of One For All. All her life, she thought her Quirk as not so great as it wasn’t exactly an offensive juggernaut. However, this handsome boy she just met, said that her Quirk is amazing and that she is deserving of being accepted into U.A. It made her heart skip a beat seeing the warm and kind nature that the boy had. She also couldn’t find any deceit in his eyes or face since he was being 100% truthful.


“So what exactly can you do with you Quirk Izuku-kun?” Momo was now the one curious and interested.


“My Quirk is a physical enhancement type. I’m able to increase my strength, speed, and durability to superhuman levels and deal massive damage. Look, I’ll show you.” Now it was Izuku’s turn to demonstrate. The scent of ozone invaded Momo’s nostrils as Izuku powered up to 5% One For All: Full Cowl and green sparkling lightning surrounded his body. Momo stood in awe at the pure raw power that Izuku was emitting.


Izuku turned towards the sea, “You should take a couple steps back,” Izuku warned as Momo listened to what he said and moved back. Izuku readied his fist and yelled….




Just like before, the ocean waves rose to an unbelievable height as a mini tornado was created causing the whole beach to slightly rumble.


Momo eyes widened and gasped, “Such… power! I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s comparable to All Might.”


Izuku rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, “Oh you’re being too kind. I’m nowhere near All Might’s level.” Izuku blushed at the praise. However, that blow was using One For All only. He could've used Ki to throw an even bigger smash, but Izuku wasn’t one to boast.


“Oh, stop being modest! It’s true, I haven’t seen a Quirk like yours before. You can be a real powerhouse as a Hero.”


Momo then looked at her phone to see a message from her father, telling her to come home, since it was getting late. The sun was already starting to set.


“I’m sorry Izuku, but I have to head home, it’s getting late and my parents don’t think it’s safe for me to be out during dark.” Momo said disappointed at the fact that she had to leave.


“That’s no problem, I can take you home if you want, just tell me the address,” Izuku offered as he started floating above the ground and getting ready to take off.


“Hold on a minute, you can fly too?!” That’s incredible, Izuku-kun. I don’t mind since I want to see how it is to fly.”

“Let’s get going then,” Izuku proceeded to pick up Momo bridal style and flew off to Momo’s address. During the whole ride, Momo had a huge blush on her face. She could feel Izuku’s rock hard abs through his shirt. Momo looked down at the beautiful city and saw the beautiful sunset keeping her in awe. She looked up to see Izuku’s smiling face. She felt secure, safe, and protected in his arms. She somehow knew that he wouldn’t drop her or let anything bad happen to her. As she thought of this, it made the blush on her face darken and caused her heart rate to increase.


“We’re here!” Izuku said as he descended to the ground. In front of them was a huge expensive mansion with a large front yard. “Uh, did I make a wrong turn?” Izuku asked.


“No this is the place.”


‘HOLY CRAP, SHE IS STINKING RICH!’ Izuku yelled in his mind as he didn’t expect Momo to come from such a financial background.


“Before I go, let’s exchange phone numbers so we can keep in touch,” Momo said as she put her phone number in Izuku’s phone and vice versa.


“Goodbye Izuku, I’ll text or call you later. Goodluck in the Exams!” Momo shouted right before she entered her house.


Izuku waved and flew to the air towards his house. While he was in the air, he realized something…



Chapter Text

Chapter 2: The U.A Entrance Exams



For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

February 26, The morning of the U.A. Entrance Exams



The sun rose. The ocean waves moved. The seagulls flew in the sky. It was a peaceful sight this morning at the Dagoba Municipal Beach. It was quiet… the only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of nature. When the public heard that the once dumpster of a beach, returned to its original alluring and prepossessing state, people wondered just how it was cleaned up and by whom.


Citizens hypothesized that maybe a diligent Hero cleaned it up for maybe some sort of volunteer for community service. But when they tried to think which Hero could have done such a feat, nobody came to mind. All of the possible candidates were just too busy to have the time to clean up some beach with no particular reward in return. However, there were rumors being spread around about some civilians passing by and witnessing a skinny lanky blonde haired man yelling at a tall, muscular teenager with green hair as he picked up various types of trash and disposed of them at an inhuman rate. Some even proclaimed that they still saw the same teenager training and practicing his Quirk. Everytime someone would try to go near him and question him regarding the state of the beach, he would almost instantaneously disappear out of their sight, as if he were never there in the first place.


Who were those two individuals? And were they the ones responsible for returning the beach to its true glory?


The world may never know…

Nonetheless, today was a beautiful day. Well, it may seem like that on the surface. But in reality, this day is going to be a very significant and important day. The reason for this is that this is the day of this year’s U.A Entrance Exams. U.A ‘s Entrance Exams are the hardest to pass of any high school with a Hero Course. Only 3 in 100 applicants pass every year. For young ones aspiring to be Heroes, it is an opportunity to prove themselves and show they have what it takes to be a Hero. However, it is easier said than done because there are numerous applicants with only so little seats. The events of today will determine the future generation of Heroes…


A red truck pulled up on the parking lot of the beach. The driver of said truck none other than Toshinori Yagi, the Number One Hero himself. He was wearing a long black coat. The reason he was here is because he texted Izuku last night telling him to meet him at the beach just before the Exams.


Toshinori walked on the sand and looked around for his young protégé. His eyes was finally able to lock onto him.


Izuku was floating a few meters above the ocean in a lotus position. His eyes are closed as he was meditating deeply. The milky white aura of his Ki would be seen as the ocean currents reacted to the power as they moved in various directions. Alongside his Ki, was the green lightning aura of One For All. Izuku is currently using 20%. He sensed Toshinori’s presence but he didn’t let it stop his flow.


His two auras came close to touching as they were nearing each other in the middle of Izuku’s body. The two Quirks were close to merging with each other. But right before that can happen, the auras completely disappeared with Izuku opening his eyes soon after.


‘Damn it, I messed up again,’ Izuku thought with a frustrated and disappointed facial expression. Izuku’s frustration was caused by the fact that he was unable to combine his One For All: Full Cowl mode with his Ki throughout his whole body and use the two powers simultaneously. He is able to use the two only in certain concentrated points of his body. For his example, he is able to infuse One For All energy into ki blasts and fire them from his hands or feet to increase the power output. Or he could also infuse Ki into an attack like a Detroit Smash and increase the punch’s destructive capability. But he isn’t able to combine the two all around throughout his body like Full Cowl . And he really wanted to achieve a mode like that. The reason being that when he combined the two Quirks into one attack, it would cost him a decent amount of his stamina and limited his versatility, control, and efficiency. Similar to how it was when he used One For All before he had Full Cowl .


This was something Izuku has been trying to succeed in for the past couple of weeks now, but no matter how hard he concentrated, focused, or tried, it all ended in the same result. Both of his Quirks shutting off, and each time making him feel more annoyed. Izuku tried to use a similar strategy to unlock One For All: Full Cowl . But for some reason, this was just a lot more difficult than he expected.


“You struck another dead end huh,” Toshinori said to his successor, knowing full well that he just had another failed attempt in combining his Quirks. Izuku told Toshinori of his shortcomings with combining the two powers. Toshinori was intrigued at the idea and thought it was actually a very interesting assessment. In theory, if he managed to use One For All and Ki simultaneously, it would make him stronger many times over. But to be able to control two Quirks with such high levels of raw power was no easy feat. It took Toshinori years until he fully mastered One For All, and even then, it still cost him a considerable amount of stamina to maintain. So he could only imagine how hard it was for Izuku to control both One For All and his Ki. It HAD to be strenuous, especially for Izuku who has only had his Quirk for 10 months.


“I don’t know what’s the problem,Toshinori-Sensei. I’ve tried everything I could but I keep on coming up short. There has to be something missing, but I just don’t know what.” Izuku flew back to the sand and stretched his legs out. They were a little stiff, from the intense and long meditation session.


Toshinori sighed. He understood Izuku’s frustration but there are other important matters at hand. The Exams are going to begin in about two hours, and it would not serve well for Izuku if he is distracted and unfocused. It could cost him dearly if he is not careful, and he could not afford to be off his game. Not today.


So to cheer him up, Toshinori transformed. “ WORRY NOT YOUNG MIDORIYA! I understand your frustration and concern, but maybe you can try again later. As for right now, you’ve got bigger fish to fry. The Exams are going to commence soon, and it would do no good if you were distracted! You have to bring your A-Game! This is what you have been training so hard for. You said you want to excel above your peers and become the Number One Hero and the next Symbol of Peace right? Are you willing to throw all of that away just because of a failed attempt at controlling your Quirk which you’ve only had for 10 months now?!


Izuku tightened his fists. He knew that what his Sensei is saying is 100% true. He shouldn’t let something like that discourage him. Of course, there are things in life he won’t succeed in at his first try. Nobody is perfect. He’s a human for crying out loud!


Or is he…?


“You’re absolutely right Toshinori-Sensei! I didn’t come this far to only come this far! All of the hard work I’ve done these past 10 months will be all for naught if I let this one little thing get to my head. Don’t worry about me! I WILL pass, the U.A Entrance Exams. And not only will I pass and get accepted to the Number One Hero Course, but I will be the Number One applicant and outperform anyone else! And that is because I will be the Number One Hero.” Izuku exclaimed as he had a cocky smile full of unmatched confidence that actually surprised All Might as he never heard Izuku be so sure of himself. Usually, he would be very modest, timid, and shy. But it seems that All Might successfully brought the young man’s spirits up to where they need to be.


I would expect nothing less from you my boy. That drive and will to win is one of the many reasons why you are deserving to be the rightful 9th Holder of One For All. I like the confidence Izuku Midoriya! Let it fuel you to do what you do best and that is make people’s jaw drop. Always remember that I am proud of you and no matter what may happen in the Exams, just know that I take Pride in calling you my Successor. ” All Might said honestly as he truly is happy that he met Izuku. Without him, he may never had found the right Successor to pass on One For All. But everything happens for a reason, and All Might had no doubt in his mind, heart, and soul, that Izuku is destined to be a Hero.


‘Pride huh? Why does that word make me feel so strong and motivated?’ Izuku questioned in his mind. But he smiled and replied with, “And always remember Toshinori-Sensei that I feel pride in bearing One For All and that you have chosen me to take your mantle as the next Symbol of Peace. I promise you that I won’t let you down and I will you use the power you have given me to SMASH any obstacle in my way!” Izuku yelled with life as he lifted his right fist that was sparking with green lightning.


All Might just smiled. He loves this kid!


All Might then checked the time on his phone and saw that the Exams are only about an hour and a half away from starting.


You should go back home and get ready. The Exams will start in an hour and a half. For this special occasion, I’m going to allow you to take off your training weights. I want you to perform at your absolute best and be the Number One applicant. So feel free to go all out if it is necessary to do so. But even if you do as well we’re hoping for you to do, I don’t want you to get cocky and slack off on your training. That’s how you get rusty and sluggish. Understood? ” All Might said with a stern and strict tone. He may be the Hero who always has a smile on his face, but that doesn’t mean he can’t toughen up and get serious when he has to.


Izuku smiled and rolled his eyes. He was used to it anyway. After being forced to carry around 50 tons on his limbs 24/7 for several months and with that same weight on him, having to spar with the Number One Hero practically everyday who has the strength to change the weather with a single punch, it didn’t really bother or affect him anymore. On the contrary, he is actually grateful All Might is strict in that sense. He would expect nothing less from the Number One Hero, and if he himself wants to be the next Symbol of Peace, he’s going to have to have standards to uphold.


“Yeah, yeah I know. You slack off on your training and the next thing you know, you’re out of shape with man boobs.” Izuku replied as he gathered his belongings.


EXACTLY! That’s my Successor! Keep working harder than anyone else, and no one else will be on your level! ” All Might said as laughed and pointed his finger up towards the sky.


“Well, I’ll talk to you later Toshinori-Sensei, I’ll let you know how it all went after the Exams finish. See you later and don’t over exert yourself fighting Villains!” Izuku said right before he blasted off towards the sky.


All Might stood there for a second as his eyes followed Izuku’s milky white Ki trail he left in the sky flying until he was completely out of sight.


Show them what you’re made of kid. I’ll be watching you and supporting you every step of the way…


“Man, I haven’t felt this loose and light for a while,” Izuku said as he walked towards the U.A building. He was dressed in his middle school uniform with his yellow backpack on. When he went back to his house, he took off his training weights and immediately felt an extreme amount of looseness and relief. It was so much easier for him to move around and he realized why All Might made him wear the weights 24/7. The results were a dramatic increase in dexterity and agility. Immense amounts of raw strength and power means nothing if you can’t move as fast or faster than your opponent. All Might wanted to make sure that Izuku would have practically all physical advantages over all of the other applicants. It just made Izuku more grateful for how much All Might has changed his life.


Earlier, he received a text from Momo wishing him good luck. Izuku replied with a thanks as his mother also wished him luck in the Exams. Izuku is extremely happy that he has people supporting him to succeed. It just made him a lot more motivated. He made a promise to himself that he will make into U.A no matter what.


Izuku finally reached the entrance to U.A. Izuku sensed a familiar energy signature walking behind him. He smiled and turned around, knowing exactly who it was.


“Good morning Kacchan! Are you ready for the Exams?” Izuku asked cheerfully. Over the past 10 months, Izuku got over his fear of Bakugo. It isn’t necessarily because Izuku thinks he’s now stronger than him. It’s because Izuku realized that now he has power. His own power. Power that he will use to become a Hero. And in reality, the same could be said for Bakugo. Izuku sees Bakugo as his equal not as somebody superior to him. Once upon a time, he may have thought of Bakugo that way and some could say he even had an inferiority complex. But not anymore. Izuku now has the confidence and pride in himself needed to not have to fear his former childhood bully anymore. They were both just two kids aspiring to be Heroes. And really, Izuku just wanted to be friends, not enemies.


Katsuki Bakugo looked at Izuku, up and down, sizing him up.


“You’ve gotten taller Deku.” It was funny seeing as how Bakugo always figuratively looked down at Izuku for not having a Quirk. Labeling him worthless and good for nothing. It’s how he came up with the name Deku. However now, Bakugo has to literally look up to Izuku whenever he spoke to him because he was about 7 inches shorter than him now. That fact alone annoyed Bakugo to almost no end. Just how in the hell did he get so much taller dammit?! Is his Quirk like a miniature version of Mt. Lady’s or something?


“It’s good to see you too,” Izuku replied sarcastically as he laughed at Bakugo’s behavior. Izuku knew that Bakugo hated the fact that Izuku now stood taller than him. He would occasionally tease the Explosive Quirk user that now Izuku had to look down at him. Everytime he mentioned this, Bakugo would usually yell and curse at him saying that he will set Izuku on fire. Izuku would always respond with, “If you can reach me.” It would piss him off even more, and Bakugo’s reactions will always cause Izuku to start cracking up.


Katsuki merely scoffed, “Whatever, just don’t you dare even thinking about trying to get in my way Deku! I’ll show you and everyone else why I’m Number One, and that anyone else is just an extra!” After his little proclamation, Bakugo went inside as he left Izuku standing there. Other people who were also applying for U.A recognized Bakugo as a student in middle school who was a hostage of the Sludge Villain 10 months ago. They were amazed that someone his age could have survived such an attack.


‘Some things just never change huh Kacchan?’, Izuku said in his mind. ‘But I’m not defenseless anymore. I have to remember all of the work I put in. Thanks to Toshinori-Sensei, I’m actually going to be a Hero!’ Izuku began walking but then he accidently tripped on his own feet.


‘Or I’ll just die,’ Izuku closed his and waited to feel the pain coming from his face hitting the pavement, but for some reason it never came. Being confused, Izuku opened his eyes to see himself actually floating off of the ground. But he didn’t activate his Ki though. So how in the world was he in midair defying the laws of gravity?


“Are you okay?”


Izuku heard a sweet and high pitched voice beside him. He tried to look towards to where the sound of the voice was coming from. But he was stuck in midair and couldn’t move properly. So he started panicking and flailing his arms around as he tried to regain his balance.


The same voice laughed as said person helped Izuku up back to his feet. Izuku immediately calmed down as he felt gravity return to his body, thus he again had control over his body.


“I stopped you with my Quirk. I’m sorry I didn’t ask you first, but I figured you wouldn’t mind me catching you. I don’t think you would’ve enjoyed kissing concrete.”


Izuku was able to get a good look at his savior. She is a girl standing at a height of about 5’4. She is a normal weighted girl. She has fair skin, big round brown eyes, and shoulder-length brown hair which sports two long locks beside her face and a short bob at the back. She also has little pads on the top of each of her fingers similar to the pads on an animal's paws. She was currently wearing a brown coat, with a pink scarf and a black bookbag. She also had two permanent pink blush marks on each cheek.


Izuku face began to flush a little. He had to admit, the girl in front of him is highly cute and attractive. And the fact that she saved him from tripping over himself also made him a little embarrassed. But he did his best to keep his cool.


“No, it’s fine. You don’t have to apologize for anything. Thank you for preventing me from falling on my face. It would’ve been a terrible omen.” Izuku responded as he sheepishly smiled and rubbed the back of his head out of habit.


“Well then, you’re welcome! It happens when you get really nervous, and sometimes we may trip and fall on the way. Well, guess I’ll see you inside. Bye!” The girl proceeded to enter the U.A building.


Izuku stood there as he just processed what just happened…


‘HOLY CRAP! THAT’S THE SECOND GIRL I JUST TALKED TO RECENTLY!’ It is true. Excluding his mother, Izuku doesn’t have much communication or interaction with the opposite sex. It was not until he met Momo, that he actually started to have a little more socialization with females. After so many years as being deemed a social outcast, Izuku got used to being pretty much anti-social. He really doesn’t have any friends aside from Momo who he just met 2 weeks ago,and if you really want to go there, you could count Bakugo, but that’s really it. As a result of being deprived of friends, he doesn’t have any experience with girls, and if a girl were to talk to him, he would almost freeze up. Especially if the girl is as attractive as Momo or the brunette that saved him.


It also doesn’t help that Izuku has been fatherless for pretty much his whole childhood up until now. A father would be needed for teenage problems like this. But as fate would have it, Izuku’s father can’t be around. Apparently he works abroad and has a full schedule where he can’t even come to visit for like one day. However, he makes sure to support Izuku and his mother financially. But at what cost? Izuku is not even sure, his father was aware that he was Quirkless!


Izuku shook his head as he cleared those thoughts out of his head.’I have to focus, i can’t let such trivial things distract. I have an Exam to take that could dictate my future as a Pro Hero!’ And with that last thought, Izuku went inside the building.


U.A Hero Course Entrance Exam Orientation


The Written Exam was a breeze. Izuku felt full confidence that he aced it. All those hours spent on his Hero Journals weren’t for nothing! During his 10 month training, Izuku made sure to focus on his studies as well. When he wasn’t training or cleaning up trash, what do you think he was doing? What good is godly strength, if there isn’t an intelligent mind to understand how to use it? When Izuku said he was going to excel above all other applicants, he didn’t just mean physically, but mentally as well. Izuku understood that mental strength is just as, if not more, important as physical strength was.


“I guess being a nerd and fanboy helped me out in the long run.” Izuku muttered to himself as he found his assigned seat in the auditorium. He saw that the person adjacent to his right was none other than Katsuki Bakugo. Izuku concluded that it must be because they were from the same middle school.


As the last few people entered, the lights turned out, and out in center stage was none other than the Voice Hero, Present Mic, also known as Hizashi Yamada.

Hizashi is a tall, slender man with long, spiky blonde hair and a small mustache. He wears a pair of headphones with the word "HAGE" written on the headband and a pair of sunglasses. When his eyes are visible, they appear as concentric circles. He is almost always seen with a large smile on his face. Present Mic's hero costume consists of a black jacket with an upturned collar complete with studs. He sports a tan, studded shoulder pads, black pants with a red studded belt, black boots, and black fingerless gloves. His neck is completely covered by a directional speaker.


“What’s up, U.A candidates! Thanks for tuning into me, your school DJ. COME ON AND LET ME HEAR YA!” Present Mic shouted to only receive silence as a response.


“Keeping it mellow huh? That’s fine, I’ll skip straight to the main show. Let’s talk about how this practical Exam is going to go down okay. ARE YOU READY!?”


Again, silence.


“Oh my goodness, it’s the Voice Hero Present Mic! So cool! I listen to his radio show everyday of the week. It’s so crazy nuts that all of the U.A teachers are Pro Heroes!” Izuku however, was nerding out as usual as he was thrilled for the fact that if and when he gets into U.A, he will have the opportunity to meet all of his favorite Heroes in person.


“Will you shut up?” Bakugo growled in annoyance. Knowing Izuku as well as he does, this pretty much is an everyday occurrence. And it will always drive him bonkers. Seriously, could he stop fanboying for 5 minutes?


“Like your application says, today you rocking boys and girls will be out there conducting 10 minute mock battles in super hip urban settings. After I drop the mic here, you’ll head to your specified Battle Center, sound good?”


For the third consecutive time, Present Mic was responded back with silence. Wow tough crowd today. It must be because of the pressure and anxiousness that comes with these types of tests.


“I see. They’re splitting us upso that we can’t work with any of our friends,” Bakugo said as Izuku looked at his and Bakugo’s cards to see that they were in fact assigned to different Battle Centers. Izuku’s card says Battle Center B, while Bakugo’s card read Battle Center A.


“Yeah, you’re right. Our Examinee numbers are one after the other but we are assigned a different Battle Center.” Izuku replied as he took a peek at Bakugo’s card.


“Get your eyes off my card! Damn. I was really looking forward to crushing you.”


Izuku just smiled and shrugged, “ Of course you were. Why would I expect anything less from you.”


“Okay okay! Let’s check out your targets. There are three types of Faux Villains in every Battle Center. You’ll earn points based on their level of difficulty, so you better choose wisely. The goal in this trial is to use your Quirk to raise your score by immobilizing the faux Villains. But check it! Attacking other examinees and any other unheroic actions are strictly prohibited!


“May I ask a question?” One examinee asked.


“Okay!” Present Mic pointed towards the examinee as a spotlight was put on him.


“On the printout, there are four types of Villains. If that is a misprint, then U.A, the most prominent school in Japan, should be ashamed of that foolish mistake! We examinees are here in this place because we wish to be molded into exemplary heroes.” The person who said that is a tall (179 cm/5'10") and muscular young man. He has black hair and wears rectangular half-rim glasses, which go with his serious attitude. His eyes are also somewhat rectangular, as is his jaw.


He turned around and pointed towards Izuku, “In addition, you over there with the curly and spiky hair! You’ve been muttering this whole time. It’s distracting! If you’re here on a pleasure trip, then you should leave immediately!”


Izuku covered his mouth in embarrassment, “I’m sorry... “ he muttered. Everybody other examinee present began to chuckle and snicker.


“Okay, okay, Examinee Number 7111. Thanks for the great message. The fourth type of Villain is worth zero points. That guy’s an obstacle, so to speak. There’s one in every Battle Center. It’s an obstacle that will go crazy in narrow spaces. It’s not impossible to defeat, but there’s no reason to defeat it, either. I recommend that you listeners try to avoid it.” Present Mic said, finishing his explanation of the fourth Villain.


“Thank you very much! Please excuse the interruption.” The serious kid sat back down.


“I see… It’s like the obstacles you avoid in video games, huh?”


“The whole thing is like a video game.” Said other examinees in the auditorium as they absorbed the information they just learned about the upcoming Practical Exam.


“That’s all from me. Finally, I’ll give you listeners a present--our school motto! The hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said: ‘A true hero is someone who overcomes life’s misfortunes.’ Go beyond… PLUS ULTRA! Now everyone, good luck suffering!”


U.A. High School Hero Course Entrance Exam Battle Center B


The bus arrived at the the Battle Center, and Izuku was immediately mesmerized. The setting for the Practical Exam is a giant mock city with many tall buildings and structures. It just goes to show how topnotch of a school U.A. is. To be able to afford to have access to all of these building sites is incredible. And this is only for the ENTRANCE EXAM! Imagine what kinds of things actual students get to do in Hero Training. It just made Izuku all the more motivated to ace this test.


As soon as Izuku stepped out, he took a deep breath. He is wearing his green training tracksuit. He put 10 whole months of grueling and strenuous work into this same attire when he was training under All Might. So, Izuku thought it was only fitting to make sure that hard work didn’t go to waste by wearing the same garb that got him there in the first place. A good luck measure, to put it simply.


‘It’s time to do it. It’s time to give everything I got from my training with Toshinori-Sensei these past 10 months. I will become the Hero I always dreamed of being!’ Izuku said in his head as he began shaking. ‘Why am I shaking? I know I’m not nervous, because I know I have full confidence in my abilities and so does Toshinori-Sensei. Wait a minute… this shaking. It isn’t from anxiety…  it’s from excitement!’


It’s true. For some reason, Izuku couldn’t explain it, but the idea of going out and fighting robots and showing the world what you’re capable of…. The whole concept just filled Izuku with a sudden urge to just rush out and destroy everything in his path. This violent nature… it feels similar to the primal nature inside his core that he felt when fighting the Sludge Villain. It was so bizarre. It’s almost like it was embedded in his DNA. As if it he was born for the sole reason of fighting…


Whatever it was, Izuku couldn’t help but admit that he liked it. The rush of excitement, he can feel it fueling him preparing him for the battle that’s to come in a few moments. His patience was running thin. He just wanted to start right now and Detroit Smash every single robot that dared come in his path.


“Mock Battles... “ Izuku muttered to himself as he looked around at his competition. “Everybody seems to be confident. They even have equipment to go with their Quirks…” Izuku kept on wandering his eyes until he saw a specific person. “Oh, it’s the person I met at the school gates! The nice person! She was assigned to the same Battle Center, huh? Oh yeah, I have to thank her for earlier.” Izuku began to walk towards the girl’s direction until he felt a hand on his left shoulder stop him right in his tracks.


Izuku turned his head to see it is the same kid with glasses that called him out for his muttering earlier. ‘He’s here, too?’ Izuku thought embarrassingly as he hadn’t forgotten what transpired in the auditorium not even 30 minutes ago.


“That girl appears to be trying to focus. What are you doing here? Are you taking the Entrance Exam to interfere with everyone else?” the boy asked with a stern voice with a stern glare that that put Izuku on edge.


Izuku jumped and began to flail his arms around, “N-N-No, of course not…”


“That guy’s the one who was about to trip in front of the school gates, right?”


“The one who winced after being called out.”


“He may seem like a tough competitor given his height and extreme muscular figure, but he seems to be a nervous wreck. At the very least, we have one less rival to worry about, huh?”


“Lucky for us!” All of the other examinees who saw the interaction between the two said simultaneously as they didn’t see Izuku as a threat.


‘I feel like the others think they lucked out because I’m here, huh? Yeah, I guess my nervous stuttering and muttering may give off that kind of impression. I may have mostly gotten rid of my self-confidence issues, but I still need to work on my nervousness and stuttering and muttering. No wonder why I have social issues.’ Izuku thought in his head as he felt a smile to creep on his face.’ But…. I could use this to my advantage. They already wrote me off as a non-threat. So now, I have the element of surprise in my arsenal. So they think I’m nothing to worry about, huh? Okay then, let me show them a portion of what I can do.’


The familiar scent of ozone filled the air, as Izuku’s body began to emit green sparking lighting which immediately caught everyone's attention as they didn’t expect for Izuku to activate his Quirk before the practical officially began.


‘I’ll start with 5%,’ Izuku mentally said as the green lightning became slightly bigger as he went form 1% to 5% One For All: Full Cowl . Everybody was so immersed into Izuku’s light show display, questioning whether he had some sort of electrical Quirk, that they didn’t notice Present Mic above them.


“Okay, start!” Present Mic shouted.


Everybody stood there confused as they failed to process what was going on.


“What’s wrong? There are no countdowns in real fights! Run, run! The die has been cast, you know! Look, there’s already one examinee who’s way ahead of all of you!”


The examinees looked ahead shocked to see Izuku already running and jumping over buildings as he already found robots to destroy.


“Woah, he’s so fast! He was right next to me, and yet I didn’t even notice when he moved!” The boy with the glasses said as he and the rest of the examinees, who were still shocked at Izuku’s pure speed, raced ahead to begin the Practical Exam.


Meanwhile, with Izuku, as he was running down a street, a robot came in front of him and cut him.


Izuku stopped and grinned,”So you’re the One Pointer.”


Target acquired. I will kill you !” the One Pointer said as it charged straight at Izuku.


“Bad mistake... “ Izuku said as he flicked his finger towards the robot.


“Delaware Smash!


The force of the finger flick was so potent, that it was able to create a sharp gust of wind that completely obliterated the robot in half and barely left any scrap metals left.


“Really that’s it? That was barely even a warmup. If the rest of the robots are like this, then this test will be a breeze!” Izuku exclaimed as he began running and leaping looking for more victims. At the top of a building, Izuku saw a whole pack of 10 Two Pointers, waiting for a fellow examinee and to catch them off guard. Izuku saw this as another opportunity and leaped high above the building and yelled…




Izuku brought his fist towards the floor of the roof and it created a shockwave that reduced all 10 of the robots to absolute scrap metal.


“Hmmm, so that’s 20 points plus the One Pointer is 21 points. Yosh! I’m kind of getting the hang of this!” Izuku said cheerfully as he jumped off the roof and landed on the ground. There, he found 5 Three Pointers and 3 Two Pointers already waiting for him. They must have heard the shockwave of his Texas Smash , and began looking for him.


The Faux Villains circled Izuku as they seemed to be planning to jump him and attack him all at once. Izuku realized this and just smirked, “Come on bring it on! Give it your best shot!”


After hearing this, the robots charged all at once hoping to corner him and end his life right then and there.


“You fell for the bait... “


Right as the robots were inches away from capturing Izuku, he began to spin around at overwhelming speeds.


Oklahoma Smash!


The result was a whirlwind that immediately sent the the robots flying as they were completely destroyed by Izuku’s smash just like their kin before them.


“I’ve been dying to test that move out ever since Toshinori-Sensei used it on me during that spar one day.” Izuku said as once again commenced to run and count his points. “Okay so that’s 35 points now, if I did the math correctly. Man these robots don’t seem to be a challenge at all. That’s probably because these were meant for untrained teenagers with sub par Quirks to be able to beat them. Not for someone who trained directly under the Number One Hero himself and inherited his awesome Quirk.” Izuku concluded as found another pack of 5 Three Pointer robots who were coming directly to him.


“Let’s try this!” Izuku yelled as he fired five yellow Ki blasts at each of the Three Pointers with deadly precision. The yellow blasts melted through the metal and vaporized their circuits as they began to malfunction and fall to the ground completely dying out.


“Man, I’m having a field day out here!”


Meanwhile in the Judges’ Room


“In this Practical Exam, the examinees have not been informed of the number of Villains or their locations. They have a limited amount of time in a vast area. They have to draw the Villains out from there.” It was a dark room with many monitors showing each of the examinees and how they are conducting in the Practical Exam. There were U.A. staff members sitting in chairs as they assess the performance of the examinees and how they decide to adapt to the conditions that were just previously stated.


“Information gathering ability to understand the situation before anyone else.”


A monitor showed a big bulky examinee with what seemed to be tentacles on a rooftop using his arms to scan or look for something.


“Mobility that can be used in many different circumstances.”


Another monitor showed the serious guy with the glasses, using his speed to pick off enemies one by one.


“Discernment to be able to stay calm in any situation.”


A blonde french kid is shown shooting a laser from a device on his waist and decimating the Faux Villains with complete and utter confidence.


“And pure combat ability.”


A monitor screen shows Bakugo in a path of utter destruction as all around him are fallen robots with smoke all around them. He looked like he was constipating as he was maniacally laughing like a crazed psychopath who has been let out of his cage. Everything that came in his way, he destroyed using his Explosion Quirk which is an ability very suitable for this Practical Exam. He just wished Deku were there. If he saw him, he would’ve destroyed him too and anyone else who dared to try and stand in hs way. Honestly, his actions and attitude kind of freaked some of the Judges out. But they couldn’t ignore the pure combat prowess and potential that the kid was showing as he seemed to be one who was a unique card.


“These basic abilities needed to keep the peace in the streets are turned into points in this test.”


“Doesn’t this year’s group look promising?” a feminine voice said


One monitor showed Izuku flying and smashing and dashing around as he kept on racking up the points with no seemingly end to his chaos. His efficiency was off the charts as he kept on earning so many points in so little time at a constant rate. He was sweating as he kept the fast pace up. He wanted to earn as many points as possible as he was serious about his declaration earlier stating that he was going to be the Number One Applicant. No Faux Villain was safe as they got smashed by the power of One For All or got blasted to smithereens due to Izuku’s potent Ki blasts. His display of dominance surprised the staff members as they never seen anything like it. The way he moved… it was as if he were born and bred to fight. Like it was in his blood. A wild Lion that was finally let go from his civilized cage and set free to roam in the wild as he caught his prey. If anything, it was like they were witnessing a mini version of All Might!


“Especially that young man right there. He just oozes raw power and is a cut above the rest,” said the same female judge seductively as she licked her lip hungrily when she saw Izuku’s defined muscles through his tracksuit


“Well, we can’t know for sure yet. Their true test is still to come,” said another staff member as he pressed a large red button…


Back with Izuku

DETROIT SMASH! ” Izuku shouted as he punched a Three Pointer square in the face. It fell down and short circuited completely, making its red eyes turn off and it could no longer function. “Alright, I think that’s like 141 points. I should try to find some more robots and see if I can boost my score up to 150.” Izuku said as he began to walk down a street to look for more Faux Villains. Throughout the whole Practical Exam, izuku has only used 5% of One For All . He saw no reason to change how much power he was using since the robots weren’t much of a challenge and it was provided him with a large amount of quickness which is one of the main reasons why he was able to rack up so many points. It also didn’t spend much stamina as the higher the percentage of One For All he uses, the more stamina and energy is required. So Izuku deemed it best to just remain at the level he was at for now. It’s best to save his energy.


“Okay, so where are the little critters at,” Izuku said but before he can start moving, the ground began to rumble as buildings around him began to collapse. The other examinees looked up to see what was going on and what they saw, scared the living daylights out of them.


Standing taller than all of the buildings was a humongous green robot with eight red eyes. It had hands the size of trucks that effortlessly crushes the top of tall buildings. It had a base the size of a tank with about 12 to 16 wheels and along its body, it had missiles that can be fired simultaneously in all possible directions. It looked like all three types of robots combined into one but then multiply the size by like 100, and there you go.


“HOLY CRAP, ITS HUGE! That must be the Zero Pointer. Isn’t it a little too big?” Izuku said as the Zero Pointer proceed to throw a punch towards the ground which caused a giant dust wave that momentarily blinded all of the examinees as they were forced to cover their eyes. When the dust wave settled, all other examinees began to run for their lives as they didn’t want to be in the Zero Pointer’s path of chaos and destruction. Izuku looked up at the monster killer robot and started to shake. It wasn’t the nervous kind of shaking, but the strange exciting kind of shaking that Izuku got right before the Exams began. He didn’t know why he was starting to have this sensation again. His mind was telling him to run as he knew he had way more than enough points to pass. But his body… his instinct was telling him otherwise. It was like a strange voice in his heart and soul that was yelling at him to fight the Zero Pointer and smash it down. But his more rational and logical mind was telling him to do the opposite. Izuku was frozen. He didn’t know what to do. Should he run and hide? Or should he stay and fight?


“An overwhelming threat. How people act after they’ve seen this shows their true nature.”


The young man with the glasses that called out Izuku before, ran by Izuku who was still standing there frozen. He shook his head and kept on running away from the Zero Pointer along with everyone else.


“LESS THAN TWO MINUTES LEFT!” Present Mic shouted as he reminded the examinees how much time they had left. Not that it mattered. It seemed everyone besides Izuku wasn’t going to try to gain any more points as their main priority was to get away from the giant killer Zero Pointer as soon as humanly possible.


“Less than two minutes!?” Izuku said in shock. ‘Dammit I wanted to get to 150 points! But it seems I can’t since there's a God damn freaking metal godzilla in the way. I guess I won’t be able to to get 150 points after all.’ Izuku thought in his head.


But just about when he was going to turn around and fly away, he heard something…




Izuku stopped and turned back around. Under a pile of debris and pieces of buildings was the same cute brown haired girl who saved Izuku from tripping at the school gates earlier today. Her leg seemed to be stuck and she couldn’t get out.


( Music: My Hero Academia - You Say Run | Epic Plus Ultra Cover!! By Friedrich Habetler Music. )


I stopped you with my Quirk. I’m sorry I didn’t ask you first, but I figured you wouldn’t mind me catching you. I don’t think you would’ve enjoyed kissing concrete.”


Izuku remembered vividly the words she uttered when she saved him from falling onto the ground. And right when he remembered those very words… something in Izuku snapped! And he began to run towards the girl and the Zero Pointer.


“There is absolutely no merit in taking on that Faux Villain. But that creates opportunity for it to shine brightly... “


Izuku used 20% One For All: Full Cowl , to get to the girl as fast as possible. Once he reached her, he lifted up the debris effortless and picked her up bridal style and carried her away to safety.


Once Izuku found a spot where he knew she would be safe, he told her, “Stay here and don’t come near the Zero Pointer!” Izuku then used 20% to run back towards the robot. Meanwhile, the girl had a blush on her face, as she could still feel his touch and the way he carried her to safety.


… and rise to the surface.”


The staff members of U.A. widened their eyes as they saw what was transpiring in Battle Center B. They certainly weren’t expecting an examinee to face the Zero Pointer directly all by himself.


Izuku proceeded to fire two Delaware Smashes at 20% to distract and flinch the Zero Pointer. And he succeeded as he was able to push the Zero Pointer back a considerable distance. Izuku took this opportunity to open his hands place his open right hand above and his open left hand below and place them together. He then brought this pose down towards his right side and begin to say…




The Zero Pointer began to lock his eyes on Izuku as it realized he was trying to do something. So not wasting any time, it began to move again. And this time, its target was none other than Izuku Midoriya.


“- Me-


The U.A. staff members began to wonder what exactly the spiky green haired young man was trying to do. As they never seen a pose like that before. Just then, a blue colored energy like Ki blast was starting to appear inside Izuku’s hands. This intrigued the Judges as they were now really curious on what exactly Izuku was going to do with that.




The other examinees began to get nervous as they saw the Zero Pointer begin to near Izuku. They didn’t know what he was trying to do, but he better hurry up, because with each second, the Zero Pointer was getting closer and closer as each step was almost like an earthquake. Each one getting louder and louder as the Zero Pointer began to get closer and closer. Each step symbolizing the doom that was about to fall on Izuku Midoriya if he doesn’t act soon.




The brown haired young girl became to worry and get more worried as the Zero Pointer was only two or three steps away. She wanted to help, but she overused her Quirk way too much during the Practical Exam, that she pretty much couldn’t do anything. Plus the fact that Izuku gave her a stern warning to not come near the Zero Pointer at all, pretty much gave her the idea that she couldn’t do anything at but watch and pray that he will survive.


Just then the blue energy sphere in Izuku’s hand became bigger and bigger. After the blue energy sphere reached its max size, Izuku infused One For All power into the energy sphere as well. As a result, the energy sphere became a cyan color as a green lightning surrounded the energy sphere which amplified its power even more. Just then, the Zero Pointed took one last step towards Izuku and raised its right fist and aimed for a punch directly on Izuku’s head.


Izuku yelled, “Eat this! One For All 20%: KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAA!


Izuku shot his hands forward and finally fired the blast with all his might. The energy beam was so powerful that it created a shockwave strong enough to push all of the other examinees watching a couple steps back. The cyon energy blast rushed towards the Zero Pointer head on as it was confused on what to do. But it was too late to counter the blast as it already struck the Zero Pointer and the blast was so wide and potent, that it was able to completely envelope the huge robot and blast straight through its entire body. The blast created electrical whirlwinds as it and the blast completely shredded through the Zero Pointer’s metal and fried its circuits. The entire Zero Pointer was completely vaporized as nothing was left of it. Not a piece of scrap metal in sight. Nothing of the robot survived the Kamehameha


“That’s right. It rises to the surface--The most important qualification of a hero--The spirit of self-sacrifice!”


( Music End )

Izuku looked over at the girl he just saved and smiled, “She’s safe… I’m so glad... “ Izuku collapsed and fell unconscious. Due to using One For All 20% and Ki at the same time, it immediately sapped at his energy reserves. Especially since he used one of his most powerful Ki techniques, that being the Kamehameha Wave . Izuku knew that it was a risky move since, he used all of the One For All energy he currently has access to into one attack.But he had to protect her. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he allowed an innocent girl to get hurt or worst, when he could have done something to prevent it. No matter the cost.


Right when Izuku hit the ground, Present Mic yelled “Time’s up!” As a buzzer went off signaling the end of the Practical Exam. All of the other examinees however didn’t pay much attention to that announcement as they still were shell shocked at the display of power from a certain green haired young man with a monkey tail. Never in their life have they seen somebody use a technique like that and on such of a destructive scale. Not even All Might has shown something like that. Usually he would just smash Villains with his thunderous punches. But never have they seen him shoot a beam kile the cyan colored one that they witnessed Izuku fire from his very hands. What kind of crazy Quirk allows somebody to do something like that?


“What was that guy? He suddenly pushed at the Zero Pointer and just completely obliterated it with some kind of laser beam that he shot from his hands. He seemed to have a reinforcement-type Quirk, but that was unusual… “


“But if he had such an amazing Quirk, what kind of life did he live that made him so jumpy? Maybe he was putting on an act to trick others.”


“But it doesn’t look like he gained anything from doing so.”


“Anyway, there’s no mistaking that he’s an amazing guy... “


Various other examinees continued to comment on Izuku’s strength. All were in awe of what he showed and couldn’t believe that there was somebody on that level who was amongst them. The consensus was that Izuku will most likely make it into the Hero Course of U.A.


However a certain boy with glasses was having different thoughts, ‘They’re missing the point. Didn’t they see?’ He turned his head towards the brunette that Izuku saved,’He jumped out to save that girl. He was aware of the remaining time, his own safety, and the points he needed to pass… And even so, he did not hesitate at all!’ He remember vividly how he ran pass Izuku just like everyone else. While Izuku did the opposite and actually challenged the Zero Pointer head on.


‘If we had not been in an exam… of course, I would have done the same!’ But then his eyes widened as an idea popped into his head.


‘Wait. “Exam”... “Of course… ?” ‘Wait a minute… ‘


“Okay, good work. Good work, good work. Here you go. Here are some gummies.” A short elderly woman said as she gave out candy to the examinees.


“Thanks.” One examinee said. “Yes, yes, you, too.”


“That mademoiselle is the backbone of U.A.” Said the blonde French kid.


The elder lady walked towards Izuku, “Oh dear, you were hurt this much by your own Quirk?” The reason she said this is because Izuku’s arms were bruised and battered as they were a reddish pink color with many cuts and pores open. This was the direct result of using One For All 20% and a Kamehameha Wave at the same time.


“It’s as if his body is not used to his Quirk yet.” It is true. Izuku’s body isn’t able to handle the full capabilities of using his Ki and One For All at the same time yet. That’s why he’s trying to find a way to combine the two Quirks so he could use them simultaneously without having to waste so much stamina and damage his body as a result. Izuku prides himself in efficiency. And what good is a Hero with godly power, when he destroys himself with only one attack afterwards.


The elder woman puckered and stretched her lips to kiss Izuku’s head.


“Wh-What was that?” One examinee asked as he and many others were confused at the actions of the elder.


The blonde french examine responded, “U.A. High’s licensed school nurse… the Youthful Heroine, Recovery Girl!”


Recovery Girl, also know as Chiyo Shuzenji, is a short, elderly woman with grey hair styled into a bun that has a syringe looped through it. She wears a doctor's lab coat and a dress with yellow and red vest-like designs on either side, two yellow buttons, and a pink belt. She wears pink boots and has a helmet on her head. In addition, she walks with a cane designed like a syringe that she can also use for healing.


After getting kissed on the head, Izuku’s arms began to glow with a green light. Somehow the wounds were beginning to fade.


“Her Quirk is the super-activation of healing ability. U.A. can only go through with such a reckless Entrance Exam because of her.” All of Izuku’s wounds disappeared as his arms looked good as new.


“Let’s finish this quickly. Is anyone else injured?” Recovery Girl asked as she went to a couple of examinees who suffered minor injuries during the Practical Exam.


‘I see! If this Exam is set up like that ... ‘ the boy with the glasses thought as he placed his thumb under his chin in deep thought.


‘Then he’s… ‘

One week later…


The following week has been a blur for one Izuku Midoriya…


When he woke, he found himself in Recovery Girl’s office. She explained to him what transpired after he took down the Zero Pointer. How she healed him and the fact that everybody present was completely in awe of the feat he was able to pull off when everybody else ran away. He asked her if anybody else got hurt by the Zero Pointer. When she replied with no, Izuku breathed a sigh of relief. Recovery Girl was honestly impressed. She didn’t expect Izuku to be so caring of others, even though he was really the only one who suffered major injuries. Kids these days are usually concerned with how flashy their Quirks are, and what not. But Izuku seems to have come from a rare breed. He already had the mindset and spirit of a Hero. And it sure helps that his Quirk is very powerful.


Recovery Girl asked Izuku if he felt alright, and Izuku told her that he felt better than ever. Her also said that he actually… felt stronger after she healed him. Which is weird, but Izuku brushed it aside as it probably being because he was able to get some rest.


When he got home, Momo called him to ask how the Exams went. He told her that the Written Exam was really easy, and he is pretty confident in himself that he got a perfect score. He then went on to tell her that he got 141 points in the Practical Exam. Momo was absolutely shocked and told him that score must be a record. She explained to him that the only people to have gotten over 100 points on the U.A. Practical Entrance Exams were the Number Four hero Best Jeanist, the Number Two Hero Endeavor, and of course the Number One Hero and Symbol of Peace All Might. Izuku was surprised after hearing this, because he didn’t know that information before. He felt pride in himself to be one of only four people to get over 100 points in the hardest Hero Course Practical Exam in all of Japan where the acceptance rate is less than 3 in 100. Izuku now knew for sure that he was going to get into U.A.. Izuku told Momo that he would’ve gotten more points if it weren’t for the Zero Pointer creating chaos and endangering a girl’s life. He explained to her that he couldn’t let someone get hurt or worst when he could do something to prevent it. Momo’s face flushed when she heard Izuku’s words. She was impressed by the level of selflessness he showed. Even though, he could’ve gotten more points and possibly surpass All Might’s record for the most points in the Practical Exam history, he sacrificed that glory to save another examinee because he knew that was the right thing to do and it was what a True Hero would’ve done. It just made him all the more attractive in her eyes.


When he told his mother how he did, Inko was delighted with happiness. In order to award him for his performance in the Entrance Exam of the best Hero Course in all of Japan, she made him his favorite meal and quadrupled the size so that he could eat all he wanted until his stomach could not take any more. Izuku cried tears of joy and thanked her over a million times calling her the Greatest Mother in the World.


In the present day, it was evening. Izuku was on the couch lifting weights, continuing his training just like how All Might told him to do. He missed the feeling of looseness and lightness he felt when he took the weights off, but he had no choice but to continue training. He wanted to be the Number One Hero after all and he can’t be wasting time slacking off and doing nothing.


Ever since the Entrance Exam, Izuku hadn’t been able to contact All Might. He hasn’t answered any of his text messages or calls. Izuku at first was worried and thought that maybe he didn’t get into U.A. and All Might was disappointed in him and didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. But Izuku calmed and just guessed that he was busy with his Hero work. He is the Number One Hero for crying out loud. Of course he would be busy and not have much time to contact Izuku. He just hoped that he will hear from him soon. Izuku promised that he wouldn’t tell anyone about One For All . All Might entrusted him with his power. He needed to remain as the Symbol of Peace until it was Izuku’s turn to inherit the torch. So, he’ll keep his mouth shut.


Just then, Inko came barging into the living room, “Izu-Izu-Izu…! Izu-Izu-Izu… Izuku! It's here! It came! It's here!” In her hand was an envelope with a red stamp showing the U.A. symbol…


5 minutes later…  


Inko was pacing around outside Izuku’s room. She was really nervous for the results. She knew how much getting into U.A. meant for Izuku. She didn’t want all of his hard work over the past 10 months be for nothing.


Izuku is inside his bedroom on his desk. He stared blankly at the envelope in the middle of his desk. The envelope that will decide his fate…


“Oh what the hell am I waiting for!” Izuku yelled as he picked up the envelope and opened it by pulling it apart in half. Out of it fell a small metal device that landed on his desk. A light projection showed up and in it revealed All Might in his Hero Form.




“Toshinori-Sensei?! Wait, this is from U.A., right… ? What?”


All Might was in a pink background wearing a yellow suit and blue tie. “I had to do some paperwork that took some time, so I couldn’t contact you.” All Might coughed and bowed, “I’m sorry. Actually, I came to this town to work at U.A.


“Toshinori-Sensei is working at U.A.?”


Hm? What is it? ” Somebody was trying to talk to All Might behind the scenes, explaining to him that he had to wrap it up soon.


Wrap it up? But there is something I must talk to him about… It's going to push everything else back? All right. Okay.


Izuku swallowed in anticipation for what his teacher and idol was about to say next.


Congratulations my boy! You got a perfect score on the Written Exam and 141 points on the Practical Exam. One of only four people in history to score over 100 points, including myself, the Number Two Hero Endeavor, and the Number Four Hero Best Jeanist! Of course that means, you passed with flying colors!


Izuku smirked, “Yeah, kind of already knew that Sensei.”


... But there was a secret component added to the test…


Izuku raised his eyebrows, curious to what the Number One Hero was talking about.


I’m an entertainer as well! First, take a look at this video!


All Might clicked a button on a remote and it showed a video.


“Excuse me, um... “


“The nice person?” Izuku said in shock as the video showed the brunette that Izuku saved from the Zero Pointer during the Practical Exam.

She came to negotiate directly in person after the exam! Negotiate what? Keep watching to find out!” All MIght pressed play and resumed the video.


“Um, the person with green spiky and curly hair and freckles… Do you know who I’m talking about? He’s very tall and muscular with a brown tail. He also has a handsome face... “


Izuku’s face went red, “She’s talking about me!?”


“Is it possible for me to give him some of my points? There was still time left and he could’ve gotten more points if he wanted to. But instead he came and saved me from the Zero Pointer. So I thought maybe he needed more points... “


( Music: Boku No Hero Academia OST 2 - You Can Become a Hero ( 君はヒーローになれる )

“What the hell can you do?”


Izuku heard the voice of Bakugo in his head.


“At least the points he lost because of me… “


“There was absolutely no reason for you to put yourself in danger!”

Izuku also began to hear the voice of Death Arms…


“He saved me!”


Izuku gasped as he stood up from his chair, as he was utterly speechless.


“Please! Please! Please!”


All Might paused the video, “ In addition to now having a Quirk, your actions spurred others to act.


All Might turned and looked at the camera, “ The Entrance Exam the other day was not graded only on Villain points! ” All Might resumed the video.


“Even if you ask to, you cannot give him your points. Anyway, there’s no reason to give him any, female listener!” Present Mic said as he patted her head.


All Might paused the video, “ How can a Hero Course reject people who save others and do the right thing? Call that lip service? Bring it on! This is a job that requires risking one’s life to put that lip service into practice! Rescue Points! And they’re given by a panel of judges. It's the other basic ability we at U.A. look at!


A scoreboard showed up displaying all of the examinees scores from top to bottom. Izuku saw his name at the Number One spot.


“Izuku Midoriya, sixty Rescue Points!


It then showed the Number Four spot. “ And Ochaco Uraraka, forty-five Rescue Points! You both pass! And with 141 Villain Points and 60 Rescue Points makes a total of 201 Points. You, Izuku Midoriya scored the highest amount of points of all time in the U.A. Practical Exam. And you’re the only one to ever score over 200 points!


Izuku’s eyes began to water as tears were threatening to spill out. This is too crazy! Its unreal. I must be dreaming. Why am I so blessed?”


All Might opened his hand towards the camera, “ Come, Young Midoriya. This your Hero Academia!


Izuku wiped the tears out of his eyes as he could barely control his tears of joy from exploding. “Yes, sir!”


After receiving a lot of help and waking up with a brown monkey tail one day, Izuku’s life changed and will continue to change.  And now his dream high school life is about to begin!


However, this is only the beginning of his journey as I almost forgot to mention…

This is the story of how Izuku Midoriya became the Greatest Hero Of All Time!


Chapter Text

Chapter 3: Quirk Assessment Test!

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

(Music: Solid State Scouter (Bardock’s Theme) | Epic Cover by Friedrich Habetler Music)



Explosions and battle cries could be heard in the distant void of outer space. In a galaxy far, far away from the Planet Earth we all know love, is another planet that is very similar to it, but not quite. For one the gravity is about 10 times heavier than that of planet Earth with a very dense and thick atmosphere. Another difference is that Earth is blue, this unique planet however is pink in color. The size of the planet is not that far off with this particular planet being slightly bigger. Unlike Earth, there aren't many landmarks, oceans, mountains, jungles or any other kind of unique landscape present in this planet. It was mostly land, with buildings very distinct than the ones present on Earth. Planet Earth also has the technological edge in many aspects as well.


One major difference that completely set the two planets apart however, were the races and species that inhabit the two. Planet Earth had a large diversity of animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and other organisms living on it including the most dominant one being the Homo Sapien Sapien race. The pink planet had a wide variety of organisms too. But there was one huge difference. The most dominant race wasn’t the Homo Sapien Sapien race, but a very similar species that goes by the name of Saiyan.


Humans and saiyans had very similar features. They both walked on two legs, and had two arms, with two hands with five fingers. The way they reproduced and procreated are the exact same as well, making it possible for a saiyan and a human to mate and create a child with no worries of birth defects. Practically every single damn thing was the same, every organ, every bone, tissue, cell, you name it.


However, there is one key difference and that being, each and every saiyan was born with a brown monkey tail. This completely set the two apart as far as strength and overall fighting capabilities go. The saiyan race are natural born fighters with a primal nature reminiscent that of a Lion. They are always striving to be the strongest warriors in the universe. The planet that inhabits these magnificent warrior race is none other than Planet Vegeta.


A baby Saiyan's power level is measured as soon as they are born, if their power level is up to standard they are raised as upper-level warriors and become combatant candidates. If their power level remains low even after a certain amount of time has passed they are classed as low-level warriors and become either engineers or infiltration babies. Infiltration babies are sent off to a planet the Saiyans have selected for take over, and if the baby grows up into a warrior capable of taking over the planet they are allowed to return as a full-fledged combatant. Infiltration babies have a low survival rate. Saiyans do not naturally know how to fly, some need to be taught, while others work it out on their own. Training to increase power level is also uncommon, with only a few Saiyan children receiving a short period of special training to acquire a greater power level. Saiyans do not celebrate any holidays. Instead of playing like Earthling children, Saiyan children fight amongst themselves.

“Freeza! Stop hiding! Come out and fight me you coward!”


The one who is screaming at the top of his lungs is a low-class saiyan warrior. He has unkempt hair which partially stands on end. He has a scar on his left cheek, slightly dark skin and fully outlined, sharp eyes. He wears a dark blue and green Battle Armor, and a green Scouter on his left eye, and has red cutted pants and black and green shoes. He is wearing a blood-soaked armband as a headband. This armband belonged to another fellow saiyan who fell in battle. The name of this man is Bardock: The Father of Son Goku.


He was currently flying through space above Planet Vegeta. There was a huge oval shaped spaceship hovering above the planet’s atmosphere. Bardock was speeding straight towards it. His path was blocked however, by many countless Freeza soldiers that did their best to detain him. All of their efforts were in vain due to the sole reason being that Bardock was a man on a mission. And any person who dared to try and get in his way was either getting blasted, elbowed, kicked, punched, or thrown out of the way. At that moment, Bardock had nothing but one thing in mind: End the the life of the galactic tyrant Freeza once and for all.

Then out of the top entrance of the spaceship came out the one and only Freeza. Freeza is an alien creature wearing the standard saiyan armor it being purple. He has two horns pointing sideways with pink arms and white and purple patterns throughout his body. He is very short as he stands at a height of exactly 5 feet or 152.4 centimeters. He is currently in a circular mobile space pod that he rides in.


Bardock smirked when he saw that Freeza finally came out, “Freeza… “


All of the other Freeza soldiers were surprised and shocked to see that their master actually came out and responded to the low level. Now they were anxious to see what he would do next.


Bardock began to laugh, “It all comes down to this. My fate. Planet Vegeta’s. Kakarot’s!”


Freeza kept a neutral face as he lifted up his right index finger. Above up was a circular Ki ball that was beginning to charge up.


“And yes… Yours too Freeza!” Bardock’s right hand glowed blue as a Ki ball charged up which composed of all the remaining power that he had left stored inside of him. This was his last shot to end it once and for all.


“WE SETTLE IT HERE!” Bardock battle cried as he launched the blue energy ball right towards the tyrant, signalling the end.


“Hahahahaha!” Freeza maniacally laughed as his Ki ball began to grow and grow in size until it looked similar to a miniature sun. Bardock's attack made contact with the Ki sphere, but it was completely nullified and swallowed up by the much stronger technique.


“What the? No way!” Bardock exclaimed as he couldn't believe his eyes. He put absolutely everything he had in that blast. And it was just swallowed up like it was a pebble compared to the huge sun that was Freeza’s attack.


The sun like energy sphere kept on becoming larger and larger until Freeza finally launched it with a flick of his finger. Laughing as he does so.


“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Bardock yelled in agony as the Supernova made contact with his body. The Supernova began to melt away and vaporize his remaining clothes as the heat burned his skin as if he were taking a dive into a volcano. The Supernova also made contact with the Freeza soldiers and instantly killed every last one of them, but of course Freeza had absolutely no concern for them whatsoever. To him, they were just worthless pawns.


Bardock began to have a vision. In it, he saw his son, Goku standing across from Freeza on Planet Namek as they prepared to do battle.


“Kaka-Kakarot… “ Bardock smiled and laughed as he knew the future. In time, his son, Goku, the last hope of the Saiyan Race will face off against Freeza… and Goku will win. Not only will he win, but he will avenge the his race and everyone else who tragically died at the hands of Freeza.


“KAKAROT!” The name of his beloved son was the last thing Bardock said as his body was burned to ash by Freeza’s Supernova. It eventually made contact with PLanet Vegeta. All over the Planet, yellow cracks were spread throughout as the splash damage of the Supernova took effect. A couple seconds later, Freeza began to laugh maniacally once again.The planet was utterly destroyed as all the Saiyans present were destroyed along with it. Nothing remained of the once home of the Saiyan Race as it was completely destroyed.


Meanwhile across another galaxy, was a saiyan space pod. In it was the sleeping baby known as Kakakort, who will later be renamed Goku by his grandpa Gohan.


‘Kakarot my son… You must succeed where I have failed! One day, you must rise up to avenge the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta. Redeem the Pride of our Race… ‘


( Music End )

Izuku woke up with a start. His heart racing, panting, and sweating as he did so. He immediately checked his current location and immediate surroundings. He calmed down once he realized that he was in his bedroom. He looked towards his nightstand and saw that his digital clock read 3:45 A.M.


He used his Ki to scan the energy signatures of the surrounding area. He sensed his mother sleeping peacefully in her room. Other than that, Izuku didn’t sense and particular high Power Levels at all, and he also didn’t feel any malicious energy.


Izuku sighed. He had one of those dreams again. Each one getting more vivid and detailed one right after the other. Usually, he would only get these kinds of dreams once every so often. Maybe once every two or three weeks. But now, he was getting dreams such like this example practically every other day. There were nights where he couldn’t even sleep because of the extreme amounts of realism of the dreams. It was as if, he was actually present there, watching all of the scenes unfold from a bird’s eye view.


“Man, what a pain in the tail,” Izuku said grumbly as he got off from his bed and went to his bathroom to urinate. After he finished his business, he washed his hands in the sink. After he was done, he looked at the mirror and examined himself. He was currently shirtless as none of his pajamas fit him any longer. Most of the clothes he wore now were originally his Father’s. With all of the time that was occupied with his training and studying, Izuku hasn’t had the chance to actually go out to the mall and shop for new clothes that would actually fit him. He was actually surprised to find out that his Father’s clothes fit him. Since the average male height in Japan was 171.2 cm or 5’7, not many people were as tall as Izuku. So it just made him wonder: How tall exactly is his Dad?


Izuku thought back to the dream he had. That man… Bardock was his name. He had a tail, just like him. And not only that, but he could use Ki attacks as well. And that other person, Freeza. He was able to destroy a whole planet with just one flick of a finger. It almost terrified Izuku. To think that someone exists with such unbelievable power. He didn't even think All Might is capable of such a feat! And that’s saying something.


Izuku looked at his right hand. He closed his eyes and began to concentrate deeply. He called forth the power of his Ki to his right hand. After a few seconds, a blue energy sphere appeared on his right hand. It was the same attack Bardock used as his last assault against the Villain Freeza before he unfortunately met his demise at the Tyrant’s hands.


Izuku then used One For All on his left hand as green lightning sparked violently. He held the hands side by side as he looked at his reflection. The two powerful energies illuminating him.


“I have been blessed with these two Quirks… And with this Power … I swear that I’ll be the Greatest Hero in the World!


( Music: My Hero Academia Opening 1- The Day )


In a golden background as spotlights flash, both All Might and Son Goku appear as they look towards the golden light with their backs turned to Izuku.


Shizukesa ga shimikomu you de iki wo tometa gozen goji


Izuku looks in awe as he stands up to look at the two in pure admiration and inspiration. The golden stardust surrounds and fades around him as he looks on in strive and determination be just like them.


Hijou kaidan de tsume wo kamu Asu wa docchi da?


Izuku beings to reach out with both of his hands towards the two hoping to grasp and harness both of their powers. He reaches out to All Might with his left hand, while he reaches out to Son Goku with his right hand. Goku and All Might turn their heads around towards Izuku as both of them have an equal large smile plastered on their faces. As Izuku gets closer and closer to reaching them, the Golden Light gets brighter and brighter until eventually Goku and All Might grab Izuku’s right and left hand respectively as they pass on their Power onto him as the scene is replaced with the words “Plus Ultra.”




The scene then switches to each and every member of Class 1A getting their own shot  in their Hero Costumes with their names being displayed beside them. It starts with Ochaco Uraraka, and ends with Shoto Todoroki being the last one.


Keshite akenai yoru mo

     Furi tuzukete yamanai ame mo

                    Kono rokudemonai sekai ni wa arun da yo


Izuku is downtown walking on a darkened overpass. It is night time as rain falls. Izuku walks alone with no coat or umbrella on, while a huge crowd mils about in the well-lit street below. This emphasizes the isolation and despair that Izuku feels as someone without a Quirk and a social outcast. Making his dream of being a Hero almost impossible despite his optimism.


As he sadly walks, away, the viewers see what he was looking at.  A billboard urging people to become Heroes…


Sukoshi mo hen de wa nai no

         Madoromi ni ashi wo torareteru

      Anata wo semete iru wake ja nain da yo


Izuku continues his sad march home, the city a blur of abstract shapes behind him as his Hero Journals flash by one by one, showing his determination in spite of how impossible his dream seems to be.


However, once Hero Journal #14 comes into view, Izuku changes dramatically as he grows taller and and a tail sprouts from behind him. Izuku looks at his hands in awe of his newfound Power as now he realizes that his dream can now become a reality. Izuku comes to a stop as all of the Hero Journals come tumbling down.


Hitori kuusou ni asobu


A transition comes to a single shot to Izuku and Katsuki. First we see them as children and while there’s a divide between them, the dividing line is relatively smooth and calm. The pair smiles at each other as friends though judging from the woods around them, this is just moments before Izuku pulled Katsuki out of the water bruising his ego and ending their friendship forever.


         Soko de omoi egaita koto made hajiru no kai?


We shift from the simple childhood innocence of summer to spring cherry blossoms with the pair now looking from each other and the dividing line between them now much more wild and and violent. Cherry blossoms are typically associated with graduation and the start of a new school year. In other words with endings and new beginnings. Sometime between elementary school and their graduation of middle school, these kids went from being best friends to enemies and that after entering the same high school shown by the change in uniforms, their rivalry only got more violent. Now the dividing line between them is now a chaotic electrified mess. With each of these transitions, the inevitability of their future conflict is increasingly impressed upon the viewer. Leading up to the explosive angry punch that caps off their fight during training. Out of that explosion we see Tomura Shigaraki emerge as his right palm attempts to touch the screen.


   Karami au meikyuu meikyuu

                                    Sore demo yuku to iu no?

                                         Chiisaki tabibito ga

                                  kanaderu hajimari no kane no ne


The scene changes from Shigaraki’s open palm to All Might’s as he closes his fist and jumps towards Nomu as they both begin swapping hands and trading blows left and right. Kurogiri opens his giant yellow eyes as he prepares to use his Warp Gate Quirk. Eraser Head appears and he uses his Quirk to take care of numerous cannon fodder Villains. Then Izuku could be seen in his U.A. uniform running as fast as he can to make it into the battle.

                             Yuku atemo DON'T KNOW DON'T KNOW

                                       Hontou wa kowain ja nai no?

                           Fumidasu sono ippo ippo ga kaete yukeru sa


One by one, the students of Class 1-A are in the air as they launch into battle. Each one showing a spark of their personality as they do so. First with Ochaco Uraraka smiling and jumping a joy showing her bubbly personality. To Tenya Iida with his trademark serious and strict attitude as he swings a kick. Right after that comes Tsuyu Asui as she grabs Minrou Mineta with a straight face which illustrates her blunt and straightforward nature with Mineta crying in fear, showing his cowardice. Shoto Todoroki slides using his ice powers ready for battle with complete and utter confidence. Eijirou Kirishima activates his Hardening with a cocky smirk. And last but not least is Katsuki Bakugo as he laughs maniacally ready to blast and destroy everything in his path.


Izuku is still running as his clothes now change from his U.A. uniform to his Hero Costume. This shift symbolizes his transformation from Izuku to Deku as he is now in Hero Mode. Deku uses One For All in his left hand and his Ki in his right hand. He brings them together and charges up a Kamehameha Wave as both Goku and All Might push him forward, giving him the drive to push beyond his limits and do what he needs to do. With the Kamehameha Wave now fully charged up, Deku fires the attack with a ferocious roar as the deadly blast envelops the screen.




The opening then cuts to all of the other students in Class 1-A who weren’t shown in the previous scene as they to prepare for battle. The final shot shows all of the students plus All Might and Eraser Head posed as they stand united in front of U.A. ready to defend their Home no matter the cost.


( Music End )

The night after Izuku opened his acceptance letter, Toshinori contacted him. Toshinori told Izuku to come meet him at the beach so they can catch up and talk about U.A. and such. When Izuku received his message, he was absolutely thrilled since he hadn’t heard from his Sensei in over a week.


As Izuku was flying over to the beach, he still couldn’t get that dream he had out of his head.


“What was that? And why did it seem so real? It's like I’m having visions of the future or something!” Izuku exclaimed as he moved over sideways to prevent himself from hitting an apartment building.


“Is it just me hallucinating, or do these dreams/visions have some sort of meaning or purpose to them? One thing I realized is that there is always at least one person that is involved and that is Son Goku. And this dream in particular had to do with him and his father, Bardock. Also, that Villain Freeza seems to be an important character as well.”


As Izuku was muttering to himself, many people down below on the streets saw the bright white light of his Ki as it trailed behind him as he flew in the night sky.


“Look, mommy, its a shooting star!”one little girl told her mother


“Yes dear, it looks really beautiful. Make sure to make a wish!”


Izuku saw that he was nearing the Dagoba Municipal Beach.


“Whatever the case may be, I think it is best that I keep all of this to myself. I’m going to have to figure this out on my own. I can’t tell this to anybody, not even to Toshinori-Sensei. I can’t allow something like this to distract me from my top priorities and that’s becoming a Pro Hero.” Izuku finished talking to himself as he landed on the beach. He saw Toshinori standing at the near the ocean staring at the distance.


“Toshinori-Sensei!” Izuku shouted as Toshinori turned around to find none other than the Ninth Holder of One For All . He smiled as he walked towards him with his right hand raised up.


“Congrats on getting accepted young man! You got the Number One highest score. I knew all along you had it in you.”


“Th-Th-Thank you very much!” Izuku replied as he gave his mentor and idol a high five.


“Just so you know, I didn’t tell the school about my connection to you. You’re the type that would think that’s cheating, right? I wasn’t one of the Judges.” Toshinori revealed. Knowing someone like Izuku, he would want to earn things the right way without getting any outside favorable help. It just wasn’t in him. He wants to win using his own power.


“Th-Thank you for your concern! It's true, I wouldn’t want you or anyone else pulling strings behind the scenes in order to make it easier for me to succeed. Knowing that I completely earned and deserved such a high score just made it all the more satisfying. And thank you Toshinori-Sensei. Without you, I don’t know if I could have excelled like that in the U.A. Entrance Exams!” Izuku said as he smiled sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head like he always does.


‘You truly are going to become a great Hero someday. That I know for sure…’ Toshinori said in his mind as he truly felt proud for what his Successor is and what he will become in the future.


“Oh by the way, I was surprised to find out that you were a teacher at U.A. So that’s why you came to this city, huh? I mean, your agency is in Roppongi in Minato, Tokyo at--”


“Stop that!”


Izuku stopped mid sentence and blushed in embarrassment as he realized he was in fanboy mode once again.


“I couldn’t tell anyone before the school announced it. I just happened to be offered a job from U.A. when I was searching for a Successor.” Toshinori said as he turned around to look at the sea.


Izuku gasped, ‘I see. He was originally planning on choosing one of the students from U.A… one of the students gifted with an amazing Quirk.’ Izuku looked down at his hands as he felt the power of his Ki running through his veins calmly.


“I completely collapsed and fell unconscious after using One For All and Ki at the same time. It sapped my stamina and broke my arms. Recovery Girl had to nurse and heal me after the Exams were over. Whenever, I use the two separately though, there such thing happens unless I go beyond 20%. I can control them, but just not at the same time.” Izuku said as he green electricity appeared in his left hand and a blue energy sphere appeared in his right hand.


Toshinori turned around to face his student, “That can’t be helped. It's like if you asked who suddenly grew a tail to do a trick, they wouldn’t be able to control it. Which unironically kind of fits your situation since you literally grew a tail overnight.” Toshinori replied. In response, Izuku wiggled his tail around and wrapped it around his waist.


“Yeah, I get what you’re trying to say. Since I’ve only had my Quirk for 10 months and I only had One For All for 5 months, it would be hard for anyone to be able to use both Quirks at the same time without risk of injury. That’s like asking a baby to run.” Izuku said as he deactivated his Quirks.


“There wasn’t any time, and we had to prepare you for the Exams as soon as possible. But it turned out perfectly! You got the highest score. It turned out ‘all might’!” Toshinori said excitedly with a thumbs up. He then looked down and picked up two spray paint bottles with the word ‘GAS’ on the front of each of them.


“Right now, you’re able to use 20% of One For All . You can use your Ki effectively as well. But when you combine them, you’re either at a hundred percent or zero. But once you can control them both simultaneously, you’ll be able to adjust to what your body can handle.”




Toshinori began to elaborate on his point, “The more you train a vessel, the more you’ll be able to move the power freely. Think of your body like a glass of water. And think of your Ki as clean water. You can control that Quirk pretty easily since its the power that you were born with. But One For All is different. It is not a Quirk that one is born with. It is a strange power that your body isn’t used to and hasn’t completely adapted to yet, unlike your Ki. So think of One For All as a different kind of liquid, like soda. Putting in the soda and water in the same glass cup at the same time wouldn’t be a good idea. So for you to enjoy both drinks, you would have to empty out the glass cup and pour the liquids in separately. Your body as it is now, can only handle one Quirk at a time. But with time and training, your body will adapt to One For All and it will become second nature to you. And you’ll be able to use both powers freely.”


Like this ,” All Might said as he crushed the two spray paint bottles effortlessly in his Hero Form. Izuku smirked as he said, “Alright then. I’m just going to have to keep training up until I’ve mastered both Quirks to the point where I can use them both at the same time without having to worry about killing myself, right?”


Exactly, Young Midoriya!


“Wait, is that All Might?!”


“No way! When did he get here?!” A young couple yelled as they were shocked to see All Might appear out of nowhere on the beach.


All Might sweatdropped as he forgot that there were people around. He began running as he said, “ Let’s go, Young Midoriya !”


“Y-Yes, sir!” Izuku said as he also followed suit and ran alongside All Might to get away from the young couple as fast as possible.


All Might looked towards Izuku, ‘ The Flame I passed on to you is still small… But in the future, it’ll be exposed to wind, rain, and grow even bigger. And then, I will slowly become weak and disappear, and I will finish my job… Yeah, that’s deep.




“Izuku, do you have tissue?”




“And your handkerchief? What about your handkerchief? Your hanky?”


Izuku rolled his eyes and smile, “Yes, mom I have it! I’m going to be late. I have to hurry!”


Today is the first day of Izuku’s first year in U.A. High School. He has been anxiously waiting for this day for over a month now. Who wouldn’t be anxious? U.A. is the Number One Hero Course in the entire country. Getting into this school has been Izuku’s dream for as long as he could remember. Today would start his journey into becoming a Pro Hero. If Izuku was going to be the Number One Hero and the next Symbol of Peace, then this was the school to help mold him into the Hero he has always strived to be.


Izuku and Momo would sometimes talk for hours on the phone about the upcoming school year. She was glad that she had somebody to talk to who was on her level in terms of intellect. Izuku would get so excited that on some days, he would literally just spend all day training, using that as a way to spend all of the adrenaline he had stacked up inside of him. But even then it wasn’t enough. He would go 100% fanboy mode while sparring with All Might, which annoyed him to almost no end. The Number One Hero would have land a couple of decent Kansas Smashes in order to knock some sense into him.


After Izuku finished tying his shoes, he stood up and put on his same old yellow book bag and opened the front door.




Izuku turned his head to face Inko, “Yes, mom?”


“You look just like your Father when he was your age. You’re really cool, and I want you to know that I’m proud of you honey, and I know for a fact that he would be proud of you as well.” Inko said with a smile as she had tears at the edge of her eyes, as she could barely contain her joy of seeing her son going to his first day of High School. She was witnessing her baby boy grow up into a fine young man who will later become a Great Hero someday.


Izuku widened his eyes. Whenever the subject of his Father was brought up, it always hit a sore spot. But in the context of the situation, it being a positive one, he was actually happy that his Mother said that. It not only lets him know that he has his Inko’s support, but somewhere overseas, he also has the support of his Father. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to at least visit once in a while….


“Thank you mom, you don’t know how much that means to me. Well then, I’m off! I’ll see you later!” Izuku said before he blasted off to the sky.


“Don’t forget to call me if anything happens!” Inko yelled out as Izuku disappeared from her line of sight.


The acceptance rate for U.A. High’s Hero Course is less than one in three hundred every year. Other than the four people admitted through recommendations, 36 are admitted through the regular Exam. Those 36 are split into only two classes, with 18 each.


“Class 1-A… 1-A… This place is too big…”


Currently Izuku is jogging down the halls of the massive school, looking for his homeroom. Izuku is wearing standard U.A. uniform which consisted of a grey colored blazer with yellow buttons with a white collared shirt with a red tie and dark blue pants. Of course, Izuku was wearing his trademark red sneakers, and he had his brown monkey tail out wiggling behind him. He could just wrap it around his waist, but he decided to just let it be loose and only do that when he was in a training or in a battle.


“There it is!” Izuku finally found his homeroom. When he arrived to the door to the classroom, he was astonished.


“The door’s huge! It must be that size so any student of all shapes and sizes can enter through. There are some pretty bizarre Quirks out there. Especially mine.” Izuku said to himself as he began to scan the Power Levels inside the room.


“The elite chosen from the huge number at the exam… And of course, the two people who I hope would not be in the same class me are in fact in the same homeroom. Lucky me!” Izuku said as he sensed two pretty distinct Power Levels inside. He slid the door open only to see-


“Don't put your feet on the desk!”




“Don’t you think that’s rude to the U.A. upperclassmen and the excellent craftsmen who made the desk?”


“Nope! What junior high did you go to, you side character?”


Izuku sweatdropped. ‘Of course….’


The tall serious teen with glasses stopped for one moment as he began to speak again, “Let’s start over. I attended Somei Private Academy. My name is Tenya Iida.”


Bakugo scoffed, “Somei? So you’re a damn elite, huh? Looks like I will have fun crushing you.”


“Crushing? That’s cruel. Do you truly aim to be a Hero?” Tenya replied before Bakugo looked towards the door as he also did the same. He then saw Izuku standing there.


“It’s him!” Tenya said as he recognized Izuku as the one who destroyed the Zero Pointer in the Entrance Exam.


All of the students present in the classroom proceeded to look towards Izuku as he kind of stood out, being tall, having a muscular figure and having a brown monkey tail wiggling behind him. Not to mention his unique hair style.


“Oh, um... “ Izuku said awkwardly as he wasn’t used to having all of the attention on him, since most of his life, he’s kind of been a social outcast.


Bakugo smirked, “I knew you would pass”


“Good morning! I am from Somei Private Academy. My name is--”


“I heard you before. I’m Izuku Midoriya. Nice to meet you, Iida.” Izuku said as he smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head, a habit that has seemed to have stuck with him.


