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Love Me, Harder

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Kirishima stepped into the hotel room, looking around and his eyes widening at what he saw. A king-sized bed, wide-set TV, the room was draped in red, condoms and sex toys of every kind filled each drawer, and the walls were soft, as they had an extra layer of foam, it seemed. Kirishima grinned. Soundproof rooms. He turned to Bakugou, hunger deep in his stomach. His fiancé knew exactly what he was doing by bringing them here.

"You booked us a love hotel? Seriously?" Kirishima mocked, stepping closer and running his hand up Bakugou's waist lightly. Bakugou smirked, mirroring his movement and taking another step until he was eye level with Kirishima, using his height to his advantage. He tilted his head, a smirk prominent on his lips. "You said our neighbours got tired'a hearin' me fuck the life outta ya, so I booked this place for us. We can do whatever we fucking want. All. Night."

The very thought of it had Kirishima's eyes wide, the hunger he felt only getting stronger, and he licked his lips. Bakugou followed the movement, and grabbed Kirishima's hips, hard, tugging them flush together. Kirishima gasped at the sudden contact against his groin, and Bakugou used the opportunity to let go of Kirishima's hip with one hand and grip tight on his hair, pulling them into a burning kiss.

The kiss was hot, and heated, a spar in itself and neither of them were going to lose. They kissed like they wanted to devour each other, trying to get the upper hand. Bakugou bit down on Kirishima's lip and licked into his mouth, causing Kirishima to rebuttal by roughly grabbing Bakugou's ass with both hands and squeezing. It continued like that, fighting, the fight a draw as they push and pulled, gave and took. Both were growing equally aroused, so damn hard to the point where it was painful. Kirishima slotted his knee between Bakugou's legs, pushing directly on his dick, and Bakugou groaned. This caused Kirishima to smirk and wrench a hand into his hair, moving his lips up to Bakugou's ear.

"You have no idea what I'm gonna do to you, Katsuki. 'M gonna fuck you so damn good, 'till you can't move, can't talk without moaning my name..." Kirishima's voice was low, hoarse, a voice he only saved for moments like this. He felt Bakugou shiver against him, and he smirked again, before he yelped in surprise as Bakugou put his hands on Kirishima's shoulders and pushed him back, driving him into the wall, getting the upper hand. "Dream on, Shitty Hair. You really think you're gonna be able to come out on top? Bull shit." Bakugou sneered, tipping his fingers underneath Kirishima's shirt and running down his hot skin, feeling Kirishima tense and gasp underneath him.

Bakugou had Kirishima's shirt off in the blink of an eye, then was pushing him up against the wall again, kissing him roughly. Kirishima groaned against his lips and rolled his hips against Bakugou, and both of them hissed at the contact. Kirishima did it again and Bakugou caged his arms around Kirishima, pressing all of his body weight into his waist and grinding back against him until they were rutting against each other desperately, moaning into the other's ear, devouring lips, neck, anything they could reach.

Kirishima ran his hand down Bakugou's chest, gripping into his shirt, tight, thumbing his nipple through the fabric. Bakugou shivered at the contact, and Kirishima gripped his shirt harder, trying to tug it up. He eventually got impatient, his need to feel Bakugou's skin on his taking over, and he ripped the shirt clean off. Usually, Bakugou would complain, but he could only find it more fucking arousing, seeing Kirishima worked up over him. Hands ran freely across bare, heated skin, smooth, sculpted abs, fisting in hair and dripping in sweat. Kirishima licked a long line down Bakugou's neck, and Bakugou's eyes widened before he threw his head back in a moan. Kirishima grinned, and flipped their positions so he was pushing Bakugou against the wall.

Bakugou let out a noise of surprise that merged into a deep groan when Kirishima was back on his neck. Kirishima knew Bakugou's neck was a sensitive area, and god was he making use of it. He grazed his teeth over the length of his neck, then back up, then sucked on the skin right behind Bakugou's jaw. Bakugou keened, threading his hand into Kirishima's hair and tugging him closer. Kirishima took that as encouragement, and bit down on the skin, causing Bakugou to yell out in pleasure. "Fuck, fuck, Kiri-..Eijirou, Oi-" Bakugou tried to say, but Kirishima ignored him. He only pushed him to the wall harder, hungry to devour, and licked across Bakugou's neck, nipped across his skin until Bakugou's neck was littered in purple and he felt like he was about to pass out.

"That's it." Bakugou hissed, and before Kirishima could react, Bakugou pushed him off and slid down to his knees. Kirishima's heart raced in anticipation, and Bakugou shot him a cocky grin, knowing exactly what he was going to do and loving it. He pulled down Kirishima's pants quickly, but kept his boxers on, which surprised Kirishima. Bakugou was usually one to get right to it, to go fast, hard, rough. Bakugou maintained eye contact with Kirishima as he palmed him through his boxers, and Kirishima gasped, heat rushing to his dick. Bakugou smirked and curled his fingers around the back of Kirishima's thighs then dragged his tongue against Kirishima's length, drenching the fabric. He sucked Kirishima's clothed tip into his mouth and sucked, hard, drenching him in saliva through the cloth. Kirishima groaned and tugged on Bakugou's hair, getting impatient. "Katsuki, fucking hell-aah!-just get on with it! Stop fucking teasing me!" Kirishima hissed in warning, and Bakugou's eyes flashed with excitement before he finally pulled Kirishima's boxers down, and his hard dick sprung free.

Bakugou's hand crept up to grab Kirishima's ass, and he wrapped the other around Kirishima's length, pumping him roughly. "Fuck-! Fuck, fuck, fuck, Katsuki.." Kirishima bit down on his lip hard enough to draw blood when Bakugou pressed a kiss to his tip before deepthroating him to the root in one go. God fucking damn him and his non-existent gag reflex. Bakugou sucked hard, hollowing his cheeks and sucking him tight, and the feeling was phenomenal. He'd bob his head nearly up to the tip before going down again, his tongue tracing a thick vein down the side. Kirishima tasted salty and musky, and Bakugou always liked the flavour for some reason, and moaned around Kirishima's dick. "Fuck!" Kirishima shouted, and his hips thrusted forward in Bakugou's mouth. He looked down to Bakugou for confirmation, but when he saw the blond moan and try to take him deeper, his stare turned hungry and he gripped Bakugou's hair with both of his hands.

Kirishima snapped his hips forward, hard and fast and rough, pulling Bakugou back onto his dick again. Bakugou's eyes just rolled up into his head and he let his mouth be fucked, taking it with no problem. "Yeah, you like that Katsuki? Like it when I fuck your throat like a little slut? When I make you choke on my cock?" Kirishima growled, and Bakugou keened, moaning around Kirishima's dick. "God, just wait 'till I get inside that ass of yours. You won't be able to walk for weeks." Kirishima tightened his grip and rammed his hips faster, jack-hammering into Bakugou's mouth. Bakugou took it all, his body moving with the force, and after one last throat-ramming thrust, Kirishima shot deep down Bakugou's throat with a satisfied whimper. Bakugou swallowed it all, wiping his mouth with a grin as he stood up again.

Kirishima kicked off his boxers and pants in a hurry, and Bakugou did the same before they slammed against each other again. Kirishima peppered Bakugou's swollen mouth in kisses that quickly turned hungry, and when Bakugou spotted that look in Kirishima's eye, he knew it was time to strike. He pushed Kirishima down to the bed and pushed his legs up to his shoulders, grinding his dick between Kirishima's cheeks. "Katsuki.." Kirishima snarled, more as a warning, but Bakugou just laughed and reached over for the lube and a condom packet on the bedside table. "Wouldn't shut up 'bout how you were goin' ta fuck me, Ei. I didn't say a thing." Bakugou chuckled as he rolled on a condom, and rubbed the lube across Kirishima's hole, who shivered. "But I knew that I was going to be the one fucking you."

Bakugou flipped Kirishima onto his back, tugging up his ass. Bakugou coated his finger in lube and poured more down Kirishima's hole, circling it before finally pushing in. Kirishima's back arched and he moaned as Bakugou started shallowly thrusting in, and out. "I know that you love it when I dominate you, love." Bakugou whispered, pushing in almost knuckle deep. "M-more..goddamn it, more!" Kirishima ordered, and Bakugou laughed again before pushing in another finger. "I knew it. You act like you wanna try and dominate me, but I know you just want me to bend you over and fuck you 'till you can't breathe." Before Kirishima could complain, Bakugou pushed in a third finger and angled them up, pressing against that bundle of nerves and causing Kirishima's legs to shake in pleasure.

"Why do you think I brought you here, Eijirou? So I can fuck you while you scream as loud as you want." Bakugou thrusted directly into Kirishima's prostate, ramming mercilessly. "Just you...wait, Katsuki...When you're done, I'll fuck you better." Kirishima hissed. "Heh, I'm impressed that you can actually talk, Ei."

Bakugou finally pulled out his fingers, and tugged Kirishima's ass up. He coated his dick in lube, hissing as the cold air hit his length. He grinded it against Kirishima's ass, and both of their breaths' hitched as Bakugou's head touched the rim. "Get ready to eat your fuckin' words, love." Bakugou whispered, then pushed into the hilt in one thrust. Kirishima's eyes widened and he threw his head back in a loud moan, pushing back on Bakugou's dick. Bakugou smirked and pushed his back down, drawing out slowly before slamming back in.

"FUCK! Oh my god, oh my god, KATSUKI! YES!" Kirishima moaned as Bakugou set a brutal pace, his hips slamming against Kirishima's ass with vigour. He forced noises out of Kirishima's throat with each thrust, the bed shaking. Bakugou kept up to his promise, fucking him hard, and fast, pulling out only to pound back in without pause. The filthy sound of skin on skin echoed through the room, mixed with Bakugou's grunts and Kirishima's wails and moans. Bakugou tangled his hand into Kirishima's hair and pulled hard, slowing down his movement.

"Katsuki....Katsuki..." Kirishima whispered, his voice raspy, and Bakugou smirked. "So much for fucking me, right Ei? Look at you, how you're taking my dick so," Bakugou thrusted sharp and hard into Kirishima, "fucking," Bakugou slammed in again, "good!" Kirishima shivered at the praise, pressing back against his dick to prompt him to move again, but Bakugou didn't do anything. Kirishima huffed in annoyance but pushed back then dragged up again, fucking himself on Bakugou's dick. The sight was enough to make Bakugou's heart race with excitement, and he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Kirishima's torso, pulling him up as he fucked into him even harder than before.

Kirishima's hands floated uselessly, noises knocked out of his mouth with every body-jerking, violent thrust. "Yeah, you like that? You love it when I fuck you hard, don't you?" Bakugou growled, thrusting into him animal-like, not holding back at all. Bakugou used all of his strength as he pounded into Kirishima, using the new position to go faster and harder. Kirishima nodded quickly, his eyes rolled up, his mouth hanging open, sounds falling messily from his lips. Bakugou was slamming into him with everything, it felt like Kirishima couldn't breathe, couldn't speak, couldn't think about anything except for Bakugou fucking him hard.

"YES, yes, I love it when you fuck me h-hard...Aah!!..fuck, harder! Harder, please!" Kirishima sobbed. "As you wish." Bakugou grinned, and pulled him back again, driving his dick into him with all the force his body had to offer, angling to aim directly for Kirishima's prostate. Kirishima openly sobbed, leaning his head back on Bakugou's shoulder.

Bakugou pulled out and pushed Kirishima back, turning him around and pressing his legs up to his chest, resting on Bakugou's shoulder before Bakugou thrusted in again. He saw the exact moment when Kirishima's eyes rolled back and he threw his head back in a moan, and watched with hunger as Kirishima moaned to every thrust. With one last numbing thrust, Kirishima and Bakugou came at the same time, Kirishima shooting white ropes over both of their chests.

"Aah...just wait..aah..till I fuck you.." Kirishima huffed, and Bakugou cocked a brow, pulling out and throwing aside the used condom. "Oh yeah? Let's see what you got." Bakugou challenged. Kirishima's hunger quickly returned, and he pushed Bakugou down into the bed, still having not recovered to the rough treatment just a minute before. Bakugou shot him a cocky glare, and Kirishima pressed down harder on his chest, before running his tongue across Bakugou's neck and shutting him up.

" me, Katsuki..You're gonna open yourself up for me, show off that perfect fucking body of yours, okay?" Kirishima whispered against his neck, and Bakugou grinned with anticipation. "And then, I'll fuck you, nice and hard and make you cum so fucking fast."

Bakugou didn't fight it, for once, excited by the idea. They rarely switched this quickly in bed, and usually if they went on for multiple rounds, it was with one of them on top the entire time. Tonight, they were both getting what they wanted. Bakugou poured lube down his rim and climbed into Kirishima's lap, rolling his hips across Kirishima's dick as he pressed the first finger in. Kirishima licked his lips and placed his hands on Bakugou's hips. Bakugou tilted them up, giving Kirishima open access to everything. Kirishima's eyes widened and he pumped his dick fast, bringing it to life again. One finger turned to two, to three, until Bakugou was moaning on Kirishima's lap. "Just you wait, Katsuki. I'm going to fuck you better, have you crying out my name. You act all tough but I know what you're"

Bakugou tensed up at the nickname, his hips thrusting automatically. God fucking damn it. Kirishima knew about his goddamn kinks, he knew exactly what he was doing. "Are you ready for me, baby?" Kirishima purred again, and Bakugou smirked, lying back into the bed. Kirishima licked his lips as he rolled on a condom, eyes hungry, and put one of Bakugou's legs on his shoulder, opening him up as Kirishima pressed in. Bakugou, unlike Kirishima, didn't make a sound, just opened his mouth in a deep, satisfied sigh, his lips stretching into a grin. Kirishima was clearly not happy with that, and drove into him without warning, rising up to Bakugou's previous pace and going harder. "Fuck..fuck, Kiri-" Bakugou huffed, holding his arms over his mouth to cover his sounds, but Kirishima quickly pinned them over his head and drove his hips harder. "Don't hide anything from me, Katsuki. I'm not stopping until you scream for me."

