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Were different (but still good)

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  • now let's do a little world building
  • All ready in the books we know that there are other pathons besides the greek(and Roman).
  • We got the egyption and the norse pantheons to
  • So it's natural to assume that there are others. like the Celtics?, Scottish?, anther easter pathons like the japanese, korean if they have any, chinese, and like any other pathons.
  • and in the Au they do
  • So my idea for this is that really out if all the pathons, only the greek and roman are the ones that really move. And by that I mean they are the only ones who move their children's safe haven (camp half blood and camp Jupiter) along with where they live. AKA Olympiss
  • They are the only ones who follow the idea of ‘Westernization’ unlike the other pathons who gladly stay in their own countries( like the norse stay in the nordic countries)
  • this doesn’t mean that the other gods don’t go anywhere. the egyptians have a safe haven in america, brooklyn if i remember what i read about the kane chronicles correctly) but they would also have others around the world. From what i think this is because the gods don’t so much as have children but they posses(or something like that) the children of a pharaoh. which would mean that they would need to have a safe place if the move so they just put house around the world.
  • The Norse are a little different. this is because their pathon is spread out between all the nordic countries. (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and I believe Finland. but that's only if finland doesn’t have their own gods.And since this isn’t so much about them I’m not looking it up)
  • Sure there are differences between the countries, like certain creatures and all that, but as far as i can see the gods are all the same. Anyway, the norse mainly have there own homes in those 4(or 5) counties. Those countries are where the gods have the most children at least. some may have some in different countries, most gods do if they have children, like the Chase series that Rick is making( ended idk).
  • The Asian pathon mostly stay in asians countries. The gods mostly stay in the mountains, nature heavy areas, shrines, or in another dimensional plain that only has certain access points. Something similar to the underworld but way more nature looking.
  • Now let's go back a few years before Denki Kaminari was born.