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Sweethearts Abound

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Izuku poured over the documents on his desk, constantly brushing his hair out of his eyes. He'd need to get it cut again soon. It was getting too long. He heard the door to his study open and there was a short list of people who would be so presumptuous to come into the king's study unannounced without so much as a knock.

"Good evening, Kacchan."

"It's morning dumbass."

Izuku turned towards the window and saw the first rays of sunlight. So it was. Had he really been working all night? It felt like only a couple of hours had passed since he'd started working.

"Good morning, Kacchan", Izuku corrected, giving his husband a tired smile.

"Good morning. Now get your ass to bed."

"I will in a minute. I just want to reach a good stopping point-"

"That's what you said when he told you to break for dinner, and again to break for bed, and again to break late into the night", Katsuki stomped over to his desk. "Now are you gonna come quietly or are you gonna make me wake up Ochaco because I sure as hell am not going to drag your fat ass to bed."

Izuku sighed and stood. The moment he did, he realized just how tired his limbs were. He entertained the thought of waking his wife so that she could float him to bed. But he'd rather not disturb her in this early hour. He trudged to bed, Katsuki close to his side but not touching him. Anyone else might have supported their king but this was Katsuki's way of punishing him for pulling an all-nighter.

He did however, help Izuku undress and put on some clothes more fitting for sleep when they got to his room. He wasn't totally heartless. Katsuki led Izuku to the bed. Or rather Shouto's bed. Because it was Shouto's room. Katsuki made sure Izuku got in on Shouto's left side. It was naturally warm and like sleeping under a soft ray of sun.

Katsuki knew from experience that anyone would have a hard time pulling away to get out of bed. As he expected, Izuku cuddled right up to him. Shouto just barely shifted in Izuku's direction but stayed asleep. Katsuki left them like that and went back to his room. A few hours later, the rest of the castle began to awaken, as it was closer to a more reasonable hour.

Tenya and Momo were usually the first to rise. Since they usually got up at the same time, they started their morning together with a light jog around the palace grounds. Shouto and Katsuki were the next to rise. Shouto would normally get right into his morning routine when he awoke but he noticed the new addition to his bed.

He had no way of knowing just when Izuku got into bed with him, but Shouto wasn't looking to awaken him any time soon regardless. So today was a special occasion where he stayed in bed past waking. Out of them all, Ochaco was the last to rise most mornings but she was no slouch. She still got up in time to meet everyone in the dining hall for breakfast and get started with her day.

Katsuki had told them that Shouto and Izuku would be absent and it didn't need explaining why. They had all seen Izuku up in his study late the previous night. They decided to let him sleep as much as he wanted today. Not just because it would be good for him but because tomorrow was special.

It was the beginning of the Harvest Festival.

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The Harvest Festival was in full swing. It was day three of the five day long celebration. Izuku was happy to see his people enjoying themselves. It was the reason he gladly spent all-nighters to ensure the festival's success. His own activities were usually restricted to that of the royal court but he got reports every now and then of how his citizens were faring.

It was easy for him to obsess over it and forget to take care of himself. He considered himself incredibly lucky to have a loving harem which included a husband who had known him most of his life. Katsuki knew him like the back of his hand and that came in handy whenever Izuku got too caught up in his work.


Without looking up from the latest report he was reading, Izuku opened his mouth and felt something warm, buttery, and soft hit his tongue. It was so good that he had to look up and see what he was being fed. Katsuki sat next to him with a bread roll that must have been fresh from the oven with the steam coming from it. Wordlessly, he opened his mouth for more, prompting a scoff from his husband.

"What a spoiled king you are", Katsuki said while tearing another piece off and feeding it to him.

Izuku didn't argue. He adored moments like these when he was spoiled by his lovers. It made him feel appreciated. And he knew they enjoyed it just as much. Katsuki fed him the rest of the bread, letting his fingers brush against Izuku's lips.

"Are you trying to seduce me while I eat?", Izuku asked with a smile.

"Why do I need to seduce you? We're already married", Katsuki responded gruffly.

Izuku said nothing to that and instead kissed his fingers. He set the report down and rested in Katsuki's arms. He was well aware that he was lucky to have such a thing. Katsuki despised PDA and only acted this way behind closed doors. That made these moments all the more special and Izuku wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

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If Izuku had to use one word to describe Momo in public, it would easily be 'refined'. She was the perfect picture of grace and dignity whenever she was in front of others and project the authority that came with being royalty. If he had to describe the way she was outside of this time however, so many words came to mind. Whenever Momo wasn't in front of others, she could be the complete opposite.

When it was just the royal family around her, she could be naive, childish, easily excitable, and cute. Izuku was happy to be one of the privileged few to be able to witness the switch from her two sides. Such as what he got to see tonight. The festival was still going on among the townsfolk, but of course the royal family hosted its own festivities within the castle.

Tonight was a formal ball and Momo looked stunning as always, this time in a dress of deep violet. She said the right things to the visiting nobles and oversaw the duties of the servants, assuring everything went off without a hitch. During the night, Izuku had danced with her and it was impossible not to feel the eyes on them. But he paid them no mind.

With the quality of his spouses, he was used to being the envy of others. He and Momo danced until she gave up her spot for Shouto but Izuku found her later and they were able to discuss the success of the current festival. This was the Momo that was all business. After the ball, though, he came to her again, in her room, where they had the utmost privacy.

"There is something that I wanted to give you", Izuku began, blushing a little. "But I"m not sure if you'll like it..."

Momo was already buzzing with excitement. She had long since dressed for bed and was in her nightgown, hair pulled out of its updo and makeup washed away.

"What is it?", she asked.

Izuku took a small box from his pocket. "Um, I saw this and it sort of reminded me of you so I had it made into something you could wear, so..." He handed the box to her and continued to ramble on about how he had come across it. Momo was used to this habit of his and took the box, opening it as he went on.

"Oh my", she gasped.

In the box was a hand harness bracelet decorated with red jewels. Momo couldn't wait to wear it. She knew just what dress would match perfectly with it too. Izuku was still going on about the process of cutting the gems when Momo kissed his cheek. That stopped his rambling but it made him blush a red to rival the jewelry.

"I love it. Thank you", Momo said.

Her smile was genuine and it reminded Izuku of his first courting gift to her. He had truly planned something befitting of her stature but it had gotten messed up. He'd only been able to present her with a bouquet of flowers he'd picked straight from the royal garden. Momo had loved it. Momo was lovely in that she could appreciate the finer things as well as the less extravagant gifts as long as they had heart.

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The way Izuku and Katsuki interacted, it was easy to assume that Katsuki was his first husband. But it was actually Shouto. It had been a combination of an intense love and attraction, mixed with Izuku wanting to save him from a hostile environment, mixed with Shouto wanting to stick it to his father. That part almost worked too well as his kingdom almost went to war with Izuku's over the whole thing.

Thankfully that was averted and after assuring the safety of the rest of his family, Shouto never looked back. Izuku had intended to marry Katsuki after that mess had been cleared up, but Katsuki refused to have their wedding date be in the same season as Shouto's, so they waited a few months.

One of the defining aspects of Izuku's relationship with Shouto was that he was aware that Shouto had been deprived of many things in his childhood due to his father's strict nature. Because of that, Izuku tried to encourage things that helped him let loose and embrace a more childish side. And he found the perfect opportunity on the last day of the festival.

The two of them were currently out and about on the festival grounds. Izuku liked to be among his people as much as possible (with a discreet guard of course). Doing so helped him to know a little more about the people he governed and protected. During their walk, he and Shouto had been given fresh pastries, apples so sweet and juicy they had to be eaten with a napkin, and Shouto had been personally gifted a flower crown from a young girl.

He had knelt down so she could place it on his head, thanking her for it. Izuku thought he looked most beautiful in moments like this. When other people could see how incredible Shouto was. And when it seemed like Shouto was beginning to realize it himself. Izuku thought he was just imagining the music playing over the happy scene but it had been playing off to the side.

A band was playing as citizens danced in a circle and others clapped in time to the beat. Without a second thought, Izuku grabbed Shouto's hand and pulled him into the circle. Shouto only stumbled for a moment from the unexpected movement before getting into the step of the song. Most of the crowd hadn't even noticed that the king had entered the dance with one of the princes.

Izuku was laughing and Shouto was reminded how quickly and easily he fell in love with this man. Being in the presence of his smile was like basking in the warmth of the sun, how could you not love it?

"I love you", Shouto said, speaking lowly under the loud music, but Izuku heard it loud and clear.

He swept his husband into his arms, kissing his lips. At this point it was clear to a few who had joined their dance and a few cheers were heard. Shouto had known his worth to his father, as a weapon meant to continue his reign, valuable enough to go to war for all the wrong reasons. Here, he had a man that loved him and was willing to fight for all the right reasons.

And he wouldn't give that up for anything.

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"Your Majesty, working like this isn't healthy!"

"You know you don't need to call me that", Izuku sighed. "And I just need a few more hours."

Tenya watched Izuku from the doorway, unhappy and planning to do something about it. Izuku very easily fell into long bouts of work without a thought to his own well-being. Running the kingdom was important to him. And everyone appreciated his efforts. It was one of the ways it was so easy to fall in love with him. But enough was enough.

Tenya had tried telling his husband to rest. He tried physically removing him from his study only to find him continuing in his bedroom. Nothing he did worked. So he continued to grumble to himself just as Shouto, one of Izuku's other husbands passed. He saw Tenya, then looked into the study and understood.

"You should know by now that he won't stop for himself", Shouto said.

"You're right", Tenya sighed. He looked to Shouto and an idea popped into his head. "Of course! Are you free this afternoon?"

Shouto nodded and Tenya ran off to prepare what he had in mind. It was clear to him now. Izuku would never stop just because someone said he needed a break. But if two of his husbands said they wanted to have a picnic with him, he would drop everything. Tenya had the kitchen put together a basket and as the sun rose to its peak, he, Shouto, and Izuku gathered under a large tree to have their lunch.

"Thank you. I needed this", Izuku said before biting into a sandwich. He could never admit to himself that he worked too much, but he enjoyed taking a breather with people he loved.

"You know we only want what's best for you", Tenya said while pricking a cherry tomato with a fork and holding it up to Izuku's lips.

"I know", Izuku said before eating what was offered to him.

After they had eaten, Izuku had fallen asleep with his head in Shouto's lap. Tenya felt satisfied that Izuku was finally relaxing. He deserved it.

The king came upon his spouses at different parts of his life. Polygamy was just as common as monogamy among monarchs. As a young boy, Izuku couldn't wait to be surrounded by people who loved him. Of course, some harems brewed with jealousy and ambition and court drama fueled the fire that yielded betrayal and dead heirs.

Having more than one spouse meant upholding a balance to keep the peace. Izuku felt grateful to say he had found it. His husbands and wives all got along. Katsuki would butt heads from time to time but it was all bark and no bite. Including Katsuki he had five husbands - Shouto, Tenya, Eijirou, Hitoshi. Of wives, he had two - Ochaco and Momo.

Izuku loved them all so much at times he feared his heart would burst. He was a young man in his 20s and he was in love. Life didn't get much better than that. His only concern was getting nagged by his council to prepare heirs. They urged him to either sire one with his wives or name a ward. Izuku wasn't too worried. He had plenty of time for that sort of thing.

What needed his attention now was taking care of his subjects. That and making sure his lovers were happy and fulfilled.

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Hitoshi really should have predicted something like this would happen. Well, not exactly this but something close to it. For every incredible thing Hatsume Mei did, she had about a dozen spectacular failures. Thankfully, as the royal alchemist, it was usually contained in her lab. Today though, he had personally sought her out.

"I need something to relax my inhibitions but keep my mind clear", he had requested.

When it came to Izuku's love, Hitoshi knew he had it just as any of the other consorts, but sometimes it was difficult to see how easily the others expressed their affections with physical gestures and Hitoshi just... couldn't.

He couldn't voice why, but being physical, especially when anyone could see, was hard for him. He had tried getting drunk once and while he apparently got better at expressing himself then, he couldn't remember a thing afterwards. So he decided to find a way that would allow him to keep his wits about him.

"You came to the right place!", Hatsume exclaimed. She opened up a large cabinet and moved some bottles out of the way before finding what she wanted. The excitable alchemist held it up to Hitoshi's face.

"And what exactly is it?"

"It's perfect for you! I took some very special essences and made a little elixir that will let its drinker behave how they truly want. You'll have no shame!", she shouted, seeming a little too eager for this.

But she hadn't poisoned anyone...yet. So Hitoshi took the bottle and tilted it just so to take a small sip. Hatsume pushed it up the rest of the way, forcing him to down the entire bottle.

"Pluh! Ugh! Why did you-?!"

"I need some more conclusive evidence of the effects of large doses. Thank you in advance!"

Hitoshi wiped his mouth and immediately experienced a sensation come over him. "I feel warm", he said.

"Then go and find your king lover. I'll trust you to report to me afterwards~"

Hitoshi turned and left the laboratory, knowing where to find his husband at this time of day. It was late afternoon, which meant he was surely just finishing having a lunch break that Tenya had to coerce him into. He'd be on his way to his next obligation which was going back to his study for some more work. Hitoshi opened the door, which was already partially opened a crack to see that he was right.

Izuku was just about to sit down at his desk. Hitoshi's body had felt tingly on the walk over but now he felt fine. Better than fine really. Izuku's eyes widened at Hitoshi's appearance.

"Good afternoon. Are you okay?", Izuku asked as he sat down.

"Never better", Shinsou said as he strode in and seated himself right in Izuku's lap.

Izuku was obviously surprised with his boldness but didn't discourage him. He was always happy to lavish affection and to be loved in return. It was simply the timing... Plus one other thing.

"I don't know how to say this, but-"

"Are you about to tell me you're too busy for me?", Hitoshi asked before looking down at the papers on the desk. He pushed them off without a second thought. Now Izuku had no distractions. Hitoshi leaned against him putting his head on his king's shoulder. He felt Izuku's hand come up to his head and when he felt the petting start he also felt a strange rumbling within him.

"Hitoshi, are you purring?"

"Am I?"

"Would it have anything to do with the ears you have?"

"I've always had ears, Izuku", Hitoshi said, wondering just how silly his husband could be. Perhaps he was overworked.

"You've always had cat ears?"

Hitoshi's eyes snapped out and he felt his head and sure enough there was a fluffy pair of feline ears atop his head. Then he remembered how much Hatsume made him drink just so she could see the results of ingesting a large amount.

"You need to fire that alchemist."

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A few years ago...

Izuku was nervous. Even when he knew he had no reason to be, he was a ball of anxiety. He had only been king for a few years and was getting used to the absolute authority it afforded him. Being a prince wasn't anything to sniff at but he quickly saw the difference. Not only did more people bend to his will, some didn't even look him in the eye.

He knew he wanted to be the kind of king that people felt safe around, the way his father had been before abdicating the throne to him. Most of the palace staff had grown up with Izuku and knew him for the gentle soul he was. He just needed everyone else to be aware. It was because of this that he found himself hesitating with this new venture - marriage.

Well, it wasn't entirely new, he thought to himself as he looked over to his first and currently only husband, Shouto. Every day he counted his lucky stars for having met him. Shouto was sweet, strong, elegant, and even funny sometimes. And a gorgeous person too. He really couldn't get any luckier.

"You're thinking hard about something again", Shouto said, interrupting Izuku's thoughts.

"Yeah, about you", Izuku smiled. It widened when he saw the blush on Shouto's cheeks.

"I know there's something else."

Izuku wondered if it had been such a good idea to marry someone who could read him so well. The other thing on his mind had to do with his country's views on marriage. He had discussed it beforehand with Shouto to be certain that the idea of polygamy was alright with him. Shouto had said he didn't mind sharing Izuku so long as he wasn't forgotten, to which Izuku assured him would never happen.

Izuku hadn't known for certain when he'd became king if he would practice it. There had been only one person he was in love with. But then he met Shouto and it had become a whole thing and now they were married and had been for a little over a month now.

What was on his mind, was his first love, the one he'd been planning to court and be with before meeting Shouto.

"I've been thinking about marrying another person", Izuku said.

"I've already told you how I felt about that", Shouto reminded him.

"I know! I just wanted you to be the first to know what I wanted to do. And that could...give me advice?"

Shouto blinked before answering. "You'd know him better than me."

Izuku should have know that Shouto would have guessed the identity without him giving any hints. That didn't help his situation much though.

"I'm worried because I think he may feel second best to you. And that's the last thing I'd want for either him or you", Izuku said.

Shouto smiled and took Izuku's hand. "Then let him know that."

Izuku had meant to announce his intentions to Katsuki during something romantic, like a nice dinner. But of course nothing with him could be that easy. At first it seemed like Katsuki was avoiding him, always being where Izuku wasn't and never where Izuku expected him to be. Which was strange when Katsuki practically lived in the castle.

Then one day all of a sudden, Katsuki had grabbed the front of his shirt, demanded a spar and dragged him to the training grounds. It was a space the two of them knew well, having frequented it since they were children. Izuku had vivid memories of ending on his back more than once. He had always admired Katsuki's strength. Izuku had gotten stronger himself but he wasn't entirely in the mood to test their skills right now.

It was only when he saw the expression Katsuki wore as he grabbed two bo staffs and tossed one to Izuku that he realized the reason for this.

Katsuki also had something on his mind.

So Izuku got in a stance and they faced off. He waited for Katsuki to make the first move, verbally that is.

"Nice of His Majesty to finally make some time for his peasants."

"Kacchan, you're the son of a duchess", Izuku pointed out.

"I'm surprised you remember me at all!"

Katsuki's attacks got more aggressive, which was saying something. Izuku wanted to talk more but Katsuki just wanted to fight. It hurt him to see the one he loved this way.

"I could never forget you!"

"Then explain half'n'half!" Katsuki shot back.

Izuku hesitated which earned him a knock in the chest. "I love Shouto", he said, a little breathless. "And you know what was happening with his kingdom. But that changes nothing between us. I-"

"I'm not gonna play second fiddle to him. If I'm just a second thought to you-"

Izuku swept Katsuki's feet and dropped him to the ground. He slammed the edge of the staff next to his face.

"You've never been second to anyone. That's not what I'm asking you." Izuku was panting but he only paused for a second to catch his breath. "I'm asking if you want to spend the rest of our lives together. As one of the most important people in my life."

Katsuki didn't answer for what felt like a long time, both catching his breath, thinking, and letting Izuku squirm. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened them he stared right back into Izuku's eyes.

"Not yet."


"I'll be damned if I get married to you in the same season as that guy. Set the date for next season. And until then you better court with me with the dignity I deserve."

Izuku sighed but was smiling. Katsuki was one of the few he knew who could have the pride of a noble, even when lying on his back in front of his king.

"As you wish."

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"I knew I'd find you here!"

Izuku jogged over, passing the fragrant flowers and other beauties the royal gardens had to offer. He went right over to a large boulder that looked rather out of place but had been the perfect gifts for one of his husbands. Izuku knew it to be true, for he found him napping here often, like right now. Laying across the rock was a sleeping dragon.

He was twice the size of a horse and his scales were a brilliant red. And the sound of Izuku's voice, he shifted and opened up a scarlet eye. His tail rose in a slow wag, happy to see him. Izuku came over and hugged his muzzle then gave it a kiss. He was warm from laying in the summer sun.

"You ready to spar?", Izuku asked, taking a step back.

The tail went higher and in a puff of smoke, the dragon was replaced with an eager human.

"Yeah! What're we waiting for!?"

Izuku found himself being pulled along by the wrist and laughing along with his love's excitement.

"Eijirou, slow down! We've got time!"

It was all in vain as they made it to their destination in record time. In the training halls, all sorts of weapons could be found. But Izuku didn't spare a single glance to them. Eijirou could call upon his draconic traits in a fight and everyone knew materials harder than dragon scales were rare. So when fighting their kind the strategy didn't lie with injuring them, but rather just subduing them.

The two circled each other, fists held up. Izuku made the first move and immediately, Eijirou's skin hardened like scales. They ended up grappling, falling to the floor in a tussle of dirt and sweat. And they were enjoying themselves thoroughly.

That is until someone cleared their throat loudly. Izuku had Eijirou pinned to the floor and they both looked over to see Tenya glaring disapprovingly at them.

"The emissaries from the east will be here soon to meet with you. I hope you don't intend to host them in your current state", Tenya said, crossing his arms.

Izuku and Eijirou both looked themselves over. Neither was in a state to greet a guest. They got up quickly and sprinted off to get clean.

Many hours later, Izuku had sought out a bit of solitude to think over the state of his kingdom. He was able to sneak away from the watchful eyes of his guards and spouses to make his way to one of the castle's many roofs. He sat atop it and gazed at the moon. Izuku could hear something climbing up the walls and making its way over to him.

He turned to see Eijirou, in his human form, but with his large tail sticking out, using it as a balance as he crawled across the roof on all fours before sitting next to Izuku.

"Everyone's looking for you. You just took off after dinner."

"Sorry. I was just thinking. Are you okay?", Izuku asked.

"Yeah, course! Why?"

"Because they..." Izuku didn't want to repeat the way their guests had treated Eijirou. He had noble blood in his veins but to some his more beastly qualities made him unfit to be a husband to the king.