Bakugou snapped his eyes up to Kirishima, smirking. "Make me."

Kirishima's vision snapped red and he turned Bakugou to his back, putting both of his legs on Kirishima's shoulder and pushing until he was practically bent in half. "What? You too much of a pussy- FUCK! AH!" Bakugou was cut off by his own scream as Kirishima drove into him fast, and Bakugou couldn't hide his sounds even if he wanted to. Every thrust punched a yell out of his throat, and Kirishima was moving so hard, then switching between tortuously slow rolls and numbing, ruthless slams. Kirishima angled his hips to find that sweet set of nerves, and once he found them Bakugou was moaning like a bitch.

"Holy shit, holy shit Eijirou-...FUCK! EIJIROU! Right there, right there Ei plea-se-..aah!" Kirishima grinned and slowed his pace, thrusting slow, and hard. There was a pause between each one, leaving Bakugou unaware and surprise when each hard slam came in. Kirishima was pressed right against his prostate, and it felt fucking amazing.

Bakugou'd never came so hard and fast in his life.

Bakugou and Kirishima laid on the bed, naked, post-show, post-clean up, completely out of breath and completely satisfied. They were both exhausted, nearly all of their body littered in dark marks. "Oi..Ei..what's the time?" Bakugou whispered, looking up at the ceiling, and Kirishima reached for his phone, clicking it on and laughing.

"It's 5am." Bakugou chuckled too, shaking his head. "We went for..what, 8 rounds?" Bakugou marvelled, and Kirishima grinned. "Nah, I'd say 10." Kirishima replied, moving onto his side, hissing at the dull pain in his ass. "I'm so fucking glad you took me here. This was..amazing." Bakugou smirked, cockily. "I knew you'd like it. Now c'mon, I wanna fucking cuddle."

Kirishima beamed and moved closer, wrapping his arms around Bakugou happily, nuzzling into his neck. Bakugou relaxed into the hold, running his hand through Kirishima's hair. Kirishima pressed a kiss to his forehead and Bakugou smiled, lazily, leaning in to press a slow, sloppy one to his lips. Kirishima sighed into the kiss, before relaxing into Bakugou's chest, and they both fell into a quiet sleep.


They were definitely booking this place again.

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Bakugou didn't know why the fuck he was doing this. This was stupid. So, so damn stupid.

Ugh. How do people get turned on by this thing?

This was, all in all, probably going to be a bad idea. Hell, he didn't know if Kirishima even liked this. It felt...weird. Possibly the weirdest thing he'd ever done in his 19 years of life.

Bakugou was sitting on their shared bed, pulling at the hem of his outfit uncomfortably. He was wearing a pastel pink choker, a short crop top that stretched across his broad shoulders, and his fucking chest filled it like a chick's tits. It wasn't only that, though. Soft pink lipstick and gloss were applied to his lips. A matching white and pink skirt sat on his waist, barely brushing over the curve of his ass, the start of his thighs. And the final touch. Knee high socks.

How he even ended up in this situation was--goddamn it--because of Kaminari. The idiot had been going off about kinks to try to embarrass Kirishima, mentioning god-awful words Bakugou didn't even want to know about, like pet play and master and slave and dominant. Kirishima was awkwardly laughing along, trying not to look at his boyfriend, but Bakugou was watching him intently. They had never really spoken about kinks or other things to do in the bedroom that much--other than Bakugou's love for rough sex, whether he was on top or not.

That's why when Kaminari had said cross-dressing and Kirishima's reaction changed, Bakugou noticed. While Kirishima was just trying to desperately to get him to stop before, he froze at that, a blush skirting over his cheeks and his breath hitching. That was new. Really new. Kirishima caught eye contact with Bakugou then, before clearing his throat and changing the topic.

Bakugou went home that night and looked up kinks and cross-dressing and found out a shit ton. Crossdressing made no sense. Why the fuck would it turn someone on to see a dude dressing like a chick? But Kirishima hadn't topped in a while, and Bakugou really felt like spoiling his boyfriend for once. So, he bought the smallest, most awful fucking feminine outfit he could find.

He didn't know how he felt about most of it, the crop top was uncomfortable and pink definitely did not suit him. The lipgloss tasted like too-sweet strawberry and felt foreign, the skirt barely covered his ass, and was uncomfortable as fuck, seeing as he didn't have boxers on. There was no way he was going to wear panties, that was for sure. Pushing the fucking limits. Kirishima'd always gone on about how manly and cool he was, and this was a weird change. For someone who was supposed to be the damn image of manliness in such a feminine outfit was weird. Really weird. In a good way.

Come on, Eijirou, where the fuck are you?!

Bakugou let out a click of his tongue, leaning on his hand and tugging at his choker in irritation. It had been ten minutes after Kirishima had said he's 2 minutes away, and god Bakugou fucking hated waiting. He didn't know if this was a good idea, fuck, what if Kirishima didn't like it? If he wasn't in the mood? If Bakugou had read it wrong? Fuck, fuck, fuck-

The door swung open, and Kirishima walked in with a relaxed sigh, dumping his gym bag onto the door. "'M back, Katsuki! I-...holy shit." Kirishima froze in his track, his jaw dropped and blinking slowly. Bakugou clicked his tongue and got off the bed, walking up to his boyfriend and draping his arms across his neck. Seeing Kirishima all hot and sweaty, his muscles on full display and looking so damn sexy made Bakugou forget about whatever doubts he had and remember how badly he wanted his boyfriend, fuck.

"Katsuki, what is this?" Kirishima breathed, placing his hands on Bakugou's hips and moving up slightly. Bakugou smirked and tilted his head, his eyes half-lidded. "Like what you see, Eijirou?" Bakugou purred, leaning to whisper into his ear. Kirishima groaned and squeezed Bakugou's hips, causing Bakugou to chuckle.

"I saw how turned on you got when Dunceface mentioned cross-dressing, Ei. So I decided to surprise you." Kirishima moved his hands to cup Bakugou's ass through the skirt, pulling his knee forward to slot between Bakugou's legs. "I didn't know 'f you'd like it," Bakugou continued, tilting his head back as Kirishima began to place firm kisses down his neck, "But it seems like you do, babe."

"Fuck." Kirishima hissed out roughly, and arousal ran through Bakugou's veins. "You did this all for me?"

"Fuck yeah I did, wanted to give you a treat, you're always workin' so fuckin' hard," Bakugou mumbled, grinding against Kirishima's knee and gasping at the friction the skirt caused against his dick. Kirishima raised an eyebrow and lifted the skirt up, his eyes bulging when he saw that Bakugou was naked underneath and he moaned shamelessly. "What the fuck, Katsuki...god, you're insane."

"Mm...maybe...but you know you love it," Bakugou replied, and Kirishima nodded, licking a line down Bakugou's neck before sucking a hickey just underneath his ear and biting down. "Fuck yeah, god yeah I do." Kirishima leaned up again grabbed Bakugou by the hair and pulled him into a hot, scorching kiss. Bakugou's lipstick smudged onto Kirishima's mouth, causing Bakugou to open and part his lips, welcoming Kirishima's tongue. Kirishima kissed him intensely, as if he was trying to devour Bakugou through the kiss.

Kirishima reached down and grabbed Bakugou by the thighs and pulled his legs around his waist, and Bakugou crossed his legs, keeping himself securely there as Kirishima kissed the damn life out of him. Kirishima licked across his lips, tasting the pink lipstick with a groan before grinding his hard dick against Bakugou again. "God, you're so fuckin' good, babe. You look so good, so damn good, god," Kirishima whispered into his ear, almost desperately, grinding harder, harder. Bakugou hung onto Kirishima's shoulders for dear life, grinding back as best he could. "Bed-fuck!" Bakugou moaned, digging his heels into Kirishima's back. "Bedroom, right now."

Kirishima complied, smashing their lips together he walked to the bed. He threw Bakugou down onto it, Bakugou bouncing on it from the absolute force. Kirishima quickly loomed over him, pressing their lips together and slotting himself between Bakugou's legs. Kirishima moved his trail of kisses down to Bakugou's neck again, before licking a line down the pale skin and biting. Bakugou gasped, and Kirishima repeated the process again, sucking areas of skin until they went purple and then digging his teeth in just hard enough to leave a mark where everyone could see. Bakugou reached down and pulled Kirishima's tank off quickly, before fumbling with his shorts to tug them down and get to that sweet, big bulge. "Someone's eager," Kirishima teased, nibbling on Bakugou's earlobe. "Don't care. Need you. Fuck-..need you now."

Kirishima chuckled and tugged down his shorts and boxers in one go, and Bakugou moaned appreciatively at the sight of his dripping dick. Fuck, he wanted Kirishima to fuck him into the bed, to ride Kirishima until he couldn't breathe anymore. Fucking hell, wearing this was a good idea.

Kirishima pulled off his skirt quickly, and Bakugou hissed as the cold air hit his hard dick, and before he could even think Kirishima had leaned down and was sucking his nipple through the thin fabric of the top, playing with the other. Bakugou moaned, his torso trembling, his nipples were extremely sensitive and fuck Kirishima was taking advantage over that, lapping his tongue at it through the fabric until Bakugou was shaking with want. Bakugou gripped into the bedsheets, arching his chest in Kirishima's hold. Kirishima just smirked and pulled his shirt up, and Bakugou cried out as Kirishima sucked on his nipple again, the feeling of Kirishima's hot mouth against the sensitive area making him mewl uncontrollably, thrashing in Kirishima's hold, but Kirishima had a firm grip on him and he wasn't going anywhere.

"F-fucking hell...Goddamnit, Eijirou! Just fuck me already!" Bakugou exclaimed, grabbing Kirishima by the hair and pulling him off. Kirishima looked up at him innocently, but then the expression quickly merged into a smirk, and he licked his lips. Bakugou cocked an eyebrow, still sexually frustrated and waiting for Kirishima to make a move already, but his wish was granted when Kirishima lifted his legs up and squeezed his thighs. "Mm...I fuckin' love these, Katsuki. You're gonna keep them on while I fuck you," Kirishima drawled, and Bakugou shivered. "Hold these for me, will ya?"

Before Bakugou could complain, Kirishima let go of his legs and Bakugou clicked his tongue in annoyance, holding them up by the back of his knees, practically folding himself in half while Kirishima bent down to his already lubed hole. "Oi, I already did that, you asshole! Just fuck me alread-Oh fuck!" Bakugou trailed off into a moan when Kirishima kept a firm grip on Bakugou's thighs and lapped his tongue over Bakugou's hole. Bakugou let out a mewl when Kirishima pushed his tongue inside him, moving around the already loosened walls and fucking him with his tongue. Every inch of Bakugou's body felt like it was on fire, and his legs trembled, sound after sound dropping from his lips against his will.

By the time Kirishima pulled back, Bakugou was panting, sweating, already overstimulated and on the verge of coming. Kirishima smirked and got up over Bakugou again, kissing his neck, then his cheek. "Hey, ok?" Kirishima whispered, and Bakugou grunted in response, his eyes half-lidded. "I'm fucking fine, just fuck me! Please.." It was rare for Bakugou to be reduced to saying 'please', and that clearly pleased Kirishima, who finally, finally, chuckled and stroked his dick a couple of times before lining himself up and pushing in.

The sound Bakugou made was nothing less than erotic, filthy. He let go of his legs and clutched to Kirishima's back, dragging his nails down that god perfect skin, nearly passing out from the phenomenal feeling of Kirishima inside of him. Kirishima didn't move straight away, and Bakugou clicked his tongue impatiently, attempting to push back and do it himself but the position made it difficult. He struggled in annoyance, kicking Kirishima's shoulders. "Oi, fucking move, you asshole! What're you waitin' for? Fuck me like a man already!" Bakugou demanded, and Kirishima shook his head before pistoning his hips as Bakugou asked, drawing back and slamming in. Bakugou moaned appreciatively, but it still wasn't what he wanted. He wanted hard, fast, didn't want to feel his legs. This was hard, sure, but not fast enough.

"Katsuki, have I ever told you how much I love you?" Kirishima whispered, his voice hoarse as he slowly slammed into Bakugou, drawing back and waiting before snapping his hips directly into Bakugou's prostate, hard enough to force a sound out of Bakugou's throat with each thrust. "You look so good, you're so good for me. You turn me on so much, I love you, you're so fuckin' *gorgeous* n' hot," Kirishima whispered endless praise into his ear, running his hand up Bakugou's clothed thigh. Bakugou gave up, his body relaxing back into the sheets and allowing Kirishima to take over. Kirishima smiled appreciatively at the surrender, and leaned down to kiss him hard, his hips still working into Bakugou hard enough to make the blond moan into the kiss.