“Midoriya… you realized there was something more to that Practical Exam , didn’t you?”


“Huh?” Izuku responded dumbly


“I had no idea… I completely misjudged you! I hate to admit it, but you are better than me.” Tenya said as he praised Izuku.


Izuku sweatdropped as he waved his hands around, “No no no you’ve got it all wrong. I wasn’t aware of the secret behind the Exams. I just did what I thought was right. I couldn’t let a fellow Examinee get hurt or worse when I could’ve done something to prevent it from happening. Right?” Izuku said as he found Momo at the back of the class. She gave him a smile and nod as she waved at him.


“Oh, that curly and spiky hair! You’re the handsome looking one!”


Izuku turned around to see the same cute brunette that he saved during the Entrance Exam. He blushed at her comment as he took a good look at her.


‘--It’s the nice person!’

“--You passed, just like Present Mic said!”


‘--She looks good in a uniform… ‘ Izuku thought as the uniform hugged her curves nicely.


“--Of course you did! That blast was amazing!”


Izuku’s face now resembled a strawberry, “--Oh, well, um, it was thanks to you going to speak with him directly that I, uh… “ Izukus stuttered.


“Huh? How did you know about that?”


“Oh, uh, that’s because… “


Bakugo looked at the scene in front of him as he kept thinking, ‘How was Deku able to get so strong in so little time? Meh, it doesn’t matter. He’s the only one from our sorry little middle school that is worthy enough to get into U.A. besides me. But of course, I’m still Number One!’


“I wonder if today’s just the entrance ceremony and orientation? I wonder what our teachers are like? Aren’t you nervous?”


‘She’ so close’ Izuku thought as he did his best to hide his red face as it was he wasn’t used to grils his age being so up close and personal with him.


“Go somewhere else if you want to play at being friends,” said a monotone voice.


Ochaco and Izuku looked outside the door to see a man inside a yellow sleeping bag.


“This is the Hero Course,” the man said as he drank a juice box.


‘S-Something’s here?!’ Izuku, Ochaco, and Tenya thought.


The man stood up and unzipped his sleeping bag, “Okay, it took eight seconds before you were quiet. Time is limited. You kids are not rational enough.”


Izuku sensed the man’s Power Level, ‘Woah, this guy’s got a pretty high Power Level! He must be a teacher, which means he’s a Pro Hero. But I have never seen a Hero who looked that worn out before.’


“I’m your homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa. Nice to meet you”


Shota Aizawa is a tall skinny man who stands at a height of about 6 feet. He has black messy, shoulder length black hair that partly hangs in front of his face and black eyes. He looks tired and worn out, like someone who just got out of bed. He wears a long sleeved black shirt with matching pants and boots. He also wears a grey scarf around his neck.


“It’s kind of sudden, but put this on and go out onto the field.” Aizawa said as he took out the U.A. gym uniform from his sleeping bag. It was blue in color and had the letters ‘UA’ in white with the U going through the chest up and the A going from the stomach and down the legs connecting with the gym pants.



Meanwhile, Toshinori with his yellow suit on, was in the teacher’s lounge reading the “Teacher Directory”.


‘The U.A. system does not follow the beaten path. Depending on the homeroom teacher, even the first day can be… ‘

“A QUIRK ASSESSMENT TEST?!” Class 1-A yelled.


“What about the entrance ceremony? The orientation?” Ochaco asked


“If you’re going to become a Hero, you don’t have time for such leisurely events. U.A.’s selling point is how unrestricted its school traditions are. That’s also how the teachers run their classes.” Aizawa responded as he turned around to see the shocked faces of Class 1-A.


“You kids have been doing these physical tests since junior high, too, right? Physical fitness tests where you weren’t allowed to use your Quirks. The country still uses averages taken from results from students not using their Quirks. It is not rational. Well, the Ministry of Education is procrastinating.”


He then looked towards Izuku, “Midoriya, you finished at the top of the Practical Exam, right? You were the only who scored above 200 points, earning the highest score ever in the history of U.A. You were also able to completely destroy the Zero Pointer, while everybody else was forced to run away. Pretty impressive to say the least.” Aizawa revealed as the rest of the class looked at Izuku with surprised faces. The only one that wasn’t shocked was Momo.


“Amazing! I didn’t know you were able to get that many points!” Tenya said as hsi respect for Izuku only grew.


“Wow, you must be stronger than I thought!” Ochaco said as she too was impressed by Izuku’s achievement.


Izuku blushed and rubbed the back of his head as smiled sheepishly, “Oh come on, it isn’t that big of a deal. It was only the Entrance Exam. Plus you and Iida had pretty good scores as well.”


Bakugo was irate, “WHAT! Damn it Deku! How were you able to get such a high score?! I’ll kill you if you don-”


“Anyways, that aside. Midoriya, in junior high, what was your best result for the softball throw?” Aizawa asked as he cut Bakugo off.


“43 meters,” Izuku replied


“Then, try doing it with your Quirk.” Aizawa said as he threw a softball towards Izuku, which he  caught with ease. “You can do whatever you want as long as you stay in the circle. Hurry up. Give it all you’ve got.”


Izuku walked to the circle as he began stretching to loosen up his muscles. He then activated One For All: Full Cowl as the scent of ozone filled the air around them and green sparks of lightning surrounded him.


‘I’ll only use 1%. There’s no need to go overboard.’ Izuku thought as he gripped the softball tightly. He took a step forward and arched his back and yelled-




The ball went flying through air as a gust of wind blew the students slightly off their feet.


Aizawa looked suspiciously at Izuku, ‘He’s holding back isn’t he? It doesn’t seem like he’s giving it his all.’


“Know your own maximum first.” Aizawa said as the ball hit the ground after a few seconds. “That is the most rational way to form the foundation of a Hero.” He held up his phone as it read 800 meters.


Class 1-A gasped in shock.


“800 meters? Seriously?” said a blonde student with a black electric bolt mark in his hair.


“What’s this? It looks fun!” said a pink skinned girl with yellow horns and yellow eyes.


“We can use our Quirks as much as we want! As expected from the Hero Course!”


“It looks fun, huh?” Aizawa said ominously. “You have three years to become a Hero. Will you have an attitude like that the whole time? All right. Whoever comes in last place in all eight tests will be judged to have no potential and will be punished with expulsion.”


“HUH?!” Most of the students of Class 1-A shouted.

“Aizawa, huh? It seems like Izuku is going to be facing a lot of suffering from the start.” Toshinori said as he looked at Shota Aizawa’s profile in the teacher directory.

‘Punished with expulsion?! If you get last place in all eight tests?’ Izuku thought as he somewhat couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He made eye contact with Momo, and she shook her head, signalling that Aizawa wasn’t being serious.


‘Oh I get it. He’s trying to decieve us so that we put in our absolute best effort and show what exactly our limits are. Pretty smart strategy.’ Izuku thought as he looked in sympathy at the nervous faces of his classmates.


“We’re free to do what we want about the circumstances of our students. Welcome to U.A.’s Hero Course!” Aizawa said as he moved his hair out of the way, showing his freaky smirking face.


Ochaco spoke up, “Last place will be expelled? But it's the first day of school! No, even if it wasn’t the first day of school, this is too unfair!”


“Natural disasters, big accidents, and selfish Villains. Calamities whose time or place can’t be predicted. Japan is covered with unfairness. Heroes are the ones who must bear the responsibility of balancing that unfairness. If you planned to go talk with your friends at the local McDonald's after school, then you’re sadly mistaken. For the next three years, U.A. will do all it can to give you one hardship after another. Go beyond. Plus Ultra. Overcome it with all you’ve got!”


Tenya took out his water bottle and began to drink, ‘This is too serious to be hazing. However, this is the best of the best. There is no choice but to do it.’


‘Oh I can’t wait to blast everything in my path!’ Bakugo thought


“All right, demonstration is over. The real thing starts now…. “

Test 1: 50-Meter Dash

The first test was the 50-meter dash. Two students will line up and race each other at a time. A camera like computer machine will read and measure each student’s time, and the student that gets the fastest time will get the highest score.


The first two students lined up ready to race are Tenya Iida and a green haired girl with large eyes with features similar to that of a frog.


On your mark… Get set… “ then the machine made the sound of a gunshot signalling the beginning of the race.


Tenya blasted off and was the first one to finish the race.


3.04 seconds, ” the computer stated as soon as Tenya passed the finish line. Shortly  after, the frog like girl was able to cross the finish line as well.


‘For 50 meters, I can only go up to third gear… ‘ Iida thought.


Name: Tenya Iida

Quirk: Engine- He has engines in his calves which allows him to move at super high speeds.


“Well, he’s like a fish in water. He’s certainly in his element. However, speed isn’t the only attribute that is essential for a Pro Hero. It’ll be worth seeing what others do.




Name: Tsuyu Asui

Quirk: Frog- Well, the name speaks for itself. She can do whatever a frog can!


Tsuyu’s 50-meter dash time was recorded as 5.58 seconds which is not too shabby.


“Lighten up my clothes and shoes... “


Name: Ochaco Uraraka

Quirk: Zero Gravity- Anything she touches will become weightless, and she will have absolute control over. However, her drawback is that is she overuses her Qurik, she will begin to become nauseous.


The machine made the gun shot sound as Ochaco and a blonde student with a large tail began to race. The boy with the tail crossed the finish line in 5.49 seconds while Ochaco did so in 7.15 seconds.


“Alright! That’s faster than I was in junior high!”


“Hmph, everyone you’re not being creative enough. I’ll show you what it's like to be allowed to use your Quirk!”


Name: Yuga Aoyama

Quirk: Navel Laser- He can shoot a laser from his bellybutton. But he’s limited by the amount of time he can shoot continuously.


5.51 seconds .”


“If I shoot for more than a second, I get a stomachache.”


“What the heck,” thought the various students of Class 1-A.


“Looking at the upper limit of your Quirks and the room for growth in each result, it becomes clear what you can and can’t do.” Aizawa said as he looked at the last two students getting ready to race. They were none other than Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo.


On your mark…


Izuku looked to his left and gave Bakugo a thumbs up, “Let’s do our best Kaachan!”


Bakugo smirked, “Yeah, yeah. Just try not to fall too far behind me okay Deku!”


Get set…


Izuku called upon his Full Cowl mode as he decided to also use 1% in this test.


‘That will connect to the creativity needed for you to survive,’ Aizawa thought as the gun shot sound went off and both students blasted off.


“Explosive speed!” Bakugo shouted as he ignited his hands with explosives that allowed him to get a boost of speed.


3.06 seconds


Bakugo was shocked midway through the race as he saw that Izuku had already passed the finish line before him.


4.13 seconds”


Bakugo finished the race shortly after.


Name: Katsuki Bakugo

Quirk: Explosion- He can create explosions from the palms of his hands


“When I use both hands, the force disperses… “ Bakugo looked towards Izuku in annoyance. ‘He’d better than I thought. It looks like I’m going to have to bring my A game!’


‘There are seven more tests. The more I use One For All, the more stamina it drains. Same goes for my Ki. So I’m going to have to use both Quirks wisely if I’m going to be consistent and efficient in the remaining tests.’ Izuku thought as he felt the two energies circulating through his energy.


Aizawa stared at Izuku for a couple of seconds. He knew he was holding back a lot of power…

Test 2: Grip Strength

Focus on the water in the glass cup… don’t let it overflow… come on Izuku don’t go overboard!’ Izuku thought as he summoned 1% of One For All and gripped the device in his hand tightly.


* BEEP *


Izuku opened his eyes as he was shocked to see that his grip strength was 535 kilograms!


“Wow, I guess that weight training with Toshinori-Sensei really paid off.


“Woah, you got a monster high score just like Shoji! What do you two guys eat!?” Sero said to Izuku as he and Mineta were envious of Izuku’s raw power. He looked over to see a student who was also about 6’2 with tentacle arms get a score of 540 kilograms. He was the only one to get higher than Izuku

Test 3: Standing Long Jump

Like Bakugo and Aoyama who went before him, Izuku was able to completely jump over the sand and land on the other side. He could’ve just flew over it, but he thought that was kind of cheating.

Test 4: Repeated Side Steps

Izuku used 1% of One For All and kept on side stepping nonstop, but after a while he decided to stop as it got kind of boring. He wanted to give others a chance to shine. The last person to go was Mineta and he was the only to get a higher score than Izuku since he used his purple balls to bounce him back and forth with little to no effort. Izuku sweatdropped at the display as he wasn’t expecting that!

Test 5: Ball Throw

Since Izuku already did this exercise, he wasn’t required to do it again. Bakugo got a score of 705.2 meters. He began to throw a tantrum complaining about how Deku shouldn’t be above him in anything and that he was Number One! You know, the usual.


Momo created a cannon and was able to fire the softball about 767 meters. Izuku congratulated her and praised her Qurik as it was one of the most useful and versatile he has ever seen. She would surely make a good Pro Hero. Of course, Momo blushed at the praise but she did her best hide it.


When it was Ochaco’s turn, she used her Zero Gravity Quirk on the ball and threw it as it kept on floating and floating until it became a twinkle star in the sky as it went into space.


Aizawa showed what his phone read, and everybody was aghast to see that it read a pink infinity symbol.


“Infinity?!” Class 1-A shouted


“That’s amazing! She got infinity!”


“Well, I guess she got me beat in this test.” Izuku said as he sweatdropped and chuckled.

Test 6: Sit-ups

Every stood there gobsmacked as they couldn’t believe their eyes. Izuku was currently doing continuous sit ups without breaking a sweat. Everybody had long stopped doing their sets. Bakugo tried to keep up with Izuku but it was too much for him and he was forced to stop as his body could not go on. Izuku wasn’t aware of this as he was deep in his thoughts. He was only using 1% of One For All which was practically nothing for him since it didn’t consume much of his stamina. After a couple of more minutes, Aizawa decided that he’s seen enough.


“Alright, Midoriya you can stop now. You’ve shown enough, I’ll put you in the Number One spot for this activity.” Aizawa said as he looked at his phone and put everybody in their spots for the sit-ups test.


“Huh?” Izuku said as he looked up to see everybody staring at him. He blushed in embarrassment as he rubbed the back of his head nervously. “Guess I kind of spaced out huh?”

Test 7: Seated toe-touch

Due to Izuku’s high pain tolerance, and strong hamstring muscles, he was able to stretch the longest distance. One would think that his size and strength would prevent him from being able to be as flexible as he is, but All Might made sure during their training that Izuku was as fast and agile as he is strong. This allowed him to be flexible so that Villains wouldn’t be able to exploit that kind of weakness.


“Okay just one more test and we’re done!” Izuku said as he prepared for the next trial.

Test 8: Long-distance run

After about 15 minutes, the only two people that were still running around the field were Izuku and Momo. Since Izuku had only been using 1% of One For All throughout all of the tests, he had plenty of stamina left so he was easily able to keep running after everyone else who already tired themselves out. The reason Momo was still there was because she created a bicycle that allowed her to easily keep up with Izuku.


“You weren’t kidding when you said you could create anything,” Izuku said as Momo caught up with him.


“How in the world are you able to keep on running like that. Aren’t you tired?” Momo asked in between breaths as she began sweating.


Izuku shook his head, “Not really. I train practically everyday for hours upon hours. So an exercise like this is really nothing for me. It's barely even a warm up for me.”


After that, 15 more minutes passed and Momo was forced to stop as her legs couldn’t keep on pedaling forever.


After Izuku stopped running, the entire class waited patiently for the results.


After arranging all of the spots, Aizawa looked at the class and said, “Okay I’ve got the results, but there seems to be a problem.”


Aizawa’s hair then began to go up as his eyes turned red and his scarf spread and launched towards Izuku and pulled him closer to Aizawa. Izuku was caught off guard as he sensed Aizawa’s Power Level rise dramatically. Around Aizawa’s neck was a pair of yellow goggles.


Izuku gasped as he saw them, “Those goggles… I see! You can erase other people’s Quirks with your Quirk just by looking at them. The Erasure Hero: Eraser Head!”


“Eraser! I don’t know him.”


“I’ve heard of him. He’s an underground Hero.”


Unbeknownst to the students and teacher, All Might was hiding in the corner observing all of the events unfolding.


He doesn’t like media attention because he says it hinders his work. That’s right, Young Midoriya. He and I don’t get along.


“From what I can tell, you have been holding back a lot of power haven’t you?” Aizawa said as Izuku widened his eyes as he was shocked to find out that Aizawa was able to find out that he has not been putting in his all.


“The purpose of this Quirk assessment test is to gauge your abilities and figure out your limits so that we as teachers can help you improve and prepare you in order to become the best Pro Hero, you can possibly become. But instead, you decided to willingly hold back when your potential is much higher than what you have shown.”


Aizawa then let go of Izuku as his eyes and hair went back to normal, “You scored the highest number of points in the Practical Exam history for a reason. Show us why exactly that is. Don’t let your potential go to waste. That is not rational!”


Aizawa took out his eye drops and began to take care of his dry eyes, “Go ahead and redo all of the tests. And this time, don’t hold back. If I catch you holding back even a little, then you will be the one going home.” Aizawa said as Izuku widened his eyes.


Izuku walked over to the 50-meter dash site. ‘Alright! From here on out, I’m going to have to use 20%!’ Izuku thought as the green lightning grew bigger around him and his aura became denser.


On your mark… get set…”


The gun shot sound went off as Izuku immediately went running faster than the naked eye can see. There was a sonic boom as strong winds blew everyone back a couple feet.


0.15 seconds


Aizawa smirked, “Now that’s what I want to see.”


Tenya was speechless, ‘What in the world!? That’s stupid fast! He was holding back that much power this entire time?’


The rest of Class 1-A had similar thoughts as they have never seen a kid their age go at such ridiculous speeds.


Izuku was also shocked at his own speed, “What the hell? That has to be some sort of record. I wasn’t expecting that!”


After everybody calmed down and picked up their jaws from the floor, Izuku redid the grip strength test. When he used 20% of One For All , he completely broke the device as his grip strength was way too strong to be read.


Sero and Mineta cried out in shock, “WHAT! THERE’S NO WAY THAT’S POSSIBLE! HE’S NOT HUMAN!”


After that, Izuku did the standing long jump again. This time he decided to completely fly over it and land on the other side of the field.


For the repeated side steps, Izuku was moving so fast that the machine couldn’t keep up and it said ‘Error’ and just counted Izuku’s score as infinity.


Izuku began to scare some of his classmates, it seemed like there was no limit to his power.


For the ball throw, Aizawa decided that he needed to see more. “Midoriya, remember when you were able to completely vaporize the Zero Pointer during the Practical Exam? I want you to use that same power, but this time, don’t pass out and completely break your arms. In order for you to become a Pro Hero, you can’t always destroy your own body and think that every time somebody is going to save you. You have to learn to control your power. And if you can’t… then well I guess we won’t be seeing you in U.A. anymore.” Aizawa said as he put the most pressure on Izuku that he possible could.


Tenya began to worry, “Why is Mr. Aizawa putting this much pressure on Midoriya? Hasn’t he proved himself already?”


Bakugo replied with, “He better come up with something or else he’s done for. He better not get expelled or I’ll kill him!”


‘Come on Izuku-kun, you got this! I believe in you!’ Momo thought as she also began to worry for her friend.


‘He said to show him the same power I used against the Zero Pointer. He must mean when I combined both my Ki and One For All into one. But if I do that, then I’ll collapse. What do I do, what do I do?’ Izuku thought nervously. Just then a light bulb lit up in his head as he finally got an idea.


“Alright, it's all or nothing then.”


Izuku then took off his training weights which together weighs 50 tons. As soon as they hit the ground, it created a dust cloud and shook the earth that resembled a mini earthquake.


“What the hell is that!? Don’t tell me he has had that on him all this time!” Mineta shouted as he and the rest of Class 1-A were wondering just how the hell Izuku was even able to move with all of that weight on him.


“Okay, now that I’m nice and loose, let’s get this show on the road!” Izuku said as he activated Full Cowl 20%. He gripped the ball nice and hard prepared to throw it. “I have to give it my all. If not, then how can I dare call myself a Hero?!”


All Might saw what Izuku was about to do, “ Hey, hey, is he serious?


‘I have to work a lot harder than everyone else if I want to become the Number One Hero! That’s why, with all my strength… I’ll do what I can right now!’


Right before Izuku threw the softball, his right index finger ignited with a yellow light which is a sign of him using his Ki. The energy mixed with the green electric power of One For All as the two energies focused on one point and combined to create an even greater power. Izuku yelled with all his might…




The ball launched into the air as it went so fast that it created a sonic boom that created a whirlwind that forced everybody present to cover their face so that dust doesn’t get into their eyes.


‘It doesn’t hurt as much as before… ‘


Izuku’s index finger was completely broken as it was now an ugly purple color.


When the ball finally hit the ground, Aizawa looked at his phone as it read 80 kilometers.


“Mr. Aizawa… “


Said teacher looked towards Izuku as he looked at him in the eye and smirked pridefully as he closed his fist with the broken finger.


“I can still move!”


Aizawa smiled in returned with his freaky face, “This kid!”


I came because I was worried, but what the heck, young man?! You still couldn’t control both One For All and Ki at the same time, but you also couldn’t become incapacitated. So, you propelled the ball at the last point of contact by sending the power of One For All and your Ki at the same time to just your fingertip, minimizing the injury while maximizing the power… ! ’ All Might thought as he felt so much pride in the fact that his Successor was able to defy the odds once again.


What the heck, young man?! YOU’RE SO COOL!


Chapter Text

Chapter 4: Deku Vs. Kacchan!



A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

“80 KILOMETERS!?” Multiple members of Class 1-A cried out in shock as they were once again had their jaws dropped thanks to witnessing the absolute raw power of none other than Izuku Midoriya.


“Yay! That’s amazing, I knew he could do it!” Ochaco cheered as she was happy that Izuku isn’t going to be expelled thanks to exceeding everyone’s expectations once again.


“Nice job as always Izuku-kun,” Momo said as she crossed her arms.


“His finger is swollen! He also broke his arms during the Entrance Exam as well. His Quirk is really powerful but it is also very strange. I have never seen anything like it. He truly is one of a kind.” Tenya said with his finger resting on his chin as he pondered about Izuku’s abilities and his unique powers.


“It’s not very stylish,” Ayoma said, but everybody ignored him.


However, the one that was the most surprised out of the group was Bakugo as he had his mouth open gaping at Izuku’s magnificent softball throw.


‘Wh-What’s with that power?! Everyone’s Quirks manifest by the age of four. This is unthinkable. No! Its blasphemous! Unbelievable! But it's happening right in front of me. You’re trying to tell me that he got THIS strong in the span of 10 months!’ Bakugo yelled in his head as he thought back to the first time Izuku’s “Quirk” appeared which was when Izuku saved Bakugo from the Sludge Villain. The memory brought a sour taste to the ash blond boy’s mouth.


“What is the meaning of this… ?” Bakugo said as he ignited an explosion in his right hand. He then ran towards Izuku head on as he yelled in pure rage, “Tell me what’s going on, Deku, you bastard! How did you get so ridiculously powerful!?”


“Oh crap!” Izuku cried in fear as he still hadn’t recovered from the self inflicting injury he suffered due to using Ki and One For All in one attack. And a super angry Katsuki Bakugo, with an explosion with Izuku’s name on it, was the complete opposite of what he needed at the moment.


But right before Bakugo could even lay a finger on the Izuku, Aizawa detained him using his grey scarf which completely immobilized Bakugo as for some reason the grey cloth just wouldn’t budge.


“What the--? Why is your scarf so damn hard…!” Bakugo said as he grit his teeth as he tried to break free but to no avail. It also didn’t help that his Quirk was deactivated as well.


“Because it is a weapon for capture made of carbon fiber woven together with metal wire made of a special alloy. Jeez.. You kids keep making me use my Quirk over and over again. I have dry eyes!” Aizawa said as his hair was elevated upward and eyes were now glowing red signalling that he was using his Erasure Quirk to immobilize Bakugo. Izuku raised his eyebrows impressed at the high Power Level he sensed from Aizawa.


“It’s such a waste, since his Quirk is so amazing!” All of the students from Class 1-A said simultaneously as they sweatdropped at their teacher’s Quirk’s lame drawback.


Name: Shota Aizawa

Quirk: Erasure- He can erase the Quirks of those he looks at. The effect goes away when he blinks! Mutant type Quirks are immune to Erasure and the Quirk won’t work if his line of sight is obstructed from the intended target.


Aizawa deactivated his Quirk and let go of Bakugo. “We’re wasting time. Midoriya you don’t have to redo the remaining three tests since the result will be the same anyway. So to not waste any more of our time, let me redo my calculations and I’ll reveal the results in a moment.”


Izuku looked at Bakugo for a second and went towards the rest of the class as he left Bakugo in the middle of the field sulking.


“Is your finger all right?” Ochaco asked Izuku as she recognized that his injury is similar to the ones he sustained in the Entrance Exam when he saved her by destroying the Zero Pointer.


“Oh, yeah. It is no big deal. I’ve handled worse….”


As they were conversing, Katsuki remained in the middle of the field as he tightened his fists in anger.


‘Until a little while ago, he was just a pebble on the side of the road.’ Katsuki thought as childhood memories involving him and Izuku resurfaced his mind.


You’re so lucky, Kacchan. Your Quirk is so cool! I hope I get mine soon, too.” Kid Izuku said as he and Kid Katsuki were walking in a forest. Kid Katsuki had a fishing net in his hand and Kid Izuku was trudging behind him.


“No matter what Quirk you get, you will never beat me Deku….”


‘A pebble… on the side of the road!’ Bakugo thought as he grit his teeth.


After about 2 to 3 minutes, Aizawa was finally ready with the test results. He walked over to the group of students and said, “Okay, I’ll quickly tell you the results. The total is simply the marks you got from each test. It is a waste of time to explain verbally, so I’ll show you the results all at once.” Aizawa clicked a button on his phone as a blue hologram projection appeared showing a list that ranked all of the students’ scores from highest to lowest. The results were as follows-



  • Izuku Midoriya
  • Momo Yaoyorozu
  • Shoto Todoroki
  • Katsuki Bakugo
  • Tenya Iida
  • Fumikage Tokoyami
  • Mezo Shoji
  • Mashirao Ojiro
  • Eijirou Kirishima
  • Mina Ashido
  • Ochaco Uraraka
  • Koji Koda
  • Rikido Sato
  • Tsuyu Asui
  • Yuga Aoyama
  • Hanta Sero
  • Denki Kaminari
  • Kyoka Jiro
  • Toru Hagakure
  • Minoru Mineta



Mineta eyes began to tear up as he saw that he got last place in the Quirk Assessment Test. “N-No way! I’m getting expelled on the first day!” But right before he started to sob fully, Aizawa cut him off.


“By the way, I was lying about the expulsion. No one is going home.”


“........” All of Class 1-A besides Izuku and Momo were speechless as their eyes were as wide as saucers.


Aizawa smirked as he made his trademark freaky face, “It was a rational deception to draw out the upper limits of your Quirks.”


“WHAT?!” Class 1-A yelled besides Izuku and Momo as the rest of the class did not take kindly to being deceived so easily.


“Of course that was a lie. It should’ve been obvious if you just thought it through. It's the first day of school for crying out loud. I’m sorry, I guess I should’ve said something.” Momo said.


‘Yeah, you should have!’ Thought Jiro, Kaminari, and Mineta simultaneously.


“Yeah, sorry guys, but it was probably the only way to keep you from holding back. So I also didn’t say anything!” Izuku said as he smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head like he always does.




“That was a little nerve-wracking, huh?” Sero said as he turned to talk to Kirishima.


“I’ll take up the challenge anytime!” Kirishima replied as he showed his cocky persona.


Bakugo just scoffed in annoyance, probably because he got 4th overall in the Quirk Assessment Test and Izuku was Number One. Something that he had never even considered being possible.


“With that, we’re done here. There are handouts with the curriculum and such in the classroom so when you get back, look over them.” Aizawa then walked towards Izuku with a slip of paper in his hand.


“Midoriya, have the old lady fix you in the nurse’s office. Tomorrow will be packed with even more rigorous tests. Prepare yourself. We can’t have you going home with a broken finger.” Aizawa said as he gave Izuku the slip of paper and walked away.


Izuku looked at the slip of paper as he was immersed in his thoughts, ‘I got through this for now. I may be strong, but there are still things that I can’t do. I made it to first place, so I have a good head start. But I have a much to learn from here on out in regards to becoming a Pro Hero. I just need to make sure I keep working working hard to get closer and closer to achieving my dream!’


Aizawa, you liar!


“Oh, good morning All Might. So you were watching? You got too much time on your hands?” Aizawa said as he passed by All Might when he was on his way back inside.


“ ‘A rational deception’ you said? Haha nice joke, but April Fools was last week. You punished a whole class of last year’s first-years with expulsion. You cut those you judge to be without hesitation. For a man like that to take back his words--That must be because you also felt it too right? Izuku Midoriya’s RAW POTENTIAL! ” All Might bellowed as he pointed at Aizawa.


Aizawa began to have a suspicious look on his face as he a knowing smirk appeared on his face, “ ‘Also’? You seem to be supporting him quite a bit. Is it too far fetched to say that maybe you have been giving Young Midoriya a little favoritism?”


All MIght widened his eyes as he realized his mistake, ‘ Crap! I need to be more careful with the way I speak about Izuku towards others!’


Is that how a teacher should be acting?” Aizawa started to walk away but he decided to say one last thing before he and All Might parted ways, “It’s true what you say. He does have an enormous amount of potential, probably the most potential a U.A. student has ever had. But ‘potential’ will only get you so far in this world. Execution is what matters. There are still many things he needs to learn in order for him to become a Pro Hero . For one, he needs to stop that habit of holding back and letting his guard down. A mistake like that could cost his or other people’s lives if he’s not careful. I will always cut those without potential. There’s nothing crueler than letting a dream end midway.”


That was the last thing he said before he walked off leaving All Might to his own devices.


All Might grimaced as he heard Aizawa’s harsh, but true words. All Might knew firsthand what it was like to make a costly mistake against a Villain because of a stupid rookie mistake such as letting his guard down. It was exactly how he received the life threatening injury to his stomach that could’ve ended his career 6 years ago.


So you’re being kind in your own way, huh, Aizawa? *Sigh* I guess we don’t really get along after all.”

Classes were now over as the first day of U.A. High School for Izuku Midoriya ended. A bunch of students were leaving the front gates as they conversed with one another speaking about the first day went for them, how the classes and the teachers were and what not. The first day of the school year always has the most energy more than most of the days in the school year.


“I’m so tired… “ Izuku said as he walked out the main gates of U.A., feeling very fatigued as he did.


Just then, a strong hand grabbed Izuku’s right shoulder. He already knew who the person was since he felt the person’s energy signature about 30 second before they even touched him.


Izuku turned around and greeted them, “Hey Iida, what’s up?”


Iida raised his eyebrows at the nonchalant attitude that the green haired young man was displaying but push that thought aside, “Is your finger healed? Yeah, thanks to Recovery Girl.” Izuku said as he showed Tenya his bandaged finger.


Flashback…. Nurse’s Office




Recovery Girl kissed Izuku’s broken finger as a green light illuminated it and healed it completely.


“Wow! Its healed! But I suddenly feel very tired, I need a nap… “ Izuku said groggily as he instantly felt the fatigue kicking in.


“My Quirk can only stimulate a person’s healing ability. Healing requires stamina. If you keep getting major injuries, you’ll use too much stamina and end up dying instead, so be careful.” Recovery Girl said as she gave Izuku candy so that can he regain some energy.


“I’ll end up dying instead?!” Izuku cried in horror as in his head he imagined a chibi version of him dead from breaking due to breaking all of his bones and Recovery Girl having to heal him, only for it to end in tragedy.


“Sh*t! I need to be more fuc*ing careful!” Izuku swore as he started sweating nervously and muttering incoherently.


“Watch your language young man!” Recovery Girl yelled as she smacked him upside the head.


“Yes ma’am!” Izuku said as he rubbed his head.


Back to the Present…


‘I can’t just keep getting help from others. I have to hurry up and learn to control and master my two Quirks.’ Izuku said mentally as he and Iida walked side by side.


“I was really taken in by Mr. Aizawa. I even thought, ‘This is the best of the best’ and such. I didn’t think a teacher would encourage us with a lie. But it seemed to have work out in the end. Although I think threatening you with expulsion was pushing it a little, but I guess it was necessary in the end.” Iida said as he crossed his arms.


‘I thought Iida was scary, but he’s just earnest and takes his education and training really seriously. That’s actually a very important trait to have when you’re aspiring to become a Pro Hero!’ Izuku thought as he was impressed by Tenya Iida’s diligence.


“Hey! You two! You’re heading to the train station right!? Wait for us!” Ochaco shouted as she and Momo walked towards Izuku and Tenya.


“Uraraka? Momo-chan?”


“Oh, you’re the infinity girl and the girl who got second place in the Quirk Assessment Test right behind Midoriya.” Tenya said as the two young ladies caught up them.


“I’m Ochaco Uraraka. Yaoyorozu said she was friends with Midoriya and I thought we could all head to the train station together!” Ochaco said in her cheery voice.


“Yeah, I was trying to catch up with you guys and I thought why not bring her along.” Momo said as she smiled.


“Okay, let’s see if I can get this right! Um, you’re Tenya Iida,” Ochaco said as she pointed at Iida. “... and you’re Deku Midoriya, right?”


Izuku widened his eyes as he didn’t expect her to know that name, “DEKU?!”


“Huh? But during the fitness test, the boy named Bakugo said-- ‘ Deku, you bastard! ’ Right?”


“Uh…. my real name is Izuku, but D-Deku is what Kacchan calls me to make fun of me...It means ‘good for nothing’, ‘worthless’, ‘trash’ and that I will never amount to anything…” Izuku said as he rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.


“An insult? That’s not a nice way to greet a fellow classmate!”


“Oh, is that right? I’m sorry, I didn’t know. But ‘Deku’ sounds like the Japanese word for ‘You can do it!’ It has some sort of ‘never give up’ vibe, so I kinda like it!”


“DEKU IT IS!” Izuku said immediately with no hesitation as he his face was bright red.


“What?! But Midoriya, you’re accepting it too easily! Wasn’t that an insult?” Tenya said as he was perplexed by the situation.


“It’s like a Copernican Revolution… “ Izuku mumbled as he hid his blushing face with his hands comically.


“Co-pe?” Ochaco asked confused as she didn’t get the reference that Izuku was making.


Momo giggled as she shook her head, being the only one who actually understood what Izuku was talking about.


Pushing that aside, the group of four began to walk towards the train station conversing on the way there.


‘There are so many things I can’t do yet. I have to work hard and do my best. This is the only the beginning of my journey to becoming a Hero. But, Toshinori-Sensei, I can at least be happy that I have friends, right?’ Izuku thought as he finally had people who he can call friends. It has been a while, since he has socialized with his classmates or other people in his school. It made him feel happy inside that now his life was finally taking a step forward from the darkness and hopelessness it used to be. This was the beginning of his path to becoming a Hero…


Meanwhile in the Teacher’s Lounge…


Toshinori was sitting down as he stared at the Hero Costume that was currently in his hands.


‘You don’t have time to relax, Izuku, my boy. The real thing starts tomorrow… prepare yourself for the trials to come….’

The Next Day…


The curriculum of U.A. High’s Hero Course: Regular required classes, like English, in the morning…


“Which of these English sentences is wrong?” Present Mic asked as he wrote down these four sentences on the chalkboard…



  • The man whom I respect most is my father
  • That is the house in which he lived
  • I well remember the day on which we both met
  • Please tell me that all you know



‘So normal… ‘ Mina, Kaminari and Jiro thought simultaneously.


‘So damn boring,’ Katsuki thought as he rested his head on his hand.


“Everybody, heads up! Let’s get this party started!” Present Mic bellowed as he tried to get his students to be more enthusiastic.


‘The relative pronoun is in the wrong place in number 4,’ Izuku said mentally as already knew the answer as soon as Present Mic wrote the problem on the board, but he wanted to give his classmates a chance to answer the questions as Izuku isn’t the type of person to hog all of the spotlight.


Momo raised her hand since nobody else was doing anything.


“Okay, Yaoyorozu, come on!” Present Mic said as Momo proceeded to answer the question correctly.


Lunch is at the main cafeteria, where students can buy gourmet food for reasonable prices.


“White rice is great comfort food, isn’t it?” Lunch Rush: The Cook Hero said.


“Yeah.” Ochaco said as she chewed the delicious dish in delight.


Of course, Izuku was gushing and fanboying over meeting another one of his favorite Pro Heroes in person. Yeah, nothing new there…


And then in the afternoon, Class 1-A finally has Hero Basic Training!


I am…


Izuku smirked as he knew exactly who it was.




All Might burst through the door very dramatically which was not normal at all.


“It’s All Might!” Kaminari said excitedly as he truly was hyped to be taught by none other than the Number One Hero.


“Wow, he really is a teacher!” Kirishima said


“That’s a costume from the Silver Age, isn’t it?” Tsuyu said observantly.


“Its style is so different, it's giving me goosebumps.” Ojiro stated as bead of sweat rolled down his cheek.


All Might marched to the teacher’s podium, “I teach Hero Basic Training. It is a subject where you train in different ways to learn the basics of being a Hero. You will the take the most units of this subject. Let’s get right into it! This is what we’ll today-- Combat Training!” All Might exclaimed as he held a card that read the word, ‘BATTLE’.


Katsuki smirked in anticipation, “Combat…”


“... Training.” Izuku finished as he to was smirking. He couldn’t lie, he was just as excited for Kacchan. Just the thought of fighting made him shake in excitement. He knew first hand, what it was like, training with the Symbol of Peace. So he couldn’t wait to see just what exactly they’ll be doing next. His tail began wagging back forth as he anticipated for what’s coming.


And to go with that are these!


All Might pointed to the wall as from holes installed there, came out numbered boxes from 1 through 20.


These are costumes made based on your Quirk registrations and requests you sent in before school started.


Students cheered in delight as they couldn’t wait to try their new costumes on.


“Costumes!” Izuku said


After you change, gather in Ground Beta!


“Yes, sir!”


At Ground Beta


( Music: Boku no Hero Academia OST - "Hero A" )


All Might stood at Ground Beta waiting for his students to arrive.


After a couple of seconds, figures can be seen coming out through the tunnel.


They say the clothes make the man, young men and ladies. Be fully aware… From now on… you are Heroes!


As he said that, students from Class 1-A all entered through the tunnel suited up ready to face whatever challenge that may come their way. All of the students had costumes that best suited their Quirks in one way, shape, or form. They were also aesthetically pleasing to look at as all of the costumes were unique and best fit the young aspiring Heroes in training and their personalities.


All MIght smiled as he greatly approved of everybody’s gear, “That’s great, everyone. You all look cool! Now, shall we begin, you zygotes?


( Music End )


The clothing allowance. Before they enrolled in U.A. High, all of the students in the Hero Course submitted their Quirk registration, physical measurements, and desired designs so a support company exclusive with the school could prepare state-of-the-art costumes for them. It truly is a remarkable and useful system.


Flashback to Three Weeks ago


“I need to go to city hall to get my Quirk registration for the clothing allowance.” Izuku said as he sat on his couch with papers spread all around the table. He got caught up with all of the training with All Might that he forgot to send in his request for his costume. And he left it for the last minute.


“Oh wait, but I’m already registered as ‘Quirkless’... Oh crap, what should I do…?”


He decided to call Toshinori for help.


“Quirk registration? Oh yeah, you can update that.” Toshinori said blatantly as he sat in the teacher’s lounge.


“Wait, really?! Just like that?”


Toshinori chuckled, “Everyone is examined and registered all at once when they enter elementary school and junior high, right? But there are cases where people discover their Quirks are not what they thought they were. So you’re allowed to update it once or twice. They won’t accept outrageous changes, but if you had ‘none’ before, it's probably fine.”


“I’m home!” Inko yelled from the front door.


Izuku got nervous because she could find out All Might and Izuku’ secret so he panicked and hung up by accident.


“Damn it, I hung up by mistake. I’ll have to apologize to Toshinori-Sensei later.”


Back to the Present…


Izuku jogged through the tunnel as he was little behind everyone else. It took him a little more time to get into his costume, so he had to hurry or else everybody will wonder where he’s at.


‘I saw this in a dream… it felt so real. And I guess I took inspiration from it. I couldn't get it out of my head. So I drew the model in Hero Journal: Number 14. I liked the way it looked and it just stuck to me. I sent the design to the support company making sure that I got all of the detail accurate and listed exactly everything I needed. And now that I’m wearing it, I’m happy I did… ‘ Izuku thought to himself as he neared the entrance.


He finally entered Ground Beta as everybody had their eyes on his costume.


His costume consisted of the Saiyan Armor with a dark blue chest plate with green stripes. He had red cutted pants with black and green boots with red wristbands. He also wore white gloves. Izuku held a red headband in his hand as he brought it up to his forehead, tightened it and put it on. He has his tail wrapped around his waist. He was wearing the same exact gear that Bardock, the Father of Son Goku wore…


‘This is my costume!’


“Oh, Deku-kun?” Ochaco said once she noticed that Izku arrived on Ground Beta.


“Uraraka!” Izuku said, but once he got a good look at Ochaco’s costume, his face began to flush.


“That looks so cool! I have never seen a costume like that on any kind of Hero. Very original and unique. I should’ve written what I wanted… Mine ended up being a skintight bodysuit. It's embarrassing…”


“The Hero Course is the best.” Mineta said as he gave Izuku a thumbs up


All Might saw Izuku’s battle armor, and he was really impressed. He was worried that Izuku may try to emulate All Might’s costume and copy it since he looked up to the Symbol of Peace so much. But All Might is glad that Izuku is trying to find his own identity and not be a blatant copy of himself.


All Might saw that everybody was ready so he began to give directions, “ Now, it's time for combat training!


“Sir! This is a battle center from the Entrance Exam, so will we be conducting urban battles again?” Iida asked


No, we’re going to move ahead two steps. Most of the time, fighting villains takes place outside, but if you look at the total numbers, atrocious Villains appear indoors at a higher rate. Imprisonment, house arrest, backroom deals--In this society filled with Heroes, truly intelligent Villains hide in the shadows! For this class, you’ll be split into Villains and Heroes, and fight 2-on-2 indoor battles.


“Without basic training?” Tsuyu asked.


This is a real battle to understand those basics! However, the key this time is that there’s no robot you can just beat up.


“How will wins and losses be determined?” Now it was Momo’s turn to ask a question.


“Can we beat them up anyway?” Of course Bakugo would ask a question like that. Who else?


“Will the punishment be expulsion like with Mr. Aizawa?” Ochaco asked as she didn’t want that kind of pressure again.


“How shall we be split up?” Asked Tenya


“Isn’t this cape crazy?” Aoyama said randomly and completely off topic.


All Might began to become overwhelmed as he wasn’t used to being a teacher so being asked like 50 questions at once was kind of new to him. “ I’ll answer all of your questions! Now listen here. ” All Might brought out his teaching notes.


‘A script? Is he being for real right now?’ Izuku thought with a sweatdrop as he found amusement in his Teacher and Idol’s antics.


The situation is that the Villains have hidden a nuclear weapon somewhere in their hideout. The Heroes are trying to dispose of that. The Heroes need to catch the Villains or get the nuclear weapon back in the alloted time. The Villains need to protect the nuclear weapon for the whole time or catch the Heroes. ” All Might explained.


“Wow this situation feels very American.” Izuku commented.


All Might brought out a yellow box, “ Teams and opponents will be determined by drawing lots!


“They’re being decided so haphazardly?” Tenya asked as he thought the selection would be more organized.


“Actually Iida, this is a smart system. Just think about it, Pros often have to create makeshift teams with Heroes from other agencies. An important part of being a Pro Hero is that you must be able to adapt to any scenario you may come across and cooperate accordingly for the benefit of the mission.” Izuku pointed out.


Iida nodded his head as he understood Izuku’s point, “I see. The discernment to look ahead… Please excuse my rudeness!” Iida said as he bowed.


It’s fine! Let’s hurry up and do this quickly! ” All Might bellowed as the students went and drew their lots to see who they were paired up with.


These were the teams that were made random,


Team A- Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka


Team B- Shoto Todoroki and Mezo Shoji


Team C- Momo Yaoyorozu and Minoru Mineta


Team D- Katsuki Bakugo and Tenya Iida


Team E- Mina Ashido and Yuga Aoyama


Team F- Rikido Sato and Koji Koda


Team G- Denki Kaminari and Kyoka Jiro


Team H- Fumikage Tokoyami and Tsuyu Asui


Team I- Mashirao Ojiro and Toru Hagakure


Team J- Eijirou Kirishima and  Hanta Sero


“Wow, Deku-kun we’re on the same team! It must be fate! I’m counting on you!” Ochaco said cheerfully as she was excited over the fact that she and Izuku will be working together.


Izuku gave her an enthusiastic thumbs up, “Yeah, let’s do our best Uraraka!”


All Might place his hands in two boxes, a white one labeled ‘HERO’ and a black one labeled ‘VILLAIN’. “ The first teams to fight will be… “ All Might dramatically took his hands out and in his hands appeared a black ball labeled ‘D’ and a white ball labeled ‘A’, “ ... these guys! Team A will be the Heroes, and Team D will be the Villains!


Izuku and Katsuki both gasped, as they didn’t expect to be fighting each other so soon, ‘Well I guess I would have to go up against Kaachan sooner or later. So we might as well get this over with.’


‘Oh hell yeah, PERFECT! I get to crush Deku with my own hands right off the bat!’


Everyone else, head toward the monitor room.


“Yes, sir!”


Besides the four students participating, the students of Class 1-A did as they were told and left to go to the monitor room to watch the battle that was about to unfold.


Izuku looked towards Katsuki and saw that he was giving him a mean glare. So to annoy him, Izuku decided to glare at him back and give him a cocky smirk. Bakugo was taken aback by this gesture and just got even angrier as he made a silent growl.


Villain team, go in first and set up! In five minutes, the Hero team will break in, and the battle will start!


“Yes, sir!” The students minus Bakugo said as the Villain team began to make their way into the building.


Young Iida, Young Bakugo, learn to think from the perspective of the Villains. This is pretty close to a real battle. Go all out. Don’t be afraid to get hurt.


A“Yes, sir!” Iida replied


“If things go too far, I will stop it.


“Yes, sir!”


All the while, Katsuki looked towards Izuku who was doing warm up stretches getting ready for the battle that will commence in five minutes. Just looking Deku, made Kaachan growl in anger.


When the Villain team made it to the floor where the fake nuclear weapon was located, Iida began to speak, “Even if this is training, it pains me to become a Villain. So our job is to protect this?” He proceeded to knock on the fake weapon, “It’s papier-mâché.”




Tenya turned around to see that Katsuki had his back turned towards him, “Deku has pretty strong Quirk doesn’t he?”


“Well yeah, you saw that extraordinary strength, didn’t you? It appears to carry a lot of risk, though… However, you seem to be especially angry when it comes to Midoriya… “


Bakugo was shaking in anger as a certain thought came to his mind, ‘Has he been tricking me all this time?! Playing me for a fool when in reality he had a strong Quirk all along! That damn nerd!’


Meanwhile, the Hero team was still outside discussing battle strategies.


“It’s a lot of work to memorize the building's floor plan. But All Might is just the same as when he’s on TV. Unlike Mr. Aizawa, it looks like there’s no punishment, so we can relax and-- YOU’RE NOT RELAXED AT ALL!” Ochaco exclaimed as Izuku was visibly shaking. However, it wasn't because of nervousness, but it was because of excitement.


“Well, it's because we’re going up against Kacchan… And there’s Iida, too, so I feel like I need to be on guard… “


“I see. Bakugo’s the one who makes fun of you, right?” Ochaco said as she remembered what Izuku told her yesterday about him giving the name ‘Deku’ to Izuku as an insult.


Izuku sighed, “He’s amazing.”


“I’ll definitely surpass All Might and become the top Hero!”


“Yeah he can be really annoying and a jerk, but his goal, his confidence, his physical strength, and his Quirk are were way more amazing than mine.” Izuku then stood to his full height and tightly balled his fists, “But that’s all in the past! Now, I have my own power, my own confidence, my own drive, and my own goal. So, now, I refuse to lose against him!” Izuku bellowed as the milky white aura of his Ki sparked to life.


Ochaco stood in awe of the sheer raw power that was coming from Izuku. It made her feel safe and brought a sense of calmness and peace to her heart. She smiled and said, “So it's a fated battle between rivals, huh?”


Izuku smiled sheepishly as he scratched his head, “Oh, well, I guess you can say that.”


Ochaco beamed at him and raised her fist up high and cheered, “Alright then, let’s do our best, we are a team right? So let’s work together and win!”


Just then, All Might began to speak through the intercom speaker at Ground Beta, “ Now, let’s start the indoor person-to-person combat training with Team A and Team D!


Izuku looked towards Ochaco and said, “Okay listen up Uraraka! Here’s the plan… “

Okay, everyone, you all should think as well. ” All Might told the class as they were all gathered in the monitor room. They were monitor screens all over the place that showed various shots of the building. This allowed All Might and the students to see exactly what was going on and assess their performance as such.


Young Izuku! Here, you are no more than a single student. I’ll grade you strictly, without playing favorites. So do your best, and remember our training together! ’ All Might said mentally as he and the rest of the students present stared at the monitors waiting patiently for one of the teams to make a move.


At that moment, izuku and Ochaco entered the building through an open window


“We’ve infiltrated successfully.” Ochaco said as they landed on the floor.


“There are a lot of blind spots, so be careful to not get caught off guard.” Izuku stated as the two began to walk through the hallways.


Izuku closed his eyes and concentrated on the energy signatures in the area, ‘Okay, so Iida is on the top floor, he’s stationary and not moving at all. That must mean he’s guarding the nuclear weapon.’ Izuku thought. He then scanned the area again as a smirk appeared on his face as he sensed a certain someone’s energy signature, ‘Just as according to plan… ‘


Izuku quickly grabbed Ochaco and moved out of the way the second before Bakugo came around the corner and blasted an explosion aimed directly for Izuku, but since he moved out the way, it just hit the wall.


“Uraraka, are you alright?” Izuku asked with genuine concern in his voice.


“Yeah, thanks for the save,” Ochaco responded as she got up from the ground and dusted herself off.


The smoke cleared as Bakugo swiped his arm through it, “Come Deku, don’t dodge and fight me like a man!”


Izuku chuckled as he stood up straight, “I figured you would come for me first, Kacchan.”


“A surprise attack from the start?”


“Bakugo, that’s cheating! A surprise attack isn’t manly at all!” Kirishima said angrily as he punched his fist towards his palm.


A surprise attack is a strategy, too. They’re in the middle of a real battle right now. “ All Might said as he had his grading book in his hands.


“Midori avoided it!” Mina said


“There goes Bakugo!” Kaminari warned as through the monitors they could see Katsuki charging straight towards Deku.


“I won’t do so much damage that this fight gets stopped, but I’m gonna get close!” Bakugo yelled as he aimed a right hook at Izuku.


But before, Bakugo could connect, Izuku countered by grabbing his right arm. Izuku lifted him above his head and brought him down crashing to the ground with authority.  


‘What the hell!? Did he read my moves? But how!? He’s not supposed to be that good!’ Bakugo thought as he was sent to the ground. He immediately felt the force of the throw as his back was screaming in pain and drops of saliva escaped through his mouth due the recoil of the counterattack.


“Wow, he’s like a martial arts master!” Ochaco cheered as she was impressed by Izuku’s amazing counter.


In the monitor room, everybody had their eyebrows raised as they weren’t expecting Izuku to move like that and so swiftly.


“Kacchan… “ Izuku began to speak as Bakugo began to get back up, “You usually start with a big right swing. How much do you think I’ve been watching you? I wrote an analysis for all of the Heroes I thought were amazing in my Hero Journals. In the notebook you blew up and threw away!”


“WHAT!?” Bakugo shouted in bewilderment as he too remembered when he threw out Izuku’s notebook through the window. Coincidentally, that was the same day that Bakugo told Izuku to commit suicide and Izuku would later on save him from death against the Sludge Villain.


“The name ‘Deku’... the same one that you use as an insult to call me useless and worthless. Well guess what? The name Deku isn’t going to mean useless or worthless or good for nothing anymore! Kacchan, from now on, Deku is a name that will mean, ‘you can do it’, it will mean, ‘never give up,’ it will be a Symbol of Hope! From this day forward, Deku is the name of a Hero! And I will take great Pride in that name until the day I die!” Izuku shouted as the scent of ozone filled the air and powered up to 5% One For All: Full Cowl . The green lightning that surrounded his aura was much more ferocious and violent due to the emotions that Izuku were feeling at the moment.


Ochaco’s cheeks had a slight tinge of red as she remembered that those were the exact words that she used to describe the name ‘Deku’ yesterday.


“Oh, is that right? I’m sorry, I didn’t know. But ‘Deku’ sounds like the Japanese word for ‘You can do it!’ It has some sort of ‘never give up’ vibe, so I kinda like it!”


Katsuki now stood completely on his feet, Izuku’s words now stained in his memory forever, “Deku… “


“If you keep going, I’ll never forgive you Kacchan!”


Katsuki remembered the day when Izuku first stood up to him. He was a weak, small child. He trembled and shaked in fear as he stood in front and defended the other little boy that Bakugo and his lackeys were bullying. Izuku’s face were full of tears that day.


But now, 11 years later, it was a much different picture. The person that stood in front of him now is by no means a small, weak child. He is a strong, well built young man. No tears were evident on his face as he had an expression that resembled an undying will, determination, and Pride… Back then he had an aura that emanated absolute fear. Now his aura was electric as it oozed power and bravery. Izuku Midoriya is no longer afraid of Katsuki Bakugo. Izuku Midoriya is now Deku. And Deku is a Hero who embodies Hope and Justice and he has no fear! He will take on any obstacle that comes his way until he achieves his goal. The green electric eyes bore into Katsuki’s soul as the sheer raw power behind them knew no bounds.


“... Even though you were scared that day… You still didn’t stand down… and now here you are. After all of the trauma I put you through, you never gave up no matter what, and kept striving for your dreams. And look at you now… you’re a completely different person! You have no fear at all! You’re not even crying like you used to. You will fight no matter what the odds… and you will prevail… you will WIN no matter what….”


Katsuki’s hands ignited with small explosions as his whole body was burning in absolute rage…




Because Deku and Kacchan lived in the same neighborhood, they’ve known each other since they were little kids.


“Let’s go kill the enemy!” Kid Katsuki said as he pointed towards a gate to a forest that read ‘No Trespassing’.


“Okay!” Katsuki’s lackeys yelled as they were willing to follow the blonde Explosion Quirk user wherever he went.


“O-Okay…!” Kid Izuku said a little more hesitant as he was the one behind in the pack.


Kacchan was the type who could do anything he tried his hand at, a rascal who led the group of neighborhood kids. Good or bad, Kacchan was full of confidence, and little Deku thought he was so cool.


But… after his Quirk manifested, it accelerated him down the wrong path.


All men are not created equal.


This was the reality that Deku learned about society at the young age of four.


“Hey, Bakugo! Give me your status! What happened?” Tenya said through Kacchan’s earpiece.


“Just shut up and defend. I’m really angry right now!” Kacchan replied.


“I’m not asking about how you feel! Hey!” But right before Tenya could say anything further, the connection was cut off. “He hung up… Going off on his own like that… What is wrong with him?! Jeez!”


Meanwhile in the monitor room…


“What were Bakugo and Midoriya saying? Can’t tell with just the cameras in a fixed position and no sound.” Kirishima said


Young Bakugo was to his partner over the small wireless radio. You can bring that plus the building's floor plan, and this capture tape! Once you wrap this around your opponent, it shows that you’ve captured them. ” All Might replied.


“The time limit is 15 minutes, and the Heroes don’t know where the nuclear weapon is located, right?” Mina Ashido asked.




“The Heroes are clearly at a disadvantage here!” Mina said as it was true, since the Heroes are under a time limit.


Heroes should be able to turn the tables on whatever predicament they’re in. Besides, didn’t Mr. Aizawa tell you, too? You know--Here we go--


“PLUS ULTRA!” The students of Class 1-A cheered their school’s motto.


“Monsieur, Bakugo is--” Aoyama said


Huh? ” All Might replied as he looked towards the monitors.


Back to the Battle!


Kacchan put his left hand behind his back as he began to ignite an explosion. Deku saw what he was doing and yelled towards Ochaco, “Uraraka, go! Follow the plan!”


“Right!” Ochaco replied as she made her way towards the upper floors.


Kacchan fired an explosion that he used to propel him towards Deku at high speeds. He aimed a roundhouse kick towards Deku with his left leg but Deku managed the block the attack with his right hand just in time.


“Looking away during a fight? You must be sure of yourself!”


“You know, you talk a lot of crap don’t you?” Deku said before he grabbed Kacchan’s left leg and swung him with the force of One For All across the hallway as Kacchan’s back hit a wall.


‘He kicked first this time to keep me from predicting his moves. He’s being cautious now. I won’t win against him in an up close battle, his Explosion Quirk is way too powerful. So I’m going to have to fight him at a distance and make him come to me!’ Deku thought as he strategized his next move.


Kacchan got back up from Deku’s swing and placed both of his hands behind him. Deku saw what he was trying to do and immediately ran around the corner faster than the eye can blink  to create some distance between the two and bait Kacchan.


“Damn it! Don’t you dare run from me, come back here, Deku!” Kacchan yelled as he chased after him.


After a few minutes of playing cat and mouse, Kacchan was growing impatient, “Hey! You tricked me, didn’t you?! Was it fun tricking me all this time?! Huh?! You’ve got a flashy Quirk there, don’t you?!”


“Over here!”


Kacchan turned his head around towards the voice, but just as he did, he got a One For All enhanced roundhouse kick straight to the dome, courtesy of none other than Deku. The kick sent Kacchan twirling around as he landed on his back again on the floor.


“You damn nerd! That was a cheapshot!” Kacchan said angrily as he slowly got back up to his feet.


“By the way, I forgot to tell you Kacchan--”


“You’re Quirkless! How can you even stand in the same ring as me?”

“It’s not like I’m trying to compete with you or anything! Believe me!”


“I TAKE BACK EVERYTHING I SAID!” Deku bellowed as he increased his power output to 8% of One For All and ran so fast that Kacchan barely had time to even breathe as Deku delivered a sucker punch to Kacchan’s gut. The force of the strike had so much pent up rage and aggression that it turned out to be significantly more powerful that what Deku intended.


KANSAS SMASH! ” Deku shouted as the punch pushed Kacchan back so hard that he crashed through walls and landed in an entirely different room. Deku looked at the miniature destruction that were caused by his own hand. He sweatdropped and said to himself, “I need to keep my emotions in check! I can’t get carried away because of a personal vendetta. The mission takes top priority!”


Kacchan was lying on the floor after receiving Deku’s Kansas Smash . He laid there as he pondered what Deku said earlier.

“Kacchan, from now on, Deku is a name that will mean, ‘you can do it’, it will mean, ‘never give up,’ it will be a Symbol of Hope! From this day forward, Deku is the name of a Hero! And I will take great Pride in that name until the day I die!”


“He’s just a pebble… “ Kacchan said as he began to look through his earlier memories with Deku.


“Wow, Kacchan!” Kid Izuku said as he was impressed by Kid Katsuki’s display of skill of kicking a ball up and down.


“This is easy!”


But when Kid Izuku tried to emulate Kid Katsuki, he failed and busted his behind.




“Izuku, you really can’t do anything, can you? You can read the characters for ‘Izuku’ as ‘Deku’, you know.”


“Kacchan, you can read?” One of Kid Katsuki’s lackeys asked.


“You can’t? And ‘Deku’ means someone who can’t do anything! Someone is useless, pathetic, worthless, and who won’t amount to anything in their life!” Kid Katsuki said as that was the origin of the name ‘Deku’.


“Really?” Kid Katsuki’s lackeys began to make fun and tease Kid Izuku for the new nickname that Kid Katsuki came up with.


“Stop that… “ Kid Izuku said as he did not appreciate the way that Kid Katsuki and his lackeys were treating him. It made him feel sad and he didn’t like that feeling at all…


Why don’t you know?”


Kid Katsuki  threw a stone across the river and made it skip a bunch of times. His lackeys and Kid Izuku were really impressed by his performance and wanted to be just like him.


“Kacchan, how many times did yours skip?” One of the lackeys asked


“Seven times!” Kid Katsuki said proudly.




“That’s Kacchan for ya!”


“What about you, Deku?” Kid Katsuki asked as he looked towards Kid Izuku.


Kid Izuku put his head down in shame and embarrassment, “Z-Zero times… “ Kid Katsuki and his lackeys proceeded to laugh at Kid Izuku’s misfortune.


“Why can’t you do it?”


Kid Katsuki was in the middle of the classroom as every student plus the teachers were watching intently as small explosive sparks lit up his hands. His Quirk has just manifested.




“That’s so cool!”


“Lucky!” Kid Izuku said


“Wow, that’s an amazing Quirk!” The male teacher of the class said.


“It really is! It is a flashy Quirk just right for a Pro Hero. Right, Katsuki?

“Oh, I see!”

“I’m Amazing!”

“No one is as Amazing as I am!”

“You’re so lucky, Kacchan.You’re Quirk is so cool! I hope I get mine soon, too.” Kid Izuku said as he and Kid Katsuki were walking through a forest as Kid Katsuki had a fishing net in his hands.


“No matter what Quirk you get, you’ll never beat me!”


“He’s just a pebble… “

“Hey, did you hear? Deku doesn’t have a Quirk.”


“What? Really?”


“Yeah, it's called being ‘Quirkless.’.”


“That’s so lame.”


“Too bad for him.”


“He’s so weird.”


‘Don’t worry about it Izuku,’ Kid Izuku remembered the words of his mother, telling him not to worry. But that was thrown out the window as soon as the news spread about him not having a Quirk. That is when the isolation for Izuku Midoriya began, and he was officially deemed a social outcast by his peers.

“You’re the LEAST amazing, Deku.”


“ ♪ Forward march, members of the Bakugo Hero Agency! ♪” Kid Katsuki sang as he, his lackeys and Kid Izuku went across a huge log that acted as a bridge since it was above the river. However, as Kid Katsuki was singing, he tripped and fell off the log and went straight towards the river as his body making contact with the water created a huge splash.




“Hey, are you okay?”


“He’s fine. Kacchan’s real strong! See?”


Kid Katsuki emerged from the water, completely unscathed.


“I was fine!”


“Hurry up and get back up here!”


“Okay, no problem!”

“Nothing was wrong!”


Kid Katsuki heard footsteps coming towards him. He turned his head to see Kid Izuku with his hand outstretched for Kid Katsuki to hold and use as support.


“Are you all right? Can you stand?” Kid Izuku asked sincerely as he was truly worried for his friend and wanted to help him in any way he can.


Kid Katsuki was speechless as his whole world was shaking upside down.


“It would’ve been bad if you hit your head.”


As soon as those words left Kid Izuku’s mouth, something snapped within Kid Katsuki.

“Don’t look at me with that face!”

“Kaachan, i couldn’t just stand there and watch you die!”

“Stop it… !”

“I’m… I’M BETTER THAN YOU DEKU!” Kaachan yelled with all his might as his voice can be heard all around the building as it echoed about three times. He immediately got up, ignored whatever pain he was feeling, and used his explosions to propel himself forward to where Deku was.


Deku sighed as he got into his fighting stance, “He just doesn’t give up, does he? Alright then, Kacchan come at me!”

‘Found it.’ Ochaco said in her head as she peeked around and saw Tenya guarding the nuclear weapon, ‘Now I just have to tell Deku-kun and hide until he gets here.’


Right before she was about to communicate to Deku, she heard Tenya begin to say something, “Bakugo is a natural at being bad, but that fits this training perfectly. Then, I must also devote myself to being a Villain. That’s right. This is another trial to turn me into a man who will not bring shame to the Iida family. Become a Villain! Be dyed with evil in order to become a Hero! I am… extremely evil!”


Ochaco couldn’t contain her laughter as she saw the scene unfolding in front of her, ‘He’s taking this so seriously!’


However that slip up cost her dearly as it announced to Tenya that she was hiding in the room, “Have you arrived, Uraraka?”


‘Oh no, my cover has been blown!’ Ochaco thought as knowing that she has been caught, she came out of hiding and revealed herself.


“I knew you would come here alone the instant Bakugo ran off by himself. Your Quirk allows you to make the objects you touch float. That is why I put away all the things on this floor before you arrived! Now you cannot play your little tricks! You have blundered, Hero!” Tenya proceeded to laugh maniacally as he knew he had cornered her.


“He’s starting to look… like a Villain… !”



Deku heard his name through his earpiece as he touched it to respond, “Uraraka-san! How’s it going?”


“Iida found me. Sorry! I made a slight slip up and he immediately knew I was here.”


“I’m evil!” Deku heard someone say through his earpiece as he was a little confused, “Um, what was that?” he asked.


“Oh? Well, right now, he’s kind of getting into the whole ‘Villain’ role.”


Deku just pushed that aside, “Where are you right now?”


“At the top floor, where the weapon is located.”


“That’s almost directly above where me and Kacchan are. We probably don’t have much time left, either. If we run out of time, our opponents win!”


Deku gripped the capture tape tightly, “I can’t… I can’t lose this fight!”


Just then Kacchan made it to where Deku was, his face full of unfathomable rage, as he was panting. His right glove glowed red.


Kacchan smirked, “They’re loaded.”


“Kacchan… “ Deku said as he readied his fighting stance with 8% of One For All: Full Cowl activated.


“Why aren’t you going all out?” Kacchan asked


“Huh?” Deku asked dumbly, ‘How does he know that?’


Kacchan growled, “Don’t try to act dumb and stupid. I know you aren’t going 100%! The power you’re using right now doesn’t even hold a God Damn candle to the power I saw you use when Mr. Aizawa made you redo the ball throw. You know? The one where you threw a damn softball 80 fuc*ing kilometers away!”


‘Crap, so he noticed huh?’ Deku thought as he realized he had been caught red handed.


Kacchan continued, “Are you trying to tell me that you can beat me easily even if you don’t use that power? Even if you do not go all out? Are you underestimating me, Deku?”


‘I have no choice but to do it. I can do it. I can!’ Deku said mentally as he looked at Kacchan dead in the eye, “I’m not scared of you anymore! Stop trying to put fear in my heart. You already know that won’t work anymore!” Deku stated matter of factly as he know longer felt any fear towards Kacchan anymore. He had full confidence in his abilities and power. He no longer had to look up towards Kacchan anymore.


“From this day forth we are equals! Got it!”


Kacchan widened his eyes as he heard the words that just sprouted Deku’s mouth. ‘Equals? Like Hell we are! You are beneath me damn it!’ Kacchan thought but then he calmed down a bit as he raised his right arm.


“With all your stalking, you probably already know, but my Quirk, Explosion, lets me secrete nitroglycerin-like sweat from the sweat glands on the palm of my hand and make it explode. If they made this the way I asked, then these gauntlets will store the nitroglycerin inside them, and… “ Kacchan began to pull the firing pin on his grenade like gauntlet.


Don’t tell me that’s… Young Bakugo, stop! Are you trying to kill him?!” All MIght yelled through the earpiece.


“If I don’t hit him, he won’t die! He’ll be fine as long as he dodges!”


“Oh sh*t! He’s being serious!” Deku said as he immediately stood on guard had his palm out. He could feel Kacchan’s Power Level rising rapidly.


At that moment, Kacchan completely pulled the firing pin as an explosion bigger than anything Deku has ever seen Kacchan produce fired directly at him. Its attack potency was so strong that it rocked and made the entire building shake as Ochaco and Tenya were knocked off their feet in the top floor.


The explosion was so strong that everyone else in the monitor room could feel it.


“This is supposed to be a class! Where the Hell did his brain go?! Is he completely nuts?!” Kirishima yelled as the rest of Class 1-A were in complete shock of Kacchan’s violent and brutal attack that could actually kill someone.


YOUNG MAN! YOUNG MIDORIYA! ” All Might yelled as he was worried for his student’s safety.


The smoke cleared as Deku could be seen with his headband off and torn, bits and pieces of his armor broken. He his hand was glowing with blue Ki energy as he used that to try and nullify the huge explosion as best as he could so that it wouldn’t cause too much damage. He increased his power output to 15% of One For All: Full Cowl , so that he could actually withstand and tank the attack. The green electricity around his aura became shaper and more violent as he was pissed off at the moment.


“Is that even… even allowed!? And look at what you’ve done! My headband is torn and bits of my armor is broke. Do you know how hard it is to make these kinds of models?! You literally could’ve killed me right there! Hell, if it was anybody else, you probably would have!” Deku exclaimed as he couldn’t believe that Kacchan had that bad of an anger management issue.


Kacchan made his way through the smoke, “Wow… The more that’s stored in these gauntlets, the stronger the blast.” As he said that, his left gauntlet glowed red, signally that it was completely loaded up.


“Come on, show me your full strength, Deku… I’ll force you to surrender even if you’re at full strength.” Kacchan said as he made a smiling face that resembled that of a psychopath.


“... You’re insane… “ Deku said blatantly as he didn’t expect Kacchan to go this far.


“Bakugo, answer me! Did you do that? What in the world did you do? Explain yourself!” Tenya shouted through his earpiece as he was interested in just what in the world his teammate was thinking.


‘This is my chance, if we retrieve the weapon, we’ll win!’ Ochaco thought a she sought to take advantage of Tenya’s distraction and head straight for the nuclear weapon.


Tenya saw what Ochaco was doing and was immediately on the defensive, “I won’t let you, Hero!”


Ochaco used Zero Gravity on herself and jumped right over Tenya as she floated above the air.


Tenya was not expecting a move like that, “Can she make herself float now, too?”


‘We need to touch the weapon itself for it to count as being retrieved’, “Release!”


But before she even got a chance to reach the weapon, Tenya used his engine Quirk to dash towards the weapon and snatch it as then Ochaco landed hard on the ground.


“Your Quirk is not a threat if you cannot touch anything. I’ll hold out until time runs out!” Tenya then did his evil laugh as he was really into the whole, ‘playing the Villain’ role.


‘Deku-kun is trying so hard, though! I can’t give up!’ Ochaco thought as she got back up to her feet.


Speaking of Deku, Kacchan was currently taunting him.


“Hey, hey, what’s wrong Deku! Why are you not going all out yet?! Do you still think of me as weaker than you or are you just that arrogant? Come at me damn it and fight me like a real man!”


However, Deku was currently immersed in his thoughts, ‘The explosion shot out. He had his costume made so that his Quirk would work even for long distances.’


He reached for his earpiece, “Uraraka-san, what’s the situation?”


“Deku-kun!” Ochaco responded as she was relieved to find out that he was alright.


Kacchan had a perplexed look on his face, “Ignoring me again? I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS DAMN NERD! AM I NOT A THREAT TO YOU?!


Meanwhile back in the monitor room, all of the spectators were watching the scene unfold.


“Sir, you should stop them! That Bakugo’s really crazy! He’s gonna hurt somebody or even worse if he’s not detained!” Kirishima plead to All Might.


No… “ All Might said as he assessed the situation happening right in front of him, ‘ Strangely enough, part of him is still sane. I don’t know if its small-minded or what,  but anyway… ‘ All Might thought as he spoke through his microphone.


“Young Bakugo, the next time you use a technique like that, I’ll stop the fight, and your team will lose.


“Huh?” Bakugo dumbly replied


“To attack on such a large scale inside is inviting the destruction of the stronghold you should be protecting. That is a foolish plan for both Heroes and Villains! You will lose a lot of points for it!


As a teacher, I know I should stop this. However...




All Might raised his eyebrows as he Deku’s voice.


Don’t you dare to stop this fight All Might! UNDER ABSOLUTELY NO CIRCUMSTANCE! I’m going to finish this battle and I’m going to win.” Deku stated with an aura of confidence as he powered up.


“What was that Deku?!” Kacchan yelled as he couldn’t believe the confidence that those words oozed.


All Might stood speechless as he was almost shocked at his Successor’s words, ‘ Izuku… I don’t know what you have planned, but I believe in you.’

“Go to the pillar by the windows, now!” Deku told Ochaco through his earpiece.


“Over and out!” Ochaco understood and went to do what she was told.


“Fine, then! Let’s settle this, Deku, with our fists!


Kacchan charged straight at Deku. He got ready to counter attack him but right before Kacchan made contact with Deku, he changed his direction mid air by blast an explosion and using the momentum to go over Deku’s head and blast Deku with another explosion from behind.


‘Crap, I wasn’t expecting that!’ Deku thought as he felt the burning pain of Kacchan’s deadly explosion fueled by fury.


Back in the monitor room, students were shocked at Kacchan’s move as they too wasn’t expecting him to do something like that.


“What was that?” Kirishima asked


“He doesn’t look the type to think, but he’s more subtle and intelligent than I expected.” Shoto Todoroki, who doesn’t speak much at all, said as he analyzed Kacchan’s movements.


“What do you mean?” Now Kirishima was interested in what Shoto was talking about.


“He changed his course in a blast that doubled as a smoke screen and then did it again immediately.” Shoto replied.


“Getting in a clean hit while fighting against inertia requires fine lateral adjustments to the power of explosions.” Momo said as she decided to also put her two cents in as well.


“He’s too talented… Too talented.. Ugh…” Kaminari complained.


Back to the fight, Kacchan went to capitalize on his previous offensive move with another swing, “Where’s all that confidence now huh? You are BELOW me Deku! Here comes you favorite right swing!” he yelled as he went for his famous right hook.


“You talk WAY too damn much!” Deku shouted as he fired a blue Ki blast straight to Kacchan’s mid section on purpose, knowing that’s where he has suffered the most punished throughout this fight. The blast connected as it blew Kacchan away and created its own miniature explosion.


‘He’s not going to give me a chance to think. He’s just going to keep charging at me like a locomotive no matter what. He’s a ball of natural instincts, so I’m just going to have to fight back.’ Deku thought as he sensed Kacchan getting back up and walking towards him.


I should stop them… But…. I don’t want to stop them, for his sake! ’ All Might thought as he was in a internal dilemma.


Deku jumped over to where the winder was and positioned himself over there as he saw Kacchan walk towards him slowly.


“That last laser blast stung like a bi*ch! But there wasn’t too much force behind it. You’re still holding back aren’t you? Why won’t you use your full power? Are you underestimating me?! Do you perceive me as INFERIOR TO YOU?!”


Deku looked down as his eyes were shadowed, “No... “


“You have been like this ever since we were kids… Have you been underestimating me like that since then, you bastard?!” Kacchan yelled.


“That’s not it… “


Deku began to remember all of the memories he and Kacchan shared as kids.


“You’re... “ Deku finally looked up as his eye were a furious, sharp, and electric green, “You’re an amazing person, so that’s why I WANT TO BEAT YOU!”


“What?” Kacchan growled.


“I want to win… “


Deku then raised his power as rocks and pebbles began to float due to the aura of power he was shedding,




“Don’t look at me like that! YOU DAMN NERD!”


And with that they both charged at each at full speed.


These are the first passionate emotions he’s shown other than, when he says I want to be the Number One Hero! I’m sure this is necessary for you to arrive at the future you’re looking at!’


The two jumped at each other, both with their right arms aimed ready to strike. Kacchan had an explosion ready to ignite. Deku charged up all the way to 20% of One For All: Full Cowl . Around his right arm is the milky white aura of his Ki as it merged with the power of One For All and created a blue electric energy that fueled the arm with even more power than ever before. The muscles of his right arm bulged so hard that it tore his sleeve to shreds as the blue energy amplified itself even more many times over as the arm itself look like it was about to explode.



“You’re toast Deku!” Kacchan yelled as his explosion in his right hand was ready to fire as he aimed to completely incernate the young man before him.


As they were inches apart, All Might yelled through the Microphone, “ BOTH OF YOU! STO--”


LET’S GO, URARAKA!” Deku yelled


“Okay!” Ochaco heard her teammates signal and proceeded to hold and grab onto a pillar by the window.


‘I may have said we are equals… But… ‘


Right at the last moment before they collide, Deku aimed his arm upwards and smashed towards the ceiling. The punch went through each floor and made a hole in each one. The strike created gusts of winds that were so potent that it created whirl winds and mini tornadoes as the entire building shook due to the sole force of the punch. The only reason the entire building didn’t completely collapse is because Deku only aimed towards the ceiling and the air and not the building itself. Deku created shockwaves that were so powerful that it reached all the way to the monitor room as the students and teacher struggled to stay on their feet.


“What the--?” Tenya said in shock as he couldn’t believe his eyes. There was a large hole right at the middle of the floor where he and Ochaco were located. There were so much wind and debris, that it was hard to even see what was going on.


Ochaco activated her Quirk on the pillar she was holding onto and lifted it off the ground, “Sorry, Iida! Improvised special move-- Comet Home Run!”


Ochaco used the the large pillar in her hands to hit the abundant debris in the air straight towards Iida.


“You call that a home run?!” Tenya yelled as he used his arms to shield himself from the debris that were aimed right for his head.


Ochaco took that opportunity to use her Quirk on herself and leap over Iida towards the nuclear weapon. As soon as she was close enough, she yelled, “Release!”


The law of gravity immediately took effect on her as she fell and hugged the top of the Nuclear Weapon.