"You don't have to worry about that", Eijirou smiled. "I've got you and Katsuki, and the others. If a bunch of other hoity-toits wanna get their undergarments in a bunch because I've got sharp teeth and claws, that's their problem."

Izuku returned the smile with one of his own. It was hard to stay in a bad mood around Eijirou. Izuku leaned against him and put an arm around his waist.

"All that matters is you like 'em. Which I know you do." Eijirou nipped at Izuku's ear.

Izuku had closed his eyes. Quickly after meeting Eijirou he had gone from fearing bites to welcoming them. Which had ended in nearly falling off the roof more than once. He was about to warn Eijirou against that risky activity when a voice broke through their moment.

"Oi! Ei! Did you find him up there?!"

"Yeah!", Eijirou answered Katsuki who was down below on the ground.

"Tell him to get his ass off the roof before he gets himself killed!"

Izuku rolled his eyes, then got a devious grin on his face. "I bet you can't catch me."

"I'll take that bet", Eijirou replied with a confident expression all his own.

Izuku stood and began to run towards the edge of the roof. He jumped and felt the cool rush of the night air as he plummeted down, never doubting for a second that Eijirou would transform and fly right under him just in time to catch him. It was a fun trust exercise they did from time to time. One that Katsuki scolded them for every time.

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Ochaco checked the time and saw that only one minute had passed since she last checked it. He would be here soon. Her future husband. Or potential one, at least. Her parents hoped very much so. Ochaco came from a line of lesser nobles. They owned little land and weren't very influential. But they still had titles to their name.

And as such, Ochaco was afforded an invite to the prince's coming of age ceremony. On the surface, it was him being recognized as an adult as he turned eighteen, now able to make his own decisions and voice his opinions during council meetings. But what everyone was thinking of was how now he could begin the selection process for his spouse or spouses.

It was why before the ceremony, he would meet with each of the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes that had come in attendance. It was basically an interview before the real thing and Ochaco felt sick to her stomach. She had never met the prince before and had no idea what he was like. She had heard things of course.

That he was handsome and gentlemanly and every girl's dream of a prince. But would he be that way to someone lower on the social ladder like her? She felt herself getting sicker and sicker.

She needed some air.

And that was how she found herself taking off her dress and covering herself in a plainer outfit so that she could sneak out undetected. Ochaco had gotten fairly good at stealth, which wasn't a very ladylike trait so shamefully she had few opportunities to boast about it. It was almost too easy to get off the castle grounds, which meant it would be easy to get back in when it was time for her appointment.

She'd be ready. She just had to emotionally prepare herself so that no matter what kind of person he was, she wouldn't be caught off guard. Ochaco came to a lake and the still waters brought her a bit of peace. She sat next to it and took deep breaths, already feeling much better.

Then she heard a shout that sounded very much like an undignified squawk and a definite thud of someone falling to the ground. Ochaco turned and saw a messy head of hair first and the leaves stuck in it second. She rushed over to help them.

"Are you okay?", she asked as she pulled them to their feet.

"Yeah", he answered, dirt on his face and a satchel filled with...something.

Ochaco looked him over. "What happened?"

"I was picking some of these flowers." He opened the satchel to reveal a bunch of delicate blossoms and then pointed up to the tree above them that was covered in the blooms.

"They're beautiful", Ochaco said.

"They're only found in this kingdom and I'm having a bunch of guests, many of whom are from other places. I thought this would be a nice gift. First impressions make me a little nervous."

Ochaco giggled a little, the feeling was absolutely relatable. "Well who wouldn't love a pretty flower? And for the record, you seem like a good guy to me."

"Thanks. These are some pretty important people."

"I'm meeting someone important today too", Ochaco said. "I don't have anything to give him though." Besides herself basically.

"Well here", he held out one of the flowers to her and Ochaco took it without thinking, then realized what she was doing.

"I can't take this! You've been working so hard to get them for your guests!" Ochaco imagined the flowers sitting in a nice little vase on a quaint table. She rather be there with this guy than an extravagant dining room with the prince.

"I insist. You're such a nice person. If any of my guests are half as kind as you, I'd be happy."

Ochaco accepted the offering and held it close. A bell rung in some high up tower and both of their eyes widened.

"I'm going to be late!", they said in unison.

"Good luck with your meeting!", he shouted.

"You as well!", Ochaco replied.

About ten minutes later, Ochaco was in her assigned guest room, her dress back on, makeup reapplied, her chaperone already having finished her lecture just in time for the prince to be announced. She held the flower in both hands. It was the kind of gift that could only come from a low-born or even a peasant. But she decided that suited her just fine.

It was who she was and if the prince didn't like it...well...then that was that.

Ochaco stood, ready to bow and curtsy for his highness when he entered, holding a flower similar to his own. Seeing each other for the second time that day, all decorum went right out the window as they pointed to each other and once again yelled in unison.

"It's you!"

Chapter Text

Izuku paced back and forth in his room, muttering to himself as he went from a straight line, to circling, to even walking over his head. All the while, Katsuki and Shouto watched him.

"How long are we going to let him do this?", Shouto asked.

"Not for much longer", Katsuki answered. He crossed his arms and let his husband pace for a few minutes longer before grabbing the back of his shirt when he next passed by them.


"You need to get over yourself. You've been married twice already."

"Yeah, but this is my first time marrying a girl!", Izuku argued.

Katsuki rolled his eyes but Shouto stepped forward. "What's the difference?"

"You know, they're... they're... different. What if I-"

"I'm going to stop you right there", Katsuki said. "Cut the socially awkward crap. You've already spent months courting her ass. You know how to act around her."

"I know...", Izuku frowned. "I'm just nervous. Even if I've done it before, it's technically new territory."

Katsuki huffed but didn't argue anymore about it. Shouto put a hand on Izuku's shoulder, trying to reassure him, although he wasn't entirely sure what the problem was.

"Were you this nervous when we were getting married?", Shouto asked.

"I thought I was going to die", Izuku answered honestly. "In a good way!", he quickly amended.

"And you feel the same way now?"

Izuku nodded at Shouto's question. He felt like he was going to pass out but at the same time he was incredibly excited. He smiled and it was clear his excitement was taking over his nervousness.

"Alright, he's good to go", Katsuki said before opening the bedroom door, letting in a crew of servants meant to dress Izuku up. They practically swarmed him, leaving Katsuki and Shouto to watch from the sidelines.

Later, Izuku stood at the altar, his nerves back in full force. This time it was from the notion of standing before all these people. Even though he'd been born in the limelight, being the center of attention still got to him at times. He met eyes with both Katsuki and Shouto who sat in the front row. They gave him nods of reassurance and then it began.

Momo made her entrance in a brilliant white gown accented with gold and crimson. Izuku's heart jumped into his throat. Momo always had an aura of ladylike elegance but watching her come down the aisle was like watching a goddess descending. Izuku smiled when she came to stand next to him.

"You look beautiful", he whispered to her.

Momo whispered back a 'thank you' and her cheeks pinkened a little, a small sign of her secret youthful girlishness. They were both young and new to this in different ways. That made Izuku feel a little better.

The ceremony continued with both of them promising themselves to each other. When it was time, Izuku kissed her and it felt like his heart had finally burst from anticipation. Momo was lovely, sweet, and clever, and he couldn't wait to share his life with her.

Chapter Text

Izuku let out a long breath and stretched. He could feel all of his stress melting away. His emotions ebbed and flowed like the ocean lapping at the shore. He could feel the slight breeze in his hair, the soft grass beneath his bare feet, the warmth of the sun behind his closed eyelids.

He'd never felt such inner peace.

And it was all thanks to Tsuyu. She was the head gardener of the castle. She also helped out in the infirmary from time to time, offering herbs and other plants grown right in the garden for medicinal purposes. Because of that, she knew a lot about the human body and what it needed. And what her king needed was some meditation. As well as a bit of aromatherapy.

Izuku sometimes ran himself ragged ruling the country. Tsuyu was all the more grateful when he began to marry and his consorts took on some duties. But that didn't stop Izuku from being a workaholic.

In addition to being king, being married came with its own stress factors. Case in point-


Izuku's eyes burst open and he let out a sigh, stopping his stretching. There was only one person whose voice carried that far. It was almost a full minute before Katsuki entered their part of the garden.

"What are you doing?"

"We were meditating, Kacchan", Izuku said, gesturing to Tsuyu, who gave him a friendly wave.

"I was in the middle of a council meeting", Katsuki said, ignoring her. "And they told me something rather interesting."

"I thought it was Tenya's job to give me notes on each meeting", Izuku said, trying to dodge what he knew was coming next.

"Apparently you still haven't chosen an heir? Or even taken a stance on how you're going to get one?!"

Izuku frowned. "It's not important right now. There are other things that need my attention. Besides-"

"If you don't decide right now!-"

Katsuki's tirade was stopped by Tsuyu clapping her hands together, bringing both young men's attention back to her.

"My lord, this place is meant for his majesty to attain peace. If you must speak, I ask that you wait for him to finish."

Katsuki looked like he might combust for a second and Izuku spared a second to consider ducking for cover. Katsuki shot him a glare as if he could read his mind and then, strangely, deflated.


Tsuyu sat down and crossed her legs. Izuku followed suit. They both closed their eyes and took deep breaths. Izuku heard a shuffling next to him and opened an eye to see that Katsuki had taken a seat next to him. His eyes were closed but Izuku couldn't be sure of his breathing, he was so still.

Izuku closed his eye and tried to relax. He understood his husband's concern. But it really wasn't an issue right now.

"I just want to know why you're running away", Katsuki said.

Tsuyu grumbled a little. "My lord..."

"It's fine", Izuku said.

So Katsuki continued, "I didn't marry a coward. What are you afraid of?"

"I'm not afraid", Izuku denied. "It's just that I want to have that conversation with all of you before I make a decision."

"It's yours to make."

"But it effects all of us. And besides, I'm still young. It doesn't have to be today or tomorrow."

Katsuki frowned. "That argument goes out the window when you have a king as reckless as I do. One wrong move and we're without a ruler."

"I'm not that bad-"

"You play chicken with a dragon", Katsuki cut him off. "Wars have been fought over succession. And I know how you feel about war."

Izuku opened both of his eyes to look at Katsuki, whose gaze was on the sky. Izuku reached over and grabbed his hand, giving him a reassuring smile.

"Everyone... I need to talk to everyone individually. And then together. And all of us will be on the same page. Does that work for you?"

Katsuki turned his eyes from the sky to Izuku and didn't answer at first. But then he squeezed his hand.

"It works for me."

Chapter Text

Katsuki watched with judgmental eyes as Shouto rose and fell rhythmically. Shouto stared back at him with a bored expression. The only sound was Izuku's occasional grunt.

"What are you doing?", Katsuki asked.

"Working out", Shouto answered.

"Looks more to me like you're lounging and eating berries." Katsuki sent a pointed look to the small bowl in Shouto's hands.

"I'm helping", Shouto said.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. He'd thought he'd be interrupting a different kind of scene when he had heard the kinds of sounds Izuku was making in the royal suite. To be honest, he was more than grateful when he opened the door to see Izuku doing push-ups with Shouto on his back, eating fruit.

"100", Izuku announced his last one, prompting Shouto to get off his back.

"I guess being dead weight's all you're good for", Katsuki said, crossing his arms.

Shouto licked some berry juice from his lips. "Better dead weight than hot air."

Izuku quickly got between them before Katsuki could stomp right up to Shouto and do whatever he was planning with those balled fists of his.

"Why can't you two ever get along?", Izuku moaned.

It had been this way since they'd met. They'd instantly hit it enemies. Izuku knew they didn't hate each other. Not really. He'd made sure of it before marrying Shouto and again before marrying Katsuki. But for some reason they took every opportunity to snipe at one another and Izuku didn't understand it.

He asked Ochaco and Hitoshi about it during a different exercise period. This time he was going up the stairs of their highest tower while carrying them on his shoulders. It was a little uneven, but that was part of the challenge.

"You should lock the both of them in a room so they'll be forced to talk it out", Ochaco suggested.

"I'll do that if I ever want a room demolished", Izuku said in a grunting voice as he moved step by step.

"You don't need to do anything", Hitoshi said. "That's just their love language."

Izuku almost stumbled at that, causing Ochaco to let out a squeal before he quickly regained his footing. "What are you talking about?"

"You said it yourself, didn't you? They don't really hate each other. This is just the only way they know how to interact. They're like brothers", Hitoshi explained.

Izuku mulled over his words. Shouto had siblings of his own, which explained how he didn't get riled up with everything that was thrown at him. And Katsuki was an only child, which is why he went off at the drop of a hat when his provocations didn't get the reaction he wanted.

"So, I don't need to do anything?"

Hitoshi shrugged. "You could exercise your power as king and their husband and force them to get along."

"Oooh, I'd love to see that", Ochaco giggled.

In the end, Izuku didn't have to do much to make them work together. Winter had arrived and for the next few days, mostly everyone would be busy with their own thing.

Ochaco would be visiting her family for a few days. Hitoshi was on a quest for exotic ingredients with the royal alchemist. Tenya was acting as a diplomat to a neighboring country. Momo was overseeing trade agreements in another. Eijirou would become more lethargic as the season went on until he went into a full hibernation mode for a couple weeks in the dead of winter. So he was preparing a nest both in his suite and in the garden so that he would be ready wherever he fell asleep.

The only ones available for the next few days were Shouto and Katsuki. Izuku hadn't been thinking of that, truly. But he couldn't help but notice the irony of it when he got sick and they were the ones who were front and center. First scolding him for stupidly getting ill in the first place and then trying to play it off before collapsing at his desk.

Izuku had thought this would be something to bring them together. A common goal - taking care of him. And they both loved him, so it should be easy.

"You're an idiot who doesn't know the first thing about these matters!", Katsuki shouted.

"I know more than you."

They were on either side of the bed, playing the most aggressive game of tug-o-war with the blanket. Izuku lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling, trying to remind himself that he loved these men.

"He needs to be cooled down", Shouto argued.

"He needs to be warmed up!", Katsuki shot back.

Izuku couldn't take it anymore. Despite his migraine immobilizing him, he sat up and grabbed their sleeves. He fell back, dragging the two of them with him.

"We need to talk about this", he said.

He considered it a success when Katsuki didn't punch the two of them and leave. It was a sign that he could see the problem too. But it was Shouto who spoke up first.

"He treats me like I'm not good enough for you."

"That's because you're not."


Katsuki grumbled something that sounded like an apology but he continued to glare at Shouto. "I don't think you appreciate everything he's done for you. The fact that he almost went to war for you-"

"I do", Shouto cut him off. "I think about it every day. What he's done means so much to me, I could never repay him."

Katsuki gazed into Shouto's eyes. Katsuki saw nothing but sincerity and Shout saw fierce loyalty. If nothing else, they could see this. They both loved the same man dearly and would do anything for him.

After that, Katsuki and Shouto ended up having a deeper conversation about their feelings, their roles in Izuku's life, and how they should behave around each other. As nice as it was, Izuku didn't hear a word of it, having fallen asleep shortly after their talk began. He woke up hours later with one of the less thick blankets draped over him and Shouto and Katsuki playing a card game at the foot of the bed.

"Who's winning?", were his first words.

"I am, of course", Katsuki smirked. "This loser has like a dozen tells."

Izuku looked at Shouto's statuesque expression and figured he was either too sick to see it or just had to take Katsuki's word for it.

"Go back to sleep", Shouto said and for once Izuku obeyed without protest. Only when he woke up later, had some medicine, and ate, did he realize how strange that all was. And it was only when the rest of the spouses returned and the castle's usual vibe returned did anyone notice the change in Katsuki and Shouto. They still let the insults fly freely but Katsuki was less likely to challenge Shouto and Shouto's glares weakened in intensity.

It was a start.

Chapter Text

Momo's morning usually went as follows:

She awoke in her suite, sometimes next to her husband, sometimes not. She got dressed in plain clothes and took a morning jog with Tenya. No one but Tenya saw her dressed this way but once or twice, a servant got a glimpse of it and it had become one of the castle's mysteries.

After her jog, she washed off the sweat, got dressed, and made herself up in the way that everyone expected her to present herself. Then she had breakfast, either privately in her room as she did some work, or in the dining hall with everyone else.

Today would be a little different. She would be eating with Izuku today, as he had wanted her opinion on how best to deal with a problem forming. So she went to his room to meet with him. Momo knocked on the door and waited. She did this a few more times when he didn't answer.

"He must still be asleep", she sighed. "I'm coming in", she called out softly even though her intention was to awaken him.

Momo opened the door and made sure to close it behind her. She came to his inner chambers and smiled fondly at the sight before her. It was clear he hadn't gotten much sleep. His clothes from yesterday were strewn about the floor and he wasn't messy by nature. She came over to the bed and tried gently nudging him awake.

"Izuku, it's morning", she said.

His eyes opened a little at the first nudge and he sat up slowly. Izuku had got as far as putting on some pajama pants the previous night and that was it. He was obviously still half asleep. Momo gave him a moment to wake up a little more. He went stood and went over to his bathroom. Momo heard the water run and waited. After washing up, Izuku came back, appearing just a bit more alert.

"Good morning", he greeted.

"Good morning", Momo said back, smiling as he kissed her cheek.

Izuku got dressed, doing so in the privacy of his walk-in closet, although he knew Momo would politely look away if he did it in his main room. He picked up a brush which Momo plucked from his hand.

"Allow me", she said while pushing him to sit in front of his vanity.

As she brushed his hair, Izuku let out a sigh. He felt like he could fall back asleep under her careful attentions. Once his hair was less like a wild animal's and more like the just barely tamed mess it usually was, he called for breakfast to be brought to his chambers. With everything served, they began to talk and eat.

Izuku liked hearing Momo's opinion on things. Sometimes Katsuki cared too little for how decisions effected other people. Ochaco cared a little too much. Momo was right in the middle, able to consider the needs of everyone while keeping her solution practical. By the end of it, they were clinking their tea cups together, having found an answer that should satisfy everyone.

Chapter Text

"Hey there, your highness. Come around here often? Oh? Is it your first time? Let me show you to our best horse then~ Look? See how gentle she is? Don't be scared, you can ride with me if you want-"

"What are you doing?"


The smooth and suave flirtations turned to an undignified squawk. Kaminari Denki was a simple boy with simple wants. Become a world-renowned horse breeder, catch the eye of Prince Izuku, court him, and shower him with gifts, ending with some nuptials perhaps. Nothing too big. Of course, anyone who heard of a stableboy wanting to marry a prince would think his dreams were lofty.

Denki thought he might have a chance. All he had to do was talk to the prince, just once. No one could resist his flirtations. Not that he'd ever tried them out on anyone but Denki practiced every day in the mirror and with the horses. And those practice sessions usually involved guiding the prince through his first riding lesson. Izuku had already taken that lesson, having started out riding as most of the elite did, as a child around ten.

But Denki liked to imagine that he was there for his first time. By the time he was old enough to start helping in the stables, the prince was old enough to ride without assistance. Denki had heard the other servants speak of the prince. How considerate, sweet, gentle, kind, adorable, intelligent he was. At the time, thirteen-year old Denki had been inclined to agree.

He first laid eyes on the prince then, coming to the fields where a large apple tree sat. And these royal horses sure loved their apples.

"I'm the fastest!"

"I'll race you Kacchan!"

Denki looked over to see the prince riding with someone else, the two of them supervised with an adult of course. People had said so many things about the prince. No one had mentioned how handsome he was. Although Denki supposed having most of his hearsay from older folks was the reason for that. None of them could appreciate his boyish good looks. But Denki could. Because he was a boy.

And the prince was a boy. A carefree, smiling boy who handled his horse well during his race with the other boy. They ended up rushing past Denki in their race and he felt like time slowed down enough for him to see the look of exuberance on the prince's face.

Since that day, Denki's heart had been on a hook for the prince. Hence the practice flirting. Unfortunately, he didn't come face to face with the prince often. Call it bad luck but in the years that passed, they were either never in the same place or never alone enough that Denki could talk with him freely.

"That's gonna change one of these days, Buttercup", Denki said as he brushed the mare's mane.

"What's gonna change?"

"Me and the prin-aaaaaaahhhh...ah..." Denki ended up trailing off in the lamest way when he was met face to face with the prince himself. Nearly three years of practicing, wasted.

Izuku blinked, unsure of how to respond to that. "Um, so, are you the one that always takes care of my horse?", he asked. "Sometimes you braid her mane and tail?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, that's me", Denki said. "Gotta take care of her, she's a high class dame."

Izuku smiled, getting a little excited. "I knew it! I'd always wanted to thank the person who groomed her so well. Um", he paused, remembering his own upbringing. "The Kaminari family has served the royal household, uh, satisfactorily."

Denki felt his heart pound. The prince knew his name. Well, family name, but that still counted. Then Denki remembered his manners. He gave a stiff bow.

"Your compliments honor me and my family, your highness. But you know...", he smoothly transitioned to his more laid back self. "Caring for horses isn't all I'm good at~"

"Oh? Do you also take care of the hunting dogs?", Izuku asked innocently.

"...That's not quite what I meant."