"Katsuki, c'mon, I want you to ride me." Kirishima suddenly pulled out, and Bakugou let out a noise of annoyance before taking the opportunity to its best and pushing Kirishima onto his back, climbing into his lap. "God-fucking-damnit, I was so close, you asshole," Bakugou grumbled, but guided Kirishima's dick to his entrance again and his mouth opened in a silent moan, Kirishima doing the same. Bakugou braced himself on Kirishima's chest before lifting his hips and sliding down onto Kirishima's dick, fully sitting on it before lifting his hips and slamming himself down mercilessly, directly into his sweet spot. Bakugou set a furious pace, and Kirishima just sat there and matched his thrusts, appreciating the view. Bakugou's lipstick was smudged, his hair scruffy and lips swollen. His perfect skin was covered with bites and bruises, his crop top riding up and those damn perfect thigh-highs on either side of Kirishima. It was heaven.

"Fuck...I'm so're so good, Katsuki, you're so beautiful," Kirishima whispered, bucking his hips up harder, and Bakugou didn't answer, just met the thrusts with vigor and closed his eyes, his entire body bouncing with the force as he rode Kirishima with everything in him. After one more brutal thrust down into his prostate, Bakugou howled, shooting out cum all over Kirishima's chest and painting his thigh highs. Kirishima quickly followed, and Bakugou's eyes fluttered before he smiled. Kirishima protectively wrapped his arms around him, pulling out and nuzzling his head against Bakugou's cheek. Bakugou relaxed into the hold, clearly over-stimulated from the intense orgasm.

"Mm...fuck, you've gotta tell me about the other kinks you have...This was fucking amazing." Bakugou mumbled, allowing Kirishima to hold him and cuddle him, running a hand through his blond hair. Kirishima laughed, placing kisses down Bakugou's neck and moving his hand to cup his cheek. Bakugou tilted his head up and closed the distance between them, the kiss messy and slow, but god, Kirishima loved it. "Yeah, we can talk about it later. For now, let's clean you up, okay?"

Bakugou whined and shook his head, tightening his grip on Kirishima and pushing his head into Kirishima's chest when Kirishima tried to get up. Kirishima's heart melted, and he sat back down, pulling the blankets up over them. "Fine, we can clean up in the morning. Sound good?" Kirishima whispered, carding his hand through Bakugou's hair. Bakugou nodded, his eyes already closing, and they fell asleep like that. Smelling of sex and cum, but they couldn't care less.

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Kirishima never really was the type to get jealous. Quite the contrary, it seemed like whatever Bakugou threw at him, it never fucking worked. His boyfriend was too damn good of a person, and it was pissing him off. Bakugou was quite the opposite. Snapping at anyone who even dared to lay their eyes on him. Bakugou was really, really jealous, and got really worked up when he did.

Bakugou wasn't an unattractive individual. And so it happens, Bakugou found himself getting hit on a lot more often when the two were out on dates. Which was perfectly normal, but Bakugou got so damn sick of turning down chick after chick, and they just could not seem to fucking get the hint. It was bad when he was alone, but then they stopped giving a fuck when he was on dates, too. Bakugou noticed how pissed Kirishima got, how he seemed snappier when he told them off, his hold around Bakugou's waist seemed to get tighter, more possessive.

That was new.

It was never enough to get Kirishima too jealous, but it was a start. A start that Bakugou definitely wanted to see more of. There was something intriguing and arousing about the redhead getting all intense and riled up--like how it turned on Bakugou intently whenever Kirishima put his all into a fight. He seemed to switch personalities, from this sweet, lovable dork, to this rowdy, hardcore beast. It was rare that Bakugou saw anything that resembled his own desire for fight, but when Kirishima got intense, there was no stopping him. It was brilliant. It was hot as fuck. Hell, you'd have to be mad not to get turned on by that.

God, Bakugou wanted to see that again. He wanted to see that again so bad.

Maybe this was a bad choice, but he couldn't find it in himself to care, not even one fucking bit.

They were sitting at a private booth at a popular café, out on a date, as usual. Kirishima's making the same mindless conversation, and Bakugou's nodding, taking sips out of his smoothie. He knows he looks good today. He's dressed up like fuck, and clearly, the other people in the café seem to like it, and especially Kirishima. It's good. But not good enough. Bakugou looks at the stall behind him out of the corner of his eye, and sees two teenage girls, around his age. He can clearly hear them giggling and whispering about him like dumbasses, sprouting words like hot and sexy and I hope he's single. Kirishima clearly notices, too, and his expression hardens, before he clears his throat and goes back to the conversation.

Bakugou cocks an eyebrow. He won't have to wait long, after all.

Sure enough, one of the waiters is clearly a friend of the bimbo bitches, and all three of them start not-so-subtly talking about him. It doesn't take long at all for the waitress to come running over, her stupid damn heels clopping. She stands in front of them, making disgusting eye contact with Bakugou, giggling like an idiot and pushing out her chest slightly, her brown hair falling over her ugly-ass uniform. She eyes Bakugou up and down, fully, holding the stare for too long to seem natural at all. Bakugou sees Kirishima's fist tighten in the corner of his eye, and he smirks, then turns to the bitch.

"Oi, what do you want? Want to take our order?" Bakugou asked, trying to loose his bite. But apparently chicks digged the bad boy type. Ugh. Straights are so weird. The chick pushed her hair off her shoulder and brought out a tiny notepad, smiling. "Oh, well of course! Although, I couldn't help but notice you from across the store, handsome." The chick giggles again, and Bakugou's inner, raging homosexual gags, but he keeps up the act.

"'m not sure what to get yet. Some fuckin' chips, or somethin'. I don't care." Bakugou grumbled, pushing his hair out of his eyes. The girl followed the movement, and she looks so disgustingly lovesick, ugh. "My name's Kiroko," Kiroko said, as if Bakugou didn't have fucking eyes and couldn't read her name tag.

Kirishima's hand slammed on the table, before he let out a long breath and smiled up at Kiroko, and Bakugou could tell that he was fucking dying. "We haven't decided what to order, we'll call you over if we do. Thanks!" Kirishima pushed, hissing the words through a fake grin.

Oh, this is getting good.

"No, no, it's fine," Bakugou says, and looks back at Kiroko, ignoring Kirishima's stare on him. "Bakugou. The name's Bakugou, love." Bakugou flirts, and he practically feels Kirishima's rage from across the booth. Kiroko practically jumps, giggling again. "So, Bakugou. Do you have a girlfriend, by any chance?"

Damn. Right to it.

Bakugou looks to Kirishima, who's fuming, before he chuckles and shakes his head. "No, love. I don't have a girlfriend."

Bakugou can practically see Kiroko holding back her glee. "But, that's crazy! How can a man so damn hot not have a girlfriend? It's almost too good to be true!" It takes everything in Bakugou's willpower not to take a look at Kirishima's reaction, and he's on the verge of snapping. He can't keep this up for much longer, because his boyfriend may attack this bitch or he may walk out with a straight bitch's number.

"It is too good to be true." Kirishima hissed, and Kiroko finally, finally looked at him. Kirishima glared daggers at her, before reaching over and grabbing Bakugou's hand in a possessive, tight grip. "He doesn't have a girlfriend, because he has a boyfriend. He's gay. Now fuck off."

The look on the bitch's face is absolute gold, it makes Bakugou chuckle. "N-no way! There's no way someone that hot could be--!"

Kirishima cocks an eyebrow. "Do you want me to prove it to you?" He asks, and moves his hand to grab the back of Bakugou's head, bringing him in for a kiss. Bakugou smiles, Kirishima's hold is rough, it's perfect-
"NO! I mean, n-no, that's perfectly fine! I understand! Have a good day!" Kiro-hoe squeaks, closing her tiny, shitty notebook and clopping off, preferably to hell. Or to bother someone else. Or to complain to her gaggle of hetero hoes.

As soon as she's out of sight, Kirishima grips Bakugou's arm in a death hold and drags him out of the store, not stopping until they're in a small street between buildings. His eyes are absolutely burning, he looks so damn pissed, and fuck Bakugou feels himself getting hard already. Fuck.

"What the fuck," Kirishima hisses, grabbing him by the collar. "Was that?!"

"I was jus' messin' with her, love. Did you see her fuckin' face?" Bakugou laughed, but Kirishima clearly didn't find it funny.

"That wasn't 'messing', Katsuki. You were flirting," Kirishima stepped closer, pushing him against the wall, and Bakugou could really look at his expression now, rigged with anger, eyebrows drawn together and teeth bared in a snarl. God, fuck yes.

"Maybe I was, Eijirou. Did you see how badly she wanted me?"

"You really fucking think you can go around flirting with anyone you damn feel like? You're forgetting, Katsuki."

Without warning, Kirishima shoved him against the wall hard enough for his back to sting in pain, before slotting his knee against Bakugou's dick and making him cry out. "You're mine."

Bakugou threaded his fingers into Kirishima's hair, waiting for him to make another move, but instead Kirishima pulled back. "Apartment. Now."

Bakugou opened his mouth to complain, but he knew with one look for Kirishima that nothing he said was going to be taken into consideration. The walk back was almost painful, both of them uncomfortably hard and horny. A dangerous combination, really. Kirishima unlocked the key to their apartment aggressively and impatiently, and it seemed as if he was going to kick the door open if the key didn't damn open in the next second. As soon as the door clicks, Kirishima pushes it open, tugs Bakugou inside and slams him against the door, returning to his same position between Bakugou's legs. He starts rutting against Bakugou mercilessly, growling like a damn animal, moving hard enough for the door to rattle from the force of his hard, ruthless grinding.

"C'mon, Ei. What're you gonna do? Are you gonna fuck me? Punish me?" Bakugou whispers, his mouth twitching up into a smirk. "Are you gonna show everyone who I belong to?"

Kirishima hissed, pulling off Bakugou's shirt, followed by his own, so aggressively that Bakugou almost thought he'd tear it in the process. As soon as he's done, he latches his teeth into Bakugou's neck, biting down hard. His hand comes up to thumb Bakugou's nipple, and he lets out a shaken sigh. "Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you, you damn slut. If I bent you over the table and fucked you in front of all of those damn bitches who think they can dare to look at you. Everyone would see what a damn cockslut you are, Katsuki, they'd know that you're mine."

Bakugou moans at the thought, still grinning. Kirishima smirks. "You're such a cockslut, Katsuki." Kirishima unbuckles his belt fast and pushes down his pants, then slips his hand into Bakugou's boxers, stroking him hard and rough. Bakugou's head falls back in a moan, Kirishima's hand is moving so fast that it's practically leaving him breathless, rough and fast strokes with no pause, just a jack-hammered rhythm and a moaning, sensitive blond. "O-oi, bastard, just get on wi-th it already, fuck, m'gonna cum--fuck--fuck me, goddamnit!-AH!" Bakugou complained, tugging Kirishima's hair before Kirishima sinks his teeth into Bakugou's neck, cutting off Bakugou's sentence with his own cry out in pleasure. "Who said you could cum without my permission?" Kirishima's hand left his boxers, and Bakugou almost whined at the loss.

"You don't get to decide, Katsuki. I'm in charge." Kirishima hisses, lapping over the mark on his shoulder, sucking another one on his collarbone. Bakugou's spine shivers at Kirishima's pure possessiveness, before Kirishima takes his head out of Bakugou's shoulder to smash their lips together in a burning kiss. Kirishima groans into it, and Bakugou fists double handfuls of his hair, pulling him closer. Kirishima's hands trail down his waist and grab his ass with both hands, and he hoists Bakugou up around his waist, pushing him against the wall as they kiss. He swallows Bakugou's moans and scratches across his thighs, and Bakugou's on cloud 9, he's overwhelmed.

His wish only comes true when Kirishima shoves him down onto the bed hard enough for the damn thing to rattle, then his hands are back again, ripping at any remaining clothing like he has a vendetta against them. His gaze is almost predator like, and he's growling. Growling. And god, if that's not the hottest thing Bakugou's ever seen. Bakugou hardly notices when all his clothes are gone, he's too busy staring down Kirishima's god-perfect body. Kirishima's so worked up. Bakugou knows this is gonna be good.

"Katsuki," Kirishima hisses, coming down to nip his neck. "Talk to me."

Bakugou doesn't even need to ask him what he's talking about, and his dick throbs. Talk? Oh, I can do that. "God, Eijirou, you're so fuckin' hot. I want you so bad." Kirishima lets out another animal-like growl, sliding his hand up Bakugou's chest. "Tell me what you want, love. You're gonna have to be more specific."

"Ahh..I want you, Eijirou. I want you to fuck me on your fat fucking dick, show me who I belong too.." Bakugou feels Kirishima shiver, and he smirked, moving his mouth to Kirishima's ear, sucking and licking on it gently. "Is that why you flirted with that bitch? So I could fuck you like the slut you are?" Kirishima snarls, thumbing Bakugou's nipple and smirking when Bakugou arches his back. Kirishima rummaged around the side of the bed, pulling up a bottle of lube and squirting some over his fingers, leaning down to circle Bakugou's hole, not waiting for Bakugou's signal before pushing in.

"God, fuck yes. Wanted you to--ahh!--to fuck me good, I miss your damn dick, please-" Bakugou cuts off with a moan as another finger slips in, fingering him roughly. "Beg."

"W-what?" Bakugou asks, but then gasps when three fingers fuck into him mercilessly, driving into his prostate fast and hard. Bakugou's legs start to shake, and he grips onto Kirishima's back, crying out again when Kirishima bites into his neck at the same time as a perfectly-aimed thrust into his prostate. "FUCK! Please! Please, please, Eijirou, I need you! Fuck me, please, hard, till' I can't fucking walk, fucking wreck me!" Bakugou begs, words spilling out of his mouth before he can stop them.