“Retrieved!” She yelled in delight


“NO…! THE WEAPON… !” Tenya screamed in horror as his words echoed throughout the building three times over.

“... This is my win Kacchan!”


Right at that moment, the timer went off signalling the end of the battle.


All Might’s hands shook as he said his next three words…

Hero team… WINS!”

Chapter Text


Chapter 5: The Pursuit To Surpass One Another!


For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

The air was filled with silence for a second before Bakugo’s brain registered All Might’s words. Those three words that completely left him immobilized as a sudden dark realization hit him in the core like a brick wall…

        “Deku… beat me… “

Three words that Katsuki Bakugo never ever dreamed of uttering. But reality had different plans. And the reality is that Deku- Izuku Midoriya has beaten Kacchan- Katsuki Bakugo in a mock battle on the second day of U.A. High School.


As the smoke cleared, Izuku could be seen visibly panting and out of breath. That last attack took a lot out of him. But he still had enough energy left to stand and remain conscious. He looked at the destruction he caused and winced. He didn’t mean to to cause this much damage, since he only aimed for the ceiling and the upper floors. But it seems this was the result of a full powered Detroit Smash mixed in with a little Ki. He just hoped that All Might will not deduct too many points.


Izuku looked across from him and saw Katsuki staring blankly at him, shaking. Izuku shook his head. Knowing Katsuki Bakugo as well as he did, he should’ve known this was what was going to happen after he invitable won. It was just a matter of time. In all honesty, Izuku didn’t want to have to humiliate Katsuki, but it was necessary. He had to learn the hard way that Izuku will not let him bully and boss him around anymore. Now he means business, and he won’t let anybody get in the way of achieving his dream. Not even Kacchan.


After a few seconds of silence, Bakugo finally began to speak, “Y-You… You played me right from the start. You knew that I was gonna attack you head on first. You knew that me and my teammate were going to be separated. So you orchestrated this very plan from the very beginning! You sent that girl to go after the weapon and while you distracted me and once she was in position, you launched an attack towards the upper floor where the weapon was located and that allowed her to retrieve the weapon… you baited me.”


It was hard for him to admit it, but yes, Katsuki Bakugo was played and fell right into Izuku Midoriya’s plan. Contrary to what many would assume, Bakugo isn’t dumb and actually has a very high IQ. His overall attitude just overshadows his intellect. But he knows when he’s beat. You just couldn't slice it any other way, he lost fair and square.


Izuku sighed, “Yes, you are correct.” Izuku then showed his right arm to Bakugo. It was bruised and had an ugly purple and pinkish color, “You asked why I wasn’t going all out right from the get-go. No, it isn’t because I was underestimating you or perceived you as below me. This broken arm shows you why. I can’t fully control my power yet. I can only access small portions. If I go all out, I’ll end up destroying my own body in the process. It is not safe to use against real power at all if I perform an attack like I just did right now. There’s still a lot I need to learn Kacchan. We both got a long way to go.”


Izuku began to walk past Bakugo as he made his way to the exit, “I just want you to know Kacchan that I still believe that you are an amazing person and you have great talent and potential. Don’t let this loss today bring you down. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. That’s just the reality and nature of life. But true Heroes pick themselves back up and from each and every failure, they learn from their mistakes and improve themselves so that next time, they are sure to succeed.” And with that last sentiment, Izuku exited the building and headed towards the Nurse’s Office.


As Izuku exited the building, he came across All Might who handed him a slip of paper, “ Good job Young Midoriya, you did great! You injured yourself again huh? Oh well, it can’t be helped. Take this and head to Recovery Girl and she’ll patch you up real quick!


Izuku took the slip and smiled, “Thanks Sensei. Well see you later, have fun teaching the rest of the class.”


But right before Izuku left, All Might decided to say one last thing, “ You know you could’ve ended the battle much sooner. It was pretty easy to see you were holding back a lot. So why did you let it drag on for that long?


Izuku took a second before he responded, “I couldn’t do that to him. It wouldn’t have been fair. If I did that, he wouldn’t learn anything. I want him to take away something from this experience.” And with that, Izuku walked away headed straight for Recovery Girl’s office.

Meanwhile, Bakugo was still inside the building as he had his right hand open shaking in anger.


‘My right… Deku predicted it… On top of that… he found a way to win the exercise… ‘


“You’re an amazing person, so that’s why I want to beat you! I want to win and surpass you, you idiot!”


As Bakugo remembered Izuku’s words, he began to sweat and breathe very hard and irregularly.


‘Does that mean… even if we fought all-out… Deku would completely beat… ?’


But before Bakugo could finish that thought, he felt a big and strong hand grip his shoulder.


Come back, Young Bakugo. It's time to review the results . Whether you win or lose, looking back and learning from your experiences is a part of life.


After saying that last bit, All Might, Bakugo, Iida, and Uraraka all went back to the Monitor Room as they prepared for the next mock battles.

When Izuku made it to Recovery Girl’s office, the first thing she did was scold him for being so reckless again. He apologized and said he will be more careful next time.


However, as soon as Recovery Girl healed his broken arm, Izuku immediately collapsed to unconsciousness and fell into a slumber on the bed. This was due to using One For All and Ki at the same time and the huge stamina drawback that it brings and since Recovery Girl’s Quirk uses the patient’s stamina, it was too much for Izuku and he had to rest.


During Izuku’s nap, he had another strange dream, although this was different than all of the others he has had before. He opened his eyes and found himself floating in space above the Earth’s atmosphere. He looked down below and gawked at the sight as he could only stare at the beautiful bright blue sphere below him. It's not like he had never seen pictures of Earth, but seeing it with your own eyes is a completely different experience than just looking at a couple of photos.


It felt so real too. Izuku could control his body and his senses which is different from his other visions. It made him much more relax as he floated around the vast void of outer space.


“Why am I here? This is so weird, why the hell am I floating in space?” Izuku said out loud as he turned his vision from Earth. He used his Ki to try to see if he can sense out anybody else’s Power Level if there was anybody else in the area. He then sensed something above him and gasped in shock as he looked up.


Floating above Izuku was a large green star that shined brightly above Earth. It was comparable to the Sun, only it was green in color and much hotter and denser. Izuku immediately felt the raw power and energy that the green star as emanating. It had a fierce but calm aura that radiated absolute justice Heroism.


Izuku decided to fly upwards closer and closer to the star until he was right in front it. Surprisingly he didn’t burn to death. He place his hand on the surface and felt a rush of strength and adrenaline that he had never felt before. Green lightning surrounded him as as his green eyes shined with power.


Below the star was a digital progress meter that read, “20% complete until full mastery” . The meter was ⅕ of the way filled up. He tried to move his hand across the star to overthe distance that read 20%, but stopped as soon as he went over 20%. The reason was because as soon as he did that, his hand got so hot that he felt like he just place it in a pot of boiling water. He felt the immense heat travel to his core as his body couldn’t handle the unbelievable power that he was feeling. He immediately retracted his hand as blew it repeatedly as in an attempt to cool it down.


“HOT HOT HOT!” Izuku yelled as he blew his hand earnestly. Once it cooled down, he took another look at the magnificent green star in front of him.


“I get it now… This star… it represents One For All … “ Izuku mumbled as he could the power of One For All just oozing from the star as green lightning surrounded it.


Just then, right beside the star, appeared multiple large doors that stood tall over Izuku as they floated in the endless void of space.


The first door was golden in color and it had the Roman numeral of ‘I’ marked in the middle. The door knob had a large lock that prevented anyone from entering. Izuku tried to pick the lock and also rip it off with brute force but no matter how hard he tried, it just wouldn’t budge. It honestly made him frustrated.


“Damn it! I just want to see what’s behind that door!” Izuku shouted in annoyance as he sighed and moved to the next one.


Now the second door was twice as big and dense as the first one. One key difference was that there active blue lightning speaking around the door, similar to the green lightning around the green star. It had two locks on the knob instead of one and right in the middle was the mark of the Roman Numeral of ‘II’. Izuku tried to open it, but it was even harder than the first one.


He decided to just leave it alone and move on to the next door. Now this door was quadruple the size and thickness of the second one. It had lightning around it, but this time it was much more fierce and strong as it illuminated the Izuku’s figure. There were three locks on the door knob and right in the middle of the door was a mark of the Roman Numeral of ‘III’. Izuku tried to open it, but the locks were even heavier than his training weights.


And right next to that, was another door, but this one definitely took the cake in terms of size. It was so tall, that it reached the height of the green star. If Izuku had to estimate, he would say the fourth door was over hundreds time as big as the third one. This door was a mix of red and black in color as it had red lightning dancing around it. It four locks with the Roman Numeral OF ‘IV’ marked in the middle. Izuku contemplated on attempting to open this ridiculous door, but decided that it was no use since he was unsuccessful in trying to open the previous three ones, there was no way in Hell that he was gonna open this one.

Izuku felt an immense amount of Ki from all four doors as they contained power that he has never seen before. Izuku struggled to figure out what these door meant but he was in a dead end. And he had no idea of what he could do in order to open the doors. He was lost.


“Man, why do I always get these weird kind of dreams. If only I can get some sort of sign to figure this kind of stuff out.


As if on cue, Izuku was teleported to a completely different location. When Izuku opened his eyes again, he was shocked to see he was. He was in a rocky desert with no signs of life as a clam wind flew by. Izuku tried to figure out where he was until he heard a voice.


“You should be honored you know…… a bottom-tier boy like you hardly ever gets the chance to play with an elite warrior like me…..”


Izuku turned around as he widened his eyes. There were two men who were standing face to face against one another. As he laid eyes on them, he immediately recognized them.


One was taller than the other who had spiky black unkempt hair that looked exactly like Bardock. He wore an orange gi with a blue shirt underneath. He had blue boots and wore blue wristbands. This warrior went by the name of Son Goku.


The other warrior who spoke first had black spiky hair that stood all the way up. He had a huge widows peak and a large forehead. He was wearing a blue and white model of the Saiyan Armor with shoulder pads. He had his tail wrapped around his waist.


“We Saiyans are tested for combat aptitude soon after we are born. The pitiful babies with low Power Levels are shipped off to a planet with no serious opponents… just like you were… “


Izuku was confused, “Wait, Saiyans? What’s that?” Izuku asked out loud but apparently the two men couldn’t see or hear him.


“If that’s how I got to Earth… I’m grateful. On this planet we know that even the lowest-born can outdo the Elite if they work hard enough.” Goku responded.


“Heh… at least they have a sense of humor… Now I’ll show you the wall that you can never scale with ‘Hard Work’ alone …. “ Vegeta said as he couldn’t wait to put Kakarot in his place.


The two Saiyans, an elite and a low-class, got into their battle stances. Seconds later they rushed towards each other at speeds Izuku couldn’t even follow and began their legendary battle…

Izuku opened his eyes to find a white ceiling above him. He looked towards the clock in the room to find out that it was already late afternoon.


“Oh so you’re awake.”


Izuku turned his head to see Recovery Girl on her chair looking over him.


“You passed out from exhaustion, but everything else seems to be fine when I looked you over as you were sleeping. Try not to overdo yourself too much okay young man?” Recovery Girl sternly said.


“Yes ma’am,” Izuku replied as he got off from the bed and walked back to his homeroom. As he was walking down the halls he sighed as he thought about the events that transpired today.


“I ended up skipping my afternoon classes… Mr. Aizawa’s gonna wrap me in those bindings again... “ Izuku mumbled.


Another thing that stayed on his mind was the dream that he just had. He tried to think what those four doors represented or what they meant. He knew that the green star was One For All but he didn't have a single clue about the four doors. And why were they locked? Did he have to find the keys?


And why did those two men always appear in his dreams? What were they talking about? What is a Saiyan?


So many question, yet with no answers…


Izuku made it to Class 1-A’s homeroom and as soon as he slid the door open he was bombarded by his classmates.


“Oh, Midoriya’s here! Good work! Man, I don’t know what you were saying during the match, but you were fired up!” The boy with the red hair, Eijiro Kirishima said as he congratulated Izuku on his victory.


“It was so cool seeing the top 2 students of the Entrance Exams fighting evenly!” Hanta Sero said as Izuku and Bakugo’s battle as definitely the highlight of the day.


“You did a good job dodging!” Mina Ashido said with high levels of energy.


“You guys did that in the first match, so the rest of us had to give it our all, too.” Sato said a she pumped up his fists.


“You were far from elegant but--” Aoyama began to say but was cut off by Mina when she yelled out that Izuku did good in dodging again as she jumped up and down excitedly.


“H-Huh?” Izuku said as he was a little embarrassed by all of the attention he was garnering. Throughout all of his school life, he was perceived as a social outcast so he never really received much praise. So now when there are people who actually respected him and acknowledged for what he can do, he didn’t know how to react. It was all new to him.


“I’m Eijiro Kirishima. We’re all going over the training right now.”


“I’m Hanta Sero.”


“I’m Yuga Aoya--”


“I’m Mina Ashido! You did a good job dodging!” Mina yelled out as she cut off Aoyama again.


“I’m Tsuyu Asui. Call me Tsu.”


“I’m Sato!”


“Um… Er... “ Izuku said as he tried to form words in his mouth.


“I’m Mineta!” Mineta said as he popped out of nowhere and jumped up high in front of Izuku.


“--I am Yuga Aoyama. I am a man who never stops shining.”

“--Where the heck did you pop out from? You did terrible in the training.”


“You’re too loud… “ Tokoyami said as he sat on top of a desk annoyed at the fact that his fellow classmates were bing rather noisy.


“Tokoyami! That desk is not a chair. Get off immediately.” Tenya said with his strict attitude.


“It’s not that big of a deal, is it?” Jiro said bluntly.




“What’s with those hands, anyway?” Ojiro asked referring to Tenya’s hand motions that move in patterns almost mechanically.


“You people… I cannot condone actions that disrespect the desks the great men and women who are our upperclassmen onced used!” Tenya shouted with absolute seriousness in his voice.


‘Iida never wavers, does he?’ Izuku thought with a sweat drop.


As that as going on, Kaminari and Ochaco entered the classroom with stacks of books in their hands.


“Hey, Uraraka, wanna grab a bite to eat sometime? What do you like?” Kaminari asked as Ochaco was oblivious to the fact that he was basically asking her out on a date.


“Mochi--” Ochaco began to say but cut herself off as soon as she saw Izuku.


“Deku-kun! How are you feeling? Are you alright? Did Recovery Girl completely heal your injuries?” Ochaco asked as she ran right to Izuku’s side.


“Oh, uh yea I’m good. I passed out because of how much stamina I have, and… “ Izuku said but cut himself off as he saw that Bakugo’s desk and chair was empty. At that point, he just realized that Bakugo wasn’t in the classroom.


“Um, Uraraka, more importantly… Where’s Kacchan?” Izuku asked as he wanted to know where his former best friend was.


“We all tried to stop him, but he went home just now without saying anything.” Ochaco replied.


Izuku’s eyes widened.


“I’m sorry but I have to go find him before it's too late!” Izuku said right before he ran out the door leaving his classmates standing there confused.


“Hey! You tricked me, didn’t you?! Was it fun tricking me all this time?! You’ve got a pretty strong Quirk there don’t you?!”


Izuku remembered Bakugo’s words as he was running down the hallway. He shook his head and opened the front door. He saw Bakugo walking out dear the front gates ready to go home.


“Kacchan! Wait up! I have to tell you something!” Izuku said as he ran towards Bakugo.


“What is it? What do you want Deku?” Bakugo asked as he stopped in his tracks and turned around to make direct eye contact with the green haired inheritor of One For All .


“There’s one thing that I must tell you.” Izuku said as he took a deep breath.


“Remember when you asked if I have been tricking you for all of these years? Well the answer is no, I have not been doing that. I would never even think about doing that. I’m here to make a declaration.”


Bakugo raised his eyebrow as he was actually now interested into what Izuku was saying, “What kind of declaration?”


Izuku looked straight in his eyes as his face gained a completely serious and determined look, “My declaration is that now I’m officially done trying to chase behind your shadow. I’m done seeing myself as inferior to you and putting you on a pedestal. When I told you that we are now equals, I meant it. From this day forth we are rivals! I know that you want to be the Number One Hero. But guess what? I too want to be the Greatest Hero. So we will be competing with each other. In order for me to achieve my dream and ambition, I will have to work 100 times harder than anybody else. That also includes you. I’ll have to be better than you if I truly want to achieve that dream. And I have accepted that fact. But don’t take it the wrong way. I don’t want to become your enemy. But I do want to be your rival in this pursuit to surpass one another and to greatness. So do you accept me as your rival?” Izuku asked as he laid out his fist towards to Bakugo waiting for his answer.


Bakugo looked at Izuku for a couple of seconds before he smirked and walked towards Izuku and bumped fists with him.


“Yeah, I’ll accept you as my rival Deku. But know this. You beat me today, but that’s all you’re going to get! You will never beat me ever again you hear me! I’ll be the Number One Hero and I don’t care who stands in my way. You better be ready to be the Number Two Hero, because that Number One spot is all mine!” Bakugo said as he and Izuku broke the fist bump.


Izuku gave his own smirk, “Yeah, we’ll see about that Kacchan. Don’t think I’m going to just let you have the Number One spot. Believe me, you’re going to have to EARN it! And I’ll be working harder than anybody else, so be ready!” Izuku said with a sense of pride. The prospect of having a rival and competing with him on a high level to become the Number One Hero. The whole thing just made him a lot more excited. He couldn’t wait until the next time they fought.


Katsuki then turn around as he prepared to head home, “Be ready because I won’t be pulling any punches from tomorrow onward!”


He then left as Izuku stood there by himself as he looked up towards the sunset smiling as he couldn’t wait for what the future held.


Unbeknownst to him, All Might overheard their entire conversation as he smiled in relief.  


I was worried that you were going to tell Young Bakugo the secret of One For All. Here I thought that maybe you saw as having One For All gave you an unfair advantage given that you have an inferiority complex. But it seems that I was worried for nothing. You have gotten rid of that inferiority complex and instead gained the confidence necessary to continue pushing forward towards your dream. You even gained a rival, which is a good thing. You two will give each other motivation and drive to improve and push beyond your limits. Good job today Young Izuku. Keep it up! ’ All Might thought as he ran back inside the school building.


Other people were also watching the exchange between the two students through the window. Those people being Mina, Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Momo.


“What were they saying? I couldn’t hear a word they said?” Mina asked


“The Fated Battle Between Rivals.” Ochaco stated as she watched Izuku head back towards the school building.


“From the way they fist bumped each other, maybe they possibly made up or got along?” Tsu asked as she thought that could be what they were talking about.


“No, I think it is a little more complicated than that. After what happened today, they wouldn’t just ‘make up’. That fist bump must have symbolized some kind of consensus that they came to. Just expect more from those two in the future.” Momo said as she put her two cents in using her observation skills.


“The Fated Battle Between Rivals!” Ochaco said again as she smiled.


‘Kacchan’s fuse has been lit. But that doesn’t change what I have to do! This means I’ll have to keep on getting better and better if I want to become the Greatest Hero in the World!’ Izuku thought as he went back to the classroom to get back his stuff and prepare to head home.


But unbeknownst to him, a few days later he and the rest of Class 1-A would find out how terrifying the truly cunning Villains All Might warned them about were…


In an abandoned bar located deep within the city, a young man sat reading a newspaper headlined “All Might Becomes U.A. Teacher! Closes Agency Temporarily.”

“Did you see this? It says he’s a teacher… Hey. What do you think will happen… if the Symbol of Peace… is killed by Villains?”

“Hey, you! How are All Might’s classes?” A female news reporter asked Izuku as she and the rest of the media came up to him with a bunch of cameras and microphones. Izuku was really uncomfortable since they were all up in his personal space. He thought about making an excuse of saying that he needed to go to the nurse’s office but decided against seeing as the people did deserve a little info about All Might as a teacher.


“Well, he’s a really good inspiration and motivator and he has taught me a lot in regards of how to become a Hero!” Izuku said as he praised his Predecessor. As soon as he said that, he used a small portion of his Ki to quickly run inside the school building faster than the average human eye can blink. Before they could even ask Izuku another question, he was already gone out of their sight.

“Woah, where did he go?” the news reporter asked but before she could question any further, she saw Ochaco walking up to the school’s entrance.


The entire news report media immediately ran towards her to ask her a question, “Will you tell us about the Symbol of Peace is like as a teacher?”


Ochaco was a little taken aback by the question, “Wh-What he’s like? Um… He’s very muscular!” Ochaco exclaimed as she flexed both her arms doing her best imitation of All Might.


They then saw Tenya walking to the school’s entrance and they immediately ran up to him to ask some questions.


“What do you think of All Might as a teacher?”


“He made me recognize anew that I attend an educational institution that is the best of the best. Of course his dignity and character go without saying, but we students are constantly able to see his humorous side. It is a unique opportunity to learn about being a top Hero directly from one!” Tenya said with his usual serious and dramatic fashion. Unfortunately it caused the reporters to get bored as they didn’t expect a teenager to be so profesional about having All Might as a teacher. They thought he would be more typical about but they were dead wrong as there is nothing typical about Tenya Iida.


“Excuse me! Can you tell me about All Migh-- Oh? You’re the one who was caught by the Sludge Villain... “ the reporter said when they recognized Bakugo.


Bakugo got visibly irritated and annoyed when she brought up the Sludge Villain. He would like to forget about that whole incident and whenever someone reminded him about it, it really struck a nerve.


Bakugo growled at the reporters, “Leave me alone you Extras!” Bakugo continued on to the school entrance.


“Um, about All Might… Wow, you’re scruffy… What’s your deal?” the female news reporter asked with a grimace as Aizawa stood in front of the media.


“He’s not on duty today. You are disturbing the classes. Please leave.” Aizawa said as he turned around and went through the front entrance.


“Wait! I would like to speak directly with All Might!”


Aizawa sighed and shook his head as he kept walking, “I can’t believe All Might was able to work as a Hero with all this.”


The news reporter began to get a little frustrated, “Hey! Just a little time is fine! Just let me see All Might!” she said before she began to attempt to walk past the front entrance but abruptly stopped when a buzzer went off and metal gates were activated as they came down to block the front entrance.


“Wh-What the…?!”


“It’s the U.A. Barrier. If someone tries to get in without a Student ID or a pass to enter, the security system kicks in. Apparently there are sensors all over the school.”


“What the heck? They think they’re so high and mighty. They could at least give a brief comment.”


“Seriously, we’ve been here for two days, and they still won’t say anything!”

The news that All might had been hired as a teacher at U.A. surprised the nation, and the media descended on the school and caused a commotion for days. Everyone knew about it…


Far behind the media and news reporters, a mysterious figure could be seen standing ominously as the wind blew around him and illuminated his persona. It wasn't just some random bystander tho…. No it is somebody with…. Ill intent….

“Good work on yesterday’s combat training. I saw the video and results.” Aizawa stated as Class 1-A was seated and ready to begin class. He looked towards Katsuki and said, “Bakugo, you’re talented, so don’t act like a kid. Be mature and accept your losses and learn from them.”


“I know.” Bakugo responded with an annoyed grunt.


“And Midoriya.”


Izuku looked up at Aizawa and paid close attention as he heard his name.


“You settled it by breaking your arm again, huh? You can’t keep saying you can’t help it because you can’t control your Quirk. I don’t like saying the same thing over and over. As long as you can fix the control issue, there’s a lot you’ll be able to do. You have an astounding amount of potential, so you will have to find a way to control your Quirk so you can maximize your potential. Feel a sense of urgency, Midoriya.”


Izuku smiled as he understood what his teacher was saying, “Yes, sir!”


Aizawa then turned his attention towards the whole class, “Now let’s get down to homeroom business. Sorry about the late notice, but today, I’ll have you… “


The students began anticipating on what their teacher was about to say next…


‘... take another special test?!’ were the thoughts of numerous students of Class 1-A but what Aizawa said next was something that they were not expecting.

“...decide on a class representative.”

‘It’s actually a normal school activity!’ The class thought in relief.


“I want to be class rep! Pick me!” Kirishima yelled out


“Me too!” Kaminari followed suit by shouting his desire to also be class rep.


“I want to do it, too!” Jiro said as she raised her hand up.


“It’s a job made for m--”


“I’ll be the leader!” Mina shouted as she interrupted Aoyama once again. Poor Aoyama.


‘In a normal class, students might feel like they’re just taking on daily duties, and this wouldn’t happen, but here in the Hero Course, it's a role that allows one to practice being a top Hero by leading a group.’ Izuku thought in his head as he observed the chaos that ensued in his classroom.


A lot of students were shouting out weird stuff like Mineta who said that is manifesto is for all girls’ skirts to be 30 centimeters above the knee! Even Bakugo wanted to be class rep as he yellled to let him do it.


Izuku didn’t know what he wanted to do. While it sounded nice to be class rep, he also didn’t know if he personally was cut out for the job. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for that leadership role yet. But he understood that if he wanted to be the next Symbol of Peace, it might be necessary for him to get some practice in this form.


“Silence, please!”


Everybody immediately stopped what they were doing as soon as they heard Tenya yell so that he could have their attention.

“It’s a job with the serious responsibility of leading others. It is not a job for just anyone who wants to do it. It is a calling that requires the trust of those around you. If we want to use democracy to decide on a true leader, then we should hold an election to choose one.”


“YOUR HAND IS RAISED THE HIGHEST!” Class 1-A responded as Tenya stood there with his hand raised up high showing that he too wanted to be class rep.

“Why did you suggest that?” Kaminari asked in confusion.


“We have not known each other for that long, so how can we have trust or anything?” Tsuyu said with her finger placed on her chin.

“If that’s the case, and everyone votes for themselves…” Kirishima began to say.


“Don't you think that is precisely why whoever receives multiple votes here can be truly considered the most suitable person? What do you think, Mr. Aizawa?” Tenya asked as he hoped the homeroom teacher would accept his proposal.


“I don’t care, as long as you decide before homeroom is over. And don’t make too much noise.” Aizawa responded as he feel down to the floor in his yellow sleeping bag to prepare for a nap.


“Thank you very much!”


A couple of minutes later…


Election Results


Izuku Midoriya- 3 Votes

Momo Yaoyorozu- 2 votes

“WHAT?! I got three votes?! Where the hell did those come from?!” Izuku yelled out in shock. He didn’t expect to get THREE votes. Much less win. Who voted for him?


“Why Deku?! Who voted for the damn nerd?!” Bakugo yelled in rage as he jumped out of his seat.


“Well, it’s better than voting for you.” Sero commented.



Meanwhile Ochaco and Momo were both whistling innocently and nonchalantly as they looked the other way trying to look as normal as possible, ‘Yeah, it’s best if I just keep my mouth shut,’ they both said in their heads.


“I give up! I give up! Zero votes… I knew that would happen… That is only to be expected of a person’s calling.” Tenya said as he was filled with an aura of misery of not even getting a single vote.


“You voted for someone else, huh?” Momo said in a sympathetic tone.


“But you wanted to be class rep too. What are you trying to do, Iida?” Sato asked as he couldn’t get why Iida wouldn’t vote for himself if he truly wanted to be class rep.


Shoto just closed his eyes and shook his head.


“Then, the class rep is Midoriya, and the deputy class rep will be Yaoyorozu.” Aizawa stated in his bored and monotone voice as the two stood in front of the class.


“Well, I didn’t expect to win but hey, I’ll do the best that I can.” Izuku said as he smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head. He was a little nervous but it might be a good learning experience for him. He does want to be the Number One Hero, so this could be a good step in the right direction.


“I’m sure you’ll do fine Izuku-kun. You’re more than cut out for the job!” Momo encouraged Izuku as she smiled and winked at him.

“Hey you know what, this might not be too bad.” Tsuyu commented as she approved of the class rep and deputy class rep.


“After all’s said and done, Midoriya can be pretty fired up, anyway. He’s a guy I wouldn’t mind being class rep. And Yaoyorozu was cool when we were going over the battle results!” Kirishima stated as he also liked the idea of having Izuku as their class rep.


As everyone discussed the outcome of the election, it was quiet for Tenya as he just sat there taking in the fact that he didn’t get a single vote.


Lunch Time…


“Wow! There are a lot of people today too!” Ochaco said as the entire cafeteria was packed full with students as there was a lot of noise and activity going on.


“That’s because everyone in the Hero Course, Support Course, and Management Course meets in the same place.” Tenya replied.


Ochaco took a big bite from her white rice and smiled in pleasure, “The rice is so delicious!”


Izuku sighed, “Even though I’ve been chosen as Class Rep, I don’t know if I’m qualified for it.” Izuku said as he began to eat his food.


“You are.” Ochaco said bluntly as she continued to chew her food.


“Don’t worry about it, you are completely capable of the job.” Momo said as well as she also ate her food with them.


“It’ll be fine. Your courage and judgment at critical moments make you worth following. Out of all of us, you’re the one who probably has the most Heroic spirit. That’s why I voted for you.” Tenya said before he took another spoonful of his food.


“It was you?” Izuku asked in shock. Didn’t he want to be class rep?


“Me too.” Ochaco stated.


“Me three.” Momo said.


“Wait a second?! So you all voted for me!?” Izuku said in shock as his eyes grew big and wide and almost bulged out.


“But didn’t you want to be class rep, too, Iida? I mean, you’ve got glasses and everything.” Ochaco said bluntly and outright.


‘Uraraka just talks without thinking… ‘ Izuku thought with a sweatdrop.


Tenya took a sip of his orange juice, “Wanting to do it and being suitable for it are different issues. I merely did what I judged to be correct.”


“ ‘Merely’? You don’t usually use that word… “ Izuku said in confusion.


“Oh that’s… “ Tenya mumbled.


“I’ve been thinking… Are you a rich boy, Iida?” Ochaco asked in curiosity.


“Rich… I tried to change how I talk because I didn’t want to be called that.” Tenya said.


Izuku, Ochaco and Momo stared at him, urging and pleading for him to go on and explain.


Tenya sighed and decided why not?


“Yes, my family has been Heroes for generations. I’m the second son.”


“What?! Wow!” Izuku, Momo and Ochaco exclaimed


“Do you know the Turbo Hero, Ingenium?” Iida asked.


“Of course! He’s a really popular Hero who has 65 sidekicks working at his Tokyo agency!” Izuku stated going into fanboy mode. “Wait, don’t tell me… !”


Tenya smirked as he stood and placed his hands on his heads, “He is my elder brother!” Tenya said with pride.

“He’s telling us straight out!”


“That’s amazing!”


“He is a likable Hero who honors the rules and leads people. I set my sights on being a Hero because I want to be like my brother. However, I think it is still too soon for me to lead others. Unlike me, Midoriya realized the point of the practical portion of the Entrance Exam, so he’s more suitable for the job.” Tenya said but he stopped as he saw that the three were staring at him with amazement.


“This might be the first time I’ve seen you smile, Iida. “ Ochaco said.


“What, really? I smile!” Tenya said as he was surprised that Ochaco would even say something like that.


Izuku smiled and thought to himself, ‘Ingenium is to Iida what All Might is to me. But, I should tell him… ‘


“About the Entrance Exam… I didn’t know that there was any secret to it. I just did what I thought was right. I didn’t care about the extra points that I could’ve gotten or that the Zero Pointer was only a decoy. I wasn’t going to let an innocent person get hurt or worse when I knew I could’ve done something.” Izuku finished but was confused when he saw that the three just stared at him.


“Ummmm, is there something wrong?” Izuku asked


“You do realize that makes it even better, right?” Momo told him as she smiled and giggled, but before Izuku could respond an alarm buzzer went off gaining the attention of all of the students in the cafeteria.


“An alarm?” Izuku said.


--There has been a Level 3 security breach. All students please evacuate outdoors promptly.


“What’s a Level 3 security?” Tenya asked an upperclassman.


“It means someone is trespassing on school grounds ! I’ve never seen anything like this in the three years I’ve been here! You should hurry, too!” he said before he ran out of his chair to evacuate.


What happened afterwards was pure havoc as everyone tried to evacuate at the same time in a rush in complete disorder. Everybody was squished up together and there was barely any breathing room. It was quite the uncomfortable predicament.


“Ow… “ Ochaco and Momo both said as they pushed tightly against each other painful as there was a bunch of commotion going on.


“As expected of the best of the best. Everyone reacts quickly in a crisis!” Tenya shouted as he too was being squished.


“Th-They’re so quick that its causing a panic!” Izuku said in a strained voice as he too was in an uncomfortable position.


“Enough of this already!” Izuku yelled as he flew up in the air to finally get some personal space and breathing room and get out of that painful squishing environment.


“Who in the world trespassed?” Izuku asked in curiosity as he thought that U.A. had an extremely tough security system. As he looked out the window though, he wasn’t expecting what he saw.


“That’s… the press!”

“Give us All Might!” the same female reporter from this morning demanded angrily. “He’s here, isn’t he?!”

“We told you, he’s not here!” Present Mic said as he too was getting a little annoyed by the consistent questions of the press and media.


“If you just give us one brief comment, we’ll leave!”


“If you guys get one comment, you’ll want another. That’s just how you are.” Aizawa responded as he couldn’t believed that these reporters actually managed to get passed the security system.


“They’re illegal trespassers, you know. You could call them Villains. You think we can beat them up?” Present Mic whispered in Aizawa’s ear.


“Don’t do it, Mic. They’ll write up a bunch of half-truths about you. Let’s wait for the police.” Aizawa replied.


Izuku saw the chaos that was happening and just shook his head at the thought that this was caused just because the media wanted an interview with All Might.


‘I have to do something! I have to let everyone know that everything is okay.’ Izuku thought to himself as he flew to where the exit was located so that everybody could see him.

‘Okay, here goes nothing…. ‘ Izuku thought nervously.


He took a deep breath and made sure to make his voice louder and deeper by infusing it with a little bit of Ki energy.


“EVERYONE! Calm down! It is just the media and press! There is nothing to worry about. The teachers got the situation under control. There is nothing to fear! This is U.A. for crying out loud. Let’s act like we have some sense and show why we are the best of the best!


Every student quieted down and sighed in relief. They heard police sirens which signified that the media would be gone any minute. Tenya, Ochaco and Momo smiled as they happy Izuku stepped up and did what he needed to do to get the situation under control.


Meanwhile, outside the police arrived.


“Goodbye, bad mass media! It’s quiet for all of ya!” Present Mic said as the press finally left after the police arrived and ordered them to leave unless they wanted to get arrested.


Izuku looked at the scene and smile. The situation was resolved!


He looked at his reflection in the window and thought to himself, ‘Hmmm, maybe I am cut out for this class rep job. Alright! No more doubting myself! I can do anything I put my mind to, all I have to do is believe in myself. That’s why All Might chose me as his Successor!’ Izuku said with a sense of pride as a new aura of confidence enveloped him which will help in his future endeavors in more ways than one.


Meanwhile at U.A.’s Front Entrance….


Four figures could be seen standing near the front entrance, one of them being Recovery Girl and 2 other teachers at U.A..


The one in front of the three of them resembled an anthropomorphic mouse/bear as he saw what was in front of him which confused him greatly.


“How were the ordinary members of the press able to do something like this? Someone instigated this. Did someone evil slip in, or was it intended to be a declaration of war?”


The reason that he said this was because the metal gate that once stood in front of the entrance as a form of security was completely broken down and reduced to dust. Only bits and pieces remained….

...who could have done this?....

“Listen Heroes, don’t come after me. If you do, I’m gonna kill this rich family here.” A giant pink Villain stated as he held three civilians as hostages. The Heroes he was referring to were Mt. Lady, Kamui Woods and one other Hero who were all on the ground panting as they were out of breath fighting the Villain before them.

It’s fine now, family! MISSOURI SMASH!


All Might came down from the sky in his yellow suit and karate chopped the back of the Villain’s neck effectively knocking him out and saving the three civilians in the process.


Why? Because I am here on my way to work!


“A hit-and-run!” another civilian shouted out loud.


It’ll be bad if I’m late, but… ! ” All Might jumped high in the air in pursuit of the car.


I’ve gotten slower…? After I gave Young Midoriya One For All, my powers have been weakening. On top of that, after forcing myself that time, the time I can spend in this form has gotten shorter than before.’ All Might thought as he caught the car that committed the hit-and-run and smashed the engine to prevent it from going anywhere else.


Young Midoriya… please think carefully about what it means to have this power. If word gets out, it’s clear that the world would be teeming with those trying to steal the power from you. This secret should be kept both to prevent chaos in society and for your sake. ’ All Might said in his head as he thought about the safety of his Successor and what dangers bearing One For All would bring to him.


Even if Izuku is a suitable vessel, he is still only a 15-year-old boy. He still has much left to learn if he wants to become the Greatest Hero.


“Someone’s barricaded themselves in the neighboring town!”


As soon as he heard that, All Might blasted off once again to go resolve the issue.

“For today’s Hero Basic Training, its turned into a class with three instructors, All Might and me, and one more person.” Aizawa revealed to the class as they wondered who the third teacher could be.


‘ Turned into? I wonder if it is a special case?’ Izuku thought.


“Excuse me! What will we be doing?” Sero asked.


Aizawa held out a card that the word ‘RESCUE’ in blue letters printed on it, “Disasters, shipwrecks, and everything in between. It’s rescue training!”


“Rescue… Looks like it’ll be a lot of work this time, too.” Kaminari said.


“Right?” Mina agreed with him.


“Idiot, this is the duty of a Hero! My arms are ready to rumble!” Kirishima said as he was fired up.


“No one can beat me in water, ribbit.” Tsuyu said as she too anticipated the rescue training.


“Hey, I’m not done. You can decide if you want to wear your costume or not this time. Because there are probably costumes that limit your abilities, too.” Aizawa said as he used a remote to make the numbered boxes that contain the students’’ costumes come out of the wall.


“The training will take place off-campus, so we’re taking a bus. That is all. Start getting ready.”


And with that, the students got up from their chairs and began to prepare to head to rescue training.


‘Rescue training… What I’ve admired... ‘ Izuku thought as he remembered the video of All Might’s debut. The one where he watched countless of times as a kid. He tightened his right fist.


‘It’s training to get another step closer to being the Greatest Hero. I’ll do my best!’


Izuku went outside wearing his Saiyan Armor that he wore last time. The SUpport Course was able to repair the damage that was caused by Bakugo in their fight. Izuku got a new red headband that he held in his hand.


“Oh, Izuku-kun, the Support Course was able to fix your costume? It got pretty banged up when you and Bakugo fought.” Momo asked as she wa surprised that they were able to fix it so quickly.


Izuku rubbed his head sheepishly, “Yeah I really liked this armor so I asked nicely if they could fix as soon as possible. And it turned out alright!” Izku turned his head the other way trying not to make eye contact as he tried to hide the blush on his face from seeing Momo’s costume.


‘Damn, what is it with these girls and their sexy costumes?!’


Iida blew a loud whistle which caught the attention of everyone present, “Class 1-A, gather round! Form two lines by your student numbers  in order to make boarding the bus go smoothly!”


“Where did he get the whistle from? Iida is really going at full throttle.” Izuku said with a sweat drop.


On the bus….


“Shoot. I didn’t think it’d be this type of bus.” Tenya said as he had his head down as the bus was more similar to a public transport where there was a lot of space to walk around.


“There was no point, huh?” Mina said as since there was so much space, they didn’t need to make two lines to get in the bus smoothly.


“I say whatever comes to mind. Midoriya… “ Tsuyu said


“Um, yes, Asui?”


“Call me Tsu.”


“R-Right… my bad.” Izuku apologized.


“Your Quirk is like All Might’s.” Tsuyu said bluntly.


“H-Huh? Y-Y-You think so? But I’m… uh… ” Izuku stuttered nervously. Did she figure out his secret?


“Wait a sec, Tsu, All Might doesn’t get hurt when he uses his. They just kind of look the same.” Kirishima said.


“Phew….” Izuku whispered as he thought he almost got caught red handed.


“But it's nice to have a simple augmenting-type Quirk. You can do lots of flashy stuff! My Hardening’s strong against others, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like much.” Kirishima said as sharp edges appeared on his left arm.


“Don’t say that! I think it's really cool. It gives you a defensive edge in battle. It’s a Quirk that can definitely pass as a Pro’s!” Izuku said honestly as he truly thought Kirishima’s Quirk is pretty handy in battle.


“A Pro’s, huh? But you have to think about popularity as a Hero, too, you know.” Kirishima replied.


“My Navel Laser is Pro-Level in both flashiness and strength.” Aoyama said confidently.


“But its not great that it gives you a stomachache.” Mina said as she giggled at Aoyama’s annoyed face.


“Well, if you’re talking about flashy and strong, it’s gotta be Todoroki and Bakugo, though, huh?” Kirishima said as he pointed towards where Bakugo was sitting.


“Bakugo is always mad, so he doesn’t seem like he’ll be popular, though.” Tsuyu said which struck a nerve within Katsuki as it caused him to react.


“What the hell! You wanna fight!” Bakugo yelled as he stood up from his seat


“See?” Tsuyu said as she pointed at Bakugo who just proved her point.


“We have not known each other for that long, so it's amazing that everyone already knows his personality is crap steeped in sewage.” Kaminari said.


“What’s with that vocabulary, bastard?! I’ll kill you!”


“Kacchan’s being teased… I never thought I would see the day! Wow, I guess that’s U.A. for you!” Izuku said as he started chuckling.


“What a vulgar conversation.” Momo said as she cover her mouth with her hand.


“But I like stuff like this, too.” Ochaco replied cheerily.


“We’re here. Stop messing around.” Aizawa stated as the bus stopped.


“Yes, sir!”

When the class got off the bus, they were greeted by an interesting sight.


“Everyone, I have been waiting for you.”


Izuku smiled as he went into fanboy mode, “It’s the Space Hero, Thirteen! The gentlemanly Hero who has rescued tons of people from disasters!”


“Oh, I loved Thirteen!” Ochaco said as she also was excited from seeing one of her favorite Pro Heroes.


Thirteen’s costume consisted of a white space suit with a black helmet with white eyes. He wore a pair of yellow boots.( A/N: Thirteen’s gender hasn’t been revealed at the time this is being written so I’m going to just say he’s a guy. If it is later revealed that he’s actually a girl, then I’ll come back and edit it. )


“Let’s go inside without delay.”


“Look forward to working with you!” The students of Class 1-A said as they made their way inside the facility.


When the students entered, they were amazed at what they say. There were many different areas where different activities of rescue training can be performed. For example, there was a section that as water themed and there was a fire themed section as well.


“Wow, it looks like USJ!”


“A shipwreck, a landslide, a fire, a windstorm, ecteria. It is a training ground that I made with different types of accidents and disasters. It's called the ‘Unforeseen Simulation Joint,’ or ‘USJ’ for short!” Thirteen said.


‘It really is USJ… ‘ Class 1-A thought.


“Thirteen, where is All Might. He was supposed to meet us here.?” Aizawa asked Thirteen.


“About that… It looks like he did too much Hero work on his way to U.A. and ran out of time, so he’s resting in the lounge.” Thirteen replied as he held up three fingers.


Aizawa sighed, “That’s the height of irrationality. Well, we took precautions just in case… It can’t be helped. Shall we begin?”


“Let’s see… Before we begin, let me say one thing… er… or two, or three… or four… five… six… seven... “


The students sweatdropped, ‘Why is the number increasing so much?’


“Everyone, I am sure you are aware of my Quirk, Black Hole. I can suck up anything and turn it to dust. “ Thirteen said as he explained his Quirk.


“You’ve been able to use that Quirk to save people from all kinds of disasters, right?” Izuku asked.


“Yes but it is a power that can easily kill others. Some of you also have Quirks like that, right?”


Izuku looked at his hands as he knew what Thirteen is referring to.


“In a superhuman society, personal Quirks have been certified and stringently regulated, so that doesn’t seem to be a problem at first glance. However, please do not forget that there are many Quirks that can easily kill with one wrong step. With Aizawa’s physical fitness test, you found out about the possibility of your own hidden powers, and with All Might’s person-to-person combat training, I think you have experienced the danger of using those powers against others. This class is a fresh start. You shall learn how to use your Quirks to save people’s lives. You do not have powers so you can harm others. I hope you leave here with the understanding that you have powers in order to help others. That is all. Thank you for listening.” Thirteen finished his speech with a bow.


‘All of what he said is true. I have powers that can kill people if I’m not careful. That’s why I have to learn and master these powers so I can use them to help those in need and become a true Hero!’ Izuku said in his mind as he prepared for whatever he needed to do next.


It was now Aizawa’s turn to speak, “All right then, first--”

But before he could finish his sentence, the various lights and electricity went off. And in the middle of the USJ, appeared a purple portal that was created by a being who made out of purple mist. Out of the portal came out a man with multiple hands around his body.


Aizawa widened his eyes at this, “Gather together and don’t move! Thirteen, protect the students!”


Kirishima asked, “What’s that?”


Out of the portal came more figures each looking unique thanks to their own personal Quirks.


“Is this like the Entrance Exam where the lesson has already started?” Kirishima said


“DON’T MOVE!” Aizawa commanded as he put on his yellow goggles.


Izuku looked at the many people who came out of the purple portal. He sensed their Power Levels and deciphered that most of them were not really that impressive as they were not on a Pro Hero’s level like Aizawa. But what shocked him is when a huge person came out who had black skin has many scars. His brain was exposed on the top of his head with his large eyes around it. He had a mouth that resembled a bird’s beak. Overall, he just looked like a monster that was created in a lab. It didn’t look natural at all. Izuku sensed his Power Level and was taken aback of how high it was. He dare say it was comparable to All Might’s. The other two people who were of noteworthy strength were the man with the fake hands all around his body and the purple mist like figure who created the portal. Those three were the strongest.


“Mr. Aizawa, what’s going on? This doesn’t seem right.” Izuku said as he knew something was up. Where did all of these people come from?


“Those are Villains… “ Aizawa replied.


Izuku’s eyes widened in shock. Villains? What are they doing here. What do they want? What are they after. How were they able to find this place? So many questions, yet no answers.


Little did they know…. The USJ invasion had already begun…

Chapter Text

Chapter 6: The First Glimpse of Evil


                 If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.

“Thirteen and Eraser Head, huh? The teacher’s schedule we received the other day said that All Might was also supposed to be here.” Kurogiri, Villain made of purple mist pointed out as he and the rest of the Villains wondered where the Symbol of Peace could be as they were expecting him to be here.


Aizawa tched, “The trespassing the other day was the work of these scumbags after all, huh?”


“Where is he? I went through the trouble of bringing this whole crowd, too… All Might… The Symbol of Peace… I can’t believe he’s not here. I wonder if he’ll come if we kill some kids?” Tomura Shigaraki, the man with the fake hands all around his body, said with absolute malice in his tone as he was annoyed All Might wasn’t present. And it wouldn't beyond him if he were to kill innocent students to bait the Symbol of Peace as he barely had regard for human life.


Hearing this, Izuku tightened his fists hard as his knuckles turned white, ‘What did he say? He would kill innocent students just to make Toshinori-Sensei come here? How dare you?! So this is what a rotten Villain looks like! You won’t get away with this!’ Izuku thought in anger as the thought of his fellow classmates dying at the hands of these scumbags enraged him to the core. He wasn’t about to sit back and just let them do as they please.


The scent of ozone filled the air as Izuku subconsciously activated One For All: Full Cowl . Furious green lightning cackled around him as a sharp green aura enveloped Izuku signalling that he was ready for battle.


Aizawa’s hair floated up as he undid his scarf showing its long length, “Midoriya stand down! I’ll handle the Villains, while you stay with the others.” Aizawa ordered as he too prepared for a fight.


“Wait a second! Villains? There’s no way they could get into a Hero school!” Kirishima exclaimed as he couldn’t believe that a whole gang of Villains just suddenly showed up out of nowhere talking about they’re going to kill a couple of kids.


“Sensei! What about the trespasser sensors?” Momo asked Thirteen as she thought that the security alarms should’ve been went off.


“We have them, of course, but… “ Thirteen trailed off as he too question why the alarms hadn’t gone off yet.


“Did they only appear here, or around the whole school? Either way, if the sensors are not responding, that means they have someone with a Quirk that can do that. An isolated area separated from the main campus during a time when a class is supposed to be here. They might be fools, but they’re not dumb. This surprise attack was carefully planned with some sort of goal in mind.” Shoto Todoroki, the son of the Number Two Hero Endeavor, said as he intellectually deduced the situation using various obvious clues.


Izuku nodded his head, “Yeah, you’re right. When the press managed to trespass, one of the Villains must have used that as a distraction to slip in unnoticed and steal a copy of today’s class schedule.” Izuku said as he couldn’t believed they were able to easily catch them off guard. They should have seen this coming from a mile away. It just made him all the more angry.


“Thirteen, start the evacuation. Try calling the school. Make sure that they are safe. These Villains even had something to counteract the sensors. It's possible someone with radio-wave-type powers is interfering.” Aizawa said as he turned his head towards Denki.


“Kaminari. You try contacting the school with your Quirk, too.”


“Yes, sir!” the blond boy replied as he placed his hand on a device located near his right ear.


“Wait a minute Mr. Aizawa, what about you?! You’re actually going to go and try to fight them all by your lonesome?! With that many, even if you can erase their Quirks… Eraser Head’s fighting style is capturing after erasing the enemy’s Quirk. A frontal battle would be putting you at a disadvantage!” Izuku said worriedly as he knew that Aizawa’s domain is more a one on one fight style but trying to push and fight all of those enemies at once seems kind of crazy if you have a Quirk like Aizawa.


“You can’t be a Pro by being a one trick pony, Midoriya.” Aizawa said simply.


Izuku grit his teeth, ‘That’s not the point. I know you can handle most of these goons by yourself judging by their Power Levels, but those three at the end, especially the Bird Brain, will give you trouble if they all gang up on you. You better be careful.’ Izuku said mentally as he knew that Aizawa would have a hard time if all of the Villains decided to just gang up on him.


“I’m leaving it to you Thirteen!” Aizawa said as Thirteen nodded his head.


He then jumped down the stairs and thrust himself towards the mob of Villains.


“Shooting squad, let’s go.” One Villain with holes in his fingertips said as they observed Aizawa descending towards them.


“Didn’t our intel say it would just be Thirteen and All Might? Who’s that?” A female Villain with long grey hair floating upwards stated as she and the rest of the goons underestimated Eraserhead.


“I don’t know! But if he thinks he can come at us from the font by himself… then he’s a huge idiot!” Another Villain stated as they got ready to kill Eraserhead.


Eraserhead responded by activating his Quirk as his eyes turned blood red and stared at all the Villains in his line of sight.


One of the Villains tried to shoot from his fingertips but was confused as to why his Quirk wasn’t working, “Huh? My Quirk… The bullets won’t come out?!”


The other two Villains experienced the same as their Quirks weren’t responding either.


Eraserhead used this opportunity to grab all three of them with his scarf and throw them against each other, effectively knocking them out cold.


“Idiot, he’s Eraserhead! He can erase Quirks just by looking at them!”


“Erase? Are you gonna erase the Quirks of heteromorphic-type Villains like us, too?” A large Villain with multiple arms around his body said as he charged Eraserhead.


“No, I can’t.” Eraserhead said as he dodged his strike and punched him square in the face.


“But the skills of guys like you... “


Eraserhead wrapped his scarf around the Villain’s leg as he dodged another punch from another Villain and countered it with a kick.


“... are statistically more likely to manifest in close combat… “


Eraserhead threw the Villain that he wrapped around his scarf to a crowd of goons and made him collapse on them, which took all of them out swiftly.


“... so I’ve taken measures against that.” Eraserhead said confidently as he easily manhandled the cannon fodder minions.


“He’s also strong in hand-to-hand combat, and since he’s hiding his eyes with goggles, you can’t tell whose Quirk he’s erasing. When he fights against a group, that makes it harder for them to work together.” Tomura stated as he observed Eraserhead manhandling his goons. He understood that a Pro at his level completely outclassed these low tier Villains that he brought along.


“I see. I hate Pro Heroes. The masses don’t stand a chance against them.” Tomura said annoyingly as he scratched his neck.


“Wow! Mr. Aizawa’s actually good at fighting by himself against a lot of people, huh?” Izuku said in amazement as he watched his homeroom teacher handle the mob of Villains. It made him excited as he too wanted to get a crack at fighting some Villains.


“This is no time for analysis! Hurry up and come back to the group!” Tenya yelled towards Izuku who nodded and ran back to where the rest of the students were heading.


As they neared the exit, a purple mist appeared in front of them as it grew in size.


“I won’t let you lot get away.” Kurogiri said as he blocked their path.


‘Damn it! I just blinked once and the guy who looks like the most trouble got away… ‘ Aizawa thought as he got surrounded by the mob of Villains preventing him to go anywhere else.


“Nice to meet you. We are the League of Villains. It may be presumptuous of us, but we have invited ourselves in to the home of Heroes, U.A. High School, in order to have All Might, the Symbol of Peace, take his last breath.” Kurogiri said revealing to them their motives for being here.


Izuku narrowed his eyebrows, “So you want to kill All Might huh? Hmph, good luck with that.”


“I believe All Might should have been here. Has there been some kind of change? Well, that is neither here nor there. This is the part I am to play.” Kurogiri sated as he prepared to take out Thirteen and the students.


Thirteen was about to use his Black Whole Quirk but stopped as out of nowhere, both Kirishima and Bakugo were in front of him as they charged Kurogiri head on. Bakugo blasted him in the face with a loud explosion.


“What in the hell are those two idiots doing?!” Izuku said as he wiped the smoke away from his face.


“Did you consider that you’d got beaten by us before you did it?” Kirishima yelled as he taunted Kurogiri.


“Oh dear, that’s dangerous… “


When the smoke completely cleared, Kurogiri was shown to not have a single scratch on him


“That’s right. Even if you are students , you are excellent golden eggs.” Kurogiri said as he praised the young and talented students.


“No! Move away, you two!” Thirteen said as he tried to warn Kirishima and Bakugo.


“My job is to scatter you all and torture you to death!” Kurogiri yelled as he enveloped the entire class with his purple mist. It created a big circular shield around them made of smoke.


“What’s going on?! Damn it, I can’t move!” Izuku yelled as he tried to fly aways and take the others with him to safety, but the mist was just too much. The purple smoke created a portal which forced Izuku to go through whether he wanted to or not and completely separated him from the group…


Shipwreck Zone….


Izuku came out of the purple portal as he descended towards the water. When he opened his eyes, he realized that he was underwater. He deduced that he landed in the Shipwreck Zone.


‘A warp? Is that his Quirk? They want to kill All Might? What in the world is going on? What the hell?’ Izuku thought as he began to swim back up to the surface. However he noticed an energy signature with ill intent coming towards him.


He saw that it was a Villain with shark like features which was probably due to a fish mutant type Quirk.


He was heading straight for Izuku at high speeds, not slowing down at all, “Here I come! I don’t have anything against you, but see ya!”


‘Is that so?’ Izuku thought as a yellow Ki blast formed at his fingertip as he prepared to fire it at the shark Villain.


But right before either could deal their blow, Tsuyu came at the last second and kicked the Shark Villain away as she held Mineta in her arms.


“Midoriya! Ribbit!” Tsuyu said as she wrapped Izuku with her long tongue and dragged him out of the water.


Tsuyu placed Izuku on the boat carefully as Mineta said groggily, “For a frog, your boobs are pretty big.”


This caused the frog like girl to blush in embarrassment as she threw Mineta on top of the boat roughly as he landed on the floor hard, very much unlike she did with Izuku.


As Tsuyu was climbing up the boat, Izuku said, “Thanks for getting us on the boat, Asui.”


“I told you to call me Tsu.” She replied as she made it on the boat.


“Oh, sorry again. Thanks, Tsu.” Izuku said as he smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head.


“This has turned into a bad situation tho,” Tsuyu said referring to the fact that the entire class was split up in groups.


“Yeah, they planned this right from the start. They split us up and separated us from the teachers so it would be easier to get rid of us. They were waiting to pounce, just as Todoroki said.” Izuku told them as he assessed their current predicament and had to admit that it was a pretty clever plan.


“But, but-- It’s not like they can actually kill All Might right? Once All Might comes, he’ll pound those guys to the ground!” Mineta said confidently as he tried to lighten the mood.


“Mineta. Don’t you think they are trying so hard because they have a way to kill him? Guys that strong just told us they are going to torture us to death, you know. I wonder if we’ll be able to even survive until All Might arrives… Even if All Might comes, I wonder if we will all make it out in one piece… “ Tsuyu said as she herself didn’t know if they were going to even to stay alive through all of this.


Mineta began to sweat as he absorbed Tsuyu’s words, “M-M-Midoriya! What the heck is that?” Mineta pointed towards the water.




“You bastard! I’ll kill you!” The same Shark Villain from earlier shouted as this time he brought a couple of his friends along with him.


Mineta screamed in horror, “There’s a ton of them!”


‘Those guys have a way to defeat All Might. She’s probably right about that. If I were a betting man, than I bet that the key to defeating All Might has something to do with that huge Bird Brain who has the highest Power Level out of all of these Villains. They most likely want to kill him because he’s the the Symbol of Peace who keeps this Superhuman society in balance and control. If he were to be killed, Villains would be motivated to go out and commit crimes with no fear. I cannot allow that to happen!’ Izuku said mentally as he tightened his fists.


“If these Villains have a way to defeat All Might, then right now, we MUST put a stop to whatever they’re planning! By fighting and winning!” Izuku said with courage and determination as he finally put on and tightened his red headband. His emerald green eyes lit up as his Milky white Ki aura flared up, showing that he was ready to fight.


“What do you mean, fight? Are you stupid?! These guys might be able to kill All Might, the Number One Hero for crying out loud, and you expect us to be able to fight them? You’re contradicting yourself, Midoriya! The best plan would be to sit tight and wait for the U.A. Heroes to come save us, of course!” Mineta cried out as he feared for his life and didn’t want to fight when he knew that these Villains could possibly kill All Might.


“We don’t have time to be sitting around and doing nothing. As we speak, our classmates are fighting for their lives against these Villains. Now is not the time to be a coward, Mineta. Man up and face your fears or else it could cost you your life. We can’t allow them to win and get away with it. We have to put our lives on the line and do the best we can so that we can live to see tomorrow and put a stop to their evil plans. That is part of what it means to be a Hero!” Izuku replied with absolute seriousness. As he was saying that, he sensed everybody’s energy signature and came to the conclusion that most of these Villains are just low tier cannon fodder. Students like himself, Todoroki, and Bakugo should be able to handle all of them by themselves no problem, while the rest of the class can beat them as long as they have a partner or two that can help fend them off.


Mineta accepted the fact that they did indeed have to fight so he sucked it up and asked, “Okay, so what do you think we should? What’s your plan?”


“Mineta, those guys down there are clearly assuming we’ll fight in the water. They are just floating there doing nothing. They are waiting for us to make the first move.” Izuku said as they observed the Villains below them in the water.


“Does that mean they knew what was in these facilities before they gathered people?” Tsuyu asked.


“Exactly. For people who gathered that much intel so meticulously, there’s something strange. They sent you, Asu--”




“--I mean Tsu-- to the Shipwreck Zone. This means, in other words, the Villains probably don’t know what our Quirks are.” Izuku finished.


“Ribbit. That’s true. If they knew that I was a frog, then they probably would have thrown me into that fire zone over there.”


Izuku nodded, “They probably separated us because they didn’t know our Quirks so they planned to overpower us with numbers. We have inferior number and less experience. Our only hope lies in the fact that our opponents don’t know what our Quirks are! The enemy isn’t trying to climb the boat. That supports my hypothesis! But that probably means they aren’t underestimating us, either.” Izuku said as he analyzed the situation as much as possible in order to come up with a sufficient plan to get past these Villains.


“I’ll tell you more about my Quirk. I can jump high, stick to walls, and stick my tongue out up to about 20 meters. I can also spit out my stomach and wash it, and secrete toxic mucus that actually just stings a little. The last two are practically useless, so you can probably forget about them.” Tsuyu said as she finished explaining all of the abilities that her Quirk gives here.


“I already kind of knew, but you’re really strong. My Quirk gives me the ability to use the energy within myself to gain super strength, flight, and energy blasts. I can control it pretty well to a certain extent, but if I use too much power at once, I will run out of stamina and the bones in my body would probably break due to the recoil of using too much power. It also gives me this brown monkey tail, but I have yet to figure out the uses of it. I also have the ability to sense other people’s energy signatures.” Izuku said as he produced a blue Ki ball on his right for a little demonstration.


“My Quirk creates balls on my head that grow as fast as I can pull them. They stick super tight. Depending on how I’m feeling, they can even stick for a whole day. But if I pull off too many balls, I’ll start bleeding. They don’t stick to me. They just bounce off.”


“... “


Silence followed Mineta’s explanation of his Quirk as both Izuku and Tsuyu just stared at him, not uttering a word.


Mineta’s eyes began to water as he cried out, “That’s why I said we should just wait quietly! My Quirk is totally unfit for battle!”


Izuku sweatdropped at Mineta’s childish antics, “No, it's not like that! It is an amazing Quirk. We can actually do something with it. Please don’t get discouraged.” Izuku said calmly as he tried to calm down his grape haired classmate.


But right as he said that, one of the Villain used his Quirk to manipulate the water in such a way, so that it can become sharper than a sword, and used the water to slice through the ship the three students were on, cleanly in half.


“I’m getting impatient. Let’s end this quickly!”


The ship rumbled as it began to slowly sink.


“What power… The ship’s broken.” Tsuyu said


In response to the attack, Mineta rand to the edge of the ship and began to rapidly throw his purple balls down to the water towards the Villains in absolute panic. It was a desperation move as he thought they were going to die anyways.

“Don’t just give up like that! What are you doing? The enemy will figure out your  Quir-” Izuku began to say but didn’t finish his sentence as he saw that the Villains were being very cautious of Mineta’s purple balls and tried to move away from them.


“What the heck are these?” One Villain said as he tried to shoo away the grape colored orbs.


‘They’re being cautious and not touching them?’ Izuku thought as suddenly an idea popped into his head. ‘Mineta said they can stick to anything besides himself… that means… ‘


“The boat will sink in less than a minute. Once they get into the water, we’re sure to win” A Villain said as they prepared to end the three students’ lives as soon as the ship sunk.


“Oh no, they’re right!” Mineta said as tears were still present on his face.


“Mineta, did you really enter U.A. to become a Hero?” Tsuyu asked blatantly as his cowardly attitude was kind of pathetic in her opinion and not fitting of a student who wanted to be a Hero.


“Shut up! It's weirder to not be scared right now! We were only in junior high until a little while ago! Who would’ve thought that we would be almost killed right after starting school?! Oh, man I’m going to die before I could have at least touched Yaoyorozu’s boobs first!” Mineta yelled as he cowardly accepted the fact that he was going to die before he even reached the age of 18.


“Oh, will you please shut up and listen?! Nobody is going to die! It's going to be fine, trust me, I’ve got an idea!” Izuku shouted as he formulated a plan in his head that he was sure would get them out of their current predicament safe and sound with minimal injuries.


He now had both of their attention as they waited to hear, what he had to say.


“When the enemy becomes certain of their victory, that will be our chance. All Might said so before on TV. They don’t know what our Quirks are. So we’ll use that to our advantage. I’m going to jump and get their attention and blast them away so they can become discombobulated. When that happens, you both jump out of the ship and Mineta will spam purple balls at them as much as he can. This will keep them immobilized. As they are distracted, I’ll land the final blow in order to secure the victory. Got it? We don’t have much time anyways.” Izuku finished explaining the plan as both Tsuyu and Mineta nodded their heads, signalling that they understood.


“You really must be kids, with all of the chirping and screaming.” One Villain said as he taunted the young first years.


“Hey, Shigaraki said to not let your guard down, remember? Don’t judge them by their ages. Look at their Quirks. It’s common sense, isn’t it? Because our Quirks will definitely have an advantage in the water.”


Izuku then flew in the air as he yelled out a loud battle cry that reverberated throughout the Shipwreck Zone, reminiscent of the roar of a beast.


His white milky aura enveloped him as he did so. On both of his hands, blue colored Ki balls formed. He then launched them repeatedly at the Villains, doing as much damage as he could but at the same time, not trying to kill them.




Izuku yelled out his technique as he kept launching the blue Ki blasts from his hands nonstop. Each one creating huge impacts in the water. The Villains didn’t know how to react as they have never seen a Quirk like Izuku’s before. The blasts pushed them away as some of them were hit directly and the energy blasts burned them like boiling hot water and caused devastating pain.


Seeing that now, they were distracted, Izuku yeleed, “Tsu! Mineta! Now!”




Tsuyu carried Mineta in her arms as she jumped out of the ship.


Mineta tightened his fists, ‘Damn it! What the heck, Midoriya?! Why are you so brave? Even though we’re probably in the worst situation possible… you still jump and act. You don’t back down and you don’t give up no matter what! How did you become so strong? I’m nothing but a coward… ‘ Mineta thought as he gripped a purple ball on his head.


“BUT NO MORE! I’m no longer going to be afraid! I want to be a Hero just like everybody else! I’m going to become strong and cool, just like you!” Mineta yelled as he found new motivation within himself as he kept throwing as many purple balls as fast as he possible he could towards where all of the Villains were.


“I’m getting dragged in!” Yelled a Villain as they were all getting sucked up towards the middle and were getting dangerously close to each other.


Mineta’s purple orbs began to stick to each and everyone of them.


“What is this crap?! I can’t get it off!”


Izuku floated above them as he observed the sight, “If a strong force is applied to the surface of the water, it’ll spread… and then converge back in the middle!” Izuku yelled as he saw that all of the Villains were squashed up together smack in the middle, courtesy of Mineta’s purple sticky balls that made them all stuck and unable to move and get away from each other.




“Get away from me!”


“I can’t move!”


“We’re too close!”


Numerous Villains said as they were helpless and pretty much stuck together.


“Now for the final blow… “ Izuku said as green electricity gathered in his right thumb and index finger.




Izuku yelled out the name of one of his signature moves as he flicked his finger. The result was a huge typhoon of force that was sent directly to where all of the Villain’s were grouped up. The Villains widened their eyes in fear as the smash completely blew them all away at once, knocking them out of commission as they were finally dealt with and knocked out unconscious.


Izuku smirked as he saw the beauty that fell before him, “PERFECT COMBO! Good job, Tsu and Mineta!” Izuku yelled out in victory as he flew towards where Tsuyu jumped in the air.


“Well looks like we cleared the Shipwreck Zone. You two are amazing!” Tsu said as she was grateful that she had classmates as strong and courageous as them.


Landslide Zone…


“ ‘Scatter you and kill you,’ huh? I hate to say this, but you just look like guys with Quirks they didn’t know what to do with.” Shoto Todoroki said as he breathed out a breath of cold air. All around him were Villains that were frozen still. They were completely immobilized as the ice cold frost that trapped them didn’t allow them to move a step as they were completely at Shoto’s mercy.


“Th-This guy… The instant we warped here… we were destroyed! I-Is he really a kid?” One Villain as he shivered from the extremely low temperatures of Todoroki’s ice.


‘Killing All Might… At first glance, I thought they had gathered all their elite and would overpower him by numbers... ‘


One Villain tried to sneak up from behind Shoto, but he caught him right before he could get hit and freezed his entire body save for his head. Another Villain tried to move in on him while  Shoto was distracted but he effortless freezed him as well.


‘... but a closer look shows that the pawns they prepared for us were just a ratag bunch of thugs that even teenagesr could beat.’ Shoto thought as he disarmed the thug that came up from behind him.


“From what I saw, there were only two or three truly dangerous people. If that’s the case, then the next step I should take is... ‘


Shoto turned to the frozen Villain in front of him, “Hey, at this rate, your cells will slowly die. I want to be a Hero. I would like to avoid something so cruel if possible.”


The Villain’s eyes widened as small hints of tears could be seen forming as he feared that his life right now is at the hands of a 15 year old kid.


Shoto placed his right hand in front of the Villain’s face as cold frost air came out of it, signalling that he could make the ice he needed at any moment he wanted, “I’m only going to say this once. Tell me how do you and the rest of your so called ‘League of Villains’ plan on killing All Might?” Shoto asked as he threatened the poor Villain.


Mountain Zone…




Kaminari screamed in fear as a huge bulky Villain thug aimed a punch at him. He narrowly dodged the devastating blow and began to run away from the thug.


“Scary! Seriously, did you see that just now? I saw the River Styx, seriously! What the heck is up with these guys? What’s going on?!”


“Worry about that later.” Jiro said as she and Momo fended off a couple of thugs.”Right now, we need to figure out how we’ll get away from all these people.”


“Then give me a weapon, too!” Kaminari pleaded as they were surrounded by a mob of low tier Villains.


“You’re the electric guy, aren’t you? Hurry up and take care of them!” Jiro replied as Kamianri’s Quirk should be more than enough to handle these cannon fodder.


“You saw during the combat training, didn’t you? We were paired up! I can only cover myself with electricity! I can discharge electricity, but it’s not like I can control it! I’ll hit you two too! It’s like, you know, the same as Todoroki! Even if we wanted to call for help, there’s interference jamming’ the signal. Listen, you two. Right now, you can’t count on me. I’m counting on you !” Kaminari finished as he gave the two girls a thumbs up, encouraging them to their best as he thought he was completely helpless in their current situation.


Jiro just rolled her eyes, “You’re a guy, aren’t you ? Stop whining.” Jiro kicked him in the back towards the thugs, “Then, I’ll use you as a human stun gun!”


“Wait, what?!” Kaminari yelled as he landed in front of the big Villain who he was running away from earlier. On impulse, he activated his Quirk and yellow lightning enveloped the Villain as he was knocked out.


“Oh, snap! It’s working! I’m strong! You two can count on me!”


“Hey, you’re too happy-go-lucky.” Jiro replied with a sweat drop.


“Stop messing around, kid!” A Villain in yellow spandex said as he charged towards Jiro with a large boulder above his head.


Jiro connected her earphone jack into the speakers in her legs as it created a large and loud sound wave that completely pushed the boulder back.


Kaminari electrocuted that same Villain as well. Another tried to ambushed him with knives aimed for his throat. Momo saw this and quickly threw a net over at the Villain and trapped him. This allowed the blond haired lightning user  to electrocute him as well.


“It’s done!” Momo shouted as from her back, came out a large sheet that covered both her and Jiro. “It’s an insulation sheet 100 millimeters thick. Kaminari!”


Kaminari smirked as he understood, “I see. In that case, now I don’t need to hold back anymore!” Kaminari proceeded to aim yellow lighting at the ground as it spread and electrocuted all of the Villains present. Momo and Jiro were unaffected due to the insulation sheet they were under.


“Now then, I am worried about the others. Let us join them quickly.” Momo said but little did she know that Kaminari’s blast was strong enough to tear apart a bit of her costume, leaving her chest exposed.


“Wait, your clothes got super punk!” Jiro said as she was quite jealous of Momo’s rather developed bust as her body was mature for her age.


“Oh, it's fine. I can just make new clothes again.” Momo replied.


Jiro heard footsteps as she immediately hugged Momo to cover her wardrobe malfunction, “Kaminari, don’t you dare look!” But when she looked out, she saw that Kaminari had a stupid look on his face as he spoke incoherent words and walked around in a daze as he held both of his thumbs up.


This was the drawback of his Quirk. If he goes over his watt limit, then his brain short circuits, making him a literal retard for a bit.


As they left the sheet, with Momo having already repaired her costume, they were ready to head out and try to regroup with their other classmates.


But before they took another step, they heard something that completely stopped them in their tracks…



The power behind that demonic roar was so strong was that it created strong winds and pushed them back as they struggled to keep their balance.


“What in the world did that come from?!” Momo asked in shock.


A couple of minutes earlier…


“Hey, Midoriya, we’re just here to see how things are going, right?” Mineta asked nervously as he, Tsu, and Izuku were came out of the Shipwreck Zone and into the main plaza where Aizawa was dealing with the huge mob of Villains. Earlier after dealing with the goons in the Shipwreck Zone, Izuku suggested that the three of them go check up on Aizawa. Mineta was hesitant at first as he didn’t think it was a good idea. But Izuku was worried for his teacher as he believed that he may have taken up too big of a load. He decided that he was going to go help Aizawa. However, he reassured Mineta and Tsu, that if things got too dangerous or out of hand, then they would leave immediately.


“Yes, don’t worry. We’ll run away the instant it seems dangerous. I wouldn’t intentionally put you guys in harm's way.” Izuku replied as they hid away from the Villain’s sights and observed the battle that was transpiring.


Multiple bodies laid across the floor as Eraserhead kept on effortless dealing with all of the cannon fodder thugs that stood in his way. After typing up two people with his scarf and knocking them out, he looked up to see Tomura Shigaraki charging straight for him with his right hand.


“23 seconds… “ Tomura said as he ran towards Eraserhead.


“Final boss?!” Aizawa said as he threw his long scarf towards him in attempt to immobilize him.


“24 seconds… 20 seconds… 17 seconds… “


Aizawa attempted to elbow Shigaraki in the chest, was blocked at the last second as Shigaraki held Aizawa’s elbow in a tight grip.


“Damn.” Aizawa said as he realized his attack was stopped.


“It’s hard to see because you keep moving around, but there’s an instant where your hair falls.” Shigaraki began to say as Aizawa widened his eyes, them being red and dry due to using his Quirk too much.


“That’s when you have deactivated your Quirk. And the space in between has gotten shorter and shorter. Don’t push yourself, Eraser Head.” Tomura finished as the skin of Aizawa’s elbow tore apart, revealing gory red blood bone as cracks appeared throughout the skin of his right arm.


Aizawa jumped away from Shigaraki as he felt the pain in his right elbow, “My elbow’s crumbling!”


The fodder Villains took this as an opportunity to get the jump on Aizawa. He dodged all of their attacks as he panted feeling the fatigue for fighting a big group for a long period of time.


“That Quirk isn’t suited for fighting long fights against a large group, is it? Isn’t this too different from your usual job? What you’re good at is a short fight after a surprise attack, right? Even so, you jumped right in to fight us from the front. Was that to put your students at ease?” Tomura said as he taunted Aizawa who was able to take care of the other Villains who tried to ambush him even with one arm. He readied his scarf as he stared at Shigaraki, ready to fight him head on.


“You’re so cool… You’re so cool…! By the way, Hero… I’m not the final boss.”


Aizawa gasped as he turned his head to see the huge black colored Villain with an exposed brain right behind. He moved so fast that Aizawa never even heard him make a sound.


“His name is Nomu. And he’s the one you really need to worry about. Not me.” Shigaraki said as Nomu brought his claws down towards Aizawa.


He tried to erase Nomu’s Quirk, but it didn’t seem to have any effect as Nomu still brought his hand down and pushed the Erasure Hero to the ground and smashed his head. He broke Aizawa’s arm as he scremed in pain. Nomu’s level of strength is absurd. How could somebody have this much power?


“You can erase Quirks. That’s wonderful, but it’s nothing impressive in the face of overwhelming power. You might as well be Quirkless.” Shigaraki said as he smiled in delight seeing the scene of his toy man handling the Erasure Hero.


Aizawa’s eyes turned red as he activated his Quirk again and stared straight at Nomu, attempting to erase his Quirk again. But just like last time, Nomu was completely unaffected and snapped Aizawa’s other arm as he grunted in pain.


‘It’s like he’s breaking a stick… I’m sure I erased his Quirk. That means he is just that powerful naturally. He’s as strong as All Might!’ Aizawa thought in his mind as Nomu picked his head up and smashed it through the ground created cracks in the concrete, inflicting even more damage to the Erasure Hero as the battle was completely one sided.

Mineta grimaced as he tried to cover his face, “M.. M… Midoriya, I can’t take it anymore. I can’t watch, it’s too much! We gotta get out of her before we get hurt!”


“Ribbit… “ Tsu said as she too was having trouble watching the gory scene in front of her. There was just so much blood! She didn’t expect a Villain to be so strong that, he was able to completely destroy their Homeroom Teacher, like it wasn’t even a warm up.


Izuku grit his teeth hard as he clenched his fists so hard that his knuckles were turning pale. He looked on in absolute rage as his teacher was getting pummeled to the ground. It sickened him to no end. He restrained himself from jumping in and trying to save Aizawa because Tsu and Mineta were with him, and he didn’t want to endanger their lives. However, his patience was running EXTREMELY thin. Any second now, he was about to snap and destroy the Villains that dared laid their hands on his sensei.


At that moment, Izuku widened his eyes as he felt a familiar energy signature enter the area.


A purple mist appeared as Kurogiri stepped out of a portal.


“Tomura Shigaraki.” Kurogiri spoke getting said man’s attention.


“Kurogiri, did you kill Thirteen?”


“I put Thirteen out of action, but there were students that I was unable to disperse, and one of them was able to run away.” Kurogiri stated referring to Tenya who was able to escape the USJ and call for help from the Pros.


“Huh?” Tomura began to scratch his neck angrily, “Kurogiri… you… If you weren’t a warp gate and our ride out of here, I would’ve crushed you to pieces!” Tomura said angrily as he realized that now that Pros were coming as backup, it just made their situation a whole lot more complicated.


Izuku was surprised at the reveal of the new situation, ‘Somebody was able to escape and call for help? If I were to guess, then it must’ve been Iida since his Quirk makes him run really quick, so it would make the most sense for him to be the one to do it. This means that backup is on their way!’ Izuku thought happily as now the situation was turned in their favor.