"Did you mean the other livestock?"

"I could take good care of you, if you let me", Denki winked, taking the plunge. He was rewarded with a magnificent blush upon the prince's face once he caught his meaning. Denki gladly soaked it in because the prince quickly covered his face with his arms, only leaving his eyes uncovered.

"I just-I wanted to-I have to g-Thank you for everything and m-maybe we can go-go riding together!" Izuku had wanted to get to know the stablehand that personally cared for his horse. He had heard the Kaminari matriarch had a son who worked with her and Izuku had been curious since.

He hadn't expected the son to be cute. Or such a flirt. Oh Izuku was beginning to get used to courtly attentions. He was almost sixteen, aristocrats had begun to throw their sons and daughters at him. But this was new. He'd never been met with something that seemed so...genuine. It made him happy and also want to crawl up in a hole and die.

"We can go riding any time, your highness. Just give me a call."

"O-okay." Izuku backed out, nearly into another horse's behind before turning and righting himself.

"The name's Denki, by the way! Don't forget it!", he called out after the prince.

Izuku knew he wouldn't be forgetting that name any time soon.

Chapter Text

Tenya prided himself on the fact that his family sat on the royal council and many had the ear of their king. It was a testament to their competence and reliability. All through his education, he was able to endure because he was thinking about the boy who would one day be king. Prince Izuku was everything a future ruler should be. He had a gentle nature, but was firm in his morals. He was skilled in many forms of combat but only used violence as a final resort.

He was intelligent but never used that to make others around him feel inferior. Yes, Tenya was grateful that he could look forward to serving such a monarch.

But he didn't behave this way all the time.

Izuku was prone to a few dumb things here and there. Such as accidentally finding himself in a dragon's den, trying to mount a manhunt for a villainous criminal prison escapee on his own, and perhaps the worst of all, attempting to lie to his parents about it. It was actually during one of these moments that Tenya realized he had fallen in love with the prince.

Tenya had been searching for the prince, looking all around the castle before getting a tip to go to the kitchens. There he found the prince, covered in flour as he stood in front of an oven.

"I'm baking cookies to share with the visiting dignitaries. They have some young children with them."

Izuku took the cookies out of the oven to check on them, wearing thick oven mitts as he did. He removed them as he looked over the treats. There was the kind and gentle side he was known for. Caught up in his own thoughts, Tenya watched as Izuku grabbed the still-very-hot pan with his bare hands.

"YEOWCH!", he shouted. And instead of dropping the pan like a sane person, he continued on his task of putting it back into the oven. Right after, he fanned his hands around and Tenya quickly pulled him over to the sink to soothe his hands with cold water. As he helped, Izuku gave him a shaky smile and Tenya felt his heart pierced hard by cupid's arrow.

He was in love with the prince, lapses in judgement and all. And even now, as a king, he had a habit of doing stupid things. Like being missing for a whole day. A full twenty-four hours. It was confirmed when Tenya gathered the stories from the other husbands and wives.

"I went to his study to drop of some paperwork, but he wasn't there", Tenya told Ochaco as he passed her in the hall. "Have you seen him?"

"Not since lunch yesterday", she said.

"I saw him a little before that", Eijirou said conveniently climbing through the window at that moment. Tenya decided not to scold him for that for now.

"When was that?", he asked instead.

"He was helping me clean my scales. Then he went off to have lunch."

Tenya began to come up with a timeline in his head. It was the early evening now. Nearly dinnertime. He needed to find out if anyone had seen him since yesterday afternoon. He came upon Momo and Shouto next, in the library. Momo had breakfast with Izuku the previous day and Shouto had only briefly passed him in the hall after lunch.

"He looked tired, so I told him to get some rest", Shouto recounted.

"Perhaps he's taking a nap?", Momo suggested. Almost immediately, the three of them shook their heads at the notion. Izuku rarely acted on other's advice in regards to his sleeping schedule. And even if he had, no one could sleep for an entire day. Shouto and Momo joined the others in the search while Tenya sought out Hitoshi and Katsuki.


Tenya removed his hands from his ears when Katsuki finished. "I mean, no one has seen him for a full day."

Katsuki didn't look any happier at that clarification and started off on his own search, looking into places he knew Izuku went the most often. Tenya found Hitoshi walking the halls, followed by an entourage of at least eight cats.

"Don't ask", Hitoshi said when they came face to face. (The answer was the royal alchemist, Hatsume)

"Have you seen anything unusual lately?", Tenya asked. He was beginning to suspect foul play at work.

Hitoshi kept his eyes off the cats and shook his head. "Something happened with Izuku?"

"No one knows where he is", Tenya answered. "We're all getting a bit worried."

At this point, all of them where aware of the sticky situations Izuku could get himself into. Either from anecdotes or personal experience. Hitoshi joined the search and while they tried to keep it under wraps, eventually the entire castle was on high alert. Tenya didn't know what to do if Izuku had been kidnapped. Or worse. Well, he did actually. He would declare war on whoever meant harm towards his husband. He just hoped it wouldn't come to that.

With all the likely places scoured, all that was left were the unlikely places. So eventually, Tenya found himself in the laundry rooms. The servants were finishing up for the evening, on their way out when Tenya arrived.

"Have any of you seen the king?", he asked as they bowed in acknowledgement.

"He did come by yesterday", the head laundry maid answered. "He was looking for a particular garment. I pointed him to the finished clothing and there he went." She pointed to another room and Tenya thanked her before going off into it. Obviously Izuku wouldn't still be there, but perhaps there was a clue somewhere. Inside the room was several large carts, all filled with clothes.

It was then that he heard it.

A very faint, very light snoring.

Coming from one of the baskets.

Tenya carefully tiptoed to the one that was the source. When he came upon it, he lifted a shirt, then a few more until he was presented with the face of his sleeping king. At the reveal of light, Izuku's face scrunched up and he slowly blinked his eyes open.

"Tenyaaaaah?", he said through a yawn.

"You have much explaining to do, Your Majesty. But for now, let's get you to a proper bed." Tenya gathered Izuku in his arms and carried him out of the laundry room. Izuku didn't protest one bit and just fell right back to sleep in his lover's hold. Tenya was able to look at his peaceful, resting face and was reminded just how much he loved this man.

Lapses in judgement and all.

Chapter Text

"I don't need to tell you how you should behave in front of the prince, do I?", Aizawa asked.

"No", Hitoshi answered.

"No, what?"

"No, sir."

"I let you get away with a lot when it's just us. But these people are going to be judging you for that kind of thing", Aizawa said. "You need to make a good first impression."

Hitoshi turned his head to look out the carriage window before rolling his eyes. He cared very little for all of this, but Aizawa had been a great mentor to him, so he owed it to him to at least try. The two of them were on their way to the castle to meet with the prince. Izuku had recently come of age and was starting to truly get acquainted with those eligible around his age.

Most had already presented themselves during his coming of age ceremony, but Hitoshi had been out of the country at the time. He thought he could get out of this, but as the son of a noble lord, that just happened to be in the prince's age range, he was required to introduce himself, should the prince find him appealing and want to wed him.

To Hitoshi, it was all a waste of time. No one ever wanted him. Not in that way. His quirk scared off anyone who got to know him. And he knew he wasn't much in the looks category. Styling his hair took took much time, so he let it do whatever he wanted, resulting in what looked more like a wild fire than a head of hair. The bags under his eyes from restless nights of studying and anxiety-induced insomnia didn't help either.

Suffice it to say, Hitoshi was certain the prince would turn him away five minutes into their meeting, which made this all pointless anyway. They arrived at the castle and were given the proper treatment befitting one of his status. The staff was all smiles, which meant they couldn't know about his power. The servants in Hitoshi's own home were always giving him dirty looks.

He walked in front of Aizawa as they were being led through the halls and had just turned a corner when Hitoshi heard a voice exclaim from behind them.

"Aizawa-sensei! You're here!"

Aizawa turned immediately, but Hitoshi kept his back turned. That was the voice of a young man. He wanted to bet on it being a servant boy, but with his luck, he knew that wasn't the case. It could only be Prince Izuku.

"You're early", Izuku said, smiling brightly. He had yet to notice Hitoshi standing right behind his old tutor.

Aizawa ruffled Izuku's mop. "Better early than late. In fact, we can get this done right now if it would please Your Highness."

Hitoshi stiffened at that, knowing what Aizawa was suggesting. For all his fronting at how annoying this was, he still felt nervous about officially meeting royalty. Especially under the pretense of being a marriage option. Just because he was used to rejection, didn't mean he liked it. He steeled his nerves just in time to hear the prince question Aizawa about what he meant.

"Get what done right now?"

Aizawa stepped aside, revealing Hitoshi who turned around as his title was announced. The servant who had been leading them, thinking on their feet during this unorthodox situation, introduced Izuku with all his titles as well. Hearing himself being presented, Izuku went into full on etiquette mode and stood up straight before giving a bow, holding out his hand.

Hitoshi took the offered hand and gave a bow of his own, deeper than Izuku's. When they rose up, he saw that the prince was smiling at him. And it actually appeared to be genuine.

"It's a pleasure to meet you", Izuku said.

"Pleasure's all mine", Hitoshi replied robotically.

Aizawa allowed a moment of awkward silence before speaking up. "I'll leave you two to it then. I need to check on the current royal tutor and make sure he's not taking it easy on you."

Both Hitoshi and Izuku turned on him, trying to use their eyes to convey that they shouldn't be left without a chaperone for various reasons. He understood them, and promptly walked away, urging the hesitant servant to follow him. And now they were alone in the hallway. Hitoshi nearly let out a groan. He couldn't count on Aizawa to help him out of this.

He'd have to handle it himself.

"It really is nice to meet you. Aizawa-sensei said a few things about you in his letters, but he wouldn't tell me too much no matter how much I asked but I really wanted to know more about you before we met because I wondered if he told you about me at all-"

"You talk a lot, don't you?", Hitoshi interrupted.

Izuku flustered about and fidgeted with his hands. "I'm sorry! Sometimes I just ramble and I know it can get annoying but it's hard to stop sometimes."

Okay, Hitoshi had to admit that was a little cute. But now was the time to end this. He activated his quirk and Izuku froze on his feet. Hitoshi had given a lot of thought to what he'd make the prince do if he got the chance. He'd even gotten to some dark thoughts, like forcing him to walk off a cliff, or commanding him to never marry. He'd never tried a long term command like that, but at the time he'd been willing to use the prince as a guinea pig.

Hitoshi vowed to never be that cruel with his power though. He just needed something to humiliate the prince so he'd never want to see him again but not so bad he'd get executed.

"Walk face first into that wall."

Izuku did as he was told and face planted into the wall before being released from Hitoshi's hold. Hitoshi waited for the angry tirade that was sure to come but it never did. Instead, when the prince turned back to face him, his eyes were wide and bright as he rubbed his nose.

"That was incredible! So that's how your quirk feels? It was total domination! I wasn't even thinking, my body just moved completely on it's own. Do you know it's limits? Does it work on animals? Does it work on yourself?"

"What's wrong with you? Aren't you mad?", Hitoshi asked. "Everyone's always either angry or scared when they find out."

"I guess it was a little scary when it first happened. My body has never seized up on me like that", Izuku said. "But when I realized what was happening, it wasn't scary anymore."

"When you realized?"

Izuku nodded, twitching his nose and finding it to be fine before continuing. "Everyone's quirks are reported and known before they can enter the castle. But when I tried to ask Aizawa-sensei about it, he just said I'd have to meet you to find out more."

Hitoshi didn't know what to make of that. So the prince had known about his power before he even stepped foot in his home. And he still spoke with him. Was this guy some kind of masochist?

"I'd love to learn more about it. And of you too of course", Izuku said.

Hitoshi looked Prince Izuku over, from the hair that was almost as untamed as his own, to his eyes, full of genuine interest. Hitoshi almost felt naked with that stare. He let out a sigh and put his hands in his pockets, adopting a laid back posture that wasn't meant for an important meeting such as this. The prince wasn't what he expected, but that didn't mean he was all good.

He could be hiding some nasty part of his personality under this kind mask. Hitoshi had no choice but to hang around a little while longer and waited for the prince to show his true colors.

"Let's talk."

Chapter Text

"Can you lay eggs?"

Eijirou spit out his steak in a show most unbecoming of a royal consort. Fortunately, he was dining privately with Izuku when the question was posed to him.

"Why would you ask that?!"

"I've been taking notes on dragon courtship rituals and mating since we've met and-"

"You what?"

"And, I've been stumped with this question for a few weeks." At some point, Izuku had pulled out a notebook and a pen. Eijirou was used to seeing him scribble in it at this point, but he still wondered where he carried it.

"Can I see?"

Izuku handed the book over to him. The cover read 'Midoriya Eijirou Log'. His former surname, Kirishima, had been scratched out. Izuku really had been keeping this up since they had met. He flipped through it and found notes on all the things he'd done to woo his now husband. He handed the notebook back.

"No, I can't lay eggs. But I can keep 'em warm and toasty", Eijirou said. "Why have you got eggs on the mind?"

Izuku let out a sigh and leaned back against his chair. "The council has begun putting the pressure on me to procure and heir. I wanted to explore as many options as possible before settling on one."

"Have you talked to the others yet?"

"No", Izuku shook his head. He knew that he could either adopt a child with one of his husbands or perhaps have one biologically with his wives. Eijirou, technically being a different species, was the wild card.

"You should talk to everyone about it. They probably all have their own idea of how they wanna go about it."

"Shouldn't I just decide on my own?" Izuku went from slouching in his chair to sitting up straight. "I'm the king. I've got to make the choice myself."

Eijirou's brow rose. "Do you really think that?" He knew very well what kind of king Izuku was. Everyone did. And the kind that imposed his own will upon others, he was not. And it was evident when Izuku deflated at the question, knowing Eijirou was right.

"It's just hard. I always knew I would have to raise a child to carry on my name, but it's scary. What if I get it wrong? What if I decided to have a child with one of you and the others get jealous? What if the council doesn't like my choice and takes it out on my heir?"

"First", Eijirou began, "You can't get it wrong. Don't ask why, it's just a fact. Second, if you can make Shouto and Katsuki get along, you can handle anything. And third, even if the council is against you, you still have the rest of us on your side."

He smiled and Izuku found himself feeling a little better about all of this and just a bit less frazzled. It was strange how Eijirou, as energetic as he was, could calm his mind like this.

"So there's no chance of a dragon baby for us?", Izuku grinned.

Eijirou put his elbow on the table and leaned into it. "Do you really wanna hatchling scurrying around here?"

Izuku tried to imagine Eijirou as a baby, either as a small dragon whose wings could barely lift it off the ground, so it resorted to short glides and skittered everywhere else. Burning curtain hems and ripping through the garden. Or as a human child, baby teeth as sharp as a razor, making him the scourge of ankles everywhere as he waddled through the castle.

Now that he imagined it, he wasn't sure if baby dragons could take on a human form so young. He opened up his notebook again.

"So if you could lay eggs..."

Chapter Text

Izuku let out a sigh, knowing he would never, ever, ever hear the end of this once he got home. Even though he was covered in bruises and scrapes and possibly sprained his ankle, his only thought was of his spouses. And how they'd all give him an earful.

Because he had gotten himself kidnapped.

Currently, his arms and legs were tied and he was being carted off to who-knows-where. Izuku certainly hadn't a clue, being blindfolded. He was sure he could find a way out of this without getting hurt much more. He just hoped it wouldn't be too long. The more time he spent here, the more worried everyone was sure to get back home.

"How did something like this happen!? You were supposed to be WATCHING HIM!"

Katsuki continued his tirade over the captain of the guard and normally someone would have come to his aid by now, but as it were, the rest of the consorts were too upset to care about who was on the other end of Katsuki's anger. Katsuki wouldn't actually hurt him, but his palms were smoking enough to be threatening. Shouto's left side was heating up as well and smoke slowly seeped from Eijirou's lips.

Any other day, this scene would have brought up the ancient debate about whether or not Izuku had an affinity for fiery types. But no one was thinking such light thoughts now. Tenya's hands were balled into fists and Ochaco was fidgeting with the folds of her skirt. Momo was pacing and Hitoshi was standing in the corner by himself.

They were all in their own states of anxiety and frustration but even so were listening intently as Katsuki got every last drop of information from the guard. He sent the poor man on his way, slamming the door after him before turning to the group.

"What's our next move?", Tenya asked.

"I go after him, obviously", Katsuki said.

Eijirou got up to his feet. "I'm going with you."

"Me too", Ochaco added.

"We can't all go", Katsuki said before anyone else could volunteer for the rescue. "Someone has to stay here, we can't all be absent from the castle."

They spent about an hour in that war room, deciding on a configuration for the rescue party.

"We need to be able to get out of there fast", Eijirou said, providing his dragon form for that.

"What we need is someone who can hold off a small army", Shouto said.

Momo finally spoke up, "My quirk would allow us to be flexible."

"What if what we need is stealth?", Hitoshi offered.

"They kidnapped a king and even worse, he's our king. We need to send a message a burn them to the ground", Katsuki nearly growled out.

"He's right", Shouto nodded.

"The fact that you two agree on it is really scary", Ochaco noted.

"And a sure sign that it's a bad idea!", Momo exclaimed. "What would Izuku say?"

"Let's all go then", Eijirou suggested.

Katsuki frowned at him. "I already told you we can't-"

"That's because the castle and everyone outside would know something was really wrong if we all left at once, right? We just need to figure out where Izuku is, get him out, and get him home before anyone realizes we're gone. Easy, right?"

No one spoke as they considered Eijirou's proposal. Momo was the first to come around to it.

"Could it really be that simple?"

"If we leave at the right time and are efficient, it could be", Tenya said.

"Then let's do it. But if any of you slow me down or get in my way, you'll regret it", Katsuki warned.

They spent another few hours, going over their new plan, which included not just rescuing their husband, but making sure no one was aware of their absence. With all the steps decided on, they prepared to leave in the dead of night. Taking stealth into account, they walked a bit of a ways from the castle before Tenya carried Ochaco and Shouto and sped off, his two carry-ons being lightened thanks to Ochaco.

Up above, Eijirou was soaring high, carrying Momo, Katsuki, and Hitoshi on his back. Before reaching their destination, Eijirou landed and turned back to his human form to keep from alerting their enemies to their presence. Stealth was only part of leaving the castle and getting to their goal though. Once they arrived and ascertained Izuku's exact location, it was nothing but noise as Katsuki blasted through.

He, Eijirou, and Ochaco led the vanguard, fighting their way through and clearing a path for the rest.

It was dark, mostly from the blindfold but Izuku still couldn't sense even a hint of light behind his closed eyelids. He couldn't see but he could feel the cold dampness of his holding cell, the bindings around his wrists and ankles, all of his bruises and scrapes, and hear his guard pacing around. Izuku had spent his time here formulating a plan for escape, but no one had come to even interrogate him.

He was also dehydrated and starving. It seemed as though their only goal was to kill him with neglect. He was mentally exploring a plan that involved just escaping with all his shackles when he heard a familiar boom.

It was strange how such a destructive sound could be familiar and yet it was. The booms got closer and he started smelling a smoky scent he'd know anywhere. Izuku felt the boom this time when the door was blasted open. The next thing he felt was an icy caress. It was different from the coldness of his surroundings. It was more like a gentle tap on the shoulder. But Izuku knew if he was caught in it, the freezing temperature would be akin to stepping out in the dead of winter with no clothes on.

"Are you okay?" Izuku heard her voice and then felt her hands, the ones that were a bit too rough for a lady of the court but just perfect for his wife Ochaco, remove the blindfold.

"I am now", he smiled in response. "Is everyone here?" He could see Shouto and Ochaco. And he knew Katsuki was hear. A roar just a second later alerted him to Eijirou.

"We are", Shouto answered. "And we've all got some words for you."

Ochaco lifted Izuku onto her back with ease. "But first, we're getting you out of here."

Izuku was slightly more aware and alert as he was taken from his cell than when he was first brought here, but just barely. As they escaped, he either heard, saw, or felt them all. That distinct whooshing sound whenever Momo used her quirk to make something big, Tenya's commanding voice, Hitoshi's concerned touch on his face. Knowing they were all there and they would all protect him, Izuku felt the safest in a long time.

And so he blacked out.

Hours later, back in the castle, and after being patched up, he opened his eyes. He decided it was best not to move a muscle and instead just used his eyes to survey the room. Everyone was there. They had all piled onto the bed in one way or another. Izuku couldn't help the smile that appeared on his face. He knew most of them probably wanted to give him what-for due to his carelessness, but he also knew they were there because of their love.

Izuku was ready to be scolded because he knew it came from a place of love and they didn't want to lose him. He settled back into his spot and closed his eyes. It was rare for them all to be like this at once, so he would enjoy it while he could.

Chapter Text

From a young age, Katsuki knew he wanted to spend his life by Izuku's side. His reasons were different as a child, but his determination was just as strong. Back then, Katsuki had wanted to protect Izuku, thinking he was weak for having no quirk. And his own ability was so powerful. Having attained it around four, by ten, he'd gotten the hang of it enough to use around the prince.