Kirishima pulls out his fingers and turns Bakugou around roughly. Bakugou doesn't even get a chance to think before his ass is yanked into the air. Bakugou's mouth gapes in a silent scream as Kirishima pushes in, slamming balls deep in one go. Kirishima doesn't waste a moment, pulling out and snapping his hips back in directly after, starting a rough and uncontrolled, brutal, hard rhythm. Bakugou screams, properly this time, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

He can't help but smile, and Kirishima sees this and smirked, snapping his hips faster, making Bakugou fall down onto the mattress, nothing left to do but just sit there, and take it. Kirishima moves harder and faster, his balls slapping against Bakugou's with each thrust, and he's growling, it's the fucking hottest thing ever.

"Fuck, Eijirou! Right there, ahh!" Bakugou screams, his voice hiccuping on each thrust, and he closes his eyes, throwing his head back as noises are fucked out of his throat with each brutal thrust. Kirishima watches as his dick enters and leaves the blond with each thrust, and he remembers how pissed he was, how Bakugou looked at him while flirting. An anger enters his body and his hand leaves Bakugou's hip to wrench into his hair.

He wants to be fucked good? Oh, I'll show him.

Kirishima gives no warning before jack-hammering into Bakugou, fast, deep and merciless, using the tug on his hair and leverage to hump into Bakugou, fucking him like a damn dog, like a fuck toy. Kirishima pounds his dick into Bakugou with all of his might, all of the power and rage his body has to offer, the moans Bakugou makes only spurring him on. The blonde's eyes roll into the back of his head and he clearly gives up trying to hold back his moans, shivering as he cums all over the bed, but Kirishima isn't done. He's far from done.

"You're mine, Katsuki," Kirishima whispers into his ear, and Bakugou moans loudly. Kirishima growls at the response, tugging his hair up and pistons, the sound of skin banging together filling the room. Bakugou throws back his head and his tongue lolls out on a cry, signifying that Kirishima just hit his prostate. Kirishima's grin turns evil, and he wraps his hands around Bakugou's shoulder, drawing his dick all the way out before ramming into him with so much force that stars began to cloud Bakugou's vision.

Both his body and the bed jerk with the incredible force of each thrust, and Bakugou's oversensitive from his orgasm but he can already feel his dick hardening again and he smiles. "D-don't stop! Don't you d-dare stop, you fucking shit!" Bakugou groans, barely able to make out words, spitting out each syllable between thrust.

Kirishima pulls his torso up, fully, both arms locking up around Bakugou's shoulder and holding him up as he drives his dick directly into Bakugou's prostate, the harsh smacks of their skin getting louder with the increasing force of Kirishima, driving into him almost animal-like. Like he has no self-control.

Kirishima wants Bakugou to feel this for weeks. He uses all of his strength, doesn't hold back even one bit, driving his dick in hard and fast and abusing Bakugou's poor hole, but he knows from how much Bakugou is screaming and mewling that he doesn't care one bit.


Bakugou comes untouched for the third time and Kirishima finally pulls out, warm cum seeping from his entrance. Bakugou collapses onto the bed, his eyes rolled back, panting from the extreme pleasure of it all. Kirishima whistles, his own breathing heavy from the absolute force of his thrusts.

"Fucking hell. I'm flirting with every damn person I see if it means you'll fuck me like that," Bakugou murmured, his lips stretching into a smile, and Kirishima shook his head, wrapping his arms around Bakugou. "Your fault. You ok? I went pretty rough..."

"Yeah, no shit, dumbass!" Bakugou snapped, but then grinned. "Round 4?"

Kirishima laughed. "Round 4."

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Kirishima had been pining over Bakugou for god know's how long. The stupid thing was, he knew Bakugou felt the same way. What started as just mutual want quickly began to turn into something more intense, and want merging to lust. During a study period of theirs in the library was when Kirishima was truly done for. Bakugou locked eye-contact with him and dragged his tongue across his teeth, and it was the fucking hottest thing Kirishima had ever seen. Kirishima could barely even make it out of the library before he was collapsing in his dorm, thoughts that he'd always pushed aside out of pure guilt flooding, and it was overwhelming.

Kirishima couldn't find it in him to care if Bakugou could hear, it made it better that Bakugou could hear him. Kirishima wanted him too. The care had already slipped away when the two started eye-fucking each other whenever they were in the same room, and it made Kirishima sweat all over. He pushed down his sweatpants, his poor dick practically weeping. Kirishima threw his head back when he finally wrapped a fist around his aching dick, his eyelids fluttering as his mind wandered again.

Pale, spiked hair. Ash blonde, and rough underneath his fingertips. His lips are hot against Kirishima's skin, trailing down his skin, breath warm and sending shivers down Kirishima's spine. They're in the library. Kirishima can feel people looking at him, but that just turns him on even more. Kirishima's eyes turn to them, and he smiles shakily, almost proud about being seen like this. Bakugou growls, biting down into his neck, pushing his body harder on the table.

'Oi, you fucking slut. Keep your eyes on me.' Bakugou commands, his voice erotic in Kirishima's ears, making the redhead tip his head back and submit. Bakugou smirks, and covers Kirishima's body with his own as he ruts them both together, hard and firm, the pure strength enough to make the desk shake and tremble.

Kirishima moans unashamedly, his eyes going half-lidded as he pumps himself roughly, imagining it's Bakugou's calloused palm. Oh, yeah, he wouldn't care where they are. They could be crowded on a train and Bakugou would push him against the wall, dip a hand into his underwear and wrap the other against his mouth. It would take every ounce of control in Kirishima's body to keep his voice down. Bakugou would mutter endless praise into his ear, all the while reminding him to stay quiet while his pace proved ruthless, desperate to get Kirishima to finish quickly.

Anywhere. Kirishima'd be fine anywhere.

One day, Bakugou could get too tired of visibly devouring him and slam his hands on either side of Kirishima's locker. Kirishima would be startled at first, but he'd smile and moan as Bakugou would kiss him. The others would turn in shock, then try to get out as soon as possible, to leave them alone for the sake of their eyes. But it'd only be them.

Or Bakugou could finish after a sparring session and grab him and rut themselves together, grinding with no self-control, slow and merciless. It'd be enough to make Kirishima's mind cloud with lust. They could be spotted, anyone could walk by and witness Kirishima at Bakugou's mercy. And he'd be more than ok with that.

In every one of Kirishima's fantasies, it was somewhere where they could get caught. Slow hands and deliberate touching and hot breath, palms dipping down and pushing aside clothing, hot hands and hot breath dragging across skin. Kirishima wanted, god he wanted, he craved more than he could ever describe. Day by day it just got worse.

Kirishima came in his palm, Bakugou's name rolling off his tongue. Kirishima's head was thrown back, finishing to the thought of Bakugou fucking him in the hallway to their room, Kirishima's legs around Bakugou's waist, trying and failing to hold back his gasps of pleasure. Kirishima heard a faint growl from next door, before Bakugou's fist pounded against the wall, telling him to keep it down. It was evidence that Bakugou had heard, and Kirishima's clouded mind couldn't possibly think straight, which is possibly why he just stroked against himself lazily, hissing out Bakugou's name. He heard a sharp fuck from the blond and he couldn't help it, he let out a drowsy chuckle.

The worst thing was? Kirishima couldn't find himself to regret it at all.

It only got worse. Kirishima was craving, starving. They were at a party now, a bunch of the third years heading down to a bar as a celebration of nearly the whole class being 18. Kirishima was standing with Kaminari and the others, laughing, heavily intoxicated. Kirishima definitely couldn't handle alcohol too well at all, and he leant against the bar, his eyes scanning the venue.

Almost immediately, his eyes locked onto a matching pair of red, burning from across the room. Kirishima chuckled, tipping back his chin. He saw Bakugou's eyes widen, then drag down his body, slowly, with pure hunger across his irises. Kirishima dressed just for him today, thinking that maybe this could be the fucking day when Bakugou made a move on him. He wore the tightest jeans he could find, black, ones that purposely hugged his ass and showed off his legs. Kirishima had topped it with a loose tank. A tank perfect for hands to slide under, but that totally wasn't the reason Kirishima had wore it, not at all.

"Hey, Kiri, c'mon, stop eye-fucking Blasty for one second, dude!" Kaminari shoved his shoulder, causing Kirishima to reluctantly jump out of his trance. Kaminari sighed, raising his eyebrows, giving him that look that read really?.

"With people like Bakugou, you have to come on strong or it'll never work, y'know?" Kirishima replied, still trying to look back at Bakugou over his shoulder.

"Yeah, I get that, man. But like-..? I never woulda taken you to be a bottom, dude. With your whole thing about manliness and whatever-"

Kirishima laughed. "I'm a switch, Kami. And dude, there's nothing more manly than having a dick in your ass."

Kaminari shook his head, exasperated. "I will never understand you, Kiri. Out of all the guys in the world- oh wait, he's coming."

Kirishima's eyes bulged. "Wait, what!?"

Kaminari coughed, then gestured behind him. "Blasty's comin' in strong. I wish you luck, buddy." Kaminari gave Kirishima a quick pat on the back and then left, and Kirishima almost immediately turned around. Sure enough, Bakugou's eyes were on him, and he was not-so-subtly weaving his way through the crowd. Kirishima's cock jumped, and he got up, shoving past people and trying to get to Bakugou.

The two finally reached each other in the midst of the dance floor, reaching to each other with incredible intensity, slamming together. Kirishima looped his hands around Bakugou's neck. Bakugou shivered, his pupils wide and he quickly had his hands splayed across Kirishima's hips, tugging him closer. Kirishima didn't wait another minute, and slammed their lips together.

Bakugou let out a groan and tugged his hips again until they were flushed against each other. The kiss was everything Kirishima imagined. Bakugou's lips were hot as they slid open against his own, and Kirishima's knees started to tremble at the intensity of it. They were kissing each other like they needed it to survive, breaking apart just to go back in, their heads tilting and their tongues tangling. The sound of lips smacking against lips could barely be heard over the pump of the music, and the countless amount of other couples doing the same.

Kirishima played with the hair at the back of Bakugou's neck lightly, then tangled his hands through it and tugged him back down. Kirishima was surprised when he heard Bakuguo groan and buck his hips wildly, and Kirishima smirked.

Bakugou leant back down again, and Kirishima met his lips furiously, angling up into his touch. "Mmm...fuck, I want you so bad, Bakugou," Kirishima whispered against Bakugou's lips, then guided Bakugou's hand to underneath his tank top. Bakugou let out a low whistle at the hard muscle, and he shivered.

"Wait, fuck, Kirishima." Bakugou paused, pulling back. Kirishima whined, trying to chase after his lips. He'd waited long enough for this already, goddamn it. But Bakugou shook his head, causing Kirishima's eyes to furrow together. "What's wrong?" Kirishima asked, his words slurred and face flushed. He slid his hands down Bakugou's chest, all the while tilting his head. He was too influenced by alcohol and horny to even care.

"Fuck, stop for a fuckin' second, you horny bastard," Bakugou hissed, pulling back and holding Kirishima's wrists hostage. Kirishima outright moaned, too focused on Bakugou's strong, firm grip, how he could hold up Kirishima against that wall while fucking him slow, hard. Fuck. Fuck.

"Oi, listen to me for a second. 've wanted this for a long ass fuckin' time, okay? I don't want shit to happen just 'cause you're drunk. There's no turnin' back after this, you got that? Are you ok with that?" Bakugou's voice was serious, and Kirishima blinked up at him.

"God, you're so cute when you're worried, Katsuki!" Kirishima laughed, leaning up and pecking him on the lips. "Of course I want this, you dumbass. Do you know how much I've thought about it? How many nights I've fucked myself thinkin' of you?" Kirishima's voice dipped to a lower, more erotic tone, and Bakugou's hand rode up his shirt slowly as he hissed.

"Kirishima, fuck, you can't just say shit like that. What the fuck." Bakugou was attempting to sound stern, but his voice was shaking with arousal, and Kirishima could feel him harden up, too.

Kirishima took this as a sign to keep going, and he laughed, mouthing down Bakugou's neck. "You like that, huh?" Kirishima whispered, his breath stuttering as Bakugou tweaked a nipple between his fingers. "You already know I do, don't you? Cause you hear me. I don't try to keep down, I like it when you hear me. I want you to hear me, want you to claim me in front of everyone. M'all yours, Katsuki.."

Bakugou swore loudly, finally snapping. He latched onto Kirishima's neck, one of his hands pushing against the back of Kirishima's neck, pulling him closer. The other kept their hips close together as he ground them together in time with the music. It wasn't until then that Kirishima realised they were still in the middle of the bar, but Kirishima couldn't care at all. The various side-eyes at him just turned Kirishima on that much more.

Bakugou ran his tongue against Kirishima's skin, grazing his teeth against him before biting down. Kirishima gasped, pleasure coursing through his veins. "Fuck, my place. My place, now," Bakugou growled, but Kirishima shook his head.

Bakugou cocked an eyebrow. "Where do you want it, love?" Kirishima shivered, then gestured his head to the bathroom sign, just to the right of them. Bakugou's eyes widened. "Wait, the bathroom? Kirishima, what if someone hears-"

"Let them hear. Fuck, I need you now," Kirishima countered, and Bakugou sucked in a breath, nodding. He pulled back, only to grab Kirishima's wrist and pull him through the crowd, his erection straining awkwardly in his pants. Kirishima let himself be dragged, his mind still drowsy with both alcohol and pleasure.

