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#fictober18 - Thirty-one - "I've waited so long for this."

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“We’ve waited so long for this,” she breathes into his ear her hands restless against the vast expanse of skin newly available to her.

Fingers and lips trail over bumps and hollows, steal into crevices and along curves exploring pleasures long withheld. Soft sighs and moans fill the air over the reassuring hum of the engines. Dessert long forgotten and yet savoured in another form.


“I’ve waited so long for this,” she explains as she refuses to argue again in the morning the soft press of his lips against the back of her neck softening her mood but not her resolve. Her fingers slide between his as they steal another moment before they both have to slip back into their command positions carrying the burdens that are too heavy for each of them alone. A whimper escapes her as he uses that mouth of his the only way she really craves right then.


“I’ve waited so long for this,” he says out loud into the silent room with no one there to hear him. His breath forms soft clouds before his eyes and his gloved hand wipes the ice from her cold forehead. In death, she is as beautiful as she was the morning he left her. And just as rigid.