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Crimson Eyes in the Dark

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*** *** ***





„Let’s play some music!“

Kaminari nearly crushed Mineta who was sitting next to him when he leaned towards the aisle, waving his smartphone at their teachers, trying to draw their attention.

He failed. Mic was already wearing gigantic headphones and not hearing a thing, while Aizawa had zipped his sleeping bag all the way over his head.

Kirishima felt a bit sorry for his friend when he watched Kaminari sink back into his seat, apparently disappointed. However, he was kind of glad about their teacher’s unresponsiveness because even without background music to listen to, it was incredibly noisy inside the bus.

In front, Aoyama was telling Yaoyorozu all about historic sights in France much more dramatically than Kirishima felt was justified. Behind them, Ashido and Hagakure were having laughing fits while playing Shiritori with Sero and Todoroki. From time to time some word fragments reached Kirishima’s ears and he could not help laughing out loud himself when he heard Todoroki naming cleaning utensils every time it was his turn. Behind him, Jiro and Tokoyami were talking while playing some video games. And even though Kirishima didn’t know where exactly Midoriya was seated, given the fact that he was too small to be seen from behind his seat, he was sure he could hear his muttering floating in between all the other noises. Occasionally, Iida would stand up and shout some words in order to remind them to be quiet, but with little success.

Kirishima turned to his right to look at Bakugo who was sitting next to him. Bakugo had his eyes fixed at the scenery passing by outside the window. As was almost always the case, there was a small frown between his eyes, and his arms were crossed in front of his chest.

They were headed for a 2-weeks stay at a Japanese-style inn owned by U.A. They have not been told any specifics, only that the school had decided to grant them some vacation time in order to mentally prepare for their upcoming internships.

“Want some candy?”

Uraraka’s round, smiling face appeared from behind the seat in front of Kirishima.

“Thanks, Uraraka!”

He beamed at her and took the candy she offered him. It was two chocolate bars and he took both, passing one of them to Bakugo: “You too, Bakugo!”

Bakugo glanced at his face and then at the bar.

“Tsk” He clicked his tongue and the frown on his face got bigger. He then took the bar without a word and slowly started eating it. Kirishima watched him happily, feeling a little bit nervous. He was glad that Bakugo had been allowed to join them on this trip, with his grounding having ended just the other day.




When they had first heard of Bakugo’s fight with Midoriya the morning after it had happened, their classmates had all been very shocked and worried about them. Kirishima, however, already knew about it at that time.

That night, Kirishima suddenly woke up and heard the door next to his room close. Still in his pajama, he walked out onto the corridor and knocked on Bakugo’s door.


There was no reply. He waited.

A few moments later, the door slowly opened.

“What’s going on, Bakugo? You alright?” When he saw Bakugo’s injuries, he flinched, startled. “What happened to you??” He forgot to speak in a low voice, he was too upset.

“Shhh! Keep it down, shitty hair!” After hesitating one second, Bakugo pulled Kirishima inside his room. “Why're you even awake at this goddamn hour,” he snarled at him when the door had closed.

“I don’t know, I just heard you when you came back just now… Bakugo, what happened?”

“Nothing. It’s none of your fucking business, anyway.”

“Don’t say that! I’m your friend! Seeing you like this without knowing what’s going on, I don’t like this at all!”

Bakugo did not say anything, he just glared at him.

“Does this mean there was a villain attack, again? Here? Did they- did they try to take you away again!?”

For the split of a second, Bakugo’s face showed a puzzled expression. He then took a few steps back and let himself fall on his bed, lying on his back, facing the ceiling.

“No villains. I only settled things with Deku.”

Kirishima stared at him, dumbfounded. “You mean, you fought him? And those injuries… are Midoriya’s doing?”

“Yeah. But I started it. And of course, I won.” Bakugo smirked.


Kirishima wanted to ask for details but decided not to. Although he surely had not expected Bakugo to challenge Midoriya to a fight, and even less for Midoriya to agree to it, the fact that it had come to this did not surprise him as much as he felt it should.

He walked over and sat down on the bed next to Bakugo. He glanced at his face. Bakugo's eyes did not meet Kirishima’s, though, as they were still fixed on the ceiling. When he spoke, his voice was unusually quiet.

“It was my fault. All Might seems to think otherwise but I know things would've been different If I hadn't been there fucking slowing him down.”


“If only I'd been stronger… I should've been able to get out of there myself. Without All Might’s help. And without yours.” He turned his head and their eyes met. Bakugo’s expression was still illegible, but Kirishima felt a hint of vulnerability in it.

His heart skipped a beat. And then it hurt.

He hadn’t noticed just how much Bakugo had suffered since the day they had rescued him from the villains’ hideout at Kamino Ward. He had been so close to him, watching him much more intensely than ‘just a friend’ would. So why didn’t he notice?

Bakugo turned away.

“It wasn’t you guys’ responsibility, anyway. What happened was my fault.”


This time, it was Bakugo who seemed startled when their eyes met again. Kirishima had leaned over him so that his face was only half an arm’s length away from Bakugo’s.

“No, it wasn’t. There were many people involved other than just you. The only ones who are to blame are those villains. It could have happened to any one of us, it just happened to be you. You were outnumbered by them. Not even a pro hero would've managed to get out of there on their own.”

Bakugo seemed like he wanted to protest but Kirishima didn’t let him.

“I don’t think I would've been able to hold out as long as you did back there. I think you’re amazing, Bakugo. You really are.”

They stared at each other. Then, suddenly, they both blushed, and averted their gazes from each other. Kirishima, all of a sudden feeling very nervous, jumped onto his feet. He could feel the fast pounding of his heart. He tried to hide how flustered he was by directing a wide, sharp-teethed smile at his friend who was now sitting upright.

“But, I mean, since we’re UA students on our way to become the greatest heroes in history, let’s give it our best, right? Let’s try as hard as we can, so we can surpass even All Might!”

Bakugo looked at him. And then, he showed him the tiniest smile. “Thanks, Kirishima.”

Kirishima felt his face take on the color of his hair. He walked to the door and opened it. Waving at Bakugo, he shouted  “G-good night, Bakugo!” in a volume that he was almost certain must have woken up their neighbor Shoji, and went back to his own bedroom.




Upon arriving at their destination, the students carried their luggage into the big Japanese-style inn.

“There are two big sleeping rooms, one for the boys and one for the girls," Aizawa informed them. "You have thirty minutes to put your things into your rooms and do whatever. Then we’ll meet in the outdoors cooking area and everyone can prepare the barbecue together. That’s all for now,” he concluded, zipping his sleeping bag back over his head again. No one commented on how he had been lying on the ground and not even bothered to stand up when giving the instructions.

“Where’s Mic-Sensei, sensei?”, Ashido asked, carefree as usual. But Aizawa had already gone back to caterpillar mode.

“Guess Aizawa-sensei's not as excited about this trip as the rest of us, right Bakugo?”, Kirishima turned to Bakugo while they were carrying their bags towards the boys’ communal bedroom. Bakugo snorted.

“Don’t put me together with you idiots, shitty hair. I’m only here 'cause they said we’re allowed to use the training ground here for improving our quirks. I’m not here to play around.”

Kirishima laughed. They had arrived at the room when Kaminari appeared from behind them and put his arm around Kirishima’s shoulders.

“Where you gonna sleep, buddy? I wanna sleep next to you!”

“Haha… let’s see…,” Kirishima’s eyes followed Bakugo who walked towards the very end of the room and put his things down onto the futon next to the wall. “Over there!” They dropped their bags onto the futons beside Bakugo’s. Kaminari started pulling snacks and card games out of his backpack and waved them elatedly in front of their faces. “Look what I’ve brought! We can stay up all night and have fun!”

“Don’t even dream of it, dunce face! If you won’t let me sleep at night I’m gonna fucking kill you!”, Bakugo hissed at him.

“How cruel! Just how rare d'you think occasions like this are, where everyone can sleep in the same room! We have to make the most of it!”

“What do I care. Make the most of it some place I don’t have to hear it.”

They continued bickering, and Kirishima let his eyes wander through the room. The room was smaller than he had expected and the futons were lying right next to each other without any gaps in between.

When we sleep, Bakugo will be so close…

He could feel his heart pound faster and hoped that no one would notice the blush on his face. Kaminari was right. It surely was a very rare occasion. And Kirishima wished he knew how to make the most of it.



*** *** ***


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The inn was situated deep in the mountains, with a large lawn where everyone had gathered and were now preparing the ingredients for the barbecue in the cooking zone.

Bakugo furrowed his brows into an irritated frown. Then he started cutting the bell peppers in front of him very fast. Let’s get this over with.

He heard a strange noise when one piece was catapulted away and hit Mineta’s nose, but he did not care, and when Mineta started wailing and cursing him, it only earned him a sneer from Bakugo.

“Whooa, you’re fast!”

Bakugo stopped for a second to look at Kirishima, then he continued his work.

“Of couse I am. I’m hungry as hell.”

“Me too! I can’t wait, I’m sure the meat will taste delicious!”

Bakugo let his knife slide over the last pepper, feeling amused. I wonder if you’ve ever eaten meat and not thought it was delicious.

“So get your ass moving. What are you even doing?” Bakugo had finished cutting the pepper and looked up to Kirishima.

“I just carried the water bottles to the tables, and now I'm looking if there is any work left for me to do somewhere,” Kirishima answered cheerfully while gazing around. In that moment, Iida, who was wearing an apron for some reason, approached them. “Thank you for your work, you two. Shoji just put the first pieces of meat onto the grill. You can put the bell peppers over there,” he hinted at the direction of the tables and the grill, “and as soon as the others have finished we can start eating!”

He saluted them and walked on to yell at Kaminari and Sero, who seemed to be doing something stupid again.

“Yeeeah! Let’s go, Bakugo,” Kirishima held out his hand to Bakugo. Bakugo’s eyes widened. Kirishima gasped. Then he pulled back his hand and instead directed another big smile at him. Bakugo got up, and together they walked to where Shoji and Todoroki watched over the meat.




Bakugo quietly chewed the food on the skewers Kirishima had grabbed for him. Next to him, Kirishima was vigorously tearing off big pieces from his meat-only skewers with an expression of ultimate bliss.

It happened again. Bakugo felt a slight twitch in the corners of his mouth and hastened to suppress the impulse.

Stupid. There’s no reason to fucking smile now, what the hell.

Bakugo felt irritated. Of course, he felt irritated quite often because of all kinds of reasons. But ever since that day when his classmates came for him in Kamino Ward, something had changed, and he found himself faced with some new kind of irritation. He felt it every time he looked at Kirishima.

What the fuck is this.

“Kirishima, it’s not good for your health to eat only meat,” he heard Iida say, who was sitting opposite of them, “have some vegetables, too.” He passed a skewer with only vegetables on it to Kirishima, who took it, evidently not very thrilled.

“Thanks…” He reluctantly bit off a piece of bell pepper.

I’ve chopped that earlier. He’s eating what I’ve made…

Bakugo felt an urge to slap himself in the face for having such blatantly trivial thoughts. But that would make him look stupid, so he instead contented himself with thrusting his used-up skewer into Mineta’s hair.

Mineta did not notice as he was staring at Yaoyorozu in a kind of trance. He did not even take a glance at what he was eating, and before anyone knew what was happening, there was a big *puff* sound, followed by multiple bouncing sounds and everyone was wrapped in pink smoke. Then they heard something clash and two voices crying out.



All of a sudden, there was a loud electronic flapping sound, and the smoke cleared. Yaoyorozu had created a gigantic fan that was connected to the confused Kaminari to use as power source.

“Is everyone all right?”, she shouted. It was Ojiro who answered her while rubbing his eyes.

“Yes… what was that smoke right now?”


Everyone looked around. Why were Mineta’s hair balls dispersed over the whole area? And then all eyes rested on Midoriya, who strangely was standing creepily close to Jiro.


They both seemed perplexed.

“Oh, you two got stuck together by one of the balls,” Uraraka noticed. And she was right, there was a small ball sticking between their respective wrists.

“Haha, that surprised me,” Midoriya laughed nervously. “Mineta-kun, did you accidently activate your quirk? Can you undo it for us, please?”

Mineta, seemingly confused, muttered: “Oh… all right, wait.”

They waited.

Now Mineta seemed even more confused. “It’s not working?”

“What do you mean, it’s not working?” Jiro asked briskly.

“Like I said… I can’t nullify the stickiness.”

Everyone stared at him. Then they flinched when they heard Mic’s all too noisy voice.


“When did he come back?”, Bakugo could hear Sero whisper to Kirishima.

Mic continued talking in his loud and, in Bakugo’s opinion, extremely annoying voice.

“What you witnessed just now was indeed Mineta’s unintentional activation of his quirk. However, it is by no means his fault. It’s MINE! HAHAHA!”

He looked very amused and proud of himself when he went on.

“I’m sure no one of you believed these two weeks would be just an ordinary vacation? THIS IS U.A.! You see, we’ll have you face some unexpected situations to test your adaptability and flexible thinking! Once all of you are working as professional HEROES, you won’t know where and when you’ll get hit by any kind of quirk out there. These two weeks will serve as PREPARATION for that. You’re free to enjoy your stay in whatever way you like. JUST REMEMBER, we’ll surely have you get involved in a quirk accident sooner or later! So HAVE FUN!”

He sashayed away. Then he got knocked out by Aizawa who grumbled, “You were supposed to tell them beforehand and precisely choose who’ll face which quirk accident, dimwit.” With those words, he disappeared into the inn, dragging Mic with him.

Bakugo grunted.

Who cares. As if I’ll let some stupid quirk hit me.

He carried on with his meal.




After the class had finished cleaning up the cooking area, everyone assembled in the communal living room. It was a big western-style chamber in the front part of the inn, with four comfy couches standing in a square around a coffee table, and a chimney. The chamber was directly connected to a communal kitchen and the boys’ and girls’ toilets. The shared sleeping rooms and baths were situated in the back of the inn.

Kirishima sat down on the couch next to Bakugo who was looking at his smartphone.

“Since they are only connected by their wrists, they can somehow figure out going to the toilet, and they can just shower instead of taking baths. It will be inconvenient, but I hope you can manage,” Iida said to Jiro and Midoriya. They were sitting side by side on the sofa opposite of the one Kirishima and Bakugo were sitting on.

From the left, Kaminari asked, “but, what will we do about the sleeping situation?” with an uneasy expression on his face.

“Midoriya-chan can just sleep with us in the girls’ room, don’t you agree?” Tsuyu asked the other girls for their approval.

What!” Mineta squeaked, dumbfounded.

“Agreed!” Ashido did not hesitate for even one second.

“I think so, too. It will be fun having Deku-kun with us,” Uraraka added.

“I don’t mind, either,” Yaoyorozu said.

“Me too!” Hagakure chanted.

“Thank you, all of you,” Jiro smiled. She didn’t seem upset at all over the whole situation.

How manly, Kirishima thought. Midoriya’s reaction to the prospect was less manly, though.

“No, I couldn’t… why are you okay with this, Jiro-san?” His voice was shaking and his head was as red as a tomato. Jiro put her hand on his shoulder reassuringly.

“You really don’t have to worry, it'll be okay, Midoriya. We’ll figure it out, going to the toilet and stuff.”

“I will create some special clothing for both of you, so you can dress and undress without having to cut up your clothes,” Yaoyorozu assured. “Well, you probably won’t have any choice but to cut the ones you’re wearing now, though…”

“And there is enough space for one more futon in our room, since we're not as many girls as boys in our class and the rooms are evenly big,” Ashido added cheerfully.

“Hm… if you say so…” Midoriya still seemed to feel uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry, we’ll have great fun!”, Hagakure emphasized and so the decision had been made. The gathering dispersed. Bakugo was still swiping on his smartphone and looked like he could not care less about Midoriya and Jiro’s trouble.

Well, after all it’s not like someone’s in real trouble.

“Noooooooo,” Mineta complained, “that’s unfair!! Let me sleep in the girls’ room, too! If Midoriya’s there, one boy more won’t matter, right!?”

“Isn’t it your fault in the first place, Mineta? What did you even eat to make your quirk go nuts?”, Kaminari cried while strangling him. Meanwhile, Todoroki had walked over to where Midoriya and Jiro were standing.

“Do you think you’ll be okay, Midoriya?”, Kirishima heard him ask quietly.

“Yes… I’ll try not to make things difficult for Jiro-san. Thanks for worrying, Todoroki-kun,” Midoriya answered with an uneasy smile.

“All right then. Just let me know if you’re troubled by anything.”

“I will. Thank you.”


Kirishima turned to Bakugo grinning: “Wow, what a crazy situation! And to think they’ll give us more unexpected quirk accidents. Sure, it won’t be all convenient for us, but it’s also kinda exciting – don’t you think, Bakugo?”

Bakugo pulled up his bare feet onto the couch and leaned back.

“I don’t need this shit. Only if there’s some quirk that makes me stronger.”

“Yeah, I reckoned. But, like Mic said earlier, I do think that training how one reacts to unforeseen incidents is one way of becoming stronger.”

All of a sudden, Kirishima felt somehow very motivated. He wondered what kind of quirk accident might await him.



*** *** ***



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A few hours later, after dinner, the boys and girls, Jiro and Midoriya excluded, went to their respective communal baths.

Kirishima was grateful for the strict time limit they had to abide for bathing at this inn. In their student dormitory back at U.A. they were allowed to take baths whenever they wished. Bakugo did not like sharing a bath with too many people, so he normally chose to use it early in the morning, when most students were still sleeping. Therefore, until now Kirishima almost never had the chance to take a bath together with Bakugo.

He still clearly remembered the first time he ran into him at the dormitory’s bath.






“I love how spacey this whole place is! Living here with everyone is way better and a lot more exciting than staying at home with my nagging parents!” Kaminari took a few steps back, aimed at the cloth basket and threw his shorts in a spectacularly high arc.

“Wow, you really missed! You’re so stupid hahahaha,” Sero laughed at him.

“Shut up! I’ll make it this time!” Kaminari went to recover his shorts and prepared for a second try.

“Guys, I’m going on ahead!” Kirishima had finished undressing and opened the door to the bath. The next thing he knew, he was standing face-to-face with a naked Bakugo who was just about to leave the bath.



“Are you finished with your bath already? We were just about to hop in.”

Bakugo grunted, which Kirishima knew was his usual way of affirming a question. Then Bakugo eyed him from head to toes, paying particular attention to his head, and his groin. Then he only said, “I see,” and passed through the door.

Kirishima felt like he had just been thoroughly examined, and that he couldn’t feel more exposed if he had been caught walking around naked down the streets. When Kaminari’s words reached him, they sounded strangely muted in his ears.

“What’s wrong, Kirishima? You’ve not even entered the hot water yet, why’re you so red already? You sick?”

Kirishima only shook his head at his worrying friend, went over to the washing area, filled a bucket with ice-cold water and emptied it over his head.






Kirishima blushed again remembering. He took one of the cloth baskets and started undressing. Now he felt increasingly nervous and was awfully aware of Bakugo undressing next to him.

“Why do I have to share a bath with all these idiots. This sucks.”

Bakugo was grumbling while taking off his shirt. Other than that, he seemed to be behaving rather docile, it seemed to Kirishima, since their trip had started. Or was it since the night of his fight with Midoriya?

“It would have been great if they had allowed you to use the bath in the morning, wouldn’t it? But hey, now we can bathe together! I’m happy since we always seem to miss each other at the dormitory!” Kirishima smiled at him and hoped Bakugo wouldn’t notice how nervous he felt.

Bakugo didn’t answer but only shrugged his shoulders. They took off their last pieces of clothing and entered the bath.

When he walked behind Bakugo, he could not help but stare at Bakugo’s muscular body.

He’s so beautiful.

I want to touch him.






When Bakugo finally sank into the hot water, he gave an inaudible sigh of relief. It wasn’t just the relief he felt from feeling the hot water enclosing his body. He was so glad to at least to some extend hide his body from other peoples’ gazes. Especially Kirishima’s.

Am I imagining this?

Somehow he felt as if Kirishima was staring at him.

Don’t be so self-conscious. He’s only looking. He’s probably looking at your abs or arm muscles or whatever and trying to figure out whether there’s some part that’s more trained than him. Or something stupid like that.

He glanced to his side, where Kirishima had started a conversation with Tokoyami.

“I really feel kinda bad for Midoriya. He seemed a bit overwhelmed by the whole situation.”

Tokoyami nodded. “I agree. If it was me, I don’t know how well I could manage to make sure not to intrude too much on a lady’s privacy in such a situation.”

“Todoroki-kun seemed oddly worried about him, too,” Aoyama cried in a singsong-voice. For some reason Bakugo didn’t feel like pondering about, Aoyama was dancing ballet around the bath – naked like the rest of them, of course.

“Well, that makes sense, since he’s good friends with Midoriya,” Kirishima said.

Bakugo turned his gaze to Todoroki sitting on the other side of the basin.

Yeah, sure he’s worried. He’s worried the girls might devour that stupid nerd before he even gets a chance to.

Bakugo knew his own strengths quite well and he knew he was good at noticing some signs people would normally overlook. He was almost one hundred percent sure that Todoroki’s feelings for Midoriya were of the romantic kind. Of course, Bakugo had never asked him about him. Why should he? He didn’t care either way.


Tokoyami stood up from the water, “I will head out first. Take your time and enjoy the bath, you two.”

Then he left. Now that Kirishima was not talking to someone else anymore, Bakugo somehow felt his shoulders tense up again.

“I’m sure they won’t be stuck together forever. Don’t you think the effect might’ve worn off by tomorrow?” Kirishima’s question was directed towards him.

“I guess so? Who cares.”

“I wonder what kind of accident will happen next, and who’ll be affected.”

“Probably dunce face, tape-arms or racoon-eyes. They’re always acting like dumbasses.”

“Haha, you’re so mean! But I know you’re always having a good time when they’re around.”

Stupid. I’m having a good time ‘cause whenever they’re around me, you are, too. I don’t really care about the others.

“Or that moron over there, he’s fucking strange, too. Why’s he dancing?” Bakugo gestured in the direction where, not far from, them Aoyama was still doing ballet.

Just when their eyes followed Aoyama’s dance performance, he made an especially extravagant jump, and when his foot hit the floor he slipped on a piece of soap. He lost balance. Luckily, Shoji was standing right next to him when it happened. He alertly reacted and jumped to catch Aoyama with one of his strong arms before Aoyama could hit the back of his head – however, in doing so they both ended up falling towards Bakugo!

Really, now?

He noticed too late and didn’t have time to react.


Before Bakugo knew what was happening, Kirishima had jumped in front of him and put his arms in a protective embrace around Bakugo. Bakugo’s face was pressed against Kirishima’s chest so he did not see anything, but from the sound of the impact and Shoji’s cry of pain Bakugo knew that Kirishima must have instinctively activated his quirk.

“Shoji-kun, Aoyama-kun, are you all right!?” Iida’s voice sounded strangely distant, given that the bath was relatively small.

“I’m all right, I think, it’s just some bruises. Aoyama’s fine, too, though he seems to be a bit in shock,” Shoji groaned. Then Bakugo felt a vibration when he heard Kirishima call his name.

“Bakugo, you okay?”

He felt Kirishima pull away from him, but he didn’t manage to straighten out his facial expression in time. When their eyes met, he knew that his face must be bright red.






Kirishima stared at Bakugo’s face.

It can’t be. Is he… blushing?

Then he realized what just had happened. He had just thrown himself at Bakugo and embraced him very, very tightly. When both of them were completely naked.

Oh my god. Oh, oh, oh my god.

His face flushed. Then he felt a not unfamiliar, but in this situation clearly unfavorable tingling down his lower body. He panicked.

“I’m glad you’re all right, Bakugo! I’ll be leaving first!”

Then he escaped towards the dressing room.





When all the boys had gathered in their communal bedroom (again, Midoriya excluded), Kirishima was incredibly thankful that the others did not plan to let them sleep early tonight. Since the incident in the bath he did not dare look at Bakugo’s face. He thus tried getting fired up with Kaminari and Sero about plans for a joint party on the occasion of Sero, Ashido and Jiro’s birthdays that were just few days apart and fell exactly into the period of this stay.

When Shouji was back from his visit to the teachers’ room to get some treatment for his bruises, Kirishima jumped to his feet and hurried over to him.

“Shoji, you all right? I’m so sorry, I really didn’t mean to use my hardening back there-“

“Please don’t worry, I’m all right! It’s just some scratches.”

“I’m so sorry. I hate that you got hurt because of my quirk.”

“I said don’t worry!” Shoji laughed and softly put two of his arms on Kirishima’s shoulders. “Really. I’m glad that you used it. If not, Bakugo might have gotten hurt, right?”

From the other side of the room they could hear Bakugo snort sarcastically.

“Yeah… to be honest, that was the only thing I was thinking about. I just acted on impulse, I guess… But nevertheless, I’m sorry, I really am.”

“What’s that about Bakugo getting hurt?” Kaminari butted in with a question mark on his face.

“Ah, I guess you had already left the bath when it happened… You see, Aoyama slipped, then Shoji tried to catch him, both of them fell and…”, Kirishima paused. Shoji continued instead of him.

“We were about to fall on top of Bakugo when Kirishima protected him. I just got a little bruised when Kirishima’s hardening activated, but it’s really no big deal.”

Kaminari’s eyes widened and sparkled. “I wish I could’ve seen that!”






When everyone was finally lying in their futons that night, Kirishima had trouble falling asleep. He tried not to think about what happened earlier in the bath, and about the fact that Bakugo was lying just a few inches away, with his back turned to him.

He’s probably already sleeping.

Kirishima was lying on his back and stared at the ceiling. He thought about how he had hurt Shoji with his quirk. He regretted that it had happened. Probably, even without him reacting, Bakugo would have been able to evade Shoji and Aoyama. Their fall would have been softened by the water and no one would have gotten hurt. Still, he had reacted on impulse. In that moment, he had perceived those two as something that could hurt Bakugo, as a threat, and not at all as people that he could hurt himself.

He turned his head to look at Bakugo again. At precisely that moment, Bakugo moved, and he watched him sit up in his futon. Then their eyes met.

Kirishima felt like he was hit by Kaminari’s quirk.

Bakugo muttered, “toilet,” and Kirishima smiled at him. When Bakugo stood up, once again Kirishima couldn’t help thinking that he looked far too good in his casual, black sleeping wear. Kirishima watched him shuffle across the room towards the sliding door. When it had closed behind him, Kirishima put both of his hands on his face.

I like him sooo much.

It can’t go on like this.

I wanna tell him.

When Bakugo silently returned to his futon, Kirishima pretended to be already asleep. But it took him at least one more hour until he finally did fall asleep.



*** *** ***







Chapter Text





Bakugo frowned while stirring his cereal with a spoon. He was tired as hell.

Next to him, Kirishima was opening his mouth in a gigantic yawn, thereby showing off his sharp teeth. Bakugo watched him leisurely eat a custard-filled sweet bread bun. Kirishima’s way of eating bread was rather unconventional as he always seemed to be starting from the wider side. Whenever too much cream threatened to ooze out, his tongue would appear from behind his shark teeth to claim it. It was a sight that had something dangerous about it, but at the same time, it was kind of… cute.

Bakugo could still feel the heat of yesterday’s hot water linger in his whole body.

So, what the fuck happened yesterday.

Bakugo definitely did not like to remember how he had been in a stupid situation such as nearly getting crushed by two of their naked classmates who had slipped on soap in the communal bath. However, he could not stop thinking of what had happened next. How Kirishima had put his arms around him to protect him. How he had felt Kirishima’s voice and heartbeat vibrating through his own body. The heat of Kirishima’s skin on his.

Bakugo felt his face become hot and banged his fist on the table. Overall, there were five tables standing at one end of the inn’s communal kitchen that they were free to use for meals. Food was being provided by the academy.

Out of all people, it was Todoroki and Midoriya who were sharing their table with them, and Jiro, of course. That way Bakugo couldn’t help listening to them talking.

“Were you able to sleep, Midoriya?” Todoroki surely did not look like he had slept very well, Bakugo thought gleefully.

“Yes, better than I had imagined. Everyone was very kind, and the evening was fun… I guess,” Midoriya cautiously glanced at Jiro.

“Of course it was fun. What did you guys think we would do to him?” Jiro laughed. She seemed to have some trouble eating her English breakfast set, though, since her dominant hand was stuck to Midoriya.

“I know. I appreciate you all taking care of him.”

“Haha, you putting it like that makes it sound like I’m your dog, Todoroki-kun” Midoriya laughed. Bakugo was sure he was the only one noticing how suspiciously Todoroki’s eyes sparkled when Midoriya said that.

Speaking of dogs…

His gaze found its way back to Kirishima who had just finished eating his sweet bread bun and was now drinking in big gulps out of a small bottle of milk. Then suddenly he choked on it and started coughing. When Kirishima lifted his head again, there was a trail of milk that had escaped through his teeth running down his chin.

When Bakugo noticed how he had been staring at Kirishima again, he cursed himself under his breath.

“Fucking stupid.”

“Kacchan?” Midoriya was looking at him worried.

“You all right, Bakugo?”, Kirishima asked.

Who's the one who was about to choke on his fucking milk just a second ago, idiot.

“Shut it, nerd,” he barked at Midoriya. Then he muttered to Kirishima, “Didn’t get enough sleep. Communal bedrooms are the worst.”

“Yeah, I figured… actually I didn’t sleep that well, either.”

“But isn’t that what you’d expect?” Jiro joined their conversation from the other side of the table, spreading chocolate cream on a piece of toast. “Since it was our first night at this inn. I’m sure we’ll get more sleep eventually.” She turned to Midoriya and held up their joint wrists. “You, too. I guess you’ll be able to sleep a lot better once this ball loses its effect.”

“That’s probably true,” Midoriya smiled at her, and she smiled back at him.

Yeah, someone has gotten closer already, Bakugo thought, unimpressed.

That was when he noticed Kaminari looking over to them from the next table. To be precise, he was staring at Jiro and Midoriya with a slightly perturbed look on his face.

Huh. Guess dunce face really does like her, after all.

After this thought had passed Bakugo’s mind, he let his spoon fall down into his almost-finished cereal. The loud clattering sound caused by this did not reach his ears.

No. No no no no no.

No way.

Suddenly, he had finally realized something he just wished he had not.

Then he wondered how in god’s name he could have been so stupid not to realize something as simple as this.

I like Kirishima.


Kirishima was looking at him with a slightly puzzled expression. When their eyes met, Kirishima smiled at him.


But yeah. That makes sense.






Kirishima and Bakugo were working out and doing mock fights with some of their classmates all morning and had just finished showering. Kirishima was re-styling his hair and Bakugo was getting dressed when it happened.

“Uhm, Kaminari… are you smoking in there?”

Kirishima could see some strange, greenish smoke leaking from the cabin where Kaminari was taking a shower.


Then there was the sound of an electronic shock, and a squeal escaped Kaminari’s mouth. Worried, Kirishima knocked at the cabin door. “Hey, you all right in there!?”

“Haah… yeah… that surprised me…”, the door opened and Kaminari came out, looking exhausted.

“Why’d you use your damn electricity with water all over you, dunderhead?” The look Bakugo gave him showed that he’d lost the last shred of faith in Kaminari’s intelligence. Kaminari seemed utterly upset.

“Hey, that’s so mean! Why would you say I’m less intelligent than a toaster!”

“Haha calm down Kaminari, Bakugo didn’t say that!” Kirishima laughed. Then he noticed Bakugo’s expression.

“What’s wrong, Bakugo?”

“Oi, dunce face. What was that right now?”

“What d'you mean, you called me a toaster!” Kaminari looked angry and confused. Then his expression became perplexed. “Hah? Why would I be able to read your thoughts?”

Bakugo gasped. Then he distanced himself a few steps from Kaminari.

Kaminari looked at him, confused. “What d'you mean, ‘can he still hear me’?”

Kirishima had no idea what in the world was going on.

“What are you doing, you two? Did I miss something?” He asked with an uncertain laugh.

Bakugo’s gaze turned towards him. He frowned. Then he growled:

“I think this little shit’s reading my mind.”

“What!?” Kaminari and Kirishima exclaimed in unison. Kirishima looked at Kaminari.

“Can you read my mind, too?”

“Uhm… try thinking something?”

Don’t worry Kaminari, I think you’re definitely a lot more intelligent than a toaster.

Kaminari’s face lit up. “Right? As if you could ever compare a person to household appliances.”

“Oh my god, Bakugo, he can read mine, too!” Kirishima could not believe it.

“I see. Would’ve sucked if it was just me,” Bakugo said dryly.

Kaminari stared at them.

“That’s insane! That means I’m some kinda ESPer now?” He opened his eyes wide in excitement.

“Guess it’s one of those quirk accidents, right. That means it should be only temporary,” Kirishima thought out loud. “Midoriya and Jiro are still stuck together, though… I wonder how long the effects last?”




The effect of the accident seemed to last for approximately 24 hours, as they learned when Midoriya and Jiro’s sticky handcuff suddenly lost its effect after lunch.

“Thank god! To be honest, I did feel a bit sorry for you two,” Uraraka congratulated them while wiping tears out of her eyes. “But I’ll miss not having you with us in the girls’ room, Deku-kun!”

Next to the people gathering around Midoriya and Jiro there was another group of people forming around Kaminari.

“Me next! What am I thinking, Kaminari?”

“’That you’ll make us crossdress at your birthday party… you for real, Sero!?”

Kirishima watched them from the couch he was sitting on. Bakugo was not with him. He had finished his lunch very quickly, and saying that he would fetch some more sleep, he had disappeared to the bedroom. Kirishima felt a bit lonely without him, but he also was glad that now there was a smaller risk of Kaminari catching some of Kirishima’s less trivial thoughts regarding Bakugo.

Outside, it had started raining.

“Guys, give me a break! I feel like my head’ll burst with all your words and thoughts all over me!” Kaminari escaped his excited classmates and let himself fall onto the couch next to Kirishima. He let out an exhausted sigh.

“I can’t even hear my own thoughts anymore. First, I thought this was the best thing that could’ve happened to me, but now I’m already tired of it.”

Kirishima let out a compassionate laugh. “You have my sympathy, bro.”

“But you know, it seems like when I’m close to only one person at a time, the thoughts of people surrounding us get damped. So, I hope you don’t mind when I’m gonna stick close to you for a while…”

“Of course.” Kirishima smiled at him and tried not to think anything else.

“Thanks! Do you wanna play some video games?”





Kirishima passed his controller to Kaminari to put back into the TV-cupboard. They had played for two hours and the rain outside had stopped. Kirishima stood up from the couch and stretched.

I wonder if Bakugo’s still sleeping?

“You wanna go take a look?” Kaminari asked.

“Ahaha, no, he’ll come here when he’s woken up.” Kirishima felt like he had been caught thinking something strange.

Thank god I didn’t.

“Haha, why’d you think something strange about Bakugo?” Kaminari laughed at him.

Oh shit.

“What’s wrong?” Kaminari looked at him.

Nothing. Don’t think.

Kaminari’s expression became puzzled: “Why not?”

“No, it’s nothing,” Kirishima laughed nervously, but suddenly he felt like his thoughts were water, held back by a dam but trying to flow free, and then that dam just broke.

Don’t let him know. Don’t think about him.

Kirishima wanted to walk away from Kaminari but it was already too late. The one thought he had wanted to hold back the most just escaped him.

He’ll know that I’m in love with Bakugo.

Kirishima slowly turned to glance at Kaminari’s face.

Maybe he didn’t hear.

But Kaminari’s facial expression said it all.

 “No, sorry. I heard that all right.”





*** *** ***



Chapter Text



When Bakugo woke up, it was almost time for dinner. He got up, walked to the toilets and washed his face at the sinks. Then he peered at his face reflecting in the mirror.

Why, of all people, did it have to be that dunce face.

Having one of their classmates being able to read minds was bad as it was. But it had to be the one person who was constantly hanging out around Kirishima and him.

What’s worse, that dimwit tends to speak before he thinks.

I better be careful. The last thing I need is him getting wind of what I’m feeling for Kirishima.

Bakugo clenched the hand that was holding a towel to a fist.

Just you see, dunce face. I won’t lose to you.

Then he exhaled slowly and started walking towards the dining room to join the others for dinner.




When he entered, most students had already started eating.

His eyes had no trouble making out Kirishima in the room. They only had to look for the cause of a loud clattering sound – it was Kirishima, who had just dropped his fork on the floor. Bakugo frowned when he saw Kaminari sitting next to him.

He walked over there all the same and sat down opposite of them.

“Welcome back, Bakugo. Were you able to sleep?” Bakugo thought that Kirishima’s smile seemed kind of odd.

“Yeah,” he answered. He noticed Kaminari staring at him.

“What.” He directed a chain of thoughts at Kaminari, accompanied by his ultimately intimidating death stare.

Don’t you even dare try to read my mind dunce face if you do I’m gonna make it so you’ll wish you’d never been born I’ll fucking kill you are we clear.

It was very effective on Kaminari.

He squeaked, terrified, jumped to his feet, and, saying “sorry, Kirishima,” he took his food plate and fled to the table that was the farthest away from them.

“Uhm… did you say something in your mind to him just now, Bakugo?” Kirishima asked timidly.

“Just the usual.”

He started eating his dinner.




Kirishima turned his head to glance at Kaminari who was now sitting at another table next to Tsuyu and Aoyama. He wondered what kind of words he might have read in Bakugo’s mind to distance himself from them so hurriedly.

Guess he won’t try to read Bakugo’s mind then, will he.

He thought back to what had happened after Kaminari had become witness to Kirishima’s slip of thoughts earlier.




“No, sorry. I heard that all right.”

Kirishima felt his stomach contract when he heard Kaminari’s words.

Kaminari looked at him as if he had just realized that Kirishima was an alien from outer space. He opened his mouth. And closed it again. Then he looked around.

“Uhm… for starters, let’s go for some fresh air, shall we?”, he suggested.

Kirishima resigned himself to his fate and nodded. They left the room and went outside. When they had walked halfway across the lawn, Kaminari stopped and turned to Kirishima.

“So, are you seriously in love with Bakugo?” Kaminari’s tone showed disbelief, but Kirishima could discern no hint of judgement in it.



Kirishima put his hand in front of his mouth.

“…that’s right.”

“Seriously? Really for real!?” Kaminari’s voice was so loud that Kirishima quickly shushed him.

“Sorry. Wow, that’s crazy!” Kaminari stared at him with his mouth open.

“…I know.”

“Since when?”

“…I think it was around the time of the sports festival when I realized.”

“Wow… I mean, I knew that you liked him a lot, but I’d never imagined that… Say, does this mean you’re gay, I mean, homosexual?”

Kirishima laughed nervously. “I’m not really sure. Maybe... I had some crushes back in elementary and middle school, and they were girls, though… But, I’m not sure you could even call that a ‘crush.’ It sure feels like those times were nothing compared to…,” he stopped, embarrassed.

“…what you’re feeling now for… Bakugo?” Kaminari continued for him, grimacing when he pronounced Bakugo’s name.

“…yeah.” Kirishima crouched down on the wet lawn and covered his face with his arms.

Please, someone save me. Why is this so embarrassing!

“Sorry, Kirishima. Didn’t mean to put you on the spot like that,” Kaminari apologized, now laughing nervously himself.

Kirishima felt him crouch down beside him. When Kaminari spoke, his voice sounded cheerful, but uncharacteristically calm.

“Well, I sure cannot say I can relate to why you’d fall in love with Bakugo, of all people. But it’s cool, you know? When I think of it, maybe it even makes sense, somehow. I mean, whenever he goes berserk you’re about the only one of us who knows how to handle him. I guess your quirks are not the only things that are compatible…”

Kirishima lifted his head to stare at his friend.

“Kaminari…” His voice cracked.

Kaminari laughed.

“What, did you think I’d laugh at you? Okay, just now I did laugh but…”

“No, I… guess I wasn’t sure if you’d really want to stay friends with me if you knew.”

Kaminari headbutted him.


Luckily for Kaminari, Kirishima had not activated his quirk.

“That was for not trusting in our friendship. Come on, let’s go back inside! I’m starting to get cold!”

Kirishima agreed with him although he did not feel cold at all. But, the after-rain air was rather chilly, for a summer day. Before they entered the inn, Kirishima stopped Kaminari one more time.

“Kaminari… can you please not tell anyone? Especially not Bakugo?”

Kaminari nodded.

“That goes without saying. Of course I won’t tell.”

Then he looked at Kirishima inquiringly.

“Does that mean you’re not planning to let Bakugo know about your feelings?”

Kirishima took a deep breath.

“That’s not it. But I think I wanna tell him myself.”




After dinner, it was decided that everyone would watch horror movies together in the living room.

“Yaaaay, we can use the projector and watch it on the big screen,” Ashido rejoiced.

“Let’s position the couches in a semicircle around the table,” Iida suggested, waving his arms around.

“Of course, we’ll have to make the room all dark, or else it won’t be scary,” Tsuyu remarked. Tokoyami nodded his head in agreement and began turning off all the lights. His quirk, Dark Shadow, performed a dance of joy at this.

“Does everyone have a place to sit?”, Iida asked.

“It’s kind of a tight fit, but I think I prefer it this way since we’re going to watch horror movies,” Ojiro answered him.

“Oh, but someone put Mineta onto another couch! He’s getting ahead of himself again,” Jiro exclaimed, her hand pointing to Mineta who was trying to rub his head at Yaoyorozu’s breasts.

Kaminari who sat next to Jiro, quickly reached over, grabbed Mineta and threw him onto the floor. “Just sit on the carpet, Mineta. You’ve the right size for it, don’t you?”

Mineta complained, but then, murmuring something along the lines of, “…but from down here I can sneak-peak up some girls’ skirts,” he complied.

When Jiro said “Thanks, Kaminari,” Kirishima thought he saw Kaminari blush. However, rather than thinking of possible reasons for this, Kirishima was too occupied thinking about the fact that Bakugo was sitting right next to him so close that the sides of their bodies were touching.

“I’m kinda excited. I haven’t watched horror since my first year in middle school,” Kirishima said.

“It’s my first time watching this genre,” Todoroki, who was sitting to Kirishima’s other side, stated.



From behind Todoroki Midoriya leaned forward. “I’ve seen some horror movies before, but I’m not really fond of them…” He let out a shaky laugh.

“Really?” Todoroki asked. Midoriya nodded and turned to Iida sitting to his right side.

“What about you, Iida-kun?”

“It’s not my first time either, and I don’t like them very much, either,” Iida said while pushing the glasses on his nose with one finger.

“And you, Bakugo?” Kirishima was curious about his answer.

“Don’t especially like them. Guess there’re good ones and bad ones. And they’re easier to put up with than some cheesy romance stuff, that’s for sure.”

“I see,” Kirishima smiled.

So, Bakugo doesn’t like movies about romance.

Then the movie started.





*** *** ***



Chapter Text





“Guys, please… I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep now,” Kirishima wailed.

Seeing him scared like this made Bakugo think again how precious he was.

He’s acting like a fucking puppy.

“Kaminari, won’t you come back here?”, Kirishima pleaded.

Kaminari threw his pillow at him from the other side of the room. “How do you think I feel?”, he said, “I’m hearing all the strange delusions you all are having because of that crazy movie! My own are already scary enough, as it is! And yours are the scariest ones of all, Kirishima!”

Bakugo noticed the glance Kaminari gave him when he said that, though, so he was sure that he was what scared Kaminari the most.

“Aaargh that’s exactly my point,” Kirishima muffled into his pillow – his own, of course, not the one Kaminari had just thrown at him. Sero reached over the small gap between his futon and Kirishima’s to grab Kaminari’s pillow and hurled it back at him.

“Thanks, Sero.” Kaminari put down the pillow and announced, “I’ll turn off the lights, then.”

“Nooooo….,” Kirishima whimpered softly.

“Please do so,” Iida said, and a few others made sleepy sounds of consent.


Now it was dark. Everyone seemed very tired, except Bakugo, who had slept through the afternoon and Kirishima, who apparently was too scared to feel tired.

Bakugo could feel him move beside him. He tried to imagine what he was thinking about when he heard him call his name in a low voice.

“Bakugo… you won’t sleep yet, will you?”

Bakugo turned his head to find Kirishima lying on his side with his face turned towards him, his legs drawn to his body, his arms tightened around his chest and shoulder. He looked so scared, it was hilarious.

“’Course I’m gonna sleep. I don’t plan to sleep through the day tomorrow, too.”

“But, surely you don’t feel tired yet? You slept in the afternoon, right?” Kirishima’s eyes showed both sparks of panic and hope.

“I don’t. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna babysit you.”

“Haha,” Kirishima let out a vague, shaky laugh, “no, of course not.”


Bakugo heard him fidget for some time under his blanket. Then, he heard him asking:

“…do you mind if I… come just a tiny bit closer?”

Bakugo felt his face flush, “Don’t you dare!”

“Please Bakugo…,” Kirishima pleaded and started crawling closer to Bakugo. Bakugo’s palms began sweating and making tiny, crackling explosions.

“Stay were you are!”

Is this idiot a fucking dog or what!?

“It’s okay, right Bakugo…”

Bakugo’s back bumped against the wall. In front, he could feel Kirishima’s heat. Their legs and arms were already touching now, and Kirishima’s face was far too close.

 “You’re too damn insistent give it a fucking REST SHITTY HAIR!” Bakugo added an explosion to the last words, right into Kirishima’s face, making him pull back his head.

“I saw that coming!”, Kirishima laughed triumphantly, and proudly showed him his hardened face.

“If you knew It was coming don’t make me do it, shitty mutt.”

Thank god he didn’t get hurt.

“Why would you even call me that,” Kirishima mumbled. Bakugo had succeeded reclaiming his own space, however, Kirishima was still lying with his face towards him, and Bakugo looked back into Kirishima's eyes.

His eyes really do have the exact same color as mine.

Somehow, he felt as if he was under some weird kind of spell. He could not look away from Kirishima’s eyes, and he had trouble gathering his thoughts to form the next sentence.

“Just sleep already, shitty hair.”






“Just sleep already, shitty hair.”

Bakugo’s tone had nothing inviting about it at all, but there was the fact that Bakugo himself did not turn away from him, did not even close his eyes which were still fixed on Kirishima. Kirishima stared at him. Then he swallowed, and, mustering all his courage, he asked:

“Bakugo… would you mind if I hold your hand? Just your hand?”

At first, Bakugo showed no reaction. He just continued to stare at Kirishima.

Then, he moved under his blanket and silently put his hand to where both of their blankets were overlapping.

A feeling of utter happiness overcame Kirishima. He took Bakugo’s hand and squeezed it. He couldn’t help but smile.

“Thank you, Bakugo.”

Bakugo just made a small, dismissive sound in return. Kirishima felt so extremely happy he wondered how he could have ever been frightened by something as irrelevant as some stupid, fabricated horror story.

Right now, I’m holding Bakugo’s hand.

Bakugo is letting me hold his hand.

He stared at Bakugo’s beautiful face.

“You know, it’s funny how our eyes have the same color. Their shapes are pretty different, though.”

Just for a second, Bakugo’s eyes seemed to widen when Kirishima said that. Kirishima was not sure if it had just been his imagination, though.

“…think you can sleep now?”, Bakugo asked quietly.

“Yeah. Thanks, Bakugo. Good night,” Kirishima smiled at him.

Bakugo closed his eyes and slightly turned his head away, but he did not pull back his hand. Kirishima closed his eyes, too.

Under the blanket, he could feel the warmth of Bakugo’s hand in his.


He recalled that they had learned in middle school that you couldn’t see colors at night.

A cat in the night is always gray. I think that’s what was written in my text book.

He wondered if that was really true. Because now, even with his eyes closed, in his mind he could still clearly see Bakugo’s crimson eyes in the dark, and they were now the only truth he knew.






When he woke up the next morning, Bakugo was already gone. In fact, the only ones still in bed or in process of getting dressed beside him were Midoriya, Todoroki, and Aoyama.

“Ah, you’re up, Kirishima-kun,” Midoriya noticed, “good morning!”

Kirishima returned the greeting.

“Were you able to sleep?” Todoroki asked him. He was still lying on his stomach in his futon, lazily watching Midoriya getting dressed.

“Yeah…”, Kirishima told him, yawning. “I slept –“, suddenly, he remembered last night’s events.


“What’s wrong, Kirishima-kun?” Aoyama asked friendly. He was humming while brushing his golden hair.

“Ah, nothing. I just remembered… I remembered a dream I had,” Kirishima lied.

“A nightmare?” Todoroki inquired.

“No, no it wasn’t a nightmare. It was… a good dream,” Kirishima smiled while quickly jumping to his feet.

I wonder if Bakugo’s still eating breakfast right now?

He started to dress very quickly when he noticed Midoriya looking at him strangely. When their eyes met, Midoriya just smiled at him, though, so he figured it must have been his imagination. He finished dressing and left the room to go wash his face and eventually look for Bakugo.






When he entered the dining room, he was disappointed. Bakugo had long finished his breakfast and had disappeared to the training grounds, so Iida told him.

“I passed him by in the corridor when I went to the washing room. I heard him think something about dogs before he noticed me…,”Kaminari narrated. He was sitting at the table opposite of Kirishima and had just finished eating. He looked tired.

“No, seriously Kirishima, I feel really bad that I’m no help to you at all.

“You don’t need to, bro. I’m already thankful enough that you’re keeping my secret,” Kirishima told him while stirring the cocoa in his red cup with a spoon.

“I’m not even sure if I want you to read his thoughts. I mean, it doesn’t change how I feel about him, or at least I don’t want to believe it would change anything.”

“Yeah. But if I could just read what’s in Bakugo’s mind…”

“Do you want to know what Kacchan is thinking?”

Kirishima and Kaminari flinched at Midoriya’s voice and quickly turned their heads towards him. Kirishima had not noticed him at all.

Just how much did he hear?

“Uhm… no… I mean, yeah,” Kaminari started babbling away. “After all, it’s Bakugo? Who wouldn’t wanna know what’s going on in that crazy explosive jerk’s mind!”

Midoriya looked at both their faces and seemed lost in thought.

“…I see.” He walked away.

Kirishima stared at his back. Then he turned to Kaminari, who was also staring in the same direction.

“Uhm… Did he hear? Or, did you hear what he was thinking just now?”, Kirishima asked him.

Kaminari looked at him. “I don’t really know. First, I heard him think, “Is it him or Kirishima”, and then, just now, he was thinking too fast, you know, like when he starts muttering away, but only in his mind. I only heard some scraps, like ‘jump to conclusions’ and ‘both of them’…. Ah, and I think I heard him think, ‘ask Kacchan.’

Kirishima stared at him, alarmed. “Ask Kacchan – ask Bakugo, what?”

Kaminari shrugged his shoulders. “No idea.”





*** *** ***








Chapter Text





It wasn’t until Bakugo had returned from his training to eat lunch that he realized today was the day the birthday party for Jiro, Ashido and Sero’s birthday had been planned. He had heard his classmate discuss it the other day, but he had already forgotten about it. Too much had happened since.

He was slightly late, and when he entered the dining room everyone was already eating. He walked over to the empty seat next to Kirishima. Somehow, the place next to Kirishima seemed to be almost always empty, and Bakugo presumed that he was the one responsible for that. As if there was an unspoken rule saying that the only one who is allowed to sit next to Kirishima is him.

Or maybe except Kirishima, everyone was just scared of him. He did not let the thought faze him.

When he sat down, Krisihima gave him a big, warm smile: “Hi, Bakugo!”

It made Bakugo feel oddly warm in his chest. He grunted softly and started eating.

After making sure that the two people who were sitting at their table, Sero and Iida, were loudly immersed in their own conversation, he asked Kirishima, “How’d you sleep?”, without taking his eyes from his plate.

“Really well! I didn’t even wake up once until morning, and I didn’t have any nightmares, either!” Kirishima was talking in such a happy voice that Bakugo had to suppress a smile.

“In fact, I think I had some really nice dream, but I can’t remember any of it… Did you sleep well, too?”


Bakugo had slept well, extraordinary well. He had already gotten used to having nightmares almost every night by now – not every nightmare was as bad as the other, but sometimes he would wake up gasping for breath, or he would wake up with his whole body drenched in cold sweat, to find he had blown up his pillow. It had started way back in middle school after the incident when he had been trapped inside the sludge villain and gotten worse ever since he had been held prisoner by Shigaraki Tomura and his league of villains.

Today, however, he’d woken up to feel his hand held in a warm, tight clasp by Kirishima.

In fact, it had been very tight, since Kirishima’s hardening had slightly activated, and Bakugo has had some trouble pulling his hand out of Kirishima’s unyielding grip under the blanket without drawing anyone’s attention.

“By the way, today’s Sero’s birthday, Bakugo!”

Kirishima smiled at him and then at Sero. Sero showed them his biggest grin that just made him look like Totoro.

“I’ll have you attend our party tonight – mine, Ashido’s and Jiro’s, that is,” he said to Bakugo.

“Hah. Do what you want.”

“I will, Bakugo my boy, I will,” Sero said, imitating All Might’s voice. This earned him a small kick from Bakugo, but it did not impair his cheerful mood. Kirishima gave Bakugo an update on the current state of affairs.

“Instead of giving them presents, we decided to let them each choose one thing we’ll be all doing together tonight – Sero, you really sure about that crossdressing contest!?”

“You bet I’m sure! I’m especially looking forward to meet Ms. Kirishima and Ms. Bakugo, it will be hilarious!” Sero started laughing, probably already imagining what they would look like in girls’ clothes.

“HUUUH!?” Bakugo jumped up and wanted to punch him – but he held himself back. After all, it was that guy’s birthday, and Bakugo did not want to make Kirishima sad, which he probably would be if Bakugo got too violent with one of his best friends.

“Tsk. How dumb.” He let himself fall back into his chair.

Kirishima laughed bashfully before concluding, “I heard that Jiro wants to sing karaoke with everyone. And, well, it seems like Ashido has already decided on something, too, but she said it’s a secret until then.”

“Knowing racoon eyes, it’s bound to be something stupid as hell,” Bakugo grumbled.

“That’s for you to look forward to! The party’ll start at half past five!”

Sero stood up, grabbed his food tray and carried it away. Iida rose to speak.

“Kirishima, if you have nothing planned now, do you mind helping prepare the communal room for the party? I want to put some more carpets on the ground to make it more comfortable. We’ll also need to prepare a table with drinks and snacks. And we have to add some decoration, of course!”

“Sure, no problem,” Kirishima answered. “Bakugo, what about you?”

“No thanks. I have a book I wanna read.”

“All right! See you later then!” Kirishima smiled at him happily one more time. Then he stood up, and the next thing Bakugo knew, he felt how his hair got tousled swiftly, and very softly. Then, Kirishima had left with Iida.

Bakugo stared as the door closed behind them.

Did Kirishima seriously just… pat my head!?

His heart was beating very fast, and his stiff body felt all strange.

If someone else had tried this I would’ve fucking killed them.

Slowly, Bakugo finished his food, put away his tray and went to fetch his book from the sleeping room.






He took one of the three books he had brought for this trip out of his bag. He considered reading in the communal room or the garden but decided to just stay here.

Tonight’s party’s probably gonna be noisy as hell. I better enjoy some quiet time now that I still can.

He glanced at his wristwatch. It was almost a quarter to three.

He stretched out on his futon, lying on his back, and started reading. He liked to read. It helped him calm down, and he always felt as if his head was lighter afterwards. When he was reading he would often lose track of time, but it did not matter. He knew that for better or for worse, Kirishima would come find him when his presence was demanded for at the party.

He had finished about five chapters when he heard the door slide open. He looked up, and frowned.

“…what you want, Deku?”






“All right, with this I think we’re done! Good work, you two,” Iida praised his classmates.

“You, too, Iida! It sure helps to have you giving instructions for stuff like this,” Ojiro said. He had just finished blowing up the last balloon.

Iida walked towards the door, turned around and appraised the result of their work: “Yes. Yes. It’s perfect. I’m sure those three will like it, too!” He looked very content.

Kirishima gave him an acknowledging pat on the back.

He totally agreed with him. The living room was looking extraordinarily clean, colorful, and incredibly comfy. They had pushed the couches back into one corner of the room and laid out multiple carpets in front of them, covering them with numerous big cushions. There was also a table with drinks and snacks standing in the room which the girls had prepared earlier, and just now the three boys had set up some sort of small platform that, as Iida told them, would serve as a stage for the crossdressing-contest.

Kirishima did not really feel much excitement at the prospect of wearing a skirt. However, he was hoping that maybe, just maybe, he might really get the chance to see Bakugo crossdressing. So in fact, he kind of was looking forward to the contest very much.

He glanced at the clock on the wall. It was nearly time to start.

“Shall we go get the others?”, he asked.

“Yes! Oh- just wait, there is still some trash we have overlooked,” Iida answered, apparently just having noticed something on the floor. He stooped down in order to grab it – and there was some sort of jingling sound, followed by blue smoke. Now having seen it for the third time already, Kirishima instantly recognized the strange smoke, as it had appeared before when the first two quirk accidents had been triggered.

“Iida, you all right!? What’d you just touch, for heaven’s sake,” he shouted while trying to flail the smoke away with his hands. It did not even occur to Kirishima that hardening them would not make it any more effective.

Ojiro very helpfully waved air into their direction with his tail, and finally Kirishima could see again.

He saw a small, naked child of maybe two or three years sitting amidst Iida’s spread clothes, with glasses that looked slightly too big slipping lopsidedly from his nose. The child was looking very confused.

But not as confused as Kirishima felt.

Why’s there a kid here!?

He watched stumped as Ojiro kneeled down and addressed the child.

“Iida, you okay? Can you speak? Do you understand what I’m saying?”


Finally, Kirishima’s brain had caught up to the latest turn of events.

Oh. I see. It’s Iida. It’s another quirk accident.

Little-Iida just stared at Ojiro. Then he said, “Big tail,” and pointed his finger at Ojiro’s tail. The unnecessary dynamic movements of his arms that followed his words convinced them both that this, in fact, was Iida.

Kirishima let out an uneasy laugh.

“Now that’s a strange quirk! I wonder how they actually make these things?”

Ojiro gave him a weak smile. “Yeah, right. What exactly is that smoke? Or, what are those things that create it, and what factors decide when they’re triggered? I’ve wondered about that, too.”

“Tail-tail.” Little-Iida tucked at Ojiro’s shirt.

“You know, he’s…,” Ojiro did not finish his sentence.

Kirishima did it for him, smiling. “Yeah. He’s too cute!”

“Isn’t he!?” Ojiro stretched his arms out, wrapped Iida’s shirt around the small boy and lifted him up. “Here you go!”

“We should tell the others,” Kirishima said.

“Yeah. There’s nothing we can do about it, either way, and it’s time to start the party. Can you go? I’ll stay here and watch Iida.”

“Sure,” Kirishima agreed and went to catch their classmates. Most of them were playing in the garden or sitting at the tables in the dining room. He found Aoyama at the toilets. Now there was only Bakugo left, as well as Midoriya.

I wonder where Bakugo went?

Kirishima knew that Bakugo preferred reading somewhere quiet where he would not be distracted. There were people talking in the dining room, the garden was very noisy, too. So Bakugo would probably either be in their sleeping room, or someplace relatively distant from the inn. Kirishima decided to check the sleeping room first.

When he entered, he was surprised to find not only Bakugo in there, but Midoriya, too. They were sitting on the ground facing each other, with approximately ten feet distance between them.

They turned their heads towards him in a flash and looked surprised, too. Kirishima felt his stomach tighten. It was an unpleasant feeling.

Did I interrupt some… important talk between them?

He stared at them for a few seconds, and then remembered to give them a smile.

“Sorry, did I interrupt? Just came to tell you the party’s gonna start now.”

Midoriya jumped to his feet quickly. “No, not at all! We were just talking. Thank you for going out of your way to tell us, Kirishima-kun!” When Midoriya smiled at him, Kirishima could not help but wonder whether it was a genuine smile or not. Then, he felt angry at himself for being wary of Midoriya.

He’s your friend, isn’t he? You know he’s a good person whom you can trust.

Just because you faked a smile just now doesn’t mean he’s the same.

Kirishima felt self-hatred rise inside him, but when Bakugo muttered, “Let’s go, shitty hair” and he could feel Bakugo’s arm slightly brushing him when he passed him by, the unpleasant feeling dissolved almost completely. He smiled – and this time, it was not forced: “Yeah, let’s go!”

The three of them started walking towards the living room when Kirishima noticed he had forgotten to tell them about Iida.

“Ah, and Iida’s a child now, by the way. You know, another quirk accident...”

“Iida has become a child!?” Midoriya’s voice and face revealed his massive astonishment. Bakugo only raised an eyebrow at the news. Kirishima laughed and scratched his head.

“Yeah, it’s really weird, but cute… well, you can see for yourself once we’re there.”




*** *** ***




Chapter Text





Bakugo was sure that Kirishima had not wasted any time coming to get him and Midoriya, but when they arrived in the living room, it almost seemed as if the birthday party had already begun hours ago.

Most of the students had gathered around what Bakugo supposed must be Iida who had reverted to a toddler. They were incredibly noisy. Next to them Mineta, Sato and Yaoyorozu were stuffing their faces with cake, and on the other side of the room Jiro and Hagakure were already getting fired up singing karaoke.

Bakugo smirked when he saw Midoriya hop up and down behind the crowd on the tips of his toes, desperately trying to get a look at Little-Iida. Then he saw Todoroki coming up behind him.


Todoroki softly grabbed Midoriya’s waist and lifted him into the air.

“Uwah, what-… ah, thank you, Todoroki-kun…”

Bakugo kind of felt like vomiting seeing Midoriya blush, so he decided to just look away.

“Where’s dunce face?” He asked Kirishima.

“Good question. The toilet, maybe?”

“Hm. He still able to read minds?”

“He was when I last saw him, but that was about an hour ago… Ah, there he is!” Bakugo watched Kirishima walk towards Kaminari while he stayed where he was, dauntingly glaring at the maybe-still-mindreader as a precaution. He saw him shaking his head at Kirishima’s question. Then Kirishima returned.

“He’s still hearing thoughts, he said, but not as loud and clear as before. Guess it will disappear soon, huh?”

“…I see.”


The crowd around Little-Iida had dispersed to some extent so that they could now take a look at him without having to go out of their way.

“Doesn’t he speak?” Ashido asked.

“He’s only about two, I think. From what we’ve heard him say so far, he can’t speak very well yet,” Ojiro said.

“That true, Little Iidy-boy?” Ashido asked him. The way she was speaking using a baby-voice sounded absolutely disgusting to Bakugo’s ears.

Little-Iida just stared at her.

Ha! That’s right. Just ignore that stupid pink auntie.

Then the boy pointed at Ashido, looked at Tsuyu, and opened his mouth to say something after all.

“Not want talk to pink. She strange.”

“Pink? My name’s not pink, cuppycake,” Ashido said with a slightly indignant look on her face. “Don’t you dare grow up becoming like Bakugo!”

“HUUH!? That just shows glasses is smarter than you even when he’s still shitting his pants, stupid racoon eyes! You picking a fight, HUH!?” He stomped towards her, with small explosions crackling in his palms.

“BAKUGO! You’re scaring Iida, stop it!”, Ojiro shouted at him.

And indeed, Little-Iida was looking at Bakugo with big, scared eyes and started crying. Bakugo turned his back at Ashido and let out an angry “tsk.”

“Poor little Iida-chan,” Tsuyu said compassionately, but before she could do anything, Kirishima had already lifted the little boy up with a big smile on his face and put him on his shoulders.

“Here you go, big one! How do you like that? From up there, Bakugo doesn’t look that scary anymore, right?” Little-Iida looked utterly surprised for a second, and then his tears already changed into merry chortles.

“What you mean, not scary,” Bakugo grumbled. With the small, laughing boy on his shoulders, Kirishima seemed to radiate even more warmth and happiness than usual. The sight of it made Bakugo feel almost dazzled.


“Now then, everyone, it’s time to start the crossdressing-contest!”

That was Yaoyorozu’s voice. When Bakugo looked at her, he noticed how there was still some cream from the cake she had been eating earlier stuck to her cheek. She seemed very excited. Sero jumped in front of her and rose his arms into the air.

“Yeeeesss let’s start!” He laughed and pointed to the small stage. “We’ll have each one of you wear the costumes Yaoyorozu has created and say a line on the stage!”

“Jiro-san and me were thinking up designs together that would especially fit each one of you!” Yaoyorozu said, her eyes sparkling.

“Yaomomo has spent days to create the costumes, so you better wear them,” Jiro stated matter-of-factly.

“- And we’ve also prepared matching lines, so you just have to read them out,” Sero grinned.

“—And, guess I should just mention, I’ll be taking pics.” Jiro smirked, waving with a camera.

Fucking shit, aren’t they a little too excited about this!?

Bakugo sure did not like were this was going.






They had only seen three people yet, and Sero was already rolling on the ground laughing.

“HILARIOUS! You look absolutely hilarious, Kaminari!”

“Stop saying that! I can still hear your thoughts clear enough to know what you’re thinking! No need to spell it out,” Kaminari cried, looking mortified in his big black-and yellow-striped dress that entailed a hood on his head with Pikachu-ears. There were even two big red dots painted to his cheeks.

“Don’t worry, Kaminari! You’re looking great!” Jiro stifled a laugh to whistle at him, and Kaminari’s already red face became even redder. Nevertheless, Kirishima agreed with her opinion.

“She’s right, Kaminari! You have the face and even the build for it,” he praised him.

“I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a compliment and I don’t know how to feel hearing that from you, of all people,” Kaminari said in an exhausted tone while stepping down from the podium.

Kirishima knew he was referring to what Kirishima had told him about his sexuality.

Damn, Kaminari, please watch what you say…

He quickly glanced around the room but it seemed like no one else had taken notice of the hidden meaning in Kaminari’s words. Kirishima gave an inaudible sigh of relief. Well, probably it was a normal thing to say in such a situation and Kirishima was just feeling too self-conscious.

“So, after hearing Pikachu-Girl Denki’s wonderful rendition of ‘pika-pika’,” (Sero stopped his moderating to stand up from the floor and wipe tears out of his eyes,) “we’ll next see Mr. Super-Fighting Champion Uraraka! Please step up to the stage!”

“Sero really has the stupidest ideas,” Kaminari complained when he returned to Kirishima’s side. Noticing Bakugo’s glare who was sitting on the couch behind them, he called out to him.

“Bakugo, stop glaring at me for heaven’s sake! I told you I don’t hear thoughts very well anymore, I can just read the mind of the person who’s nearest to me, and only if I really concentrate on it.”

Bakugo only let out a contemptuous snort.

“Haha, guess he really doesn’t like the idea of you reading his mind,” Kirishima laughed while looking at Bakugo lovingly.

“No kidding.” Kaminari lowered his voice. “And stop thinking he’s cute all the time, or beautiful, or sexy... It really messes up my conception of the world, like, big time.”

“Sorry, but that’s impossible,” Kirishima grinned bashfully, redirecting his gaze at the stage again, where Uraraka gave a realistic impersonation of her favorite boxing champion while the others loudly cheered her on.

“How come you don’t think things like that about other people? Like, me for example-“

“Why would you want me to think you’re cute, or beautiful, or-“

“I don’t want you to think any of that! But, how should I say, maybe my ego’s hurt if you don’t. After all, you’re,” he lowered his voice further to a whisper, “gay, right?”

Kirishima gazed at the floor and lowered his voice, too. “I told you I’m not sure. And honestly, I don’t think that even matters, ‘cause I don’t feel attracted this way to anyone else other than… him, okay? If I need to be gay in order to like him, I don’t care if that’s what I am.”

Kaminari gave him a friendly pat on the back. “Guess you’re right.”

He paused a second.

“So, you’ve seriously never checked out my butt?”

“Give me a break, dude,” Kirishima laughed at him when he heard his name being called.

“Kirishima-san, please come with me to the dressing room! You’re next after Tsuyu-chan,” Yaoyorozu interrupted their conversation, excitedly waving into the direction of the girls’ bedroom.

Kirishima tightened his shoulders to help him find his resolve. “See you later then, bro.”

“Yeah! Don’t think I won’t laugh at you!”, Kaminari sneered at him.

The idea of Kaminari laughing at him while still wearing his Pikachu-dress did not really faze Kirishima too much, though.

He glanced at Bakugo, and when their eyes met, he showed him an embarrassed smile, scratching his head. Then he followed Yaoyorozu to the girls’ room.

Hopefully my costume won’t look too stupid.






Bakugo watched as Kirishima followed Yaoyorozu to the girls' room where he would receive the costume they had prepared for him.

He’ll probably look stupid as hell.

Bakugo was frowning his eyebrows, again. And it was not just because of the ongoing crossdressing-contest which he did not give a shit about. It was because he did not like the way Kirishima and Kaminari had been secretively talking to each other right before Kirishima left. They had been talking with their voice lowered - and even whispered.

Both Kirishima and Kaminari were rather noisy people (of course, as far as Bakugo was concerned, Kaminari was one hundred times noisier than Kirishima). They were always especially loud in each other’s company. Thus, the fact that they had actually lowered their voices had to mean that they were talking about things they did not want anyone else to hear. That they had a secret which they gave Bakugo no part of.

How dare they.

I’ll make shitty hair spit out what they were talking about later.


“Tsuyu-boy, your line, please!”

Tsuyu was wearing some kind of old-fashioned schoolboy uniform, and for some reason she was standing on the stage together with Little-Iida who was wearing a small dress, holding her hand. In Tsuyu’s other hand she was holding a piece of paper from which she read her lines.

“Bitte s-schlagen Sie mir nicht auf die Finger, Herr Leh- Lehrer. Sonst komme ich ni-nicht mehr zur Schule.“ Then she looked at Little-Iida. “Now, Iida-chan.”

Little Iida smiled at the audience and pronounced one word: “Kindergarten!” Loud cheers and laughing filled the room.

Bakugo was sure Tsuyu had no idea what the sentences she had read out meant, and neither had he – he just was fairly sure it must have been German. He wondered who had written it but quickly decided that he did not care.

“Thank you very much, Tsuyu-chan! This was Tsuyu-chan in a German schoolboy costume. Next we have… KIRISHIMA! Get your ass here, Kirishima-chan.” Sero clapped into his hands with a sneer on his face.

“Why’s only my introduction so rude!?” Kirishima complained while stepping out from behind the curtain. He was welcomed by laughter and excited cheers.

His costume was as idiotic as Bakugo had expected. He was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood but looked nothing like what one would expect of the fairytale heroine. Which made sense. If Red Riding Hood was as buff as Kirishima, Bakugo was sure there would be no way she gets eaten by the wolf. Or was that not how the story went?

Bakugo observed as Kirishima stepped up to say his lines.

“Uhm… I really have to do this, don’t I?” He scratched his head again. “…All right.”

He cleared his throat. “Nice to meet you, my name’s Little Red Riding Hood. I’m on my way to my grandma’s house. Ah, there she is!” He was looking at the door when he said that, and everyone’s heads turned to see who he was pointing at.

They saw Aizawa who had just entered the room, followed by Mic – and All Might.

For a short moment there was startled silence, followed by some gasps – and then there were bursts of laughter and cheers as Ashido and Aoyama put a lady’s sleeping cap on Aizawa’s head and urged him to join Kirishima on the stage. He looked very unwilling but complied.

Bakugo watched Kirishima push some of his hair out of his face with an embarrassed laugh.

He looks so cute with his hair down.

Bakugo had decided not to feel upset anymore about having these kinds of gentle thoughts about Kirishima. He continued to look at him, trying to burn the image of cuteness and strength combined in red into his mind. Bakugo was not sure if he would go as far as say that the costume looked good on Kirishima, but he could not deny that there certainly was some kind of almost magical feeling to it that he was sure no one but Kirishima could have evoked.

Suddenly Kirishima’s gaze turned towards him and their eyes met.

Bakugo gave him a smirk and a thumbs-down.

Kirishima answered with a smile of pretended sorrow, his face slightly red.


“When do you think it’s your turn?” Bakugo flinched when he heard Midoriya’s voice next to him. Standing behind him there was Uraraka, still wearing her costume.

“Not yet. I bet they want the best thing at the end –“ Bakugo stuck out his chest, “and the best thing’s me. Be it crossdressing or whatever.”

“I guess that’s what we’d expect of you,” Uraraka said in her usual, good-natured way of speaking. Then she turned to Midoriya: “Deku-kun, what do you think you’ll be wearing?”

“I’ve no idea… but I’d be glad if it’s not as flashy as Kirishima-kun’s. By which I don’t mean to say it doesn’t suit him, I think it looks surprisingly good on him,” he added hastily, glancing at Bakugo.

“Of fucking course it does,” Bakugo growled. He didn’t like the attention Midoriya was paying to Kirishima – and to him. It made him remember their conversation earlier.





*** *** ***








Chapter Text






“What d’you want, Deku?”

Midoriya lingered at the door for a few seconds and just looked at him with a hint of curiosity flickering in his eyes. Then he asked, carefully: “Do you mind if I talk to you a bit?”

“What about?”

“…Can I come in?”

“It’s not my fucking room.”

“Thank you, Kacchan.” Midoriya smiled at him faintly and sat down on the floor slightly distant from Bakugo.

“…So what’s there to talk about.”

Midoriya looked at him, calmly.

“Yes. Well…” He softly cleared his throat.

 “Do you like Kirishima?”

Bakugo’s eyebrows twitched in surprise. He had not expected that question, so it caught him completely off guard. He quickly tried to regain his poker face.

“Why’d you ask that? ‘Course I fucking do. I wouldn’t be friends with him if I fucking hated him.”

“No, you wouldn’t. But you know that’s not what I’m asking,” Midoriya said quietly.

Bakugo could feel anxiety, anger, and frustration rise inside him. He somehow knew from Midoriya’s face that his reaction just now had given him away to some extent. And from Midoriya’s expression he knew that he was not just asking without having any basis for his presumption. Midoriya had that expression on his face that would show whenever he was trying to prove a theory he believed to be true.

Bakugo let out a menacing growl.

“Fucking nerd. Why’d I tell you? What’s it to you?”

“So you do like him!?”

“Answer the damn question.”

“You haven’t answered my question yet.”

“And I fucking won’t unless you tell me what you plan to do with that information.”

Midoriya seemed astonished.

“Why should I do anything with it? I- I just…” He stopped, thinking. Then he looked at Bakugo again, his gaze showing an emotion that seemed almost like resolution.

“To be honest, I do think that I want to know, just so I can write it in my hero notebook… But,” he continued quickly, as Bakugo showed signs of losing his temper, “that’s not the main reason. The main reason is that… Kacchan, he doesn’t know, right? And you haven’t told anyone else about it, have you?”

Bakugo could not suppress a twitch on his face as Midoriya guessed right, and Midoriya interpreted it as confirmation.

“I know you don’t like it when I try to help you,” Midoriya laughed shakily, “but I still believe that meddling in other peoples’ business is part of what makes someone a hero.”

Bakugo was at a loss of words at Midoriya’s impudence. Therefore, he just glared at him for at least twenty seconds without saying anything. Impatiently, Midoriya opened his mouth again:

“So, it’s true, isn’t it? That you’re in love with Kirishima.”

“DON’T use that fucking term, Deku,” Bakugo flared up at him.

“Meaning it’s true, isn’t it!” Midoriya’s face lit up in delight.

“Yeah it is, so wipe that fucking smirk off your fucking face, shitty nerd!”, Bakugo hissed.

Midoriya smiled at him. Seeing him so happy with himself made Bakugo feel even more irritated.

“So, Kacchan… won’t you tell him?”

“It’s none of your fucking business,” Bakugo snarled.

“Yeah, but I think you should tell him! I mean, actually I think-“ He suddenly stopped speaking, and instantly both of them turned their heads at the door which they had heard opening.

Bakugo froze.

Standing there staring at them was none other than Kirishima.

Bakugo felt like time had come to a stop, until finally, Kirishima smiled at them, and said:

“Sorry, did I interrupt? Just came to tell you the party’s gonna start now.”






Bakugo narrowed his eyes angrily when he remembered.

If Kirishima had heard us back there, I wouldn’t have thought twice before killing that nosy fuck of a nerd.

The contest continued. They watched Tokoyami sing a short song in a costume that made him look like an upsides-down harpy, Jiro uttering smooth lines in a husky voice wearing a classy black suit, Aoyama dancing ballet as a Disney princess, Todoroki reciting a haiku while dressed as a Japanese beauty á la Yamato Nadeshiko, Midoriya fluttering around the stage as a forest-fairy (lol), Shoji dressed as an evil squid-witch…

Bakugo did not pay attention to them all. Until finally, Yaoyorozu came to escort him to the dressing room. Bakugo had guessed right – he was the last one.

When Yaoyorozu timidly showed him his costume, Bakugo let out an irritated sigh.

“You serious.”






Kirishima was feeling very nervous while he watched Hagakure’s performance on the stage.

Only Bakugo’s left now.

His heart was pounding fast in anticipation.

“Hahaha merci monsieur Hagakure,” Sero thanked her after she had spoken her lines. Kirishima was glad to know from Sero’s face that the contest was everything he had hoped it would be.

“Now there’s only one person left, isn’t there?” He threw his arms into the air in excitement. “So, last but I’m sure not least, let’s invite BAKUGO to the stage! Baku-kitty, come up here!!”

“DON’T give me disgusting fucking nicknames, tape-arms” Bakugo bared his fangs at him as he stepped up to the stage.

Kirishima’s jaw dropped.

There he was, standing on the stage and looking down on the crowd with an arrogant look on his face. He was wearing a short, skin-tight, black jump-suit. Showing certain similarities to his hero costume, it did not have any sleeves, instead he was wearing long gloves that went up to the middle of his upper arms, which meant that his shoulders were naked. So were part of his thighs. The lower part of his jumpsuit fit closely to his butt and was very short, revealing Bakugo’s well-trained thighs. They had made him wear black overknee boots that revealed slightly longer semitransparent overknee stockings underneath. To top it all, his eyes were painted with black eyeliner, and he was wearing cat ears and even a tail.

Even Sero seemed to forget about teasing him for a moment. Then he widened his eyes, grinned excitedly and shouted: “Bakugo, give us your line!”

“It’s not MY fucking line, ‘t was you dickheads who wrote this shit,” Bakugo gave the poor piece of paper an angry look before holding it high in front of him to make sure everyone could see he was only reading out what was written and not uttering his own words – when, in fact he did add some of his own words which no one in the room had trouble picking up.

“I’m a FUCKIN’ little kitty-cat

that likes being your FUCKIN’ pet

and if you FUCK ever forget

you can be FUCKIN’ sure I’ll make you regret.”

Bakugo casually threw away the piece of paper, letting it explode in the air behind him. He then looked at their stunned faces very smugly and formed cat’s paws with his hands before adding a mocking “Meow.”

Everyone seemed to be holding their breaths. Then, an instant later, the silence was replaced by almost hysterical laughing, whistling, screaming. Sero tried to stop laughing, gasping for breath.

“Awesome, that was GREAT, Bakugo!! I’m sure that was not exactly what was written on the paper though, but I guess that’s what you’d call artistic freedom…”

Kirishima watched as Bakugo smirked at Sero, still standing on the stage, defiantly meeting everyone’s gazes, seeming not the least bit embarrassed in his outfit.

Then Bakugo’s gaze met his. It was just for a split second before Bakugo’s eyes turned into another direction again, but for Kirishima it felt much longer.

Bakugo smirked at him, and his eyes were glinting almost provocatively… Kirishima’s mind turned delirious.

“EW, DUDE, now that’s too much!”

Kirishima jumped at Kaminari’s voice. “Wha-..?”

Kaminari was looking at him, seeming almost disgusted. “I’d never imagined you were someone who could have such perverse thoughts!”

Kirishima’s face turned as red as his outfit.


“S- Sorry…”

“Seriously! I feel like I’ve totally misjudged you until now!” Kaminari paused a moment to look at him accusingly. Then he added:

“And you better wipe that drool from your face before Bakugo sees.”

“Huh!?” Kirishima quickly raised his hands to check – and indeed, when he touched his chin, he could feel something wet. “Shit, you for real…”

“That’s what I’d like to ask…” Kaminari was shaking his head at him when suddenly Bakugo appeared before them, as if he had known they were talking about him.

“Fuck off, dunce face.”

“Cat ears or not, you’re still Bakugo, all right,” Kaminari said huffily and left.

Kirishima felt so nervous he could die.

“You look incredible.”

Oh shit, was that too direct? Should I’ve put it another way?

“’Course I do.”

Seems like it was okay.

“Yeah, I thought you would.”

Kirishima tried very hard to resist the temptation of letting his eyes roam Bakugo’s body. However, he also did not dare to look in his eyes for longer than a second, so he just pretended to watch the other people who were scurrying about the room.

“They better hurry up taking that group pic. I wanna get changed. This fucking tail’s annoying as shit.”

Kirishima committed the fatal mistake of looking at him when Bakugo turned to raise his tail with his hands, allowing Kirishima a first-class view at his tightly clothed butt.

“I- I’m gonna go ask Sero if we can do it now,” Kirishima stuttered, feeling muzzy, and rushed away.






“…So, I’ll just sum up our top ten winners once more! On tenth place, we have Tokoyami… Ninth is Tsuyu-chan and Little-Iida! Eighth place is Aoyama, seventh is Mineta, sixth is Kaminari, then we have Midoriya for fifth place, Kirishima for fourth, Jiro’s third, Todoroki’s second, and Bakugo gets first place! Again, thank you all for your great performances and congratulations, Bakugo, for winning the first Class 1-A Crossdressing-Contest!”

Sero made an exaggerated bow. “Guess you don’t want the flowers, do you?” He pointed at the large bouquet Yaoyorozu was holding.

“You bet I don’t.”

“I’d like them, if you don’t mind,” Todoroki said. Yaoyorozu gave him the flowers with a big smile on her face. Seeing all her costumes being worn by the people she had created them for seemed to make her very happy. Sero gestured at Jiro to go fetch her camera.

“Then we’ll take the group pic now! Everyone, line up!”

Everyone lined up in two lines, with the boys standing in the back and the girls kneeling in front, and moved closer together so everyone would fit on the picture. Kirishima did not know how he happened to end up standing right next to Bakugo in the center (after all, he was neither second nor third place) but he was happy about it all the same. When he felt his shoulder touch Bakugo’s, he tried not to blush any more than was already the case.

After they had taken several pictures, most students went to the toilets to change out of their costumes and wash away make-up, if they had any applied. Then, most people helped themselves to the buffet, while some sang Karaoke or just watched. At some point, Aizawa, Mic and All Might left the party (to everyone’s relief), wishing them a nice evening and reminding them not to go to bed too late. It was almost 9 pm and Kirishima had just finished eating his second serving of cake when he heard Ashido’s voice filling up the room. She was speaking through one of the microphones they had used for karaoke to attract everyone’s attention.

“Yahoooooo it’s nice to see everyone’s having fun! But actually, the real fun part of the evening’s just getting started, you know? I hope all of you haven’t forgotten we’re celebrating my birthday, too, and that I didn’t say what I wanna do, yet!”