Bakugou pushed open the bathroom door to see two people using the cubicles, and one person washing his hands. But neither of them cared, and Bakugou just kept tugging Kirishima then swung him into a free cubicle, pinning him against the wall hard enough for the thing to rattle. Their lips almost immediately met, the kiss hot and heated. Kirishima moaned into it, his body riding up against the wall. Kirishima clutched the back of Bakugou's shirt, tugging at his belt impatiently.

Eventually, Bakugou got impatient, too, and didn't break the kiss as he pushed both Kirishima's and his own pants down. He heard the other people shuffle uncomfortably at the noises, before leaving the stall. Bakugou grinned, before Kirishima sunk down onto his knees. Before Bakugou could do a thing, Kirishima had pulled him out of his underwear and was moaning appreciatively. Fuck, Bakugou's dick was everything he imagined and more. He was big, big and thick with a small trail of blonde hair leading down to the fucking treasure. There was something almost pretty about his dick, even if that was a weird word to describe it. It turned Kirishima on so damn much, more than he could fucking describe, fuck.

Bakugou's hands wove into his hair, tugging, urging him to get a move on. Kirishima placed kisses up his length, licking a path up the girthy vein and grinning when Bakugou pulled at his hair as he gasped. With that, Kirishima wrapped his lips around Bakugou's head and slid down slowly, his throat aching from the intrusion. Kirishima went slowly, appreciating every damn moment of this.

One of Kirishima's hand pumped around the base of Bakugou's dick, the other reaching behind, into his back pocket. Bakugou looked down, just to see Kirishima pull out a small packet labelled 'Love Gel'.

"Fuck, you really did want this, you bastard." Bakugou cut himself off with a hiss as Kirishima removed his hand and slammed himself down to the hilt, nosing at Bakugou's pubes, sucking hard and moaning like it was the best thing he'd ever tasted. Kirishima ripped open the packet and tugged down his boxers, gasping around Bakugou's dick as the cool gel hit his entrance. Bakugou felt himself get harder, if that was even possible, at the sight of Kirishima worshipping his fucking dick while fucking himself open on his fingers.

The sounds Kirishima made were loud and filthy, and he made no effort of holding himself back, even when he heard the grumbled complains around them. Eventually, someone rapped on the door to either tell them to hurry up or knock it off, but Kirishima seemed to purposely moan right after, causing the person to curse and stomp out.

"You're such a slut, Eijirou," Bakugou chuckled, pulling Kirishima up. Kirishima whined, like Bakugou was doing something wrong by denying him of his dick. Wow. "Relax, you horny piece of shit. Turn around."

Kirishima's eyes immediately widened in excitement and he did as asked, placing both of his hands on the toilet seat and exposing his stretched, dripping ass to Bakugou. Kirishima almost cried out as he felt Bakugou's thick head rubbing up against his entrance, but Bakugou's hand soon clamped over his mouth, preventing anything further from coming out.

Kirishima pushed back again, impatient, and Bakugou chuckled before pushing in. Kirishima gasped into Bakugou's hand, the feeling of being filled with Bakugou's cock nothing less of erotic and fucking hot. Bakugou kept pushing in until he bottomed out, and Kirishima rolled his hips, making muffled noises into Bakugou's palm. Bakugou had a full view and took the time to appreciate it, Kirishima's tank rolling up his shirt, the marks down his neck and slight bruises on his hips. His pants shoved down and his tight ass stretching around Bakugou.

Bakugou rocked himself into that tight heat, moaning appreciatively, holding himself back so that they wouldn't be too loud. He rolled his hips in and out of Kirishima, groaning at the fucking amazing feeling. Bakugou adjusted himself, leaning down to Kirishima's ear, not stopping his slow, firm thrusts. "You're such a good boy, Eijirou..."

Kirishima gasped and jerked his hips back.

"Oh, you like that? You like being called a good boy?" Bakugou snarled and Kirishima nodded desperately, trying to push his hips back, to make Bakugou go faster-


Both Kirishima and Bakugou immediately froze, Kirishima clenching around Bakugou's dick. Bakugou mentally cursed, out of all the fucking times, fucking hell. "What the fuck do you want, nerd?" Bakugou spat, trying to hide the gravel in his voice. Kirishima's eyes were rolling into the back of his head, and his eyebrows had drawn together, trying to get Bakugou to move again. Kirishima ground his hips back, not affected by the fact that Midoriya was there at all, not even one little fucking bit.

"I just thought I'd heard you in there! Figured I'd say hi!" Midoriya chirped, and Bakugou groaned, in equal annoyance and pleasure at Kirishima grinding back.

"Why the-...hah...fuck would you say hi during a piss?" Bakugou replied, moving his body up. Kirishima was still moving, wriggling his body and trying to reach his own pleasure despite another person they both know being right. There. 

Bakugou cursed, pulling out before rocking in again, as quiet as he good, trying to pray that Kirishima wouldn't make a sound. "...Are you alright, Kacchan? You're talking strangely.." Midoriya asked, and Bakugou could hear approaching footsteps, and he panicked.

"I'm fine! I'm fucking fine, Deku!" He exclaimed, pushing his hand harder around Kirishima's mouth. But the fucker just let out a muffled moan against his hand, pushing back at Bakugou's every roll of his hips. "Oh...okay. How are you enjoying the party? Are you having fun?"

"You know I..fucking hate idiot." Bakugou was barely processing anything that Midoriya was saying, too busy focusing on the way that Kirishima's body jerked when Bakugou pushed in harder, rubbing against that familiar bundle of nerves. "Now get out of here, you bastard. I wanna piss in peace."

Midoriya chuckled, and Bakugou heard the toilet flush, and footsteps leading to the door. "Okay, okay. I'll see you out there, Kacchan!"

Bakugou let out a sigh of relief as he heard the door shut, meaning they were finally fucking alone. The hand that was wrapped around Kirishima's mouth drew back, only to slap across his ass harshly.

Kirishima let out a cry at the impact before Bakugou was moving inside of him again, causing his body to rock and him to throw back his head and moan. "You really do have a thing for that, don't you? You woulda liked it if fucking Deku heard you moan like a bitch around my cock?" Bakugou emphasised his statement by snapping his hips harder, causing Kirishima to moan louder, like a bitch in heat.

"'M the only one who's gonna see you like this, Eijirou...all of this, it's all mine. God, you're so fuckin' tight. You feel so damn good!" Bakugou's hand reached forward to stroke Kirishima's cock in time with every thrust, increasing speed as his hips did.

Kirishima finally lost it at that, cumming into Bakugou's hand, and Bakugou quickly followed suit, coming inside of Kirishima. The two panted, and Bakugou pulled out, using toilet paper to wipe the cum off his fingers.

Bakugou leaned down to mouth at Kirishima's neck, who was still panting, not yet recovering from the absolute pleasure he'd felt. Bakugou chuckled. "You really are a slut, Eijirou."

"I know," Kirishima replied, tilting his head back to give Bakugou more room. "But 'm only yours."

"Damn right, you are."

Chapter Text

The door opened quietly, and Bakugou looked up from the couch at the newcomer. Kirishima closed the door sheepishly behind him, his body still quite sore from the work that day. He really, really hated working longer shifts, honestly. The night meant more villains, more work, later times to come home. And being away from the person he loved for long periods of time, it made him miss Bakugou, a lot.

"Why're you still awake?" Kirishima asked, taking a glace at the time. It was inching to midnight. Bakugou took off his reading glasses and stood up, already in his usual nightwear.

"I missed you, Eijirou. 'Wanted to stay up so I could see you." Bakugou said, causing Kirishima to smile gently. Bakugou walked closer and Kirishima automatically laced his arms around Bakugou's neck as his boyfriend leaned down to kiss him. They'd shared many, many kisses over the course of their lives together. Heated, passionate kisses. Gentle, giggly kisses, nervous first kisses, rough, angry kisses.

This was one that was so full of emotion, of adoration and love that it made Kirishima breathless, made him melt into nothing. Bakugou settled his hands on Kirishima's waist, pulling him into a hug as the kiss ended. Kirishima let out a content sigh, leaning into the touch. Bakugou felt like home. He was home.

Bakugou placed gentle kisses down the slope of Kirishima's neck, and Kirishima smiled, closing his eyes and enjoying the feel of it. "I love you, Katsuki," Kirishima whispered as Bakugou came back up, and Bakugou grinned, leaning in to kiss him again. "I love you more, Eijirou. Now c'mon, you've gotta shower n' head to sleep. 'S getting late."

Kirishima immediately pouted and pushed his head into Bakugou's shoulder. "I already showered at work, Katsuki! N' I don't wanna sleep..."

Bakugou shook his head with a chuckle. "So what do you want to do, then? Are you hungry or some shit?"

Kirishima's eyes brightened sheepishly, and he wrapped his arms around Bakugou's shoulders before tilting his hips up, pressing his half-hard dick to Bakugou's. Bakugou's breath caught, clearly not expecting that. "What the fuck? Ei, 's the middle of the fuckin' night. Aren't you tired?"

Kirishima shook his head, his eyes fluttering closed as he rocked against Bakugou slowly, rutting them together. "I am, but...take care of me? Please?"

Bakugou sighed. "You asshole. Y'know I can't say no to that. C'mere."

Kirishima beamed, leaning up to meet Bakugou's lips again, their mouth sliding open against each other. Kirishima arched his body up, his hand dipping into Bakugou's hand and the other around his waist. Bakugou kept Kirishima close to his chest as they kissed, his other hand cupping Kirishima's face, gently, swiping over his cheekbones and rubbing small circles onto his skin.

They parted, just so Bakugou could pull off Kirishima's shirt before they were kissing again. Bakugou's hands climbed across the bare skin of Kirishima's torso slowly, so gently that it was almost ticklish. Bakugou pulled away just to press his lips to Kirishima's cheek, his hand dropping to join the other at the small of Kirishima's back. He then kissed the corner of Kirishima's mouth, his nose, then began to shower Kirishima's face with light pecks. Kirishima laughed quietly, blushing at the attention before Bakugou kissed a path down his jaw and to his neck again.

Kirishima inhaled slowly, tilting his head back as Bakugou worshipped his neck, taking turns between sucking, licking and kissing the skin of his neck until it was vibrant with various red and blue bruises and marks. Marks like that were the only ones Bakugou wanted to see on Kirishima's body.

"Katsuki..." Kirishima whispered, moving his hand to Bakugou's hair and rolling his hips again. "Please."

"You're so fucking needy, Eijirou." Bakugou teased with a shake of his head, dipping his hand lower until he was palming Kirishima in a slow rhythm through his pants.

Kirishima's head tilted back and his mouth opened in a quiet moan. "'Can't help it."

"I know. I'll take care of you, love." Bakugou promised, and Kirishima shivered, tugging at the hem of Bakugou's shirt. Bakugou's hand stopped for a moment, just to do as Kirishima wanted and removing his shirt. Bakugou wrapped his arms around Kirishima again, pulling them flush together. Kirishima's fluttered, and he grinned lazily, leaning his head on Bakugou's shoulder. Bakugou pulled Kirishima closer, grinding again slowly.

He caught the exact moment Kirishima's breath caught against his shoulder, before Kirishima met the movements. Their hips met in a lazy rhythm, rocking against each other so slowly that it almost felt like a dance rather. There were rarely times where they were this slow. It was nice.

Kirishima tugged off his pants, left only in his boxers, and Bakugou's hand dropped to palm him again. Bakugou watched his eyebrows furrow in pleasure, watches as he bites his lip and tries to hold back a shiver. Bakugou cocks a grin before reaching into his boxers, stroking him properly. Kirishima clutches onto Bakugou's shoulder, letting out quiet moans while Bakugou sets a slow rhythm, taking his time to worship Kirishima's dick in just the way that Bakugou knows he likes.

"Katsuki...Katsuki, please," Kirishima whimpered as Bakugou fully pushed off his boxers. "I need you, please."

"Be patient, love. Take it slowly, 's been a long day for you." Bakugou whispers, taking off the last of his clothes and settling down Kirishima on the bed. He climbs over Kirishima, kissing his jaw gently, peppering kisses across bare skin. Bakugou reaches to the side of the bed to get the bottle of lube, and as he comes back he takes a moment to just..look at his boyfriend.

Kirishima is so damn beautiful.

He's laid out naked on the bed, breathless and panting gently, peering up at Bakugou through thick, long lashes. His hair is fanned out below him, his chest rises and falls with each breath, and he's smiling the slightest bit. Bakugou feels like the luckiest man on Earth.

" you know how beautiful you are?" Bakugou whispers, and Kirishima's clearly taken by surprise, and he looks up to Bakugou, startled.

Bakugou just smiles, slotting himself between Kirishima's legs and caressing his cheek gently, looking at his boyfriend in complete awe and adoration. "You're so fucking amazing, so gorgeous and strong. 'S amazin', Eijirou."

Kirishima whined, moving underneath Bakugou. "C'mon, Kat'ski, hurry up. 'Ve been waitin' all day for you!"

"I know, my love." Bakugou said, kissing him slowly while moving his hand down to Kirishima's ass. Kirishima shivered at the nickname, groaning into the kiss. Bakugou coated his fingers in lube, kissing Kirishima again while slowly pushing the first finger in.

To his surprise, it slid in with almost zero resistance. Bakugou marvelled at this, looking at Kirishima, who laughed lazily. "I was..ah..thinking about work."