When their parents weren't around of course. Due to the destructive nature of it, Katsuki was made to wear special gloves most of the time until such a time that he'd mastered it. But whenever he and Izuku were alone, the gloves would slip off and he'd show off.

"Kacchan, you're so amazing!", Izuku would exclaim and Katsuki would swell at the praise. When it was clear that Izuku would inherit neither of his parent's quirks, he had been in a forlorn state for a while. Either of those abilities could have been helpful in defending his people. But he would need to find another way. In the meantime, he was happy to get a front row seat to Katsuki's incredible powers.

"Of course I'm amazing. I've gotta protect you when you become king. You can't do anything on your own."

The words weren't meant to be harsh, just a matter of fact. But it was that fact that still hung heavy on Izuku's shoulders as someone who was meant to lead. Quirkless folk weren't too common. There had only been a small handful in Izuku's own lineage. Some with tragic stories from their history's dark ages. But attitudes about quirks slowly evolved over time, just as the quirks themselves. People were surprised when Izuku didn't come into any power, but he was still the Crown Prince. In fact, there were a few sighs of relief that they wouldn't need to deal with a second firebreather in the castle.

Izuku was used to people looking down on him because he was young, small, and considered precious, fragile cargo due to his royal blood. But never because he was quirkless.

"I'm not...helpless", he replied in a weak voice that said the opposite.

"What are you gonna do if someone attacks you?", Katsuki asked.

"I'll fight them!", Izuku shouted.

Katsuki frowned. "With what? A sword and a shield? What if they're like me? Huh? What then?"

He shoved Izuku, who stumbled back. The young prince looked betrayed and for a moment, Katsuki's hands twitched with regret, but he stood firm. One day Izuku would get himself killed with that kind of thinking. And what was a kingdom without it's king? Izuku needed Katsuki to protect him. It was only the truth.

"I'll fight you too!", Izuku shouted, pushing Katsuki back.

Katsuki was surprised by this, even though he had just did the same. As boys, a little roughhousing wasn't anything new to them, but this didn't have the same playful edge to it. And not only was Katsuki's pride on the line, but he had a point to prove, so he shoved Izuku again and it devolved to a wrestling match right there in the prince's bedroom.

Once Katsuki had him pinned, he grinned in triumph. "See? If I used my power, you'd be dead. You need me." His moment of victory faded as he heard Izuku sniffling from underneath him. Katsuki got off and Izuku sat up, wiping his small tears away.

"I'll show you Kacchan. I'm gonna get stronger! I won't need you to protect me!"

And get stronger he did. Izuku was always diligent in his self defense lessons and sword practice, but now he was more proactive in finding a fighting style that suited him and was always looking for exercises to do in his free time. During his education, he learned to use strategies both in wars as well as in personal combat. All of this culminated until one fateful day.

Izuku had never beaten Katsuki at anything before. At times, he appreciated that Katsuki didn't hold back for fear of offending his prince. But it was also frustrating. Then came the day that Izuku finally pinned Katsuki down with no hope for escape.

"See?", Izuku said while panting. "I'm strong enough to beat you now."

Katsuki stopped struggling in his hold at those words. Izuku could actually feel the fight dissolve from him.

"I guess you don't need me anymore."

Izuku was sixteen now. And had since played their conversation as younger children in his head over and over. Today was the first time he played it from Katsuki's perspective. From the point of view of a small child, with a powerful quirk, and the desire to use it to protect someone important to him.

"Kacchan, I'll always need you. And I don't mean your quirk. I mean I need you. You're my friend and I..." He trailed off, cheeks a little red. Even though Izuku knew the words he wanted to say, as a teenager they were still just a bit too embarrassing to get out.

Katsuki was silent, which was almost scary. Izuku got off him and Katsuki got up, brushing the dirt off his person. He didn't say anything and just looked at Izuku. Then he ran away.

For weeks after, things were a bit awkward and a little tense. But during a tournament, when a competitor from a foreign nation had something to say about the quirkless prince, Katsuki's voice rang out first.

"If you've got a problem with him, settle it on the field! He'll beat you into the dirt!"

Chapter Text

Meeting Izuku had been strange. Being courted by him had been even stranger. But nothing could prepare Eijirou for the strangeness of being married to him. He wouldn't call it a negative experience. Not by a long shot. The good more than outweighed the bad. And he was used to sharing space with a bunch of people. He was no stranger to chaos. But being a husband to the king was different from being some random guy he gave gifts to.

At first, Eijirou felt self-conscious about himself. He knew most of the other nobility saw him as some beastly man who could devour them at a moment's notice. It was why he'd clung to Katsuki only at first. The other had no qualms about Eijirou's draconic traits and there was something about his roughness that oddly enough made Eijirou feel more comfortable around him.

Shouto was the next person he warmed up to. His bickering with Katsuki reminded Eijirou of when little kits would scrap over the smallest thing. Tenya, who he'd avoided due to seeming the most straitlaced, turned out to have a bit of a rebellious streak in him. Ochaco ended up being like a sister to him. Someone he could spar with, who didn't mind getting a little dirty with a few scratches.

Being a lady of the court, he was surprised of this fact, but no less pleased. And Ochaco was more than happy to be around someone who didn't treat her like fragile glass.

But Momo was different.

She was a lady-lady.

Eijirou wasn't sure how to explain it, but there was something about her that was unapproachable. Like she had an invisible force field around her. From afar, Eijirou could see Izuku navigate it easily. And sometimes even Shouto slipped into her space.

But if Eijirou was the picture of savagery, she was the picture of refinement. By all means, their worlds should have never collided. And yet here they were, sharing the same husband.

"Yaomomo's one classy dame, but she's not all high and mighty about it", Denki said while shoveling some hay.


"Her nickname from back when she was a Yaoyorozu. It just kinda stuck."

Eijirou hummed in thought while leaning against a stable wall. Denki had actually been the second friend he'd made in the castle. And who better to come for when it came to advice?

"It's not that she's snooty or anything", Eijirou said. "I'm not even sure if she notices me. It's like we're in different worlds. Sometimes I don't even know if she realizes I'm married to Izuku."

"She's not oblivious. Although she is a bit of an airhead sometimes." Denki set down his pitchfork and leaned next to Eijirou. Suddenly, he snapped his fingers. "I know what you should do!"

"Try and stay in her blind spot forever?" There was a part of Eijirou that feared Momo would look at him with disdain like others. Eijirou could handle it from 'outsiders', but he didn't think he could take it if one of the other consorts had a problem with him being a dragon.

"Nope! You need to be front and center when you offer her a ride!"

"I hope you mean on my back."

"Yaomomo loves riding horses. Think of how exciting it's gotta be to go from that, to a dragon", Denki reasoned.

Eijirou could see some merit in that. They wouldn't have to talk much once they were in the air, so it would just be a nice experience to share together. Eijirou hadn't gone full dragon for a few weeks anyway. And if she declined, he could still say he tried to do something with her. Maybe if it didn't work, he'd try something more distinguished.

"Okay. I'll do it. But let's think of a Plan B just in case."

"Plan B is you divide the castle in half and never see each other again", Denki said in what was meant to be a joke but by Eijirou's serious expression, he knew it wasn't being taken that way. It mattered not. Denki knew Momo and he knew Eijirou. They just had to get to know each other.

"So how's about it? Wanna go on a ride?"

Eijirou had been watching Momo, waiting for the right moment to ask. There was only one time he saw her out of her heavy, intricate dresses. And that was just before a horseback ride. This outfit was no less befitting a woman of her status. But it had pants. And less frills. Her hair, usually styled in some kind of lovely do, was held back in a single bun.

Momo looked Eijirou up and down, her posture stiff. "I suppose you mean in your dragon form?"

"Yeah!" Eijirou took a few steps back and transformed, his large, red body appearing in his human self's place. Eijirou lowered himself to the ground, encouraging her to get on. Momo hesitated for a moment before approaching. She got on his back, situating herself between a pair of spikes, holding onto the one in front of her.

"Is this fine?", she asked, uncertain, having never ridden anything like this before.

Eijirou could feel her on his back and slowly rose to his feet. He'd take it as easy as he could, not wanting to scare her. He lifted off, launching them into the air. Momo let out a yelp and held on tighter. Eijirou brought them over the trees, then over the castle. When Momo got over her shock, she slowly opened her eyes. Her lips parted to a wide smile at the scenery below her.

Feeling a little bold, Eijirou flew a little higher and a little faster. Momo felt her heart rate pick up and at some point her bun had loosened, letting her long locks get beaten by the wind. Parts of it were similar to riding a horse - the movement of muscles under her, the wind, the exhilaration. But everything here was just more...more.

He flew around for a few minutes more before landing back by the stables. Momo slipped off his back on wobbly legs and Eijirou turned back. His smile was wide until he saw Momo's new state. Her hair was a wild mass on her head and some of the buttons of her outfit had been undone by the wind. She was looking more like a wild child than he was at the moment.

"Uh, are you okay?", he asked cautiously.

Momo took a second to answer, still coming back to earth. "That was the most incredible thing I've ever seen!"

She paid no mind to how she looked or how loud and excitable she was being. Eijirou felt a weight lift from his shoulders while Denki watched with a knowing smile from the stables.

Chapter Text

Behind every great man is a great woman. And for Izuku, that woman was his mother. His father had no harem, so it had just been the three of them as a royal family. Because of this, despite the history of polygamy in their kingdom, Izuku hadn't been sure whether or not he'd partake in more than one husband or wife. At a certain point, he'd been certain he would only marry Katsuki.

And then Shouto happened.

It was Inko that had assured him that as long as they both knew they had a place here, he shouldn't worry about it. Loving two people at once could be hard. But love was hard in the first place. In the past, nobility married for both politics and love Izuku decided his reason would always be love. And if the politics lined up with it, that was just extra.

Being the only mother he had, Inko was very important to Izuku. He always sent a smile her way when he was at the altar, about to say his vows. For she was always in the front row, unless a tradition dictated that she have a part in the ceremony. And sometimes she sent a look to the bride or other groom, usually from having spoken to them just before the wedding.

It could be nerveracking, the culmination of courtships and flirtations that climaxed in a huge celebration that put the couple on display. None was so nervous as Ochaco. In fact, Inko had meant to talk to her the night before the wedding, but when she came to the girl's chambers, she was missing. Only a few people in the castle knew that at times, Ochaco liked to don plain clothing and sneak out out from time to time, especially when stressed.

So Inko kept that little detail to herself and resolved to have their conversation later the next day. Everyone was bustling around, in the middle of preparations for the big day. Thankfully, being the queen allowed to move through it all with relative ease.

Ochaco was in her dress, a very light and pale pink. She was fidgeting in front of the vanity as a servant tried in vain to get her to sit still so that her hair could be styled. The servant moved to the side when she saw Inko through the mirror.

"Please give us a moment, would you?", Inko asked and was immediately obeyed, leaving her and Ochaco alone.

Ochaco turned to face her. She had been so nervous around the queen during her first days in the palace and even more when Izuku began to court her. It was only after getting to know Inko that Ochaco became more and more comfortable around her. Now she was like a second mother to her.

And so, in the moment of her highest stress, she fell into Inko's arms as any scared child would. Inko simply smiled and stroked her hair. Ochaco felt bad. She was marrying this woman's son. But she was moving up fast, was the problem. From a lowly noble to hanging off the arm of a ruler. She wasn't used to all that attention. How could she ever be good enough?

"You stop worrying about all that now", Inko said, pushing away her insecurities. "You've got more in you than anyone knows, even yourself."

"But...what if they talk?" Ochaco looked to be on the verge of tears.

"My child, gossips always find their fodder. I was liked well enough when I was younger. Then the moment I was married, half of them turned on me with their rumors."

Ochaco's eyes widened, not really finding any comfort in that. Inko let out a soft peal of laughter at her expression.

"But I had my true friends. And my loving husband. And eventually, my baby. I had love and you do too. That's all you need."

"Love..." Ochaco thought about Izuku. How warm his smile was and how strong his embrace felt. How when he looked at her, the entire world melted away. Ochaco took a deep breath and stood up straight. She could do this. If it was to be with Izuku, she could channel the confidence of a queen.

"Thank you", she smiled at Inko who returned it with one of her own.

When it came time to begin the ceremony, no one could tell that Ochaco had been a nervous wreck just before it. For she walked down the aisle with her head held so high, she appeared just as highborn as any of them. But their gazes mattered little to her. She only had eyes for Izuku, who was there at the end, waiting for her with a fondness evident on his face that it was easy to see he was holding back from running up to her and gathering her in his arms.

He did do exactly that when their vows were said and it was time to kiss and Inko was clapping the loudest.

Chapter Text

"Has his Highness been acting strangely lately?", Tenya asked Katsuki one day.

They had just left a meeting of the king's council. Tenya had a seat on the council as there had been an Iida advising the king for generations. Katsuki, as a husband to the king, was allowed to sit in from time to time.

"What are you talking about? He's always been a weirdo."

"I think you mean he is always the picture of a wonderful king!", Tenya said in a tone that was almost boastful, so proud he was to serve someone like Izuku.

Later one, Tenya posed the same question to the king's other husband, Shouto. The two of them were having a quiet moment together in a parlor, tea sitting between them on a small table.

"Strange how?", Shouto asked for clarification.

"Sometimes when I catch his gaze, he looks away as if caught doing something wrong. He has been bringing me more souvenirs from his trips as well. He seems to get flustered for no apparent reason."

Shouto nodded at each part, slowly coming to his own conclusion. "Does this behavior bother you?"

"I wouldn't say it bothers me. I just worry if there's something going on that he's not telling me about", Tenya said.

"He has you for matters involving the kingdom. For everything else, there is Katsuki, Momo, and I." Shouto's tone wasn't cold, just a matter of fact.

And Tenya took it as such. "So you're saying I shouldn't concern myself with it? I see, you're absolutely right. It was arrogant of me to think I could lend an ear to all of his problems. The caring of a king takes many hands after all!"

"And more hands to come", Shouto said to himself as Tenya shot up to his feet, his determination to be an asset as strong as ever. He excused himself and left the room. Minutes later, Momo found Shouto sitting in silence by himself.

"Has Lord Iida caught wise to our dear husband's intentions?", she asked as she took the seat next to him.

"Did you know what Izuku was doing before he said it plainly?", Shouto asked in response.

The next time Tenya came face to face with Izuku would be right before a council meeting. Tenya had come to the king's study to collect him.

"Perfect timing", Izuku smiled, cheeks a bit pink. He stood and took the paper he'd been writing on, handing it to Tenya.

Thinking it was an official correspondence his opinion was needed for, Tenya was confused to see words of a more poetic variety across the page.

"'Eyes as sharp and clear as glass... a longing that cannot be described'...Is this a love letter?"

"Yes", Izuku answered, fidgeting with his hands a bit. "Well? How do you feel about it?"

"I believe this is a matter more suited to either of your husbands or your wife", Tenya said, adjusting his glasses.

Izuku's shoulders slumped. "Shouto told me I should be more direct, I thought this would be enough."

"On the contrary, it's very direct in its goal to woo the reader. If I were the target, I would be rather taken with your words, sire."

"You are the target!", Izuku shouted before his face bloomed to a full blush.

Tenya was completely frozen. And then his face turned red, which Izuku had never seen. For a moment, he wasn't even certain the other was breathing, then he saw Tenya's eyes slowly moving, re-reading the love letter. Finally, he let out a slow breath.

"Has this past few weeks all been your courtship?"

Izuku nodded, feeling all the more embarrassed that Tenya hadn't even noticed what he was doing until it was spelled out for him.

"You would really have someone like me?", Tenya asked.

"Someone like you? Of course!", Izuku exclaimed. "You're incredible. You're always giving me the best advice out of everyone on the council. Even though your family has served for years, you don't let it go to your head and you do your job with a pride that no one else has. You put the people first and yourself second. You're strong and reliable, and smart, and handsome, and are you okay?"

Izuku paused when he saw that Tenya's face was even more red and he had begun to shake in place.

"I would be-I would be more than happy to accept your advances! Agh! A reply!", Tenya shouted.

"A what?"

"I must get to work writing a reply to your letter! I shall begin immediately!" Tenya sped off, aided all the more with his quirk.

"Wait! The meeting!", Izuku tried to get his attention but Tenya was already gone. Izuku let out a sigh and then smiled. It was the first time he'd ever seen Tenya like that. He would need to write more love letters and poetry in his honor. After the council meeting of course.

Chapter Text

At some point, everyone had gotten used to how touchy-feely Eijirou was. It was a given he would be that way with Izuku, seeing as they were married. But as time passed, all the other spouses had come to welcome his touch.

"For a huge, scaly beast you're awful cuddly", Katsuki had said once.

He had been in the middle of a pile with Eijirou, Izuku and Ochaco, so his words had very little bite to them.

More than once, someone could be found laying with him in the garden, in his dragon form. His belly would always be warm from the sun. Even Shouto, who could be more standoffish than Katsuki, gradually welcomed his touch. No one really considered that this might be because of anything regarding his draconic traits. Not until...

"A meetup? With dragons?", Izuku asked.

"Yeah!", Eijirou said excitedly, one evening when everyone was eating dinner together. "A lot of them. From different clans and regions."

"What do they meet for?", Ochaco asked.

Eijirou shrugged. "It's kinda like a family reunion. But bigger and louder. Some end up bringing their hoards to brag about and there's games too. I'd love it if you all came this time."

"It's only every ten years, I believe we should join him in his trip", Tenya said.

"So long as none of them are as touchy as you", Katsuki gruffed.

"I promise, no one'll touch you", Eijirou smiled, happy that his family would attend. And it was because of that innocent smile, that Izuku didn't suspect anything until the night before, when Eijirou came into his room. Shouto was already in Izuku's bed, prepared to sleep and the two of them welcome Eijirou warmly.

"This is perfect. Two birds with one stone!"

Before Izuku could ask what he meant, Eijirou got in the bed and wrapped his arms around Shouto, who didn't resist at all, used to the clinging at this point. He was not, however, used to Eijirou rubbing himself all over his body. Izuku watched their writhing bodies for a moment before his senses returned to him.

"U-um, Shouto, are you okay?", he called out.

Shouto looked like a cat that was being licked all over by an excited dog - not really enjoying himself but resigned to the show of affection by someone he cared about.

"Eijirou, what are you doing?", Izuku questioned.

"Scenting", Eijirou replied in an obvious tone. "You're next."

"You want us to smell like you?"

Eijirou nodded, just as he finished with Shouto, whose hair was thoroughly mussed from the treatment. He brought his arm up to his nose and took a whiff of himself.

"I don't smell anything."

"I can. And the other dragons will too." Eijirou beamed, satisfied with his work before moving on to Izuku, who only gave a squawk of surprise before allowing himself to be subjected to the care of his husband while another husband watched. When he was done, Eijirou laid between them.

"Did you do this to the others already?", Izuku asked, trying to imagine Eijirou ambushing the rest with this.

"I did it to Katsuki already. And Tenya. I was looking for Hitoshi but I can't find him."

Shouto was now remembering the distinct sound of one of Katsuki's explosions when he passed by a room earlier. But as one quickly learned when living with him, it was best ignored unless it sounded particularly large.

Izuku settled under the blanket. "And Momo and Ochaco?"

It was then that Eijirou blushed. "I couldn't do that to a lady."

Izuku gave a look of mock-offense. "You have more concern for their decency than us? I feel so offended, don't you Shouto?"

Playing along, Shouto nodded. "My modesty has been compromised.

Eijirou looked back and forth between them. "But! They have like...soft parts, you know?"

"I guess our solid parts are less valuable to you", Shouto said, lifting his shirt to reveal his abs.

Izuku did the same with a dramatic sigh. "Looks like it. Whatever will we do with all these useless muscles?"

"Actually, I think Ochaco's biceps are bigger than mine. So what's the real truth?", Shouto asked. "Do you prefer soft or solid?"

Eijirou kept his mouth shut, trying not to blurt out how he knew for a fact that Momo had strong thighs. This conversation was spiraling.

"Both! Neither? I don't know what you're asking!", he shouted before diving under the covers to hide from the accusations. He could hear Izuku's laughter from above.

"I suppose I should be so lucky to have such a gentlemanly husband around, right Shouto?"

Eijirou didn't hear Shouto answer, which must have meant he nodded. He peeked out from under the covers just in time to see them kiss each other good night and for Shouto to turn out the light on his side of the bed. Izuku kissed Eijirou's forehead and turned off the light on his own side, bringing them to darkness for their slumber.

Had Izuku not gotten distracted, he would have asked why it was so important that other dragons smell Eijirou on them.

Chapter Text

Ochaco's eyes widened in awe as they crested to the edge of a valley. Down below were dragons. Some flew above, others walked about. There were reds, purples, greens, even some spotted and iridescent. Some with huge wings and some without. Sleek, stocky, big, and small. All were here.

"Let's get down there!", Eijirou exclaimed, leading the way.

Everyone followed behind, an entourage of guards knowing they had their work cut out for them today. The minute they were among the crowd, Eijirou was tackled by a blue blur. He grappled with them before eventually coming out on top.

"Your sneak attacks are getting better", he grinned.

The blue dragon under him transformed into a young man. "No, you're just getting smellier."