“’Course we didn’t forget, Ashido!” Kirishima cheered her on good-humoredly.

“So, what you want? What you wanna do!?” Sero was dancing giddily in anticipation.

“I’ll tell you. In just a few minutes,” Ashido said, grinning.






“Don’t be such a tease, Mina-chan!”, Uraraka laughed.

“No, seriously, give me just a minute. Before I tell you, I want everyone to sit down over there in a big circle,” she said and pointed towards the corner where carpets and cushions were laying around.

“You’re the boss,” Sero said and the students sat down on the cushions, making a circle. When they had all sat down, Bakugo was sitting between Kirishima to his right and Tokoyami to his left. He noticed, not without satisfaction, that Kaminari had carefully sat down in the opposite half of the circle to avoid Bakugo’s wrath.

“So, what is it you want us to do, Ashido?” This time it was Ojiro who asked.

“Hehehe.” Ashido stood up and walked to the buffet table. When she returned, she was holding one of the empty plastic bottles in her hands.

“You don’t-“  Uraraka covered her mouth with her hands.

Sero laughed, tapping his thighs in excitement: “Ashido, you’re the best!”

“Does that mean-…?” Tsuyu began.

Ashido grinned.

“Yeah. Let’s play ‘spin the bottle’!”





*** *** ***







Chapter Text





Bakugo did not know what she was talking about. But it seemed like the majority of them did.

“FINALLY THE TIME HAS COME! I’ve waited for this moment since I entered U.A.!” Mineta was screaming at the top of his lungs as if he had just won the lottery.

“I’ve also thought I’d like to play this game once,” Yaoyorozu said shyly, and for some reason she was blushing.

“I see. ‘Spin the bottle’, it is, then.” Tokoyami nodded at the idea, although he seemed a little reluctant.

“So everyone’ll play, right? Then let’s start-“

Bakugo did not let her finish.

“Fucking hold it, racoon eyes! What’s that stupid ‘spinn the bottle’ thing you’re talking about!?”

For a second Bakugo felt like he was still wearing his cat ears with the way they all were staring at him in disbelief.

“Kacchan, you’ve never heard of ‘spin the bottle’?”, Midoriya asked.

“If I had I wouldn’t ask that, stupid nerd,” Bakugo hissed at him.

“Ah, no…,” Midoriya smiled weakly, “to be honest, I haven’t played it myself yet, either…”

“Ah, I see; is there anyone else beside Bakugo who doesn’t know the game?”, Ashido asked, looking around.

“Me.” Todoroki raised his hand.

“So Todoroki-chan doesn’t know it, either,” Tsuyu stated.

“I think there are different ways to play, aren’t there? Maybe it’s best you explain the rules once before we start, Ashido,” Kirishima said. When Bakugo looked at him, he was smiling cheerfully, but Bakugo noticed that he seemed kind of nervous.

“All right! So, the game goes like this.” Ashido stood up and placed the empty plastic bottle on the carpet in the center of their circle. “Let’s just start playing while I explain. So one person spins the bottle,” she put her hand on the bottle, ”but before they do they say one thing they want the person, whom the bottle ends up pointing towards when it’s stopped spinning, do or say. For example,” She thought about it for two seconds, “I want the next person to give me a hug.” She made the bottle spin. After three and a half rotations it came to a halt, pointing at Hagakure.

“Yay!” Hagakure closed the two meters of distance between her and Ashido and hugged her.

“Thanks, sweetie!” Ashido laughed. She continued her explanation.

“Now, it’s Toru-chan’s turn to issue an order and spin the bottle. The person it points towards has to follow that order, and so on.”


Ashido looked at Todoroki and Bakugo expectantly: “You got the idea?”

“Yeah, I think so, thank you Ashido-san,” Todoroki said, but his voice was drowned in Bakugo’s flare.

“HUH!? Why should I obey any of you shits’ commands!? You fuckin’ kidding me!?”

“Aa ah, I thought you might say that,” Ashido sighed, and Bakugo did not like the look she gave him. As if she was speaking to a stubborn child. But then it changed, and now her eyes were glinting as if to challenge him. “But you know, Bakugo, if you don’t play, it’s kinda like, you know… like you’re afraid.”

“HUUUH!? Why should I be afraid,” Bakugo growled. And Ashido had the nerve to just ignore him!

“This part’s important, so everyone listen up! I made two more rules for this evening. First, everyone has one joker. That means, if you get chosen for a command you absolutely don’t want to abide, you can say ‘pass’ and then the next person the bottle points towards has to do it instead of you. Of course, if the bottle points at you twice in a row in that situation, you can spin it again. And you’re safe from being asked to do the same thing more than one time if you don’t want to. However, the second rule is, that once you’ve used up your joker, you have to follow the commands given to you. And if you don’t, you’re out of the game. If you back out of the game once, of course you’re free to watch from outside the circle, but you can’t come back in.”

“Well, that’s only fair,” Sero agreed with her, grinning.

“Yeah. Games are only fun if you obey the rules,” Kaminari added. Most students nodded in agreement.

“So you’re with us, Bakugo?”, Ashido asked him, grinning.

“Ha. Fucking stupid,” Bakugo grumbled. Then, in a louder voice, he said, “But I guess if you wanna do it so badly it’s not like I can’t keep you dorks some company.” He lifted his chin, giving them an arrogant look. “You can be sure though, I’ll be the last one standing, motherfuckers.”

Then he was startled when he felt Kirishima’s arm on his shoulder.

“Haha, that’s right, Bakugo! I won’t loose, either”, he declared to the round, laughing with a fired-up expression on his face.

“Nice, Kirishima! That’s the spirit,” Ashido cheered, having the nerve to ignore Bakugo, again!

But the feeling of Kirishima’s arm on his shoulders made him decide to just let it slip.






“So, if everyone’s on board, let’s start! Or better, just continue, since it’s Toru-chan’s turn now,” Ashido said.

“Uhm, I… I wish that the next person makes a compliment to someone!”, Hagakure squeaked.

“How boring,” Mineta shook his head.

“Quiet, Mineta, it’s her choice, isn’t it?”, Ojiro reprimanded him. “I think it’s nice!”

Hagakure twirled the bottle. It pointed towards Todoroki. He did not even hesitate one second before turning to Midoriya who was sitting next to him.

“You’re an angel, Midoriya.” He did not even blink when he said that.

“Uh-… thank you?” Midoriya laughed shakily and went red.

“Kyaah!” Hagakure squealed, apparently delighted.

“Haha, leave it to Todoroki to turn the most boring task into a joke!,” Kaminari laughed.

“I don’t think he was joking, though…,” Uraraka said. Kirishima wondered why her smile seemed kind of sad.

“Todoroki, now it’s your turn!”

Todoroki thought about it for a moment. Then he gave the bottle a spin, saying: “I ask the next person to tell us a joke.”

“Hahaha you’re really not taking this seriously now, are you?”, Sero grinned at him admiringly.


That was how the game began. After everyone except Bakugo was shaking with laughter at the joke Aoyama told them, Tsuyu was asked to hold hands for a minute with someone. She chose Uraraka. Then, Tsuyu commanded that the next person should spin the bottle once more and kiss the hand of the person the bottle points towards. It was Ojiro, and he kissed Hagakure’s hand. After that, they saw Tokoyami blush for the first time when he had to imitate All Might. Next, Hagakure was very formally shaking her neighbor Kaminari’s hand, and then it was once more Hagakure’s turn to spin the bottle. They all were surprised by what she commanded, as it was rather straightforward compared to her first command.

“I want the person chosen by the bottle to carry the person who’s sitting to their left like a princess!”

The bottle chose Mineta. Shoji, being the person to Mineta’s left, said to him:

“Now that sucks, doesn’t it.”

Mineta started coughing blood, and desperately looked at Hagakure for mercy while uttering soundless pleads.

“Aaah, in that case I guess the other way ‘round works fine, too,” Hagakure took pity on him. Mineta was not amused when Shoji held him in his strong arms.

“So, since Mineta didn’t actually do anything, you wanna give it a go, Shoji?”, Ashido asked him.

“No, I’ll leave it to him, he earned it.”

“Oh yeah I did!” Mineta wiped the blood from his mouth and put on a viscous grin.

“Oh no, here he goes,” Hagakure said.

“The person who’s next… gets to touch someone’s chest!”

The girls gasped, and Yaoyorozu and Uraraka blushed heavily.

“C-calm down, everyone, the bottle might point at a girl, “ Tsuyu told them reassuringly.

“Y-yeah…”, Uraraka smiled bravely.

“Yeah it might! But I don’t mind, ‘course in that case we’ll get to see some hot girl-on-girl action!” Mineta exhaled through his nose heavily. Like a tiny bull, Kirishima thought. They all held their breath when Mineta spun the bottle. Its spinning became slower, it came to a halt – pointing at Todoroki, again.

“Aaargh!!”, Mineta whinged, “why does it have to be that handsome son of a-… Now I’m so jealous, but at least we get to see the girl get all hot and flustered. Who’ll you pick, Todoro-“ - He dropped to the floor, face-down, when Todoroki said: “Midoriya, is it okay…?”

Some people laughed, some girls squealed – Kirishima heard Tsuyu say, “Todoroki-chan is such a gentleman,” whereupon Bakugo let out a scornful laugh, as if to say, “Yeah… right.”

Haha, Todoroki really likes Midoriya, all right, Kirishima thought, as he watched Todoroki put his hand on the obviously flustered Midoriya’s chest. Then, suddenly Kirishima felt his brain click.

He likes Midoriya!?

As, in my like towards Bakugo!?

When Todoroki spun the bottle the thoughts in Kirishima’s head spun just as fast. He quickly glanced at Bakugo to his left, but he showed no reaction to the scene other than his usual frowning.

Does Bakugo know? Does anyone know!?


Kirishima was so perplexed thinking about what he may have just discovered that he did not even hear what the next command was, and only knew when he watched Sero give Koda a piggyback-ride across the room.

Haha, I’m glad I could get that one on camera,” Jiro laughed. Mineta who was sitting to her left, did not look very satisfied, though.

“The next person has to dance with someone, for a minute!” That was Sero’s command. The task fell on Midoriya. Midoriya, not noticing Todoroki’s wistful gaze, asked Uraraka to dance with him. She blushed hard but agreed, and together they twirled in the circle’s center for some moments. It looked very cute, Kirishima thought.

As they had finished, Uraraka returned to her cushion with still red cheeks, and Midoriya took the bottle and held it with both hands in a firm grip. Probably, he was just thinking about what to demand, but it looked to Kirishima almost as if he was concentrating.

Did he just glance at Bakugo right now?

Kirishima’s eyes widened. Then, he shook his head at himself.

It could also’ve been Tokoyami who’s sitting next to him, or even Aoyama.

I wonder what’s wrong with me today?

Then he heard Midoriya say: “I ask the person to tell us the name of the person they like.”

And then, while everyone was catching their breath and trying to process the fact that the always-playing-harmless Midoriya had just spoken a hardcore command, Midoriya made the bottle spin. They watched, holding their breath, as the bottle was spinning.

And spinning.

And they watched.

And the bottle was spinning.

Kirishima’s mind was spinning, too, as he desperately tried to come to terms with the possibility that he might have to confess his feelings for Bakugo in front of all their classmates.

What will I do what will I do oh my god what should I do if the bottle points at me??!

The bottle was still spinning.

He heard Kaminari let out a choking sound, nearly suffocating on his anxiety and anticipation.

The bottle was spinning, like, forever, and now Kirishima was almost sure it was not only his imagination. Then, at last, it started loosing speed.

It rotated slower, and slower –

And the pointing of its head moved nearer and nearer towards him –

Kirishima held his breath -

And now it had almost stopped, and when it stopped –

It pointed towards Bakugo.

No one dared to let out their held breaths, yet. They all stared at Bakugo.

And Bakugo stared at the bottle.


No. No.

Don’t say anything.

Does Bakugo have anyone he likes?

Don’t. Don’t say it.

I don’t wanna know.

I wanna know but I don’t wanna know.




*** *** ***





Chapter Text





Bakugo could not believe the situation Midoriya had got him in.

That fucking nerd, daring to use his quirk like that!!

Normally he would feel so angry, but right now was not the time to be angry at Midoriya.

Because Bakugo knew he was panicking.

Don’t let it show, he ordered himself.

He withstood their gazes, not letting anything show on his perfect poker face.

Then he inhaled, and said, slowly and clearly:



They all looked at him, stumped. And then -

“AAH! I’d completely forgotten we can use jokers!!”, Kaminari cried while slapping his forehead.

“Yeah… me, too,” Kirishima admitted, looking utterly exhausted.

“Don’t just pass on such an interesting question, ” Ashido complained.

“Hahaha, you said you’d be the last one standing, and now you’re the first one who’s lost their one and only joker,” Sero sneered at him.

“But the fact that Bakugo-chan used it… means that he has someone he likes, doesn’t it?”

Bakugo stared at Tsuyu, which apparently made her regret quickly having pointed that one out.

“Kyaaa the ever-angry jerk actually likes someone!!” Ashido cheered, and Hagakure started giggling in excitement. Both of them stopped at once when Bakugo gave them a stare that meant impending death.

“Is she someone we know? It can’t be – she’s from our class!?” This time it was Mineta who asked.

Fucking give me a break, runt.

“It can’t be… we’re not many girls in 1-A,” Yaoyorozu stated timidly.

“Maybe it’s not a girl,” Todoroki said quietly.

Everyone stared at him.

… I’ll kill that half-‘n half bastard.

“Todoroki, making jokes that are not funny again,” Mineta criticized him, annoyed.

“Why should he be joking, Mineta,” Kaminari said in an irritated tone.

Bakugo has heard enough of their speculations and stomped to the circle’s center angrily.

 “I’ve fucking said ‘pass’, didn’t I!? What part of that don’t you understand, dumbasses!”

He was about to give the bottle an angry spin when he heard Mineta say to Kaminari in a disgusted tone: “You kidding, right!? You’re seriously saying Bakugo might’ve the hots for a dude!?”


First, they heard it, then they could all smell it. Bakugo had blasted the bottle and now the air was filled by the smell of burned plastic.

“Eww….,” Ashido started, but before anyone could say anything else, Todoroki had already reacted quickly, using his quirk to coat the plastic with ice, thus preventing any more of the unpleasant smell from leaking.

“Thanks, Todoroki, you’re a great help,” Ashido praised him, stepping upon the scene of crime while Bakugo angrily retreated to his cushion. He made sure not to look at Kirishima but he could feel him staring at him.

“Guess there’s no salvation for the carpet, though,” Tsuyu noted. Little-Iida, who had been sleeping with his head on her lap all this time, had woken up from the sound of the explosion and looked as if he did not know if he wanted to cry, sleep, or know what was going on.

“Yeah…”, Ashido threw the clump of ice and plastic bundled with the burned carpet into a bag and threw it through the open window out onto the veranda, saying cheerfully, “Let’s ask Aizawa-san tomorrow what’s the correct way to dispose of that stuff.”

“Agreed,” Sero grinned and fetched another plastic bottle from the buffet.

“I’m just glad it wasn’t glass, that might’ve gotten pretty ugly…,” Jiro commented while Sero put the new bottle on the ground.

“Well then, since we don’t want Bakugo to blow up this bottle, too, I’ll spin it instead, ready? It’s still the same command – ‘Tell us the name of the person you like!’ – Here we go!’” He spun the bottle.

They all (except Bakugo) held their breaths, again.

The person chosen to fulfill what had originally been Bakugo’s task was Aoyama.

He didn’t hesitate for even one second before standing up full of confidence, striking a pose and winking at them in all his glory, saying:

“The person I like is me.”

Then he shot his most charming smile at them.






Guess that’s what you’d call an ‘anticlimactic ending’, Kirishima thought, smiling weakly at Aoyama.

His head felt all chaotic, and his heart all jumbled-up.

Bakugo has someone he likes.

And that person might be someone from our class.

It’s possible that it’s not a girl.

…and Bakugo didn’t say anything, though he could have just denied that part.

Kirishima glanced at Bakugo, again, but Bakugo’s eyes were fixed on the bottle Aoyama was about to spin next. Was it only his imagination that his body posture seemed kind of stiff?

What’s more, Bakugo had just used his only joker. Whatever command will be next, he will have no choice to obey or leave the game. And he had declared that he planned to be the last one standing…

Kirishima’s mouth felt dry.

Please, don’t make him do any strange commands. Nothing… that involves touching, or showing, or…

Aoyama’s command (‘Pet the head of the person sitting to your right”) was executed by Mineta, who has made the gesture look much more dirty than it was when he was petting the obviously very displeased Jiro’s head. He then ordered Tokoyami to ‘grab the next person’s butt’, whereupon Tokoyami said ‘pass’. Ashido did it to Yaoyorozu instead of him. Three commands later, Yaoyorozu thanked Tokoyami for being such a gentleman by choosing him as the person she had to ‘hug from behind’, making Tokoyami blush for the second time during that evening.

The command that made Kirishima decide he had no choice but to use up his joker was Sero’s command ‘act like a baby for one minute’ (Like, seriously? I could never look anyone of you in the eye again if I did that!). He then inadvertently ended up making Kaminari lose his joker, too, since he did not want to do 50 push-ups, to Kirishima’s surprise.

“You’re the only one who’d think of that as fun, dude,” Kaminari shook his head at him.

And then, some rounds later, poor Kaminari ended up being the first one having no choice but to obey a command. And it was Mineta’s, to make matter’s worse.

“Let the next person that gets chosen nestle their face to your tummy!”

It was a very odd command, Kirishima thought, until he realized that Mineta was probably thinking about some kind of ‘happy husband-wife pregnancy scene’ when he said that. Mineta seemed very displeased, again, when the bottle did not point at a girl, but his face lit up, when the second person chosen was a girl - Jiro.

Kirishima wondered if that was the first time he had ever seen her blush.

“N-no…, I-I don’t think that’s…,” she stammered reluctantly, but then Kaminari had already pushed her face down to his stomach.

“What are you waiting for? It’s just putting your ear to my tummy, it’s not like there’s really some baby inside haha,” he laughed, unconcerned.

When her head rested against his stomach, however, suddenly his face became very red. Both of their faces were red now, and they simultaneously jumped away from each other in embarrassment the second they heard Sero thank them for their insightful performance.

Still red, Kaminari put his hand on the bottle.

“The next person has to sit on another person’s lap for 20 minutes.”

“Woooah, that’s long,” Ashido gasped.

“Can he command that!?” Hagakure asked, her eyes widened.

“Why not? Sounds fun, don’t you think,” Kirishima showed his support for Kaminari, still feeling bad for having made him lose his joker earlier.

“Yeah, spin that bottle, Kaminari!”, Ojiro encouraged him.

Kaminari spun the bottle – and squeaked, alarmed, when it pointed at Bakugo.






Bakugo glared at the bottle that was pointing at him, again. Everyone’s gazes were fixed on him, again, too.

They knew he had no joker left.

He shrugged, irritated. Many thoughts went through his head, but there was one thing he knew for certain: He wouldn’t degrade himself to sit on anyone’s lap other than…

“Shitty hair. Make some room.”

And as Kirishima quickly opened his crossed legs for him, he nonchalantly slid in between, leaning his back comfortably against Kirishima’s warm body.

“Haha Bakugo’s sitting on someone’s lap!” Sero laughed out loud.

“It’s more like sitting in his lap, though,” Ojiro observed.

“That’s Kirishima for you! Taming even wild, ferocious Bakugo,” Mineta threw in, earning him a menacing growl from Bakugo.

“No one’s taming me! Shut your trap, fucking little runt!”

“Aww, but they look so cute together, like they’re cuddling,” Ashido said. Bakugo felt his ears flush and hoped no one would notice.

“They really do,” Midoriya smiled at them.

Fucking Deku, shut the fuck up!

“Guys, it’s a game,” Krishima laughed, and the sound of his voice vibrated through Bakugo’s body. Despite his cheerful tone Bakugo could feel he was kind of tense, though.

Yeah, it’s just a game.

But he knew he would not have minded if it was not.

“Aaaargh but why don’t I get to touch some more girls!? It’s dudes, dudes, dudes, all the time!” That was Mineta’s voice wailing.

“Would you like me to change back into my crossdressing costume?”, Todoroki asked him earnestly.


They continued to play. Some minutes later, when it was already almost 10:30, Tsuyu left the game to bring little Iida to bed, and Shoji, Hagakure and Ojiro accompanied her. With even less girls in the game now, Mineta decided to go to bed, too, while Tokoyami and Sato pulled out of the game  shortly after because they had no joker left to use on commands they did not want to obey.

Bakugo felt quite sleepy now. He had sunk deeper into a more relaxed posture against Kirishima’s body, with his head resting against Kirishima’s neck and his legs half stretched out in front of him between Kirishima’s . Kirishima seemed to be relaxing more now, too. One of his hands was resting on Bakugo’s stomach while his other was lying on the carpet beside Bakugo’s thigh. Feeling the warmth conveyed from Kirishima’s body to his made him feel safer than anything he had known before.

This might be even better than being hugged by mom, he thought lazily. His attention returned to the game when things started getting fired up.

“The next person has to choose and kiss someone using their tongue!”


“Wow, that’s dirty!”

“Who’ll it be!?”

Kaminari spun the bottle.

It pointed at Jiro.

“No!”, he cried in shock.

“Hahaha, what d’you mean, ‘no’?”, Sero teased him, and a few others exchanged looks of realization.

“… Pass.” Jiro said, to everyone’s surprise.

Ha. That idiot dunce face, Bakugo smirked to himself as he watched Kaminari return to his cushion, clearly relieved.

Jiro spun the bottle. Now it pointed at Todoroki.

Todoroki seemed to waver for a few seconds. Then he stood up, walked towards Kaminari, grabbed him by the scruff of his neck violently – and kissed him. Very. Passionately.

What the fuck.

Ashido and Hagakure were squealing loudly. When Todoroki let go, Kaminari’s legs failed him and he crushed to the ground.

“Wha-wha-wha-“, he picked himself up, trying to recover from the shock. “Why’d you do that!?”

“Because it was your command.”

“Y-Yeah it was but – Idiot! I didn’t mean you should kiss ME, I meant you should choose someone and-“ He got interrupted by Todoroki’s calm answer.

“I know.”

“Oh, you knew- EH!?” When he had processed Todoroki’s words, Kaminari was left looking even more flabbergasted.





*** *** ***





Chapter Text





Kirshima glanced at Midoriya. It was comparatively difficult to make out his facial expression, partly given to the fact that they had dimmed the lights in the room to make a cozier atmosphere. It made Kirishima feel sleepy.

It felt so good having Bakugo lean against him, and Kirishima had taken advantage of the situation to casually rest his hand on Bakugo’s body.

‘Cause it has to rest somewhere, right?

He gently put his chin down on Bakugo’s soft hair. Bakugo showed no reaction and just let him. It made Kirishima so happy.

Then he glanced at Kaminari, who still seemed very flustered, watching Todoroki spin the bottle.

I wonder how a kiss like that feels.

Sero was chosen.

It would be nice if I could do that with Bakugo, too.

Kirishima watched as Sero lifted up Ashido and hugged her tightly, both of them laughing embarrassed.

Sero put her back down and took the bottle.

“The next person… HA! I know. The next person has to kiss someone’s feet,” he said, smirking.

“Eww…,” Aoyama wrinkled his nose.

“Woah, you go, Sero!” Ashido cheered him on.

He spun the bottle, and Kirishima was wide awake at once, when the bottle pointed at him and Bakugo.

Apparently, Bakugo was, too.

“HUH!? You better be kidding me, as if I’d EVER do something as fucking stupid as kiss some of you shitty numskulls’ dirty feet!”

“Haha, do or die it is, Bakugo,” Sero sneered at him.

“Wait, isn’t it Kirishima-kun who should do it? After all, normally Kacchan would sit slightly off the mark,” Midoriya noticed.

“That’s true… well, I don’t care who, but one of you two’ll have to it!” Sero ordered.

“I don’t FUCKING have to-“, Bakugo started, but stopped, baffled, when Kirishima covered his mouth with his hand.

“I’ll do it,” he said. He felt Bakugo stiffen in his embrace.

“That’s our boy. And who’ll you choose?”, Sero asked, grinning.







“HUUH!?” Bakugo pulled Kirishima’s hand from his mouth and turned to glare at him. He could not hide his surprise, though, as he had been completely caught off guard by Kirishima’s decision.

“Shitty hair, what d’you think you’re-“ But Kirishima did not wait for Bakugo to finish his sentence. He grabbed Bakugo’s ankle and slowly, but surely, pulled it towards his face.

“No- fuck- stop it shitty dog!”, Bakugo struggled to free his leg.

No way I’m letting you do this! Not with everyone watching!

But Kirishima did not let go. He hardened his grip (literally).

No you don’t!

Bakugo kicked him as hard as he could. To no avail. Kirishima had hardened his chest and stomach with his quirk, too, and now he was downright lying on top of Bakugo, with just Bakugo’s leg hovering between their faces in Kirishima’s grip.

Bakugo managed to partly free himself by backing off, but he could not escape Kirishima’s grip – he didn’t let him get away.

When Bakugo’s eyes met Kirishima’s, they did not find the good-natured boy he knew in them. He shuddered. Kirishima’s expression was that of a predator, a carnivore that was about to bury his fangs in his prey. His eyes motionlessly fixed on Bakugo’s face, his slightly open mouth revealing his sharp teeth, and that ridiculous hardness and strength of his, all of it created an aura of dominance that made Bakugo feel completely overpowered. Something almost like fear started creeping into his brain and paralyzed his body. It did not even cross his mind anymore to use his explosions. He could not move, and he could not think.

“N-no…”, he gasped weakly, as he watched Kirishima turn his head to Bakugo’s naked foot, without losing eye contact to Bakugo. He felt a tingling when a strand of Kirishima’s hair touched his toes.

 “S-stop…” His voice was not much more than a feverish whisper now.


And then he felt Kirishima’s lips on the arch of his foot.




Bakugo gritted his teeth in order to not let out any sound. Kirishima was still looking at him. Just when Bakugo thought it was over and Kirishima would back off now, Kirishima slightly turned Bakugo’s foot and placed his mouth on Bakugo’s toes.

And then he licked.

Bakugo winced, and a small sound escaped his lips.

Which seemed to wake Kirishima from whatever trance he was in. His eyes grew wide, and the emotion reflected in it changed to realization.

“AH-…!” He let go of Bakugo’s ankle and shied away with his face flushing heavily. “S-sorry, Bakugo…”

Bakugo just stared at him, his thoughts in disarray. Then he realized that everyone had been watching the whole scene and were still watching them. It made him feel embarrassed and angry, but for some reason he did not feel like slashing at Kirishima. It was not him he was angry at, it was everyone staring at them, and himself.

“Uhm, that was…” Of all people in the room, it was Kaminari who first dared to speak. He did not dare to finish his sentence, though. Ashido did it for him.

“…hot.” She gaped at them, enthralled.

“Kirishima, what was that!?” Sero asked, aghast.

“And what’s with Bakugo’s reaction!!”, Hagakure squealed.

“Guys, please, let’s just continue the game,” Kirishima pleaded, bright red.

What the fuck are you embarrassed for! This is all your fucking fault, isn’t it!?

Bakugo had almost completely regained his composure now. He put on his poker face again, including a slight frown and an unfazed, arrogant glare.

And hoped they would buy it.






Kirishima couldn’t believe what he just had done. It was as if some switch had flipped inside him, and he had completely forgotten about the situation, and the consequences.

“Bakugo, are your feet an erogenous zone?” Todoroki asked, genuinely interested. Bakugo snorted at him.

“Todoroki-kun, don’t…,” Midoriya said, with a nervous smile and a beet-red face. Kirishima was thankful for Midoriya’s intervention, although he was sure he saw him scribble something in his notebook just now.

“Well that… sure was a sight to behold,” Jiro said. Kirishima noticed she was already showing the pictures she took to Kaminari and Ashido on her camera. The faces they made at the pictures made him feel even more embarrassed.

He glanced at Bakugo. He seemed all nonchalant and composed now, but his agitated face earlier was still fresh in Kirishima’s mind. Then he heard Sero’s voice.

“Okay, let’s continue the game. But you know, Kirishima,” he said gleefully, “There are still some minutes left from Bakugo’s task. Bakugo, that’s not where you should be sitting now, is it?”

“Fuck y’all, I don’t care where I sit, just continue the stupid game.” Kirishima did not have time for mental preparation other than swallowing hard once before Bakugo let himself down back into the place he had made his own in Kirishima’s lap. Kirishima hoped Bakugo could not feel the fast pounding of his heart against his back.

“Then I’ll spin the bottle for Kirishima! What is the next command, bro?” Sero asked him.

“Uhm… ah…” Kirishima’s brain had serious difficulties forming clear thoughts.

I’ll decide,” Bakugo butted in, and Kirishima flinched when he slightly moved while speaking. “The next person has to prostrate himself before me and say ‘You’re the strongest hero there is and I’m just a fucking stupid maggot compared to you.’” He sneered at their faces.

“Uhm… huhhh… okay….,” Kaminari groaned, as if it had already been decided that he would be the one who would have to do it.

“What will you do if the bottle ends up pointing at you?”, Todoroki asked.

“Then Kirishima can just do it.” He surprised Kirishima by grabbing his chin and smirking at him. “Right?”

Kirishima stared at him. “…Yeah… Sure.” Bakugo seemed pleased with his answer and let go of him, thereby slightly pushing his head away.

What’s this!?

Somehow, Bakugo’s acting like…

Sero spun the bottle. Just as if Kaminari was now capable of clairvoyance, the task fell on him. Kirishima could not see Bakugo’s face, but he was sure he watched Kaminari’s performance with a look of gloating joy.

“You’re really mean to him sometimes, you know that, Bakugo?” Kirishima rebuked him gently. Bakugo turned his head towards him.

“’Course I know.” He lowered his voice. “And don’t you fucking think I’ll overlook what you did earlier. I’ll pay you back for that, Kirishima,” he murmured into his ear. His voice was almost like a purr, and while he spoke, he softly ran his finger over Kirishima’s thigh.

Kirishima felt like all the blood in his body just went to his head.

It wasn’t my imagination! Bakugo’s being nasty… and kinda flirty!

Kirishima stared at Bakugo who had now turned his back at him again.

Then he realized, that unfortunately, not all the blood in his body had gone to his head.

Shit, no!

Frantically, he wanted to distance himself from Bakugo, but it was too late. Bakugo was sitting with his back nestled tightly against him, and their lower bodies were just as close, which meant that Bakugo’s butt was touching Kirishima’s groin. So that there was no way Bakugo had not noticed instantly what was happening in Kirishima’s lower region.

Oh god please, don’t do this to me!

Kirishima closed his eyes in embarrassed despair. He did not dare meet Bakugo’s eyes when he felt him slowly turn around.

“Got you,” he heard him whisper. When Kirishima opened his eyes, he saw Bakugo smirking at him full of complacency, and his eyes were glinting dangerously.





*** *** ***





Chapter Text





Bakugo was in high spirits, which was unusual for him. After embarrassing himself by submitting to Kirishima’s assault on his foot earlier, he had now successfully managed to entrap him in his own special deadlock.

What made him even happier than now being in a position to make Kirishima dance to his tune, was the fact that Kirishima was reacting to Bakugo’s body. Of course, he knew that fact alone did not make any concessions to the question of how Kirishima himself felt about it, or about him. But being able to sexually arouse the person you like had to be a good thing, right?

Sounds like a good start to me.

Still smirking, he turned his head and shoulders back to the front to carry on watching what was happening in the game. When he did, Bakugo made sure the movement went all the way through his body, and he felt Kishima cringe when Bakugo’s butt slightly pushed against his clothed erection.

Bakugo did not even try to conceal the smirk on his face. For all he cared, those blockheads should just think he was that happy about having made Kaminari bow before him.


“Man… Now I need some serious cure for my wounded soul,” Kaminari said glumly. “I wish that the next person gives me a hug and says ‘I like you, Denki!’”

“Hahaha calling you by your first name!?,” Sero laughed at him. “Dude, just how low is your self-esteem!?”

“Don’t laugh at me now or my heart’ll break into a thousand pieces!”


Normally, Bakugo would have loved to give Kaminari his death sentence, however, right now that was of no interest to him. Rather than making sure Kaminari would stay down, he was to make sure Kirishima would stay up. He could feel Kirishima’s body heat at his back. It made him heat up, too.

With his eyes still fixed on Kaminari who was now spinning the bottle, Bakugo slowly and inconspicuously let his hand slide down on the side of Kirishima’s thigh. His right arm had already been propped on Kirishima’s bent knee, so that was not too hard. He felt Kirishima tremble nervously, feeling Bakugo’s arm move along his leg.


The bottle pointed at Koda.

“Pass,” he said timidly.

“DON’T DO THIS TO ME GUYS,” Kaminari cried “I beg you, please.”  Everyone was laughing, and Sero continued to tease him.


All of a sudden, Bakugo felt Kirishima’s whole body get very stiff. He had realized what Bakugo was up to.

“B-Bakugo, no!” He objected in a low voice, alarmed. His words were permeated with panic so strong Bakugo could almost taste it. But he showed him no mercy, grabbed down behind himself – and seized Kirishima’s manhood through his sweatpants.

Kirishima shivered violently, and for one moment Bakugo thought- but no, he was still fine.

But, damn, it really is big.

Of course, Bakugo had known that Kirishima was well-equipped from having him seen naked multiple times already when they were in the communal bath. But feeling it with his hand, and in his erected state at that, made it seem like a whole new dimension. Bakugo could feel heat rise to his head.


He moved his thumb very slowly, exerting slight pressure, and from Kirishima’s reaction he knew the stimulation must have sent a shudder up his spine.


This time, the bottle pointed at Jiro.


Bakugo slightly tightened his grip and continued the slow movements of his thumb. He could hear Kirishima softly pant behind him.


With Sero still laughing at his own jokes and Ashido and Hagakure cheering loudly, Jiro stood up, walked towards Kaminari who looked at her with big eyes, and hugged him. When she said, “I like you, Denki,” her voice was so low it nearly got drowned in the others’ cheers.


Kirishima was now breathing heavily, his forehead resting against the back of Bakgugo’s head, and the sensation of Kirishima’s breath on his neck gave Bakugo goosebumps. He wanted to move his whole hand, now that Kirishima had surrendered to him completely – when he realized that Kirishima’s arousal and the general sensuality of their situation had started to affect his own lower region, too.


He quickly let go of Kirishima.






When he felt Bakugo let go of him, Kirishima’s first emotion was confusion.

Why’d he stop?

 His second was frustration, but what quickly followed was relief when he realized the circumstances they were in. Of course, the relief he felt in his mind did not help the predicament his lower body still was in, though.

“Sorry,” he heard Bakugo say quietly.

Kirishima stared at the back of Bakugo’s head.

Bakugo just apologized to me.

Why’d he apologize?


Jiro was just about to spin the bottle when Todoroki asked: “Hasn’t it been 20 minutes by now? You know, for Bakugo’s task?”

Kirishima stared at him in horror.

No. No!

Uraraka checked her smartphone. “Ah, you’re right, there’s only about 40 seconds left now.”

“Haha, so 40 seconds more to go, Bakugo,” Sero grinned at them. Jiro issued an order and spun the bottle.

Kirishima’s thoughts were racing, again.

I need to get rid of this, quickly!!

Maybe Bakugo felt him panicking. Without turning his head, he asked quietly:

“Oi. Wanna go to the toilet, shitty hair?”

Kirishma shook his head. “N-no. They… they’d know.”

Bakugo slightly nodded.

“Thought so.”

Sero started to count down while Aoyama obeyed Jiro’s command: “…six, five, four, three, two, one – ZERO! Now you’re free to go wherever you like, Bakugo!”

Kirishima felt his whole body tense. Then he heard Bakugo say: “Who cares. I’m fucking tired so I’ll just stay here.”

Kirishima had to fight the urge to hug him very tightly.

He felt so thankful.

Bakugo cares about me, after all.

He rested his forehead against the softness of Bakugo’s nape. Thank you, Bakugo,” he whispered.

Bakugo’s answer was a soft snort.






It was nearly midnight when they decided to stop playing and go to bed. Luckily for Kirishima, the bottle did not choose him or Bakugo for any weird commands anymore. Bakugo made sure to lean against Kirishima with some small space left in between his butt and Kirishima’s groin, allowing Kirishima’s erection to naturally calm down, eventually. When they were lying in their futons later, Bakugo felt Kirishima’s eyes on his back until he fell asleep.






When he woke up the next morning, he heard loud voices and noises that implied most of the others were already up and in process of getting dressed. Which was unusual. Bakugo glanced at his smartphone to check the time. It was already 9:30. He turned to look at Kirishima and got startled by Kirishima already looking at him.

“Uhm… morning, Bakugo!” He smiled at him. His face was slightly red, and he had a serious case of bed hair. Still in a doze, Bakugo felt his own hair. It was not any better.

“It’s unusual for you to sleep longer than me, isn’t it,” Kirishima said, smiling nervously.

Bakugo grunted sleepily and reached for his clothes. While he got dressed, he noticed that Kirishima averted his eyes bashfully.

After they had washed their faces, brushed their teeth and Kirishima had finished styling his hair, they went to eat breakfast. Kirishima continued to babble on good-naturedly the whole time while they walked to the dining room. Bakugo had the impression that he was trying to make sure there was no space for awkward silence between them.

In the corridor, they ran into Iida. Bakugo noticed that he was back to his normal age again.

“Ah, Iida! You’re back to normal?”, Kirishima asked him.

“Yes! I’m really sorry for all the trouble I have caused both of you, Kirishima, Bakugo,” He apologized earnestly, bowing deeply while waving his hands at them.

“Haha stop it, Iida, you have not caused any of us trouble. You were behaving totally well,” Kirishima assured him, “and the girls and Ojiro were swooning all over how cute you were!”

Iida blushed and thanked him. When Kirishima asked if he was headed for breakfast, Iida told them he had eaten already, so they went on without him.


When they entered the kitchen, Bakugo noticed several heads turned at them, and he could hear conspiratorial whispers. Then, they were greeted by Kaminari.

“Ah! Kirishima, Bakugo, good morning!” He seemed to be in a very good mood.

When he noticed Bakugo glaring at him, he said:

“Don’t worry! I can’t read minds anymore! I didn’t even notice, but it seems like it had completely disappeared at some point during yesterday’s game.”

Kirishima blushed when Kaminari mentioned the game.

“Huhh, yesterday sure was crazy, wasn’t it…,” Kaminari continued talking while they helped themselves to the kitchen’s morning buffet.

“Y-Yeah, it was…” Kirishima let out a shaky laugh.

“And I’m still in shock over the fact that my first kiss got stolen by Todoroki! Why d’you think he did that!?” Kaminari looked at them both, asking for their advisory opinion.

To piss off fucking Deku, Bakugo thought, but what he said out loud was:

“Maybe he likes you, dunce face.” He smirked at Kaminari’s perplexed expression.


“Don’t believe him, Kaminari, he’s only teasing you,” Kirishima hastened to say, laughing.

“But then, why?”

“Uhm… maybe you should ask him if you really wanna know?” Kirishima suggested hesitantly.

“Okay… maybe I’ll do that,” Kaminari muttered, with a doubtful look on his face.

When the three of them sat down at one of the tables, Bakugo felt someone staring at him. He lifted his gaze to see who it was – and frowned, when he saw that it was Midoriya, staring at him lost in thought, with his mouth open.

When Bakugo’s gaze met Midoriya’s, for some reason Midoriya’s face flushed bright red, and he turned his head away at maximum speed.


Bakugo frowned.

What kind of disgusting reaction was that!?
However, while he was glaring at the back of Midoriya’s head, his brain clicked as the reason for Midoriya’s strange behavior became clear to him.

Yesterday night, Bakugo had been sure no one had noticed that he and Kirishima were playing their own little game while everyone was busy giving orders and spinning bottles, but now he realized that he had been naïve. There was no way Midoriya, who was always watching Bakugo, would not notice. Bakugo glanced at Kirishima who was cheerfully talking to Kaminari before directing a final glare at Midoriya’s back.

That stupid nerd’s too perceptive for his own fucking good.




*** *** ***





Chapter Text





Kirishima watched as Bakugo, who had already finished eating, carried his plate towards the sinks where Uraraka and Mineta already had started washing the dishes. Their class had made a cleaning plan that decided on two people for each day who would be in charge of cleaning the dishes, and today it was Uraraka and Mineta. Kirishima had checked the plan as soon as it was finished and knew that it would not be his and Bakugo’s turn sooner than the second week of their stay.

“But y’know, Kirishima,” he heard Kaminari say and directed his gaze back at him. “That scene yesterday, you licking Bakugo’s foot… that was really kinky.”

Kirishima felt his face flush and swallowed hard.

“I know, I- I don’t know what came over me, I didn’t mean to really lick him-“

“SO YOU REALLY DID LICK HIM!? I thought it must’ve just looked that way to me but BOY-“

“Ssssh!! Dude, please!!”, Kirishima put his hand on Kaminari’s mouth and shushed him frantically. When he looked around him, most people had turned their heads and were looking at them, Hagakure was giggling, and from the other side of the room he could hear Bakugo’s angry “tsk.”

Great. Now really EVERYONE knows.

Kirishima buried his face in his hands.

But, thank god no one knows about what had happened after that.

“Sorry,” Kaminari apologized, but he still looked at Kirishima as if he was the strangest person he had ever met. Then he lowered his voice so only Kirishima could hear. “But y’know, it looked like Bakugo really felt it.”

Kirishima did not look up and only gave him an embarrassed sound.

I thought so, too.

The memory of Bakugo’s agitated, shaken expression would not leave his mind.

Kirishima lifted his head and energetically waved about the air in front of him to make the image in his mind go away. He felt like he would get hard again if he thought about it any longer.

“Do you have some kind of foot fetish?” Kaminari pegged away. But before Kirishima could answer, he heard an angry roar coming from Bakugo and got distracted by the scene that unfolded before his eyes at the other end of the room.

Bakugo, who seemed to have gotten stopped by Uraraka and Mineta and had been angrily repelling their questions until now, had grabbed one of the pans in the kitchen shelf and whipped it over Mineta’s head. Mineta staggered, tried to grab a plate to counter-attack, but his hand missed and knocked over one of the cleaning agents standing on the counter, making its content spill all over him. While it spilled, it created a big quantity of dense, bluish foam, and before Uraraka and Bakugo could jump out of its way, the aggressive foam had covered them, too.

It was a sight to behold.

However, just as the last spike of Bakugo’s hair got enveloped by the foam, there was a loud *puff* sound – they could not hear any of Bakugo’s angry noises anymore, and then the foam just imploded on to the ground, and Bakugo, Uraraka, Mineta – they were just gone.

“BAKUGO!” Kirishima shouted, panicking, while jumping to his feet and dashed to where he just saw him disappear.

“It can’t be,” he heard Midoriya gasp some meters behind him.

“What happened? Where’d they go?” Kaminari ask in a loud voice that showed his confusion.

Kirishima sunk to the ground.

He’s gone.


Just as despair started creeping into his mind, he saw something moving under the foam. He stretched out his hand, and-


He had touched something very spiky.

Then he noticed two other small balls of foam moving next to the one he just touched. Midoriya had noticed them, too.

“Are they…?” He kneeled and brushed the foam from the bigger of the two balls. Underneath, there was a chocolate-colored guinea pig.

“Uraraka?” He asked the guinea pig.


Meanwhile, everyone in the kitchen had gathered around them to see what had happened.

Midoriya extended his hand to free the second ball from the foam covering it. What they saw, was a small, purple hamster.

“How cute!!,” Hagakure squeaked.

“And this is Mineta,” Midoriya stated.

That’s Mineta!?” Ashido asked, furrowing her brows in disbelief. Midoriya looked at the foam ball in front of Kirishima.

“Which means, that one over there’s…”

“Bakugo.” Kirishima finished Midoriya sentence, hardened his hands, and lifted the small foamy ball up.

“Let’s see,” from behind them, Sero stepped forward, filled a glass with water and poured it over the small creature covered in foam that was lying in the palms of Kirishima’s hands and must be Bakugo. The foam was washed away, and now they all could see him.

Bakugo was a small, beige, spiky ball.

“It’s a hedgehog!”, Jiro observed correctly.

“Oh god. Bakugo as a hedgehog. That’s too cute!!” Ashido squealed and kneeled down next to Kirisima. “Bakugo, show us your face!”

The hedgehog did not move.

“Aww, he’s scared,“ Hagakure said. She had already taken the small hamster that was Mineta in her arms and was cuddling him gently.


Tsuyu had tried to pick up the guinea pig, Uraraka, but when she kneeled down, Uraraka had just floated into the air by herself.

“It can’t be, she’s – she’s using her quirk!?”

They watched as the guinea pig floated freely across the room.

“It looks like she can control it even better now than when she was human,” Ojiro laughed nervously.

Uraraka, the floating guinea pig, Kirishima thought, but he was kind of distracted by the small spiky ball in front of him.

This is Bakugo.






They had tried all they could think of, but Bakugo refused to show himself to them. Whereas Hagakure, Ashido and Yaoyorozu were caressing and cuddling the very happy hamster Mineta, and Tsuyu tried to catch the flying guinea pig Uraraka with Sero’s help, the little hedgehog stayed curled up in his spiky shelter.

“Guess he doesn’t want to face us, or it’s really true what Hagakure said and he’s scared,” Kaminari said, standing up from the sofa he had been sitting on next to Kirishima.

“I’m gonna go for a quick walk with some of the others. You wanna join, too?”

“Maybe later,” Kirishima told him, absentminded.

“Sure.” Kaminari nodded and left.

Kirishima stared at the small, spiky ball in his hands.

“Bakugo,” he said to him softly. “Won’t you come out? I know, you’re probably thinking that you’ll turn back eventually, and you don’t want their attention all over you while you’re in this form. But there’s no guarantee, is there? You might stay like this for a whole day, or even longer. Don’t you think it would be a waste to stay rolled up like this?”

He felt the ball slightly move. Bakugo had been listening, and now it seemed as if he was hesitating.

“Come on, Bakugo. Show me your face. You’re not scared, are you?” Kirishima slightly undid the hardening of his hands.

And then, the ball moved – the little hedgehog straightened his spikes and sat up in Kirishima’s hands. He looked at him, with his pointy red eyes fixed on Kirishima’s face, and his small black nose slightly quivering.

God, he’s so cute!

Kirishima smiled at him warmly.

“Hello there,” he said. “And thanks, Bakugo.”






Thirty minutes later, Kirishima was completely sure that the reason Bakugo had not wanted to show himself to anyone was not that he had been scared, as Hagakure had presumed, but because he simply had thought it was a pain in the neck. He was sitting on Kirishima’s shoulder and hissing at all their classmates surrounding Kirishima and him. Whenever someone would try to pet him, he showed them his spikes. Nevertheless, they all seemed to agree that they had never seen Bakugo in a more loveable state.

“He’s so cute! Can’t he just stay like this!?” Ashido sighed, enraptured.

“Yeah, and Mineta, too,” Hagakure said, petting the purple hamster in Yaoyorozu’s arms.

“Of course, Uraraka is totally cute, too, but she’s also cute as a human…,” Ashido went on. Then, looking at the hedgehog on Kirishima’s shoulder, she said:

“But unlike Uraraka, he and Mineta don’t seem to be able to use their quirks, right? I wonder if there’s a special affinity between guinea pigs and floating quirks…”

“Uwah, a hedgehog-Bakugo using explosions would be, like, ultimately scary,” Kaminari laughed. At the same time, his face showed that he was deeply distressed by the thought, so no one knew if it was supposed to be a joke or if he was serious.

Kirishima decided to laugh either way, just in case.

“Guys, you know Bakugo doesn’t like people making a fuss about him, leave him some space, okay?”

“No, you don’t understand. For you it’s normal to be close to him, but for us, it’s not, so we wanna seize this opportunity,” Hagakure explained to him.

“Speaking of ‘close’… There are still some things I’d like to ask you two, Kirishima. Regarding yesterday’s events…,“ Ashido said, smirking at him.

“Eh!?” Kirishima knew he should have seen it coming, but he was taken by surprise nevertheless. When he squinted down at the little hedgehog on his shoulder, it was acting as if it had gone to sleep.

“Yeah. What’s going on between you and Bakugo?” Sero asked. He, too, was smirking,

“Uhm… b-by the way, how about we play some games before lunch? Ashido, Kaminari, how about it?” Kirishima asked them in a pathetic attempt to escape their questions and to cover up his embarrassment. To his surprise, they even agreed, although not without giving him some sniggering and eye-rolling, first.




*** *** ***




Chapter Text





With hedgehog-Bakugo sitting on his head and watching, Kirishima played a few rounds of a car-racing game with them. When they stopped playing, it was almost time for lunch, since they had slept in today and eaten breakfast kind of late.

Kirishima reached over his head and gently grabbed the small hedgehog. Bakugo sniffled in surprise but did not put his spikes up. Kirishima put him down on one of his knees.

“I hope that wasn’t too boring for you,” he smiled at him and softly touched Bakugo’s nose with his index finger. The hedgehog trembled softly and let out a small sneeze.

“Haha, sorry, don’t be angry,“ Kirishima apologized and put his hands up, laughing. “I didn’t mean to, I just…  I know you don’t wanna hear it, but they’re right, you really do make a very cute hedgehog!”

The hedgehog snorted at him.

“Flirting with the hedgehog, Kirishima?”

Kirishima got startled when Jiro addressed him while jumping over the backrest of the couch and sliding down next to him.

“U-uh, hi Jiro! You surprised me…”

She showed him a mischievous smile.

“I have something to show you. You too, Bakugo,” she said to the hedgehog. He snorted at her, too, but plotted on Kirishima’s leg a little bit closer all the same.

“What is it?”, Kirishima asked her unsuspectingly. She showed him a picture in her hand, and made sure the hedgehog could see it, too.

Kirishima felt his face flush violently.

The picture showed him leaning over Bakugo, his mouth on Bakugo’s foot – it was the scene that had occurred yesterday and that everyone was asking him about today.

Hedgehog-Bakugo hissed at Jiro angrily.

“Haha, sorry. But it’s such a great picture! I’m sure I’m the only one who’s ever captured this kind of expression on your face, Bakugo.”

Probably angry about the fact that he could do nothing more than hiss at her, Bakugo turned his back on her and walked away. Kirishima quickly grabbed him and put him on his shoulder, the one that was not next to Jiro. Kirishima felt kind of bad for interfering with Bakugo’s freedom of movement, but he did not want the small animal to go anywhere he could not see or feel him. The hedgehog snorted at him angrily but did not try to escape from the place Kirishima had chosen for him.

Kirishima stared at the picture in Jiro’s hand. She was right. It was a great picture. Although it showed them from the side so that it was not fully visible, Kirishima was sure that what was captured of Bakugo’s face was the expression he could not forget about since yesterday. He felt slight discomfort, though, when looking at his own face. He did not recognize himself in it, it felt strange to see that kind of expression on his own face. His gaze returned to Bakugo in the picture.

“Uhm… do you mind if…,” he swallowed, nervously.

Jiro smiled at him knowingly. “Here.” She put the picture into his hand. Then she looked in his eyes with an almost solemn expression on her face.

“Kirishima, I didn’t show that one to the others, only the pictures where you can’t really clearly see your expressions. Because, what’s between you two is not their business. Well, it’s not exactly mine, either, but, well.” She stood up from the couch.

Then, directing her words at the hedgehog who angrily acted as if he was not listening to their conversation, she added: “Sorry for butting in, Bakugo.” She left. Kirishima stared at her back for a few seconds, and then stood up to go to the sleeping room and hide the picture in his bag.






“What did you talk about with Jiro on the couch, earlier?”

Kirishima lifted his head from his dish of fried-rice to look at Kaminari who stared at him concerned.

“Why’re you asking?”, He asked him back, surprised, and feeling a bit nervous. He did not really want to tell Kaminari about the picture.

“Well, because…,” Kaminari stopped and stared at his food, loosing himself in thought.

They were eating lunch in the dining room. Hedgehog-Bakugo was sitting on the table and eating a piece of apple from one of Kirishima’s plates. The way he was nibbling it while holding it between his tiny paws was too cute, and whenever Bakugo would catch Kirishima watching him, he would give him a small, angry snort. It was adorable!

At the next table, Mineta still was getting pampered by the girls who gave him small snacks and sweets to eat, and at the table behind, Aoyama, Tokoyami, Midoriya and Tsuyu were feeding Uraraka with carrots and cucumbers. Kirishima noticed that Todoroki was not sitting next to Midoriya. In fact, when he let his eyes roam the room, he could not see him anywhere.

“I wonder where Todoroki went?”, he thought out loud.

“Huh? Todoroki?” Kaminari seemed flustered again at the mention of the boy who had stolen his first kiss. “Ahh… Haven’t seen him, don’t know.”

“Hm… Maybe he finished his lunch very quickly today and already left,” Kirishima made his guess.

“So, what were you talking about with Jiro?” Kaminari seemed to have decided that he wanted to know, after all.

“She just teased me about, you know… yesterday’s party, and stuff.”

“Aah… I see,“ Kaminari accepted his answer. It made sense, and it was the truth, after all. Kaminari had finished his food and grabbed his plate. “Gotta go. I wanna finish a few levels of my mobile game before soccer.”

It had been decided that everyone would play soccer on the lawn after lunch, meaning everyone except the three people who had turned into animals, of course. Normally, Kirishima would be delighted by the idea, but now he did not really feel like leaving Bakugo behind by himself.

“I’m not sure yet whether I’ll join soccer, but see you later,” he smiled and waved at him. Kaminari said, “Sure!”, waved back, and left.

Kirishima was eating silently by himself for some minutes while watching the hedgehog on the table, when someone sat down on the chair opposite to him. It was Midoriya.

“Oh, Midoriya? Came to check on Bakugo?” Kirishima said, beaming a smile at him. Bakugo stopped nibbling the apple he was holding to direct his most terrifying hedgehog-glare at Midoriya.

“Uhm, yeah…,” Midoriya answered, glancing at the hedgehog, and for some reason he seemed nervous. Surely not because of Bakugo’s glare, though, Kirishima thought to himself, smiling.

But then, why?

“Or d’you need something from me?”, Kirishima guessed away. At his words, Midoriya’s face flushed lightly.

“Y-yeah, actually I wanted to ask you something, Kirishima-kun,” he said.


“A-, Are you and Kacchan, -“, he did not finish his sentence, his face only took on a bright red color.

“What?” Kirishima asked him, feeling embarrassed and slightly panicking.

“Ah, no, it’s nothing, please just forget that,” Midoriya laughed shakily, he, too, apparently feeling embarrassed. Kirishima felt relief surge through his body. Nevertheless, when Midoriya jumped to his feet and wanted to leave, he held him back.

“Midoriya, I’ve wondered – have you seen Todoroki around?”

Midoriya’s expression quickly changed from embarrassment to worry.

“I’ve wondered about him, too… I’m gonna go look for him now,” he said. “See you later, Kirishima-kun.“ He smiled and shyly waved at the hedgehog glaring at him, “you too, Kacchan.” Then he left. The hedgehog sent him off with a disdainful snort.






Just a few minutes later, Kirishima fled the dining room to escape from any more questions the others had started to ask him again about his relationship with Bakugo. As he walked down the corridor, he glanced at the hedgehog lying on its stomach half-rolled-up on Kirishima’s shoulder. He wondered what Bakugo was thinking about all the things the others had wanted to know.

“Huhhh… They all should just mind their own business, right, Bakugo,” he sighed. The hedgehog did not answer him.

Guess I’ll go to the toilet, he thought to himself.

I can just put Bakugo down on the sink and he can wait there while I’m in the cabin… though… I wonder how hedgehogs go to the toilet?

He had just closed the bathroom’s door behind him when Bakugo let out an alarmed sound and stiffened on his shoulder. Only then Kirishima noticed that he and Bakugo were not the only ones in the room.

Midoriya was already there, and his neck was just being bitten by Todoroki.

“Huh?” Kirishima’s brain could not process the information his eyes were sending. He stared at them.

Midoriya’s eyes were hazy, his cheeks were flushed, and he did not seem to have the strength to stand on his own. He was leaning with his back on Todoroki, who was standing behind him, holding him in his embrace. Todoroki was grabbing Midoriya’s t-shirt and pulling it down his shoulder, and his mouth was pressed against Midoriya’s neck. And there, between Todoroki’s lips, Kirishima noticed two fairly large fangs, buried in Midoriya’s flesh.




*** *** ***



Chapter Text





“Ah…Kiri… Kirishima…kun?” Midoriya asked, weakly, as if he had trouble remembering Kirishima’s name.

“Midoriya!? Wha- Todoroki!? What are you doing, Todoroki!??”

When Kirishima jumped forward towards Midoriya and Todoroki, Bakugo had to bury his tiny claws deep into Kirishima’s shirt in order not to fall from his shoulder.

Kirishima grabbed Midoriya’s arms to pull him away from Todoroki – at the same time, Todoroki jumped backwards, as if he was scared of Kirishima. When he jumped, some drops of Midoriya’s blood spilled out between his lips and ran down his chin. There was blood on Midoriya’s neck, too.

“Midoriya, hey! You all right!?” Kirishima shook him, not very gently.

“Y-Yeah, I’m… I’m aaaalll…” Midoriya was slurring his speech. “Aaalll… All Miiiight.”


If Bakugo could have laughed right now, he would have made sure to laugh very loud at the pitiful state Midoriya was in. Unfortunately, all the sound he managed to make was a small snort.

He turned his gaze towards Todoroki who was cowering in the corner, staring at Kirishima. He seemed to be extremely wary of him, as if Kirishima was a carnivore much stronger than him, and his natural enemy. Well, Bakugo thought, it’s clear that half-and-half bastard is not human right now. Guess he’d become what you’d call a vampire.

Todoroki let out a deep growl, flashing his fangs at them.

Bakugo’s nose quivered slightly. He did not like the way Todoroki smelled. It made him feel nervous. Right now, Todoroki was much stronger than Bakugo was in his current state, and dangerous.

Bakugo gave in to his instinct and dove face-down into the big chest pocket of Kirishima’s shirt, rolled into a ball but made sure not to let out his spikes. He felt Kirishima’s body twitch in surprise at this, but shortly after he could feel his hand softly touch him through the fabric, as if to reassure Bakugo that everything was going to be okay. Then he felt him move, and from his movements, the sounds he heard and the dark silhouettes he was able to make out through the cloth of Kirishima’s shirt, he deduced that Kirishima had softly laid Midoriya down against the wall.

“Todoroki…,” Bakugo heard him say.

Todoroki growled at him, again. He seemed scared.


While Kirishima apparently was unsure what to do about the situation, Bakugo could hear the bathroom door opening, followed by Iida’s voice.

“Kiri, shima? What are you- MIDORIYA?”

“Iida, thank god! Something’s strange about Todoroki, he… he just bit Midoriya! It looked like he was sucking his blood or something…” Bakugo could feel his whole body vibrate when Kirishima’s voice resounded through his chest.

Sucking his blood!?” Iida sounded distressed. Bakugo presumed that hearing those words reminded him of that past business with the hero killer.

“What’s wrong?” That was Kaminari’s voice.

“What’re you doing?” And that was Sero’s.

How come they all just NOW decided to go to the fucking toilet!?

When Kirishima put his arms around Midoriya again and effortlessly lifted him up, Midoriya’s head nudged against the chest pocket Bakugo was nestled in. He wanted to hiss at him angrily but decided not to. No one had to know that he had been hiding in Kirishima’s pocket.

“I’m gonna get Midoriya to the teachers, guys,“ He heard Kirishima say, “Can I leave Todoroki to you?”

“Yes. Take Midoriya there, please,“ Iida answered gravely.

Before the door closed behind them, Bakugo was sure he heard Todoroki exhale in relief.

Why’s he been so scared of Kirishima?






„Thank you, Recovery Girl!”

Kirishima had not even known Recovery Girl was staying at the inn, too, until Aizawa had brought her with him to let her have a look at Midoriya. She had examined his eyes and pulse and then only told them there was nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Midoriya had returned to being fully conscious. He still seemed bewildered, but his eyes were properly focused again, and he did not slur his speech anymore.

“Thank you, Kirishima-kun,” he gave Kirishima a warm smile and laughed at Bakugo’s snorts.

To Kirishima’s utmost surprise, when they entered the living room together, Todoroki was sitting on the couch, surrounded by their classmates. His expression was very serious, but he was talking to them, answering their questions, and reluctantly letting them touch the fangs that had grown in his mouth. Apart from the fangs and the fact that his skin looked so white it was unquestionably unnatural, he appeared to be back to his normal self.

“Ah, they’re back!”

“Midoriya, you all right?”

“He’s all right, guys, no need to worry!”, Kirishima assured them, laughing. The hedgehog sitting on his shoulder grimaced, but no one noticed.

“Yes, I’m totally fine! Thanks for worrying, everyone,” Midoriya smiled at them.


“Midoriya.” That was Todoroki’s voice. It sounded dry and lost. He was looking at Midoriya.

“Todoroki-kun… Y-You, are you okay now?”, Midoriya asked him timidly, he blushed a bit and his smile grew nervous.

Before Todoroki answered, he glanced at Kirishima. Kirishima wondered, why.

Why’s he so antsy?

Then Todoroki said: “Yeah. Sorry about that. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Ah, it’s okay, I don’t mind…,” Midoriya said but he got interrupted by Todoroki – he seemed angry, all of a sudden.

“But you should mind! I bit you and sucked your blood, Midoriya! How can you act like it’s not a big deal!?”

“Sssh, Todoroki-kun! Don’t shout!“, Iida reprimanded him, looking at him in surprise.

“Haha, calm down, guys, he’s just worried ‘bout him. Right, Todoro…” – Kirishima stopped in the middle of his sentence. When he had taken a few steps towards where Todoroki was sitting, he had jumped to his feet and moved away from him, staring at Kirishima with an uneasy look on his face.

Kirishima stared back at him, perplexed. He hesitated for a moment.

“... Todoroki, I thought so before, too, but… It can’t be… Are you afraid of me?”, he asked Todoroki, his tone reflecting his disbelief in the very words he uttered.

“Hah?! Why should he be afraid of you,“ Kaminari started and was about to laugh when Todoroki let out a tense sigh.

“No, he’s right…“ He stared into Kirishima’s eyes. “Seems like I’m scared of you, Kirishima.”

“B-but, why…?” Kirishima’s eyes and mouth were wide open, he felt flabbergasted.

“I don’t know. There’s no reason, it’s like, instinct, I guess…” He lowered his head into a slight bow.

“Sorry about that. I’ll try not to let it show too much.”

“Uhm… no, it’s okay… I mean, I guess then I’ll try to just leave you some space, okay?” Kirishima did not know what else to say.

Todoroki’s afraid? Of me!? Why!??

He did not seem to be the only one puzzled by that question.

“Why’d you be scared of Kirishima?!”, Ashido asked.

Kirishima, of all people!?”, Sero added.

“Todoroki, making jokes again…”, Aoyama commented dreamily, shaking his head.

While everyone was bugging Todoroki, Kirishima noticed that Midoriya was staring at Todoroki with a strange expression on his face. Kirishima did not know what to make of it. Then he noticed that Bakugo had climbed up his hair to hide between the spiked-up, red strands.

“Guess hedgehogs don’t really like vampires, huh, Bakugo,” he teased him in a quiet voice so no one else could hear. The hedgehog on his head let out a small, defiant snort.






It turned out that guinea pigs and hamsters did not like them, either. When Uraraka had floated into the living room unsuspectingly, she let out a startled, shrill screech sound at Todoroki’s sight and floated back out as fast as she could.

And hamster Mineta had decided he would not come out of the safe space between Yaoyorozu’s breasts anymore until it all was over. Kirishima suspected, though, that Todoroki’s metamorphosis into a vampire only served as a pretext here. He was almost sure Yaoyorozu knew that, too, but apparently, she just could not refuse Mineta while he was in this cute purple hamster form.

Good for you, huh, Mineta.

Kirishima was very happy with the hedgehog in his hair, too, when suddenly he remembered what he had been thinking about on his way to the toilet earlier.

The toilet! I’m sure Bakugo, too, wants to go to the toilet!

He left the living room, grabbed the hedgehog from his head and looked at him.

“Bakugo, you need to go to the toilet, right? Can you tell me where hedgehogs go to the toilet?”

Bakugo shot him a deadly glare and tried to kick him with his short hedgehog-feet, in vain.

I wonder if I can hold him over the toilet – no, Bakugo wouldn’t like that. If I were a hedgehog, what would I…?

“I don’t really know about hedgehogs, but I guess if I was an animal, I’d wanna do it outside,” he thought out loud. The hedgehog snorted at him.

“Alright, let’s go!” With the displeased hedgehog in his arms he walked out and crossed the big lawn until he reached the edge of the forest that surrounded the inn and training ground. He softly put Bakugo down.

“I’ll wait here until you’ve finished, okay? Just don’t go too far and make sure you come back right away!”

He thought he saw the hedgehog roll his eyes at him before he let out an angry snort and disappeared into the thicket of the forest.

Kirishima smiled, but he felt uneasy.

What’ll I do if he doesn’t come back?

To his relief, the hedgehog came back shortly after.

“Ah, welcome back! That sure didn’t take long,” Kirishima beamed at the small creature and reached out his hands so it could climb on. However, Bakugo just ignored his hand with a disregardful sniff and started plodding towards the inn on his own.

Kirishima felt a bit lonely for a moment, but then he smiled.

I know you’re just embarrassed.

He walked behind the hedgehog very slowly. When they had crossed about half of the lawn, Bakugo suddenly stopped. He sat down on the grass and snorted softly.

Kirishima grinned. Then he took him in his arms and carried him the rest of the way into the inn.




*** *** ***



Chapter Text





Bakugo did not exactly like being a hedgehog.

Because, being a hedgehog, he could not talk, he could not curse or shout, he could not even go to the toilet on his own and he most certainly could not make things explode. For some strange reason, Uraraka was able to use her quirk while in her guinea pig form, but Bakugo found himself unable to create even the slightest spark with his tiny hedgehog paws. It had occurred to him that this might be related to the fact that he had not sweated even once since becoming a hedgehog, and, wondering if hedgehogs were able to produce sweat at all, he did consider the option of trying it out. However, this would entail him doing some sorts of fast movements or work-out, and he was sure he did not want to let anyone see him do such things as the small, weak hedgehog he currently was.

Fuck this shit, he thought, trying to climb the short stretch from Kirishima’s arms up his shirt to sit on his shoulder again. It was very difficult – apparently hedgehogs were no natural climbers.

“Don’t fall, Bakugo,“ he heard Kirishima’s voice, and the next thing he knew, Kirishima’s hand had gently supported and pushed him the last part of the way up to his shoulder.

Bakugo snorted at him sorely.

I could’ve done that myself!

However, as he was sitting on Kirishima’s shoulder where he could glance up at the side of Kirishima’s face and feel the slight movements of his shoulder and neck when he moved, Bakugo’s dissatisfaction quickly gave way to a feeling of security and coziness.

No, he did not like being a hedgehog. He wished he could change back into his human form as soon as possible. But, there certainly were benefits to being a small animal which Kirishima seemed to feel very protective about.

And, he said I was cute.

Feeling slightly embarrassed by the thought, Bakugo proved the world that hedgehogs could actually frown.






After initially having cancelled playing soccer because of the unexpectedly arisen urgency regarding Todoroki’s situation, now that Todoroki seemed to be back to his usual self, Class 1-A had decided to have a soccer game after all.

“I’m gonna read out the teams,” Aizawa announced in his standard bored voice. “Blue Team: Iida, Shoji, Tsuyu, Sato, Kaminari, Ashido, Jiro, Midoriya. Red Team: Ojiro, Hagakure, Kirishima, Todoroki, Yaoyorozu, Tokoyami, Aoyama, Sero. Koda said he’d watch the pets.”

Normally, at this point he would be interrupted by one of Bakugo’s angry outbursts, but unfortunately for Bakugo, his angry hedgehog snort was too quiet to hear from the edge of the lawn where he was sitting next to Uraraka and Mineta on a soft blanket, being charily watched over by Koda sitting behind them. Koda seemed to be talking to Uraraka and Mineta through his quirk, and from time to time he would try to include Bakugo in their conversation, but the hedgehog ignored him.

“During the game, you may use your quirks,” Aizawa continued. There were some cheers and claps.

“But only on the ball and yourselves, not your teammates. I’d prefer it if I don’t have to ask Recovery Girl to come here… And, also make sure you don’t destroy the ball. It’s not acceptable for the goalkeeper to destroy the ball to prevent goals.” He glanced at Ashido and Todoroki when he said that. “If you end up destroying it, I’ll have you pay for a new one. We’ll start the game in a few minutes. Both teams, decide your player positions now.”


“Who wants to be goalkeeper?” Kirishima looked at his teammates challengingly.

“I think either Ojiro or Sero should do it. Ojiro could use his tail to ward off the ball, or Sero could catch it with his tapes…,” Yaoyorozu suggested.

“Ah, that’s true!”, Hagakure agreed with her. “Or, what about you, Tokoyami? Including Dark Shadow, we’d have two people guarding!”

“I’m sorry, but that won’t be possible. Dark Shadow does not like being in the sun,” Tokoyami apologized to her. It was about 4:30 pm, and the summer afternoon sun was still beaming strongly.

“Wouldn’t it also be a smart move if you’d be goalkeeper?” Todoroki addressed Hagakure.


“Yes. Our opponents wouldn’t know where to aim if the goalkeeper’s completely invisible.”

“Hey, you can’t ask her to stand in the goal naked,” Ojiro reprimanded him, blushing.

“Haha that’s true,” Kirishima laughed. “So, you’re gonna do it, Ojiro?”

“Naked!? How pervy, Kirishima!”, Sero teased him.

“No, I didn’t mean-“ Kirishima started to justify himself, but it seemed his clarification was not needed.

“Well, I thought I’d like to try shooting goals with my tail,” Ojiro said hesitantly.

“Okay, I’ll be the goalkeeper then,” Sero grinned.


They decided on the remaining players’ positions. Since nothing had changed about Todoroki feeling uneasy near Kirishima, Kirishima would be playing in the front with Tokoyami and Ojiro while Todoroki would stay in the back, defending the goal together with Aoyama.  Hagakure and Yaoyorozu would be responsible to connect their team play in the middle.

Meanwhile, the other team had finished deciding their positions, too, and the players went to their respective positions on the field. Their opponents had chosen Shoji as their goalkeeper. The positioning of their other players was exactly mirroring Kirishima’s team, which meant that the field was divided into one-on-one matches as following:




               Kirishima vs. Midoriya                                                                              Ojiro vs. Tsuyu


               Hagakure vs. Ashido                      Tokoyami vs. Sato                          Yaoyorozu vs. Jiro


               Aoyama vs. Iida                                                                                         Todoroki vs. Kaminari





“Should you really be playing, Midoriya? Wouldn’t it be better if you rested some more?” Kirishima was still worried about him.

“Thank you, Kirishima-kun, but I’m really feeling well! You don’t have to worry,” Midoriya smiled at him, appreciating his sincere concern.

“You sure?”


Kirishima showed him a sharp-teethed smile. “Then I won’t hold back! I won’t go easy on you, Midoriya!”

“Yes. Me, neither!” Midoriya’s smile was determined and showed that he was excited for what was to come. Kirishima liked him best this way.

He still wondered what all that blushing before had been about, though, but whatever had been on Midoriya’s mind did not seem to be occupying him anymore – at least, for now.

Without an ounce of motivation, Aizawa blew a whistle and the game started.






They had been playing for about 70 minutes and the score was counting 4-2 for Red when it happened.

No one had noticed how the physical efforts of the game had started affecting Todoroki’s physical condition. They had noticed that he was moving even more nimble than he already used to when he was human, but no one was surprised at this since they all already knew he had undergone an accidental transformation into a Vampire. However, thinking back now, Kirishima wondered why he did not think at all of the possibility that Todoroki’s thirst for blood might return.

No one had noticed how his movements became increasingly vague as his mind started being preoccupied by thoughts unrelated to the game. No one had noticed how he had been staring over at Midoriya on the other end of the field much more frequently as the game progressed. No one had noticed how the color of his eyes had been slowly changing from grey and blue to red and red. No one noticed anything, until –

“WHA- What’re you-“, Kaminari’s voice somersaulted in surprise. Kirishima turned around to look for the reason, why –

What he saw was Todoroki, knocking Kaminari down on the ground, and pouncing on him as if he wanted to eat him alive –


From out of nowhere, Jiro jumped onto Todoroki, pulling at his arms that were pinning the terrified Kaminari to the ground while using her earphone cords to strangle him, all to get him away from Kaminari.

Todoroki hissed angrily and tried to turn around to fight her off, or maybe bite her, instead –


“Stupid brats…-“

Almost simultaneously, Aizawa used his eyes to negate Jiro’s quirk, while Sero shot out tapes and tightly wrapped Todoroki in it. Aizawa then fixed his gaze on Todoroki to make sure he could not use his fire or ice to free himself from the tapes.

“Nice, Sero,” Aizawa acknowledged Sero’s choice of action.

Kaminari let out a relieved groan when the weight of Todoroki and Jiro left his body as they both tumbled to the ground next to him. But Jiro did not let go of Todoroki. He was immobilized by Sero’s tapes but still hissing at her, and this time she nailed him to the ground and shook him.

“Bastard, what d’you think you’re doing!? Just ‘cause you’re scared to do it to Midoriya! Kaminari’s NO remedy for your selfish desires!!”

“JIRO-SAN!!” Iida had sprinted over using engine in an instant and pulled her away from Todoroki.

Sero rushed over to Kaminari and helped him back onto his feet, while Aizawa walked towards Todoroki and lifted him up. Todoroki was still hissing and struggling to free himself as if in a frenzy, thirsty for blood – anyone’s blood.

“I’m gonna have Recovery Girl take a look at him, but I fear there’s nothing we can do other than just wait for him to transform back,” he said. Meanwhile all players had assembled and were gathering around Kaminari, Sero, Jiro, him and Todoroki.

“Who’d expect for that quirk to have such an impact on you, boy,” Kirishima heard him mumble when he started walking towards the inn, carrying Todoroki, who looked like a mummy in Sero’s tapes, thrashing about in his arms.


When they had left, silence spread over the lawn. Then, Jiro asked:

“He didn’t bite you yet… right?” She did not look at Kaminari who was standing with Sero some feet behind her when she spoke, still sitting on the grass.

Kaminari stared at her. Then he shook his head.

“No. I mean, he was going to, but… then you stopped him.”

Now Jiro was shouting.

“YOU IDIOT! Why didn’t you just shock him!?”

Kaminari stared at Jiro’s back with a mixed suppression of surprise and helplessness.

“I know, but… You can’t expect me to use my quirk on one of us. On a friend.”

Jiro stayed silent at first, putting her hand on her forehead.

Then they heard her mumble: “That’s why I’m always telling you, you’re an idiot.”

Kaminari seemed to be at a loss about what to say in return. Then, he hesitantly said:

“Uhm… thanks, Jiro.”

She still did not look at him. She only nodded.

“You okay, Jiro?”, Kirishima asked her, worried.

She nodded again, and finally she stood up. She stretched her arms. Then she turned around and looked at them. Her face was still grim, but she seemed to have come to terms with what had happened.

“So, it’s 2:4 in the end, right? Guess our team loses.”

The others nodded. They had not played full 90 minutes yet, but this game was definitely over.




*** *** ***




Chapter Text





“Huuhhh… Now I really feel bad for Todoroki.”

Kirishima’s sigh was rather long. He was so lost in thought, worrying about Todoroki, that he did not even realize one of his hands was caressing Bakugo’s head. Bakugo made sure to remind him by angrily biting his finger. Not too hard, though.

“Ouch! Oh… sorry, Bakugo. I didn’t...”

What’re you blushing for, dumb hair. Blushing at a hedgehog… Now how stupid is that.

They had already eaten dinner, and now they were in the bath, sitting in the hot water basin. Or at least Kirishima was. Hedgehog-Bakugo was sitting on his knees which Kirishima had carefully bent in front of him in such an angle that the hedgehog’s feet and tummy were covered in hot water with still enough of his head sticking out, to make sure he did not need to fear ending up drowning. Bakugo had a feeling that he was actually able to swim, but he did not feel like trying it out. Because probably, he would just end up being called cute by everyone again, and he could well live without that.

There’s only one person I might allow to call me that, he thought while frowning at Kirishima.

All the other boys were with them, too, so it was in fact quite cramped in the small basin. Bakugo noticed that Midoriya was lost in thought, again.

He seems to be pretty down. Because of half-‘n-half bastard, no doubt.

“Well, there’s nothing we can do for him,” Sero said, sighing. He seemed to be in a rather bad mood, too, which was uncommon for him.






Aizawa had advised them to stay away from Todoroki. Although he should not be able to free himself from his shackles on his own and they had given him pills to suppress his fire-and-ice quirk for a while, being near anyone would only make it harder for him to endure his thirst for blood.

“And if someone just… gives him blood?”, Yaoyorozu asked, not without blushing, but looking very worried.

“I can’t have you do that,“ was Aizawa’s stern answer. “Normally, having their blood taken has no negative effect on the person it’s taken from. However, the vampire quirk should not affect Todoroki as much as it does. Because it’s an irregularity, we don’t know if there’ll be side effects we don’t know of. Midoriya seemed to be okay,“ he looked at Midoriya, who seemed startled at the call of his name, “ but that doesn’t mean next time would be the same. That’s why it’s better if you all just stay away from him. By tomorrow, it should be all over, anyway.”






“Yeah, guess there’s nothing we can do, is there,” Shoji agreed.

“But it’s sad to know, isn’t it? That Todoroki must be in pain, enduring it alone,” Aoyama said in a soft, compassionate voice.

“Guys… I’m happy that you’re worrying about me, too, but… Have you realized that the girls actually took Mineta with them into their bath!?” Kaminari looked at them, completely thunderstruck by his own realization.

“Uhm… Yeah, I noticed that, too…,” Ojiro said, embarrassed. The others nodded. Except Midoriya, who was too lost in thought to follow their conversation, and hedgehog-Bakugo, who just did not care.

“I’m so jealous!!”, Kaminari cried, vigorously putting his arm around Kirishima’s shoulders as if he wanted to hear him agree. All the answer this got him was an angry hiss from Bakugo, though.

“Yeah, I get where you come from, but… I mean, it’s Mineta right? I don’t really feel like being jealous of him…,” Sero said. The others nodded, again. Kirishima thought saying this was quite rude of Sero, but he secretly agreed with him.

“Are you leaving already, Midoriya?” Kirishima was startled from Tokoyami’s voice.

“Uh… yes. See you later, everyone.” He smiled at them and left.


“He seems really down,” Shoji said.

“Yeah, he does,” Kirishima agreed with him. But somehow, he felt slightly uneasy. Something about Midoriya’s expression just now had reminded him of something.

“Guys… What do you think Jiro meant when she said I’m ‘no remedy for Todoroki’s desires’? That sounded pretty strange,” Kaminari asked them. Kirishima had a feeling that he had been thinking about it since quite some time, now. And actually, Kirishima had wondered about the same thing himself. But unlike Kaminari, he had a hunch what it had meant.

“Yeah, that was strange. What does she know that we don’t?”, Sero thought out loud.

“Well, she said it, did she not?” Everyone’s head turned to Tokoyami when he spoke. He met their gazes and continued calmly. “She said ‘just because you are scared to do it to Midoriya.’ That means, she thinks that Todoroki was trying to do to Kaminari what he actually wanted to do to Midoriya.”

“But- Why me? And, why would he especially want to drink Midoriya’s blood?” Kaminari’s tone and facial expression both showed just how strange he thought everything was.

There was silence – either everyone was at a loss, or no one dared to say anything. For Kirishima, the latter was the case. Then, finally, he decided to say it.

“I don’t know why he chose you, Kaminari… but,” he looked into Kaminari’s eyes. “I think he has done it before. Do you remember yesterday, when he kissed you during the game?”

Kaminari’s face flushed hard. “As if I could forget that so easily,” he murmured crossly.

“Yeah. But you know the thing is, that’s probably the reason Jiro was so angry at him. Because, not only did he use you as a substitute when he actually wanted to drink Midoriya’s blood.“ Kirishima swallowed.

“I think he’s done the same thing before. When he kissed you, although the one he actually wanted to kiss was Midoriya.”

Before Kirishima could decide whether he actually should tell them everything or not, he was surprised when Kaminari opened his mouth and guessed it right on his own.

“I see. So, probably, Todoroki likes Midoriya, is what you’re trying to say, right?”

The hedgehog on Kirishima’s knees snorted at Kaminari’s words, and Kirishima thought it sounded just like ‘took you long enough to figure that one out, dunce face’.

Kirishima quickly looked at the faces around him. He was relieved to see that not everyone seemed to be surprised. Tokoyami, Aoyama and Shoji looked as if they had already suspected as much. Iida seemed pretty flabbergasted for a moment, but then he just pushed his glasses higher up his nose (or tried to. He had forgotten he’d left them in the changing room) and nodded silently to himself, mumbling, “I see."

“Yeah,” Kirishima admitted. “That’s what I’ve been thinking. But it’s only my guess, I haven’t asked Todoroki about it, and I think Midoriya hasn’t noticed anything. So, I think we should just keep it a secret for now. If possible, don’t tell the girls or anyone else.”

“Yes. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to Todoroki,” Ojiro said.

“And we don’t know for sure that that’s how it is. Let’s just keep it to ourselves for now, everyone,” Iida agreed with them. They nodded at each other in silence, again.

Kirishima, however, had finally realized what Midoriya’s expression earlier had reminded him of. It was the same expression he had seen on Midoriya the night they had decided to go rescue Bakugo from the villains on their own – knowing fully well it meant disregarding the fact that Aizawa and the school had forbidden them to.

Midoriya. Don’t tell me you’re…






Bakugo had been listening to their conversation, but he was feeling bored. From his seat on Kirishima’s knee, he lowered his head to the water, took a mouthful, aimed at Kaminari and tried spitting it out as far as he could.

It was not very far.

Fuck this hedgehog physique, he thought, as he watched the patterns the tiny drops created on the water’s surface.






Bakugo leisurely watched Kirishima getting dressed. It was fun. It was much easier to openly stare at someone as a hedgehog than as a human.

But as much fun as it was, Bakugo noticed that Kirishima seemed to be lost in thought, worrying about something. If he could speak, he would just ask him about it, but he could not. And when Kirishima had finished dressing, he actually dared to almost forget to take Bakugo with him!

Bakugo angrily reminded him by directing a kind of small, high-pitched bark at him. Which surprised himself just as much as Kirishima; he had not known he was able to make such a sound.

“AH! Sorry, Bakugo! I was totally lost in thought there!” Kirishima apologized, startled, grabbed the hedgehog gently and put him on the shoulder Bakugo had already got used to sitting on.