"You did this already?" Bakugou pushed in a second finger, and it slid in just as easily.

"Mhm. I was thinking about you the entire time." Kirishima said with a small smile, and Bakugou shook his head with a laugh, beginning to thrust his fingers in and out of Kirishima, followed by a third and fourth. The pace was slow, taking time to push in and angling up until Kirishima was moaning quietly, before repeating the process until his boyfriend was a shaking mess.

Bakugou pressed four fingers to Kirishima's prostate again, and he cried out. "Katsuki, please. I want you." Bakugou smiles, and reaches for a condom, only for Kirishima to shake his head. "No. I wanna feel you."

He was answered with a sensual kiss. "Anything for you, my love."

With that, Bakugou pulled his fingers out and adjusting his position so he was directly lined up with Kirishima. "I love you." Kirishima whispered, and Bakugou smiled, pushing in incredibly slowly until he was fully in Kirishima.

Kirishima wrapped his arm around Bakugou's broad neck, his legs locking around Bakugou's waist, too. Kirishima tilted back his head, trembling, and he looked so beautiful, it was overwhelming. "I love you so much, Eijirou. You're my everythin', you know that?" Bakugou whispered, looking right at Kirishima with a gentle smile. Kirishima tightened around him, and Bakugou chuckled.

"More...ah, K-katsuki, move." Kirishima whimpered, his face flushing red.

"Of course." Bakugou did exactly as asked, moving his hips in languid rolls in and out of Kirishima, fluid and gentle. This wasn't sex. It was lovemaking. Moving so slow and whispering endless praise, overwhelmed by physical feeling, emotional feeling, love and passion and affection overflowing between the two.

"You're so good for me, love. You feel amazing. You're amazing." Bakugou says, still grinding slowly into Kirishima. He hasn't stopped this entire time, and this is different than the usual sex they have. He feels like he can do this forever. Kirishima moans quietly, letting out small gasps when Bakugou pushes against his prostate.

"P-please, Katsuki. I'm so close.." Kirishima says, and Bakugou showered his jaw in small kisses. "Me too, love."

Bakugou intentionally angles his hips so each grind drives into Kirishima's prostate, dragging against his prostate, and Kirishima clenches down hard, throwing his head back as he comes with a silent cry. Bakugou quickly follows, still gently grinding, and Kirishima trembles before Bakugou pulls out.

Kirishima angles his head, leaning up to kiss Bakugou and hug him again. Bakugou gladly lets him, pulling his boyfriend close to his chest, feeling and sharing his warmth. He reaches off the bed and picks up their boxers, he'd wash but they're both too tired. Bakugou slides his boxers back on, and once Kirishima does the same thing they climb under the bed, not waiting one more moment before cuddling up to each other.

Bakugou wraps his hand around Kirishima's waist, and Kirishima leans on his chest, directly above his heartbeat. "I love you, Eijirou." Bakugou whispers, running his hand through Kirishima's hair, and Kirishima smiles, leaning up to peck his lips gently.

"I love you too, Katsuki." Kirishima whispers, before settling on Bakugou's chest again and slowly drifting to sleep.

Chapter Text

It was that time of the year again for the alphas. Rut season. During this time, both the respected Alpha and his/her Omega would be given permission to take time off for as long as needed, until said rut was over. Kirishima and Bakugou had already gotten time off, and it was only due time before the rut approached them.

Kirishima could practically feel it. He could feel the change in his body, every damn sense seemed to heighten until they were swarming and overwhelming. The only thing he could hear was his own breathing, the only thing he could smell was the musky, unique smell of his mate. His body felt like it was on fire, tingling with arousal until it was overwhelming. Anytime he's in the same room as Bakugou it feels as if he's gonna pass out. Nerves on end, teeth bared and wanting to mark, hands twitching and wanting to take, smell, mark, mine.

His body was taking control of his mind, now. It was all he could think about.

Bakugou still wasn't home, and Kirishima literally felt as if he was going to explode if he held out any longer. He couldn't think, couldn't breathe, he was so hard that it was painful and all he could think was breed, breed, breed, mine.

Eventually, Kirishima couldn't take it and grabbed his phone and stalked over to the bathroom, his entire body sweating. He slammed the door shut so hard that the hinges shook, but he didn't care and growled as he undid his pants and pushed both them and his underwear down to his thighs.

Kirishima let out a sigh of relief as he curled his hand around his dripping, hard dick, and he starts to tug it roughly. His pace is fast and brutal, but it still isn't enough. He unlocks his phone with his spare hand, almost shaking as he goes into his photos and types in the password to unlock a folder titled 'use when needed'.

The folder contains 29 videos and 18 photos, all of Bakugou or himself with Bakugou (Bakugou's folder had vice versa). Bakugou had actually been the one to say that they should record some of their sex sessions in case they got horny. Kirishima was honestly taken by surprise, but then Bakugou said that he got bored of watching porn and imagining that it was Kirishima, so this would be a better solution.

And fuck, it was a good idea.

Kirishima started off with his favourite photo, one of Bakugou reclined back into the bed. His head is tilted, but his gaze is locked onto the camera with his teeth bared in a cocky grin. His face is completely flushed red, his eyes are dazed with lust and Kirishima can almost hear what he's saying. It's his expression that reads 'You really fucking think you can take me, Kirishima? Prove it.'

And god, Kirishima does. He starts stroking himself faster, his mouth falling open. Things like that in the photo are his absolute favourite. Where Bakugou's being a little shit, when they're fighting over who gets to top and when Kirishima makes Bakugou submit, and submit to him.

The second is after Bakugou's submitted, and he's bent over and needy. He's on his knees, one hand tugging aside his butt cheek to reveal his dripping, shiny hole, practically begging for Kirishima to fuck. Bakugou's head is leaning on his other arm, and he's glaring into the camera, scowling, but his eyes read 'fuck me'. Kirishima grins lazily and fists his dick harder, practically hearing Bakugou's moans drip through his ears, and he feels light-headed.

And, for the final touch.

Video #21. Kirishima's favourite.

Bakugou had let him set up a phone stand for this one, so the video could really capture everything. Bakugou's cheek is pressed into the bed, he's leaning down on both hands while his hips are held high, and Kirishima's behind him, rubbing his dick against Bakugou's gaping hole. Bakugou cried out and grinds back, causing Kirishima's expression to darken before he slaps a hand across Bakugou's ass. Kirishima puts the volume up to fully hear Bakugou's yelp of surprise that turns into a moan, and Kirishima (in the video) uses this moment to finally push in.

Kirishima throws back his head, almost finishing at the familiar memory of that tight, tight heat around him. He watches as he pounds into Bakugou hard and fast, giving him no time to breathe at all. Bakugou's trying to hold back his sounds, but his body jolts with every thrust, and he's never been good at keeping quiet. His mouth falls open with high screams knocked out of his throat with every thrust, and Kirishima just grins, yanking a hand into his hair.

" like that, don't you, Alpha? Do you like being my little bitch, getting fucked hard? Might as well be a fucking Omega, then I'd really be able to take you, mark you.."

"Fuck...ah, you bastard! Harder! I'm not made of glass, goddamni-OHH!" 

Kirishima finally comes, clicking his phone off and leaning his head back, catching his breath. Fuck, that was the most intense jerk off sessions he'd ever had. But his body still felt unsatisfied, his balls still heavy, his mind still telling him breed and fuck and mine.

Both Bakugou and Kirishima were Alphas. A lesser-known relationship, rather than the usual Alpha-Omega ones that were most common. And honestly? It made sense. Neither Bakugou or Kirishima were submissive enough to be classed as an Omega. They're Alphas, through and through.

But that only makes moments like this harder.

Neither of them were automatically submissive. Which meant they had to fight to see who'd be on top, first. Regardless of whether or not they ended up switching for Round 2, which they did, it was always the first that was the best.

Kirishima has barely recovered when a scent so strong hits his nostrils, almost making him go dizzy. It's intense and musky and strong, with a tint of dominance and arousal to the smell. Kirishima could recognise it anywhere.

Bakugou was here.

Kirishima tugged up his pants and threw his phone somewhere without a care, and the scent got stronger, and he heard the faint growl and increase in pace of the footsteps. Kirishima started to run, slamming open the door and sprinting down the hallway of their apartment, following the scent. His eyes were dazed, his senses were overloading and he needed, he needed, he needed-

Kirishima finally spotted that familiar blond hair and his eyes rolled into the back of his head before the two bared their teeth at the same time and collided into each other. Their lips met so roughly that it was almost painful, and they were growling into the kiss, Kirishima's hands going up to ruthlessly tug at Bakugou's hair hard enough for it to almost pull out, and he used Bakugou's noise of protest to nip at his bottom lip and try to win access to Bakugou's mouth.

Give in. Give in. Give in...

"I could smell you from miles desperate you are for me." Bakugou growled, and Kirishima smirked evilly.

"You wish, Katsuki. All I could think about was fucking you open, hard and fast 'til you were screaming for my knot.."

Bakugou pushed his head to the side and dove into the skin of his neck, laving his tongue across it before sinking his teeth down, hard. "Fuck...I'm going to fuck you so'll be screamin' so loud your voice gives out on you." Kirishima hissed at the sudden bite, but didn't give up. 

"I can't wait to see you beg for me, lean over and take me, like a good boy." Kirishima murmured back, competitive. Both men grinned, and the smell of arousal drowned the air, the whole apartment suffocating with their scents.

This was going to be a fucking fantastic night.

Chapter Text

For the record, Bakugou Katsuki was the last person on Earth you'd expect to be an omega. Everything about him screamed otherwise, how he acted, how he talked, how strong he was, how strong he made himself out to be. He was loud, loud and confident and in your face, daring you to look or way, daring you to possibly ignore him. Someone that boisterous and coky, turned out to be an omega. Surprisingly, Bakugou didn't give a fuck about his assigned sex. It said nothing about him as a person. Hell, who gives a shit? He'd do the /opposite/ of whatever was expected from the general omega. Because when it came down to him, being an omega didn't define him. Anyone who says otherwise can suck his dick.

The only problems he did have, were that 1), fucking Deku was an omega as well, and 2), heats. Mates. Alphas. Bullshit like that. Bakugou was always told that his scent was sweet, like burnt sugar, so that must've attracted the damn mutts, but anytime they get anywhere near close he pushed them away. He didn't need a mate, and if he was going to have one, they'd have to be damn worthy. And that's why, surprisingly, it took Kirishima a lot to mate with Bakugou. He had to do absolutely everything, and Bakugou was a stubborn ass bitch, but this goddamn alpha did not give up. He made it clear what his goals were; He liked Bakugou, wanted to choose him as his mate, and would do anything to prove that he had what it takes.

And it worked.

Bakugou wasn't an idiot, he was attracted to Kirishima somehow. Maybe it was his dumbass beaming smile, or maybe it was how good he smelt and how he made Bakugou drunk on the feeling of his touch. Maybe it was his undying devotion that made no goddamn sense. Bakugou hadn't figured it out yet.

But, the second problem was quickly approaching. Heat. Bakugou was going to go into heat. If not now, sometime soon. There were small signs his body gave off, he was generally more desperate for touch and lust-starved, anytime he was around his alpha the only thing he could think of was getting bent over the nearest object and fucked and knotted until his voice failed on him. He'd spend classtime drinking in Kirishima's fucking scent, praying that he wouldn't get hard while picturing his mate fucking him to high hell. Kirishima was driving him mad. His body was driving him mad. He needed Kirishima, and he needed him now.

By the time Bakugou got out of class, his breathing was heavy, coming in pants as he weaved his way through the corridor and trying to go back to his nest, his alpha. His heat was starting. His body oozed his scent, causing heads to turn, every alpha and beta looking at him but turning away when they saw the bonding mark proudly on his neck. They were all extras, anyway. There was only one person who could satisfy him.

Bakugou opened the door to his room, heaving, his eyes half-lidded. His underwear was absolutely soaked, his skin hyper-sensitive. Every movement he made dragged his nipples against his shirt and he nearly outright moaned, it felt so, so good, and he needed Kirishima, he needed him now. Bakugou collapsed on the bed, pushing his pants off almost immediately and shoving his hand down to circle his dripping entrance. He was so fucking wet, and each thought of Kirishima just seemed to further that. Bakugou tipped his head back with a moan, his lips curling into a smile at the pleasure he felt as he pushed in. He'd poured lube over his fingers just in case, but he barely needed it.

By the time he was thrusting into himself hard with four fingers, he couldn't fucking take it anymore. With his spare hand, Bakugou reached for his phone and messaged Kirishima as best he could with one hand.

Bakugou Katsuki: eijirou
Bakugou Katsuki: eijirou, i fucking need you
Bakugou Katsuki: right now

It less than a few minutes, a reply popped up.

Kirishima Eijirou: what?? are you ok?

Bakugou Katsuki: no, you idiot

Kirishima Eijirou: what's wrong?

Bakugou Katsuki: heat

Kirishima Eijirou: oh
Kirishima Eijrou: OH

Bakugou Katsuki: eijirou if you don't fuck me in the next five minutes i swear to god i'm blowing up the damn building

Kirishima Eijirou: okay, okay, jeez!
Kirishima Eijirou: really want me that bad?

Bakugou Katsuki has sent a photo.

Kirishima Eijirou: holy shit
Kirishima Eijirou: i'll be right there

Bakugou put his phone away, falling back onto the bed with a sigh and moving onto all fours, using one hand to properly fuck himself. He pushed back on the four fingers he was thrusting into himself, his eyes rolling to the back of his head in pleasure until he laid his head down on the sheets and fucked back as hard as he could. Bakugou was moaning loudly with each one, and in the distance, heard some heavy footprints and the smell of must and wood and nearly outright came.

