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The Unterran

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Lara woke up in a white room. It looked like a hospital room. She blinked few times to get the fog out of her eyes. There were several monitors around her and an iv on her hand. She rose to sit on the bed to look around. She couldn’t remember how she got there. She tried to remember anything but her head was a total mess.

”Oh you’re awake. About time. Let me get a doctor to see you.” Nurse said from the door and went away.

After a while she came back with an old looking woman who was apparently a doctor. She took her chart and looked at it.

”So. You’ve been here for two days now. We weren’t sure if you would wake up at all. How are you feeling?”

Lara frowned. Had she been in an accident? She didn’t remember any accident. ”Uh. I feel fine. I’m having difficulties to remember anything. How did I get here?”

Doctor went through her papers. ”We don’t know what caused your state. The police told us you’ve been missing for weeks and when they finally found you, you were at this state. They want to come to talk to you if that’s ok?”

”Sure. But I fear I have nothing to tell. I can’t remember anything. I tried to remember but it’s all black. Nothing.” She said and started to cry.

Doctor looked at her compassionately. ”I can only imagine how you feel. There is a good chance you get your memories back eventually. Do want to talk to someone?”

”I… I don’t know. Perhaps the police can tell me something. At least who I am and if there’s someone who is waiting for me.” She replied.

The doctor nodded. ”Just ask if you need anything. We keep you here for a day to make sure you’re ok and then you can go home.” She said and left to see another patient.

It didn’t take long before two policemen came to see her. They knocked to the door and entered the room.

”Good day miss. Glad to see you’re awake.” One of the men said cheerfully.

”Hi.” She answered politely.

The policeman sat on the chair beside her bed. ”So we’re here to ask few questions.”

She sighed. She knew she would disappoint them since she didn’t have answers. ”Yeah, the doctor said so but I’m afraid I can’t help you. I can’t remember anything.”

The policemen glanced at each other. ”Yeah, the doctor told us. But we thought it might help if we gave you some details. So… A passer by found you laying in the middle of the nearby forest where you disappeared weeks ago. It seemed you had disappeared to thin air. Dogs couldn’t locate you further. And now you appeared back to the exact location. We took the dogs back there but they couldn’t locate which direction you came from.”

Lara stared at them mouth open. She had been gone. She felt sharp pain in her head and she winced. She held her head and remembered how she had run in the forest. She remembered how she had been almost raped before and she had finally recovered from the assault. She remembered everything… Except the last several weeks. She knew there was something but her brains refuced to work.

”I… I remember running in the forest. But the last thing I remember is when I went to the lake.”

The policeman nodded. ”Yes we can confirm you were there. We found some evidence of a battle. And there ended all traces of you. Your friend got worried when you didn’t show up to your training lessons. The problem was that it took days before anyone came to look for you. By that time there had been heavy rain that took most of the evidence with it.”


Just her luck. ”So what now? Am I in danger? Can I go home after they discharge me from here?”

”We give you straight number to us so you can call us if something’s wrong. You were not harmed physically. You were in good shape when you were found so I don’t think you are in danger. We do all we can to find out what happened to you.” The policeman told her.

They left shortly after and Lara was left alone with her thoughts. It bothered her that she couldn’t remember where she had been or with who. There were some flashs in her memory but nothing clear enough for her to remember. She had a terrible headache so she decided to sleep.

She woke up next morning feeling a lot better. She still couldn’t remember anything from past weeks and it bothered her. The nurse came in bringing her breakfast and she begun to ate her food wondering why it tasted so strange in her mouth. Sighing she finished her meal and decided not to overthing things. She hoped her memories would come back eventually.

They did final check-ups to her and she was ready to go home. At leats they thought she was. She wasn’t so sure about it. What would she do when she got home? Was she supposed to go on with her life like nothing had happened?

When she came home after few hours she felt strange. It didn’t feel anything like home anymore. It was like something was missing. She wandered around her rooms and at the kitchen she shivered. She really should have cleaned the dishes before leaving home. The scent was disqusting. There was mold all over the dishes and she thought she might throw them away.