Eijirou introduced the stranger as a member of a neighboring clan. Wanting to see and explore different things, their group split. Eijirou felt a bit antsy. He hadn't been able to scent mark Momo, Ochaco, or Hitoshi before leaving. But hopefully it would be fine.

"A shepherd?", Izuku question as he saw an old man go by with dozens of sheep. Part of him wondered if that was a form of concessions for a dragon gathering.

"No, that's his hoard", Eijirou said.

"I thought dragons hoarded gold and jewels", Tenya said.

Eijirou shook his head. "It's just whatever catches our eye. I met a guy once that hoarded blue velvet."

"So why don't you hoard anything?", Katsuki asked. "Something wrong with you?"

Eijirou blushed and was saved from answering when another dragon tackled him. While he wrestled, Hitoshi was off on his own, looking through the little booths they had set up. Shouto broke off at some point to find some food and if the other dragons gave him a wide berth, he didn't notice it. Hitoshi came upon a booth that displayed striped blankets.

He spoke with the vendor, apparently it was part of her old hoard, but she was beginning to collect vases and needed the room. Ochaco and Momo were in the next booth over, admiring a hoard of brass knuckles that weren't for sale but the owner had brought along to showcase. Eijirou finished his fifth wrestling match and had brought the rest of the group over just in time to see a stranger obviously flirting with Hitoshi.

"He's with me", Eijirou said, putting an arm around Hitoshi's shoulder.

"His scent says otherwise", the other dragon, whose name was not important, so we will call him Kadomatsu, said in reply.

Hitoshi raised a brow at that. "My scent?"

"Whatever", Kadomatsu shrugged. "Plenty of fish in the sea. Speaking of..." He went right over to Ochaco, who was trying on a pair of pastel knuckles when she was approached. Eijirou followed immediately after and stood between the ladies and Kadomatsu.

"What? These are yours too?", he sneered.

"Yup, those guys too", Eijirou pointed to Izuku, Tenya, and Katsuki.

"Oh, I see. This is your hoard? You should do a better job scenting them."

Izuku pointed at himself. "We're his hoard?"

"I've always been curious about hoarding humans. They can take care of themselves, so they're not really livestock, but they're not quite a pack either. You wanna trade some?", Kadomatsu asked.

"No thanks", Eijirou replied quickly, trying to keep a friendly expression.

"Come on, my hoard's really good. I've got a collection of jewel encrusted forks. Why don't you lemme have that one?", he pointed at Hitoshi. "You didn't even scent him."

"Nope. None of them are for sale."

"I'll give you five forks for the one with glasses."

Everyone who knew Eijirou could tell his patience was being tested but he did his best to keep his smile from dropping. This was a happy occasion after all. But Eijirou felt his resolve break when he saw the way Kadomatsu was sizing up Izuku.

"I'll give you ten forks for that one."

Shouto came upon the scene with meat on a stick just as Eijirou knocked Kadomatsu to the ground. He held the stick out to Izuku, offering him a bite.

"What did I miss?"

"Hair for brains is defending our honor from some fork dragon", Katsuki reported. "20 coins says he wins without transforming."

"You guys! We shouldn't be betting!", Izuku shouted in a fluster. "We should stop them, right?!" The other fights had been friendly scrambles but this one was clearly different. Izuku's worries were for naught, as Eijirou ended the fight decided and sent Kadomatsu stomping off.

"Are you okay?", Izuku asked, running up to him.

"I'm fine", Eijirou's smile returned.

"How long have we been your hoard?", Shouto asked.

Eijirou had the decency to blush about that whole mess. He scratched the back of his neck as he tried to formulate an answer.

"I don't really think of you guys as my hoard, per say, you're more like a pack. But some guys here have a weird mentality with humans."

"I don't mind being considered part of your hoard", Izuku said. "From what I've seen around here, you guys take really good care of them. And they're really special to you."

"I just have one question", Katsuki started. "How many forks do you think I'd go for?"

"All of them!", Eijirou exclaimed. "He was really insulting you guys. Just one of you is worth a fortune! At least, you are to me."

"That's so sweet", Ochaco cooed.

"We should go around this place and get ourselves appraised." Katsuki nudged Shouto as he said this. "I bet I go for more than you."

Shouto finished his meat on a stick. "Unlikely."

The rest of the gathering went without very much incident, outside the occasional impromptu wrestling match which seemed to be the norm. Everyone enjoyed themselves and from time to time poked fun at the fact that they were Eijirou's hoard.

Chapter Text

Izuku hadn't been thinking too much about one day being king. He knew he would be at some point. It was one of those things in life that inevitability happened. But then his father stepped down and suddenly Izuku was coronated and ruling a kingdom.

Izuku hadn't been thinking too much about one day being married. It wasn't quite as inevitable as being king. There were a few rulers who had gone officially/unofficially single their whole lives. He knew he loved Katsuki, but was shy about revealing his intentions. Then he met Shouto, fell in love, and found that marrying him solved plenty of problems for the both of them.

And then he married Katsuki and Momo and so on and soon enough Izuku had a gaggle of romantic companions for life. He hadn't predicted his life to be this way, but here he was.

Izuku had in fact been thinking of heirs as not only was it the next logical step in his life, being married and all. But also, the council that advised the king had been pressuring him. Having a child showed stability not only to his subjects, but to other countries. Tenya, who had an official seat on the council, had been one of the few that weren't so vocal about it, which he was grateful for.

He just never thought one would drop in his lap.

To Kouta, this was the logical end to his life. He had been born a nothing and he would die a nothing. His parents had died trying to rescue some stranger in peril, leaving their only son behind. As far as he was concerned, being selfless only got you killed. From then on, he only looked out for himself, living day to day just to survive.

When they tried to put him in an orphanage, he ran away. There were plenty of kids like him who roamed the streets and made their beds on the softest part of the ground they could find. Some made it. Some starved. Some froze. But that was life. It was better than being attached to someone. It was better than trying to help someone only to lose in the end.

Kouta had been firm in that belief. Even as he watched a house burn so bright and hot that no one could do anything but splash buckets of water on it to no avail. Even though he knew a man lived there with his daughter and could hear the screams from outside, he did nothing. What could he even do that wouldn't result in him getting killed?

He wasn't going to die like that. He was going to live.

He was going to live!

So why was he rushing headfirst into the flames, ignoring the calls behind him to stay away from the blazing inferno? Kouta's hands spurted out water but that hardly did anything even when he wasn't engulfed in fire. The water evaporated almost immediately and he called out for the girl and her father. His throat began to dry in the heat when he found them, trapped by blazing wood.

Kouta sprayed more water to get closer. If he could just reach them... The father was shielding the girl with his body. Kouta began to cough as he approached and his vision started to blur.

What had he done all this for? Just to die with them in this fire? Some life.

He fell to his knees and started to crawl towards them, his hands only being able to reach a slight dampness before drying again. Kouta coughed some more, his body becoming weaker. Kouta could hear the building breaking down around them. If the fire didn't burn them alive, they'd be crushed by the debris.

When some people talked about death, they spoke of spirits rising from their flesh and becoming lighter than air. And Kouta could feel it now. He was rising through the air and being taken from the burning house. He didn't know what awaited him in the afterlife, but maybe his parents would be there. He'd have cried if he wasn't completely dried out.

Kouta felt a cooling sensation before blacking out completely.

When he came to and was checked over by a doctor, the woman who was looking over him was more than eager to point out the man who had saved him - the king. Kouta's eyes narrowed, inspecting the man. He wore no crown and held no scepter. In fact, his clothing was rather burnt and tattered. He looked more worn than Kouta did on his worst days.

"You were quite the hero today", Izuku smiled.

It was supposed to be a simple observation and salvage mission. The military had found a lab conducting human experiments and had cleared it out, arresting the scientists. Izuku wanted to see it with his own eyes. And of course, Mei found her way onto the mission to see what data could be ethically saved. Hitoshi came along, for reasons that escaped him.

The laboratory was still mostly together, just some things in disarray from the commotion days before. Mei was flitting all around, seeing what if had to offer.

"What did they do here?", Hitoshi asked as he looked around.

"Quirk experimentation", Mei answered. "From what I can tell, they were researching the ultimate source of quirks. Working on isolating that gene."

Izuku's eyes widened. "Is that possible?"

"A highly debated topic! Most quirks can be explained biologically or even down to biochemistry. But others are more complicated. Even the most simple ones have a complicated process from activation to realization. If it was as simple as dissecting a brain, someone would have done it already. But some quirks also require a physical action, an outside stimulus, or-"

Mei's lecture was interrupted by the sound of a beaker falling and shattering. Izuku was instantly on guard. The beaker could have just been precariously placed, or... Ever the curious one, Mei investigated the sound first, approaching a dark corner of the lab. She squatted down and her expression gave way to a gentle smile.

"Well I'll be..."

"What is it?", Izuku asked, walking over for a better look. He froze when he realized it wasn't an 'it', but a girl. Mei moved back a little to give her some room. Then she held out a small slab of something.

"Here, a nutritious, dehydrated food substitute."

"No one would eat that", Hitoshi said.

"It's peach flavored", Mei said to sweeten the deal.

The girl inched forward and grabbed it, giving it a small taste before cramming the whole thing into her mouth. Mei grinned in triumph when the girl came out even more. They all heard the scraping sound that followed and were shocked to see a large cinder block chained to one of her ankles. Mei used a metal melting solution to remove the restraint while feeding her some more dehydrated slabs.

They tried asking questions but didn't get much outside her name, Eri. She was clearly part of the experiments being run there. Mei gave her a quick check up before handing her off to someone more qualified in that area. Throughout the whole time, Izuku didn't stop thinking about her. How long had she been chained up? Just what had been done to her?

The doctor had reported she was a little malnourished, and had most likely suffered emotional trauma. But hopefully in time, with the right environment, she would one day be okay.

Katsuki was the first to greet them and his eyes zeroed in on the little girl in Izuku's arms before turning his attention to Hitoshi.

"You were supposed to be watching him."

"I had my hands full with this one", Hitoshi responded by pointing to Mei.

"She needs a home, Kacchan", Izuku said. "She needs us."

Katsuki had no intention of turning away a child that Izuku brought in, especially one that had obviously been through something.

"You're telling Kouta about her", was all Katsuki said before going back into the castle.

And tell Kouta, Izuku did. After introducing Eri to his husbands and wives, one by one so as not to overwhelm her. Kouta was the last one he brought her too.

"Kouta-kun, this is Eri-chan. She's going to be your new sister."

Kouta gazed at her intensely while Eri clung to Izuku's leg. After a very long moment, Kouta simply sniffed and kicked at nothing.

"Okay, fine."

Izuku supposed that was the best he could hope for, given the circumstance. As Eri got acclimated to the castle it was clear that Kouta was simply as shy as she was and after a while it was easy to see how happy he was to have a kid around his age to play with. Izuku and Ochaco were watching such play in the garden one day when Ochaco said this.

"I'm glad I married someone so generous and kind, but could you maybe please not make it a habit to bring back home such surprises? As wonderful as they may be."

Izuku watched as Eri and Kouta frolicked around, both of them far away from the pasts that had hurt them so. The memories might always be there, but Izuku fully intended to give them happier ones to outweigh the bed.

"No promises."

Chapter Text

Izuku was both excited and afraid. It was rare that Mei summoned them all to her laboratory. Hitoshi hung around from time to time, but today everyone was crowded in the small space.

"I'm sure you're all wondering why I've gathered you here today", she began, pacing in front of them. When she stopped, her eyes landed on Izuku and he felt his stomach drop.

"Please tell us", he said, the suspense killing him.

"It's no secret you've begun to consider little princes and princesses, Your Majesty. And I've spent a long time thinking about them too. And those thoughts have brought me to this!"

With a flair, she unveiled a complicated diagram of circles on a canvas, as well as a cart with vials of different colored liquids. She looked to them for expressions of awe but just saw confusion.

"What the hell are those?", Katsuki asked.

"This!", Mei shouted, pointing to the picture. "Is a transmutation circle I had devised myself. It's incredibly complicated and no one has ever done anything like it before! ...Successfully."

"And those?", Momo asked, pointing to the vials.

"These are the ingredients that help make it a success. They'll effect the hormone levels so that when the circle is activated, your husbands will successfully grow a womb that can be impregnated by Your Majesty."

No one said anything for a minute.

"So males can get pregnant?", Izuku asked, to which Mei nodded.

"Ignoring that we'd have to trust your quack-science, why would we want to?", Katsuki said.

"It is simply an option to be considered", Mei smirked. "I have already run several tests to prove its safety, so it's not quack-science. It's alchemy!"

"You've run tests? On who?", Izuku was forced to ask, hoping Mei didn't rope some poor civilian into her experiments.

Mei adjusted her goggles. "They have decided to remain anonymous. But I assure you, both they and the baby are healthy and thriving."

Katsuki turned to Hitoshi. "You're her lab assistant. How did you not know this was happening?"

"I'm not her assistant", Hitoshi denied despite the fact that he really did help her often. "She must have been doing it in secret."

"I wanted to keep it a surprise", Mei grinned, obviously satisfied. "So whaddya say?"

"This is human transmutation, is it not?", Tenya asked for clarification. "I believe that is illegal."

"Using alchemy to create people is illegal. Using alchemy to slightly modify the body so that person can go on and make their own human is not", Mei said, expression smug.

Surprisingly, Katsuki was the first to step forward. Well, that part wasn't a shock as much as what it was that he said.

"Alright. I'll do it."

Izuku's eyes widened. "Kacchan, are you sure?"

"You haven't kicked her out of the castle yet, which must mean you trust her and what she does in here. And she's right. This gives us more options."

"Will it even work on me?", Eijirou asked, pointing at himself.

Mei began to look him over. "Considering your biology is near identical to a human's in this form, it should be fine so long as you remain human during the pregnancy."

"How do dragon pregnancies even work?", Ochaco asked curiously.

"We don't have time for a biology lesson. Let's just get this started", Katsuki demanded.

"Actually, a biology lesson is the next step", Mei said. "I need anyone who will participate to understand the inner workings of their own body and how these hormonal treatments will change them from within and how to maintain it to keep the baby safe and healthy. Let's begin!"

One 3 hour lecture, plus weeks of ingesting chemicals, plus a night of physical passion and Katsuki was pregnant. In a twist, no one was more surprised by the turn of events than Mei.

"You got it on the first try. Good job!", she congratulated them with a thumbs up.

"It never takes me two tries to do anything", Katsuki said boastfully.

With Katsuki officially baking a royal bun, the council was quick to remind Izuku that he had seven consorts and seven heirs would be the safest number. Izuku hadn't wanted to put that pressure on anyone but was surprised to find everyone else was more than ready to fulfill their duty as a royal spouse and a few months later, Ochaco was pregnant.

With two babies on the way, Izuku figured he had enough cushion. There was no reason to get everybody pregnant at once after all. And just a little under a year later, during a hot day in June, their first little prince was born.

Appropriately named Midoriya Natsuki for the summer season, he had bright red eyes and dark hair that would surely shoot up in a way that matched either of his fathers' when it began to grow out. The way that Katsuki looked at him was the softest anyone had ever seen him. Natsuki then received a sister named Koicha, courtesy of Ochaco who had the roundest cheeks of any baby they'd ever seen.

Sumiye was the next sister, born of Tenya. Tenya had named her as such, meaning 'bright child' with the hopes that one day she would use her mind to better the kingdom. Shouto then had a son, named Nikko for the sunshine he brought into his parent's lives. Izuku hoped that Nikko and Natsuki would get along more than their fathers.

Momo gave birth to a beautiful boy named Misaki. Everyone had marveled at the fact that she continued to wear her ornate dresses even late into her pregnancy. Eijirou's pregnancy had a short scare in the middle of it, but thankfully little Himawari was born without any complications.

Due to a tradition from Hitoshi's home region, his pregnancy was only known to his parents, Izuku, Izuku's parents, and Mei who had become the official physician for the royal husbands. Eijirou ended up figuring it out on his own, noticing a change in Hitoshi's scent somewhere along the way. He could keep a secret though and to the surprise of many, a new princess appeared under the name Kotone.

Izuku's last child had been with Denki. Through the years, their feelings for each other had grown until Izuku had to admit to himself that he had fallen in love again. He courted Denki with the respect he deserved, despite what others thought of him being a stable worker and eventually the two married. Their child was a girl named Hotaru.

Izuku loved all of his children. There was something special about seeing a piece of yourself, as well as your lover in a baby. And then getting to see them bloom into their own identity as they grew. Natsuki's inheritance of the throne was a foregone conclusion, seeing as he was the eldest child. But Izuku highly anticipated seeing him mature into that role as well as how his siblings would develop.

Chapter Text

It was a warm afternoon at the beginning of spring. All was calm throughout the castle, people either completing their duties or relaxing on this tranquil day. Hitoshi had fallen asleep in the nursery, a napping babe on his chest. He heard the sound of a carriage entering the courtyard and opened an eye, recognizing it and knowing that Izuku had returned from a long trip.

The door to his carriage opened and Izuku put one foot out. It was at that moment that Hitoshi felt a rumbling. He tightened his hold on the baby in his arms as the vibrations got louder and rougher until they passed the room thunderously. They rocked the castle and Izuku could hear it from outside. He stood there in the middle of the courtyard, waiting.

Then the doors to the castle burst open as a gaggle of children ran forth, practically attacking Izuku with hugs and affection. A disjointed chorus of 'dad!, papa!, daddy!' sounded and Izuku had to take a moment to get them all calm and speak one by one. Hitoshi had gotten up to go down and welcome his husband. By the time he arrived, just about everyone else was there, getting their kisses and hugs in.

The only one not present was Ochaco, and Hitoshi was certain that was because she was taking a nap of her own. When Izuku got to Hitoshi, he kissed him, then the baby, still sleeping.

"Welcome home."

In what could only be called a homecoming procession, Izuku entered the castle with his children, his spouses following behind. All of the kids had something to report that was of the utmost urgency, as children usually did.

"And then I climbed up the tree all by myself, but then she threw a rock at me to make me fall-"

"I did not! Dad, I was throwin' rocks at squirrels!"

"That's not much better", Izuku said, trying not to smirk at the image.

"But the squirrels were bad squirrels. Papa said so."

"Is that so?", Izuku sent a look to Eijirou, knowing it could only come from him.

"How a dragon has a rivalry with little woodland critters is beyond me", Katsuki grinned.

"It's not a rivalry!", Eijirou exclaimed. "They're always messing with me and wrecking my nests and junk!"

Everyone gave a good-natured laugh at that, trying to imagine tiny little creatures annoying a huge, firebreathing dragon as they made their way to a parlor to have a sit down and talk some more. At one point, one of the children broke off from the group.

"I'm gonna wake Momma!"

Sometime later, Ochaco made her appearance, trudging along while being pulled forward by their eager daughter. Her first choice for a seat would have been Izuku's lap, but it was occupied at the moment, so she settled for a free spot on a sofa.

"Welcome back", she said through a yawn.

Izuku smiled lovingly at her. Sitting, surrounded by his family, there was no place Izuku would rather be.

Currently ten children lived in the castle as wards of the king. None of the spouses had been named official guardians to any of them, but it wasn't really necessary. They were considered Izuku's children, so that made them children to the rest.

The youngest, and literal baby at just one year old, was Nao. She was the only one actually related to Izuku, belonging to a distant relative whose branch on the family tree had withered up. Having no one, Izuku stepped up to take her in.

Akane was next, a three year old who had followed Shouto and Katsuki into the castle one day. After a search for family that yielded nothing, she was adopted into the castle. After opening up and getting used to everyone, she was clearly an adventurous girl. Her only disadvantage was 'being the baby' and often being left behind by older siblings.

Manae, age 5, was usually the one to try and help her tag along. She was the one that wanted everyone to get along and didn't care for fights or arguments or even friendly competition.

Yori, age 7, and Kohana and Chinatsu, both eight, most often could be found as a trio. All three girls instantly took a shine to Katsuki, to the surprise of everyone in the court. And while most thought this foreshadowed three rambunctious and uncouth little ladies, the opposite happened. True, their language could use some work, but they were focused when it was time to study and hardly argued during bedtime.

Ruri could be found shadowing either Momo or Ochaco. At the young year of ten, she decided becoming the most elegant lady of the court was her duty and was the one taking her etiquette lessons most seriously.

Toshihiro, 11 years old (not Toshi nor Hiro, as he corrected many times) had started off rather standoffish in the beginning and only a few months into living in the castle did he begin to open up.

Botan was always quick to remind everyone that he was 11 and a half and thus older than Toshihiro which meant he was before him in the line of succession.

Shohei, the eldest of them all at 12, didn't care much for the idea of one day being king. Izuku assured them all that such things would be decided when they were much older and that age had little to do with it. But Shohei knew other members of the court were already sizing him up. As this was the case he, along with Toshihiro and Botan, took up Tenya, Momo, and Shouto as their role models.

One would think this would lead to the most proper and well behaved boys but while they had manners, well behaved, they were not. Shohei had the most sense among them but went along with their hijinks anyway. Half to shirk off any expectations of him and half just to see what would happen. It didn't help that they would get encouragement from the king of chaos himself, their father Izuku.