The door swung open not a second later, and Bakugou didn't even have to turn his head to know it was Kirishima. The scent of his alpha flooded the room and Bakugou drank it in, eyelashes fluttering.

"Holy shit, Katsuki. You really are desperate, huh.." Kirishima marvelled, shoving down his pants and gripping Bakugou's hips gently. Bakugou keened at the touch, pushing his hips back to grind against Kirishima through his boxers, grinning at the other's reaction to it. Bakugou turned around, pulling Kirishima towards him by his god-like thighs and looking up at him through half-lidded eyes.

"Eijirou...Eijirou, I need to taste you. Fucking hell, you kept me waiting, you moron." Bakugou complained, and Kirishima cocked a grin.

"This is about you, Katsuki. I-it's your heat. I'll do whatever you want." Kirishima assured, and Bakugou didn't waste a moment. He needed to taste. He was desperate for it. Bakugou immediately tugged down his boxers, moaning as Kirishima's cock sprung free.

"Fuck, your cock is so fucking big n' thick, alpha...I fucking love how it fills me up." Bakugou whispered, and Kirishima was outright shocked at the dirty talk, but didn't stop it. Bakugou curled his fingers around Kirishima's dick, tugging it and leaning in to inhale the dripping scent of his alpha. He was desperate, almost, lapping at the head like it was the best thing he'd ever tasted, worshipping Kirishima's dick.

Kirishima's hands made their way into Bakugou's hair and tugged as a small warning, and Bakugou immediately reacted. He sunk as far down as he could on Kirishima's dick, moaning at the way it barely fit his throat and gagging on its thick length, but still going. It was so damn sloppy, but he couldn't care less. Bakugou took more, popping his head down fast and sucking hard, going faster everytime, desperate for more of a taste from his alpha. It was so good. So, so good.

"Katsuki...fuck, Katsuki, you slut." Kirishima moaned, thrusting into Bakugou's mouth. Bakugou let out a cry around Kirishima's dick, his hand reaching behind him and fingering himself open while Kirishima fucked his throat, until he couldn't take it anymore.

Bakugou got on all fours, head on the pillow and his ass high in the air and dripping, his head turned over his shoulder and pinned on Kirishima. He locked eye contact with Kirishima, eyes half-lidded. "Fuck me, Eijirou."

Kirishima didn't need to be told twice.

Kirishima gripped Bakugou's hips with both hands hard enough to bruise and slammed balls deep on the first thrust, his balls hitting Bakugou's. Bakugou let out a loud moan, but barely had time to finish it before Kirishima was pulling out and slamming into him again, even faster. Bakugou choked out a sob, blabbering 'Yes, yes, fuck, Eijirou, you feel so good, you fuck me so well!'.

"You're such a slut when you're like this, aren't you, omega?" Kirishima chuckled, starting a brutal pace that had Bakugou howling.

"Fuck yes, I'm your slut! You're so fucking good, your cock is so--fucking--good!!" Bakugou moaned, his voice hiccuping at the brutal thrusts. Kirishima didn't say anything, his words turned to grunts as he went harder, fucking into his omega without pause.

The sound of Bakugou's wails and begs filled the air, along with Kirishima's grunts and growls and the lewd sound of squelching and skin slapping skin. Bakugou's eyes rolled up to the back of his head, his body jolting forward with every thrust, it was so ruthless, so fast and hard and perfect.

Kirishima kept up with the breakneck pace, using all of his strength to thrust into his omega, holding back absolutely nothing. This was for Bakugou's head, after all. Kirishima felt the base of his cock swell and he moved faster, his knot starting to tease Bakugou's entrance, causing him to wail.

"FUCKKK!!! Yes, Eijirou, knot me!! Knot me, fill me!" Bakugou cried. "Fucking...please!"

With one last thrust, Kirishima's knot popped in, and both of them let out a moan and came at the exact same time. Kirishima rolled his hips, riding out his pleasure. Bakugou moaned quietly, his face and neck flushed red, and Kirishima wrapped his arms around Bakugou, kissing his shoulder.

Fuck, maybe heats weren't so bad after all.


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"Thanks for inviting me, guys, but I really have to get going!" Kirishima insisted, waving as he rushed back to his own apartment as fast as he could. It was 10:50. He had time. Why was he rushing so much, you ask? Because every night, at 11PM until 12AM (if lucky), Kirishima's favourite camboy was streaming. Kirishima wasn't going to miss it for the world.

Kirishima had resorted to gay camstars when discovering his sexuality, and the habit just..stuck. Every night, he'd put his laptop in front of him, go to the top gay stream and jerk off.

That was, until one day he discovered 'King Explodo Kills'.

He was the absolute hottest man Kirishima had ever seen, Kirishima didn't need to see his face to know that. He had a beautiful body, and his dick was fucking prince-like. What got Kirishima, was his mouth. When he clicked on the stream, Kirishima knew immediately that this was in no way one of those boys who'd finger themselves open and beg for the viewer to fuck them. This guy was mean. The first time Kirishima joined, King had made fun of his name (cr1ms0nr3d, which was a very manly name, if you asked him) and teased the audience and slut-shamed them before taking his dick out. It was mesmorising.

From then on, King was the only camboy Kirishima would watch. He'd attend the two livestreams a week, then either not jerk off for the other days, or use memory of the livestreams to do so.

So again, on routine, Kirishima locked the door and put only his side lamp on, putting on sweatpants for easier access, with his laptop balanced on his knees. After a few seconds of buffering, the stream started, a buff, cream-skinned body coming into view on screen. Kirishima typed quickly, eager.

cr1ms0nr3d has tipped $30!

King laughed, the sound dripping from his tongue, and Kirishima nearly outright moaned. "You're here already, Red? Couldn't be surprised, you fucking stalk my streams, don't you?" King asked, and Kirishima grinned, lazily. "You fucking whore."

cr1ms0nr3d: only for u.

There weren't many people on the chat, so Kirishima knew King had seen his message, and heard another short chuckle under the man's breath. "Fuckin' desperate."

And yeah, he was. He was desperate and proud. Because no matter how many people joined King's livestreams (usually 200 or so), it always felt like the show was for him. Which in a way, it was. Kirishima wasn't an idiot, though. He knew that it wasn't like King was making a stream just for him (trust me, he wishes. Wishes. That would be amazing). It was how King could money, or extra attention, who knew.

But then King pushed his pants down and grabbed the hem of his boxers, and looked up to the screen with a glint in his eyes and whispered, "Are you watching me, Red?", and Kirishima nearly fucking blew his load then, and typed with shaking fingers.

cr1ms0nr3d: im watching.

King smirked and tugged his boxers down all the way, wrapping his hand around his dick and tugging roughly, precum starting to bead from his head. He looked almost painfully hard, and rolled his hips as he jerked himself off. "Now you fuckers. Jerk off, and keep your damn eyes on me, you perverts."

Kirishima nodded, holding the bottom of his shirt between his teeth as he jerked his own dick in slow, hard waves. King leant back on the bed, giving the camera a perfect view of his rolling, hard abs. He began to tease the head, before moving faster, tipping his head back.

"Are you imagin' me there? That your hand is mine? Bet you'd be too fucking horny for me. Probably want to fuck me, but that ain't gonna happen. I always come out on top." King says, cocky, dragging his tongue across his teeth.

Kirishima couldn't help himself, he leant forward and typed with one hand, still not pausing his firm pace.

cr1ms0nr3d has tipped $15!
cr1ms0nr3d: ur so fkin hot king

King smirked. "I know, Red. This is a fucking blessing to see, ain't it? You're fucking lucky."

cr1ms0nr3d: so fkin lucky
cr1ms0nr3d: you have no idea what u do to me

King chuckles, hot and low, and it sends a shiver down Kirishima's smile. "I'd like to find out, Red, eh?"

Kirishima's eyes nearly bulged out of his sockets.

cr1ms0nr3d: really?

King nods, speeding up his pace. "Yeah. Fuckin' weirdo. Bet you want to bend over on all fours for me. Bet you want me to fuck you stupid."

Kirishima barely processes the image before he's moaning loudly, too loudly, and cums all over his chest, his abs.

cr1ms0nr3d: please

"Please what, love? Please fuck you? Please tell you more?" King says, voice low, breath stuttering. "Say it."

Kirishima doesn't waste a moment.

cr1ms0nr3d: i want you to fuck me, king

King cums then, all over his black shirt, some even reaching his cheek. He rolls his hips, groaning as he rides out his pleasure, before looking back to the camera. "Red. Private session."

Kirishima takes a shaky breath.

cr1ms0nr3d: u rlly wanna go again?

King's voice turns serious, then. "I'm not gonna ask you again, Red. $100. Take it or leave it."

The comments immediately flood with What the fuck are you waiting for? He's so hot! What are you doing? SAY YES! And Kirishima, at this point, can't do anything but agree. He's overwhelmed, honestly. The guy he's been watching and jerking off to for how long..was to do a private session? It almost feels too good to be true.

cr1ms0nr3d has donated $120!

Well, there goes the money he earnt today.

King smirks. "A tip, huh? I'll be sure to treat you well."

The stream ends.

KingExplodoKills has sent a chat request!

Kirishima accepts, as soon as humanly possible.

King: You excited, Red? Bet you are, you bastard.
Red: i, yeah. im rlly excited
Red: whyd u want a private sesh?
King: You type like an idiot.
King: You're always comin' to my streams n' thirstin' over me. Thought I'd give you what you wanted.
Red: shit
Red: okay fair
KingExplodoKills has started a video stream!

Kirishima's breath is heavy. It's around 1 in the morning, and King's full body comes into view, cut just below his face. He's still in his boxers with an obvious boner, which makes Kirishima drool again--fuck, he's so big. "Join if you want, Red. I want to see your face when you come saying my name."

Kirishima looks around him. It's not like anyone else is home. What'd it hurt? He turns the switch for the lightbulb, illuminating his room with light.
cr1ms0nr3d has joined the video stream!

Kirishima's shirt is off, it just got in the way, but he'd put his sweatpants on. Like King, there was a noticeable tent in them. King smirks, causing Kirishima to flush red, embarrassed. He knows he's okay looking, but it's nothing else compared to him.

"'M surprised. You're hotter than I thought." King whispers, smirking. "Name?"

Kirishima hesitates for a minute, before deciding fuck it. "Kirishima."

King laughs. "Kirishima, fuckin' knew it. You really ain't subtle, bastard."

Kirishima's heart stops, his boner dropping completely. "W-wait what? What do you mean?"

King leans forward, adjusting the camera, zooming out. The new angle shows his entire body, more of his iconic black bed, but most importantly, his face. King's got a sharp, strong jaw with high cheekbones, sharp red eyes, and spikey blond hair. Kirishima recognises him, and his mouth falls open.

"Kirishima Eijirou." King says, smirking. "Bakugou Katsuki."

That's when it clicks. "Oh my're Midoriya's roommate?!"

Bakugou nods. "Our apartment's under yours, fucker. I could hear you replaying my livestreams from the first fuckin' day. That was the first sign."

Kirishima's rubs the back of his head, embarrassed. "What was the second sign?"

"Your fuckin' friends. They wanted to out partyin' with Deku n' I, and mentioned inviting you, but then said you wouldn't be able to because you always had to be home by 11 for some reason. You're damn obvious."

Kirishima bites his lip. "So, you knew I watched your'd you know that I was Red?"

Bakugou outright fucking laughs. "Your hair, moron. You literally fuckin' told me you had red hair before."

Kirishima went silent. "Oh. I'm..uh, I'm sorry. I guess you can end the stream? I won't watch you anymore..." Kirishima feels absolutely mortified.

"Oh, no. I ain't done with you." Bakugou says, his smirk spreading. "I've wanted to fuck you since the moment I saw you."

Kirishima almost immediately gets hard, his cheeks turning red.

Bakugou leans forward, looking right at the camera, right at him. "Let me tell you why I started this stream, Kirishima Eijirou. I want to watch you stretch yourself to me, get on the verge of cumming because of me, before I come over there and fuck you, just like you want. Sound good?"

Kirishima swallowed, nodding.

"Is that what you want, Kirishima?"

He nods again. "I-I want you to fuck me, Bakugou."

Bakugou grins. "Call me King, Eijirou. Now get on all fours. Do you have lube?"

"Y-yes, King. I have lube." Kirishima reaches offscreen, grabbing said bottle and doing what Bakugou said, despite how embarrassing it was.

"That's it, Eijirou. Pants off, n' don't take your eyes off me. Got it?" Bakugou's pushed down his boxers now and is starting to stroke himself to full hardness. Kirishima nods, kicking off his sweatpants, looking to Bakugou for permission before pouring lube onto his fingers and circling his entrance.

" Look at me. You're going to finger yourself until you're at yourr absolute limit, before I come and fuck you. You'd like that, yeah?" Bakugou says, voice low as he speeds up his pace. Kirishima pushes the first finger in, still looking at Bakugou, though his eyes half-lidded and he lets out a low moan. "Tell me, you slut."

"Y-yes, King, I want you to f-fuck me-Aah!" Kirishima trips over his words, moaning as his finger brushes over the bundle of nerves inside him. Bakugou's pace slows the slightest bit. "That's it. Another finger."

Kirishima complies, pressing the second one in, scissoring himself and stretching himself as he listens to Bakugou's words.