Tomura sighed as he stopped scratching his neck, “We can’t win against dozens of Pros. It is game over. Man it's game over this time. Let’s go home.”


Mineta gained a hopeful look on his face, “They’re going home? Did he just say they’re going home?” Mineta asked shakily as he thought his ears were deceiving him.


“That’s what I heard,” Tsu said as she too now was getting hopeful at the fact that now the Villains would leave them alone and they wouldn’t have to worry no longer.


However, Izuku was skeptical as he didn’t believed them for a second. He kept his guard up, waiting for their next move, ‘For them to simply retreat after doing all this… Don’t they want to kill All Might? If they leave like this, U.A. will just beef up their security. Game over? No, I don’t believe it for a second. What’s going on? What are those guys planning?” Izuku said in his head as he anticipated whatever next move the Villains were about to make. He narrowed  his eyes as he stared at them intently.


Shigaraki turned his head a little, “Oh, yeah. Before we leave, let’s smash some of his pride… “


In the blink of an eye, Tomura ran at towards the three hiding students at transonic speeds, with his hand aimed straight for Tsuyu’s face.


“... as the Symbol of Peace!”


But before he could land the killing blow on Tsuyu, he was immediately countered by a 5% Detroit Smash to the side of the head, courtesy of Izuku Midoriya as he was able to react in time with equal transonic speeds.


Tomura was blown back due to the force of the amazing smash as he was sent tumbling down back to where he was beside Kurogiri and Nomu. He got up and rubbed hi shead as the punch really did a number on him. It will hurt in the morning, that’s for sure.


“Try to lay another finger on her again, and I’ll give you a smash that will give you far worse than a bruised head!” Izuku yelled defiantly as he stood protectively in front of Mineta and Tsuyu.


Tomura stared at the green haired bearer of One For All in fascination and interest, “You move well. Your ‘Smash’-- Are you a follower of All Might’s?” Tomura asked as Izuku’s punches were quite similar to All Might’s.


Izuku just ignored him as he looked towards Nomu who was still leering over Aizawa. His blood spreading across the ground every second.


Izuku sensed his life energy and gasped in horror, ‘Mr. Aizawa is slowly dying! If he doesn’t get medical treatment soon, it will be too late!’


Izuku looked Nomu dead in the eye with his most serious face as he shook in rage, “Get your hands off of my teacher, you damn Bird Brain! If you don’t move this instant, I’m going to make you pay!”


Aizawa raised his head as blood trickled all over his face, he was so injured that it was difficult for him to even speak, “M-Midoriya! For-Forget about me… You and the others need to run now and save yourselves! You’re too young! You have a long life ahead of you. Please go! It’s too late for me!” Aizawa said as he was slowly dying by the second. He didn’t want his students to have to die this early in their careers. He is alright in dying as long as his students are safe.


Izuku shook his head.


“No it’s not too late! How can I call myself a Hero if I let one of my comrades die when I could’ve done something. I refuse to run!” Izuku said as he couldn’t allow his teacher to die at the hands of these Villains.


Aizawa widened his eyes as he couldn't believe that his student was actually disobeying his orders just for the sake of saving him. He thought that was the height of irrationality. Izuku was just like All Might in his eyes. Always going out of their way to do what they believed was right and save others while at the same time, sacrificing themselves in the process. While, it was a truly noble act, nobody can deny that, it doesn’t mean it is always the smartest thing to do. Especially, when you know you’re outmatched. Izuku is smarter than he gives himself credit for, so Aizawa knows that he realizes that he is going to a battle that Izuku knows that he cannot win. But he will still rush in to battle anyways. Aizawa is pretty sure that Izuku will try to buy him and Class 1-A enough time until the Pros arrive. But who knows how long that will take? Aizawa, who is a Pro Hero, was taken down in mere seconds by Nomu. So how long will Izuku, a Freshman with no Hero experience, last against a monster that was just as strong as All Might?!

Izuku looked at Nomu again.




Nomu said nothing as he stared at Izuku, not moving an inch, remaining in the same position as he awaited Tomura’s orders.


Izuku’s patience ran out as he gripped his fists in absolute rage.




( Music: Gohan Fights Frieza Theme )


Izuku flew straight towards Nomu at a speed that easily surpasses sound. He landed a devastating kick to the head that actually made the black monster moved back as the kick was much stronger than expected.


“WHAT?!” Tomura yelled out in disbelief as he didn’t expect the kid to actually attack Nomu head on with no hesitation at all.


Izuku proceeded to land of series of furious punches towards Nomu’s mid section. Each punch had more than enough power to level a whole skyscraper with no problem at all. The punches made Nomu tumble as the blows were actually doing a considerable amount of damage to him.


Izuku then threw a huge uppercut that connected right at Nomu’s jaw. Izuku kicked him away and launched a small yellow Ki blast at Nomu’s face. Nomu blocked it with his two hands, but Izuku quickly appeared in front of the monster and blasted him right in the face with an even stronger Ki blast.

The blast sent the Anti-Symbol of Peace flying as Izuku threw a mega sized yellow Ki ball that connected with said monster and created a huge explosion of energy that was spread around the area.


The people present were in absolute shock at Izuku’s strength. They had never seen anyone fight like that before. Tsuyu, Mineta, and Aizawa looked on in amazement of Izuku’s raw power, while Shigaraki and Kurogiri could not believe that a 15 year old kid was powerful enough to actually push Nomu back.


Tomura began scratching his neck in nervousness, “Wh-Where is all that power coming from?! We didn’t know that U.A. had a brat that was strong enough to fight Nomu! Not fair! Not fair! Not fair! He’s using a cheat code!”


Izuku turned around and picked up Aizawa and carried him over to Tsu and Mineta, “You two take Mr. Aizawa and get out of here now! It’s going to get too dangerous for you guys to be here. I can’t allow you two to get hurt!”


“But Midoriya, what about you?! Don’t tell me you plan on taking them on by yourself!” Mineta cried out as he was worried for his green haired classmate’s safety.


“Do not worry. Backup will get here any minute! But I’m going to buy you and the rest of our class time and keep these Villains busy until the Pros get here. If I don’t, then they will just go and kill as many as our peers as they can until help arrives. I can’t let that happen! So please understand and JUST GO!” Izuku yelled with a lot more seriousness as he needed for the both of them to leave immediately.


Tsuyu nodded as she took Aizawa,”Okay, we’re counting on you Midoriya! Please stay safe!”


Mineta wiped his tears as he and Tsu began to leave and regroup with the others, “You better not die, Midoriya. Survive this!”


Izuku smirked, “I promise I will!”


As they left, Tomura stepped up and said, “You must be foolish if you think I’m just going to allow them to get away!”


In a burst of supersonic speed, Izuku appeared right in front Tomura as he grabbed hold of his right wrist and squeezed it hard enough that he could hear the bones crunching.


“Don’t. You. Dare.”


Izuku then swung him by his arm and threw him towards Kurogiri as they both made hard impact to the ground.


Right as that happen, Izuku sensed Nomu’s Power Level as he jumped straight back to where Izuku was in super high speeds. There was no scratch on his body at all as Izuku’s series of attacks seemed to have no effect on him at all.


Izuku then put on his fighting stance, “Looks like you’re a lot tougher than I thought. I’m going to have to go all out if I want to even stand a chance!”


In response, Deku powered up to 20% Full Cowl as the fierce electric green energy surrounded his aura.


“Here I come!”


Deku jumped into the air and fired a full powered Delaware Smash towards Nomu. Nomu shrugged it off with ease, as he ran at supersonic speeds ready to claw Deku.


Deku saw this coming from a mile away and dodged Nomu’s attack. He powered up again and yelled…




Deku aimed a punched at Nomu’s head and connected as it sent the beast flying. Deku followed him as he wasn’t done with his attack. He kept on sending a flurry of One For All punches that created huge shockwaves that could be felt throughout the entire USJ.


When Nomu landed on the floor, Deku flew up and placed his hands over the other on his forehead as a yellow energy wave began to form.


Masenko Ha!”


The yellow beam of energy came crashing down towards Nomu as it hit him head on. The resulting collateral damage were mini earthquakes and explosions that made the whole USJ rumble.


Smoke was all over the place as a result of Deku’s Masenko . He waited as the smoke cleared, expecting to see a knocked out Nomu.


But what he saw shocked him.


Nomu was standing there, completely unfazed, acting as if nothing happened at all. It was like Deku’s attacks were pebbles to him.


Izuku had his jaw hanging low as he couldn’t believe it.


“Wh-What?! How in the hell did you not take damage from that?! What are you?!” Deku yelled in disbelief as all of his smashes and Ki attacks didn’t do a damn thing to Nomu.


“His Quirk is Shock Absorption. He can take all of your punches and then some, and not be hurt at all. Heheh!”


Shigaraki said as he laughed evilly. He enjoyed the look on Deku’s face when he told him that. There was nothing that the brat could do to even hurt Nomu, let alone defeat him.


Deku took a deep breath as he tried to recompose himself.


‘It is fine. He has Shock Absorbtion. I can work with this. I have to buy as much time as possible! He can absorb attacks but that doesn’t mean he negate them. There must be a limit to how much exactly he can absorb. And I’m going to find that out!’


“Alright, let’s try this!” Deku yelled. His left arm was enveloped with One For All green electric energy while his right arm was enhanced by Ki energy. Deku then flew towards Nomu and began hail merring him with punches using Ki and One For All separately. Each punch was as strong as his current limit as he put 100% effort into each of them. He ended his barrage of attacks with a blue energy wave right to Nomu’s dome.

But when the smoke cleared, Nomu was revealed to have taken absolutely no damage.


Deku sweatdropped as he couldn’t believe that none his blows did jack squat.


“Oh come on!”


Shigaraki made an evil smirk, “It’s no use kid! There’s nothing you can do that can even scratch him! Just give up and accept your death with grace!”


Deku narrowed his eyes as he prepared to fight again, “There’s no such thing as ‘ give up ’ in my damn vocabulary!”


Tomura sighed, “So be it then. Nomu!”


Nomu then charged towards Deku as he completely pierced through his Saiyan armor and destroyed the top half, leaving Deku shirtless and his upper body exposed. Nomu grabbed Deku into a tight bear hug and proceeded to squeeze the life out of Deku.


“HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Deku screamed in utter agony. The pain was just so unbearable. He can already feel his ribs were getting snapped effortlessly like twigs. He tried his best to escape the bear hug of death, but Nomu was just too strong. He could barely breathe as his lungs were getting squished.


“Those screams of pain are music to my ears! Yes, Nomu, squeeze him to death!” Shigaraki yelled in delight as he loved the fact that Nomu was torturing Deku to death.


‘Damn it! He won’t budge! I guess I’m going to have to use it. I was planning on saving this for later when I had better control over it, but desperate times call for desperate measures!’ Deku thought as he took a deep breath and yelled with all of his might…

                 “ KAIOKEN!

“Kaio-what?” Shigaraki said as he was confused by what Deku shouted out.

Deku’s body was surrounded by a fierce and strong crimson aura of Ki. His muscles bulged as his body became even more muscular than before. It covered him from head to toe as Deku was able to forcefully break Nomu’s bear hug hold on him and send him flying with a super enhanced punched than connected to Nomu’s jawline.


Tomura began scratching his neck nervously again, “What?! How?! Where is that power coming from!? Explain you damn brat!”


Deku smirked as he began to answer his question, “Oh, it’s Kaioken attack! It's like a massive upsurge of energy. Everything is heightened: power, speed, even hearing and vision improve dramatically. You sort of become a super-self. It is a really useful technique if you want to get the edge over your opponent! This is my trump card!”


‘But the downside is that it puts a massive toll and strain on the body and makes you vulnerable to an enemy’s attacks. And given that I haven’t trained much with it or mastered it, it will be hard for me to keep it up for any longer. I’m going to have to finish this quickly!’ Deku said in his mind as he analyzed his current predicament and powered up his crimson aura to prepare his attack on Nomu.


Shigaraki was livid. He couldn’t believe that the kid had something up his sleeve that was this big. This boy… he’s too strong… way too strong. He couldn’t allow him to live or else he will be a huge pain in the rear for any of his future plans.


“Nomu, finish him quickly, now! We have to kill this brat or else he will be a problem for our future plans!”


Hearing his master’s orders, Nomu charged Deku at full speed as he prepared to finish him in one strike.


Deku grinned as he dodged Nomu’s attacks with ease. He countered his claw strikes quick but strong jabs at various places of his body. Deku fired a bunch of ki blasts as he used that as distraction to reappear behind Nomu and roundhouse kick him as the black beast was sent towards the air.


Shigaraki scratched his neck in irritation,”How is he easily toying with Nomu like that?!”


“The Kaioken doubles my strength, speed, power, agility, durability, and basically any other attribute that is related to fighting! I’m now twice as powerful as I was before! So don’t think that you can kill me so easily now!” Deku replied as he saw Nomu get right back up and charge him again.


“You know, I’m having a lot of fun fighting you, but I think it’s time to end this!”


Deku powered up as he charged up his crimson Ki. Along with it was the green electric energy of One For All . The two auras merged as Deku’s power increased even more! He focused as he brought his hands in front of him and began combining the powers of his two Quirks.


‘This next move will surely put me out of commission. So I can't hold back an ounce of my power. I have to put my all into it to make sure that Nomu gets taken out. He's the biggest threat and he’s their plan to kill Toshinori-Sensei. If he’s taken out, then the rest will be easy and Toshinori-Sensei won’t have to worry about a thing!’ Deku said in his mind as he finished gathering every ounce of energy that remained in his body. This is his last chance. It is all or nothing!


He put his hands together sideways in front of him as a yellow energy blast began to form in his hands. It finished powering up as Nomu got back up and began pacing to him.


Deku smirked as he yelled, “It’s over! Let’s see you absorb this Bird Brain! One For All 20%: FINAL FLASH!


Deku fired the huge yellow energy wave with infused One For All power coursing through it and it was also enhanced by the Kaioken. The blast made direct contact with Nomu as he did his best to block it, but the Final Flash was very powerful. However, with some effort, Nomu began to walk and push the energy wave slowly as he began to overpower it.


Deku grit his teeth in frustration, “Are you on steroids or something!? Jesus Christ! How in the hell are you so ridiculously strong!?” Deku yelled out as he poured more power and effort into the blast. However it all proved for naught as Nomu kept on walking through the blast as if it were a plastic door.


“N-N-NOOOOO! I won’t lose!” Deku cried as he strained his arms into putting in more power into the Final Flash . Nomu just kept on getting closer and closer to him with each passing second.


“I won’t let you win! I REFUSE TO LOSE! You will not have your way!”


As Nomu came closer and closer, there was only one thing that Deku could say at the moment..




Deku’s muscles bulged even more as his muscles became even larger and the extra energy pumped from his arms all the way to the Final Flash . That extra power made all of the difference as Nomu was pushed all the way back almost instantly. The yellow blast finally served its purpose as it created a huge explosion that almost blew the roof off the entire USJ, but Deku made sure to focus the attack on Nomu and Nomu alone. The recoil of the yellow Ki wave pushed Deku back as he collapsed on the ground.


Deku panted hard as he waited for the smoke to clear, “I-I-I did it! Finally, he should be taken care of. The main threat is gone. The rest should be easily cleaned up by the Pros when they arrive.” Deku said as he gasped for breath. His arms were an ugly mix between red and purple as they were broken. Blood came was sen coming out as the strain of using the Final Flash, One For All, and Kaioken was just too much for his body as bits of his skin and flesh tore itself apart.

Tomura was now scratching his neck hard enough to draw blood, “No, this can’t be possible! Nomu cannot be defeat by a single U.A. brat who’s only a damn Freshman. Nomu is supposed to kill All Might, not get beat by a damn kid!”


But as the smoke cleared, Deku almost puked from the sight. Nomu could be seen as his entire right half was blown up. E was missing his arm and torso as blood was all over the place. It was a horrific sight.


“Oh no! I didn’t mean to do that to him. I only wanted to just knock him out. Crap, I hope he doesn’t die!” Deku said worriedly as he never meant to kill Nomu.


But what happened next, shocked Deku. The entire half of Nomu’s body that was blown up began to regenerate slowly as he regrew an entire arm and torso. After a few seconds, Nomu looked good as new, with no signs of injuries ever happening to him.


“What?! N-N-N-No way! You said that his Quirk was Shock Absorbtion, not Regeneration!” Deku yelled as he wanted an explanation to what was happening in front of his eyes.


Shigaraki smirked, as he was relieved that Nomu still wasn’t beaten, “I didn’t say that was his only Quirk, boy! He has Shock Absorption, Regeneration, and numerous other types of Quirk fused into him. You see, Nomu is not a regular person. He was bioengineered and was made for one sole purpose! And that is to kill ALL MIGHT! He is the Anti-Symbol of Peace!”


Deku couldn’t believe it. This guy, Nomu had multiple Quirks injected into him, and it was made so that he could kill the Number One Hero. Deku put absolutely everything he had into that Final Flash . But it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t strong enough. He was too weak. And now, both of his arms are broken and his stamina has completely drained. He could barely move. And now Nomu was back to full strength. How was he going to survive this?


“I think it’s time we put this to an end. Don’t you think? You put on a hell of a fight, but we’ve got more important matters to deal with. The main one being All Might. We can’t allow you to live. You’re just too powerful. You’ll prove to be a pain the butt later on. I would invite you to join the League of Villains, but I already know you will decline. Such a shame. But such is life. Nomu! Finish him!” Shigaraki yelled as he gave his order to his puppet.


Nomu reacted by walking towards where Izuku was standing. He was completely defenseless so it would not be difficult at all to dispose of the green haired One For All user.


Deku grit his teeth as he tried to move but couldn’t,’Damn it! I can’t fight back? What should I do? The Pros are still not here yet and I told Mineta and Tsu to regroup with the others as I bought them some time. Damn it!’ Deku said in his mind as Nomu kept walking closer and closer to where Deku was.


Tomura smirked, “Don’t worry. As soon as we’re through with you, we’ll make sure to give the rest of your classmates a nice, painful, and torturous death. So when you die, you won’t have to wait too long before you can see them again!” Tomura said as he laughed maniacally at the thought of killing all of the young First Years.


Deku’s eyes widened as he heard Tomura’s words, he grit in teeth in anger, “What did you say?”


“Did I stutter? I said that I’m going to kill all of your friends you damn brat!”


Deku gripped his fists tightly. He didn’t care that his arms were broken or that he was in excruciating pain.This guy just threatened the lives of his classmates. No! He refuses to let that happen. Non on his watch!

As Nomu kept on coming closer and closer, Deku closed his eyes as he tried to find something… anything inside him that will help. He just needs a little extra more power. In order to protect his comrades, he can’t just die here. He has so many things that he still needs to do. All Might is counting on him. He can’t leave his mom alone in this world. He still hasn’t even met his own Father damn it!


‘What would All Might do?’ Izuku thought in desperation as he tried to think what his mentor and ido would do in a dire situation such as his with barely enough power left to even stand. Both of his arms were broken, his Ki was depleted due to using Kaioken X3 , and his stamina was sapped to pretty much zero. But he will not give up. Knowing All Might, no matter the odds,  he would still pull through and somehow find a way to win. Like how he always did. He promised to Mineta and Tsuyu that he would come back alive, and Izuku Midoriya doesn’t break a promise no matter what! If he doesn’t do something now then, Momo, Ochaco, Kacchan, EVERYONE IS GOING DIE!


Izuku kept on concentrating on the rage that he felt, the anger that he felt. All of the negative emotions he has felt in his life. He used that wrath to fuel him. He felt… something… something… hot inside of him.


As Nomu reached him and prepared to deliver the final blow to Izuku, little did they both know, inside of Izuku’s subconscious, the golden door that had the mark of the Roman Numeral of ‘I’, was shaking violently. The locks on the door knob were loosening as portions of the energy and power that resided inside the sacred door was leaking…


Deku kept on thinking about the rage before his entire body was hot as the leaked energy of the sacred door enveloped him…




Nomu aimed his left hand straight for Deku’s throat as that blow was meant to kill him in one shot…


But right before Nomu could connect and murder the boy on the sight, Izuku caught Nomu’s hand.


Tomura was shocked as was Nomu who looked on curiously.


Izuku lifted up his head, his eyes remained close.


He opened his mouth and said something that will change everything and his life for good…  

                            “ ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!


Chapter Text

                                            Chapter 7: Monster



                 I can do all things through Him which strengtheneth me.

                   “ ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!


Izuku yelled out a deafening and demonic roar filled with rage and anguish. That roar alone was enough to send ridiculous amounts of shockwaves that knocked everyone off their feet, even Nomu.


Everybody in the USJ froze as they heard that roar. It was so bone chilling. Many people wondered, what exactly was that.


“Whatever that was… it doesn’t sound friendly.” Shoto said as he stood in the Landslide Zone. The monster roar interrupted his interrogation of the low tier Villain, who he was trying to get information from.


“I don’t know what that is, but I’m going to go check it out!” Bakugo told Kirishima as he began running from the Collapse Zone to where he heard the Roar was coming from.


“Hey, wait for me! I sense trouble from wherever that came from,” Kirishima said as he followed right behind Bakugo.


Back with Izuku, his body began to emit a huge amount of heat. His body was burning up as the excess energy of the sacred door of Number I completely flooded his entire being. A dark yellow Ki aura surrounded him as his muscles began bulking up similar to when he used Kaioken . His hair became more spiky as it flew upwards and stood on end, completely defying the laws of gravity. ( A/N: If you want a visual image of what his hair looks like, then go to My Hero Academia Opening 4, and skip to 0:41 time stamp. )

Izuku’s spiky mane then turned into a tint of red, with the majority of it still having its dark green color, only difference being that the highlights of red shined through his hair. His skin color began to gain a slight yellow hue to it. He opened his eyes, and they were revealed to be completely white as his pupils were non existent, showing that he has completely lost control over himself. His power skyrocketed many times over as his dark yellow ki became very unstable, spreading around the entire area. The presence of his Ki alone was enough to put fear into Shigaraki’s heart as Izuku emitted a huge amount of Killer Intent. His rage completely took over…


That’s right, Deku has transformed….


Into the False Super Saiyan!

                                      ( Music: “Monster” By Skillet )


Deku crushed Nomu’s hand, completely snapping and breaking it in the process. Nomu howled out in pain as he detracted away from Deku and held his broken hand as he tried to regenerate it to normal.


“WHAT?! Nomu shouldn’t feel pain. This should not be possible!” Shigaraki cried out as he couldn’t believe that his toy, Nomu is actually howling due to the brat. What’s with that yellow aura and spiky new hair due?


Deku stared at Nomu with his empty and emotionless eyes, those same eyes that are currently giving the Anti-Symbol of Peace fear. Nomu is a genetically engineered mutant. He shouldn’t know what fear even is! But here was Deku giving him the biggest death stare and aiming all of his Killer Intent towards him. He then flew at a speed too fast even for Nomu, going over hypersonic as he created multiple sonic booms as he did so. With a mighty roar, Deku punched Nomu in the jaw, shattering the bones as the his dark yellow Ki was stained in it, doing more damage over time.


For some reason, Nomu’s regeneration was going very slowly compared to before. One reason may be because, Deku’s attacks were so strong that they were too much for Nomu to absorb. As a result, it halted his regeneration process by a lot.


“Nomu is taking damage?! What is this kid? He’s a monster!” Shigaraki yelled out as he continually scratched his neck in irritation. Nomu was meant to be able to kill All Might. But here was this kid from U.A. High, completely wrecking up the Anti-Symbol of Peace.


It took a couple of seconds, but Nomu was able to regenerate everything that Deku broke. Nomu was now furious as he charged Deku and decided that he was through playing around with the brat. He charged Deku again, but Deku beat him to the punch, he fired a barrage of yellow stained punches. The thunderous punches had more than enough force to crush entire mountains with ease. Deku’s fury knew no bounds, as he kept pummelling Nomu angrily, each blow eradicating Nomu’s cells one by one. Nomu tried to use his Shock Absorption Quirk to counter Deku’s punches, but the young False Super Saiyan was just way too powerful for the Anti-Symbol of Peace.




Deku yelled in pure rage as his body was moving entirely on his own. He was out of control and he was ready to eradicate anybody that was in his path.


Deku fired a Kamehameha wave towards Nomu. The blue energy wave connected with the black monster as it pushed him back and burned his skin. When the smoke cleared, Nomu was missing his entire upper half of his body.


Nomu slowly regenerated as with each regeneration, took more and more effort. It seems to be due to Deku’s overflowing Ki that was causing damage over time to the Anti-Symbol of Peace.


“Kurogiri! We can’t let this brat kill Nomu!” Shigaraki said as he and Kurogiri rushed towards Deku from behind hoping to catch him off guard. However, Deku was just way too fast for any of them as he quickly dodged Tomura’s attack without any effort and attempted to counter with a Ki infused fist that had the power to destroy Mount Everest. Kurogiri stopped Deku’s punched by appearing in front of Tomura and using his Warp Quirk to direct Deku’s fist away from him.


Deku saw this and decided to focus on Kurogiri as he jumped towards him at high speeds.


Kurogiri chuckled seeing what the False Super Saiyan was trying to do, “Your attacks will have zero effect on me. I will just warp away whatever you throw at me.”


But right as he said that, Deku was already in front of the purple mist that was Kurogiri and attacked a piece of metal that was connected to his physical body. Deku grabbed it and punched Kurogiri in the stomach as the purple Warp user gasped in pain.


“I-I-Impossible, he exploited my weakness!”


Deku then fired a simple yellow Ki blast and it connected to Kurogiri as he blew him away.


As he was distracted by Kurogiri, Deku failed to notice Tomura who was sneaking up right behind him. Tomura grabbed Deku’s arm and smirked in victory as he believed that he was gonna make Deku’s entire body crumble to dust and end his life once and for all.


Or so he thought….


“It’s game over for you now!” Tomura said as he waited for cracks to appear through Deku’s body.


However, that never happened…


Deku remained unfazed as his dark yellow aura focused around where Tomura’s hand was. Deku turned around and stared at him with his pale white eyes full of inconceivable rage and fury. The one who threatened the lives of Deku’s fellow classmates shivered in fear at the sight of those eyes. He couldn’t believe that someone had enough power to completely shrug off the effects of his Decay Quirk, like it did the same amount of damage as a snowball.


“Wh-Wh-What are you?!” Tomura shrieked as he tried to put more pressure on Deku’s arm but there was no effect.




Deku let out a mighty roar in response as the only thing that was fueling the young False Super Saiyan was pure anger and bloodlust. He had completely lost all sense of reason as he didn’t have any control of his body. The only thing that he wanted to do right now was destroy and annihilate everything he saw. He kicked Shigaraki away as he added in a little extra yellow Ki into his strike. Shigaraki was sent flying towards Nomu as the beast caught him in his arms, making sure that his master doesn’t get hurt by any means necessary.


Tomura turned around as his body was sore due to Deku’s thunderous kick, “N-N-Nomu! Finish him off! I don’t care about anything else right now! Screw All Might! He’s not here anyway. Torturing and murdering that spiky haired brat is your number one priority now! Kill him quickly!”


Nomu nodded as he understood perfectly of what his master’s order were.


Exterminate Izuku Midoriya!


Nomu went towards Deku at supersonic speeds, breaking the sound barrier as he did so. The resulting sonic boom blew Shigaraki off of his feet but Deku didn’t even bat an eyelash towards it. As soon as he was directly in front of him, Nomu launched at fist at full power right between Deku’s eyes. Deku stood still as he didn’t make any defensive move to stop the beast’s attacks. Nomu connected with his punched as he hit him right between the eyes.


However, Deku didn’t even flinch as Nomu’s punch did absolutely zero damage to the False Super Saiyan.


Deku pulled his right fist back as he punched Nomu right at the side of his face and sent him flying back to his master.


“Y-You? What are you?” Tomura repeated his question from before


Deku slowly walked towards where Nomu was as he stared at Shigaraki dead in the eye, his uncontrollable yellow aura flaring around him.


“I-I know what you are… “


Nomu got back up as he regenerated the injury that he sustained from Deku’s mountain busting punch.


“You are a Monster !”

Tsuyu and Mineta made it back to the main gates where the other students that didn’t get warped away were. The other students were relieved to see that their classmates were alright but they immediately grimaced as they saw the state that their teacher Aizawa was in.


“Oh my God, what happened to him?!” Mina yelled out in horror as she saw the gory state that Aizawa was in.”


“That big bulky Villain with the exposed brain happened. He completely destroyed Mr.Aizawa! He tried to beat him, but that thing was just too strong for him. He’s just as strong as All Might!” Mineta replied as he still had tears in his eyes due to the traumatic experience of watching his homeroom teacher almost be literally ripped limb from limb.


“The other Villain with the hands all over his body would have killed us if it wasn’t for Midoriya blitzing him and knocking him back. He was also able to save Mr. Aizawa from the other Villain!” Tsuyu said as she was grateful for the fact that the young green haired Saiyan saved her life.


“D-Deku-kun?! Wait a minute where is he now?! Why isn’t he with you guys?! Is he safe?!” Ochaco asked worriedly as she didn’t want to fear for the worst of her Savior and friend.


“He’s holding off and fighting the three main Villains as we speak! He told us to come and regroup with all of you as he bought time for the backup to arrive. He’s doing his best to protect all of us! We have to go help him!” Mineta said as he pleaded with the rest of his classmates. He didn’t want Izuku, who is willingly sacrificing himself for the sake of his peers, to be murdered by those three guys when he knows that the rest of them can help.


“You’re right! We can’t just stay here doing nothing while our Class Rep is literally fighting for his life right now! Let’s go guys!” Sato yelled out as he pumped his fist up. Sero nodded his head as he agreed with him and got ready to fight.


As they ran towards the main plaza, Ochaco still had her mind on a certain One For All user.


‘Deku-kun, please be alright. If anything bad happens to you… ‘ Ochaco’s heart aches at the thought of her Savior getting hurt badly or worse…

Deku made no response to Tomura calling him a “ Monster .”


His empty white eyes filled with fury just stared straight as Tomura with no other emotion present except for pure wrath. In a speed even faster than before, Deku broke the sound barrier many times over as blitzed Tomura and appeared right in front of him faster than the human eye can blink. Deku prepared a ferocious punched infused with overwhelming amounts of yellow Ki as a lot of veins were visible in his arm. Deku made contact as a loud BAM was heard throughout the Main Plaza.


But he missed his target…


Instead of hitting Shigaraki, he instead landed hispunch towards Nomu’s midsection, completely tanking it for his master.


However, it did come at a cost… Nomu cried out in pain due to the damage that he suffered through the False Super Saiyan’s punch that can crush whole mountain ranges. Deku narrowed his eyes at this as he pulled his arm back and began to charge up a dark yellow Ki blast strong enough to murder Tomura. However before he had the chance to, Nomu grabbed him by his arms and ground pounded him to the floor as cracks began to form everywhere.


Deku just looked up at Nomu with a face that said, “Is that all you got?” and kicked him up in the air as he was sent flying. Deku followed and attempted to land a series of blows on the Anti-Symbol of Peace. Nomu reacted by dodging as best as he could while not trying to fall towards the ground since he couldn’t fly like Deku could.


Deku managed to land a kick to the side of Nomu’s face as that sent him flying back towards the floor. When he landed, it made a huge impact due to the force of the kick. The ground shook as Deku descended back to the floor. Nomu decided that he was through playing games with the young green haired Saiyan. He drew his claws and opened his mouth as his shark-like teeth were exposed ready to pierce through flesh.\


Nomu flew to Deku at maximum speed and started to aim his claws and teeth towards the Saiyan’s vital areas and organs. Deku blocked all of Nomu’s attempts at his life as he began to get serious as well. With each strike that came from the Anti-Symbol of Peace, Deku matched it with an equal force to nullify the power behind Nomu’s monstrous punches. Nomu was having trouble absorbing Deku’s strikes while Deku was throwing punches left and right without even breaking a sweat.


Nomu tried to use his size over Deku to his advantage as he attempted to bear hug him once again and try to overwhelm with his brute force. But when he did that, unlike last time, Deku easily and effortlessly broke out of it by pushing Nomu away from one hand as he crushed Nomu’s arms. No Kaioken needed!


Nomu tried to overpower him, but Deku shrugged off the attempts and just blasted him with a mountain-shattering Ki blast.


“I-Impossible! Not only is he much faster than Nomu, and has more ranged techniques, but he also is STRAIGHT UP has more RAW POWER! There is now way! The only person that should be able to fight Nomu on equal footing is All Might! But this kid is just playing with Nomu like he’s no challenge at all! Uuuugh, this makes my head hurt!” Shigaraki shrieked out as he now began to scratch his head repeatedly.


Deku stared at Tomura as he blasted towards him at hypersonic speeds. He was aiming to kill the leader of the League of Villains but Nomu came out of nowhere and blocked Deku’s path.


Deku was now getting extremely annoyed by the Anti-Symbol of Peace. So now, he was through playing games with him.


Deku grabbed one of Nomu’s arms and threw him over to the other side of the plaza. He then hit Nomu with his knee to the face. While Nomu was busy with the pain in his dome, Deku decided to grab ahold of one of Nomu’s arms. He then squeezed them very tightly until he pulled them towards himself with all of his force. There was a loud snap as Nomu’s arms were completely pulled out of their sockets. Blood dripped everywhere as Nomu howled even louder than before as he felt the horrific pain of having two limbs forcibly ripped out from his body. The Anti-Symbol of Peace isn’t supposed to feel this much pain but he has met his match against the False Super Saiyan known as Izuku Midoriya.

Deku proceeded to incinerate Nomu’s broken limbs with small yellow Ki blasts. Blood made contact with his skin as his entire exposed and buff upper half was covered in bits of red. Deku decided to power up and torture Nomu some more but a hand came out of nowhere and tried to choke Deku to death.


It didn’t have any effect. As Deku turned around, he saw Shigaraki desperately trying to kill the young False Super Saiyan.


“Why won’t my Quirk work on you, you Monster !” Shigaraki yelled out as he did his best to prevent Deku from doing any further damage to Nomu, but it seems it was all futile as Deku’s overwhelming Ki was just too strong for the Decay Quirk user. It was almost absurd as to how Deku was able to shrug off Shigaraki’s poor attempts like it was a baby trying to fight him.


Deku simply removed Tomura’s hand from his neck and kicked him away. Deku followed to where he went and began to unload a series of blows on the leader of the League of Villains. Tomura began to cough as he bled in various places due to the young False Super Saiyan’s demonic onslaught.


Deku prepared to end his life with a medium sized Ki blast but Nomu came back and tanked the blast for his master as he saved his life once again.


Nomu was able to regenerate his arms back but they grew back weaker than they were before due to Deku’s Ki weakening the regeneration process.


Tomura got up as he was panting in pain, “Nomu, you must finish him now before it is too late! If he keeps stalling us then the Pros will arrive and we will all be doomed. Finish him… NOW!


Hearing his master’s orders, Nomu got in battle position and roared as loud as he could creating a large boom as he did so as the entire Main Plaza shook due to the force of the the roar.  

Deku just stared at the Anti-Symbol of Peace with no emotion whatsoever. His roar didn’t make him move an inch.


Deku then got into his fighting stance and began to raise his Ki as it expanded all over his figure.


Deku gave out another monstrous roar as it was more loud and demonic than Nomu’s could have ever been. It shook the entire USJ as the ground shook knocking some people off of their feet. Shigaraki and Nomu sweat in fear as they felt the sensation of Izuku Midoriya’s overwhelming demonic energy. The force of his aura alone was enough to strike fear in their hearts as they fell victim to Deku’s Killer Intent. Nomu however didn’t care and rushed towards the False Super Saiyan, following his master’s orders.


Deku saw Nomu coming in slow motion as the Anti-Symbol of Peace was not on the False Super Saiyan’s level in regards to speed. So, as a result, Deku began to casually dodge all of Nomu’s attacks, counter attacking whenever he had the chance since Nomu couldn’t stop him.


Nomu tried to absorb all of Deku’s counter attacks and reduce their impact to zero, but the power behind them was just way too strong and they actually did damage to him. What was more apparent was the fact that Nomu’s regeneration didn’t seem to be noticable anymore due to all of the punishment that the Anti-Symbol of Peace had to suffer from the False Super Saiyan.


Deku decided that it was his turn and began to unleash a series of medium sized Ki blasts at Nomu each with the potency to completely eradicate whole cities in one shot.


Nomu was able to dodge all of them having to move as fast as he could due to the velocity of the raging Ki Blasts. When the barrage ended, he looked up to try to find Deku but he was nowhere to be seen.


“Nomu! Behind you!” Shigaraki yelled


Nomu dumbly turned around and was met with a vicious uppercut courtesy of the young False Super Saiyan. The uppercut was so thunderous that it sent Nomu across the plaza and hit the wall hard. Nomu got back up weaker than before and charged Deku again.


Nomu did his best to wail on Deku and threw his strikes as fast as he could and as strong as he could, but it just wasn’t enough. Deku was superior to him in every way. He couldn’t even land a single hit on the False Super Saiyan. When Nomu was done, it was noticeable to see that Nomu was getting a lot slower and slower as time went on. His strikes didn’t have the same impact as they did before and his Shock Absorption just wasn’t having an effect anymore, and neither was his regeneration.


It was at this point when Deku decided that enough was enough, and caught Nomu’s hand as he tried to claw him in the face. Deku crushed the hand just like he did before and began wailing on the Anti-Symbol of Peace and punishing him with punches that were capable of destroying whole mountains. He finished his combo with a roundhouse kick that sent Nomu tumbling all over the place. Deku grabbed him and flew up into the air as he used his flight advantage to disrupt Nomu’s movements as he repeatedly punched and kicked him in the without any effort. Nomu could not do anything about it. It was like taking candy away from a baby for the young False Super Saiyan.


As Nomu came flying back to the ground, Deku descended with him back towards the ground as well.


Deku then gave out a huge battle cry as he charged up his remaining Ki as dark yellow aura enveloped him. Deku brought his hands together as a purple energy wave began charging in his hands.


Shigaraki saw this and immediately widened his eyes as he shouted, “Nomu! He’s charging up another one of those laser beams from before! You have to DODGE it! You cannot allow him to hit you with that. If he does, he’ll win! And we cannot allow that to happen.” Shigaraki knew that his puppet Nomu was outmatched by the young False Super Saiyan. He was a witness to the damage that a Kaioken X3 Final Flash did to the Anti-Symbol of Peace. So he didn’t even want to imagine what a False Super Saiyan Izuku Midoriya could do with all of his overwhelming and demonic power!


Deku finished charging up his attack as a purple energy orb glowed in his hands. He then fired it at max power, using all of the remaining Ki he had.




The purple energy wave went straight towards the Ant-Symbol of Peace at max speed. Nomu attempted to dodge it but it was already too late. It was just way too fast. The Super Galick Gun made contact with the Anti-Symbol of Peace as it pushed him back. Nomu tried to fight back like how he did with the Final Flash , but this attack was just on a whole other level. It was much stronger and denser and its velocity was many times greater. Nomu could feel his skin being burned by the large purple energy wave.


Deku was growing impatient and finally finished it off with by pumping in more Ki into the attack. The result was the blast sending Nomu upwards through the roof of the USJ at max velocity. He was sent through the sky across the city as the Super Galick Gun continued to fly off in the distance towards the sky. It created a twinkle in the sky above as the blast continued to fly overhead to outer space right before it reached its limit and disappeared in the black void of space.


Izuku Midoriya- The False Super, has finally defeated Nomu, the Anti-Symbol of Peace.


                                                 ( Music End )


Shigaraki shrieked out in anger as he realized that his puppet Nomu, had been defeated by Deku.


“NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! THIS CAN’T BE POSSIBLE! How could Nomu lose! WHY WHY WHY! He is the Anti-Symbol of Peace! He was supposed to kill ALL MIGHT AND END HIM. He shouldn’t be losing to a damn U.A. First Year student! UUUUUUUUGHHHHHH! That damn brat! He cheated! There is no other way to explain it! He cheated with his damn spiky hair!”


As Shigaraki was throwing a temper tantrum, Deku’s dark yellow aura faded and completely disappeared. His power dropped. His hair flowed down and went back to its regular color and shape. His eyes regained his green pupils, also returning his eyes to normal.


Izuku reverted back to his base form, as his eyes rolled to the back of the head and collapsed to the ground as he passed out to unconsciousness due to breaking many bones in his body and using up all of the energy available in his body.


Tomura gasped as he saw Deku’s almost lifeless body collapse to the floor as he was completely passed out and out of power. And completely… defenseless…


Shigaraki decided that he may never get another chance like this in a long time. Knowing that all hope was lost due to losing Nomu, he had to retreat back to his lair and live to fight another day. However, he absolutely cannot allow Izuku Midoriya to live. He was just too powerful. If he was strong enough to completely dominate Nomu and actually defeat Nomu, whose strength is on par with All Might, at age 15, then who knows how powerful he will eventually become in the near future. Hell, he may even surpass All Might himself, for all he knew! And if that were to happen then his future evil plans would never see the light since the Hero Deku would crush all Villains that dare come out of the shadows!


“Whatever, fine! Since you want to beat Nomu and ruin my plans of killing All Might once and for all, then let’s make an equivalent exchange. You beat my Nomu, and I KILL YOU!” Shigaraki shouted as he ran full speed towards Izuku’s unconscious body. He stretched out his palms with an evil smirk on his face as he neared the green haired Saiyan. His fingertips were inches away from Izuku’s neck and completely disintegrating it along with his life…


But out of nowhere, an ice wall blocked the leader of the League of Villains path. It was right on time, because a millisecond later, Shigaraki’s palm touched the ice wall as it began to disintegrate.


Who created the ice wall? It was none other than Shoto Todoroki who was followed closely behind Bakugo and Kirishima as they went over to Izuku.


“Oh no you don’t! Sorry, but you won’t be laying a single finger on our Class Rep.” Shoto said as he stared at Shigaraki, as he had his ice already forming on his right arm, carefully watching the Villain’s move.


“Woah, what in the hell happened to Midoriya?! He’s all bloody and beat up!” Kirishima exclaimed as he looked over Izuku’s injuries to see over a dozen broken bones and many gashes on his flesh and skin. Thankfully though, he was still breathing.


Bakugo saw the state that his Rival was in and grit his teeth. He couldn’t believe it. While he and the others were dealing with small fry and cannon fodder Villains. Deku was over here fighting against the main guys, and risking his life to protect the rest of the class. And it seemed that his injuries were not just little bruises. The thought of these Villains being responsible for this just made him mad.


Bakugo began to ignite a small explosion on his palm, “So I’m assuming it was you guys who did this to Deku over here. Well, if that’s the case, don’t think we’re going to allow you to get away with it! I’ll send you straight to Hell you bastard!”


Shigaraki sighed in annoyance, “These damn brats just keep on coming and coming don’t they? When will they learn?! Kurogiri!”


Purple Mist appeared right beside Shigaraki as it materialized into Kurogiri as he had his Portal Quirk active just in case any of the three U.A. First Year Students tried anything, “Yes, Shigaraki! I’m here!”


“Lend me a hand in taking care of these damn U.A. Freshmen! We lost Nomu thanks to that Spiky Haired bastard over there. But he’s unconscious and out of commision. So the main threat is gone. Let’s just kill these four and get a move on already. There’s no point in trying to kill All Might since Nomu is gone. And we must get rid of the green haired one.” Shigaraki stated as his words caused Kirishima, Bakugo, and Todoroki to get into their battle stances as they prepared for what the Villains had in store for them.


‘So Midoriya was able to get rid of that large black creature? From what I gathered from the low-lives that I interrogated, that monster was the perfect weapon to kill All Might since he was supposedly just as strong as All Might. And he was able to beat that? Just how strong are you, Midoriya?’ Shoto said in his head as he glanced toward Izuku who was passed out behind him and being protected by his ice.


“If you actually think we’re going to allow you to escape, much less kill our Class Rep, then you’re sadly mistaken!” Shoto launched an ice lance towards the Villainous duo. Shigaraki easily caught it with his hands and disintegrated it until there was nothing left. Bakugo then followed up with a medium sized explosion that attempted to burn the two Villains to ash, however Kurogiri simply just teleported the explosion blast away as the blast had absolutely no effect on his Portal Quirk.

“Damn it! Taking out these two are going to be a serious pain!” Bakugo yelled in frustration as he witnessed his attack just have zero effect on the Villains.


“Yeah these two are almost like perfect compatible duo. One turns you to dust just by touching you. And the other just warps away anything you throw at him. And he can send his opponents to different locations as well. It’s like they got the perfect defense and offense!” Kirishima yelled out as he activated his Hardening Quirk and prepared to do battle.


“It doesn’t matter! I don’t care how overpowered their Quirks are, I’m still not losing to these goons no matter what! You two better either fight with me or support or just stay out of my way! AND MAKE SURE DEKU STAYS SAFE!” Bakugo exclaimed as he shot forward using explosions to propel him forward towards Kurogiri.


“That idiot!” Shoto said as he slid behind him to give him some support against the Villains.


Kurogiri smirked as found the Explosion Quirk user’s offensive attempts against him amusing, “You teenagers these days just never learn do you! Your attacks will do absolutely nothing !” Kurogiri said as activated his Warp Quirk and prepared to send Bakugo away.


But right as Bakugo was about to land inside Kurogiri’s portal, Bakugo grabbed his neck where he saw that a metal object was hiding.


Kurogiri widened his eyes as he felt his weak spot be exploited yet again as Bakugo pinned him down hard to the ground completely immobilizing the Warp Quirk user.


“UUUUUGH! Damn it, not again!” Kurogiri grunted as he remember when Izuku did the same thing when he was in his False Super Saiyan form.


“Ha! You thought I was gonna fall for the same stupid trick again?! I’m not retarded you know! I knew that you must’ve had a physical body! So all i had to do was just find your weak spot! How does it feel to be completely defenseless, huh Villain?” Bakugo taunted as he made sure that he maintained a tight grip on Kurogiri so that he had no way to escape.


Shigaraki scratched his neck in anger, “Damn it, Kurogiri again!? Really?! First you let a student escape and call for backup. Then you allowed the spiky haired brat to throw you around like a ragdoll/ And now this!” Shigaraki yelled out in frustration as he dodged Todoroki’s various ice attacks.


“You should be focused on your opponent, instead of complaining to your allies!” Shoto said as he launched various ice spears towards the Leader of the League of Villains. Shigaraki just touched the, and they all disintegrated to dust.


Shoto tried to fire another Ice attack but when he looked up, he saw that Shigaraki wasn’t where he last saw him and instead he was already near Bakugo with his palm aimed for the blonde’s face, ready to kill him in one shot.


‘Damn, he’s fast!’ Shoto thought as he tried to protect Katsuki and prevent Tomura from ending his life, but he just wasn’t fast enough to make it there in time.


However before Shigaraki’s hand made contact with Bakugo’s face, something hard blocked the hand from hitting its desired target…

“Crap! I just made it in time!” Kirishima grunted as he blocked Shigaraki’s hand with his arms that were activated with his Hardening Quirk.


However, the Hardening could only do so much as his defense was slowing wearing down as Shigaraki’s Quirk began to slowly make the skin on Kirishima’s arms crumble to dust.


Kurogiri saw his opportunity as he slipped out of Bakugo’s grasp the second he was distracted and Warped Shigaraki away from Kirishima.


Bakugo was irate, “DAMN IT! I let my guard down for ONE second and this crap happens!” Balugo said as he charged up more explosions in his hands.


Shoto went back towards where Izuku was located to make sure that he was safe and that the Villains didn’t try to pull a fast one on them.


“Shigaraki! These students are stronger than the average just like the one who managed to defeat Nomu! We must finish this quickly or they will overwhelm us and catch us off guard!” Kurogiri said as he tried to let his Leader know that they were not going up against cannon fodder.


“I know Kurogiri! I’m not dumb you know! Let’s take care of these brats so that we can finish off the spiky green haired one and we’ll be on our way!”


“Huh? So you must think that we’re weak enough to let you kill Deku? Oh you got a whole other thing coming for ya buddy!” Bakugo yelled as he fired even larger Explosions from before. Each with the power to blast away whole building with ease.


Kurogiri teleported the dangerous Explosions away but Bakugo was already one step ahead as he already had flown over head and aimed to exploit Kurogiri’s weakness once again. But Shigaraki was already one step ahead of him and was already in position to intercept the blonde Explosion Quirk user’s attack. Bakugo saw this and immediately ignited an Explosion sideways so that he could get out of Tomura’s reach. As Shigaraki was distracted, Shoto took this opportunity to try to hit him with an Ice attack from behind. But Shigaraki noticed this and teleported Shoto’s Ice away. However, Kirishima speared Shigaraki away from his partner completely catching him off guard. This allowed Bakugo to go for Kurogiri who was now all by his lonesome.


“I’ve got you now, you damn purple ball of crap!” Bakugo yelled out as he propelled himself forward and brought his hands together to create a large explosion ready to burst out and destroy the Villain made out of purple mist.


However, Kurogiri had already teleported himself to appear right behind Bakugo in mid air. Bakugo was already in the motion of firing his blast so he couldn’t do anything to dodge or get out of the way of Kurogiri’s attack.


“This is what happens when arrogant brats such as yourself drop your guard in the middle of a life and death battle! Now, you will pay the price!” Kurogiri said as he prepared to deliver the final blow that would end Katsuki Bakugo’s life…


But right before a horrible tragedy like that could transpire, a yellow electric shock stuned the Warp Gate Quirk user as it caused him to fly back towards the ground as he tumbled on the floor until he was right beside Tomura, who he himself, was still recovering from Kirishima’s spear.


“Phew! Looks like we were able to make it just in time!” Denki Kaminari said as yellow bits of electricity trickled down from his fingertips.


“We would’ve gotten here much faster if you weren’t acting like a retard!” Jiro said as she laughed at the image of Denki with his two thumbs up and having the stupidest look on his face that one could have.


“Hey, listen I couldn’t help it alright! That’s the drawback of my damn Quirk!” Kaminari replied as he grew very annoyed at the fact that Jiro kept bringing up the after effects of going over his volt limit while using his electric Quirk.


Momo walked up from behind them and immediately ran towards where she saw Izuku was passed out.


“Izuku-kun! Oh my God, what happened to you!” Momo cried out as she held the green haired Saiyan in her arms.


“Holy crap! What happened to Midoriya?! Those injuries look a lot more serious than a broken arm or finger!” Denki said as he was also worried for his Class Rep.


“He was fighting one of the Villains who was the biggest threat and was the key to killing All Might. Midoriya was able to defeat him but it looks like he overdid himself and was forced to to go over his limit in order to defeat the Villain.” Kirishima said as he tried to lessen the pain that came from the bits of flesh that Shigaraki disintegrated.


“Well, we’re here now so none of us will have will have to get hurt anymore! Let’s not put Midoriya’s sacrifice in vain.” Jiro said as she got her earphone jacks ready to do battle.


“These kids just keep on coming and coming! You guys just love fighting back against the inevitable don’t you. Well, then let me show you what happens when you try to fight against somebody who outmatches you in every single way! Kurogiri! Let’s finish these brats quickly so that we can kill the green haired one as quick as possible! Those Pros can get here any minute!” Tomura yelled out as he ran forwards the students who widened in shock at just how fast Shigaraki was. He was definitely faster than anybody in their class excluding Izuku and Tenya.


But as Shigaraki was making his way towards the students, gray tape got in his way which made him flinch as he hopped back to where he was.


“Wow, so it looks like we are late to the party! We hope we didn’t keep you waiting long!” A voice boomed loudly as it belonged to none other than Rikido Sato accompanied by Hanta Sero and the rest of Class 1-A(minus Tenya). They were all able to group up after hearing Izuku’s monstrous and demonic roar while he was in his False Super Saiyan state. The roar was so strong that it was able to knock out all of the low tier Villains. Then the students regrouped with each other and made their way towards the Main Plaza to go help Izuku, only to find that Todoroki, Bakugo, and Kirishima had already made it there.


“Y-You guys! What are you doing here?!” Kirishima asked as he thought the rest of his classmates were still scattered around the USJ thanks to Kurogiri teleporting them and separating away from each other.


“We were able to take care most of all the Villains that were sent to our locations. And the rest that we couldn't get rid of were cleaned up by that huge roar that we heard earlier. It was so loud! So we all decided to come here and see what all of the commotion was!” Ojiro said as he explained how in the world the entire class was able to group up together just like that.


Ochaco wandered her eyes looking for Izuku until her eyes on Izuku’s unconscious and passed out state filled with blood and injuries that seemed fatal. He was held by Momo who was watching over him.


“Deku-kun! Oh my God! What happened to him?” Ochaco said in horror as small amounts of tears began to build up in her eyes. The one thing that she didn’t want to happen to her Savior was about to happen.


“He was fighting the strongest Villain. Thankfully, he managed to win, but at a great cost. It seems that he may have pushed himself way too far and as a result he suffered injuries far worse than a broken finger or arm.” Momo told Ochaco as she too was worried greatly for her green spiky haired Saiyan friend. She just hoped that he can make a good recovery once this was all over.

Hearing what Ojiro said, Shigaraki began to scratch his neck again for the umpteenth time, “OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! So you’re telling me, all of those Villains we gathered up were nothing but no-life cannon fodder?! They weren’t able to even get rid of a bunch of high school kids?! Today is just not my lucky day. Absolutely nothing has gone our way!” Shigaraki was completely livid as one after another, each phase of his plan kept on getting foiled. Phase 1 was to cut communications from the USJ to U.A. and make sure no reinforcements come to aid the Heroes. Well, that obviously failed since Tenya was able to escape. Phase 2 was to have Kurogiri separate the entire class and have the Villains keep them busy and finish them all off. Welp, that failed because apparently, the Villains they rounded up were so trash and garbage that they couldn’t even handle a bunch of high school students with barely any training! And Phase 3 was to have Nomu, the Anti-Symbol of Peace, eliminate All Might and end the Symbol of Peace once and for all… except for the fact that Deku decided that he wasn’t having any of that and transformed into a False Super Saiyan and completely annihilated the Anti-Symbol of Peace for good!

Yeah…. Tomura Shigaraki was having a really… REALLY bad day!

Shigaraki sighed as he calmed down and stopped scratching his neck for once, “So… Kurogiri, what do we do now? It is us two against 18 students! I’m pretty sure we can easily take out most of them, but there are couple of students that can give us a lot of problems. Mostly the first three. And if that green spiky haired brat that beat Nomu wakes up, then it is pretty much game over. So should we retreat?” Shigaraki finished as he asked his partner that was made of purple mist.


“Well, how about you look around, Tomura Shigaraki… “ Kurogiri replied.


“What in the hell are you babbling abou-”


But before Shigaraki could finish his sentence, he saw that the majority of the Villains that Aizawa was able to take care of, were getting back up on their feet again. They were slowly rejuvenating as it took them a minute to realize just exactly where they were at again.


“Look around you, Shigaraki! Our allies that were taken out earlier are getting back up on their feet again! Izuku Midoriya and Eraserhead have both sustained injuries that will not enable them to fight against us for the time being. The Pros and backup still have not arrived yet. We should take this opportunity while we still can! We can still win, Tomura Shigaraki!”


Tomura looked around and began thinking… until he made his decision, “Yes… let’s do it… Alright then! All of you scum bags that just woke up! We have a new mission for all of you… KILL ALL OF THESE STUDENTS!” Shigaraki shouted as all of the cannon fodder thugs looked at their leader in shock.


“Wait, so we have to kill the brats now?!”


“Sounds easy enough to me. They’re all just teenagers!”


“Ha! This will be a piece of cake!”


“Don’t worry boss! We got you! We’ll take care of these kids.”


One after another, more and more Villains began to get back up as they heard their new orders. They focused their sights on Class 1-A as they got their weapons ready to murder the U.A. First Year students.


“Oh, great! Now we have to fight these low-lives. They just keep on coming and coming! It never ends!” Kirishima said as he readied his Hardening Quirk, ignoring the pain that he felt in his arms that he received due to the wounds thanks to Tomura Shigaraki.


“Looks like we’re going to have to fend for our lives once again! Prepare yourselves everyone. Watch each other’s backs!” Tokoyami shouted as Dark Shadow sprouted from his body as he was ready to lash out against more Villains.


“Hehe! Come and get some you Villains if you want to get fried!” Kaminari said as a smirk grew on his face and yellow electricity sparked from his hands.


“Get ready everyone!” Sato said as he stuffed his face with sugar to regain his energy.


Bakugo turned his head to look straight at Momo and Ochaco, “HEY Ponytail! Round Face! Make sure to protect Deku will ya! Don’t let any of these Villains get their dirty hands on him!” Bakugo yelled


“RIGHT!” Both girls said simultaneously as they were ready to protect the Saiyan with their lives.


Bakugo turned his attention back to Shigaraki and Kurogiri, “Alright listen up! Me, Frozone, and Weird Hair over here are going to take care of the two main bad guys. The rest of you guys will handle the other cannon fodder Villains. And whatever you do… DON’T DIE! You guys got this! Okay?”


“WE GOT IT!” The rest of Class 1-A simultaneously as they prepared to fight for their lives.

“Oh isn’t that cute? You’re motivating yourself to make yourself think that you actually stand a chance! Well, no matter. The end result will be the same either way! BOYS! Go get them!” Shigaraki said as he ordered the Villains to go attack the students.


“I’m going to make you eat those words you ugly blue haired bastard!” Bakugo said as he charged Shigaraki and Kurogiri head on followed by Shoto and Kirishima who granted him support.


“Uuuugh! I hate kids with my entire being !” Shigaraki yelled as he dodged Bakugo’s attack and aimed a counter attack by reaching with his palm towards the Explosion Quirk user’s face. But before Shigaraki could land the critical blow, Shoto freezed Shigaraki’s hand right before he could touch Katsuki’s cheek. Kirishima followed this up by a Hardened punched to the side of the Decay Quirk user’s face which sent him skidding away from them. Kirishima was about to go for another attack but Kurogiri teleported in front of him making the red haired student stop in his tracks and move towards to his allies.


Shigaraki got back up and used his Quirk to disintegrate Shoto’s ice that was on his hand. He rubbed the side of his face that Kirishima punched before he growled in anger.


“You damn brats just like making people mad don’t you! Well then, let me show you why no matter what you do, you will never be able to stop the LEAGUE OF VILLAINS!”


Meanwhile, the rest of Class 1-A as busy taking care of the other low-tier Villains that were order to kill them. They weren’t having much trouble except for the fact that they were fatigued from fighting other Villains from before, but that was canceled out by the fact that the Villains were also a little fatigued by getting beat up on by their homeroom teacher, Aizawa.


“Hey I kinda need some assistance over here!” Kaminari shouted out as he kept on firing electric blasts left and right from the numerous Villains that decided to all gang up on him for some reason.


“You always need help, don’t you?” Jiro said before she plugged her earphone jacks into her speakers and created large sound wave that blew all of the Villains that were around Denki and effectively knocked them out.


“Thanks! And hey, what do you want me to do?! It was like 50 against one!” Denki yelled out as he got annoyed at Jiro’s constant teasing.


“Dark Shadow! Help us get rid of these scumbags!” Tokoyami told his partner as he grew in size to handle the Villains that were charging him and his other classmates.


Yeah, yeah, whatever! ” Dark Shadow said as he easily and effortlessly took out the cannon fodder that charged Tokoyami. The Villains were horrified at seeing a being like Dark Shadow come out of nowhere and thought that he was like a demon or something. None of their Quirks had any effect on Dark Shadow since none of them didn’t have any light based powers and that was Dark Shadow’s weakness. So as a result, the Villains were thrown around like ragdolls by Dark Shadow.


“Hey get those two kids!” One Villain shouted as they charged Sero and Sato.


“Hmph! Keep on underestimating us! Watch it be your downfall!” Sero shouted as he wrapped all of the Villains that were going after him and Sato in his gray tape. Sato took this opportunity to attack the Villains while they were tangled up by Sero’s tape. They didn’t know what hit them as Sato knocked them all out with a sugar powered fist.


“Wow, these guys are pretty dumb… “ Sato said as he sweatdropped at how easy it was to take the bad guys out.


“I know right!” Sero replied as they laughed about how trash these cannon fodder Villains were. They then went to go help out their other classmates.

“Damn all of you! You guys just keep on causing so much trouble for us! Well, then… TAKE THIS!” Mineta yelled as he spammed his purple balls towards the Villains nonstop.


“What the hell is this purple crap?”

“Why is it so sticky?”


“I-I can’t get it off!”


One by one, the Villains kept on getting stuck by the grape colored orbs, they were all stuck together and couldn’t get away from each other, much like what happened in the Flood Zone.


Kaminari saw this as his chance to get rid of those group of Villains.


“Woah! Nice job Mineta! I’ll take it from here! 1.2 Million Volts! ” Kaminari said as he fired an electrical blast that fried all of the Villains that were stuck together by Mineta’s balls.


However, as a result, Denki went over his volt limit and short circuited his brain once again.


“Well, it looks like he has gone into his retarded state yet again!” Jiro said as she couldn’t control her laughter.


Shigaraki kept on witnessing this and how his other minions were getting demolished by the U.A. students. It angered him to no end. He was about to yell something until he heard a loud crash at the front gates of the USJ…


Everyone directed their attention to the front gates as they saw none other than All might with smoke emitting from himself as he ripped his tie off.. And he was not smiling…


All Might saw that his students were fending off against the numerous Villains who kept on increasing their numbers more and more. In a blink of an eye, All Might one shotted all of the cannon fodder as he took care of them at massive hypersonic speeds.


“Yay its All Might! We’re saved!” Class 1-A shouted in unison as they witnessed the Number One Hero and Symbol of Peace mop the floor with all of the Villains that they were having trouble with.


All Might glanced over to where Deku was and saw his Successor in an unconscious state with many fatal injuries… the sight made him furious!


All of you stand down! I’ll take it from here! ” All Might boomed as he stared straight at Shigaraki.


“So you’ve finally made it huh? You’re kind of late to the party… but no matter… I’ll still destroy you all the same!” Shigaraki yelled as he ran towards All Might in a burst of speed with his palm ready to disintegrate the Symbol of Peace, once and for all.


But right before he could make it to All Might, Shigaraki felt an insane amount of Killer Intent that made him stop dead in his tracks…


He looked up to see an awakened Deku staring straight in his eyes without any pupils as he was in his False Super Saiyan State, yellow Ki overflowing as it made Shigaraki sweat in absolute fear.


Don’t you dare, lay a finger on HIM! ” Deku shouted with a monstrous and demonic voice that even made chill run up All Might’s spine. Deku proceeded to deliver a punch to Shigaraki that sent him flying all the way back to Kurogiri.


After that, Deku dropped out of his False Super Saiyan State, as he passed out and fell from the air. All Might caught him in his arms before he touch the ground.


Deep within Izuku’s subconscious, the locks of the sacred door of Number I, were no longer loosened as he used the last remnants of leaked energy. The locks were now back to the way they were and the door was completely closed… but now Izuku had one more clue as to how to completely open the door.


Everyone then heard a gunshot that came from the Pro Hero Snipe, who was with the rest of the U.A. faculty along with Tenya who brought them here.


“Enough games! This is the end of the line Villains! Surrender now or we can make things a lot harder for you!” Principal Nedzu shouted as all of the U.A. students sighed in relief as they now knew they didn’t need to fight any longer.


Kurogiri immediately teleported himself and Tomura away back to their hideout as he knew that the jig was up, and they could no longer fight. They had lost, and they needed to live and fight another day…


The U.A. Invasion, officially came to an end…

Chapter Text

                             Chapter 8: Realizing the Reality (Season 1 Finale!)

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

  11 Years Ago… The Fateful Day Izuku Midoriya found out he was Quirkless…

Inko Midoriya slowly sat on the couch in her living room. She clasped her two hands together tightly as her clothes were slightly wet. Her eyes and face were red as dry streams of tears were evident on her young and gorgeous face. She was still crying fresh tears as they drop towards her lap. Her emotions were set to an all time high. The tears were filled with so much angst and depressed sadness that it could make the most positive and happiest person become enveloped with an unforgiving dose of absolute sorrow and misery.

Inko and her four-year old son, Izuku Midoriya, went to the Doctor today to see why the young green haired boy has yet to manifest his Quirk when everybody else in his age group have already done so. It was strange. When she was her son’s age, she had long gotten her Quirk. The same goes for the young boy’s Father. So why was it taking her Izuku so long to get his own power? She aimed to find out why. Also, it was her son’s dream to become a Great and Righteous Hero like his idol All Might. So he was even more anxious to find out what his Quirk will be. He wanted to start working on it as soon as possible so he can train his power to the best of his ability so that he can be ready to become a Hero once he was of age.


However… Fate had different plans.

When they arrived to the Doctor, he analyzed Izuku’s X-Rays and revealed to the Midoriya's that there was an absolute 0% chance of Izuku every manifesting a Quirk. The reason being that Izuku’s toe was double-jointed. That extra joint isn’t present in any person with a Quirk. They were only in people who were Quirkless. Meaning that Izuku’s body hadn’t gotten through the Evolutionary phase needed to be able to acquire a Quirk of his own. The Doctor told the Mother-Son duo that there was no chance that Izuku will ever become a Pro Hero. He told the young boy that he should just give up now as there was no point in chasing an impossible dream.


Izuku didn’t even know how to react… he just stared in shock as his eyes widened. He couldn’t believe it. 0% chance? No chance? Give up? Impossible dream?!


N-No! He didn’t want to hear any of those words that came out of the Doctor’s mouth!


From then on, it was a completely silent trip back home. As soon as they arrived at their house, Izuku immediately went straight to his bedroom. Inko, who was worried deeply about her son, went inside Izuku’s room to see that he had the video of All Might’s debut playing on his computer. Izuku turned around to face his mother as his eyes were completely full of tears and were trapped within his majestic green orbs.


Izuku pointed towards the computer screen as it showed an image of All Might smiling as he saved over hundreds of civilians as he inspired peace and justice with his smile and presence alone.


“You see Mom… he’s always smiling… no matter what! H-H-He never gives up…..” Izuku said as he stuttered due to the emotional turmoil that no boy as young, innocent, and pure as himself should never ever endure.


“C-Can… I become a Hero… just like him?” Izuku asked quietly as he indirectly pleaded for his mother to give him the hope and reassurance that he so desperately needed at the time.


Inko stood there as her legs began to wobble and tears began to manifest from her green and beautiful eyes.


She wanted so terribly to hug her beloved son and reassure him that yes, he can become a Hero just like All Might! To reassure him that no matter what, with or without a Quirk, he can become a great Hero as long as he works harder than anybody else. He wanted to make sure that no matter what, he will always have her as support when the entire world will be against his and his dreams….


But, she just couldn’t…

She just could not do that to her son that she loved and cared for so much.

As a Mother, she couldn’t bring herself to give Izuku false hope. She loves the fact that he dreamed big, but she also wanted for him to dream realistically and not chase something that is unattainable. Inko understood just how dangerous a line work such as the Pro Hero job can be. There countless Villains out there with unbelievable Quirks. Inko didn’t want her son to get hurt… or worse. She doesn’t want her son to try so hard and yet to fail all the same. The disappointment would be unbearable for Izuku and herself.

As a result, she proceeded with the action that she truly believed would be of best interest for her son’s well being and for herself as well.


Inko hugged her son as hard as she could without hurting him of course. She too cried her own set of tears as she said…


“I’m sorry, Izuku… I wish things were different.. “


Izuku’s own set of tears began to flow down his face as he said in his mind…


‘No… that’s not it Mom… That’s not what I needed you to say.’

After crying in his Mother’s soft arms for about an hour, Izuku got too tired and feel asleep as Inko was hugging him. She wiped both his and her own tears and tucked Izuku into bed. She turned off his computer and closed the door as quietly as he could to make sure she didn’t wake her son up.


She then made her way to the couch in the living room, where she is now. Even though she was tired and stressed out, she still cried small drips of tears. She couldn’t help but feel apart of this was her fault somewhat. She blames herself because she couldn’t pass down and give Izuku her Quirk so that he can become a Hero. Even though her Quirk of attracting small objects isn’t much, she had full faith that if that was the Quirk that Izuku was born with, he would still find a way to become a Great Hero no matter how weak his power may seem.


She understood that 20% of the world still doesn’t have any type of Quirk or super power. But almost all of those people are of the elderly. She knew there are still Quirkless children out there. So it goes without saying that Izuku had a very slim chance of turning out Quirkless, but why did it have to be her son? Why did it have to be the person who wanted to be a Hero more than anybody else in the world?!

Inko sighed sadly. The world truly can be merciless and heartless… even to innocent children.


Inko then heard the front door knob of their home turning as it was unlocked. She heard giant and strong footsteps full of authority make their way into the living room. At first she was shocked and scared at the same time since she left the door locked and didn’t lend any house keys to anybody, not even her best friend Mitsuki Bakugo. She was about to use her Quirk to attempt to defend herself against the assumed house invader, but as soon as she felt the presence of the person walking towards the living room, she calmed down as she knew exactly who it was.


“I’m home! Why are almost all of the lights off? Don’t tell me you two fell asleep at 9:00 P.M.!”


A strong, masculine, but gentle voice said as the man arrived at the living room where Inko was sitting on the couch.


“Sorry for coming here without letting you know first honey. But when you texted me the other day that Izuku was going to the Doctor today to find out what his Quirk is, I immediately dropped everything and came to Japan as fast as I could. What kind of Father would I be if I didn’t come to see firsthand what power my beloved son Izuku is blessed with?!”


The man that stated this was a humorous person with the happiest and most gentle and genuine smile a man could have. He stood at a monster height of 6’8 (203.2 centimeters) and had a physique that could rival All Might himself. He had broad shoulders and pecs with biceps and triceps the size of thighs. He wasn’t completely bulky like a certain Symbol of Peace, but he maintained a lean and muscular frame that didn’t make him too big, but not too weak. It was an almost perfect combination of strength and speed. From his body alone, one can infer that this giant of a man had trained very diligently for nearly all of his life. Practically from the age he could walk. He was a true Powerhouse. He had the body that other men envied and would kill to have and that women would dream to be under. He had curly and spiky dark green hair that was unkempt and flowed in all directions. His eyes were a bright emerald green that could entrap pretty much anybody into their beauty and calmness. It almost seemed like they were glowing as they screamed, ‘Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I will protect you.’ The intensity was fierce but gentle at the same time.


As he breathed through his nostrils, small amounts of smoke could be visible coming out of his nose. And his overall body temperature was higher than normal as every room he stepped into just felt warmer all of a sudden. This is a side effect of his Fire breathing Quirk.


He wore a bright green sweatshirt with the symbol of a golden chinese dragon embedded on both sides. The golden dragon was breathing crimson flames as the flames materialized into a giant fist and the under the fire fist were the words, “DRAGON FIST!”


And around his waist…. Was brown monkey tail….

The name of this adult male is none other than Hisashi Midoriya. The husband and lover of Inko Midoriya and the Father of Izuku Midoriya. There was no question about it. Izuku is the spitting image of Hisashi, minus the freckles. Izuku inherited those from Hisashi’s Father. But even with a minor difference like that, Hisashi is exactly what Izuku would look like if he was an adult.

When Hisashi heard the news that his son, Izuku, will be finding out what his Quirk this Friday, he dropped all of his work. And immediately booked a flight to Mustafu, Japan. He couldn’t wait to see what Quirk his son was blessed with. He hoped that it was especially his Quirk, so that he could train him personally helped him master it just like Izuku’s Grandfather did to him. He also wanted to visit his wife and son who Hisashi hasn’t seen in such a long time. Even though he isn’t around much since he works abroad, he still loved his family more than anything in the whole Universe. It hurts him everyday in his heart that his son is growing up without a Father to raise him and show him the love only a Father could to his son. But this isn’t a perfect world, and sacrifices had to be made. And Hisashi had to be willing to make those sacrifices for the benefit and safety of his family. Even if it hurts him more than any Villain could ever dream of.

But when he stepped through the front door, he already knew something was wrong. All of lights of the home were turned off, minus the living room. When Hisashi came through the door, he expected to see a mini version of him with freckles running around the house, breathing crimson flames from his mouth or pulling small objects to himself as he created a huge mess in the home. Or Hell, even a combination of both!

But instead, he saw his beautiful wife sobbing as she sat alone on the couch. He saw the dried tears all around her clothes as her eyes were red from all of the crying. She had a face seeping with sadness and sorrow.


He didn’t like that…

So when his wife looked up to see him, Inko immediately did her best to dry her tears and put on a happy smile, “Hisashi! You’re home! What a pleasant surprise. I’m happy that you were able to make it!”


Hisashi stood silently as he witnessed the love of his life attempt to dry off her warm tears and erase the evidence of her ever crying. He saw through the smile and under it, he can still see the sorrow that consumed her.


Hisashi sat next to Inko and hugged her as tight as he could while making sure not to hurt her. Inko sighed in relief as she relaxed into her lover’s arms. It has been so long since she felt the strong arms of her lover so she wanted to enjoy it as much as she could.


“Inko… honey, what’s wrong? Where is our son?” Hisashi asked calmly as he still needed to figure just what in the world happened before he arrived.


Inko sniffed sadly as she began to remember the events of the day.


“Izuku is in his room, sleeping… “ Inko said as she laid her back against the couch while her husband still remained sitting up straight patiently waiting for his partner to tell him what ha been going on.


“Sleeping? Izuku? At 9? Now, listen, I may not be around much, but I know my own son. It doesn’t matter if it is a school night or not, but around this time, my son is either studying, playing video games or working on his Hero Journals. That boy is too smart for his own good. He simply can’t just sleep at 9 P.M.! Who does that? Not my kid. On occasions, he would stay up all night evaluating and analyzing both Heroes and Villains and their Quirks. He’s too stubborn to do anything different. And I’m to blame for that. He inherited most of those qualities from me. I was exactly the same when I was his age after all.” Hisashi replied to Inko as he could tell from her eyes that something was not right. He wanted to know why his son is sleeping at 9 dammit!


Inko smiled sadly. Hisashi is as perceptive as ever. But she really should have expected that.  It is part of the reason, why she grew to love him.


“Izuku went to bed early. He is sad and… very hurt.” Inko said as she thought of when Izuku began crying in her arm.


Hisashi frowned as he heard this.


“What?! Why is he sad and how did he get hurt?! Was it that Katsuki kid again?! I’m going to head over to his house and speak to his parents RIGHT NOW!” Hisashi said as his voice suddenly got louder and sat up and began to move his feet to the front door. He knew about the bullying and abuse that Katsuki Bakugo and his goons made his son go through. When he first found out about it, he was going to go strangle the ash blonde haired boy. But Inko begged him to calm down and to not do anything stupid like strangling a four-year old kid which would surely get him sued and arrested. Hisashi didn’t end up actually strangling him, thank God. But that didn’t mean that he let it slide. Hisashi was very overprotective of his one and only child. The thought of somebody even laying a finger on his green haired head, made Hisashi want to burn that person’s face off with the hottest and reddist flames in existence.


Inko grabbed Hisashi’s arm to prevent him from starting something that would surely begin a mess.


“No, wait! This doesn’t have anything to do with Katsuki or any type of bullying for that matter. So please relax.” Inko pleaded with her husband as she knew how impulsive and reckless he could be whenever somebody messed with those he cared about. It is another reason why she grew to love him.


Hisashi sighed as he sat back down on the couch.


“Ok honey, I’ll calm down. But please tell me what’s going on. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me the problem. And you know how I hate seeing both you and our Izuku cry. It pains my heart. I don’t ever want to see the ones closest to me suffer like that. So tell me the problem, and I promise that I will fix it!” Hisashi said with a smile so bright it could be mistaken for the sun itself and the warmth it produced.


Inko smiled as she was truly grateful that she was lucky enough to find a great man like Hisashi. He is truly a man any woman would kill to have. She could only hope that their son, Izuku, will turn out the same or hell, maybe even better. Who knows?


Inko looked down towards her lap as she shook her head.


“I’m sorry my love. But I’m afraid that’s a promise you won’t be able to keep no matter how hard you try.” Inko told Hisashi as she still felt sadness throughout her entire being as she couldn’t do anything about it either.


Hisashi widened his eyes when hearing this, “W-What do you mean, Inko?” What could possibly be the problem that he couldn’t fix no matter how hard he tried.

Inko sighed as she began to explain what happened.


“Me and Izuku went to the Doctor to figure out what his Quirk was. He’s already four years old and all of the other children in his age group have already manifested their own Quirks. While our baby hasn’t. So I scheduled an appointment to find out why our baby boy hasn’t developed a Quirk yet. But when we met with the Doctor, he did an X-ray on Izuku and he revealed….” Inko began to choke on her words as she still found difficulty in reliving the horrible fateful events that transpired today.


“Okay and what did he say? Did he say what Quirk Izuku got?” Hisashi asked as he was now worried about what the Doctor told his family.


When Inko heard her husband’s words, she looked him right in the eye.


“That’s… exactly what the problem is my dear… “


At first, Hisashi was confused. But after a few seconds, his super genius brain began to work at light speed. He then connected the dots…


Hisashi had a horrified look on his face as he couldn’t believe it…


“Oh no… Please… Don’t tell me.”

Inko saw that her husband had finally put 2 and 2 together.

She nodded sadly as she said, “Yes, dear. It is exactly what you think. I’m very sorry. And I wish it wasn’t true. But Fate had other plans….” Inko took a deep breath as she prepared to finally say it.