Yeah, I figured that much.

Kirishima stopped and seemed to be thinking, again. Then he squinted down at Bakugo.

“Bakugo… I think I’m gonna check on Todoroki. Just in case.”

HUH!? Why’d you do that!?

But Kirishima had already started walking.


When they turned around the corner of the corridor leading to the room where Todoroki was lying in, Kirishima suddenly stopped. And Bakugo knew, why.

In front of them there was Midoriya. He seemed to be on his way to Todoroki’s room. He hadn’t noticed them.

Kirishima hid behind the corner. They watched as Midoriya silently opened the unlocked door and entered the room. Kirishima did not move for a few seconds. A look at his face told Bakugo that he was worried, very worried. He did not like that.

Don’t worry about that stupid nerd.

That was what the hedgehog was thinking, but somewhere in his heart, Bakugo felt a tiny whiff of worry, too. A teeny, tiny little whiff, so tiny he hardly noticed it was there.

They heard Midoriya’s quiet voice, and then Todoroki’s, hissing and shouting something at him.

Hearing them, Kirishima apparently decided not to risk letting his friend meet any misfortune. He walked towards the door which Midoriya had left open. He hesitated. Then, he sneaked towards the door frame and leaned forward just far enough for him and the hedgehog on his shoulder to glance into the room.

There they were, and miraculously they did not seem to have noticed them.

“Midoriya I’m telling you GO AWAY NOW!” Todoroki sounded so angry it was almost scary. Not that Bakugo would ever feel scared of him. But he climbed up Kirishima’s hair and hid in between the loose strands and his headband, just because.

Todoroki was not wrapped in tapes, anymore. There were only handcuffs at his wrists, chaining him to the bed.

“And I’m telling you I won’t. It’s okay, Todoroki-kun. I’m not doing this only for you. I’m doing it because I want to.”

Midoriya started unbuttoning his short-sleeved shirt.

“Midoriya… don’t…,” Todoroki’s voice still sounded angry, but it was also dyed in feverish desire. Suddenly Bakugo felt the urge to leave. If he could just tell Kirishima to go, now. But Kirishima seemed to be frozen in place.

“There’s no reason for you to bear it all by yourself,” Midoriya muttered quietly. He had unbuttoned his shirt far enough that, pulling it down, it fully exposed one of his shoulders. He sat down on the bed next to Todoroki, and said:

“Please. Drink it.”

Todoroki let out one last, desperately feverish growl. Then, he opened his mouth, and sank his fangs deep into Midoriya’s flesh.




*** *** ***




Chapter Text





Following that had been pure torture for Kirishima’s mind. He knew that he did not want to leave Midoriya alone with Todoroki when he could not be sure whether Todoroki would stop sucking his blood before Midoriya was in serious trouble. However, he definitely neither enjoyed watching nor hearing the sounds that escaped the room while Todoroki was sucking Midoriya’s blood. It was far too sensual for comfort. To make matters worse, he could not be more aware of the fact that the hedgehog who was with him was actually Bakugo. Knowing that he could see and hear them, too, made everything much more embarrassing.

Kirishima slid down to the ground at the wall separating them from Midoriya and Todoroki. He pulled down the hedgehog from his head and put him next to him on the floor. Kirishima knew that his face was probably red and thus giving away the fact that he felt embarrassed by the situation, but he decided to look at the hedgehog, anyway. He had learned to read its expressions good enough to know that Bakugo was angry and wanted to quickly leave the place, too.

“I know. But I don’t wanna leave Midoriya alone with him. I have to do something if Todoroki goes too far,” he told him in a quiet voice. The hedgehog wrinkled its nose at him, but did not make a sound, and it did not walk away, either.


“Let’s see this through, right,” Kirishima smiled at Bakugo, still embarrassed all the same.


Some more minutes passed – minutes of awkward silence on one side of the wall and the erotic sounds of Todoroki’s sucking as well as the small, dazed moans that would escape Midoriya’s mouth from time to time on the other. Then, when Kirishima started wondering if it was about time for him to step in and make Todoroki stop, the sucking sounds and soft moans stopped. They heard Todoroki’s voice. It was calm, sad, and gentle.

“Midoriya. I’m sorry. Thank you.”

Is it over?

Kirishima leaned to the side and glanced through the entrance. It took him about three seconds to realize what he saw. And when he realized, he knew that he was not supposed to see it.

Midoriya seemed to be half-unconscious, leaning limply against Todoroki’s chest. But Kirishima could not fully see his face, the reason for that being that Todoroki was kissing him. Not the forceful way he had kissed Kaminari yesterday. It was a kiss that contained so much gentleness and affection Kirishima knew it definitely was not something he should be watching.

In a corner of his brain Kirishima realized that the hedgehog who had been sitting next to him had started plodding towards the entrance to take a look at what Kirishima was seeing, too. He frantically grabbed it before Bakugo could see anything and jumped to his feet. Ignoring Bakugo’s angry snorts, he rushed down the corridor, just trying to get as far away as he could.

Eventually, he stopped. Then he started to walk towards the teachers’ room.

Guess I should tell them to send Recovery Girl.






When the boys prepared to go to bed that evening, Kirishima felt it was his turn now to blush at Midoriya. When in fact, he knew fully well that Midoriya had no clear recollection of the time when Todoroki sucked his blood, and neither was he aware of the fact that Todoroki had kissed him afterwards – and, of course, he had no idea that Kirishima had involuntarily seen and heard everything.

Apparently, Recovery Girl had made Midoriya eat a bloody before-bedtime-steak and made him drink nearly three liters of water. She had also made him swallow some pills and declared that everything should be fine now, and that his blood should have fully replenished itself after a good night’s sleep.

About Todoroki, they had been told he was a lot better now and did not seem to feel thirsty anymore. However, they would make him sleep chained to the bed in the single room just to be on the safe side.

None of the boys had commented on the fact that Midoriya had gone to see Todoroki, not heeding their teacher’s warning, and had even let Todoroki drink his blood. But Kirishima was sure they all were wondering about the same thing. Had it just been an act of friendship? Or was it really possible that Todoroki’s feelings were not one-sided, after all?


Kirishima had changed into his pajamas and snuggled into his futon. Then he glanced at the hedgehog sitting on the futon next to him.

“You okay there, Bakugo? If you’re cold you can also sleep here with me,” he paused for a second, slightly blushing at his own words when the hedgehog met his gaze. “But, I think I might turn in my sleep and I don’t wanna end up crushing you. So maybe it’s safer if you don’t…”

“Bro, I think Bakugo’d let you know with his spikes instantly if you forget he’s there,” Kaminari, who was lying in the futon next to him, laughed. “But wanting to share your futon with a hedgehog, really…”

Kirishima decided to ignore Kaminari’s suggestive winking at him.

“Are you sure you’re feeling fine, Midoriya?”, they heard Iida ask.

“Yes, I’m fine! Thank you, Iida-kun,” Midoriya answered. He was already snuggled up in his futon, too, like the rest of them. Only Iida was still standing, his hand on the light switch.

“Then I’m going to turn off the light.” He did as he had announced and then they heard him slip under the blankets of his own futon.

“Good night, everyone,” he said. And everyone answered him – except Bakugo and the people who were already asleep, and that was everyone except him, Kirishima, Bakugo, Kaminari and Midoriya.






That night, Kirishima had a strange dream.

He was standing in the long corridor of some sort of labyrinth. The walls were covered in posters of All Might as well as sporadic pictures of Crimson Riot here and there, the floor under his feet consisted of mirrors and the ceiling looked like a flowing river.

There were purple hamsters scurrying around all over the ground, and chocolate-colored guinea pigs whizzing through the air.

He looked down at his hands. They were holding a small, beige-colored hedgehog with pointy red eyes.

“Bakugo?”, he asked him unsurely, and the hedgehog softly snorted at him.

Kirishima smiled insecurely at the animal and started slowly walking down the corridor.

He noticed a door in the wall that someone had left open. When he got closer and peaked into the room, he saw Todoroki, pinning Midoriya onto a bed and violently biting his neck-

“What d’you think you’re doing, shitty hair?”

Kirishima turned around in surprise at Bakugo’s voice. There he was, standing before him and smirking at him – human Bakugo. Kirishima quickly gazed at his hands – they were empty.

“Where are you looking for me? I’m here,” Bakugo growled at him. It was an angry, dangerous growl, meant as a warning. But for some reason, Kirishima did not feel scared - he felt happy.

“I know.” He softly put his hand on Bakugo’s cheek. Bakugo’s eyes widened in surprise, staring at him, and then his expression was the same as the one he had shown him that night of the bottle-spinning game.

All of a sudden, the riverbed that was the ceiling ran dry and stones and rocks came falling down at them.

“BAKUGO!”, Kirishima screamed and threw himself on Bakugo, hardening his back - and then he felt himself getting crushed under the falling rocks. The weight on his back was overwhelming, but at the same he felt soothed by the warmth of Bakugo’s body underneath him.

I won’t let you get hurt, Bakugo. I’ll protect you, I promise.






Then he woke up. But neither the weight nor the warmth on his body left him.

He dozily opened his eyes, and what he saw in his lower field of vision were strands of tousled ash-blond hair.


Kirishima hugged him a bit tighter. Bakugo was warm, and Kirishima liked how he smelled – like sweet caramel with a tiny dash of salt.

This is a nice dream, Kirishima thought and closed his eyes again.


“I don’t mind if you go back to sleep, but I think you better wake up now, Kirishima.”

Why’s Kaminari talking in my dream? Go away.

“That’s definitely going beyond bromance, dude.”


Have you considered that they may be doing it intentionally?


“You mean, like an official declaration?”

Iida!!? Why’s everyone in my dream!?

“They want us to get the message.”

“Guys…  stop staring at them, please. And stop taking pictures. If Kacchan wakes up he’ll be furious!”




All of a sudden, Kirishima was wide awake as the realization hit him that this was not a dream after all.

He opened his eyes – and now he noticed not only the tousled tufts of Bakugo’s hair, but also the faces of his male classmates staring at him.

“Eh…?” For the moment, this was all he could say to them.

“G-Good morning, Kirishima-kun,” Midoriya greeted him, and it seemed like it was Midoriya’s turn again in their little blush-at-each-other’s-faces game.

“Bro. You better explain yourself. Or, yourselves.” Sero looked at him with raised eyebrows and a grin. Next to him, Kaminari wore an expression that was half excitement and half sympathy.

Kirishima looked down on the person lying on top of him and tried to grasp the situation.

Yes, it was Bakugo, who had changed back into his human form. He was lying on his stomach on top of Kirishima, sleeping. His left arm was clasping Kirishima’s shoulder while his right one rested comfortably beside them on the futon. Kirishima noticed that he was wearing the same clothes he had worn yesterday before he had transformed into the hedgehog. His clothes were pretty creased and disheveled, so probably he had been back in his human form and sleeping in them for several hours now. His tank top had slid up, exposing his upper tailbone. And – Kirishima quickly removed his hand – that was where his hand had rested until just now. Then, Kirishima had to quickly put his other hand up, too, when he noticed it had slid underneath Bakugo’s top to rest on Bakugo’s back. The last shocking thing Kirishima ascertained was how his’ and Bakugo’s legs were sort of entangled with each other.


Kirishima blushed very, very hard at his new-found understanding of the situation he was in.

When he lifted his gaze at the people around him, it met smirks, curious and embarrassed faces.

“Uhm…,” they all looked at him expectantly while waiting to hear what he would say.

“So… Would you mind acting like you didn’t see that? I don’t want Bakugo to-“

“So, you didn’t want us to see?”, Iida asked him earnestly.

“Why would I-,”

“Kirishima, I’m just asking because this is the perfect occasion,” Sero grinned, and Kirishima was sure he did not want to hear his question. Sero asked it, anyway.

“What’s going on between you two?”

Kirishima knew the color of his face must be speaking more than a hundred words, but he tried acting ignorant all the same.

“Uh… what, what do you mean…”

“Let me change the question then: What is Bakugo to you?”

“What d’you mean, he’s my friend. You know that-“

“Kaminari’s your friend, too, but you wouldn’t hug him like you were hugging Bakugo just now, would you?”, Aoyama sang from the other side of the room.

“Eww…,” Kaminari uttered. Other than that, he seemed to be holding himself back from saying anything, which Kirishima was thankful for. Unfortunately, his classmates did not even need Kaminari to say anything.

“I wanted to ask you the same thing, too.” Kirishima was surprised when Midoriya spoke.

“Are you and Kacchan in a relationship?”

“EH!?” Kirishima panicked. “W-why’d you think that?”

“Because…,” Midoriya blushed again and did not finish his sentence.

“N-no, we’re not… Please guys, stop making a fuss about this! If Bakugo hears you he’ll be furious!”

“Ah, that’s right. Guys, let’s drop it for now,” Ojiro said nervously.

“So you’re not going out but you cuddle in your sleep!?” Sero stuck to his guns.

“You even said his name in your sleep earlier,” Aoyama’s sing-sang voice floated through the room.

“I did!?”

“Yeah, you did,” Kaminari nodded.

“I-I, that was… I was just dreaming and-“

“Dreaming about BAKUGO!?” Sero exclaimed, clapping his hands together in excitement.

“N-no, I didn’t mean-“ Kirishima aborted trying to make excuses when he felt Bakugo move. The others panicked, though Sero was still giggling.

“SHIT he’s waking up!”

“Scatter! Scatter!”

“I didn’t see anything-“

“I didn’t ask anything-“

While everyone jumped back to their respective futons, with some acting as if they were asleep and others leisurely getting dressed or rummaging in their bags for things they knew were not in there, Kirishima watched nervously as Bakugo slowly opened his eyes, lifted his head and upper body, and sleepily looked down into Kirishima’s face.

This is soooo embarrassing! Please, let him not have heard any of that!

While Bakugo was staring at him dozily, Kirishima tried out a smile.

“G-good morning, Bakugo! You’re human again, that’s great, isn’t it!”

Bakugo did not answer and only stared into Kirishima’s eyes. Kirishima could feel sweat on his forehead. He tried desperately not to think about how Bakugo was sitting on top of him in a straddling position – and especially not to let himself feel it.

To his relief, Bakugo decided to dismount. Without saying anything, he sat down on his own futon and started to change his clothes.




*** *** ***


Chapter Text





Bakugo did not know if he was in a good or bad mood.

Today, he had woken up to find he had transformed back to his human self. This, considered by itself, was definitely a good thing. He had, however, also woken up to the annoying voices of his classmates.

“So, you didn’t want us to see?”

“Why would I-,”

When Bakugo heard Kirishima speak, his voice was right next to Bakugo’s ear, making him muzzily realize that he was lying on top of him.

And the other voice is…

“Kirishima, I’m just asking because this is the perfect occasion. What’s going on between you two?”

Tape-arms? What’re they talking about…?

 “Uh… what, what do you mean…”

“Let me change the question then: What is Bakugo to you?”


“What d’you mean, he’s my friend. You know that-“

“Kaminari’s your friend, too, but you wouldn’t hug him like you were hugging Bakugo just now, would you?”


“I wanted to ask you the same thing, too.”


“Are you and Kacchan in a relationship?”

Bakugo’s mind suddenly became very clear when he heard Midoriya’s question.

“EH!? W-why’d you think that?”


“N-no, we’re not… Please guys, stop making a fuss about his! If Bakugo hears you he’ll be furious!”

“Ah, that’s right. Guys, let’s drop it for now.”

“So you’re not going out but you cuddle in your sleep!?”

Oh shit. Now Bakugo had fully grasped the situation. He remembered that he had felt cold in the night and crawled onto Kirishima’s chest to draw body heat off him.

I must’ve fallen asleep and just changed back to normal like that.

“You even said his name in your sleep earlier.”

“I did!?”


“Yeah, you did.”

“I-I, that was… I was just dreaming and-“

“Dreaming about BAKUGO!?”

What kind of dream…?

“N-no, I didn’t mean-“

Bakugo had decided it was time to wake up now. He wouldn’t let them run their mouths about them any longer.

“SHIT he’s waking up!” - “Scatter! Scatter!” - “I didn’t see anything-“ - “I didn’t ask anything-“

Bakugo made sure to open his eyes very slowly, lifted his head and upper body, and sleepily looked down into Kirishima’s face. He smiled at him, but it was obvious to Bakugo that he was feeling extremely embarrassed.

“G-good morning, Bakugo! You’re human again, that’s great, isn’t it!”

Bakugo just stared at him through drowsy eyes before crawling back onto his own futon. He wished he knew what was going through Kirishima’s mind right now.


Thankfully, there was not much time for awkward silence in the boys’ bedroom as the door slid open all of a sudden, just when Bakugo had finished getting dressed.


All the boys’ heads turned at Jiro when she flung Mineta into their room.

Kaminari gasped and quickly covered his naked chest, but Jiro had already shut the door behind her again. Through the door they heard her ask: “You okay, Yaomomo?” Yaoyorozu answered something incomprehensible and then they heard Uraraka saying, “But throwing him like that was a bit mean, Jiro,” followed by Tsuyu’s addition, “Yes. After all, it was Momo-chan and Toru-chan who wanted him to sleep in our room in the first place.” The voices grew fainter as the girls walked away.

Bakugo wrinkled his nose at Mineta who was now lying on the surprised Ojiro’s futon, cursing Jiro under his breath.

“So, Mineta and Uraraka have changed back, too,” Tokoyami stated.

“Yeah we have,” Mineta groaned while getting back on his feet. Then his expression changed from being huffy to a conspiratorial smirk and his expression showed dreamy complacency when he said: “You can’t imagine the secrets I’ve seen…! All the places I’ve been! You’ll all die to hear about how our relationships have changed now, forever!”

Kaminari swallowed, looking at him with big eyes giving away that he was struggling between feeling expectant temptation and disgusted alarm.

The others’ reaction to Mineta’s words, however, was lukewarm, almost non-existent. After all, and Bakugo was sure of that, right now they were far more concerned with the fact that Bakugo not only blew nothing up, he downright gave them no reaction at all, even though they had all caught him snuggling into Kirishima’s arms.

Bakugo frowned, feeling irritated, but also a little smug at the same time. When he walked across the room to go wash up, he made sure to get rid of at least some of his accumulated anger by leaving a footprint on Mineta.

That award goes to us and not you, stupid runt.

It felt good being back in his body.






Outside, it was raining again.

“What’s up with all that rain lately?”, Kaminari complained.

“It’s almost like the rainy season’s back again, isn’t it.” Kirishima let out a small laugh.

Bakugo stared out the window, saying nothing to join their conversation.

Once again, the three of them were sitting at a table in the dining room, eating breakfast. Kaminari seemed to be the only one unable to read the situation – no one else had dared to sit down at their table. Bakugo could hear them whisper, though, and from time to time he shot deadly glares at the heads that turned into their direction. As he had expected, today’s main topic for discussion was not Mineta’s hamster adventures, it was ‘Bakugo and Kirishima cuddling together in the same futon.’” It did not surprise Bakugo at all when he noticed that the news seemed to even have reached the girls’ ears by now, and he had to held himself back not to fire an explosion at Ashido when he heard her giggling, “Bakugo was actually hugging him!?”

Bakugo was sure Kirishima could hear them, too, but that he tried his best not to let his embarrassment show. Bakugo frowned, staring at Kirishima who was going on talking about the weather with Kaminari.

Are you embarrassed because everyone’s talking about us? Or are you embarrassed of me?

Bakugo felt angry at himself for not having woken up earlier. The transformation into a hedgehog and back to a human might have taken its toll on his body, making him need more sleep than usually. Nevertheless, Bakugo wished he had woken up before they were seen by the others. And before Kirishima was awake, too. Then, Bakugo could have at least for some moments enjoyed the feeling of lying in Kirishima’s arms in secret, and no one would have known about how cozily he had snuggled into Kirishima’s embrace.

Will I ever get the chance again?

The whispers stopped abruptly, and everyone’s heads turned when the door opened and Todoroki entered the room. Bakugo saw Midoriya jump to his feet, before slowly sitting down again.

“Todoroki!”, Iida hurried over to greet him. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine, thanks, Iida.” Todoroki smiled at him. Then, he let his eyes roam the room. In a loud, calm voice he declared:

“I’m back to normal, now. Just now, I was examined by Recovery Girl and she said the effect of the Vampire quirk is almost gone and will probably completely disappear in the next two hours.”

He placed his fingers on his mouth and slightly pulled his upper lip to show them his teeth. His vampire fangs had almost reverted to normal teeth, although they still looked quite sharp.

“That’s fantastic news,” Ashido cheered.

“Good for you, Todoroki!” Sero grinned and gave him a thumbs-up.

“Thank god,” Yaoyorozu sighed, and many others nodded their heads agreeing with her.

Todoroki seemed to be hesitating for a moment. Then, he started walking – and stopped in front of Jiro, who did not say anything and just gave him a cold stare.

“Jiro. I’m sorry for what happened yesterday.” Todoroki’s voice was quit, but loud enough for everyone to hear.

She stared in his eyes for a few seconds. Then she shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s okay, I accept your apology. I’m also sorry for strangling you… But, I’m not the only one you should apologize to, am I?”

“Yes, I know. Thanks, Jiro.” With these words he turned around and came walking towards were Bakugo, Kirishima and Kaminari were sitting. When he stopped in front of Kaminari, Kaminari’s eyes grew big again, nervously meeting Todoroki’s gaze.

“Sorry, Kaminari. For trying to bite you.” Todoroki lowered his gaze. “And for that other thing, too,” he added in a voice so low Bakugo was sure no one except him, Kaminari and Kirishima could hear it. But even if they could not hear it, some people could probably guess what he had said from the way Kaminari blushed at his words.

“Uh… uhm… It’s okay, Todoroki! I don’t mind those things at all anymore! Though it would be a lie to say you didn’t scare the shit out of me back there!” Kaminari laughed shakily. Todoroki thanked him and went to get breakfast.


“So, you were scared, dunce face,” Bakugo said, glinting at him gleefully.

“Of course I was! You would’ve been, too, if it had been you whose throat he tried to slit with those fangs!”

Me, afraid? You talking in your sleep, HUH!?-” When Kirishima quickly put his arm around him, Bakugo forgot about getting angry.

“Haha, I don’t think he would’ve actually killed you, bro! But I agree, it looked extremely scary! I would’ve freaked out, too!”

Instead of rejoicing in Kirishima taking his side, Kaminari looked at him with a contemplative smirk on his face.

“…Speaking of sleep-talking,” His eyes wandered between him and Bakugo when he continued. “What were you dreaming about, Kirishima? Calling Bakugo’s name?”

Bakugo perked up his ears while glancing at Kirishima’s blushing face.

I’d like to hear about that, too.

“Ahh… Nothing special, or, more kind of weird, really…” Kirishima smiled at Bakugo. He looked nervous and embarrassed.

“I was, like, walking in some kind of maze... There were those hero posters all over the walls, and hamsters and guinea pigs all around, and, I was carrying you, you were still a hedgehog in my dream.”

He had to pause and swallow before he continued, hesitantly.

“Anyway, then you turned back into a human and we were talking, and suddenly the ceiling – uh, the ceiling was kinda like a riverbed – came crushing down and I, kinda tried to protect you from all the rocks falling down.”

He laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head.

“I guess that’s when I called out your name? Sorry ‘bout that.”

Bakugo did not say anything at first. Then he shrugged his shoulders and put a spoonful of cereals into his mouth.

“If you’ve the gall to put me in your fucked-up dreams you better protect me properly, shitty hair.”

Bakugo had thought Kirishima’s answer would be an apology accompanied by a relieved laugh, but he was wrong. Kirishima stared at him as if Bakugo’s words had just done him the greatest honor he ever knew. Kirishima jumped up from his chair and looked at him straight, slammed his hardened fists together (which, Bakugo knew, was one of his favorite manly gestures) and solemnly declared:

“I promise! Leave it to me, Bakugo!”

Bakugo’s spoon stopped in front of his mouth for a few seconds while he stared at Kirishima, perplexed. Then, he just said:


“Ahaha…,” Kaminari stared at them. Apparently, he could not think of any words to add to that. So, he just decided to continue eating, too.





*** *** ***




Chapter Text





While they were eating breakfast, the rain outside had become even stronger. This was very unfortunate, Kirishima thought, as it was more difficult to escape the other’s gossip when they could not leave the inn.

Kirishima thought that he heard their whispers and felt their gazes on his back almost constantly. And eventually, people started stepping forward and openly direct questions at him or Bakugo.

“So, you two woke up cuddling in the same futon, right? You sure you were really just sleeping?”, Ashido asked smirking, and Kirishima could not help blushing at what she was implying. Some feet behind her, a crowd had gathered around Sero.

“Like, it was Bakugo who’d climbed on top of him, but Kirishima was hugging him pretty tightly, too, his hands were aaaall over him,” he explained to them with great relish.

“Were you cold, Bakugo-chan?”, Kirishima heard Tsuyu ask Bakugo compassionately. Bakugo only glared at her angrily and shrugged his shoulders, which Kirishima knew was supposed to mean yes.

So it’s true, he was just cold. I know Bakugo doesn’t like the cold… And, Hedgehogs do the whole hibernation thing, after all.


Then, he was startled by Jiro’s voice near his ear.

“I’ve seen the pictures,” she told him, raising one of her brows knowingly.

“Pictures!? Who took pictures?”


Kaminari, you little sneak! How could you!

…And you didn’t even show them to me, first! I wanna see them, too!

“HUUH!?” Unfortunately, the news had not escaped Bakugo’s ears.

“Oops… I’ll send them to you later,” Jiro whispered and quickly flew the coop.

“Dunce face. Duuunce faaaace,” Bakugo growled slowly in a dangerously low voice while closing in on Kaminari. Kaminari squeaked in terror and tried to run away, but Bakugo had already cornered him, grabbed his arms and, easily pressing them over Kaminari’s head against the wall with one hand, he used his other hand to violently rummage through Kaminari’s pockets.

Ah! Don’t, no-”


Bakugo had found what he had been looking for. He held up Kaminari’s smartphone and blew it up right in front of his shocked face. When Bakugo let go of him and walked away, Kaminari crumbled to the ground and stared at the scraps of his phone. He seemed angry and close to tears.

“H-How- how could you- that’s so mean-“

Kirishima quickly hurried over to his friend.

“Don’t cry, bro! I’ll pay you, buy you a new phone!”

Kaminari looked at him disbelievingly. “Why would you…?”

Kirishima lowered his voice so only Kaminari could hear.

“You already sent the pictures around, didn’t you? Jiro told me she’ll send them to me later. So, you can see it as my payment for the pics you took, see?”

Kaminari threw his arms around Kirishima and buried his head in his chest. “Kirishimaaaaaa!”

“Yeah yeah, don’t worry! I’ve enough savings right now, it’s no problem.”

“Uhm, excuse me…” Both of their heads turned at Yaoyorozu who had timidly approached them.

“If it’s just your phone, I think I can re-create it for you, Kaminari-san. It will take some time, though…”

Both Kaminari and Kirishima looked at her as if she was their new personal goddess. And she met their hopeful gazes with a smile so pure as one would expect of a goddess. In the distance, Kirishima could hear Bakugo’s contemptuous snort.






About 40 minutes later, Kirishima was sitting on the couch reading manga, with Kaminari to his right and Bakugo to his left. Considering the fact that, less than an hour ago, Bakugo had deliberately destroyed one of Kaminari’s most important belongings, it was a virtually utopian sight. However, knowing that he would get a brand-new smartphone made by Yaoyorozu, Kaminari had generously forgiven Bakugo for his crime.

“He may be a jerk but he’s still my bro,” he had told Kirishima, leniently shaking his head about Bakugo’s immaturity.

“Don’t let him hear that,” Kirishima warned him, but hearing Kaminari calling Bakugo his ‘bro’ made him smile.

Now Kaminari was sitting with his back to Kirishima while sorting fashion magazines in front of him on the couch. From time to time he would ask Kirishima for his opinion on certain outfits or accessories. Kirishima gladly told him his thoughts about them, although he wondered if Kaminari might actually use them as anti-examples.

There’s no way he hasn’t realized yet that fashion’s not really my specialty, is there?

 …He probably would get better opinions if he asked Bakugo. Though I can’t really imagine Bakugo getting fired up with Kaminari about fashion magazines….

Bakugo was reading a book, claiming nearly half of the whole couch for himself. His head was on the armrest, while his legs were stretched out over Kirishima’s legs. It was by no means the first time they were hanging out in this position, relaxing. Kirishima has never thought much about it, but today of all days he thought Bakugo was either being really unaware of how they must look to others, or really provocative.

Surely, I can’t be the only one who still hears them whisper, right?

Kaminari glanced at the door and stood up from the couch.

“I’m gonna go ask if she has already finished creating,” he told Kirishima with a radiating smile, and then he scampered away.

Hopefully Yaoyorozu’s quirk skills will meet his expectations…


“Kirishima, can I speak to you for a second?”

Kirishima looked up from his manga in surprise when he heard Todoroki’s voice calling his name.

“Me? Uhm, sure! What’s up?”

Todoroki glanced at Bakugo. He seemed to be hesitating.

“Uhm… Yesterday, when Bakugo was still a hedgehog – was he with you all the time?”


“I mean… uhm….”

Kirishima had no clue while Todoroki seemed so hesitant to continue, but he decided to just answer his question.

“Yeah, he was with me the whole time yesterday. Why d’you ask?”

“Ah… So, in the evening, too?”

“…yeah, he was?”

“Okay then.” Finally, Todoroki had decided to sit down on the couch next to Kirishima. “Then I guess this concerns you, too, Bakugo.”

Bakugo ignored him and continued reading his book. Todoroki went on talking as if he had not expected Bakugo to act any other way.

“You visited my room yesterday, didn’t you?”

“Eh!?” Todoroki’s question caught Kirishima in surprise.

Did he notice us after all!?

“Uh… That came out sounding weird. But what I mean is… You saw, didn’t you?”

Kirishima stared at Todoroki’s face, feeling nervous and embarrassed. He averted his gaze.

“Yeah. I’m really sorry ‘bout that. I didn’t mean to spy on you. Or Midoriya.”

“I figured that. It’s okay, Kirishima, I don’t mind. You were worried about Midoriya, right? In fact, I’m thankful. I could’ve never forgiven myself if something had happened to him.” His face clouded. “Something even worse, that is.”

Kirishima did not dare speak. Todoroki fixed his eyes back on Kirishima’s face and continued.

“Also, you sending Recovery girl was a big help. Since I was still chained to the bed I thought I had to shout for help to draw the teachers’ attention, but my voice wouldn’t really come out well after…,” he did not finish his sentence, and Kirishima was not sure if it was because he was embarrassed or because he did not want to think about what he had done to Midoriya. That being said, he was rather surprised at what Todoroki asked him next.

“Anyway, what I actually wanted to speak to you about was that other thing. You’ve seen that, too, didn’t you.”

That ‘other thing’?


Kirishima lowered his head into a bow, clapping his hands together in an apologetic gesture.

“I’m sooo sorry, Todoroki! I didn’t mean to see that, really, I didn’t!”

When he glanced at Todoroki’s face, he was glad to see he was smiling, although it was a rather meek smile.

“It’s okay. It was my fault, after all, for doing something… like that. I just… I wanted to ask you not to tell him. Please. I don’t think he knows, it seems like he can’t even clearly remember anything from the time I drank his blood.”

Kirishima nodded earnestly.

“Of course, I won’t tell! Your secret’s safe with me… is, what I’d like to say, but, actually most of the guys are suspecting something. Actually, we were… kinda discussing it after your clash with Jiro…”

“…I see. Should’ve seen that coming.”

“But I won’t tell anyone about the-,” he stopped himself, glancing at Bakugo, and jolting when he saw that Bakugo had stopped reading and was now eyeing them.

“A- anyway, I won’t tell.”

“Bakugo doesn’t know?”, Todoroki asked in surprise, and Kirishima wished he could’ve just shushed him before it was too late, which it was now. Bakugo was frowning at them, and Kirishima knew he had remembered how suspiciously frantically Kirishima had grabbed him and ran away yesterday.

“Oh. Thank god. I mean-  thank you, Kirishima. I’m counting on you,” Todoroki said, stood up and started distancing himself when Kirishima called out to him.

“But, how did you know? Did you hear us?”

Todoroki turned around one more time to look at him.

“Have you forgotten, Kirishima? I could smell you. The whole instinct thing, you remember?” He walked back a few steps towards the couch, so that Kirishima had to look up to meet his gaze when he spoke.

 “Actually, I was thinking a lot ‘bout that while I was lying chained in that room. Why I was affected by that vampire quirk as strongly as I was, ‘cause both Aizawa and Recovery Girl said it was definitely not normal. And, it’s just some thought I had. I’m sure you’ve already heard theories about reincarnation and previous lives, and stuff like that?”

Kirishima stared at him, his mouth slightly open.

What is he talking about, all of a sudden?

“Well, it’s just a theory I came up with. It might sound like a fantasy, but actually I think it’s the most plausible explanation for why I had felt so scared of you.”

Todoroki looked at him, very calmly, but Kirishima thought he saw just a tiny spark of awe in his dichromatic eyes.

“Really. I wonder just what kind of terrifying creature you were, Kirishima.”

He nodded at him, and then he left.


Kirishima stared after him for a few seconds, then he turned around – and was startled again by Bakugo’s face that had leaned in close, mustering his.

“A ‘terrifying creature’, huuuuh...,” Bakugo said, smirking at him sarcastically.

Kirishima smiled at him, blushing and confused. He watched Bakugo lean back on the couch again and continue reading his book, feeling baffled.

He won’t ask?

Kirishima held up his manga and continued reading, too. Anyway, he was just glad Bakugo did not ask him about what exactly Todoroki had asked him to keep secret.




*** *** ***




Chapter Text





After lunch, the girls came up with the idea of playing hide-and-seek around the inn. Bakugo had made sure to let them know how totally idiotic he thought this was; nevertheless, he decided to bestow upon them the honor of his participation in the game. After all, he did not have anything better to do. It was still raining hard outside, thus going to the training grounds was not exactly an inviting perspective. Plus, Kirishima was participating, too, which, in general, really was almost all the reason Bakugo needed to join group activities he thought were stupid.

“So, how do you wanna play? I’m not sure I remember the rules,” Uraraka asked, laughing.

“Since we’re quite many people participating, I think it’s best if only seeing someone’s not enough. Running back to the base isn’t either, you have to catch your targets!”, Ashido suggested.

“Wouldn’t it be better to play cops and robbers, then?”, Shoji asked.

“More like, heroes and villains,” Jiro remarked. Kaminari nodded, apparently eager and excited to start playing.

“That’s true. This way, it’s not that different from our hero training role games, is it?”

“Yes. But I think we shouldn’t use our quirks,” Tsuyu said thoughtfully.

“Yeah, let’s agree on not fighting. We just hide, or run,” Ojiro agreed with her.

“Or pursue and catch, if you’re the villain!”, Kirishima threw in with a fired-up grin.

“I’m sure that will be for the best. Our teachers probably would not like to see us fighting in the inn,” Yaoyorozu said, and Tokoyami nodded seriously.

“But, if it’s a quirk that allows you to escape better, or to catch someone without hurting them, it’s allowed, right?”, Uraraka asked. After some reflecting, they decided to accept her proposition.


They decided further that in the beginning, there would be only one villain, but if someone gets caught, that person turns into a villain, too, meaning that with each person caught the numbers of villains would gradually increase, until the heroes would be gravely outnumbered.

“That’s kinda dystopian, dude. Sure we shouldn’t name the teams the other way round?,” Kaminari suggested with an uneasy frown, but, since it was just a game, no changes were made.

They decided on the first villain with a game of rock-paper-scissors. The task fell on the person loosing first – it was Iida.

“I’ve never been good at this game,” Iida shook his head and started to mentally prepare for his role.

“Uwah, though I definitely don’t wanna get caught right in the beginning, it’s kinda scary to imagine being the only one left in the end, when everyone’s turned against you,” Kirishima said. Although his words sounded worried, Bakugo noticed the excitement glimmering in his eyes.

“It really is a frightening thought!”, Aoyama agreed with him, caressing his nervous tummy.

They were standing in the living room, forming a circle around Iida who announced:

“Heroes! Are you ready!? Then I’ll start counting now. I’ll count to 100, and then I’ll come for you! WOHAHAHA!”

“Haha, nice, Iida! Well then, let the game BEGIN!”, Sero shouted, Iida started counting very fast, and everyone started running – expectably, most of them escaped through the doors to the dining room, the toilets, or the corridor. However, in the corner of his eye, Bakugo had discerned Mineta jumping into the gap between the television table and the floor, and Hagakure just staying where she was and starting to undress.

Guess I know who’ll be the first and who’ll be the last one to get caught – the last one before me, of course.


“Bakugo, d’you have a plan?”, he heard Kirishima’s voice from diagonally behind him.

“Yeah. That room where they’d kept half-n’ half bastard yesterday.”

“Oh! That’s true, not many people know it’s even there! It might be great!”


They had turned around the corner of the corridor and were now standing in front of the room. When Bakugo opened the door, he was slightly surprised to see that the room looked somehow different than it did yesterday.

It might just be my imagination, though, he thought while scanning the room for the best place to hide. The view through human eyes is pretty different than through the eyes of a hedgehog, after all.

His eyes rested on the large cabinet standing at one wall. Following his gaze, Kirishima walked over and opened some of the doors to look at the inside. Bakugo watched him, then he walked over himself, stood on the tip of his toes to reach out and open one of the higher doors. It was exactly what he had been looking for.

He smirked at Kirishima.

“Oi, shitty hair. It’s the perfect job for my steed.”

Kirishima stared at him for a moment, blushing, before he seemed to get what exactly it was Bakugo wanted from him. Obediently, he lowered his stand into a slight squat and softly grabbed the foot Bakugo offered him. Then he hands-down heaved Bakugo up to the cabinets’ room. When Bakugo had managed to climb into the opening, he glanced down at Kirishima to see him smile up at him.

“You’ll let me in, too, right?”

“Isn’t your place in the stables?”, Bakugo mocked him, but held out his hand to him nevertheless. Kirishima grabbed it, and with a certain amount of effort Bakugo managed to pull him next to him into the opening.

It was quite cramped and Bakugo wondered if he would be okay once they would close the door. He would never think of himself as being claustrophobic, but he could not deny that being confined in small spaces was making him feel very uncomfortable.

“It’s kinda narrow in here, but d’you think you’ll be okay, Bakugo?”

Bakugo wondered if Kirishima could sense his unease.

“It’s not like we’ll stay inside here forever,” he answered him, and then he shut the door.

I’m gonna be just fine, as long as you’re here with me.






As Bakugo had expected, the first person Iida caught was Mineta. Which meant that the villain-team had now not only someone who could run super fast, they also had someone who could – at least, in theory - throw and distribute his sticky balls everywhere, not even needing to search for, run after, or even directly touch the heroes. Thankfully, both Iida and Mineta were being unnecessarily loud, shouting and crashing about. It seemed like Iida wanted to give the most convincing performance of a villain he could think of, while Mineta was simply not being very effective.

Bakugo and Kirishima could hear Ashido and Sero screaming and giggling hysterically in the distance while running away from Iida, who was shouting rather tame threats at them. Meanwhile, there were bouncing sounds coming from the other end of the corridor, telling them that Mineta had started plastering the hallway.

“He won’t get very far before his head starts bleeding, though,” Kirishima said to Bakugo in a quiet voice.

They were sitting back-to-back, leaning on each other after having spent some minutes of silent negotiating to find the perfect balance to be comfortable. And now, Bakugo was feeling almost cozy in the tight space, or at least much calmer than he had thought he would. It was so dark he could scarcely see his own hands, with only a small ray of weak, rainy daylight shimmering through the small gap of the cabinet. He felt his legs slowly getting numb in their bent positions. But, he could also feel Kirishima’s warmth at his back, and he could feel and hear him softly breathing. Being so close to him made Bakugo’s heart beat a little faster, but at the same time, it also made him feel at ease.

“What’ll we do if they come here?”

“Obviously, we’re not just gonna wait for them to find us. We’ll jump down over their heads the second they open this door.”

Bakugo softly knocked at the door with one finger.

“I’m gonna make a small explosion that produces a smoke screen. Then we run.”

“To where?”


Kirishima chuckled.







However, things took a slightly different turn.

As one might expect of the place Bakugo had chosen, the cabinet in the single room turned out to be the best hiding place in the whole inn. Bakugo wondered just how Midoriya had known where exactly he had to go yesterday, and why neither he nor Todoroki had chosen to hide here today.

Bakugo was sure that it was only a matter of time now before the by now large amount of villains would come here. He wondered what options they had left to escape them in order for him to be the final winner, not Hagakure. Just when he could hear the footsteps and voices of multiple people coming nearer, the voices and noises coming from outside suddenly changed. He perked up his ears to understand what they were saying.


“What the-!?”

“That surprised me! What’re you doing, Sero!?”


“What d’you mean, Sero? That was Tokoyami, wasn’t it!?”

“No, it’s not me. I’m here.” Tokoyami sounded frantic and confused.


“Some minutes ago, I accidently bumped into Sero when we were chasing Midoriya - there was a strange noise – I didn’t notice at first because I was fixed on catching Midoriya, but it looks like Dark Shadow bolted!”

“HUH!? What d’you mean, isn’t he your quirk? You lost your quirk?” That was Kaminari’s voice.

“No, I can still feel him, but it’s like – you know, our connection is like a leash. Normally he can’t distance himself too far from me, but now…”

“I don’t understand a word you’re saying.”

“Anyway, I think what happened is, Dark Shadow has somehow taken possession of Sero!”

Uncharacteristically for him, Bakugo had to stifle a laugh.

Dark Shadow, possessing tape-arms? What’s next, little runt’s hairballs possessing racoon eyes?



Bakugo paused his thoughts at Kirishima’s alarmed voice.

Outside, and much nearer than the voices of their classmates, there was the silent sound of footsteps. Then the sound disappeared. Bakugo glanced through the gap. When his eyes had found the door, he could see someone standing there.

It was Sero.

But then, it wasn’t.

When Bakugo’s eyes reached his face, Sero was directly looking at him, grinning.

“If it isn’t Baku-kitty hiding in the closet! You scared, little kitty?”

When Sero spoke, it was Dark Shadow’s mischievous voice that came from his mouth, and Sero’s lip movements oddly seemed to not fit what he was saying, as if he was a character in a foreign movie being dubbed by an amateur. But that was not the only thing strange about him.

His skin color was not only unnatural, as had been the case with Todoroki in his vampire form - it was pitch-black. So black that, in fact, the only features visible from his face was his big, white, Totoro-like grin, as well as two big, yellow lights at the location of his eyes.

Dark shadow, possessing tape-arms. Alright.

“What d’you say, won’t you come out and play with me, Bakugo? Or… would you like me to come to you?”

Bakugo could feel Kirishima flinch next to him. He, too, had glanced through one of the small gaps to sneak a peek at the person who was talking, and apparently, he had succeeded.

“Bakugo! What should we do, he’s definitely not normal!”

“I can see that without you telling me, hair-for-brains.”

“He looks scary as hell! Like that thing from the horror movie-“

“No he doesn’t, dumb hair, stop freaking out,” Bakugo snarled at him, but Kirishima was already completely in panic.

“But how’d he know, how can he see you?!”

“I hear you’re not alone, after all, little kitty? Got you some company there, hm?”

The shape that was a mix of Sero and Dark Shadow started to come nearer, very slowly.

“I don’t like being ignored, you know? I want you to play with me. If you don’t… You know… It’s ‘trick or treat’.”

“He’s coming here!”, Kirishima squeaked, clinging to Bakugo.

“Stop it, you- for FUCK’S SAKE!”, Bakugo had enough of this stupid situation that did not make any sense. He pushed open the door and jumped down on the floor with a small explosion.

“Good boy,” Sero said and grinned at him creepily.



*** *** ***




Chapter Text





“What’s your fucking problem, tape-arms!?”, Bakugo growled at the black shape standing in front of him. “Or, Dark Shadow, is it?”

“Oh? But I told you, didn’t I?” Sero stretched out his black arms. “I just wanna play!”

“No one’s calling me stupid nicknames like ‘kitty’, you creepy clown.”

“My deepest apologies. Will you forgive me,” Sero made an ironic bow, thereby turning his head sideways so that he could still continue to grin at Bakugo, “if I tell you a little secret I know?”

“…What secret,” Bakugo growled.

“It’s about, that thing, you know… That, which, if I told you about it, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore…”

He scratched his head and stopped grinning. Instead, his face took on a sad expression.

“I see. Guess I can’t tell you, after all. That’s such a shame…”

All of a sudden, he started grinning, again.

“That’s too sad, isn’t it? Don’t you agree… DON’T YOU AGREE, BAKUGO!?”

With these words and no further warning, Sero shot out dark tapes at him. Bakugo had anticipated his attack and fired an explosion at them – but before he knew what was going on, he could feel a tape entangling one of his legs and pulling him into the air. With his ankle trapped, Bakugo found himself dangling upside-down in the air.


There was a ripping sound when Kirishima, who had jumped out of the cabinet to rush to Bakugo’s aid, cut the shadowy tapes with his hardened, razor-sharp hand. With the tape not holding him anymore, Bakugo fell – but only for a millisecond, as this was all the time he needed to react. He caught himself mid-air by catapulting himself on an explosion. He had aimed it well: He landed on Sero, raising his fist to give him an explosive punch – but the next thing he knew, Sero had just vanished.

Bakugo fell to the ground, baffled.

“W-where’d he go?”, Kirishima asked, sounding not any less confused than Bakugo felt.


Then, they heard Kaminari squeak on the corridor.


“What’s wrong, Kaminari?”

“Something’s just grabbed my butt!”


Bakugo and Kirishima exchanged glances. Then, they ran out into the hallway.

When they had turned around the corner, they spotted Kaminari, Tokoyami, Ashido and Ojiro.

“Guys, have you just seen Sero!?”, Kirishima asked them.

“Sero!? Was it Sero who grabbed my butt just now!?”

“We were fighting him but then he just fucking disappeared into thin air,” Bakugo growled angrily.

“Fighting!? Sero!?”

“It was more like he was one-sidedly provoking Bakugo, and then suddenly he attacked him with those strange black shadow-tapes,” Kirishima explained.

“My explosions didn’t work on them. But Kirishima could cut them.”

“Not really sure how that works, right,” Kirishima shook his head.

“I’m very sorry. This is my responsibility for having let go of Dark Shadow,” Tokoyami apologized. He seemed deeply distressed.

“It’s not your fault, Tokoya-“, Ashido started, but then she was interrupted.


She was interrupted by Sero, appearing out of nowhere and pushing Tokoyami so he crashed into Ojiro, which meant that he ended up hitting Ojiro’s chest with his beak.


“S-sorry, Ojiro,” Tokoyami apologized and turned around to look for the culprit – only, Sero had already vanished, again.

“That creepy fuck of a clown,” Bakugo growled, letting small explosions crackle in his palms.

“That was definitely him just now! What’s he doing!?”, Kirishima asked aghast.

“Kaminari, it’s okay, you can stop now,” Ojiro said, laughing shakily. Kaminari had been blowing at his chest to make the pain go away.

“You sure? That looked like it hurt a lot.”

“Yes, I’m very sure.”

“Please, we have to find Sero and Dark Shadow quickly,” Tokoyami urged them. “Dark Shadow is mischievous by nature, and so is Sero. Only heaven knows how far they will go to have their fun!”

“Yeah. We’re gonna stop this damn farce,” Bakugo agreed with him, exchanging glares of mutual understanding with Tokoyami.

If that shitty shadow was my quirk I would rather blow him up than letting him do stupid shit, too.


Class 1-A called off the game and assembled in the living room to discuss how to go about catching Dark Serow, as they started calling him by the nickname Uraraka came up with. When Kirishima asked about it, Iida told them that the only ones who had not been caught yet at this point of the game had been Midoriya, Hagakure, Kirishima and Bakugo.

Tsk. The winner would’ve been me, for sure, Bakugo thought angrily.

Their emergency meeting was closed early, however, when Hagakure cried out in suprise.


“What’s wrong, Toru-chan?”, Tsuyu asked her, while her eyes were searching for the owner of the voice in vain.

“My clothes… I’m sure I’d put them here…”

“They’re gone!?”, Ashido exclaimed.

“No, they’re not,” Todoroki noted, pointing at Kaminari and Ojiro. Both of them looked at each other like the rest of them and shrieked in surprise.

“Why do you have that there!?”

“What are you wearing, Kaminari!?”

Then, both of them gasped when they saw what the other was pointing at. At the end of Ojiro’s tail, there was what had to be Hagakure’s panties. And Kaminari was wearing her bra over his shirt. Tokoyami quickly rushed over to them and removed the foreign items. Then he swiftly rushed over to Hagakure and gave them back to her with his head the color of rowanberries.

„I’m deeply sorry for the trouble my quirk has caused,” he mumbled with his head almost touching the floor.

“Don’t speak in the past, I’m sure the trouble’s only beginning,” Kaminari sighed. He had his arms crossed tightly in front of his chest to prevent any more bras from assaulting him.


“This fucking discussion’s getting us nowhere. I’m gonna catch him now, just wait ‘n see, dimwits!” Bakugo stomped towards the door.

“Wait Bakugo!”, Kirishima shouted and rushed after him. He was reaching out his hand to grab Bakugo’s arm, when it happened.

In front of them, out of nowhere, Sero appeared, grinning at them.


“I’d told you we’d have fun, Bakugo-chan,” he whispered into Bakugo’s ear, and Bakugo could feel Sero’s hand in his pants pocket.

“YOU!!”, Bakugo roared at him, but before he could attack him, Sero had already vanished again.

“Eh!? What’s with that!?”, Kirishima exclaimed.

Bakugo had already recognized the feeling before he saw it. The feeling of handcuffs around his wrists was something he had wanted to quickly forget.

Seems like life’s dead set on fucking with me.

Kirishima held up his hand, pulling Bakugo’s arm with him into the air. They were connected by a pair of hard handcuffs, and, testing if his trapped hand could still create explosions without success, Bakugo knew that these must be the quirk-resistant handcuffs that had been last used on Todoroki.

“Sero. Are you kidding me!?”, Kirishima groaned.

Meanwhile, Bakugo, had slipped his right hand – the hand that was not cuffed to Kirishima – into the pocket he had felt Sero touch earlier. And the small object he identified inside was, without any doubt, a key.

Bakugo hesitated for a moment and glanced at Kirishima. Then he took his hand out again, leaving the key where it was.






„No way! He got you two chained!”, Ashido exclaimed, staring at the handcuffs connecting Kirishima and Bakugo. Kirishima thought that she sounded more excited than shocked.

“Ugh, being chained to a guy,” Mineta huffed. “And to the scary explosive jerk, no less. I feel for you, Kirishima.”

“HUUUH!?”, Bakugo proved without hesitation that his uncuffed hand could still very well fire explosions. Jiro swiftly picked up Mineta’s remains and dumped them into the non-recyclable trash can.

Kaminari winked at Kirishima. “I feel for you too, bro,” he whispered, smirking. “Isn’t Sero a great friend?”

But before Kirishima could say anything in return, a squeak had escaped Kaminari’s mouth as Dark Serow had appeared behind him and grabbed his butt for the second time today.


“Where’d he go?!”, Iida shouted. “Everyone, on alert! We’re going to catch him!”

“But HOW!?”, Yaoyorozu exclaimed, flustered.

“He sure seems to like your butt,” Kirishima said to Kaminari. “Maybe we can use it as bait?”

Bakugo snorted mockingly, and Jiro, who was standing next to him, let out a puffing laugh.

“Hahaha, yeah that’s great, Kaminari! Just show him some luscious poses…,” she pulled out her smartphone. “You can count on me to take pics!”

“Jiroooo please, don’t joke about this!” Kaminari was quite upset.






“All of this shit’s just fucking stupid,” Bakugo rumbled. Kirishima gave him an apologetic smile and gently grabbed Bakugo’s cuffed wrist.

“Sorry ‘bout that, Bakugo. D’you think we can get Aizawa-sensei to open these for us?”

Bakugo tried to ignore the feeling of Kirishima’s fingers on his arm, growling: “Use your brain. They can’t open them unless they’ve the key.”

“Ah, guess that’s true. Dark Serow must still have it, right?”


…not, ‘cause it’s in my pocket.

 “Let’s catch him quickly so we can get rid of these! I’m sure we can do it!”

Bakugo only nodded grimly, preparing his mind to be ready for the next time Dark Serow would appear.


He did not have to wait long.


That was Yaoyorozu’s voice. When everyone’s heads turned at her, she was standing in a puddle of water, her hair, skin and clothes all soaking wet.

“Oooooh,” Mineta popped his head out of the trash can to stare at the bra shimmering through her wet, white blouse. Shoji quickly stepped in front of her with a red face to hide her from the other’s eyes while Tsuyu and Uraraka rushed over to her.

“Momo-chan, are you alright?” Tsuyu asked her alarmed.

“Y-yes, I was just surprised… and the water was so cold…”

She quickly created a simple shawl and wrapped it around her. As soon as she was properly covered, Todoroki went to her and created some flames to warm her up.

“Fuck. I didn’t see him at all,” Bakugo growled.

“Me neither,” Kirishima admitted.

“He’s just too fast!”, Kaminari cried, and Jiro nodded.

“Everyone, listen! We have to decide how exactly we’re going to catch him!”, Midoriya called for their attention. Next to him, Tokoyami was nodding with a grave expression on his face. With a gesture, Midoriya asked him to step forward and speak, which he did.

“Some of you already know, but my quirk’s weakness is light. That’s why I think we can only catch Dark ShadowDark Serow, I mean, using the quirks that are somehow related to light, that is, Todoroki, Bakugo, Kaminari, Aoyama and Hagakure. Of course, if Yaoyorozu could create something that generates very strong light, that would be very helpful, too,” he added with a shy glance at Yaoyorozu. Bakugo snorted at his words.

“Hah! No need for that. I could well catch him all on my own, wimps!”

“Don’t forget that you can use only one hand, Bakugo,” Todoroki warned him but just earned another disdainful snort in return.

“But how can we make sure he doesn’t just disappear aga-“, Uraraka started, but she was interrupted by a lethargic cry coming from Todoroki.


Everyone’s heads turned.

Todoroki was lying face-down on the ground, his hands and feet in the air. Dark Serow must have tripped him up. If Bakugo had not been focusing all his concentration on the shape of Dark Serow that had just become visible and invisible again behind Todoroki, he could have enjoyed the sight more thoroughly - it was a shame.

“Todoroki-kun! Are you o-,” Midoriya started, reaching out to him and helping him back onto his feet – when suddenly Dark Serow wrapped his arms around Midoriya from behind, grabbing his t-shirt and pulling it up, thereby exposing Midoriya’s naked chest right in front of Todoroki’s face.

They all could see Todoroki freeze, staring at Midoriya’s nipples.

The color of Midoriya’s face changed so fast as if someone had just put Kirishima’s hair dye on it.

“DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY!!,” Iida shouted, and Bakugo fired an explosion at Sero, not minding at all the risk of hurting Midoriya or Todoroki in the process. But, how he had expected them to, they found their way back to the present situation in the last second and managed to dodge the explosions. Unfortunately, Dark Serow did, too.

“KyaawuhaaAA, no!,” Hagakure screamed while she was lifted by a black tape into the air, attaching her to the ceiling light. From there, she dangled upside-down, frantically holding her skirt, trying to prevent the panties that they all had already seen on Ojiros tail earlier from getting exposed.

“Todoroki!!”, Midoriya shouted, and a large fireball blazed up in Todoroki’s hand.

But Dark Serow had already disappeared and reappeared at the other end of the room, shoving Jiro into Kaminari with so much force that both of them crashed to the ground.

“Bj-Bjib- eh,” Kaminari muffled, bewildered, as Jiro’s breasts were pressing on his face. She flinched heavily and hastened to get off him.

“S-sorry…,” she apologized with her face not any less red than Kaminari’s was. He just remained half-lying on the ground and stared at her with his mouth open.

“Damn you, Kaminari,” Mineta groaned from his position in the trash can. But no one minded him, since Sero was already playing his next trick.



Black tapes had entwined Tokoyami and Tsuyu, binding them together in a tight embrace. Tokoyami blushed while apologizing to Tsuyu. He seemed to try very hard not to react to Mineta obscenely cheering at him, “Yeah, make sure you hold her very tight, Tokoyami!”

“N-no, it’s not your fault, Tokoyami-chan,” Tsuyu assured Tokoyami, but she, too, seemed embarrassed.


“Don’t just let him do what he wants! We gotta catch him!”, Kirishima shouted, and Bakugo roared in agreement.

This time, he concentrated on creating explosions that were small, but bright – like very, very bright sparklers in his hand, and gradually letting them grow bigger. Todoroki, too, was still balancing his bright ball of fire, making the temperature in the room rise fast. From his hideout behind the television table, Aoyama had brought his tummy into position, ready to fire. Yaoyorozu was holding something that looked like some sort of headlights, and now, even Kaminari was back on his feet and started letting electronic waves run through his hands and body.

They waited for their enemy to make his appearance.

And then, they all watched as Dark Serow put an empty bucket over Mineta, hindering him from climbing out of the trash can.

“WHY ISN’T ANYONE DOING ANYTHING!?”, Mineta wailed angrily at them from the inside.

“Ah, sorry. It just seemed so reasonable, I didn’t actually realize that was his doing” Ojiro apologized earnestly for all of them, scratching his head.

“THERE HE IS!”, Bakugo shouted, having discerned the shadow floating over Ashido’s head.

She gasped and leaped aside. Without losing even one second, Bakugo, Todoroki, Yaoyorozu, Kaminari and Aoyama, they all aimed their attacks at Dark Serow, cornering him from every possible side. When he tried to escape towards the ceiling, Hagakure, still dangling from up there, filtered the light particles from everyone’s attacks and reflected them right back into the shadow’s face.

Dark Serow tumbled to the ground, covering his eyes with his hands. The shadow covering his body grew smaller and smaller, until it had taken on the shape of a hood over Sero’s head.

“Aahh… That was mean of y’all,” Sero groaned. His voice had changed back to his own.

“Yeah, that was totally evil,” they heard Dark Shadow say, pouting. When Bakugo squinted his eyes, he could see that the shadow had changed back to his normal appearance – only that it was still connected to Sero, and not to Tokoyami, where it belonged.

“Huuhhh…”, Tokoyami sighed. Then he walked over to where Sero was lying on the ground, directing his gaze at the small shadow on top of his head.

“That was enough for today, wasn’t it? You’ve had your fun. Now apologize to everyone. And I think you should, too, Sero,” he added, lowering his firm gaze to Sero’s face.

“Haha, alright, alright… Sorry, guys! But it was just soooo much fun,” Sero grinned at them, and his expression showed he was tired, but satisfied.

“Right!?” Dark Shadow agreed cheerfully and got slightly bigger. Under Tokoyami’s strict gaze, however, he shrunk back, and even lowered his head.

“My apologies, everyone. I won’t do any tricks anymore, for today.”

Tokoyami fondled its shadowy beak. “Alright. Good boy.”




*** *** ***




Chapter Text





“That’s so sweet!”, Uraraka smiled, and all of them sat down right where they were standing, feeling utterly exhausted. More precisely, it was every single one of them except Mineta, who was still trapped in the trash can, and Hagakure, who was still dangling from the ceiling.

“Guys… can someone help me get down, please?”, she asked with a shaky laugh.

“And take this thing from my head!!”, Mineta hollered.

Being their class representative, Iida asked Uraraka to make him float. Like this, he cut Hagakure’s tapes with scissors while she could hold onto him, and Uraraka safely returned them to the ground. Meanwhile, Shoji had freed Mineta from his trashy prison.

Kirishima leaned against Bakugo with an exhausted sigh.

“Huuhh, that was crazy… Good job there, Bakugo.”

“I could’ve managed that clown on my own,” Bakugo growled. “It was only a matter of time.”

“Sure. But, working together with everyone as a team now and then’s fun, too, right? Though I didn’t really do anything…” Kirishima laughed. Then he let his gaze fall on the handcuffs still binding him to Bakugo.

“Sero! Hey, can you give us the key for these, please?”, he shouted over to Sero who was just apologizing to Hagakure for what he had done to her underwear. Sero lifted his head at Kirishima’s question. He was wearing a mysterious expression – grinning while looking absolutely clueless.

“The key? But, I don’t have it?” Strangely, it sounded like a question.

“You don’t have it!?”, Kirishima repeated his words, utterly surprised. “But then, where is it?”

“Sorry, man. I didn’t really pay attention to that…”

“Maybe it’s lying on the ground somewhere?”, Iida said.

“Huh… Yeah, it might. I hope we can find it…” Kirishima scratched his head.

And if we don’t?

Just when Kirishima was about to lose himself in thoughts about a not all too bad future where he would stay handcuffed to Bakugo forever, he noticed that the other person in question was strangely quiet.


Seeming minimally startled by his voice, Bakugo turned his head and looked at him. Kirishima gave him his most assuring smile.

“Don’t worry! I’m sure we’re gonna find the key soon! And, it’s not like I’m the worst person you could’ve gotten stuck with, am I?”

Bakugo did not say anything, he only shrugged his shoulders dismissively.

Honestly, if I could choose whom to get stuck to, I would choose you, anyway, Kirishima thought, but he made sure not to say it out loud.

“So, let’s search for that key, shall we?” Kirishima stood up and held out his cuffed hand to Bakugo. Bakugo wordlessly took it and let Kirishima pull him up from the ground. When he did, the short chain between their cuffs rattled softly.


While they were walking around the living room looking for the key, Kirishima’s attention was drawn to Kaminari approaching Sero with angry steps.

“Seroooo, bastard. You owe me an apology, too! A BIG one! Why’d you grab my butt, anyway!?”

Kaminari was staring at Sero like a prosecutor before a criminal. Unluckily for him, the criminal just decided to grab his butt for a third time and ran away sniggering, with the wrathful prosecutor hard on his heels.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sero apologize to Kaminari,” Kirishima laughed. Then he lookd at Bakugo and asked: “D’you want him to apologize to you, too? After all, it’s his fault you’re stuck with me.”

“I don’t give a fuck.”

“Yeah, I had a feeling you wouldn’t,” Kirishima smiled.

“…Do you want him to apologize?”, Bakugo returned Kirishima’s question without looking at him.

“Me?” Kirishima was surprised, wondering why Bakugo would even ask him that.

“Me… huh. I don’t really feel like he’s caused me any trouble, so I wouldn’t know, why? …So no, I guess.”

“I see.”

They silently continued scanning the area. Kirishima had to restrain himself from staring at Bakugo too much. However, he could not stop pondering about the question Bakugo had posed him just now.

I wonder, is it possible… Could it actually be possible that he asked me because he wanted to hear how I feel about our current situation?

It can’t be… right…?

But if, by any chance, that should be the case… Wouldn’t that mean that Bakugo actually cares a lot about how him being next to me makes me feel? Whether I would feel happy, or annoyed…

Annoyed? There’s no way Bakugo would actually think I could ever, possibly be annoyed by him, is there?

“Oi. What’re you gawking at?”

Kirishima realized with a sudden shock that Bakugo had just caught him staring at him. Bakugo clicked his tongue, irritated.

“Don’t make me do all the work by myself, shitty hair. Or d’you expect to find that fucking key in my face?!”

“S-sorry Bakugo, I was lost in thought,” Kirishima apologized, feeling embarrassed.

They continued searching for about twenty minutes, with most of their classmates helping them, but the key was nowhere to be found. They decided to give up, for the time being. Strangely, Bakugo seemed hardly upset about the lost key at all.


Meanwhile, the rain outside had stopped completely. The sky burst partially open, and the last rays of sunset dyed the dark blue clouds in pink and orange.

“But it is just a tiny bit inconvenient, after all,” Kirishima said to Bakugo. “I’d planned to work out before dinner, you know, catch up on the muscle training I’d neglected the past two days. D’you think we can do it together?”

To his delight, Bakugo agreed.

“No objection here. I’d planned to do some more training, too, anyway,” he said.

But there was the problem with their clothes. They would have to cut their shirts if they wanted to change. Of all people, it was Sato who turned out to be a big help in this regard. Being good with needlework, he cut open their shirts on the respective side they were handcuffed and sewed on buttons and loops, so they could just close the shirts there if they wanted to wear them again. Kirishima was impressed to the max.

“And it even looks smart!”, he exclaimed, making Sato blush proudly.

The whole procedure did not take long, and thirty minutes later Kirishima and Bakugo walked the muddy way over to the gym on the training grounds. The air was hot and humid after the rain.




Having Bakugo directly take part in his muscle training routine was a slightly awkward, but fun experience for Kirishima. In fact, Bakugo was ready to cooperate far more than he had ever thought him capable of. Probably, Bakugo, too, knew how important sustaining his muscles was for Kirishima. Without training his muscles, his quirk would be severely limited to defense only. If Kirishima wanted to attack, he had only his muscles to rely on – and none of the funky things like Bakugo’s explosive sweat, Todoroki’s fire and ice, Midoriya’s superhuman power, Ashido’s acid, Kaminari’s electricity…

Kirishima frenziedly shook his head to chase away the negative thoughts that arose from comparing himself to his friends.

I’m not gonna waste this precious time with Bakugo thinking about things I can’t change.

‘Cause the only thing I can do to get stronger is train harder.

Kirishima glanced at the gym’s clock to check the time. They had trained for a little longer than an hour and it was nearly time for dinner. He glanced at Bakugo who was stretching next to him. Kirishima had noticed before that Bakugo would stretch not only before but also after training, sometimes even in between. It made him look incredibly flexible.

Maybe I should start doing that, too, Kirishima thought.

…But not today. I don’t wanna end up embarrassing myself in front of him.

He noticed that Bakugo had finished stretching and was now lying on his back, slowly breathing in and out. Kirishima could not help devouring Bakugo’s body with his eyes. Like Kirishima, he was not wearing any top. Bakugo always looked beautiful no matter what he was wearing, but now, with his upper body naked like this, he looked just drop-dead gorgeous. And the way he was lying on the ground panting softly had something erotic.

Really… Bakugo’s too erotic, Kirishima thought. Further adding to Bakugo’s current sex appeal was the fact that he had sweat all over him, and Kirishima was close enough to him to be able to discern the enticingly sweet smell hovering in the air. And, there was also the unusual circumstance that Bakugo was wearing handcuffs

Kirishima quickly jumped to his feet before his delusions could run wild. He had forgotten, however, that Bakugo was not the only one wearing a handcuff, and thus he ended up startling Bakugo when his wrist was pulled up into the air by Kirishima’s sudden motion.

“Ah, sorry Bakugo! I’d forgotten! Did that hurt?”

He was relieved when Bakugo shook his head, saying: “As if that tiny move could hurt, dumb hair.”

“I’m glad…”

Bakugo stood up, too.

“Dinner?”, he asked indifferently.

“Yeah, let’s go!”, Kirishima agreed. They quickly rinsed the sweat away in the gym’s shower before putting their shirts on – They would also take a bath after dinner, again, but they did not want to get the only shirts they could wear at the moment all sweaty. Luckily, the gyms shower cabins were quite big. Nevertheless, it cost Kirishima his every effort to neither think about Bakugo nor to look at him until it was over.

When they walked back to the inn, the sun had already set, and in between the thick shreds of dark clouds the first stars became visible.






“Guys, did you hear? We’re gonna do a test of courage after taking baths!”

Kaminari’s head popped up in between Kirishima and Bakugo, looking at them excited. It was after dinner, and they were headed for the bath.

“Huh? What’s with that!?”, Kirishima asked, and Bakugo could tell the prospect made him feel anxious and excited at the same time.

“Actually, it’s about that thing Mic’s told us about. While we were waiting for the bus, remember?”

Since Bakugo had angrily shaken off Kaminari’s arm, Kaminari contented himself with switching over to Kirishima’s side and putting his arm on his shoulder, only.


“What thing? Sorry, I didn’t really pay attention then,” Kirishima said.

“I bet you didn’t, you chicken.” Kaminari put on a smirk. “He told us that, not far from here, there’s some sort of abandoned shack. And the story is…”

Kaminari put his fingers in a spider-like shape on Kirishima’s shoulder and let them scuttle down very slowly towards Kirishima’s chest. It made Bakugo feel super annoyed, but he held himself back from blowing up Kaminari’s hand since the way Kirishima glanced at it warily was just too cute.

“…It was built by a hunter to live with his wife and their child that was about to be born. But he didn’t know that, not far from where he’d built their home, there’s a cave where a villain was hiding – a mass murderer.”

Kirishima swallowed hard, his big eyes fixed on the spider that was Kaminari’s hand crawling down his chest.

“Then, one day when the hunter was out in the woods doing his job, the mass murderer came to the cottage, and killed the woman along with her unborn child.”

Kirishima looked up at Kaminari, surprised.

“That’s really more sad than scary,” he said.

“But that’s not the whole story, dude,” Kaminari went on, staring into Kirishima’s eyes urgently.

“When the hunter came back, he didn’t notice anything. Because, his wife was there, greeting him.”


“They went on spending their days just like that… But, the baby just wouldn’t be born. Like this, the hunter eventually noticed that something was strange. Also, there was this strange smell starting to spread all over their bedroom. So, one day, he stooped down to take a look under the bed. And what he saw, was the dead body of his wife that had already started to rot.”

No one moved. Not Bakugo, and not even the spider on Kirishima’s shoulder.

“And then the hunter realized – that the person he had spent the last months with was a murderer with a shapeshifting quirk. He quickly got up, turned around and wanted to run out the door, but at the door there WAS-“

The spider was just about to snatch at Kirishima’s nipple through his shirt when Bakugo caught and crushed it on the spot.


“Stop spouting stupid shit, dunce face. You added those last parts.”

“You didn’t have to do it that hard,” Kaminari complained huffily, rubbing and blowing at his abused hand. But it was too late, he could blow oxygen at it all he wanted, the spider had died.

“Won’t the forest be all muddy now?”, Kirishima asked. He seemed to have recovered from Kaminari’s scary story enough to swiftly tousle his head, which Bakugo watched jealously.

“Yeah, probably,” Kaminari nodded. “So you better put on your waterproof boots!”





*** *** ***



Chapter Text





They had eaten, they had bathed, and now everyone was standing outside on the dark lawn in front of the forest.

“We’re seriously allowed to do this?”, Jiro asked Aizawa who was standing next to her.

“There’s no reason why we wouldn’t let you. Except Sero, of course.”

Sadly, Sero and Dark Shadow were not allowed to participate. They had to stay in the inn, supervised by Recovery Girl and Mic. No one had even tried to change their teacher’s minds because they all knew how dangerous Dark Shadow could be at night. So dangerous that even Tokoyami was overpowered by him occasionally – who knew what would happen if Dark Shadow took over Sero in the deepest darkness of the forest? The dare would probably turn into one big game of survival.

“But, sensei! Is it really wise to do this, after what happened last time?”, Kirishima asked anxiously.

Aizawa looked at him. “That time at the training camp, you mean?”


That time when I couldn’t participate, and then Bakugo got taken away by the villains.

Kirishima clenched his hands to fists.

Aizawa stared at Kirishima’s face for a few seconds, and then glanced at Bakugo next to him, without saying anything. He seemed to be thinking. Then, he nodded and said:

“No, it’s definitely okay. You don’t need to worry.”

“But if something happens-“

“There’s nothing to worry about, Kirishima. This place’s not only protected by U.A. We also have other… connections that help us make sure no villains can enter our terrain. By which I mean to say, it’s impossible for villains to appear in this forest. You have my word for that.”

Kirishima hesitated, but then he nodded.

I’ll try to believe him, Aizawa wouldn’t say irresponsible stuff like this if he wasn’t completely sure it’s true.

He glanced at Bakugo who only showed him a small frown in return.

And if it turns out Aizawa’s wrong after all…

Then I’ll be there to protect Bakugo.

“Of course, the dare might be scarier if some realistic fears play a part, too,” he heard Iida’s voice and turned to look at him, “but I’m sure if Aizawa-sensei says so we have nothing to worry about. After all, we’re doing this test of courage to have fun, not to feel anxious, right? That’s why I want you all to make sure you’ll enjoy yourselves, everyone!”

Iida’s short speech was rewarded with excited cheers and clapping.

“I’m going to put all of you together in pairs of two,” Aizawa announced, yawning, “or, forget about that. You’re all old enough to chose your partners for yourselves, aren’t you.”


The students started getting together in pairs. Kirishima was surprised when he saw Jiro approach Kaminari and put her hand on his shoulder.

“D’you mind?”

Kaminari seemed very flustered.

“Huh? Y-yeah, ah, no, I mean… sure!”

Kirishima raised his eyebrows in astonishment.

Could it be that all this time, I’ve been missing something really obvious?

…I have to ask him about it later.

He smiled at Bakugo.

“We’re fine, right Bakugo?”

“Couldn’t change it if I wanted to,” Bakugo smirked at him while softly pulling at the handcuffs. For some reason the tone of his voice made Kirishima blush.

It did not take much time for the other pairs to form and Aizawa decided on the order in which they would enter the forest:


  1. Tsuyu and Shoji
  2. Yaoyorozu and Tokoyami
  3. Sato, Koda, and Mineta
  4. Uraraka and Iida
  5. Hagakure and Ashido
  6. Jiro and Kaminari
  7. Aoyama and Ojiro
  8. Kirishima and Bakugo
  9. Todoroki and Midoriya.


Kirishima was sure he was not the only one observing how Todoroki and Midoriya acted around each other very closely. It occurred to him, though, that he and Bakugo did not draw any less attention to themselves, with their current handcuff-situation, or the pictures that seemed to be circulating around, showing the two of them cuddling in Kirishima’s futon. Thinking about it made Kirishima feel embarrassed, but also kind of happy.

They are aware of Todoroki and Midoriya because they know that at least one of these two has romantic feelings for the other. If we’re being compared to them, doesn’t that imply that we, too, are not just friends, after all?

Kirishima blushed again when he recalled what Bakugo had done to him that evening of the bottle-spinning-game.

…But it’s different, after all. Bakugo was teasing me, but that doesn’t have to mean anything. Todoroki has even called Midoriya an ‘angel’ and stuff, and he felt bad about wanting to kiss him and sucking his blood…

While Bakugo call’s me ‘shitty hair’, and then he goes and does something like that… We’re like, the complete opposite of them.

No matter how much he thought about it, Kirishima just could not make sense of it.






The task for the dare was to make their way to the abandoned cottage and take one of the candles their teachers had prepared for them there. Then, they would have to walk further to the cave where, according to the story, the murderer had been hiding, and get another candle from there, too. Then, the only thing left was to return to the inn and wait for the others, and show the candles to Aizawa later as proof for having passed the test.

“So with no further ado, let’s begin,” Aizawa concluded. “Tsuyu, Shoji, you may leave.”

Tsuyu and Shoji exchanged confident glances. Tsuyu said: “Let’s go, Shoji-chan”, and they started walking down the trail leaving into the forest.

Bakugo felt a tuck at his shirt and turned to look at Kirishima.

“Bakugo…,” Kirishima murmured, and when Bakugo’s eyes followed Kirishima’s gaze they ended up on Kaminari and Jiro. They were standing some feet away talking to each other, and from the expression on both their faces Bakugo knew she must be teasing him again.

It’s kinda amazing how she doesn’t get sick of that dork’s predictable reactions.

“Bakugo, d’you think… Could it be Kaminari likes Jiro?”

Bakugo rolled his eyes. “What d’you even have your fucking eyes for, dumb hair. You’re almost as dense as dunce face.”

Kirishima looked at him, surprised and excited.

“So you think so, too!? That he likes her!?”

“There’s no way in hell he doesn’t. Guess there’s hope tonight for that dullard to at last realize it himself, too.”

Kirishima was staring at them, again.

“D’you think Jiro might like him back?”

No doubt she does, Bakugo thought, but he just snorted and said:

“Go ask her if you wanna know.”

“Ahaha, yeah guess you wouldn’t know,” Kirishima laughed.

“Next. Yaoyorozu, Tokoyami,” Aizawa’s sluggish voice resounded through the warm evening air.

Bakugo glanced at the side of Kirishima’s face, frowning as he vaguely felt frustration surging up in himself.

Don’t you ‘wouldn’t know’ me. I know damn well there’s no way you’ve ever even considered the possibility that I might’ve fucking feelings for you, you shitty happy-go-lucky idiot.






They watched as Sato, Koda and Mineta, Uraraka and Iida, and Hagakure and Ashido entered the forest with 7 minutes in between each pair, until finally, next was Kaminari’s and Jiro’s turn.

“Good luck to you later, bro!”, Kaminari said to Kirishima with a pat on his back. Then he lowered his voice.

“When it’s your turn to walk through the dark, daaark forest, don’t get yourself eaten by the wolf, Little Red Riot,” he whispered into Kirishima’s ear and looked at him tellingly, slightly nodding in Bakugo’s direction.

“Speak for yourself,” Kirishima retorted under his breath, blushing.

“Huh!?” Kaminari’s face became red, too, when he jerked his head towards Jiro, who was standing some feet behind him looking at her smartphone.

“Next pair- Kaminari, Jiro. You can go,” Aizawa instructed them. Kaminari turned around to Kirishima red-faced, muttering, “See you then.” When he walked next to Jiro into the forest Kirishima noticed that Kaminari made sure there was enough of a safety gap between them.

Good luck, Kaminari.

The minutes until Ojiro entered the forest with Aoyama suddenly passed very fast, and before Kirishima even had time to grow nervous, the time for him and Bakugo to set out had already arrived.

“Next pair – Kirishima and Bakugo.”

“Good luck, Kirishima-kun, Kacchan!,” Midoriya smiled at them while Todoroki sent them off with a silent nod. Kirishima returned Midoriya’s smile, waving at him.

“Let’s go,” Bakugo growled quietly. They started walking down the trail, and soon the darkness of the forest had swallowed them.






Surprisingly, it did not even take them a full ten minutes to reach the cottage.

“Guess it’s that,” Bakugo stated, pointing the flashlight he was holding at a large, dark shadow before them. When the weak light fell upon the shack, Kirishima felt nervous, trying not to think about the story Kaminari had told them.

“Y-yeah. Let’s go grab that candle quickly,” Kirishima said, but when he was about to open the door he could not help hesitating.

“Don’t tell me you’re actually scared, shitty hair,” Bakugo taunted him.

“I’m not!”, Kirishima protested, and opened the door with a determined pull.

The inside looked so completely different than Kirishima had thought it would, it was actually creepy.

He had expected to see a messy room full of clutter and old-fashioned furniture that was already falling apart, moldy maybe, and full of dust. What he had surely not expected was a neat room that looked as if someone very tidy was presently still living in it.

“Didn’t Aizawa say there’s no one living here now?”, Kirishima asked Bakugo, confused.

“Yeah. Guess they use it for other purposes… It’s hardly likely they cleaned it up just for today.”

“Actually, everything looks so sterile it’s scary on a whole other level,” Kirishima laughed shakily.

“I’m sure you’d think so,” Bakugo jeered.

Kirishima walked over to the table where two last candles where left burning hopefully, waiting to be retrieved. He carefully picked up on of them, then he let his eyes wander through the room more thoroughly. Other than the table and the chairs around it, there was an expensive looking writing desk with a chair, a gigantic wardrobe with a big mirror next to it, as well as a relatively small canopy bed that looked somewhat uncomfortable.

Kirishima noticed that there was no kitchen. All the more surprised he was to find a toilet and a low washbasin in one corner of the room. When he turned around, he saw that Bakugo was looking at it, too.

“Bakugo, isn’t that strange, somehow?”

Kirishima did not know himself what exactly he meant by that. It was just that he could not help feeling something about this room did not make any sense. But Bakugo did not ask him to specify. He only shrugged his shoulders, saying:

“Who cares if it’s strange. Not like we have to live in here. Let’s go.”

Kirishima breathed a sigh of relief when they stepped out of the cottage and he could close the door behind them. Somehow, he felt bad for the last candle that was left, flickering forlornly on the table in that sterile, dark, creepy room, and for Midoriya and Todoroki, who would have yet to collect it.




*** *** ***




Chapter Text





They reached the cave after another ten minutes’ walk. Fortunately, it was not very big, so walking in, grabbing the candle and walking back out did not even take one minute. Nevertheless, Bakugo seemed somewhat tense while they were in the narrow lair. Kirishima did not ask him, why. But it was not the first time he wondered if Bakugo was actually suffering from claustrophobia.

They started their way back. According to the small map they had received from Aizawa, it would take them about ten to twenty minutes to get back to the inn.

It was when they had covered about half of the distance that Bakugo suddenly asked him a question Kirishima had not seen coming, at all. And Kirishima knew it was his own fault, since he had carelessly beamed Bakugo’s thoughts into that direction, asking Bakugo how it had felt to be in a hedgehogs’ body for a whole day.

“Annoying as fuck. Not being able to do anything without someone’s fucking help is about the worst thing I can imagine.”

He glared at Kirishima angrily, as if it was Kirishima’s fault that Bakugo had not had any other choice than accepting his help.

“It sucks to be stuck in a body as weak as that. T’was even worse that I couldn’t use my quirk. All these fucking dumbasses were getting on my nerves so badly.”

Kirishima laughed, having nothing to retort to that.

“…But, sitting on your shoulder was okay.”

Kirishima dimly realized the way he had turned his head startled to look at Bakugo must have seemed unnatural. But he was just too surprised by the words that had come out Bakugo’s mouth.

Fortunately, Bakugo did not look at him as he casually jumped over a puddle on the muddy forest ground. The rattling sound of the chain connecting both of their wrists was swallowed by the dark trees surrounding them.

“Uh, thanks. I’m glad,” Kirishima mumbled. His head felt light.

“…That reminds me,” Bakugo said.


“What is ‘that other thing’ half-‘n-half asked you to keep quiet about?”


Kirishima felt his cheeks blush under Bakugo’s sharp gaze.

“That thing you saw him do to the nerd. Which he doesn’t want him or others to know about. And the reason why you were chickening out and ran away dragging me with you like a fucking lunatic that night.”

“Ah, uhh, you mean that…”

“What did he do?”

Kirishima swallowed hard, desperately trying to think of a way he would get out of this without telling Bakugo the whole truth. While he was still searching for the words to say, Bakugo had asked another question, and his words halted every thought process that was going on in Kirishima’s mind at once.

“Did he kiss him?”

Kirishima stared at Bakugo and seeing his expression, Kirishima knew that his own must have given him away.

“Thought so.”

“H-how d’you know!?”, Kirishima asked him flabbergasted.

“If I couldn’t guess that much I’d be seriously worried for my own fucking brains.”

“Uh…,” Kirishima’s face felt hot. It was strange talking to Bakugo about something as awkward as their fellow classmates kissing.

“Y-Yeah. That’s why I was so surprised back then, I just didn’t expect Todoroki to do something like that… I’m sorry I dragged you from there so suddenly.”

He glanced at Bakugo shyly, scratching his head.

“’Cause, seeing people kiss is not really something others should be watching, is it… And, after all, Midoriya doesn’t even know, himself.”