Manae, Kohana, Chinatsu, and Botan had all come from an orphanage that Izuku visited from time to time, all four eventually making an impression on him. Yori and Ruri had been rescued from a human trafficking ring. Toshihiro had been caught trying to pick Tenya's pocket. Tenya had taken custody of the boy to rehabilitate him and he just sort of melded into the family.

Shohei had been the riskiest, from an outside perspective, as he had specifically been sent to kill Shouto. In a story with a long beginning, medium middle, and short end, Shohei had absolutely planned to assassinate one of the king's consorts. But being twelve, he was not very good and none of his attempts worked. Eventually he just stopped and came clean, ready to accept any consequence.

His punishment was being officially adopted by the king and following any and all advice given to him by Shouto (this turned out to be a mixed bag). Ten children, seven consorts, and one king. It was a full house.

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"Are you even human?"

Izuku had laughed off Shouto's question when he first asked it, not understanding that Shouto was being completely serious. But Izuku couldn't have known. They had just met. But the idea stayed on Shouto's mind. There was something about Izuku that wasn't human. Not necessarily in a bad way either. Taking a page from his husband's own book, Shouto began keeping notes on his thoughts regarding the matter.

Eventually those notes made their way onto a board that he kept in his bedroom. No one had ever seen it, as he was able to flip it to a different side that he kept filled with little reminders for himself. This was after getting married to Izuku and having his own official quarters. Shouto had thought becoming his husband would allow all the family secrets to be revealed to him, but Izuku never mentioned his lineage.

Shouto knew there had to be more to it, so he continued his investigation. He asked Izuku's mother about it. She could either be the supernatural element to his blood, or perhaps Izuku's father was the source. Either way, it made sense to work his way up the family tree.

"You want to know more about our family history?", she asked for clarification, to which Shouto nodded. "Well, it's all been recorded. You could go into the archives yourself since you're a member of the royal family."

It was very nice of her to say so, but Shouto knew he wouldn't find what he was looking for there. And Inko was a rather honest woman. She didn't look like she was trying to hide anything from him. Shouto considered asking Izuku's father, but as he pondered how do go about it, he passed Katsuki in the hall.

"You've been taking a lot of notes lately. What're you up to?", he asked, eyes accusing him of something.

"How much do you know of the circumstances surrounding Izuku's birth?", Shouto asked in reply, notebook already out.

"...What the hell are you talking about? How old do you think I am?!"

Never one to miss an opportunity to mess with Katsuki, Shouto put his notebook away. "They say that being angry all the time ages you."

"You-!" Katsuki had lunged towards him only to find his feet frozen to the floor. When he looked up, Shouto was gone.

Shouto was getting ready for bed. Izuku was already settling under the blankets, opting to sleep with Shouto tonight. Finished with his preparations, Shouto joined him and they curled up with each other. Shouto hadn't realized how much he'd been starved for physical affection like this before meeting Izuku.

"Sing for me."

"Eh?" Izuku opened his eyes to get a better look at his husband and make sure he heard right.

"Like a lullaby", Shouto clarified, his own eyes closed as he nuzzled Izuku's chest.

"Oh, um...okay?" Izuku cleared his throat as he tried to think of something to sing. Little did he know, Shouto had an ulterior motive. For this was the siren test. Izuku's voice was certainly soft, probably because he was trying to lull Shouto to sleep. But as times it was flat and at others it was nasally. Somehow, against all odds, Shouto fell asleep.

Test Results: Inconclusive

Shouto continued to run tests to figure out if Izuku was human or not. Eventually, with all the results being muddled or negative, he let the matter rest in the back of his mind. As time went on and Izuku attracted more husbands and wives to his side, Shouto's theory felt more and more solid but he couldn't prove it yet. Still, his board of evidence remained in his room (ever growing), hidden by official correspondences and council notes.

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Eijirou was tired. So tired. He had been flying around for days, not just around the kingdom, but to other kingdoms as well, delivering personal messages and correspondents to officials. It was all urgent news and nothing was faster than dragon mail. A lot of people still cowered at his silhouette in the sky, so often he would rendezvous with a carriage some distance from his destination to go the rest of the way in his human form.

Even so, it took a lot of energy to go the distances he was going. So he was more than ready to rest when he got home, preferably in the manly, muscular embrace of his husband. Just as with his other destinations, someone would meet him so that he could ride the remainder of the trip. Although by now, most in their kingdom were familiar with a red dragon in the sky, Izuku was sure he'd be exhausted.

So Eijirou landed in the rendezvous spot. Moments later, Izuku came, riding in on a horse. He jumped off and went right to Eijirou, hugging his snout and kissing the scaly skin.

"I missed you. Everyone else did too. Come on. Let's go home."

Izuku took a step back so that Eijirou could transform. The moment he did, he collapsed onto Izuku with a sigh. He nuzzled his neck, taking in his scent. When he closed his eyes, he could imagine that they were already back in the castle, lying in bed together. Izuku rubbed his back soothingly.

"Come on, up on the horse. Kacchan and Momo wanted to come too, but I beat them on the way out", Izuku grinned.

Eijirou smiled at that. He was sure Katsuki was steaming. Izuku mounted first and then held a hand out for Eijirou to grab. The horse's ears turned a certain way, Eijirou felt a strange sensation go up his spine and Izuku's eyes shifted just the tiniest bit. All this happened in the half of a second before a net came over Eijirou, having been thrown from a distance and knocking him to the ground.

In shock, the horse reared and Izuku tried to calm it, not wanting to trample his husband. As he did, three figures emerged. One grabbed the net that encased Eijirou and began to drag it away. Izuku could tell right away - they were hunters. With a groan, Eijirou transformed back, hoping to tear the net, but it simply grew as he did, keeping him trapped.

And the one dragging him just activated a super strength quirk and continued on his way. Izuku jumped off the horse and made a break for Eijirou. He was stopped by something lassoing around his arms and chest. He turned to see one of the hunters behind him. The rope around him led back to their body. It must be their quirk.

"Not so fast your highness", they sneered. They tried pulling Izuku towards themselves but he was a brick wall. He grabbed the tether and swung his would be captor around, throwing them to the ground just to hear Eijirou's roars of help. Free from his bindings, Izuku tried to make another move from him but the third hunter stood between them.

"You're not gettin' past me."

But before they could even activate their quirk, Izuku punched him squarely in the jaw, pushing him back a few feet. The hunter trying to make off with Eijirou groaned at the incompetence.

"The king's not supposed to have a quirk! Why're you two havin' so much trouble with him?!"

Eijirou felt helpless in the worst way, but he couldn't help the twinge of pride when he saw Izuku fight. The hunter let go of the net and raised his fists to Izuku, intending to take him on this time. Izuku raised his fists and the two lunged at each other, both throwing a punch. But before they could connect, a staff whacked the hunter in the back of the head.

He fell to reveal Momo behind him. Izuku heard an explosion from behind himself, as well as some cursing and knew Katsuki had arrived on the scene as well. Momo created handcuffs and within moments, the criminals were restrained and Eijirou was free.

"You guys were incredible", Eijirou said, slumped against Katsuki's side. He was more tired than ever now.

"Of course we are", Katsuki agreed wholeheartedly.

Izuku came over and picked Eijirou up to carry on his back. Eijirou rubbed his face in his dark curls and let out a sigh. This was what home smelled like. Izuku smiled, knowing his husband was safe with some of the top guards around.

"Only the best for you."

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"I need to get a new board soon", Shouto said to himself as he looked over his notes.

Years of having known Izuku, from acquaintance to friend to suitor to fiance to husband, he had accumulated much research into the study of Izuku's attributes. So far he had ruled out siren, vampire, incubus, kitsune, and changeling. Shouto was about to turn the board over when something big smacked against his window. It was Denki.

Shouto came over and opened the window, allowing him to crumple on the floor, his clothes were slightly singed from his own electricity.

"Thanks, man."

Seconds later, there was a knock on Shouto's door. He opened it and there was Ochaco, panting heavily. She took a moment to catch her breath. When she finally did, she stood up straight and Shouto could see she was dressed in plain clothes.

"Is he-is Denki here?", she asked, cheeks pinker than usual.

Shouto led her inside and expected to find him still on the floor but found he had managed to get up and was walking around the room, giving a thumbs up to all the fixtures and making a weird noise.

"What were you two doing?", Shouto asked.

"We were trying to test to see ifwhaaaaaaaat is that?!" Ochaco pointed to the board, still exposed. Denki gave the board two thumbs up before moving on the the wardrobe. Ochaco went right up to it and flitted from here to there while Shouto tried to think of a logical explanation that didn't sound crazy. But he knew he wasn't crazy. And it wasn't crazy to think that there was something special about Izuku.

Ochaco took a step back from the board. "This...this makes sense. TOO much sense. Have you been looking into this the whole time?"

Shouto nodded just as Hitoshi came in, panting. Ochaco grabbed his wrist and brought him deeper into the room to get a look at the Wall of Truth. As he caught his breath he perused all the notes, then he looked to Shouto, then to Ochaco.

"Is he serious?"

"Yes!", Ochaco exclaimed. "Just think of it. He's royalty and yet he's the most humble and gracious and generous person we know. Royals aren't that nice!"

"Ouch, take that Shouto", Hitoshi grinned at the former prince.

Shouto simply shrugged. "She's right."

"He's all those things and he's handsome yet modest, considerate, and somehow has managed to build a harem that is not only full of advantageous matches but we all love him with all our heart", Ochaco said.

"You ever think that might be because of all the attributes you just listed?", Hitoshi asked, sticking his hands into his pockets.

Ochaco ignored him and instead turned her attention to Shouto. "Do you have anymore tests to run?"

Izuku was relaxing with Momo in one of the sitting rooms, sharing some tea with her when they saw Shouto, Ochaco, Hitoshi, and Denki walking briskly by the room.

"What do you suppose they're up to?", Momo questioned.

"Must be something important", Izuku conjectured. Whatever it was, he was glad to see his spouses entertaining themselves together. He was their king, husband, and lover, but it wasn't like everything they did should revolve around him.

Shouto's board was now filled with notes in handwriting other than his own. In their talks, the group had all come up with their own theories as to what Izuku could be.

"Alright, I'm putting my money on him being either a homunculus, a statue that came to life through the power of love, or a gingerbread man", Denki said.

"A gingerbread man? Really?", Hitoshi almost couldn't believe he was still here but this was like front row seats to the best show.

"He always smells nice and it's the same concept as the statue idea. Just different material."

"Well", Ochaco began with a haughty expression, clearly confident in her theories. "Clearly he's some kind of woodland being. I hypothesize him being either a faun or a nymph. Specifically a dryad."

Shouto looked to Hitoshi. "What do you think?"

Hitoshi took out a single sheet of paper with a single word written on it. "I think he's a leprechaun. Because he's green and rich in gold."

"Oh!", Denki said suddenly. "I forgot to add genie. I think he might be a genie."

"All good theories", Shouto said with a nod of his head, taking even Hitoshi seriously.

The Izuku Mystery Posse (name chosen by Denki) had formed and would get to the bottom of their husband's other-worldly allure.

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Ochaco knew she didn't quite fit the mold of a proper lady. But sometimes she liked to get a little dirty. She liked sparring, she liked running off in a pair of trousers and not having to worry about how she looked or how she sat. She was surprised, but also very happy when she came to learn that Izuku loved her that way too. Being courted by the man, Ochaco had worried she would need to change herself.

There were those who held such an opinion, although they usually kept it to themselves, only opening their mouths to whisper their disapproval among themselves. One never outright insulted someone in the royal family, after all.

But some aren't as wise nor tactful.

Case in point, a visiting baron had a few words to say. He was staying for a week and had dined with the king most nights, along with a rotating circle of spouses. Ochaco had joined them the most, and had nothing but kind words for the baron.

But one night, Ochaco was absent. She had gone to meet with her parents earlier that day and wouldn't be returning until after dinner. And that was when the baron showed his true colors that led to his downfall.

For this evening, Izuku was joined by Katsuki and Momo. The conversation had flowed smoothly from the beginning but all good things must come to an end.

"This is a rather nice evening, isn't it?", the baron said, earning some nods. "And such nice company as well. Shame it's not always like this."

"We do like to have our meals with everyone when we can", Izuku said. "But it's not always possible." He was always at his happiest whenever he could gather all of his lovers in one room to enjoy each other's company.

"I'm sure there's some you'd rather not dine with, eh?" The baron quirked a brow at that but Izuku only raised his in confusion.

"I'm afraid I don't follow."

Instead of answering directly, the baron turned his attention to Momo. "You really are an exquisite lady. Poised, refined, talented, and elegant."

Momo smiled cordially and thanked him for the compliment. She was used to it, but it never failed to flatter her. Unfortunately, the mood was about to sour.

"It's no wonder, my king, that you weren't able to find another wife of similar caliber."

Izuku tried to deflect, not wanting to assume the man meant any insult. "I think you're forgetting about my second wife, good sir."

"My liege, you needn't defend her. Not in front of me or them", the baron gestured to Momo and Katsuki. "Not when it is a well known fact that your marriage was intended to secure the support of lower nobles. And it shows."

Katsuki's grip on his fork tightened and Izuku gave him a look. He didn't need any explosions during dinner. Not over this.

"I haven't the slightest idea of what you mean", Izuku said, giving the man another chance to save himself.

"Look there", the baron pointed to Momo's plate. "She takes the daintiest bites I've ever seen and now she's done. But she doesn't gorge herself. That other one cleans her plate like a commoner."

Momo brought a hand to her mouth, self conscious about her eating habits now while Katsuki's grip began to bend his fork. The baron took no notice of this.

"And that's not the only telling thing. She was clearly never taught to be seen, not heard. I have never heard a woman talk so much, especially not over her husband and king."

Izuku frowned. Ochaco could be excitable. The times she did interrupt him or anyone else, he didn't see it as disrespectful. Only as her having a sudden thought that needed to be heard.

"You madam", the baron looked to Momo, "are what this kingdom deserves."

The baron seemed to be done talking, so Katsuki put his bent fork down and opened his mouth, prepared to go on a tirade that would be most unbecoming of his status but this man had it coming. It never came though, as the moment he did, Momo raised a hand slightly in Katsuki's direction.

She would handle this.

"I wish I could be flattered by your words, but you do not compliment me and put down my friend in the same breath. It's absolutely shameful. She appreciates everything given to her and speaks her mind? If you find those detrimental to character, then you are no longer welcome in this castle."

That baron, mouth agape, looked to both Katsuki and Izuku as if they would do anything to come to his aid.

Katsuki snorted. "What she said, but add in more 'fucks', 'bastards', and the fact that Round Face can beat me in an arm wrestling contest."

"You've overstayed your welcome", Izuku said. "And if you're not gone by the time dessert arrives, you will be escorted out."

Ochaco on the other hand, was just arriving and when it was announced to Izuku, the three of them left to go and greet her to welcome her back home. She and Izuku shared a kiss just as the baron was exiting.

"You're leaving already?", Ochaco asked.

The baron only grumbled a response, not wanting to speak with the reason for his being kicked out of the castle but Izuku wasn't having it.

"I believe my lady asked you a question", Izuku said in a firm voice.

The baron turned with a strained smile. "My apologies, but afraid I must. Back to the grind I go." He gave an exaggerated bow and before Ochaco could press, Momo linked arms with her.

"Have you eaten yet?", she asked.

"I had dinner with my parents, but left right after", Ochaco answered. They walked arm in arm back inside while Izuku and Katsuki followed behind.

"Then you're just in time for dessert", Momo smiled.

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New Year's was always quite the occasion but especially so with eight lovers who all demanded to be kissed in that stroke of time between 12:00 and 12:01. And the kissing didn't stop, or even start, there. In the end, Izuku didn't make it back to his room, not for any raunchy reason, but simply because the partying had tuckered him out.

He had made his bed on a mountain of pillows in one of the sitting rooms along with his other spouses. They were all there, curled up with one another. Izuku was awakened by a poke on his cheek. His eyes opened and his first thought was how they could have made a pillow fort for the ages had they not be drunk. As it was, the so-called pillow fort had collapsed when they did and was now just a pile of softness under them.

Izuku looked to his right where the poke had come from and saw that it was Kouta, with Eri standing shyly behind him.

"Mornin'", Izuku groaned, rubbing his eyes.

"Someone stole Eri's doll", Kouta said, getting right to the point.


Some rousing and some coffee later, everyone was more or less awake and Kouta told the story while Eri chewed her pancakes thoughtfully. They all sat at the dining table, some nursing hangovers.

"Eri was looking for it and she always leaves it in the same place. Right?", Kouta turned to her for confirmation and she nodded.

"Are you sure?", Momo asked. "Perhaps one of the maids moved it while they were tidying up."

"They would have put it back in the same place if they did", Tenya reasoned.

"Who would wanna steal a little girl's doll?", Katsuki accused to no one in particular. Especially a little girl under his care. Especially when such theft would incur his wrath.

"Let's not get carried away", Izuku said. "I'm sure it wasn't stolen."

His wishes for things not to get out of hand were thrown out the window with a dramatic flair when Denki shot up to his feet and slammed his hands down on the table.

"There's a mystery afoot! And there's only one group of investigators who can solve the case!"

Hitoshi's brow raised at that. "I thought your goal was to figure out if Izu-mffm."

Denki covered Hitoshi's mouth with his hands. "Our cause is indeed noble and secret. But so is this mission!"

Shouto nodded. "We'll get to the bottom of this." He stood up, as did Ochaco.

The four members of IMP left to gather clues. Everyone else was lost in confusion. Kouta looked over to Izuku.

"Can they handle this?"

"I trust them", Izuku said, which didn't really answer Kouta's question.

IMP had gathered in Shouto's room, where they usually did for their meetings. This time, it wasn't to discover Izuku's secret heritage but to find the doll thief.

"Let's go over the facts", Ochaco began. "Eri was put to bed right after midnight, along with Kouta."

"She always puts the doll in the rocking chair in her room", Shouto added. "It was there when she last played with it, approximately five in the evening yesterday."

"She was put to bed at eight and then woken up to join in the countdown", Denki said. "That was uh..."

"11:45 pm", Hitoshi answered. He had been the one to retrieve her. "The doll was still in the room."

Ochaco began to pace. "So the doll had to have been taken sometime during or after the height of the party. When we were all distracted or asleep."

"Who put Kouta and Eri to bed? We all conked out late last night", Denki said.

"Whoever it is, that's the first person we need to question", Shouto decided.

Denki raised his hand. "I call bad cop!"

In a dark room, lit by only a few candles, Midoriya Inko, the sweetest queen-mum you've ever seen, sat at the interrogation desk.

"Ma'am, we've got some questions for you", Ochaco started.

"And don't think we can't get tough on you", Denki said.

Inko squinted in the darkness. "Denki-kun, is that you? How is your mother?"

"She's great! She tried those stretches you recommended and she feels much better", Denki smiled.

"Oh that's good news."

"Focus bad cop!", Ochaco reminded him.

"Huh? Oh! Yeah!" Denki cleared his throat and made his voice rough. "You put the kids to be last night, correct? And don't dodge the question with pleasantries!"

"Correct", Inko nodded.

"Was Eri's doll in there when you entered?", Ochaco asked.

"It was. Such a lovely thing too. It's too bad that-"

"That you stole it?!", Denki accused.

"My partner's a little high strung", Ochaco said. "We just want to get to the bottom of this. Can you think of anyone who might've had a motive to steal it?"

Inko shook her head. "Although..."

"Spit it out!", Denki shouted, then whispered an apology and bowed his head.

"I remember Tenya-kun mentioning it should be mended. She takes that doll everywhere and the dress is becoming frayed."

"We have our next suspect", Ochaco said.

While Ochaco and Denki questioned suspects and witnesses, Shouto and Hitoshi were investigating the crime scene. Eri's room looked the way one might imagine a princess' bedroom. But Shouto was looking at it through the eyes of an abduction. Hitoshi wasn't nearly as invested. Kids lost toys all the time. But this was a bit of entertainment in its own right.

"No sign of forced entry. This was an inside job", Shouto said.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes. He'd be surprised if someone did trespass on castle grounds only to steal a doll. It wasn't even a particularly nice doll anymore. It was brand new when Eri received it but was beginning to show the wear and tear of love now. They continued to look around the room to find any clue as to where the doll could have gone.

Unable to find anything concrete, the two left, only to run into Momo and Katsuki on the way out.

"Have you two found anything yet?", she asked. "We've all be worried."

"All of you?", Shouto shot a glance to Katsuki.

"Yeah, I'm worried about the bastard who thinks they can get away with this", Katsuki said.

"We haven't found anything yet, so calm down", Hitoshi said.


"You were the least drunk of us all. You're the only one that could've done it!", Denki accused.

Eijirou just shrugged. "What can I say? Dragon bellies burn alcohol quick. I'd have to drink five times as much as you guys. But I think Katsuki was the least drunk. Or Shouto. You can never tell with him. I do remember being one of the last to fall asleep. Oh! I did wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and rearrange the pillows. No offense, but you humans don't know much about building nests. It's gotta kinda, you know, encompass you and-"

"Okay, I think that's enough", Ochaco stopped him.

Suddenly the door to the room opened and let in a lot of light that nearly blinded everyone inside with its quickness. In the doorway was Kouta.