“Our, son, Izuku Midoriya, is Quirkless.”


Hisashi was just shocked. How could this even happen. His Father, Grandfather, and plenty before them all had Quirks. The same goes for Inko. Why in the world would their son be Quirkless?! It should be impossible. No way! He should have at least inherited one of their Quirks.


But then, Hisashi remembered the family secret that his own Father told him many years before….


“No he is not!”


Inko widened her eyes as she didn’t expect an outburst like that from Hisashi. What did he mean he is not? That’s not what Izuku’s Doctor had said.


“What do you mean, he isn’t? He didn’t inherit either of our Quirks Hisashi! He can’t breathe fire and he can’t attract small objects to himself. He doesn’t even have a tail like you do!” Inko said as tears again started to trail down her face.


“The Doctor said that because of a double jointed toe, Izuku is Quirkless. Only people who are Quirkless have double jointed toes while everybody else’s is single jointed!”


Hisashi rubbed his temples as did his best to remain calm under such a stressful situation.


“Well, then that Doctor doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I don’t care if he said that Izuku is Quirkless or not. Izuku is still my son and I will always love him no matter what. He isn’t a weak Quirkless person. You and anybody else may not see it, but I and maybe a few others are able to see it. I can see the infinite potential that genius boy possesses. It is hidden and locked away tightly. But inside him, is a massive amount of incredible power that you can’t even begin to comprehend.” Hisashi said as he stood up and began to look for something in his pockets.


“Wh-What are you talking about? He’s just a little baby boy. He wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Where is the power that you are speaking of coming from?” Inko asked as she honestly had no idea what Hisashi was talking about. Ever since Izuku was born, he had never showed any signs of “massive power” or whatever Hisashi was talking about. If her son really has something like a hidden power, then she would know it.


Hisashi smirked, “That’s because it is still not time. His body isn’t ready. Ife he were to awaken that power the way he is now, then his physical body would be way too weak to support. His limbs would go flying straight off and his body will explode! He is still too young. He needs time to develop into a young man.” Hisashi then found what he was looking for in his pockets and then pulled it out.


Inko widened her eyes in terror, “WHAT?! Why didn’t you ever tell me? What if he accidentally awakens that power and it destroys him!?”


Hisashi sighed as he knew this day would come, “Listen. I never told you because it was for Izuku’s safety. If word got out, that he had all of this power stockpiled up inside of him, do you have any idea what the government or a Villain would do to him? They would attempt to abuse him and try to take that power away from him and use it for their own personal and selfish gain! I couldn’t let that happen to my own son. I, as a Father and a husband, have to do what is best for you and him. That is my responsibility. That is why, I have to work abroad. I can’t stay here because if I do, they will found out that Izuku is my son and the power that he possesses.”


‘There are also other reasons, but I still can’t tell you. Sorry, my love.’ Hisashi said in his mind as there were still things that he was keeping a secret.


“But, Hisashi! Izuku still thinks he’s Quirkless. And you know more than anyone how much he wants to be a Hero. When the Doctor said that he was Quirkless, it destroyed him from the inside. You know how much he admires and idolizes All Might! He wants to be a Hero just like him. Matter of fact, the first thing he did when we came back home was watch the All might debut video. The same one he has watched over 10,000 times! H-He asked me if he can be a Hero just like him… I wanted so badly to tell him that yes he can be a Hero! B-But… I couldn’t. I didn’t want him to follow such an impossible dream!” Inko said as she began sobbing again.


Hisashi immediately went to comfort her as he said whispered relieving words to her.


“I-Izuku… Our son… YOUR son needs you Hisashi! Y-You need to be there for him. Right now, the only person that can help him is his own father. You have to teach him and raise him on how to be a man. You need to prepare him for the real world and the dangers that come with it. He needs you more than anything else…. “ Inko sobbed as she knew that she herself couldn’t do much to help her son since she broke the boy’s spirit already. She hoped that her husband can help rebuild that spirit.

Hisashi was having an internal dilemma. He wanted nothing more than to stay with his beautiful wife and son and raise and protect them like any Father should. But he knew he couldn’t do that. If he did, then Izuku and Inko would have to pay the ultimate price. But that still didn’t mean he didn’t WANT to stay with them or that he doesn’t care for or love his family. Life was just unfair. Why does the world have to be so cruel?


At the moment, Hisashi remembered one of the most important lessons that his own Father taught him so long ago….


“Sometimes, in order to protect the ones we love the most, we have to make sacrifices that we may not want to make. Sometimes, we have to give up the things that we want the most… “

Hisashi looked at Inko with so much love and sadness, “I’m sorry, Inko… but I can’t. Life is unfair. But as Heroes, we have to balance that unfairness by doing the best that we possibly can. I want nothing more for me to stay with you and our son, believe I really wish I could. I love the both of you so very much. You two are the most important people in my life…. And that is why I must go. Because, I love you two so much, I can’t allow myself to put you two in danger. Both of you are just too precious to me. That’s why I must leave. Please understand. I know I have been a terrible Husband and Father, but I am doing the best that I can. That is why I must go.” Hisashi stood up as he prepared to leave.


But Inko stood up with him and hugged him from behind.


“Wait. I understand. If you truly have to leave, then that’s fine. But… could you please stay the night? You have been away for so long, and I have not been able to make love with you in years. I'm a woman and I have needs, you know.”


Hisashi smiled as she did have a point. Up to that point, Hisashi had not touched a Woman’s body in so long. He had remained loyal to Inko and reserved himself to only Inko no matter how many women tried to seduce or flirt with him. He was loyal to a fault. He couldn’t help it, it was in his blood after all. The same can be said for Inko.

“Anything for you my love.” Hisashi said as he put whatever he had in his hand back in his pocket where he found it. They then made their way to their bedroom and proceeded to undress as they experienced a night of pleasure….

                    Hours Later…


Hisashi woke up to find himself lying next to a naked Inko under the covers. He saw the clock on the nightstand and it read, 4:30 A.M.


He looked towards his left to see Inko sleeping peacefully.


So with that, he got off the bed and began to put his clothes back on. He used the bathroom and took a new toothbrush from the pack under the sink. He brushed his teeth and tidied himself up, made sure that his hair didn’t look too crazy and that he didn’t smell like sex.


Hisashi walked out the bathroom and walked towards Izuku’s door. He was conflicted on whether or not to open the door. He hadn’t seen the boy in so long, and wanted to see just how much he has grown since the last time he saw him.


Hisashi stood there for a good 2 minutes before he heard a voice from behind him.


“What are you so scared of? He is YOUR son after all. You need to see him.”


Hisashi looked behind him to see Inko standing in the hallway with a night robe on. She smiled at him and ushered for him to go.


Hisashi opened the door to Izuku’s bedroom as silently as he could. When he walked in, the first thing that he noticed was the plethora of All Might merchandise, from action figure, to posters, backpacks, hell, even pajamas.


‘What a fanboy.’ Hisashi thought as he silently chuckled finding his son’s admiration for the Number One Hero amusing but at the same time, cute. Everybody needs a Hero to look up to afterall.


Hisashi walked to Izuku’s bed, as he saw his beloved son, sleeping peacefully with his back lying on the bed and his head on the pillow and his face facing towards the ceiling.


Hisashi was about to tear up seeing this sight, ‘My baby boy… You have gotten bigger since the last time I have seen. I’m sorry that I missed your birthday. I am such a terrible Father.’


Hisashi gently placed his hand on Izuku’s green hair and rubbed his head slowly.


“You’re the spitting image of your Grandfather and Great-Grandfather. You even have their freckles.” Hisashi whispered as he looked at Izuku’s face. While Izuku did inherit all of his looks from Hisashi, in his own opinion, Izuku still reminded him of his Father and Grandfather. Hisashi didn’t completely inherit all of their looks, because he got some from his mother. But Izuku got the whole package. He got all of their looks including Inko’s and Hisashi’s mother’s.


“Someday, you’re going to grow up. And when you do, you’re going to become great. No matter what, I know that You WILL BECOME A HERO! You will be the greatest of them all. You will be special kid.”


Hisashi then took his hand off Izuku, and went through his drawers. He found a piece of paper and a pen. He then began jotting down a letter. After he was done, he folded the letter and placed it in an envelope. On the front of the envelope, he wrote in big bold letters, “For Izuku.”


He proceeded to leave the room, but before he did, he decided to take one last look at his son. He walked back towards him and gave him a kiss on the forehead.


“Stay safe my son. Become strong, be good, and protect the innocent. Never give up, no matter what others might say. Don’t let them bring you down. Even if the world goes against you, always know that I will always support you. You can become a Hero, even if you’re Quirkless. And please just be yourself. Those who mind, don’t matter and those who do matter, don’t mind.” Hisashi said as he went back towards the door.


“I love you, my son. We’ll meet again one day. But, until then… take care.”


And with that, Hisashi finally closed the door to Izuku’s room. Unbeknownst to Hisashi, Izuku had a smile on his face as he felt a gentle warmth around his body. He was having a good dream as he talked in his sleep.


“Papa… “

As Hisashi closed the door, he walked towards where Inko was standing and waiting.


“So you’re leaving now, right?” Inko said as her happy smile turned into a sad frown. She wanted her husband to stay but life just has other plans.


Hisashi nodded as he too wanted to stay, but thus it was the sacrifice he had to make.


“But before I go, I need you to listen carefully to what I’m about to tell you.” Hisashi said as his face immediately transformed into a serious expression. Inko gulped as she nodded, ready for what her husband was about to tell her.


“In about 10 years from now, Izuku’s power will awaken. It will happen at a time, when he will most need it. After a full night’s of sleep, he is going to grow a brown monkey tail just like mine. He will grow to be about my height, if not taller when I was that age. His overall muscle mass will grow and he will gain extraordinary powers. Powers that would seem unthinkable even by today’s standards.


He will use these powers to train to become a Hero. He will have the purest heart than anyone could ever imagine. He will fight for Justice, Truth, and he will protect the innocent. He will strike fear into the heart of Villains and Hope into the heart of Heroes. I have no doubt that he will apply for U.A. High. Once he makes it in, he will be pushed past his limits to get stronger and stronger in order to achieve his dream of becoming a Hero. Even after all of that, he still wouldn’t have even scratched the surface of his True Potential.”


Hisashi then held up the envelope that was in his hand.


“This letter is for Izuku to read when he experiences his first ever Transformation .”


“Transformation?” Inko asked as she didn’t understand.


“Don’t worry, you’ll understand when it happens. It will most likely happen against a powerful Villain that will push our son past his limits and even further beyond. When he gets his first transformation, he will most likely be out for a couple of days. That’s when you know for sure that he did undergo a transformation. Each transformation will make Izuku even stronger and stronger than he was before. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication, but I know for sure that Izuku will master each and every transformation. He is our son after all.”

Hisashi then handed the envelope to Inko.


“Keep that in a safe place.”


Hisashi then went digging back into his pockets and pulled out two capsules. Both capsules had the Capsule Corporation logo printed on them. One was bigger than the other.


Hisashi handed the capsules to Inko, who grabbed them carefully.


“Those two capsules contain extremely valuable items that have been passed down from generation to generation in my family. Give those to Izuku along with the letter. Oh, and make sure that he opens the smaller one first. Put those in a safe place as well.”


“Okay, you can count on me! I’ll make sure our son gets these items.” Inko said as she saluted to Hisashi.


Hisashi chuckled seeing his wife’s antics.


He then hugged and kissed Inko on the lips. When they separated, Hisashi put a hood on to conceal his face.


“I have to go my love. Remember, to protect Izuku with your life. Make sure he stays safe. He needs to stay alive. The world is going to need him one day. And he is going to save all of our butts one day, that’s for sure. I’ll bet my life on that.”


Inko smiled sadly, “Goodbye, Hisashi! Make sure to call and text okay!?”


Hisashi smiled, “I will. If anything happens, let me know first, alright. I love the both of you dearly. When Izuku is of age, I will come back, but until then, goodbye and I love you.”


Hisashi then stepped out of the house as he saw the sun begin to rise.


He looked up towards the sky as the sun shined down on him.


“Father… Grandfather… and all of my ancestors…. Please watch over my son. Guide him towards the right path. He will have a tough life ahead of him, full of hardships, and suffering. But I know that he will be able to get through all of that. I know that he will be able to transcend anything that comes his way. But he won’t do it alone. He is going to need help. And with that help, he will succeed. He will succeed because that boy…. Is our last Hope .

The human body really is something isn’t?


A wide majority of people don’t realize it…


… But they are much stronger than they think.


If you look at it in face value, then the human body really isn’t that impressive compared to many other species. Humans don’t have claws, fangs, venom. Their average running speed isn’t that impressive compared to the fastest beings on the planet. A human infant can’t survive on its own at all. The baby must be nurtured and taken care of by another human being. If not, then the human baby will sadly and unfortunately not live very long at all. Every human has emotions. These emotions can be both positive and negative. And sometimes the negatives can outweigh the positives, resulting in men and women allowing their emotions and feelings to overrule their logic and rationale. This in turn will lead them to make bad decisions and ruin their relationships with the ones that they care about and the ones that truly matter. And that’s just one of the things that limits humans from thriving unlike other species that don’t allow things like that to get in their way. Human beings truly do have many and many limitations that hinder their growth and evolution as a race…

But what would happen is someone were to overcome those limits?

While it is true that the human race does suffer from a load of limiters that stop them from thriving and ascending as a race, what over 99.9% of the population are not aware of is that there is actually a way to break those limiters. Yes, almost everybody in the world just accept what their limits and just go on with their lives. They don’t strive to go beyond those limits and transcend whatever issues or obstacles that get in the way of their hopes, dreams and aspirations. They either give up midway through because they don’t have the guts to keep on working hard and sacrifice the necessary blood, sweat, and tears, or they get so so close but fail one time and they just decide to give up right then and there.


However, that less than 0.1% of the population are the opposite. They are aware of the potential that they possess. They are aware that yes, it is possible to break those limits that prevent human beings from evolving further as a race. They fight for their dreams and aspirations and don’t let other people tell them that they can’t achieve their dreams. They will keep fighting. They will keep clawing. They will not stop until they achieve their life’s purpose. Which why this less than 0.1% is able to transcend and surpass their limits and evolve into the best versions of themselves….

However, with the introduction of Quirks to the world it changed humanity and the Earth so radically that it shook the whole foundation of the previously established principles of human nature. Humans were now “Superhumans” and could now do things that weren’t possible in real life. Things that were only found in comic books. Mankind was living in a Superhuman society.


So one would think, “Well then that means the previous limitations that the human body had are non-existent now, right?”


Well, I’m sorry to say but it isn’t that simple.


You see, here’s the thing. Humans can not choose what Quirk they are born with. They can’t change it either. So whatever Quirk you get, you’re stuck with it for the rest of your life. So if someone is born with a weak ass Quirk, there’s not much that they can to improve themselves as best as possible. They would have a pretty low ceiling. And that would place a huge limit on their power and evolution.


The same thing with people that are born with extremely powerful Quirks. Yeah, they could achieve a lot more and have a much higher ceiling. But then again, a ceiling is still a ceiling. And you can’t go past it.  


And don’t forget about the people who are born Quirkless. They don’t even have any powers. They are just average humans like back in the old days. So their ceiling is really low .


And that just shows how messed up the world really is. Everything about a person is defined by your Quirk . It is as if a Quirk makes the person and not the other way around. Hell, one could argue this just limits humans more than before Quirks emerged onto the scene.


But who knows?


Maybe there is a way to surpass your Quirk’s limits. Maybe people just don’t know how to...


Or maybe they just never… tried….

Nonetheless, our favorite green haired Saiyan and One For All user is about to embark on a journey that will have him learn how to surpass his own limits…. The hard way.

Izuku Midoriya was back into his deep subconscious which is above the Earth’s orbit in space.


He opened his eyes as he found himself floating above the Earth’s atmosphere. He looked in front of him to see the giant green sun alongside the four sacred locked doors.


“Huh? I’m back here again?” Izuku asked as he look around and confirmed that he was indeed back inside his subconscious where the power of One For All was stored and where the four doors were which were locked and held something unknown behind them which Izuku wanted to know.


Izuku floated to where the Green Sun was located which represented One For All . It still read “20% complete until full mastery.”


But something about it felt different to Izuku. It looked a lot bigger to him. And also it felt… hotter and he felt a lot more power and energy emanating from the humongous Green Sun. Maybe it was just him, but something did feel a lot more different than last time around.


Izuku then turned his attention to the first locked door to the right which had the symbol of the Roman Numeral of I. It was still golden in color and it was still huge but Izuku also noticed a couple differences. He saw that the locks seemed like they were loosen and that the door actually opened a little before it was close back.


There was also something written on the door which read,


One step closer to achieving this power.”


This had Izuku scratch his head a little. He didn’t remember doing anything that would cause something like this to happen. It was weird. He had so many questions. How is he one step closer? What is he one step closer to? What is “ this power .” Why in the Hell does he keep dreaming about a Green Sun and four random doors?!


“I don’t even know what this is even referring to! This is all just so random! I keep getting more and more questions, but not even one simple answer!” Izuku yelled in annoyance as he punched the door as hard as he could.


He immediately widened his eyes as he felt probably one of the most painful experiences in his life.


“AHHHHHHHHH!” Izuku screamed in agony. His fist was burning in hot pain as he tried to relieve the pain by blowing and massaging the injured hand.


“Oh my God! What is that door made of! That thing has to be harder than steel!” Izuku yelled as he tried to take care of his now red hand.


You’re right. It is harder than steel. Which is why I wouldn’t recommend punching the door .”


Izuku widened his eyes as he heard a voice very similar to his. He looked behind him to see who it was and then he had one of the biggest shocks of his life.


Floating there, was… himself . He was staring at an exact copy of Izuku Midoriya. Everything was exactly the same. From the hair, to the eyes, the height, weight, arms, legs, and even the same freckles. The only difference being that this new Izuku was wearing his Hero Costume in full Saiyan armor.

Izuku found it hard to from words in his mouth…


“W-W-What?! W-Who are you?! Why do you look so much like me?” Izuku asked as he was absolutely baffled at the fact there was literal clone of himself floating in space with him.


The new Izuku smiled as he replied to Izuku’s question, “ Oh, that’s easy! I am you! And you are me!




Izuku hung his mouth open as he thought he was hearing things.


“Okay, you lost me. You just said that you are me and I am you. Ummmm…. Can you please explain what you mean by that?” Izuku asked as he scratched his head in even more confusion.


The other Izuku sighed as he knew that it wasn’t going to be that easy for Izuku to understand.


Alright so here’s the rundown. So there’s you, Izuku Midoriya. You know, your regular self. But inside of you, there’s a special place called your subconscious. Think of it as like your own little inner world where you are completely cut off from the outside world. Nobody can see nor hear us right now as we speak to each other in the subconscious. You know, you when you go into your little muttering rants? You start to lose awareness of the outside world and focus more on your own self and your inner thinking. But when you enter the subconscious, that’s when you fully go into your inner world. Get it, so far?


Izuku nodded, “Yeah, it makes sense. I have always felt isolated so it doesn’t surprise me that I have my own world inside my mind. I’m just surprised I didn’t find this out sooner.”


Yes, that is true. Now, let me explain to you what exactly I am. When I said that I am you and you are me, I meant it. You see, I am the ‘Inner Deku.’ Basically, I am the manifestation of what you truly are inside. All inner thoughts that you have ever had or things that you keep tucked away, I am all of it. I was created for the sole purpose of assisting you on your journey to becoming a Hero and whatever you decide to do in life. ” Inner Deku said as he finished his explanation.

“Wow that’s a lot to take in!” Izuku said as he held his chin and began thinking. Then a light bulb lit up in his head.


“OH I GET IT NOW! So I can think of you like the twin brother I never had!” Izuku said excited at the prospect of having a sibling like version of himself.


Hmmmm… I guess you can think of me like that. The only difference being that twins are 100% alike. However me and you are technically the same person, just in different forms .” Inner Deku replied as he honestly kind of like the idea of having a twin brother. He has never had siblings and has been socially isolated for most of his life, so it was a huge reliever.


Izuku’s eyes then widened as he remembered an important fact, “Wait a minute! You just said like a minute ago that ‘you were created.’ If that is true, then who created you?” Izuku asked as he was really curious about who in the world would create an exact copy of him.


Inner Deku smirked as he knew Izuku was too smart to not ask a question like that, “ You want to know who created me? Oh right, it was your Father. ” Inner Deku replied.


Now Izuku really thought he was losing it. He just heard that his father created an inner version of himself.


“M-My Father? Are you sure you’re talking about my Father, Hisashi Midoriya?” Izuku asked as he now was starting to believe this is all a retarded dream.


That’s the one!


“Okay, you lost me again bro. Can you please explain what you mean by THAT?!” Izuku nearly yelled as now things were starting to sound crazy.


Inner Deku laughed as he saw Izuku’s reaction.


“What is so funny?”


I’m sorry, just the way you react to things is just freaking hilarious! You should see your face!


Izuku sighed. Great, now his own self is laughing at him.


Inner Deku began to calm down as he now adopted a serious face.


Alright, so when you were born, your Father, Hisashi Midoriya, saw that you had what seemed like an endless amount of power brewing inside of you. He realized that if he kept you like that, the power would soon become too much for your small body and you would die of too much energy overflowing within you. So to prevent that, he locked away all of the excess energy that was too much for your small body to handle. He locked the power away in these four doors. ” Inner Deku stated as he pointed to the four giant doors with the Roman Numerals.


My purpose is to help you UNLOCK these doors and to guide you in your journey of becoming a Hero. He made it so that the only person that has the keys to these doors is me. I open the doors when you are both physically and mentally ready for the gargantuan amount of powers that these doors hold. They are locked right now because you are still not ready. You have not gotten the proper training yet to handle these transformations. If you were to let’s say unlock door number one right now, then your entire body would explode due to the amount of power overloading.

Izuku widened his eyes as he began to process all of the information .


“It all makes sense now! The reason why I didn’t have this power until almost a year ago. My body was just too weak to handle all of this power. And I didn’t have the proper training in order to utilize it. And my Dad did all of this to protect me…”


Inner Deku nodded, “ You’re finally beginning to understand. Your Father entrusted me the keys to all of your Power. Power that you wouldn’t even begin to dream of. He knew how dangerous Power like that can be. So he decided that the best course of action was to lock it away until you were ready. And that’s why I’m here! When your Father created me, he implanted me all of the memories of our ancestors and all of their powers and techniques. That way, I can show you them and learn from them, like how I’ve been doing for almost a year.


Izuku then realized something else, “WAIT A MINUTE! So all of those dreams and visions I have been getting all of these past months, they were all of your doing?”


DING DING! You got it! You’re smarter than you look! Yes, you are correct, all of the dreams and visions was me. I chose specific memories that would help you and ones you needed to know the most. You had to learn all of the things you learned, because if not, you would just be a huge brute with absolutely no techniques. You have to expand your arsenal and versatility if you truly want to become the Greatest Hero in the World. ” Inner Deku stated as he was revealed to be the cause of all of the visions that Izuku had been getting all of these months.


“Wow, this is a lot to take in…” Izuku said quietly has began to rub his temples. Learning all of this new information was kind of taxing on the brain. But Izuku made sure to strengthen both body and mind.


Indeed it is. But there’s still one more thing we have to talk about.


Izuku sweatdropped, “There’s more?!”


Inner Deku then floated towards the first giant door, “ Remember when I said that the only person to unlock these doors was me?


“Uh huh.”


Well, it seems that you are an exception to the rule.


Izuku’s green eyes widened as he was confused with what inner Deku was talking about.


“How am I an exception? I don’t have the keys!”


Inner Deku pointed towards the door, “ During your fight with Nomu, you went all out. You even used Kaioken X3 combined with a One For All Final Flash. It did a number on him… but it still wasn’t enough. Your arms were broken, you had several broken ribs, and other bones. You were completely exhausted. You couldn’t even move. Nomu was coming to give you the final shot. But you didn’t allow yourself to give up. Your unrelenting will and iron drive forced you to even push farther past your limits. You refused to lose…


Inner Deku began to swipe his hand around the door.


As a result, through your own will power alone, you will able to forcefully crack open the first door and it began leeking its energy and power. I immediately noticed this and was about to close the cracks completely but then I saw that you were in a very dire situation. So I decided to only allow a small portion of the energy to leak out because you needed the power. It was necessary to beat Nomu. However, I couldn’t let all of the power escape since it would’ve killed you especially in the state your body was. Even the amount I allowed you to use was a little pushing it. But it all turned out good in the end. ” Inner Deku said as he made sure there wasn’t any cracks left in the door.


Izuku absorbed all of his words before asking another question.


“Wait, so what happened to Nomu? Is everyone safe?”


You don’t remember? You defeated him! ” Inner Deku said as he snapped his fingers making a portal appear showing the fight between False Super Saiyan Deku and the Anti-Symbol of Peace. It showed Deku completely dominating the fight with minimal effort as Nomu stood no chance against the False Super Saiyan. Then it showed the final blow which the Super Galick Gun that shot Nomu out of the USJ and towards the sky.


Izuku was aghast. He never would have thought that he would have so much power to completely blow away a being that was specifically created to kill All Might. He didn’t know what to think.


And that’s only a taste of your true potential. ” Inner Deku stated as he snapped his fingers again and that portal that showed the fight vanished.


What you did to Nomu will be child’s play compared to the power that you will have access to in the future .”


“You can’t be serious…. What could possibly be more powerful that that?!” Izuku asked in disbelief. There can’t possibly be anything stronger than what Deku did against Nomu… right?


Inner Deku just snickered, “ You’ll find out in due time. For now though, you should wake up. You have been out quite a while now. They’re getting worried for you. So talk to you later, alright!


Izuku started waving his arms around, “WAIT WAIT! I STILL HAVE A LOT MORE QUESTIONS!”


Inner Deku snapped his fingers and Izuku vanished from the subconscious as he was now going back to the real world.


Don’t worry, friend. All of your questions will be answered in time. You just have to be patient….

Izuku’s body began to slowly stir as his eyes became lighter and lighter. His body felt weak and very heavy. He didn’t feel like moving at all as he wanted his eyes to remain closed. He just felt like staying in bed and not waking up at all… he felt so tired for some reason. His body just felt broken, he could barely move.


But right as the green haired Saiyan was about to once again fall into a deep slumber…

He remembered….

Izuku immediately widened his eyes as he sat straight up so fast that he nearly broke his neck. He panted very hard as he tried to move his arms in his defensive fighting stance, but immediately winced as he did so. He felt an incredible amount of pain in his left arm, while his right arm was relatively normal. He looked to see that his left arm was in a cast and the majority of his body was covered in numerous bandages. This was most likely due to the injuries that he suffered from the fight with Nomu….


“Oh shit! Crap, where’s Nomu? Did I pass out? Oh no, then that means my classmates need help! I have to move fast before I’m too lat- Wait a minute this isn’t the USJ!”


Izuku stuttered in shock as he looked around to see that in fact, he was not currently located in the Unforeseen Simulation Joint. He was actually sitting on a bed located in a white room… more specifically, Recovery Girl’s office.


Izuku then slapped his forehead as he realized his own stupidity.


‘Wait a minute, of course this is not the USJ! Inner Me showed me the fight between me and Nomu. I took care of Nomu. He also said that everybody is fine. And here I was thinking that it was all a dream.’

“So you finally woke up, huh kid? Sheesh, you had us worried there for a minute man.”


‘... I know that voice!”


Izuku looked to his right, only to see Toshinori in his skinny form alongside Recovery Girl who was sitting down near her desk with various documents in her hands.


“A-A-All MIGHT? Recovery Girl? W-What happened?! Wasn’t I just in the USJ? Is everybody safe? O-Or was it all just a bad dream?!” Izuku said rapidly as his mouth began to move a mile a minute. Both Toshinori and Recovery Girl sweatdropped as they witnessed the Ninth Bearer of One For All go on his long stutter rants as he talks to himself quietly and isolates himself from the reality,


“ENOUGH! Relax, Young Midoriya! Don’t worry everything is fine! Your classmates are safe. Besides the ones who managed to escape, all of the Villains were taken care of. You don’t need to worry.” Toshinori said as he snapped Izuku out of his trance. He calmed down and sighed in relief.


“There weren’t any major injuries excluding yourself, Thirteen and Eraserhead. Thankfully everybody else was safe and sound as soon as the Pros arrived.” Recovery Girl added as she shuffled the stacks of Documents on her desk.


“That’s a relief… “ But then suddenly, Izuku remembered an important detail.


“WAIT A MINUTE! What about Nomu?! He’s the Villain with the beak and with his brain exposed. What happened to him? Did he escape?” Izuku asked erratically as he remembered the battle he endured against the ‘Anti-Symbol of Peace’. He already knew from what his inner self told him that he had already defeated Nomu, but he wanted to make sure that Nomu didn’t escape and was in police captivity. He didn’t want a monster like that roaming the streets

“You mean you don’t remember?” Toshinori asked in confusion.


Izuku decided to play dumb for a little bit, “What are you talking about? Remember what?”


“Izuku… You were the one that managed to defeat him… quite badly might I add…” Toshinori stated as he remembered of how the police and investigators managed to find the Anti-Symbol of Peace. They described it as if somebody jumped into a volcano and came out and actually managed to survive…


‘So it seems what Inner Deku was saying is the truth. Okay, good. Now this means that wasn’t a dream then. I’ll make sure to speak with him, when I get home. For now, I need to relax and get healed.’ Izuku thought as he began planning on how to get more answers from Inner Deku.

“Hmmmm…. That isn’t something we should ignore. You should be able to remember something like that. It is weird to simply not recall any details regarding defeating something as dangerous as Nomu. From what I’ve checked, you don’t have any severe brain or head damage. Very strange indeed… “ Recovery Girl said as she hummed in thought.


“In any case, what matters is that you’re alright and safe and sound. However, you most likely wouldn’t have had to to suffer such traumatic injuries if I would’ve made it there in time… You were all fighting for your lives while I was here doing nothing… some Symbol of Peace I am!” Toshinori said as he gripped his fists in frustration for not being able to do his job in protecting the students when they were attacked by the League of Villains.


“It is not your fault, Toshinori-Sensei. Nobody had any idea that Villains would just randomly attack us out of nowhere. We did the very best we could to defend ourselves and look, we turned out just okay. Don’t beat yourself up over something that you had no control over and that that turned out fine in the end.” Izuku said as he didn’t want All Might to feel ashamed over something he knew he wasn’t at fault for. Villain attacks can happen at any time. Heroes have to do the best that they can in order to deal with those Villains for when they come.


“The boy’s right, you know. Lighten up, will ya? Just be happy you didn’t have to over exert yourself and make your time limit in your Hero form even shorter than what it already is. If you ask me, it all turned out for the better.” Recovery Girl said as she also didn’t want to see All Might get all depressed over nothing.


Toshinori sighed, “Alright, fine. I won’t blame myself. But that doesn’t mean I’m exactly happy either!”


“Understandable.” Izuku said


“By the way, Toshinori, did you see the files on Nomu and his Quirks?” Recovery Girl asked as she wasn’t sure if All Might was up to speed on what the police was able to find out.


“Q-Quirks? As in, more than one?” Toshinori asked in disbelief with his blue eyes widened.


“Take a look at it, yourself.”


Recovery Girl handed Toshinori the documents regarding Nomu’s powers. As Toshinori went through them, his levels of shock kept on increasing and increasing with every single page he read. By the time he was finished, he almost found it impossible to form words in his mouth. He was speechless to the core.


“Wh-What is this…. Abomination?”

“From what the investigators had gathered from the Villains they were able to capture, they learned that Nomu was specifically constructed to kill you. He had Quirks implanted in him that were supposed to be direct counters for you. It is a miracle that no other student had major injuries besides Izuku.” Recovery Girl said as she too couldn’t believe that a being like Nomu existed. It seemed as though he wasn’t even human any more.


Toshinori handed the documents back to Recovery Girl as he stood up from his chair, “I think I need some time to take all of this in. You should heal and patch Young Izuku up and make sure that he’s ready to go home. His mother is worried sick. It has been two days after all.”


“WHAT?! I WAS OUT FOR TWO DAYS?!” Izuku shouted ashe didn’t know he was out cold for that long.


“Well, your injuries were very serious. When we found you, you were barely even breathing! I’d say it is a miracle you woke up after only 2 days and not 2 weeks!” Recovery Girl said as she was a little suspicious on Izuku’s fast recovery. Normally if a person undergone the amount of injuries that he did, they would be out for weeks, maybe even months. But Izuku was able to wake up after only 2 days. Very strange indeed…


“Well, I’ll see you later, Recovery Girl. Also, Izuku we’ll talk later alright.” Toshinori said as he gave him Izuku a certain “look.”


Izuku knew that look. It meant, “we have serious things to talk about later.”


Toshinori walked out and closed the door. He stood there in the hallway for a good minute as he thought about all that has happened in the past few days.


‘So you’re still out there…. ALL FOR ONE!

“Are you sure, you’re okay?”


“Yes, how many times do I have to tell you, Recovery Girl?! I’m good as new, I promise! You healed me up nicely!” Izuku said as he took off the bandages around his body. After Toshinori left, Recovery Girl decided to use her Quirk on Izuku. All of his injuries were immediately healed. He then began jumping around and doing kicks and punches to the air, testing out his body to see if it was alright. And to his surprise, he was back at 100%. Hell, he even felt  A LOT stronger than before. That made Izuku wonder on why that happened. He decided to ask Inner Deku later about it.


“Alright, but if you feel any type of pain, you come straight to me! Got it?” Recovery Girl said.


“Yes, ma’am!” Izuku said as he saluted.


“Okay, then. You’re free to go home.”


Izuku smiled in delight, “Alright, let’s go! I’ll see you when school starts again!”


Izuku then ran out of the office, towards his locker to go pick up his clothes and book bag.


“That boy really is troublesome… “

Izuku went home as fast as he could. It was getting late after all, since the sun was already setting. He didn’t want to worry his mother too much.


He arrived at his front door and opened it. As he stepped in, he shouted,


“I’m home!”

Inko immediately came running to Izuku and crushed him in a motherly hug.


“Oh my Izuku, I was worried to death!. When the school called and informed me that you were injured from a Villain attack, I feared the worst. But they reassured me that they would be alright. But I still couldn’t help but fear for you baby!”

“Mom, it's okay! I’m fine now! See, I’m all healed up. I have no broken bones, no pain, no nothing. Everything turned out alright. I appreciate you being worried for me but you don’t have to be anymore.” Izuku said as smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head.


Inko stared into her son’s eyes, before she spoke again, “Izuku I have something to give you. Something from your Father….”


Izuku’s eyes widened at the mention of his Father, “Dad left something for me?”


“I’ll go get it. Give me a minute.”


Inko went to her bedroom and came back five minutes later with an envelope and two capsules. The envelope read on the front in big bold letter, “For Izuku.”


“Your Father told me to give this to you after you experienced your first Transformation .”    


Izuku looked at his mother in disbelief, “H-How did you…?”


“Call it, Woman’s Intuition. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. Your Dad said to read this letter.” Inko said as she handed Izuku the letter and two Capsules.


Izuku took the items and walked to his bedroom. He opened the letter first. He began to read it.

“Dear Izuku,

Hi, Izuku, it’s me… your Dad . By the time you’re reading this, you have most likely gone through your first transformation. I don’t have much time, so I won’t be able to explain to you everything in this letter. All I’m going to say is that I’m proud of you my son. I truly am. I know that you will become a great Hero someday. I truly believe that. I’m sorry I have not been around in your life, but it is for reasons that I cannot say in this letter. But I know you will grow up to become a great man someday. You will be strong. Just keep training hard, and you will be able to do anything you put your mind to. Anyway, listen carefully. The small capsule is what you will open first. In there, you will find priceless items that have been passed down from generation to generation in our family. I know, you will use them well. The big capsule, you WILL NOT open in your room. Open it in a big space, where there’s a lot of space. You will be using this to train your body in order to become stronger to handle your transformations. If you have any question, ask your Inner Self. He most likely has the answers to them. Well, time is running out, I have to go now. I want you to know, that I love you my son. Become strong. Protect the innocent and fight in the name of Justice. You must tell yourself, ‘No matter how hard it gets, I’m going to make it!’ Fight for your Dreams…. And your Dreams will Fight for you.


-Sincerely, Your Loving Father, Hisashi Midoriya”

By the time Izuku got to the end, the letter was already wet from his tears. Izuku couldn’t help it. It was just too much…


“My Dad… he believes in me. He didn't care that I was Quirkless. He still believed in me no matter what. He believes that I will become a Hero… “ Izuku said as he sobbed.


Izuku then dried his tears as he calmed down.


“Papa... “


Izuku looked up, his face void of tears. It was now full of fearless determination.


“You put all of your faith in me… and I won’t let you down!’


Izuku pushed down on the capsule. It made a *Poof* sound as smoke came out. After the smoke cleared, it showed a large briefcase. Izuku open the briefcase slowly, and what he saw made his jaw drop to the ground.


“This is… no way!”


Inside the briefcase was a brown bean bag, and a long red pole. But that’s not what got his attention.

What got his attention was what was in the middle of the briefcase.


In the middle of the briefcase were three sets of clothing. Izuku picked up the one that was on top of the pile. It was an orange and blue martial arts gi, with blue shoes and wrist bands.


It was the gi of Son Goku….


Izuku just held the gi in his hands in shock. He couldn’t help but admire the ancient apparel.


Izuku gripped the gi tightly…


“Dad… you have put so much faith in me… Thank you very much. I promise it won’t be in vain. And I also promise… “

Izuku lifted the gi up and yelled at the top of his lungs…


League of Villains Hideout

“Sensei, you wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t see it. There was this boy with spiky hair. He, HE, HE BEAT NOMU!” Shigaraki yelled as he slammed the bar table.


Hmmmmm… If I may ask…. What was the color of his aura when he was using his Quirk?


“Electric Green.” Shigaraki replied.


Hmph! From Purple, to yellow, to green… How amusing.


“I’m sorry, I didn't hear what you said, Sensei.”


Oh, don’t worry about it Tomura. I’m getting old. Anyways, just keep following the plan, this was… a minor setback. I’ll talk to you later.


Shigaraki then disconnected the audio call.

So you have chosen a Successor, huh, Toshinori? About time. But it doesn’t matter. Neither you or him will be able to stop me and my plan. All I have to do is kill both of you and end One For All once and forever. After that, I will rule the world, and NOBODY will be able to stop me!



Chapter Text

                          Chapter 9: Tell The World, “I AM HERE!”



But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister: And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all. For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

“HIYAAAAAAH!” Izuku yells as he punches the air with monster force as the air around him gusts backward due to the power of the strike.


Those punches are weak. Put more effort into your strikes, Izuku!


“I’m trying my best dammit!” Izuku yells back as he begins to launch even harder deadly strikes all while sweating profusely due to the massive strain his body is currently undergoing.


Do or do not. There is no try.


“It’s harder than it looks!” Izuku said as he does a front flip and strike up with a huge kick that creates more gust of wind.


Come on! I know you can do much better than that! I’m you after all! Punch and kick as if your life depended on it!


“Well, maybe I would if you just let me use my Quirk!” Izuku grunts as pants heavily due to the extreme training regime that his Inner Self has put him through. It felt as though his body was about to drop dead any minute.


Inner Deku sighs, “ Come on, Izuku. We’ve talked about this. You can’t always rely on One For All to get you out of every situation and every fight. You have to broaden your arsenal and learn to fight without a Quirk by training your physical body. When you have done that, then the effects of One For All will increase even more as soon as your physical body is trained enough. ” Inner Deku says he watches Izuku continue to practicing his combos, making sure each punch and kick had equal amount of force and were precise, fluid, and not sloppy.


“Yeah, I know. I completely understand your point. But don’t you think training my physical body alone without a Quirk under 10 TIMES EARTH’S GRAVITY is a little… oh I don’t know… OVERBOARD!” Izuku sarcastically replied as his movements began to get slower and his strikes got weaker because of the huge amounts of energy the green haired Saiyan has used up during the training session.


“Also, don’t forget that I have to wear these ridiculously heavy weights while training since you told me to specifically wear the orange gi.” Izuku said as the training weights in Son Goku’s gi made it even harder for Izuku to train under 10 times Earth’s gravity all while not being able to use One For All .


You need to wear that gi in order for your body to adapt to the massive weight and mass that it is put through while training under 10x Earth’s gravity. Like I said, this will make your own physical body even stronger which will allow you to even use One For All more efficiently and unlock the hidden power inside of you. ” Inner Deku said as he understood what Izuku was trying to say, but it was all for his own good.


Also, didn’t you say that you were going to be the strongest Hero in the World? ” Inner Deku asked as he remembered precisely what Izuku said as he yelled at the top of his lungs the day before when he opened his briefcase. The guy yelled so loud that his mother immediately came running to his bedroom to ask why he was yelling so damn loud.


Izuku stopped mid-combo as he heard the words of his Inner Self.


“Yes… Yes I did. And… I MEANT IT! With every fiber of my being. That is my dream, and I’ll stop at nothing until it becomes a reality” Izuku said as his eyes glowed green with pure determination seeping from them. His face now adopted a serious and genuine look, reinforcing the fact that he truly did mean what he said.


Inner Deku nodded as he expected that to be Izuku’s reply, “ Well, if you’re going to become the Strongest Hero in the World, like you said, then you can’t play games and take the easy path. In this life, if you want something, you have to work hard in order to achieve it. Your dreams are not just going to be handed down to you, and neither is the Power that is necessary in order for you to make those dreams come true. I am not Santa Claus, you know. I am not just going to give you Powers, techniques, and transformations just because you’re a ‘nice guy.’ You will have to EARN all of that. And once you do earn those things, you will to have to undergo much more intense training than now to master your new powers. Even with One For All. You had to prove yourself and do something to earn that sacred torch that has been passed down for generations didn’t you? And just getting the Quirk was the easy part. Now, you have to MASTER it. It is the same exact concept. Absolutely nothing will be served to you on a silver platter. You will rightfully earn everything that you will get in life. Just like your ancestors did….


Izuku took a minute to take in all of what Inner Deku said. Izuku agreed with him 100%. If he didn’t start working now and push himself to the limits, then that childhood dream of becoming the Number One Hero will stay exactly that… a childhood dream. He couldn’t let it stay just a dream. He wanted… no he NEEDED to make that dream into a reality! His Father put all of his faith and the faith of his ancestors into him. Even when he was Quirkless, he still believed in him, when nobody else, including his own mother did. He also couldn’t forget about All Might. All Might passed on One For All , because he truly believed in his heart that Izuku was the one. The one to become a True Hero for the people and become the Next Symbol of Peace. If he started to slack off now , it would be a spit in the face not only to All Might and his Father, but to all those who came before them who placed their faith on THEM!

“You’re right… I apologize for complaining about the workload. That was very childish of me. I should know better. It’s hypocritical of me to whine about harsh training conditions when it was me who signed up for all of it. I am the one who wants to become the Number One Hero and I have inherited the power of All Might and my Ancestors. So I have no right to say that the training is too much. I have to be a man and own it! I can’t act like a spoiled brat who expects everything to be handed down to him. I have to show and prove why I deserve to be a Hero and why All Might did not make a mistake in choosing me as his Successor!” Izuku said as he got back into his fighting stance and felt a new surge of power and adrenaline going through his veins.


“It’s just like what Dad said…. ‘Fight for your Dreams…. And your Dreams will Fight for you!’”


Inner Deku smiled widely as he heard the words of the green haired Saiyan, “ Yes! That’s the way! Give it your best!


As Izuku began to train his body once again under 10x Earth’s gravity, Inner Deku relaxed as he got lost in his thoughts.


Goku… Vegeta…. I wish you can see how your descendant turned out. I know you two would be nothing but proud… ‘

3 Hours Later….


Izuku did one last uppercut to the air, before he collapsed to the ground due to complete and utter exhaustion. The young Hero in training was panting hard as his lungs demanded oxygen. He felt sore all around. The pain was comparable to when Nomu gave him that bone crushing bear hug a couple of days ago. Although, he would say that the current pain he felt was slightly worse due to the fact that his muscles and bones were working nonstop with extremely heavy weights on and had to move under 10x Earth’s gravity. This was probably the hardest, toughest, and most painful workout he has ever done in his entire life. It even trumps the spars he had against All Might who was definitely no pushover, but the Symbol of Peace never made Izuku go through the hell that Inner Deku made him go through today.


Inner Deku saw that Izuku’s body was practically broken so he decided to call it a day.


Alright Izuku, that’s enough for today. Clean yourself up and let’s head on home. We did good progress today. We will continue your training tomorrow.


Izuku placed his palms on the floor as he used his arms to bring his face off of the floor, which caused more pain than it should, “W-W-Wait… I can… Still go on!”

Inner Deku sighed as he knew he was going to have to deal with Izuku’s stubbornness.


Listen to me. You can barely move. If you keep on going, then you’ll only be destroying your own body beyond repair instead on making it stronger. That is the opposite effect of what we want! How exactly are you going to be a Hero if your body collapses and can no longer function?” Inner Deku asked as he was rubbing his temples. He understood and commended the tenacity of Izuku Midoriya. But there is a limit to everything. He has to learn that just because he keeps on destroying his body, over, and over again, it doesn’t mean it is always going to make him stronger. It can actually have a very negative effect, which is something that they could not afford at all!


Plus, don’t you have school tomorrow? It isn’t ideal for you to go to school all beaten up. You need rest. You have to give time for both your body and mind to recover so it can be ready to train and fight the next day. You’re still human you know. You’re not perfect. You did well today. So give yourself the break you deserve.


By the time, Inner Deku finished speaking, Izuku had already gotten back up on his feet and his breathing was slowly going back to normal. His body was soaking in sweat, and he had a couple bruises here and there.


“Yeah, you’re right! I almost forgot that I had school tomorrow. I guess the training had gone to my head and made me solely focused on it. I can’t wait to see everyone again. I hope they’re doing alright. I haven’t seen them since the whole USJ incident.” Izuku said as he walked over the gravity machine. The display showed ‘10G.’ Izuku pressed the off button and the display then showed ‘1G.’


Izuk sighed in relief as he could finally relax as the environment finally returned to Earth’s normal gravity.


It turns out, inside the larger capsule that Hisashi left for his son, was a giant gravity chamber made specifically for Izuku to train in and master his powers. When Izuku first saw it, he was in shock. He never heard of such a structure that can actually change the gravity of the environment at will. It is perfect for training the body past its natural limits and make it stronger over time. Inner Deku stated that this is where the beginning of Izuku’s training will start. He will begin with 10x Earth’s gravity and will continue on from there, gradually increasing the difficulty as Izuku grows stronger and stronger.


When Izuku first turned on the gravity chamber, he immediately collapsed to the ground, due to not being used to the extra weight that the chamber inflicted on the green haired Saiyan. In order to be able to actually stand up, Izuku had to use One For All in order to handle the massive strain that the extra gravity put on his body. After a little bit, Izuku got used to it, and was even able to run, fly, and fight in the gravity chamber, although with a little difficulty. Then, Inner Deku ordered Izuku to not use his Quirk at all, while training in the gravity chamber until he told him to and to put on Goku’s orange and blue gi. Izuku thought that he could not do it, claiming it was flat out impossible to move under such harsh conditions without a Quirk. Inner Deku reassured him that he would be alright as long as he doesn’t go over 10G.


Inner Deku told him to focus on strengthening his physical body as well as his Ki control. Izuku had trouble at first, controlling his body and Ki at 10G, but he didn’t quit and persisted and persisted until he was able to move and use his Ki normally at 10x Earth’s gravity. He still had some trouble and it still caused pain and strain, but he had without a doubt made brilliant progress and was definitely going to get better over time.


“Man, I’m beat! Who knew that 10 times Earth’s gravity could be so damn heavy and taxing on the body. It could kill somebody if they are not careful and if their bodies are not strong enough.” Izuku said as he walked over to living room area. The gravity chamber also had enough space to be a living quarters. It had its own living room with couches, chairs and flat screen TV. It also had essentials, like a bathroom with a shower, and a kitchen with water, food, and dining table where  one could eat. Hisashi made sure that his son was comfortable as Izuku was doing his vigorous training.


Izuku grabbed a bean bag that was placed on the couch. Izuku opened it to find a bunch of green beans inside. He took one out and and threw it into his mouth and ate it. As soon as he swallowed the green bean, all of his injuries were healed. The bruises were gone. The soreness, strain, and pain instantly went away as Izuku was back at 100%.


“Good as new! Senzu Beans! Gotta love em! They really are life savers!” Izuku said as he began flexing and throwing a couple of punches and kicks to the air to confirm that his body was all healed.


Another thing that was inside the briefcase that Hisashi left for Izuku was a bag of Senzu Beans. Inside the bag was a piece of paper that explained how to plant Senzu Beans and make more supplies. Inner Deku explained that these Senzu Beans can heal almost any injury. It didn’t matter if you are inches from death. As long as you swallow the Senzu Bean, you will be back in tip top shape almost instantly. Inner Deku explained that Senzu Beans really saved a lot of lives back in the day. They were the difference between life and death on some occasions.


It just made Izuku all the more grateful for his Father and the fact that he practically thought of everything that he will need.


“Oh by the way, I forgot to ask yesterday, but why do I somehow feel stronger every time I get healed after training or when I break my limbs or something?” Izuku asked curiously. He already felt a good portion stronger than before he started training in the gravity chamber. He thought maybe it was just him feeling energized, the first couple of times, btu after a while, it started to get more and more apparent, the greater the injury that he was healed from.


It’s called a Zenkai Boost. ” Inner Deku replied.


“A what boost?” Izuku asked confusion clearly evident on his face.


It is a genetic trait unique to the Saiyan Race. It allows a Saiyan to become much more powerful after recovering a near death state, or any other kind of injury. The more fatal the wound, the stronger you’ll get after recovering. This can also work in the middle of a battle. If you’re going up against a foe of comparable or greater power than your yourself, you will learn  to adapt and evolve as both your mind and body will get stronger and more efficient due to injuries that you may receive in the battle. You will get stronger and better during the fight. This makes longer and drawn out battles more in your favor. Zenkai Boosts will increase after each use. And in your case, Zenkai Boosts will be even greater than normal due to your Saiyan Cells mutating after receiving One For All and making them much more powerful than ever before. Also your analytical mind allows you to immediately identify the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent and think of numerous different strategies to find the best way to take them down.


Izuku’s eyes widened as he heard Inner Deku’s answered. He had no idea, that he has the ability to become so strong. An ability such as the Zenkai Boost is a huge game changer. It can turn the tides of any battle in his favor. Even up against opponents that seem to be superior than him, he still had that ace in the hole that can allow him to make a surprise comeback in the middle of a fight when his opponent least expected it. It seemed like he was almost unbeatable…


“Don’t start getting cocky and overconfident now. It doesn’t make you invincible though. And you also still have a really LONG way to go until you can maximize your full potential. That gravity chamber training you just did is nothing but mere child’s play compared to the training regime your own Ancestors had to go through. The home planet of the Saiyans which was formerly called Planet Vegeta, had a gravity that was 10 times that of Earth’s gravity. The Saiyans were walked on that planet like it was second nature while you still struggle with it. Son Goku once trained at 100G on one of his many adventures. This is only the beginning of your training. So be ready for it. ” Inner Deku said as soon as he heard the thoughts of Izuku when thinking about the possibilities that Zenkai Boosts allowed him. He did not need him to begin to get in over his head. Arrogance like that can cost him greatly one day.

Izuku gulped, when he heard Inner Deku.


‘100G! I can barely handle 10G as I am now! Man, I really have a lot of catching up to do. Oh well, I guess it just gives me more motivation to keep on training and getting stronger. Plus, it wouldn’t be rewarding if it was too easy anyway.’ Izuku thought as he took off his clothes to go take a shower.


Ever since, Izuku began communicating with his Inner Self, he learned a lot about his origins. It is safe to say that he didn’t expect to be a descendant of a warrior race called the Saiyans. He then began freaking out asking if he was actually an alien instead of a human being. Inner Deku had to calm him down and reassure him that yes, he still had human blood running through his veins but it was just mixed with Saiyan blood. Izuku then got curious and asked how much of him was human and Saiyan. Inner Deku explained that he was able to manipulate the cells and genes in Izuku’s body to make it so that he was half Saiyan and half human instead of what he was supposed to be which was barely Saiyan at all since it has been so many years since the Saiyan Race had died out. Inner Deku told Izuku that in order for him to have the most potential possible, it was necessary for him to be a perfect half breed since he will need the power from both his Saiyan side and human side.


Izuku was just happy that he had a power that he could call his own, no matter if it came from an alien race. Even though, it is technically not a Quirk, it can still pass off as one. It still didn’t matter to Izuku since this Power will allow him to become the Hero he had always dreamed of becoming. It is the Quirk he always wanted to have to become a Hero…


When Izuku got out of the shower, he gathered all of his belongings and stepped out of the gravity chamber. He then took out his capsule and place the large gravity chamber inside the capsule.


“Hey, are you sure this is a safe place to come and train in the gravity chamber? I don’t want anybody to come out of nowhere and see me training here.” Izuku asked his Inner Self as he began to float up in the air and leave the area.


Don’t worry! This island has not been inhabited or visited in millenia. The only people that know of its existence are us and your Father. Plus if anyone comes near it, I will be able to sense them immediately so I’ll just alert you as soon as possible if something like that ever happens which it probably won’t. So relax, big guy. We’re good. ” Inner Deku replied.


The island that Inner Deku was referring to was none other than Kame Island, the home of Turtle Hermit, Master Roshi. It still looked the same after all of the years that had gone by since his death. It still had a sunny beach, with many beautiful palm trees that circled around the entire island. The only difference being that the pink house that the Turtle Hermit used to live in has gained rust over the years due to being abandoned for so long.

Inner Deku told Izuku to come exactly to this island when he decided to start training in the gravity chamber. The reason, being as stated above, that the island has been abandoned for many millennia up to this point. And back then, the only people who knew of its existence were Goku, his family, friends, and the rest of the Z-Fighters. But when they all passed away, the island was left alone, untouched, for many years. Humanity has no idea of its existence due to it being completely isolated from civilization. Thus, making it the perfect training spot for Izuku in the gravity chamber.


Izuku sighs, “Alright, whatever you say. Anyways, time to head home. It is getting late. I don’t want Mom to be getting any more worried than she should.”


Izuku then flew back to his home, where he would prepare for the next day of U.A. High School….

                     The Next Day…

“Hey, did you guys watch the news last night?!” The Invisible Girl, Toru asked to her classmates referring to the news coverage that was done about the USJ incident a couple of days ago. The USJ incident were made known to the public and it immediately made headlines. It was a really big deal, due to the prestige and high esteem that U.A. has garnered in Japan for being the Number One High School for Heroes in training. It was an understatement to say that the general public was shocked. It was unheard of for a gang of Villains to be able to sneak into a U.A. facility with all of the security measures that the school funds for the safety of its students. Nobody saw it coming at all. And it was all just an unfortunate turn of events. However, when it was reported that none of the students, minus Izuku, suffered major injuries, the Press and general public didn’t go too hard on U.A. and criticize to such a high degree. When the Press asked for the identity of the student that was fatally injured during the invasion, U.A. refused to reveal that it was Izuku. Their reasoning was that the student didn’t need all of that public attention on them, and it would be safer if their identity was not revealed.


“Yeah, I saw it. What about it?” Ojiro replied as he turned his head to the Invisible Girl.


“Did you see how everyone in class was on-screen? I didn’t stand out at all… “ Toru said as she whined at not making much of an impression on TV.


“That’s true.” Shoji said as he added to the conversation.

“Well, I wouldn’t blame them. It is hard to stand out when they can’t really see you, huh?” Ojiro said as he remembered when watching the news last night that the only way you could’ve really seen Toru is if you noticed a floating pair of gloves walking beside the rest of the girls in Class 1-A.

“But man, all the channels made a big deal out of it!” Kaminari said as he turned his head behind him to talk to Kirishima.


“Yeah, bro, I was surprised. It made the headlines everywhere. The entire country knows about it by now!” Kirishima said as he didn’t know he was going to be on TV so soon.


“Can you really blame them, though? The Hero Course that keeps pumping out Pro Heroes was attacked by so many Villains out of nowhere.” Jiro said as she put herself into the conversation as she was twirling around her long earlobes.


“Man, who knows what could’ve happened if the teachers had not come when they did.” Sero said.

Mineta then immediately stopped Sero from saying anything further, “STOP THAT, SERO! Just thinking about it is making me wet myself--”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP! Be quiet, Purple Grapes! Nothing was going to happen! We had it all under control! Those Villains were shit compared to us. You’re lucky that Deku took care of the strongest one or else it could have been a lot worse!” Bakugo shouted as he got irritated at Mineta’s childish crying.


“Yeah, I heard that Midoriya took care of the big guy with the beak. It was reported that guy had like multiple different Quirks inside of him and stuff. He was really overpowered! Midoriya really saved our butts because I don’t know if we would be able to take down such a Villain!” Sato said as he threw a couple punches to the air.


“Yes, it just makes you wonder of the true power that Midoriya possesses. Although the drawbacks of such strength seem to take a massive toll on his toll on his body. He was the most injured out of all of us. What a strange Quirk he has… “ Tokoyami said a she thought about what Izuku had to do to gain such power.

“I really hope Deku-kun is alright. Do you guys think he will be coming to school today?” Ochaco asked as she has been worried for the green haired Saiyan for the whole weekend.


“I am not sure… His injuries were extremely severe. They were worse than Mr. Aizawa’s and Thirteen’s. He had to fight that huge Villain all by himself. If only we could have came sooner, maybe we might have been able to help him.” Momo said as she had a visibly sad look on her face. She was worried for her friend. She had tried contacting him over the weekend but he didn’t respond. For some reason, she found herself think more and more about the green haired Saiyan more and more as time went on.

“Who knows? It would be a miracle if he can even walk after the injuries that I saw he had.” Sero said.


As if right on cue, the classroom door was opened, and in came the one and only Izuku Midoriya. He looked completely good as new without any sort of bandages or anything like that. He had a big smile on his face as he walked inside the class, happy to see that his classmates were all doing fine.


“Good morning guys! Are all of you okay after that whole USJ thing? I haven’t had the chance to see you guys since then, so I hope everything is going alright for all of you.” Izuku said as he entered the classroom, only to find 19 pairs of eyes all on him.



“Uhhhh…. Did I miss something? Why are all of you looking at me like that?”


And then total mayhem ensued…


Bakugo ran up to the green haired Saiyan and grabbed him by his shirt, “HEY DEKU! WHY DIDN’T YOU REPLY TO ANY OF MY TEXTS, YOU BASTARD! You left me on delivered for like 3 days! Who does that? Were you ignoring me? Answer me now before I kill you!”

Izuku held up his hands in defense, “HEY HEY, I’m sorry! I wasn’t trying to ignore you, Kacchan! I swear! It's just that a lot of things happened these past couple of days, and I didn’t really have the chance to go through my phone!”




“I swear!”


“How are you even here?! Shouldn’t you be in the hospital or something? You should not even be able to walk, much less be in school!” Sero shouted as he couldn’t believe that Izuku was actually in class all fine and dandy.


“Yo Midoriya! How did you beat that Villain?! I heard that it was really overpowered and those injuries you suffered from it were no joke! Are you sure, you’re fine?” Sato asked as he was in disbelief just like Sero was but was happy to find that his classmate seemed alright.


“Hey Midori! Tell us about about that Villain you faced! I didn’t know you were that strong! What other things are you hiding from us?” Mina asked


“How are you even alive right now?!” Mineta screeched


“Man, if only we came in sooner, we could have teamed up and taken those Villains down easily!” Kirishima said excitedly as he bumped both of his fists together.


“That makes me wonder, if it was Midoriya that roared that which shook the whole USJ.” Jiro said as she contemplated on the possibility.



“Everyone, calm down! Morning homeroom is about to start! Stop talking and take your seats!” Iida loudly exclaimed as he stood in front of the classroom.


“Tch* Fine! We’ll talk later.” Bakugo finally let go of Izuku as they went to take their seats and settle down.


Izuku whispered to Iida, “Hey, thanks man. You saved my butt back there.”


“No problem! Anything for the Class President. You also deserve some space after what happened in the USJ!” Tenya replied as he went to go take his own seat.


Mina turned around to face Asui, “Tsu-chan, who’s gonna teach homeroom today?”


Tsuyu placed her finger on her chin as she thought about Mina’s question, “Well, Mr.Aizawa is supposed to be in the hospital recovering from his injuries…”


Suddenly the door to the classroom opened.




“Good morning Class. I hope you’re all doing fine today.” Aizawa greeted as his face and arms were completely wrapped in bandages, clearly the result of the wounds he suffered against Nomu and Shigaraki at the USJ.


“MR. AIZAWA, YOU’RE BACK TOO SOON!” Class 1-A shouted out in unison.


“Man, you’re too much of a Pro!” Kaminari stated, who admired the work ethic of his homeroom teacher.


“So you’re alright, Mr. Aizawa?” Tenya asked as he robotically raised his arm.


“Can you really call that ‘alright’?” Ochaco asked as she didn’t think that Aizawa was in a suitable condition to be teaching right now.


Aizawa made his way to the teacher’s podium, “My well-being does not matter. More importantly, the fight is not yet over.”


“Fight?” Bakugo asked, intrigued.


“Don’t tell me… “ Izuku said as his eyes slowly widened.


“The Villains again…?!” Mineta said in panic with sweat trailing down his face.


Aizawa took a moment to stare at all of his students, “The U.A. Sports Festival is drawing near.”


“THAT’S A SUPER NORMAL SCHOOL EVENT!” The Class yelled in unison as they were all relieved that they didn’t have to fight Villains again and can actually relax for a little bit.


“Hold on, wait a minute!” Kaminari said as he calmed down the classroom.


“Is it okay to have a Sports Festival so soon after the Villains snuck inside?” Jiro asked curiously.


“What if they attack us again or something… ?” Ojiro said, agreeing with Jiro’s point of view.


“Apparently, they think of it as U.A. showing that our crisis management system is solid as a rock by holding the event. Security will also be strengthened to five times that of previous years. Above all, our Sports Festival is a huge chance. It is not an event to be cancelled because of a few Villains.” Aizawa replied answering the concerns of a few of his students.


“But that’s a good reason, isn’t it? It is just a festival of sports.” Mineta said as he didn’t want to be attacked by Villains again.


“Huh? Mineta, you’ve never seen the U.A. Sports Festival?” Izuku asked as he turned his head.


“Of course I have! That’s not what I meant!”


Aizawa continued his announcement, “Our Sports Festival is one of Japan’s biggest events. In the past, the Olympics were called a Festival of Sports, and the whole country was crazy about them. As you know, with reductions in scale and population, they are now a shell of their former glory. And now, for Japan, what has taken the place of those Olympics is the U.A. Sports Festival!”

“Of course, all the top Heroes around the country will be watching. For scouting purposes!” Momo said as she pumped her fist. She was determined to stand out in the Festival.


“I know that. But… “ Mineta said as he still had his doubts.


“After we graduate, its typical to join a pro agency as a sidekick.” Kaminari said as he held a thumbs up.


“A lot of people miss their chance to become independent after that and become eternal sidekicks, though. Kaminari, I feel like you’d be one of them. Since you’re dumb.” Jiro told the electric blond bluntly.


Kaminari sweatdropped as he heard her words, “Wow, that was totally uncalled for!”


“Of course, joining a famous Hero Agency will get you more experience and popularity. Time is limited. If you expect to go Pro, then the path to your future will open up at this event. One chance a year… A total of just three chances. No aspiring Heroes can afford to miss this event! If you understand that, then don’t slack off on your preparations! The Sports Festival is a global event. The entire world will be watching you. So, don’t screw it up!” Aizawa exclaimed as he did his best to motivate his students.


“YES, SIR!” The Class shouted.


“Homeroom is dismissed.”


Izuku sat in thought as he processed his teacher’s words.


It seems like this Sports Festival event is a pretty big deal, huh? ” Inner Deku said as he also payed attention to Aizawa’s speech.


‘That’s right. The Sports Festival is a major chance for you to jumpstart your career as  Hero before you even graduate! It can make or break your career. That's why it is important for you to make a good impression each and every time. You only get three chances.’ Izuku said mentally as he replied to his Inner Self. Inner Deku told him that he didn’t have to speak out loud when he wanted to communicate with him, since Inner Deku existed inside Izuku’s mind after all. And, Izuku didn’t want to look like a crazy retard talking to himself in public.


When, listening to Aizawa speak, Izuku got more and more determined to prepare for the upcoming Sports Festival. Izuku wanted to become the Number One Hero, so this is a vital opportunity to make good impression or else, he might flop…



“Even though all of that stuff happened, I’m getting really excited!” Kirishima exclaimed pumped both of his fists up with adrenaline rushing through him.

“If we put on a good show and stand out, we’ll have taken the first step to becoming a Pro!” Sero said who equally as excited as Kirishima.


“It was most definitely worth coming to U.A.!” Sato said as fist bumped his own hand.


“We will only receive a few chances. We cannot afford to miss this.” Tokoyami said as he was sitting on top of a table.


“Ojiro, I’m getting kind of nervous now! I need to stand out at the Sports Festival!” Toru said energetically as she began dancing due to the excitement rushing through her.


“But the Pros might not notice you unless you try really hard… “ Ojiro replied as he sweatdropped.


“Oh dear, what’ll I do? I stand out just by standing still, so the scouts won’t be able to stop looking at me, right?” Aoyama said as he pointed at Koji.


Koji started sweating nervously and flailing his arms around.


“Right?” Aoyama asked him again as he got closer to the Animal Talker.


Koji earnestly nodded as he didn’t want to hurt the Blond’s feelings.

“You’re so lucky, Shoji. Your brawn stands out on its own.” Kaminari whined as he was envious of Shoji’s impressive muscle mass.


“True, but there’s no point if I cannot show them my usefulness.” Shoji replied.


“I think you’ll stand out, too.” Jiro said as she giggled thinking about Kaminari’s retard mode after he overuses his Quirk.


Izuku glanced around the classroom, observing all of his peers and their conversations regarding the upcoming Sports Festival.


“Wow, everybody is so into it.” Izuku said as he could tell everybody was really looking forward to the prestigious event.


“Are you not? We have enrolled here to become Heroes, so of course we would get fired up!” Tenya said as he robotically waved his arms around.


“Iida, you have a unique way of getting fired up. It is weird.” Tsuyu said bluntly.


“Midoriya, do you not feel the same?” Tenya asked the green haired Saiyan.


“Of course I do! But somethings…. “


“Deku-kun, Iida… “


Izuku and Tenya both turned to the voice calling their names.


“Let’s do our best at the Sports Festival!” Ochaco said with a bloodthirsty grin as a purple aura surrounded her figure.


Izuku gulped at the sight, “U-Uraraka-san, your face…! It’s… “


“What’s the matter? You don’t look carefree at all, even though that’s what your name means.” Mina said as she too was perplexed at Ochaco’s sudden 180 turn in personality.


Ochaco raised her fist up high, “Everyone, I’m going to do my best!”


“YEAH!” Izuku and the others yelled as they also raised their fists up high.


Ochaco turned around to her other classmates, “I said, I’m going to do my best!”


“Y-Yeah… “ They all replied with sweat drops.


“What’s wrong? Your personality is all over the place.”


Izuku began thinking, ‘Now that I think about it… I never asked Uraraka-san why she wants to be a Hero…. ‘

Izuku, Tenya, and Ochaco were currently in the hallway walking towards the cafeteria for Lunch. But Izuku had something he wanted to get off of his mind.


“Uraraka-san, can I ask you a question?” Izuku said as the three walked side by side.


“Of course you can, Deku-kun! Ask away!” Ochaco cheerfully replied.


“Why did you decide to come to U.A. and become a Pro Hero?”


Ochaco eyes widened as she didn’t expect the green haired Saiyan to ask her that.


“Huh? Um… because… I want to become a Hero to get a lot of money… “ Ochaco said as her cheeks gained a slight tint of red due to the embarrassment she felt when giving her answer.


“Huh? For money?! You want to become a Hero for money?” Izuku asked as he stopped walking due to the shock of her answer as he wasn’t really expecting that to be her reason for wanting to become a Hero.


“Well, if you want to boil it down simply, then yes… Sorry it is such an unwholesome reason. You two have such admirable motivations, it is embarrassing... “ Ochaco said as she held her face with her hands to try to hide her small blush of embarrassment.


“Why? How is having a goal to support your livelihood not admirable?” Tenya asked as he flailed his arms around robotically as he usually does.


“Right, I agree with Iida. But it is unexpected” Izuku said as he knew there was more to her motivations to just simply money.


Ochaco sighed as she decided there was no harm in telling them.


“My family owns a construction company, but we have not gotten any work at all, so we’re flat broke. This really is not something to tell other people though… “


Both Izuku and Tenya placed their hands under their chins as they began thinking.


“Construction… “


Suddenly a light bulb went off inside Izuku’s head.


“Oh yeah! With her Quirk, if she gets licensed, then it’d bring costs way down, right?”


“Yes, you’re right! She could make any raw material float. They wouldn’t need any heavy equipment.” Iida followed up with Izuku’s idea.


“RIGHT?! That’s what I told my Dad when I was little!” Uraraka exclaimed as she jumped up when she heard Izuku and Tenya say what she has been trying to tell her parents for years.


“But… “ Ochaco said as she remembered many years ago when she tried to explain that very same concept to her Dad.


“You want to work for us? “


“Yeah! When I get big and strong, I’ll help you and Mommy!” Kid Ochaco said with tears in her eyes as she desperately wanted to help.


“I appreciate the thought, Ochaco. But as your Dad, I’d be even happier if you could achieve your own dream. When that happens, you can take us to Hawaii!”

Ochaco gripped her skirt as the memory came back to her.


“I’ll definitely become a Hero and make a lot of money and let my parents live an easy life!”


Izuku eyes widened as he could clearly see the determination in her eyes and feel the energy inside her become brighter and brighter as the resolve fueled her. It reminded him a lot of himself when he spoke about his own dream to become a Hero.


“BRAVO! Uraraka, Bravo!” Tenya exclaimed as he clapped earnestly above his head. He also commended Ochaco for her admirable goal of becoming a Hero and wanting to bring peace and tranquility into her parents’ lives.


‘She’s not just aspiring to be a Hero. She’s also taken reality reality into consideration.’ Izuku thought as he smiled genuinely happy for his friend to have such a commendable goal.


... “ Inner Deku was silently listening in the conversation, all of his attention focused on Ochaco Uraraka and her reason for wanting to become a Hero.


HOHOHOHOHO! Young Midoriya is here! ” All Might yelled as he pointed towards his green haired Successor.


All three students looked at the Number One Hero in shock as they didn’t expect to find him there.


“All Might? Why are you here?” Izuku asked as he was curious why his Sensei would be here at that moment.

Lunch! Wanna eat with me?


Ochaco started laughing, “He’s like a maiden!”


Well, how about it? Let’s eat together!


Iida nodded to Izuku, mentally telling him that it was fine and to go ahead.


“I’d love to.” Izuku said as he made his way towards All Might.


‘I wonder what’s going on… ‘

“I wonder what All Might wanted with Deku-kun.” Ochaco said as she and Iida were currently waiting in line to get lunch.


“I heard that when All Might was about to be attacked by one of the Villains during the USJ incident, even with all of his injuries, he rushed out alone to help. Perhaps it’s about that?” Iida said as he gave his inference on why the Symbol of Peace requested the Class President to have lunch with him.


“Oh, yeah! I forgot about that! Me and Yaomomo were watching him while the rest of the class were fending off the Villains. Then suddenly out of nowhere, we felt a strange amount of heat and energy coming from Deku-kun. And when we looked, he was gone. We then saw that he was right in front of All Might protecting him from the Villain. And that’s when the Pro Heroes came. Wow, he moved faster than we could even blink!” Ochaco said as she was dumbfounded at the superhuman speeds that Izuku moved at.


“The boundless power they both have are similar, too, so maybe All Might has taken a liking to him. He’s truly amazing!” Iida said.


Unbeknownst to the two, a certain bi-colored hair teen named Shoto Todoroki was eavesdropping on their whole conversation.


‘All Might… and Izuku Midoriya… what are they hiding?’

“What!? You’re running out of time?!” Izuku said as he was in disbelief.


Toshinori was pouring two cups of tea, “Yeah. Apparently, every time I use One For All , my time limit in my Hero Form keeps going down and down. I started to notice this ever since I passed the Quirk on to you. My time limit used to be 3 hours, but now it’s more like 2 hours and 40 minutes. I’ve overdone it too many times. Even at the USJ incident, I was pushing it a little since I had already used up all three hours that day. I was barely able to maintain the form. It was good thing, the Heroes arrived when they did.”


“So if all of the Villains were taken care of, then maybe you wouldn’t have to slightly push yourself. I’m sorr-”


“HAHAHAHAHA! You don’t have to apologize! Man, we really are alike, you and me.” Toshinori said as he laughed and coughed out blood.


Toshinori placed a cup of tea on the table, “Here, have some tea, kid.”


“Thanks… “ Izuku said as he took a sip.


“Before we talk about why I pulled you in here, I want to address something else that’s really important. I want you to tell me what happened at the USJ… specifically how you took down Nomu.” Toshinori said as he looked Izuku dead in the eye with a serious face.


Izuku sighed. He knew that Toshinori would ask him about that sooner or later. But he didn’t expect for him to ask while they were in school of all places.


“Well, to be honest with you Toshinroi-Sensei, I don’t remember much from it myself. After I told Mineta and Tsu to take Aizawa to safety, I stayed behind to buy them time in order for them to regroup with the others. After that, me and Nomu just started trading blows. I did my best to keep him at bay and not allow him or the other Villains to go after my classmates. But… he was just too strong. Everything I threw at him just didn’t hurt him at all. He was a monster specifically designed to kill you. I stood no chance. I even combined both of my Quirks into one blast and put all of my strength and pushed past my limits into that on attack. When the smoke cleared… I did do a number on him… but he just regenerated like nothing! No matter what I did, there was just no use. After that, my arms were completely broken and all of my energy was depleted. And right when Nomu was about to finish me off, I felt a strange heat going through my body. A yellow aura surrounded me. I felt so much more power than I ever felt before. I thought about you, my mother, my classmates and everybody else, and I just roared with all of my might. And then… it all went black. Next thing, I knew I woke up in Recovery Girl’s office.”


When Izuku finished his story, Toshinori stared at the boy’s emerald and electric green eyes… only to find there was no hint of deceit or lies in his words. He was telling him the truth.


Toshinori sighed, “Well, that’s what happened, huh? I’m just happy that you are alive and well. Things could have gone much worse. And if anything happened to you… well, I don’t think I could ever forgive myself.” Toshinori said as his head faced the floor.


“Don’t worry about it! I won’t be going down that easily! I still have a duty as your Successor!” Izuku said as he gripped his hands.


‘And that’s what I like about you, kid.’ Toshinori thought as he smiled.


“Well, the reason, I’m asking you about this is because me and the other staff members here in U.A. had a meeting here last night regarding the USJ incident and the Villains that attacked us. It seems that their ringleader is named Tomura Shigaraki and has a Quirk called Decay. Anything he touches, turns to dust. They invaded because they wanted to kill me. Their plan to do that was have Nomu fight me and overwhelm me. But it seems that you took care of him for me, no problem.”


Izuku smiled sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head, “It really wasn’t a big deal. I was just doing what I thought was right.”


“Well, your actions as a Hero caused some concern in the meeting last night.”


Izuku stopped smiling as he heard Toshinori’s words, “What do you mean? What did they say?”


Toshinori began to recall the events of last night, “Well, apparently the other teachers were intrigued that a Freshman had the power to beat a creature specifically designed to end my life. Not to mention, that same creature had multiple Quirks put inside of him. They wanted to bring you in for questioning, but me and Principal Nedzu told them that wasn’t necessary. I volunteered to keep an eye on you in case something like the USJ happens again. Nedzu knows about One For All and he knows I passed it on to you. So no need to worry. You can trust him.”


“Phew, well that’s a relief. I thought for a second that I was going to get in trouble. Thanks for backing me up.” Izuku said as he wiped the sweat from his brow.


“Don’t mention it. Later we will talk more about this ‘hidden power’ of yours and how to control it but for now, let’s move onto other matters. More importantly, the Sports Festival. You still can’t regulate both Quirks at the same time, can you? So what will you do?” Toshinori asked as he was curious about Izuku’s game plan going into the Sports Festival.


“Hmmmm…. Oh yeah! I remember there was this one time, when I was fighting Nomu, I was able to focus the power of One For All on one arm and Ki on the other arm. I was constantly switching between the two powers and attacking with unpredictable strikes while also maintaining the power and not using too much strength that will break my bones. I also used a technique that multiplied my power and the effects of One For All while fighting against him, which gave me the edge at that certain point in the battle.” Izuku said as he recalled when using Kaioken , it didn’t break his bones or cause him to collapse like the other times when he combined both of his Quirks.


“Oh really! That’s interesting! So tell me what was different that time than all of the other times before.”


“Different… well the biggest difference between that and all of the other times I tried to use both Quirks simultaneously was that I didn’t focus all of my power in one specific point. I wasn’t trying to force the powers together and use brute force alone to succeed. Instead, I was using my powers, tactically in a way so that I can get the most out of my attacks, while at the same time, not wasting all of my energy on one big blow that would surely put me out of commission for the rest of the fight. I was using my head… “ Izuku replied as he reflected back on the battle against Nomu.


