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Were different (but still good)

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Denki is surrounded by amazing people. Amazing heros. His aunt is the Hero of Olympus times two. His dad is a god, one of the few that cared about his children and tried to be a parent despite all the rules. He knows he, his sister, and half siblings are lucky. He also knows that him and his sister are lucky that they do not have the restrictions that the other do. No, Denki had inherited his mother’s quirk while fate decreed that his sister would have a mutated version of his father’s power as a quirk.


Denki hardly remembered his mother, he was only five when she died. Instead he was raised by his aunt, a woman that could control the ocean in her blood, who was a one woman army. Denki grew up knowing that there was something different with his aunt and in one of the few dream talks he had with his father he asked.


His father smiled a sad smile, eyes full of sadness he talked. About war. About sacrifice. Denki learned of the friendship between two people, where not even a god’s word could be trusted. It was then that Denki decided that he was going to be a hero. Because his Aunt was one. His siblings were heros. Because his family were hurt and damaged in a way that could not be fixed.  Because he did not want anyone to co through what is family went through. And maybe he could not help the mythical world, were war and tragedy was the only thing that could keep it going, but the mortal world? That he could help.


And when his classmates asked him why he wanted to be a hero, he smiled. He thought of his aunt, his dad, and siblings that he never met. He looked at his classmates a sad smile and sad eyes and said, “Family. I want to become a hero for my family.”