I'm going to make you come on my cock, push you into the bed, make you ride me. Yeah, you like that? You want to ride me? Want me to fill you up with my dick? You pervert, I bet every damn time you watched me that's what you were thinkin', wasn't it?

Kirishima's pushed three fingers into himself, thrusting in and out, panting and on the verge of tears. He's close, so close, he can't take it. "K-king, Katsuki, please, I need you, I need you now-Aah! Fuck, fuck, please!"

Bakugou takes his hand off his dick, grinning. "You ready for me, Ei-baby?"

Kirishima nods, panting. "Please."

Bakugou smirks. "As you wish."

KingExplodoKills has ended the video chat.

Kirishima pushes his head down into the bed, fucking back onto his fingers with a low moan, tears rolling as he does. It feels like forever until he hears a sharp knock on the door, and he whispers a weak 'It's open,' and turns onto his back. Bakugou walks in, kicking off his boxers. He takes in how Kirishima looks, spread out and desperate, and he doesn't waste a second and kisses him.

Kirishima moans into the kiss, his arms wrapping around Bakugou's neck, legs locking around Bakugou's waist. Bakugou gripped his back with one hand, grinding his dick against Kirishima's ass, causing him to thrash in Bakugou's hold. He begs, completely out of it by this point, but he doesn't work.

But it worked, because Bakugou adjusted his position, leaning to kiss Kirishima again as he pushes in, and Kirishima sobs in relief. It feels better than he could've imaged. Bakugou fills him up so well, his head nudging against Kirishima's prostate if he angles his head. Bakugou starts to suck on his dick as he rolls his hips, and Kirishima's eyes roll up in pleasure.

"K-katsuki..." Kirishima whispers, voice breaking on a moan. "Move."

Bakugou smirks, drawing his hips back before slamming back in, and Kirishima sobs. Bakugou starts a rough pace, continuously pulling out and snapping back until Kirishima's bed is creaking from the pure force.

Eventually, Bakugou pulls out and switches their position, pulling Kirishima on top of him, straddling his hips. Bakugou's eyes are glued on him, and at this point, Kirishima just needs the feeling of Bakugou in him again. He lifts his hips, grabbing Bakugou's dick and positioning it in line with his entrace before slamming down. His face turns red, his eyes half-lidded, Bakugou groaning appreciatively.

Kirishima lifts his hips and repeatedly slams back down, moaning, looking for that spot inside him. Bakugou grabs his hips, thrusting up to meet him halfway, and land spot-on. Kirishima sobs, but continues the brutal pace, slamming down and Bakugou slamming up, beating his prostate everytime until Kirishima's back arches and he comes, Bakugou soon following.

He collapses on the bed, exhausted, and sees Bakugou getting tissues nearby and cleaning himself up and putting his boxers on. His heart sinks, before Bakugou crawls into his bed and wraps his hand around Kirishima's waist.

"Don't think you're getting rid of me any time soon, Eijirou." He whipsers, and Kirishima grins.


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Kirishima couldn't believe he was going back. Again. This was...what, the third time, this week? Surely Bakugou would’ve noticed by now. Hell, Kirishima knows he’s noticed by now. Bakugou’s always scanning the crowd during performances, and he almost always catches eye contact with Bakugou. He’s absolutely electric when he performs, the entire crowd is enchanted when he sings, honestly. Whereas Kirishima, well, he’s feeling…a lot more emotions when he watches Bakugou sing, and walks out with his pants a little too tight. It’s not his fault if he spends slightly too long in the shower, that night.


Kirishima doesn’t know what exactly it is about Bakugou Katsuki that’s so intriguing. He’s not too famous either, hell, he’s just a local bar performer. Kirishima’s friends is friends with him, that’s how he saw Bakugou in the first place. Kirishima knows it’s wrong, but god, as soon as his hand curls around his dick all he could think about is that smirk Bakugou gave him when licking his lips. Kirishima’s absolutely fucking done for.


Maybe that’s why Kirishima’s blushing so hard as he pushes past the other excited fans to get as close as possible to Bakugou. As close as possible to the guy he jerked off to last night, the guy he’s been jerking off to every night. The whoops of excitement get louder and louder, and Kirishima holds his breath as footsteps approach the stage. Bakugou’s hair is spiked to perfection, like always, but fuck it looks so good. What Kirishima wouldn’t give to run his hands through that hair, maybe tug on it while-




Kirishima’s pants are tight already, and Bakugou just walked onstage. He had black eyeliner painting his already sharp eyes with an even sharper line, and he was scanning the crowd again with half lidded eyes. Both of Bakugou’s ears were pierced, his nails were painted and he wore black gloves on each hand. Bakugou had his signature skull t-shirt, and pants that were way, way too tight, with a chain hanging from them. To Kirishima, though? Those pants clung to him, outlining something else Kirishima was very interested in. His shirt was the same, and Kirishima could make out the shape of abs underneath it, and it nearly made his mouth water—nope, it definitely made his mouth water.


Then Bakugou snatched the microphone, the music pounding through the nightclub. He grinned, wide and cocky, before starting to sing, and Kirishima’s heart jumped into his throat. Bakugou was such an incredible performer, his voice was loud and booming, such an intense and unique sound that Kirishima couldn’t describe as anything else but dominant. Bakugou was absolutely gorgeous, a walking sex machine, had an amazing sound, it was all enough to get Kirishima weak in the knees.


Bakugou finished his first song, then rolled his eyes at the flood of noise that erupted from the crowd. He grabbed the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up to wipe the small beads of sweat that had formed on the top of his head. Kirishima’s jaw dropped open, choking, and he was sure his face was tomato-red. He couldn’t tear his eyes away, almost trying to burn it into his memory. He was going to have a long, long shower today. Bakugou’s abs were sculpted and hard, a V in his hips leading underneath his jeans, and if you looked carefully (like Kirishima), you could see a blonde trail leading down to Bakugou’s dick. Kirishima was so, so fucking gay. What he’d give to lick those abs, fuck.


Bakugou was exactly his type, and Kirishima hadn’t really considered himself a sexual person before this, but now he’d never been this thirsty before. All he wanted was Bakugou to not only dominate the stage, but him, too. To be bent over while getting absolutely wrecked.


Bakguou looked up, and made direct eye contact with Kirishima. Kirishima jolted, blushing even darker, mentally cursing himself. But Bakugou just tilted his head up, smirking hard. The look in his eyes could be described as nothing less than predatory. Then while maintaining eye contact with Kirishima, he dragged his hand up his abs, and Kirishima followed it, his jaw falling open, again. Bakugou then moved his hand down to his waist, splaying across his crotch, and squeezed. He fucking grabbed his dick, looking at Kirishima. Kirishima felt all the air leave his lungs, he was so hard that it was almost painful at this point.


And to make it worse? Bakugou just chuckled at Kirishima’s face, then dragged his tongue across his top lip suggestively. Kirishima let out a loud sigh, so horny that it was basically killing him. He wasn’t going to survive this concert.



Kirishima was right.


Bakugou made eye contact with him so much, winking at him, licking his lips, fucking grinding while looking at him. Near the end of the concert, he ended up fully taking off his shirt, then proceeded to wipe his sweat with it, before tossing it to the side and continuing shirtless. Kirishima ended up leaving early, turn around and running, desperate to get to the nearest bathroom. He couldn’t wait until he got home and in the shower. Kirishima needed this, right now.


The damn bathroom was full of a couple fucking, and that just made it worse for Kirishima. Why today, of all days?

He decided to go outside, maybe smoke a cigarette, get some fresh air. There were people everywhere, so Kirishima went to the back of the club, a red hallway, with the room at the end of it. Kirishima could see a red guitar at the end of it, and the passing thought that someone could come briefly crossed Kirishima’s mind, but he dismissed it. Hey, who would come out, after all?

Kirishima was wrong.


The door opened while Kirishima was scrolling through his phone, and he looked up, before his eyes nearby popped out of his head. It was Bakugou. His shirt was back on, and he was sweaty, and fuck he looked even better up close. Kirishima immediately looked down at his phone again, cheeks a furious red, hoping Bakugou would just walk past him, but of course, that wasn’t the case. He noticed Kirishima, and stopped, leaning back on the opposite wall.


“Oi.” Bakugou said, tone low, and Kirishima looked up, scrambling to put his phone away.

“Y-yo.” Kirishima stammered out, trying and failing to find something to say. Fuck, what does he say?


But Bakugou does it for him, cocking a grin. “Did you enjoy the show?”

Kirishima nodded quickly, a little too quickly, before clearing his throat. “Yeah! Uh, yeah. You’re really good out there. I liked it.”


“I can tell.” Bakugou smirked, eyes flickering down to his crotch, and Kirishima flooded with embarrassment. Fuck, he was still hard. “What’s your name?”


“K-Kirishima.” Kirishima choked out, practically not functioning. “Kirishima Eijirou.”


“Kirishima.” Bakugou says, trying the name out, and Kirishima swore he nearly lost his sanity then and there. He wanted Bakugou so, so bad, and now he was less than a step away. He wanted to make a move, should he make a move?


Luckily for him, Bakugou did it for him, walking forward and slamming a hand on the wall next to him hard enough for Kirishima to jump. He was caged in my Bakugou, who was leaning in incredibly close. He dragged his other hand up Kirishima’s torso, groping on his chest slightly, and Kirishima’s mind went blank.


Kirishima just stared up at Bakugou, in slight questioning, but mostly lust, begging him to do more. Bakugou smirks.


“I knew, from the moment I saw you..” Bakugou whispers, tilting his head, his breath tickling his lips. He slides his leg between Kirishima’s, pressing against Kirishima’s obvious boner and making Kirishima’s lips fall open in a breathy moan. “…That I’d have you underneath me, before the night was over.”


Kirishima’s heart began to race, his want overwhelming at this point, and he whined, trying to get Bakugou to press their lips together. “Please…please, Bakugou.” Kirishima said, winding his hands around Bakugou’s strong neck.

Bakugou groaned in response, nosing at Kirishima’s jaw to his neck, then beginning to pepper hot kisses down it. He was fucking amazing with that mouth, each kiss made electricity run down Kirishima’s body, each kiss intense and claiming. He dragged his tongue across Kirishima’s neck, taking turns between sucking and licking down his neck, but leaving enough marks there that Kirishima would have a hard time covering up the next day.


Kirishima couldn’t bring himself to care. This was him getting necked down by the guy he’s been thirsty for for how long.


“You want me.” Bakugou mutters against his neck, not asking, no, he knows. It’s a statement, and fuck it’s hot. To prove his point, Bakugou brushes his hand over Kirishima’s crotch, against his hard dick straining in his pants.

“Yeah,” Kirishima breathes, catching himself in a moan as Bakugou licks his collarbone. “Want you so bad, you don’t how long I’ve wanted you for-“


“Beg.” Bakugou demands, his lips cocking into a smirk, and he leans in close. Kirishima wants to close the gap so badly, he doesn’t waste a moment. “Please, Bakugou. Please, please, please.”


Bakugou groans in return, and slams their lips together hard enough for Kirishima’s damn head to rattle, but he doesn’t have time to care, because Bakugou’s licking into his mouth while sliding his hand up Kirishima’s shirt and groping his chest, flicking his nipple, and Kirishima feels light headed. Bakugou’s mouth is hot and he’s hungry when he kisses, forceful and intense, and every single part of it has Kirishima weak in the knees.


In the middle of the kiss, Bakugou’s hand travels lower, all while licking over Kirishima’s teeth. He zips Kirishima’s jeans down, undoing his button, then pulls his dick out. Kirishima outright gasps into the kiss, his eyes going wide, before it merges into a low moan/ Bakugou starts jerking him, hard, all while kissing him, and Kirishima’s panting against his lips. All the various sensations are messing with his head, and he feels like he’s going to pass out.


Kirishima leans his head on Bakugou’s shoulder, trying to regain himself, but Bakugou just moves faster and swoops to his neck again, biting and suckingg down it, not stopping his hand’s movements for even one second.


“Bakugou, p-pease, I’m so cl-ose-…Ah!” Kirishima begs, voice breaking on a moan. But Bakugou’s lips just stretch into a smirk.


Call me Katsuki, Eijirou.” Bakugou just whispered, before slamming their lips together. Kirishima cried out into the kiss, saying a muffled ‘Katsuki!’ against his lips, before cumming harder than he ever had. Kirishima slumped back against the wall, breathing heavily, a complete and utter mess. He tilted his head back, leaning against it, his eyes still half-hidden and cheeks flushed. He looked completely and utterly wrecked.

Bakugou grins, pulling out a tissue and wiping his hands, all while Kirishima’s still trying to come back down from his high. “C’mon, Eijirou. Did you seriously cum so hard that it fucked with your brain?” Bakugou asked, chuckling.

Kirishima just whined in return, his eyelashes fluttering. Bakugou takes that as a yes, and shakes his head, then puts Kirishima’s dick back in his underwear and does up his jeans again. “You need to get home, dumbass.”

Kirishima finally seems to come down, and blinks up at Bakugou, eyebrows drawing together. “But Bakugou-I mean, Katsuki..” Kirishima starts, but Bakugou shushes him gently, pressing their lips together lazily.


“I added my number to your phone. Next time, I’m fucking you so hard that you’ll be feeling it for weeks.” Bakugou whispered, and Kirishima’s entire face flushed red as Bakugou slid his phone into his back pocket again, and then walked away.


Kirishima couldn’t wait.