Toshinori placed his hand under his chin, “Hmmm… Looks like you succeeded in putting on the brakes unconsciously. Anyway, that’s amazing progress. I’m glad. Now drink your tea, before it gets cold.”


“Oh, right! Thank you!” Izuku said as he began to drink the entire cup of tea.


Toshinori stood up and walked to look outside the window, “Frankly, I don’t have much time left as the Symbol of Peace.”


“No way… “ Izuku whispered in disbelief.


“And some of those with built-up Villainous intent are starting to realize… “


Toshinori turned around to face his Successor, “I granted you my power because I want you to Succeed me.”


“I want to be like you. I want to become the Greatest Hero in the World, just like you! Saving people with a fearless smile!”


Toshinori remembered the words that the green haired Saiyan spoke to him.


“You still feel the same as you did back then, don’t you?” Toshinori asked Izuku.


“Yes, of course I do. And when I say that, I truly mean it!” Izuku said as his eyes glowed green and adopted a determined and serious look.


Toshinori smirked, “Then, the time has come for you to show that. The U.A. Sports Festival is something Pro Heroes--no, the whole WORLD is watching closely. It is a huge event! That is what I brought you here to talk about! The next All Might…. The fledgling Symbol of Peace… Izuku Midoriya.”


Izuku began to get goosebumps as he could feel all of the energy and power behind Toshinori’s words. In his eyes, the rainbow aura of One For All was getting stronger and stronger until it all cultivated inside Izuku’s electric green eyes as all of the colors turned into one massive green star.


I want you to tell the world ‘I AM HERE!’


“I am here… “ Izuku whispered slowly as he repeated the words of All Might.


“But how…?” Izuku asked.


“You know the Sports Festival system, right?” Toshinori asked as he went back to sit down on the couch.


“Yes, of course! The support, business, general studies, and Hero Courses come together and fight through preliminary games of different types by class year. The students who make it through face off in the finals. It is a round-robin tournament divided by grade.” Izuku explained.


“That’s right! In other words, you can sell yourself with everything you’ve got!” Toshinori exclaimed as he pointed both of his index fingers at Izuku.


“Right… “


Toshinori then fell backward as the couch went with him towards the floor.


“I mean, what you say is absolutely correct! But honestly, it is kind of hard to get completely into it right after what just happened… Besides All Might is already teaching me… “ Izuku kept on muttering and muttering until Toshinori had enough.

“No one is better at spouting nonsense than you!”



Toshinori looked at Izuku as said his next words, “Those who are always aiming for the top, and those who aren’t. That slight difference in attitudes will have a big impact once you go out into society. I understand how you feel, and this is more for me than for you. I won’t force you. However, I hope you won’t forget how you felt back at the beach park.”

Izuku eyes widened as he processed Toshinori’s words. He was right. If Izuku truly did want to make an impact, then he had to go all out. He can’t half-ass an event like the Sports Festival. If he did, then all of the hard work he has done up to this point would have been all for nothing. And with those thoughts in mind, Izuku made a decision.


“I have not forgotten how I felt at the beach. And I have made my decision. I vow to win the Sports Festival no matter what! I have to make a statement at the Sports Festival and that is that I’m going to become the strongest Hero in the World. And in order for that to be possible, I have to prove myself to the masses that I have what it takes to back up my words. Nobody remembers second place. Years from now, people are only going to remember the results. And I want them to remember that the following Sports Festival is when Izuku Midoriya told the world, I AM HERE!” Izuku finished his speech as now his aura emanated pride and confidence, which is a complete 180 from his usual nervous and low confident self.


Hmph. It seems like your Saiyan side is finally starting to come out. About time. ” Inner Deku commented who has been paying attention to the whole conversation.


Toshinori smirked as he heard his Successor’s words, ‘Yes, now you finally understand Izuku! You must show why you WILL be the next Symbol of Peace!’

Classes had officially ended for the day and it was dismissal time. However, there was a slight problem….


Ochaco stood in front of the door as she tried to leave the classroom, but unfortunately she couldn’t get.


“Wh-What’s going on?!” Ochaco said nervously as she wasn’t expecting to find herself in this kind of situation.


Currently, there was a crowd of students from other classes blocking the doorway of Class 1-A.

“What business do you have with Class A?” Tenya asked sternly.


“We can’t get out! What did you come here for, anyway?” Mineta yelled.

“Scouting out the enemy, Purple Grapes. We’re the ones who made it out of the Villains’ attack. They probably want to check us out before the Sports Festival. There’s no point in doing stuff like that. Out of my way, extras!” Bakugo said as he tried to walk through the crowd.


“Stop calling people ‘extras’ just because you don’t know them!” Tenya exclaimed.


“That’s Kacchan for you!” Izuku said with a sweatdrop.


“I came to see what the famous Class A was like, but you seem pretty arrogant. Are all of the students in the Hero Course like this? Seeing something like this makes me disillusioned.”


A student with gravity defying purple hair ,and a worn out and tired face that could give Aizawa a run for his money, said as he made his way to the front of the crowd to see all of the students of Class 1-A.


“There are quite a few people who enrolled in general studies or other courses because they didn’t make it into the Hero Course. Did you know that?” The student asked Bakugo who only grunted in response.


“The school has left those of us a chance. Depending on the results of the Sports Festival, they’ll consider our transfer into the Hero Course. And it seems they may also transfer people out.”


Izuku’s eyes widened in shock as he heard the purple haired student’s words.

“Scouting out the enemy? I, at least, came to say that even if you’re in the Hero Course, if you get too carried away, I’ll sweep your feet out from under you. I came with a declaration of war!”


Hmmmm… A bold one isn’t he? ” Inner Deku said.


“Hey, hey! I’m from Class B, next door! I heard you fought against Villains so I came to hear about it! Don’t get so full of yourself!” A student with silver hair shouted.


Another bold person.


“If you bark too much, it will be embarrassing for you during the real fight!”


Bakugo simply walked past the crowd and went on his way.


“You ignoring me, bastard?!” The silver haired student yelled, obviously not too pleased with Bakugo’s behavior towards him.


“Wait a minute, Bakugo! What’re you gonna do about all this? It is your fault that everyone’s hating on us!” Kirishima said.

“It doesn’t matter.” Bakugo replied.



“It doesn’t matter as long as you rise to the top.” And with that, Bakugo walked off.


Kirishima began shedding tears, “That’s so simple and manly!”


“What?!” Kaminari said.

“You said it.” Sato replied.




“The top, huh? There is truth in that.” Tokoyami said, agreeing with what Bakugo said.


“Hang on, don’t be tricked! He just made more pointless enemies!” Kaminari pleaded.


“That’s right! We’ll all just be at a disadvantage at the Sports Festival!” Mineta cried.

Meanwhile, Izuku was pondering on what Bakugo said.


‘Kacchan... ‘

Are you sure about this? You just barely got accustomed to 10G! If you do this now, it could kill you!


“The U.A. Sports Festival is in two weeks! I don’t have time to waste. I have to get stronger fast. If I ‘take it easy’ then it would cost me when I have no doubt that all of my competition are training to their absolute limit right now! I have to do the same or else I won’t forgive myself if I lose because my opponent worked harder than me. Remember what you told me yesterday? That I have a lot of catching up to do well? Well, that just means I have to work 100 times harder than everybody else if I want to stand a chance at winning the Sports Festival!” Izuku said as he put on his orange gi and was about to change the setting of the Gravity Chamber.


Inner Deku sighed, “ I guess once you make your mind up about something, there’s no point in arguing with you. Okay, fine do what you want! But don’t come crying to me when your body collapses!


Izuku smirked, “Thanks for understanding me… me!”


“Let’s just get this over with, shall we? ” Inner Deku said obviously annoyed at Izuku’s pun.


“Hold up, I need to put on my hype music!”


Izuku was going through his playlist on his phone until he found the song he was looking for.


He then played on the speaker, “STOOPID” By 6ix9ine Ft. Bobby Shmurda


As soon as the song started playing, Inner Deku had his mouth hung wide open as he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.


What the FUCK are you listening to!?


“What? It gets me hyped. It’s good workout music!” Izuku said as he did his warm up stretches.


Inner Deku began rubbing his temples, “Can you please just hurry up and start for the love of God!?


“Alright, sheesh! Stop hating on my son, 6ix9ine.”


Izuku then switched the setting of the Gravity Chamber. The display changed from 10G to 20G….

Chapter Text


                                Chapter 10: Let the Games Begin!


Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air: But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.

The sun was slowly setting as the sky was lit in a beautiful orange hue. The day was almost over as evening and night was getting ready to take its place once the sun went down and the moon will soon be visible in the night sky.


“It’s a good day to relax before the Sports Festival tomorrow,” a, young, voluptuous. and attractive orange haired girl said as she stared into the sunset.


Itsuka Kendo took the chance to visit Dagobah Beach when she realized that she was in the area. She had spent the last few weeks training and honing her skills for the upcoming U.A. Sports Festival that will be taking place the very next day. The last two weeks have been quite stressful to the say the least. Everybody knew just how important an event like the Sports Festival is. It could make or break your career as a Pro Hero. It is a major chance to be scouted by other Pro Heroes who can take the students in as sidekicks once they graduate or even give them internships. It was basically a requirement if a person wanted to go Pro.


With that being said, such stakes come with an extreme amount of pressure. Students all over the school were being very anxious. Some were even crying, spouting things such as, “What if I don’t get noticed?”, or “What if I don’t even make it past the first round?!”


It was even more stressful for Class 1-B. They didn’t want Class 1-A, their “rivals”, to steal all of the spotlight. They understood that Class A may, more likely than not, get much more recognition in the Sports Festival, due to them surviving a whole Villain attack weeks prior at the USJ. Itsuka even heard rumors that one of the students from Class A was able to beat one of the main Villains while suffering serious injuries. They were speculations on the identity of said student, since the teachers didn’t reveal who it was. Only the Principal, teachers, and students of Class 1-A know who it was. The rest of U.A. does know and there aren’t very accurate theories on who it was, since the rest of the school doesn’t know what exactly happened at the USJ Villain invasion.

When Class 1-B heard about this, there was of course an outrage. Many students deemed it as unfair that only Class A got to get some hands on experience fighting against Villains while the other Freshmen classes were stuck in a classroom reading textbooks. They passed the Entrance Exams as well, so why don’t they get those special classes as well?


The situation was even made worse when some of her classmates and other students crowded right in front of the Class 1-A’s door, supposedly ‘scouting the competition.’


The animosity between the Freshmen classes is totally unnecessary in Kendo’s opinion. They all go the same school, so shouldn’t they look out for each other instead of going at each other’s throats. Plus, they don’t even know the students of Class 1-A. Maybe they are nice people who only want friendly competition. Well, minus Bakugo…


Kendo sighed as she thought about tomorrow, “Honestly, all of this ‘Declaration of War’ shenanigans is just not needed. It will only cause more stress and unnecessary violence. It’s just a Sports Festival. At the end of the day, we still got two more chances as Sophomores and Seniors, so it is not like it’s the end of the world.”


Kendo is the Class President for Class 1-B, so she felt that it was her responsibility to keep her classmates under control. Seeing as though everyone else was just as anxious and stressed out. Nobody was easing the tension. Especially, her white haired classmate, Tetsutetsu and Monoma , who were easily the students who hated Class A the most and wanted nothing more than to completely destroy them in the Sports Festival. She does her best to calm them down and assert her authority as Class Rep, but those two are more hard-headed than a rock.


Kendo shook her head, doing her best to ease her thoughts. She looked around the beach and couldn’t help but admire just how beautiful it was. It used to be an absolute dump with trash littered all around the perimeter. The depths of garbage were so tall, that one could wonder how such a romantic beach could be turned into a wasteland. Everytime, she passed by the beach, she always used scrunch up in disgust as the place smelled worse than onions. But when she heard that it was cleaned up by a mysterious person, she was interested to see how it turned out. And the oranged haired beauty’s mind was blown at how clean it was. To think, that it used to be a dump.


So she thought it would be the perfect place to relax as the day of the Sports Festival loomed closer with each and every passing minute. She wondered who was able to clean up all of the trash. Ever since the trash disappeared a couple of months ago, absolutely no Hero took credit for the service. It was a mystery. A very strange mystery. One would think that the person who cleaned the beach would immediately take the credit for it as it would most likely lead to a lot of fame and popularity. But nope. As of this day, nobody has ever came forward. Very strange indeed…


Itsuka stretched her arms and legs as she relaxed in the sunset. “Well, whoever it was that took care of the beach, they did an amazing job. I wish I could meet the person that did it to commend them, but oh well. I guess they don’t like being in the spotlight much,” Itsuka said as she gazed upon the orange sunset. She was right. This is the perfect place to relax. Nothing can ruin her da-


“Hey look at that fine baby over there boys! Damn, we caught ourselves a good one!~”


Kendo huffed in annoyance, ‘Oh come on! And today was going so well too! Just my luck!’


She turned around to find three big and ugly men with the scent of alcohol reeking off of them. Their walking was slurred as they were clearly drunk. Each one had big blushes on their face as one could feel the lust and want emanating from them. They were clearly ogling at Itsuka lecherously as they approached the orange haired student.


“Yeah, you’re right Billy! She got a really well developed bottom and chest! Oh and don’t forget about those curves too! That really gets me excited~” One of them said as he licked his lips hungrily. He had the features of a lizard-like reptile, with scales, and a really long tail. His tongue was abnormally long as it was like a lizard’s.


“No doubt about it Cole! She has such a cute face too! I can’t wait to get my tentacles on her~” The third one said as this guy had the features of an octopus.


Kendo could barely hold in her vomit. These guys were not pleasant at all to look at. They stunk, were ugly, and were clearly drunk. They looked like old men who had nothing better to do than try to pick up women in the streets. She couldn’t stand those type of men. She really hated perverts and could barely stand them. And the looks they were giving them did not make her feel at peace at all.


“Settle down, fellas! I saw her first, so I get to play with her first! Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn after I’m done with her. I’ll give her the night of her life~” Billy said as he stood in front of Cole and Jerry, staring down Kendo with more lust than the other two combined. He had the features of a hyena.


Billy walked towards Kendo as he could barely contain his excitement, “Come on, you pretty little thing. Let’s have some fun, why don’t we? I will rock your world~”


Kendo’s eyes widened in horror as she listened to Billy’s ‘suggestive’ words. He’s planning on doing that to her? And then he’s gonna pass her on to his other two buddies like she was some kind of toy? These guys were the lowest of the low….


Kendo got into her fighting stance as she was ready to activate her Quirk at any moment, “Stop right there, scumbag! Don’t take one more step. You and your friends better get the hell on out of her or else!” Kendo yelled as she really wanted to pound these damn degenerates.


“Or else, what? You gonna try to fight me? Hate, to break it to ya, but there are strict rules about Quirk usage in public without a proper license. Or did you forget about that, my little princess~” Billy said as laughed like a drunk hyena.


“Do. Not. Call. Me. Your. Princess.” Kendo said as she grit her teeth in anger. The asshole was right. She had forgotten about the Quirk laws that state that one could not use their Quirks for violence without a proper license or authority. She didn’t know how to defend herself now. These guys were obviously bigger and physically stronger than her, so they would most likely dominate her in a fight if she can’t user her Quirk.


“And there’s three of us and only one of you! So what’s it gonna be my little princess? Either come quietly and have the best night of your life and shower you with our essence . Or we take you by force and leave you in a shell of yourself as we enter inside of you! Choose wisely.” Billy said as his ugly hyena face had stupid lecherous smile all over his face.


Kendo began panicking inside. She didn’t know what to do. If she used her Quirk, then the three will snitch and tell the authorities that she broke one of the Quirk regulation laws and used her powers to enact violence upon them. If she tried to fight them without her Quirk, the three will easily outpower and outnumber her. If she tried to run, then she will most likely be caught since she is pretty sure, she isn’t faster than a hyena, and lizard. She had no options. Tears threatened to leak out of her eyes as she thought about her fate. Is this really going to happen to her, right when the Sports Festival is less than 24 hours away?

“She said get away from her. She’s clearly not interested. Didn’t your mother teach you three that when a girl says no, she means no? Or am I going to have to teach you the definition myself.”


Itsuka’s eyes widened as she heard a voice to her left. She turned her head only for her jaw to be dropped.

Standing there was a young man that stood at 6’2 with green spiky and curly hair and freckles. He had an orange and blue martial arts gi with blue wristbands and blue boots. Tied to his back was a long red staff and there was also a brown bean bag tied to his waist. He also had a brown monkey tail, but what caught Kendo’s attention the most was the boy’s eyes. They were an electric emerald green that almost looked like they were glowing. The eyes indicated a sense of warmth, welcome, and pureness, but there was also a sense of power protection hidden in them. In her opinion, those green orbs were the most beautiful pair of eyes she has ever seen on a man or woman, for that matter.

‘Wait a minute… he looks familiar…. Oh right! I know him! He goes to U.A. as well! His name is Izuku Midoriya! He’s the Class Rep of Class 1-A. But what is he doing here, and what is that outfit?’ Kendo thought in both relief and intrigue as she was glad to see a familiar face but also curious about what he was wearing and what was the purpose of the unique attire. She had never seen anything like that before and it only made the Green Haired Saiyan a lot more interesting to her.


“And who are you supposed to be? Mind your own damn business kid! We saw her first okay! So go on about your day and let us have our fun with this cutie~” Billy said as he kept on eying Kendo.


Then out of nowhere, Izuku appeared next to Itsuka and put his arm around her waist protectively.


‘S-S-So fast! I didn’t even see him move!’ Kendo thought in awe of the green haired boy’s speed as she also had a slight tint of red on her cheeks due to the strong arm holding on to her around her waist.


Izuku stared at all three of them intimidatingly, “I’ll say it again. She said get away from her. That means she is not interested in any of you. Meaning that you don’t have the right to touch her in anyway, shape or form. You have two choices. Leave now on your own free will and we can all go home, forget that this ever happened and we will all move on with our lives. Or, you can stay and try to persist. However, I wouldn’t recommend that choice… things may not end well for you.”


The three animal-like men stared at the green haired Saiyan for a good 3 seconds before all three of them engaged in ridiculous laughter. They were holding their stomachs as they were laughing hysterically. This guy was joking… right?


“Did you hear that Cole?! He said, ‘...things may not end well for you…’ Who does he think he is, acting like he can take on all three of us?!” Jerry said as he wiggled his tentacles around. He obviously was not taking Izuku seriously.


“Yeah I heard him! Looks like, we’re going to have to knock some sense into you monkey boy!” Cole exclaimed as he stuck out his long lizard tongue.


Izuku rolled his eyes, “Yeah, monkey boy. I haven’t heard that one before.”


“Well, what do we have here? Somebody trying to play Hero huh? Well, let me make one thing clear to you boy! In order to use your Quirks in public, you need to have a Hero License to have the proper authorization. Especially if you use your Quirk violently. So, do you honestly think you can take all three of us down without using a Quirk?” Billy asked as he continued to laugh like a hyena. Which was really unpleasant for the ears of Izuku and Itsuka.


Izuku merely smirked as he stared at the three hooligans in front of them, “Who said anything about using a Quirk?”

“Huh?” The three animal Quirk users replied in unison.


In a blink of an eye, Izuku reappeared behind Jerry, the octopus.

“What the? How are you so fast?! Is that your Quirk?!” Jerry asked as soon as he realized that Izuku was behind him.


“Nope. That’s just how fast I am.” Izuku said nonchalantly.


“Bullshit! No human being can be that fast naturally! Cut the crap. What are you, trying to make me look like a fool?!”


“You already do a good job on that yourself.” Izuku replied.


Jerry grit his teeth as he raised his tentacles, “OKAY! That’s it! I’ve had just about enough of you!”


Jerry launched his tentacles at Izuku aiming to seriously hurt the young man. But Izuku casually dodged each strike as he slowly walked closer towards the octopus man.


“H-How are you so fast? How in the hell are you dodging all of my attacks like that?” Jerry asked as he panted due to putting a lot of effort into trying to hit Izuku with his tentacles.


“Oh, that’s easy. You’re too slow!” Izuku said as he had a smug look on his face.


Jerry blew a gasket, “You fucking piece of shit brat! I’LL KILL YOU!” Jerry sluggishly and awkwardly rushed towards Izuku who was looking at the octopus man with a bored look as to him, he was going in slow motion.


“With movements like that, you will never be able to kill me!” Izuku yelled out as he easily dodged Jerry’s attack and got into one of his martial arts fighting stances. This time, he decided to go with the Turtle Hermit.


He then decided to go on the offensive and hit Jerry in the jaw with an uppercut. As the Octopus flew up in the air, Izuku jumped up and followed up with a kick to the back of the head which knocked him out cold.


‘Wow! I have never seen a fighting style like that in my life. It looks like its an ancient technique that I have never heard of before. His movements are swift and fluid, but deadly at the same time!’ Kendo thought as she was amazed at the strength and speed of Class 1-A’s President.


“N-No way! He knocked out Jerry in only two moves!” Cole said as he didn’t realize the young man had power like that.


Izuku then set his target to the Lizard man as he walked towards him at a calm pace.


“Heheh! Think you can make short work of me like how you did to Jerry? Well, sorry to disappoint but my scales are so hard, they are considered impenetrable! Try all you want, but you won’t be able to make a dent in me!” Cole said as flaunted about his scales.


Izuku then stopped walking as he now looked at the lizard man in interest.


“You don’t say?”


In a split second, Izuku could be seen with his elbow pushed deep into the Lizard man’s gut.


“W-What… I-Impossible… “ Cole spit out some saliva before he fell forward straight to the sand as he was now unconscious.

“Hmph. So much for your scales, being impenetrable.” Izuku said, clearly not impressed as he walked towards the last guy. These guys are not proving well of a challenge. Was it that he was way too strong or that they were way too weak? Hmm, maybe both?


Billy was now visibly shaking as sweat was trickling down his face, “How did you do that? How did you beat them up just like that? Without even trying?! I didn’t see you use any Quirk!”

“I already told you. Who said anything about a Quirk? That’s just how strong and fast I am in my base form.” Izuku said in a neutral tone as he began walking towards the hyena. With each passing the step, the more intimidating the Green Haired Saiyan became. It was if he was an irresistible force that will destroy anything in its path.

“B-Base form?! What kind of gibberish are speaking?” Billy said as he began taking a couple steps backward due to the green haired Saiyan getting closer and closer.


“It doesn’t matter…”


Out of nowhere, Izuku was right behind Billy with only inches separating them.


“What matters is that you didn’t listen… And made the wrong choice.”

Izuku then chopped Billy’s neck. The hyena then fell face first on the sand as he was effectively knocked out.


Itsuka just watched all of it in silence. She had her mouth slightly open as she was in complete shock at the utter ease, the green eyed boy handled the three scumbags. She had never seen anything like that before. It was as if he was playing with children. And to think, that she didn’t even see him use his Quirk ONCE during that entire encounter. Meaning that was all just his base strength. Now, imagine what he’s like when he does use his Quirk.


‘Just how strong is this guy?!’ Kendo thought as said guy turned around to make eye contact with the orange haired girl he just saved.

Izuku’s face then turned red as he finally got to take a good look at the girl he was defending. He didn’t notice how attractive she was and her body proportions since he was focused on dealing with the three drunk thugs. But now that he got a good look at her, no wonder those three were hitting on her. She is freaking gorgeous!


Izuku then began to rub the back of his head sheepishly as his shyness began to take over, “U-Uhh, a-a-are y-y-you o-o-okay. D-Did a-any o-of t-those g-guys h-hurt y-you?” Izuku said as stuttered through his whole sentence.


Itsuka raised an eyebrow in confusion, ‘He was acting all cool and like a total badass a minute ago when he was beating those three up, but now he is a stuttering mess that can barely get through a sentence as soon as he talks to a girl?’


Kendo smiled as she walked over towards her green haired savior, “Don’t worry, I’m alright. Not a single one of them laid a finger on me thanks to you.”


Izuku sighed as he calmed down, “That’s a relief. Thank goodness, I came here when I did, or things could have been a lot worse.”


Kendo could only shudder at the thought of what would have happened if Izuku never came by, “Yeah thanks for that. You have my gratitude. You really saved my butt back there. They were going to corner me and I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t stepped in!”


“Huh? What do you mean? What about your Quirk?”” Izuku asked in confusion. He thought that if she used her powers, she may have been able to handle them as well since they weren’t really skilled at all.


“You can’t use your Quirk in public against other people in acts of violence, silly!” Kendo giggled as she poked Izuku’s chest… which happened to be as hard as rock.


‘W-What the hell?! Is he made of marble or something. I felt absolutely no bones! Just what in the world is he hiding under all of those clothes… ‘ Kendo thought as not so innocent thoughts began to circulate through her mind. And before she knew, her entire face resembled that as a tomato as steam blew from her ears. She comically collapsed onto the ground as her eyes turned into dizzy swirls.

“Woah, what happened to you?! Are you okay?! Should I take you to the hospital? Wow, you’re really hot! Wait, no not like that kind of hot! I mean burning hot. Like boiling water! Oh crap what am I saying?!” Izuku continued on rambling as he did his best to bring Itsuka back from her dirty and perverse fantasies.

*Sigh* Teenagers these days. They’re always making a ruckus and something out of nothing. ” Inner Deku said as watched the events from Izuku’s eyes. While it was kind of annoying since he was trying to meditate and relax, Inner Deku couldn’t help but crack a smile and be amused at the scene happening in front of him Seeing Izuku’s social interactions was like watching something straight out of an anime or drama show. Especially when he interacts with girls. The boy can knock out three grown men as if they were children but can’t speak to a female his age properly. Oh, the irony!


After a few minutes, the two adolescents were finally able to settle and calm down. Although Kendo’s cheeks were still tinted a little red.


“I’m really sorry! I don’t know what came over me. I sincerely apologize for making you worry. Stuff like that doesn’t usually happen to me… “ Itsuka said in embarrassment as she avoided making eye contact with her green haired Savior. The dirty thoughts were still fresh in her mind and looking into his beautiful green eyes would not help her situation at all.


“It’s no biggie. That happens to me too every so often. I’m still trying my best to get over that bad habit.” Izuku said as he was a little embarrassed as well. He hoped she didn’t misunderstand him when he said she was hot. Inner Deku has tried to help him overcome his stuttering issues, especially for when he talks to girls, but alas, old habits die hard! Maybe one day, he’ll get over it.


“Oh that’s right, I still don’t know your name, miss… “


“Itsuka Kendo. But you can call me Itsuka if you want, there’s no need to be formal with me. You deserve that much after saving me from those three drunken bastards over there.” Itsuka said as she was still grateful over the fact that Izuku took care of the three potential molestors.


“No problem, Itsuka-san! I will help anyone in need. And those three definitely deserved that beating I gave them. I hope it knocked some sense into them! Oh yeah, I haven’t introduced myself! Hi, I’m Izu-”

“Izuku Midoriya. Yeah, I’ve seen you at school before. You’re the Class rep for 1-A! I’m the rep for Class 1-B. So I guess that makes us fellow student councilor members. I’m happy to have finally introduced ourselves to each other. Although it probably could have happened in a more preferable circumstance than this.” Itsuka said as she glanced over to the unconscious bodies of Billy, Cole, and Jerry.


“Wow, that’s really cool! What are the odds that I get to find the Class Rep of the class next door on this beach on my way home. I’m just happy that I saw you when I did.” Izuku said as he didn’t expect to find one of his Freshmen peers on this beach.


“Me too. I still can’t thank you enough for that. I also heard that some of my classmates gave your class some trouble a few weeks ago. I’m really sorry about that. It's just that with the Sports Festival coming tomorrow, many of the Freshmen are getting really anxious, especially since its their first ever Sports Festival. It has been a really stressful past two weeks with everybody having to complete their school work and also sneak in some training for the tournament. And if I’m being honest, it has been really hard for me as well, with the responsibilities of being Class Rep and all. I’m just curious as to how you can get through it. Especially with what happened at the USJ!” Itsuka said as she looked Izuku up and down and she could tell he has been getting a lot of training in due to the amazing physical shape he is in and how he was able to curb stomp Billy, Cole, and Jerry.

“Hehe, well I have a lot to thank my Vice President for that. She is a huge help when it comes to those things. She handles most of those responsibilities. So after-school, I just have a lot of free time to train and hone my skills.” Izuku said as he smiled sheepishly. He has told Momo before, that she doesn’t have to do most of the Class Rep work and that both of them could share half of the work but she insisted on taking the load off of him. He was confused as to why the black haired beauty liked helping him so much but he just shrugged it off as her just being nice..


“Oh, that’s nice to hear. My Vice President is very diligent as well, so it's nice to have her around and help me as well. So are you ready for the Sports Festival tomorrow?” Itsuka asked as she couldn’t wait to see Izuku’s full power at the Festival.

Izuku smirked as he got up and began stretching, “Am I ready?! You can bet your life I’m ready! I have been training nearly non-stop these past few weeks in preparation for tomorrow. I CAN’T WAIT! Oh just thinking about it is getting me excited!” Izuku said enthusiastically as some of his Saiyan heritage is showing itself.


Izuku then stopped moving as he thought of something, “Oh yeah, that reminds me. Do you mind telling me what your Quirk is? I’m just a little curious, that’s all.”


Itsuka smiled as she nodded, “Sure, no problem! It is the least I can do after what you did for me today.” Her hands then increased their size tenfold as they were now gigantic.


“I call it Big Fist! It enlarges both of my hands to gigantic sizes which enhances my melee power and range and grip strength.” Kendo said as she swung her hands around to create mini gusts of winds.


“Incredible! So in close range, you obviously have an advantage due to your increased power and strength. But your striking speed may has reduced which may be a problem for opponents that are smaller, more agile, and quicker. The best possible use for a Quirk such as yours would be medium to close range combat . It can also help in rescue operations if someone is needed to lift really heavy objects. Also, your fists seem to have the ability to create bursts of wind which can help in flinching and distracting your opponent as well as giving you the position advantage as you can create the circumstances of the battle however you like. But you would need to work incorporating various martial arts fighting styles in order to bring the best out of your power since mindless brawling and brute strength won’t take you very far in the department of Heroics. Yes it is a very powerful Quirk indeed but there are still many things that can be improved on. For instance…. “ Izuku kept on muttering and muttering as he scribbled earnestly onto the first page of his Hero Journal #15 since he ran out of pages in his 14th notebook.

Kendo only stood there in awe as she had no idea where he pulled a notebook and pen from. He was writing so fast, it almost made her dizzy. She took a peak at what he was writing his notebook and almost collapsed in shock as Izuku had already filled up an entire page and a half filled with details about her Quirk. Strengths, weaknesses, ways that can be applied and improved on, best and worst circumstances to use in, basically anything that can be thought of about her Quirk, Izuku had already written it down. He had also drawn a quick sketch of her as well which was fairly accurate and realistic. She didn’t know he was good at drawing as well.


“Uhhhhh, hello? Earth to Izuku!”


Izuku looked up from his notebook as he began to realize what he had done, “Oh I’m sorry! You see, ever since I was a young child, I always had an interest in Quirks and I studied them day and night. It just became a habit ever since then. I just get sucked into my own little world and I just go on all day. Sorry if I freaked you out or anything.” Izuku said as he rubbed his head sheepishly in embarrassment.


You know man, sometimes I just think you’re way too smart for your own good. I would not be surprised if one of these days, you just completely fry your brain from an overload of information and overuse! ” Inner Deku said as he chuckled seeing Izuku embarrassing himself in front of the orange haired girl.


Itsuka immediately waved her arms around comically, “No no no no! It’s fine! I actually think it is very commendable. Your ability to analyze a Quirk so thoroughly just by seeing it once is an amazing trait to have. Ummm…. Do you mind sharing some of the information you wrote down? I am very interested to learn more about my own Quirk and use it to the very best of my ability. Especially, since the festival is tomorrow!”


Izuku gave her a genuine smile, “ I would love to, Itsuka-san!”


After about half an hour, the sky began to get darker as night was finally approaching.


“Oh man! It’s getting late! I have to return home soon or my parents will begin to worry.” Itsuka grumbled as she pouted. She was really enjoying her time talking about her Quirk with Izuku. She wanted to get know him a little more but alas, it seems that their socializing will have to wait until a later day.


“Meh, it’s no problem Itsuka-san. We better get going anyways. We have to get good rest for the Festival tomorrow. We would not want to be tired in a big event like that one.”


Itsuka sighed as she had no choice but to agree.


“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Thank you for sharing all of that information with me. I learned a lot about my own Quirk that I never even thought about. You have really opened my eyes!”


Izuku smiled sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head, “It really is no trouble at all. Remember, I will always help out anyone in need!”


Izuku then turned around and grabbed Billy, Cole, and Jerry. He threw two of them over his shoulder and carried the last one in his arms.


“I better turn these three in to the authorities. I don’t want these bastards to hurt people anymore. They will be held accountable for their actions.” Izuku said seriously as he turned around to look at Kendo once more.


“Are you sure, you don’t want me to escort you home? I don’t want another incident like today to happen to you again on your way home.”


“It’s alright Izu-kun! Just go ahead. I am a strong girl. I can defend myself. Plus I know a safe route to my house where the area isn’t as dangerous as this one.” Itsuka said as she insisted on Izuku going on without her.


Izuku smiled in response, “Okay then. I guess, I’ll see you tomorrow at the Festival! Goodnight and good luck!”


Izuku then proceeded to blast off into the night sky as he left a white milky trail of Ki as he flew.


Itsuka just stood there for a couple of seconds before what just happened in front of her dawned upon her.


“WHAT THE HELL!? HE CAN FLY?! AND CRAP, I DIDN’T GET HIS NUMBER BEFORE HE LEFT! Oh well, I guess maybe I can ask him tomorrow…


            The Next Day….


“Izuku, be careful not to get hurt.”


“I know Mom!” Izuku replied as he was tying his blue boots.


“I’ll record it, okay? In high resolution!” Inko exclaimed.


“Okay.” Izuku said as he got and grabbed his bag and other belongings.


“Do your best!” Inko said as she gripped her fists tightly, showing just how excited she was for her son.


Izuku nodded as he walked towards the front door. He triple checked to make sure he had everything he needed and he had everything set.


He was about to reach for the door knob, but then stopped abruptly as he turned around to face Inko.


“Hey Mom. Can I ask you something?” Izuku asked as his eyes showed that something was troubling his mind.


“Sure, sweetie! What do you need?!”


Izuku scratched his head, “Well, do you think Dad will be watching? Do you think he will be watching the Sports Festival, I mean. Do you think he is gonna be watching me, from wherever he is right now?”


Inko eyes widened at her son’s question before she smiled as she hugged her son.


“Yes, baby. I am positive he will be watching! He wouldn’t miss the chance to see his son all grown up for anything the world. That, I am sure of!”


Izuku smiled and hugged his mother back as his heart was filled with a sudden warmth. A warmth that he enjoyed.


They then broke the hug a few seconds later.


“Go on Izuku! I know you can win! I believe in you!” Inko said with full confidence in her son.


‘That’s what I needed to hear from you all along Mom… Thank you… I’m really grateful for you. I hope you know that.’


Izuku then opened the door as he stepped one foot out.


“I’m off! Wish me luck!”


Izuku then made his way to U.A. as he jumped from rooftop rooftop. He decided that a little warm up workout wouldn’t hurt as it would help to get his muscles and bones ready for the Festival.


He knew that the city would be bustling with traffic today due to everybody trying to get to the stadium. So there was absolutely no point in taking the train or attempting to walk there when he had a much faster method.


As he leapt high in the air, he saw the busy streets of his hometown.


“Wow! It seems like everybody can’t wait to see what will happen at the Sports Festival. I heard that the Freshmen Sports Festival is the one that everybody was most anticipating thanks to the new and up and coming talent that we have and the fact that were just recently attacked by Villains.” Izuku said as he made another high jump across a building.

Yes, everybody’s eyes will be on you and your peers. Are you ready for the upcoming challenges ahead?


“Of course I am! I didn’t put myself through hell in that gravity chamber for nothing!”


During the last 2 weeks, Izuku has pushed himself to the brink while training in the gravity chamber. He pushed himself so far that now he was able to access 25% of One For All instead of only 20%. His Ki control had gotten better as well as his Ki blasts and energy waves didn’t cost as much energy before and he was able to control the output of his power a little more. His overall stamina, strength and speed have also increased which will increase the effects of One For All even more.


Remember to put our training to good use! Don’t doubt yourself! You didn’t come so far just to do average. You have to excel! Got it?


“Got it!” Izuku yelled as he could finally see the U.A. campus in his line of sight.

Class 1-A Waiting Room…

“Oh man!!! I wanted to wear my costume!” Mina pouted as she prefered to wear her Hero gear than the standard PE uniform.


“Well to keep everything fair, we can’t. It wouldn’t be fair if our costumes provided advantages to us while the other Freshmen don’t have the privilege of doing so. If we all wear our PE uniforms, then it puts us all on an even playing fair.” Ojiro said as swung his tail back and forth getting it ready for the Sports Festival.


“I wonder what the first round’s gonna be… “ Sato said as the anticipation was killing him.


“No matter what comes, we have no choice but to deal with it.” Tokoyami said in his monotone voice as he had his eyes closed and arms crossed.

“Yeah, you’re right. We just have to overcome whatever obstacle gets thrown at us.” Shoji said as he wholeheartedly agreed with what the bird-like student was trying to convey.


Tenya then came barging in through the door.


“Everyone, are you ready?! We will be entering soon!” Tenya exclaimed.


“Person, person, person, person, person… “ Mineta said as he counted something in his hand and proceeded to eat it.


“Alright, guys! Prepare yourselves because there is no going back beyond this point!” Izuku said as he finished up his warm up stretches. He was currently wearing the standard U.A. PE uniform, but he was wearing his blue weighted shirt from his gi underneath along with the wristbands and blue shoes. Inner Deku suggested him to do that since he still wants Izuku to train his physical body unless a necessary time came where he had to take them off and get serious.


“RIGHT!” Most of the students in Class 1-A shouted in unison in response to their Class Rep.




Izuku turned his head in response to his name being called and the person who called him was somebody who he wasn’t expecting. It turned out to be none other than Shoto Todoroki, the son of the Number Two Hero, Endeavor.


“Todoroki? What is it?” Izuku asked as he was curious on what the bi-colored teen would want with him. Shoto was a very quiet and reserved kid as he kept to himself most of the time. He is an introvert, just like Izuku, so he can understand why he was like that. So this is one of the rare instances where he actually witnessed Shoto directly starting up a conversation with somebody in the class.


Everybody present in the room turned their heads to the two who were in the middle of the room as they were also interested on what the Half-Hot and Half-Cold user wanted with the Green Haired Saiyan. Even Bakugo decided to pay attention.


Shoto stared at him for a few seconds before he decided to speak.


“If we were to look at things from an objective point of view, I think it is safe to say that you and me are the two strongest standing in this room right now.” Shoto stated blatantly not giving a damn about the other 18 people listening in on the conversation.


Izuku tried to think of something to say while keeping in mind that the entire class is listening in. He didn’t want to sound rude or hurt anyone’s feelings , but with how things are right now, Izuku had no choice but to agree with the bi-colored teen.


“You may be right. You do have a good argument to be made, but why are you saying this now?” Izuku asked in curiosity as he wanted Shoto to just get to the point on why he is talking to him right now.


“But… All Might has his eye on you, doesn’t he?” Shoto said as that honestly caught Izuku off guard. He didn’t realize that Shoto is so perceptive.


“I’m not trying pry about that. But… I’m going to beat you.” Shoto finished as he gave Izuku the meanest mug that he could offer.


Everybody wasn’t expecting that as it came out so sudden.


“Oh? Is the Hybrid Prodigy making a declaration of war to the Class President?” Kaminari said as he was instigating.


Kirishima stood up and placed his hand on Todoroki’s shoulder.


“Hey, hey, hey! Why are you picking a fight all of a sudden? Not now, come on we’re about to start the Festival.” Kirishima said as he did his best to ease the tension and try to prevent two of his strongest classmates from engaging into a brawl.


Shoto pushed Kirishima’s hand away from him as he continued to stare down Izuku.


Izuku looked into his classmate’s eyes before he smiled and stuck his hand out to him.


“I like the confidence, Todoroki! I welcome the competition. Let’s both do our best. May the best man win!” Izuku said in a positive tone as he waited for Shoto to shake his hand.


Shoto stared at Izuku’s hand before smacking it away, “I’m not here to make friends! So what does it matter? I’m here to win.” Shoto turned around and began walking towards the door.


“Todoroki… I don’t know what you’re thinking when you say you’ll beat me, but I’m still going to give it my all and I’m going to go all the way! I think you’re more capable than most people… Looking at it objectively… “ Izuku said as he looked at Shoto dead in the eyes as he was not backing down.


“Midoriya! Let’s not try to sour the mood okay!” Kirishima said as he once again attempted to ease the tension in the room.


“But everyone…. The students from the other courses are aiming for the top with everything they’ve got! I can NOT afford to fall behind. I’ll be aiming to win with everything I have, too!” Izuku said as he finished his thoughts.


Shoto listened to the Green Haired Saiyan’s words before replying with, “Yeah… May the best man win… “

Pay close attention to him… He is very strong, and I can tell he is holding back a lot of power. There is also an aura of hate emanating from him. There is more to that boy than meets the eye… “ Inner Deku said.

Bakugo listened in the entire conversation before turning his head and sucking his teeth.

“HEYYYYYYYY! Pay attention audience! Swarm, mass media! This year’s high school rodeo of adolescence that you all love, the U.A. Sports Festival, is about to begin! Everybody, are you ready?! It is time for the students to enter the first-year stage!” Present Mic announced as he was the commentator for the Sports Festival.


“Uhhhh! Why did I let you talk me into doing this?” Aizawa groaned as he was still covered in bandages since his injuries still have not fully healed yet. He was sitting right beside Present Mic.


“Well, because who else will be my color commentator?! Anyways, let’s all wait patiently as the first years enter through the tunnel!”

All of the spectators looked towards the tunnel as they eagerly waited for the appearance of the participants.


“Come on, Izuku… “ Inko said as she watched the event on her TV back at Izuku’s house.


Toshinori was watching from the Teacher’s box as he also was thinking about a certain Green Haired Saiyan.


‘I want you to the tell the world… I AM HERE!’ Toshinori thought as he awaited the arrival of his Successor.


A few seconds later, Izuku could be seen coming out of the tunnel first with his classmates following closely behind.


‘Roger that, ALL MIGHT!’


“The U.A. Sports Festival! The huge battle where fledgling Heroes sharpen their swords  once a year! Anyway, these are the guys, right? The miraculous new stars who overcame enemy attacks with their hearts of steel! Hero Course, Class 1-A, right?!” Present Mic announced as the entire crowd cheered at the entrance of Class 1-A.


As Izuku was walking, he couldn’t help but sweat as his nerves began kicking in.


“Th-Th-There are so many people… “ Izuku stuttered.


Relax. They are only spectators. Pay no mind to them. Focus at the task at hand. Don’t let yourself get distracted. ” Inner Deku said.


Izuku took a deep breath as he calmed down, ‘Right! Thanks for the tip!’


“Will we be able to give our best performance being watched by so many people? This is also part of the training required to become a Hero.” Tenya said as he gazed up around the crowd.


“Man, he’s going overboard with that praise! I’m getting nervous! Aren’t you, Bakugo?” Kirishima asked the ash blonde haired boy walking in front of him.


“Nope! I am just getting more into it.” Katsuki said as a maniacal grin was plastered on his face.


“They haven’t been getting as much airtime, but this class is also full of talent! Hero Course, Class 1-B!” Present Mic announced as the students of Class 1-B began to enter through the tunnel.


“Next up, General Studies Classes C, D, and E! Support course, Classes F, G, and H are here, too! And Business Course, Classes I, J, and K!”

All of the rest of the Freshmen classes came out through their respective tunnels. They didn’t receive equal reception as the Hero Course but they were still positively received nonetheless.


“ALL OF U.A.’S FIRST YEARS ARE HERE NOW!” Present Mic exclaimed!

“We’re just here to make those guys look better, huh?” One of the students from the General Studies Course said.


“I’m not really feeling it… “ One of the other students replied.

As all of the Freshmen gathered at the middle of the stage, a loud whipping sound caught their attention.


“Time for the player pledge!” A feminine voice shouted.


Nearly all of the males in the stadium had immediate blushes on their faces.


“Oh, this year’s chief umpire for the First Years is the R-Rated Hero, Midnight! “ One of the spectators said.


“What about the principal?”


The principal is at the third-year stage every year!”

Most of the male students were flustered to say the least.


“What is Ms. Midnight wearing?” Kirishima asked as the outfit Midnight was wearing was little… revealing .


“That’s an R-Rated Hero for you.” Kaminari said.


“Is it really okay for her to be at a High School even though she’s R-Rated? “ Tokoyami asked.


“YES!” Mineta  exclaimed as he shot a big thumbs up.


“Of course you would say yes to that!” Kirishima said to the grape haired Freshman.


“QUIET EVERYONE!” Midnight yelled as she swiped her whip as it effectively got everybody’s attention.


“Now representing the students is Izuku Midoriya, Class President of 1-A!” Midnight announced as all eyes turned to the Green Haired Saiyan.


“What?! It’s me! But why?!” Izuku questioned in horror. Izuku was horrible at public speaking and his shyness and nervous attitude didn’t help the situation either.


“Well, you did get first in the Entrance Exams and you are like the strongest person here dude. Duh! Of course it’s gonna be you!” Sero said as he, Kirishima and Kaminari all pushed Izuku towards the stairs that lead to the microphone.

“Now hurry up, don’t keep us waiting!” All three of them said in unison.


As that was happening, a certain flaming hero watching from the stands was in a state of shock.


‘Izuku Midoriya?! No way! Could he be Hisashi’s son? He had a son? Why didn’t he tell me?! He’s the spitting image of him. He even has a tail just like him! What is going on here?!’


‘Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap ,crap, crap! What am I going to do?! I’m terrible at public speaking. I’m going to be a stuttering mess! I’m going to make a fool of myself in global Television! Everybody is gonna laugh and make fu-’


OH WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP! Damn. All Might was right. Nobody is better at speaking nonsense than you!


‘What do you mean nonsense?! Don’t you realize how many people are watching me?! What if I make a foo-’


The only possible way that you can make a fool of or embarrass yourself is if YOU let it happen. Remember what I told you like 5 freaking minutes ago! Focus at the task at hand. Don’t let the large audience and pressure get to you. You already have all of the words you need to make the pledge. All you have to do is just BRING IT OUT. Say what you have been dying to say for YEARS. This is your chance. Don’t you remember what All Might said? Tell the world, I AM HERE! Remember, what you learned in our training. And trust yourself. It may feel like you are at your weakest point. But really, what's draining your strength is your OWN doubt. Just don’t listen to it. Okay? ” Inner Deku finished as Izuku was nearing the top of the stairs.


Izuku’s eyes widened as all of the memories of his life began rushing back to him. He now understood… he understood exactly what he needed to say.


‘It is all starting to become clear to me… Thank you! I know what I have to do now.’


Izuku finally reached the top as he made his way to the microphone.


He took a deep breath.


“Take your time~” Midnight said as she winked at him.


Izuku nodded as he then decided to begin.


“All men are not created equal. That is the reality I learned at the young age of four. I learned that in reality, the world isn’t fair at all. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or anybody for that matter are never going to hit as hard as life.”


Izuku paused as he saw he had everyone’s attention and interest.


“One day, I got one of those beatings. It hurt. It burned. It stung. I could have avoided the beating if I just minded my own business. But I decided that I wasn’t just going to ignore when an innocent person was in danger. So I defended him and took the beating for him. But that was my first and last setback.


I was always told by everyone around me… that i should give up. I should quit. I could never be a Hero is what they said. They called it a hopeless dream. I would get laughed at and picked on. And I kept on getting beaten to my knees. Each and every single day. The beatings kept on coming and coming. But I never stayed down.


Why did I keep getting back up if I was just going get beaten down again, you may ask? The answer is simple. It is because it ain’t about hard you’re hit.”


Now everybody in the stadium was watching in anticipation for what the Green Haired Saiyan was going to say next.

“It is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward! How much you can take and keep moving forward! That’s how winning is done! Now if you know what you’re worth, go out and get what you’re worth! But you gotta be willing to take the hits and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you want to be because of him or her or ANYBODY! Cowards do that, and nobody participating today is a coward! WE’RE BETTER THAN THAT!” Izuku yelled out as his words were hitting home with everybody in the arena as they can only watch in silence as they were utterly speechless.


Izuku took a deep breath as he chose his next words carefully.


“I am always going to continue to do my best no matter what. No matter what anybody else says. Why? Well, after 10 years of being put down by everybody I have ever met, one day I met a person. I remember asking him… ‘Can I become a Hero?’


Unfortunately he said no when I initially asked him.


But later that day… I saw somebody. Somebody who… needed help . And believe it or not… this person who needed help, was the same person who gave me all of those beatings. They were the epicenter of my sadness and sorrow. They always told me, ‘You can’t be a Hero… no matter how hard you tried. They kept on beating me up and beating up. But I still kept on getting back up and getting back up for more.


You may say that I didn’t need to help him. That I should’ve minded my own business. Or that person deserved what was coming to him. But it reminded me of the same situation 10 years prior that lead to my first ever beating. I saw someone who needed  help. So without thinking, my body just moved on its own, doing what it has always been doing… and that is Protecting the Innocent!  And I was able to save that person’s life… the same person who bullied me and tortured me for over a decade! The person who told me everyday that ‘I could not become a Hero.’


Well, little did I know that the same certain somebody who I had asked earlier if I could become a Hero was watching me the entire time. And as the sun was setting, He Came to me. And he said that I did something that nobody else would’ve done. I risked it all to save a life… because it was the right thing to do and that is the only DAMN reason you need.


And next, he said the words that I will never ever forget for the rest of my life…”


Izuku stopped to take a breath.


Now everybody was on the edge of their seats with one thought in their minds.


‘What did he say?’


Izuku opened his eyes as his eyes began glowing green electricity.


“He said to me….


Young man… You too can become A HERO!

Toshinori nearly choked on his own blood as he realized what his Successor was referring to.

Izuku continued his speech.


“Mark Twain once said… The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.


And on that fateful day, I find out that I, Izuku Midoriya, was indeed born… TO BECOME A HERO!


And even if the whole world doubts me. Even if the whole world is against me. I will still keep on getting back up and keep on fighting until my LAST BREATH. WHY? Because someone out there believes in me! And because it is the right thing to do! And that is all of the motivation I need!”


Izuku then took one final breath before he ended his speech.


“Dreams can become a reality, no matter what they. Fight for your Dreams… and your Dreams will Fight for you.”


Izuku then bowed.


“Thank you all for your time and may we have a Sports Festival that will be remembered through the AGES!”


Izuku then walked back down the stairs and regrouped with his Class.




At first there was a silence throughout the stadium as one could hear a pin drop. But then a few seconds later, one person began clapping. Then a second person began clapping. Then a third… then a fourth… then a fifth.. And so on and so forth until everybody was on their feet giving a round of applause to Izuku Midoriya. Nothing but absolute respect and admiration was present on their faces as they were truly moved by his words.


Izuku’s eyes  widened as he realized that the applause was directed at… HIM!


*Sniff* So manly!!!!! I have never heard such words before. Those words hit harder than any punch I could ever throw! Thank you Midoriya! You have inspired me to do my absolute best!” Kirishima said as he wiped the tears from his eyes.


“YEEEEEEEAH! Everybody give it up for IZUKU MIDORIYA! That speech will definitely never be lost in time as it will be repeated through the Ages!” Present Mic announced as the crowd began cheering.


“I gotta hand it to you kid. Respect is given when respect is earned. And you have both impressed me and earned my respect. That is something not a lot of characters have been able to accomplish. So consider yourself honored, Izuku Midoriya!” Aizawa said through the speakers as he was proud to have a student like him.


Endeavor smirked as the fire around him began increasing in heat and intensity.


‘YUP! No doubt about it! You are definitely the son of Hisashi! Congratulations kid. It seems as though you truly have taken after your Father! Now let’s see if you can back up what you say when the official Sports Festival begins. I can’t wait to see what you are made of!’


Toshinori looked on in absolute pride as he couldn’t get the smug smirk off of his face.


‘Yes, Izuku! You have done it my boy! You have officially told the world… YOU ARE HERE!

Bakugo had his mouth open as he stared at Izuku who was being congratulated by the students of Class 1-A and even students from other classes.


‘D-Deku…. You…’


A sound of a whip was heard throughout the arena as it got everybody’s attention.


“Alright! Thank you Midoriya for that beautiful Student Pledge. You have inspired the hearts of everybody in this arena. INCLUDING MINE! But we have to get back on track. While the speech was a work of art, we still have a schedule to follow.” Midnight announced as now everybody was focused on the R-Rated Hero.


“Alright, let’s the get this show on the road!” Present Mic announced as the cheer got all fired up now!


Midnight smirked sadistically as she whipped the air.




Chapter Text

                                    Chapter 11: Race to the Finish!

And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever.

“Now, let’s get started right away!” Midnight exclaimed as she prepared to explain the rules of the first game of the U.A. Sports Festival.


“U.A. does everything ‘right away’, huh?” Ochaco mumbled as she and many others still had a certain Green Haired Saiyan on their minds. More specifically, the shockingly eloquent Student Pledge he gave to kick off the Sports Festival. They certainly were not expecting the Class 1-A President to give such a heartfelt speech. Ochaco wondered what kind of like Izuku had lived before attending U.A., to make him say such things. It just made her much more motivated to do well in the Sports Festival and also get to know the Cinnamon Roll a little more.


‘Izuku Midoriya, huh? You are an interesting character. Definitely different from the rest. I can’t wait to see exactly what you’re made of,’ Shinso, a purple haired General Studies student thought as his respect levels for Izuku grew quite a bit. He expected the student who had gotten the highest score in the Entrance Exams to be a little more overconfident, arrogant, and would probably declare that he was going to win the whole damn thing. But instead, the Number One applicant seemed to be the exact opposite. Going off of his pledge, Shinso observed as Izuku as a humble young man who wanted everybody to do their absolute best. Maybe he has misjudged some of the students of Class 1-A…


People of the other classes were also having similar thoughts about Izuku. It was truly a surprise to the other classes to hear such words from a student of Class 1-A. A good majority of the classes thought that all students from the Hero Course would look down on the other classes, but they were wrong. They actually appreciated what Izuku said and just like Shinso, grew a newfound respect him.


Although there was something only a few people noticed about Izuku when he giving the Student Pledge. One of those few were none other than the Vice President of Class 1-A, Momo Yaoyorozu. While, Izuku was giving his speech, Momo focused on the Green Haired Saiyan’s eyes and while she did see a burning inferno of motivation and determination to excel in the Festival, she also noticed something more… hidden. Hidden in his green orbs were years of pent up sadness and grief. It was very brief, but the black haired beauty was observant enough to catch it while everybody else was immersed in his words.


‘Izuku… I don’t know what may have happened to you in the past to have made you suffer through that much despair, but I promise I will do whatever it takes to help you with whatever you are going through.’ Momo thought as like Ochaco, she wondered what life Izuku had to live through to have such sorrow in his eyes. It made the two just want to hug the Green Cinnamon Roll and relieve him of all of his pain.


A certain Orange-haired student from Class 1-B had similar thoughts…

“The first game is what you would call a qualifier! Every year, many drink their tears at this stage! Now, here is the fateful first game!” Midnight announced as with the swipe of her whip, a projection of a spinning wheel appeared behind the Rated-R Heroine. It immediately began to spin extremely quick as the participants began to grow anxious on what the first game will be.

“This year, it will be… “ Midnight said ominously as the wheel continued to spin before it abruptly stopped.


“...this!” The spin wheel landed on the words, ‘Obstacle Race!’


“An obstacle race?” Izuku said curiously as he wondered how an obstacle race game would work in the Sports Festival.


“All 11 classes will participate in this race. The course will be the outer circumference of this stadium, which is about 4 kilometers long!” Midnight said as the participants in the Festival widened their eyes at how long the race will be.

“Our school’s selling point is freedom! As long as you stay on the course, it doesn’t matter what you do! Now, take your places everyone!” Midnight yelled as the crowd cheered as excitement filled the air at finally seeing the First years in action.


The students went to the tunnel entrance to where the starting will be.


As Izuku was getting ready, the words of All Might reverberated in his mind.


“I want you tell the world, ‘I AM HERE!’ “


As he looked into the eyes of his classmates, he could see nothing but unbreakable will and determination to their best and excel. At that moment, he just realized how much of an effect is words had on his peers. He lit a fire in their hearts to try even harder than they ever would have if it weren’t for his student pledge. It brought a smile to his face as it truly made him happy that his words had the effect he wanted them to have.


‘Dad and Toshinori-Sensei have put all of their faith in me. That means I can’t let them down… I have to win. That is why I have to go even beyond.’


The first green light at the top of the tunnel, which was the countdown, went out.


‘I have to make a statement!’


Then the second light went out .


Up in the teacher’s box, Toshinori folded his hands as he anxiously waited for the race to begin.


‘SO PLEASE WATCH ME!’ Izuku thought as his eyes glowed a green hue of electricity.


‘So any advice you want to give me before this whole thing officially starts,’ Izuku mentally asked his Inner Alter Ego.


Use your head.


Then, the final light went out.


“START!” Midnight announced the official beginning of the U.A. Sports Festival.


( Music: Jet Set Run )

At that moment, all of the students simultaneously began charging towards the tunnel as they wanted to begin with a good lead.


“OKAY! Here’s the play-by-play! Are you ready to do the commentary, Mummy Man?” Present Mic asked Aizawa.


“You are the one who forced me to come in the first place.” Aizawa lazily replied back.


“Let us get started right away, Mummy Man. What should we pay attention to in the early stages?”


“This part right now.” Aizawa said as he looked towards what was happening inside the tunnel.


“--Hey, hey!”


“--This is too narrow!”




“--Hey, move!”


Currently, all of the participants were smashed up together as they all started running towards the tunnel at the same time. The tunnel was way too narrow and small for all of the students to fit. It seemed as though it was constructed like that on purpose to test how the First years would get through it.


“... The first sifting… “

Suddenly, the temperature began to drop dramatically as ice covered through the entire tunnel. Many students were caught trapped in ice as they couldn’t move. They then saw a bi-colored teen easily running past them.


“Sorry, but I have to get a move on.” Shoto said as he left a trail of ice behind him.

“-Owww! What the--?”

“--It’s freezing over! I can’t move!--”


“--So cold!”


“--Outta the way! I can’t get it off!”


Multiple students yelled out in agony as they couldn’t move forward due to the ice that trapped them courtesy of the son of Endeavor.


“Take that!” Bakugo yelled as he used his explosions from his hands to launch him above and over the other students and past the ice trail that Shoto left.


“Naive, Todoroki!” Momo huffed as she effortless created a staff to propel her over the ice.


“Your frost can’t escape my sparkle,” Aoyama simply stated as he shot a laser beam to get him over the crowd of students. Kirishima’s hardening Quirk just let him break through the ice without any trouble.


“I won’t let you get away so easily! You half-and-half bastard!” Bakugo violently yelled as he ignited even stronger explosions to give him an extra speed boost.


“You got me with that once. You won’t get me again!” Ojiro said as he jumped over Todoroki’s ice.


“Woah, that was close!” Mina said as she skated across the ice using her acid Quirk to melt it with every step she took.


“I can’t use my special move yet…” Ochaco said as walked across the ice trail with difficulty.


“They are used to using their Quirks, huh… “ Shinso said as four participants seemed to be mindlessly carrying him over the ice trail.


Shoto looked back as he saw that quite a number of people were able to get across through his ice trap.


“More people outside of Class A were able to dodge that than I had expected… “


Todoroki then looked in front of him to only widen his eyes in shock.


Shoto saw that Izuku was running ahead of him in a ridiculously fast pace. It seemed as though he had ran past everybody else, including Shoto, right at the beginning of the race.


‘What?! Nobody even saw him move! How is he running that fast without using his Quirk.’ Shoto questioned in his head.


“WOAH! It seems like Midoriya is already in the lead! I didn’t even notice until now!” Present Mic shouted as the spectators were confused as to how the Green Haired Saiyan had already taken the lead when they never saw him move.

“That is what happens when you don’t pay attention! If you were looking carefully, right when the race began, Midoriya had already ran past all of the other competitors. He figured out that the tunnel would be too narrow to fit in all of the students at once, so he made the smart decision on being the first one to go through the tunnel.” Aizawa sated as he knew his student wouldn’t have fallen for such a trick like that.


Izuku looked behind him to see Shoto trailing behind him, “Nice trick you pulled with the ice over there at the beginning, Todoroki! But you’re going to have to do better than that if you want to fool me!”


Shoto’s eyes hardened as he stared at him, “Why yo- What is that?!”


Izuku got confused as to what Shoto was referring to when he ran into hard metal that made him stop immediately in his tracks.


Targets found… Lots!!


Izuku looked up to see a Zero pointer robot from the Entrance Exam. Its red eye gleaming down on him as it locked onto Izuku as his target.

“W-What the? It's the faux Villains from the Entrance Exams!” Izuku said as he didn’t expect to see these robots appear in the Sports Festival.


“Obstacles have shown up suddenly! Starting with… the first barrier! Robo Inferno!” Present Mic announced as multiple Zero Pointers began emerging and setting their sights on the participants.


“Aren’t those the Zero-Point Villains from the Entrance Exam?” Kaminari said in horror as there was a horde of the robots in front of the students.

“--Seriously? The Hero Course had to fight those?”


“--This is what they meant by obstacles?!”


“--There are too many! I can’t get through!”


“So this is what the rest of my peers had to fight in the Entrance Exams.” Shoto said as he was looking at the Zero Pointers for the first time.


“I wonder where they got the money for it?” Momo said as the robots seemed very expensive to manufacture.

A Zero-Pointer began to lift its hand and aimed it towards Izuku as it planned to crush him.


Right before the hand could do so however, Izuku stopped the robot’s hand with his own as he began lifting it back up.


“Is that all?”


Then, in a blink of an eye, Izuku kicked the robot with monster force as it was sent flying up. Izuku jumped to where the robot was and punched its head clean off, which made the rest of the machine collapse and fall apart due to an explosive that went off when he destroyed its head.


Izuku landed gracefully back on the ground as the remains of the Zero Pointer landed on the floor behind him.

“I expected more of a challenge.” Izuku stated as he continued running forward and effortlessly destroying any more Zero Pointers with one attack as they blocked his path.

“WOW!!! And just like that, Midoriya of Class 1-A destroys the Zero Pointers like they were nothing! What a display of strength and speed, as he continues forward and is in the lead!” Present Mic exclaimed as the spectators in the stadium and watching at home were clearly impressed with the display of power by the Green Haired Saiyan.


Shoto sucked his teeth in annoyance as he sees Izuku running in the distance.


‘I can’t let him out perform me!’ Shoto said mentally as his right hand began emitting frost.


“If they went through all this trouble, I wish they would’ve prepared something better. Since my dear old man is watching.” Shoto said as one could notice a negative connotation in his voice when he referenced his father, Endeavor.


The bi-colored teen then swiped his right arm upwards as he froze a horde of Zero Pointers with absolute ease. They all stopped malfunctioning due to Shoto’s ice freezing their circuits.


“He stopped them!”


“Between their legs! We can get through!”


Many of the participants began to go through the opening that Todoroki made.


“I wouldn’t if I were you.” Shoto began as he started trekking ahead.”They will fall over. I froze them while they were off balance…. On purpose!” Shoto said in a monotone voice as the Zero Pointers collapsed on a good amount of students, effectively immobilizing them.


“Todoroki from Class 1-A! He attacked and defended in one hit! How elegant! Amazing! He is now right on Midoriya’s trail as he is now catching up to him in second place! It is you know, practically unfair” Present Mic exclaimed as the audience saw just how overpowered Todoroki’s Quirk is compared to the other First Years!


“His actions are logical and strategic.” Aizawa said as he observed Todoroki’s advances towards Izuku.

“As expected of someone who got in through recommendations! He had never fought them before, btu those Robo Infernos could not get past his elite moves!


“Like Hell, I’m going to let them get past me!” Bakugo yelled as he blasted Explosions from his palms as it propels him towards the head of the Zero Pointer.


“Class 1-A’s Bakugo! Since the bottom’s blocked, he goes overhead!  Clever!” Present Mic announced as Bakugo landed at the top of the Zero Pointer.


“You seem like the kind of guy who would just plow straight through, but you can go around when you need to, huh?” Sero said with a grin as he used his tape Quirk to climb over the Zero Pointer.


“I’m going to hitch a ride!” Tokoyami exclaimed as he used Dark Shadow to glide over the Zero Pointer.


The crowd cheered as the students got through the first obstacle of the race.


“As expected, most of the group that has gone ahead is Class 1-A.” Snipe commented from the teacher’s box as he and other Pro Heroes observed the Sports Festival from above.


“Class B and the other courses are not bad, either! It's just… “ Toshinori began to say.


“...Class A does not spend a lot of time standing around.” Aizawa finished Toshinori’s thought as now more students were beginning to make their move.


The crowd could now see more students from Class 1-A beginning to take charge such as Tenya who kicked away a couple of Two-Pointers, Jiro who used soundwaves generated from her ear lobes to short circuit the robots, and Kaminari who simply fried the robots with yellow electricity.


“Those who experienced firsthand that world above them through the incident at USJ…”


“Release!” Ochaco yelled as One-Pointers fell from the air behind her.


“Those who had fear planted in their hearts… “


Ojiro used his tail to swipe through the robots and counter attack as he destroyed them with ease.


“Those who dealt with it and pulled through… They all used that experience to drown out their hesitation.” Aizawa stated as he acknowledged what his students had to go through during the USJ invasion and is proud that they are using that experience to fuel and drive them in their pursuit of glory in the Sports Festival.


A multitude of explosions were heard as several Zero Pointers collapsed as they were destroyed.


“Hmph! Piece of cake!” Momo said as she stood by a smoking cannon. She had her PE shirt open due to her needing to reveal some skin to use her Quirk. She was able to create a cannon to effortlessly destroy the Zero Pointers as they were play things.


“She defeated those Zero-Point Villains so easily?!” One random student asked as he was gobsmacked at the fact that Momo could just create a cannon out of nowhere and just fire down the faux Villains.


“No wonder she got in through recommendations!”


“Less gawking, more running! Come on she made a path for us! Let’s get a move on” Another student said as the rest of the participants began running to the next part of the obstacle race.


“During the Entrance Exam, they were to be avoided. If you see them as things to be defeated, they are just dumb hunks of metal. You will start to see obvious openings.” Snipe said as he was intrigued about the battle prowess of Class 1-A.


“Hmmm, it looks like everybody else was able to get through the faux Villains, relatively easy. Nice job guys!” Izuku said as he looked behind him to see his classmates were doing just fine.


“Alright, now, I just have to keep this lead goin- W-W-WOAH!” Izuku shrieked as he almost fell off the cliff. He looked in front of him to see what exactly almost made him fall.

“Hey, hey! The first barrier’s a piece of cake, huh? Then what about the second?” Present Mic grinned as Izuku and the others widened their eyes in horror.


In front of them was what seemed to be a bottomless pit. There were tall platforms spaced out between each other but they were so far apart that it seemed like it was impossible to simply jump from one platform to the next. In between each platform were long and narrow trails of rope that honestly didn’t seem like they were stable enough to hold the weight of a couple of students.


“If you fall, you’re out! If you do not want to fall, then you have to crawl! It is THE FALL!” Present Mic exclaimed.


“When did they build this stage?” Ocacho asked as she like the other students were very fearful of dropping to their death.


Izuku carefully looked at the entire obstacle for a couple of seconds before smirking as he got into a jumping stance. He then launched himself high in the air as he easily jumped from platform to platform at very quick and agile speeds without even having to use the ropes at all!


“WOW! And now, the leader of the pack is easily getting through first!” Present Mic announced as the crowd began cheering as a good majority of them were now rooting for the Green Haired Saiyan.


“Deku-kun?! I didn’t know he could jump so high!” Ochaco exclaimed in shock as she and the participants had their eyes focused on Izuku.


“WOAH! His Quirk must be super strong to allow him to perform such amazing acts of athleticism!” Present Mic shouted as the spectators agreed as Izuku has been nothing but impressive so far.


Aizawa sighed as he decided now was the right time enlighten everybody watching, “Pay attention you idiot! He has not even used his Quirk since the beginning of the Festival.” Aizawa lazily groaned.


“WHAT! What are you talking about Eraser Head! There is no possible way that Midoriya has been able do everything he has done so far without using his Quirk! That is not human!” Present replied in shock as he and the spectators thought that Aizawa was joking. How can somebody perform such superhuman feats without any superpowers?


“Well, believe what you want to believe. But, I am only stating the facts. If used over the his limit, his Quirk will end up destroying parts of his body. So that young man over there has taken upon it himself to train his body accordingly so that he doesn’t have to suffer such a weakness. He realizes that he can’t always rely on his Quirk, so he found a way to train his body past the human limitations in order for him to use the Quirk efficiently and without giving away his powers. He is saving most of real power for the later portions of the Sports Festival.” Aizawa finished explaining his claims as he realized that Izuku was actually following his advice and was not relying on others to help him if he gets injured.


Present Mic stumbled on his words, as he was still in shock, “Wow! So this isn’t even Midoriya’s full power! If he is this good right now, then I can only imagine him when he actually uses his Quirk!”


“So you think you can win so easily, that you won’t have to use your Quirk, huh? Well think again!” Shoto yelled as he used his ice slide through the gaps between each platform.


“DAMN DEKU! Don’t think you can just take the lead without even trying!” Bakugo yelled as he was irate at the reveal that Izuku wasn’t even using a Quirk and he was somehow still in the lead. The ash blonde student then used his Explosions to boost him upwards over the pits and platforms as he made it over the obstacle.


Shoto looked behind him to see Bakugo ganging up on him.


“Looks like he’s getting fired up. A slow starter?” Shoto said as he continued to run forward.


“Damn it!” Bakugo noticed that Shoto was picking up speed and catching up to Izuku. So he boosted his explosions to gain even more speed.


“My older brother is probably also watching. I can’t let him see me act so uncool!” Tenya saw that some students were already crossing the obstacle. He couldn’t let himself be left behind in the dust. He proceeded to land on the rope and used the engines in his calves to thrust him forward and much faster along the ropes.


“That is so uncool!” Present Mic shouted as the rest of the audience agreed with him.


“The guy in second place behind Midoriya is way ahead of the rest of the pack!” A member of the audience commented as he and many others were impressed at the strength that Todoroki showcased.


“Yeah, his Quirk is really strong, but his natural athletic ability and judgment are also a cut above everyone else’s.”


“Of course it is. That is the Flame Hero, Endeavor’s son.”


“No wonder! The blood of the guy second only to All Might, huh?”


“There’ll be fighting over who gets him as a sidekick!”


Many members of the audience now understood why Shoto was a cut above the rest. He is the son of the Number Two Hero, Endeavor. So it only makes sense that he was so powerful.

“The lead pack is a step ahead, but below them, everyone’s clumped together! They have not announced how many people will make it through, so you can not relax! Push forward!” Present Mic exclaimed as when the students heard that, they hastily continued through the obstacle course, not wanting to be left behind.


Izuku was nonchalantly running t very high speeds before he abruptly stopped as he saw the last obstacle ahead of him. There were signs that read, “Danger Mines!”


“And now, we have quickly arrived at the final barrier! The reality here is… that it is a minefield! It is setup so that you can tell where the mines are if you look carefully! So you have to exploit your eyes and legs! By the way, these landmines are for games, so they are not that powerful, but they are loud and flashy enough to make you wet your pants!” Present Mic announced as he revealed the third and last obstacle.


“That depends on the person… “ Aizawa commented as he didn’t think those mines would make everybody pee themselves.


‘I get it. So they put this as the last obstacle so that those in the lead would be in a disadvantage so that others lagging behind can have the opportunity to catch up and possibly take the lead themselves. This is very clever design. And also entertaining for the audience here and the viewers watching at home.

Izuku began hopping between mines in a consistent but fast pace, making sure he doesn’t accidently set off any mines. Behind him, several students were going through the minds carelessly and igniting pink explosion that slowed them down and in turn caused an area of effect where other competitors nearby were also stunned and slowed down.


Shoto was right behind but he couldn’t jump or hop like Izuku, so he was going at a much slower pace.

Bakugo looked at the minefield and smirked as it didn’t scare him the slightest.


“This piece of shit won’t affect me!” Bakugo yelled as he used his explosions to send him above the minefield. He then passed Todoroki who had a surprised looked on his face. He clearly was not expecting Bakugo to just rush through like that.


“Bastard! Don’t make a declaration of war to the wrong person!”


Bakugo then aimed an explosion towards the bi-colored teen, but Shoto was able to dodge the attack.


“WOW! And now we’ve got someone new in second place! Rejoice, mass media! It’s the kind of development you guys love!” Present Mic yelled through the speakers as the crowd cheered loudly as they finally got to see two students fighting for a place head to head.


Not lagging too far behind them were the other students as they were going through the minefield in their own Quirky ways.


“Hey, hey, hey, the rest of the pack is also speeding up! However! Even as they push and pull at each other, can the three at the top remain in the lead?”

Shoto and Katsuki were throwing blows at each other as each of them dodged each other’s attacks as they fought for second place.


Izuku looked behind him as he grit his teeth, ‘Damn, Kacchan and Todoroki are right behind me! And the others are not too far behind either. At this rate, they will just pass me. I could easily get through this and make it to the finish line, but these freaking mines are being a pain in the ass. One misstep could cost me!’


Izuku then took a moment to analyze his current surroundings. Every step, mines were littered everywhere. The smallest step could make them explode and blow everybody back…. Wait a minute?

A light bulb went off in Izuku’s brain.


He turned around to face the other competitors.


“Hey Kacchan!” Izuku yelled.


Bakugo stopped fighting Shoto as he heard Izuku’s nickname for him being called, “What the fuck do you want, Deku?!”


“Catch me if you can!” Izuku teased as he stuck his tongue out at him.


Bakugo snapped.




Bakugo then ignited an explosion in both of his hands.


Izuku smirked right when he saw explosions forming on Bakugo’s hands, “Bingo…. “


Before Bakugo could make a move towards Izuku, the Green Haired Saiyan fired a small, but dense, yellow Ki blast exactly where Bakugo’s hand was.


Right when Bakugo ignited the explosions in his hands, that is when the Ki blast made contact with the explosions as it expanded towards the entire minefield. As soon as the Ki infused explosion hit the ground, all of the mines exploded on contacted as the entire field was now clouded with a dust of pink.


“What in the world?!” Todoroki shouted in shock as he and the rest of the participants were blown off of their feet. The velocity of the explosion was just too much for them to handle as they were immobilized for quite a bit.


“Wh-What is going on?! HEY HEY! Everybody except Midoriya is down. How did all of the mines go off simultaneously?!” Present Mic asked earnestly as he and the rest of the spectators had no clue to what just happened.


Izuku waved towards Katsuki, “Thanks for the help best buddy!”


Izuku then sprinted towards the finish line.


“Uuuuuh… Eraser Head, can you explain what just happened because me and everybody else watching here and at home are completely lost.” Present Mic asked as he looked towards his co-commentator who was currently trying to take a nap.


“Huh? Oh yeah, well you see, Midoriya taunted Bakugo which provoked him to spark a power Explosion. That explosion then had an area of effect where it triggered all of the mines in the field to go off at the exact same time. Izuku made sure to calculate it at the right time so that Bakugo’s explosion could have the biggest effect possible. Making it so that every participant in the surrounding area would get knocked off of their feet due to the blast radius. Even though, he pretty much got rid of all of the obstacles for his opponents and made their path much easier, he in turn got a really big lead and will now more likely than not get first place in the race. Very smart choice for him. He will make it far as a Pro.” Aizawa finished his explanation as he began to close his eyes again.


“Oh… Well, THANKS FOR THE PLAY-BY-PLAY EXPLANATION, Eraser Head!” Present Mic said as he and the audience were now understanding what exactly happened a minute ago.


“Now, pay more close attention so you don’t have to interrupt my naps!”


“Would you believe it? Midoriya cleared the minefield in an instant!” Present Mic announced.


‘What an elaborate plan, my boy! Excellent!’ Toshinori thought as a proud smirk was etched on his face.


The first ones to get back up after Izuku’s little stunt were Todoroki and Bakugo. Todoroki use his ice to make him run faster. Bakugo then used his Explosions to follow closely behind.


“Eraser Head, your class is amazing! WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING THEM?!” Present Mic asked.


Aizawa sighed as his nap was interrupted again, “I didn't even do anything. They got each other fired up on their own.” Aizawa said as the cameras focused on Izuku, Shoto, and Katsuki who were in first, second, and third place respectively as they were running towards the tunnel that lead to the entrance to the stadium which was the finish line.


“U.A. Sports Festival, First-Year stage!”


“Are you not listening?” Aizawa comically sweatdropped.


“Who could have predicted the developments at the beginning or this conclusion?” Present Mic exclaimed as the audience were now eagerly waiting on who would come through the tunnel first.


“Right now, the first person back in the stadium is that man... “


The first thing that the audience saw go through the tunnel was a mop of messy green, spiky, and curly hair.