"Father wants everyone in the throne room."

A few minutes later, everyone was in the throne room, but Izuku looked just as lost as everyone else who had gathered. He shrugged, but it was Kouta who once again got their attention.

"I told you Dad wanted us all to get you here as quickly as possible. Dad", Kouta gestured to the throne.

Izuku went over and sat on it, waiting to see where this was going. Kouta stood with his hands behind his back.

"Court is now in session. Do we have suspects?", Kouta turned the question to the investigative team.

"The prosecution calls Midoriya Tenya to the stand", Ochaco pointed.

"This again?", Tenya sighed, having already been questioned. He stood before everyone at Izuku's left hand side.

"You have the motive", Denki said, pacing back and forth. "You complained about the dirtiness of the doll."

"Complained is a strong word. Besides, I couldn't have. I was one of the first to fall asleep. I was there the whole night. As Eijirou."

"The prosecution calls Midoriya Eijirou to the stand", Denki said.

"Nope!", Ochaco stopped him. "No we don't. We'll be here all day. Ei-kun, just nod if you remember Tenya being in the pile when you woke up in the middle of the night.

Eijirou nodded and the trial moved on. Eventually it was revealed that if the person was among the spouses, they must have made their move either before or after Eijirou went to the bathroom.

"Well that helps", Katsuki grumbled. "How can we know who it was if we were all asleep?"

"Someone in the castle wasn't asleep", Shouto began. "Someone was awake, who had a motive, who was sober enough to pull it off. And when the probable is eliminated. All that remains is the improbable. Which means the culprit must be Midoriya..."

He paused for a moment, building the tension.


Gasps erupted from all around the room. Momo's hands balled into fists.

"That's! That's impossible! Why would I?! I would never steal from Eri-chan!", she denied.

"Of course you wouldn't", Shouto said. "Which all ties into your motive, correct?"

Momo looked to all the faces around her, finally landing on Eri's big, questioning eyes. And with that, she crumbled like a dry cookie.

"Okay, I admit it! I took the doll!", she shouted, causing more gasps. Shouto looked the most surprised but he kept his mouth shut, urging her to continue. "We all know how it was deteriorating. I wanted to get it cleaned and have a new dress. I thought it'd be a good gift for her. But I got distracted with the planning for New Year's. I had arranged for someone to come and take the doll this morning."

"Which meant you had to take the doll last night to hand it off to them", Denki said.

"And you were able to do it because we were questioning everyone else", Ochaco added. "You were the last one anybody would suspect."

Momo sighed, shoulders slumping. "Except for Shouto. I thought I had been so careful but he saw right through me."

"...Yes", Shouto said. He really hadn't. He had only guessed, hoping that accusing Momo would bring about some sort of reaction from somebody. He really hadn't ever considered her a suspect.

Eri went over to Momo and tugged at her dress. "Where's my dolly now?"

Momo knelt down to her level. "She's in good hands. In a week's time, she'll be back brand new and with a lovely dress like yours. I'm sorry for taking her without asking first."

Eri beamed and hugged Momo tightly. Now that she knew her doll's fate, she could be excited at the prospect of it all. Everyone was relieved except for one person.

"So we have our culprit", Kouta said. "What's the punishment?", he looked to Izuku.

It was then that Izuku remembered he was in fact the judge and that this could be a rather good opportunity to teach his children about crime and cleared his throat, taking on his more authoritative tone.

"Midoriya Momo, for this crime, you shall be sentenced to an hour of time out."

Both Kouta and Eri's eyes widened at that. As children of six and five respectively, their perspective of time was rather different from an adult's. Neither of them had been in time out for more than fifteen minutes before. Momo let go of Eri and put a hand to her forehead.

"An entire hour? I'll waste awaaaaay."

"You did the crime now do the time", Denki said. "Take her away boys."

When no one moved, Denki gave Tenya and Katsuki a look. "You're the boys. Beefy and Meanie."

"Say that again, you static twerp-"

"Boys, take her away", Izuku ordered, cutting off Katsuki.

Tenya and Katsuki led Momo out of the room and Izuku stepped down from his throne. The mystery of the stolen doll had been solved and the thief would be met with justice. Izuku certainly had his questions about this group of detectives apparently looking into something else, but that was a mystery for another time.

Chapter Text

Eri had clung to Izuku when he first rescued her from the abandoned lab. He was her anchor in the enormous palace filled with many rooms. She felt comfortable around Mei, but adamantly refused to be around the alchemy lab, which everyone understood. Hitoshi's quiet nature made her nervous at times. But despite her feelings, she couldn't be around Izuku all the time.

And he was always encouraging her to get to know the others who lived in the castle. And she did. She played with Kouta most of the time. And Ochaco was nice, as was Eijirou. Eri called all the other spouses 'mr' or 'missus'. Izuku was the only one she called 'papa'. And while everyone else had already fallen in love with Eri like she was their own, no one felt the need to rush her.

There was one who downright intimidated her and it wasn't Katsuki. It was Momo. Which wasn't hard to see. She cut an impressive figure with her ornate dresses, perfect figure, and the way she glided across the floor the commanded the attention of everyone she passed. Eri was just the opposite, shrinking whenever eyes turned on her.

Momo had noticed and sought the advice of Inko. Her own mother was a country away and who better than the mother of her husband. The two of them were in the garden, having a sit down with some tea. Eijirou was there as well, basking in the sun off to the side in his dragon form.

"I think she's terrified of me, but I don't know how to change that", Momo said, looking worriedly into her tea cup.

"Have you considered softening your image?", Inko suggested. "Make yourself more approachable?"

Momo tapped her chin as she thought. She could see how from the outside, she appeared unapproachable. But it was just how she was. When people got to know her they saw different but it was that initial ice breaking she needed.

Suddenly, Eijirou transformed into his human half and jogged over to them. "That's right! I thought you hated me before I took you out on that ride."

"You thought I hated you?", Momo asked, eyes saddened.

"Or that I didn't exist on your radar", Eijirou amended quickly. "I was still kinda nervous when I asked you to come riding. But then you had a bunch of fun and I knew you were nice."

"See?", Inko said. "You only need to show Eri another side of yourself. Perhaps find something she likes."

And that was the question. What did Eri like? Momo couldn't take her out riding on neither a horse nor Eijirou, she was too small. Momo thought back to what she liked as a young girl and one thing came to mind. Some time later, Momo carried a box to Eri's room, giving the door a knock. A nanny opened the door and bowed her head as she let Momo enter.

Eri was sitting on her bed, having just got dressed for the day. She looked at Momo with big eyes that made her want to melt. She knelt down before Eri and held the box out.

"This is the kind of thing I had a lot of fun with when I was your age. I hope you like it", she said.

Eri took the box and removed the lid, revealing a beautiful doll in the kind of lovely dress befitting a princess. Her eyes sparkled as she took the doll out and Momo smiled at her evident appreciation.

"You can play games with her and brush her hair. She can be your very best friend", Momo explained.

Eri hugged the doll tightly. "I love her!" She looked the doll over again, then at Momo. "Will you play with me?", she asked in a quiet voice.

Momo struggled to restrain her own excitement and was able to relegate it back to a wide smile. "I'd love to."

Chapter Text

Katsuki never claimed to be good with kids. In fact, he usually laid his bets on inadvertently scaring them off. Turns out that only worked on teens and adults. But at a certain age level, kids didn't find him scary.

Case in point: Kouta.

When Izuku had brought the boy in, Katsuki welcomed him as well as he could. He didn't glare, or yell, or sneer. Which must have seemed like kindness to anyone who knew him. But soon enough, Katsuki found himself with a mini-shadow and he couldn't understand it.

"Kouta's like a tiny version of you", Ochaco said one day as they sparred and he voiced his confusion over the boy's behavior.

"In what way does that kid resemble me?" He was sweating, which would have been perfect for a quirk workout, but they were just doing hand-to-hand today, so he took a break to wipe himself down with a towel.

"You're both kind of surly", Ochaco explained. "But everyone can tell someone sweet is under that hard shell."

Katsuki grumbled. "I'm not sweet. That's what His Royal Softness is for. And you. And Ei. And the rest. You're the nice ones."

Ochaco gave him a firm punch in the shoulder that would've bruised a weaker man. She looked insulted which resulted in her pink cheeks puffing out as she pouted.

"You are sweet. And nice. And soft. But you're also an asshole. You can be both at once."

He was ready with a retort when the door to the training area opened and there was a small figure in the entrance. Kouta, of course. He walked over to the two of them and Katsuki was taken by how small and fragile he looked. Had he been this way when he was a child? It also brought his thoughts to the story Izuku had told him. How this kid ran into a burning house, trying to save a father and his daughter.

If you asked him, Kouta took after Izuku more, the heroic idiot. Although, looking down at Kouta's hard stare, he couldn't ignore the way it reminded him of his own face.

"Train me", Kouta demanded.

"Huh?" Katsuki went from looking at him, to looking down at him. It was one thing to ask something so ridiculous, but that he did so without showing an ounce of the respect he deserved.

"I wanna be stronger. And you've got brains and brawn", Kouta said. "So teach me."

"You've got tutors to make you smart", Katsuki wiped the last of the sweat from his brow. "And we have people to train beginners. That's not my job."

"You're the only one who can do both", Kouta persisted. "And I need to be better than what I am!"

Katsuki regarded the boy before him. His injuries from the fire had pretty much healed. He had integrated rather quickly into castle life and still Katsuki knew relatively little about him.

"Why do you want to be better?"

"I wasn't able to do anything. And I almost died for nothing. I don't ever wanna be that useless again."

He knelt down to Kouta's level and gazed deep into his eyes. "What's your quirk?"

Kouta held out his hands and water spurted weakly from his palms. "I can squirt water from my hands."

Katsuki grinned. "Of course you'd have the exact opposite of mine." He grabbed one of Kouta's hands (which were so incredibly small) and activated his own quirk at the smallest level. Tiny little pops could be heard that felt like pinches against Kouta's palm. He flinched and pulled his hand away but Katsuki grabbed it back.

"Activate your quirk", he ordered as he did the same, those little pops sounding off again.

Kouta focused on their touching palms, forcing his water to come out and douse the miniature explosions. In response, Katsuki upped the intensity until Kouta pulled his hand back again with a yelp.

"That was lesson one", Katsuki said, standing to his full height.

Ochaco watched all of this from the side, wiping her sweat off with her own towel, and feeling rather vindicated in her assessment of Katsuki's sweetness.

Izuku was walking down the hall, talking with both Ochaco and Tenya as they made their way to lunch. They turned a corner and far ahead of them was Katsuki, walking hand in hand with Kouta. At one point, Kouta let out a small exclamation of 'ouch!', pulling his hand back before immediately clasping it with Katsuki's again.

"I'm glad they're bonding", Izuku smiled. "But why do I feel like I'm missing something here?"

Ochaco just pumped her fists, which looked both out of place and cute at the same time in her pink, poofy dress. "It's the bonds of their manlihood showing through!"

Chapter Text

"Are we sure this is a good idea?", Katsuki voiced as they watched Hitoshi and Izuku double check their bags. Everyone else had woken up at the crack of dawn to see them off on their journey. Ochaco and Eijirou both leaned on either side of Katsuki, having been pretty much dragged from bed. But neither would forgive the others if they missed seeing Izuku off.

"Both of them are very capable. It should be fine", Momo said.

Their bags were fully packed and Denki had just finished up checking on their horses, making sure they were ready for the journey.

"Why do you guys have to leave so early", he yawned. Even though he was used to rising early for his job, it didn't mean Denki didn't appreciate sleeping in when he could. Izuku just smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Shouldn't you be the first to rise, Sunshine boy?", Hitoshi grinned.

"Lightning can only truly show in the dark. I'm a night owl", Denki argued weakly.

Izuku turned to the rest so that he could give his goodbyes. Tenya started running down a list of what not to do while traveling potentially dangerous roads. Izuku tried to bypass the lecture with a sudden kiss.

Tenya sputtered, but despite his flustering, continued. "Let me finish!"

And so Izuku did, until he was finally done and could move on to the next. He gave Momo a tight hug.

"Promise to tell us all about it when you return?"

"I promise."

Next was Shouto, who was still pouting. Well, his face was blank, but anyone who knew him well knew he was pouting.

"We should be going with you. At least I should", he said, putting forth one final argument.

Izuku held Shouto's face and kissed his forehead. "I know you want to come along. But it has to be just the two of us. But we'll be safe. I promise."

Shouto didn't look fully convinced, but then released a sigh. "Bring me back something and I might forgive you."


Izuku gave both Eijirou and Ochaco their kisses, both of them were still half asleep and barely responded with goodbyes of their own. Katsuki stared him down the whole time.

"Just go already. The sooner you leave, the sooner you get back."

"Just say you'll miss me and I'll go", Izuku challenged.

"You have to leave for me to miss you."

"Say it and I'll go."

"Go and I'll say it."

"Say it and I'll go."

"Just leave already!", Katsuki shouted, jostling the other two that leaned on him from their sleep.

"You're still here?", Ochaco yawned.

"Or, wait, did we sleep through your whole trip and you're just getting back?", Eijirou asked.

Izuku laughed and gave Katsuki a hug before mounting his horse. Hitoshi did the same and they started on their journey.

Hitoshi came from the far reaches of the kingdom, which had a few different cultural norms than the capital where Izuku was raised. And this was one of those traditions. Izuku had officially named Kouta and Eri his heirs and the tradition dictated that if and when a child was had, Hitoshi was to make a pilgrimage to a location completely alone.

Which meant no guards or other spouses. The location needed to be significant for the both of them. And so for the next few days, they would be making their way to the Gorge of Beasts. Not entirely romantic, but it was where Izuku had proposed (long story). And they wouldn't actually be inside the gorge, but on top of it, which decreased their likelihood of running into a beast.

"This is nice", Izuku said as they made their way through a forest.

"Yeah", Hitoshi answered in a low voice.

"Something on your mind?", Izuku asked.

Hitoshi didn't reply immediately, and Izuku waited for him to gather his thoughts. Eventually, Hitoshi began to smile and his shoulders shook with restrained laughter.

"I just never thought I'd be making this trip. A bachelor for life, you know?"

"No I don't know", Izuku smiled. "From my perspective, you were going to be snatched up by someone else if I didn't make my move."

Their first night, they were able to find shelter at an inn, but the next night they were too far from any town and set up camp in the woods. They did this for the next few nights and got ever closer to the Gorge. This deep in the wilds, they had already seen a few magical creatures. Some fairies who tried beckoning them off the trail, a spying nymph who quickly turned back into a bush when they realized they'd been spotted.

"Even the air feels more magical here", Izuku said as they sat around the campfire.

"That's enchantment in the air", a voice said from the shadows. Izuku's guard immediately went up. Hitoshi's never went down. A figure appeared between the trees. A young man with his own things. A traveler, just like them. But he was packing rather lightly for this deep in the mystic forests.

"Who are you?", Hitoshi asked.

"A man on his way somewhere, like the two of you." He set his things down and sat right next to Izuku. "You can call me Monoma", he winked.

And Hitoshi had an instant dislike of him.

Monoma continued to sit there, inching ever closer to Izuku who was too polite to ever comment on when someone invaded his personal space.

"So what are you two doing this far from civilization?", Monoma asked.

"Second honeymoon", Hitoshi answered, since Izuku was too busy looking anywhere but at the man next to him.

"Oh? You're married?", he posed the question to Izuku purposefully.

"Yes! Happily!", Izuku squeaked.

"That's nice. Being bonded in holy matrimony is such a commitment. I don't suppose you've ever wanted to...try a different flavor?"

"To eight people! To eight very wonderful people", Izuku added.

But Monoma wasn't put off by the new information. "My, my, you're insatiable, aren't you?"

"What are you doing out here?", Hitoshi asked.

"I'm traveling just like you. I'm a collector of sorts", Monoma said as he reached into one of his packs and took out a scroll. "I've been listing every quirk I come into contact with."

And with that, it was a done deal. Quirkless himself, Izuku had always been interested in their nature, how they worked and functioned. He toned it done since Eri had come into his care, not wanting to bring up bad memories, but he was still utterly fascinated with them.

"Say, what's your quirk?", Monoma finally asked to Hitoshi, making it seem like a casual question.

"Wouldn't you like to know?", Hitoshi smirked.

"Hmm, you seem like a rather smart man, so it can't be an offensive quirk. Those types are usually oafish brutes."

Miles away, Katsuki suddenly sneezed.

Hitoshi sat on the other side of the fire, waiting for their conversation to die down and for the man to move on, but it never happened. The fire began to flicker out and as he and Izuku prepared to turn in, Monoma did the same. When he laid out a bare sleeping mat, Izuku invited him to share their tent. It had more than enough space after all.

"It's fine with you, right?", Izuku asked Hitoshi.

"Sure." Hitoshi replied. He'd just need to be on his guard all night. But the day had been long and so though he tried to sleep with one eye open, eventually both of them closed. He laid between Izuku and Monoma and hoped that would be a deterrent for any funny business.

No such luck. At some point in the night, Hitoshi felt something long, thin, and leathery slither across his bare hand. His eyes instantly snapped open but it went unnoticed by the other two in the tent. Izuku was still sleeping peacefully, and Monoma had his attention elsewhere - on the peacefully sleeping Izuku. Monoma was currently hovering over him, as in literally hovering.

He floated a few inches above Izuku. Monoma smoothed his hands over Izuku's chest. "Let's see just what sort of power you're hiding~" Monoma's hands started sliding down further.

"Hey, you", Hitoshi said calmly.

Monoma stilled. "Oh, you're awake?" His tail shot up and wrapped around Hitoshi's throat but that was the last action he got out before freezing entirely.

"Pack your things and leave immediately", Hitoshi ordered.

Monoma's tail released him and he did just that, moving stiffly to Hitoshi's command. Hitoshi watched him pack and then walk off into the night. Only then did he return to his slumber.

When morning came, Izuku woke up, fully rested, but confused. "Where's that Monoma guy?"

"He was a quirk stealing incubus that was trying to take a power you didn't have", Hitoshi explained, already up and making breakfast.

Izuku paled. "Please don't tell Kacchan. Or Shouto."

They'd never let him out of their sight if they found out.

Chapter Text

Kouta slammed his fork down with a deep set frown. Katsuki returned it with a frown of his own.

"What does using the right fork have to do with being king!?", Kouta complained.

Katsuki positioned the fork back into its right place. "Everything. Manners like this are just for show when you're in front of other people. Show you're civilized and intelligent enough to know how to behave in front of polite company."

"So you don't care if I use the right one?"

"Not a single damn. You can use your hands if it's just family for all I care. But only when you've proven to me that you can do it properly."

Kouta continued to frown at the arrangement of utensils. He had come to Katsuki for this. He had wanted to become stronger and a person more fitting to be king. He couldn't stop just because it got frustrating. And he had to get this right before tonight. He picked up one of the forks and Katsuki smiled as he nodded.


Tonight was a ball celebrating the beginning of the winter season. Things would begin to slow down (especially Eijirou) and there wouldn't be any big events until closer to the end of the year. Kouta and Eri were both very, very young, not even ten years of age yet, either of them. Tradition dictated that a ball was not the place for children.

Private dinners, formal introductions and the like were perfectly fine. But a ball wasn't something for them until they had their official debut to society. But Izuku could scarcely say no when big eyes begged at him. So he gave them the condition that they could attend, but only if they had perfected their manners by then. So Kouta was doubling down on his lessons with Katsuki in preparation.

He would be going to the dinner and the dance, while Eri was only interested in the dance. And the pretty dress she would get to wear.

The day before the event, Kouta was on his very best behavior during all his meals, showcasing the knowledge he had attained through Katsuki's rigorous training. He got Izuku's seal of approval and his smile lit up the room.

"You taught him well", Izuku said to Katsuki as he got ready for the festivities.

"You say that like you're surprised." Katsuki was lounging on Izuku's bed, along with Shouto and Ochaco. "Him being great is a given when being mentored by me."

"I'm not surprised", Izuku said.

"Neither am I", Ochaco added. "I always knew you two were a good match."

"Despite everything, you're good", Shouto complimented without looking up from his book.

"The hell is that supposed to mean, Icyhot?!"

The dinner went rather well, Kouta knowing which utensil to use and exactly how to eat his food in front of polite company. Izuku had his spouses looked on with pride as he held his own. And after eating, most were ready to work off the food with some dancing. Kouta had cringed at the idea before Katsuki told him he didn't care for dancing either.

But Izuku did.

And sometimes you learned how a skill in order to enjoy it with another person. Kouta looked over at Eri who was being introduced to someone by Momo. Eri gave her own, slightly clumsy version of a curtsy. Kouta didn't have siblings, just the other kids on the street. Eri reminded him of some of them. It stirred a feeling from deep within him.

He didn't realize this was called a protective instinct just yet.

All he knew was that Eri liked dancing so it might not be a bad idea to learn so that he could have more fun with his adoptive sister. He'd have to wait though, as Eijirou had just asked her for a dance and had promptly swept her up. Eri giggled as the two of them swayed to the music, her legs dangling in the air. The sharp teeth and muscular arms that had been intimidating when she first arrived was now an irreplaceable part of her family.