“’Something others shouldn’t be watching’, hmmm.” Bakugo was glaring at Kirishima, his crimson eyes glistening in the moonlight that reached them through the treetops. Kirishima stared back at him, vaguely noticing they both had stopped walking. Bakugo slightly leaned in to him.

“You didn’t seem to mind that when you pulled that dirty stunt on my foot that night, did you?”

Kirishima felt his face flush with heat.

“I-i-. I told you I was sorry ‘bout that-“ were the words he managed to bring out before Bakugo interrupted him.

Were you?” Bakugo raised one eyebrow at him. He lifted his chin and showed him a condescending smirk. “Guess you would be. I paid you back for it, after all.”

Kirishima wondered if his face could get any redder. Hopefully, it was not too noticeable in the darkness of the forest. If only the drops of moonlight would not have given him away.

To his relief, Bakugo only gave him another complacent smirk and proceeded to walk on the trail.


Kirishima followed him. He hesitated, but then he decided to continue their conversation. Speaking to Bakugo about other people’s love matters was a rare opportunity to hear how Bakugo felt about things related to romance, after all. And it was also kind of very exciting.

“Do you think Todoroki has a chance? With Midoriya?”, he asked Bakugo shyly.

“How should I know ‘bout that stupid nerd’s tastes? I don’t give a fuck. Just thinking ‘bout it is fucking disgusting.

Kirishima felt a small twinge in his stomach.

“Why’s it disgusting?”, he asked nervously.

Do you believe things like love and romance are disgusting in general? Or is it… because they’re both guys?

“Isn’t that fucking obvious!?”, Bakugo hissed at him. “They’re both annoying as hell! I don’t wanna waste even one second thinking ‘bout them.”

Kirishima felt the tension in his body loosen a bit. That was not the answer he had feared to hear. Then he noticed that Bakugo had come to a halt, again.

“…But now that you made me think about them…,” he turned around, glaring at Kirishima.

“I just came to realize something really annoying.”

“What is it?”, Kirishima asked tensely. The way Bakugo was glaring at him for some reason made it hard to breath. Bakugo came up to him, and Kirishima unconsciously took a few steps back.

“’Not really like I give a shit about dumb stuff like that. All that fuss about first experiences ‘n all that rubbish.”

Kirishima stumbled backwards when Bakugo would not stop getting closer and closer, until they were no longer standing on the trail, but between scrub and trees in the thicket.

“W-What d’you mean…,” Kirishima stuttered, flustered. He could not take his eyes from Bakugo’s. There where bright red sparks blazing in them.

“You ever kissed before, shitty hair?”

Kirishima swallowed. His mouth felt dry.

“…No. …Have you?”


Kirishima’s heart did a small jump.

“That’s why it’s fucking annoying. Not only that stupid nerd, but half-‘n-half, too, and even that fucking dunce-faced dork. Thinking ‘bout how they might fancy themselves superior ‘cause of stupid shit like this makes me pissed as fuck.”

Their faces were only a few inches apart now. Kirishima did not even realize Bakugo was pushing him back even further, until he felt his back hit against the hard texture of a tree. There was a crimson fire burning in Bakugo’s eyes and Kirishima felt himself being consumed by it.

“That’s why I’m gonna change that now,” Bakugo growled, and his eyes were burning so strongly Kirishima was not sure if what he felt was the heat leaking from them, or really just his own body rapidly heating up by itself.

“W-Wait”, he protested, panicking, as Bakugo’s face drew nearer and nearer. “Th-This, something like this, you only do those things with the one you really like-“

Bakugo stopped, with his lips just about two inches apart from Kirishima’s. Kirishima could feel his breath when he spoke.

“’With the one you really like,’ huh?”

Kirishima held his breath, staring into Bakugo’s crimson eyes without being able to think about anything. Then, Bakugo slightly frowned, and from his voice Kirishima knew Bakugo was smirking again.

“Well, that’s just too bad for you,” Bakugo purred. And then he kissed him.


The soft feeling of Bakugo’s lips pressed against his own was enough to make Kirishima’s brain overheat. He had no idea what was happening.

Bakugo had grabbed his shirt with one hand, while his other was propped up next to Kirishima’s head against the tree, as if Bakugo wanted to make sure he could not escape him.

Like his brain, Kirishima’s body was frozen, too, as if Bakugo was some kind of Medusa whose kiss turns people to stone. Kirishima was still trying to understand what was happening, when suddenly he could feel Bakugo’s tongue on his lips, ruthlessly pushing its way past his sharp teeth into his mouth.


When he felt the sensation of Bakugo’s tongue on his own, it was as if Bakugo had fired an explosion through it right into Kirishima’s mouth, sending fireworks up his neural system into his brain, and a searing heat invaded his whole body. It roused Kirishima from his petrification, and then suddenly he was impetuously kissing Bakugo back.

He did not know at all what he was doing, but it did not even occur to him to think about it. He just knew that this was what he had always wanted, and now he wanted more.

Bakugo tasted incredibly sweet and delicious. Kirishima wanted to taste more of him, but how long did he have? How much time would Bakugo give him? He had to hurry, had to pry as deep as he could, get out as much as he could. He needed to take in as much of Bakugo as possible, because he did not know if he would ever get another chance.

He heard Bakugo softly moan against his mouth, and he felt Bakugo’s hands in his hair and on the back of his neck. Kirishima’s own hands were on Bakugo’s face, and on his hip, but Kirishima was not really aware of that. He was focusing all his attention on what was happening between their lips and tongues.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, shitty hair,” Bakugo breathed, pulling his lips away from Kirishima’s. Without realizing, Kirishima had been pushing himself on him very aggressively. He did not have time to even think about apologizing, though, as Bakugo had pushed him back against the tree and was kissing him again, pressing his leg into Kirishima’s groin. Before Kirishima’s brain could keep up, his body had already reacted immediately, but, with his mind spinning he could not decide if he should be happy or panicking. And Bakugo did not give him any time to think, either. He playfully bit Kirishima’s lip, before he let his tongue assault him again with deep, rousing kisses.


Kirishima had no idea how long this had continued when suddenly, Bakugo pulled back, restraining him with a hand shoved into his face. Kirishima stared at Bakugo through his hand, and Bakugo was staring back at him, both of them panting breathlessly with flushed cheeks.

Kirishima’s mouth opened to utter words he had no idea what they would be, but Bakugo shushed him.


And then Kirishima heard them. The voices of Todoroki and Midoriya, calmly talking. And when he turned his head to where Bakugo was glancing at, he could already see them, too.

“Get down,” Bakugo growled, pushing down Kirishima’s head and crouching next to him into the shadow of the tree. Then they waited, making sure not to move even an inch so the chain of their handcuffs would not make any sound.

As they were sitting there next to each other motionlessly, trying to hold the breath they had been already short of anyway, and watched as Todoroki and Midoriya passed them by without taking any notice of their presence, Kirishima could feel the fast beating of his heart all the way up to his throat. Moreover, a certain part of his body was silently screaming for attention, which made the few seconds it took for their classmates to pass them by seem like an eternity.

“Ha.” Bakugo snorted at the backs of the two people disappearing in the distant darkness. He stood up, and Kirishima knew he was looking at him, but he did not dare meet his eyes.

“Oi, shitty hair, get your ass in gear. We’re going, too.”

But Kirishima did not move.

 “What’re you waiting for?”, Bakugo growled.

“I… I can’t,” Kirishima muttered.


“S-sorry, but I really can’t,” he apologized, and when he tried to smile at Bakugo he knew his face must be bright red.

 “Get your ass up, Kirishima.”


It’s too embarrassing.

“Please Bakugo, just let me-“, he started to plead, but then he flinched heavily when, without warning, Bakugo’s hand shot out and grabbed the erection Kirishima had tried to hide between his legs.

Ahh no don’t-” Kirishima felt that this small stimulation had been almost enough to make him ejaculate in his pants.

Oh god, no.

Kirishima glanced up to Bakugo’s face helplessly.  As he had expected, Bakugo was smirking at him. To Kirishima’s relief, he removed his hand, instead he crouched down next to him.

“D’you wanna tell me this is a side-effect of your quirk?”, he purred into Kirishima’s ear.

“I- I think so,” Kirishima murmured, too embarrassed to look at Bakugo.

“So, this has nothing to do with what we were doing just now?”

“… ”

Kirishima did not dare answer. He heard Bakugo chuckle into his ear, and the hot breath against his auricle almost drove him crazy. And then, Kirishima nearly dirtied his pants for a second time when suddenly he felt Bakugo’s tongue in his ear.

Hahhh--!!” A strange sound escaped his mouth.

The next thing he knew, he heard a clicking noise, and Bakugo was standing again. He let something fall into Kirishima’s lap. It was a key.

“W-what-“, Kirishima stuttered, and then he realized Bakugo was no longer wearing handcuffs. He watched him bend down to pick up the flashlight and throw it in the mud near where Kirishima was crouching.

“You better get rid of that before you come back, shitty hair. Unless you want everyone to know what we were doing, of course,” Bakugo said, smiling at him mockingly. And then, he just left.

Kirishima stared at the spot were Bakugo’s silhouette had just disappeared in the darkness. Then, he stared at the key in his lap.

But how? Why’d Bakugo have that!?

However, he did not feel the composure to ponder about that, right now. Because there, in his pants, was something so painfully aroused, it made him almost feel as if he would die if it was neglected any longer.

Kirishima put the key into his pocket.

He took a deep breath, swallowing down the last shreds of pride and restrain along with the oxygen.

And then, he closed his eyes, letting his hand slip into his pants.





*** *** ***




Chapter Text





When Kirishima finally reached the inn, he was, for a change, not very delighted when Kaminari greeted him at the entrance. The reason being that he wanted to go wash his hands very fast.

“Kirishima! Dude, where’ve you been? We’ve been so worried when Bakugo came back without you! And after the pair who’d started after you, at that!”

Kirishima tried to brush him off with a laugh. “Haha… Sorry, man. I’ll apologize to everyone, just let me quickly go to the toilet first, ‘kay?”

“What’s wrong, shitty hair? Got your hands dirty?”

Kirishima jerked his head at Bakugo’s voice, with his face nearly the color of his hair. Bakugo was nonchalantly leaning at the doorframe of the living room, his arms crossed, and a smug smirk on his face.

“Oh, yeah it was really muddy, wasn’t it,” Kaminari said unsuspectingly. Once again, Kirishima felt thankful for his friend’s ignorance.

“Kirishima? Is he back!?” That was Ashido’s voice coming from the living room. Kirishima hastily pushed Kaminari out of the way and hurried off to the toilet.






A complacent smile played around Bakugo’s lips as he watched Kirishima leave for the toilet with a flushed face. He could still feel heat lingering throughout his whole body. He felt so excited he wished he could just follow Kirishima to the toilet and push him into one of the cabins, so they could pick up where they had left off.

Bakugo still could not believe it.

We kissed.

I kissed Kirishima.

And Kirishima kissed me.

And then, he jerked off because of me.

Bakugo was absolutely certain of that. Kirishima’s reaction just now had made it obvious beyond any doubt.

He jerked off, to me.

This knowledge made Bakugo feel happy, and powerful. He would not let Kirishima know, of course, that he, too, had done the same thing as soon as he had returned, which was less than twenty minutes ago. Making sure neither Midoriya and Todoroki nor anyone else would see him, he had walked over to the empty gym on the training ground to take care of his needs there before returning to the inn. The gym was nearer to the forest, anyway.

Bakugo went back into the living room, where their classmates had assembled on and around the couches. He sat down on the couch that was the emptiest and took out his smartphone. He did not do anything with it, though, for he was still lost in thought about the things that had happened between him and Kirishima tonight. He looked up when someone sat down on the couch opposite of him, but it was only Sero with Dark Shadow.

“Sero! Tell us, was it very boring staying here?”, Hagakure asked him.

“Not at all! We played poker with Recovery Girl and Mic the whole evening. See how much we’ve earned!”

Even Bakugo had to look twice at the ridiculously big amount of money Sero was waving around in front of their faces, while Dark Shadow was sniggering pretentiously.

“GRAAAH!”, Uraraka roared louder than a bear, and jumped at the money with extended claws. Sero quickly put the money back in his pocket and moved to the side, and Uraraka bumped head-first into the couch.

“Grrr,” she snarled, disappointed, rubbing her nose while Tsuyu was patting her head affectionately.

Finally, the door opened and Kirishima came in. Bakugo was sure Kirishima knew he was looking at him, but Kirishima seemed determined not to meet Bakugo’s eyes. It made Bakugo feel irritated and annoyed, but also excited.

Don’t think I can’t see right through you.

I can tell you’re feeling embarrassed and guilty as fuck even without you looking me in the eyes.

‘Cause I know what you did.

And Bakugo was sure Kirishima knew he knew, too.






Kirishima felt Bakugo’s burning gaze on him, but he dared not meet his eyes.

He knows.

Oh my god, Bakugo knows I jerked off to him!

Kirishima’s face was hot, and he felt so extremely embarrassed. But he wondered if he should feel guilty too. After all, was it not Bakugo’s fault as much as it was his own that things had ended up this way?

Really, I’m just glad Bakugo had that key with him. Though I wonder what would’ve happened if he hadn’t had it…

But, why did he have it anyway?

When he had arrived at the toilet earlier and washed his hands, he had noticed that he was still dragging the half-opened handcuffs around with him.

I should bring them back to where they’re from, were the exemplary thoughts that had crossed his mind then, but for some reason he had ended up going to the sleeping room instead of the single room, stashing the handcuffs into his bag along with the key.

Why’d I do that? I need to return them tomorrow.

His thoughts were interrupted by Midoriya addressing him.

“Kirishima-kun. Did anything happen with Kacchan?”


Shit. That was not the reaction I’d planned, he thought as he adverted his eyes from Midoriya’s face, trying to hide his blushing cheeks.

“…Oh.”, the embarrassed tone in which Midoriya said that made Kirishima feel just more embarrassed himself.

“Sorry, I won’t ask any details,” Midoriya assured him and rushed away with his face nearly as red as Kirishima’s.

When Kirishima turned his head into the only direction left where there was neither a Midoriya nor a Bakugo, he was startled to find Kaminari staring at him with furrowed brows.

“What happened?”

“Nothing.” Kirishima buried his face in his hands.

I should’ve just gone straight to bed.

“Don’t hide stuff like this from me. I’m your best friend, am I not?” When Kirishima glanced at Kaminari, Kaminari’s expression was a mixture of worry, curiosity, and hurt.

Kirishima sighed.

“…fine. But let’s go outside.”

Kaminari nodded, pleased and excited.

When they left the room together, Kirishima could literally feel Bakugo’s burning eyes searing his back.






“Now start talking,” Kaminari urged Kirishima as soon as the entrance door behind them had closed.

“Why’d Bakugo and you come back separately, and so late? And how did you get rid of your handcuffs? Everyone was wondering ‘bout that, too.”

“I’ll tell you! I give in. But please, let’s just walk while I do. I don’t want anyone to hear, and I don’t think I want you to look straight at me the whole time…”


They started slowly trudging along the muddy lawn. The night air was still very humid and warm enough that not even Kaminari seemed to feel chilly, though both of them were not wearing any jackets.

“Okay. Where should I start… Uhm…”

Kirishima did not know what to tell him.

“Uhm… maybe I need to confess something else first. Something that had happened during the bottle-spinning game.”

“Hah? The bottle-spinning game?” Kaminari had to think for two seconds before he seemed to remember what Kirishima was talking about. “Ah! You mean, when you licked Bakugo’s foot.”

“Ugh. Yeah…”

“But I know that? Or, did I miss something?”

“Yeah, you did… but everyone did, don’t worry. Or at least, I hope everyone did…”

“What d’you mean? What else happened?”

“Hah. Hm, it’s not much really…,” Kirishima felt embarrassed, but he had no choice. “Except, that I kinda… got hard after that.”


Kirishima made sure not to look at him, but he knew Kaminari was staring at him totally flabbergasted.




“…But,” Kaminari started, as if he had just suddenly realized something. “But that’s… wasn’t Bakugo sitting, like, right in your lap the whole time? He didn’t realize?”

“…he did.”

“HE DID!?”

“Shh! …Yeah, he did. And it was his fault to begin with.”


“He was kinda… teasing me. You remember when he made you bow before him? That’s when it happened. It seems like he felt resentful towards me, for having… done that to his foot in front of everyone. And then he started acting all nasty and flirty, whispering things into my ear…”

“Eww. Seriously!? While I was doing my best prostrating before him!?”

“Ah no, ‘t was after, I think…”

“Doesn’t really make it any better!”

“No, it doesn’t, does it…”

“Okay. And then? What happened then?”


If Kaminari showed as much interest in our history class as he shows in this story, his grades surely would be a lot better than mine.

Kirishima sighed, embarrassed.

“Of course, he realized instantly. You know what position we were sitting in.”


“Yeah. That’s what I thought, too, except it was hell. Or, it was half hell and half heaven… I don’t think I’d ever felt as excited before as I did in that situation.”

Kirishima took a deep breath.

“’Cause you see – and that’s why I’m telling you about this at all – when Bakugo found out, he didn't laugh at me and reveal my embarrassment to y’all.”

“That would’ve been the worst treason, ever, man. You don’t do that kinda thing between bros,” Kaminari nodded fiercely. “But then, how-“

“He touched me.”


Kaminari starred at him, probably looking the most flabbergasted Kirishima had ever seen him. It was almost funny, and if Kirishima was not feeling as embarrassed as he was, he probably would have laughed.

Finally, Kaminari managed to get out his voice. And it was a great deal too loud, again.


“SSSHH!!” Kirishima frantically looked around and felt really thankful to his maybe-existing guardian angel who had made sure no one else except the two of them had left the inn.

“He, he touched you? Like, there!?”

“Yeah, but only through my clothes, of course.”

“’Only through my clothes’… How can you say that so matter-of-factly like it wasn’t a big deal!?”

“But it was a big deal, of course it was! How could it not’ve been. Even if it was just out of spite, most guys wouldn’t voluntarily touch another guys’… thing, would they? I’m not really sure myself, but wouldn’t they feel disgusted?”

“I know I can pretty well live without touching your thing, dude,” Kaminari said with a disgusted, but still very flabbergasted expression on his face.

“See. That’s why it meant a great deal to me. I know he was just teasing me, but the fact alone that he did not seem to feel disgusted by me reacting to him…”

“B-But… you didn’t… he didn’t… didn’t make you cum there, right!? There’s no way right, with all of us right next to you!?”

“H-He did go pretty far… I wasn’t really thinking straight myself, it was just like he had completely taken control over me… But then he stopped. And when it was time for him to go back to his own seat…, you remember?”

Kaminari nodded. “He didn’t leave. I remember thinking it was kinda strange, but I just thought, lucky for Kirishima. I’d never guessed…”

Kirishima blushed under Kaminari’s glance.

“Yeah. He did it so I wouldn’t be found out. I was really thankful to him for that.”

“Even if it was his fault to begin with…,” Kaminari muttered. “Dude, that’s a big thing you’ve hidden from your best bro!”

“Yeah, I’m sorry,” Kirishima smiled at him apologetically. “It’s just, it’s not only my secret, after all. I think Bakugo doesn’t like me telling you ‘bout all of this.”

“I’m sure he wouldn’t. But you don’t have to tell him, do you?”

“I’m pretty sure he knows. I felt him glaring at us when we left the living room just now.”

“Huh!? But why’d he know what we’re talking ‘bout?”

“Kaminari. It’s because you didn’t ask me to talk ‘bout the bottle-spinning thing, remember? You wanted to know what happened with Bakugo in the woods.”

Kaminari’s face lightened up as he remembered his original purpose.

“AH! That’s right. So, what happened with him in there?”

“Huhh, okay. Just let me order my thoughts, ‘kay…”



“…Okay. What happened, is, Bakugo kissed me.”

“HE-“ This time, the moment he had ended his sentence, Kirishima had wisely placed his hand on Kaminari’s mouth to stifle the words he was about to scream out on the top of his lungs in his bewilderment.

Kaminari fell silent and just stared at Kirishima across Kirishima’s hand. When Kirishima was convinced Kaminari would behave, he withdrew his hand to allow him to speak again.

“Sorry for shouting. Okay. He kissed you. …How in heaven’s name did that come about!?”

“Uuuhh…” It was only then that Kirishima realized he could not tell Kaminari about what had led to Bakugo kissing him. After all, he had promised Todoroki not to tell anyone.

“I’m sorry, I can’t really tell you what led up to it. ‘Cause another person’s secret is involved which I’ve been asked to keep. Uhm… Ah! But I can tell you, after all. Remember when Todoroki kissed you during the-“

“If someone asks me just one more time if I remember that, I think I’ll go nuts,” Kaminari cut Kirishima’s question short.

“Uh, right, sorry. So, for some reason we were talking ‘bout kisses. And then, Bakugo started saying strange stuff like, he doesn’t care for people showing off ‘bout their first experiences and stuff, but then he got irritated when he realized that other people might think him below them ‘cause of stuff like that. And then he said he was gonna change that now, and then he kissed me.”

Kaminari’s face showed his disbelief and excitement, but a strange disquiet had also appeared on it. Kirishima wondered, why.

“Okay, I think I get that. But, why did you come back separately, then? And what about the handcuffs?”

“I’m not really sure since when he had it, but Bakugo had the key with him.”

“Bakugo had it!?”

“Yeah. We kinda… We hid when Todoroki and Midoriya passed us by.”

“You were making out ‘til they passed you by!?”

Kirishima let out a shaky and embarrassed laugh.

“Haha, yeah, more or less… And, well I think you can guess by what I’ve just told you, but Bakugo was pretty aggressive… really, he was just too erotic,” Kirishima put his hands back on his face to not have to look at Kaminari’s probably disgusted face, “I- I couldn’t help it, I got hard again.”

“DUDE! Take it easy for once, will you!?”

“’T’was impossible! Sorry but it was totally impossible not to react!”

“Hah… So, instead of eating you alive, Bakugo showed mercy and let you run free?”

“Yeah, that’s about the gist of it…”

“Or more like, he cut himself loose and disappeared leaving you behind, didn’t he. Leaving you behind with your- You- y- you, you didn’t touch yourself after that, did y-“

A look at Kirishima writhing in shame was all Kaminari needed for an answer.

“EEW! How could you! And to think that – THAT’s why you wanted to go to the toilet so badly, isn’t it!?”

Kaminari starred at him, aghast.

“Yes, I know. I feel embarrassed ‘bout that, too. I felt like some kinky kind of pervert returning to the inn after doing something like that in the forest. I know, okay!? But I didn’t really have much choice anymore. But you know, the most embarrassing part of it all is, that Bakugo knows. He knows, Kaminari!”


Kaminari stayed silent for some moments.

“So that’s why he was glaring at you like that when you came back, huh… I don’t really know if I should feel sorry for you or be congratulating you. But what I can certainly say,” Kaminari grimaced at Kirishima, “’s that tonight, some serious shit went down for you, didn’t it.”

“You can say that out loud,” Kirishima laughed, feeling exhausted. And very sleepy, too, all of a sudden.

“Thanks for telling me, bro,” Kaminari said, earning him a genuinely thankful smile from Kirishima.

“You, too. Thanks for listening, and for keeping my secrets.”

“Yeah, I feel like they just keep growing, though,” Kaminari shook his head in disbelief. “But, Kirishima…”

“What is it?”

 “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I feel like it’s better I say it, ‘cause I’m kinda worried.”

When Kaminari continued, Kirishima noticed that his face had changed to an unusually serious expression.

“Don’t let Bakugo have his way with you. I mean, don’t let him use you. You gotta make clear what’s between you two. ‘Cause if you don’t, Bakugo might just use you for all kinds of other things, simply because he’s got no one else who’d give him those. For him, everything’s ‘bout being number one, right?”

Kaminari looked into Kirishima’s eyes urgently, and there it was again, the calm and serious demeanor that seemed so uncharacteristic for him.

 “I mean it, Kirishima. If you really are in love with him, you’ve gotta tell him. You’ve gotta make it clear.”

Kirishima stared back into his friend’s eyes and nodded gravely.


I know that. And I really do plan to, it’s just…

I’m so scared Bakugo might reject me.

I know this makes me so unmanly, but I’m just too scared.

I don’t wanna ruin this special thing I have with him.

Kaminari’s words had hit Kirishima more than he wanted to admit. They stirred the fears he had tried to seal away in the deepest realms of his unconscious, and now there were stray pieces of anxiety trying to turn into negative thoughts and to invade his brain. But Kirishima would not let them.

He decided to push all negative thoughts that fed on fear and doubt aside for the time being. He wanted to enjoy the happiness and ecstasy still left in his system from the kisses he had shared with Bakugo today. Be it for whatever reason.

When they were about to head back into the inn, he remembered what he had wanted to ask Kaminari.

“Kaminari. Do you like Jiro?”

Kaminari turned around to him, looking utterly flustered, and his head was bright red. Kirishima knew he had caught him off guard.

“Why’d you ask that now?”, he stammered, looking at him accusingly.

“Sorry, I just remembered I’d wanted to ask you ‘bout it.”

“Huhh… I’ll tell you. Tomorrow, ‘kay? Let’s go to bed now.”

Kirishima smiled at him warmly. “Alright.”


They had been talking for quite a while, and when they entered the boys’ sleeping room, all their classmates seemed to be sleeping already. When they had tiptoed their way to their futons, both of their gazes fell upon Bakugo.

He was sleeping, lying on his back in his futon, only halfway covered by the blanket (it was a very warm night, after all) with his arms and legs stretched out so wide that one of his arms had invaded Kirishima’s futon, as if Bakugo was claiming half of it for himself. His black tank top had slid up, exposing part of his abdominal area. On his sleeping face, there was his usual slight frown, but aside from that his expression was calm, and one of the most angelic Kirishima had ever seen on him.

He looks so beautiful.

And so hot.

Even Kaminari seemed to think so, or at least he could tell what Kirishima was thinking.

“Dude. You think you gonna be okay?”, he whispered to him.

“…No. Sorry. I- I, I think I-… It’s better I-…” Kirishima tiptoed a few steps back, and Kaminari made a noise that sounded like a stifled, embarrassed laugh.



“Gotya. Have fun.”

“Huuh haha… Good night,” Kirishima whispered, embarrassed, and hurried away to the toilet.

“Good night,” he could hear Kaminari murmur before he had left the room, and even without looking he knew Kaminari was probably shaking his head at him, again.




*** *** ***



Chapter Text





The next morning, Kirishima was not acting any less suspicious than the night before. Although he did sit down next to Bakugo for breakfast, greeting him and smiling at him as usual, Bakugo could tell Kirishima was still feeling extremely self—conscious around him. Of course, Bakugo did not go easy on him, either.

“What were you talking ‘bout with dunce face yesterday?”

“Huh!? I-, aah, yeah. I… kinda asked him, ‘bout Jiro…and stuff…”

Bakugo snorted gleefully.

Yeah. Sure you did.”

I’m sure you had a lot more ‘stuff’ to talk ‘bout than just her.

Bakugo darted a glare at Kaminari, who was staring at them from the next table. When their eyes met, Kaminari looked down frantically, almost burying his nose in his scrambled eggs. A glance at Sero and Tokoyami, who were sitting next to and opposite Kaminari, told Bakugo that Dark Shadow had already safely returned to his original owner.

“B-by the way, today’s the day we’re gonna visit that small mountain town, right? I hope there are lots of tourist shops and stuff. Oh, and class B’s Tetsutetsu wanted me to get him some weird figurine… I better check what exactly he’d written.”

Kirishima pulled out his smartphone.

“Whoaa, I haven’t looked at it for nearly two days now. What’s with all these messages…”

Suddenly, his eyes widened and his face flushed. Bakugo tried to glance at the screen to see what he was looking at, but Kirishima had already turned the display off again and put the smartphone back into his pocket.

“A-hahaa, I’ll check it again later…”

Bakugo frowned and raised his brows at him but said nothing.


It turned out the ‘small mountain town’ Kirishima was talking about was a historic site featuring records of the first people who had ever been diagnosed to have quirks in Japan and the only tourist attraction in the whole region.

“Knowing the origin of heroes and villains alike is the duty of everyone who aims to walk the path of a pro hero,” Aizawa told them, “and thus the school has organized a bus to take you there on a trip today.”

They were all assembling in the living room after breakfast.

“ALSO we’ll have a small SURPRISE waiting for you when you get home. Make sure to look forward to it,” Mic had added with a suggestive, mischievous grin.

“We want you,“ Aizawa continued, “to always stay in groups of four or five people during this trip. Make sure everyone has a group they belong to. I don’t want to have to search for people who got lost… After you’ve decided on your groups, go get your stuff and get ready. Departure’s in ten minutes.”






“Let’s form a group, Kirishima,” Kaminari suggested cheerfully, shouting at him from the other side of the room.

“Sure!”, Kirishima shouted back.

“I’m gonna be in your group, too!” Kirishima was startled when Ashido popped out her head over his shoulder. “Sero!?”

“I think I prefer Midoriya’s group for today,” Sero turned her down, grinning with his arm around the surprised-looking Midoriya’s shoulder.

“Fine then, I have other people I love besides you!!”, Ashido pretended to pout for two seconds, until she flashed another big smile at Jiro. “But you’ll be in my group, right Jiro?”, she asked her, beckoning her to come over. Jiro smiled.


Jiro was about to walk over to them when Kirishima’s attention was drawn by Mic doing something strange.

Mic crouched down.

“Yay!” He threw something in front of Jiro’s feet.

She saw it too late and stumbled.

“Watch out!”, Kaminari shouted and hastened to catch her when she was about to fall. There was a strange noise, a flash of lightning, and smoke – lots of smoke. It was the kind of smoke they all knew very well by now.

“Jiro! Kaminari!”, Kirishima shouted, alarmed.

“Did you seriously just shock her!?”, Ashido exclaimed, upset.

“I- I didn’t –  Did I!? Didn’t mean to,” Kaminari stuttered. Both he and Jiro were coughing from the smoke, but when Jiro found back to her feet, she was not visibly hurt otherwise.

“You fine, Jiro!?”, Kaminari asked her, looking worried.

She looked back at him and opened her mouth – but, although her lips were forming words, no sound came out.

“Thank god!”, Kaminari sighed, not noticing how surprised Jiro looked when her voice would not come out. He noticed, though, that everyone was looking at him funnily.

“Don’t just decide that on your own! She’s clearly in shock, isn’t she!”, Ashido reprimanded him. “Jiro, you alright?”

Jiro turned to answer her, but again, she could not get her voice to come out.

“She’s lost her voice,” Bakugo growled. He had been standing in the corner behind Kirishima all this time and was now slowly coming a few steps closer.

“Oh, that sucks,” Kirishima said sympathetically, forcing his eyes to move back to Jiro and Kaminari.

“What are you talking ‘bout, she’s speaking just fine, isn’t she!?”, Kaminari asked them, astonished.

Jiro looked at him, surprised, as did everyone else. Kaminari stared back at her.

“No way… Really!? You’re really not moving your lips, are you…”


“Are you fucking telling me you’re back to reading minds, dunce face!?”, Bakugo flared up at him, but contradicting his angry voice, he did not approach Kaminari, instead he was taking precautionary steps backwards already.

“Huh!? …No? Wait… I can’t hear any of your thoughts…”

“Sure? You better not lie to me, toaster brain.”

Toaster brain!?”, Kaminari repeated huffily, but then he only shrugged his shoulders at Bakugo’s rudeness. “No. I’m not lying, I really don’t hear a thing from you guys. But,” he turned to Jiro again, “I heard yours, didn’t I?”

They watched as Jiro moved her lips, again in vain, and Kaminari nodded. Then she slightly blushed and seemed to say something else, because suddenly he blushed, too, and jumped backwards, thereby removing the arm that had still been holding her back.

“Sorry! I didn’t notice…,” he began, not finishing his sentence and looking at her, expecting a retort. But when Jiro just stared at him, his expression changed from embarrassed to confused. “Jiro… Are you thinking something right now? ‘Cause suddenly I can’t hear a thing anymore.”

Her eyebrows twitched in surprise, and then she nodded.

“Isn’t it because you let go of her?”, Sero observed.

“Right! Try touching her again,” Kirishima grinned at Kaminari, earning him an embarrassed glare.

“Fine… It’s fine, right…?” Kaminari looked at Jiro for permission before he hesitantly put his hand on her shoulder.

“I-I can hear you again…,” Kaminari breathed, for some reason looking enthralled.


“Can I try, too?”, Ashido asked and put her hand on Jiro’s other shoulder without needing her permission. She stood like this for about seven seconds, exchanging glances with Jiro and Kaminari before she spoke again.

“… You are thinking something, right? ‘Cause, I can’t really hear a thing,” she sighed finally, and let go of Jiro.

“She was thinking that she wished she had gotten in a quirk accident that is less inconvenient, and then she was just wondering whether you’d be able to hear her thoughts or not,” Kaminari narrated, and Jiro nodded.

“Seriously? You’re the only one who can hear her thoughts!?”, Mineta squeaked disbelievingly.

“Maybe it’s only boys?”, Kirishima guessed, walking over to Jiro. “May I?”

When she nodded, he put his hand on the place where Ashido’s had rested just now. He could not hear anything, either. He had not expected to, and he was even kind of happy when he really did not hear anything. After all, this meant…

“Guess you’re special, Kaminari!”

He gave Kaminari a pat on his shoulder, beaming his widest smile at him.

Good for you, bro.

“H-huh!?” Kaminari, clearly flustered, removed his hand from Jiro’s shoulder.

“But thank god, this means you can translate for her. Make sure you don’t leave her side, Kaminari!”, Ashido cheered at him.

“We’re counting on you, bro!”, Kirishima added with a grin, and Sero gave Kaminari a hard pat on the back.

Kaminari seemed to have lost his voice, too. He just stared at Jiro, bewildered. And she just looked back at him, with a hint of bashfulness that was hard to notice, though.

“Ain’t that great,” Mic sniggered as he sneaked out of the room.






About seven Minutes later, Bakugo sat on one of the parking lot’s benches, watching Kirishima tease Kaminari with Sero and Ashido. Jiro, on the other hand, was being surrounded by a small circle of people trying to read her mind (without success), or, in Mineta’s case, just trying to touch her (which in the end got him a bloody nose.)

Bakugo frowned as he watched Kirishima laugh and smile happily at his friends.

Don’t fucking act like you’ve already forgotten ‘bout yesterday. About me.

As much as he loved seeing Kirishima’s smile, right now what Bakugo wanted to see was not Kirishima smiling and laughing. At least not while his smiles and laughs were directed at other people than him.

Bakugo’s eyes fixed on Kirishima’s mouth opening and closing cheerfully. Less than half a day ago those lips had been touching his own. Bakugo knew how those sharp teeth felt on his lips and tongue, and what kind of sensation it was when that tongue entered his mouth.

Bakugo felt himself getting excited again, and quickly averted his eyes. Instead, he decided to shoot a killing glance at Midoriya whom he had caught looking at him again.

Nosy fucking nerd. Mind your own business.

Irritated, he uncrossed his arms and pulled out his smartphone.

This is ridiculous.


„Did you enjoy my present?”

Bakugo’s head turned at Sero’s voice so abruptly that he was glad he did not end up straining his neck.

“What the fuck!?”, he snarled at him.

“You know, …those handcuffs.” When Sero leaned nearer to Bakugo to whisper the last two words into his ear, Bakugo could not help marveling at his intrepidity, or his brazenness.

“…Ha. So you fucking do remember what you gave to me, after all. D’you expect me to say ‘thank you’?

“No, I don’t need that. But I’d like to hear why you didn’t use the key earlier. It can’t be you didn’t notice I gave it to you, did you?” The way Sero grinned at him smugly made Bakugo want to punch him. But he held himself back. Because this boy knew something Bakugo preferred to stay a secret.

“I just felt like it. Why should I need a fucking reason? Did you have a reason when you stole pesky-see-through’s panties? Or when you grabbed dunce face’s fucking butt?”

Sero looked at him for a moment, grinning without saying anything. It made Bakugo feel even more irritated. He was starting to let small explosions crackle in his palms when Sero answered, at last.

“Point taken. I think I get it though, Bakugo.”

“HUH!? What the hell d’you fucking think you’re getting, tape-arms!?”, Bakugo blustered at him, and the crackling explosions gained size.

“No, it’s fine.”

“What the FUCK’s fine? I’m asking you what’re you FUCKING GETTING!?”

Still grinning, Sero quickly jumped to his feet.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Kirishima,” he sniggered and quickly dashed away, laughing. Bakugo, too jumped to his feet.


“Bakugo?” Kirishima was looking at him, surprised, as was everyone else. Bakugo snorted angrily and let the explosions he had been ready to fire at Sero subside.

FUCK this clown. Who the fuck does he think he is!? What exactly does he think he ‘got’!?


Right now, he was feeling so irritated and so angry he was surprised himself. But before Bakugo could ponder about why Sero’s attitude was making him this angry, their bus had arrived at the parking lot and Mic’s noisy voice resounded through the air.

“THE BUS IS HERE! Everyone, get in!”

He cleared his throat, which was a rare sight for him.

“You might’ve noticed this is not the same bus as the one that brought us here. And, actually it appears we miscalculated and have not enough seats. That’s why - THE last one inside has to sit on someone’s lap!”

„HA! I’m not doing this shit again!,” Bakugo declared and launched a big explosion that catapulted him exactly into the bus’s entrance. He turned at his baffled classmates.

“Losers,” he smirked, and entered the bus.

A huge ruckus broke out on the parking lot.

“EVERYONE IT’S A RACE!!”, Kaminari shouted.

“A RACE!??”, Iida repeated, fired up, and started his engines.

“I WON’T LOSE!”, Kirishima roared.

“Got it.” Todoroki ice-surfed towards the bus, reaching it at the same time as Iida.

Bakugo snorted contemptuously and sat down in the second row from the back. When they all were seated, they were surprised to find that really all were seated.

“Huh? Did we have enough, after all?” Mic scratched his head, confused.

“You miscounted, didn’t you. Dork,” Aizawa grumbled from inside his sleeping bag.

Then, they all could hear Midoriya’s voice as he entered the bus, panting.

“S-sorry did you wait? I’d just remembered I’d forgotten my wallet…”

“Midoriya.” Todoroki waved at him.

“Todoroki-kun? What’s wrong?” Midoriya looked at him and smiled, confused.

“It’s okay, Midoriya. Never mind,” Mic grinned and shoved Midoriya towards were Todoroki was sitting, and then pushed Midoriya onto Todoroki’s lap.


Ignoring the puzzled face of Midoriya, blushing and probably wondering how he ended up on Todoroki’s lap, Mic sat down next to Aizawa and told the bus driver they were ready to depart.




*** *** ***



Chapter Text





Kirishima did not regret his decision to sit down in the empty seat next to Bakugo. After all, there was no place where he would rather be.

However, this did not change the fact that Kirishima felt incredibly tense. The slightest brush of Bakugo’s arm against his sent surges up his veins, electrifying his whole body and making it hard on Kirishima not to get hard again. He closed his eyes and directed a silent complaint at his body.

What the heck’s wrong with you!? Stop overreacting already!!

Kirishima suppressed a sigh. Then he glanced at Bakugo.

Bakugo was not minding him and listening to music. Kirishima realized that he did not know what kind of music Bakugo likes to listen to.

“Bakugo, what’re you listening to?”, he heard himself ask, leaning forward. When Bakugo’s crimson eyes fixed on his, Kirishima flinched just a bit.

Don’t get red again, he implored his cheeks, while he resisted the urge to advert his eyes from Bakugo’s glare.

“Hm.” Bakugo took one side of his earphones and held it out to Kirishima.

Kirishima felt his eyes grow wide, and he quickly took the earphone, beaming at Bakugo happily.

“Thanks!!” He put it into his ear.

“…What language is this?”, he asked Bakugo when he realized he could not understand a thing.

“It’s English, you shitty blockhead. Wasn’t that one of your stronger subjects?”

“Oh! It’s English!? …B-But, hearing and reading’s completely different, no?”

“Hah. There’s just no helping your fucking stupidity,” Bakugo sneered at him, but the way his eyes were glinting made Kirishima blush again.

“Don’t tease me…,” he muttered, adverting his eyes embarrassed. When Bakugo did not reclaim his second earbud, though, Kirishima felt so happy he felt like humming with the music, if he had known the songs and they would not be sitting in a full bus. The songs Bakugo listened to were of a genre Kirishima was not familiar with, but he found himself liking them, nevertheless. They sound manly. And somehow, they fit Bakugo, he thought happily. Yes, he really liked them a lot.






They arrived at their destination approximately 30 minutes later. When Kirishima exited the bus, he quickly glanced at Todoroki and Midoriya who had walked out to the parking lot before him. He felt kind of relieved when neither of them seemed tense or embarrassed and they were talking to each other normally. Apparently, Todoroki did not have to experience any of the trouble Bakugo had bestowed on Kirishima’s lap some nights ago. Once again, he found himself feel jealous of Todoroki’s quirks.

That’s just what you’d expect from someone able to regulate his own body heat at will.

He turned around to look for Bakugo when he heard Aizawa’s voice and turned to look at him, instead.

“Okay brats, listen.” Aizawa pulled a thin stack of paper out of his sleeping bag. “I want each group to choose a leader and give me at least one member’s mobile phone number so we can contact you, should the need arise. Also, I’ll give each leader a map showing the places we want you to visit. The order you go there’s up to you. The map also shows you where the shopping district is, so you can go there if you want to eat something or buy things. We’ll meet here again at 5. That’s all.”

Ashido gave Kirishima a spirited pat on the back.

“Kirishima! Can you get one for us?”, she asked him cheerfully, before turning around to Jiro.

“Or did you wanna be leader, Jiro?” Jiro shook her head indifferently.

“Thought so! You’ll do it, right?” Ashido chirped at Kirishima.

“No problem,” he smiled, pulled out his phone and went over to Aizawa, while in his back he could hear Kaminari complain: “You’re not even asking me? Well I don’t wanna do it, but still…”


When Kirishima had given Aizawa his number and received the map in return, he was about to go back to his group when he stopped. He looked at the phone in his hand. Then he quickly glanced over at Bakugo, and, seeing that Bakugo was distracted quarreling with Ashido and Kaminari, he switched the display back on and opened his inbox.

He could feel his face flush and a warm sensation flood his body as he stared at the picture Jiro had sent him. It was the picture that had taken him by surprise at breakfast, the one Kaminari had taken and, fortunately, sent to Jiro before Bakugo had destroyed his phone.

It showed himself and Bakugo, sleeping in the same futon, with Bakugo lying on top of him, snuggled into his arms.

Kirishima could hardly breathe.

How can he be this cute!? Why didn’t I wake up sooner!? Before everyone was awake!? I could’ve savored it so much better if I didn’t have to freak out at the situation!!!

Reluctantly, he closed the picture.

Then he noticed Jiro had sent him another message after that, saying

‘This one’s even better. Have you – ever - seen his face like this before!?’

Kirishima held his breath and opened the second picture.

It showed Bakugo’s face, nestled against Kirishima’s chest.

His eyes were closed,

and -

There was no frown. Not even a slight one.

He looked actually, perfectly, peaceful.

Kirishima’s heart skipped more than just one beat while he stared at Bakugo’s angelic sleeping face.

“What’s wrong, buddy? Aizawa already sent you an harassment mail?”

Kaminari’s voice woke Kirishima from his trance. He quickly closed the picture, turned off the display and put his phone back into his pants pocket.

“No. I’m sure he has better things to do,” he laughed, flustered, and hurried over to his group.


It was a very hot day, with only sporadic clouds decorating the sky, and the sun burned down on them mercilessly as they set out for their first target – a monument of the person who had defeated the first quirk-villain.

“You know, Kaminari, maybe it’s better you hold Jiro’s hand? So she doesn’t get lost?”, Sero sniggered at Kaminari, making him blush heavily.

“Whua- why should she get lost!? Why’re you even with us!?”

“We decided to go see the monument, first, too,” Sero grinned, nodding at his group members – Midoriya, Todoroki, Aoyama and Uraraka – who were walking some feet behind him. “After all, it seems like the most boring so it’s better to check it off, first, right?”

“Guess that’s true but…,” Kaminari mumbled.

“So, won’t you? It makes it easier to talk,” Ashido ask him. Kaminari blushed again and glanced at Jiro. She put her hand on his upper arm and shook her head.

“Ah… yeah. I totally get that.” Kaminari looked back at the others. “She said she’d feel uncomfortable having me read her mind non-stop. I don’t think I’d enjoy that, either…”

“Oh, that makes sense. Just make sure you don’t lose us, Jiro!”, Ashido said, before she added, looking at Kaminari impishly, “Make sure you keep an eye on her!”

Surely there’s no need to tell him, Kirishima thought, smiling to himself. Kaminari had said he would tell him about Jiro today, but Kirishima was almost completely certain he did not need to hear it from his mouth anymore. Kaminari’s face and the way he acted around her were actually already saying more than enough.

While the two groups assembled around the monument, taking pictures and reading the inscription, Kirishima noticed that Bakugo was staring daggers at Sero. Sero did not seem to mind Bakugo’s glares at all, but he was smart enough not to go near him.

I wonder what it was they were arguing about earlier…

Next, they parted ways with Midoriya’s group and went to see a small school building that used to be the first educational institution for people with quirks. The school was not particularly interesting, in Kirishima’s opinion, and Kaminari and Ashido seemed to think so, too. Bakugo and Jiro, on the other hand, were reading the various information boards quite attentively.

After they were through with it, they agreed on going to the shopping district, since it was already past midday and they were all hungry.






“Ahh, but that sure was delicious!”

Kirishima stretched his arms over his head with a satisfied smile. Bakugo did not say anything, although he agreed with him. The food the small restaurant had served had been quite good.

Right now, it was only the two of them looking through a souvenir shop. Kaminari, Jiro and Ashido were searching for souvenirs a few shops further. Most of the stores were featuring the kind of things that most tourist shops offered, but then, most noticeably, the mountain town seemed to be especially affluent with all sorts of gemstones, from affordable and even cheap ones to stones that were so expensive they were securely kept in glass cases.

“These are pretty, but I wouldn’t really know what to do with them…,” Kirishima chattered while looking at the stones.

“Weren’t you gonna buy that stupid junk for that class B knucklehead?”, Bakugo reminded him, making sure he did not seem too supportive by adding a fed-up glare.

I bet you’ve forgotten already.

Kirishima’s eyebrows raised in realization.

“AH! I completely forgot!”


“Thanks, Bakugo!” Bakugo squinted his eyes when Kirishima beamed at him before hurrying over at where different figurines were being displayed.





“Gonna wait outside. The air-conditioning in here’s cold as fuck,” Bakugo grumbled.

“Oh, alright! That’s true. I’m gonna try and make it quick, thanks!” Kirishima said, smiling at Bakugo who was already half out the door.

It did not take Kirishima long to find what he was looking for. When he compared the figurine with the one in the picture Tetsutetsu had sent him, he could not help wondering just who came up with the strange idea of selling miniature rhinoceroses in this shop, and why. But then he decided he did not really care about the reason and just grabbed one.

Just when he was walking towards the cash desk, his eyes were drawn to a particular object in one of the glass cases. It was an argent ring with a red gemstone.

Kirishima approached the glass case to have a closer look.

He had been right. It was a crimson red. The same color as his eyes, and Bakugo’s.

He stared at the ring’s gem, feeling as if he was under a spell. As if he was looking into Bakugo’s eyes.

Then a sense of reality came back to him, remembering that Bakugo was (hopefully) still waiting for him outside. Kirishima let his eyes fall onto the ring’s price.

Oh… oh…?

It was expensive, more expensive than the necklace Kirishima was going to buy for his mom, but not more expensive than what he could presently afford.

He hesitated one second.

It’s not like I can just give him a ring, he thought, blushing and feeling a little bit silly.

But then he gathered his determination and walked up to one of the store clerks.

“Excuse me, I’d like to buy one of the rings in that glass case…”

I’m sure I’d regret it if I didn’t buy it now. It doesn’t matter if I ever have the chance and the courage to give it to him or not. But this is something I want to do.

Because, I can see my own feelings for Bakugo in that stone.

When he stepped out of the store he was feeling even happier than usual to find that Bakugo was still waiting for him.

“Sorry Bakugo! Thanks for waiting!” He smiled at him, and when Bakugo only dismissively shrugged his shoulders, Kirishima could not hold back from putting his arm on his shoulder and laughing happily.

“What the fuck, let go, shitty hair,” Bakugo snarled at him, but although he adverted his face from Kirishima he did not push him away, and that fact alone made Kirishima smile even more widely, if that was even possible.






Bakugo had trouble keeping his composure.

He was sitting on one of the benches of the shopping district street, with his legs crossed, one hand in his pocket while the other was holding his smartphone. He was skimming through different texts on the town’s homepage, searching for anything that might interest him.

Kirishima was sitting next to him, slightly leaning against him so comfortably it almost verged on snuggling, with his arm still on Bakugo’s shoulders. He was looking at the people on the street and sometimes glancing at the screen of Bakugo’s phone to see what he was doing.

What the hell’s wrong with him!? Has he already forgotten what I did to him yesterday?? What’s going on in this stupid dog’s head!!?

Bakugo suppressed a sigh and tried to stop thinking about it. Just when he started to relax at last, Kirishima sat upright all of a sudden.

“What,” Bakugo asked him, not very pleased to be bumped without warning.

“That girl over there… with the blond hair… isn’t that Uraraka?”

Thinking, what the hell’s he talking ‘bout now, Bakugo turned his gaze towards where Kirishima was pointing. What he saw, was indeed Uraraka. And indeed, her hair was blond.

“What the fuck.”

“What happened!? Did she – just dye it? Today!? Here!?”

Apparently, trying to figure out the reason behind Uraraka’s sudden image change was too much for Kirishima’s brain. Meanwhile, Bakugo had noticed the rest of Uraraka’s group - Midoriya, Todoroki, Sero and Aoyama, too. Midoriya seemed somehow worried, while Aoyama and Sero were laughing and Todoroki was looking totally calm.

“Uraraka! What happened to your hair!?” Kirishima stood up and walked towards the other group. Bakugo followed him.

“Kirishima-kun! Bakugo-kun!”, Uraraka waved at them, smiling, but looking rather embarrassed. Midoriya and Aoyama smiled when they noticed them, Sero grinned  fervently and Todoroki just nodded at Kirishima.

“What’s the meaning of this,” Bakugo snarled at Midoriya. “Another fucking quirk-accident!?”

In the corner of his eye he could see Kirishima look at him in surprise, when Midoriya’s answer confirmed Bakugo’s suspicion.

“Yes, that’s right. It’s Aoyama-kun,” Midoriya nodded at Aoyama, who gave them a sheepish smile.

“It’s like a quirk that doesn’t let him control his own quirk anymore. His laser just activates randomly, but it doesn’t destroy things, thank god, instead it turns them into a different color… we think? He accidently painted one lady’s dress purple - luckily she liked the color…”

“You can’t control it?”, Kirishima asked Aoyama.

“It’s completely out of my hands,” Aoyama winked at him.

“Or out of your belly button,” Sero grinned, making Uraraka, Midoriya and Kirishima laugh.

“Well, I’d prefer it if you won’t make my things purple, too! It doesn’t really fit my hair color,” Kirishima smiled blithely.

“He can change that for you, too,” Uraraka reminded him, fumbling self-consciously with her blond hair. “It doesn’t look good on me, does it…”

“You look stupid as fuck,” Bakugo sneered at her.


“Don’t say that, Kacchan! I think it looks-,” Midoriya started when all of a sudden a laser beam shot out of Aoyama’s belly button and hit Midoriya’s shirt.

The shirt disappeared.

“HUH!?” Midoriya looked down on himself, startled.

“Ah.” Todoroki’s pupils slightly dilated as he stared at Midoriya’s naked upper body.

“Eeeh!?” Uraraka blushed.

“Tsk.” Bakugo frowned. That was not what he had been told.

Sero started laughing out loud.

“Where’s your shirt gone? Did Aoyama’s beam just now erase it?”, Kirishima asked Midoriya, confused.

“N-no, actually, I’m still wearing it… See,” He grabbed Kirishima’s hand and placed it on his chest, not noticing the glares from Bakugo and Todoroki his action brought him and Kirishima. Of course, Kirishima did not notice, either.

“Ah! You’re right. So it’s become invisible, then?”


Without warning, Todoroki took off his own shirt and handed it to Midoriya.

“Midoriya, wear this.”

Midoriya looked at him, slightly blushing and apparently confused.

“No, like I said… I’m already wearing a shirt, Todoroki-kun.”



Sero was laughing even harder. Todoroki was about to make Midoriya wear his shirt when Midoriya quickly put his hands up, saying:

“Alright alright! Just let me take off my shirt before, wearing two in this heat would be-“

“No.” Todoroki looked at him concerned.

“What, no?” Midoriya seemed to be even more confused now.

“You can’t just take your shirt off in front of everyone.”

“But it’s invisible!?”

Ignoring Midoriya’s protest and Sero rolling on the ground laughing, Todoroki went ahead pulling his shirt over Midoriya’s head. Midoriya stared at him for a few seconds, before he went ahead taking off his own shirt from underneath Todoroki’s shirt. It was not too hard, since Todoroki’s shirt was quite big on him, reaching all the way to below his butt.

“Thank you Todoroki-kun,” Midoriya smiled at Todoroki, and Bakugo noticed to his aversion that Todoroki was blushing ever so slightly.






“Ochako-chan, what’s with your hair!?

“Why’re you naked, Todoro- Midoriya, is that Todoroki’s shirt!???”

Ashido, Kaminari and Jiro were approaching them. It seemed like they were done with their shopping, too.

 Just when Uraraka and Midoriya had finished explaining what had happened to them, Aoyama’s quirk activated again, and this time he was shooting out three beams in succession into different directions – hitting Kaminari’s hair, Bakugo’s hair, and Midoriya’s pants.

Kaminari’s hair became black.

Bakugo’s hair started twinkling with tiny, tiny silvery and golden stars.

And Midoriya’s pants disappeared.

“U- uwah!?”



Kirishima forced himself to look away from Bakugo’s glittering hair to give Midoriya the attention he deserved. He stood there, seemingly without any pants, and with the way Todoroki’s shirt was so big on Midoriya that it concealed his boxers, it looked almost as if he was not wearing anything underneath. Just his shoes, and Todoroki’s shirt. When Kirishima glanced at Todoroki’s face, Todoroki’s expression had become something ineffable.

“Uwah that’s crazy!” Kaminari exclaimed flabbergasted, pulling his black hair down into his face so he could look at it.


“Midoriya! My gosh, it’s really invisible now!”

Kaminari and Jiro flinched when, without warning, Ashido took off the short skirt she was wearing. They both heaved silent sighs of relief when they saw Ashido was wearing a hot-pants underneath.

“Midoriya, take this!” She stepped over Sero who was still lying on the ground, trying to recover from his laughing fit, and handed Midoriya her skirt.

“Thank you, Ashido… but… a skirt?” Midoriya was apparently not convinced.

“Sorry, but I don’t like wearing skirts without extra pants underneath. And I’m not sure my pants would fit you, anyway,” Ashido apologized, but Kirishima could see she was slightly smirking. It seemed like she was enjoying Midoriya’s embarrassment.

“Huh… okay…”

When Midoriya had put on her skirt, everyone made sure not to look at him too obviously so he would not need to feel even more embarrassed. Only Todoroki kept openly staring at him, and Kirishima could not blame him. The person you like wearing your shirt and a skirt? Kirishima tried to resist imagining what Bakugo would look like, and when he looked at Bakugo’s hair that had become a bright sea of stars, it was not too hard.





*** *** ***





Chapter Text





“Hey. Can you still see my flash?”, Kaminari asked Jiro. She put her hand on his shoulder to let him read the answer in her mind.

“The lightning flash in your hair has turned golden. It’s even more noticeable now than before.”

 “Oh, thank god! I’d feel like I’d lose my originality or something if that was gone…” Kaminari sighed, relieved, when he heard Jiro think something else.

“You look really cool.”

His face flushed, and he looked at her, startled. “Eh!? Really!?”

Jiro blushed and quickly withdraw her hand, adverting her face. Then she just walked over to Ashido. Kaminari stared at her back, stunned.

Was that… Just now, she didn’t mean for me to hear that?

“How come it just goes through Aoyama-kun’s own clothes!? This doesn’t make any sense!!” Midoriya started muttering away, thinking of possible reasons but ruling out most of them almost immediately. No one was paying him any attention, except Todoroki, and the attention Todoroki payed to him was probably not because of what Midoriya was saying.

“How you’re gonna make this up to me, bug eyes!? Turning peoples’ heads into fucking Christmas decoration. You got a death wish, HUH!!!?”

Not for the first time Kaminari was glad when Kirishima put a stop to Bakugo’s angry outburst. This time, Kirishima managed to do it by nuzzling Bakugo’s starry hair, saying, “Why’re you angry? This looks so cool! The stars are really pretty!”

Kaminari smiled skeptically as he watched Kirishima’s intervention making Bakugo reprieve poor, trembling Aoyama with just a click of his tongue. He found himself wondering about his two friends’ relationship, again.

If he had to say his honest opinion, he would guess that Kirishima’s feelings were being reciprocated. And he knew he was not the only one in their class who was thinking that Bakugo thought of Kirishima as more than ‘just a friend’. It was not just the way Bakugo seemed to miraculously forget being angry whenever Kirishima would touch him, like what had happened just now. Sometimes, Kaminari would catch Bakugo staring at Kirishima, sometimes even smiling at him, when Bakugo thought neither Kirishima nor anyone else would see.

Then, there was also that scene yesterday morning they all had witnessed and which Kaminari had even captured on camera. Although he did not have those pictures anymore since Bakugo had destroyed his smartphone, he could still clearly remember how comfortable and peaceful Bakugo had looked snuggling into Kirishima’s embrace.

And of course, there were all those things Kirishima had confided unto him yesterday.

Kaminari was almost certain Bakugo liked Kirishima in the same way Kirishima liked him. Nevertheless, he did not dare tell Kirishima about it. Because, what if he was wrong?

Kaminari prided himself on knowing his best friend quite well by now. After all, had not he read so many of his thoughts which Kirishima did not even mean for him to hear? If Kaminari was sure there were no lies in Kirishima’s words, he was absolutely certain that there were no lies in those thoughts.

Kaminari knew how strong Kirishima’s feelings for Bakugo were. He also knew, however, that Kirishima was someone who was wholeheartedly fighting with his lack of self-confidence.

He did not want him to get hurt.

Though knowing Bakugo, Kirishima’s bound to get hurt since the moment he fell in love with him…


Kaminari shook his head in order to stop thinking about it.

Maybe it’s better I just leave things to them and start dealing with my own… stuff.

He turned to glance at Jiro and got startled when his eyes met hers. She seemed to be even more startled and averted her gaze faster than lighting.


In the corner of his eye Kaminari saw the flash of Aoyama’s laser beam, followed by Sero’s surprised voice.


Kaminari hurried over to tease him about whatever had happened. He was disappointed to find that only Sero’s pants had turned white.

“How boring,” Ashido complained and both Kaminari and Sero agreed with her.

“Just be glad it didn’t become invisible, too,” Kirishima laughed at them.

Meanwhile, the other groups had found them, too, and started examining the various changes Aoyama’s laser had given birth to.

“Her! Her! Aoyama, aim for her blouse, next!”, Mineta screamed at Aoyama, pointing at the embarrassed Yaoyorozu. Aoyama hid behind Jiro, scared, and Jiro saved him by cancelling the obnoxious noise with her quirk. Kaminari could not help admiring her for standing in front of Aoyama’s homicidal belly button without even batting an eye.

“You have my sympathy, Midoriya. But I’m certain this skirt looks much better on you than it would on me,” Shoji told Midoriya, and Tokoyami standing beside him nodded earnestly.

“This is so super pretty Bakugo!!” Hagakure tried to touch Bakugo’s hair but got her hand slapped away angrily.

“It’s really lovely, Bakugo-chan,” Tsuyu complimented him, too. “It’s a shame it’s not that noticeable in the daylight. I’d like to see how it looks in the dark.”

“Are you sure you should be walking around like that, Todoroki-kun?” Iida was looking at Todoroki skeptically.

“Todoroki-kun, I’m going to buy a shirt in that shop over there,” Midoriya said, pointing at one of the tourist shops. “Then you can have yours back!”

“You don’t need to, Midoriya. I just realized I wanted to buy one, anyway. You can keep mine,” Todoroki said and went to buy a shirt, leaving Midoriya back stumped.


“Guys, I think it’s time we get going. Let’s go visit the next place!”

Kaminari turned around when he heard Kirishima calling his group members. “I just noticed it’s almost 3 pm and we’ve still got two places to go to!”

“Ah you’re right! Let’s go, Jiro, Kaminari!” Ashido whistled at them as if they were dogs. They said goodbye to the others and started walking towards their new destination – a small museum.

To sum it up, the museum was not particularly interesting. Not even Jiro and Bakugo showed much interest. When they had finally finished looking through the whole exhibition, they leisurely made their way to their last stop – a place called “the pond of truth.”

“What’s that about, ‘pond of truth’?”, Kaminari asked Kirishima. Kirishima looked at the information written on the town guide he was holding.

“It says here it’s a small pond at the edge of the forest… There used to be some person called ‚Makoto Mizuno’ who had a quirk that could tell peoples’ feelings… feelings like, how they feel about themselves or about other people. This Mizuno person liked this pond very much and when he died his ashes were scattered into the water according to his wishes. And now people believe that his quirk lives on in the pond.”

“That actually sounds really interesting!”, Kaminari rejoiced.

“Much more interesting than that stuff we’ve seen until now,” Ashido agreed with him.

“There’s written more,” Kirishima went on and read the text out loud. “’Visitors can buy a small paper-ship and put it onto the water’s surface. They then think about a certain person and watch how far their ship manages to cross the pond. If their feelings for that person are strong enough, the boat will make it at least as far as the middle of the pond. And if their ship reaches the other side, it is said that their feelings will eventually reach the person they are thinking of, too’…” Kaminari noticed Kirishima’s face turning red when he read out the last sentence.

“Oh. I didn’t expect it to have that kind of romantic setting,” Kaminari laughed shakily, feeling very aware of Jiro walking next to him.

“That’s so sweet! We gotta do that!”, Ashido squealed.

“Ha. Sounds like a lot of superstitious bullshit to me,” Bakugo snarled. “It’s just a way to make fucking money from stupid tourists.”

“Which doesn’t mean we won’t try it out, right?” Ashido retorted flippantly, looking at the others for backup.

“I don’t see why not. After all it doesn’t cost much,” Kirishima laughed, and Kaminari nodded in agreement. Jiro only shrugged her shoulders, but she was smiling.


Fifteen minutes later they had found the location. The pond was about 30 feet in length and width and it was framed by rocks and trees. Only about two thirds of the shore were accessible, the rest was shut-off with white ropes signaling the place as a domain of the gods. In the closed-off area there was one big flat rock protruding from the water, and there was a sign on it, saying, “What reaches the shore are ships, and what touches the soul are feelings.”

Kaminari thought the sentence sounded a bit silly, but since it seemed to be a quote of that famous Mizuno-person written about in the town guide, he decided not to comment on it. It was Bakugo who did it in his stead, choosing quite different words that Kaminari would, though.

“Sounds slushy as fuck.”

When Kaminari turned to look at him, he was too distracted by the meteor showers in Bakugo’s hair to look at his face. Bakugo seemed to be irritated by it, too.

“FOR FUCK’S SAKE! It’s so DAMN annoying when I can see them,” he snarled and began violently ransacking his hair, trying to get the stars out. Kirishima laughed, quickly grabbed his hands and pulled them down to make him stop.

“Don’t do that, Bakugo! I’m sure they’ll disappear by and by. If I had my headband with me I could give it to you, though, it’s a shame…”

“As if I want your shitty headband!”

“Guys, let’s go buy ships already! I can’t wait to try it out!”, Ashido chirped at them.


They took a few pictures of the pond and then lined up to buy their paper-ships. Since Bakugo did not want any and threatened to kill them if they bought one for him, it was just Kaminari, Kirishima, Ashido and Jiro who would try it. While they were standing in line, another group – consisting of Iida, Tsuyu, Yaoyorozu, Tokoyami and Ojiro - had reached the pond, too.

“We might be quite lucky with today’s weather, don’t you think? It’s not windy at all,” Ashido said cheerfully while waving at Iida’s group.

“That’s true,” Kirishima said, and Kaminari added, “Yeah! I don’t think I’d feel like trying if the wind was, like, really strong…”

They had reached the counter.

“100 Yen each, please,” the lady sitting there said. Each one of them handed her the money and received one ship made of thick, strong paper, about as big as a hand in return. They walked over to the pond.

“Who goes first?”

Kaminari looked at the others, and now he felt slightly nervous.

Calm down. It’s not like you gotta prove something here… right…?

He glanced at Jiro who only shrugged her shoulders indifferently.

“I’ll do it!” There was a fire burning in Kirishima’s eyes as he stared at the pond with a determined expression.

“Hey, let’s do it all at the same time! Let’s make it a race!!”, Ashido suggested eagerly.

“HAH you sure ‘bout that? Don’t come crying to me later ‘cause I’M gonna win!!” Kirishima declared, fired-up, and nearly crushing his newly-bought paper-ship between his fists.

“Dude, you’re starting to sound like Bakugo,” Kaminari sighed. “But I’m in, too!”

Jiro nodded and made a gesture with her arms showing her determination (which Kaminari thought looked just too cute.)

“Pff. Be thankful I’m not doing this shit, losers.” From behind of them, Bakugo walked up to the waterfront and sat down on one of the higher rocks to watch over their competition.


The four of them carefully approached the water. This side of the shore was quite steep, so they had to be careful if they did not want to slip and fall into the-

- was what Kaminari thought when Jiro stumbled next to him.

Has she always been this clumsy - -

Her mouth opened to let out a muted sound of surprise as she was starting to fall.

Kaminari reacted faster than he knew he was capable of. He reached out, grabbed her wrist and pulled her back towards him. However, this made him fall backwards himself, and the next thing he knew he was lying on his back on the ground.

“Kaminari! Jiro!”

“You okay!?”

“Ouch,” he felt a dim, throbbing pain in his head. “Sorry Jiro, you alright?” He opened his eyes to look at Jiro. He was utterly taken by surprise when, as his eyes locked with hers, her face was only inches away from his. One of her earbuds was tickling his neck.


Somewhere in his brain he realized that Jiro was half-lying on top of him, but he could not think much further. He just stared into her beautiful dark purple eyes.

I could kiss him now.”


Before Kaminari’s brain could process the words he had just heard her think, Jiro’s face turned bright red, and she jumped away from him as if he was poisonous.

“Eh!? Huh!?” Kaminari sat up, looking at her flabbergasted. Jiro stared at him, face bright red and eyes wide open. She seemed to be torn between wanting to run away and wanting to punch him. Thankfully she decided on a third, more reasonable option. Hesitantly, she reached out and touched his arm – with only one finger.

That- just now- I didn’t mean it like that. Don’t get the wrong idea, it’s not like I thought I wanted to kiss you or something, okay? Don’t you dare misunderstand!”

When she withdrew her hand, something inside Kaminari just activated, making him grab her wrist.


What’re you doing, let go, stupid!” Jiro tried to shake his hand off, but he strengthened his grip. He could not let her go yet.

“D’you expect me to believe that?”, he asked her, trying to sound calm, even though his heart was beating fast in his chest.

“Let go Kaminari! I’m serious-“

With one strong tug, Kaminari pulled her back in to him, but this time it was him slightly looking down to her, staring into her eyes.


He could see her pupils dilate.

“I… “

“Yeah?”, he murmured without taking his eyes from hers.

I… thought I’d like to kiss you.”

Kaminari just stared at her.

And Jiro just stared back at him.


“Hello-hellooooo? You two still there!?”

Ashido’s rather annoying singing and giggling reminded Kaminari that he and Jiro were not the only two people on the planet. And, far more regrettably, not the only ones at the pond right now.

Jiro, too, flinched heavily at Ashido’s voice. She jumped away from Kaminari for a second time, and then she quickly walked away – towards were Bakugo was sitting, probably since there were the least people.

Kaminari remained seated on the ground for a few moments, staring at Jiro’s back.

She thought she’d like to kiss me.

“Your reaction just now was so cool! I didn’t even know you could move that fast Kaminari!”, Ashido praised him, looking impressed, though she was still giggling, while Bakugo commented on Kaminari’s performance with a contemptuous snort from where he was sitting on his rocky throne at the waterfront.

“Bro, you alright?” Kirishima held out his hand to him.

When Kaminari took Kirishima’s hand and let himself be pulled up from the ground, he thought that probably it was not only thanks to his friend’s potent arm muscles that his body felt as light as a feather. He grinned, feeling ecstatic and exited, and gave Kirishima and Ashido two strong pats on their backs.

“Thanks, it’s just a scratch! Well then, let’s get that race started, shall we!?”





*** *** ***



Chapter Text





With one last, determined glance at the opposite shore, Kirishima put his ship carefully on the water surface next to Kaminari’s, Ashido’s, and Jiro’s ships.

For Bakugo.

“Go!”, he heard Kaminari whisper nervously next to him.

They watched as the ships were slowly being carried away on the water’s mellow ripples.

“Can’t they go faster? That’s kinda boring,” Ashido complained. Kaminari started blowing air at his ship, and Jiro stifled a silent laugh.

“Oh! It’s starting to move faster!”, Kirishima observed. The four ships had started to rock on the waves a little bit harder, and it seemed as if they were now drifting more purposefully towards their goal. The ships had crossed about one third of the distance when suddenly, they could all feel and see the wind getting stronger.

“Isn’t that kinda bad!?”, Kaminari said, looking at the swaying ships worried.

“If they can just reach the middle…,” Ashido said hopefully.

“Fucking wimps. Already giving up on the goal,” Bakugo snorted at them disdainfully.

“No.” Kirishima did not take his eyes from his ship. “I’m definitely gonna make it.”

“M-me too!,” Kaminari hurried to say.

The ships had nearly reached the pond’s center now.

“Don’t sink don’t sink don’t sink,“ Ashido prayed, and Kaminari, too, had his fingers crossed. Kirishima clenched his hands to fists.

Go. You can do it. Just go!

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind swept over the pond – and one of the ships capsized.

“NOOO!”, Ashido screamed, aghast. It was her ship.

“Oh,” Kaminari commented her misfortune, and it was obvious he was glad it was not his ship that had turned over. “That sucks.”

Jiro patted Ashido’s back while they watched Ashido’s ship sink into the depths of the pond.

“But that counts, right? It was almost the middle, after all,” Ashido tried to bail herself out.

Almost,” Bakugo sneered at her.

“Hey, but our ships just passed the middle!”, Kaminari cried jubilantly.

The ships were now moving towards the shore full of determination.

Yes. Just like that. You can do it!!


But from this point on, neither fate nor the wind seemed to be on their side anymore. And finally, another, much stronger gust of wind wafted over the water’s surface, and this time, all of their ships got bowled over.

“NOO!”, Kirishima and Kaminari cried in unison, while Jiro put her hands on her head, frustrated.

However, instead of helplessly watching their ships sink, they were startled by Bakugo raising from his rock, shouting, “Losers! THAT’S how you do it!”

Before anyone could shout, “DON’T!!, he aimed and fired one big explosion at the ships. It hit the pond’s surface, and water spurted out into every direction, soaking not only Kirishima, Kaminari, Jiro, Ashido and even Bakugo, but every single person who was standing in a 30-feet radius near the pond. When the smoke had cleared, there was dead silence, with all those wet people present staring either at Bakugo or at the spot where, just seconds ago, their ship had been trying hard to make its way across the pond.

Kirishima forced his eyes to look away from Bakugo’s drenched, dazzling sight to look over at the opposite shore. Lying there on the big rock were the carbonized remains of his, Kaminari’s, and Jiro’s ships.

“WE DID IT!! BAKUGO YOU DID IT!!”, he shouted rapturously, putting his hands over his head in a victory pose.

“Bakugo what the HECK!?”, Ashido coughed up.

“That was SICK dude,” Kaminari chided him, taken aback and staring at Bakugo in awe.

Jiro, suffering from a silent laughing fit, showed Bakugo a thumbs-up.

And Bakugo, who was standing on his rock soaking wet, smirked smugly down at them.

Some feet behind him further below, Iida appeared with the rest of his group.

“…Do you think we can exchange these for new ones?”, he asked Ojiro, Tsuyu and Yaoyorozu, looking down at the soaked paper-ships in their hands. Tokoyami gave him a compassionate pat on the back.






Kirishima wondered if it really was okay for them to just leave the clean-up to Todoroki, who, fortunately, had arrived with his group at the scene of crime only seconds after the great disaster had taken place.

“No problem. I’m just going to put ice into the pond and then dry up the surrounding place. I’m sure it won’t even take five minutes,” he had told Kirishima. After apologizing and thanking him on Bakugo’s behalf, too, Kirishima had gone ahead returning to the parking lot with his group, which brings them to the present, sitting on the benches in front of the ice cream stand eating ice. Their clothes had almost completely dried by now.

“Thank god it’s hot today,” Kaminari said while contently licking at his chocolate popsicle.

Kirishima looked up from his vanilla popsicle at the sky. “Yeah. But the sky’s become quite cloudy.”

“I hope the weather doesn’t change back to rain again,” Ashido sighed, staring listlessly at her raspberry sorbet. She still seemed to feel down about the fact that she was the only one from their group whose ship did not make it to the other shore (leaving out Bakugo, who could not be counted since he did not even participate in the first place.)

Jiro gave her a hard pat on the back as if to say, “Cheer up, Ashido! It was just a game, don’t let it get you down!”

Ashido looked at her pensively. Then she smirked.

“But do tell me, Jiro, what exactly happened earlier at the pond that made you freak out like that?”

“Huh!?” Kaminari nearly chocked on his ice cream, and Ashido’s attention shifted onto him.

“Did you hear something she didn’t want you to know? What was it?”

“Eh!? Uuuhhhhm,” Kaminari’s face turned red as he looked at Jiro for help. She, too, blushed heavily and shook her head so vehemently Ashido had to duck so Jiro’s earphones would not hit her face.

“Haha, stop it, Ashido,” Kirishima laughed. “If it’s something she was thinking it’s nobody’s business, right?”

“Don’t be a bore,” Ashido grumbled, but did not pester Jiro and Kaminari with further questions.

Kaminari shot a thankful glance at Kirishima, and Kirishima gave him a bright smile in return. He then let his gaze rest on Bakugo, who was silently eating a pink popsicle next to him. It seemed to Kirishima that the stars in his hair had already become far less noticeable than they had been in the beginning, though it was possible Kirishima had just gotten used to them.

“Bakugo, ‘s that strawberry?”, he asked him. Bakugo held the popsicle out to him so he could have a taste, which Kirishima did without thinking. It was strawberry.

“Knew it!” He smiled. Then, realization poured over him like boiling water.

Did I just- Did we just-!?

He stared at Bakugo.

Bakugo smirked at him, and brutally bit into his popsicle.

“Guys are you serious,” Ashido asked, and Kirishima felt the question was quite justified.

Kaminari quickly caught the popsicle that had fallen out of his mouth before it landed on his shirt.






This time, they did not have to race to the bus in order to decide on who would sit on whose lap, since Todoroki volunteered quite eagerly to lend his lap to Midoriya, again. During the drive, everyone played Bingo, except Aoyama, who was feeling sick, Tokoyami who was sleeping, and Bakugo, who contented himself with watching and sneering at Kirishima, who managed to be the very last of their class to call a ‘bingo.’ When they had arrived at the inn, Bakugo noticed for the first time that Aoyama’s quirk had put forth two new victims: Tsuyu’s hair had turned blue and Shouji’s shirt had apparently become invisible, which was the reason why he was about to hurry away to the boys’ room to get changed when Mic stopped him.


He had their attention.

“We told you we’d have a surprise for you, and we have one. BUT! It’s possible you won’t have the opportunity to take a bath later. We asked the inn to prepare the baths earlier today than usual. So go make yourselves clean now.”

“Sensei! What do you mean by saying there might not be an opportunity later?”, Iida asked him, waving with his arms.

“Exactly what I said,” Mic grinned at him. “I won’t explain now since it’s a SURPRISE!”

“Just come to the living room when you’re done,” Aizawa grumbled.

“What about dinner?”, Ashido protested.

“Today, you can eat in the living room for a change,” Aizawa said. Ignoring his students’ confused faces, he shouldered his sleeping back and walked away.






In the bath, Bakugo could feel Kirishima’s eyes burning on his skin like ember. It did not help when Bakugo clenched his teeth and decided to meet his eyes, giving him a menacing glare that made Kirishima blush all the way down to his neck. Not even five minutes had passed when Bakugo caught him staring again.

Fucking stop it already, Bakugo thought angrily while rubbing the shampoo into his hair aggressively. Kirishima’s glances were making him all edgy and antsy. When he emptied a bucket of water over his head, the water’s temperature was much lower than what he usually would use. Nevertheless, when he walked over and entered the hot water, his body felt overheated almost immediately, and in the end, he stayed inside for much shorter than normal.






When he entered the living room, he was surprised to find it in a state similar to how it had looked three days ago, when they had had the birthday party. Although there was no karaoke station and no platform, carpets and pillows had been cozily laid out on the ground, and there even were blankets. Bakugo’s gaze fell upon a big, low table with three grills on it. On another table standing near the wall, there were plates, glasses, chopsticks, and one large plate with different kinds of raw meat on it.

It’s yakiniku, Bakugo realized, and suddenly he was feeling very hungry.

Next to the meat plate, there were also three big pots. The pots were each filled with salad, fruits, and snacks. And last, there was one big carafe filled with what smelled like some sort of fruit punch.

Slowly the room started filling with his classmates who had finished bathing and were now rejoicing or even flipping out when they saw the food that had been prepared for them.

When Kirishima came, his cheeks started glowing with blissful happiness, and Bakugo could have sworn he saw him secretly wipe away some drool from his mouth before he sat down next to Bakugo on a pillow.

“That’s so cool! And so nice of them! Right, Bakugo!??”

“Don’t thank them yet. Who knows what those fuckers are planning,” Bakugo growled, but his eyes, too, were fixed on the meat on the table. Finally, their teachers entered the room.

“SORRY FOR MAKING YOU WAIT!” Mic shouted and beamed a smile at them.

“You’re too damn loud,” Aizawa muffled him with his sleeping bag.

“AAa domd do dad,” Mic tried to get his voice through the thick fabric. When he managed to stick out his head, he said, “Aah but you know, this smells kinda nice,” which resulted in him being shoved deeper into the sleeping back until Aizawa could close the zipper over Mic’s feet.

“Enough of that shit, can we eat now or what!?”, Bakugo roared at Aizawa irritated.

“Yes. NO!”, Aizawa hurried to say when everyone was about to storm towards the meat. “Todoroki, can you light a fire under each grill? Shoji, if you don’t mind, please put meat on them. Everyone else can get themselves plates and glasses and whatever they want from the buffet. Just DON’T touch the meat before it’s properly grilled. I guarantee you we’ve enough for everyone, and in case the plate goes empty there’s more in the kitchen’s fridge.”

He was interrupted by a loud outburst of joy from his students.

“Okay okay, you can eat now. I’ll explain the reason behind this to you later,” he concluded and finally, the feast could begin.

The food was delicious. As they were eating and eating, the meat plate became emptier and emptier, and the same was true for the big carafe with the fruity drink which even in Bakugo’s opinion was unexpectedly tasty.

“Don’t hold back. We’ve enough of everything,” Aizawa mumbled while refilling the carafe.


When finally, Bakugo decided that he had eaten enough for now, he felt quite content and pleasantly warm inside. Everyone else was looking quite happy, too, only some of his classmates were acting rather weird. Having Ashido, Sero and Hagakure giggle like madmen was nothing new. However, seeing Midoriya giggle, too, and Iida, and even Tokoyami – that was definitely not normal. Bakugo squinted his eyes, irritated.

“Alright… I think it’s about time I tell you about tonight’s purpose. Anyone has any idea?”

His students looked at him with big eyes.

“It’s a reward!!”, Ashido cheered.

“What for?” Aizawa asked her.

“For me!” She started laughing out loud at her own abortive joke, and Sero laughed with her almost hysterically.

“Not quite. Anyone else?”, Aizawa asked, again.


Everyone looked at Bakugo as he growled at their teacher.

“…What’s that stuff you made us drink, exactly?”

Aizawa smiled at him as softly as his features allowed.

“That’s right, Bakugo. It’s all about ‘that stuff we made you drink’”

“What?” Iida stopped giggling to look at him, perplexed.

“Don’t worry,” Aizawa told him. “It’s not alcohol.”

“It’s not?” Ojiro asked doubtfully, looking at Kaminari who was rubbing his cheek against Ojiro’s tail.

“No. It’s a normal, alcohol-free fruit punch. Except, we’ve put in a few drops of quirk essence. Essence made from an alcohol-quirk.”

“What the HECK? You can’t just make us drink thaahahaha…” As they heard Iida utter words he usually never used, not even finishing his sentence before he started laughing again, everyone was convinced that Aizawa spoke the truth.


“Why’d you make us drink that,” Bakugo growled at him. He realized that he felt slightly dizzy.

“To prepare you,” Aizawa answered calmly, before starting an unusually long monologue.

“I’m sure everyone here knows that you’re not allowed to drink alcohol until you’re twenty. At least, not whilst you’re here in Japan. The reason for this is not only that kids are generally weaker to alcohol than adults are, but also because your bodies haven’t stopped growing yet. The damage alcohol can do to your bodies is much graver, and often irreversible. However, just because most adults drink alcohol, it doesn’t mean it isn’t shit. It just means adults are weak, and not much smarter than kids.”

“Maybe you should have told us all that before you made us drunk,” Bakugo heard Kirishima mumble next to him. When Bakugo looked at him, he noticed that Kirishima’s cheeks were slightly red.

“Sadly,”, Aizawa continued, “though everyone knows how harmful alcohol is and how many problems can be traced back to its consumption, it’s still highly accepted and even celebrated by society as means of social engagement. Which brings me to the reason why we’ve made you drink the quirk-essence. The more famous they get, the more frequent it happens that pro heroes are asked to attend social gatherings with important people. And as stupid as it is, it can be very hard to leave those places without drinking any alcohol as those people can be quite pushy. Really,” he added, and his expression grew even darker than it already had been. Maybe he was remembering some unpleasant experience.

“Ha. No one’s gonna make me drink stuff I don’t wanna fucking drink,” Bakugo said scornfully.

“Then I applaud you on your steadfastness,” Aizawa answered him calmly. “However, it’s not just about that. You know there’re villains with all kinds of quirks. And, for example, what would happen if the person we got this essence from was a villain, too, and you got hit by his quirk?”

Bakugo squinted his eyes at Aizawa angrily but did not say anything. Aizawa nodded at him, looking serious.