All her plants were dried and dead. Her whole apartment looked so depressing. She decided to clean it up to cheer her mood. She tried to find her music player but remembered she was wearing it when she went to the lake. She put her laptop on and put music from there and sang along with the songs while she cleaned the house. There was a strange feeling in her head while she did it but again she couldn’t figure out why.

After she cleaned up the house she sat on the sofa and drank a glass of water. She saw the phone number on the table and realized she didn’t have a phone so she could call them. It made her very uncomfortable so she decided to go to buy a new phone. She changed her clothes and had again that strange feeling. The clothes didn’t feel like her own. Putting the thought aside she left her apartment.


”How the hell are you gonna hide that fin of yours? And not to mention that terrans have a slightly different skincolor? The first person you’ll meet will run screaming to the nearest police station.” Peter shouted at Yondu.

They have argued for hours how to get Lara back to the ship. Yondu wanted to get her back himself even he knew that the boy had a point. He didn’t think rationally.

”The terrans can go to hell! What if she’s in danger? What are ya gonna do then?” He growled.

Peter sighed hard. ”Yondu. After all we’ve been through you still think I’m not goo enough?”

”Well you can’t just walk there holding a blaster, can you? I know you are the only one of us who doesn’t stand out in a crowd there but we need to think about this throughly or we are going to have their army after us. You know how these idiots react to anything from outside of their planet.” Gamora interrupted.

”I am Groot?”

”No, they don’t have walking trees there either so you can’t go.”

Rocket ”Hey guys. We are here. You better have a plan since I’m getting us down there in minutes.”

They took their seats when Rocket landed. Yondu was frustrated. He wanted to go and get Lara back to the ship safely but he knew Gamora and Peter were right. His appearance would stand out too much so he could just wait for Peter to deal with it.

”Ok boy. But I’ll warn ya. If ya mess this up I’ll take ya to the Eclector and feed ya to the crew. Is that clear?” He muttered to Peter.

Peter rolled his eyes. ”Yeah yeah. Heard that million times already. I’ll get her back safely.”

They landed on same lake as before. It was best place to hide and it wasn’t too far from where Lara lived. Yondu paced around the ship nervously waiting for Peter to get ready to leave. He was angry and frustrated not being able to join him. Lara must have been scared to be alone there but he knew she waited for them to get her.

Peter went to the door and left the ship quickly. Yondu ran to the door. ”Peter!”

Peter turned around to look at him questioningly.

”Just… Get her back. Safely.” Yondu mumbled.

Peter smiled a half smile. ”You really love her, don’t you? I promise. I’ll bring her back to you. She’s part of the family. I want her back too.”

Yondu nodded. The girl meant the world to him. He had finally begun to understand that. He remembered the moment when he saw her laying on the ground unconcious like it had happened yesterday. Something in her had touched him and he just couldn’t leave her behind. He didn’t believe in fate or any of that kind rubbish but he knew there was some higher power that lead her to him. He didn’t know how he would get over if anything had happened to her. He watched how Peter disappeared behind the trees and sat at the door to wait fir him to return with Lara.


Lara stepped out of the shop. She had bought a new phone and she rushed back home. It was getting late and she was a little nervous. The feeling was same as it had been when she got used to walking alone after the assault. It was a quiet evening and she saw only few people along the way.

Back at her apartment she put the phone in the charger and started to add numbers to it. She put the polices’ number to the speed dial just in case. She winced when the doorbell rang and frowned. No one was supposed to come there. She went to the door. She had an intention to add a security chain to the door but she hadn’t dpne it yet so she had to just open the door.

”Hey Lara! Sorry it took so long. Ready to get back?” A blonde, nice looking man told her cheerfully.

He clearly knew her and expected for her to know him but she had no idea who he was.

”Uhh. Are you sure I’m the right person? I am sorry but I don’t know you.” She said carefully.

The man looked confused. ”Oh come on Lara, not funny. He’s waiting for you and I promised to take you back safely.”