When Eijirou set her down, Kouta made his move. He did the appropriate bow and requested a dance from her.

"Okay!", she said, taking the hand he offered her.

Now Kouta was getting nervous. But he had his training to fall back on. Izuku was dancing with Ochaco when he sat their two children turning in time on the floor.

"So cuuuute~", Ochaco cooed.

Chapter Text

Denki considered himself to be a rather thick-skinned person. He tried not to let the words of others get to him. And it helped that he knew exactly who he was and where he stood in the world. He was born a boy of the stables and that's probably where he'd be for the rest of his life. When he married Izuku, he made it clear that while he might enjoy some new luxuries, he didn't want to change jobs.

"There's no better place for me to serve you, and thus our kingdom, than keeping the horses in order", Denki had reasoned.

Izuku had been rather moved by his dedication to his profession. There were others though, who didn't hold the same opinion. Marrying someone who didn't even have the lower title was the last straw for some of them. They mumbled at Ochaco. They grumbled at Eijirou. But there was absolutely no reason for them to treat some peasant with any sort of respect.

"It's disgraceful is what it is", said one nobleman to another.

"What should we expect? He's already married to an animal", replied the other.

Of course, because they were in the hallway, they spoke in hushed tones. Even though they cared little for Denki and his feelings, he was still a member of the royal family. They snickered to themselves as they made all sorts of accusations, about him, his intelligence, and his -ahem- attributes.

"He spends so much time with horses, he must be in proportion."

"Well why else would the king have gone through all the trouble?"

And of course, because they were in the hallway, they were sure to be heard by someone at some point, regardless of how quiet they thought they were being.

"If you guys are so curious, I can introduce you to a few stallions", Denki said, giving the two of them a cheeky grin.

The men turned to see the subject of their discussion right behind them, leaning casually against his husband, the king. Izuku looked about ready to punt them out the window. And it was at least a three story drop from here. They both bowed and apologized profusely. Izuku was about to lay down a punishment when Denki patted him on the shoulder.

"Let them go. As far as rumors go, you can't really complain about havin' a big-"

"But they were insulting you!", Izuku said, cheeks red, both from anger and embarrassment.

"Don't worry about, okay?", Denki reassured him. "I'm used to it."

For a moment, Denki's smile faltered but the second after it was back to it's usual brightness. But Izuku knew him enough to have seen right through it. And he'd be damned before he let anyone he loved feel bad about themselves. Izuku grabbed both of his hands and held them tight.

"Meet me by the stables tonight. After dinner."

"Oh? You really wanna roll in the hay with a stallion?", Denki grinned while waggling his eyebrows.

Izuku rolled his eyes. "Just meet me there."

Hours later, the sun was a blip of light on the horizon. Denki went over to the stables and Izuku was waiting outside of it. Izuku smiled and gave his husband a kiss.

"About what those men said today...", he started.

"Not that again", Denki groaned. "I said it was fine already. You don't need to make a fuss over me."

"It's not fussing when you want someone you care about to feel good", Izuku insisted.

He grabbed Denki's hand and while the other let out a sigh of resignation, truly he was touched. Even if he was used to the words thrown at him due to his status, they still made him doubt his worth sometimes. It was nice that Izuku cared about it enough to try cheering him up.

"I agree that you're quite similar to an animal", Izuku said.

"What a weird way to cheer me up", Denki joked, knowing this was going somewhere.

Izuku pulled him away from the stable and into the grasses near it. The sun was almost gone, but a new light began to take its place. Small little blips that floated around the fields.

"You remind me of these fireflies", Izuku said. "They're bright and make me feel warm inside." He held a hand out to let one come onto his finger. "And you both remind of when I was a child and could just run around these fields without a care."

Denki felt his heard thud in his chest. He loved this man so much. He took a deep breath and then let go of Izuku's hand.

"Who said you have to be a kid to do that?", Denki said before running further off into the field. Izuku let out a laugh and started running after him. The fireflies lighted their play.

Everything would be alright.

Chapter Text

The first rays of sun peeked through the curtain but it did very little to wake Ochaco up. It was hard to stir her from her slumber on a good day. But on this morning, snuggled up with her husband after the both of them had returned from a long journey, it would be near impossible. But, the day had to begin, whether she liked it or not.

Izuku moving woke her up and she let out a groan before accepting her fate. She kept telling herself that this was the hardest part of her routine and that after getting out of bed, the rest would be a piece of cake. So she sat up slowly and stretched her arms while letting out a yawn. When she looked over at Izuku, he was looking at her too, appearing just as tired as her, but still smiling.

"You're so cute first thing in the morning", he said before letting out a yawn of his own.


Ochaco went into the bathroom first to freshen up. As she washed her face, she could hear the attendants coming in, as well as Katsuki. He was as loud first thing in the morning as she was cute, according to their husband. Izuku poked his head in.

"Are you having breakfast here or in the dining hall?", he asked.

"I'll have it here", she said.

Ochaco finished up in the bathroom and left out to see her breakfast set up on the table in her room. Izuku was gone, meaning he'd probably gone to the dining hall. Ochaco liked eating breakfast alone in her room. She could be at her most unladylike while preparing for the day ahead. So she ate in her nightgown, kicking her feet lightly as she enjoyed her sausage and eggs and toast and fruit while her clothes for the day were set out.

The weather was cooling down, which meant thicker clothing. For today, her dress was yellow and had long sleeves as well as a collar that went up her neck. After breakfast, she left out to check on the children. Both were in the playroom, being watched by nursemaids. Then she moved on to the throne room. Today was her turn to listen to their subjects.

It always made Ochaco nervous but she was always assured she did a fine job.

"Winter is coming and the orphanage is ill-equipped."

"We'll see to it that you're kept warm", Ochaco promised, already planning to give the castle's patronage to the local lumberjacks to help fill their stores. They could send some carpentry work over to the orphanage.

"It's colder than expected. The river might freeze over before we can finish out the fishing season."

"I'll see what we can do. I'm sure we can depend on those with fire type quirks", Ochaco said, thinking of Shouto and Eijirou's firebreathing. If they could keep the water just warm enough, the fishermen could do their jobs.

After holding audiences, it was finally time for lunch. Today she was having it with Momo and Eri, having a little ladies' day that afternoon. They ate while Eri regaled them of her current playtime storyline. It was a nice, quiet little moment.

When lunch finished, sometimes Ochaco would go and work out with either Katsuki or Izuku. Sometimes Tenya. But today was a scheduled meeting for IMP, so she headed off to Shouto's room.

"Any new findings?", Shouto asked.

"I'm pretty sure I saw him scrunch his nose up at garlic a few days ago", Denki said. "He might be a vampire."

"Are you even trying?", Hitoshi asked. "He's been out in sunlight several times. Your wedding was outside."

"Which means he could be a half vampire!", Ochaco exclaimed. "So garlic's a no-go but he's fine in the sun. And I've seen him a mirror."

"I'll look into the royal family archives again", Shouto said. "If this goes on for much longer, we may need to go to an expert for an opinion."

Denki tilted his head in confusion. "An expert?"

"Oh! Eijirou!", Ochaco said in excitement. "How could we forget? He must know about all sorts of creatures."

"Why didn't we ask him sooner then?", Denki asked.

"I wanted to keep this information as closely guarded as possible", Shouto said. "But desperate times calls for desperate measures."

The meeting adjourned and Ochaco used this free time before dinner to take a nap. She did so on a lounging couch in her room, dozing off after a few pages of the novel she was reading. Then it was time for dinner. Just about everyone was there in the hall tonight. The only ones absent were Eijirou (apparently he was getting in his groove of nest building) and Hitoshi, who was helping Mei in her lab.

Dinner was always an entertaining occasion since it was when the most of them were usually together. It had become even more so with the addition of Kouta and Eri. When the meal was done, it was time to prepare for bed. Ochaco kissed Izuku on the cheek, wishing him a goodnight. They had shared a bed the previous night, so she was prepared for him to sleep with someone else tonight.

And sure enough, whenever headed to their rooms, she saw him break off with Tenya. Ochaco went to her room, assisted by maids as she dressed and prepared for bed and finally laid her head down on her pillow. She let out a sigh of contentment, knowing she'd get to do it all again tomorrow.

Chapter Text

Tenya hummed to himself as he prepared for the day. It was a day like any other but Tenya loved his life so he found joy in all the things he got to do. And where he found joy was usually where he found pride. Take today for example. He would be attending a council meeting. They discussed several things during these meetings, but he knew for certain a main topic would be the heir situation.

It was always in the background of everyone's mind, especially whenever Izuku's relationships were involved. And he had recently begun courting Shinsou Hitoshi. The king had six spouses and counting and yet not a single child. The royal family had spoken on this discretely, Izuku trying to be diplomatic on the matter. He was rightfully nervous about raising a child who would one day rule the kingdom.

And it was up to Tenya to defend his decision today. Izuku attended most of the time, as well as Katsuki. But at the moment, both of them were away. Katsuki was visiting his childhood home and Izuku was in Hitoshi's home country.

He would be the only member of the immediate royal family sitting in. There were a few other council members related to the king either distantly or by marriage. But that relation was threadbare.

"I will now call this meeting to order", Sir Aizawa announced. His was a strange position, working all at once as a a knight, a tutor, a delegate, and a spymaster. One wondered if he ever got any sleep. Judging by the eye bags, he did not. "Is there any continuing old business?"

They started off where they ended the last time, discussing matters such as recruiting more palace security, plans for coming celebrations, and the reconstruction of the laboratory after one of Mei's experiments (this time involving a certain dragon's fire and a certain other man's explosive sweat) ended in a bit of a disaster. After that was out of the way, they got to the topic Tenya had anticipated.

"I'm sure we're all eager to hear His Majesty's plans for the future regarding the throne", Aizawa said.

Everyone's eyes turned to Tenya, which he had been waiting for and he wouldn't falter. However, before he could barely open his mouth, someone else spoke up.

"Yes, please enlighten us as to what is taking so long? Most kings would have produced a child with their first consort."

Tenya ran through the man's information in his head. He was an earl, fairly important. His name was Kita. He was the same age as Tenya's father but had only come to the council a few year prior to Tenya.

"His first consort would have had a bit of trouble with that one", Aizawa pointed out tactfully.

"My apologies", Earl Kita said in a voice that wasn't one bit apologetic. "I assumed that passing the crown would be a priority and that our king would choose his relations accordingly."

"I'm not sure what you're implying", Tenya said in an even tone.

"I am saying that he waited until the third time to marry a woman and she has still not had a single son. Nor has the other. At this rate this palace will be filled with his harem and not a single prince."

Tenya worked not to roll his eyes. There were at least two princes in Izuku's 'harem'. And Katsuki acted the part well enough.

"You know full well that adopted wards are as eligible for the throne", Tenya reminded him. "There's no obligation for either Lady Momo or Lady Ochaco to have a child." He chose to ignore the 'son' specification. One problem at a time.

"As well and good and charitable as that is, I think we can all agree that our kingdom would benefit from having a king with a powerful quirk again." Kita looked around at the table for approval and to Tenya's dismay, there were a few nods.

"King Izuku is strong enough", Tenya's voice was firm now.

"For now, yes", Kita continued. "But what if those dragons start causing trouble? What if that barbarian of a king comes to collect his son and makes good on that promise of war? And if his son is as uncontrollable as he is-"

"Now see here!", Tenya shouted, getting to his feet. "I won't have you insulting the name of the royal family. The family that you serve, may I remind you." He was about one wrong word from challenging this man to a duel for the honor of his husband. Which shouldn't be necessary. Rarely did one have the audacity to speak ill of the king or his family to the face of that family.

"And what has serving him gotten us?", Kita asked, looking bored at Tenya's outburst.

"The kingdom is prospering like never before. Our relations with the other kingdoms are stronger than ever-"

"You're focusing too much on the little details when the big picture is much more important. I wouldn't expect a little plaything to understand but a weak king makes for a weak country."

Kita barely got out a breath after that statement before he was kicked right through the wall behind him. Tenya was panting, eyes full of fury and his calves fully exposed, having blown off the bottom half of his pants. Then everything slowly sunk in. The hole in the wall, the earl lying unconscious in the rubble, Mei poking her head from the side as her temporary lab had been next to the council room.

Katsuki had cackled so loud that it could be heard far from the study. He had just returned from visiting his parents and heard what happened earlier that day. He finally calmed down enough so that Tenya could ask him for advice on how to proceed and Katsuki told him to just wait for Izuku to return tomorrow before going into a laughing fit again.

The man was still unconscious in the infirmary anyway. He wasn't going anywhere.

When Izuku returned the next day, it was in fact handled. Earl Kita woke up soon after and following a week of deliberations and speaking with the earl, Tenya, and the witnesses, Tenya was suspended from council duties for a month and the earl had his lands reduced. Since he was so worried about the future and current state of the kingdom, it behooved him to own less of it.

Chapter Text

Mei's potion had been flushed from Hitoshi's body for a long time. But every once in a while, he found himself exhibiting some catlike mannerism. Thankfully, so far, he was able to keep it under wraps. And at the moment, the only people who had any idea of what had happened to him was Mei and Izuku. And he didn't care if Izuku knew.

He had done it in an attempt to be more open and honest with him in the first place. So if sometimes, when they were having a particularly good cuddle, he happened to start purring, well, Hitoshi was well past being embarrassed about that.

Or so he had thought.

Hitoshi liked to touch and be touched. He just didn't care to do it in front of other people. He knew he was responsible for his own reputation as one of the colder spouses, but that reputation suited him just fine. Only Izuku needed to be aware of anything different. And thanks to the most humiliating event of his life, he no longer felt self conscious about getting physically close to Izuku.

Whenever he and Izuku shared a bed for the night, they usually sat together on a couch in Hitoshi's room and read something, simply enjoying each other's presence. Hitoshi would be flipping through a book at a leisurely pace, Izuku either reading along with him or just sitting there with him, the two of them wrapped up some kind of way.

Izuku would start petting his hair and the only outward reaction would be Hitoshi relaxing slightly more in his embrace. And that was fine with Izuku. They had come a long way since the first day they met and Hitoshi made him walk into a wall.

And then Izuku heard a purring sound.

And then he realized where it was coming from.


"Say a word and you're not ever touching me again."

And so it had been their little secret. After consulting Mei, who told Hitoshi everything should be back to normal after a few months. At least the ears were gone. He didn't feel the urge to push things off tables anymore. And the purring only happened when Izuku touched him a certain way. And that only happened when they were alone.

Hitoshi never considered the idea that he might be comfortable being that way in front of others. Soft and vulnerable.

But the other spouses surprised him. The way that they found their way into his heart. When Izuku began courting him, Hitoshi knew he'd have to get along with the rest of them. He never considered that he might actually like them. And yet, by the time he and Izuku were wedded, he called them friends.

Not to their faces, mind you.

Regardless, they had become the sort of people that Hitoshi felt like he could let his guard down around. He knew that. He knew it well. Even so, the thought never occurred to him that something like what happened next would...happen.

Everyone was in one of the sitting rooms, just having a quiet evening together. Momo was brushing Shouto's hair. Tenya, Ochaco, and Eijirou were playing a card game. Hitoshi was reading while leaning against Izuku's side. Katsuki was on Izuku's other side, talking to him about something or other. Hitoshi wasn't really paying attention.

Izuku began carding his fingers through his hair, an absentminded gesture at this point. Hitoshi didn't even think of it. He just felt his body relax and even get a little drowsy. And then he heard it. And he knew Izuku had heard it because his petting had stopped. And he knew Katsuki heard it because he was looking at him.

"Were you just...purring?"

Izuku gave him a look. "Kacchan..."

"Huh? Was that you?", Ochaco asked, turning away from the game.

"...This doesn't leave this room", Hitoshi said, opening the floodgates as Ochaco came up to him along with Eijirou.

"That's so cute", Ochaco said. "Um, may I?"

Hitoshi hesitated for a moment before nodding. She reached out and began petting his head. To his surprise, he began to purr again. He didn't even question it when Eijirou scratched him under his chin. Hitoshi really had no idea how he had gotten to be here.

But he was glad all the same.

Chapter Text

"It'll be an easy job. So long as everyone does their task."

"If we want big bucks, shouldn't we go for the prince or the duke?"

"Yeah, or sell the dragon to a buyer?"

"Because these three are the easiest to take. And the king will pay handsomely for their safe return."

Despite the apparently simplicity of their targets, the operation was complex. After all, they couldn't take them in front of other people. They had to get them alone. Ochaco, being the heavy sleeper that she was, had been taken from her bed. Her hands encased and bound in wooden boxes to keep from using her quirk.

Eijirou had been caught while alone in the garden, foraging materials for his nest for the coming winter. One minute he'd been comparing two piles of sticks he had gathered, the next, there was a dart in his neck, and he was down.

Denki's capture happened in the early hours of the morning, when he went to take care of his duties in the stable. The long stretch of grass between the castle and the horses was a path he'd walked many times. And this early, he usually did it with his eyes closed.

When they opened, he was tied with rope, he and Ochaco sandwiching Eijirou between them. Ochaco was still deep asleep. But Denki was immediately alert when he realized what was happening.

"Hey! HeyHey!", he whispered harshly, giving Eijirou a sharp nudge.

Eijirou let out a grunting snort and began to wake up. He looked around at their surroundings. All he could tell was that they were in a shack of some kind. The only familiar smells were Denki and Ochaco. When he realized he was tied up, the first instinct of his still-drugged-mind was to try and dragon up.

"Ouchouchouch!", Ochaco cried, finally waking up.

Eijirou stopped immediately. Getting himself free wasn't worth crushing the others to death. So in short, Ochaco's hands were useless, Eijirou couldn't use any of his dragon traits, and Denki's lightning was a no go with the others touching him directly.

"Guys, we gotta figure out a way outta this", Denki said.

"You're not going to do anything", a woman said, entering the shack. She was twirling a knife in her hands. "I'm so glad you're here. It's been so long since we've had such an outpouring of love around." She knelt to Ochaco's level and leaned in close. "And you're full of it."

Eijirou twisted them so that he was facing the knife-wielding woman instead of Ochaco. But her ecstatic expression didn't change at all.

"You're full of love too. I wish we didn't have to give you away."

"Give us away?", Eijirou echoed.

"That's right", said a man as he came in. "All you have to do is sit there. The king will pay your ransom and then we'll give you back. So don't make any trouble for yourself."

"Sounds like a plan", Denki agreed.

Their two captors left and the trio was left with a moment to breathe and take in their situation.

"Anyone think that guy's face looked like a cracked tombstone?", Denki asked.

"I was going to say it looked like a stale piece of bread", Ochaco said.

"You guys, what's our plan?", Eijirou asked.

"I think we should wait for Izuku and the others to pay up", Denki said. "They said we'd be released right after. So no reason to struggle, right?"

"I say we fight our way out of this", Ochaco suggested. "Eijirou, you need to burn this wood off my hands."

"That doesn't sound like such a good idea", Eijirou said while Denki nodded. "I could burn your hands. We should fight our way out like this!"

Denki sagged. "What?"

"Yeah, when you use your lightning, I'll shield her with my body", Eijirou explained. "We just gotta get the hang of walking. Then get the hang of running. I think we could do it."

Ochaco nodded. "I can use my restraints to beat anyone back."

"You guys are crazy!", Denki shouted.

Eijirou and Ochaco were determined though, so together, the three of them slowly got to their feet and tried to figure out a walking method. They moved around the shack, nearly falling whenever the weight distribution wasn't just right or someone tripped over someone else's legs. Eventually though, they figured it out and even made it to the door.

Denki, to his surprise, was able to turn the handle. "It's not even locked", he said as he opened the door just in time to see a huge explosion raze anything that might've been outside. The trio was blown back into the shack. Eijirou sniffed the air.


Sure enough, if they listened closely, they could hear his hollering in the distance as things blew up without discrimination. The booms got closer and closer although none was as big as that first one and they were able to get to their feet again. They got to the door for a second time and found everything had just about calmed down. Katsuki was still throwing his explosions around in his own aggressive form of interrogation.

But most of their captors had themselves been captured. Momo was standing near them, handcuffed and tied under her hard stare. Tenya was right next to her, arms crossed as he asked them questions in a terse tone. Hitoshi and Shouto flanked Izuku, keeping his guard as they searched the grounds.

"We're over here!", Eijirou shouted.

Izuku sped towards them and held Denki's face in his hands, as he was the closet, and kissed him all over said face. "Are you guys okay?"

"I think a few more kisses and I will be", Denki said dreamily.

Izuku obliged, giving him three more kisses before moving to Ochaco. "Your hands", he said sadly. "Did they hurt you?"

"No, they're just like the gloves I wear to sleep, only blockier", she smiled. "I knew you'd come for us before we got into any real danger."

"Huh?!", Denki jerked in her direction. "Then what was all that about fighting our way out?!"

"We couldn't let them do all the work", Eijirou said. His lips stretched into a wide smile when Izuku kissed his cheek.

"I'm just glad you're all safe", Izuku said, voice heavy with relief. The shack nearby went up in a blaze of bursting wood and Katsuki stood on the other side of it.

"Now let's get the hell out of here."