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Were different (but still good)

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Years before Denki (Percy is 16 turning 17)


  1. So like Apollo gets his godhood(godliness?) taken him away by Zeus because reason. Something along the lines of Apollo not informing them of Kronos(the titan) and Geia(the primordial goddess) and the wars coming and how he deserved to be punished for that.
  2. The thing is he did sort of. Has Oracle made the Big Prophecy years just before WW2 ended. (Then Hades cursed her and we got the mummy right up until the end of book 5 of the PJO books) At the time Apollo with his limited abilities couldn’t see Kronos. (more on that later) However because of the pack that Zeus and Poseidon came up with and made Hades agree with it delayed it and gave them just a little more time.
  3. In the time that they had, before River that is, Apollo tried to get the gods to claim more children he did his best to guid abused girls to his sister Artemis, he guided others to both of the camps, (in this AU he was the one to guid Annabeth to Thalia and Luke but Annabeth thought it was Athena)
  4. As for Geia. He was the one to tell hades what was going on, or at least hinting at it, and when cohort 5 of Camp jupiter lost the Eagle he tried to have the other gods look at it.
  5. Apollo couldn’t really see what was going on, not until it was almost upon them and that was because he had put most of his abilities into his oracle. This limited his own abilities until his dreams were almost as unclear as a demigod. He could of course see the past as clear as day, and dreams about things that are close to happening are clear as well. and with the years of practice he has it is easy for him to think about why he was seeing what he was.
  6. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard though especially sense prophecies as a whole tended to use either male pronounce or neutral ones. the Big Prophecy says ‘A Half-Blood of the Eldest God’. Half-Blood is a neutral term, meaning a female or male. God however is male and most took that to mean Hades, Zeus, or Poseidon. No one thought of Demeter, Hestia, Hera, or even Aphrodite.
  7. What I’m trying to say is that Apollo had very little idea about what was happening until it was almost too late to even say anything. And really if he did try to say anything it wouldn’t have been taken seriously because of the image he had cultivated after the ancient greek era.
  8. From WW2 to when River to after she rescued Artemis, and Annabeth, and Apollo comes to thank her. It’s probably just before school starts, either before the winter break ends or the school day starts. River comes clean about just wanted to rescue Annabeth and Apollo tells her he knew that but he still wanted to thank her.
  9. After that they becomes friends, River is a little hesitant about it, she doesn’t see why he would want to get to know her unless he gets something out of it, but pretty soon she realizes that he really has no one. not anyone who would listen to him talk about his poems and dreams he has and help him see what is going on
  10. River is the first person he goes to when he gets a new dream about Kronos, at this point Geia was still so silent that he thought he had more time, and between his and her dreams, as well as the other demigods dreams(mainly Ares kids), when camp Half Blood performed raids or attacks on Kronos army they had an idea about what to do. ( they were of course careful as they didn't know if the dreams were planted or not) side note if it had not been for Apollo they would have lost way more on the,Greek side.
  11. So when Apollo goes to River after Zeus punishes Apollo she helps. He knows that he has to get the oracle back because its missing or at least the power isn’t in RED(I have know idea what the trials of Apollo is about but i'm pretty sure this is it). Except he doesn't really want that.
  12. At this moment he had all of his powers back, aka the ones he gave to the oracle, so he can see how it's going to go if he takes that route and he doesn’t really want that. He wants to at the moment get to be human.
  13. Oh he knows that one day he will be forced to go back but he wants to live in the moment. So he does.
  14. So he and River use the Mist to create him a passport, ID, basically anything to say he is a US citizen that is going to some place and not a god. Because Apollo can’t really lie, he could say that someone can call him fred when asked what his name is but he couldn’t say “My name is fred”, so he puts his name as Phoebus Apollo Smintheus. (Something that i found on the internet about his name. Phoebus meaning light, bright, or pure. Apollo being associated with a greek verb that ment ‘to destroy’ but could also mean manly beauty. Simintheus could mean ‘plague bearer’ or ‘rat apollo’)
  15. River is the one that picks where he goes, hint its japan. She is also the one that takes him shopping for clothing using the the lotus casino card from book one after apollo used the mist to make it look like a credit card, still works though. (also what happened to it in the book huh? did Uncle rick forget about it after the first book?)
  16. Contrary to the books personality and the one that apollo had depicted in mythology it's more of a mix between the two, though the personality of the book is the one he shows almost everyone that he doesn’t trust or the parents of his kid. in which case he trust them anyway as he fell in love.
  17. So Apollo can be serious, or happy, and calm and rarely is angry but when he is he has no problem giving them a illness. He also isn’t as aloof as he is in the mythology and is more personable.
  18. Anyway after getting to japan he changes his name to something that means maybe light, healing, music, just something along what he has powers over. and then he starts going to school for phycology, like a therapist, and business management.
  19. Soon he meets Denki’s soon to be mom, Nozomi Kaminari meaning dependable, trustworthy, reliable. And later they get married and have Denki.