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Were different (but still good)

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After Denik’s born/slightly before that


  1. Denki is born after the wedding. And by that i mean after the ‘honeymoon’ Denki is conceived and then born. however a little before, like before the wedding that River meets the other Kaminaris. at the time she is still going by River Jackson, to anyone that doesn’t know about apollo being well apollo they say she is his half sister.
  2. She has so far stayed in America to play the part of confused Demi-god because as far as anyone else know, Apollo’s missing. She hides the fact that she help him not only get away but also that he left. only Hecate has an idea but she keeps quite since she really doesn’t care. and because she really doesn’t really care what Zeus wants.
  3. It is these reasons that she gets adopted into the Kaminair family and later into the Muramoto clan. Because of her skills in battle she becomes a trainer for kids of the family. But that's only after Apollo gets found. The training not the adoption
  4. So she goes back after wedding and is later named Denki’s godmother.
  5. Two years after Denki is born Apollo gets found. Nozomi just found out she was with another child also.
  6. It is Athena that finds apollo who was putting something away when Athena saw him. she had been looking in on one of her grandkids that worked with Apollo and thats how. Afterwards she tells the other gods and they bring him back. With Apollo forcibly taken back it taking a while before River to get word to Nozomi who had filed a missing person report.
  7. Knowing that there was no way for Apollo to get back to Nozomi, and after a few talks via dreams it was decided that a hero would find Apollo’s “Body” dead in a villain hideout. The family used a mix of magic, science and Mist to create the  “body” for the police to find.
  8. Then River comes to Japan on a more permanent place and moves in with Nozomi and Denki to help Nozomi with her pregnancy and the sudden death.
  9. On the demi gods side River doesnt really talk to him anymore. She  like 20 to 21 years old when she goes to Japan. (Apollo and Nozomi would be like 22/23 and 23/24 respectively)
  10. River isn’t at camp anymore. After the Giant War she wanted nothing to do with anything really. Tatarus really fucked her up as she saw more than Annabeth did. She ended up moping for a few weeks until Apollo came and asked for help(see previous notes)
  11. This sort of gets her to be a little bit more motivated but she still can’t go to camp. Not even New Rome because of all the memories and she really doesn’t trust herself no to A. have a panic attack in front of someone, mostly her friends and kids, and B. ptsd is shit and she has that.
  12. So mins the few times she came to japan before Apollo was brought back, she traveled around. She took a few online classes, talked to Apollo, and took out the monsters that came after her.
  13. the only people she talked to regularly besides Apollo was Thalia, Nico, Sally and Paul, and surprisingly Clarisse. Her and Annabeth had a falling out because River refused to go to college in New Rome with her and Annabeth would not try and understand her decision. Grover and her are rarely in the same timezone and are busy most of the time but they would sometime IM each other because Grover would feel a strong emotion through the Empathy Link and call.
  14. The rest of the seven are similar, most are too busy to call each other and when they do it's mostly short and or late at night.
  15. So it's not like she really has any ties to America but some. and none that care about her do not protest just saying they want her to be happy or something along those lines. so yeah.
  16. Now over in japan River stays with Nozomi, taking care of Denki when Nozomi can’t and as the months go doing the more labor intensive work around the place.
  17. Because of the fact that they honored Nozomi’s home with naming denki well denki Nozomi named the youngest and only other child Phoebe Artemis as it was a girl. Phoebe being not only the name of Apollo’s grandmother but also because of its association with Phobos or Shining. and well Aretim because she is his sister.
  18. Her nickname is Phoe or Arty and just like her brother she has a quirk. It has nothing to do with lighting like her brother. It's mostly she can look at someone and have a general idea of what they will be like seeing the future but more vague like demigod dreams.
  19. So say like she glances at bakugo she would she like see apart of his future like if he was rescuing someone or even if he was getting groceries.
  20. A few years later when Nozomi died it is from a villain attack and since rivers is both of the children's godmother she is named their guardian. Denki is like 5 and Phoe is like 2 or 3.
  21. From there and till Denki goes to UA River takes care of the two. Apollo is there but more often than not its in dreams or like letters. River changes her last name to Kaminari and spends her time training the Muramoto kids in both sword/knife fighting, survival training, and general control over powers if she can.
  22. Denki and Phoe were often dragged with her. Denki being rather good with knives and Arrows as he was taught by a cousin. Phoe also is good at knives and but instead of the Bow and arrows she prefers a sword.
  23. They also are rather good at surfing in the woods by the self.