“That’s why we bestowed upon you this opportunity where you can try out your tolerance for alcohol in a safe setting. Well, at least I think it’s safe enough for us to leave you to yourselves,” he added, glancing at Kaminari who was still rubbing his face on Ojiro’s tail and Mineta, who was staring at Yaoyorozu with bloodshot eyes.

“The alcohol-quirk essence has all the effects of average alcohol, including making you sleepy or throw up if your body can’t handle it, for example, but you won’t receive any physical long-term damage.”

Bakugo perked up his ears.

‘Not able to handle it’!?

He let out a disdainful snort. It seemed like Aizawa had finally reached the end of his educational speech.

“Finally, I apologize for not telling you beforehand. It was kind of a pain with all of you so focused on the meat… Well then, if you don’t have any questions anymore, we won’t disturb you any longer. Have fun. Good night.” With these words he left the room, dragging the sleeping bag that encompassed Mic with him.

For a few seconds, nobody said a word. Then, Sero and Midoriya started giggling again, and Ashido raised her glass into the air, squealing:

“Let’s get this night started, folks!”

“IT’S TIME TO DRINK!” Mineta screamed.

“It’s a competition.” Aoyama smiled confidently.

“YOU’LL ALL BE DEAD BEFORE I EVEN FEEL IT,” Bakugo roared, detonating the strawberry he had been holding in his fist.

“Cheers!”, Iida added, and put his newly-filled glass to his lips.





*** *** ***





Chapter Text





It did not take long until the class decided just drinking was rather boring without any games.

“We can play drinking games!”, Yaoyorozu suggested, excited.

“I’m not sure I can drink much more…” Tsuyu sighed. Her head was softly swaying back and forth, and her pupils were out of focus. Her face had almost taken on the same color as her hair, which was slowly starting to change back to its original color. So was Kaminari’s, though he did not notice it, and neither did Uraraka notice that her hair, too, was changing back to brown. With regards to Bakugo’s starry hair, Kirishima had noticed that the stars were becoming fewer und fewer. Just occasionally, his hair would luminate brightly when a flock of shooting stars passed by.

“You should stop drinking now, Tsuyu-chan,” Shoji told her and took the glass out of her hand. A few seconds later, she was leaning on his arms, sleeping.

“I know whad’ll we’lllllldooo,” Mineta babbled. “How’s callllllled. Strip…..stripff…pfff…”, he fell to the ground and started snoring. Tokoyami stood up, wobbling, and dragged him on shaky legs to a corner so they did not have to hear him.

“No, seriously, hahaha,” Ashido giggled. “I know what we can do. Let’s ask each other questions and each time someone doesn’t wanna answer they’ve to drink a whole glass!”

“Uwaaahhh that’s hardcore,” Kaminari whined. He had finally lost interest in Ojiro’s tail and was now slowly creeping nearer to Jiro not as inconspicuously as he probably thought he was, and Jiro observed him warily.

“You’re fucking on,” Bakugo slammed his glass on the table so hard it was a miracle it did not break. Uraraka refilled his glass cheerfully. Surprisingly, she still seemed to be feeling quite unaffected by the alcohol-quirk essence.

“Haha, fine,” Kirishima laughed. He was starting to feel dizzy, but it was not an unpleasant feeling. He glanced over at where Midoriya and Todoroki were sitting. Midoriya was still giggling, but otherwise he seemed to be fine. Todoroki was not showing any strong reaction to the essence, however his eyes were starting to get glassy as he just sat there silently, staring at Midoriya.

“’kay  ‘kay ‘kay, me first. Jiro-“

“You can’t ask her, she can’t speak!”, Kaminari protested.

“But you can, right?,” Ashido smirked at him. “So Jiro, what was that all ‘bout back at the pond?”

Jiro blushed angrily at her before she emptied her glass in one go.

“Hahahaaha you really don’t wanna say it do you,” Ashido laughed, wiping tears from her eyes.

“I’m next,” Sero grinned. “Everyone who has never seen an alien before has to drink!”

“WHAT!?”, Iida shouted, concerned.

“Hahaha that’s how you can play it, too,” Hagakure laughed and emptied her glass without hesitation.

“Seriously!?”, Kaminari shook his head in disbelief.

“Fucking clown,” Bakugo growled as he put his glass to his mouth.

“We’re really letting this count, are we,” Kirishima laughed shakily.

“Okay. But we’re letting each person ask a question before someone can ask again, right?”, Uraraka interfered with a worried smile.


“Right hihihi,” Midoriya giggled. “Me! Me next. Hehe.”

Everyone’s eyes rested on Midoriya as he straightened up in his pillow.

“I want,” he said, “every person to drink who hasn’t had their first kiss yet. Hihi.”

“Ugh,” Kaminari uttered, not sounding as pleased about the fact that he would not need to empty another glass as he probably should be.

Kirishima felt his face flush as he quickly glanced at Bakugo. Bakugo, too was looking at him, and when their eyes met, he smirked.


Kirishima flinched at Ashido’s voice. She was looking at him very smugly.

“Me too,” Sero grinned mischievously.

“Me too! Kacchan, me too hihi,” Midoriya giggled happily, and Bakugo looked as if he wanted to punch him very hard.

“Yeah, really guys. Just now that was obvious as shit,” Kaminari commented with raised eyebrows.

“What? WHAT!?” Hagakure squeaked. “Not only Todoroki-kun and Kaminari-kun, but Kirishima-kun and Bakugo-kun are not drinking, either!?”

“You two’ve kissed someone before?”, Iida asked, amazed.

“Who?”, Uraraka asked shyly, and the way she was adverting her eyes gave away that she already had a strong suspicion.

Bakugo snorted at them.

“Ha. We’re fucking high school students. It would be weirder if I haven’t fucking done that much yet.”

Bakugo… now you’re saying the exact thing you didn’t want others to say to you, Kirishima thought vaguely while he was feeling embarrassed, hoping they would just quickly drop the subject.

“That’s not fair Bakugo! We’re only in high school yet, it’s not weird at all. And you’re trying to change the subject!” Ashido smirked at him even more smugly now. “If you don’t wanna say it, I’ll make Kiri say it!”

“Huhhh!!?” Kirishima felt sober all of a sudden.

“HA! You forgot the purpose of this fucking evening. It’s ‘bout proofing you can drink!” With these words, Bakugo emptied his next glass. Kirishima, sighing embarrassed, followed his example.

“But what, WHAT!? You think… they kissed!? Bakugo and Kirishima!???”, Hagakure squealed and started flipping out. Kirishima felt infinitely grateful when Jiro muted her with her quirk, too, if only until Hagakure had turned down her own volume. It did not take long until Kirishima could hear her giggle and whisper with Sero again.

“Oh! I forgot that includes me, too,” Midoriya realized and was about to put the glass to his lips when Todoroki stopped him.

“Not you, Midoriya,” he said softly.

“Not me?” It was apparent Midoriya did not understand why Todoroki would say that. Since no one else urged him to drink, however, he just put down his glass obediently.






Only about half of the class has had their turn come yet when it became apparent there were fewer and fewer people able to continue. By now, not only Tsuyu and Mineta were asleep, but Aoyama, Tokoyami, Iida, Koda, Sato and Yaoyorozu were sleeping soundly, too. Uraraka and Ojiro covered all of them with blankets. Now they all knew why their teachers had prepared them for them.

The next person about to fall asleep was Todoroki. As he had continued drinking, his eyes had become even foggier, his head had started to bump against Midoriya’s shoulder, and finally he was sleeping peacefully with his head lying on Midoriya’s lap. At some point, Midoriya had stopped giggling, and now he seemed to be lost in drunk thought while he was gently playing with Todoroki’s hair.

Kirishima would have surely thought the sight of it very interesting and even moving, but he was feeling so drunk now he could not focus his attention on anything else than Bakugo sitting next to him.

I...wanna touch...

Somewhere in his brain he knew he should not stare at Bakugo so openly if he did not want others to notice. But somehow, the risk of letting other people know seemed more and more irrelevant to him. As Bakugo had downed one drink after the other, the blush on his cheek had become more discernable, and Kirishima couldn’t help staring at Bakugo’s nape where a slight blush had appeared, too.

His nape’s so beautiful… It’s so slender, and so strong at the same time.

It looks delicious…

He winced softly when he realized he was not only starting to have strange thoughts about Bakugo, but he had been unconsciously leaning closer to him, trying to smell him.

Huhh… I should stop. Maybe I should better leave now.

Just as that very prudent thought had crossed his mind, Bakugo’s eyes met his. And from the way Bakugo’s eyes were glinting at him, Kirishima knew he was not going to leave Bakugo’s side anytime soon.


He dimly realized that Kaminari must have fallen asleep too, and Ashido and Jiro dragged him over to the coach. When they had put him onto it, Jiro sat down next to him.

When Bakugo discreetly put his fingers on Kirishima’s hand, Kirishima did not flinch. Somehow, he had seen it coming. He could feel Bakugo lean nearer to his ear.


His name, which he had heard people call more times than he could possibly ever recall, sounded so completely different when Bakugo spoke it. And never had it ever sounded as beguiling as in this precise moment when Bakugo’s voice was oozing with desire.

Kirishima’s eyes met Bakugo’s. Then they fell on Bakugo’s lips. He wanted to kiss him so badly.

Bakugo’s lips formed a soft smirk.

“Not here,” he whispered. Then he stood up, pulling Kirishima up with him, and started walking towards the door.

As Kirishima let himself be dragged forward by Bakugo, his ears sent his brain shreds of auditory information.

“Those twoooo….”

“Oh-oh, now that’s suspicious.”

“Kachhh-achhan…? hnn…”

But Kirishima did not need them. It was useless information. Right now, the only thing he had to know was that Bakugo was dragging him somewhere, and the only sensory perception he was focusing on was the heat transmitted from Bakugo’s hand and Bakugo’s sweet smell that reached Kirishima’s nose ever so slight.


The place Bakugo dragged him to was the toilets. Before Kirishima knew what was happening, Bakugo had pushed him all the way into one of the toilet cabins and locked the door behind them. And then he did not even give Kirishima any time to think before he started kissing him.

And Kirishima did not need time to think, either. Even if he would have had the time, for sure this brain of his was no longer something meant for use tonight. He did not need it as he let his instincts take over.

Bakugo was kissing him full of aggression and desire, and Kirishima kissed him back as if his life depended on it, as if he had been starving and Bakugo was the only thing that could ever possibly sate his hunger. He felt frustratingly impatient, and Bakugo seemed impatient too, as his hands brushed through Kirishima’s disheveled hair over and over again. Impatient for what?

Kirishima realized that he was hard, and – much more importantly – Bakugo was, too. A surprised gasp escaped Kirishima’s mouth when Bakugo brazenly started rubbing himself against him.

“Ba,ku…go,” he panted nervously, but Bakugo just shut Kirishima’s mouth with more deep kisses. Meanwhile, Kirishima’s hands that had been holding Bakugo’s back and hip had found their way down to Bakugo’s butt, starting to fondle it before Kirishima even realized what they were doing. And Bakugo did not seem to mind. On the contrary, he let out small, feverish moans and Kirishima could feel the erection pressing against his own get even harder.

This is crazy. Are we really doing this? Is this a dream!?

Everything was spinning. In the corner of his half-closed eyes Kirishima thought he saw a tiny star fall out of Bakugo’s hair and run down his face, but then he dimly realized it was a drop of sweat. He licked it. It tasted delicious, just like salty caramel.

While Kirishima was distracted by the sensation of Bakugo’s butt under his hands as well as both of their erections pressing against each other, Bakugo had slightly moved his head down to Kirishima’s neck, and Kirishima woozily realized that Bakugo was sniffing him. Soon he could feel Bakugo’s tongue on the skin above his collarbone, slowly licking it as if to have a taste. It sent a small shiver down Kirishima’s spine.

What happened next, was too fast or just too much for Kirishima’s brain to keep up with.

Bakugo put his hands on Kirishima’s pants – and then he just reached in with one hand and pulled Kirisima’s boxers down with the other, freeing Kirishima’s manhood in all its glory from its cramped cage.

Before Kirishima had any time to feel embarrassed, Bakugo had crouched down and just grabbed it. Kirishima shuddered when Bakugo’s hand touched him.

He held his breath while he looked down upon Bakugo who was squatting in front of him and staring at Kirishima’s erection as if it was the most delicious thing he had ever seen.

He… he’s not gonna… is he-

Without warning, Bakugo licked him.
HE IS!!!

Apparently, Bakugo liked what he tasted, and without any further hesitation he put the object of desire into his mouth.

Oh god oh god oh god Bakugo’s sucking my- He’s-

The sensation of the hot inside of Bakugo’s mouth enveloping him was more intense than anything Kirishima had ever felt before. Whenever Bakugo’s mouth, or his throat, would squeeze him especially tight, Kirishima could not help moaning with pleasure. In his excitement, he grabbed Bakugo’s hair, tousling it while he looked down at Bakugo through half-closed eyes and with heated cheeks.

Baku…go, Bakugo,” were the only words he could get out, panting feverishly as Bakugo’s inexperienced, but remarkably effective way of working Kirishima’s erection brought him closer and closer to the edge of climax, until he could not hold it any longer and ended up ejaculating right into Bakugo’s mouth. Some solicitous part of his mind wondered where the sperm had disappeared to, but his brain was not able to put the necessary parts together that would have made him realize that Bakugo had swallowed it all. All of a sudden, Kirishima was feeling incredibly tired. He sank down onto Bakugo, and as he was leaning on him, panting hard, he could feel Bakugo’s chest move up and down fast.

But… not only me…

With his chin resting on Bakugo’s shoulder, Kirishima muzzily fumbled for Bakugo’s erection. When Bakugo flinched, however, and what Kirishima’s fingers felt beneath the fabric was not hard, but wet, Kirishima realized that he was not the only one whose hunger had been satisfied.

“Ah.. I’m glad…,” he murmured, and then he just fell asleep.






Bakugo did not know how long he had been sitting like this on the toilet cabin’s ground with Kirishima sleeping in his arms. But it was long enough for him to slowly start sobering up. Eventually, his brain began processing what had just happened.

He decided not to think about it for now. He gently freed himself from Kirishima’s weight, making him lean against the cabin wall instead. He made sure Kirishima was properly dressed again. Then he looked down on himself.


It was a mess. He stripped, taking off his pants and underwear. It felt strange doing this with Kirishima lying there not even three feet from him, but Bakugo was absolutely convinced nothing could wake Kirishima for at least the next five hours.

I could…, he quickly dismissed the thought before he had even finished thinking it.

He considered quickly washing himself at the sinks but decided against it.

I must’ve been nuts. We’re at the fucking toilets. Everyone’s been drinking. Anyone could’ve entered here at any time. What was I thinking!?

Which reminded Bakugo of the fact that in his mouth he could still taste Kirishima’s sperm. He touched his lips, and his face felt hot again when he remembered how it had felt when Kirishima had finished in his mouth.

Guess I better rinse to make sure no one notices.

He put only his pants back on and was about to unlock the door when he heard a door open.

Someone entered the toilet room. Bakugo did not move.

Go away. Or do your fucking business quickly, he thought, irritated, while holding his breath.


Of all people.






*** *** ***






Chapter Text





“Kacchan? …You’re there, Kacchan, right?”

“What the fuck d’you want,” Bakugo growled at him.

Bakugo could hear the sound of steps as Midoriya came closer.

“Kacchan. Won’t you come out?”


“…Kacchan, I know. Kirishima-kun’s in there, too, right?”

…Why…does this shitty…fuck of a nerd-

“Kirishima-kun…? …Is he sleeping?”

“FUCKING Deku why d’you always have to be so DAMN annoying,” Bakugo snarled at him as he opened the cabin door so hard he had to react incredibly fast to stop it in its momentum again before it banged into Kirishima.

Midoriya slightly flinched as Bakugo towered over him in an attempt to intimidate him, but he did not shy away. Instead, he glanced past him into the cabin and slightly nodded, when seeing Kirishima sleeping peacefully on the ground confirmed his suspicion. He glanced up to Bakugo’s face.

“What-“, he began, but Bakugo pushed him out of the way to walk past him to the sink.

“Don’t fucking ask ‘what’,” he snarled as he lowered his mouth to the water tap. He felt Midoriya’s eyes on him while he rinsed and drank water.

“Kacchan. I’m not gonna ask you what you were doing with Kirishima-kun in there. I can somehow imagine.”

Ha, you wish. I’m pretty damn sure you can’t, stupid nerd.

“…But I feel like I need to talk to you.”

“Then fucking start talking already.”


Midoriya shook his head.

“First I’m going to help you move Kirishima-kun to the living room. We can’t just let him sleep here.”

“I don’t need your fucking help with that, and I would’ve done that even without you pointing it out.”

Midoriya smiled weakly and took a few steps towards the cabin. “Okay. I’ll just-“

He stopped, startled as Bakugo barred his way. Bakugo had just realized all too sudden that there in the cabin was still something he was absolutely certain would turn him into a murderer if he let Midoriya ever lay his eyes on it.

“Wait. One. Fucking. Minute,” he growled at him. Then he stepped inside the cabin and slammed the door shut in front of Midoriya’s surprised face.

He grabbed his dirtied shorts that had been lying in the corner of the cabin. He stared at it for two seconds before he opened the toilet lid, threw the telltale object in and flushed it down without turning a hair.

Not like I especially liked that one anyway.

He knew that Midoriya could very well hear the flushing sound and that the way Bakugo was acting was completely, utterly suspicious, but he decided he did not care. Getting rid of the evidence was the most important thing. Where there’s no proof, there’s no shame.

When he opened the door again, Midoriya was staring at him with big eyes and red cheeks and quickly adverted his gaze. He seemed to make sure not to look into Bakugo’s eyes as he nervously stepped into the cabin and helped putting Kirishima onto Bakugo’s back. Bakugo had not just been acting tough when he had said that he did not need Midoriya’s help carrying Kirishima. Bakugo knew Midoriya was watching him, stumped, as he carried Kirishima’s certainly not very light body all the way to the living room on his own.


When they entered the living room, it was littered with their drunk, sleeping classmates. To his dismay, Bakugo noticed that two people were still awake, though. It was Sero and Uraraka. Sero grinned and Uraraka stared at them with big eyes as Bakugo walked over to the couch and dumped Kirishima’s body next to Kaminari and Jiro. Bakugo was torn whether he should shoot death glares at Sero and Uraraka or just ignore them, and when Midoriya tucked at his sleeve and nodded towards the door, he decided on the second option, letting out a fed-up sigh as he went ahead walking out the living room and towards the lawn with Midoriya following him silently.












“So start talking already. I’m fucking tired,” Bakugo growled, glaring at Midoriya with his arms crossed. They were standing on the dark lawn, and the wind that had become stronger tousled their hair and clothes.

 Midoriya gave him an apologetic smile.

“I know. I’m tired too.” He took a deep breath.

“Kacchan. Have you told Kirishima-kun your feelings yet?”

Bakugo squinted his eyes.

 “You haven’t!?”, Midoriya exclaimed.

““That’s none of your business.”

“But Kacchan, have you ever even thought about his feelings?”

“I said it’s none of your damn business, nerd. Watch your mouth,” Bakugo snarled at him.

“And Kirishima-kun hasn’t said anything, either? He hasn’t asked??”

No. Not everyone’s as annoying as you, asking fucking questions all the time.”

Midoriya stayed silent for a few moments, just staring at Bakugo with a worried expression. Then, he asked quietly:

“Kacchan. You’re really sure about this? Is it really okay like this?”

Bakugo did not answer him. He just continued to glare at Midoriya defiantly.

“Are you really sure,” Midoriya went on, “that you’re ready to get this far involved? To involve him this far?”

Bakugo felt his eyebrow twitch. He knew he did not want to hear what was coming next.

“This is not a game, Kacchan. I’m sure, not for Kirishima-kun, and I’m certain not for you.”

“Shut up,” Bakugo growled. He did not like the effect Midoriya’s words were starting to have on him. He could dimly feel some vague, unpleasant feeling creep through his body.

“You know I want you to be happy, Kacchan, I really do. I’m just worried, for you and for Kirishima-kun.”


Normally, Bakugo would flare up at Midoriya’s insolent words. But he didn’t. Because, he had just realized how the feeling that had invaded his brain was called.


“Just… don’t hurt him, Kacchan,” Midoriya said quietly.

Bakugo stared at him.

Of all people to be told that, fucking Deku-…

Guess he knows what he’s talking ‘bout though.

I know.

And you know it, too, and that’s why you’re telling me.

No one knows better than you that I can’t not hurt people who try to get close to me.

Without saying another word, Bakugo turned around and walked back to the inn. He needed to get some sleep. And then he needed to wake up before Kirishima did, so he could sort out his thoughts.






When Kirishima woke up, he was moderately startled by Kaminari’s face staring down at him.

“Ah! He woke up!”

“It’s about time!” Sero had appeared in the upper corner of Kirishima’s blurry field of vision, too, grinning down at him.

“Dude, you had me half freaking out when I woke up to find you on top of me, snuggling with my legs,” Kaminari complained.

“O-oh? …sorry Kaminari…,” Kirishima mumbled sleepily. When he sat up, he felt a dull pain in his head.

“Ouch,” he groaned, holding his head.

“Me too, bro, me too,” Kaminari nodded at him sympathetically. “Guess that’s what they call ‘hung over’…”

Uraraka approached them with two glasses of water.

Kirishima thanked her and put the glass to his mouth, drinking slowly.

“You know, Kirishima,” Sero grinned at him. “We know you and Bakugo snuck out yesterday to have some fun together.”

Kirishima was so startled he spit out the water in his mouth at Kaminari’s face.

 “WHAT!?” Kaminari exclaimed, soaking wet and flabbergasted. Uraraka helpfully wiped his face for him with a tissue.

“Haha weren’t you still awake, too, when they left? You seriously don’t remember?”, Sero sneered at him, before smirking at Kirishima, again. “Care to tell us any details?”

Kirishima’s face and body felt increasingly hot as he remembered more and more details of his ‘sneaking out with Bakugo to have fun.’

Oh god. Did that really happen? It wasn’t just a dream?

We were kissing again, and then, Bakugo… Bakugo…


“Oh my god.” Kaminari backed away from him, alarmed.

“No,” Kirishima hastened to say. “N-nothing, nothing happened!”

“You know there’s no one crappier at lying than you, bro,” Kaminari shook his head at him.

“That’s true,” Uraraka smiled compassionately.

Kirishima tried hard to think of ways to bail himself out when his brain was distracted by a far more important question.

“Uhm… where’s he?”

“Bakugo? Good question. I haven’t seen him yet today, you?” Sero looked at Uraraka inquiringly. Uraraka nodded.

“I think I saw him in the corridor when I woke up and went to the toilets. But that was rather early, about eight o’clock, I think?”

Kirishima nodded. “Okay.”

“You know, it looks like you’re not looking forward to the next time you see him. That’s odd, Kirishima, “Sero prattled. “And you know what I think this means? That you’re feeling embarrassed. But why would you be embarrassed when, as I think we got you two to admit quite openly yesterday evening, you’re comfortable enough with each other that you’ve even kissed before?”

Sero did not even let Kirishima protest and raised his index finger at him.

“Let me tell you. It’s because what you two did yesterday was more than just kissing.”

Feeling like his head was going to explode, Kirishima flung a cushion at Sero, jumped up from the sofa and walked out of the room with his head spinning and his legs still a little shaky.

“And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get a drunk out of bed,” were the last words he heard Sero snigger before he slammed the door shut.






Kirishima felt relieved when he neither bumped into Bakugo in the sleeping room nor at the toilets, the gym’s shower room, the lawn, the corridor, the kitchen – in short, nowhere. Bakugo seemed to be nowhere to be found. When at lunch he did not appear either and everyone else started wondering where he was, too, Kirishima was genuinely starting to feel worried.

Is this my fault? Is he avoiding me?

The thought made him feel anxious.

Don’t freak out. Probably he’s the same as you, dragging out our next meeting because he feels embarrassed and does not know how he should act.

I guess what happened yesterday was not exactly something he had planned, either.

Kirishima shook his head, sighing in distress as he listlessly stirred his stew with a spoon.

We were both so damn drunk yesterday.

But still. For Bakugo to do something like that…

Doesn’t this prove he likes me, too!? You wouldn’t do something like that with someone you had no special feelings for, right?

Suddenly, the words Kaminari had said to him before resounded in Kirishima’s mind.

“Bakugo might just use you for all kinds of other things, simply because he’s got no one else who’d give him those.”

Kirishima clenched the spoon in his hand tighter and unwittingly let out a low growl as he imagined Bakugo being intimate with other people.


It was just Midoriya’s bad luck that he approached him at exact that same moment. He flinched noticeably when he saw Kirishima’s dark expression.


Kirishima refocused on the present, real situation, and directed a weak smile at him.

“Sorry, Midoriya. I was just lost in thought.”

“I-it’s okay, I was just surprised. You looked so angry,” Midoriya laughed shakily. Then he stopped, and his expression changed to worry.

“Kirishima-kun, you haven’t seen Kacchan either, have you?”

“No. I wonder where he went. D’you think something happened to him? Should we better tell the teachers?”

Midoriya shook his head.

“No. I’m sure he’s fine. Let’s not make a fuss about this unless he doesn’t come back until evening,” he said, and Kirishima nodded.

“Kirishima-kun. Do you have any idea why he’s avoiding you?”

Kirishima blushed, startled, and adverted his eyes from Midoriya’s face.

How does he know it’s me Bakugo’s avoiding?

“Okay. Thank you, that’s all I wanted to know,” Midoriya said quietly, and left.






Since most students were still feeling the after-effects of yesterday’s drinking, they decided to just spend the afternoon hanging out in the living room, playing video games, card games, reading and chatting. Aoyama’s quirk had returned to normal, and so have the hair and clothes that had been affected by it.

Jiro noticed that she had recovered her voice, too, when she directed a rather shocking insult at Mineta which everyone was sure she normally would not have said out loud uncensored. Sero, Kaminari and Ashido decided that from now on, they would tease her about it every time she insulted Mineta ever again.

Kirishima glanced out the window, watching the trees of the forest bend in the wind. It was a very dark day. The sky was full of dark grey clouds and the wind was blowing strongly. It felt as if a storm was nearing, but strangely the air was still very hot, and so were the strong gusts of wind. When Kirishima had stepped out of the inn earlier he had felt as if he was standing inside a microwave.

Kirishima sighed. He had trouble sitting still, feeling as if he needed to go look for Bakugo now.

But where could he be? Where haven’t I looked yet? Where’s the best place to-

Suddenly he knew where Bakugo probably was hiding.

Why didn’t I think of that sooner!

He jumped to his feet.

“What’s wrong?”, Kaminari asked him, surprised.

“I’m gonna look for Bakugo. Just realized where he might be,” Kirishima said to him quietly. Kaminari smiled at him with one raised eyebrow.

“Oh. Gotya. Good luck.”


When Kirishima had reached the end of the corridor, he took a deep breath before he knocked on the door of the single room. There was no answer, and he went ahead and opened it.

There he was, lying on his side on the small bed. It seemed like Bakugo was sleeping.

Silently, Kirishima walked a few steps into the room. He hesitated, and then he closed the last bit of distance, sitting down carefully next to Bakugo on the bed. He stared at his face.

“Bakugo,” he said quietly, and Bakugo’s eyelids slightly twitched. His arms and head slowly moved, and then he opened his eyes. He stared at Kirishima for a few seconds before he flinched, sat up straight and backed away from Kirishima.

Although Kirishima had expected their first meeting today to be awkward, he was startled by Bakugo’s obviously defensive reaction.

“S-sorry I didn’t mean to startle you,” he began, but Bakugo had already got to his feet.

“You didn’t,” he growled at him.


“What time is it.”

“Eh? Uhhhhmm..,” Kirishima tried to remember. He had left his smartphone in the living room. “About 2 pm I think?”

“Fuck.” Bakugo stomped towards the door.

“Wait, Bakugo!” Kirishima hurried after him, panicking.

We’re not gonna talk about it!?

Bakugo ignored him and just kept on walking.

I can’t let him get away now! I need to know!

A sense of despair overcame Kirishima as he grabbed Bakugo’s arm.

„Bakugo, wait! Please, I need to talk to you!”

I need to know how he feels about this.

“Not now,” Bakugo snarled. He shook off Kirishima’s arm and tried to walk away, but then Kirishima grabbed his hand. Bakugo turned around, looking angry, opening his mouth to say something but Kirishima was faster.

“I’m in love with you!”, he blurted out.






*** *** ***





Chapter Text






Kirishima’s hand was trembling as it held Bakugo’s so he would not escape.

Bakugo stared at Kirishima, trying to process his words. His thoughts were racing, and conflicting emotions were waging war against each other.

Some small part of his brain told him he should feel happy.

The person you like just told you he’s in love with you.

But for some reason, what Bakugo felt was not happiness and relief. It was panic and fear.

He felt as if he was falling and being crushed at the same time, and as if his own feelings would combust into a blazing fire, incinerating both him and Kirishima.

I’ll die. And kill him. There’s no way this could work out. I can’t do this. I’ll end up destroying everything, and then we’re both going to die.

He doesn’t even know what he’s saying. He doesn’t even know what he’s asking for.

Wrong wrong wrong I did everything wrong.

I’m so fucking stupid. I’m a jerk, and a fucking fool.

Because, Kirishima’s feelings are not the same as mine.

Probably, he’s just…

“Don’t confuse lust with fucking love, shitty hair,” he growled, glaring at Kirishima hostilely.


It was evident Bakugo’s words had made him insecure and confused.

“I’m telling you to stop spouting shit.”

“It’s not shit, I’m telling you that I’m i-“, Kirishima started to protest, but Bakugo did not let him.

“No, you’re not. That’s just you again, going with what you think is the flow, but it’s not. It’s ridiculous we’re even having this talk.”

“Ri…diculous…?” Kirishima’s lips seemed to have trouble forming the word. His shoulders slightly trembled, and he looked hurt, so damn hurt.

 “Guess it’s partly my fault, too,” Bakugo murmured, adverting his eyes from Kirishima’s.

Don’t make that face.

Kirishima stayed silent, but he let go of Bakugo’s hand. When he did, Bakugo felt a sharp pain in his chest. As if someone had just cut out a piece of his heart.

“…Got it. Sorry.”


Staring at Kirishima’s back as he walked away, everything in Bakugo was screaming at him to run after him and push him in a tight embrace to the ground. It cost all his self-control not to. Instead, he tried to calm his abused and bleeding heart.

This is for the best.

I’m sure it is.

But the problem was, he was not. Everything just felt so damn wrong.

Maybe he had just committed the biggest mistake in his whole life.






Kirishima blew his nose and let the used paper towel negligently fall to the ground. The pure amount of scrunched-up toilet papers lying all over the cabin hinted at the number of times he had been repeating this procedure already. Although he had been sitting here crying for about 20 minutes now, the tears just would not stop flowing.

Bakugo rejected me.

He even said it was ‘ridiculous.’

Kirishima did not know anymore what he had expected. A voice in his head was screaming at him, asking: How could you’ve been so stupid!? You should’ve known, shouldn’t you!? That there’s no chance in hell that Bakugo, that Bakugo, would actually consider someone like you!?

Kirishima slammed his hardened head into the cabin wall, not thinking of the damage it would do to the thin material.

Shit. I gotta apologize to the teachers later.

He snuffled and wiped away the tears from his eyes and face. Then he stooped down and began to pick up the scattered pieces of toilet paper. When he reached under the toilet bowl, his hand hit something solid.

He turned his head to see beneath the bowl. The thing he had touched just now was a small, black ball.

What’s that…

He reached out and grabbed it. Just when he got up and brought the ball nearer to his face, it exploded without a warning, and Kirishima was wrapped up in thick, black smoke.


Is this a quirk accident? Seriously, NOW of all times!?

Coughing with his eyes closed, Kirishima stumbled out of the cabin, closing the door behind him. Of course, this did not hinder the smoke from escaping the cabin, but at least it could only follow him through the top and bottom openings.

Kirishima quickly bent down and drank water from the sink. His throat had already hurt from crying, but now it also hurt because of all that smoke.

When the pain subsided, he raised his head to look at his reflection in the mirror.

It had not changed at all.

But what happened? What’s the effect?


Kirishima swallowed and forced himself to breathe in and out slowly. He had already been in here for too long. People might be wondering where he was and come looking for him. And actually, anyone could enter here at any time. This was a communal toilet room, after all.

I don’t want anyone to know I’ve been crying.

I don’t want anyone to know, why.

Kirishima knew that Bakugo would not tell anyone. He might have called Kirishima’s feelings “ridiculous”, but he would not mock him about them.

That’s one of the things I like ‘bout you, Kirishima thought, but he quickly blocked the thought out. It made him feel a burning in his throat, announcing the next crying fit.


You gotta man up.

If you don’t you’ll only make things difficult for Bakugo, too.

And if you’re too troublesome he might just decide he doesn’t even need you as a friend, either.

Kirishima slapped his hands at his cheeks and looked at the boy reflected in the mirror. His eyes were still red and swollen. Would someone notice?

He washed his face with cold water, although he did not know if it would help. But when he looked at himself again, he had a feeling he was looking far less upset than just two minutes ago. The face staring back at him was surprisingly calm, and somehow it felt as if Kirishima was not looking at himself.

Okay. This is okay. It’s gonna be okay.

You’ll be just fine, Eijiro.

He took a deep breath and tried out a smile. It felt wrong, but he had less trouble faking it than he thought he would.


With a last, determined glance at his mirror self, he left the room.






Bakugo did not know what he should do. He felt utterly, completely lost.

Kirishima had just confessed to him, and Bakugo had pushed him away.

As if this fact alone would not be awful enough, Midoriya, and probably most of their classmates, too, knew that something was going on. After recalling yesterday’s events carefully one more time, Bakugo realized that the way he had dragged Kirishima to the toilets probably had not been the subtlest. And the whispers and furtive glances his classmates gave him the moment he stepped into the living room only confirmed his suspicion. They knew something had happened between him and Kirishima yesterday, and they knew Bakugo had been avoiding them all. What they did not know, though, was that Kirishima had confessed to him and was now probably hurting deeply because of Bakugo’s rejection.

The rejection Bakugo had not even meant. Or, at least it was a rejection that did not reflect Bakugo’s true feelings at all.

When Bakugo rejected Kirishima, he was rejecting himself, rejecting the very notion of him ever finding a person he could ever, possibly be in a romantic relationship with. It was a rejection of the possibilities lying in his current relationship with Kirishima as Bakugo had succumbed to his fears of loosing the most important thing he ever had.

But now, maybe he had lost it, either way.


Sitting on the couch near the window, he swiped his smartphone without even looking at it, not hearing anything from the conversations the people around him were having. He glanced at the scenery outside the window. It looked as if a storm was coming.

Fuck. But maybe I’ll just go for a walk all the same, he thought, when he was startled by Hagakure calling a certain name.

“Ah! Kirishima-kun!”

Bakugo’s whole body got tense. He stared at his smartphone, making sure not to look at Kirishima. As some of his classmates hurried over to Kirishima, Bakugo could hear his voice when he answered their questions. It sounded… normal.

Bakugo felt his heart race.

I can’t do this shit. I can’t just sit here and act as if nothing’s happened.

But he did not dare stand up, either. He did not dare attract anyone’s attention. He wished he could just become invisible, like Hagakure. Or turn back into a hedgehog, maybe.

To Bakugo’s irritation, Kirishima accepted Ashido’s invitation to play videogames with her, Jiro, Hagakure and Tokoyami.


Everything felt surreal, fake, and wrong. When Kirishima even laughed with Hagakure at one of Ashido’s jokes, Bakugo was sure he could not take it any longer and was just about to jump to his feet when the whole room was startled by Kaminari shouting out load.


Everyone’s heads turned towards the entrance, where Kaminari was looking at Uraraka, thunderstruck.

“Y-yes, it’s crazy, isn’t it,” Uraraka laughed shakily.

“What’s wrong?!” Iida asked them.

“She’s- Uraraka’s just been to the teachers’ room, and they gave her something and now suddenly she’s able to see - what did ya call it!?”

“Aizawa-sensei said they’re called ‘fate strings’,” Uraraka answered, blushing. She was letting her eyes roam the room, looking back and forth between different people, and occasionally her eyes would widen in realization and surprise. Bakugo could not help noticing that she downright flinched and squinted her eyes when her gaze quickly wandered between him and Kirishima.

“Fate strings? That sounds so romantic!!,” Hagakure squealed.

“What are they, exactly?”, Todoroki asked Uraraka. Before she answered him, her eyes fell on the ground between her and Todoroki.

Is she seriously looking at a string right now!?

“Yes,” Uraraka smiled weakly. “Do you know about the story of the ‘red string of fate’ that connects you to your soulmate? It seems like this is similar, but there is more than just one string per person. And every string has a different color,” she glanced at Bakugo, “and even different intensity.”

“That’s so cool! Can you tell me ‘bout my strings?”, Kaminari beamed at her.

“I could, but… I don’t know, Aizawa-sensei told me that I should think carefully before I tell anyone about their strings. He said, fate strings are nothing inevitable, that they don’t force people to stay connected to the person they share a string with. But when people know, they tend to be influenced…”

“Oh… Then just tell me how many strings I have?” Kaminari did not give up.

“Many. You have many, Kaminari-kun, though most of them are hardly visible…”

“Your relationships are just too shallow, Kaminari,” Ashido teased him, and Sero started laughing out loud at Kaminari’s dumbfounded expression.

“Uraraka-san. Who of us has the string that has the most intense color?”, Midoriya asked her so quietly Bakugo was sure some people might not have caught his words.

“That’s…” Bakugo stared back into Uraraka’s eyes as she glanced at him. She quickly adverted her gaze. “I don’t think I should say that.”

“You don’t need to. Thanks, Uraraka,” Midoriya said, glancing at Bakugo, too.

Bakugo clenched the hand in his pocket to a fist.

What d’you mean, ‘intense’? Am I still connected to Kirishima? Are these fucking strings reciprocal or can they also work into one direction only?

What is Kirishima feeling now?

Are we still connected?

There was no way he could just ask her that. Bakugo glanced at Kirishima and was surprised to find him staring not at Uraraka, but at Midoriya. More precisely, he was glaring at him. Just the next second, however, he smiled nonchalantly as Tokoyami passed him a bottle of water.

“Please, Ochako-chan! You gotta tell us more! This is so freaking exciting!!”, Ashido pleaded on her knees, throwing her arms around Uraraka’s waist. Uraraka mildly patted her head.

“Okay, okay… But only for the people who are absolutely sure they want to hear it! And not with everyone listening. We can do it in private.”

“YEEESS”, Mineta cheered.

“Not you,” Uraraka smiled at him.







*** *** ***







Chapter Text





Fifteen minutes later, Uraraka had set up a small fortune-telling tent, which Yaoyorozu had created, in one corner of the living room where she received one person at a time to tell them quietly everything they wanted to know about their fate strings. In front of the tent a long queue had formed. Kirishima was queuing, too, but it had not escaped his eyes that Bakugo was the only one who did not show any interest in knowing more about the fate strings. He was still sitting on the couch looking at his smartphone or at the news on the television screen. It seemed as if he could not care less about the fact that just about one hour ago, he had rejected Kirishima’s love confession.

Kirishima reminded himself again not to let his feelings show on the outside. But he felt sad, extremely sad. And frustrated.

“But, seriously,” Ojiro frowned. “Uraraka started seeing those strings after the teacher gave her something? Just how open can they be in involving us in quirk accidents?”

“Almost feels like we’re guinea pigs for some strange experiments,” Kaminari grumbled.

“’Course you are,” Aizawa said. They all were startled by his voice since no one had noticed him entering the room. “How do you think the school pays the expenses for this trip? Even U. A. can’t make money grow on trees.”

“You serious, sensei!?”, Ashido exclaimed indignantly.

“Don’t worry. If something unexpected should happen to any of you, we have Recovery Girl. Which brings me to the purpose why I’m paying you a visit.”

He cleared his throat, and it was rather alarming seeing his expression grow even darker than it usually was. Tokoyami quickly switched off the television.

“Truth is, Mic’s messed up again. I think you’ve come to understand by now that the quirk accidents many of you’ve been involved in already are triggered by eating, touching or bumping against some sort of capsules where a certain kind of quirk essence had been inserted. So, we made you meet accidents by laying out those capsules in different places.”

“I see,” Iida nodded, looking persuaded by Aizawa’s explanation.

“However, like I said, Mic’s messed up. Among the capsules were few which we sorted out, because we decided that the quirks locked inside were far too dangerous to use in experiments. I told Mic to put them away safely, but he just carelessly put them somewhere and today he confessed to me that one of the capsules went missing. He spouted some stupid excuse like a cat had entered the room and took it to play with it… Fact is, the capsule should be somewhere in this inn, still. Does anyone remember seeing anything?”

He looked at his students inquiringly, but only met confused, clueless and blank faces.

Kirishima stayed silent.

Don’t tell him.

For some reason, he felt like he should not say anything about the small black ball he had picked up in the toilet room.

“Okay,“ Aizawa sighed. “At least it seems like no one got affected yet which I guess is a good thing. Just make sure you tell me as soon as you see or make contact with the capsule. It’s about the size of a palm and pitch black in color. You can tell me or Mic, and just in case you end up being affected by it make sure you go see Recovery Girl right away.”

He was about to leave when Kirishima called out to him.


Aizawa stopped and looked at him. “Yes?”

“Do you know what kind of quirk’s inside the capsule?”

Aizawa scratched his forehead.

“Yes,” he said gravely. “It’s a quirk called ‘darkness’.”

Kirishima stared at him expressionless as Aizawa took his eyes from him to look at the whole class when he continued.

“We’re really lucky the woman we got that quirk essence from is on our side. It would be terrible if she was a villain. In fact,” he glanced at Bakugo, ”she, too, is a person certain villains are still trying hard to get on their side…“ He paused a second.

“But yes, you’d wanna know about that quirk’s effect. It’s a quirk that brings out and aggravates the darkness inside someone’s soul. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that every single one of us holds at least some amount of darkness hidden in themselves. The more bad and selfish feelings the quirk finds inside the soul, like anger, hate, fear, doubt, greed and so on, the more the darkness inside will grow. Being hit by the darkness quirk could turn the most respectable person into a criminal, if not even into a murderer. Really, it’s a quirk that should never, ever be used on anyone.”

When Aizawa had finished, depressed silence filled the room, and everyone was looking more or less heavily disturbed.

“Just make sure you contact us right away,” Aizawa muttered and left the room.


Uraraka’s fortune-telling continued.

Kirishima was standing near the end of the line, with only Jiro and Shoji behind him. Kaminari just came out of the booth and, judging from the way he blushed at Jiro, Kirishima guessed that Uraraka had told him the string connecting Kaminari to her was one of the more ‘visible’ ones. Entering the tent next were Ashido, Aoyama, Sato, Yaoyorozu, Iida, Koda, Tsuyu, Sero, Hagakure, Todoroki… When it was Midoriya’s turn to enter the tent, Kirishima tried to hear what Uraraka was saying to him, but it was impossible. There was just too much noise in the room. When Midoriya came out, his cheeks were unusually red, and Kirishima was certain he saw him glance at Bakugo.

Ojiro went in next, and then, finally it was Kirishima’s turn.

He drew the thick curtain of the tent open, went in and closed it carefully behind him. Then he sat down on the chair opposite to Uraraka and smiled at her.

“H-hi, Kirishima-kun,” Uraraka greeted him shyly. She seemed nervous. “So, do you want me to tell you about your… fate strings, too?”

Kirishima leaned forward.

“Actually,” he said.  “I’d like you to tell me about Bakugo’s.”


“That’s right.” He smiled at her calmly.

“B-but….,” she hesitated.

“You know I like him, right?”

“Eh!?” Uraraka was clearly surprised, but at the same time her expression made evident that she had already suspected as much.

Kirishima slightly changed his tone.

“I’d like to know as much about him as possible,” he said quietly. “Since he doesn’t talk much about himself.”

Uraraka looked at him thoughtfully.

“That’s true… I can understand that.” She gulped hard. “Okay, I think I can tell you. I know Bakugo-kun trusts you, so I imagine he probably wouldn’t mind.”

Why’s she so nervous?

Is she hiding something?

“Thank you. He doesn’t have many strings, does he?”

“No,” Uraraka answered, “but more than I’d expected. But like in Kaminari’s case, most are nearly invisible. In fact, there are only three strings that really catch the eye.”

“Who is he connected to,” Kirishima asked quietly.

 “It took me quite some time to figure it out, but I think one of them is probably All Might. Since he’s not here at the moment you can’t really see where the string is going, but, I realized it when I saw that Deku-kun has a string that also does not connect with anyone here and has the exact same color. It’s golden. Maybe that’s the color of strong admiration.”

Kirishima felt a slight twitch in his face when Uraraka spoke about Midoriya. About the fact that he had a string identical to one of Bakugo’s strings.

Kirishima made sure his face showed an innocent expression of genuine interest when he directed another question at Uraraka.

“Are Midoriya and Bakugo connected by a string, too?”

“Yes,” Uraraka nodded earnestly, not noticing Kirishima had clenched his hand to a fist. “It’s of a really, really strong green color. There are some sort of dark green cracks in it, though, I’m not really sure what to make of that… But it’s a pretty color, and very intense. It’s nice to know that, although they seem to be fighting all the time, in truth they care about each other deeply, right?”

She smiled at Kirishima innocently, and he smiled back at her, while he pressed his hardened fingers into his palm so hard it started to bleed. He did not feel it.

“And the last one…,” he began slowly when Uraraka nodded.

“It’s you, of course. I was really surprised when I saw it. The string between you and Bakugo is the one that has the most intense color. It’s bright red, it looks almost like it’s burning!”

She stared at the string that was connecting Kirishima to the person sitting outside of the tent. Of course, Kirishima could not see it himself so he was not completely convinced it really was there.

“Really, it’s impressive. It’s so red, and it looks so passionate and unwavering. Although…-“ She did not finish her sentence. “No, never mind. It’s really pretty. I envy you, Kirishima-kun.” She smiled at him again, but it seemed fake.

She’s hiding something from me.

It looked to Kirishima as if she had decided it was better if she did not tell him. He felt anxiety and frustration raise inside him.

‘Although’ what? Although in fact the damn string stops halfway and just disappears, not connecting me to Bakugo after all?

Suddenly he felt the urge to make her spill it out by force. But he held himself back. Everyone was right there, outside the tent. And he had already been in here for too long.

“Thanks, Uraraka,” he smiled at her, stood up and stepped out of the tent.


When he did, his eyes met Bakugo’s. But only for the split of a second, since Bakugo adverted his gaze quickly.

Kirishima held back a growl.

Don’t look away from me.

“How was it?”, Kaminari asked him, excited.

“Hm. It’s hard to say, isn’t it,” Kirishima laughed, scratching his head.

“That’s true. Who knows how much credit we can even give to these strings… But it does make you happy, doesn’t it!” With these words, Kaminari hurried back to the couch, humming, to continue playing games with Jiro, among others.

“Kirishima-kun,” Midoriya tucked at his sleeve, but when Kirishima turned to look at him, he flinched heavily.

“Ah, Midoriya! What’s up?” Fortunately, Kirishima had quickly realized that he was glaring at Midoriya and changed his expression to a bright smile.

“E-eh? Uh, I was just wondering if you’re… no, never mind,” Midoriya stuttered.

“Sure? ‘Kay then, I’m gonna go to the toilets,” Kirishima smiled at him and nonchalantly left the living room.






 At the toilets he drank some water from the sink and washed his face. He felt like he needed to calm down. He needed to think. He needed to plan.

He stared at his reflection in the mirror.


Why are you acting like this?

Bakugo rejected you. He doesn’t want you. But that’s not a reason why you can take out your frustration on your friends.


                                        They’re not your friends. They are just strangers who are lying to you.


I don’t think that’s true.


                                        Because you don’t want it to be true. Because you’re scared of being alone, of being left out. You’re a coward. You’ve

                                        always been. And you’ve never really changed.


Shut up. That’s not true.


                                        You’re only lying to yourself if you truly believe that.


Still. I like Bakugo. I love him. I don’t want to make things difficult for him. I’m sure he wouldn’t want me to act like this.


                                        Why should you care about what he wants?


Because he’s the most important person to me.


                                        And that most important person rejected you. He doesn’t want you.



                                        Maybe it’s Midoriya he wants.


No. That’s not possible. Stop it.


                                        Maybe he’s in love with Midoriya. Maybe he always has been.


Stop it! Shut up!


                                        And Midoriya, too. He acts all innocent and endearing, but in truth he wants to do thinks to Bakugo like-




                                        Maybe they are already doing it behind your back and you just didn’t realize-




                                        Betraying you, laughing at you, maybe everyone knows, and they just didn’t tell you-





                                        Then don’t let him get away.




                                        Make it so he can’t get away from you. Bakugo just doesn’t realize. You need to make him understand. You need to

                                        make sure he recognizes you as the only person who could ever, truly love and understand him.  


…But, how do I do that?


                                        …You know the answer.


Kirishima smiled at his reflection. Yes, he knew what he had to do. Bakugo would be his. No one was going to take him away from him.

He flinched when he heard the door open. It was Iida. Iida, too, flinched, and then he seemed utterly distressed when he saw Kirishima at the sinks.

“Kirishima-kun! What happened!? You’re bleeding!!”

Kirishima looked down at his hands. It was only now that he realized he had destroyed half of the sink, and the shards had cut into his skin. Indeed, he was bleeding quite strong. Iida hurried over to him and let water flow over Kirishima’s injured hands.

“Just what were you doing this is terrible,” Iida cried, upset, and then he flinched heavily when he looked up at Kirishima’s head. “What did you do to your hair!?”

Kirishima looked at his reflection again and realized that very noticeable black strands had appeared in his hair. Since he had entered U.A., he had been always very careful not let his roots grow out before he dyes them red again, so seeing himself like this reminded him of his middle school self so strongly it was painful.

Nevertheless, he smiled at Iida reassuringly.

“Sorry, Iida, I just kinda messed up with my quirk – thank you, I think I’ll be fine now on my own. I’ll tell the teachers about the broken sink myself. And, can you please not tell the others? About the sink, and about my hair? It’s really embarrassing, so I don’t want them to know.”

Iida stared at him for a few moments, apparently confused. But then he nodded.

“Alright, Kirishima-kun. I won’t tell anyone, promise. Just make sure you get that properly treated by Recovery Girl when you tell the teachers.”

“I will, thank you, Iida,” Kirishima smiled, and Iida left the toilet room. Kirishima pulled out the last pieces of shards out of his hands, wrapped toilet paper around them since they were still slightly bleeding, and left the room.


As he had promised Iida, he went to see Recovery Girl and told her about the broken sink. She did not ask any questions about his hair. After healing his wounds to some extent she bandaged his hands, and even gave him some pills against the pain, although Kirishima told her he was sure he would not need them.

When she was done, Kirishima did not leave, yet.

“Actually, I think Iida got hurt, too, when he helped me pick out the broken pieces… But it seems like he can’t leave the living room, right now, would you mind maybe go to him and heal him, too? He probably thinks it isn’t necessary, but I don’t want the wounds to infect or even scar, all just because of me-“

“Alright, boy,” Recovery Girl calmed him, smiling softly. She stood up. “I’ll go see if he needs my help.”

“Thank you very much, Recovery Girl,” Kirishima said earnestly, standing up and even bowing to her.

“Yes yes…,” she muttered while she left the room, leaving Kirishima back on his own.

He waited for about ten seconds. Then he swiftly walked towards the cabinet where he knew all the meds and pills were stored. It did not take him long to find what he was looking for.

Really. They trust us too much.

He smirked at the small capsule with quirk-suppressing pills in his hand. Then he grabbed another small package containing sleeping pills and let both slide into his pants pockets. He closed the cabinet’s drawer and silently left the room.

Next was their sleeping room. He walked over to his futon and rummaged in his bag. He took out the handcuffs and the key he had been hiding inside. Then, he opened another compartment of his bag and grabbed the ring he had bought yesterday.

He smiled as he looked down at the ring in his right hand and the handcuffs in his left.

Now then, Bakugo. Which one will it be?






*** *** ***





Chapter Text





Uraraka stepped out of the tent and stretched her arms, exhausted. She was finally through with telling everyone about their respective fate strings. The only one who did not come to her was Bakugo.

She glanced at him. He was still sitting on the couch in the corner. Although she could not be certain since she had just spent a whole hour behind thick curtains, she had a feeling Bakugo had not moved even an inch in the meantime. That alone was not too alarming. Bakugo seemed to be a person who can stay hours at a place if he finds it comfortable enough, just like a cat. However, what made her feel something definitely strange was going on, was the fact that Kirishima was nowhere near him. And the fact that she had not seen them talk or even look at each other since yesterday.

Uraraka stared at the blazing, bright red string leading from Bakugo to someplace outside the living room. Indeed, she had to admit that it was the prettiest and most intense color of all the strings she could see.

Prettier even than mine, she thought melancholily, letting her gaze fall on the soft pink string that connected her to Midoriya. At first, it had been very painful for her to see the strong, dark-blue string that would occasionally turn slightly red or purple connecting Midoriya to Todoroki. But since she had noticed that she, too, shared a fairly strong-looking string with Midoriya, her heart felt a little lighter.

Even if I’m not the one he’s looking at, I’m glad we’re still connected, nevertheless.

She stared at her pink string for a few moments, before her gaze returned to Bakugo’s bright red string. It really looked as if it was burning, and Uraraka had to close her eyes after a few seconds because it was just too bright.

I wonder just what kind of feelings are needed to make your fate string this strong?

Uraraka hesitated. Then she walked over to Bakugo and cautiously sat down next to him. He did not look at her, nor showed he any other reaction.

But Uraraka looked at him, worried.

She recalled when Kirishima had talked to her in the tent, when she could see his end of the string at close proximity. She recalled what she noticed then. In the place where the string disappeared into Kirishima’s body, small black sparks had appeared, and at first Uraraka had thought they were little pieces of ashes that seceded from the string’s burning flames. But now, Uraraka realized it had almost looked as if they were gradually crawling further up the string, slowly, but surely turning more and more of it black.

Why? What does this mean?

Of course, Bakugo and Kirishima’s string was not the only string that did not have the same color through and through to the other end. The best example for that was the string connecting Yaoyorozu and Mineta. Mineta’s end of the string was pinkish-purple, while Yaoyorozu’s end was nearly white. Or, another example which had Uraraka surprised quite a bit was the string connecting Kaminari and Sero. Kaminari’s half was orange, while Sero’s was dark purple. It looked a little strange, Uraraka thought.

But apart from Kirishima no single person among them had a string that was black. Not even rudimentarily.

Maybe it’s better I talk to Kirishima-kun, after all, when he comes back.

She glanced at Bakugo, again.

Or… yes. I should try talking to Bakugo, too.


“B-Bakugo-kun?”, she squeaked, nervously. She felt very relieved when he did not ignore her, taking his eyes from his smartphone to look at her.

“Bakugo-kun, don’t you want to hear about your strings, too?”

Bakugo glared at her, but somehow, there was no fire in his eyes.

Something’s definitely not right!!

“I don’t need to hear,” he growled. “I don’t need people telling me things I know myself.”

“Y-you know? B-but it’s not like you can see your strings, right?”, Uraraka stammered insecurely.

“The way you gaped at it when you entered the room earlier was obvious as fuck. My string’s so showy it caught your eye before you even checked your own strings, isn’t it.”

Uraraka stared at him, baffled.

“Y-yes. That’s… You’re right.” She shook her head in disbelief. “No wonder your string’s so strong. You don’t even need to see it to know it is there…”

Bakugo did not say anything. But he adverted his eyes and somehow, his expression seemed even darker now than before.



“Did… Did something happen with… no, never mind. Sorry, I won’t ask. I know you wouldn’t-“

“I rejected him.”

Bakugo’s voice was so low Uraraka was not sure if she had heard him right.

“W-what…?” Her voice, too, was only a whisper. Bakugo jerked his head at her, and Uraraka was utterly shocked when she saw there were tears in his eyes.

“I fucking rejected him!”, Bakugo cried, and his voice cracked. “Fuck.” He put his arm in front of his face, jumped to his feet and stormed out of the room. Uraraka sat there, shocked, but just for few seconds before she hurried after him.






Midoriya dropped the book he had been reading when he saw Bakugo storm out of the living room, followed by Uraraka.

“Kacchan!?” With his mouth open, he stared at the door that had just fallen shut behind them. He picked up the book and put it down on his chair. When he let his eyes wander through the room, he observed that apart from him, miraculously only Kaminari seemed to have noticed the two people who had just left the room most suspiciously. And a hand on his shoulder told Midoriya that Todoroki had noticed, too.

“Midoriya. Do you have an idea what that was about just now?”

Midoriya looked at him, worried.

“I’m not sure. But something’s wrong. I think I need to follow them.”

“Do you want me to come, too?”, Todoroki asked quietly. Midoriya was tempted to say yes, but he shook his head.

“No. If it’s about Kacchan I’m sure it’s better I go on my own.”

“Okay.” Todoroki withdrew his hand and nodded at him. Midoriya smiled at him and walked over to Kaminari.

“Kaminari. Can I ask you to leave this to me for now?”

Kaminari nodded, looking at him with big eyes.



Midoriya left the room and walked towards the entrance door.

The way Kacchan left was not him being angry and fed up. It looked as if he was fleeing. I’m sure he was feeling cornered, so the place he most probably went to is-

Midoriya quickly hid. He had walked out of the inn and traced its outer walls, and just as he had turned the corner his eyes had found Bakugo and Uraraka, standing in front of the inn’s lateral façade. Midoriya held his breath and tried to catch their words.

“…I don’t understand, Bakugo-kun...”

Fuck you, go away! Why’d you follow me, just leave me alone!”

“I won’t leave! Not before you tell me what that was about. What did you mean when you said you rejected Kirishima-kun??”

Oh. Oh no.

Midoriya put his hands in front of his mouth.

“Fucking exactly what I said.”

“You mean, he confessed to you?? And you rejected him??”

Bakugo did not answer, but that considered by itself was an answer, too.

“Why?”, Uraraka asked, confused. “I- I had thought you liked him, too.”

She flinched hard when Bakugo banged an explosion against the wall. Although Midoriya could neither see nor hear, from the way Uraraka’s voice cracked weakly he knew Bakugo was probably crying.


Midoriya felt a sharp pain in his heart.

This is my fault. If I hadn’t said unnecessary things to Kacchan maybe it wouldn’t have turned out like this. It was me who drove him into a corner. It’s my fault he’s hurt, and my fault he has hurt Kirishima, too.

When Midoriya leaned forward a little too wide, Uraraka noticed him. She looked surprised when their eyes met, and Midoriya put his index finger in front of his mouth.

Don’t tell him.

She nodded and fixed her gaze back on Bakugo leaning against the wall.

Midoriya decided that he had heard enough and quietly went back inside.

Thank you, Uraraka. I’ll leave Kacchan to you. At least for now.


When he entered the living room, he was surprised when Kirishima was there, sitting on the couch, chatting with Ashido and Kaminari. More precisely, Midoriya was not that surprised about the fact that he was there, but what surprised him was the way he was dressed. He was no longer wearing his dark red t-shirt from before, but a sleeveless, black hoody. Combined with his black pants, it was a style similar to what Bakugo might wear, however, Kirishima had pulled the hood deep over his face so one could barely see his eyes.

I knew it. Kirishima-kun’s definitely acting strange, too.

Midoriya walked over to Todoroki who was looking at him expectantly.

“It’s no good,” Midoriya shook his head gloomily.

“Is it related to Kirishima?”, Todoroki asked him quietly.

“Yes.” Midoriya hesitated for a second but decided to tell him. “It seems like he confessed to Kacchan, and Kacchan rejected him.”

“Oh.” Todoroki slightly frowned. “That’s weird. I was convinced Bakugo liked him, too.”

“He does. That’s why he was crying.”

Oh, I shouldn’t have said that.

“Bakugo was!?”


“…” Todoroki stared at Kirishima’s back. “Why would he do that if he likes him,” he muttered, and he almost seemed angry. “So that’s the reason Kirishima’s acting strange. He must feel very hurt. Maybe he’s questioning their whole relationship now.”



They both raised their heads when they saw Uraraka enter the living room. Bakugo was not with her. Midoriya hurried over to her, and Todoroki slowly followed him.

“Uraraka! Where’s Kacchan now?”, he asked her, worried.

She sighed. “He didn’t say, but I saw him walk over to the gym. I think he’s going to work out, probably to work off some steam, or to distract himself from…” She did not finish her sentence and looked as if she was going to cry.

“I see…,” Midoriya muttered.

“Deku-kun, we can’t just leave them like this! He’s hurting so bad!!”

“I know. I think they both are,” Midoriya said with a glance at Kirishima. When Uraraka saw him, she too looked surprised by the way Kirishima’s outfit had changed. However, she did not seem surprised over the fact that Todoroki was now standing beside her and Midoriya, too, listening silently to their conversation.

“If they would just talk it out…”

“I know. But I think right now, Kacchan feels more scared than ever before in his life. I think he’s lost and doesn’t know what to do. And since it seems like he full-out rejected Kirishima-kun, you can’t expect Kirishima-kun to know that.”

“Then someone should tell him,” Uraraka cried.

“Do you think he’ll believe us?”, Todoroki asked her quietly. “When he heard the exact opposite from Bakugo’s mouth?”

They stayed silent for some time. Then, Midoriya clenched his hand to a fist.

“I’m not sure if it will do any good. But I think I’ll at least try talk to Kirishima-kun.”

Uraraka nodded. Just as Midoriya turned to walk over to Kirishima, Todoroki held him back.

“Midoriya. Be careful,” he said quietly, and Midoriya had trouble reading his expression. Was it worry?

“…Why?” He asked him. Todoroki let go of him.

“Just because.”






“Uhm, Kirishima-kun, can we talk? In private?”

Maybe Midoriya should have seen it coming, but he was startled all the same when Kirishima glared at him.

Again!? And doesn’t he look even scarier than last time?

Kirishima’s expression changed to a smile so quickly Midoriya wondered if it had just been his imagination. However, it was not the first time Midoriya found himself wondering, so he concluded that it had not been his imagination, after all. Lately, nearly every time Kirishima’s eyes fell upon him, he looked as if he wanted to put a knife to Midoriya’s throat.

“Sure!” Kirishima smiled brightly at him, but there was none of his usual warmth in his eyes. Midoriya felt a cold shiver run down his spine.

As he followed Kirishima into the dim, empty dining room, Midoriya recalled the various occasions where he had felt as if Kirishima was being hostile towards him. The short moments when, only for a few seconds, Kirishima’s glare had made him feel like a frog in front of a snake, or a rabbit in front of a feline predator.

It can’t be…


Kirishima turned around to him.

“So, what d’you wanna talk about?” Kirishima smiled at him, but Midoriya’s instincts told him to be wary of him. Part of this was also owed to the fact that he could not see Kirishima’s eyes very well. They were just two dark red flames flickering at him from the shadow of his black hood. Even the strands of hair that fell into his face looked black. Somehow, he did not look like the Kirishima he knew, at all.

Midoriya gulped hard. “I-it’s about Kacchan.”

The second he spoke Bakugo’s name Kirishima stopped smiling. Midoriya jumped back, alarmed. Kirishima glared at him, and he emanated an aura of pure bloodlust.

What is this!??

 “K-Kirishima-kun!?”, Midoriya squeaked, terrified.

“Hm?” Kirishima retrieved his smile. It made Midoriya freak out even more.

“I-I, I think y-you’re mi-misunderstanding something, Ki-Kirishima-kun,” he stammered, and he realized horror-struck that Kirishima was drawing nearer, slowly pushing him into a corner.

“What do you mean? ...Midoriya,” Kirishima asked him, and his voice was dangerously low.

“When Kacchan rejected you, it wasn’t how, not how he really, how he really feels!” Midoriya had trouble getting his brain to form the words he wanted to speak. All cells in his body were screaming at him that now was not the time to try clear up misunderstandings, but the time to run.

 “Kacchan - He’s not-“, Midoriya started when he felt his back bump against the wall. Kirishima was now towering over him, and when Midoriya looked up to his face, Kirishima’s expression had become completely blank. Just his eyes were burning at him like ice-cold flames.

“Kiri-shi-“ Midoriya lost his voice, again, as he dimly noticed Kirishima almost gently placed one arm against Midoriya’s chest, and raised his other hand in front of Midoriya’s throat. Midoriya’s pupils dilated in realization and fear.




Kirishima jumped backwards to evade the wall of ice shot at him.

Midoriya sank to the ground and stared at Todoroki standing in the door. Todoroki glared at Kirishima for two seconds as if he was thinking of attacking him again, but then he hurried over to Midoriya.

“You okay?”

“Y-yes, thank you Todoroki-kun,” Midoriya answered him. His voice was shaking, and he noticed he was trembling.

“Why didn’t you use your quirk!!?”

“I-, I-“

“Haha, I was wondering ‘bout that, too.”

Midoriya and Todoroki jerked their heads at Kirishima when he laughed. He smiled at them apologetically.

“My bad, Midoriya. I didn’t think you would be this scared. I was waiting for you to use your quirk, but you didn’t…”

“What?”, Midoriya asked him weakly. What Kirishima said did not make any sense.

“What the hell are you talking about,” Todoroki growled at Kirishima, and his voice was cold as ice.

Kirishima put his hands together, apologizing.

“Really, I’m sorry. Guess I just felt like teasing you to let off some steam. I’m not really feeling like myself today…”

“Oh…,” Midoriya got up from the ground and stared at Kirishima.

Did I… misunderstand? Was I overreacting?

Did he really do that just now in jest?

“Sorry, really. Maybe I should go lie down for a while. I’m very tired, suddenly.”

When Midoriya saw Kirishima pull his hood deeper over his face, it seemed like such a weak gesture he could not help but feel sorry for him.

“Okay. Maybe it’s better you do,” Midoriya said quietly. Kirishima nodded at them and walked towards the door. Then he turned around and addressed Midoriya once more.

“Uhm… Do you know where Bakugo is right now? I’d prefer not to run into him anymore today,” he asked. He looked incredibly sad.

“…Uraraka told me he has gone to the training grounds, so I think you’ll be safe if you’re in the sleeping room. Just – Kirishima-kun, please just promise me that you will talk to him later, or tomorrow, at the latest.”

Kirishima seemed to be hesitating for a moment. Then he nodded.

“Thank you, Midoriya,” he said quietly, and left.

Midoriya exchanged confused and worried gazes with Todoroki, and together they went back to the living room.











“Kirishima was teasing you!?” Kaminari looked at Midoriya with an expression of disbelief. “That doesn’t sound like him, at all.”

“Right? It doesn’t,” Uraraka exclaimed in distress.

Midoriya was standing with them and Todoroki in a corner of the living room. Their classmates were getting fired up in front of the television about a quirk-singing-and-dancing contest that was being transmitted live.

“Maybe I should go talk to him,” Kaminari thought out loud. “He went to the sleeping room, you said?”

“Yes. But I don’t know if it’s a good idea to talk to him now. Probably he needs time to sort things out, and he really didn’t seem like himself earlier,” Midoriya said, and shuddered when he remembered Kirishima’s cold eyes staring down on him.

“You mean, we should give him some time? And Bakugo-kun, too?”, Uraraka asked.

“I don’t know what else we could do right now. I don’t really think so, but maybe, just maybe both of them will come to eat dinner… I think it’s possible Kacchan hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. I’m pretty sure that he will come.”

The others nodded at him, and they decided to do nothing for the time being.






But Bakugo did not show up at dinner. And neither did Kirishima.

“That’s not okay, he must eat! I’m gonna go ask him if I can bring him something,” Kaminari declared and hurried away to the sleeping room.

Midoriya stood up, too. He had not even finished a third of his food, but he did not feel hungry at all and he just could not sit still, eating, while he knew Bakugo was suffering.

“Kacchan should’ve returned by now. I’m gonna go see if he’s in the living room or outside.”

“I’m coming with you,” Uraraka cried, and Todoroki stood up, too.


Just in that moment Aizawa-sensei came rushing through the door, followed by Mic, and even Recovery Girl was with them.

“Sensei!? Is something the matter?”, Iida asked him, surprised. Aizawa stomped into the center of the room. Then, he opened his mouth, and the words he spoke were not much more than an angry growl.

“Are you really sure no one of you has seen that missing capsule.”

They all looked at him in bewildered silence.

“I’m not joking now. If you don’t hand yourself over to us now, next time might be too late. We might not be able to save you anymore.”

“S-sensei?”, Midoriya asked him, with a shaky voice.

“Sensei, did something happen?”, Iida asked, again.

Aizawa ignored them and let his eyes roam the room.

“…where are Bakugo, Kirishima and Kaminari?”

No one answered him. Some people exchanged confused glances.

“WHERE ARE THEY?,” Aizawa rumbled, and Aoyama hid under a table.

“Kirishima-kun’s in the sleeping room! Kaminari-kun just went to ask him about dinner…,” Midoriya answered him nervously. “And, Kacchan… I’m not sure.”

Aizawa’s eyes widened as he heard Midoriya’s answer.

“Does anyone know where Bakugo is?”, he asked.

They all shook their heads.

“…I understand. Sorry for yelling at you. And thank you, Midoriya.”


“Sensei,” Iida tried for a third time,” please tell us what happened.”

Aizawa sighed. But then, it was not him who answered Iida’s question, but Recovery Girl.

“Some pills have gone missing,” she said, and her expression was grave. “Someone stole them.”

“What kind of pills?”, Todoroki asked her.

“Sleeping pills,” she answered. “And quirk-suppressing pills.”

“Does anyone know what Bakugo would use those for?”, Mic asked nervously.

They all shook their heads, again.

Midoriya’s thoughts were racing.

This doesn’t make any sense. Why would Kacchan steal pills from the teachers’ room? And Kacchan, being affected by the darkness quirk? When he was crying? Did it happen after that?

“Okay,” Mic sighed. “If you find him, make sure you tell us right away-“

“I don’t think it’s Bakugo,” Aizawa said quietly.

“What?”, Mic stared at him. And so did Midoriya, as his brain connected the dots.

The way Kirishima had glared at him earlier.

The moment he thought Kirishima was going to use his quirk to kill him.

The black capsule.

The pills that had gone missing.


Kacchan!”, he gasped.


“Bakugo is not the one affected by the darkness-quirk?”, Mic repeated, staring at Aizawa in disbelief.

“No. If my hunch is right, then-“

“It’s Kirishima-kun.”

Everyone stared at Midoriya as he spoke the words most likely Aizawa, too, had meant to say. Uraraka put her hands in front of her mouth.

“What?”, Iida stared at Midoriya shocked.

“Why d’you think that!?”, Ashido exclaimed aghast.


Just in that moment, the door opened again, and Kaminari rushed into the room.

“Guys!” When he saw their teachers and Recovery Girl, he stopped in his tracks, surprised.

“Sensei? Did something ha-?” Aizawa did not let him finish his question.

“Kaminari, was Kirishima in the sleeping room?”

“Huh? N-no he wasn’t, that’s why i-“

“This might be bad,” Aizawa mumbled.

And Midoriya agreed with him.

“We need to warn Kacchan!”, he shouted and jumped through the open window out to the lawn. Todoroki followed him without hesitating for even one second.

“Midoriya, wait!”

“Midoriya! Todoroki”

Midoriya heard his teachers and classmates call his name, but he did not turn around as he ran over the dark, stormy lawn as fast as he could, making use of his quirk. To his side, he saw Todoroki using his quirk, too, sliding forward fast on ice, and maybe he heard some more people running behind them, but he could not be sure because the wind was howling so loud it drowned nearly everything. It was the beginning of the storm.

I have a very bad feeling about this.

Please, Kacchan, wait for us.






“Thank you, Midoriya.”

Kirishima felt Midoriya and Todoroki’s confused gazes on his back as he left the dining room. He walked down the corridor, pulling his hood deeper over his face so no one could see he was grinning.

It did not matter that Todoroki had messed up that perfect chance to get rid of Midoriya. Thanks to him, Kirishima knew now where Bakugo was. And better yet, it seemed like he was there alone.

Kirishima rushed to the empty sleeping room and grabbed all the things he would need. Fortunately, it was not much, so everything fit in the pockets of his pants and his hoody just fine. The big pockets had been one of the reasons why Kirishima had chosen to change from his shirt to the hoody. The other was, of course, to hide the fact that his hair had turned completely black by now. He sneaked through the backdoor out to the lawn. Then, he made his way to the gym.


He glanced through one of the windows inside the dark gym. No lights were turned on, but Bakugo was still training. Not exactly working out, but he was catapulting himself through the air fast by making one midair-explosion after the other. He was screaming loud as if he was in pain, and his sweat glistened in the light created by his explosions. It looked almost as if he was dancing. It was incredibly beautiful.

Kirishima just watched him like that for some time. Finally, Bakugo let himself fall down to the ground and stayed lying there for a few minutes, panting fast. Eventually, he got up, drank some water out of a bottle, put it back down and walked towards the showering room.

Kirishima quickly slid into the gym. He slunk over to where Bakugo’s bag and bottle were lying and took the package with sleeping pills out of his pocket. He hesitated, but then decided to put in only one. Since they were not normal sleeping pills but ones made from a sleeping-quirk, they could be swallowed after being dissolved in water. One should be enough to make Bakugo fall asleep instantly, and Kirishima did not need him to sleep for long. And giving him only one was to be sure there would be no consequences for Bakugo’s health.

Kirishima softly moved the bottle left and right so the pill would dissolve completely. Then, when he was satisfied with his work, he put it back on the ground and distanced himself to hide in the shadows.

Not much time had passed when Bakugo came out of the showers. He was rubbing his wet hair, lost in thought, and he had not yet properly closed the buttons of the white, short-sleeved shirt he was wearing. He walked over to his bag, let the towel fall to the ground and reached for the water bottle.

He drank about half of the content that had been still left, when he suddenly stopped. He stared at the bottle in his hand, and his pupils seemed to have trouble focusing.

“What-“, he growled, but his voice was weak. The bottle fell out of his hands and the remaining water spilled on the ground.

When finally, his legs failed him and he tumbled to the ground, Kirishima was there to catch him.

He looked down at Bakugo’s face lovingly. Bakugo stared at him as if he did not understand what he was seeing, before his eyes fell shut. Kirishima softly chuckled and gently kissed him.

Bakugo looked so beautiful sleeping in his arms, with his hair and his half-open shirt tousled by the wind, as Kirishima carried him out of the gym and across the stormy lawn into the woods.






*** *** ***







Chapter Text





When Bakugo opened his eyes, the first thing he realized was that he was wearing handcuffs.


He tried to sit up, but his body did not seem to obey his wishes. It felt incredibly heavy.

Fuck. What happened?

Bakugo squinted his eyes, trying to get them to focus enough so he could see where he was. Everything was terribly blurry, and his head felt fuzzy.

Where is this?

He was staring at some kind of canopy that looked as if it was made of some heavy textile. Bakugo had no recollection of it. He felt panic rise inside him. The last time he had woken up with his hands cuffed in a foreign room was when he had been abducted by the league of villains.

Calm down. Think.

Bakugo forced himself to breathe slowly and concentrate on the present.

First, I need to make sure whether I’m really alone in here or not, he realized. He concentrated on the muscles in his neck to slowly turn his neck to the side. What he saw was the end of a big bed.

I’m lying on a bed, he thought muzzily. He let his eyes wander farther towards the right. It took him quite some time to figure out what he saw.

A… toilet? …And a sink.

Strangely, he felt like he had seen this before.

A toilet and a low sink, right next to a bed… a canopy bed?

Bakugo was sure he knew this place. But he just could not remember anything.


He slowly, carefully turned his neck to the other side. It was easier than before.

I’m gradually getting back control over my body, he thought, slightly relieved. He knew though, that it did not change the fact that he was wearing handcuffs. But as long they were not quirk-resistant, he would probably be able to explode them, eventually.

When he had turned his head successfully, his eyes too, did not need as long as before to focus.

He saw a gigantic wardrobe with a big mirror next to it. As he moved his eyes further sideways, his heart slightly jumped when he saw a door. It looked as if it was not heavily locked, if locked at all.

I think whoever brought me here is fucking underestimating me quite a bit.

His eyes moved on, and he saw chairs and a desk Bakugo knew he definitely did have a recollection of.

Bakugo did not know if he should feel relieved, or not, now that he had seen enough to know exactly where he was.

He was inside the abandoned hunter’s shed they had visited for the dare two nights ago. Which meant that he was still on U. A. terrain. Which meant, either it was not as safe as Aizawa had promised them, after all, or the person who had brought him here was not a villain. Meaning, something unquestionably strange was going on.

Bakugo could feel sweat in his hands and tried making a small explosion. He could not even create a spark.

Shit. Does this mean these are quirk-suppressing handcuffs, after all!?

Meanwhile, Bakugo had regained feeling in most parts of his body. He could finally sit up.

When he did, he looked to the only corner of the room he had not examined yet – and flinched heavily when he saw he was not alone after all.


He stared at the person who was sitting on a chair next to the bed and looking at him calmly. It took Bakugo at least ten seconds to realize who he was looking at.

“Kiri…shima!?”, he wheezed.

Why would he be here?

“Hi, Bakugo,” Kirishima smiled.

Bakugo stared at him. He noticed that Kirishima’s hair was not only down, but also pitch-black instead of red. And he was wearing black clothes. The only thing that made Bakugo sure that this really was Kirishima were the bright, crimson eyes meeting Bakugo’s gaze.

Bakugo realized that Kirishima was not wearing any handcuffs.

“What’s the meaning of this,” Bakugo growled at him.

This doesn’t make any sense.

Kirishima chuckled.

“Sorry, Bakugo. I know you’re mad. But this is kinda necessary.”

What is necessary,” Bakugo snarled at him. “So it really was you who brought me here!? Drugging me and putting these damn handcuffs on me!?”

“That’s right,” Kirishima smiled at him, and Bakugo wanted to punch him. He only got his hand up to half the distance before his other hand was held back by the chain attaching his handcuffs to the bed.

“FUCK!”, he shouted, angrily. “Cut this shit out, Kirishima. Open the handcuffs.”

At least, Kirishima stopped smiling and shook his head with a sad expression on his face. Bakugo was struggling so hard to free himself from his chains that he could feel the metal cut into his skin, but he did not care.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. Not before I get you to understand.”

Understand!? Fucking understand WHAT exactly!?”

Bakugo froze and ceased all his struggling for a few seconds when Kirishima leaned forward and affectionately caressed his cheek. When he spoke, he did not answer Bakugo’s question, though.

“I’m really sorry ‘bout that, Bakugo,” he said quietly. “I know you hate being restrained. But I promise you this won’t be forever.” With these words, he stood up, and then he just left.

Bakugo stared at the door that had closed behind him.

Make me understand? How are you gonna make me understand if you just walk away!?

He had absolutely no idea what was going on.






When Kirishima returned, he brought food with him. It was two apples and a protein bar.

“Sorry, I didn’t really have much time to plan, so I only have this for now,” he apologized as he put the food down on the bed. “But I promise you I’ll get you some real food later.”

Bakugo snorted at him disdainfully and decided to ignore the food for the time being, although he was feeling extremely hungry. He realized he had not eaten anything since the night before.

He rattled with the chain of his handcuffs morosely. “Are these the fucking same ones tape-arms put on us before?”

“Yeah. I forgot to bring them back, and now I’m glad I didn’t. When you were still sleeping, I made you swallow quirk-suppressing pills, too, but I don’t really know how long they last, so I thought it’s better we have twice the security.”

No wonder I can’t even make a spark, Bakugo thought angrily.

“And the pills alone couldn’t stop you from leaving, either, since I don’t even have a key for this door.” Kirishima laughed. Then he glanced past Bakugo.

“You know you can use that toilet if you want, right? And the sink too. I sized the chain so you can reach them with the handcuffs.”

“I’m not a fucking hedgehog anymore so you don’t get to tell me when I go to the fucking toilet, shitty hair.”

With a look at Kirishima’s hair, he decided to change the term. “Shitty black hair. What’s even up with that!? Is this supposed to be a fucking image change!? That thing that some women do, changing their hair when-“ He did not finish his sentence.

When they’re rejected by the person they like?

Bakugo adverted his eyes. Kirishima sat down on the chair, again.

“It’s not,” he said quietly.

“Then what the fuck IS the reason you’re doing all this shit!? I mean it, Kirishima. Cut it out.” Bakugo glared at him. “I have no idea what made you do this all of a sudden, but it’s creepy as fuck.”

Kirishima stared at him silently, leaning forward with his elbows propped up on his knees and his fingers crossed in front of his face.

“You really wanna know?”

“I wouldn’t be FUCKING asking if I didn’t,” Bakugo said, irritated.


Kirishima stood up, only to sit down again, but this time on the canopy bed next to Bakugo. Bakugo slightly backed away when Kirishima leaned closer.

“This is necessary,” Kirishima said in a low voice, “so you realize that you’re mine.”

Bakugo stared at him, not trusting the information his ears had sent his brain.

What?”, he whispered.

“You’re mine,” Kirishima repeated, leaning even closer in to him until Bakugo could feel Kirishima’s breath on his cheek. “You just haven’t realized it yet, but I know you feel about me the same way I feel about you. You need me, Katsuki,” he whispered into Bakugo’s ear, and Bakugo felt heat flush through his body.

He punched Kirishima’s face with one of his cuffed hands, kicking his stomach next, but as expected Kirishima had anticipated that Bakugo would attack him and hardened his body. Cursing, Bakugo quickly crawled away from him to the only other corner of the bed his chains allowed him to reach.

“FUCK YOU! I don’t need anyone. I belong to NO ONE!,” Bakugo screamed at him.

He wondered if this whole situation was a dream. A nightmare, in which his brain tried to work through all the issues and baggage he was dragging around.

Issues about him liking Kirishima, about him rejecting Kirishima and secretly wishing Kirishima had not accepted his rejection so easily.

And about his resolution to bow to no one, to be defeated by no one, while he secretly yearned for this one special person to just subdue him and all his pride and fears and just own him completely so he would not have to fight anymore.

Issues Bakugo was sure he would and could never, ever confront himself with.


Kirishima looked at him with a sad smile.

“I know,” he said quietly. “I know you don’t want to, Katsuki.”

“Stop using my first name. I never gave you permission for that. And it creeps the shit out of me with the way you’re being right now.”

“You’ll get used to it,” Kirishima smiled at him mildly.

“If you know I won’t submit to anyone, stop this shit now.”

Kirishima shook his head. “I can’t do that. I need to protect you.”

“WHAT THE FUCK DO I NEED PROTECTION FROM!?”, Bakugo roared at him and froze, again, when Kirishima softly put his hand on Bakugo’s mouth.

This is driving me crazy, he thought with his anger out of step.

“There are others who have their eyes on you. Most of all,” Kirishima’s expression grew dark and cold, “Midoriya.

Bakugo stared at him.