She started to panic. The man was going to take her somewhere. He was someone who had taken her before and now he was going to take her again. She pushed the door shut but the man managed to put his foot between the door.

”Hey, Lara! It’s just me. No need to freak out! What’s the matter with you?” The man shouted and pulled the door open.

Lara ran to her phone and tried to call. Her hands thrembled so badly she couldn’t get the screen lock off. The man ran after her and took the phone from her hands.

”Okay. So we are going to do this the hard way. I promised to him to take you back and I’m not gonna go back without you. So. I am not going to hurt you but I will use force if you don’t come with me. I can promise you that we won’t hurt you. We are here to protect you.” The man explained.

Lara calculated her chances. She could scream and hope someone heard her but if not , the man might hurt her. ”I… I don’t know you. What have you done to me? Why are you after me?”

The man sighed. ”Look. I don’t know what’s wrong with you. But i do know that you would want to come with me if you would just remember who I am. Yondu might know what to do”

That name gave her chills. It meant something to her. ”Yondu… Who’s he?”

The man chuckled. ”Oh man… He’s gonna be so upset. He’s your… ahem… friend.” He gestured her to follow him.

She had a strange feeling that she could trust this guy. She knew it had something to do with her lost memories but she couldn’t remember what. She wanted to follow him to find out what had happened to her but she was so afraid. He told her he would take her whether she wanted or not so she could just go with him to make things easier.

She followed him and he took her to the forest where she had disappeared and found. She was interested and terrified at the same time. The man, Peter was his name, talked cheerfully all the way and she realized she liked this man very much. He asked strange questions like he didn’t know some basic things, like he was from a different planet and earth habits were strange to him.

They came to the lake and she saw nothing there. What were they doing there?

Peter pulled his sleeve up and tapped some strange wristband few times. Lara gasped when huge spaceship appeared in front of them.

”Is that…?”

”It’s our home. Doesn’t it ring any bells?”

Lara stared it speechless. It was huge. And it was straight from some scifi movie. A door begun to open and Lara saw some figures waiting inside for the door to open. She took a step back when she saw the group. They were like they came straight from a halloween party. Peter placed his hand to her shoulder to prevent her from running away instantly. She took another step backwards when a huge blue man came running towards them.

”Lara! Thank heavens you’re ok!” The man rasped sounfing relieved.

Lara glanced at Peter who was looking like he fought so he wouldn’t laugh. He looked at the blue man and felt a knot in her stomach. She should have been terrified but something in his eyes calmed her. She felt a sharp pain in her head. The man frowned when he looked at her. He was clearly expecting something from her but she didn’t have a clue what. The rest of the bizarre group approached them and Lara stared at them frowning. She felt like she knew them somehow even she didn’t remember meeting them before.

”What’s going on. Lara what’s happened to ya? Is everything ok?” The blue man asked.

Peter cleared his throat. ”Uhh.. Seems like she’s lost her memory.”

The blue man cursed under his breath. He took a step closer and leaned forward. She held her breath and looked him in the crimson eyes. She felt tingling in her body and urged to lift her hand and touch the man. Instinctly she put her hand on his head and felt the scars. Time froze and she felt strange happiness being near him. It was when she smelled his scent she had a flashback. She remembered how she had been in a strange forest with him. Suddenly memory after memory came rushing back to her mind. She gasped and stared at Yondu.

”Yondu. I…”

Before she could say anything else he took her to his embrace and kissed her passionately. She kissed him back and hugged him tightly. How could she have forgotten?

”Ahem.. Could you guys leave that to your own room please?” Peter pleaded.

They stopped kissing and Lara laughed. She went to hug Peter and others. She was so happy to see them again. They had actually came after her.

”Let’s get in the ship and leave before anyone notices us.” Gamora said.

They entered the Milano and Rocket steered them off the ground and to the space. Lara watched how earth became smaller and smaller and she smiled happily. She didn’t feel sad to leave it behind. She was home.