“.... Izuku Midoriya’s made a huge splash!”


Rainbow colored confetti dropped as the crowd cheered furiously, happy to see the Green Haired Cinnamon Roll come first place in the Obstacle Race.


Outside the stadium, a certain blonde haired Heroine was staring at the jumbotron which showed the smiling face of Izuku.


Mt.Lady had a finger on her chin as she hummed in thought.


“Where have I seen him before… ?”

Her eyes then comically widened as she finally remembered.


“OHHHHH! It was that kid from last year! The one who rushed the Slime Villain who had a hostage and was then saved by All Might! How the hell could I forget?!”


Death Arms looked at the screen as he raised his eyebrows, “Oh snap, hey you’re right! It is the reckless boy! And woah, it looks like he grew half a foot too.”


“It truly is a small world. Who would have thought we would be seeing this kid again getting first place in the first game of the U.A. Sports Festival!” Kamui Woods commented as he also recognized Izuku from the Slime incident from 10 months ago.


In a dark room, a certain Leader of the League of Villains was watching the Sports Festival from a computer.


“Spiky haired brat… “

After Izuku crossed the finish line, he took a moment to look around and observe all of the cheers and applause he was getting from the viewers in attendance. He then looked all the way up at the teacher’s box and found Toshinori who was clapping and smiling down at him with proud face.


Izuku grinned as he made a closed fist and pointed it towards his idol.


‘YES! Now that’s how you make a statement kid! Great job! If you can keep this up, then you’ll be just fine! Show them why you are worthy of the mantle of the next SYMBOL OF PEACE!’ Toshinori yelled in his mind as he could barely contain his excitement for his Successor.


‘The Sports Festival is a competition where they have to aim for the top, even if it means defeating their friends and classmates. Modern Heroes depend a lot on their popularity, so they need to have that desire to be above all the others. At your core, you are a True Hero who wants to help and protect others. That is exactly why I chose you, but I thought that was also your weakness. I was worrying over absolutely nothing! Sorry! But hey, at least you’re not crying your eyes out like how you used to!’ Toshinori thought as he was overjoyed at the fact that Izuku was slowly becoming more mature and more of a man and Hero.


“Well, what do you think?”


“First of all, Midoriya’s stock will climb really fast.”


“However, he has yet to show his Quirk, so it is hard to predict what will happen. If you took on management of an agency, how would you market him? Opinions?”


“What do you think?”


“He definitely has the look. Very tall. Strong and defined muscular frame. He has it all. The power, speed, size, and explosiveness. He also seems to have a brilliant mind! We could really highlight those parts, but we will need more raw material to work with… “


Toshinori sweatdropped as he overheard the conversation between the three students.


‘That Business Course! They never change, huh?’


The three students that were just discussing Izuku’s marketability are apart of the Business Course in U.A.


There is not really any benefit to them participating in the Sports Festival! Therefore, they cultivate their instincts by selling things or doing marketing simulations! They’ve got a lot of free time.


Katsuki made it through the tunnel as he stopped to catch his breath. He was panting hard as boiling with anger.


“DAMN IT! Not again! I fell right into his plan again! Damn you Deku! You played me for a fool! I can’t let you get away with that. When I’m able to get my hands on you, I swear…. “

“And now, they are finishing one after another! We’ll make a list of the results later, but for now, good work!” Present Mic announced as more and more students began entering the arena.


Shoto caught his breath as he glared at Izuku who was too busy doing his best trying not to cry as the emotions that were currently going through were very hard to hold in.


‘Y-Yes! I made it through the first round! Now all I have to do is be consistent and hopefully I can make it through the entire tournament.’

“Deku-kun! You were amazing!”


Izuku turned around to see Ochaco running towards him to congratulate him as Momo and Tenya were not too far behind.


Tenya was sulking in the background as he was comically depressed over falling behind with a Quirk that was supposed to be most dominant in a racing type of environment.


“Uraraka-san! Momo-chan! I’m glad to see you guys and Iida were able to make it through the first round!” Izuku exclaimed as he was genuinely glad that his friends were advancing to the next round with him.


“First place is amazing! But did you have to pull that little stunt with Bakugo’s explosion?” Momo asked as she pouted.


Izuku smiled sheepishly, “Sorry, my bad! But I had to find a way to ensure my victory and that idea was the first that came to mind!”


Izuku then looked down towards his hand as he summoned small sparks of green electricity.


‘My real ability will be tested after this… ‘


Midnight then began to speak as she saw the last people who were able to advance through the first round.


“The first game of the First-Year stage is finally over! Now take a look at the results!”


  1. Izuku Midoriya
  2. Shoto Todoroki
  3. Katsuki Bakugo

( A/N: HA! Foolish reader! You actually thought I was going to list all of the rankings! Listen, Deku, Todoroki, and Bakugo were the top 3. That’s all you need to know! Now on with the story! )


“The top 42 made it through to the next round. It is unfortunate but don’t worry even if you did not make the cut! We have already prepared a special event where anybody can have the opportunity to showcase their skills. It will be revealed after the main event, so be patient! The real competition begins next! The press cavalry will be all over it! Give it your all!”


Katsuki growled in anger as he was still mad over falling for Izuku’s trick and having to get 3rd place instead of 1st.


Midnight then swiped her whip as the spinning wheel began spinning at high speeds to determine what the next game will be.


“Now then, here is the second game. I already know what it is, but what could it be? What could it be? I just said it, and now here it is… “


The wheel landed on the words, “Calvary Battle.”


“A cavalry battle? I am bad at those.” Kaminari mumbled as he clearly wasn’t excited over what the next event will be.


“It is not an individual event, so I wonder how it will work.” Tsuyu said as she along with others were confused as how this whole calvary battle thing will function.


“Let me explain! The participants can form teams of two to four people as they wish. It is basically the same as a regular cavalry battle, but the one thing that is different is… based on the results of the last game, each person has been assigned a point value.” Midnight said as a screen showed an image of Thirteen holding up All Might as the horse rider and Present Mic was supporting from the back.


“A point-based system like the Entrance Exam, huh? That’s easy to understand.” Sato said as he understood the premise of the game.


“In other words, each team is worth different points depending on who is on the team!” Ochaco concluded.


“Oh, I see!” Mina said as she now got the gist of it.


Midnight made a violent swipe of her whip towards the two female students, “You guys don’t hold even though I’m talking, huh?! Let me speak!”


‘Scary!’ The First-Years thought in unison.


“Yes, that is right! And the points assigned go up five starting from the bottom. So 42nd place gets five points and 41st gets ten points and so on!” Midnight elaborated as she showed the rankings and scoreboard for each place.


“Oh! That is pretty simple. So since I got first place, that means I got 210 points if I did the math correctly.” Izuku said as he calculated his score.


Midnight then gained a sadistic smirk as she pointed at Izuku with her whip.


“Not so fast, Midoriya! You see there is one key exception. The point value assigned to first place is… TEN MILLION!” Midnight announced.



It took a couple of seconds for Izuku’s mind to register what Midnight just said.


“T-Ten million?! HOW IS THAT FAIR?!” Izuku yelled out in horror.


“Ten million, huh?”


“In other words, you can take down the first place player’s team… “


“... You can stand at the top no matter what place you are in!” Nearly all of the First-Years said in unison as they had their targets set on one person… Izuku Midoriya!


“That’s right! It is survival of the fittest, with a chance for those at the bottom to overthrow the top!” Midnight exclaimed at Izuku froze at all of the bloodthirsty stares he was receiving from his peers.


“Those at the top will suffer more. You will hear this many times as you attend U.A. This is what PLUS ULTRA means! Izuku Midoriya, who placed first in the qualifier, is worth ten million points!”


Izuku could feel the stares that he was receiving from all of the other participants. They clearly wanted a piece of him and his ten million points.


‘So this is what All Might has to deal with everyday, huh? To always have a target on your back… to have everybody want to have a piece of you. Yes… this is it truly means to be NUMBER ONE!’ Izuku said mentally as determination began to surge through him. Even if the odds were against him, he didn’t make it this far just to go down without a fight.


‘You’re quick to understand, huh, young man?’ Toshinori thought as he could see the fire of determination in his Successor’s eyes.


Wow, I thought you would be more nervous and shaking in your boots right about now. Aren’t you scared? Everybody has set their sights on you. It isn’t going to be easy you know. ” Izuku’s Inner Alter Ego said as he has been quietly observing everything that has happened in the Sports Festival so far.


Izuku smirked, ‘Screw it. I’ll fight whoever it is that stands in my way. If that is what it takes to be Number One then so be it! It has been One Versus All this entire time. So let’s just do it and show the world what we are made of!’


Now, you’re speaking my language! Let’s take care of business then!


“Now then, I will explain the rules of the cavalry battle. The time limit is fifteen minutes. Each team is worth the total of its members’ points, and the riders will wear a headband with that number on their foreheads. Teams will try to grab each other’s headbands until runs out, and try to keep as many points as they can. Stolen headbands must be worn from the neck up. So the more you steal, the harder it will be to manage them! And the most important thing is that even if your headband gets stolen, or if your team falls, you’re not out!” Midnight said as she explained the basic rules of the cavalry battle.


“Which means… “ Momo began


“...since there are 42 people, there will be ten or twelve teams on the field the whole time?” Sato said as he finished her thought.


“That’s tough.” Aoyama commented.


“One strategy could be to let someone take your points first so you will be more free.” Mina added.


“It is hard to say without seeing how all the points end up getting split up, Mina.” Tsuyu hummed.


“During the game, it will be a cruel fight where you can use your Quirks. But it is still a Cavalry battle. You will get a red card for attacks that are trying to make people fall on purpose! You will be removed immediately!” Midnight warned.


“Damn it!” Bakugo shouted,

“Now, you have fifteen minutes to build your teams. START!”


Izuku began scratching his head.


“Already so who do I want on my tea-”


Izuku stopped before he finished his sentence as he noticed that practically everybody had moved away from him and began forming their own teams, completely isolating him.


“CRAP! I almost forgot! Nobody wants to be on my team because of my stupid ten million points!”


Chapter Text



                                Chapter 12: Master of Strategy


    Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.


Staff Break Room….


“The U.A. Sports Festival is more about simulating the competition they’ll face as Heroes than seeing how prepared they are to be Heroes,” Deatharms, the Punching Hero said as he smoked a cigarette while sitting down and enjoying his break. He and the other Pro Heroes who were assigned as security guards for the Sports Festival were currently watching the prestigious event from a monitor. Of course, they would have preferred front row seats to see the event from up close, but hey, it was better than nothing.


“Huh? What are you talking about?” The voluptuous blonde Heroine, Mount Lady asked as she too was enjoying her break with her colleagues.

Deatharms blew out a puff of smoke before replying, “In a world crowded with Hero Agencies, in order to put food on the table, there are times when you have to kick down others in order to show your stuff. That was what the obstacle course race in the qualifier was about, right?”


Mount Lady covered her nose as she waved away the puff of smoke Deatharms blew out before she answered.


“Doesn’t that just pain your heart? Poor kids have to show up one another.”


“What? You little-- You did that quite gleefully, remember?” The Wood Hero, Kamui Woods said as a tick mark formed on his head. He still remembered clearly the day that Mount Lady made her debut. She stole the spotlight right when he was about to finish off the Villain. She shamelessly took all of the credit for apprehending the Villian while the poor Wood Hero moped in sadness in the background.


“On the other hand, even if you’re business rivals, there are many cases where you have to work together to achieve a common goal,” Deatharms added as he also knew there were times when Pro Heroes had to cooperate with one another to take down a group of Villains.


Mount Lady widened her eyes in realization, “Oh, that’s just like the Cavalry Battle! If you win, your teammates also win, and you all advance to the next round. You have to think about compatibility and other people’s Quirks… It is a give-and-take situation… “ She now clearly understood the purpose of the preliminary rounds of the Sports Festival. She had to admit, it was a very clever structure and design. She’d expect nothing less from the Number One Hero school in Japan.


“Coordinating with your sidekick and joint Quirk training with other agencies…” Kamui Woods muttered as he realized that is exactly what the Freshmen students of U.A. were doing now in the upcoming Cavalry Battle.


“The kids are doing stuff now that will be their way of life after they become Pro Heroes. The purpose of the Sports Festival is to give them the experience of what it would be like to be a Pro and give them time to prepare for their future.


Mount Lady sighed as she thought about what the young adolescents had to go through, “Man, they’ve got it rough. And they have a long way to go.”


“You said it! And let’s not even talk about the guy who got first place. Midoriya, was it? He has it the worst out of all of them! Absolutely nobody would want to team up with somebody that has a huge ten million point target square on their head. Everybody is definitely going to be gunning for him! Good luck with that, green boy.” Kamui commented as just like everybody else, was shocked to hear that first place had ten million points. U.A. must have done that intentionally to create a huge amount of pressure for whoever came first in the obstacle course. And it seemed to be working due to seemingly nobody wanting to team up with him.


“Yeah, it’s kind of unfair, to be honest. But that’s what U.A. is all about I guess. Let’s hope he’s able to advance to the next round somehow.” Mount Lady replied to Kamui Woods comment. Just like everybody else in the stadium, the blonde Heroine was moved by Izuku’s speech. However, she was one of the few to notice a key minute deatil that the young man showed during his Student Pledge. It was in his eyes. She doesn’t know how or why, but Mount Lady was able to notice a slight hint of pain and suffering hidden behind those majestic green orbs of his. It just made her wonder…. What kind of life did that boy have to live in order to experience something so traumatic at such a young age?

“Team up with me!”


“What? Bakugo, team up with me!”


“Don’t you want to team up with mwah?”


Katsuki Bakugo stared blankly at all of the students wanting to be on his team for the Cavalry Battle.


“Wait a minute. Remind me what all of your Quirks are! Oh, yeah, and your names too.”


“What the? What kind of question is that? We’re your classmates for crying out loud! I can understand not knowing Class B’s but come on this ridiculous!” Mina Ashido whined as she was annoyed at the fact that Bakugo didn’t even know her name even though they have been classmates and in school together for like 3 or 4 weeks now.


“He doesn’t pay attention to what’s around him at all, huh? How can you be that self-centered?!” Sato exclaimed as he completely agreed with his pink haired classmate.


“Even though his personality is really mean and rude, he still came in third and has two hundred points. Considering the all-purpose use of his Quirk, it makes sense that he’s still pretty popular.” Toshinori commented as he observed the interactions of his students from up in the teacher’s box.

“Hey, Bakugo! I was gonna ask Todoroki but he chose his team already! So what do you say? Let’s team up!” Kirishima shouted as he walked up to the crowd around the ash blonde.


“Oh, hey Weird Hair,” Katsuki said nonchalantly as he had a passive expression on his face.

“MY NAME IS KIRISHIMA! At least have enough decency to remember the name of your own classmates! And my hair is not even that different from yours!” Kirishima exclaimed as he pointed towards Bakugo’s spiky hair. He did have a point there. They both had very peculiar and spiky hair. Nowhere near the level of Izuku’s own spiky mane, but they still stood out.


“You want to be the rider, right? Then who will be the front horse that can take your blasts?” Kirishima activated his Hardening Quirk to prove his point. Katsuki stared at him with a curious glance.


“Someone with guts,” Bakugo replied.


“Not really, but yeah! Me, with my Hardening! I will be the horse that will never waver!  You want to get it too, right? Midroiya’s ten million points?!”


Katsuki’s eyes widened when he heard the name of his arch rival.


“Listen, we all know that Midoriya has a lot of raw power on his side. So we need a team that can be able to handle his super powerful punches! Come on! If we team up, we can definitely overwhelm him and steal his ten million points no problem!” Kirishima added, trying his best to convince the Explosion Quirk user.


As soon as he heard those words, Bakugo’s face morphed into a sinister grin as he thought about destroying Deku.


“Alright, you’ve persuaded me! Let’s do it!”


Meanwhile over in a deep corner, a certain bi-colored hybrid Quirk user was trying to convince a person to join him as well.


“Listen, I am just going to cut right to the chase. I am aiming for first place. And I am going to get it no matter what. But… In order to achieve my goal, there is somebody in our class I have to defeat. And that classmate is of course Midoriya. He pulled a fast one on me and Bakugo in the last round and stole first place from me. I am afraid, I can’t let him get away with that. So, I am dead set on taking his ten million points. Doing so will ensure our victory. I know you also don’t want to be overshadowed by the Class President. I have seen your Quirk and fighting prowess. You’re good and you are definitely the I need in order take down that Green Haired Monkey. So what do you say… do we have a deal?”

The other person hummed in thought before opening his eyes, as he finally made his decision.


“Alright, I’ll join forces with you Todoroki-san. Let’s go out there and win.”


Todoroki smirked smugly, “Yes, Tokoyami-san!”

‘As expected, people are teaming up with their classmates, huh? Since no one has a good grasp of what Quirks those in the other classes have. I need to do something quickly, too… ‘


Izuku looked around… to see himself completely isolated from everybody else.


‘... about the current state where everyone’s totally avoiding me!


Izuku saw Ojiro standing nearby.


“Umm... Ojiro, would you mind….?”


Ojiro had a downcast expression as he tip-toed to the side.


“Sorry, Midoriya-san! Don’t take it personally but you just have way too many points!” Ojiro then walked off to find another group.”


Izuku stood frozen in horror with his mouth hanging wide open.


‘As I thought, no one wants to try to keep over ten million points for a whole 15 freaking minutes! It would be a better strategy to try to steal the points at the end. And unlike Todoroki or Kacchan, I didn’t use my Quirk, so no one has no idea if their Quirk would be compatible with mine! Damn it! That’s what I get for holding back and saving it for the later rounds!’ Izuku thought as his usual nervous and low self-esteem persona was beginning to show itself once again.


Inner Deku sighed as he observed Izuku’s inner turmoil.


Bro… how about you look… BEHIND YOU!

Izuku slowly turned around as he saw two surprising faces.


“Hey, Deku-kun! Come on, you, me and Yaomomo can be a team together!” Ochaco’s angelic and bubbly voice entered through his eardrums as it seemed to cleanse all of his worries.


In front of him were 2 of his friends, them being Ochaco and Momo as they both agreed with each other that they wanted to be on Izuku’s team.


“Momo-chan?! Ochaco-chan?! Are you two sure about this? Is it really okay with you guys?! I mean, everyone will most likely be after me because of my ten million points! I don’t want to place such a burden on you two!” Izuku almost stuttered out as he was on the verge of crying tears of joy. He thought that it was hopeless for him, but here are these two beautiful angels coming to save the day.


“Well, yes, your assumptions are more than likely to come to fruition, but me and Ochaco both decided that it would be the best course of action to join forces with you. Overall, you’re objectively the strongest student in the whole class as Todoroki so bluntly pointed out earlier. You are physically the most dominant Freshman, given your height, speed, and power advantage and your feats of athleticism during the Obstacle Course. You are also, incredibly intelligent and a master strategist as shown when you were able to trick both Todoroki and Bakugo to give you the edge to win the race. And, I have seen your Hero Journals. You pay A LOT of attention to detail and can probably analyze everything about anybody’s Quirk just by seeing it one time. So, yeah, we are 100% sure we definitely want to team up with you, Izuku-kun.” Momo stated as she explained all of the reasons why she and Ochaco wanted to team up with Izuku, despite him having ten million points.


“Plus, if we have no other option, we can always just run away the whole time, until the time is up, and we automatically win, right?” Ochaco added her own two cents in.


Izuku smiled sheepishly as he nervously rubbed the back of his head, “I-I think you two are overestimating me, but you do make valid arguments.”


“Like, we would! Anyway, it’s better to team up with people you get along with! We have been in a team before and won! So we have good chemistry! Plus, Yaomomo is also really smart and her Quirk is the most versatile out of all of us! So I’m sure we can make it work!” Ochaco beamed as her angelic smile was as bright as the sun.


Izuku had to cover his eyes as they were burning due to how bright her smile was.


“I-I c-can’t look! I will go blind! Too bright! It's way too pure. Too wholesome!”


The two female students look at their Class President with confusion spread across their faces.


“Uh, are you okay Deku-kun?”


“Yeah, is there something wrong with your eyes? Are you sure that you don’t need to see Recovery Girl for a minute before the second round begins?”


Izuku quickly got a hold of himself, “No no no! I’m good! Anyway, I actually wanted to team up with you two as well. So thanks! For teams, it is best to be with people you can communicate with smoothly, right?”


“Yup, yup!” Ochaco chirped and Momo nodded in agreement


“Actually, with our Quirks, and one other person…. I have already thought of a plan!”


“WOW! SO FAST!” Ochaco exclaimed.


“What do you have in mind, Izuku-kun?”


Izuku turned around as he spotted just who he was looking for. He walked up to him and called his name.




“Huh?” The speed Quirk user said as he turned to see his brown-tailed friend.


Izuku smiled as he told him his plan, “The four of us would be the horses with Iida in the front! And then, if we use Ochaco-chan’s Quirk to make me, Iida, and Momo lighter, we’d be able to maneuver easily. We will have a huge movement advantage. Momo-chan’s job would be to support us from the sides and back. She could create distractions and roadblocks for the enemy teams and make it a pain for anybody to get anywhere near us. And if somebody does get close, I can just SMASH them with my Quirk, which would force them to reset their attack strategy. Yes! Our setup would be the ultimate offense and defense combined!”


All three of the students listen had their jaws dropped in astonishment. This guy just came up with the perfect plan! If they utilized all four of their Quirks fully, literally no one could touch them. Iida is too fast and their speed will only increase with Ochaco making them lighter. Momo can literally create anything, so her Quirk pretty much fits any kind of situation they would run into. And if somebody was bold enough to attack them head-on… well, let’s just say that they won’t want a SECOND Detroit Smash straight to the face.


Iida straightened himself as he adjusted his glasses, “I expected no less, from you, Midoriya… But I am afraid I have to refuse..”


Izuku looked at him, surprised. He thought that his plan was foolproof. So why would he decline?


“What? Why?”


Iida looked at him in the eyes, “Ever since the Entrance Exam, I just keep losing to you. You are a wonderful friend, but that is why, if I just keep on following you, I will never grow as an individual.”


He now had a steely resolve in his eyes.


“Bakugo and Todoroki are not the only ones who see you as a rival.”


Iida stepped away as he began walking away, “I want to beat you as well. That is why I will challenge you. And I am going to give it my all, so you best prepare yourself, Midoriya!”


He then walked back to his group, where Kaminari, Tokoyami, and Todoroki were waiting for him. If one looked close enough, a small smug grin could be seen on Todoroki’s face.


Izuku sighed. He really shouldn’t be surprised. He saw something like this coming. He understood that Iida wanted to beat him as well and that he also had a great determination to be a Hero. So it was only a matter of time before, he eventually decided that he was going to go against Izuku. But the Green-Haired Saiyan didn’t take it personally. As a matter of fact, he actually respected Iida for that. It showed that he was his own man, not willing to rely on the same person to carry him all the time. And that is exactly what a Hero should be like.


‘It has already begun.’


Izuku looked over his surroundings and saw numerous teams staring at him. But it was not the same kind of stares he received in middle school and prior. Back in those days, people stared at him because they saw him as inferior. An outcast. A Quirkless freak that had no place to belong in the world. But now, the stares he was getting, were the exact opposite. These stares were filled with respect and acknowledgment. They knew what he was capable of. They knew he was strong. They knew that he did indeed belong here. They admire him for his skill and tenacity to be the best…. And that is why they want so desperately to beat him!

‘Everyone’s an enemy. That’s right. I am at the top right now. I can’t just play at being friends. It truly is… One Versus All!


“Hehehe! As I thought, this is great! You stand out!”


Izuku, Momo, and Ochaco all turn around to the sound of the unfamiliar voice behind them.


“Team up with me, Midoriya! The one with the ten million points!”


“Ahh, so close! Who are you?!” Izuku yelled out in horror as an unfamiliar pink haired girl with goggles was right up in his face, completely invading his personal space.


She giggled as she adjusted her goggles, “I am Mei Hatsume, from the Support Course!” Mei proceeded to lift up her goggles, revealing unique yellow irises with what seemed to be a cross-hair or reticle embedded in each of her yellow eyes.


“Oh, that weird person from before,” Ochaco commented as she remembered seeing Mei in the Obstacles Course when she used various gadgets to go from platform to platform.


“I don’t know you, but let me use your position!” Hatsume shamelessly exclaimed as she seemed to not have a problem with blatantly saying that she only wanted to team up with Izuku to use him.


“Wow, you’re pretty blunt,” Momo said as she comically sweatdropped when she realized that Mei only wanted to team up with them because Izuku had the most amount of points.


She then speedily approached all three of them as she began speaking rapidly, “If I team up with you, then I’ll inevitably become part of the team everyone’s watching most, right?”


“Uhh,” Izuku dumbly replied.


Mei continued to speak as she got closer to Izuku and his two friends which forced them to take a couple of steps back.


“If that happens, then my super cute babies will inevitably be seen by the big Support companies!”


“Babies?” Momo asked in confusion as she raised an eyebrow.


“That means, in other words, that those big companies will see my babies!”


Ochaco then held out her hands in a stop motion, “Hold, wait, a minute. Can you slow down for a sec? Did you bring babies here? I don’t think that’s allowed and what about the big companies--”


“--And, I think you guys will also benefit!” Hatsume ignored Ochaco as she was solely focused on Izuku as she was explaining her reason for joining his team.


“Oh, she’s not even paying attention to me… “


Hatsume then opened a box, she got from God knows where, and inside it was a selection of many gadgets that she built.


“The Support Course develops equipment that helps Heroes deal with their Quirks. I have a ton of babies, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that you like! Oh, has this one caught your eye?”


Mei was currently holding what seemed to be a jetpack in her hands.


“I made this based on a certain Hero’s backpack, adding my own original twist to it.”


Izuku’s eyes widened, “Could you be talking about the Buster Hero, Air Jet? I like him, too!”



“Yeah, his agency’s close, so I went to tour it before.”


“Wow, amazing! By the way, My Quirk is… “


Momo and Ochaco looked on from the background as they saw how Izuku and Mei just started clicking seeing how they were interacting very nicely.


“They seemed to have… gotten along pretty quick.” Momo said as she frowned.


“Yeah, they have… “ Ochaco replied as she replicated a frown of her own.


For some unknown reason, seeing Izuku talk with Mei as they passionately discussed about Heroes and their gadgets annoyed the two girls just a little bit. They couldn’t quite put their finger on why though….


Izuku took a deep breath as he was now assessing his current situation.


‘Not being able to team up with Iida was a huge blow to our game plan, and now I have to rethink our strategy. But with Hatsume, Ochaco-chan, and Momo-chan… Yes, I got it! I know how to make this work!’


Izuku truned to face his team as he now had a confident smirk.


“Alright! Here’s our new game plan. Listen carefully... “

The buzzer went off, signally that the 15 minutes for gathering your Cavalry team were finally over.


“Time’s up! Now then, it’s about time to get started!” Midnight announced to the students as he did some arm stretches to prep herself.


“Hey, hey! Come on, wake up, Eraser! The second round is about to start!” Present Mic said as he nudged Aizawa, effectively waking him up from his nap.

“After fifteen minutes to form teams and talk strategy, twelve Cavalry teams are lined up on the field!” Present Mic yelled, attempting to hype up the crowd.


Aizawa took second to take a look at all of the teams.


“Hmmm… There are some interesting teams out there.”


“Now, raise those battle cries! It is time for U.A.’s bloody battle!”


“You’re dragging it. I don’t think there is going to be any bloodshed.” Aizawa commented.


“Light the signal fire!” Present Mic shouted as he ignored Aizawa’s comment.


Izuku tied the headband around his forehead, as he internally gained slightly more confidence. The headband reminded him of his Hero costume which was inspired by his Late Great ancestor, Bardock. Every time he put a headband on, it always made him feel empowered.


“Alright! Here we go! Is everybody ready?!” Izuku asked his teammates.


“Yes!” All three girls responded in unison.


Izuku then adopted a more serious and determined face as he was now in ‘Deku Mode.’


“I’m counting on you!”


A 10-second countdown began as everybody got into their positions.


“ALL RIGHT! You’ve all made your teams, right? I’m not going to ask if you’re ready or not!” Present Mic yelled as now the audience was on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating for the second round of the Sports Festival to begin.


“Now, let’s go! Counting down to the brutal bloody showdown!”


“You’re dragging it.”




Katsuki cracked his knuckles, “We are aiming for… “




“... One thing.” Shoto stared at Team Midoriya like how a predator stalks his prey.




Izuku smirked as he saw both Katsuki and Shoto staring at him directly in the eyes.


He then motioned his finger towards both of them.


“Then come and get it!”


“START!” Midnight announced as she waved her whip thus beginning the Cavalry Battle.


Numerous teams all began rushing towards Team Midoriya as they shouted out battle cries. All with a common goal.


“It is basically a battle for the ten million points!” Testutesu said.


“Midoriya, I’ll be taking those points! Thank you, very much!” Toru joyfully shouted.


Izuku sighed, “So they’re coming for us right from the get-go, huh?” He honestly shouldn’t even be surprised.


Momo huffed, “Talking about being predictable!”

“What do we do, Deku-kun?!” Ochaco asked as she was ready to do whatever Izuku needed her to do.


“Of course, our move is to run away! Let’s make them work for!” Izuku replied.


“I won’t let you!” Testutesu shouted.


His teammate then used his Quirk on the ground it made the Quirk all liquid like.


“What is this?!” Ochaco asked as he feet began to descend into the ground.


“We’re sinking!” Momo yelled as she quickly realized what was going on.


“No worries! Everybody hold on tight!” Izuku reassured his team as he had a plan to get out.


He then pushed a button which activated his jetpack. The entire team was sent up high in the air above all of their pursuers.


“Wow, he used a jetpack?! Thanks to the Support Course, huh? Follow them!”




“I know!” Jiro proceeded to aim her ear jacks towards Midoriya.


However, Izuku simply swatted them away like they were nothing. The force in his hand was strong enough to create a small gust of wind.


Jiro sucked her teeth, “Damn it! I forgot that he had monster strength!”


“Guys, we’re landing!” Ochaco said to prepare her teammates to land safely on the ground.


Hatsume used her special boots to create strong winds from the bottom of her soles to slow and ease their landing on the ground.


‘Making everyone other than Ochaco-chan weightless, so our weigh is just her plus the equipment and clothes.’ Izuku mused in his mind as they landed on the ground and began moving.


“What do you think of my babies? Aren’t they cute? Cuteness can be made, you know.” Hatsume asked as they were running across the battlefield.


“Excellent mobility! Your babies are amazing, Hatsume! Izuku replied as he did see all of the benefits that came with her gadgets and tools.


“Right?” Hatsume chirped as she was glad that somebody other than herself saw the value in her babies.


“I’m the one making them float… “ Ochaco muttered to her self.


“I can create things, too you know… “ Momo also mumbled to herself quietly.


“Huh? Momo-chan, Ochaco-chan, did you two say something?” Izuku asked.


“Nothing!” Both girls replied instantaneously.


‘Huh? That’s weird. I could have sworn, I heard them say something! Meh, maybe I’m just hearing things. I should focus on the task at hand!’


... ” Inner Deku stayed quiet as he did hear what the two girls said, but decided to just keep his mouth shut for the time being. Izuku needed to focus.


“We’re going after them, too! Come on Jiro, time to get revenge!” Toru energetically said as she wanted to get the ten million points as much as anybody else.


“Hey, wait, Hagakure! Your headband is gone!” Sato shouted as he did not see their headband anywhere.


Toru reached her invisible hand up to touch her forehead, only to realize she could not feel her headband anywhere.


“WHAT?! When did that happen?!”


A short distance away, the spectators could see Monoma, a blonde male student from Class 1-B nonchalantly twirling Team Hagakure’s headband with his fingers.


“Profiting while others fight.” He simply said as shamelessly enjoyed stealing points from Class 1-A students.


“NOW THEN! Even though barely two minutes have passed since we have started, it has already turned into a free-for-all! Fights over the headbands are breaking out all over! Ignoring the ten million points and going for second to fourth places is not bad either! Sometimes it is best to sneak up from behind to an unsuspecting opponent!” Present Mic yelled as the crowd was now enjoying the Cavalry Battle as they were now getting the chance to see many different Quirks on display.


Izuku was able to sense people running up from behind his team. He quickly turns his head to see Shoji running straight at him.


“Fighting? No, this is… a one-sided pillage!” A strangely familiar voice to Deku, Momo, and Ocahco shouted as Shoji was running towards them at full speed.


“Shoji?! What? By himself? But isn’t it supposed to be a team battle?” Ochaco asked as she thought there could only be teams of two to four students total.


Momo saw that some teams were attempting to close in on them.


“Don’t worry about it, Uraraka-san! For now, let’s put some distance between the other teams for now.” The black haired beauty proceeded to create a cannon from the exposed skin of her abdomen, similar to the one she used against the Zero Pointers in the Obstacle Course.


“We can’t be caught standing still against multiple opponents!”


Momo then fired various shots at the teams try to close in on them. They were forced to back away in order to not get hit by the cannon fire which would surely do a lot of damage to their team and make them vulnerable enough for people to steal their headbands and points.


Ochaco tried to move her feet, but one of the rocket boots that Mei lent her was stuck on something.


“What the?!”


“What’s wrong Ochaco-chan?!” Deku asked as he realized they weren’t moving.


“One of my rocket boots is stuck on something! I can’t move!”


Deku looked to see what was making her stuck and he saw a small grape colored ball.


“Of course! It’s Mineta’s Quirk!”


Deku closed his eyes as he focused on finding the Purple Haired Pervert’s energy signature. Once he found it, he immediately turned his head towards Shoji.


“HE’S IN THERE. He’s hiding inside of Shoji’s arms!”


“Hehe, so you’ve caught me, huh, Midoriya?” Mineta popped out from inside of Shoji’s arms as he had a creepy expression.


“Is that even allowed!” Deku rhetorically asked.


“It is!” Midnight replied.


“Wow! I was not actually expecing a response but okay!”


Then, out of nowhere a long tongue attacked Izuku as it attempted to take his ten million point headband. However, Deku was fast enough to dodge it at last second. The tongue tried to steal Tesutesu’s headband but he also dodged it.


The owner of the tounge revealed to be Tsuyu as she too was hidden inside of Shoji’s arms.


“I didn’t expect any less form you, Midoriya.” The frog girl said as wasn’t surprised that Deku was able to dodge her attack. She saw how fast he was when he saved her life when Shigarki was about to kill her with his Decay Quirk.


“And, Asui, too, huh? Not a bad combo!” Deku acknowledged the strength of the team.


“Call me Tsu!”


The frog girl proceeded to launch her tongue again towards the Green-Haired Saiyan. Mineta combined her attack with multple purple balls hurling towards Deku, hoping that one of them sticks to him.


Deku however, was able to impress the crowd as he effortless dodged all of their advances towards his headband.


“Team Mineta makes use of the overwhelming difference in their sizes! They’re like a tank! But Midoriya is able to dodge all of their attacks. How is he so fast when he’s that big and tall?!” Present Mic asked as the crowd thought that with Izuku’s overwhelming strength, it would most likely come with a lack of speed. But for some reason, that weakness and trope do not apply to Deku.


“Izuku-kun! We need to get away or we will eventually be caught!” Momo ushered.


“Alright, we’re blasting off again!” Deku pushed the button to activate his jetpack.


This forced the bottom part of Ochaco’s rocket boot to be completely torn off.


As they were flying in the air, Hatsume noticed this.


“My baby was torn apart!”


“It is alright Hatsume-san! I have a backup plan, so don’t worry!” Izuku reassured the pink haired mechanic.


“DEKU!” Bakugo yelled out as he used his Explosions to blast himself up towards Team Midroiya.


“What the fu- Kaccahn?! Is he seriously trying to chase me from all the way up here!?” izuku asked in shock, as he did expect him to chase him around but, he didn’t expect Bakugo to literally leave his entire team to go get him all by himself!


“Don’t get carried away, you nerd!” Bakugo prepared a flaming hot Explosion aimed right for Deku’s face.


“He’s going to blow us up!” Ochaco screamed in horror.


“No, he’s not! Momo-chan! Shield!” Deku commanded his Vice President.


“Right!” Momo then quickly created a silver shield big enough to cover her entire team. When Katsuki fired his Explosion, it directly landed on the shield. However, the defense was so strong, that it was able to nullify the attack completely!


“Damn it! I forgot that Pony Tail is able to create practically anything. You chose her intentionally for that purpose for that, huh, Deku? You cunning bastard!” Bakugo shouted in frustration. With Momo as their front horse, he realized that Deku was practically untouchable! He would have to attack him from of their blind spots.


The crowd cheered as they were finally getting to see some hand on hand action.


“--He’s gotten separated from his horses!”

“--What’s with this guy?!”

“--Is that even allowed?!”


A long gray tape then wrapped around Katsuki’s shoulder as it pulled him back t his team.


“Nice catch, Sero!” Kirishima said.


“It’s a technicality, so it’s okay! It wouldn’t have been if he’d touched the ground, though! So as long as he stays in the air and above the ground, leaving your team is OKAY!” Midnight announced as she made it clear what the rules said about Katsuki’s little stunt.


‘Hmmm.. So we’re playing by those rules, huh?’ Deku said mentally as a couple of new plans began forming in his head.


They descended back to the ground.


“Thanks, Ochaco-chan! Your Quirk is really good in these conditions!” Deku stated.


“It’s hard to control with just one foot, but I’ll manage!”


‘Yeah, I know. Landing like this is inefficient… It's best if we stay out of the air unless we absolutely need to! We’ll just have to make do with our increased mobility from Ochaco-chan’s Zero Gravity and Momo-chan’s Creation! And I have to make sure to protect my teammates with my power. Yes… Momo-chan, Ochaco-chan, and Hatsume-san are my support Heroes while I am their main Tank and DPS hybrid!’

“Now, let us take a look at each team’s points! It has been seven minutes! Here the current rankings up on the screen!” Present Mic said as the rankings were shown on the jumbotron.


“Huh? What?” Some of the audience members said in confusion.


“What? Wait a minute! Other than Team Midoriya, Class A isn’t doing so well… “ Present Mic announced as the standings showed that while Team Midoriya was in first place, Team Monoma was in second place with 1,360 points and Team Tesutesu was in third place with 1,125 points.


“Wait, a second! Team Bakugo has zero points! What happened?!”


Seemingly out of nowhere, Monoma appeared behind Bakugo as he snatched his headband cleanly off. Bakugo didn’t know what happened until a couple of seconds later.


“Class A is too simple-minded… “


“Crap! He got us!” Mina said as she too realized that Monoma stole their points right from under their noses.


“What’d you say, bastard? Give that back or I’ll come over there and kill you!” Katsuki shouted as he was angry at the fact that some Class B extra was able to catch him off guard.


“Since Midnight said that it was the first game, it wouldn’t make sense for them to cut a ton of people in the qualifier, right?”


“Huh? What bullshit are you spouting, extra?”


“Assuming they’d keep about forty people for the next stage, we just made sure we stayed within that number as we ran, observing from the back the Quirks and personalities of those who would be our rivals. There’s no point in being obsessive over winning in the prelims, right?” Monoma sated with a smug smirk.


“You did this as a class?”


“Well, it wasn’t a consensus, but it was a good idea, right?”

“Hey, Monoma! They’re coming!” One of his teammates whispered as he noticed a couple of teams circling around them.


Monoma continued on with his monolouge, “It’s better than going after a temporary ‘top’ like a horse with a carrot waving in front of its face. Oh, while I’m at it, you’re quite famous, aren’t you? As the victim of the Sludge Incident! You should tell me about it sometime-- About how it feels to be attacked by Villains once a year.”


When he said those last few sentences, that struck Katsuki’s biggest nerve. Being reminded of that incident, about a year ago made him remember when Deku saved his life… and it led him to remember Deku’s speech….


“Kirishima… change of plans… “


Kirishima looked up only to be horrified at what he saw. Monoma also turned his attention towards the Ash Blonde haired student.


Around him, was an aura of pure red, filled with absolute hatred and anger.


“Before we get Deku, we’re going to kill these guys!” Katsuki simply stated as he was irate at the fact that Monoma even dared to bring that sludge incident up.


Deku was overhearing the conversation from not too far away.


‘So Class B had a long-term strategy that involved them throwing the qualifier, huh? It is true that they could leave a stronger impression by overturning the mood that favored Class A before the Sports Festival started. But based on their way of thinking, it means they won’t necessarily come after us.’ Deku said mentally as he began to rethink his strategy.


“Everyone, I have an idea! We are going to go on the offensive for a little bi-”


Izuku was interrupted as his horses immediately stopped moving. Izuku was confused as to why they stopped, but when he looked up, he realized why.


In front of them, staring them down was none other than Team Todoroki.


“Less than half of the time is left now!” Present Mic announced.


Deku smirked as he saw one of his biggest threats staring him directly in the eyes.


“You finally got impatient, huh, Todoroki-san?”


“The Cavalry battle is about to enter the second half! In this unexpected rise of Class B, who will wear the ten million points in the end?!” Present Mic said as the crowd was beginning to get even more hyped up than before.


Shoto looked coldly at what he deemed as, his ‘biggest obstacle.’


“I’ll be taking that now, if you don’t mind, Midoriya.”


“Hmph. I thought we would not have a confrontation against Team Todoroki until the climax of the round. He seems to think highly of you, Izuku-kun.” Momo said as in her opinion, the second strongest student in Class 1-A wasted no time in attacking Team Midoriya.


“Only half of the time is left! Don’t stop moving!” Izuku said as he wasn’t planning on facing Todoroki so soon. He wanted to save the best for last.


“Iida, forward!” Todoroki commanded.


“Right!” The glasses-wearing teen replied as he activated his Engine Quirk and charged towards Midoriya.


“Tokoyami, prepare, Dark Shadow to defend us from all angles!”




“Kaminari, you--”


“--I know what I have to do!”


Izuku widened his eyes as he realized what they were planning to do.


“Momo-chan! Create an insulation sheet large enough to cover us all! Everyone, hold on tight as I watch our surroundings! It is not just one group that is coming after us!”


Izuku saw that there were many other teams behind Todoroki who were trying to capitalize.


“Make sure you guard well… Indiscriminate Shock… 1.3 Million Volts!” Kaminari shouted as lighting erupted from his body and it created an area of effect.


Deku immediately grabbed the insulation sheet that Momo made and wrapped it around his entire team. Dark Shadow did something similar as it made sure the lightning did not damage any member of Team Todoroki.


All around them, teams were getting shocked by Kaminari’s lightning attack. They were all rendered as immobilized as none of them prepared for the huge shock.


Shoto’s right hand began producing frost, “Less than six minutes left. We can’t back down now.” He proceeded to ice the floor behind them as it trapped all of the other teams that were ganging up on them. “Sorry, but you will all just have to bear it.”


“What? What’d he do? Todoroki took care of that crowd of teams in an instant!” Present Mic asked.


“He froze them after Kaminari shock stopped them… I guess it should be expected, but he took into account how a lot of people avoided it in the obstacle course.” Aizawa commented as he explained Todoroki’s strategy.


Present Mic gave him a thumbs up, “Nice commentary!”


Kendo then noticed that her neck felt a little lighter. She reached for it, only to realize that the headbands she had stolen were completely gone!


“I might as well take these!” Shoto nonchalantly said as in his hands were numerous stolen headbands.


“Damn it! Give them back!”


“What? Crap, he took mine, too?”


Izuku tried to turn on his jet back, but it wasn't working.


“Hatsume-san, the jetpack is not responding!”


“Baby! There’s room for improvement!”


“Crap! We can’t get away, so it looks like we’re going to have to fight back!” Deku told his teammates.


“Tokoyami, attack!” Shoto ordered!


“Momo-chan!” Izuku called out.


“I got it!” Momo replied as she whipped out another shield to block Dark Shadow’s advance.


Kaminari sucked his teeth, “Yaoyorozu’s Creation is going to be a pain in the ass to deal with!”


“No. Midoriya is worse. With that level of overwhelming raw power at his disposal, it will be difficult to actually do some real damage to him. While if he hits us with any of his signature Smashes, its game over for us.” Shoto said as he realized that the true threat of Team Midroiya was Izuku.


As Izuku’s team kept moving back they suddenly stopped.


“Oh snap! Team Midoriya has nowhere to go now!” Present Mic said as Team Midoriya was now along the edge of the fighting stage.


‘We have nowhere left to run… Alright, fuck it then! Let’s go on the offensive.’


“Everybody hold still!” Izuku commanded.


All three of his teammates looked up at him in curiosity. What was he up to?


Izuku took a deep breath as he closed his eyes and concentrated.




Izuku cried out as he shot three white Ki blasts towards his teammates.


However, these Ki blasts were not meant to do damage.

When the Ki blasts hit the three girls, they all shivered in shock as they immediately felt an upsurge of energy.


“Wh-What is this feeling?” Ochaco asked but was then silenced as around her, was a milky white aura of Ki which enveloped her whole body. The same can be said for Momo and Mei.


Izuku raised his fist in fulfillment, “YES! It worked! It was a success! I knew those Ki control exercises were not for nothing.”


“I-Izu-kun! What did you do?! Why do all of a sudden do I feel like I can run 10 miles without stopping and have the power to crush boulders with my bare hands?!” Momo asked as her whole body was currently feeling euphoric. She had never felt this strong before ever in her entire life. It was almost intoxicating, to say the least.


“M-My mind feels like it has opened up to brand new possibilities!” Hatsume said in shock as her mind, body, and soul felt much clearer and stronger than before!


Izuku smirked at seeing the reactions from the three girls.


“Well, to put it simply, I lent you guys some of my energy! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on controlling my Ki and that was one trick I was able to pick up on! I hope it isn’t too underwhelming! I didn’t want to give you guys too much energy than what your bodies can currently handle.” Izuku said.


“Underwhelming?! Izuku-kun, this is incredible! I never thought it would be possible for somebody to be able to share their power with multiple people at once!” Momo said as she began testing the new found energy as she began creating multiple objects at once. It didn’t seem like they were wasting her lipids at all!


“W-Wow! This is Deku-kun’s power… It's spectacular! He’s so strong… “ Ochaco muttered as she could feel Deku’s energy running all throughout her body.


“Alright! Everyone, full speed ahead!” Deku commanded.


“Right!” The three girls shouted in unison.


Shoto began producing ice in his right arm.


“I don’t know what you did, nor do I know why your teammates have a similar aura to you, but if you think I’m just going to let you escape, then you’re sadly mistak-”


Shoto was cut off as in a huge burst of speed, Team Midoriya completely blitzed them. The speed behind them was so strong that it created gusts of wind that were powerful enough to shatter Shoto’s ice.


“W-What in the world!” Shoto yelled in confused shock.


“S-So fast?! How the fuck?” Kaminari sputtered as his brain was having difficulty forming sentences.


“What great speed?! I didn’t even see them move!” Tokoyami said in disbelief. He also couldn’t believe that they moved so fast.


Momo almost tripped on her feet.


“O-Oh my God! I have never moved so quickly in my life! I almost lost control of myself.


‘Yes, it's working! Sharing a portion of my energy to them plus with Ochaco-chan making us weightless, we are able to move together at superhuman speeds! This will give us a huge edge in battle!’ Izuku mentally cheered as he was happy to see that his plan was working.


Shoto sucked his teeth in annoyance, “Why you- I won't let you get away Midoriya!”


He aimed a stream of Ice towards Ochaco, deeming her the most vulnerable of the group.


Ochaco widened her eyes in horror, ‘It is coming straight for me!’


Izuku saw the distress look on her face.


“Listen to me, Ocahco-chan! You have enough power to just simply punch the ice away!”


“WHAT?! Deku-kun, I don’t know. I’m not strong like you!”


“YES, YOU ARE! Come on trust me! Hurry up, it's getting closer!”


Ochaco saw the the stream of ice was indeed closing in on her. If it were to make a direct impact, she could be severely injured. Was Todoroki trying to kill her?!


Ochaco gulped as she made a fist, “Okay, Deku-kun! I trust you!”


As the ice was inches from her face, Ochaco threw the hardest punch she could muster with all of her being!”




As soon as the fist made contact with the ice, it was completely obliterated to a million pieces. The force behind Ocahco’s punch was so powerful that it launched some shards of ice all the way up to the sky at high speeds.


Shoto eyes widened as he thought he was hallucinating.

“WHAT?! How is this possible?! I put a lot of power into that ice and Uraraka is just able to punch it away like its nothing! Where did that power come from?!” Shoto said as he grit his teeth in frustration.


Ochaco stared at her hand in shock.


‘I-I did it! Oh my goodness… Deku-kun’s energy is so strong. Is this how feels on a daily basis? Incredible!’


“So not only did Midroiya grant them super speed but super strength as well. Amazing! To think that there is such an ability where one can give portions of their energy away!” Tenya said as he too was dumbfounded at how he just increased the physical capabilities of all three of his teammates just like that.


Izuku smirked as he enjoyed seeing Shoto frustrated.


“Hey, Todoroki-san! Are you, by any chance, forgetting something?”


“What are you talking abou-” Shoto didn’t finish his sentence as his eyes widened in realization. He felt that his neck was a little lighter than it was prior to a few seconds. He reached for it to see, that all of his stolen headbands were… gone!


Shoto looked up to see Deku twirling all of his stolen headbands with his finger.


“Oh, did you remember what you forgot, Todoroki-san?” Deku sarcastically asked all with a smug smirk on his face.


“You…. How did you… “ Shoto then remembered what just happened in like the last minute.’It must have been when they completely blitzed us! I was not paying attention when Midoriya must have snatched the stolen headbands from my neck when I was monologing! Damn you, Midoriya!’


Endeavor looked on in disgust as he saw how Izuku was playing Shoto.


“You fool! Don’t underestimate him! If he’s anything like his Father, Hisashi, then he must always have some trick up his sleeve. He’s exploiting your weaknesses, and you are falling right into his hands. Foolish boy.”


Izuku then began placing the stolen headbands around his neck.


“Alright, ladies, let’s get out of here. There are still other teams we can go steal points from!” Deku told his teammates.


“NO! Don’t let them get away!” Kaminari shouted as he began charging another electric attack.


“Not so fast! Momo-chan! Smokescreen, please!” Izuku commanded his Vice President.


“Roger that, Izuku-kun! “ Momo then effortless created a smoke bomb which then produced a thick black smoke that concealed Team Midoriya completely.


“NOOOO!” Shoto shouted as he fired a barrage of ice shards towards the smoke screen. However, when the smoke cleared, Team Midoriya was no longer there.


Shoto Todoroki was now beyond pissed off. He felt like pulling his hair out. He never foresaw any of this happening. His plan was just to go after Team Midroiya and take his ten million points. Thus, he would automatically advance to the next round of the U.A. Sports Festival. But no. Izuku Midroiya just kept on throwing a curveball, after curveball, after a curveball, one after another, after another, and after another. When he thinks he has the Green-Haired Powerhouse all figured out, he just pulls out another trick and keeps on surprising him. That is not what is supposed to happen. He’s supposed to be the best damn it! He’s supposed to dominate and show the world that he can be the Number One Hero WITHOUT his Father’s power.


His Father… oh right that reminded him. He was up in the stands watching. He looked up, only to see Endeavor looking directly at him with utter shame in his eyes. He shook his head as he saw how Izuku just manhandled his entire team and got away with stealing their points.


‘M-Midoriya…. Do you dare embarrass me? Do you dare make a fool out of me? Do you dare make me look like a laughing stock? IN FRONT OF MY NO GOOD FATHER!?’


Shoto was burning in wrath.


Wait, burning?


On Shoto’s left side, he could see small sparks of flame beginning to form. They were getting bigger and stronger until he realized what he was doing. He quickly deactivated the flames as he used his right side to cool his body down and calm him down as well.

“D-Did Midoriya… just tempt me into using my left side?! What in the hell is going on with me? I never use my flames in battle! But I was just about to summon my flames, subconsciously without even realizing it! I-Is Midoriya… trying to MOCK ME?!’


“DIE!” Bakugo shouted as he charged straight for Monoma. However, the student of Class 1-B simply dodged the strike as he used his hand to simply slap Bakugo’s hand away.


“Why you son of a-”


But before Katsuki could finish his sentence, he was met with an Explosion right to the face.


“Wow! What a nice Quirk!” Monoma mocked as he used Katsuki’s own Quirk to blast him away. He then procceded to unnoticeably touch Kirishima’s hair.


“What the fuck?! That’s my Quirk, how in the hell did you do that?” Bakugo asked as he stumbled back due to the force of the Explosion and the shock of seeing his own power used against him.


“Bakugo, someone has the same Quirk as you, too?” Kirishima shouted as he almost couldn’t believe his eyes.


Bakugo sucked his teeth in irritation.


“FUCK YOU, YOU BASTARD!” Bakugo screamed as he launched a violent Explosion right to the side of Monoma’s face.


“Realy, such nice Quirks… “


Bakugo’s eyes widened in shock. ‘What the hell?! How is he not dead yet. I made sure to put extra power into that last blast.


Then the smoke cleared which then showed the left side of Mono’s face and arm had the effects of Kirishima’s hardening Quirk.


“But I think we can alll agree that my Quirk is far superior to yours, am I right?” Monoma said with a confident smirk on his face.


“Wha…? Hey, that’s my Quirk! How are you doing that?” Kirishima demanded as he clearly didn’t like the fact that a student from Class 1-B was using his Hardening Quirk right in front of him.


“This guy… he’s copying our Quirks!” Bakugo exclaimed as he observed Monoma’s powers.


“That is correct! Right on the money! It seems you students from Class 1-A aren’t as slow and dumb as I had initially thought.


Name: Neito Monoma

Quirk: Copy: He can use the Quirks of anyone he touches as much as he wants for a time span of five minutes! He can’t use two or more at the same time, though!


“Well, I guess, even an idiot like you can figure it out, huh?” Monoma mocked Bakugo as he twirled his headband in his fingers.


“Well then I guess, I’ll see you later. With the number of points we have now, we’re definetely guaranteed to make it to the top four! Maybe I’ll see in the next round. Maybe I wont. Who knows what can happen!” Monoma proceeded to go the other way as he turned around to look at Bakugo one last time.


“I guess, I will go find somebody else that can give me a challenge. Maybe I will run into the guy who gave the student pledge. What was his name… Midoriya.. Was it? I’m pretty sure he can give me a much better fight than you ever could. Just saying.”


“I’m... going to kill you… “ Bakugo calmly stated as he heard Monoma’s words. What is this bastard suggesting?! That Deku is better than him?! NO CHANCE IN HELL! Bakugo was beyond irate now, especially when he brought up Izuku Midoriya’s Student Pledge…


“What’s wrong with him?” Monoma asked.


“You pushed the Midoriya button… You shouldn’t have done that.” Kirishima said


“The Midoriya Button?”


“Hey, did somebody call my name?!”


“Deku?!” Bakugo asked


Behind Team Monoma was Team Midoriya as they had just escaped Team Todoroki via Momo’s smoke screen.


“Oh, speak of the devil,” Monoma said as he now put all of his attention towards the Green-Haired Saiyan.


“Midoriya, watch out! He can copy anybody’s Quirk just by touching you once and he’ll be able to use it against you like its nothing!” Kirishima warned his Class President.


“Hmm… a Copy Quirk, huh? Very interesting, indeed.” Izuku said as he already had a plan formed in his mind on how to deal with the student from Class 1-B.


“Alright, so let’s see what you can do!” Izuku jumped towards Team Monoma as he deliberately aimed a slow and light punch towards the blonde. Monoma easily dodged the Green-Haired Saiyan’s attack and used the opportunity to touch his arm. Once Izuku felt that Monoma had touched him, he jumped to his team.


Monoma smirked, “HAHAHA! Did you not hear what one of your idiot classmates just said. I can copy Quirks just by touching people. And, you just charged blindly at me? I thought you were different, but it seems I was wrong. You’re just as dumb as the rest of your classmates!”


Monoma then activated his Quirk. Suddenly, purple vein-like markings started to form around his arm. Along with it, came green electricity that just emanated power.


“OH MY LORD! Your Quirk is the most amazing, I have ever copied! I feel as if, I have the power of All Might himself in my arm. Thank you for being such a stupid idiot for letting me copy your Quirk! Now, with this power, I can undoubtedly get first place in this round! HAHAHA! This power is amazing!”


Monoma then proceeded to hurl towards Deku at full speed, with the intent of blowing him and his entire team away with the power of One For All .


Seeing Monoma charge Deku head on, just made him smirk in victory.


“Take this!” Monoma then smashed Deku with all of the might he could muster.


There was a huge shockwave as most teams were blown back just by the raw power of Monoma’s punch.


“Crap! I tried to warn him!” Kirishima said as he covered his eyes due to the harsh winds blowing towards him.


“S-Such Power!” Present Mic shouted as the crowd desperately waited for the smoke to clear in order to see the result of Monoma’s attack.


However, when the smoke did eventually clear, everybody was shocked, to say the least, at what they saw.


Monoma’s arm had turned into an ugly pinkish purple color as it was clearly broken due to the unnatural way it was bent. Blood and gashes could be seen all over it.


Deku was seen casually blocking the punch with… just one finger.


“WHAT?! He was able to block that monster punch with just a finger?!” Sero said in shock as he voiced most of what people were thinking in their heads at the moment.


“Wh-what?! How is this possible?! Your Quirk is supposed to make me… invincible!” Monoma stuttered out as the pain his right arm was experience had to be the worst he has ever felt in his entire life.


Deku smirked smugly as he saw the shocked look on Monoma and many other people’s face.


“While you are right, my Quirk does grant the user incredible amounts of strength and power. The thing is, in order to use it efficiently, one must have the proper vessel in order to contain all of that power. I let you copy my Quirk because I knew that you would be intoxicated by the power it would grant you. And you would no doubt charge straight at me, attempting to take my ten million points. You fell, right into my trap.” Deku finished as he removed his finger from Monoma’s hand.


Monoma smiled in acknowledgment.


“Well played, Midoriya. It seems I have misjudged you. You are definitely a cut above the rest.”


That was the last thing, the student from Class 1-B said before he fell to the floor, due to the backlash of using One For All without having a proper vessel or training.


Deku then adopted a serious expression.


“Oh, and by the way. Don’t ever disrespect my classmates. Ever. Again.”


Deku then turned away as paramedics immediately came to carry Monoma out in a stretcher.


‘Izuku Midoriya, huh? Truly an interesting character.’ Those were the last thoughts of Monoma before passed out to unconsciousness. His respect for the Green-Haired Saiyan has dramatically increased.


“ONE MINUTE LEFT!” Present Mic announced as there was now only 60 seconds left in the Cavalry Battle. Those who had little points had to step it up soon or they would be going home instead of the next round of the Sports Festival.


‘Excellent, Young Izuku! You’re doing good! Just one more minute, and you’ll advance to the next round!’ Toshinori cheered mentally as he was truly impressed by what his Suceesor has been able to accomplish in the Sports Festival so far. And he hasn’t even been using One For All !


“One more minute?!” Shoto said in shock as he had not realized that time had gone so quickly. He still needed to get the ten million points from Midoriya!


“The bastard…” Shoto muttered.


Iida opened his eyes as he had made his decision.


“Everyone, there is less than a minute left. You won’t be able to use me after this. I am counting on you!”


“Iida, what are you talking about?” Shoto asked curiously


Iida then got into his running stance.


“Hang on tight! Make sure you get it, Todoroki!”


Iida’s engines then began to light up as a blue fire began exhausting from them.


Torque Over--


Iida then quickly ran towards Team Midoriya at a speed that nobody was expecting at all. Izuku didn’t even know what him as he was not paying attention to Team Todoroki at all.


“-- Reciproburst!


Todoroki then grabbed the headband on Izuku’s forehead as quickly as he could before Izuku could figure out what was even happening.


“Wha…?!” Present Mic stuttered out as the audience had no idea what just happened.


“What happened? So fast! So fast! Iida if you could accelerate that fast, then show us in the prelims!” Present Mic shouted as the crowd cheered.


“Wh-What in the world was that?” Shoto asked in shock. He had no clue what was happening so he just grabbed the headband on instinct.


“By forcing the torque and rotations to increase, I created an explosive power. With the recoil, my engine stalls after a while, though. It is a secret move I had not told anyone in class yet.” Iida replied as he finally revealed his super secret move.


Deku just turned his head to look at Iida in amazement.


“I told you, didn’t I, Midoriya? That I’d challenge you.” Tenya looked at Izuku in the eyes as he had a smirk of confidence.


Izuku smirked as well, as he gave Iida a look of respect and acknowledgment.


“Yes, Iida, you did. I have to admit, I was not expecting that at all! Buuuuuuut. There’s one problem that you didn’t consider.”


Tenya frowned, “And what would that be, Midoriya?”


Izuku then looked at Shoto.


“Hey, Todoroki-san! How about, you take a closer look at the headband you just took from me.”


Shoto gave him a mean glare, “What are you talking about, Monkey Boy?” Shoto proceeded to flip the headband over and take a closer look at it. At first, he didn’t see what Midoriya was getting at, but when he compared the headband to the one he had tied around his forehead, he gasped in shock.


“You… Damn you, you BASTARD!”


All of the headbands that were given to the participants in the Cavalry Battle all had red numbers on them…. The one Shoto stole from Izuku… had blue numbers


“T-This is a-”


“Fake.” Izuku finished Shoto’s thought as he grabbed one of the headbands from his neck and twirled it around to show that it was the real ten million point headband.


“How, and when were you able to pull this off?!” Shoto asked, anger clearly evident in his voice.


“Remember the smokescreen?” Momo asked.


“Well, Deku-kun told Yaomomo to make a fake ten million point headband with blue numbers instead of red,” Ochaco added.


“And he simply replaced the real ten million point headband with that one, successfully hiding the real thing under the various headbands that we stole from you!” Hatsume finished.


“You made a great effort, Iida, buuuuuut…. You fell just a little bit short.” Izuku said.


“...” Shoto was just speechless.


“OH MY!! Midoriya out of nowhere with the clutch fake ten million point headband. Nobody even considered that a possibility. The genius mind of Izuku Midoriya is displayed once again in this round of the U.A. Sports Festival!” Present Mic screamed as the crowd began to cheer even louder than before.


Izuku then adopted a smirk, “Well, since our victory is guaranteed since we still have ten million points, and there’s under a minute left, I will ensure our victory by DOING THIS!”


Izuku then blasted off towards the sky as he flew to a very high altitude. He then stopped as he floated there, waiting for the time to run out!


“What?! He can fly?!”

“Unbelievable?! Is there anything this guy can’t do?!”


Many people in the crowd started commentating as they were now witnessing Izuku simply floating in the sky waiting for the time to run out.


“Hmmm… Reminds me of a certain blue-haired Senior…. “Snipe said as a specific curious student came to mind as he saw Izuku fly.


“Oh, man! I forgot he can do that! Welp, I guess there goes our chance of getting the ten million points.” Kirishima said as he sighed. He really wanted to get the ten million points, but alas, Izuku seems to not want anybody else to lay a finger on his headband.


“NOOO! I refuse to give up! DEKU! JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN FLY, DON’T THINK YOU CAN RUN FROM ME!” Bakugo screamed at the top of his lungs as he used his Explosions to propel himself towards th air straight at Deku.


“Oh, what’s this?! It seems like Bakugo has different plans. He is dead set on getting those ten million points!” Present Mic said as the crowd was enjoying the show.


“What the? Kacchan?! Are you being serious?! You can’t fly! You’ll hurt yourself coming this far up!”


Shoto sucked his teeth as he saw Bakugo chase Midoriya.


“Midoriya, you have made a fool out of me not once, not twice, but three times! I can’t let you get away with that. THOSE TEN MILLION POINTS ARE MINE!”


Shoto created a freakishly tall pillar of ice as he was following right behind Bakugo as he too also wanted a piece of Deku and his ten million points.


“OH WOW! It looks like Todoroki wants a piece of Midoriya as well!” Present Mic announced.


“Todoroki-san, you too?!” Deku shouted in shock.


But he then smirked as in reality… he was expecting this all along. And he couldn’t help but admire the tenacity of his two classmates.


“Alright then… you guys asked for it!”

The scent of Ozone filled the air as Deku’s body began to envelop with powerful green electrecity. His eyes glowed with power as he activated, One For All: Full Cowl !


Deku arched his back as he pulled his right arm back and began charging up his attack. Purple vein-like markings appearing across his arm.








All three were centimeters from each other as Deku was ready to release his attack.






Chapter Text



                                      Chapter 13: Unbreakable Will



                   Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.







All three were centimeters from each other as Deku was ready to release his attack.





Izuku eyes widened in shock as he stopped mid punch. His green electric aura disappearing as he deactivated One For All: Full Cowl . He did it right on time. If it had been a split second later then both Katsuki and Shoto would have been blown out of the stadium with a fierce Detroit Smash .


“That is the end of the second round, the Cavalry Battle!” Present Mic announced as the crowd began cheering loudly, clearly satisfied with what they were able to see in the second round of the Sports Festival.


Bakugo lost his balance as he plummeted towards the ground as he fell flat on his face. His team immediately coming to check up on him.


“Hey, Bakugo! You okay, man?! That stunt you just pulled was dangerous! You had us worried!” Kirishima ushered as chasing Izuku at such a high height was definitely not the safest or smartest thing to do.


Bakugo began pounding the floor in anger and frustration, “Fuck! Shit! Damn it! Deku won again!” He clearly wasn’t keen with the fact that yet again, Midoriya came in first place in one of the rounds of the Sports Festival.


“Damn it. I was outplayed by Midoriya again! How do you beat this guy?!” Shoto said as he was also frustrated at his ‘rival’ who was able to win again. He descended back towards the floor in a stream of ice. He made sure to melt the huge pillar of ice that he created to chase Deku up in the sky.


“Now, let us take a look at the top four teams right away!” Present Mic announced as the rankings were displayed in the jumbotron.


“At first place, with over ten million points, we have none other than TEAM MIDORIYA! Give it up for the team that was able to persevere through the entire round, even when they had the biggest target on their back.” Present Mic announced as the crowd began cheering as it almost seemed impossible that the same person was able to win two rounds in a row.


“ALRIGHT! I knew we could do it! High-five everyone!” Ochaco bubbly said as the three young girls on Deku’s team began high-fiving and congratulating each other.


“Yes! My babies were on full display to the entire world!” Hatsume yelled in ecstasy as she knew that teaming up with the Green-Haired Powerhouse would benefit her and her gadgets immensely


Momo sighed in relief, “Even though we won, it felt like we were skating on thin ice.”


“Well we kind of were. Todoroki was really persistent. But it all worked out in the end.” Ochaco replied as she still remembered the ice shard that Shoto launched at her. She was glad that Deku lent her some of his power or else that ice would have hurt… a lot.


After hearing the announcement that Team Midoriya had won, the man himself floated down towards the ground as he regrouped with his team.


“Congratulations, everyone! All three of you were amazing! I sincerely thank you all. You were willing to give me a chance even though I had the biggest disadvantage in the round. Nice work.” Izuku said as he made sure that no ashes or ice were on his clothes since Bakugo and Todoroki were always going after him in the Cavalry Battle.


“No need to thank us! It was all thanks to you, Izuku-kun. Your strength and planning saved us a couple of times out there. So without you, we would not have won, so in reality we should really be thanking you.” Momo said as both Ochaco and Mei nodded in agreement.


Deku smiled sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head, “You guys are always giving me way too much credit. I just did my job. Nothing more, nothing less. You guys actually helped me a lot more than you think. Everybody is strong in their own special way. Never forget that.”


Momo blushed a little as she gave a simple nod of acknowledgement. The other two girls noticed the Vice President’s flustered expression but didn’t comment on it since they were struggling on concealing their own flustered faces.


“To have everybody set their targets on you, and still be able to come out of top is nothing short of impressive. He’ll definitely make it far when he goes Pro.” Aizawa said as he commended Izuku for his fighting skill and tactical mind.


“Oh, what’s this? It seems that you have taken a liking to one of your students, Eraser Head” Present Mic said.


Aizawa shrugged his shoulder.


“Call it whatever you want. I’m just stating the facts. Nothing more. Nothing less.”


“In second place, Team Todoroki!” Present Mic announced the team that had the second greatest amount of points.


Todoroki’s eyes widened as he thought he had heard wrong.


“Wha- How?! The only headband we were able to steal was from Midoriya and that one was a fake! How did we get second place?!” The bi-colored teen asked in shock as he thought his team had a much lower amount of points.

Kaminari and Iida looked at him, before they both smirked and pointed behind them towards Tokoyami.


“Midoriya was clearly shaken by Iida’s super secret ultimate move. I had hoped to get the ten million points, but things don’t always go as you wish.”


Todoroki gasped as he saw that Dark Shadow was holding up a headband.


“Even so, I got one.”


The number written on the headband was 615.


“I took the one on his head where his guard was the weakest. This was thanks to the opening that Iida created with his Reciproburst .”


Dark Shadow gave a thumbs up.


Todoroki sighed in relief as he finally calmed down.


“Thank you, Tokoyami-san. I knew I didn’t make a mistake when I recruited you. I’m glad you proved yourself. Now we will advance to the next round.” Shoto said as he was back to his chill, neutral mood that he’s usually in. Going up against Midoriya just put him on edge for some reason.


Endeavor was observing from the stands as he sucked his teeth.


“Hmph. Oh well, at least you got second place. I don’t blame you for falling behind Hisashi’s son. That kid is something else. He really is his Father’s son.” Endeavor then walked away as he went inside the building.


“In third place, Team Bakugo!” Present Mic proclaimed


“Huh? I thought all our headbands got taken!” Mina shouted in shock as she thought that her team had lost.


Sero grinned as he pulled out some headbands from behind.


“When that Monoma guy had his arm broken from copying Midoriya’s Quirk, he dropped all of the headbands he had stolen. So, when nobody was looking, I managed to discreetly take all of the headbands right when Bakugo blasted off towards Midoriya during the last couple of seconds.” The Tape Quirk user with his permanent grin on his face.


“Woah! Good shit Sero! You came in clutch. Now we can advance to the real one on one tournament! We owe you one!” Kirishima yelled in relief as he high-fived Sero.


“Don’t mention it. Just make sure to at least not get knocked out in the first round. I didn’t save our butts for nothing!”


“Ah, oh well. I guess third place isn’t too bad. All’s well that ends well.” Mina said as she was just glad that they advanced.


“Do you really think that’s how he feels?” Kirishima asked with a sweatdrop. He was referring to Katsuki who was still yelling out profanities in anger.


“WHAT THE FUCK?! I GOT THIRD PLACE AGAIN! Damn that Deku! Once I get my hands on him in the tournament, I swear I’ll make him regret ever making a fool out of me!”


“And in fourth place, we got Team Tetsute-- Huh? What, it’s team Shinso?! Where did he come from, getting fourth place out of nowhere like that?!” Present Mic asked in shock as he and the crowd had no idea that Shinso had made any moves in the Cavalry Battle at all.


For some reason, even Shinso’s own teammates seem to be confused as they had no idea where they were at.


“Thanks for your hard work.” The purple haired General Studies student said, before he walked away with a smug smirk plastered on his face.


“These four teams will advance to the final round!” Present Mic announced as the crowd cheered, as they were excited for the main event.


Toshinori smiled as he looked down at his Successor from the teacher’s box.


‘Nice work, kid. You’re making me proud! Keep it up!’

Shoto stared at Izuku as the Green-Haired Saiyan was celebrating with his team.


The son of Endeavor looked at his left hand as he remembered what he was about to do when Deku made him look like a fool for the second time.


‘He tempted me into using my flames. I do not know if he did that intentionally or not, but one thing is for sure. I will NEVER use that man’s power to attack. At least, that’s what I decided… but I was overwhelmed… ‘


Todoroki then balled his left fist as he grit his teeth. “At this rate, I will be doing what my old man wants… I can’t let neither him or Midoriya tempt me into using my left side.”


“Now, we will take a one hour break for lunch before we start the afternoon festivities! See ya in a bit!” Present Mic announced before many people in the crowd got up from their seats as they went to go get something to eat.


“Hey, Eraser Head, let’s go grab food.”


“Go get it yourself. I’m going to sleep.”


“How many naps does one man need?!” Present Mic asked as Aizawa had taken at least 5 naps already.


“Nooo! We lost!” Mineta yelled in horror as he and his team didn’t qualify to advance to the next round.


“How disappointing… “Tsuyu said in a neutral tone as losing didn’t seem to have bothered her much.


The frog girl proceeded to walk towards to her pink skinned friend.


“Mina, congratulations.” Tsuyu said.


Mina rubbed her neck as she didn’t seem too thrilled at the fact that she was advancing.


“Yeah, well, thanks and all, but Bakugo just let me join to use against Todoroki’s ice, so I don’t know if that really reflects my abilities.”


“IIDA! I had absolutely no idea that you had a super secret special move like that! No fair!” Ochaco whined as she was jogging in place.


“It has nothing to do with fairness! I just wasn’t using it as intended. I wanted to do something that could compete with Midoriya. But it seemed like it did not matter either way. He was always 5, 6, or 7 steps ahead of everyone! He truly was something else!” The Engine Quirk user stated as he still couldn’t get over the fact that their Class President was able to trick them into thinking Team Todoroki had taken the ten million points.


“YEAH! He was amazing! Speaking of which, where is Deku-kun?”


“Oh, Izuku-kun? Well, when we were talking, Todoroki came up to him and asked if they could speak in private. He said yes and they went to go talk where nobody else would be around to eavesdrop into their conversation.” Momo said as they were walking to go get something to eat.


“Really?! What would Todoroki want with Deku-kun?” Ochaco asked as she hoped that nothing bad happened between them.


Momo placed her finger to her chin as she began thinking.


“Honestly…. I have no clue.”


Faculty and Student Entrance…


Izuku and Shoto were currently in an empty tunnel as they stood across from one another, both looking directly in the other’s eyes.


Izuku decided to break the silence.


“So... what did you want to talk about?”


Shoto made no response as he continue to coldly stare at Izuku. His eyes unwavering.


‘Okay, let me try a different approach.’ Izuku thought.


“If we do not hurry, the cafeteria will more than likely be really crowded… “


No response.


“Ummm… “


Izuku began sweat dropping as the Son of Endeavor kept on staring at him.


‘Wow, talk about a man of few words. He gives off a cold intimidation, different from Kacchan... ‘


“I was overpowered.”


“Huh?” Deku said as he was confused by Shoto’s first sentence ever since they got there.


“So much so that I broke my pledge.” Todoroki stated as shame was clearly evident in his voice.


‘He did not even use half of his power even if it would be to his advantage… Why doesn’t he just use left side in battle?’ Izuku questioned in his mind as he never knew the reason why Todoroki doesn’t use the flame side of his dual Quirk.


Shoto then lifted his left hand.


“Iida, Kaminari, Tokoyami, Yaoyorozu, Uraraka… None of them felt it. At that instant. I was the only one who who was overpowered. I almost used my flames. And when time was running out, I rushed towards you as I was blinded by anger. I was ready to strike but when you were about to counterattack…. I felt the power… radiating off of you. The same kind of power that All Might radiates.” Shoto said as he continued to stare at his left hand.


Izuku narrowed his eyes.


“Yeah, and? What is your point? What are you trying to say?”


“What I’m trying to say is that I felt something similar coming from you… too similar .”


Izuku’s eyes widened as his heart began beating faster. A bead of sweat running down his face. He held in his breath as he began panicking inside.


‘Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, CRAP! He’s starting to connect the dots! Did he figure it out?!’


Shoto now stared back at Izuku’s electric green eyes.


“Midoriya, are you... “


Izuku swallowed hard as he mentally prepared himself for what Shoto was about to say.


“...All Might’s secret love child or something?”




Izuku’s eyes were the size of dinner plates.


“Secret… love child?!” Izuku asked


Shoto nodded.


“All Might has his eye on you, doesn’t he?”


Izuku remembers what Shoto said to him in the waiting room for the Sports Festival began.


‘I-I see… So that’s what he was thinking!’


Izuku then proceeded to go into a fit of laughter.


Shoto began to get annoyed, “What is so funny? Answer the question. Are you?”


“What? No! Th-That’s not it! All Might is not my dad! Like, come on, we look nothing alike! My real Father is a man named Hisashi Midoriya. He works overseas, so I have not really seen him in a really long time. His Quirk is called Dragon’s Breath. Anything but All Might! Why would you even suggest that?”


Izuku began to calm down as Shoto didn’t seem like he knew about One For All .


‘Hmmm… Dragon’s Breath? Where have I heard that before?’ Shoto pondered.


“Since you said, ‘That’s not it,’ that means there is still a possible connection between you and All Might that you can’t talk about, right?” Shoto asked as he caught Izuku’s slip up.


Izuku’s eyes widened as he realized he had fucked up.


‘Damn… I forgot how perceptive he was… I didn’t choose my words carefully! Now he is even more suspicious than he was before!’


Shoto decided to leave that subject alone for now. He needed to get to the real reason why he called Izuku out here.


“Endeavor, the Number Two Hero, is my old man. I am sure you know that he has been stuck as the Number Two Hero for forever. If you have something from the Number One Hero, then I… have even more reason to beat you.”


Izuku’s face then adopted a serious expression as he was now paying close attention to what Shoto was saying.


“My old man has a strong desire to rise in the world. As a Hero, he won a name for himself with crushing force. Because of that, the living legend, All Might, is a great eyesore to him. Since he could not surpass All might, he moved onto his next plan.”