“What?” He was so perplexed his voice came out a lot weaker than he had intended. “Why are we talking ‘bout Deku now!?”

“He’s trying to take you away from me,” Kirishima growled. “I know he has lewd thoughts about you.”

Deku!? ‘Lewd thoughts’!? About me!??” Bakugo was about to laugh out loud but stopped when he saw Kirishima’s expression. It contained so much loathing and cold, Bakugo was starting to doubt again that the person sitting in front of him on the bed was really Kirishima.

“I tried to get rid of him earlier, but Todoroki intervened. Luckily, I got them to think I was only joking. So, I don’t think anyone will suspect anything soon.”

Bakugo stared at Kirishima who was smiling at him again. Now he was convinced that something terribly wrong was happening.

He knew Kirishima. Bakugo knew Kirishima was not someone who would let jealousy and fear take over him to this extent.

And then, finally he remembered. At last, he knew what was happening, and everything made sense.

The ‘darkness’-quirk. It was Kirishima who found the capsule, and he got affected.

Bakugo stared at the smiling black-haired boy in front of him, and his heart was in pain.

I need to save him.

I need to save Kirishima from this nightmare.


Bakugo took a deep breath.

“Kirishima. Do you realize you’re being affected by a quirk?”


“…You know it’s the darkness-quirk Aizawa warned us about today?”


“That turns people into criminals? Into murderers!?”

“…I won’t let that happen.”

Bakugo was about to lose his temper again.

“You realize you just told me not even two minutes ago that you were going to get rid of fucking Deku!?”

Kirishima did not say anything. He just looked at Bakugo coldly.

“What were you gonna do to him? Lock him up, like me? Injure him? Kill him!?”

“I won’t do anything to him as long as he keeps away from us,” Kirishima growled, and it almost seemed as if he was pouting.

“Kirishima don’t you realize this isn’t you!?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Kirishima said coldly. “You didn’t want me, anyway.”

Bakugo stared at him.

“Is this payback!? Are you doing this ‘cause I hurt your fucking pride!?”

“It’s not payback,” Kirishima answered in a low voice. “And I didn’t have much pride before, anyway,”

“Stop spouting shit.”

“It’s true.”


Bakugo was at a loss for words. He did not know what to do.

This is getting us nowhere, he thought, frustrated.

Maybe there’s not much I can do. But I can at least try make him realize that what he’s doing it futile.

“Whatever you’re trying to do you won’t succeed, Kirishima. I’m sure the others have noticed by now that both of us are missing. I bet Recovery Girl has noticed already that pills are missing, too, and there are people who know what happened between us, today. There are too many clues already. If they put one and one together, they’ll realize that the darkness-quirk got you.”

Kirishima stared at him, probably processing Bakugo’s words.

Bakugo leaned slightly forward as he stared into Kirishima’s eyes.

“Stop it, Kirishima,” he said quietly. “You’re wasting your time.”

“…You’re right.”

Bakugo flinched when suddenly, Kirishima’s expression changed, and the way he was looking at Bakugo now sent chills down his spine. Kirishima crawled nearer.

“You’re absolutely right. I was naïve. I was hoping we had more time, but it seems that we don’t.”

Bakugo had forgotten how to move when Kirishima leaned over him and put his hand on Bakugo’s face. He gently caressed it and moved his own face closer.

“I’m sorry, Katsuki. I wish I could give you more time, but I can’t,” he whispered. His eyes were sad, and full of desire. “I need to make you mine, now.”

And then, Kirishima was kissing him.

It took Bakugo some moments to remember that this was not the time to kiss Kirishima back and that he needed to push him away now. And then he tried to, only to realize that there was a limit to what he could do against Kirishima’s hardened body when Bakugo’s own quirk was completely erased by the handcuffs and the pills Kirishima had made him drink. Kirishima climbed on top of him, restraining Bakugo’s struggling arms and legs by pressing them to the bed with his own strong and heavy body.

Are you serious, Bakugo thought, panicking when he realized that Kirishima was hard already and started slipping his hands under Bakugo’s clothes.

“D-Don’t- Stop it-“, Bakugo panted in between Kirishima’s kisses, but Kirishima did not stop. Soon he was directly touching Bakugo’s abs, his nipples, his groin, his genitals. When his hand found its way to Bakugo’s butt, however, Bakugo freaked out entirely, at last, and did the one thing he should have done much earlier. He bit Kirishima.

Ouch!” Kirishima stopped what he was doing and separated his mouth from Bakugo’s. He slightly pushed out his tongue between his teeth, and blood dripped down on Bakugo’s face.

“That’s not very nice,” Kirishima said quietly.

“Ha. So sorry,” Bakugo sneered at him, but it did not come out quite right. The way Kirishima stared down at him was too intimidating. Kirishima sighed, and he seemed to be sad.

“I had hoped we could kiss, but I guess you don’t want to. That’s too bad.”


For one second, Bakugo thought he had given up, that he would stop. But then, Bakugo felt Kirishima’s hand move on his butt and without warning, one of Kirishima’s fingers entered Bakugo’s anus.

“Wha-WHAT’RE YOU DO-” He started to shout, but Kirishima just stifled his voice with his other hand.

This can’t be happening!

Bakugo tried to bite Kirishima’s hand, but Kirishima hardened it while he slowly moved his head down to Bakugo’s chest. Having Kirishima’s finger move in his butt felt unpleasantly weird, but Bakugo could not help feeling aroused when he felt Kirishima’s tongue caressing his nipple. Bakugo’s thoughts were racing while his body was torn between horror and desire.

He struggled against Kirishima’s body as hard as he could, and when he managed to surprise Kirishima with a well-directed punch against his ear, Bakugo flipped over, trying to get away from Kirishima, but he immediately regretted it. With the handcuffs still chaining him to the bed, he did not come far, and now that Bakugo had turned his back at him it was even easier for Kirishima to press him down onto the bed and restrain his limbs. And now, Bakugo’s butt was easier accessible, too.

Fuck. FUCK. FUCK!!!

There’s just NO FUCKING WAY I’m letting you do this to me!!

NOT like this!!!!

“Stop it. I’m telling you to FUCKING STOP IT, KIRISHIMA!”

He felt Kirishima’s lips on his skin as Kirishima started kissing Bakugo’s back, slowly moving his way up. When he had reached Bakugo’s neck, Bakugo cold feel Kirishima’s tongue on it. Kirishima was licking him.

“Stop it,” Bakugo wanted to shout, but what came out of his mouth was not much more than a moan.

“You’re mine, Katsuki,” he heard Kirishima mumble. “You’re mine.”

“I’m not. You can’t seriously-“ Bakugo stopped, flinching heavily when Kirishima inserted a second finger.

“No!” he gasped. He was trying to break free so hard now every single muscle in his body hurt.

“It’ll be fine, Katsuki,” Kirishima purred. He was still licking Bakugo’s neck, and his nape.


“It will be. Stop struggling, you’re hurting yourself.”


When Kirishima forced in his third finger, Bakugo knew he was on the verge of crying, but he did not know if it was because of the pain or because he felt so frustrated.

“I’ll NEVER, EVER be yours if you don’t STOP NOW!,” Bakugo screamed. Kirishima stopped.

“Yes,” he said, and his voice was low, and angry. “You will be. And I’ll make you understand that now.”

And then, Kirishima sank his teeth into Bakugo’s nape. Not playfully. Not lovingly. It was a bestial bite that meant business. Kirishima was showing Bakugo who was the dominant one, and Bakugo pressed his face into the mattress, trying to muffle his cry of pain.






He was not there. When Midoriya arrived at the gym with Todoroki, the only thing they found was Bakugo’s bag, a towel, Bakugo’s discarded sportswear in front of the shower room and an almost empty bottle lying on the ground.

“We’re too late,” Midoriya gasped. He could not believe it. Kirishima had taken Bakugo away.

“Calm down, Midoriya,“ Todoroki admonished him. “They must still be somewhere in this area. I don’t think more than three hours could have passed since he took him.”

Meanwhile, most of their classmates as well as Aizawa had arrived, too.

“So Bakugo’s really gone?” Shoji ascertained.

“You seriously all think Kirishima drugged him!?” Apparently, Kaminari still could not accept the conclusion they had all come to.

“There’s no other explanation,” Aizawa grumbled gravely. “We need to find them. Does anyone have an idea where Kirishima could have gone?”

“Can’t Uraraka track them down?”, Ojiro asked. “Following the strings that connect them to people here?”

Uraraka shook her head powerlessly and Aizawa explained. “Unfortunately, the strings are not omnipotent, they can’t be used that way. If you don’t know where your string’s partner is, your string doesn’t know, either. It just focuses on what the owner believes may be the other person’s current position, and if you track its traces you’ll eventually just arrive at a point where it changes directions completely.”

“I’ve been observing Deku-kun’s and Kaminari-kun’s strings,” Uraraka said somberly. “but since we arrived here they keep changing directions, now they’re just kinda spiraling around…”

“So we really can’t use that, then,” Jiro muttered. “But where could they’ve gone…?”

Brooding silence filled the room. Then, it was Yaoyorozu who spoke.

“Could it possibly be…that he brought Bakugo-san to either the small cottage or the cave we visited when we had the test of courage?”

The second she said that, Midoriya was almost certain that she must be right.

This is something Kirishima-kun would think of. After all, he has been there with Kacchan, before.


“Let’s go,” he said to Todoroki, and both of them activated their quirks and stormed out of the gym.

“WAIT!,” they heard Aizawa shout behind them but they did not wait.

“WE HAVE TO SAVE HIM,” Midoriya shouted.

“BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU FIND HIM! HE’LL BE DANGEROUS! PROBAB….” They were too far away already to hear the end of Aizawa’s sentence, but Midoriya did not need to hear it to know what Aizawa most likely wanted to warn them about.

“Probably Kirishima-kun will be extremely pissed if we barge into the place he has found for himself and Kacchan,” Midoriya panted at Todoroki while he was running. “He might think we came to take Kacchan away from him. And it wasn’t our imagination earlier, after all, Todoroki-kun! I think he might have tried to kill me if you hadn’t stopped him then. The darkness had already consumed him to that extent!”

“I think so, too,” Todoroki growled. He looked so angry Midoriya wondered for a second if it would be better he did not let Todoroki come with him, but he quickly discarded the thought.

Probably I’ll need all the help I can get.


They came to a stop when they had finally reached the shed. Only about fifty feet were separating them from the place where, most probably, Kirishima and Bakugo were.

Midoriya hesitated.

Should I really go? It’s me he seems most aggressive against. Maybe we should wait for Aizawa-sensei after all.

“Midoriya?” Todoroki looked at him.

You’ve come this far and now you’re hesitating?

The anger had disappeared from Todoroki’s face, and Midoriya could see that he was calm again. Somehow, looking at Todoroki’s face encouraged him.


Just as he had decided to go, he heard a scream. It sounded like a cry of pain.

It was coming from inside the shed.

It was Bakugo’s voice.

“KACCHAN!!!”, Midoriya shouted, and in the next second, he had jumped forward, instantly closing the fifty feet of distance separating him from the shed with his quirk, broken through the shed’s door, jumped on the big canopy bed and separated Kirishima from Bakugo with a kick so strong the whole wall went to pieces when Kirishima’s hardened body crushed into it.


Midoriya eyes widened in horror when he saw Bakugo’s bleeding nape.

“Fuck-“. Bakugo whimpered.

“Kacchan are you-“


If Todoroki had not reacted as fast as he did and shot a strong beam of fire at Kirishima when he plunged at Midoriya’s throat, Midoriya knew he would probably be dead by now.


Midoriya swiftly dodged Kirishima’s razor-sharp swing at him. He felt himself panicking.

This is bad, he’s too fast. He’s not even hesitating. He really means to kill me!

BAKUGO CAN’T YOU USE YOUR QUIRK!?,” Todoroki shouted at Bakugo.

“I would've FUCKING done that long ago if I could, bastard,” Bakugo snarled back at him, clearly frustrated.

“We need to make him calm down, somehow,” Midoriya panted while he warded off another attack from Kirishima. “He’s completely out of control!”

“Maybe you should fucking leave, Deku! Appears he’s out for your blood,” Bakugo growled with his voice still weak from pain.

Thanks for worrying, Kacchan, Midoriya thought before he landed a punch into Kirishima’s hardened face. It sent Kirishima flying again, and now already two walls were destroyed.


“Have you realized he’s hardening his entire body!? I thought he couldn’t do that!!”

Todoroki created a wall of thick ice around Kirishima before he answered. “It must be the darkness-quirk in him. If we could just get that out-“

Kirishima had broken through the ice and was plunging at Todoroki, when suddenly Iida appeared and kicked him away. The third wall was wrecked. When this made the whole ceiling come down, Midoriya realized too late that Bakugo was not able to evade it.


His eyes widened when he saw Kirishima, who had been lying on the ground just seconds ago, throw himself over Bakugo, embracing and shielding him with his hardened body from the falling logs. As soon as the danger was over, however, he launched another attack at Midoriya.

This time it was Aizawa and Sero who had reached the scene and restrained Kirishima with their tapes. Behind them, the rest of their classmates appeared too, most of them panting heavily.

“How’s the situation”, Aizawa shouted over at Midoriya.

“Kirishima’s attacking everyone except Kacchan. Just now, he protected him when the ceiling came down, but then he started attacking us again. No one’s hurt too badly yet, but he’s especially aggressive against me. It looks like he can harden his whole body, so our attacks don’t seem to do any damage,” Midoriya narrated quickly. “And Kacchan’s still handcuffed and chained to that bed, he can’t use his quirk!”

“We need to find the key,” Aizawa declared. “We can’t have Bakugo restricted. It seems like the darkness has taken over and now Kirishima’s in a frenzy. We need him to calm down or he won’t stop until he’s killed, and it’s highly possibly we can’t calm him down without Bakugo.”

“Roger!”, Kaminari shouted, running over to where Bakugo was handcuffed to the bed standing amidst the broken parts of the house.






“D'you have any idea where the key is!?”, Kaminari asked him. Bakugo could hear in his voice that he was trying to stay calm while he was really freaking out on the inside.

“No, but I think he put them on me after he brought me here, so it should be either in his pocket or lying somewhere around here, somewhere I can’t reach with the handcuffs.”


Bakugo was glad that Uraraka and Jiro had been following Kaminari since he was quite sure Kaminari had not processed a single word Bakugo had just told him.

“Leave it to us, Bakugo,” Jiro nodded at him trustworthily, when Kaminari let out a surprised cry.


“What does it look like,” Bakugo snarled at him. “Now go search for that fucking key!”

Uraraka looked as if she was about to faint at the sight of the blood running down Bakugo’s nape and gradually dying his white shirt red, but she quickly hurried away to search for the key, too.

Meanwhile, Kirishima had easily cut through Aizawa’s and Sero’s tapes.

“Fuck,” they heard their teacher curse as he dodged Kirishima’s attack. “I’ve been trying for some time now, but it seems my quirk’s really not working on him. It’s as if the darkness-quirk works as a layer on his hardening quirk, protecting it from my erasure.”

That’s some really attentive darkness,” Sero sniggered. Bakugo could not believe he had the nerve to make jokes even now.

As he watched his teacher and classmates fight to save him, Bakugo did not know how he felt. His eyes were fixed on the sad, lonely creature that was baring its fangs and plunging at everything that moved except Bakugo.

Stop it. Please, Kirishima.

Don’t make me watch this.

Bakugo did not even feel the strong pain in his nape anymore as his heart felt like it was being torn into pieces.



Bakugo jerked his head at Jiro’s voice. She was running towards him, and when she had reached the bed Bakugo recognized the key in her hand.

“That’s it!”

He impatiently held out his hands to her so she could unlock his handcuffs. Then, he felt Kirishima’s eyes on him.

“WATCH OUT!,” he screamed, and Jiro jerked her head a little too late at Kirishima who was plunging at her.


Kirishima’s body was hit by a visibly extraordinarily strong electric shock as Kaminari attacked Kirishima with his quirk to save Jiro. When Kirishima fell to the ground, he seemed to have trouble getting back on his feet.

Kaminari stared at Kirishima squirming in pain on the ground, and then at his own hands.

“What’ve I…,” He whispered, horrified. The shock about having used his quirk full-on on his best friend seemed to be so big even his IQ forgot to drop.

“Don’t freak out, dunce face,” Bakugo snarled at him. “If you hadn’t done that he’d gotten her.”

Bakugo meant what he said, but nevertheless it hurt seeing Kirishima struggling to stand up again.


Unfortunately, he succeeded to stand up, and now he was already launching his next attack, and it was another attack directed at Midoriya. Midoriya dodged his attack and counter-attacked by kicking him against a gigantic lance Todoroki had created from ice. Aoyama shot a laser beam into Kirishima’s hardened leg. Iida kicked his hardened arm. Sero and Aizawa restrained him with tapes, again.

I need to stop this, Bakugo thought while he was rubbing the cut and aching wrists Jiro had just freed from their shackles for him. He stood up from the bed and started walking.

Yaoyorozu was shooting arrows at Kirishima that were soaked in Ashido’s acid. Most of them were just bouncing off Kirishima’s hardened skin, but one arrow had found its way into the flesh of his left lower leg. The way it stuck in there looked very painful.

Kirishima was struggling against the tapes, growling, snarling and hissing at them. Whenever he cut through them Sero and Aizawa bound him with new ones, and Kirishima’s struggle seemed like a lonely fight that would never, ever end.

I need to save him.

This is not the time for your pride, or for your fears, Bakugo reminded himself as he had reached Kirishima.


“Kacchan, be careful!”

He heard the voices of his classmates, but he made them fade out. The only thing that was important now was Kirishima.


Kirishima flinched when Bakugo’s hand touched his face.

“It’s enough already, Kirishima,” Bakugo said quietly.

“N-no… I have to kill them… they’ll take you away from me…”

“No, they won’t. I won’t let them.”

Kirishima stopped struggling against the tapes. The attacks on him had stopped, too, and Bakugo knew everyone was watching them, holding their breaths, ready to attack again at any time should the need arise.

“N-no?”, Kirishima asked him. His voice was shaking. His eyes were lost, and although his entire face was still hardened, he looked so helpless.

“No. I promise. I won’t go anywhere. I’ll stay right with you.” Bakugo gently caressed Kirishima’s cheek, as Kirishima had done earlier to him.

Kirishima looked as if he was about to cry.

“H-how can I believe you? How could I possibly believe you!?”

“Because, what I told you when you confessed to me, it was a lie. I was just running away.”

“…What…?” Kirishima stared at him through black strands of hair with big eyes that were blind with despair and full of hope at the same time.

Bakugo closed his eyes and took a deep breath before he opened them again.

“Sorry I complicated things.” He leaned in to Kirishima’s face. “I’m in love with you, too. I’ve been for quite some time now. I don’t think I’ll ever acknowledge anyone fucking owning me, but if you’re okay with just my heart - it’s yours. I feel like it always was, and I’m pretty damn sure it always will be.”

He closed the last inches of distance between them and kissed him.


At first, Kirishima did not move, not even an inch. But then, suddenly he grabbed Bakugo’s head with one hand and pulled in his body in a tight embrace with the other, and kissed him back, and although they had been kissing not too long ago, it was clear that Kirishima had been starving for this. For Bakugo’s kiss, his confession, and his heart.

Bakugo put his hand in Kirishima’s hair while his other hand was still resting on Kirishima’s face. When he felt something wet on it he knew that Kirishima was crying. Bakugo pulled his head back.

“What a fucking ugly face,” he smirked at him. Tears were flowing down Kirishima’s now completely soft face and his nose was running. There was still blood on his lips and chin, Bakugo had tasted it in their kiss.

When Kirishima showed him a shaky smile, Bakugo was astounded to observe that his hair was gradually turning back to red.

“D’you think you’ll be okay now?” Bakugo asked him quietly.

“I-I don’t know. I can still feel it, i-it’s still inside me…” Kirishima looked scared. And then, slightly embarrassed, too, when he noticed everyone was watching them.

“W-would you mind,” he asked Bakugo anxiously,” would you mind holding my hand? I’m scared that if you’re not with me-“

“Hm.” Bakugo took his hand and pulled him towards where Aizawa was waiting for them.


“You did very well, Bakugo,” Aizawa acknowledged Bakugo’s course of action.

“’Course I did,” Bakugo growled at him defiantly. Sero sniggered faintly.

Kirishima apparently did not dare meet anyone’s eyes when Aizawa addressed him.

“I’m not going to give you a moral lecture now, Kirishima. That can wait until we got the last bit of the darkness-quirk out of you. Unfortunately, I can’t just negate it since it’s not your own quirk, but I want you to let me negate your quirk until we’ve reached the inn and Recovery Girl can make you swallow some pills.”

“…I still have some,” Kirishima said quietly.


“He fucking made me swallow them, remember,” Bakugo answered grumpily in Kirishima’s stead.

“I have them here,” Kirishima mumbled and took the package out of his pants pockets.

“Then I’ll ask you to swallow one of them now, so I can see,” Aizawa said sternly.


They all watched as Kirishima did what was asked of him.

“He better not be swallowing placebo,” Mineta grumbled. “I don’t want him to slit my throat when I’m turning my back on him.”

“I’m sure he has higher priorities than you,” Jiro said as she punched him on the head.

“Jiro,” Aizawa turned to her and pointed at the handcuffs she was holding. “Put them- no, hand those over to Bakugo so he can put them on Kirishima.”

Bakugo looked into Kirishima’s eyes, and Kirishima submissively nodded. Jiro gave Bakugo the handcuffs and the key, and Bakugo put them on Kirishima’s wrists. When he was finished, he took Kirishima’s hand again and softly squeezed it. Kirishima silently squeezed him back.

While they walked back to the inn, Bakugo and Kirishima did not exchange a single word. Neither did anyone else try to talk to them. But Bakugo did not let go of Kirishima’s hand the whole way.






*** *** ***






Chapter Text





When they reached the inn, Recovery Girl and Mic were waiting at the entrance.

“Did you find them!?”, Mic asked Aizawa, before he spotted Bakugo and Kirishima behind the other students. “OH! Thank GOD.” He sank to the ground in relief and exhaustion.

Recovery Girl stepped past him and walked unexpectantly fast towards Bakugo and Kirishima. She roughly grabbed Kirishima’s face and turned it upwards so she could see his eyes. Bakugo could feel his hand being squeezed tighter as Kirishima stared back at her with eyes full of fear, shame – and hostility. Bakugo knew that probably, the darkness-quirk was still messing with Kirishima’s feelings and perception.

Bakugo gently put his free hand on Kirishima’s head and softly stroked his hair.

“It’s okay, Kirishima,” he murmured to him. He could feel how Kirishima’s grip loosened, and the aggression disappeared from his eyes. Recovery Girl slightly nodded at Bakugo before she ruthlessly opened Kirishima’s mouth to inspect it. Bakugo wondered how bad the damage was he had inflicted on Kirishima’s tongue earlier when he had bitten him.

“Doesn’t look like you need my help,” she muttered and let Kirishima go. Next, she grabbed Bakugo’s head and jerked it down to have a look at his nape.

“This is terrible,” she sighed. “Come with me to the infirmary. I need to treat it right away or it’ll scar.” She turned to Aizawa. “I’ll take this boy with me. The other’s injuries are minor, so you can go lock him up now.”

“Wait-,” Bakugo started but this time Aizawa was faster.

“You can’t separate them now, Recovery Girl,” he lectured her. “Bakugo’s the only thing keeping Kirishima sane right now. If you’d seen how he was earlier you’d know it, too. Bakugo must stay with him, at least ‘til we’ve safely chained him up.”

Recovery Girl sighed, irritated. “Alright. But as soon as he’s properly chained I want the other to come to the infirmary immediately. That bite’s too deep, if it’s not treated in time there will be a very nasty scar for sure.”

Bakugo heard Kirishima whimper next to him. His head and shoulders were drooping even more then before, and it looked as if he was about to cry again.

“Stop it,” Bakugo snarled at him. “You can feel depressed tomorrow. Not while this thing’s still in you.”

Kirishima slightly nodded, but he did not look at Bakugo. Bakugo did not know what else to say, so he just softly squeezed Kirishima’s hand, again.

“Okay,” Aizawa said. “Let’s go.” They started walking, but when they had passed through the entrance Aizawa stopped again and looked at his students.

“The rest of you can go to sleep now. The ones who received injuries during the battle earlier, tell Mic first and go see Recovery Girl as soon as she’s finished treating Bakugo. Thank you all for your help, I’m sure we wouldn’t have managed without all of you. Leave Kirishima and Bakugo to us, now. You can see them again tomorrow. Good night.”


Bakugo followed Aizawa with Kirishima to the single bedroom. Kirishima obediently walked over to the bed.

“Do you want to go to the toilet first?”, Aizawa asked him. Kirishima shook his head.

“No. I haven’t taken anything in since lunch, anyway. And I’d rather not look into any mirrors.”


Bakugo did not trust his eyes when Aizawa opened a door of the big cabinet and took out another handcuff and several chains.

“How much of that damn stuff d’you people have here,” Bakugo snarled at him.

“Enough,” Aizawa answered matter-of-factly. Bakugo helped him putting the second pair of handcuffs around Kirishima’s ankles and chaining him to the bed.

“This is excessive as fuck, but d’you think you’ll be okay?”, he asked Kirishima quietly.

Kirishima nodded at him with a sad laugh. “You should go to Recovery Girl now, fast. Please.”

Bakugo nodded back at him. “I’ll be back.” Then he left Kirishima back on his own to follow Aizawa to the infirmary room.


“Sit down, boy” Recovery Girl ordered him with a soft voice, and Bakugo did as she asked. He let her take off his blood-stained shirt and endured her using her quirk on his injured nape. When she was finished, she looked at him sadly.

“That’s all I can do for now. Probably it should be enough, but I can’t promise you for certain there won’t be any scar. Only time will tell that.”

Bakugo nodded. He hoped there would not be any scar. Not that he would care. But he knew it would make Kirishima sad every time he looked at it.

Recovery Girl sighed again and shook her head at him.

“Really, poor boy. This must have hurt a lot. Is this the only serious injury you have?” Her eyes moved over the cuts on his wrists, the bruises on his arms.

“Do you have internal injuries? Was there blood?”

Bakugo felt his face flush with heat when her eyes rested on his lower body.

Why would she-!?

As if she had read his thoughts she answered his question. “I’m not stupid, Bakugo-san. Bites like that are meant to kill prey, defeat rivals, or to subdue mates for sexual intercourse. I’ve no doubts your case was the third.”

Nothing happened so I’m not fucking injured,” he hissed at her.

 She raised his brows at him. “Such injuries are no joke, young man. I need you to be honest with me here.”

“And I’m being fucking honest here,” Bakugo growled. “It fucking hurts but otherwise it’s fine.”

Recovery Girl looked at him calmly for a few seconds before she shrugged her shoulders. “I believe you. I’ll give you some pain suppressants to swallow.”

“Don’t need them.”

“It’s your choice if you swallow them or not, but take them. Here,” She handed Bakugo the pills and he reluctantly accepted them.

“If there’s nothing else I’m going,” he said, but when he stood up she held him back.

“Are you going back to that boy?”

He glared at her. Couldn’t she just leave him alone already!?


“He’s in chains now so there’s no need to calm him down anymore. You have no obligation to go back to him. What happened to him is not your fault. And the ‘darkness’-quirk can excuse his actions only to some extent. You have every right to be angry.”

Bakugo stared at her.

Now she wants me to be fucking ANGRY!?

Recovery Girl put her hands on his shoulders, looking worried.

“I know you haven’t been imprisoned by him for long. But I’m sure you know about what they call the ‘stockholm-syndrome’?”

Bakugo was so dumbfounded by what she was suggesting, he started laughing. But he quickly stopped, shaking off her hands angrily.

“You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about,” he growled at her. “You don’t know shit about me, and not ‘bout Kirishima either. Don’t compare what’s between us to some weak and fucked-up psychopaths! I’m not a victim, and Kirishima’s not a criminal. Now may I fucking leave!?”

Recovery Girl seemed only slightly disturbed by his anger and rude language when she sighed and nodded at him. “You can come see me at any time if you change your mind.”

Thank you,” Bakugo slammed the door as he left.


When he entered the single room, he was not surprised at all to find Kirishima still awake. Bakugo’s glance fell on a plate with several bread buns, fruit and three water bottles standing on the bedside table. Kirishima had not touched any of it yet.

“They should have brought some meat, too,” Bakugo grumbled as he pulled a chair standing at the wall in front of the bed and sat down on it. He grabbed a bun and devoured it in two bites. He drank some water, and then he grabbed a second bun.

“You should eat something, too,” he said to Kirishima. “You haven’t had anything since lunch, have you.”

Kirishima was just staring at him.

“…I thought you wouldn’t come back,” he said quietly. Bakugo noticed that his eyes were filled with tears.

“For hell’s sake,” Bakugo sighed. “Don’t cry again. Everything’s fucking fine now, okay? I’ll stay with you tonight. And it won’t be long ‘til that damn darkness will leave your system. I’m sure you’ll feel much better then.”

Kirishima sniffled. “How can things be fine after what I’ve done to you?” His voice was shaking, and even his body was trembling now.

Bakugo leaned forward on his chair and grabbed Kirishima’s head, pulling him towards himself so Kirishima had to meet his eyes when Bakugo spoke.

“I’ll stay right here with you but let’s not talk ‘bout all that now. I don’t think we should until the quirk’s lost effect completely. Plus, I’m fucking tired.”

Bakugo sighed and leaned his forehead against Kirishima’s. “I want you to trust me, Kirishima,” he said with a quiet, but firm voice. “Can you do that?”

Several seconds passed until Bakugo finally felt Kirishima slightly nod his head.

“Good boy,” Bakugo said and pulled his head back, swiftly tousling Kirishima’s hair.

“You’re not gonna eat?”, he asked him with a nod towards the plate.

Kirishima shook his head.

“I don’t feel hungry at all. Maybe tomorrow…”

“Okay. But I hope you feel as fucking tired as me ‘cause I’m gonna sleep now.”

Kirishima’s chains rattled as he tried to make some space when Bakugo crawled next to him onto the bed. It was already small as things were, but with Kirishima’s legs and arms chained to the bedposts it was extremely inconvenient for two people to lie in.

“It… would be nice if transforming into a hedgehog was your second quirk,” Kirishima tried to joke with a shaky laugh.

“Just thought the same thing. But we’ll manage just fine without that,” Bakugo murmured. Then he lay down half on top of Kirishima, with his head on Kirishima’s chest and one arm and leg sprawled over him. It was unexpectedly comfortable. Kirishima’s body was pleasantly warm.

“You’ll be fine, Kirishima. We’ll be fine. I promise you,” he murmured against Kirishima’s chest. He felt Kirishima’s hand on his head, softly caressing his hair. Outside the window the storm was still raging, and it had also started raining. Occasionally, they could hear the distant rumbling of thunder, but Bakugo did not mind it. He listened to Kirishima’s heartbeat which was fast at first, but gradually slowed down until it was beating calm and steady. Then he fell asleep.






When Kirishima woke up, the night was over, and he knew that the darkness had left.

At least, the darkness induced by the darkness-Quirk.

He looked down at Bakugo sleeping in his arms.

He looked so beautiful, so peaceful. As if he had not had done to him the most terrible things yesterday by someone he had trusted. The white shirt Bakugo was still wearing was torn and dark with dried blood. And despite Recovery Girl’s treatment, on his nape, Kirishima could still clearly see the bitemark.

He closed his eyes in pain and despair. He wished he could turn back time. He wished he could tell his past self not to be shaken by Bakugo’s rejection and not to cry at the toilets, not to pick up the black capsule and- not do to Bakugo the things he had done.

Now that he knew the foreign quirk was gone and he would not feel any less wrecked then he did now, Kirishima was actually scared of Bakugo waking up. Of people coming, looking at him, asking him why, why he did those things to the one he had said he was in love with and the people he had called his friends.

But when Bakugo moved and was clearly waking up, Kirishima knew he had to face the day, whether he felt up to the task or not.

Bakugo opened his eyes, slightly moved again and then turned his head on Kirishima’s chest to stare at him for a few moments through drowsy eyes.

“…Morning,” he murmured finally, and his voice sounded very sleepy. “Is it gone?”

Kirishima nodded. “It’s gone. I’m certain.”

Bakugo let out a sigh, and then he yawned. “That’s good…”

Then he just closed his eyes again.

That’s it!? You just go back to sleep?

“Bakugo,” Kirishima said quietly. “Bakugo. Don’t go back to sleep.”

Bakugo just made a small, recalcitrant noise.

“I’m serious Bakugo. I’m thankful for what you did for me but you can’t keep acting as if nothing happened. As if I didn’t- Please you can’t act like this or I’ll think you’ve forgiven me! All those horrible things I-“

“I’ve long forgiven you.”

Bakugo’s voice was not especially small, but Kirishima doubted his ears nevertheless .

“What?”, he whispered.

Bakugo opened his eyes and propped his chin on Kirishima’s chest to look at him.

“I forgave you the moment I had you back, when you stopped fighting and cried, idiot.”

Kirishima sat up without warning, forcing Bakugo to sit up, too. Bakugo growled at him crossly, but Kirishima just stared at him, exasperated.

“WHY!? After what I did to you!? That wasn’t just that quirk slipping into my body and acting on its own, part of that was me!”

Bakugo’s gaze was unwavering when he met Kirishima’s eyes.

“I know. But it doesn’t matter. I’d forgive you even if you hadn’t been affected by that quirk.”


Kirishima heard Bakugo’s words, but had trouble processing them.

If… I… hadn’t been affected…?

Even then, you’re saying you’d forgive me…?

This was not okay. Why would Bakugo forgive him when Kirishima was sure he would never, ever be able to forgive himself!?

“…You can’t.”

“Yes, I can. I can fucking do what I want.”

“No, you can’t! You can’t just forgive me, I don’t deserve that!”, Kirishima cried.

“I don’t give a FUCK ‘bout what you think you deserve, Kirishima!!”

Bakugo was now shouting at him, clearly frustrated. “I’m not god so it’s not my damn job to give people the things they deserve. I make decisions based on what I want and what I’m feeling, and if you think you fucking don’t deserve me then let me tell you that I don’t give a fuck ‘bout that! You made me give you my heart so don’t fucking tell me now you’re not ready to have it!”

Kirishima stared at Bakugo who had gotten so angry he had grabbed and exploded their pillow right next to Kirishima’s head.

“Y-you… You really meant that when you said…?” His voice only came out as a whisper.

“D’you SERIOUSLY think I’d put up with all your shit and stay with you ‘til now, if I wasn’t in FUCKING love with you!?”

Kirishima knew he shouldn’t, but he could not hold it in anymore. He started crying.

With rather bad timing, it seemed, since the door opened only two seconds later and Uraraka, Kaminari and Midoriya appeared.

There was dead silence for a moment, and everyone stared at Kirishima wiping his tears away frantically, and Bakugo, who was glaring at them.

Finally, Bakugo snarled, “…I’m not fucking bullying him, if that’s what you think.”





*** *** ***





Chapter Text




When Bakugo said that, Kaminari laughed – and then he started crying, too.

“Kaminari-kun!?”, Uraraka gasped at him.

“I-I…,” Kaminari tried to speak, but his crying only grew stronger. Uraraka gave him a tissue.

Seeing his best friend who normally was the happiest soul on earth cry like that made Kirishima’s own tears stop at once, but only for a moment, and in the next he could feel them surge up in him again. However, he clenched his teeth and forced them back in. Because now was not the time to feel sad about having made Kaminari cry. Kirishima’s top priority right now was the other boy that had entered the room, the boy he still clearly could remember trying to kill. The one Kirishima had to face now was Midoriya.

But when Midoriya nervously stepped nearer, Kirishima freaked out and frantically hid under his blanket.

“You serious,” Bakugo snarled at him and tried to pull the blanket from Kirishima’s head, but Kirishima did not let him, he was clasping the fabric as if it was his life.

He heard Bakugo curse, and then he heard Midoriya address him carefully.

“Kirishima-kun. Does this mean the quirk is gone now?”

Kirishima knew his nod was probably hard to notice under the blanket, so he was thankful when Bakugo said: “Yeah it’s gone. Which means –,” Kirishima heard ominous crackling noises and quickly let go of the blanket before Bakugo exploded it, “- there’s NO reason for you to not show your face.” The smell of burnt fabric filled the air. With no place to hide now, Kirishima tried hard not to let Midoriya see his face.

Bakugo smirked at him. “I’m not gonna have you fucking moping around for days, so you’re not gonna drag this any longer. I don’t need some stupid shit like talks or fucking soul counseling but if you do, you should do that now.”

Kirishima stared at him as he just jumped from the bed, walked past Midoriya to the door and dragged the still sobbing Kaminari with him outside. Uraraka gave Kirishima a sad smile before she shut the door behind them.


Now Kirishima and Midoriya were alone in the room.

They stayed silent for some moments. Then, Kirishima knew Midoriya was about to say something and panicked.

“I’m so sorry!!!”

He knew that his voice gave away all the pain, shame and regret he was feeling as he bowed on the bed as deep as he could. With the way his hands and legs were chained to the bedposts it probably looked more like stretching, though.

“…I don’t need you to bow, Kirishima-kun. I would just like you to say that one more time, and look at me while you do it,” Midoriya said quietly.

Kirishima felt his body trembling as he slowly raised his head and turned to look at Midoriya.

His lips were trembling, too, as he had difficulties forming the words one more time without adverting his eyes from Midoriya’s calm gaze, and his voice broke away several times when he spoke.

“…I-I’m…. sorry… I’m so sorry, Midoriya! I-I didn’t mean, I- , part of me did b-but I’d never want you to be dead!!” He could feel tears in his eyes again.

Midoriya sat down on the chair standing next to the bed.

“…I think I understand, and I accept your apology, Kirishima-kun. For me. I know you’re not someone who would kill another person.”

The relief Kirishima felt at his words was only minimal as Midoriya was looking at him with cold eyes still. Midoriya sighed, and then he went on. “I forgive you for trying to kill me yesterday. But I don’t know yet whether I can forgive what you did to Kacchan.”

Kirishima felt cold pervade his body as his heart got pierced by fear and pain.

Midoriya looked at him, and it was evident he was trying hard to stay calm.

“What did you do to him in the shed?”

Kirishima could not help it, he adverted his eyes.

I can’t. No, I just can’t. Don’t make me say it.

“I want you to tell me what you did to him, Kirishima,” Midoriya repeated quietly.



Kirishima opened his mouth twice and tried to speak without getting out his voice. Finally, when he tried for a third time, the words came out.

“… I tried to rape him.”

Midoriya did not say anything, but Kirishima could feel his eyes on him. The silence lasted only for a few seconds but to Kirishima it seemed like hours until Midoriya finally spoke again.

“Was that what that bite was about, too?”

Kirishima put his arms in front of his face when he answered him in a quiet and desperate voice.

“He kept rejecting me, but I wanted him to be mine. That’s when I… when I bit him.”

“You were thinking that getting him to submit to you would make him yours?”

“…I know. It would be stupid even if it wasn’t him we’re talking about. I know it now, but back then, I- I was feeling so desperate. Bakugo had rejected me, and then I thought you’d take him away from me, I was so scared of losing him and-“

“You thought I’d take Kacchan away from you!?”


“Kirishima-kun. Please look at me.”

Kirishima forced himself to do as Midoriya asked him despite having never felt more ashamed then in this exact moment. Thankfully, Midoriya’s gaze had become milder than before.

“I’m sure it was not only the darkness-quirk that made you misunderstand so I’m going to say it clearly. Kacchan is my childhood friend, he’s the first friend and rival I ever had. We went through difficult times together and our relationship is obviously not very easy to explain, but I can guarantee you that there’s nothing between me and Kacchan that’s not platonic, Kirishima. He is very important to me, so I might feel quite protective of him, too, but I never, ever thought that I wanted to make him mine. I’ve never looked at him that way even once, Kirishima, and I know he doesn’t look at me that way either.”

Midoriya shook his head and sighed while Kirishima stared at him with silent tears running down his cheeks.

“You know, I can tell Kacchan likes you, Kirishima-kun. I can tell he likes you a lot. That’s why I had to make sure you know that what you did to him was wrong. And I can see that you’re regretting it. That’s why, if Kacchan says he forgives you, I forgive you, too.”

Kirishima’s tears grew stronger again as he tried to get out his voice between hiccups. “Th-Thank you, Midoriya… I’m so sorry…Thank you…”

Midoriya stood up and the next thing Kirishima knew, Midoriya was hugging him, pulling Kirishima’s face against his chest and tousling his hair.


The door opened with a bang.

“DEKU YOU BASTARD”, Bakugo roared, and Midoriya quickly let go of Kirishima and jumped away, laughing nervously, when Bakugo stomped into the room with crackling palms.

“You know, Kacchan, you’re not much better then him, either,” Midoriya told him cheekily before he sprinted out of the room. Bakugo cursed at him but apparently decided that running after him was too much of a hassle.

Kaminari appeared at the door, shyly glancing at Kirishima.

Kirishima blew his nose and smiled at him. Some part of him was hoping Kaminari would tease him about his tear-stained face. If he did, everything would seem like back to normal, but of course it was not as easy as that.

Bakugo grabbed Kaminari’s collar. “I’m starting to feel like some goddamn nursery teacher,” he growled and threw Kaminari into the room before he left and closed the door again.

Kaminari rubbed his forehead which he slightly had bumped into the chair when he had landed. He was looking at Kirishima with big eyes and it was obvious he did not know where to start. But he did not need to, since Kirishima knew exactly what he wanted to tell Kaminari.

“I’m sorry, Kaminari. For deceiving you, and- I made you use your quirk on me, didn’t I?”

Kaminari nodded, and Kirishima was not sure how to read his expression.

“You don’t remember?”, Kaminari asked him in a quiet voice. He was not looking at Kirishima now.

“It’s strange, but your electric shock is the only thing I really do remember. I remember attacking many people and them attacking me, but… while I was fighting I didn't see any faces. I only somehow could tell where…. Midoriya was, and the rest were just additional enemies…” Kirishima’s voice, too, was quiet when he spoke, and his body started feeling cold again when he remembered the time when the darkness had taken over him.

“When your shock hit me, I knew it was you. I knew that you were attacking me, and I think that was when I started feeling really desperate, because I was feeling so alone… Bakugo was far from me, too, and somehow your attack made me start realize that what I was doing was wrong, that it was wrong of me to fight but I just couldn’t stop…” Kirishima buried his face in his hands.

“…You don’t remember attacking Jiro?”

Kirishima raised his head to stare at Kaminari shocked. “…I attacked her, too?”

Kaminari nodded his head. “Yeah. She was the one who’d found the key for opening the handcuffs, but when she approached Bakugo to free him you plunged at her and I just-… I just shocked you. I was so scared you’d kill her.”

When Kaminari said that, Kirishima realized in bewilderment that Kaminari was not angry at him for attacking Jiro but feeling depressed and guilty because he had attacked Kirishima.

“Kaminari. You know it’s okay to be angry at me,” Kirishima said quietly.

“YOU’re the one who should be angry! I betrayed you!!,” Kaminari exclaimed, and his expression almost made it seem like a reproach.

“You DIDN’T betray me, idiot! I was the one who betrayed everyone! Dammit Kaminari I betrayed Bakugo and I even betrayed myself!!”

“BUT-, But-,” Kaminari sniffled. Tears had appeared in his eyes again. Kirishima grabbed his shoulders.

“I’m serious Kaminari. I feel like shit because of everything I did yesterday, and it’s completely justified! I don’t want you to feel depressed because of me, too!”

He lowered his voice again and continued to speak more calmly.

“Kaminari, listen. I’m thankful for what you did. It sounds like if you hadn’t reacted Jiro might have died yesterday. You saved her life, didn’t you? And you saved me from becoming a murderer. It was something you had to do, and the best thing you could’ve done as my friend.”


Finally, Kaminari softly nodded and wiped his nose with his hand.

“Is it true you tried to kill Midoriya even before the fight? Back in the inn?”

Kirishima took his hands from Kaminari’s shoulders.

“It is,” he answered gravely. “I was feeling jealous and thought he would take Bakugo away from me if I didn't… make him disappear…” Kirishima sighed forlornly.

“When did it start? When did you find the capsule?”

“It was after Bakugo rejected me… You know he rejected me?”

Kaminari nodded. “I’ve also heard from Uraraka later that Bakugo was crying ‘bout it.”

Crying!? When!?”

“After Uraraka had finished telling everyone ‘bout their fate strings…”

It took Kirishima a few seconds to remember where he had been at that time. Probably…

“…I think that was around the time I stole the pills,” he murmured gloomily.

But Bakugo was crying. He really did regret what had happened, long before all that other stuff occurred. He’s really, really not just playing along in order not to hurt my feelings.


Kirishima did not know if he wanted to cry or to laugh as he felt vague relief and happiness fill his bleak soul with new light. He tried out a smile, and Kaminari hesitantly smiled back at him.

“You better apologize to Recovery Girl for that later,” Kaminari warned him as he raised from his chair. Then, he seemed to realize something.

“She hasn’t treated you yet!?”

“N-no?”, Kirishima answered him, surprised by Kaminari’s upset expression.

“But what ‘bout-,” Kirishima flinched as Kaminari pulled up the fabric of Kirishima’s left pants’ leg.

“Ouch,” they exclaimed in unison as they both stared at the short, broken piece of arrow still sticking in Kirishima’s left calf. Around it, some skin had disappeared, probably because of Ashido’s acid, and there was lots of dried blood, too.

“DUDE why didn’t you TELL someone!?”, Kaminari shouted at him aghast.

“I-I just realized now, too,” Kirishima stammered and quickly adverted his eyes from the not very pretty sight.

“I’m gonna ask Aizawa-sensei for the key,” Kaminari said and ran out the room. Bakugo and Uraraka came in, instead.

“What happened,” Bakugo asked briskly.

“N-nothing, we just noticed I’ve a small injury that probably should get treated,” Kirishima answered, feeling embarrassed and slightly sick. Bakugo stared at him, and then violently grabbed and inspected Kirishima’s leg. Kirishima saw him squint his eyes when he saw the injury.

“Why didn’t you fucking say anything!?”

“Sorry, I didn’t even realize! Now I can feel it but before, I didn’t, it didn’t hurt at all,” Kirishima tried to explain.

Aizawa appeared at the door, with Kaminari who was panting heavily.

“I heard the quirk’s gone,” Aizawa said to Kirishima. “And you’re injured?” When he had seen the injury, he looked into Kirishima’s eyes.

“We’re gonna have Recovery Girl treat that for you. But before that, how do you feel?”

Aizawa’s question somehow surprised Kirishima and he was not sure how to answer. Finally, he decided on, “Okay. Much better than yesterday. Thank you, sensei.”

“That’s good to hear. I’m glad we have you back Kirishima. Now let’s go get you treated.”




Kirishima’s visit to the infirmary was a bit unpleasant. One reason for that was surely Recover Girls’ obviously rather cold attitude towards him, though she seemed much kinder again as soon as Kirishima started apologizing for having stolen the pills from her cupboard. Then, though her treatment for his acid-soaked wound was thankfully very helpful, it was quite painful. And, worst of all, in the end, he even had to let her use her quirk on his tongue. Although he was glad that he wouldn’t have to be reminded of Bakugo having bitten him every time he spoke, ate, or just moved his tongue from now on, he felt extraordinarily exhausted after she was finished with him.

He walked back to the single room at first, but it was empty. So was the sleeping room.

Kirishima changed out of the black hoody into a dark-grey shirt. He considered styling his hair, but quickly dropped the thought. Doing that now would feel like a lie, like deceit. To him, his spiky hair was like some sort of lucky charm, something that encouraged him to believe in himself and in his dream of becoming a real hero. But right now, he felt as if he was not worthy of it.

Kirishima sighed, and his heart felt heavy as he started walking towards the living room.

I know, Bakugo. You want me to move on fast, and that’s exactly what I’ll try doing. If you really thing this is for the best, then I’ll trust you.


Kirishima stopped in front of the living room door. He could not bring himself to open it.

Not entirely unexpectedly, the door was opened from the inside instead, and then Ashido and Hagakure came leaping at him.

“KIRISHIMAAA!! I heard my acid got you!? I’m so sorry does it still hurt,” Ashido babbled away while Hagakure, too, was asking one question after the next.

“GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF HIM racoon eyes!!” Ashido quickly obeyed Bakugo’s order as he aimed an explosion at her. Kirishima was relieved when he realized his own quirk had come back to him and he could harden in time before Bakugo’s thrown explosion grazed him. Apparently, the quirk-suppressing pill had lost its effect overnight.

“Give him some fucking space,” Bakugo snarled and stood in front of him tall, as if he wanted to protect him. Kirishima noticed that he, too, had changed his clothes. He was now wearing a dark-olive tank top that was neither bloodstained nor torn, and black pants. As always, he looked incredibly handsome.

“Ho-ho? Could it be Bakugo’s feeling possessive?”, Sero sneered at him, but he stopped sniggering when not only Bakugo shot him a death glare, but Kaminari elbowed him very hard, too.

Meanwhile Tsuyu had carefully approached Bakugo and Kirishima. “Kirishima-chan, are you feeling alright? The darkness-quirk’s completely gone now?”

Kirishima nodded and smiled at her shyly, but he did not dare to speak.

“I’m glad,” Tsuyu smiled back at him and softly squeezed his shoulder, which Kirishima thought was very brave of her with the way Bakugo was glaring at her.

Uraraka approached them next. “I’m glad you’re back, Kirishima,” she said, and Kirishima saw there were tears in her eyes.

“Uraraka… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, when we spoke in that tent yesterday, I-

“No, it’s fine,” she smiled at him through tears. “I’m sorry, too, for not noticing something was wrong.”

“That wasn’t your fault…”






“Yeah-yeah,” Bakugo muttered impatiently as he pulled Kirishima away from Uraraka and towards Todoroki standing in the back of the room.

“You’ve got something you wanna say to him, don’t ya half ‘n half bastard. Do it quick.”

Todoroki looked at him disgruntledly as Bakugo flung Kirishima in front of him. Then he stared at Kirishima, who was standing in front of him with tense shoulders. It looked as if Kirishima was preparing himself to get punched.

After maybe twenty seconds of silence, Todoroki stepped forward and grabbed Kirishima’s chin. Bakugo’s eyes widened when Todoroki pulled Kirishima’s face close towards his own – it looked as if he was going to kiss him. But he stopped (fortunately, because Bakugo had been on the brink of exploding him), and just stared into Kirishima’s surprised eyes.

“You know why I’m angry, don’t you,” Todoroki finally asked him. His voice did not really sound angry, but it sounded very sad.

“…I know,” Kirishima answered him without taking his eyes from Todoroki’s. “And I think you’ve every right to. I’m angry at myself, too.”

Todoroki stared at him three more seconds until he finally let go of him. Then he said, “I see. I’m glad that you feel the same.”


“How much fucking melodrama d’you plan to make me watch, shitty hair,” Bakugo growled at Kirishima when Todoroki had left. “That was the last one you needed, right!?”

“I gotta apologize to Jiro, too.”

“Ugh, I completely forgot ‘bout her,” Bakugo sighed. He let himself fall on the couch and watched Kirishima walk over to where Jiro was standing with Kaminari and Tokoyami.

“What you did yesterday was very impressive,” he heard a voice say to him, and Bakugo turned his head to look at Aoyama smiling at him knowingly. Bakugo snorted at him.

“I just did what I had to, that’s all.”

“You must love him very deeply.”

Bakugo jumped to his feet, glaring at Aoyama. “What!?”

“I can tell,” Aoyama winked at him and prudently left before Bakugo could recollect himself and lose his temper. Far less prudent was Hagakure who had crept up to Bakugo behind his back.

“Yeah, that really was romantic. I thought I was gonna die when you confessed to him!”

“HUUUH!? What the FUCK you’re talking ‘bout!?”

Shit shit SHIT! They HEARD that!??

“I’m sorry, Bakugo,” Ojiro said with a nervous, apologetic smile. He was slightly blushing. “We couldn’t hear you back then, but Jiro listened to you with her quirk, and she told us later… “

Sero took over explaining for him with pleasure. “You know, it appears she can store a small amount of auditory data with her quirk. And then, when she worked together with Mic, we could replay it through speakers. Everything. Word for word…”

Now, Bakugo was exploding.

“OI KIRISHIMA STOP APOLOGIZING TO THAT BITCH RIGHT NOW!”, he roared, and Kirishima looked at him very surprised. Jiro, standing next to him, had the nerve to show him a complacent smirk!

“Now, now, Bakugo-kun,” Iida tried to calm him down, but Bakugo broke through his waving arms and stomped towards Jiro with his hands detonating explosions.

However, Kirishima stood in his way. “Stop it, Bakugo!”

“MOVE shitty hair! I’m NOT gonna let her get away with this she’s gonna DIE!!”

“She nearly died yesterday ‘cause of me! I don’t know why you’re angry but surely she couldn’t have done anything worse than me right!?”

Bakugo glared at him for a few moments before he growled in frustration and let his explosions disappear.

“I’m gonna pay you back for that,” he snarled at Jiro. “When shitty hair’s not feeling all repentant anymore.”

“Got it,” Jiro smiled at him.

What the fuck’s she smiling about!?

There were times when Bakugo had found himself feeling slightly congenial towards her, but at other times, like now, he was sure he could never ever bring himself to like her.


“So why were you so angry?”, Kirishima asked him with raised brows. It repeatedly amazed Bakugo how Kirishima just decided to talk in the past tense when clearly, Bakugo was still being very angry, and then in the next moment his anger would just disappear into thin air. Or, almost disappear.

“She fucking recorded what I said to you in the forest,” Bakugo growled through his clenched teeth. “And now everyone knows.”

“In the forest?”, Kirishima repeated. “What… oh. Oh!?” His face got very red.

“Yeah, we all know,” Ashido said teasingly, and Yaoyorozu nodded with a shy smile.

“We know Bakugo should start write love poems,” Sero sniggered gleefully before he dodged the explosion thrown at him.

“Please don’t tease Kacchan too much now, the teachers won’t be happy if you destroy the whole living room,” Midoriya tried to stop them, but nobody listened.

“So it was Kirishima-kun who confessed first?”, Hagakure wanted to know. “But that happened before the whole darkness-stuff began, right!?”

Kirishima nodded with his eyes on the ground, embarrassed.

“And Bakugo-san was too shy to admit he likes him, too,” Yaoyorozu stated with sparkling eyes.

“That’s so sweet!!” Ashido squealed.

“You SERIOUS!? That’s totally gross!” That comment got Mineta sent flying through the room right into the trash bin.

“You’re our class’ first official couple!”, Iida congratulated them.

Bakugo decided he was getting fed up with destroying the living room and left. He knew Kirishima would follow him as he walked out of the inn onto the lawn.




*** *** ***




Chapter Text





“They should just mind their own fucking business,” Bakugo grumbled as Kirishima sat down next to him on the grassy hill that lay between the lawn and the forest’s edge. The grass was still slightly wet, but the storm had calmed down overnight, and now shy rays of sunlight started peeking through the clouds.

“…Sorry, Bakugo,” Kirishima said silently. When Bakugo looked at him Kirishima’s face was still red.

“What’re you apologizing for!? It wasn’t you who was fucking spying and tattling stuff around.”

“But if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have had to… In front of everyone…”

“If it wasn’t for you, nothing would’ve gotten solved. I don’t know if…” Bakugo adverted his eyes.

God I’m too bad at this stuff, he thought frustrated. But when he glanced at Kirishima, only to see that Kirishima was patiently, and maybe slightly anxiously waiting for Bakugo to continue, he decided to finish what he had started nevertheless.

“I don’t think I would’ve had the courage to tell you. You would still be misunderstanding even now.”

“…So, is it… Is it really okay if I take what they said ‘bout as to be true? Are we,” Kirishima swallowed hard and Bakugo could tell he was struggling with the last words.

“Are we- are we a couple?”

Bakugo felt heat rise in his body as he was torn between feeling blissful thrill and embarrassed rejection at Kirishima’s use of the word ‘couple’.

“…If you want that, then I don’t mind if you think we are,” Bakugo answered ambiguously, and his voice and expression were mixed with embarrassment and irritation.

“REALLY!?”, Kirishima exclaimed so loudly Bakugo harshly pushed his mouth away from his ear.

“When you say it, it sounds fine. But if others say it, it sounds fucking wrong. As if one stupid word could describe us. If they know a term, they think they know everything, but they don’t know shit ‘bout us.”

“Us….,” Kirishima repeated blissfully, and Bakugo realized that this was the first time since the day before yesterday that he could see Kirishima’s genuinely happy smile again. It made him want to kiss him, and, reminding himself that they were ‘a couple’ now, he just did.


They kissed for one or two minutes, maybe, but when Bakugo could feel Kirishima getting more and more aggressive, he pulled his head back, shoving a hand in Kirishima’s face.

“That’s enough, shitty hair. Don’t get ahead of yourself,” Bakugo smirked at him with a menacing glint in his eyes, and Kirishima grinned back at him sheepishly, probably remembering that Bakugo had said the same thing to him when they had kissed for the very first time during the dare in the forest.

“That time, in the forest,” Kirishima started shyly, and Bakugo knew what he would ask him. “When you kissed me… Was that really because it annoyed you that the others had… done it before you?”

“What I’ve said then was true,” Bakugo said while throwing grass at a caterpillar climbing up a thick stalk. Then, he muttered, “…But it was all excuses, of course.”

“Excuses, so you could kiss me? You wanted to kiss me?”

“D’you seriously think I’d kiss someone, anyone, if I didn’t want to!? Just imagining having to kiss other people’s fucking disgusting. I can’t get it in my head how the half-‘n-half-bastard could do that to dunce face when it’s so obvious he’s fucking head over heels for the stupid nerd.” Bakugo flicked the caterpillar down from the stalk mercilessly.

“You’re the only one I’d ever thought I wanted to kiss,” he concluded and turned his gaze back at Kirishima.






Kirishima stared at Bakugo.

I’m the… only one…

Before he knew it, he had grabbed Bakugo’s face and kissed him so ardently Bakugo was pushed down on his back onto the grass. Bakugo protested and cursed at him, but, although last night’s events had made Kirishima quite apprehensive, he could feel that Bakugo was not sincerely trying to push him away. The way Bakugo leaned in to deepen their kisses again and again whenever Kirishima would slightly pull away was too evident.

Kirishima was startled, however, when he felt Bakugo’s hand on his groin.

“B-Bakugo!”, he panted, alarmed.

“What, gonna get hard again? From just a little touching?”, Bakugo smirked at him.

“You know so don’t tease me,” Kirishima said, embarrassed. To his relief, Bakugo withdrew his hand. They both sat up, with red cheeks and still a little out of breath. Then, Kirishima blinked, surprised, when Bakugo threw a handful of grass into his face.

“Well, I damn sure wouldn’t want you to get too excited now, not since I know what’s in your horny mind. My butt still hurts as fuck. I’m not doing this shit with you unless you properly inform yourself, hair-for-brains.”


Kirishima stared at Bakugo with his face the color of his hair.

“W-w-what…?”, he stammered. Bakugo frowned and blushed at the same time.

“Huuh!? What’re you feeling embarrassed for!? After you’ve fucking shoved your fingers up my ass already!”

Kirishima swallowed hard as he tried to calm down and answer Bakugo’s question.

“I-I know, I- I can remember that but, it’s more like a dream…? From a third-person’s view, like on television?”

“You fucking KIDDING ME!? For me it was agonizing and embarrassing as fuck and for you, it was like watching TV!? What did you even touch me for, then!?”

“N-no I remember,” Kirishima hid his face with his hand. “I remember feeling angry and, aroused, so much I thought I’d die… But, it doesn’t really feel like that was me, like I really did that…”


Shit. Now that sounds like I’m making excuses, Kirishima thought, feeling embarrassed and depressed, when Bakugo’s voice interrupted his thought.

“…So, there’s even less reason for you to feel responsible for any of that, and more reason to do it fucking properly as soon as possible.”

Kirishima stared at him in embarrassed, delighted disbelief and was just about to open his mouth and say something when they both were startled by Kaminari’s voice behind them.

“Do what properly?”

Kaminari was looking at them expectantly with an innocent smile on his face.

While Kirishima was still feeling relieved about the fact that Kaminari had not listened in to their conversation earlier, Bakugo stood up and grabbed Kaminari’s collar for the second time today. Kirishima was just thinking that probably, Kaminari would chose to wear a shirt without collar tomorrow, when Bakugo brought his face near Kaminari’s and, glaring into his surprised eyes, gleefully pronounced a single word.


Then he let go of him and walked towards the inn with his hands in his pockets, apparently satisfied.

Kirishima stared at Bakugo’s back, and he felt as if his head was going to explode from all the blood that had accumulated. Kaminari shook his head with a confused and indignant look on his face.

“What’s his problem? Is this his new idea of harassing me, cursing right into my face!?”

Kirishima buried his own, red face in his hands. “Yeah. Yeah I think it may be.”


Kaminari looked at him confoundedly for a moment and then sat down were Bakugo had been sitting earlier.

“I thought he’d be nicer now that everything’s solved again… I just hope he’s not gonna fight it out with Jiro ‘cause of that bugging business.”

Hearing him mention Jiro’s name helped Kirishima get his mind off the bold declaration he had just heard from Bakugo’s mouth.

“…So, Kaminari, tell me. What’s going on between you and Jiro?” He looked at Kaminari impishly, though he did not know how impish his expression really looked when his face probably was still rather red. Fortunately, Kaminari did not seem to notice. He blushed and beamed a wide smile at him.

“That’s what I wanted to tell you ‘bout! You know what, we share a really, really pretty violet fate string, Jiro and me! And Uraraka not only said it’s one of the strongest of all my strings, she even told me it was Jiro’s most intense-colored string, too!! You know what that means?? You know what that probably means!???”

Kirishima suppressed a chuckle when he saw Kaminari’s excited expression. “I’m sure it means she likes you, too,” he said, smiling.

“You think so too, right!? That’s the only explanation, right!?”

“Well, I’m not sure if it’s the only-“

“I gotta ask her! I know I gotta ask her to make sure, but I don’t know how I should go about it,” Kaminari babbled away blithesomely.

“Yeah, you should ask her. Or, better tell her. Tell her that you like her. I’ll try to help you! Gonna try see if I can create some sort of opportunity for you.”


Kaminari smiled at him happily. Then, his smile changed to a grin, and he raised his eyebrows expectantly.

“So, this is it, now? You and Bakugo are dating?”

“D-dating!?” Kirishima laughed nervously. Just thinking about how his and Bakugo’s relationship had changed made him feel jittery, embarrassed, and happy. “I’m not really sure if I’d call it ‘dating’ since we’ve never really been on a date before but…” He let out another, embarrassed laugh and brushed his hair behind his ear. “I asked him earlier and he said we’re a couple…”

“Uwah, that’s so crazy!! I can’t believe that things’ve turned out like this, so fast!” Kaminari sighed, looking happily stunned.

“Really, too much’s happened during this trip already! Until now, I’ve always thought I had no chance, that Jiro had no interest in me whatsoever. She never seemed to take me serious at all… But you know what?”

Kirishima smiled warmly at Kaminari’s elated expression. “Hm?”

“When we were at the pond, you know… We fell, remember? Me ‘n Jiro… and then she freaked out when I caught her thoughts, remember?”

“Ah! The thoughts Ashido tried to get out of Jiro so persistently, right?”

“Yeah, exactly! Hehe. I’ll tell you. But only you since it’s kinda not fair to Jiro but I know you won’t tell anyone, right?”

He did not even wait for Kirishima’s answer before he continued.

“When she fell on me and I was really freaking out ‘cause our faces were so close suddenly, I heard her think that she wanted to kiss me!! ‘I could kiss him know,’ that’s what she was thinking. And then she tried to get away all blushing, that was so cute!! But I grabbed her and then I got her to admit that she really thought that ‘cause she wanted to kiss me!!”

Kirishima stared at him, surprised. “That’s… that’s really big!”

“Right? Right!??”


Kaminari looked up at the sun peeking through the clouds as if he was directing a silent thanks at their creator. Then he looked back at Kirishima.

“You know, I wanted to tell you ‘bout all that already yesterday, but then you were not there when I looked for you. Now I’m glad I didn’t get the chance… Wouldn’t be so nice if you had acted all interested, when in fact you were busy thinking of plots about murdering Midoriya and abducting Bakugo…”

It did not escape Kaminari’s attention that Kirishima did not laugh at his joke, and he slightly frowned at him. “Kirishima?”

“Huh? Ah, yeah…” Kirishima let out a belated laugh. He knew it did not sound quite convincing, but he could not help it. Kaminari raised his brows higher, and now he looked worried.

“…I was wondering, but… Why did you do that? Drugging Bakugo and chaining him up in that creepy shed. What exactly was it you wanted to do? What did you do ‘til we came?”

“…You don’t wanna know,” Kirishima said quietly. Kaminari stayed silent for a few moments, but when he spoke his voice was strangely cheerful, and Kirishima was startled by a hard pat on his back.

“You’re right. It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t curious, but if you don’t wanna tell me, I don’t need to know. It’s between you and Bakugo, right?”

Kirishima felt tears in his eyes again as he said, “Thanks, Kaminari.”

Kaminari stared at him for a moment. Then, apparently at a loss for words, he just gave Kirishima another pat on the back and stood up.

“Let’s go for lunch?”, he invited Kirishima.

Kirishima wiped his eyes and jumped to his feet, smiling. “Yeah! Actually, I’m starving. I can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten anything!”

“Dude. Don’t die on me on the way there,” Kaminari warned him, and they walked back into the inn.





*** *** ***





Chapter Text





When Kirishima and Kaminari entered the dining room, they were slightly surprised to see Uraraka sitting opposite Bakugo at a table. They walked over with their food trays and sat down, too.

“Ah, hi Kirishima-kun, Kaminari-kun,“Uraraka greeted them with a smile.

“It’s unusual to see you two talking,” Kaminari said to her, surprised, and Kirishima nodded, smiling.

“Haha, we weren’t really talking, it’s more like I was speaking to Bakugo-kun and he was silently listening…,” Uraraka laughed, embarrassed. “But anyway, it’s you I’ve something to tell, Kirishima-kun.”

“Me? Okay,” Kirishima said and put down his fork.

It’s probably about yesterday.

“Don’t look so worried, everything’s fine now! But I kind of wanted to come clear with you, regarding your string… I know you didn’t ask about it since you only wanted to know about Bakugo-kun’s, but I kinda feel like I was hiding something from you.”

“…I thought so, too, yesterday. I was sure that there was something you were hiding from me, and then I figured you must be lying to me. I’m sorry, Uraraka,” Kirishima said somberly.

“No, I think it was also my fault, after all,” Uraraka shook her head. “And although you were kinda scaring me when we were in the tent, I didn’t notice something was really wrong. I still feel that what happened to you was our all responsibility for not noticing. But,” she continued when Kirishima wanted to protest, “anyway. The thing I didn’t tell you about back then was, that your string – the string between you and Bakugo-kun – it was starting to turn black from your end, Kirishima-kun.”

Kirishima felt a cold shiver run down his spine as he stared at Uraraka. Then, he looked at Bakugo and saw that he seemed to be surprised by this, too.

“What d’you mean, it was turning black?”, Kaminari asked anxiously.

“What I said... It almost looked as if black sparks were gradually devouring the pretty red string, turning more and more of it black. It looked really strange, and now I’m just sure that was the darkness-quirk’s doing. After all, Aizawa said it turns the soul dark, and fate strings are something directly connected to the soul. I feel so stupid now that I didn’t make the connection before…” She sighed.

“That’s why I really wanted to apologize to you, Kirishima-kun. And tell you,” she smiled at him warmly,” that your string’s turned back to normal. Well, if you can call that normal,” she laughed happily and grabbed her food tray. “That’s all I wanted to tell you. See you later!”

“Thanks, Uraraka,” Kirishima said and smiled at her, feeling thankful from the bottom of his heart.


“What did she mean, ‘if you can call that normal’?”, Kaminari asked curiously when Uraraka had left, while he was chewing on a potato. It was Bakugo who answered him, leaning forward with a gleeful look on his face. He seemed to be in extraordinarily good humor, Kirishima noticed, delighted.

“Our string’s the fucking prettiest and most intense of them all. Much stronger than you bores’ wispy spider threads. The string that connects me ‘n Kirishima’s the best, it’s fucking number one.”

“…Oh, okay,” Kaminari answered, only minimally offended. “…Well, guess I don’t really care if my string’s not the flashiest one-“

“Yeah, you’re flashy enough on your own,” Kirishima agreed with him.

“Hey that’s not what I was gonna say!! …But thanks, I guess. No, I meant if you can only have that kind of string if Bakugo has his eyes on you… I think I can live without that.”

“Ha. Too bad we share a string too, isn’t it, dunce face. And even one of your more visible ones, though not on my side…” Bakugo snorted, apparently amused by the fact that Kaminari seemed to like him more then he liked Kaminari.

“What!?”, Kirishima exclaimed, surprised, while Kaminari looked slightly embarrassed.

“I know, Uraraka told me, too! That’s really heartless of you, man! But just you wait, I’m gonna make you reconsider our friendship. I’m gonna become a pretty color in your set, too!”

“Well, good fucking luck with that,” Bakugo sneered at him. “But please tell me the string you share with the damn bugging bitch’s more visible than ours.”

“’Damn buggi- You mean, Jiro!? Don’t call her that! And it’s a thousand times prettier than yours so don’t worry ‘bout that,” Kaminari answered huffily.






Bakugo ignored his answer, though. He had just had an idea.

“Dunce face… What d’you say if I help you with her?”

“Huh?” Apparently, Kaminari did not understand Bakugo’s meaning.

“Don’t play dumb. I know you’re keen on screwing her.”

“Sc- sc- Beg your pardon!?” Kaminari looked as if he was about to lose consciousness from the blood that had shot into his head.

“B-Bakugo, shh!”, Kirishima shushed him, a little late, glancing over at Jiro sitting not even 15 feet from them. Thankfully, it was too loud in the dining room for anyone else to hear their conversation.

“You like her but you’re too much of a wimp to fucking ask her out.”

“I know,” Kaminari coughed, obviously flustered. “But – I know that she is interested in me! I heard it in her thoughts!”

Bakugo snorted at him.

“Being interested and being fucking ready to admit it are two completely different things. That woman’s evasive as shit. If you just go on hopscotching around like a fucking puppy you’ll never, ever get through to her. Maybe you should learn one thing or two from shitty hair.” He looked proudly at Kirishima.






“Huh!?” Kirishima swallowed his food and stared at Bakugo, surprised and embarrassed. “You can’t seriously mean that!”

“Course I mean that. Why shouldn’t I?” Bakugo leaned back in his chair. “Yeah, it’s true the way you acted yesterday was annoying and creepy as fuck. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t hot.”

Kirishima could feel himself blushing hard as his brain tried to process the meaning behind Bakugo’s words. Not only had Bakugo forgiven him what he had done to him yesterday. Now, he even told him that for him, yesterday’s experience had not been all that bad as Kirishima had presumed.

“Y-you really felt that way?”, he asked Bakugo, holding his breath, and his voice was so low it almost got drowned by the noise surrounding them.

“Let me ask you, then. How would you feel if I handcuffed you to a bed, told you I was gonna make you mine and force myself on you?”

Heat flushed through his body, and Kirishima knew he must not think about the scenario Bakugo was suggesting any longer unless he wanted to leave the dining room in a rather awkward way.

“Ugh…,” Kaminari looked at them, scandalized. “DUDE please stop it, guys. I’m absolutely sure I don’t wanna hear any more than that.”

“That’s why you’re a fucking wimp,” Bakugo sneered at him. “Guess shitty hair’s out of your league anyway. But that doesn’t mean you’re excused not to fucking man up a bit.”


While Kirishima blushed again at Bakugo’s compliment, Kaminari looked at Bakugo warily. “…Well, thanks, I guess. But why are you even willing to help me? You’re not doing it, just so you can make fun of me later, are you!?”

“Not you. But I still got a bone to pick with that shitty tattletale bitch.”

“I told you, don’t call her names! She’s not… a bitch.”

“…Tell me then. Are you a dunce face?”


“See.” Bakugo smirked at him, grabbed his tray and walked away.

“Huh? What, ‘see’!?” Kaminari looked at Bakugo’s back, flabbergasted.

“…I’m sure he doesn’t mean it that way. He’s not using insults the way other people would use them. So, you can’t really measure them like that… I think,” Kirishima said, cautiously.

Kaminari sighed. “Maybe you’re right. He’s still calling you shitty hair, too, after all… But that doesn’t mean I have to approve it. If I need to man up, Bakugo needs to learn some serious manners.”

Kirishima laughed. He and Kaminari had finished eating, too, and went to put away their food trays.


I don’t really mind Bakugo’s rude language. That’s part of what makes him so loveable, after all.

He grinned as he remembered Bakugo’s hedgehog-form.

Really… It would be nice if I could see that again one day. I’m glad we took pictures.

Which reminded him of the picture Jiro had sent him, the one Bakugo still had not seen yet. He walked over to where Bakugo was swiping on his smartphone and held his own phone in front of his face.

“You haven’t seen this yet, have you?”, he asked Bakugo shyly.

Bakugo’s eyes widened as he looked at the picture showing him and Kirishima snuggling in Kirishima’s futon.

“… That’s the one dunce face took. He sent it around before I got his phone?”

“No, uhm… actually, he just sent it to Jiro, and then Jiro did,” Kirishima admitted, though he was not sure if it was responsible of him telling Bakugo the truth.

 “I knew it. She’s gonna die, after all.” Bakugo grinned at him, and his eyes were glinting with angry fire as a crackling noise came from his palms.

“We’re gonna make her admit she’s got the hots for dunce face in front of everyone. That will tell her.”

Kirishima grinned back at Bakugo and nodded.

Really, Bakugo. I love how you’re just so unbelievingly cute!!

Kirishima was smart enough to keep his thoughts to himself.






After lunch, Aizawa told them that the inn had made an exception and prepared the bath for them to use now if they did not want to wait until evening. Bakugo and Kirishima were not the only ones who were very glad at the news, since yesterday’s events had deprived them all of the opportunity to take a bath yesterday evening. Thus, most students accepted the offer and went to bathe after lunch.

Of course, he let none of it show, but it would be a lie to say that Bakugo did not feel self-conscious when he undressed and walked into the bath in front of Kirishima and the others. Telling him that these kinds of light injuries would heal better without the use of her quirk, Recovery Girl had not healed the cuts on his wrists and the numerous bruises on his arms and legs which he got when he had struggled against Kirishima’s hardened body. And of course, Bakugo knew that on his nape the bitemark was still rather conspicuous. He had inspected it in the mirror of the toilet room, earlier. Seeing the marks of Kirishima’s sharp teeth engraved in his skin had sent shivers down his spine that had not been entirely unpleasant.

But, being stared at by their classmates sure was.

What’re you gawking at, Bakugo thought irritated as he felt their gazes on his nape while he rinsed his hair with water. He stood up, turned around, glared at the only person who had been too slow to advert his eyes in time (yes, it was Kaminari) and walked over to the basin.


A little later, Kirishima entered the hot water next to him, making sure to leave a proper distance between their bodies. From the look on his blushing face, Bakugo could tell that he, too, saw the bitemark, and it was probably making Kirishima feel embarrassed as much as it made him feel sad and guilty.

“…Will it heal?”, he asked Bakugo quietly.

“Probably. Recovery Girl said it’s not sure yet whether it’ll heal completely, but even if it doesn’t you won’t hardly see it over time.”

“…I’m really sorry,” Kirishima mumbled. Bakugo flicked his forehead.

“You already told me that, idiot. And I wouldn’t care if it doesn’t go away.”

He wanted to say more, but did not, when he noticed the others were listening to their conversation. When his eyes met Iida’s, Iida took it as an invitation to speak to them.

“Bakugo-kun, I heard you got that bite when you were fighting Kirishima-kun. But Kirishima-kun doesn’t seem to be hurt at all.” He looked at Kirishima now and addressed him instead. “Is it because you used your quirk to protect yourself? But why was Bakugo attacking you when you didn't attack him first?”

Normally, Bakugo would just ignore him and leave the explaining to Kirishima, but he knew he did not want Kirishima to have to do that in this matter. He also knew that not answering was out of the question for Kirishima, sadly.

“He did attack me first, four-eyes. Just drugging and dragging me to that fucking shed gave me all the reason I needed to punch him. And there’s more than just one way to attack someone.”

When he said that, Kaminari and Midoriya were blushing, apparently understanding his meaning. Kirishima was staring at the water in embarrassment and shame.


Iida seemed to be thinking about his words, then he nodded. “I see. Kirishima-kun, I should have known something was wrong when I saw how you had destroyed the sink-“

“That was Kirishima? I was wondering about it yesterday, but I thought since no one was saying anything, it just broke by itself,” Todoroki told them, looking astounded.

Midoriya laughed. “There’s no way it would break like that on it’s own-”

“Ah! And there was a hole, too, in one of the toilet cabins’ walls! I only noticed when I was already sitting on the toilet,” Kaminari shook his head in embarrassment, and for some reason, Shoji, who was sitting at the other end of the basin, blushed hard.

“Oh, that. Sorry…,” Kirishima said apologetically while he scratched the back of his head looking embarrassed. “I actually did that before I even found the capsule…” He looked at Iida.

“Sorry, Iida. When you found me at the toilets later and helped me, I was… I’d already given in to the quirk. I went to steal the pills from Recovery Girl after that, and I did it telling her you needed her help, too… Sorry for dragging you into this.” Kirishima slightly bowed his head.

Bakugo growled angrily as water splashed into his face when Iida waved his arms. “Ahaha no need to apologize, Kirishima kun! But thank you for telling me, I was really confused when she came to me.” He laughed, again.


“…Kirishima-kun.” This time, it was Midoriya who was addressing Kirishima. He seemed to have thought of something. “You know, I think it was not just bad luck that it was you who picked up that capsule, after all. And it was not only Mic-sensei’s fault that it went missing, either. I think, it’s very possible that the darkness-quirk chose you and made the capsule find you. You know, just like Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow there are many quirks who have a mind of their own…”

He laughed nervously and showed them an appeasing smile. “This might sound hard and I don’t really mean it this way, but if my theory’s right, the quirk chose you because your soul was the most vulnerable at that time.”

Bakugo glared back as Midoriya turned his gaze at him. “Which means that Kacchan, after all, is also to some part responsible for all that happened, and that you don’t need to shoulder all the blame by yourself, Kirishima-kun.”

“I never fucking said I wasn’t, nosy nerd,” Bakugo hissed at him, but deep down he felt thankful for Midoriya’s words, and a look at the side of Kirishima’s face affirmed his feeling. What Kirishima needed was forgiveness to fill the holes his feelings of guilt had left in his soul, and Bakugo was ready to take every help he could get filling them. Not that Bakugo needed anyone’s help, of course. He was convinced he was quite capable of healing Kirishima’s wounded soul on his own. But if it was for Kirishima, Bakugo did not mind taking what was offered to him. That was all.






*** *** ***






Chapter Text





When the boys went to the living room, they were surprised by Tsuyu standing in their way.

“I’m sorry, but I’d like you not to go in yet,” she said to them with an apologetic smile.

“Why the fuck can’t we go in!?”, Bakugo snarled at her with a frown on his face.

“It’s a surprise, please,” Tsuyu said, looking at Iida for help. Iida did not seem to know what was going on, either, but he courageously put a hand on Bakugo’s shoulder which Bakugo shook off angrily before Iida had even opened his mouth.

“Let’s wait, Bakugo-kun, everyone,” he looked at the others who looked surprised, too, but nodded.

“How much time do you need?”, Midoriya asked Tsuyu friendly.

“I think they should be done every minute now,” she answered, and exactly in that moment Sero appeared at the door.

“Sero! You weren’t in the bath with us, were you,” Kaminari noticed.

“And neither was Sato,” Ojiro remarked.

“Sorry for the wait, guys,” Sero grinned at them. “You can come in now!”


Kirishima did not know what he had expected, but he was surprised, nevertheless, when he saw the balloons and flowers. The room looked as if it had been prepared for another birthday party, but unlike the last party, the only thing that had changed apart from the decoration was that the couches had been moved closer to a wall, positioned in an open semicircle around the coffee table. This way, the living room looked a lot more spacy than normal.

“We thought that we’d like to have another party,” Uraraka said to the astonished boys, smiling.

 “A party to celebrate that we got you two back save and well!” Hagakure chirped cheerfully.

“And to celebrate our class’ very first couple!!” Ashido cheered, and Kirishima was sure he saw Jiro smirk at Bakugo.

“HUUH!?”, Bakugo roared at them, “Who the fuck d’you think you are!?”

“Now, now, isn’t it a nice idea,” Sero grinned, but he had enough intelligence not to try calming Bakugo down by touching him.

“I hope you don’t feel tired from all the things that happened yesterday,” Yaoyorozu said shyly and Tsuyu nodded. Kirishima stared at the girls in front of him.

“That’s… that’s so sweet of you,” he stammered, moved to tears.

“And you girls prepared all this while we were in the bath? Instead of taking one yourselves!?” Kaminari asked them, looking as if giving up on a bath was the ultimate sacrifice.

“And me! And Sato-kun, too, by the way” Sero added proudly.

“That’s so manly!!”, Kirishima cried in admiration.

Bakugo rolled his eyes at him and angrily clicked his tongue. “Fine, then do that stupid farce for all I care.”

“Thanks, Bakugo,” Kirishima laughed and hugged him, already knowing that Bakugo would push him away with a hand in his face. But seeing Bakugo blush was definitely worth it. Kirishima laughed happily.

This is really happening. My feelings are not one-sided, we’re really a couple now. Bakugo accepts this, and it looks like everyone else does, too.

Kirishima slightly pinched his cheek, making sure not to reflexively harden his face, and yes – he could feel it.

It’s not a dream. This is really happening now.


“We also made a cake!”, Ashido announced and pointed to a table standing at one of the walls. “We made it with Sato-kun’s help. Or more like, he made the cake and we decorated it. See?”

They walked over to the table to have a proper look at the cake. It looked very delicious, with lots of strawberries. However, what caught the eye much more distinctly than the strawberries on top was the icing.

On the cake, there was a big, red heart. And written in it were two white initials: ‘B + K’.

Bakugo’s eyes widened and Kirishima knew he had to act fast when Bakugo moved his arm. Kirishima quickly grabbed the plate and jumped away from Bakugo who was now glaring at him with eyes that forbade ill and explosions sizzling in his fists.


“DON’T! Don’t explode it before I can take a picture, and I wanna eat it, too!!” Kirishima shouted frantically while he ran away from Bakugo chasing him with crackling palms.

 “Careful, Kirishima don’t trip!” Ojiro shouted at him while Ashido and Sero cheered him on loudly. Kirishima hid the cake under the coffee table and threw himself protectively in front of it, glaring at Bakugo defiantly with his face slightly hardened. Bakugo jumped at him, straddling him and pushing him against the coffee table. He threateningly lifted his crackling hand.

“You’re life. Or the cake,” Bakugo growled at him, but Kirishima noticed a hint of a smile on Bakugo’s face, and his eyes were mirthfully glinting. Kirishima grinned back at him.

“You won’t take either, try me!”, he said, preparing himself to harden in time to match Bakugo’s attack.

However, although Bakugo clearly was about to make an explosion right into his face, nothing happened. Kirishima’s hardening stopped working, too.

“Don’t do that to our coffee table,” Aizawa grumbled while he was erasing their quirks.

“Tsk.” Bakugo glared at their teacher, and it was clear he was thinking how Aizawa was such a spoilsport.

“Just wanted to tell you guys that me, Mic and Recovery Girl have some reporting to do in the next town, we’ll be back in the evening. If something’s up, you know how to contact us.”

“Yes, sensei! Have a save trip!”, Iida saluted him, and Aizawa waved at them lethargically before he left.






“…’Though it’s nice seeing you two this intimate, don’t you think you’re showing us a bit too much, Bakugo?”, Sero smirked at them insinuatingly, and Bakugo realized that he was still sitting on Kirishima.

“Yeah, now that we know the nature of your relationship this sure looks very lewd,” Ashido agreed with him.

“Ha. You’re all just fucking jealous, losers,” Bakugo snorted at them while he stood up. And it was about time, as Kirishima’s face had turned quite red already. Any longer and this might have led to a very embarrassing situation for him. Not that Bakugo really would have minded.

Poor you, Bakugo thought gleefully while he helped Kirishima onto his feet with an indifferent look on his face.

“S-So what do you want to do, exactly?”, Midoriya tried to change the topic with red cheeks.

“It’s still too early to eat the cake,” Todoroki stated matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, we can do that later,” Ashido said cheerfully. “We’ve prepared something else!”

“THIS!!”, Sero shouted as he revealed a big carton he had hidden behind the television table.

“What’s that?”, Aoyama asked interested.

“It’s a game,” Sero grinned. “An insider tip. I’ve heard this game rocks, so I wanna try it out with you guys!”

“How d’you play it?”, Kaminari asked him, while he was already helping Hagakure and Yaoyorozu unfolding a very large playing field.

“It’s a game you compete in pairs of two against other pairs. You see these cards?” Sero held an enormously thick stack of cards up with both hands, and then he picked just one and showed it to them so they all could see the three fields with texts written on it.

“On each card, there are written three challenges. Each pair will pick one card during each turn. Then they can decide freely whether they want to take up one, two, or all three challenges written on the card. When they’ve met the challenges, the pair can move their playing piece forward as many fields as they’ve earned points. For example, if you do challenge 2, you get two points, if you do 3, you get three, if you do challenges 2 and 3, you get five points, and if you complete all, you get 6 points. Is that easy enough to understand?”

“So, if we do all challenges, we can move forward six fields, but if we do none, we get zero?”, Tokoyami ascertained.

“Actually, you have to do at least one of the challenges written on your card. If you don’t, you have to move your piece back one field, and the next pair gets the chance to win extra points doing the challenges written on your card,” Sero grinned at him.

“I see. That makes things interesting,” Tokoyami nodded approvingly.

“Yeah, it sounds like a really fun game!”, Kaminari agreed with him, excited.

“Ah, and there are also cards where a pair can challenge another pair. If the challenged pair accepts and wins the challenge, they will get half the points normally the other pair would get for that number. If the challenged pair doesn’t accept, they get one penalty point.”

“Hm hm…,” Mineta nodded with a look of intense concentration.

“Well, if that was too complicated now we can just see how it works while we play,” Sero concluded with a grin.


“How do we decide the pairs?”, Iida asked Sero.

Bakugo frowned, surprised, when Sero winked at him.

“Since it’s a party for our beloved new couple,” Sero dodged the explosion thrown at him, “I’d like to give the honor of choosing the pairs to Bakugo and Kirishima.”

“Ha. Making us do the boring work,” Bakugo said disparagingly, but he did not feel as averse to the idea as he pretended.

“Please decide now, and write the pairs down here,” Uraraka smiled as she handed Kirishima a piece of paper and a pen. Kirishima grinned at Bakugo, and they sat down on the couch in the corner while their classmates spread the large playing field on the ground. It was about one third the size of the room.


“This is our chance to pay her back,” Bakugo said in a low voice to Kirishima.

“You mean, Jiro? Shall we make her team up with Kaminari or-“

“Yeah, that’s what we’re gonna do. I don’t know what kind of challenges are written on those damn cards,” Bakugo stopped for a moment to glance at Sero. “But given that it’s a game tape-arms has brought, I’m sure it can’t be anything decent.”

“’Kay. So, first team: Kaminari and Jiro,” Kirishima wrote down.

“Idiot, first team’s us. Change the number,” Bakugo reprimanded him, and Kirishima chuckled while he crossed out what he had written, writing his and Bakugo’s names instead and adding the other two beneath.

“I don’t care what we do ‘bout the rest,” Bakugo stated, and Kirishima looked at him with a mild smile on his face. Then, he seemed to be thinking about something.

“Uhm,” he started hesitantly. “If you don’t mind I’d like to pair up Todoroki with Midoriya. I feel like I own him that much – Todoroki, I mean…”

“Do what you want,” Bakugo said indifferently, and Kirishima went ahead writing down the other pairs.






“You finished!? Good!”, Sero grinned as Kirishima handed him the paper with a smile.

“I’m gonna read the pairs out,” Sero announced cheerfully. “Team number one: Bakugo and Kirishima!”

“Who else would be number one,” Jiro said quietly with a mocking smile, which disappeared at once when Sero went on reading, “Number two: Kaminari and Jiro.”

Now it was Sero and Bakugo who were smirking at Jiro, who seemed to try hard not to look flustered when Kaminari walked over to her with red cheeks.

“Number three: Todoroki and Midoriya.”

Kirishima made sure not to look at Todoroki. He did not want him to think that he had chosen to pair Todoroki up with Midoriya just because he hoped that this would somehow mend his own currently somewhat strained relationship with Todoroki. Though it was partly true, of course.

“Number four: Uraraka and Iida. Number five: Ashido and Tokoyami. Number six: Aoyama and Mineta. Number seven: Tsuyu and Shoji. Number eight: Ojiro and Hagakure. Number nine: Yaoyorozu and Sero. Number ten: Sato and Koda. That’s all!” Sero put down the paper and grinned at them enthusiastically. “Let’s start playing!”






*** *** ***






Chapter Text





Midoriya was quite sure he knew what was going on.

Bakugo was pissed at Jiro for having recorded his confession to Kirishima yesterday and letting all of their classmates listen to it subsequently. Jiro probably did it because she thought that everyone should know that Bakugo had a soft, loveable side to himself even when he was not a hedgehog. Although Midoriya was not sure if Jiro’s actions were worthy of praise, it was surprising to see how Jiro did not seem to let herself be fazed by Bakugo’s anger.

Then, Midoriya was absolutely certain that Kaminari liked Jiro. Kaminari’s facial expression were easier to read than an elementary schoolbook, so no need to further explain here.

However, from the way Bakugo was smirking at Jiro when Sero read out her and Kaminari’s names, Midoriya concluded that it had not been simply Kirishima’s choice to put them together (which would have made enough sense by itself, considered that Kirishima was Kaminari’s closest friend and thus probably knew the score regarding Kaminari’s crush), but something Bakugo had decided, too. Bakugo was not really a person who would act as a wingman. There must be something he thought he could gain from putting them together, and if Midoriya’s deduction was right, what Bakugo wanted to do was make Jiro go through the same thing she had put him through – that is, having her feelings exposed in front of everyone. Midoriya had wondered before if Kaminari’s feelings might be reciprocated, and now, it seemed the probability that Jiro liked Kaminari was indeed pretty high.


I wonder if they put the other pairs together for certain reasons, too?

Midoriya realized that he had been staring at Todoroki’s face when Todoroki looked at him with a soft tilt of his head. Midoriya smiled at him, surprised, and quickly fixed his eyes back on Sero, who had just finished reading out the teams and was now shuffling the decks of cards as if he was a magician in a show.

Somehow, Midoriya’s cheeks felt hot.

What’s wrong with me today

Normally, looking at Todoroki’s beautiful face gave Midoriya this special, warm feeling that he would maybe describe as feeling assured, or encouraged. But for some reason, now it made him feel unsettled.

Why? Did something happen? Was it something about yesterday?

Midoriya remembered what Uraraka had told him about his fate strings. How Midoriya had extraordinarily many beautifully colored strings. And that his most intense strings were the ones he shared with All Might. With Bakugo. And, with Todoroki.

The fact that he was connected to All Might did not surprise him at all, of course. After all, he was the man Midoriya had inherited All-For-One from, and what more fateful connection could there possibly be?

On the other hand, hearing that he was connected to Bakugo this strongly had surprised Midoriya very much. It goes without saying that to Midoriya, his childhood friend had been an enormous influence on his life – a bad one just as much as a good one. However, the fact that they shared a strong, beautiful green-colored fate string implied that to Bakugo, the meaning of Midoriya’s existence was just as big. At first, this seemed very strange, but then, when Midoriya remembered the night of their fight two weeks ago and the things Bakugo had told him then, it somehow also made sense.

When Uraraka told him about the fate string connecting him to Todoroki, Midoriya had not been surprised at all. But he had felt reassured, and strong emotions of happiness had filled his heart.

Then why do I feel so nervous all of a sudden?


Midoriya stopped pondering when Sero asked: “Who wants to start?”

“Me! Me!”, Ashido jumped up and down enthusiastically. Sero glanced at Bakugo who did not seem to be interested in going first, and then he put the cards down on the coffee table. Midoriya noticed that Tsuyu quickly brought the cake that had still been hidden back to the big table.

“’Kay then, Ashido and Tokoyami team! Give it a go!” Sero sniggered. Behind him, Hagakure turned on the audio system of the television that was connected to someone’s smartphone and started to play music in the background.

When Todoroki sat down on one of the couches, Midoriya sat down next to him. They were not the only ones that had decided not to stand anymore. Next to Todoroki, Hagakure sat down, while her partner Ojiro was leaning on the armrest. On another couch, Sato, Koda, Uraraka and Iida were sitting, and on the third, Bakugo was observing what was happening with an indifferent look on his face next to Kirishima.

His boyfriend, Midoriya thought and had to suppress a chuckle. If someone had told him during middle school that Bakugo would get into a relationship with someone – anyone, it did not even matter anymore at this point that his partner was not a girl – Midoriya was sure he would not have believed them. The very notion of Bakugo ever developing romantic feelings towards someone, and even end up expressing them – that was something Midoriya could have never imagined before they entered U. A. Then, they met Kirishima, and suddenly everything seemed to make so much sense. Now it seemed almost as if Bakugo had finally found a place to rest – an island, just for him, that could withstand the stormy seas that was Bakugo’s soul and his whole being.


Ashido picked up a card, and her partner Tokoyami shyly glanced over her shoulder to read what was written.

“Oh my gosh,” Ashido gasped and Tokoyami’s face went subtly red.

“What’s written!?”, Hagakure wanted to know.

“’Challenge 1: Play who-blinks-first with your partner’. That one’s cool. Challenge 2’s okay, too: ‘Sing a song together’.” But then here we go, ‘Challenge 3: Let your partner touch your belly button!’ That’s – simple but, kinda dirty, right?”

“Haha, yeah!” Mineta did not seem bothered by it.

“It’s up to you to decide who of you does it?” Kaminari asked, frowning.

“I think so, yeah that’s how this game works,” Sero grinned. “Tokoyami can touch Ashido’s, or Ashido can touch Tokoyami’s - you have a belly button, right!?”

Tokoyami did not answer him, but his facial expression made it obvious that as far as he was concerned, taking up challenge 3 was completely out of the question whether it was him doing the touching or his partner. Thus, they agreed to only do the first two challenges. The blinking game was effortlessly won by Tokoyami, but he blushed quite a bit while he let them hear his beautiful singing voice in a short duet with Ashido.


While everyone was still clapping and cheering at their performance, Ashido moved their playing piece three fields forward. Since it was decided to just follow the teams’ numbers, it was Aoyama and Mineta’s turn next.

“Challenge 1: Insult each other. Haha, seriously!? Challenge 2: Dance together. Ugh… Challenge 3: Make your partner go down on his knees and bark. WHAT!?” Mineta stared at the card, aghast, when he had finished reading the contents out.

Glancing at Sero who was laughing out loud, Midoriya had a rather disturbing thought.

This game… it’s a normal game, right…?

Aoyama smiled at Mineta. Then, he said to him charmingly: “You’re very vile vermin.”

Mineta seemed too impressed by Aoyama’s skillful use of alliteration to become indignant. He appeared to be thinking hard for some seconds. Then, his face lightened up when he had thought of something, too.

“And you’re a hoity-toity bully!”

Aoyama patted his head indulgently. Then he pulled him up into an embrace and waltzed with him through the room, humming to the music coming from the audio system. Mineta was clearly not very happy about it.

Under the loud laughing of their classmates, Aoyama finally put him down again. Mineta started angrily, “That’s so gross! And don’t even think of making me go on my knees, I-“, then he stopped, surprised, when Aoyama kneeled down in front of him. Strangely, he did it in a fashion as if he wanted to propose to Mineta, and when he said “Woof” in a singsong-voice, Midoriya was sure he had never seen before a more elegant dog in his life.

“That was so great, Aoyama-kun,” Uraraka laughed with tears in her eyes. Aoyama winked at her.

“Congratulations, you got all the points!”, Sero grinned at them approvingly, and Mineta proudly moved their playing piece six fields forward.


The challenges waiting for Tsuyu and Shoji were the following: Challenge 1 – Tell each other their favorite food. Challenge 2 – Tickle each other. Challenge 3 – Walk through the room holding hands.

Tsuyu was squeaking hysterically when Shoji took pity on her and decided that he had tickled her enough.

“I never, ever wanna get tickled by him!”, Kaminari exclaimed, looking terrified. “With all those arms, that’s like the worst torture I could possibly think of!”

“Huh. So you’re ticklish, hm?”, Jiro smirked at him, and Kaminari blushed, looking as if he did not know whether he might actually enjoy being tickled by her or not.

After short, embarrassed consulting, Tsuyu and Shoji decided that they would take up the last challenge, too. It looked very cute when they walked through the room holding hands, Shoji being so much bigger than Tsuyu was. To Midoriya, they looked a bit like father and daughter.


The next pair – Ojiro and Hagakure – only did the first two challenges written on their card, since the third one was to show each other one birthmark, which was rather difficult with Hagakure’s quirk being what it was. So, they moved their figure three fields, after guessing each other’s birthdays and zodiac sign (they both got it right at the first try) and give each other a hug which was short and friendly, but nevertheless enough to make Ojiro blush.

Sero and Yaoyorozu were next. Their card asked them to: 1. Tell what they would name their child if they had one, 2. play a match of arm-wrestling and 3. for one of them to tie the other up. Again, Midoriya found himself questioning whether the game Sero had brought was a normal parlor game. The sight of Yaoyorozu tightly bound by Sero’s tapes did not exactly seem G-rated, and much less Mineta’s reaction to it.

Does not mind getting tied up, Midoriya wrote down earnestly on Yaoyorozu’s page of his hero-notebook. Concerning the second challenge, Yaoyorozu had politely declined doing the arm-wrestling match. Maybe she was feeling wary of Sero’s elbows. Anyway, after Sero released her from his tapes, he cheerfully moved their piece four fields.

Midoriya actually lost himself in thought again during Sato and Koda’s turn, so he was not quite sure what their challenges had been when they moved their placing piece two fields. Apparently, they had only taken up challenge 2, making Midoriya wonder what the first would have been. He was just about to ask Todoroki about it when he realized that now, it was finally Bakugo and Kirishima’s turn.






He did not exactly know why, but when Kaminari watched Bakugo draw a card from the thick pile, he felt quite nervous.

Calm down. It’s not our turn yet, and until now most challenges weren’t too bad, were they?

He watched Bakugo and Kirishima silently read the card. From the way Kirishima’s face slightly turned pink, Kaminari concluded that the card’s contents were probably of the less decent kind, and when Bakugo lifted his gaze from the card to glare at Jiro with an almost triumphant glinting in his eyes, Kaminari knew that if it was true the card’s content was rather dubious, it would not be only Kirishima and Bakugo who would suffer.

“It’s a competition card,” Bakugo sneered, confirming Kaminari’s suspicion.

“What’s written on it?”, Sero asked, excited.

Bakugo passed the card to Kirishima, who took it, surprised, with the word ‘me!?’ written all over his blushing face. He cleared his throat.

“Challenge another pair. If the other pair wins, they will receive 4 points, if your team wins, you will gain 8 points, and the other pair gains 1 point. If the other pair doesn’t accept your challenge, they lose 1 point.”

“Yes, I see, that’s what Sero was explaining earlier,” Iida said, nodding.


Kirishima went on. “’Kay. So I’ll, uhm, read out the challenge. ‘Both pairs take turns to obey each other’s commands. The first team that does not obey any command, loses.”

He looked at Kaminari with an apologetic smile.

Oh god, they’re really gonna challenge us.

“That’s kinda like how we played the bottle-spinning-game, isn’t it,” Uraraka observed.

“Ooops, competing in a game where Bakugo gives commands in order to win? That could get really hardcore,” Ashido rejoiced, nudging the surprised Tokoyami’s side, excited.

“Who’re you gonna pick?”, Sero asked, and from the way Jiro had been nervously frowning next to him Kaminari knew that she, too, was not surprised at all when Bakugo pointed at them and announced gleefully: “Them. We choose them.”

“Cool! Then, I’d say we give you thirty seconds to think of each command. I’ll say ‘go’ and ‘stop’ so you’ll know. May I ask both pairs to come to the center!?”


Kaminari stepped nervously nearer to Kirishima and Bakugo who had come to the center of the room now. He glanced at Jiro, and when his eyes met hers, he was sure he saw her slightly blushing. She looked nervous, but also determined.

“I’m not gonna give up without a fight, Bakugo,” she said with a quiet, but firm voice, with her eyes fixed on Bakugo who was smirking at her with a very arrogant look on his face.

“You should try to run while you still can, tattletale,” Bakugo purred at her, and for one moment Kaminari thought he saw red and purple sparks attack each other where Jiro’s gaze met Bakugo’s.

“Thirty seconds to think of commands is kinda short, isn’t it,” Kirishima said with a nervous laugh. Maybe he was trying to loosen up the tension in the air.

“Y-Yeah… Who should go first?”, Kaminari asked with a side glance at Sero.

“You can decide,” Sero grinned at them, and Bakugo did not hesitate.

We’re going first.”





*** *** ***






Chapter Text





Bakugo glared at Jiro, and when he spoke, he did it in a calm but dangerous purring voice.

“Question: If you could see one of the boys in our class naked, whom would you pick? Saying ‘no one’ or ‘all’s not a fucking option.”


Kaminari tried to get his heart to continue beating so he could take a look at Jiro’s expression.

It had turned to stone. For a few seconds, but then, when she had recovered from the initial shock, she looked as if she was trying hard not to show she was angry and feeling embarrassed when she answered in a growl,

“…if I absolutely didn’t have a choice… I’d maybe… probably… pick Kaminari.”

The way her voice almost disappeared at the end when she muttered his name almost made Kaminari’s heart jump out of his chest.

“You hear that?”, Kirishima smiled at him, and Kaminari felt utterly overcharged when he saw Jiro’s ears had slightly turned pink as she stubbornly made sure not to look at him.

“Kyaah it’s so cute how she’s blushing!”, Hagakure squealed.

“Kch kch kch…,” Sero sniggered. “Now that we know Jiro’s tastes, maybe you can make Kaminari undress next, eh Bakugo!?”

“NOOO!”, Kaminari exclaimed, aghast, and shot a pleading look at Bakugo who only sneered at him in return.


“A-anyway it’s our turn, next,” Jiro said quickly. “I have a question, too, and I want Bakugo to answer it. When did you and Kirishima first kiss, and where?”

Bakugo neither hesitated nor blinked when he said, “During the dare in the forest, three days ago.”

“KYAAAH!”, Hagakure squealed.

“Uwaaaah, for real!?” Ojiro exclaimed, blushing.

“Weren’t you two handcuffed back then!? How kinky’s that!?” Ashido looked at them almost admiringly.

“Actually, Bakugo had the key the whole time. I gave it to him when I handcuffed them,” Sero announced, and Kirishima had to stop Bakugo from detonating the explosions crackling in his palms.


“…You look like you already knew.” Kaminari looked at Jiro, surprised, when she spoke to him.

“Uh, yeah, kinda… Kirishima told me ‘bout it later that same night…”

“Hmmm…,” Jiro said, raising one brow at him. Kaminari wondered what she was thinking about.

“Let’s get this game on,” Bakugo growled angrily. “It’s our turn again. You gave me an idea, Jiro.”

Kaminari looked at Bakugo, surprised, when he called Jiro by her name. Kirishima seemed slightly surprised, too, and probably most of their classmates were.

Jiro seemed to take Bakugo calling her name as him acknowledging her as an opponent worthy of his time. Apparently, it strengthened her determination not to lose to him. Really, the way she looked back into his face full of defiance and without any fear gave Kaminari goosebumps.

She’s so cool. I wish I’d have the courage to stand up to Bakugo like that.

“’Kay then, ask,” Jiro said bravely.

“Oh no, it’s not a question,” Bakugo smirked. “It’s a task. On the cheek’s enough for now, but I want you to kiss dunce face.”

You for REAL!??

“Bakugo you serious!?”, Kaminari gasped, but before he knew what was happening, Jiro had grabbed his face, brought it down to her own, and then he felt her soft lips on his cheek. Kaminari mentally squealed when he realized that she had to stand on her toes to reach. When she quickly let go of him, he stared at her with his mouth open for a few seconds. He could feel heat on his face, and he heard people squealing, laughing, and cheering. Somewhere in his brain he realized that in front of him, Kirishima was trying hard not to laugh.


While Kaminari stared at her, Jiro was not looking at him, but he knew she was blushing, too.

“Uhm... thank you… Jiro,” he said with a shy, embarrassed laugh.

“…Didn’t do it for you, idiot,” he heard her mumble, and it seemed almost as if she was sulking. It was adorable.

Suddenly, Jiro shook her head as if to shake off her embarrassment, and then she pulled at his sleeve, making him turn his back towards the other pair so they could not hear what she was saying.

“But seriously, Kaminari, we need to take the gloves off or we won’t be able to win.”

“You really think we can win against Bakugo?”, Kaminari asked with a shaky laugh.

“’Course we can!” She looked at him rebukingly. “There are tons of things I’m sure Bakugo would never ever wanna do or say. We just need to find one of them. D’you have any idea what our next command could be?”

Kaminari thought for a moment.

Something Bakugo would never wanna do, even if it meant he loses this challenge…


Kaminari knew what kind of task they would have to give him. But at the same time, he was sure he would never ask something like that of Bakugo. All they had to do was ask him to do things he would only want to do with Kirishima with someone else. Something intimate… Things that would hurt Kirishima. Even though Kaminari was almost certain Bakugo would not comply, just asking would be like betrayal of their friendship – not to speak of his friendship with Kirishima.

“…Sorry, I kinda know something, but I really don’t wanna ask it of them.”

Jiro raised her brows at him. “Why?”

“It would be something like, asking Bakugo to do stuff that would count as cheating on Kirishima… you know…?”

Oh… I see… I agree. Though that might be the best chance we have for winning, I don’t wanna do that either. It’s not like I hate Bakugo-“

“I know you don’t,” Kaminari smiled at her, and she slightly smiled back at him before she continued,” and of course I wouldn’t want to hurt Kirishima, either. But, what else could we-“

They were startled by Sero’s voice.

“You know I just started stopping thirty seconds now, ‘kay? You two better hurry up coming up with the next command!”

“Shit!”, Kaminari cursed, turning around flustered.

“Let’s quickly think of something. If you come up with anything just say it,” Jiro said, and Kaminari was determined to wreck his brain for an idea.


However, he was too distracted by the sensual sight of Jiro chewing on her underlip while she was thinking, and before he knew it, time was almost up.

“…Twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two,” Sero counted, and since Jiro was still chewing on her lip helplessly, Kaminari decided it was his time to speak.

“I know! I want Bakugo to go down on his knees and bow his head to someone!!”

Jiro raised her brows at him in what Kaminari interpreted as thankful appreciation for his idea. Around them, for a few moments, there was startled silence, and then everyone’s gazes rested on Bakugo’s face, curious to see how he would react. Kaminari felt himself shrink under Bakugo’s glare, but then the angry look in Bakugo’s eyes suddenly changed. Now he was smirking.

“Shitty hair. Get down.”

Kirishima looked at Bakugo confused. “Sure, but that won’t count, will it?”

“Just do it.”

Kaminari watched, confused, as Kirishima went down on his knees, looking up at Bakugo standing in front of him, expectantly, like a dog would look at his master.

“Lay down. On your back,” Bakugo commanded.

Kirishima blushed, still looking confused, but he did as Bakugo asked of him.

Woah, how can you trust him this far…

Everyone seemed to be holding their breath as Bakugo circled around Kirishima lying on the ground to the side where his head rested on the carpet.

Then, Bakugo went down on his knees, indeed. Kirishima’s eyes were fixed on Bakugo’s as he followed his every motion, and then he blushed, realizing what Bakugo was about to do. So did Kaminari when he saw Bakugo lower his head over Krisihima’s. It was only for a split second, and it was not visible since Bakugo’s head and Kirishima’s hands obstructed the view, but Kaminari was pretty sure Bakugo had just placed a reverse kiss on Kirishima’s lips.

Oh. My. God.

Kaminari heard gasps and was not sure if one of them was his own. Bakugo raised back to his feet with his arrogant, perfect poker face, while Kirishima was still lying on the ground, hiding his red face with his hands.

As usual, Sero had the least trouble to come up with a comment.

“Very smart move indeed. Really Bakugo, you never cease to amaze me,” he sniggered, and Kaminari saw him hide his smartphone behind his back. He would probably send the picture he took around later, and Kaminari was looking forward to showing it to Kirishima.

But now was not the time for trivial thoughts like that. Bakugo had survived, and it was his turn to attack, again.

“Let’s get this over with,” Bakugo snarled, while Kirishima stood up with red cheeks. It looked to Kaminari as if he was trying hard not to grin, and Kaminari could not really blame him.

“I’m gonna end this now, before you little shits’ get any cockier.”

Kaminari braced himself. To his surprise, Bakugo nodded at Kirishima, and then it was not Bakugo, but Kirishima who issued the command. When he did, he showed them an apologetic smile, but his voice was firm and calm.

“We want both of you to tell us the name of the person you like. Starting with Jiro.”


Kaminari stared at Kirishima for a second, and then he quickly fixed his eyes on Jiro.

She was neither staring at Kirishima nor at Bakugo. She had her eyes cast down on the ground.

…Is she really gonna say it?

What if she says someone else’s name? If she doesn’t like me after all?

I don’t wanna hear that!

Then, Kaminari noticed that Jiro’s shoulders were slightly trembling.

…No, it’s not fair. You can’t make her do this while you just sit back watching, doing nothing.

Please, don’t make me regret this, Kaminari thought as he said:

“Can I go first, after all?”

Kirishima looked at him surprised, and maybe even Bakugo did, too, but the only thing Kaminari was really aware of was Jiro’s head jerking at him, and her expression was a mixture of embarrassment and panic.

“What’re you-“, she started, but then Kirishima said,

“’Kay. I don’t mind. Bakugo?”

“Do what you want.”

Kaminari took a deep breath and tried to ignore his heart that was about to jump out his chest.

“The person… the girl that I like-“

He did not come further. Instead, he looked perplexed at Jiro who had covered his mouth with her hand. She looked more flustered than Kaminari had ever seen her before – then, she quickly adverted her eyes, turning her head away from him so he could not see her face anymore.

“No. That’s not something you say in a game,” she mumbled quietly.

Kaminari stared at her, feeling the fast pounding of his heart. He softly grabbed her wrist and removed her hand from his mouth so he could speak.

“…But then, when do you say it,” he asked, and his voice was not any louder than hers.

“…Don’t know. Just… Just not here,” she answered. Her voice was shaking.

“…’Kay.” Kaminari released her wrist from his grip.

Does this mean it’s okay for me to confess to you somewhere else? Do you want me to confess to you?

…Does this mean you like me, too?


“You’re giving up, then?”, Bakugo sneered at Jiro.

She glared at him with angry, red cheeks.

“Yes. It’s your win.”

“Great,” Kirishima smiled, and Bakugo stepped closer to Jiro, glaring down at her with an arrogant smirk.

“Learned your lesson, tattletale,” he sneered at her.

Jiro met his gaze bravely.

“I know,” she said with a frustrated sigh. “I know it wasn’t my place to tell everyone. I won’t say I’m sorry ‘cause I’m not, but I guess I know why you’re angry and I admit you’ve a right to be.”

Bakugo glared at her two more seconds, then he gave her a derogatory snort and walked past her to smugly move his playing piece eight fields. It was only the first round of the game, and he and Kirishima were already leading.

Kaminari stared at Jiro, again, feeling his heart fluttering.

“That was brave of you,” he said, and nervously smiled at her. He knew that his face was probably still very red.

“…shut up,” she mumbled, obviously too embarrassed to look at him.

“You get one point, too Jiro, Kaminari, for accepting the challenge! I’ll move it for you,” Ashido chirped at them, and Kaminari was about to feel relieved and walk over to the couch to sit down when he realized, that his and Jiro’s turn was not over yet, but just about to begin.






After glancing at Jiro to have her approval, Kaminari picked a card from the pile. He was apparently very nervous.

“First challenge: Say one thing you like about each other.”

Kaminari looked up from the card, blushing.

“I like your eyes,” he said to Jiro without breathing.

Jiro visibly blushed, too.

“…Your face’s alright,” she mumbled without looking into his eyes. Kaminari looked as if she had just told him he was the most beautiful person on earth.

“Hehe,” he laughed happily, and went on reading out the next challenge from the card.

“Second challenge: Place the palms of your hands together. Oh…”

When he shyly held out his right hand to her, Jiro reluctantly put her own, smaller hand against his. When she did, cheers and whistling filled the room, and as always, Hagakure and Ashido were the ones squealing the loudest.


With red cheeks, Kaminari read out the last challenge.

“Third challenge: Exchange some of your clothes with your partner.”

He stared at Jiro.

“Are we gonna… Can we actually do that!?”

“I don’t think any of the clothes Jiro’s wearing today actually fit you,” Ashido sniggered.

“If she fetches something from her bag?”, Ojiro suggested.

“No, it should be something she’s wearing now,” Tsuyu weighed in.

“Something from her warm body,” Mineta added with a lecherous smirk that in return got him a blush from Kaminari and an embarrassed glare by Jiro.

“…Does this also count as clothes,” Jiro asked while taking of the black choker from around her neck.

“Your necklace?”, Kaminari asked, surprised.

“It’s fine, isn’t it?”, Sero commented, and most of their classmates agreed.

“’Kay… But, I’m not really wearing much right now,” Kaminari said hesitantly, “and no jewelry…”

“Just give her your shirt,” Kirishima suggested, grinning.

“My shirt!?”

“Unless you’d rather make her wear your pants…”, Ashido laughed.

“N-no… Uhm… is this okay for you?”, Kaminari asked Jiro, looking as if he did not even know yet whether he was okay with it. Jiro nodded, her eyes fixed on the necklace in her hand. When Kaminari took off his shirt before her, though, Midoriya saw her eyes quickly scan Kaminari’s naked upper body before her face got even redder than before, and she frantically adverted her eyes, again, when she grabbed the shirt Kaminari awkwardly held out to her.

“You gotta take off your own top, Jiro, or we won’t let it count,” Sero decided gleefully, earning him an angry, embarrassed glare from Jiro and a “HUH!?” from Kaminari.

“I got it give me a break,” Jiro hissed at Sero. She put down Kaminari’s shirt on the chair next to her and held out her choker to Kaminari when he said, shyly, “Can you put it on me?”


Jiro seemed determined not to let embarrassment take over her facial expression any more when she stood on her toes, reached out over Kaminari’s shoulders and skillfully fastened the choker around his neck. Maybe it should have occurred to her that she could have also done this in a way that would be less awkward for her, she could have just asked Kaminari to turn around and do it from behind. The way she did it now looked as if she was embracing Kaminari, and from the way Kaminari’s face got very red, Midoriya concluded that, maybe her chest had brushed his at some point.

It was hard to tell if seeing Kaminari with a black choker around his neck and otherwise naked from the waist was too much for Jiro, or if she just wanted to get the last part of the challenge over with very fast. She grabbed Kaminari’s shirt and dashed out of the living room. Class 1-A had no difficulties whiling away the time by teasing Kaminari until she returned, wearing Kaminari’s shirt and looking very embarrassed.

Kaminari seemed to like it, though. He was staring at her with an empty-headed grin on his face while she moved their playing piece six fields. Thanks to the one point they gained by accepting Bakugo’s challenge earlier, they were second place now.

“Uhm but are we really gonna make Kaminari-kun sit here like that until the end of the game?”, Uraraka asked with a shaky laugh.

“Why not!? He looks hot,” Ashido laughed, but Iida looked at her sternly, saying, “I think we should let him go fetch another shirt, too. As long as he wears Jiro-san’s necklace, it’s enough, isn’t it?”

“’kaaaay, you may go,” Sero sighed at Kaminari, before he added with a grin, “Unless you prefer it this way?”

“Hell no!”, Kaminari said quickly and dashed out of the room to fetch another shirt.




*** *** ***





Chapter Text





“Now, then, Midoriya, Todoroki. May I ask you to draw a card?”

Midoriya smiled nervously at Sero. “Yes.”

He looked at Todoroki as they both rose from the couch.

“Do you want to…?”

Todoroki shook his head. “You can do it.”

Midoriya picked a card.


“’Challenge 1: Which person in the room has the most beautiful face in your opinion? Challenge 2: If you could change your body into the opposite sex, what would you do? Challenge 3: Carry your partner through the room.’ Uuhhh…”

He laughed nervously at Todoroki who looked back at him with calm, beautiful eyes.

“Well, the most beautiful face is definitely Todoroki-kun’s,” Midoriya said with a bashful smile.

That goes without saying, so I guess admitting it is no big deal…

- was, what Midoriya thought, but from the way Todoroki’s pupils dilated when Midoriya said it out loud, Midoriya concluded that Todoroki had not expected him to say that.

Ugh, it’s embarrassing after all! Why’re you so oblivious to your own charms Todoroki-kun!?

“I think Midoriya’s face is the most beautiful.”


Midoriya stared at Todoroki for a few moments, doubting his own ears and not even taken notice of Bakugo’s mocking snort in the background. Then, he glanced at their classmates, confused.

Why’s no one reacting!? Why’s no one surprised!?

Except Mineta, who had been casually thrown out the window by someone after uttering a disdainful comment.

“Eh… Th-thank you,” Midoriya laughed nervously.

Calm down! He doesn’t mean anything by it. It’s probably just his way to return the compliment…


“Ehehe… So, the second question, if you were female what would you do, Todoroki-kun?”

This was a fair question. It was harmless. Midoriya was curious for Todoroki’s answer, of course he was, but he did not really expect it to have a lot of meaning. What he certainly had not expected was for Todoroki to say with a straight face,

“Marry Midoriya and make a baby.”

NOW their classmates were reacting. Overreacting, Midoriya tried to calm himself down, but it did not work.

“What!?”, he gasped, unable to take his eyes from Todoroki’s.

“Not because of our quirks. I’m sure if we had a child it would be cute beyond belief,” Todoroki explained earnestly.

“Y-yeah I’m sure if you had a child it would be, but, wh-why me?”, Midoriya stammered.

“What do you mean? It would be cute because of you, of course.”



Their classmates were not going to keep out of the debate any longer.

“I wanna see your child!”, Hagakure squeaked.

“Please, Todoroki! Make that child! Do it for us!”, Sero panted while rolling on the ground, laughing.

“It would definitely be the cutest child in the world!! It would be-”, Yaoyorozu started to enthuse, but she was interrupted by Bakugo’s angry outburst.

“HUUH!? What shit’re you talking ‘bout, the fucking cutest brat’s gotta be mine and Kirishima’s!!”

“Huh? HUH!?” Kirishima’s face took on the color of his hair.

“What does it matter guys can’t even get pregnant anyways,” Mineta commented fretfully, climbing back through the window into the living room.

“Normally, no,” Uraraka interjected. “But I’ve read in the newspaper some months ago that they’ve found a quirk that makes…,” she blushed, “…male ovulation and pregnancy possible…”

“WHAT!? How would THAT work!?”, Mineta wanted to know, flabbergasted.

“Uhm…” Uraraka’s face got redder, and apparently, she was not going to answer him.

“You heard that, Bakugo?”, Sero sniggered. Bakugo just leaned back on the couch with a contemptuous snort.


When Midoriya looked back at Todoroki’s face, Todoroki’s eyes were sparkling at him.

You’re not seriously considering this!?

“A-a-anyway, if I was a girl, I would… I…”

Midoriya was very aware of everyone looking at him expectantly, especially Todoroki, but he could not think of anything.

“…Ugh, I don’t know, sorry. Maybe… maybe I’d just accept your proposal, Todoroki-kun,” he tried to joke, but as he felt his face get hotter under the loud cheers and whistles of their classmates and Todoroki’s gaze that for some reason made him look so unfairly beautiful and happy, Midoriya tried hard not to think about the question whether he really had meant it as a joke or not.

“Do the carrying-task, too! Do it do it!!”, Ashido cheered, jumping up and down with Hagakure in excitement.

“May I?”

Midoriya had not even realized he had nodded when suddenly, he felt Todoroki put his arms around his waist and lifting him up. Startled, Midoriya did the most reasonable thing to make sure he would not fall – he put his legs around Todoroki’s back while grabbing his shoulders for support.

All of a sudden, Todoroki’s eyes were slightly below his own line of sight, and very, very near.

Midoriya found himself staring into his grey eye first. Then, he switched over to Todoroki’s azure eye that always seemed to shine even brighter amidst the slightly reddened skin of the burn scar covering the upper left part of Todoroki’s face.

He knew Todoroki did not like this eye because it was the same color as his father’s eyes.

But it’s incredibly beautiful, after all.

Of course, his other eye is, too, Midoriya thought while his eyes wandered back to Todoroki’s right eye.

And his eyelashes are long… I’ve never noticed, but are they two-colored, too?

“Midoriya? You still there!?”

Midoriya jerked his head at Sero’s voice. Then, he realized that his classmates were all grinning at him, and finally awareness of the current situation came back to him.


“Let’s go,” he heard Todoroki’s quiet voice from slightly below his ear, and then Todoroki walked across the room, carrying him as if he was not any heavier than a cat. Midoriya noticed with dread that a lot of their classmates were taking pictures or even videos with their smartphones, and Jiro had even taken out her camera.

Todoroki stopped at the door and turned around.

“…Do you mind if I just leave like this?”, he asked, and Midoriya could not tell at all if he was joking or being serious.

“Actually, no? If you prefer just Midoriya’s company over ours,” Sero sniggered with a thumbs-up.

“Ahaha, don’t joke around, Todoroki-kun, put me down,” Midoriya said with a shaky laugh, hoping his cheeks were not too visibly red. For a short moment, he half thought Todoroki would decline, but then Todoroki slowly, gently put him down, at last.

“Thank you,” Midoriya said, too embarrassed to look at him, and quickly went to move their playing piece the six fields he really felt they had earned themselves very much.






Bakugo rolled his eyes when Midoriya and Todoroki sat down on the couch again. Midoriya had some very evident red cheeks which Todoroki did not seem to take his eyes off even for one second.

Just fucking tell him already, slowpoke bastard. I swear if you don’t, one of these days I will.

Bakugo complacently glanced at Kirishima sitting next to him, and after weighing his pride as an unattached individual against the pride he felt in being Kirishima’s boyfriend now, he decided that the latter far outweighed the first, and comfortably leaned his head on Kirishima’s shoulder. He felt him slightly twitch.

“B-Bakugo?”, Kirishima asked, quietly. He seemed surprised.

“What, got a problem,” Bakugo muttered back.

“N-no? Just surprised me…”

“…’s just that I’ve already gotten used to this place,” Bakugo said lazily. “I pity every fucking hedgehog who doesn’t have you.”

Vibrations tickled Bakugo’s ear when Kirishima laughed.

“You’re always very welcome. Hedgehog or not,” he said affectionately, and Bakugo made some sort of small purring noise in return.


Uraraka and Iida had just finished reading out their card and apparently decided only to do the first two challenges: 1. Tell each other a joke and, a bit more interestingly, 2. tell what they would do if they could make themselves invisible.

“I would surprise children as Santa Clause on Christmas!”, Iida told them, and he looked as if he thought the idea was brilliant.

“You mean, breaking in peoples’ homes and scaring little kids!?”, Sero teased him.

“No! Of course, I would discuss everything with their parents beforehand,” Iida defended his idea, before he turned to Uraraka who was chuckling at him. “What would you do, Uraraka-san?”

“Hmm…,” she thought for a moment and then she glanced over at Bakugo and smiled mischievously.

“I would follow those two to see how Bakugo-kun acts when it’s just the two of them!”

“You got a death wish, round face”, Bakugo snarled at her, but it was more out of habit and less because he really felt angry. Somehow, sitting so close to Kirishima was making him feel oddly content with himself and the world, and he could not even bring himself to lift his head from Kirishima’s shoulder.


Every team has had their turn, now, so they moved on to round two. The class had realized, though, that they probably would not be able to play until one of them reached the goal – they were just too many teams for that. So they decided to make the second round the last round, decide on intertemporal winners and eventually continue the game on another day.

Bakugo did not really pay much attention to the other teams’ turns. He just enjoyed feeling Kirishima’s warmth next to him and watch his reactions to the happenings of the game. Bakugo felt like he could go on doing only that for hours. Well, maybe not hours. There were definitely more interesting things Bakugo could do with Kirishima, somewhere else, somewhere it would be just the two of them…

Anyway, time passed and after only few really noteworthy events it was finally their turn again. This time, Bakugo let Kirishima draw the card.

“You wanna read?”, Kirishima asked him.

“What d’you think?”

Kirishima grinned at him before he read out the card’s content.

“Challenge 1: Say who you would like to change bodies with for a day.”

He grinned even wider, showing his beautiful sharp teeth when his eyes met Bakugo’s.

“That might be fun, huh,” he said, slightly blushing, and Bakugo smirked back at him.

“You bet.”

“Yeah, I think we got your answers,” Ashido sniggered, and their classmates agreed with amused or embarrassed looks and comments.


Kirishima went on reading the second challenge.

“’Challenge 2: Stare into each other’s eyes for one minute.’”

“Hahaha that’s what Midoriya did to Todoroki earlier,” Sero sniggered mockingly.

“Sero! It wasn’t a full minute,” Uraraka came to the heavily blushing Midoriya’s defense. Sero took out his smartphone to stop the time.

“Whenever you’re ready,” he grinned, and Bakugo snatched one of the chairs and put it next to one of the couches. He hinted Kirishima to sit down while he himself sat down on the couch’s armrest.

Sitting on the chair, Kirishima showed Bakugo a sheepish smile.

“We’re ready, Sero,” he said, and Sero started the countdown.

Just looking at each other for one minute would be too simple for a game, so Bakugo decided to glare at Kirishima as intensely as he could. Most people would have adverted their eyes at some point, but not Kirishima. He knew Bakugo was challenging him and Bakugo knew Kirishima was determined not to disappoint him. And he did not. It was very, very much fun observing Kirishima’s face getting redder and redder, though.

“…58, 59, and one minute! I think you can breathe again now, Kirishima,” Sero sniggered, and now Kirishima lost no time to finally look down, and he self-consciously rubbed his neck as if that could make the blood in his face flow back into his body. Bakugo showed him mercy by snatching the card and reading out the third challenge.



“‘Challenge 3: Play the Pocky Game.’”

Kirishima showed them his still red face when he glanced first at Bakugo, then at their classmates.

“Uhm do we even have… some here?”

“I don’t think we have,” Iida said, looking at the others who were shaking their heads with embarrassed, but mostly deploring expressions.

 “Argh, I should’ve thought of that!”, Sero exclaimed, slapping his forehead.

“I already ate mine some days ago,” Kaminari apologized.

“It doesn’t have to be a Pocky, does it?”

Everyone’s heads turned to Midoriya as he spoke. He countered their gazes with an embarrassed smile and red cheeks. “We could take something else. For example, the sugar plate from the cake.”

“HUH!?” Bakugo glared at him while Midoriya was already walking over to the cake.

How dare he bring up that fucking cake again!?

“I think we can cut off the sugar plate cleanly since it’s pretty thick. It’s a completely different shape than a pocky stick, yes, but it’s not the shape that’s important, just that they eat it together, right?”

“I think that’s a pretty cute idea!”, Ashido praised him. Bakugo frowned as Midoriya fixed his eyes on him.

“Kacchan, you weren’t just angry because you were embarrassed, were you?”

Bakugo squinted his eyes.

That fucking, stupid, nosy nerd.

“You just realized that we’d have to cut the heart later in order to eat it, and you didn’t like that, am I right?”

In the corner of his eye, Bakugo could see that Kirishima was looking at him surprised.

You don’t have to be a damn genius to realize that writing something stupid like a heart on something you plan to fucking cut into pieces is the sickest suicidal shit you could come up with, Bakugo thought, but saying that out loud would just mean that he admitted that Midoriya’s deduction had absolutely hit the mark.

“Nobody asked for your shitty opinion,” he growled, instead.

“Well Bakugo, we’re gonna go with it, so do it or you won’t get the points for this challenge,” Sero grinned at him.

Don’t you dare get all stuck-up with me!

“Yeah, we’ll do it, fine. But don’t think you can fucking order me ‘round, tape-face,” Bakugo growled.


“I know you like sweet stuff, but you fine with that, too?”, he asked Kirishima quietly, nodding into the direction of the cake. Kirishima beamed at him.

“No problem! If you don’t wanna eat a full half I can eat more if you like!” From the way he grinned excitedly from one ear to the other one could think there was nothing he liked better than pure sugar. Of course, Bakugo knew better.

“Gonna take your word for that,” Bakugo muttered. It was not that he did not like sweet things, he did, but he sure was not very keen on eating just sugar like that.

With a frown on his face Bakugo kept watch on Sato who had courageously began cutting off the heart from the cake. He wanted to growl a “If you break it you’re dead” at him, but he held himself back since he knew threats would not really help here. To his relief, the heart was safely removed without complications. Bakugo carefully took it and turned around to Kirishima who was smiling at him expectantly.

Like a dog waiting for a treat.

Bakugo grabbed Kirishima’s shirt with his free hand and teasingly poked his cheek with a finger of the hand holding the plate.

“Who’s a good boy?”, he purred, enjoying seeing the reaction his words evoked on Kirishima’s face.

Those poor cheeks really get no break, huh.

As Bakugo had anticipated, Kirishima’s mouth opened to search for a reply his brain did not send, and Bakugo seized the chance to stick the sugar plate into his mouth. Kirishima’s teeth and lips accepted it, startled, and then Bakugo bit into the sugar so close their lips might have brushed or not, and he bit it through hard, breaking the heart with a loud cracking sound without taking his eyes from Kirishima’s. While Kirishima was still staring at him, Bakugo comminuted the sweet plate in his mouth and swallowed with a smug smirk on his face. When Kirishima had finally remembered to do the same (without the smug smirk but with red cheeks), Sero said, “and third challenge’s clear, too! You rock, guys!”

“Ha. Who d’you think you’re talking to,” Bakugo shrugged his shoulders arrogantly and moved their piece six fields forward.

We’ve already won, losers.





*** *** ***





Chapter Text





When Jiro picked up a card, her expression made evident that the contents were rather embarrassing, and Kaminari’s expression when he read it, too, made it even more apparent. Midoriya was curious what kind of challenges would be written on it. He had completely forgotten that there were the ‘competition’ cards, too, until she announced she had drawn such a card.

“Oh great!”, Ashido rejoiced. “Whom you pick? Getting revenge on Bakugo!?”

“Oh no, please let’s not,” Kaminari said, aghast. He had changed into a dark red tank top that fit Jiro’s choker around his neck really well. On the other hand, Kaminari’s shirt was obviously too big on Jiro, but she somehow made it look fashionable either way with the way it was sliding down casually exposing her left shoulder. She had wisely tucked one side of the shirt into her hot-pants, so you could see she actually was wearing some underneath.

“Wasn’t going to, calm down,” Jiro reassured her partner. “How ‘bout Midoriya and Todoroki?”

“Huh? Us?”, Midoriya asked, surprised, and glanced at Todoroki who had slightly raised one eyebrow.

“Yeah that’s cool. We’ll take you two!”, Kaminari agreed cheerfully, gesturing them to come over.

“Okay…” Midoriya felt nervous again when he faced Kaminari and Jiro with Todoroki next to him.

“What’s the task?”, Todoroki asked the question Midoriya had been about to ask, too.

Jiro read from the card. “One team tells the other a word in secret and the other team has to enact it without speaking or making sounds. All other players beside the two pairs have to guess the word, and if they can’t, the miming team loses’.”

“Aaaah that sounds so fun!!”, Hagakure squealed and others agreed with loud cheers.

“So, in order to win we should name words that are difficult to guess or hard to act out, right?”, Midoriya thought out loud, looking at Todoroki at the end.

“This sure doesn’t sound like a game Bakugo’d enjoy very much,” Kaminari remarked with a side glance at Bakugo who was again more or less discretely snuggling up to Kirishima on the couch.


“’Kay then, challengers start! I’ll only stop time if we decide you’re taking too long to come up with words,” Sero told them, and then Midoriya nervously observed Kaminari and Jiro turning their backs at them and whispering about what word to choose.

Finally, they turned around and Kaminari approached them with a wide grin on his face.


“We have a word,” he whispered and made Midoriya stretch and Todoroki bow down so they both could hear.

“It’s ‘reconciliation.’”

“Uwah…,” Midoriya groaned quietly. He looked up to Todoroki as Kaminari, cheerfully humming, sashayed back to his place next to Jiro.

“Alright. We fight and then we reconcile.” Todoroki made it sound very simple.

“Yes, but we should spend more time on the reconciliation, so they know where the emphasis lies…”

“Okay. I’ll act stubborn and you have to convince me before we reconcile.”

“Eh?” Midoriya was not sure what exactly Todoroki meant by ‘convincing’. But, well, probably it would work.

 “O-okay let’s try that.”

“For example, there is a misunderstanding. I think you cheated on me and you have to convince me you didn’t. That you love only me and we don’t have to separate and fight over our three children’s custody.”

The setting’s getting more and more complicated!?

“O-oh okay, sure. I hope they’ll know what we mean…”

“I’m sure they will. Let’s begin.” Todoroki’s eyes were sparkling again.

Is it my imagination or are you actually looking forward to this a lot!?


“Okay we’re ready,” Midoriya announced to the class, and the surrounding chatter died away as everyone focused their attention on him and Todoroki.

Todoroki switched into professional actor-mode within the split of a second. The way he was glaring at Midoriya now sent shivers down his spine. He stomped towards Midoriya, grabbed his shoulders and shook him hard.

You are only acting, right!??

Midoriya quickly snapped out of his surprise and shook Todoroki’s hands off, trying to look angry, too. The way Sero and Uraraka were giggling somehow told him that he was not as gifted in acting as Todoroki was. He then flinched, surprised, when Todoroki feigned a slap right into his face and stomped away some meters, turning his back at him, arms crossed. He was clearly very angry, or, acting as if he was.

Okay, now it comes. Reconciliation, Midoriya thought and approached Todoroki.

Let’s reconcile.

Midoriya’s good, but silent intent only met Todoroki’s cold, and also silent shoulder.

How am I going to do this if he doesn’t look at me and I’m not allowed to talk!?

How do you reconcile without talking!? Is that even possible!?

He helplessly tucked at Todoroki’s sleeve. Todoroki did not even twitch. He just ignored him.


But what about our children!?

Midoriya felt the curious, attentive stares of his classmates, but he was honestly at a loss as to how to go from here.

I need to make him look at me, or we won’t be able to reconcile. But how do I get his attention?


He hesitantly grabbed Todoroki’s sleeve, again.

I’m sure Kacchan would just punch him or something, but I don’t think that would lead to reconciliation… and All Might… He would talk it out, and I’m sure that’s the best way, but I can’t do that right now.

His hand had found Todoroki’s back and started to draw circles without any clue what it was doing.

If this was real… If Todoroki thought that, for some reason I betrayed him… - (don’t think about that stupid family break-up setting for now!!) – if he really misunderstood me and hated me, what should I do…

He looked up at the back of Todoroki’s head. Suddenly, his beautiful two-colored hair, his slim neck, his broad shoulders – all about Todoroki seemed so lonely, and heartbreakingly sad.

I’d really hate that. A lot.

Don’t push me out. Don’t lock yourself in, again. I never want to see you like that again.

Midoriya did not even realize what he was doing until he felt Todoroki’s body twitch surprised in his embrace. Midoriya was nudging his face into Todoroki’s back, hugging him from behind. Just as their classmates’ gasps, cheers and whistles brought Midoriya back some awareness about how embarrassing what he was just doing was and making him quickly want to separate from Todoroki, Todoroki turned around and captured him in a passionate embrace. Todoroki was hugging him so tight Midoriya had trouble breathing, with his face pressed against Todoroki’s hot chest.

“T-Todoroki-kun,” he gasped, and Todoroki loosened his grip on him. Somehow, when Todoroki finally let go of him, he seemed reluctant, Midoriya thought. Was it only his imagination?


“Yeah, well. That’s it. Can you guess?” Midoriya let out a shaky laugh, hoping everything he and Todoroki did just now had not looked too strange and that it would not have been in vain.

“That was so cute!”, Ashido cheered.

“Todoroki’s acting was very impressing,” Tokoyami praised him earnestly, but when Bakugo, out of all people, added, “Yeeeeeah. It sure was convincing as fuck, wasn’t it half-‘n-half bastard. Who’d have thought,” it sounded very tongue-in-cheek, indeed.

“Eh? What do you mean, Kacch-,” Midoriya started but was interrupted by Todoroki’s unusually loud reply.

“Thank you, Bakugo.”

The way he said it did not sound like ‘thank you for the compliment’ but rather like ‘thank you for leaving it at that.’

“So what d’you think it was? Can we guess as many times we like?,” Kirishima asked. Midoriya noticed that his smile seemed just to get bigger and bigger the longer the game went on.

Maybe we should end this game quickly or he might need another face, Midoriya joked his mind, trying to distract himself from the undeniable fact that his heart was beating very fast. Much faster than it should be, anyway.

“As many times you like,” Sero gave permission. “I’ll just countdown if we can’t figure it out after a certain time.”

“’Kay then! It was ‘a fight’!”, Ashido suggested cheerfully.

Midoriya shook his head, smiling. That was the first answer he had expected from the start.

“Not a ‘lover’s quarrel’?”, Aoyama asked.

“’Break-up-talk,’” Shoji suggested, while Yaoyorozu voted for “a proposal!”


Finally, it was Tsuyu who got it right. “In the end, they settled their dispute, didn’t they? Was the word ‘reconciliation’?”

“Yeeees!” Midoriya felt thankful from the bottom of his heart for her quick-wittedness.

“I was starting to wonder if it was too hard to guess,” Todoroki said, apparently relieved.

“No, it made sense. That talk about your three children was really heartbreaking,” Kaminari remarked.

“Why do you even know that!?” Midoriya looked at him flabbergasted.

“Haha sorry, I kinda heard when you talked about it beforehand.”

“Ah, okay…”

“Not from my acting?” Todoroki looked so surprised that once again Midoriya could not tell if he was joking or not.

“It’s your turn to think of a word now,” Jiro reminded them.


“You know, Todoroki-kun,” Midoriya started in a whisper voice. “You, uhm, noticed, too, that Kaminari and Jiro probably like each other, right?”

“They do?” Todoroki looked intrigued. “To be honest, I considered the possibility earlier during this game for the first time. I didn’t really notice…” He looked lost in thought before he suddenly said, “Oh! Or maybe I did. That time when Jiro got so angry at me for,” he paused, and suddenly he seemed nervous. “For almost biting Kaminari…”

Oh. Biting. When he was a vampire.

When he needed blood.

And when I let him…-

Midoriya implored the blood in his body not to flow into his cheeks but the heat on his face told him it already was too late.

“A-anyway,” he stammered, “maybe we can give them a word that brings them closer? Well it’s like teasing them, but…”

“Sure. You have an idea?”

“…Honestly? I have. But it’s kind of mean, and it could be hard to guess, maybe.” Midoriya could not help grinning, and apparently that alone was enough to convince Todoroki. He smiled.

“Go for it.”


They turned around, and their opponents came closer with worried looks on their faces.

“What’s the word?”, Kaminari asked nervously. Midoriya felt a little sorry for him, he really did. But he was doing it for their sake – like a hero, right?


He had only whispered the word, making sure no one else would be able to hear, but he knew instantly that both Kaminari and Jiro had heard him right just by the way their expressions changed.

“Huh? A-affection?” Kaminari looked as if that word was not part of his vocabulary.

“Th-that’s pretty… How could they possibly guess that?”, Jiro stammered, and her expression showed a mixture of reproach and pleading.

“Nice,” Todoroki praised Midoriya with a hint of a smile, and they distanced themselves a bit so that the other pair would have enough space to act.

“You ready? Then let’s see,” Sero shouted cheerfully, and both Kaminari and Jiro were apparently too flustered to notice they could ask for more time to discuss what to do, like Midoriya had done with Todoroki beforehand.

Now they were standing there, Kamainari helplessly staring at Jiro with a red face, and Jiro trying not to look too intimidated while she did not even dare look at Kaminari’s face.


“…Yes?”, Iida asked encouragingly.

“You already acting? Let’s just start guessing then,” Ashido suggested merrily. “I say “being awkward’!”

Kaminari vigorously shook his head, giving Ashido an irritated look, and then, finally, he seemed to have made up his mind. He stepped up to Jiro, and she finally looked at him, startled and blushing, when he awkwardly put his hand on top of her head.

They stared at each other as if they were both face-to-face with an alien. Their classmates cheered, and Midoriya happily clapped.

“Praising? Praising a child?”, Uraraka asked.

“No, a girlfriend!”, Hagakure cheered.

“No, a dog.” That was Tokoyami.

“It’s Jesus Christ!”, Aoyama exclaimed, and he seemed utterly surprised when Kaminari and Jiro simultaneously slapped their foreheads. “It’s not? Hmm…”

But thanks to Aoyama, the pair had finally managed to get over their initial nervous stiffness. Midoriya watched, stumped, as Jiro hesitantly took Kaminari’s hand, and rather boldly placed it against her cheek. Before she had time to blush even more, she quickly put her other hand on where Kaminari’s heart most likely was about to jump out of his chest. Both of them seemed to have forgotten how to breathe as they stared at each other with a mixture of fear and fascination.

Meanwhile, the classmates who were not caught up in squealing or cheering jauntily went on guessing.

“Reunion!” - “I know! It’s ‘flirting! Oh, wrong?” – “Lovers!” - “Caressing?” – “Being close? Being together?” “A couple! No?” “Love? Or other feelings...” -  “Happiness? Warmth? Affection?”

“YEEESS!” Kaminari exclaimed glowingly, and Jiro quickly let go of him, looking as if she thought she needed a one-week-break from Kaminari now. Nevertheless, she gave Yaoyorozu who had guessed the word right a thankful thumbs-up.

“We should’ve guessed that earlier,” Sero grinned. “You performed it so convincingly.”

“Yeah, you did,” Ashido grinned. “Thanks for that treat, Midoriya, Todoroki!”

“It was Midoriya’s idea,” Todoroki said, but for some reason he looked proud, making Midoriya’s heart beat faster again when their eyes met.


It was Kaminari and Jiro’s turn again to think of a word, and when they did, it was the meanest word they could have thought of, ever. The way Jiro was smirking at Midoriya was telling him that it had been her smart idea.

“Jiro. Are you really serious!?”

“You bet I’m serious. What, it’s no big deal, right? ‘Breastfeeding?’”

Midoriya was sure he did not want to see what kind of expression Todoroki was making next to him.

Impossible. Enacting that would be… IMBPOSSIBLY EMBARRASSING!!!

“…I’m sorry, Todoroki-kun,” Midoriya muttered without daring to look at him, because he knew his face was probably bright red. “I’m sorry but I think that’s too embarrassing, I’d like to give up.”

“No problem.”

Surprised, Midoriya looked at Todoroki who was warmly smiling down at him.

“It’s a game. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something you don’t have to do it,” he said calmly, and Midoriya just felt so thankful, though also still embarrassed all the same.


“You won’t do it? That’s a shame,” Kaminari grinned at them, and Jiro announced to their classmates in a loud voice: “They give up. It’s our win.”

“Ohooo?” Sero raised his eyes, intrigued. “What was the term if I may ask?”

“’Breastfeeding’,” Jiro said gleefully, and Midoriya made sure not to meet anyone’s eyes as he quickly walked over to the open space on the couch. When he heard Bakugo’s jeering voice, he reflexively looked at him, though.

“Ha. Fucking wimp.” Bakugo was leaning back on the couch with his arm on Kirishima’s shoulder as if he was the king of the world, the couch his throne, and Kirishima his domestic red leopard.

“Would you’ve done it, Bakugo?”, Ashido exclaimed, enthralled, and Bakugo snarled, “yeah I know you’d like to see that pervert racoon eyes.”


“So eight points for Kaminari and Jiro and only one for Midoriya and Todoroki. Actually Kaminari and Jiro are leading now, I just noticed!”, Sero announced, and there was a disdainful snort coming from Bakugo’s direction, ” but it’s your turn now, you two, so you can still catch up maybe.”

“Only if it’s a competition card,” Midoriya laughed as he picked a card.

It was not.

“’First challenge: Make one sentence where the two of you alternately say a word.’ Ah okay. So…” Midoriya paused to look at Todoroki. “I’ll start, okay?” Todoroki nodded.

“Today,” he began.

“Midoriya,” Todoroki continued, and Midoriya and some others laughed before he went on.

M: “has”

T: “plans”

M: “to”

T: “eat”

M: “dinner”

T: “with”

M: “his”

T: “faithful”

M: “….!???”

Faithful!? Faithful…

M: “…servant?”

T: “Todoroki.”

“…Huh!?”, Midoriya looked at Todoroki surprised before he burst out laughing with everyone else. Todoroki looked at him happily.


“Okay,” Midoriya said when their laughter had calmed down, picking up the card again. “’Second challenge: Say one pick-up line each to your partner’…arghhh!?”

He heard Ashido whistle as Todoroki leaned so close as if he wanted to kiss him, making Midoriya’s heart skip a beat.

“If I’d ask you out on a date,” Todoroki started in a low voice, staring into his eyes. Midoriya stared back, and his heart seemed to have stopped completely. Todoroki’s eyes wandered down, and Midoriya wondered if Todoroki was looking at his mouth, when all of a sudden Todoroki’s eyes were looking straight at him, again, and he continued, “would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?”


Midoriya had no idea what Todoroki had just asked him.

Iida quickly and not very successfully tried to solve the riddle.

 “If you’d ask him out on a date, would the answer… so if he’d say yes to the first question, it would be yes for the second, too, but if the first is no, it would be yes for the second, still? No, it would be… no? No, it would be…”

“Sorry, it’s not my own,” Todoroki apologized. “Someone said it to me before and I remembered it, because it had me thinking for quite a while. I like riddles.”

“Someone tried to pick you up!?”, Tokoyami asked, aghast.

“That’s not too surprising now, is it? He’s very good-looking, after all,” Uraraka argued.

“But, Todoroki’s flirting’s scary, dude,” Kaminari said, looking horrified, and Ashido, Mineta and Kirishima loudly agreed with him.

“Ha. More like fucking boring,” Bakugo snorted which made Tsuyu reprimand him, “That’s not true at all! It was very, very attractive I think, wasn’t it Yaoyorozu-chan,” and Yaoyorozu shyly nodded with red cheeks.

 “Y-yes, it kind of made my heart pound faster,” Midoriya admitted with a shaky laugh.

“Really?” Todoroki looked at him with big eyes.

“Y-yeah,” Midoriya repeated, embarrassed. “Though I’m not quite sure if it even matters what words you say. I’m sure you’re a natural, Todoroki-kun.”

“I don’t think so,” Todoroki said quietly, but before Midoriya could ask him, why, Sero urged them to continue.

“Your turn now, Midoriya!”

“Uwah, haha, okay… Uhm…”

Pick-up lines? I can’t say I’ve ever even thought about saying one…

“Let’s see… I don’t really know any so I’ll just say, something… nice? Or… uhm…”

He looked at Todoroki, and felt ultimately stupid when he stammered, “S-since you’re very p-pretty, w-would you- would you like to eat dinner with me Todoroki-kun?”

Todoroki smiled at him warmly. Apparently, Midoriya’s pick-up line had not been smooth enough to make his heart skip beats.

“Gladly,” he answered in a soft voice. “After all, I’m your ‘faithful servant’ and you already promised me, right?”


Two challenges cleared, one challenge left. Midoriya picked up the card again with nervous fingers.

“’Third challenge: Let your partner paint one of your finger nails’…huhh,” Midoriya sighed, feeling relieved. “Okay, that’s a bit weird but I feel like the second challenge was much harder.”

“Can I paint yours?”, Todoroki asked him hopefully, and his eyes were sparkling again.

“Haha, okay…”

Hagakure quickly went to fetch her nail polish, and then Midoriya watched nervously as Todoroki carefully painted the nail of Midoriya’s ring finger pink.

“It’s done,” Todoroki said.

 “Don’t touch it, Deku-kun, it needs to dry first,” Uraraka warned Midoriya, and he heeded her advice as others approached him, too, to admire Todoroki’s skillful work.


As they had decided beforehand, they made Uraraka and Iida’s turn the last one for today. When they had finished, the pair with the most points was indeed Kaminari and Jiro with 15 points, followed by Bakugo and Kirishima with 14 and Midoriya and Todoroki with 13 points.

“Ha. Just ‘cause you were too fucking scared to challenge us, losers,” Bakugo snorted, and then they put away the game to finally eat the cake.

As Midoriya had expected, it was very, very delicious.





*** *** ***




Chapter Text





It was a nice party. It really was. Kirishima enjoyed every minute of it, he was thankful to their friends and glad they could spend a fun time together.

Nevertheless, he was kind of distracted by Bakugo acting increasingly flirty whenever no one paid attention to the two of them – and more than once even when someone did, in consequence making not only Kirishima but a lot of people blush at his brazenness.

And finally, when everyone started cleaning up, Bakugo grabbed his hand, whispering, “It’s ‘bout fucking time,” and just dragged him out of the living room.

“Where’re you two going?”, Kaminari asked, his head protruding from the doorframe.

“Gym,” Bakugo answered briskly without stopping in his tracks.

“Work-out, now!? You know it’s not long ‘til dinner, right?”

“This won’t take long so fuck off dunce face.” Now Bakugo stopped, turning around to Kaminari.

“Unless you wanna join, dense perv?”

Kirishima was sure his face got at least as red as Kaminari’s as both of them realized at last what kind of ‘work-out’ Bakugo had in mind.

“Oh, ah, uhm. S-sorry, n-never mind,” Kaminari stammered and flied back into the living room.

“Not like I’d let him, anyway” Bakugo sneered at his back.






“Y-you sure Bakugo,” Kirishima panted as Bakugo pushed him into one of the gym’s shower cabins. “What if someone comes-”

“No one’s gonna come,” Bakugo shushed him, and the next second, he was already kissing him.

“B-Bakugo-“ The feeling of Bakugo’s tongue in his mouth made Kirishima forget what he was about to say next. He wrapped his arms around Bakugo, kissing him back passionately.

“Been thinking ‘bout this,” Bakugo pants, “during the whole fucking game.”

“M-me too,” Kirishima admitted with a sheepish laugh before his mouth was being occupied by Bakugo’s again. When he slipped his hands under Bakugo’s tank top, Bakugo surprised him by just taking it off altogether before he impatiently pulled on Kirishima’s shirt. Kirishima quickly raised his arms and Bakugo removed the shirt before he attacked Kirishima’s mouth again. While they kissed, they greedily explored each other’s naked skin with their hands.

Kirishima felt Bakugo’s thigh against his groin and knew Bakugo could tell he was already hard. When Bakugo moved his head to look down at where his hands were fiddling to open the belt Kirishima was wearing, Kirishima switched to kissing Bakugo’s face, wandering from his cheeks down to the side of his neck. He felt Bakugo slightly tremble and knew that it had the desired effect on him. He could taste the sweetness of Bakugo’s sweat, making him hungry for more.






Bakugo had managed to open Kirishima’s belt and pants, and he felt Kirishima shudder when Bakugo touched his erection through the thin fabric of his boxer shorts.

“Did this react during the game, too?” Bakugo sneered at him, but it was not quite convincing since a surprised moan escaped his mouth right after when he felt Kirishima’s tongue on his nipple.

“Just a bit.” Bakugo could not see him blush as Kirishima persistently went on licking and sucking his nipple.

“You a fucking baby- ah,” Bakugo moaned with his eyes closed, when Kirishima’s hands started touching his groin and butt. Heat flushed his body, and he instantly got hard under Kirishima’s touch.

“Who’s the one who said he’d give birth to our child,” Kirishima mumbled against Bakugo’s chest.

“You little shit, I never said that-” Bakugo gasped as his pants and underwear got pushed down, allowing his aroused dick to pop out, and simultaneously he felt Kirishima’s sharp teeth softly touch the skin around his nipple. Riled up, Bakugo, too, removed the unneeded cloth holding back Kirishima’s erection and grabbed it. Kirishima flinched but did not stop licking and slobbering all over Bakugo’s chest.

“Y’know,” Bakugo purred breathlessly, “when I first saw this I was pissed as fuck ‘cause it’s bigger than mine. But now,” he pressed his own manhood against Kirishima’s, “that’s just fine with me. After all,” he clasped both with his hand and slowly started rubbing, “this one’s mine now, too. Now that I have you I’m gonna fucking hog you whole.””

“B-Bakugo,” Kirishima wheezed, and his tongue found his way back into Bakugo’s mouth with a vehemence that made Bakugo stumble backwards, and as Kirishima pushed him against the wall Bakugo’s arm accidently turned on the shower water. Thankfully it was summer, so the water was warm, and they just ignored the fact that the clothes they were still half wearing as well as their discarded shirts on the floor were getting wet.

Bakugo’s free hand roamed through Kirishima’s hair again and again while his other worked their erections that were getting increasingly slick with precum. Their mouths were busy exchanging feverish kisses. While kneading Bakugo’s butt, Kirishima’s hands were slowly pushing forward into dangerous territory, until finally he panted in a nervous and almost pleading voice, “Bakugo, c-can I-“

“Just one,” Bakugo indulged him, when actually he even felt relieved when Kirishima asked. He had felt a strange kind of unnerving itchiness somewhere deep inside for some time now, and when Kirishima carefully pushed a finger into Bakugo’s hole, shoving deeper inside, Bakugo muffled a sigh against Kirishima’s cheek. He had felt a slight pain in his butt the whole day, but strangely, it seemed to have completely gone away now. In fact, Bakugo found himself wanting even more stimulation.

“Changed my mind,” he panted into Kirishima’s ear. “One more.”

Kirishima did not hesitate, and Bakugo gasped as he felt a second finger enter him.

Hmm,” Bakugo ecstatically moaned, and then he just kind of softly chomped on Kirishima’s cheek to muffle all the other moans following while he moved his hips back and forth, unable to decide whether he wanted to reach more pressure on his front or get Kirishima’s fingers even deeper into his behind. Fortunately, he was not in this alone. Kirishima pressed him hard against the wall, and when all of a sudden he gently, but purposefully started to insert a third finger, Bakugo was surprised at himself how much he craved it.

“K-Kiri-….-shimaa… so good-…” His voice sounded like a whine. It was a sound normally Bakugo would never allow to come out of his mouth, but now he just did not care, he was feeling too aroused. Kirishima was breathing faster now. They exchanged more sloppy kisses and Bakugo knew he was close now. Apparently, Kirishima was, too.

“B-Bakugo, I’m-,“ he wheezed, and Bakugo moaned, “Hmm, me too,” he sped up the movement of his hand and then they climaxed nearly at the same time. Bakugo slid down to the ground, exhausted, and Kirishima did the same, and although he was breathing heavily, too, he nudged his head against Bakugo’s neck to continue kissing him as if he did not know how to stop. His hand fondled Bakugo’s hair while his other hand was still holding on to Bakugo’s butt.

“Bakugo… Bakugo… I love you,” he breathed, and Bakugo’s whole body stiffened as his heart tightened. Kirishima did not seem to notice as he went on showering Bakugo’s neck with gentle kisses. “I love you so much Bakugo, you’re so pretty… I’m never letting you go, you’re mine,” he whispered. Then the kisses stopped, and Kirishima flinched as he probably realized what he just said. Bakugo did not let him get embarrassed or depressed about it, though. He grabbed his chin and jerked it upwards, so their eyes met.

“You just don’t get it, shitty hair, do you,” he growled at him in between the panting that was still coming out of his mouth heavily. “I’m not yours. You’re mine.”

The way the expression on Kirishima’s red face changed told Bakugo that he had chosen the right words.







When Kirishima and Bakugo entered the dining room, late and in obviously wet clothes, Kaminari looked at them as if walking around in wet clothes was the worst possible act of shamelessness he could possibly imagine. Of course, he knew what they had been up to, so that probably exculpated the extreme degree of embarrassed outrage on his face.

“What happened to you two!?”, Ashido exclaimed. “You went swimming with your clothes!?”

“There’s no lake near here,” Aoyama remarked precociously.

“Playing with water, then?”, Ashido went on guessing.

 “Like what, with water pistols and stuff?”, Ojiro asked in disbelief.

“At your age!?”, Mineta sneered at them, and Hagakure commented, “how cute!”

“Ha. Yeaah… Something like that,” Bakugo sneered at them and Kirishima quickly busied himself with putting rice on his plate, glad that no one could see his face right now as he was facing the wall.






“But seriously, you two gonna act like this from now on!? Have you no shame!?


“Please tell me that was the answer to my first question!”

“Like hell it was,” Bakugo sneered into Kaminari’s shocked face. Kirishima could not help thinking that Kaminari deserved a medal for how doughtily he was sitting here, still eating dinner with them despite clearly feeling a lot of discomfort about their company. On the other hand, not fazed at all seemed to be Sero who was sitting next to him.

“Just don’t let Aizawa-sensei catch you,” he sniggered while he cheerfully chewed his food.

“Mind your own damn business,” Bakugo told him, and his eyes met Kirishima’s, making him blush, again.

“Don’t worry,” Sero said nonchalantly, “It’s not that much fun teasing you anymore.” He shrugged his shoulders, but then he grinned. “It was a lot of fun doing it when the two of you didn’t know yet your feelings weren’t one-sided. Especially seeing how Bakugo tried to act all smug while in fact he was freaking out was really funny!”

“Shut the fuck up, tape-arms,” Bakugo growled at him, but Kirishima asked, “What d’you mean?”

Sero propped his elbows on the table and leaned forward with a gleeful smirk on his face.

“Guess Bakugo didn’t fill you in on the gaps in your memory. Yesterday morning. You woke up on the couch and I teased you, remember?”

“Huh!?” Kirishima remembered. Of course, he remembered.

“The reason why I was so sure you two did some naughty things together was not only because we watched you leave the room, I also clearly remember how you came back.”

“How I… came back?”, Kirishima repeated. Sero was right. That was not part of his memory.

“Yeah. Bakugo carried you. It looked like Midoriya made him do it-“

“Like hell he did, I’d have done that even without-,” Bakugo interrupted him but was interrupted himself by Kirishima’s outcry of surprise.

“WHAT!? Midoriya- he-“

“Shh, calm the fuck down he didn’t catch us,” Bakugo snarled at him irritated.

“Catch you? Doing what!?”, Kaminari asked aghast, but Bakugo ignored him, and Sero took the floor again.

“Yeah, so he came in, carrying you like it was nothing and casually dumping you onto the couch-“

“Unto me,” Kaminari remarked with indignancy. “’Cause of you I totally freaked out when I woke up! I thought-“

“As if, dunce face, keep dreaming,” Bakugo snarled at him rattily, and Kirishima laughed.


Anyway,” Sero grinned. “Bakugo acted all composed but when Midoriya hinted him to talk outside he did not dare say no, huh, Bakugo?”

Bakugo just glared at Sero, and so Kirishima asked him, nervously and not without blushing, “What exactly… What exactly did you talk to him about? What did he…?”

Bakugo sighed, irritated.

“After you passed out and I… started sobering up again, that damn nerd came to the toilets. I would’ve ignored him, but the little shit knew I was there, and that you were with me.”

“Uhm guys…,” Kaminari interrupted him awkwardly. “Is it okay for us to hear this? Should we leave?”

“I don’t care what you do,” Bakugo answered briskly, and Kirishima laughed embarrassed.

“But maybe I do,” he said, nervously.

“Too bad your cares are not as important as your boyfriend’s,” Sero sniggered, and Kirishima blushed hard at the word boyfriend.

“The fucking nerd said stupid shit like ‘I won’t ask what you were doing ‘cause I can kinda figure,’” Bakugo snorted mockingly, “but believe me that stick-in-the-mud could never. No worries there.”

“Guys,” Kaminari sighed embarrassed, and Sero sniggered, “If you say that much you gotta tell us the details Bakugo!”

“Ha. You wish,” Bakugo smirked at them before returning his gaze to Kirishima’s red cheeks.


“Whatever. He asked me what exactly I was planning to do with you - in a more general sense -, and though it was nosy and annoying at fuck, it got me thinking ‘n stuff. Guess that was one of the reasons why I- when you, you know.”


You mean why you rejected me.

“But it’s not really the nerd’s fault, ‘kay? Though I’m not denying his damn nosiness didn’t exactly help. I just…,” he glared at Sero angrily,” yeah guess I did freak out just a fucking tiny bit.”

Kirishima stared at him. He would never have expected Bakugo to admit something like this.

“Wow. So you admit it,” Sero raised his brows at Bakugo, apparently surprised, too.

“Fuck off. I wasn’t talking to you anyway,” Bakugo snarled at him, and Kirishima laughed.

No. He admitted it for me.

He suppressed the urge to hug and kiss him.

“Thank you, Bakugo,” he said quietly and just smiled at him happily, instead. Bakugo answered with a soft snort as he carried on with his meal.

After dinner, class 1-A decided to watch a movie together, again. This time not a horror movie, though, but some kind of action thriller. Kirishima definitely enjoyed this one more. The movie was not boring, not at all, but Kirishima’s attention drifted away at some point nevertheless. He felt sleepy. He had his arm around Bakugo who was sitting leaned against the armrest with his legs nestled in and over Kirishima’s lap, and feeling Bakugo’s warmth made him feel so cozy that he fell asleep eventually.






The movie was over, and the students went to brush their teeth and prepare to go to bed.

Midoriya remained sitting on the couch, glancing over at the other couch were Bakugo and Kirishima had fallen asleep cuddling. Bakugo’s half bent legs were spread over Kirishima’s lap, and his head rested on Kirishima’s head which rested on Bakugo’s shoulder. One of Kirishima’s arms was loosely wrapped around Bakugo while resting on the armrest.

I’d never imagined that the day would come where I actually find myself thinking Kacchan looks cute…

Kirishima-kun, too, though he’s drooling, haha…

Kaminari and Ashido were whispering while cheerfully taking pictures of the sleeping couple with their smartphones. Then, Kaminari courageously approached Bakugo and carefully tugged at his shirt.

“Bakugo,” Midoriya heard him say under his breath. As expected of Bakugo, it did not need more than this to wake him. He glared at Kaminari through drowsy eyes.

“Sorry for waking you, bro, but I thought you might wanna continue sleeping in the sleeping room. And,” Kaminari sniggered, “if you don’t hurry you’ll have Kirishima’s drool all over you.”

Bakugo made a sleepy, annoyed noise, and glanced down at Kirishima’s face. Indeed, it looked as if it was only a matter of seconds until the drool running out of Kirishima’s opened mouth down his chin would drip on Bakugo’s chest.

Bakugo lowered his head and casually licked the drool from Kirishima’s lips and chin, and the act startled Kaminari so hard he stumbled backwards and fell on his butt.

“Oh my gosh,” Ashido giggled. “Should’ve taken a video of that.”

Bakugo ignored her and pinched Kirishima’s nose before caressing his ear.

“Wake up, shitty hair,” he mumbled, and Kirishima woke up. Ashido and Kaminari were evidently impressed, and Midoriya knew why: It was general knowledge that Kirishima was a heavy sleeper and it was rather difficult to wake him up.

“…akugo…?”, Kirishima mumbled sleepily as he slowly looked from him to the others in disorientation.

“Teeth brushing. And then sleeping room,” Bakugo explained the basics. Apparently, he was too sleepy to make whole sentences. Fortunately, Kirishima did not need further details.

“Ah, right.. Thanks,” he said, directing a hazy smile at Kaminari, and then he shuffled after Bakugo out of the living room.


Later, when they were all lying in their futons and Iida had turned out the lights, Midoriya heard soft rustling, and from the dim silhouettes he could discern in the dark he concluded that Kirishima was now no longer lying in his own futon.

Bakugo had only snorted when Kaminari had admonished them earlier, saying, “don’t do strange things, ‘kay? I’m lying right next to you so that really wouldn’t be funny, y’know!?”, but Midoriya was quite sure that not even Bakugo was as audacious as trying to do ‘naughty things’ with his boyfriend while they were in a not very big room together with twelve other boys. So, no need to worry…right?

Somehow, Midoriya’s cheeks still felt very hot. He tried to calm down by looking at Todoroki’s calm, beautiful sleeping face, but it did not exactly have the desired effect. If anything, it made Midoriya’s heart pound even faster.

What is this!? Is this what they call hormones? The emotional turmoil of puberty!?

Maybe I should ask someone about it tomorrow…

He closed his eyes, but for some reason he could not get Todoroki’s face out of his mind.





*** *** ***




Chapter Text





He was sitting on a canopy bed that was standing in a sea of red and white roses.

There was nothing else, just roses, filling the space into every direction and blurring into the distant sunset.

Midoriya looked down at his hands and noticed that the scars were gone.

I’m dreaming, he realized.

Okay. Calm, now, or you’ll wake up.

Midoriya had not experienced a lucid dream for a long time. The last time he remembered was when he had just entered U. A. But he recognized the feeling. The delight at the knowledge that this world was his now, and he would be able to control it to a certain degree as long as he was careful not to accidently wake up.

I want to talk to Todoroki.

The thought was there before he had even started thinking about how he could make the best use of this dream.

And Todoroki was sitting before his eyes on the bed before Midoriya even had time to wonder what he wanted to talk to him about.