“Wait a minute, next plan? What are you talking about, Todoroki… ? What are you trying to tell me?” Izuku asked.


“You have heard of Quirk marriages, right?”


“Huh? Well, yeah, I have. How is that relevant though?”

“That thing that became a problem for the second and third generation after superpowers appeared. Choosing a spouse based only on strengthening your own Quirk and passing it onto your children, forcing people into marriage. The old-fashioned way of thinking brought about by a lack of ethics. He is a man with both accomplishments and money. He won over my mother’s relatives and got a hold of my mother’s Quirk. He is trying to fulfil his own desire by raising me to be a Hero to surpass All Might.”

Izuku gasped.


“So… You were the result of a Quirk Marriage. You were created for the sole purpose of surpassing All Might because your own father could not do it before you.”


Shoto nodded, “It’s so annoying… I will not become the tool of scum like that. In my memories, my mother is always crying.”


Shoto brought his left hand over to the left side of his face to where his large red scar was located.


“Do you want to know how I got this scar on the left side of my face?”


Izuku didn’t reply as he waited for what Shoto was going to say next. He took his silence as a yes.


‘Your left side symbolizes the the blood of the Devil that which is your own Father.’


“That is what my mother said as she poured boiling water on my face.” Shoto said depressingly as the memory has traumatized and scarred him both physically and mentally/emotionally.


Izuku’s eyes became big with horror as he could not believe Shoto’s own mother would say something so ugly to him at such a young age.


“... That’s… horrible.” Izuku simply said as there weren’t any better words or phrases to describe such a traumatic event. No mother should ever do or say something like that to their child no matter what. The child didn’t even understand why he deserved such ruthless punishment like that.


“Basically, I picked a fight with you to show him what I can do, without using my damn old man’s Quirk… No… I will reject him completely by winning first place without using it!” Shoto said as nothing but cold, dark hatred could be seen in his eyes.


Izuku began shaking a little as he saw and sensed the hatred within Shoto.


‘Todoroki grew up in a completely different world than I did. While, I was suffering due to a lack of a Quirk, he suffered because of his Quirk and meaning behind it. It quite honestly makes me scared. How somebody could go through so much… just because they were born. It had nothing to do with their choice. He had to go through all of that just because he was born. I…. I would never be able to understand what a Hell like that is like.

Shoto began walking away, “I don’t care if you can’t tell me how you are connected to All Might. No matter what you are to All Might, I will rise above you with just my right side. I am sorry for wasting your time, but I just had to get that point across… I’ll see you in the finals. You better prepare yourself.”


‘If this were a comic book, he would be the main character. That is the kind of backstory he has. I have nothing compared to that…. But still!’


“Wait.” Izuku shouted as he walked up to catch up to him.


Shoto stopped walking but he still had his back facing Izuku.


Izuku frowned.


“Look at me when I’m speaking to you!” Izuku commanded with a more authoritative tone in his voice which is a huge contrast to his usual tone.


Shoto then turned around as he looked Izuku dead in the eye. The coldness and hatred had not left them.


“I have always been supported by others. That was the case earlier, too. I am here because of the people who have supported me. Saving people with a fearless smile, the Greatest Hero--All Might. I want to be like him. I want to embody everything he stands for and even more! But in order to do that, I have to be strong enough to become the Number One Hero. That is my Dream, and I will fight for it until the day I die. Our motivations could not be any more different, but if you honestly think that sad story you just told me is enough to make me lose, then you’re sadly mistaken. In fact, it even motivates me more. I have to live up to the hopes of those who supported me. That Declaration of War you gave to me in the waiting room--I’ll return that. We will face each other in the tournament. And when we do, I know it will be a long and hard fought battle, but I will win in the end. I will beat you! And I will win the Sports Festival to show the world that I Am Here! That is a promise. Believe That!”


Shoto looked at the Green-Haired Saiyan for a moment before he smirked and said, “That’s quite some confidence you got. Why have you not shown this side of yours before? Oh well, I guess I’ll see you in the finals then. I’ll be waiting for you to deliver on your promise.” He then walked away as he left Izuku standing there alone.


Or so he thought.


Izuku turned his head behind. He sensed a very familiar energy signature. The person had been hiding there and been listening the entire time.


“Everything that was said here, stays between the three of us. I expect you to keep Shoto’s personal information to yourself. I’ll see you in a little bit… Kacchan.”


Izuku then walked away to go get something to eat. He was pretty hungry after all those two preliminary rounds and needed to make sure he was at full strength for the real tournament.


1 Hour Later…


“Now that lunch is over, it's finally time to reveal the last game! But before that, there’s good news for all of you who did not make it to the finals!” Present Mic announced as now everybody was back in the stadium, ready for the real tournament to begin.


“This is just a Sports Festival! So we have prepared recreational games that everyone can participate in, too!  We’ve even brought real cheerleaders from America to liven things up!”


As Present Mic was about to move on, he and the rest of the audience plus the participants noticed something…. Peculiar.




“What are they doing?” Aizawa lazily asked.


The center of attention currently were all of the female students of Class 1-A were dressed up in orange U.A. cheerleader uniforms that really showed off their… assets .

“What’s the matter, Class 1-A?! What kind of fan service is that?” Present Mic cried out as the majority of the males in the stadium were ogling their curvaceous figures which the cheerleading uniforms didn’t fail to display.


Mineta and Kaminari gave each other a thumbs, both with a perverted grin on their face.


“MINETA! KAMINARI! You tricked us, didn’t you?!” Momo yelled in fury as she got a giant red tick mark. The two pervs told her and Jiro that everybody was required to wear cheerleading clothes to do a cheer battle in the afternoon. But clearly, that was all just a lie to get the girls to wear sexy outfits.


The sexy Vice President of Class A dropped to her knees with a sad sigh.


“Why am I always caught up in Mineta’s schemes? I even used Creation to make the outfits… “


Ochaco patted her back in an attempt to comfort her, “Hey, lighten up, Yaomomo! It ain’t all bad.” The Zero Gravity user said as she took a quick glance to the corner of her eye to see a certain Green-Haired Saiyan blushing hard in embarrassment as he did his best not to get caught looking, although he clearly failed. Ochaco smirked inwardly as for some reason, seeing Deku getting flustered from seeing her like that made her feel content.


“Those are so dumb!” Jiro yelled as she threw her pom poms to the floor in frustration.


“Well, there is still a little time left before the Finals, and it’d be a pain if things got tense. It’s fine! Let’s do it!” Toru exclaimed in excitement as she didn’t mind showing off a little.




“Toru, you like this, huh?” Tsuyu rhetorically asked.


“All right, everyone! Let’s have fun competing in the recreational games! When that’s over, the sixteen from the four teams that made it to the final round will duke it out tournament style, one-one-one!” Present Mic announced


“The last round is a tournament where we fight one-one-one, huh? I’m going to stand on the stage that I watch every year on TV!” Kirishima said as he pumped his fists.

“Was it a tournament last year?” Mina asked.


“It’s different every year, but there’s a one-on-one competition every year. Last year, it was a sports chanbara match.” Sero said.


“Now, let’s prepare to draw lots to determine the bracket.” Midnight said as in her hands was a yellow box labeled, ‘Lots.’


“”Once the bracket is determined, we’ll have the recreational games and then start! The sixteen finalists can choose whether or not they want to participate in the recreation. I’m sure some of you want to rest or save your strength. Now from the first place team--”


“Um…! Excuse me.” Ojiro suddenly called out as he raised hi shand.


“I am withdrawing.”


Everybody gasped.


“Ojiro, but why?” Izuku asked with widened eyes.


“This is a rare chance for Pros to see you!” Tenya exclaimed as he too was shocked to hear that Ojiro wanted to quit.


“I barely remember anything from the Cavalry battle until almost the end. I think it was that guy’s Quirk.”


Izuku narrowed his eyes as he scanned through the participants.


‘If I remember correctly, Ojiro was with… “


His eyes then landed on Shinso who just turned his head away as soon as Izuku focused his eyes on him


“I know that this is a great chance and that it's foolish to waste it… “


“Well, if you know that, then why would you just quit after making it so far?” Izuku asked as he genuinely didn’t want his classmate to waste his opportunity like that.


“Everyone here competed by giving their all! I can’t… I can’t be up there with everyone without knowing what really happened.” Ojiro said with a proud tone as he balled his fist.


“You’re worrying too much about it! You should just make sure you produce results in the finals!” Toru added.


“If you’re going to say that, then I didn’t do anything either.” Mina said as she empathized with what Ojiro was going through. She didn’t feel she did much work either.


Ojiro put his palm to his face, “No, that is not it… I am talking about my pride here… I can’t….”


Izuku’s eyes widened as he felt an electric shock go through his entire body. It was that word again. Pride… Whenever he heard that word, it always sent some sort of rush of adrenaline. It felt so familiar, and whenever he thought about it, it made him feel empowered. Kind of like whenever he puts on a headband. Without even realizing it, Izuku completely understood what Ojiro was trying to say and even commended him as his respect for his fellow tailed classmate went up a ton.


“Also, why are you girls all wearing cheerleader outfits?” Ojiro asked as all of the girls from Class A sweatdropped.


Izuku walked up towards Ojiro as he placed a strong hand on his shoulder. “Hey listen, man, if that is your decision, I respect it 100%! I completely feel you. You have a valid reason for wanting to drop out of the tournament and as your Class President, I commend you for owning up!”




A lot of people didn’t expect for Izuku to actually support Ojiro’s decision. As a matter of fact, they would think that Izuku would plead with him to not quit and just show what he can really do in the Tournament. But now, they were seeing a completely different side to the Green-Haired Saiyan.


“Thank you, Midoriya! I really appreciate that!”


“I’m Nirengeki Shoda from Class B. I also want to withdraw for the same reason. Regardless of ability, don’t you think it goes against the goal of this Sports Festival for those who didn’t do anything to move onto the final round?” One chubby student with silver hair said to Midnight as he also felt that he did not deserve to advance to the tournament.


“What’s with these guys?! They’re so manly!” Kirishima said with tears coming out of his eyes.


“This is an unusual turn of events… We’ll have to see what the chief umpire, Midnight has to say about this… “ Present Mic said as they awaited the R-Rated Hero’s decision.


“Youthful talk like that is something… that turns me on! Shoda! Ojiro! I accept your withdrawal!” Midnight said with a lecherous grin.


“Did she just say that turns her on?” Kaminari asked with a sweatdrop.


“Bro, just roll with it.” Kirishima replied as he also sweatdropped.


“I’m going to do it, okay?” Aoyama said as he placed his hand on Ojiro’s shoulder.


“Hmmm… In that case, we will have to move up two people from the fifth place Cavalry Battle team… “ Midnight hummed.


“If that's what’s going to happen, then rather than us, who barely did anything during the Cavalry Battle, it should be them, right?” Itsuka said as her teammates nodded in agreement.


“The ones who fought to the end and stayed in the top, which is Team Tetsutetsu, right?”


“Huh? Kendo… what are you doing?” Tetsutetsu asked as he thought it was idiotic for her to throw away her opportunity like that.


“Itsuka-chan! Are you sure, you want to do this? Throwing away your opportunity like that may not seem like the smartest move.” Izuku said as he didn’t want a fellow Class President and new friend to waste her chance at being scouted by Pros.


“Yeah, I’m sure Izuku-kun. This is not collusion or anything. It just makes sense. Plus, there’s always next year, right?” Kendo replied with a wink to Izuku.


‘Itsuka-chan?’ Ochaco mentally asked in curiosity as she noticed that Izuku called this rather attractive girl, by her first name and with honorifics. How do those two know each other.


‘Izuku-kun?” Momo thought as she had the same question as Ochaco and she also noticed that Kendo’s wink towards Izuku did seemed a little, too friendly .


Izuku shrugged, “Well, if that is your decision, then who am I to judge?”


“Y-You guys… !” Tetsutetsu cried out to the heavens thanking God for this opportunity. His team then agreed that Tetsutetsu and Ibara should be the ones to advance seeing as they were the two that did the most work during the Cavalry Battle.


“And so, Tetsutetsu and Shiozaki have moved up to make sixteen! Now we will draw lots randomly to decide who faces who in the first round of the tournament. In this box are 16 balls numbered 1 through 16. The way the brackets will work is that when one person gets a number, the other person with the number directly after or before it will be their opponent. So for example, if somebody draws number 1, then the person who draws number 2 will face the person with number 1. So 3 and 4 will face each other and so on, until we get up to 15 and 16 which will be the 8th match of the first round! So without wasting any more time, let’s decide the brackets! Izuku Midoriya, come up first and draw your number!” Midnight announced as she explained the rules of determining the brackets which is just like how the old Tenkaichi Budokai tournaments were held back in the day in the era before Quirks long appeared.


Izuku walked up to the yellow box and stuck his hand in it. He shuffled the balls for a couple of seconds before he grabbed a hold on one ball and pulled it out of the box. He looked at it and raised his eyebrows in surprise.


“Wow, well I got number 1! I guess that means I won’t have to wait to fight since I will be in the first match!” Izuku said as he gave the ball back to Midnight and recorded his draw.


“Wow, so Midoriya got number 1, huh? We won’t have to wait to see some real Power!” Kirishima said excitedly as he pumped his fists, secretly hoping that he will draw number 2 so that he will get to face Izuku right off the get-go. He wonders how his hardening Quirk will fair up to his signature Smashes.


“Lucky bastard! I wanted number one! You better hope, I don’t draw number two, because I’m itching to finally kill somebody in a one-on-one!” Katsuki yelled in anger as he wanted to be in the first match.


“Does he always yell like that?” Kendo asked Izuku as he walked back next to her.


“Meh, you get used to it after a while.” Izuku replied.


“The rest of you, come up and draw your numbers!” Midnight said.


“I got 15!” Sero said.


“Dammit, I got fucking 5! You got lucky this time, Deku!” Bakugo yelled.


“Fate has chosen number 7 for me.” Tokoyami dramatically said.

“Number 4. Then, that means I will be participating in the second match.” Iida said.


“I drew number 8!” Momo said.


“All of ya better hope you don’t draw number number 11, because you will then be facing mwah! Number 12 has chosen me!” Aoyama said.


“I got number 11.” Mina said as she smirked at Aoyama.


“Me and my babies got number 3!” Hatsume said.


“Huh, it looks like I won’t have to wait long. I drew number two.” Shinso said as he stared at Izuku.


“I GOT 6?!” Ochaco asked in shock.


“Wow, I got 9.” Kaminari said.


“Number 14 for me!” Kirishima exclaimed.


“WHAT?! I got 13! Our fight is going to be too redundant!” Tetsutetsu yelled.


“My prayers have lead me to number 10.” Ibara said.


“16.” Shoto said in a monotone tone as he realized he’s going to have to wait a little bit to fight since he will be in the last match.


“Okay! Now that everybody has drawn their numbers, let’s take a look at the official bracket!” Midnight announced as she pointed her whip towards the jumbotron that displayed the entire bracket.

1st Match- Izuku Midoriya Versus. Hitoshi Shinso


2nd Match- Mei Hatsume Versus Tenya Iida


3rd Match- Katsuki Bakugo Versus Ochaco Uraraka


4th Match- Fumikage Tokoyami Versus Momo Yaoyorozu


5th Match- Denki Kaminari Versus Ibara Shiozaki


6th Match- Mina Ashido Versus Yuga Aoyama


7th Match- Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu  Versus Eijiro Kirishima


8th Match- Hanta Sero Versus Shoto Todoroki

Izuku took a look at the bracket, as he saw the name of his opponent.


‘The first match of the first round, huh? Wait a minute. If I remember correctly, Shinso was the team captain of Ojiro’s team… ‘


“It’s you, isn’t it? Izuku Midoriya.” Shinso said out of nowhere as he was behind Izuku. Izuku turned around to face him, and as he did, he suddenly remembered where he saw this guy before.


‘He was the one who came to our class making a Declaration of War! He said he was from the General Studies course and intended on making it to the Hero Course. He’s pretty bold.’ Izuku thought in his mind as this was the first time, he was socially interacting with the purple haired General Studies student.


“I’m looking forward to our first match.” Shinso said.




Izuku was about to respond, when suddenly a large yellow haired tail covered his mouth.


“Midoriya!” Ojiro yelled from behind.


Shinso smirked as he walked away.


When Shinso was out of earshot, Ojiro removed his hold on Izuku.


“Ojiro, what’s the matter?”


“Don’t. Answer. Him.”

“Okay. It’s pretty much done.” The Pro Hero, Cementos said as he was using his Quirk to construct a tournament fighting stage.


“Thank you, Cementos! Hey guys, are you ready?!” Present Mic asked the crowd. They then proceeded to cheer loudly, showing their anticipation for the tournament to finally begin. The Recreational games were finally over, and it was finally time to get to the real fun.


“A lot has happened, but now it has come to this! A serious battle! You can only depend on yourself! You have no teammates or comrades here. It is a classic one-on-one style tournament! Even if you are not a Hero, you will face lots of situations like that! You get that, right? Heart, skill, body, wisdom, and knowledge! Use all of that to rush up!” Present Mic exclaimed as he was hyping up the crowd even more.


Izuku was currently in the tunnel that leads to the fighting stage. He was currently doing warm up stretches and doing his best to prepare himself mentally. It was his first ever match in a Sports Festival, so of course there were some nerves here and there, but overall, he was ready to compete.




Izuku turned around to see Toshinori walking towards him with a grin on his face.


“Sorry, I’m late, but… you’ve increased your control of One For All , right?”


Izuku grinned as green sparks appeared around his hands, “Yup! I was able to increase it to 25% over the last few weeks while I was training to prepare for the Sports Festival! I’ve also increase my Ki control!”


But then Izuku gained a downcast expression.


Toshinori noticed this and raised an eyebrow.


“What’s wrong kid? You’re improving and learning how to control both of your Quirks! So what seems to be the matter?”


“Well… I just feel like I’ve been blessed with friends and luck. I kind of feel like I’m cheatin-”


Toshinori smacked him upside the head.


“OW! What was that for?”


“Oh my Lord! You should just say, ‘I’ll do my best, damn it,’ you prince of nonsense! I thought we talked about this already! Is the image of the Hero you are trying to be that flimsy?”


“Huh?” Izuku said as he looked up at his idol.


“Listen, it’s the times when you’re scared or worried that you should deal with smiling! ” Toshinori said as he transformed to All Might mid sentence and gave Izuku a thumbs up.


You’ve made it this far. It’s fine if it’s a bluff. Stand proud! Don’t forget that I’ve got high hopes for you!


Izuku took a deep breath as he smiled, “Thank you, Toshinori-sensei. I needed that. I promise I won’t let you down! I’m going to win this whole thing! Just you wait!”


Now that’s what I want to hear. That’s the spirit kid! Now go show them what you’re made of!


Flames ignited in all four corners of the fighting arena as now, they were finished with the preparations and were ready to begin with the first match.


“AUDIENCE! The tournament that you all have been waiting for are finally starting! Match number one-- We got the Powerhouse that has been giving us surprises one after another and finished in 1st place in the two previous rounds! From Class 1-A, Hero Course, it’s Izuku Midoriya!” Present Mic announced as Izuku made his entrance. The crowd were cheering as he had gained a lot of popularity since the beginning of the Sports Festival. Some people have already put in their bets and said that Izuku will win the whole thing. Some, were still skeptical since he has yet to show his Quirk, but hope to see it in action in this match. Izuku’s classmates were also cheering him on from the bleachers.


“Versus-- Sorry, he has not done anything to stand out yet! From General Studies, it’s Hitoshi Shinso!” Shinso ignored Present Mic’s comment and proceeded to walk to the ring calmly.


“Okay, the rules are simple! They are classic tournament style! In order to win the match, you have to force your opponent out of bounds, immobilize them, or force them into submission! Bring on the injuries! I want this to be entertaining! Don’t worry, we have our very own Recovery Girl waiting on standby to patch any students up! Put your morals and ethics aside for a moment! But of course, anything life-threatening is strictly prohibited. Heroes should only use their fists to catch Villains!” Present Mic announced the rules.


“I will stop the fight if things go too far!” Cementos said as he made a chair for him to sit on.


Izuku took a deep breath once again to calm his nerves and got into his fighting stance.


“Forcing your opponent into submission, huh?” Shinso said suddenly gaining the attention of Izuku.


“This is a fight to test the strength of your spirit. If you know what you want for your future, then you can’t worry about appearances.”


“READY?” Present Mic called out.


“That monkey was going on about his pride… “


“START!” Present Mic announced the official start of the match.


“...but don’t you think he was dumb for throwing away his chance? What an idiot. Serves him right.” Shinso said.


Izuku’s eyes widened as something inside of hm… snapped . Shinso was disrespecting Ojiro’s Pride . And that offended Izuku.. A lot.


He then began to run towards him.


“WHAT DID YOU SAY?! How dare you disrespect one of my classmat-”


But suddenly, izuku stopped in his tracks…


Shinso grew a victorious smirk.


“And that’s checkmate. I win.”


Ojiro began pulling his hair in frustration.


“Damn it, Midoriya! I went through all of the rouble of warning you, and you still let him get you like that!”


Toshinori widened his eyes in shock as he saw how Izuku just stopped moving all of the sudden.


“Hey, hey, what happened?! Why did Midoriya stop moving?! Come on, it is the important first match! Liven things up! We’re trying to be entertained here!” Present Mic yelled.


“What’s going on with Deku-kun?! Come on, move, do something!” Ochaco cried out.


“Midoriya! The match just started… and he’s completely frozen?!” Present Mic shouted as he and the rest of the audience were confused.


“He’s got a blank look on his face and isn’t moving a muscle! Is this Shinso’s Quirk?! He did not stand out at all but could he actually be someone amazing? Hitoshi Shino from General Studies has gotten the better of Izuku Midoriya from the Hero Course! Who would have imagined this?! Will the bottom really overthrow the top?”


“You see? This is why I said that the U.A. Entrance exams were not rational.” Aizawa said.


“Huh? What are you talking about, Eraser Head?”


“Here’s some basic data on the two of them. Since it’s individual matches from here on out, I had someone compile it for me. Shinso failed the practical exam for the Hero Course. Since he also applied for General Studies, he probably knew that would happen. His Quirk is very powerful, but the practical Exam consisted of fighting Faux Villains. That gave an advantage to those with physical attack Quirks. Shinso would not have been able to rack up any points with his Quirk.” Aizawa explained to the whole audience. Shinso should be in the Hero Course, but thanks to the unfair practical exam, he had to settle for General Studies.


“You’re lucky that you have been blessed, Izuku Midoriya. Turn around and walk out of bounds.” Shinso ordered.


Izuku with blank and almost lifeless looking eyes, turned around and began walking out of the ring without a single sign of restraint.


“Huh? WHAT?! Midoriya’s being so obedient! He’s actually listening to what Shinso is telling him to do! Didn’t you listen to the rules?! If you walk out of the ring, you’re out of the tournament!” Present Mic along with others were confused as to what was happening. Was Izuku just joking around or is he seriously just going to get himself out?


“Deku-kun, why?! Come on, get serious! You didn’t get first place in the two previous games, to just lose in the first round of the tournament!” Ochaco cried out as she too was confused on why someone like Izuku would be willing to just lose like that so easily.


“If you go out of bounds, then you will lose the match! What is he doing?!” Iida asked in shock as he waved his arms around.


Momo squinted her eyes until she gasped.


“Guys, something is not right! Izuku-kun is not doing this willingly. Just pay attention to his eyes. They are supposed to be a vibrant green color, but right now, they are completely blank and lifeless. He’s being controlled!” Momo shouted out as all of her classmates gasped in shock.


‘That Quirk is… “ Toshinori wondered in thought.


Name: Hitoshi Shinso

Quirk: Brainwashing- Answering his question or replying to him turns on a brainwashing switch in his opponent’s brain, forcing them to do whatever he says. If he does not want the brainwashing switch to turn on, it won’t.


“In the fitness test on the first day of school, even without using the full capabilities of his Quirk, he was able to outperform his classmates. And when he did go all out, he blew all of the records out of the water. On the other hand, Shinso scored lower than average in these tests compared to the Hero Course. So if they were to fight normally, then Midoriya would undoubtedly win. If he can just overcome Shinso’s Brainwashing… well, either way, this will end quickly.” Aizawa said as everybody was not expecting the Powerhouse Izuku to lose so easily against a student from General Studies who had barely done anything in the two previous games of the Sports Festival.


‘Izuku! Come on, you have to fight it my boy! You made a vow to win the Sports Festival. You can’t just go out like that without a fight! Don’t come towards me, go towards him!’ Toshinori shouted in his mind in panic as as he was observing from the tunnel that Izuku came through to enter the ring.


Meanwhile, with Izuku, although he had no control of his body, his mind was still running normally.


‘No! M-M-My b-body i-i-is moving on its own…. I can’t control it! It’s like… my head is filled with fog. NO! DAMN IT! STOP! STOP! I order you to stop! Even though… Even though Ojiro warned me… CRAP! DAMN IT!’


‘Hey, I know what I’m going to ask you right now is pretty selfish… but please beat him for me too! Please… do it for my Pride… As a fellow martial artist, you understand right?’


‘Of course I understand! And don’t worry! I promise, I will win! I will not let you down”


They then both gave each other a fist bump full of Honor and Pride.


‘Damn it! Is it really going to end… this quickly? Even though.. Everyone is counting on me! I vowed to win! Am I really just going to go back on my word… Am I really that pathetic… ?’ Izuku said in his mind as he could not believe that after all of the work and training he has done, he was just going to lose in the most humiliating way possible.

“You probably don’t understand but even with a Quirk like this, I have my own dream. Now… LOSE FOR ME!” Shinso shouted as Izuku was now one step away from touching out of bounds.


‘No… I won’t… I REFUSE TO LOSE!’


At that instant, in the tunnel across from him, Izuku saw eight silhouettes that resembled souls or spirits of some kind. They all had golden colored eyes. They all held out their hand towards him as they said,


Hold on for a second longer, Ninth!


From their hands, rainbow colored energy began forming. They all combined their powers and were ready to lend Izuku their power in order to transcend this current predicament and win the match.


But a different hand stopped them…


Stop right there! Didn’t I tell you all not to interfere? He doesn’t need to borrow your power. He has all of the power he needs already! So step back and let me handle this.


In between Izuku and the eight spirits, was Inner Deku who was blocking the rainbow colored energy from making its way to Izuku.


The eight spirits frowned at Inner Deku for interrupting them, but they put down their hands and relented as they knew they could trust him to get Izuku out of this pickel.


Inner Deku turned his attention towards Izuku, “ Didn’t I tell you to use your head? You’re just like those eight stubborn idiots. Your own classmate warned you to not talk or reply to Shinso, but you let your emotions get the best of you, and did it anyway. But I guess I can’t really blame you. He disrespected the Pride of your comrade. And you weren’t going to let him get away with that. You did what you were supposed to do. It is in your blood after all.


Inner Deku then hardened his gaze.


You are a Saiyan warrior. Born to fight and win in the most glorious and noble fashion. So for you to lose to some mind controlling trick us UNACCEPTABLE! Are you really going to let this purple haired fool ruin your dreams and ambitions. You made a vow to win. You made a vow to avenge Ojiro’s Pride. And a warrior, especially a Saiyan of Royal Blood, never goes back on his word. If you do, then that is a spit to the face to all who came before you! Is that how, you want your Legacy to be remembered throughout the ages? As a quiter? As a loser, who can’t even control his own body!


Inner Deku then smirked as he balled his fists.


You want to know something? There is something that one of your greatest and strongest Ancestors once said. He was in the same exact situation as you. An evil wizard was trying to control him and I will never ever forget these words.


Inner Deku began powering up as a golden aura began surrounding him.


It will take more than head games to stop me! You may have invaded my mind and my body. But there’s one thing a Saiyan always keeps…


Izuku’s eyes widened as he stopped walking and was half a step from going out of the ring. A golden aura also began to surround him.





Both Izuku and Inner Deku yelled out simultaneously as the golden energy surrounded Izuku erupted violently as the energy lighted up the entire arena and created large shockwaves that were strong enough to knock everybody off of their feet, even the Pro Heroes. The golden aura expanded and flew up all the way to the Heavens as for a couple of seconds, all of Japan was able to see a golden light in the sky.


“OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT IS THIS?! MIDORIYA JUST CAUSED AN EARTHQUAKE AND A LIGHT SHOW!” Present Mic called out as now everybody was able to recover from Izuku’s huge golden outburst.


‘This sensation… that power… that voice… I have felt this before. In the USJ! It is too similar to be a coincidence!’ Shoto thought as he stared at the smoke that was hiding Izuku. ‘Midoriya… just what are you hiding?’

When the smoke cleared, Izuku was seen panting heavily, the golden aura no longer present. His foot was an inch from touching the floor outside the ring.


Midnight swinged her whip towards Izuku, “ Participant Izuku Midoriya’s foot has not touched the floor! He is still in the match!”


The crowd began cheering as Izuku’s dream was not over yet. He was still in, and was not going to go down without a fight.


“Midoriya’s stopped! He has broken through Shinso’s Brainwashing and is still in the match!” Present Mic announced as everybody felt nothing short of amazing.


“YES! Good job, Class President!” Iida shouted from the bleachers.


“I’m… I’m so glad!” Ochaco said as she sighed in relief.


“You had me worried for a second there, but you pulled through, just like always!” Momo said as she too was relieved just like Ochaco.


“Tch. He better win now. I was almost going to to kill him if he lost right there. We still haven’t fought yet, so he is not allowed to lose!” Bakugo yelled as he had a smirk on his face, impressed with how his Rival was able to do the impossible.


“Amazing! To think, he was able to forcefully remove the Brainwashing with his willpower alone. He created a shockwave strong enough to remove the effects of Shinso’s Quirk… and now he has the advantage.” Aizawa commented as even he couldn’t deny the incredible feat that Izuku was able to pull off that happened right in front of his eyes.


“Wow… that’s unbelievable.” Ojiro said as he had a hand on his chest due to his heart beating really fast.


Shinso could not believe his his eyes as he gasped in shock.


“W-W-What?! W-Why? H-How? You should not be able to move freely! This has never happened to me before! Since when can the possessed say no to the possessor?! What did you do?! TELL ME!”


Izuku immediately covered his mouth with his hand, ‘What was that? I was the one who created that light and those shockwaves, but I didn’t mean to do that. I did it on pure instinct. What happened? People I didn’t know came to mind, and for a second, my mind was clear! Was that One For All ? The people… the presence of the people who spun together this power… They were about to save me but my Inner Self told them to stop. And instead… I was able to forcefully remove the Brainwashing… completely on my own… without any borrowed power! Is that even possible?’


“What did you do?!” Shinso kept on yelling at him.


Izuku took a deep breath and got back into his fighting stance, ‘Even if I think about it now, I’m going to find the answer. Later! I will think about it later! Right now, I have a match to finish.’


‘He won’t answer… Did he figure out my secret? No, he should’ve heard from that monkey from the beginning. All I can do is make him talk again… ‘ Shinso thought as a smirk came back on his face.


“Say something.”


Izuku stayed quiet as he remained in his fighting stance. He wasn’t going to fall for the same trick again.


“You can produce that much power just by screaming? I’m jealous.”


‘I felt the same way in the past.’ Izuku thought in his mind but remained in the same position as he knew that Shinso was just trying to bait him.


“Thanks to my Quirk, I have been behind from the start. Someone who has been blessed like you with such a powerful Quirk would never understand, would you?”


Izuku widened his eyes as he dropped his stance. He looked downwards as depressing memories came back to haunt him.


‘I do understand. You’re right… I have been blessed!’


“Someone like you who was born with the ideal Quirk! Someone who can reach your goal!”


‘I have been blessed by others!”


Shinso saw that Izuku was staring at the ground and was not moving.


“You’re looking down on me! You dare ignore me! So all of that noble shit you said in your speech was a lie?! You’re just like everyone else! You look down on me because I was born with a Quirk that would fit a Villain! DAMN YOU! What makes you so special?! Just because you were born with a better Quirk?! It's not my fault I was born with the Quirk I got! Life is not fair, and I just have to live with it. You were gifted! You were born with an amazing Quirk! YOU GOT THE LUCK OF THE DRAW! SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THAT, YOU DAMN MONKEY!”


Shinso ran towards Izuku and threw a punch straight at his cheek. The punch was filled with pure rage and built up anger.


However the punch did not even make Izuku flinch.


Shinso grit his teeth and threw another punch, this one aimed for his forehead.


Izuku caught his this punch this time as he squeezed Shinso’s wrist. He looked up and stared straight at him.


Izuku’s eyes were filled with tears…


‘What the hell? W-Why is he crying?’ Shinso thought as he gasped in shock.


‘That’s why… ‘


Izuku then pulled Shinso’s arm upwards as he lifted the boy over his his head effortless with one arm.


‘I can’t… ‘


Izuku threw Shinso out of the ring as his body made a huge thud when he landed on the ground.


‘... lose, either!’


Everybody watched with their jaws dropped as they witnessed Izuku just throw Shinso around like a rag doll, with one arm. And he showed no signs of strain or effort.


Midnight raised her hand, “Hitoshi Shinso is out of bounds! Izuku Midoriya advances to the quarter finals!”


The crowd then began cheering as Izuku was able come out on top, once again.


“In the one-on-one tournament, the first person to advance to the quarter finals is none other than the Powerhouse himself, Izuku Midoriya from Class 1-A!” Present Mic announced as the jumbotron showed Izuku’s name going up in the bracket, while Shinso’s name was crossed out.


Toshinori smirked proudly, “Nice job, kid! You had me worried there for a second, but it all worked out!”


Ochaco sighed, “I was so nervous! For a second there, it really looked like he was going to lose. Thank God, he didn’t though!”


“Turning the tables at the last moment! As expected from our Class President!” Tenya said as he too was relieved that his friend was able to advance to the quarter finals.


“He did that shoulder toss on you before, too, didn’t he, Bakugo?” Kaminari asked.


“Shut up, Pikachu!”

Bakugo looked towards Todoroki who was observing Izuku intently.


‘So you noticed it too, huh, Frozone? That power, that sensation, it was the same exact one from the USJ! What are you hiding, Deku?! I can tell that you’re still holding back, you damn nerd!’


Aizawa squinted his eyes as he too observed Izuku.


‘Just now, he didn’t activate his Quirk to throw him out of bounds. That was pure physical strength on his part. But what he did earlier… that golden light… it's different from his Quirk. Something is going on here… I’ll get to the bottom of it at a later time.’


Inner Deku was smirking as he nodded his head in approval.


Excellent. Don’t ever let anybody disrespect your or anybody else’s Pride. Pride is a Saiyan’s greatest strength! Don’t ever forget that!


You know… We had the situation under control. You did not have to interrupt us like that! ” A feminine voice shouted to Inner Deku showing that she was clearly annoyed.


Inner Deku turned around to see 7 spirits, all with their arms crossed as they observed the world through Izuku’s mindscape.


Please forgive me, Nana. But I think we can all agree that my method was a little better. I told you he didn’t need to borrow any of your power. And he was able to win all on his own, using his own power! He needs to learn that he can’t always rely on One For All. Also, what were you guys going to do? Combine all of your energy and give it to him? What are you trying to do, kill him?!


Nana pouted, “ Oh please! The worst he was going to get were a few broken fingers, that’s all! Plus he’s a big, strong, and healthy young man. He can take it!


Inner Deku rolled his eyes, “ Yeah, yeah, whatever you say.

“Yahoo! Okay that was a nice first match. We definitely were not expecting any of that. So we should praise them both for a bravely fought match. Clap your hands!” Present Mic exclaimed as the crowd cheered once again.


Izuku walked towards Shinso who was sitting on the floor, sulking.


“Someone who’s been blessed like you can’t understand, can you?”


“Someone who can reach your goal!”


“Shinso… why do you want to be a Hero?” Izuku asked him with a serious demeanor.


Shinso eyes widened at the unexpected question. He then turned his head to the side.


“You can’t help the things you long for.”


Deku gave a genuine smile, “I feel the same way too, you know.”


Shinso raised an eyebrow in suspicion, “You do?”


“Of course! Ever since I could remember, I always dreamed of being a Hero! A Hero who saves people with a smile, just like All Might!”


Izuku’s eyes then gained a hint of sadness.


“But… people told me that I could not. That I couldn’t become a Hero like that no matter how hard I tried. All men, are not created equal. This is the reality I learned at the young age of four. But that was my first and last setback. Until one day, he told me… “


Dreams can become a reality… You can become a Hero!


Shinso gasped. Nobody has ever told him that he could become a Hero… not with his Quirk.


“I understand that people may be more lucky than others. I know how unfair and cruel the world can be. But… that does not matter! You can’t let that stop you! So what, if people say that your Quirk is for a Villain?! I don’t care, and you shouldn’t either! Do you honestly think I would be standing here today, if I had listened to each and every person that told me I could not become a Hero? Do you?!”


Shinso’s mouth was wide open before he regained his senses.




“Exactly. That is exactly my point. You can’t let those people bring you down. Because if you do, then you will be proving them right. And you’re better than that! You can never allow another person to dictate your whole life. Don’t ever let somebody tell you, that you can’t do something! Not even me! No more of this ‘I can’t’ bullshit! The only person that can stop you from achieving your dreams, is yourself! So don’t let yourself stop you!”


Izuku held out his hand to Shinso.


“Your Quirk is amazing, Shinso. And with it, you will become a Hero. I will make sure of it! I won’t let you down! So what do you say? Do you want to become a Hero? Do you want to go beyond Plus Ultra!”


Shinso stared at Izuku in amazement and shock. Why was this guy, trying to help him? He disrespected his classmate and him and accused him of lying… and yet he still had that same strong and determined look in his eye.


Shinso grabbed Izuku’s hand with a tight grip.


“Yes! Yes I do!”


Izuku smirked, “That’s more like it!”


“You were really cool, Shinso!”


“Good job!”


“I was really surprised!”


“You’re the star of General Studies!”


“You put up a great fight against the guy who placed first in the Obstacle Course and Cavalry Battle! That’s freaking amazing dude. Props!”


All of Shinso’s classmates were congratulating him for being able to almost defeat Izuku, who has become a favorite to win the Sports Festival. They were glad to see that he did not go down without a fight and even though he lost, they were still proud of him.


Some Pro Heroes watching in the crowd were also impressed by Shinso.


“That Quirk would work quite well against Villains. I wish I had it.”


“U.A. is not very smart if he is in General Studies.”


“Well, they’ve got a ton of people applying every year, so some things just can’t be helped. It truly is a shame. He should most definitely be in the Hero Course.”


“It was the difference in combat experience, huh?”


“Yeah, it ends up making a big difference.”


“What a waste.”


Izuku smiled as he heard all of the comments, “You hear that, Shinso? It is not just me! Your classmates and even the Pro Heroes believe you can become a Hero regardless of how your Quirk may be perceived! You’re amazing!”


Shinso could not believe it, “H-He’s right! I don’t believe it…. I have been blind this entire time! How come, I didn’t see it before?! I have finally opened my eyes!’


Shinso looked at Izuku straight in the eye.


“Depending on the results, they’ll consider our transfer into the Hero Course. Remember that. Even if it didn’t work this time, I definitely won’t give up. I’ll get into the Hero Course, get certified, and I’ll definitely become a better Hero than any of you guys! And nobody will stop me!”


He then grew a smirk as he balled his fists.


“And when that happens, I will be waiting for my rematch, Midoriya!”


Izuku smirked as he held out his fist.


“Alright, let’s make it official then. Will you be my Rival?!”


With no hesitation, Shinso bumped fists with Izuku.


“YES! From here on out, we’re Rivals, and I will beat you. So you better be ready!”




Izuku’s eyes then turned blank as Shinso’s Quirk was activated.


Shinso smirked, “Got you.”


Izuku then smirked as his eyes returned to their normal electric green, “Are you sure you got me, or did I get you?”


Shinso gasped, “What the f- How did you break out of my Quirk? The only way is to create a shock strong enough to snap you out of it or if I let you go!”


Izuku pointed to his head, “You’re going to have to try a lot harder if you want to get me again with your Quirk! I have created a strong mental barrier so that nobody will be able to see into my head or control my mind. You better start learning new tricks!”


Shinso’s mouth gaped before he sighed, “You really are full of surprises, aren’t you? I guess I picked a good Rival. Someone who will force me to go beyond Plus Ultra!”


Izuku shrugged his shoulders, “Hey, what can I say? I aim to impress!”


Chapter Text

                                     Chapter 14: Envy Versus Wrath

But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth. This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish. For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

“Okay, sonny, it seems like everything is fine with you. I see zero injuries!” Recovery Girl stated as she checked Izuku’s vitals for the third time. She made sure that Izuku’s heartbeat and breathing were normal, and everything seemed to be perfectly normal. She did not need to use her Quirk since Izuku sustained no injuries in his fight against Shinso.


“Are you sure, Recovery Girl? He looked like he outputted a lot of energy when he broke out of Young Shinso’s Quirk.” Toshinori said worriedly as he has never seen Izuku showcase that kind of power before.


“Toshinori, please, I’ve checked the boy thoroughly three times already! He’s fine. You’re lucky he didn’t break any bones this time or I would have given you both a harsh scolding!”


“Thanks, Recovery Girl. In the match against Shinso, I let my emotions get the best of me. It almost cost me the victory. And his words hit me pretty hard. I almost had a total mental breakdown… but I’m glad it all worked out in the end!” Izuku said with a depressed tone as he still remembered when Shinso called him “lucky” and “blessed.”


“Well, his cried hit close to home for you, huh kid?”


“Yeah, but that did not mean I could lose either! I made a vow to win. That’s what it means to aim for Number One, right?” Izuku exclaimed as he gave Toshinori a sheepish smile.


Recover Girl sighed, “Poor thing. You put some weird pressure on him again, didn’t you?” Recovery Girl backhanded Toshinori to the side of his ribs.


“It was necessary! Ouch!” Toshinori yelped in pain as he rubbed his side.


“Oh yeah, All Might. I had a vision… “


“Hmmm? What kind of vision?” Toshinori asked as he recovered from the pain in his side.


“There were eight people. They looked like they were spirits of some kind. When it felt like my mind was filled with fog from the brainwashing, the vision appeared as if to drive away the fog. It was like time stopped for just a moment… which gave me the opportunity to break out it with my willpower alone. And if I remember correctly, there was someone who looked exactly like you, too, All Might. Was it… the people who had inherited One For All who did it?”


“What?! I’m a ghost?! SCARY!” Toshinori said in fright.


“What? I thought you would know about it!” Izuku yelled as he too was freaked out.


“No, I also saw it before, in my younger days,” Toshinori replied as he crossed his arms in a serious manner.




“Yes. It is a clear sign that you have got a better grasp on One For All .”


“What does that mean?” Izuku asked as he was now really curious.


“I think it’s like a trace of something they left behind in One For All . Vestiges of their souls, if you will. You said you have unlocked 25%, right? I think that’s why you’re starting to get these visions. It is not something with the intent that can interfere with you, and you can’t interfere with them. In other words, that vision is not what got rid of the brainwashing. It was that when you saw the vision, your strong emotions, drive, willpower, and determination to win allowed you to overcome Young Shinso’s Brainwashing just long enough where you were able to generate a huge outburst of energy to snap you out of it. At least, that’s what I think.” Toshinori finished his explanation.


Izuku began scratching his head, “That explanation seems to be fair, but I still feel like there’s more to it than that… “


“Don’t get too hung up about it! You won the match and that’s all that matters! More importantly, don’t you need to go see who you’ll be fighting in the quarterfinals?” Toshinori asked.


Izuku’s eyes widened. He forgot that he will be facing the winner of the second match in the next round!


“Oh snap, you’re right! Well, I will be heading off to the bleachers now! Thank you both very much!” Izuku said quickly as he ran out of Recovery Girls office in a blink of an eye.


“You… were too, too, he said.” Recovery Girl said with barely above a whisper.


Toshinori closed his eyes as he sighed, knowing what the Heroine was implying.


“That’s a good thing.”


Recovery Girl stared at him sternly.


“Toshinori…. You’re running out of time… aren’t you?”


He looked down to the floor as he knew he couldn’t lie to her.


She took his silence as confirmation to her suspicions.


“Well, then… It's a good thing he has already unlocked a quarter of One For All in so little time. He is a fast learner, isn’t he?”


“Yes. Ever since I have met him, he has made me feel nothing but proud. I have no regrets in choosing him as my Successor. He has definitely earned that right. To be honest, I think he’s stronger than me when I was his age. I have no doubt that he will surpass me one day… “

Izuku had made his way up to the bleachers until he heard a high pitched voice call out,


“Oh, Deku-kun!”


He saw both Ochaco and Momo waving towards him as they both pointed towards a seat between them.


“We saved a seat for you!”


“Thanks!” Izuku said as he sat down in between them.


He then looked over his shoulder to see Ojiro giving a thumbs up.


“Good work, Midoriya!”


Izuku smirked as he returned the thumbs up.


He then turned his attention towards the fighting stage.


“So it’s Iida’s turn right?”


“Yeah, he’s facing Hatsume,” Momo said as they were all now waiting for the match to begin.


‘I will be facing the winner of this match in the quarterfinals! I better pay attention so that I could prepare.’ Izuku mentally said as he was now in ‘Hero Analysis Mode.’


Then, the flames ignited in all four corners of the ring signaling that it was time for the next match to start.


“Thanks for waiting! Next up are these guys! “ Present Mic announced as the crowd cheered seeing the next two participants enter the ring.


“It’s like he’s the epitome of the middle of the pack! From the Hero Course, it’s Tenya Iida!”


“Middle of the pack?!” Iida shouted


“Versus-- Fully-equipped with support items! From the Support Course, it’s Mei Hatsume!”


“He’s up against the Support Course, huh?” Jiro said.


“I wonder what kind of fight it will be?” Tsuyu added.


“I mean, what is that?” Sato asked in confusion.


What he was referring to is that Iida had one of Hatsume’s gadgets strapped around his back.


“Huh? Iida is also fully-equipped with support items!” Present Mic shouted in shock.


“That is generally against the rules for those in the Hero Course. Those who must use the equipment needed to petition beforehand.” Midnight said as she reprimanded Tenya for breaking the rules.


Tenya immediately bowed robotically.


“Oh, I forgot about that! I humbly apologize! However, my heart was moved by my opponent’s sportsmanship. Even though she is from the Support Course, she said she wanted an even match since she made it this far. She said she wanted to fight fairly! So, she gave me this equipment! I did not think I could ignore her fighting spirit!” Tenya exclaimed with vigor as he placed his hand on his chest, clearly touched by Mei’s ‘sportsmanship.’


“OH YOUTH!” Midnight cried out as she was turned on by the honor and pride behind Tenya’s reasoning for wearing one of Hatsume’s gadgets.


Midnight then recomposed herself as she swung her hip, “I will allow it!”


“So it’s fine?” Present Mic asked.


“Well, if they both agree on it, then it's within regulations… I guess?” Aizawa shrugged his shoulders as he guesses that it is in the rules.


“Is Hatsume someone who’d say that?” Izuku muttered out loud as he had a pencil in one hand and one of his Hero Journals in the other.


“EH?! Where did that notebook come from?” Ochaco asked as she nor Momo saw Izuku with his Hero Journal when he came to sit with them.


‘Could it be…. ?’ Izuku thought as he frowned when he saw Hatsume… smirking?


“Well, since permission has been granted, let’s start the second match!” Present Mic announced the official start of the match.


Iida started with running towards Hatsume on a straight path, his eyes focused on his opponent.


“Isn’t that acceleration wonderful, Iida?” Mei said as her voice reverberated throughout the stadium.


“A mic?” Iida asked as he was still running towards her.


“Why?” Present Mic asked


“She’s wearing speakers?” Aizawa was also confused.


“Don’t your legs feel lighter than usual? That’s only to be expected! Those leg parts are helping the wearer’s movements along!” Hatsume said as Iida was now closing in on her.


“And I… “ Before Iida got too close, she jumped up as two longs sprouted from one of her gadgets.


“... can evade easily with my hydraulic attachments!”


She then looked up high into the crowd as she looked for a specific group of people.


‘The support companies are sitting… Oh, they’re biting! I’ve got ‘em!’ Hatsume thought as she observed two men in suits talking and pointing towards her.


Name: Mei Hatsume

Quirk: Zoom- If she gets serious, she can see clearly up to five kilometers away!


Tenya started chasing after her again, but she moved out of the way before he could get her.


“Since I’ve got sensors in every direction, I can deal with attacks from behind!”


Iida began stumbling as the gadget he was wearing propelled him back towards Hatsume.


“What are you planning?!”


“Iida changed course adeptly! It is thanks to the auto-balancer that I made! The leg parts detect the weare’s brainwaves to predict their movements, so there is no need to worry about time lag!”


Present Mic sweatdropped, “What is this?”


“She’s very good at hard-selling.” Aizawa commented also with a sweatdrop.


Hatsume kept on evading Iida.


“The auto-balancer is equipped with a 32-axis gyro sensor!”


Iida began spinning around uncontrollably like a madman.


“It will be sure to keep the wearer from falling unless the wearer wants to!”


Iida finally got control of himself as he started running towards the pink haired mechanic with an annoyed expression.


“Were you not going to fight fairly?!”


Suddenly, Hatsume jumped over Iida as it looked like she was almost floating in the air.


“What do you think of this lightness?! These electro shoes use electromagnetic induction on both feet to allow for instant evasive action!”


Iida sucked his teeth as he blasted off towards her.


“I will get her when she lands!”


Once she did land, she brought out a gun that shot out a red-colored net that tied Iida up.


“Wh-What is this?!”


“It is a capture gun to use against Villains! The capture nets are in cartridges, and you can fire up to five before reloading! Who developed all of these items? It was me, mei Hatsume! Everyone from the support companies, the choice is clear--Mei Hatsume, Mei Hatsume, Mei Hatsume!” She yelled out as her true motivations were quite evident now.


“What is she, a politician?” One of the men in suits asked as Hatsume’s way of getting attention was very peculiar to say the least.


“And now, I will talk about the next support item!”


“HUH?! There’s still more?”


                 Ten Minutes Later…..


Hatsume walked out of the ring as she was sweating in exhaustion.


“I’ve presented each and every last one of them. I have nothing left to say!”


Midnight shakily raised her hand in confusion, “Uh…. H-Hatsume is out of bounds. Iida advances to the quarterfinals!”


“YOU TRICKED ME!” Iida yelled out in horror.


Hatsume looked away as she started walking towards the tunnel, “I’m sorry. I used you.” She said shamelessly.




Izuku chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head, “Man, I should have known that was her plan from the start. She never really wanted to win the Sports Festival. All she wanted was to get the attention of the big support companies and she definitely did just that! Iida is very earnest, so she probably said some things that sounded good to get him on board. Hatsume is not just honest, she will also use any means to reach her goal. Amazing… “ Izuku began scribbling in his notebook.


He then perked up, “Oh yeah, so that means next round, me and Iida are going to face each other! Wow, I can’t say I’m not excited for that! How about you girls?” Izuku said as he turned his head to his left and right only to see that the seats were empty…


“Huh? Oh, they must have left to prepare for their matches while I was focused on my notebook! If I remember correctly they drew 6 and 8 so their matches are up next! I know that Momo-chan is facing Tokoyami but who is Ochaco-chan facing” Izuku wondered as he had forgotten who drew number five. But he then remembered as his eyes widened.


“Oh shit…. “


He then zoomed towards the Player Waiting rooms…


Player Waiting Room 2


Iida opened the door to the waiting room with a comedic depressed expression as mumbled things such as, “How could I let her manipulate me like that,” or “How could I have been so naive!”


“Good work, Iida.”


“Oh, Urarak-- YOU’RE NOT LIKE YOURSELF AT ALL! YOUR BROW IS ALL WRINKLED!!” Tenya yelled out in shock as Ochaco face was indeed not looking like its usual self.


“My brow, oh it is just my nerves… Must’ve reached my brow.” Ochaco said as her voice did not have the usual bubbly tone.


Iida nodded, “I see… You are up against Bakugo, after all… “


Ochaco sighed, “Yeah… I’m really scared. But you know, after seeing a match like yours, Iida… “


“Like mine?”


Before she could replied, the door was opened as a green blur rushed into the room.




Izuku ran into the run as it was clear he had rushed to get there.


“Deku-kun?! Huh? Why are you here? You don’t want to watch the others’ matches?”


Izuku shook his head, “I know your match is next… and I know exactly who you will be fighting. I know Kacchan is not going to go easy on you, so I came here to try to give you some advice!”


“But, well, I don’t think even Bakugo would use a full-strength explosion on a girl… “ Iida chimed in.


Izuku narrowed his eyes.


“He would.”


Iida gasped.


“Everyone’s trying to become Number One to make their dreams come true. Even if it’s not Kacchan, no one would think about holding back. You’ve helped me so much, Ochaco-chan. That’s why I thought maybe I could help you a little. A plan to use your Quirk against Kacchan.”


Izuku held out his Hero Journal #14.


“It’s rough, but I came up with something!”


“Oh, isn’t that great, Uraraka?”


Ochaco stared at the cover of the Hero Journal. Within its pages… lied all of the answers to how she could win. She has experienced Izuku’s strategic and analytical planning firsthand, and she knew that his plans were nothing short of a genius. If she accepted his offer, then there was no question that she was more likely to win than if she rejects. All she had to do was open the notebook and let the knowledge overflow her…

“Thanks, Deku-kun… But it’s fine.”


Izuku raised his eyebrows, “Huh? What do you mean?”


“You’re amazing, Deku-kun… spectacular even. I keep seeing more and more amazing sides to you. During the Cavalry Battle, I thought it’d be easier to team up with friends, but now that I think about it, I might’ve been trying to rely on you. That’s why, when Iida said he’d challenge you, it actually made me feel a little embarrassed.”


“Ochaco-chan… “

Ochaco began walking towards to the door.


“That’s why it’s fine. Everyone’s facing the future and trying their absolute hardest. That means we’re all rivals, right? That’s why… “


Ochaco faced Izuku as she gave him a thumbs up with a nervous and shaky smile.


“Let’s meet in the semi-finals!”

“OKAY! So after that whole marketing scheme fiasco, let’s try to get back on track, shall we? We’ll start the next match!” Present Mic announced as the jumbotron displayed both Katsuki and Ochaco, thus making the crowd cheer as they anticipated the third match of the first round of the tournament.


“This next one might be the most disturbing match-up.” Tsuyu said.


“I almost don’t want to watch… “Jiro shuddered as she voiced the majority of Class 1-A’s thoughts.


Ochaco and Katsuki both began walking towards the ring. Katsuki looked dead on at Ochaco as his expression remained neutral. Ochaco however did not falter against his intense gaze. She was determined to win.


Izuku looked on as he tightened his fists.


‘Ochaco-chan… Do your best!’


“The third match of the first round! These are our participants!” Present Mic shouted. “He was kind of famous in middle school! That isn’t the face of a regular person! From the Hero Course, it’s Katsuki Bakugo!”


“HEY WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY FACE!” Bakugo yelled out in anger as his face was kind of unsettling due to his mean mug.


“VERSUS-- She’s the one I’m rooting for! From the Hero Course, it’s Ochaco Uraraka!” Present Mic shouted.


“Wow, way to show how biased you are.” Aizawa said monotonically.


“You’re the one that makes things float, right, Round Face?” Bakugo suddenly said.


“Round… Face?” Ochaco asked as she widened her eyes in shock. How doesn’t he know her name by now?


“If you are going to withdraw, do it now. You won’t get off with just an ‘ouch’.” Katsuki said a she continued to stare at her with eyes that shone pure fury.


Ochaco grit her teeth as she stared back with defiance showing that she was not backing down no matter what.


“Midoriya, what was the strategy you were going to tell Uraraka earlier for her to use against Bakugo?” Iida asked.


“Oh, it wasn’t much, really.” Izuku replied as he held his Hero Journal. “Kacchan’s strong. In a real close combat fight, he has almost no openings, and the more he moves, the more he sweats, making is Explosion Quirk stronger. He can use the blasts from his explosions to move around in the air, but if Uraraka touches Kacchan and uses her Quirk to make him float, then she would have the upper hand. It would be pretty much game over from that point. That’s why… the first thing Uraraka should do is… “


Ochaco took a deep breath as she put on a face that said, ‘I’m ready!’


“Third match, start!” Present Mic announced


“... a swift attack!” Izuku finished.


Ochaco immediately rushed towards Bakugo with her right hand outstretched below her.


“Withdrawing is not a choice!” Ochaco yelled out.


“All right! That’s good. Even if it’s an accident, as long as she can touch him, she can make him float!” Izuku said as he was glad that Uraraka was attacking Bakugo with the proper mindset.


“Bakugo won’t want Uraraka to get close to him!” Iida added.


“That is why Kacchan won’t want to evade. He will want to counterattack!” Izuku said as he knew what Bakugo would do against Ochaco in that situation.


Bakugo scoffed, “Then, die!”


“Kacchan. You usually start with a big right swing….”


Ochaco remembered Deku’s words when he and Bakugo had fought during the combat training.


Ochaco saw that Bakugo was getting his right hand ready to strike.


‘Here… HERE!’


Katsuki raised his arm, preparing for an explosion aimed right for Ochaco.


‘If I dodge here… !’ Ochaco thought as she got ready for Bakugo’s attack.


But she was too late.


When Ochaco was just about to dodge, Katsuki had already fire off an explosion which violently blew the Gravity Girl back.


Izuku frowned, ‘She wasn’t fast enough.’


“Uraraka!” Iida yelled out in worry.

“He just blasted her like it was nothing!” Mineta cried out.


“Even though you’re fighting a girl, you have no mercy, do you, Bakugo?” Tsuyu said as her and the rest of Class 1-A realized just how ruthless Katsuki Bakugo truly was.


“This is no good. Even if I knew what move he was going to make, I still could not react in time.” Ochaco said as she waved the smoke away from her face.


Katsuki got into his stance, “I’ll make short work of you.”


Katsuki waited for Ochaco to attack him. He couldn’t see her due to the smoke so he was on his toes.


He then heard movement behind him.


“Don’t underestimate me!”


Bakugo turned around and launched a violent explosion. However he was shocked to see that his hand had only ignited a U.A. Gym shirt.


Ochaco appeared behind Katsuki with her hand stretched out. Her top half of the P.E. uniform now gone as she was now wearing a black tank top.


“OH! She made her jacket float and sent it over there?! She did it in an instant, too!” Present Mic cried out.


‘If I make him float now--’


But before she could touch him, Katsuki reacted just in time, and blew Ochaco back again with another explosion. This one with even more force than before.


Ochaco was blown back, but she managed to get back on her feet. That explosion hurt… a lot, but she was still standing.


“He moved after he saw her?” Sero said as he couldn’t believe that Bakugo was able to counterattack.


“With that reaction time, it doesn’t matter if there’s a smokescreen. With Uraraka not being able to activate her Quirk unless she touches him, she’s at a disadvantage with Bakugo’s reflexes.” Kaminari commented as he figured that the matchup was not entirely favorable for Ochaco


Ochaco began running towards Katsuki again attempting to catch him off guard.




Bakugo fired off another explosion right at her face which made the entire crowd cringe as they could feel the heat of that explosion all the way from where they were sitting.


Ochaco then reappeared from the smoke.


“TAKE THIS!” Ochaco yelled out as she aimed to touch him again with her Zero Gravity.


However, Bakugo just hit her with another explosion which blew her back again.


“Ochaco…. “ Tsuyu muttered as she was worried for her well being.


“I can’t watch!” Jiro said as she covered her face with her hands.


“Bakugo, don’t tell me… your tastes runs in that direction ….” Mineta said with a pervy tone but Tsuyu slapped him with her tongue to prevent him from saying anything more.


Bakugo kept on firing explosion after explosion, relentlessly with each one hitting Ochaco dead on. It was getting very uncomfortable for the rest to watch.


“Not yet!” Ochaco kept on getting back up after each blow but Bakugo just blew her back down to the floor every time. It was getting to the point where the entire ring was breaking apart due to the force of Katsuki’s explosions.


“Uraraka keeps attacking without rest, but... this is…” Present Mic stopped mid sentence as he didn’t know what to say. What could he say? He was witnessing a massacre.


Ochaco attempted another attack, but Bakugo lit her up once again.


“Her substitution earlier didn’t work, so she’s getting desperate.” A Pro Hero commented from the crowd.


Monoma looked towards him and sighed in annoyance, “What an idiot.”


“Hey, shouldn't you stop this?! Isn’t he going a little too far?!” A random member of the crowd yelled at Cementos.


Ochaco ran straight ahead towards Katsuki but the ash blonde just hit her with another explosion.


“I can’t watch… “


“Hey! How can you say you want to be a Hero like that?! If there’s such a huge difference in your abilities, then hurry up and send her out of bounds! Stop bullying and playing with the poor girl!”


“Yeah! Yeah!”


The crowd then began booing at Bakugo for “bullying” Ochaco.


“There’s booing from part of the crowd… But honestly, I also feel the sa--”


Aizawa elbowed Present Mic in the face before he could finish that sentence.


“An elbow?! What’re ya doin?!”


“Was that a Pro saying he’s playing around? How many years have you been a Pro?” Aizawa asked.




“If you’re saying that with a straight face, there’s no point in you watching anymore, so go home! Go home and look into changing careers!” Aizawa yelled.


Everybody was now confused by what he was saying.


“Eh? What do you mean Eraser Head?!” Present Mic asked.


“Bakugo is being careful because he’s acknowledged the strength of his opponent who has made it this far. It’s because he’s doing everything he can to win that he can’t go easy on her or let his guard down.”


The smoke cleared to show Ochaco still standing on her feet… panting… but still on her feet.


‘Not yet… She’s still… not dead!’ Bakugo thought as he acknowledged the fact that Ochaco is a lot tougher than she looks. She commends her for lasting this long.


Izuku nods his head in agreement as he had been silently observing the fight this whole time. He noticed what Aizawa was talking about and even though Bakugo has the usual hatred in his eyes, he can also see something else in his red orbs… it was respect.


“It’s about time… I think… Thanks Bakugo… “


Ochaco brought her hands together.


“...for not letting your guard down!”


“Huh?” Bakugo asked in confusion as he didn’t understand what she was referring to.


“It can’t be helped from where Bakugo is, but it’s for a Pro in the stands to start booing without noticing.” Monoma suddenly said as he now had everybody’s attention. “She kept her body low as she advanced, concentrating Bakugo’s attacks on the ground, storing up weapons. And then, she narrowed his field of vision with relentless attacks to keep him from noticing.” Monoma then looked up and everybody saw what he was referring to. Up in the sky were a bunch of rubble and other debris that were created due to Katsuki’s explosions. Everyone stared wide eyed as most of them didn’t even notice that Ochaco had been using her Quirk all along.


“I’m gonna win!” Ochaco shouted with determination as she released her Quirk. All of the debris began to descend to the ring at very high speeds.




“You should have noticed.” Aizawa said.


“She had a desperate plan like that up her sleeve?” Iida yelled out in shock as the majority of Class 1-A didn’t even realize that she was planning this from the beginning.


Izuku smirked as he tightened his fists in anticipation, ‘YES! You have created an opening! Now’s your chance!’ He had noticed what she was doing ever since the match started but kept quiet about it since he thought it was better to leave it as a surprise.


Ochaco then began sprinting straight ahead towards Bakugo.


‘With this much debris, whether he’s evading or counter attacking, there will definitely be an opening! In that moment, I’ll get close to him with my secret move!’ Ochaco then activated her Quirk as now she was ready to go for the win.


“I will win! I will win… and be just like Deku-kun!’


She outstretched her hand and she was fingertips away from touching Bakugo. She was fingertips away from victory… she was fingertips away from being just like Deku!


But right before she could claim her victory, Katsuki raised his palm up and ignited a huge explosion towards that sky that pushed Ochaco all the way back. The resulting explosion was strong enough to completely destroy all of the debris that was about to fall on him. The explosion was also able to blow many people off of their feet.


“Since you’re friends with Deku, I thought you’d be up to something… That nerd is too smart for him to not rub off on you.”


The smoke cleared to show Katsuki Bakugo… unscathed.


Ochaco stared wide eyed in horror.


“I-In one shot?!” After all of the planning and work she put into that plan, he just… blew it all away with one attack.


“B-Bakugo delivers a satisfying explosion! He blasts boldly through Uraraka’s secret plan!” Present Mic stuttered as he and the rest of the stadium could barely form words at the display of such raw power.


Bakugo took a deep breath.


“That was close.”

Ochaco shook as her mind could barely process everything that just happened.


‘I-I did as much as I could…! But he was not fazed at all… ‘


Izuku’s breath hitched as he could feel Ochaco’s distress.


‘Ochaco-chan… don’t give up. You can still win this one!’


Izuku’s head perked up as he saw Ochaco getting back on her feet.


“Even so... “


Bakugo smirked at this.


“All right, let’s get serious then, Uraraka!”


Izuku gasped, ‘He… He called her by her name?!’

“If it were Deku-kun... “

Ochaco turned around as she stumbled on her legs.


“... he would never give up!”


Ochaco’s body was screaming in pain. She could feel her legs about to give out. Her skin was burned in various places due to Bakugo’s explosions. Her body was screaming at her to stop. Stop everything. To just… give up.


But… she refused!


As she was about to fall, one image entered her mind.




The image of Deku turned around and smiled at her, his electric green eyes sparkling with pure energy and power.


The image outstretched his hand.


“You want my power… don’t you? Well… here! Take it!”


At that moment, Ochaco felt a strange sensation of pure heat and energy flood her entire being. It felt so warm and empowering…. Like it was giving her life!


It reminded her of… Deku.


Then, out of nowhere, a huge pressure of energy exploded from Uraraka. Sharp winds begin spreading throughout the stadium as everybody was forced to shield their eyes due to how fast the winds were. After a couple of seconds, the wind died down and everybody gasped at what they saw.


Around Ochaco’s figure, was a bright pink aura of energy surrounding her. Her eyes were now a pink shade as they gleamed in the sunlight. Around her, everything was floating. Rocks and debris circulated around her as they levitated above the ground. Her hair was also floating a little bit as the pink aura almost made it look like it had changed color. She was also floating in the air as everything around her seemed to have defied the laws of gravity.


“W-What is this?! Uraraka is now all pink! I didn’t know she could do that!” Present Mic shouted.


“H-How in the world?!” Even Aizawa was shocked as he was definitely not expecting this. ‘That power… She shouldn’t be able to do that. Something fishy is going on here.’


“Where did this come from?! Had she been hiding this all along?! Midoriya, do you know anything about this?” Tenya asked as he robotically waved his arms around like crazy.


Izuku remained speechless as he was at a loss for words.


‘T-That isn’t Ochaco-chan’s Quirk! This is… wait don’t tell me!’

‘This is exactly the same feeling as when Deku-kun shared his energy with me!’ Ochaco yelled internally as the intoxicating feeling of power she felt during the Cavalry Battle returned. She felt completely energized and empowered… like she could win!


“What the fuck?! Why the hell are you pink now? Have you been holding back this entire time?! Well if so, then I’m going to get serious as well!” Bakugo shouted as he began running straight towards Ochaco with his hands ready to explode.


Ochaco saw this and immediately responded by swiping her hand and sending many rocks and other debris straight at Bakugo. This forced Bakugo stop and take care of the debris by igniting them with explosions. Bakugo set his sights on Ochaco once again, only to see she had disappeared.


“What the- Where did she go this time?!” Bakugo looked around frantically in all directions except for one…




Katsuki looked up and saw Ochaco floating in the air as she collected a lot more debris and rubble and launched all of it towards him at unexpectedly high speeds. Katsuki grunted as he was forced to put in some effort into evading the debris. He tried to blast them away in one shot just like before, but somehow Ochaco just kept on throwing an unlimited supply at him.


“DAMN IT! I can’t attack her if she keeps on distracting me like this!” Katsuki was clearly frustrated as now Ochaco was proving to be a lot more troublesome than before.


‘She’s keeping him at a long range distance to prevent him from using his explosions on her! That is a very good strategy to use against Kacchan!’ Izuku said mentally as the rest of the crowd were in awe at seeing Ochaco actually making Bakugo struggle!


Seeing Bakugo distracted, Ochaco decided to go onto to the offensive. She went down towards Bakugo and was about to deliver a sneak attack.


“Like I told you before, don’t underestimate me!”


Bakugo yelled out as he had noticed Ochaco sneaking up on him. With his right hand, he aimed a large explosion towards her with the intent on frying her, just like he had done at the start of their match.

‘Okay, I see the explosion coming from a mile away… now DODGE!’

And Ochaco did just that which left Katsuki stunned.


‘Sh-She predicted my exact move!?’ Bakugo shouted in his mind as the rest of the crowd watching also were not expecting for Ochaco to be able to react in time to Bakugo’s explosion.


‘Alright, he’s wide open! Now, all I have to do is hit him! Just like with Todoroki’s ice! I can do this. I have Deku-kun’s power. I HAVE DEKU-KUN’S POWER!’


Ochaco gripped her right hand as the pink aura enclosed itself around it, giving it power and life. It concentrated into that point until…


…. BAM!


Ochaco gave Katsuki a nasty sucker punch right to his left cheek. The force of the blow was so great, that it sent Katsuki flying across the ring creating a huge gust of wind that blew away half of the debris and rubble.


“Uraraka lands a devastating blow on Bakugo! WOW! That is the first piece of offense that she has made since the beginning of the match!” Present Mic cried out as now the entire crowd was cheering as the fight was starting to get a lot more entertaining.


Ochaco gazed at her hand in awe. The pink aura swirling around it.


‘W-Wow… Deku-kun’s power… is amazing! I almost can’t believe it. Was that really mean who punched him?! This strength is unreal!’


As Ochaco was gushing over her newfound strength, Katsuki was able to recollect himself as he stood up and rubbed his cheek. There was a pretty nasty bruise on his left cheek, courtesy of Ochaco’s super punch.


Bakugo’s eyes gained a dangerous red glint as his fury began to manifest itself. He balled his fists as he was shaking violently as the pain in his left cheek lingered and stung. Almost as if it were mocking him due to getting punched in the face by Round Face. He started shaking his head repeatedly telling himself over and over again that this did not mean anything, that there was no chance in HELL that Round Face is actually stronger than him. There is no chance in HELL that she was going to beat him in front of all these people! He could not allow it.. He could not allow it! He could not allow to give Deku the satisfaction of getting beat in the first round by one of his damn girlfriends!


‘Deku… I will not lose to your girlfriend! You will not humiliate me like this! I refuse to fucking lose in the first round. I won’t fucking lose until I FACE YOUR BITCH ASS!’


Bakugo let out a roar of pure agony and fury as as explosions went off around him signalling that the ticking bomb was about to set off.


Ochaco widened her eyes at the sudden outburst, “Oh, what now?!”


“Well, he sure does have some anger issues!” Present Mic said as Aizawa nodded in agreement.


“Tell me about it!” Izuku yelled out comically.

“I am through playing games with you… NOW I’M MAD!” Bakugo shouted with rage as his hands began to light up frantically as the ticking bomb was just moments away from setting off.


‘Oh no, it looks like he isn’t playing around anymore! Come on Ochaco think, think, think! I have to do something, but I have no idea what!’ Ochaco was having an inner turmoil as Bakugo was preparing an all out blast that would finally end this match.


“I hope you still have some strength left because now I’m not holding back!” Time was up. The ticking time bomb was now ready to explode. Bakugo brought his hands forward as the explosions were ready to detonate.


Ochaco gasped as she now had an idea.


Her pink aura expanded as she took a deep breath. She then brought her hands together at her side in a very familiar pose.


Izuku sputtered when he saw what Ochaco was about to do.


‘WHAT?! No, no way! She isn’t about to do what I think she is about to do, is she? That’s impossible!’


Ochaco’s purple energy began circulating and concentrating into her hands in one point.



‘Oh God….’



Inside Ochaco’s hands, a purple ball of energy was beginning to form as with each passing second, the energy began to get more powerful, more dense, and more potent.


“What’s going on with Uraraka!? There is so much pressure being built up within her hands! Is this some sort of ultra super secret move?!” Tenya yelled out as now his arms were waving around like crazy.



Rocks and rubble surrounding Ochaco began to levitate in the air as her power was increasing. It was almost beginning to be a little too much for her as she was not used to this type of overflooding of energy. But she still pushed on as she was determined to win no matter what.


ME …. “


‘SHIT! She’s really about to do it! Her energy is overflowing! Her Power Level is incredible!’ Izuku remained speechless as he could do nothing but observe the unbelievable the sight he was about to witness.


‘I have to end this in one shot. I don’t think I will be able to continue after this.’ Ochaco finished charging up her energy as all of her power was now concentrated into one single point. In her hands was a pink orb of energy that was now ready to be used.


“NOW YOU DIE!” Bakugo fired a double explosion using both of his hands that had even more potency than the one he used to destroy all of the fall debris earlier in the match. This explosion was fueled by rage and determination to not lose to one of Deku’s ‘girlfriends.’

Ochaco arched her back as it was now or never.



Ochaco thrust her hands forward and launched a pink colored Kamehameha Wave as rubble and other debris levitated around it making the overall strength of the blast bigger.


“EVERYBODY TAKE COVER!” Present Mic shouted as nobody wanted any piece of that blast.


The two blasts collided as the recoil was strong enough to push both contestants back by a couple of meters. However they both remained strong as they placed their feet flat on the ground, not willing to give the other any extra leverage. After a couple of seconds, the two attacks colliding created a huge explosion that blew many people off of their feet. There was a bright flash as smoke covered the entire arena.


Present Mic got back on his seat after a few coughing fits.


“Oh my God, your students are amazing Eraser Head! There’s gotta be some secret training method that you’re teaching them!”


“I’m just as surprised as you are.” Aizawa replied as some of his bandages were undone due to him falling on the floor.


When the smoke cleared, the audience could see both Bakugo and Ochaco standing. Bakugo was panting hard as it was clear that he used up all of energy into that last explosion.


Ochaco’s pink aura was now completely gone. She attempted to take one step, but she instead ended up completely collapsing onto the ground. Bakugo widened his eyes as he almost collapsed as well due to the exhaustion he was feeling.


“Uraraka’s down!” Present Mic announced as now people were beginning to worry about her condition.


‘She passed her limit a long time ago…’ Izuku said in his head as using a full power Kamehameha Wave without any training beforehand would surely put a toll on the user’s body. Ochaco was also running on pure adrenaline.

“My… body… won’t do… what I want… “ Ochaco tried to crawl as her entire body felt dead. “I-I also… also… can still.. !”


“When I get big, I’ll help you and Mommy!”


“I appreciate the thought, Ochaco. But as your dad, I’d be even happier if you could achieve your own dream. When that happens, you can take us to Hawaii!”


“I… I will become…. A Hero… !”


Ochaco’s vision began to get blurry as she saw darkness.


“Daddy… “


Midnight went to go check on Ochaco. She found her unconscious.


“Uraraka is out of commission. Katsuki Bakugo advances to the quarter finals!”


Chapter Text

                                Chapter 15: Wrath Versus Pride


Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil. Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth. Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption. Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice.

The crowd began cheering when Midnight announced the result of the match. On the jumbotron, Bakugo’s face was displayed with the word, ‘WINNER’ next to it. Part of the ring was destroyed in the aftermath of Ochaco and Katsuki’s battle. Cementos had to immediately begin repairing the ring with his Quirk for the next match. Robotic paramedics came and began carrying Ochaco away in a stretcher.


“Take her to Recovery Girl,” Midnight commanded.


I know. ” The robots then took Ochaco to Recovery Girl’s temporary office so that she could get patched up for her injuries.


Bakugo stared wide-eyed to where Ochaco was stretchered out. The pain in his left cheek still stung and lingered from where Ochaco sucker punched him across the ring. She was actually doing damage to him during the fight. She made him actually try. And even after all of that, he didn’t even land the final blow on her to win. She collapsed before he could beat her the way he wanted to win.


‘I-If she had not run out of energy… would I still have won?! This is bullshit! Why did she have to pass out?! Our fight was not over yet! Damn it all!’ Bakugo wanted a match with a proper finish. But it seems like it was not meant to be. Even if he got the win in the end, his pride still could barely fathom the possibility of the match having a different outcome if Ochaco never passed out.


“The third match of the first round… Oh, Uraraka... Oh yeah, Bakugo advances to the quarterfinals.” Present Mic announced as with his tone of voice, it was clear that he was upset that Ochaco didn’t pull off the miracle win that he and a lot of other people were hoping for.


“If you are going to do it, do it properly. Commentators are supposed to be unbiased.” Aizawa commented with a monotone voice.


“Now let’s pull ourselves together--”


“You’re really letting your personal feelings take over… “


“We still have five more matches left in the first round! The next match should begin momentarily! Cementos needs a little more time to fix up the ring, but after he’s done the fights will continue!”


The crowd cheered in excitement. After seeing a match like that, they couldn’t wait to see what else was in store.


“Wow, Uraraka sure was something else huh, Midoriya?” Iida said as he and the rest of the First Years were still trying to recover after seeing the battle between Ochaco and Katsuki.


However, he got no response from the Green haired Saiyan.


Iida turned his head to see that Izuku was no longer present in the bleachers.


“Huh? Where did he go?”


Player Waiting Rooms…


Izuku took small steps in the halls. He was looking downward as his ey