“Midoriya. So, it’s me you want, huh.”

Midoriya blushed and stared at him surprised. “What…?”

“You know that dreams show you what you want, don’t you?”

“Ah, yes of course, but…”

“Come with me. I have something I’d like to show you.”


When Midoriya jumped out of the bed to hurry after Todoroki, suddenly their surroundings changed, and they were standing in the inn’s toilet room.

“Todoroki-kun? What are we doing here?”

Todoroki was standing in front of one of the toilet cabins and hinted Midoriya to come closer.

Midoriya walked over, and when Todoroki nodded at him with an illegible expression on his face, Midoriya nervously opened the door.


When he stepped into the cabin, suddenly it disappeared, and he was standing in a dark forest.

“To- Todoroki-kun!”, he squeaked and turned around, but Todoroki had disappeared, too.

Instead, there were other people he knew.

Not too far from him, Bakugo was pressing Kirishima to a tree. The chain of the handcuffs between their wrists made soft rattling sounds, and they did not take notice of Midoriya as they were too busy kissing each other with a passion that almost made Midoriya’s knees buckle just from the sight of it.

What are they- is this what happened during the dare!? Why am I seeing this- I mean, why would I dream about them!?

He flinched hard when suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. When he turned around, he was relieved to see it was Todoroki.

“T-Todoroki-kun where’ve you-,” he started but stopped, and his eyes widened when Todoroki wordlessly began opening the buttons of Midoriya’s shirt.

“What…?” Unable to process what Todoroki was doing to him, Midoriya neither asked him what he was doing, nor did he ask Todoroki to stop, and in the next moment Midoriya’s shirt was hanging open. He could not bring himself to look away from Todoroki’s eyes that were now burning red with feverish desire, and Midoriya watched him lower his mouth to his neck – and felt two sharp fangs digging into his skin and flesh and unbearable heat surging through his body.

Vampire fangs!?

Is this-

Todoroki lifted his head and looked at Midoriya. His eyes had regained their natural colors, and blood was running down his chin.

When Todoroki asked him, the expression on his face was sorrow.

“Why don’t you remember?”


“…Eh…remember… remember what?”, Midoriya asked him weakly. Todoroki did not answer him. Instead, his face came closer and closer.

What do you want me to remember?

Just as Midoriya thought he was going to fall into Todoroki’s deep eyes, he felt something on his lips.

Todoroki was kissing him.

And suddenly, Midoriya knew that this was not the first time.

Did this actually happen before? How did I forget!? And why?


But there was no time to ask questions as Todoroki did not leave it at one kiss, and then Todoroki’s kisses got more and more aggressive, and now he even pushed Midoriya down onto the forest ground.

Wait. It was not a forest ground anymore, they were back to the canopy bed amidst the sunset flower field.

“T-Todoroki-kun,” Midoriya gasped, trying to get the words out in between Todoroki’s insistent kisses that made him feel all lightheaded. „What are you, mhm, doing!?”

At last, Todoroki stopped, looking at him through sincere eyes. Then he said:

“We’re going to make a baby.”


All of a sudden, Todoroki touched a place of Midoriya’s body that made him realize his pants as well as his underwear had disappeared. Midoriya panicked while at the same time, he felt himself react instantly to Todoroki’s touch. He felt incredibly aroused.

“Wa-wa-wa-wait!”, he objected, flustered. Untypical for Todoroki, he just ignored Midoriya’s plead and went on caressing Midoriya’s most private parts while his tongue ran down the place on Midoriya’s neck where he had bitten him earlier.

“Why’re you doing this- this doesn’t make sense- you know guys can’t even get pregnant in the first place!” Midoriya squeaked hysterically, unaware that he was quoting Mineta.


Todoroki stopped licking his neck and looked at him, surprised.

“What do you mean, Midoriya? Bakugo gave birth to his fifth child yesterday. See?”

Midoriya jerked his head at where Todoroki was pointing.


He saw Bakugo, sitting on a throne amidst the roses and wearing a crown, while he was breastfeeding a tiny blond baby that had big red eyes and very distinctive small sharp teeth. Indeed, behind him, the obvious father Kirishima was leaning on the throne. One of his hands was caressing Bakugo’s face while he kept watch over four other small children with black or ash-blond hair who were running around in circles, chuckling merrily or shouting and making angry explosions like tiny lunatics. The expression on Kirishima’s face was tender but alert, as if he was ready to protect his family any time should the need arise.

Midoriya’s eyes returned to Bakugo. When he squinted, he could see that there really was a white liquid flowing out of his naked nipple, glittering in the rays of the setting sun.


Midoriya stared at Todoroki again who was smiling at him warmly.

“This doesn’t make sense, Todoroki-kun. We’re all only high school students. The oldest of those kids is at least four, and Kacchan didn’t even know Kirishima before we came to U. A.”

“What makes you so sure of that,” Todoroki asked, but he did not wait for Midoriya’s answer. He just kissed him, again, and now Midoriya could clearly feel that Todoroki was aroused, too, when something hard touched his own bare erection through Todoroki’s pants.

This is crazy, Midoriya thought hazily. I’m having a- an erotic dream of Todoroki…

Midoriya gasped when Todoroki’s hand wandered down to unbolt his own pants. He felt his mouth water.

Really erotic, indeed…


Suddenly, the sunset sky clouded up with dark red smoke and then, it was night and bright stars were shining down on Midoriya. He turned his head and glanced to his side. The roses had disappeared, instead everything was now full of red poppies, and fireflies roamed about like slow, disoriented shooting stars.

He noticed vaguely that the small baby and the children were gone, and so was Bakugo’s throne and his crown. But he and Kirishima were still there, making out as if it was their dream. For some reason they seemed to be wearing different clothes than before, or at least, half-wearing.

Midoriya noticed suddenly that Todoroki was neither kissing nor touching him anymore, and when his eyes searched for him they did not find him. He sat up in the bed, confused.




Midoriya turned his head at the direction he heard Todoroki’s voice come from. There he was, but he, too, was suddenly wearing different clothes, and he looked at Midoriya as if he was surprised to see him. Then, Todoroki’s eyes wandered down on him, and he blushed.

The rare sight of seeing Todoroki blushing made Midoriya stare at him for a few seconds in a daze until he realized that, sitting on the canopy bed like a damsel in distress, he was wearing nothing but a shirt that was not even buttoned up.

“Uwaah!” He quickly started closing the buttons with shaky fingers, starting from the bottom. Fortunately, the shirt he was wearing was quite long.


Meanwhile, Todoroki was looking at Bakugo and Kirishima making out in the flowerbed as if he had just noticed them now.

“Why are they in my dream?”, he asked, obviously surprised.

Midoriya stared at him, perplexed.

“What are you saying, Todoroki-kun?”

“Huh?” Todoroki’s gaze turned to him again. Midoriya was feeling oddly nervous all of a sudden. It was a different kind of nervousness than before – somehow, it felt too real.

“I mean… this, here, this is my dream, isn’t it?”

Todoroki’s reaction just told Midoriya that there was no way this was just his dream anymore. He was staring at him as if he was thinking hard and fast. And why would Midoriya dream about Todoroki thinking?

“…I don’t think so,” Todoroki finally said, and his expression was a mixture of worry and embarrassment. Midoriya wished he had anything else to wear besides his shirt, but his pants and underwear showed no signs of reappearing.


With the courage born from despair – or more likely, embarrassment – Midoriya jumped out of the bed and shouted:



First, there was silence.

Then, he heard an angry “HUUH!?”, and Bakugo’s face popped out of amidst the poppies, glaring at him angrily with red cheeks.

“Kacchan, Kirishima-kun! I think something strange’s happening,” Midoriya squeaked, and while he did he was increasingly sure that this really was not his dream anymore at all.


Now, Kirishima became visible, too (though he was extremely well camouflaged amidst the red poppies surrounding him), and Midoriya bashfully adverted his eyes when Kirishima slipped into the shirt which apparently, he had not been wearing anymore. Which was a stupid thing to do, Midoriya realized, after all they all saw Kirishima shirtless all the time when he was in his hero outfit.

When Bakugo indifferently stood up however, without any qualms about showing his own naked upper body to them, Midoriya decided that adverting his eyes was not a stupid thing to do after all. There were bitemarks all over Bakugo’s chest, hinting at the high possibility that what he and Kirishima had been doing in the flowers could not have been much more chaste than what Midoriya had been dreaming about up until now.

It was a dream, right…

Midoriya did not dare look at Todoroki.

It was a dream, meaning if this is the real Todoroki, he doesn’t know. I’m sure he didn’t see.

But wait.

But, did they…?


“What the fuck’s happening, Deku.”

Midoriya jerked his head at Bakugo when he growled at him, standing in front of the bed, naked from the waist upwards, and behind him Kirishima was approaching him, too. He was slightly out of breath and his cheeks were matching the color of his hair and the scenery.

“Midoriya!? Why d’you look like this!? Where are…,” Kirishima did not finish his sentence and just stared at him, flabbergasted. Bakugo frowned even more when he saw Todoroki.

“Even half-‘n-half…”

Said person was just slipping out of his shirt without warning and held it out to Midoriya, looking unusually agitated.

“Midoriya, would you mind covering yourself with this?”

“Eh!? With… your shirt, are you sure!?” Midoriya stared at him with big, embarrassed eyes, but Todoroki was not meeting his gaze. He just nodded emphatically.

“Th-hank you…” Wrapping Todoroki’s shirt around his waist when he was not even wearing any underwear must be the most oddly embarrassing thing Midoriya had ever done before.


Bakugo clearly did not give a shit about what Midoriya was wearing or not wearing. He frowned and glared at them without concealing his annoyance.

“This clearly can’t be something I’m fucking dreaming. I’d never waste my time dreaming ‘bout you two stupid nerds.”

Your dream?” Kirishima looked at Bakugo with big eyes.

“It’s not my dream?” Todoroki’s eyes were unusually big, too.

“Is this a dream at all?” Midoriya asked with a shaky laugh.

“What else could it be?”, Kirishima asked, perplexed.

“Wait,” Todoroki said. “I’m sure I was dreaming earlier, but then suddenly the world around me changed and I was here in this field… and that bed was there with Midoriya on it.” He looked down at the end of the sentence, not meeting Midoriya’s embarrassed gaze.

“I was dreaming, too,” Midoriya admitted.

“You sure?” Kirishima asked him.

“Yes. Unless,” he allowed himself to let out another shaky laugh, “unless you and Kacchan have five kids now and Kacchan’s nipples can lactate. Really why would I even-,” he stopped, eyes opening wide when he saw both Kirishima and Bakugo blush at his words.

“Huh!?” Kirishima looked at him with an expression of extreme embarrassment. “Uhm…to be honest, that’s kinda what I was dreaming ‘bout, too… sorry,” he added with a sheepish smile directed at Bakugo. Bakugo was still looking rather flustered.

“Kacchan? Did you dream about that, too?”, Midoriya urged him to speak.

“Fuck off I didn’t dream ‘bout brats,” Bakugo snarled at him. Then he stiffened, looking angry and slightly embarrassed. Midoriya was sure, though, that he was the only one who noticed that Bakugo’s answer had given more away than he had intended.

“Neither did I,” Todoroki remarked. “I, uhm… In my dream I was in the inn, and… Midoriya was there, too, but you two weren’t.”

Midoriya stared at him surprised.

He dreamt about me, too…


“Okay this is weird?”

They all turned around, surprised, and what they saw was Kaminari looking at them with a flabbergasted expression.







*** *** ***






Chapter Text





“Why’re you all-“

Bakugo did not let Kaminari end his sentence.

“’Cause this isn’t a fucking dream, dunce face.”

“Huh!?” Kaminari looked at him aghast. “You’re joking, right?”

He turned his head to look at the night sky, and so did the rest of them. Midoriya gasped and Bakugo squinted his eyes when a flock of what clearly looked like dragons crossed in front of the milky way that looked a great deal too close to be scientific.

“That’s so cool!!”, Kirishima enthused with sparkling eyes. Todoroki’s eyes were sparkling, too.

“It really is,” he agreed with him.

“This is a dream no matter how you look at it right!?”

They looked back at Kaminari before they exchanged glances, all of them looking lost except Bakugo who was feeling irritated. Whatever was happening now, it could have waited until after he had his fun with Kirishima.

“Do you think this might be another quirk accident?”, Midoriya suggested hesitantly.

“A dream-quirk accident you mean?”, Kirishima asked him with his brows raised.


“That would make sense,” Kaminari said. “I’m sure I was dreaming something completely different ‘til now.”

“What were you dreaming about?”, Todoroki wanted to know.

“I, uh…” Suddenly, Kaminari’s face went red.


And suddenly, Bakugo had a hunch what might have thrown them together.

“Dunce face,” he growled. “Did you dream ‘bout tattletale?”

Kaminari stared at him.

“H-how d’you… How d’you know that!?” He fidgeted nervously with his shirt, looking as if he was ready to hide himself away forever depending on what Bakugo’s answer would be. But he would have to wait a bit longer for that, as Bakugo turned to Todoroki next.

“Half-‘n-half. You said you dreamt of Deku, right?”

Todoroki was apparently feeling wary of Bakugo.

“Yes. Among others,” he answered cautiously, and Bakugo snorted.

Yeah, sure. ‘Among others’.

“Bakugo?” Kirishima looked at him quizzingly, but Bakugo ignored him for now, looking instead at Midoriya.

“I don’t need to hear yours, Deku,” Bakugo growled, and then he smirked at Midoriya who was looking at him surprised. “I’m sure you’ve noticed too, but our dreams seemed to have overlapped before they merged. Which means I saw you, and I know.”

Seeing Midoriya’s face flush and take on the most embarrassed expression Bakugo had ever seen on him was definitely worth the tease. Although Kirishima had not noticed – and Bakugo was sure of that as Kirishima had been very distracted by other things at the time – Bakugo was sure that what he had seen on the canopy bed appearing out of nowhere on the field had been not only Midoriya, but Todoroki, too – another Todoroki, apparently. Not the one who was standing here with them now, but a Todoroki Midoriya had created in his dreams. He had worn different clothes, after all.

And even before that – before Bakugo found himself lying amidst the red poppies under the night sky with Kirishima, and Kirishima was suddenly wearing different clothes and his hair was down, whereas in the forest his hair had been perked up and his clothes the same he had been wearing that night of the dare – even then, Bakugo has had a feeling he had caught a glimpse of Midoriya and Todoroki through dark trees. It had looked as if Todoroki was drinking Midoriya’s blood again.

If this stupid bed is from Deku’s dream, was that other time his dream, too? Or half-‘n-half’s, or were both of them just entering my dream?


“Shitty hair,” Bakugo asked Kirishima in a low voice. “Before you were here with me, what were you dreaming ‘bout?”

“Huh?” Kirishima slightly blushed at him. “Oh. No, you see, I was here from the start, with you... But then, suddenly I was in the forest, and you were there, too, but somehow, we were both wearing different clothes… and then we were just back here again.”

“Hmmm,” Bakugo raised one brow at him. He had two theories, and a strong suspicion but decided to ask some more questions just to be sure.

“Where did your dream take place, half-‘n-half?”

“…In the inn. And before I came here, for some reason I dreamt of the forest, too.”

Bakugo quickly gazed at Midoriya to catch his reaction. And as he had anticipated, Midoriya was staring at Todoroki with an expression of embarrassed surprise. Apparently, he had realized, too, that it was very possible he and Todoroki had visited Bakugo’s dream at the same time, without either of them noticing – which would mean that the Todoroki Midoriya had met in the forest had been this Todoroki - the real one.

There were too many things that did not make sense, though, or at least many things Bakugo did not know yet how to explain.

This gives me a fucking headache, Bakugo grumbled in his mind.

“Where were you with tattletale, dunce face,” he asked Kaminari next. He realized he was acting like a detective, but he did not let it bother him. He would get to the bottom of this.

Kaminari blushed, but when he answered Bakugo could tell he was being honest.

“At the pond. You know, the one we visited in that mountain town… And then,” he paused to let out an embarrassed cough, “then we were in the inn’s toilet room for some reason … J-Jiro was there too which was pretty weird, you know, since it was the boys’ toilets. And for some even weirder reason Todoroki and Midoriya were there, too, and I saw Midoriya walk into one of the cabins and just disappear, and next, Todoroki was gone, too…”

“You sure you saw me?” Todoroki seemed surprised. “Because I didn’t dream of the toilets.”

“But Deku did, right Deku?”

Midoriya clearly did not dare lie under Bakugo’s menacing smirk. He nodded bashfully.

“In my dream, T-Todoroki-kun told me he wanted to show me something, and then suddenly I was in the forest…”

“You were in the forest, too?”, Todoroki asked Midoriya and his eyes widened.

When their eyes met, Todoroki blushed while Midoriya’s face went beet-red.


But well, Bakugo was sure his suspicion had to be right now. It was time to prove it.

“Shitty hair.” He smirked at Kirishima who was looking at him with excited, expectant eyes.

So fucking cute.

“If you could wish for anything you want, and you had as many wishes as you liked, so you don’t need to think about which one to choose – what would you wish for?”

Kirishima’s mouth opened as he stared at Bakugo.

“What would I…”

“Just say anything that comes to your mind. Something that you’d like to see.”

Kirishima’s face took on that look that sent shivers down Bakugo’s spine, telling him that right now Kirishima had rather dirty thoughts about him.

Bakugo glared back at him with a challenging smirk on his face, but he could not help the nervous twitching of his tail.




“DUDE what the heck!?”

Kirishima was now staring at him as if Bakugo was wearing cat ears and a tail again. Only, he was not wearing them.

They had grown on him.

Bakugo felt his cat ears with his hands and cringed at his own touch. They were more sensitive than he would have imagined.

“B-Bakugo,” Kirishima stammered, and Bakugo was slightly appalled to see there were fucking tears of joy in his eyes.

“You sick little fuck. How long’ve you been fantasizing ‘bout this,” Bakugo hissed at him, trying to hide his embarrassment. He noticed that he was no longer shirtless but wearing a white, loose, rather revealing top and some kind of very short dark-red shorts that barely managed to cover his butt. He was not wearing any shoes.

Oh, but he was wearing a choker with a bell.

You serious Kirishima…


“But with this, things are fucking clear,” Bakugo sighed irritated, as he looked at the others, trying to hold back from slashing at them for looking at him the way they did.

“You mean…”, Midoriya started hesitantly, and Todoroki ended his question.

“We’re all in Kirishima’s dream?”

“Huh!?”, both Kirishima and Kaminari exclaimed in unison, and Bakugo snorted, annoyed.

“’Course we are. How else d’you explain this? These are fucking real,” he growled as he pointed at his ears with one hand and grabbed his tail with the other to stop it from twitching in irritation.

“C-can I touch it!?” Kirishima approached him with sparkling eyes. Bakugo suspected he might start drooling every minute now.


“Don’t say that, please Bakugo…” Not exactly untypical for him, Kirishima did not take Bakugo’s standard answer ‘no’ for his answer.

“No means no. I fucking mean it,” Bakugo snarled, but then Kirishima had already seized his tail, and Bakugo angrily hissed at him but did not push him away. He could not bring himself to deny Kirishima his wish when it was clear how happy seeing Bakugo like this made him.

But touching’s another thing after all, Bakugo thought as he clenched his teeth to hold back a moan when Kirishima’s hand gently caressed the place where the cat tail grew out of Bakugo’s tailbone. Bakugo had always known it was one of his more sensitive spots, but now being touched there felt downright incredible.

“Fuck,” he gasped as his tail twitched and his hips trembled, and he could not help the reflex of bending his whole body into Kirishima’s touch.

“Uhm, guys,” he heard Kaminari’s flabbergasted voice. “This may be Kirishima’s dream, alright, but we’re still here all the same you know.”

Bakugo blushed angrily and jumped away from Kirishima, surprising himself and everyone else when he did not land on his feet only, but on all fours. Of course, he was still in his human body, but apparently the cat characteristics were not only limited to the ears and tail.

“That looked so cool,” Kaminari exclaimed, and Kirishima stammered, “and h-hot…”

 “Hey,” Kaminari turned at him with sparkling eyes. “Bro, do it to me, too! Can you give me some really cool power or something?”

“Eh!? I don’t know, can I?” Kirishima bashfully scratched his head. “L-like what?”

“Dunno, like, give me some kind of fancy hat which I can make pigeons fly out from?”

“Haha you sure ‘bout that,” Kirishima laughed. In the next second, Kaminari was wearing a barrel that did not look good on him at all.


He lifted it, and three white pigeons raised up into the starry night sky.

“That’s insane,” Kaminari gushed, and Kirishima’s eyes opened even wider in amazement.

 “It is, but, I just noticed,” Midoriya rose to speak, “that we’re not able to use our quirks, are we?”

“Took you long to figure that one out,” Bakugo jeered at him.

“Why don’t you want us to use our quirks?”, Todoroki asked Kirishima, and Kirishima seemed startled. “Eh!? It’s my fault!?”

Whatever,” Bakugo snarled impatiently. “Let’s think of a fucking way how to get rid of each other. I don’t wanna waste any more time dreaming about you losers tonight.”

Midoriya did not seem fazed by Bakugo’s unfriendly remark. He seemed to be thinking.

“You know” he started, “we might not be the only ones trapped here. We didn’t now Kaminari-kun was here, too, until he appeared earlier, right? Did anyone see someone else in their dream?

“I saw Sero.”

They all stared at Todoroki.

“Sero!?”, Kaminari repeated, surprised.

“Where? When?”, Kirishima inquired.

“In the inn’s living room. With…,” he did not end his sentence, but the fact that he glanced at Kaminari made it obvious whom else Todoroki had seen there.

“I was there, too?”, Kaminari asked, astounded. “But, I didn’t dream of the living room? Only of the pond and the toilets…”

“…I thought it was strange, too. My dream started…,” he hesitated before he continued. “It started in the inn’s single room. But all of a sudden, I was in the living room, but only for a few moments, and then I was in the forest… It didn’t make sense.”

“What were we doing in the living room?”, Kaminari wanted to know, but for some reason, Todoroki did not meet his eyes.

“Uh… Nothing, really. And there were others, too, but I can’t remember who it was exactly…”

It sounded like a lie.

Bakugo squinted his eyes into a deep frown. The fact that Todoroki seemed so reluctant to tell them about what he saw in the living room, even though it seemed like Midoriya was not involved in that part of his dream at all, made Bakugo feel oddly unsettled. Knowing that Todoroki knew something Bakugo did not, and that Todoroki was not telling them made Bakugo feel angry, of course. But strangely, this time he felt that it was better not to dig any deeper.

“So Sero might be here, too, and maybe even others you say?” Kirishima seemed lost in thought when suddenly, he seemed to have remembered something. “Oh! I just noticed, I think I saw Tsuyu.”

Bakugo stared at him, perplexed.

“Tsuyu-chan!?”, Midoriya asked disbelievingly, and Bakugo had a feeling Midoriya had started to come up with the same theories he had. Only, now it was clear the first theory could not be the case, and if the second was, then the fact that Tsuyu was involved, too, was a bit astounding.

Well, not that strange I guess, Bakugo shrugged his shoulders at himself.

“What’s going on?”

Startled, they turned around. Out of nowhere Iida had appeared, standing between Todoroki and Kaminari.

“Uwaaah!?” Kaminari jumped away from him, landing not exactly as elegant as Bakugo did earlier but stumbling and falling on his butt.


“Midoriya? Where are we-,” Iida stopped, and his pupils dilated when his eyes dropped on Midoriya’s naked legs. “WHAT’re you wea- is that Todoroki’s shirt!!??”


Iida waved his arms nervously, and Bakugo noticed that he, too, had slightly red cheeks.

“…Is this still a dream?”, Iida asked as if to make sure.

“It’s Kirishima’s dream,” Todoroki explained to him. Iida looked at Kirishima surprised. “Why are we in your dream!?”

“Uhm… sorry? I don’t really know either…”

“HUWHAA- Bakugo-kun!??”

Iida’s eyes had found Bakugo’s cat ears and tail.

“Shut up glasses,” Bakugo growled, and his ears and tail twitched angrily in irritation. But not for long, since Kirishima lovingly wrapped one arm around Bakugo’s shoulders and gently started caressing his head between his cat ears. Bakugo flinched at first, but then he let him, craving the warmth of Kirishima’s body on his and the movement of Kirishima’s hand on his hair. He had to fight the urge to purr and rub against him, though.

Those fuckers should just leave quickly, he thought impatiently, but he knew that if this really was a quirk accident – and he had no longer any doubts about that – then the others probably would not leave until this, too, was over.





Kaminari’s brain had trouble keeping up with the conversation.

His thoughts were still in a jumble, but he has been feeling incredibly relieved ever since the erection that had been poking painfully against the fabric of his jeans had calmed down without anyone noticing it had been there in the first place – thanks to the long shirt he had inconspicuously stretched down to hide his groin.

At least, he hoped that it had looked inconspicuous. Bakugo’s question had really unsettled him earlier, but thankfully Bakugo did not seem to have noticed anything. Or maybe, Kaminari allowed himself to hope, Bakugo was feeling at least some amount of affection for him after all, or at least enough sympathy to make him decide not to reveal Kaminari’s shame to their friends.

But really. How could I dream something like that, Kaminari thought and he mentally slapped himself for thinking about it. He sure did not want the memory to affect his body again.




They were at the pond.

Kaminari was feeling very nervous as he glanced past Kirishima and Ashido’s backs at Jiro who was standing right at the waterfront, staring at a single bright white ship that seemed to float over the water’s surface in the middle of the pond.

What is she thinking about?

Kaminari had approached her before he knew it.


At first, she did not react at all. Kaminari waited, feeling his heart pound fast in his chest.

Finally, she turned around, and her dark eyes seemed to suck Kaminari in.

“What’re you thinking ‘bout, Jiro?”

She did not answer him. Instead, she grabbed his face and kissed him.


“You know what I’m thinking about,” he heard her voice in his head.

“You made me tell you, remember?”

She did not let go of his face and her kissing got more and more aggressive.

“You know. You know that I want you.”

Her voice was oozing with desire, and the next thing he knew, Kaminari found himself lying on his back on the ground. Spellbound, he stared up at Jiro who was standing before him, smirking down at him.

He noticed that suddenly, she was wearing nothing but the dark red tank top he knew was his. The cloth was soaking wet, and the same was the case with Jiro’s hair and the rest of her body.

Oh, he realized vaguely, Bakugo blew up the pond…

Then he gulped hard as his eyes followed drips of water slowly running down Jiro’s inner thighs. Just as the thought crossed his mind that from down here, he actually should be able to see underneath the tank top, without warning Jiro stepped over him and sat down on him in a cowgirl position.


“Don’t chicken out now,” Jiro said in a low sultry voice, but it was an impossible demand when she slowly moved her hips, making Kaminari feel instantly that there between his crotch and her – her – whatever - was only the fabric of his boxer shorts – because suddenly, his pants had disappeared – as well as her own underwear, maybe, if she was wearing any at all.

“J-J-J-Jiro!!?”, he gasped, panicking as he could clearly feel his lower region react to the stimulation she inflicted on him. Jiro chuckled in a way that was very unlike her, and then she took his hand and softly placed it on her chest. He could feel her perked-up nipple through the thin, wet cloth.

“Jiro…hhmpf!” Jiro closed his mouth with deep passionate kisses again while she rubbed herself against Kaminari’s clothed erection. Kaminari knew he had a lot of questions but could not remember any of it anymore as heat seized his whole body and brain, making him unable to think about anything as he just wrapped his arms around Jiro and started feverishly kissing her back. She put her hands on his boxer shorts. Now far too aroused to feel insecure, Kaminari sat up – and suddenly, he realized with distracted surprise that he was not sitting on the ground but on a toilet lid in a cabin with Jiro on his lap.

“W-Where!?,” Kaminari wheezed in between her kisses, and Jiro said in an unfazed tone, “We’re at the inn’s toilets, idiot.”

“The inn’s toilets!?”

Then, he heard a voice.

““Todoroki-kun? What are we doing here?”

“Huh!? Is that Midoriya?”, Kaminari asked Jiro, but Jiro had disappeared into thin air. And somehow, he was wearing his jeans again, though his belt and fly were open.

Flabbergasted, Kaminari closed both and stood up while he tried to ignore the strong discomfort he felt in his pants when he moved. He cautiously stuck out his head through the cabin door.

What he saw was Midoriya, entering another toilet cabin and Todoroki watching him until he himself disappeared right after.


Kaminari quickly hurried over to look through the opened door of the cabin Midoriya had just entered.

He did not see Midoriya, but he saw a dark forest.

Only for a few seconds, though.

Then, he saw a field of red poppies under a starlit night sky, and while he was staring at the scenery, the poppies seemed to come closer and closer until he felt himself get engulfed by them. The next thing he knew, he was standing in the poppy field himself, hearing familiar voices talking.






*** *** ***





Chapter Text





„Iida-kun, where were you in your dream before you came here?”

“Where I was? I… I dreamed of the hospital.”

“The hospital? Not of the inn, or the forest?”


“Okay… And, before you came here, did you see any other people in your dream?”

Iida seemed startled by his question, and it took him a few seconds to answer.

„Y-yes, both you and, Todoroki-kun…”

Me and Todoroki-kun!?”, Midoriya repeated, blushing.

If that was the case his theory could not be right after all… Right…?


“But you were wearing completely different clothes,” Iida added, waving with his arms frantically.

“And me?”

Iida turned his head to look at Todoroki startled.

“What was I wearing,” Todoroki clarified his question.

“You? You were…,” Iida trailed off, blushing.



Midoriya felt his face get hotter and hotter.

Are you serious Iida-kun!?


“B-but there were a lot of other people, too, right? In your dream, Iida-kun,” Midoriya said with a shaky laugh, and when he saw Iida looking at him even more confused than before Midoriya tried to hint at him with his eyes to just agree with him – unfortunately Iida was not the type of person who just agreed with things without knowing exactly what was going on (which was a very good character trait, Midoriya thought – under normal circumstances.)

“What do you mean-“ Thankfully Kaminari interrupted him, but Midoriya felt less thankful about his question being what it was.

“What did you dream ‘bout, class rep?”

The way Kaminari was half-grinning at Iida with disbelief written all over his face made Midoriya much surer again that his theory had to be right after all – if even Kaminari seemed to start having his suspicions.

Iida sheepishly pushed his glasses on his nose. “I-it was the kind of dream that did not hold any deeper meaning but was purely a reaction to the biological changes everyone undergoes during puberty so I’d prefer not to go into any detail-“

“To say it fucking short, you had a dirty dream ‘bout yourself, the nerd and half-‘n-half.”


They all jerked their heads at Bakugo to stare at him in flabbergasted, shocked silence.

Even Kirishima was so surprised he had stopped caressing Bakugo’s head, but Bakugo reminded him to go on by slightly pressing his forehead against Kirishima’s hand with a demanding purring sound. When Kirishima did, Bakugo purred quietly and redirected a complacent smirk at their dumbfounded faces.

“And before any of you shits get too full of yourselves, it’s not just glasses who’s the pervert here. Y’all the same.“

„Says the one who dreamt of lactation,” Todoroki said, clearly irritated.

Oh, so Todoroki-kun noticed too-

“HUUUH YOU FUCK WHAT DID Y-“ Bakugo’s roar turned into distracted hissing when Kirishima wrapped both arms around him from behind and started gently crawling Bakugo’s stomach under his loose top. Bakugo cursed and tried to scratch him, but it did not seem wholehearted and soon the hisses turned into a mixture of gasps and erratic purring. Kaminari and Iida stared at them enthralled, but Midoriya bashfully adverted his eyes.

“So, you mean everyone here’s stuck in my dream because they dreamed about something erotic?”, Kirishima asked and Bakugo’s cat ears twitched nervously when he spoke so close to them.

“Uhm… ‘Kay, so… The people who didn’t, please raise your hands…” Kaminari made sure not to look at anyone when he said that by staring at the ground with a sheepish look on his face.

No one raised a hand.

“Oh, okay. I see.” Kirishima let out a laugh that sounded both amused and embarrassed.


The seemingly endless discussion of how they got here and how they would get back to their own dreams or wake up went on, but Midoriya hardly took part in it now. He was too distracted by his own thoughts. Because, there were certain things he had realized.

Now that they had established that everyone present came here after seeing an erotic dream, it became clear that the same must be the case for Todoroki. He had not said anything, but he had not denied it either, after all.

What he had said earlier was that Midoriya had been with him.

‘Among others’, he had said. But what if that was just a pretext? Something he said as a precaution, just as Midoriya had wanted Iida to say, too, to make things less embarrassing for them all?

And what happened in the forest?

Now, Midoriya was pretty sure that the forest was part of Bakugo’s dream world. This poppy field was Kirishima’s, the canopy bed amidst the roses had probably been his own, as were the toilets, Kaminari’s world had featured the pond, Iida’s the hospital, and Todoroki’s the inn’s single room. And, if Sero was somewhere connected to this, too, Sero’s world probably had been the inn’s living room.

Where did Kirishima say he thought he saw Tsuyu?

Midoriya could not remember. Maybe he had not said yet.


The really nerve-wrecking part of this all was the fact that it seemed as if not only Midoriya had entered Bakugo’s dream world for a short while, but that Todoroki seemed to have been there, too.

It can’t be we were there at the same time, right?

Midoriya wished he could remember what Todoroki had been wearing in the forest, but he couldn’t. He had been too distracted by the fact that Todoroki undressed, bit, and kissed him.

The question was -

Who kissed me?

Was it the Todoroki of my dream?

Or was it-

T-That’s not possible is it, but then why…

Why do I feel so sure he had already kissed me before?


Midoriya flinched hard when he realized he had been staring at Todoroki and now, Todoroki was staring back into his eyes. Midoriya adverted them so fast as if Todoroki’s gaze had stung him.

Oh god oh god oh my god, what am I doing, he’ll realize I’m having strange thoughts if I act all suspicious like this!!!

Midoriya tried to go on solving the puzzle in his mind, but he could not concentrate anymore. And the purring that got louder and louder was starting to distract him, too.


Midoriya turned his head, and as a matter of fact, the source of the purring was Bakugo. He was hunched up on Kirishima’s lap as Kirishima was now sitting comfortably on the ground amidst the poppy flowers, crawling and fondling Bakugo’s tailbone and tail with a look of utter bliss on his face – bliss but also arousal. Midoriya quickly adverted his eyes, again, and now neither Kaminari nor Iida were looking at the pair anymore, either. Midoriya wondered just how great the power of Kirishima’s desires in his dream world was, because apparently, Bakugo did not even care about the whole quirk accident situation anymore. He looked as if he was increasingly getting into heat and preparing himself for mating.

N-No way!

“K-Kirishima-kun, I’m sorry but could you, uhm…”


Kirishima looked at Midoriya startled, as if he had completely forgotten he was there. Thankfully, Kaminari seemed to be thinking the exact same thing as Midoriya.

“He’s right, bro, seriously! Bakugo looks as if he’ll jump you any second now so could you please show some shame and stop that before he does!!?”

Bakugo hissed at him angrily, and it sounded more cat-like than ever. Midoriya wondered if Bakugo had actually forgotten he could speak.

Oh… sorry. Sorry Bakugo,” Kirishima said flustered, moving his hand from Bakugo’s tailbone to gently and apologetically stroke Bakugo’s head. Bakugo made an unwilling sound and curled up in Kirishima’s lap even more, and Kirishima did not push him from his lap, either. They just remained on the ground, with Bakugo rubbing his head against Kirishima’s chest while Kirishima bashfully looked up to them. One of his hands was still caressing Bakugo’s stomach, though - maybe he was doing it unconsciously.

“Huuhhhh well, that’s a bit better I guess,” Kaminari sighed, shaking his head.


Looking at Bakugo’s a bit too revealing shorts reminded Midoriya of the fact that he was still wearing only Todoroki’s shirt around his lower body. It had not slipped his mind at any time that Todoroki was standing in their midst naked to his waist, though.

“Uhm Kirishima-kun, d’you think you could give me and Todoroki-kun some clothes?”


“This is your dream, remember? If you were able to give Kacchan cat ears and a tail, then surely it’s possible to give us clothes, too, right?”

“Oh! That sounds fun,” Kirishima beamed at him. Midoriya had a bad feeling seeing him this excited.

“Just normal clothes are fine, okay?”

“No problem! I’ll get you two something that looks real good on you! Let’s see…”

Kirishima stared off into the distance while he continued to caress Bakugo lost in thought.

Then he said, “Ah!” and Midoriya quickly turned his head to look at Todoroki.

And he had to squint his eyes because Todoroki was shining just too bright. He was wearing traditional clothing, more precisely a hakama, and he was wearing the upper part of the short-sleeved kimono underneath in that manly way were one shoulder and most of his upper body was naked – making Midoriya wonder what the point had been in having Kirishima giving him another outfit in the first place.

Midoriya was sure that there was not a single person on this earth who would look better in traditional Japanese clothing than Todoroki did now.

“Wow!” Kirishima looked impressed by his own work while Kaminari said just “Oh man” looking stunned.

“You look really good Todoroki-kun,” Iida praised him with a gratulatory wave of his arms.

Todoroki looked down on himself before he nonchalantly slipped his arm into the hanging sleeve to wear it properly. “Thanks, Kirishima.”

“You’re welcome!” Kirishima showed him a beaming smile. Unsurprisingly, he seemed to have a lot more fun with this quirk accident than the last one. Then he looked at Midoriya, and Midoriya readied himself for whatever would come.

But all mental preparation did not help him when he realized he was suddenly wearing something that looked an awful lot like a dress.






“K-Kirishima-kun why-…!?”

Kirishima heard Midoriya’s surprised squeak, but his eyes were fixed on Todoroki, and he was happy to see Todoroki was obviously thrilled by the sight of Midoriya in a princess dress. Kirishima grinned before he quickly looked back at Midoriya und gave him an apologetic smile, which he hoped revealed only half of how he was feeling about his choice.

“Ah, sorry Midoriya, when I was thinking ‘bout clothes I got kinda distracted by the memory of the crossdressing-contest… But it looks really good on you, so it’s okay, right?”

“Huh!? You seriously want me to walk around dressed like this?”

“It’s a lot better than what you were wearing before,” Kaminari sniggered.

“I think it’s good, too,” Iida added earnestly.

“I kind of feel like you are all making fun of me,” Midoriya muttered while he warily lifted the multilayered hem of the dresses skirt. Todoroki was watching him with enchanted eyes, just as if he was looking at a real princess from a fairytale. Indeed, Midoriya was even wearing a slender tiara in his hair. The dress was colored in dark blue, emerald and black with tiny rhinestones all over it. While the others went on rendering their opinions on Todoroki and Midoriya’s new clothes and making both of them do various poses, Kirishima found himself wondering if maybe he had an unexpected talent for designing clothes despite his lack of fashion sense.


But apparently, he had been staring at Midoriya’s dress for a few seconds too long. With a noise that sounded like a mix of purring and growling, Bakugo promptingly nudged his head against Kirishima’s neck.

“U-wah, Bakugo!?”

He could feel Bakugo’s cat ears rub against his throat, and then Bakugo’s face was suddenly very close when he lifted his head to gently lick Kirishima’s cheek, making him flinch and blush.


When Bakugo’s licking continued, Kirishima realized that he had started making Kirishima clean. The idea of what Bakugo was doing for him was so overwhelming for Kirishima, he just let Bakugo continue doing what his cat instinct apparently told him should be done, while he sat there awestruck with his mouth open. The feeling of Bakugo’s warm tongue relentlessly caressing his skin made not only his face but the nerves throughout his body tingle, and at the same time it also made him feel safe, as if he was being cared for.

He squinted his eye surprised when Bakugo had reached there, and it was a good thing he did because now, Bakugo was even licking his eyelid. He quickly moved on to clean the other eyelid, too, but when he did he lingered there for much longer than when he had cleaned the first eyelid. Kirishima thought he probably knew, why.

“B-Bakugo it’s fine that’s just my scar, it won’t come off…”

Bakugo showed no signs of stopping, and Kirishima hesitantly pulled back his head – and then, for the first time he noticed that their classmates’ attention was no longer focused on the outfits, but on him, and Bakugo, who was still sitting on his lap and persistently trying to continue licking Kirishima’s scar. Midoriya, Todoroki, Kaminari and Iida were all staring at them in a way that made Kirishima wish he could take a picture and after that, quickly hide in a hole at once.

“B-B-Bakugo you can stop now I’m clean I’m all clean!”, he stammered frantically, and when he pushed Bakugo away from him he tried to do it as gently but resolutely as possible. Bakugo growled at him crossly, but Kirishima quickly jumped to his feet so Bakugo could not climb back on his lap again.

“Ki-ki-Kirishima-kun, I think if you could just control your- desires a bit more then Kacchan will stop acting like this, too!” Fitting his current outfit, when he spoke Midoriya’s voice came out several octaves higher than normal.

Kirishima vigorously nodded at Midoriya’s suggestion, not daring to meet anyone’s eyes as his cheeks felt incredibly hot.

“Y-yeah sorry I’ll try that now,” he said, feeling fully conscious of his guilt. He glanced at Bakugo who was looking up at him from the ground with an irritated expression, his cat ears and tail twitching. It looked to Kirishima as if he was pouting.

Soooo cute… -NO! No, I need to get a grip. This is a quirk accident and we don’t know yet if it’s really safe to be here at all. And it’s not fair to Bakugo either if he’s all affected by my dream like this.


Kirishima took a deep breath.

Okay. You can do this.

“This is MY dream,” he said out loud, trying to make himself feel more powerful, slapping both hands against his cheeks. In the corner of his eye, he saw Midoriya and Iida encouragingly nod their heads at him.

He turned his head again to look down at Bakugo.

“Bakugo! Sorry for confusing you - and I know it’s my fault, but we should really get on the move now. We need to figure out what’s happening and we’re getting nowhere like this.”

The angry cat on the ground stared at him – and in the next moment, suddenly Bakugo’s outfit had changed. He was now wearing long black pants and a tight black top with black kind of half-gloves and black shoes. Instead of a choker, he was wearing a thick black collar and the bell had turned into a metal padlock. His cat ears and tail were still there, but they were black now instead of the cream color they had had before.

He looked incredibly hot. In a different way than before. Kirishima stared at him with his mouth open again.

“BRO you SURE you got your desires under CONTROL!!!???”, Kaminari squawked at him, shaking his arm frantically and Kirishima wondered if he had failed, when Bakugo jumped to his feet and grabbed Kaminari’s arm.

“DON’T get all fucking touchy with what’s mine dunce face,” he growled at him, and before Kirishima had time to process his words Bakugo grabbed Kirishima’s shirt, next, and glared at him with their faces only inches apart.

He did not say anything, though, and since Kirishima could not get out his own voice, eventually he just bashfully looked down at the ground.

“Ha.” Bakugo’s voice was quiet, but although Kirishima could not see it he could literally hear Bakugo smirk at him.

Kirishima was pretty sure he did not have his desires under control but hopefully, this would work better for now.






At long last the group started moving. And when they did, the dream world around them moved, too. All of a sudden, the ground underneath their feet was no longer studded with poppies but stones and rocks as they were standing on top of a barren mountain. There was a path leading down the rocks that was very noticeable but unrealistically steep. The starry night sky seemed to literally engulf it to both sides, but further down they could see a big lake that reflected the milky way above.

After exchanging worried gazes and a few words of consult, they decided to follow the stony path Kirishima’s dream so obviously offered to them and see where it would lead.

However, climbing down a mountain in a princess dress was ridiculously inconvenient.

“Kirishima-kun, would you mind changing my clothes, after all? To something easier to move in?” Midoriya glanced at Todoroki’s undeniably handsome but surely impractical clothing. “And for Todoroki-kun, too, maybe?”

“Sure!”, Kirishima answered him cheerfully from further down without looking back. Midoriya felt the fabric disappear from around his knees – and when he looked down on himself, he found that he was now wearing something that looked like a short Chinese dress.


‘Something easier to move in’ – and this is what you thought of!?

Midoriya hesitantly put his hands to his upper thighs – and let out a sigh of relief when he felt pants underneath the short dress that were all too short, really, but at the very least, they were there.

“…Kirishima-kun. You’re making fun of me, after all, aren’t you” he murmured, but it only seemed to reach Bakugo’s ears who was climbing down the path in front of him. He swiftly turned around to look and sneer at Midoriya before he aimed at a point in front of him and skillfully jumped down about ten feet, landing elegantly on all fours on a rock.

Midoriya turned to see what Kirishima had chosen for Todoroki. Before he could see, first he felt the need to blush and advert his gaze for a few seconds when he saw Todoroki staring at him. Then, he realized that Todoroki was still wearing his Japanese traditional clothes. The only thing Kirishima had given him now where sturdy looking boots which the hakama’s trouser legs were stuck into.

“Uh, is it okay like that?”, he asked Todoroki, trying not to sound nervous.

“Yes. For you too?”, Todoroki returned his question to him, and Midoriya could not help fidgeting with the dresses hem in front of his thighs when he answered, “Ahaha, it’s easier to move in than before, I guess, but it’s a lot more embarrassing…”

He turned to the front and continued carefully climbing down. It was much easier now then before, but he felt like his legs were unnecessarily displayed. “I don’t think Kirishima’s making fun of you,” he heard Todoroki’s voice from behind him. “It looks good on you.”

Midoriya was glad he was busy climbing so he had an excuse not to show Todoroki his face. “Th-thank you. You look good, too,” he mumbled. As he moved, he stared at his own legs. They looked strangely white, as if they were reflecting the light of the stars and the enormous full moon that had become visible some moments ago.

I just hope Todoroki’s not looking too much…


When they had arrived at the bottom of the mountain, Midoriya noticed that now, Kirishima, Kaminari and Iida, too, were wearing different clothes.

Kirishima’s clothes showed unmistakable similarities to Bakugo’s outfit. They were black – black boots, black trousers, a dark red shirt, black fingerless gloves. Around his neck there was a heavy-looking metal-chain with a key. Midoriya saw Bakugo smirk at him mockingly when he saw.

Iida was wearing a simple but classy suit. And Kaminari was wearing a cheerleader’s uniform.

A female one.

Whew, it’s not just me!

Obviously, Kaminari was as unhappy about his outfit as Midoriya.

“Bro, d’you have something you wanna say to me?” He looked at Kirishima accusingly. Kirishima answered him with a grin that looked only to some degree apologetic.

“Sorry, but normal clothes would be boring, right? And it looks good on you!?”

“Like hell it- oh, really?”

“Yeah really!”

“…Why don’t I believe you... But fine, it’s your dream. But if I say I want another outfit you’ll give it to me right away ‘kay?”



Midoriya thought that Kaminari not minding to crossdress for a little longer was only thanks to Bakugo’s decision to hold back from making any comments on it.


They approached the lake and stared into the starry water. It looked incredibly beautiful. And even more beautiful when Midoriya discerned Todoroki’s reflection on the water’s surface.

He was just thinking that he should quickly look away again before their eyes could meet when all of a sudden, there was a loud splatter sound and waves dulled the clear surface. The source of both was a gigantic trash bin that emerged from the middle of the lake into the air.

“What the fuck’s that,” Bakugo growled.

“Kirishima-kun, is this your doing?”, Iida tried to ascertain quickly, but Kirishima shook his head in confusion. “No, I don’t know-“

They all stared in bewilderment as the gigantic trash bin grew legs, arms, and a head –

And it was Mineta’s legs, arms, and head. A giant Mineta who was looking down at them with bloodstained eyes.

“Girls!! Give me GIIIIRLS!!!”, he roared at them in a voice that was several octaves deeper than his normal voice.

“What the hell’re you dreaming ‘bout!!”, Kaminari squeaked at Kirishima horrified.

“I’m not- I don’t know!??” Kirishima was staring at the giant Mineta with an aghast look on his face.

“GIIIRLS!!”, Mineta wailed in his bass voice, even louder than before, and Midoriya was surprised when Todoroki stepped forward beside him.

“We don’t have any girls here,” he answered Mineta in a loud, but calm voice. Mineta’s answer was loud too, but not at all calm, unfortunately. He stared at Todoroki, let his eyes roam their group – and then he roared,

“LIIIIAAAR! You got TWO!!!”

And without warning, he pulled out balls of his slimy looking hair and threw them at them.





*** *** ***




Chapter Text





If this was reality, Midoriya was sure he could have dodged the purple ball that came flying at him. However, right now, here, in Kirishima’s dream – he could not. Staring at the ball approaching him with inevitable speed, he heard Todoroki shout his name, and in the last moment before the ball hit, he felt Todoroki’s arms around him.

Then, everything went dark.


…It smells like… grapes…?


Midoriya opened his eyes at Todoroki’s voice which was extremely close to his right ear. When he did, he saw some kind of purple liquid filling the space in front of him, and when he lifted his gaze, he was looking straight up at Todoroki’s face that was really close.

“What happened-,” he started, but when he quickly turned his head to the side to see for himself what had happened, he realized that this normal simple movement was extremely tedious.

“He trapped us,” he heard Todoroki’s voice very near to his ear.

“Is this slime!?”, Midoriya asked flabbergasted. He noticed that even speaking was somewhat more difficult than usually.

“Seems so. I can’t really move, can you?”

Midoriya tried moving – and then he realized for the first time in what kind of position both of them were. They seemed to be trapped in a round ball made of slime that was filled with it, too. It smelled like grapes. And the ball was clearly too small to fit two persons. Todoroki was half-laying with bent legs and his back and feet pressed against the solid inner surface of the slimy globe that trapped them. And Midoriya was lying on top of him, nestled to Todoroki’s curved body. His face was only few inches away from Todoroki’s when their gazes met again.

“I-I- not really,” Midoriya stammered.

“We should think of a way to break out of this,” Todoroki said. His voice was calm but Midoriya could feel his body was all tensed up.

“Yes, but how?”

“…don’t know.”


Both of them fell silent again, staring into each other’s eyes. Midoriya tried hard to ignore the fact that he was lying right on top of Todoroki, but it was impossible.

Close. He’s too close!!

He felt his heart beat fast in his chest and he was certain Todoroki must feel it, too. They were too close to hide anything.

Oh god, just calm down. Think about something else, about… how we can get out of this. For example-

Todoroki interrupted his thoughts. “Earlier you said you were in the forest, too. What did you dream about?”


Midoriya stared at him and his heart stopped for a moment. Then he adverted his eyes bashfully as he answered with a shaky voice,

“Wh-why- Now’s not really the time, is it-“

“Why not?”

Midoriya slightly flinched when he felt Todoroki’s hand on his lower back.

“This is Kirishima’s dream. I’m sure whatever this strange slime bubble is, it can’t hurt us. I don’t think we can break out of this on our own, but Kirishima and the others will get us out of here before long.”


He paused, and Midoriya shyly glanced back at his face. Todoroki was looking at him calmly, but there was also a hint of urgency in his eyes.

He really wants me to answer now.

Midoriya swallowed.

“I… I saw Kacchan and Kirishima-kun, and then – I saw you… A-and you did something s-strange but- for some weird reason I felt like it had already happened before in reality- but that’s not possible is it, you-“

“You remembered?”

Midoriya stared into Todoroki’s widening eyes.


He could not take his eyes from Todoroki’s which were radiating with light. He felt Todoroki’s hand grab him tighter when he asked, again,

“You finally remembered?”

“R-remembered? Finally?”, Midoriya repeated, stammering.

There’s no way-

But when he saw Todoroki’s expression, he knew that there apparently was a way after all.

“…That I kissed you. Some days ago,” Todoroki said quietly.


This was clearly no information Midoriya could take in with his face just inches away from Todoroki’s, so he sat up without thinking – and hit his head against the slimy shell of the bubble.

“Ouch! Oh, it doesn’t hurt… Wait, you- you K-KISSED ME!? When? Th-that time when you were a vampire!?”

Todoroki adverted his eyes and nodded.

“Yes. After you let me drink your blood.”

He bowed his head so deep that it was almost touching Midoriya’s chest.

“I- I’m sorry, Midoriya. I know it was wrong of me to do that when you were unconscious, I just- I couldn’t hold it in, and-“ He stopped as if he was at a loss of words.


Oh. Maybe…

“…Was it related to the vampire quirk? K-kissing as part of the blood sucking… thing?” Midoriya tried to sound unconcerned, but he could not help the hint of hurt in his voice.

Todoroki’s head jerked up and he stared at him surprised.

“Why’d you think that?”

“Eh? But, b-because that time, you…”

Without warning Todoroki grabbed Midoriya’s face with both hands.

“Uwah!” Midoriya’s cheeks flushed with heat and he frantically tried to look anywhere but into Todoroki’s eyes.

“Midoriya. That wasn’t the vampire quirk that made me do it. It was only me.”

It was impossible to look away. Midoriya’s eyes were sucked into Todoroki’s again.

“Wh-what do you mean,” he stammered. “Wh-why did you do it then?”

Todoroki answer was almost a whisper.

“What do you think, Midoriya?”


The thoughts in Midoriya’s head were racing. He could not advert his eyes from Todoroki’s.

There’s no way- no way-

You’re misunderstanding-

Don’t- Don’t misunderstand-

“Y-you- I- I-…” He could not get out any more words. Somehow his brain seemed to have stopped working.

What he did take notice of, though, was Todoroki’s fingers gently caressing his cheek.

“Midoriya. What did you dream about?”

“H-huh!? I- I just told you-”

“Not that. Not while we were in Bakugo’s dream. I’m asking what you were dreaming about in your own.”

“In my-“


Oh no.

The memory of Todoroki’s sensual attack on him earlier came back into Midoriya’s mind. And in this precise moment he became aware again of the fact that he was currently sitting right on Todoroki’s lap.

 Oh no oh no don’t remember now.

“N-nothing,” he squeaked. He tried to distance himself from Todoroki but there was no way to run, not even space to move. He could not break physical contact with Todoroki, they were trapped, unable to get away from each other.

Unbearable heat surged through his body. Any more, and-

Midoriya’s eyes got trapped by Todoroki’s gaze, again. Todoroki’s eyes, that were opened wide, as if he had just become aware of a miraculous secret. His expression showed skeptical disbelief, but at the same time, something that looked almost like – hopefulness…?

“What did you dream about? Who was with you?”






Bakugo stared at the two purple balls, and then at Tsuyu who had appeared out of nowhere.

“Tsuyu-chan!?”, Iida called her name. “Where did you- no, that can wait for later, we need to free them quickly!”

“Kirishima, quirk! Or some kinda weapon,” Bakugo growled, holding his hand out to Kirishima.

“Huh!? Ah, got it!”

“GIIIRLS!! I caught me GIIIIRLS!”


Without hesitation, Bakugo threw the grenade that had appeared in his hand at the giant Mineta, while Iida and Tsuyu fired at him with machine guns. It had no effect on him – the explosion and the bullets just got absorbed by Mineta’s hair balls that started whirling around like black holes.

“Uwah it’s not really working-“ Meanwhile, Kirishima had carefully tried attacking one of the purple slime balls with a sharp-looking sword, but to no avail. The outer shell of the sphere seemed to consist of annoyingly resistant hardened slime.



Bakugo instinctively covered his ears at Mineta’s earsplitting cry of rage.

“What the fuck!!?”, he growled, and Mineta’s next words explained the reason for his rage as if to answer Bakugo.


“Huuhhh!?” Bakugo squinted his eyes irritated, and when his eyes met Kirishima’s, he seemed very much confused, too.

“What is he talking about?”, Iida asked as they regrouped.

“I’ll be damned if I know,” Bakugo growled.

“Who are the ones trapped in the spheres? Is there another girl here except me?”, Tsuyu asked them.

“No, it’s just that Midoriya and Kaminari were kinda wearing girls’ clothes,” Kirishima explained to her. “And it seems like Todoroki got trapped together with Midoriya.”

“Mineta must think Kaminari-kun and Midoriya-kun are girls,” Iida added.

“That fucking pervert numskull,” Bakugo cursed contemptuously, but Kirishima said, “Hey, it’s not really him, is it? It’s not his fault I’m dreaming about him this way.”

Isn’t it?” Bakugo laughed disdainfully.


Tsuyu looked at them ruminatively. “…I think I know what he’s thinking,” she said finally.

“Really?”, Iida asked surprised.


They tried hard to ignore Mineta’s wailing. At least, he was not attacking them – for now.

“Yes,” Tsuyu went on. “He still thinks of Kaminari-chan and Midoriya-chan as girls, but he didn’t manage to trap them separately but only together with boys-“

“No, Kaminari’s alone?”, Kirishima interrupted her.

“No, he’s not,” Bakugo stated. He just realized what would make Tsuyu think that way.

“Tape-arms is with him, right?”

“SERO!? He’s here, too!?”, Kirishima exclaimed surprised.

Tsuyu nodded.

“He was with me until we were suddenly transported here. If I’m right and he came here with me, then he’s most probably trapped, too.”



“Oh shit,” Kirishima cursed, and he and Iida protectively stood in front of Tsuyu. And then all of them, including Bakugo, quickly jumped out of the way when another slime ball came flying at them. But to their dismay, Mineta was eager to catch Tsuyu and threw ball after ball at them, forcing them to run around in zigzag lines dodging them.

“FUCK! Can’t you make him disappear shitty hair!?”, Bakugo shouted at Kirishima who was looking pretty swamped by the sudden change of his dream.

“I don’t know, maybe!? But HOW!?”

“Doesn’t fucking matter just think of SOMETHING,” Bakugo barked at him. At least, throwing grenades at slime balls made them lose speed and easier to dodge, and whenever Bakugo let go of one grenade, another would appear in his hand.

“How’re we supposed to help them like this!?”, Iida panted. He did not seem very used to running around without using his quirk.

“But if this is your dream,” he shouted at Kirishima,” at least it means we’re safe, right? They can’t get hurt in there?”

“I think so but,” Kirishima started, and Bakugo finished his sentence. “Don’t fucking bet on it.”

“So it is a dream after all!?”, Tsuyu confirmed, and she seemed rather relieved by the prospect.

“Yes, it’s Kirishima’s. Another quirk accident-”

“I see, thank god-“


“HA! I’d not even do that if this was YOUR fucking dream!!”, Bakugo answered him mockingly, but he was starting to feel very, very annoyed.

“I’ll try to figure something out,” Kirishima said to him, as if he could feel Bakugo’s frustration, and, carefully dodging the shower of flying slime balls, he quickly hurried back over to the ball where Kaminari and most probably Sero, too, were trapped inside.






Everything went dark, and then, purple.

“Wh-what happened,” Kaminari stammered. His eyes had trouble focusing on anything and he could not move. He was lying with his back leaning against something sticky, and someone was holding him in a tight embrace. When the person abruptly raised their face, it was-


Kaminari’s eyeballs nearly popped out of his head when he recognized the familiar face. And he was witnessing one of the rare moments when Sero was not grinning, as Sero seemed at least as surprised as Kaminari was.



“Is this the real you?” Sero’s eyes wandered down Kaminari’s body and he saw the cheerleader-girl outfit. “Oh, I see. It’s a dream again.”

“It’s not, you joker, I’m real! Well it kinda is a dream but- not normal, we’re all stuck in Kirishima’s dream!“

Sero stared at him, surprised. “Kirishima’s!?”

He looked down on Kaminari again and grinned.

“Then why’re you crossdressing again?”

“Don’t make it sound like it’s my hobby or something,” Kaminari said huffily. “That’s Kirishima’s fault, too! He can change our clothes the way he wants, Midoriya got crossdressed, too, and – you should see Bakugo, he’s grown cat ears and a tail!”

“Wow. I need to see that,” Sero grinned. Then he turned his head, slowly, and eyed the bubble surrounding them.

“That might’ve to wait ‘til we get outa here,” Kaminari groaned.

“D’you know what exactly happened? Are we inside some kinda grape?”

“You didn’t see? There’s this giant Mineta that suddenly appeared, screaming something about wanting some girls- and then he saw me and Midoriya and attacked us- can you believe it? How stupid can he be to think we’re girls??!!”

Sero laughed. “Unlike us he’s not real, right? I’m sure the real Mineta wouldn’t get tricked by crossdressing. He’s got some kinda sixth sense for sniffing out girls.”

Kaminari shrugged his shoulders, which felt weird with the jelly-filled air slowing down his movement.


“How can we even breath inside this thing?”, he asked, feeling slightly nauseated by the smell. He was really glad he was not claustrophobic.

“Just be glad we can,” Sero said and sat as upright as was possible in the small bubble. Kaminari could not help flinching when he did. After all, Sero was more or less sitting on Kaminari’s lower body – and Kaminari knew he was better off not remembering the last time someone had pressed him down like this right now. Even if that time with Jiro had been only a dream.

“It’s no use,” Sero said after he had tried to punch the slimy wall. “Not that I’d really want you to, now, but you can’t use your quirk, either, can you?”

Kaminari shook his head. “No one can. Dunno why.”

“Okay. And who exactly’s here except us? I only met Tsuyu so far.”

“Tsuyu? Uh, Kirishima remembered having seen her somewhere… So, there’s you two, right, and me, Kirishima, Bakugo, Midoriya, Todoroki and Iida…”

“And have you figured out why we’re here? It’s a quirk accident, right?”

“Uhm…” Kaminari tried not to look too embarrassed. “Honestly? It seems like we all had some… dirty dreams at the same time, so…”

Dirty dreams!?” Sero snorted with laughter.

“Don’t laugh!! You’re the same, right!?”


Sero stopped laughing and just grinned at him, moving his face closer to Kaminari’s.

“Wh-what,” Kaminari stammered.

“You’re very impatient, aren’t you?”


Sero smirked at him. “Today you finally got her almost to admit she likes you, and now you’re already dreaming about stuff like that?”

Kaminari felt his face heat up.

“D-d-d-don’t put it- No, I didn’t!”

“Yes, you did,” Sero sneered at him. “How naughty of you.”

“Ugh,” Kaminari adverted and covered his bright red face from Sero’s gaze. “Can’t you just leave me my secrets…”

“No. Your secrets are my secrets,” Sero sniggered.

“Don’t just decide that on your own! Who did you dream about, then?”

“No one in particular. You know,” Sero grinned even wider, “you ever heard of the word orgy?”



Sero laughed out loud at Kaminari’s shocked expression when all of a sudden, there was a loud cracking sound. They both looked up. A ray of moonlight was shining through the crack that had formed in the slime ball’s arched ceiling.

“Is it-“, was all Kaminari could get out before the bubble split open at one go, and both of them slipped out.


Kaminari fell with his back on the ground and got more or less squished underneath Sero who fell on top of him.

“Kaminari-kun! Sero-kun,” Iida’s voice called their names.

“That hurt a lot for just being a dream,” Kaminari groaned.

“My bad,” Sero apologized, got off him and helped him up from the ground.

“You two okay?”, Kirishima asked them, sounding concerned.

“Been better,” Kaminari said while trying to brush grape slime off his hair and clothes, and Sero added, “Thanks Kirishima!”


Sero’s eyes found Tsuyu. “So we came here together after all, Tsuyu-chan.”

“Yes. I’m glad you’re okay, too,” Tsuyu smiled at him.

Then he looked at Bakugo next, and Sero stifled a laugh when he saw Bakugo’s cat ears and tail. Bakugo shot a death glare at him, though, so Sero apparently decided not to comment on it for the time being.

“THE GIIIIIIRL!”, Mineta put his oar in annoyingly noisily.


 “NO, THE OOOOTHEEEER ONE!”, Mineta roared, pointing at Tsuyu.

“Haha he doesn’t want you,” Sero sneered at Kaminari.

“Shut up!”






“Next is Midoriya and Todoroki,” Kirishima said. “I’ll leave Mineta to you guys!”

“Hurry the fuck up,” Bakugo growled at him and Kirishima walked towards the still intact slime ball with a determined expression.

“How did you get us out of-“

Kaminari did not end his sentence, instead he watched flabbergasted as Kirishima put his hand on the purple ball. When he removed it again, at the point where he had touched the surface a faucet had appeared. Next, Kirishima turned the faucet and let grape juice flow into a wine glass that had appeared in his other hand out of thin air. He filled the glass to the top – and then he threw it in a high arch over the slime ball.

There was a cracking sound.

And then, the whole ball split in two and its content – a lot of fluid substance looking and smelling like grape jelly, plus Todoroki and Midoriya came slipping out.



“Ha. You look so fucking stupid,” Bakugo sneered at them before swiftly protecting Tsuyu from another slime ball.



“SHUT THE FUCK UP!”, Bakugo roared at the giant and, surprising them all, he suddenly jumped into the air and pounced at their enemy.


Bakugo’s jump was unrealistically far – it was clearly neither equating the jumping power of a human or a cat – and he was about to reach the giant when Mineta opened his mouth wide and it looked as if he was going to devour him.

Kirishima’s heart stopped.



There was a strange noise. It sounded like someone was inflating a balloon – and then, they all watched stumped as Mineta’s body took off into the air and disappeared into the starry night sky.


Water splashed as Bakugo flopped into the water.

There was silence for a few moments, until Kaminari asked,

“…Couldn’t you’ve done that from the start?”

Kirishima did not know any better answer than apologetically tilting his head.




*** *** ***






Chapter Text





As soon as Bakugo had returned to the shore, the lake transformed – into a valley, and they decided to follow the broad grassy path leading them even further downhill.

“Maybe we’ll wake up if we follow wherever your dream is leading us, Kirishima-kun,” was Midoriya’s thought and the others agreed with them. Well, Bakugo did not exactly agree, but he did not raise any objections either which probably meant he agreed.

“Haha, we totally still smell like Mineta’s hair!”

“That’s gross, Sero!”

“I can’t really laugh about it, either,” Midoriya said with a bashful laugh.

“No? I think it’s not too bad, though,” Todoroki said with a hint of a smile on his face.


“But you sure have some vivid imagination, Kirishima,” Sero sniggered as he poked a tall flower which had a grinning, rather scary looking All Might-face.

“That much’s nothing! Have you seen the dragons!? And look, now you can also see some crazy planets in the sky,” Kaminari remarked, pointing at the big red and orange planets that had appeared between the stars and the bright silver moon.

“It looks very pretty,” Tsuyu said and Kirishima grinned at her, “Thanks!”


When Kirishima turned around to Bakugo who had been walking behind him as the last of their group, his eyes could not find him.

“Bakugo?”, he asked, searchingly turning his head into every direction. Bakugo was nowhere to be found.

“Bakugo!!”, he shouted.

“What’s wrong!?” Kaminari’s question overlapped with Midoriya’s, “Kacchan disappeared!?” Todoroki, Sero, Iida and Tsuyu, too, turned around to look at Kirishima alarmed and search for Bakugo with their eyes.

“He was right behind me just a few seconds a-“

He froze when all of the sudden, a giant apparition of All Might became visible at the edges of the valley. Grinning down at them, he showed them a large blanket and pronounced two words, “Holy shit!” before he started shaking the blanket aggressively – and out of it, an avalanche came hurtling down at them with horrifying speed.

“WHAT THE HECK!”, Kaminari squeaked, and all of them let out gasps of surprise when they identified the components of the avalanche to be neither sand or rocks nor snow or maybe even lava. But-

“HEDGEHOGS!?”, Iida exclaimed aghast.

As a matter of fact, there were thousands of hedgehogs rolling down the slope, and before anyone could think of a way how to dodge them, they were all screaming more or less hysterically as they were being carried down the slope by the hedgehog avalanche, with their arms and legs flailing around helplessly.


When finally, the avalanche came to a halt at the bottom of the valley between tall sparkling flowers and dark trees, Kirishima felt slightly sick. However, he stood up between the bustling hedgehogs and frantically looked for his hedgehog.

“Bakugo!? BAKUGO!!”, he shouted, walking around between the hedgehogs while his eyes searched for an angry looking one. Meanwhile, the others had started to get back to their feet, too.

“Oh man, it’s getting increasingly weird,” Kaminari groaned.

“I’m glad their needles didn’t hurt,” Tsuyu remarked, sounding very thankful.

“BAKUGO!! Where are you!?” Kirishima went on calling Bakugo’s name, although he had a feeling Bakugo was not going to show himself to them so easily.

Is this a test? Though this is my dream…  Why’d I be testing myself!?

“D’you think Bakugo is among them?”, Todoroki asked while eyeing a group of hedgehogs whizzing around especially boisterously.

“Yeah, I’m kinda sure,” Kirishima answered him without pausing his search. He was feeling increasingly anxious.

What if I can’t find him? It’s the real Bakugo after all!

No! What if-

“What if I’ve lost him!?” The words slipped out of his mouth before he could stop them. The way Midoriya was looking at him now let him know that he had made it all too obvious how he was feeling despair and starting to freak out.

“Calm down, Kirishima-kun, I’m sure he’s still somewhere here” Midoriya tried to encourage him, but Kirishima was sure that he, too, must be worrying about what would happen if someone of them got separated from Kirishima in his dream for good. Maybe they would just return to their own dream, or wake up – but what if not?


Kirishima slapped both hands against his cheeks.

“You’re right Midoriya! This is my dream after all, so I’ll definitely be able to find him!”

“Yes,” Midoriya smiled at him, and Sero showed him a thumbs-up. “We’re counting on you!”

“Yeah, ‘cause to me they all look the same,” Kaminari added and let out a groan of pain when his not very helpful comment got him hits from two elbows belonging to Sero and Tsuyu from both sides.

“You can count on us to search, too,” Iida assured him and Kirishima shot him a thankful smile before crouching down on the ground and closing his eyes.


He recalled the memory of hedgehog Bakugo back into his mind.

Bakugo, as he unrolled and showed his face to him for the first time in that form. Bakugo, eating a piece of apple. Bakugo hiding in the pocket of Kirishima’s shirt. Bakugo, sitting on Kirishima’s shoulder, and on his head.

With his eyes still closed, Kirishima started to crawl forwards on all fours, slowly and carefully, so he would not accidently crush any of the thousands of bustling hedgehogs.

Bakugo’s tiny hedgehog paws, as he tried to kick Kirishima when he asked him about going to the toilet. Bakugo with him in the bath. Bakugo, glaring at him angrily while they were waiting in front of the single room. And Bakugo, looking at him from his futon which later he would leave in order to profit from Kirishima’s body heat. Bakugo’s angry, pointy hedgehog eyes whose color were the same as his human ones.

Kirishima opened his eyes and stretched out his arms.

“Found you,” he whispered as he gently grabbed the small hedgehog that was quietly sitting on the ground in between the countless agitated hedgehogs surrounding him, staring at Kirishima out of pointy crimson hedgehog eyes as if he had patiently been waiting for Kirishima to come and get him.

And when Kirishima gently pressed him against his chest, Bakugo transformed back into his human form.

“What kinda shitty dream are you making us see, shitty hair,” Bakugo smirked at him.



“Oh, thank god!”

“Good job, bro.”

“Welcome back, Bakugo-chan!”

“Oh, and you’re not a cat anymore,” Kaminari noticed, looking at Bakugo. Indeed, after his temporary transformation into a hedgehog, the cat ears and tail from before were gone now, too.

“Oh, isn’t that too fucking bad,” Bakugo sneered at Kirishima, but Kirishima only swiftly tousled his head lovingly and said, “Doesn’t matter. I like you best the way you are, and,” he grinned at Bakugo mischievously, adding in a low voice so the others would not hear, “maybe I’ll get another chance to see you like that?”

“Know your place, shitty mutt,” Bakugo growled at him playfully and made his way through the hedgehogs back to the path.


“Looks like we’re entering a forest,” Iida observed as they continued their way. The gaps between the dark trees surrounding them were becoming increasingly slim, and little by little, the sparkling flowers were becoming fewer, too.

“Is it only me or is the atmosphere getting more and more dark,” Todoroki asked quietly.

“You’re not leading us into a nightmare are you!?”, Kaminari squeaked horrified at Kirishima.

“Wh-what!?” Kirishima turned at him, aghast. He had not even considered the possibility until now.

“Idiot,” Sero reprimanded Kaminari. “Don’t make him think about it! You know how dreams work, right?”

“Y-yes please don’t mind him, Kirishima-kun,” Midoriya said with a shaky laugh. Then, he added, “And I just thought, but… Is it possible we’re entering Kacchan’s dream?”

“HUHH!?” Bakugo shot him a death glare.

“S-sorry but-“, Midoriya stammered, and Todoroki came to his aid.

“I thought so too. It looks like the forest surrounding the inn, don’t you think?”


Kirishima nervously inspected the trees, the forest ground, the path.

“You’re right. It looks exactly the same,” he said to Midoriya before turning to Bakugo.

“D’you think Midoriya’s right?”

“Ha. As if,” Bakugo snorted disdainfully.

“Could we test it out? Like, try to think of some clothes for Sero and Tsuyu,” Kirishima urged him, and Bakugo let him hear an irritated flick of his tongue before he stopped and glared at Sero and Tsuyu behind them.

They waited, but their clothes did not change. They were still wearing the same normal outfits they had been wearing the day before.

“Satisfied,” Bakugo turned at Kirishima, but then he looked slightly surprised after all. And Kirishima did, too, because all of a sudden, all of them were wearing their normal clothes again.

“Huh? Did you do that just now, Kacchan?”, Midoriya asked confused, looking down on himself.

“Like hell I did! If this was my fucking dream, those two,” Bakugo pointed at Iida and Tsuyu,” would be wearing clown costumes by now.”

“I’m glad it’s not, then,” Tsuyu remarked bashfully and Iida looked as if he was having trouble imagining himself dressed as a clown.


“Sorry, I think it was me after all,” Kirishima confessed. “I don’t know, but when you said it looked like the inn’s forest, I remembered that time of the dare and-, well and I think I kinda recalled your clothes or something…”

“So it’s still your dream then,” Kaminari concluded.

“But it’s strange, I wasn’t wearing this when we did the dare,” Midoriya said and Tsuyu, Iida, Sero and Kaminari nodded.

“I can’t remember,” Todoroki stated.

“Ah, I think I was wearing something else, too,” Kirishima realized. “Strange…”

“..Well, it’s no use contemplating, let’s get on with this,” Sero suggested and they walked on the path through the dark forest.


“…You can hardly see the stars anymore through those trees,” Tsuyu remarked, and as Kirishima looked up he saw that she was right. As long as his eyes were fixed at the ground, the scenery was looking realistic to a degree that was almost creepy, but looking at the trees towering into the sky so endlessly high that he could not see any peaks was even creepier.

“…Shit. I think this might be becoming a scary dream after all,” Kirishima mumbled and wrapped his arms around himself. If he was honest, he felt the sudden need to have Bakugo give him a tight, tight hug, but he knew that was too much to ask of Bakugo. At least, as long as they were not alone…

I’ll just envision it in my mind until we get out of here


However, when they finally did arrive at a clearing, Kirishima knew for sure that the dream had started to turn bad.

“Oh no,” he heard Midoriya whisper next to him.

“Fuck.” He felt Bakugo tense up on his other side.

“Please tell me this is a dream”, Kaminari groaned.

“It is…”, Tsuyu put her hand on Kaminari’ shoulder.

“That’s not making it better though!!!”, Kaminari squeaked terrified as he stared, like the rest of them, at the abandoned hunter’s shed glinting in the moonlight in front of them.






“Isn’t this… it got completely destroyed… right?”, Sero asked tensely.

“What about it. It’s a fucking dream, remember,” Bakugo growled at him before grabbing Kirishima’s face so Kirishima had to meet his eyes.


Kirishima did not look worried, or scared – he looked utterly terrified. As if in front of them there was death itself. Or something even worse.

Bakugo headbutted him. With Kirishima unable to use his hardening, it was extremely satisfying.


“Don’t freak out, shitty hair,” Bakugo growled at him, glaring holes into Kirishima’s pupils with his forehead pressed against Kirishima’s. “We’re gonna fucking see this through if you like it or not. Together. Right!?

Kirishima looked at him as if he just realized Bakugo was there. He blinked.


“I’m begging you, bro. If you don’t keep your shit together who will!? This is your dream” Kaminari gave him a hard pat on the back. He was still looking pretty freaked out, though.

“Don’t you worry, dunce face,” Bakugo growled at him. “Shitty hair can fend for himself. And then we got me after all.”

“Yes, it will be okay,” Midoriya emphasized. “Just make sure you stick close to him, Kacchan.”

“Don’t tell me what to do ‘cause I fucking know that myself, stupid nerd.”

“Okay. So let’s go in then?”, Todoroki proposed quietly.

“Yes. Let’s go,” Kirishima said. His voice was quiet too, but he hoped the others could make out his determination.


He walked towards the shed with firm steps.

You’re gonna be okay.

Bakugo’s right next to you. And everyone’s with you, too.

We’ll get this over with and everything’s gonna be fine.






*** *** ***







Chapter Text





Kirishima took a deep breath, opened the door and stepped into the shed while concentrating on the fact that Bakugo was following close behind him.

The hut looked like it had when they entered it for the first time when they did the dare. Only, instead of two burning candles, on the table there was standing only one. As if someone had already taken the first one with them.

“It looks normal, doesn’t it,” he heard Midoriya’s voice next to him, when all of a sudden there was the sound of a heavy door falling shut, with surprised voices following from outside.


“Whoa, what d’you do that for Kaminari!?”

Kirishima turned around, surprised. As the sound had already told him, the shed’s door had fallen shut behind Kaminari, shutting Sero, Tsuyu and Iida out. Kaminari seemed rather confused as he apologized and tried to open the door again, but to no avail.

“It doesn’t open!?”, he exclaimed flabbergasted.

“Are you sure!?”, Iida’s voice reached them muffled through the thick door. Todoroki and Midoriya tried to open the door, too, in vain.

Kirishima’s gaze met Bakugo’s. Bakugo nodded at the door grimly.

“I’ll try, too,” Kirishima said, but he could not shake off the feeling that the door would not open anymore, no matter what, and his efforts did not bear any fruits, either.

“Why!?”, he cried frustrated.


“Could it be,” Midoriya started but was interrupted by cries of surprise by their three friends outside.

“What’s wrong!?”, Kaminari shouted alarmed.

“Th-the forest- everything just disappeared,” Iida answered them, sounding utterly shocked.

“What d’you mean it-“

“It’s black! There’s just this small spot of ground where we’re standing and everything else has just turned dark!”

“There’s no forest, no sky, nothing.” Sero’s voice sounded rather anxious, too.

“Could it be because Kirishima-chan is in a different room now?”, Tsuyu’s voice asked.

“I’m almost sure that must be the reason,” Midoriya answered her through the door. He looked very worried when he looked at Kirishima.

“Kirishima-kun, is it possible you’re unconsciously locking them out?”

“Me!?” Kirishima stared at him shocked. “N-no, why’d I do that!? If anything I’d be glad to have as many friends with me as possible right now-“

“Yes, you might think so. But your subconscious?” Midoriya nervously put a hand on his shoulder, only flinching slightly at Bakugo’s growl.

“Dreams are part of your subconscious, right? And, have you noticed that door over there?”

Kirishima jerked his head at where Midoriya was pointing – and he was right. There on the left side at the end of the room, between the canopy bed and the writing desk, there was another door in the wall.


“Wh-…-at,” he wheezed.


“This is just the beginning, Kirishima-kun. I think we’re going deeper,” Midoriya continued, looking at him with what he probably intended to be a reassuring smile. “It’s normal not wanting to let too many people in, I think - but you’re going to be fine, right?”

“I’m… locking them out?”, Kirishima repeated slowly, staring at the closed door.

“It sounds plausible,” Iida’s muffled voice reached their ears.

“But- you’re all my friends-“

“But you don’t trust them completely,” Bakugo interrupted him irritated. “You’d be a damn fool if you did. I’m not gonna comment on dunce face for now, but the fact that half-‘n-half and Deku are here with us is a fucking mystery to me.”

“Ahaha…,” Midoriya nervously laughed at them. “Well just like I said, I think we’re going deeper. Maybe it’s only a matter of time until we get locked out, too-“

“I won’t! I won’t lock you out, too!”, Kirishima interrupted him fiercely.

“It’s okay if you do, I don’t-“, Todoroki said but got interrupted by Kirishima’s outburst.

“No, it’s not okay! Whatever’s behind that door, you got a right to know, too!” He clenched his hands to fists and stared at the ground. “It’s the least I can do to make up for what I put you two through… and you, too, Kaminari,” he added while directing a sad smile at him. “I want you to stay.”

Maybe speaking the words out loud would make them more powerful against the coward hiding in his heart.

“…Got it,” Kaminari said quietly. Midoriya showed Kirishima a warm, worried smile whereas Todoroki nodded seriously.


“Let’s get this fucking over with,” Bakugo snarled impatiently and walked through the room towards the door.

“Wait Bakugo- You think you’ll manage, Sero, Iida, Tsuyu-chan?”, Kirishima shouted back at the door while already hurrying after Bakugo.

“We’ll be fine! Don’t worry!”, Iida answered him, and Tsuyu said,” There’s nothing else we could do right now, anyway-“

“Just make sure you come back for us when you’re done,” Sero added emphatically. Standing in front of a closed door with nothing but black void surrounding them must be frightening, Kirishima imagined, and he could not help feeling bad for them. But Tsuyu was right. The only thing he could do for them right now was walking through that door in front of him.

“You should probably be the one to open it,” Bakugo muttered and stepped aside. Kirishima put his hand on the doorknob, opened the door in one pull and quickly stepping into the room behind. Before he could freak out and change his mind.


He was in the same room as before.


Bakugo, Midoriya, Todoroki and Kaminari entered the room behind him.

“Nothing’s changed!?”, Kaminari asked confused.

“No, it has,” Midoriya corrected him tensely, looking at the table. Kirishima’s eyes followed his gaze.

The single candle on the table had disappeared. The room was only rudimentarily lit by weak moonlight shining through the window now.

“Oh no, that’s… creepy,” Kirishima said nervously as his eyes made out another door at the end of the room.

“No use dawdling around,“ Bakugo growled and the group made their way across the room towards the next door. It felt eerily weird doing the same thing twice in a row, but Kirishima mustered all his courage to open and step through the door.


They were in the same room, again. However, it was interweaved with what looked like red and black, burning threads.

“Fate strings…”, Todoroki said quietly, and Kirishima and Midoriya nodded. There was a queasy feeling in Kirishima’s stomach area as he looked at the red strings that were steadily being consumed by black sparks.

That must be what Uraraka saw happening to my string…

“But it’s over right? They’re… not real.” Feeling increasingly uneasy, Kirishima glanced at Bakugo for reassurance.

“No they’re not. This is your fucking dream, remember!?”

Bakugo made a fist and punched it right through one of the strings. It looked as if the string was just a ray of black light, and not really there.

“’Kay then,” Kaminari said and stepped carefully through the first few strings. His expression told Kirishima that he, too, was feeling rather ill at ease. But seeing the others conquering the strings so easily made Kirishima positive that he could, too, and he tried to ignore the strings altogether as he walked towards the next door.


As he put his hand on the doorknob, sudden fear befell him. Because suddenly, he had a definite hunch what might await them at the end of his dream.

Or rather, who.

He shook his head aggressively to shake off the thought and opened the door.

When he entered the room, he stepped on something that made a rattling sound.

He looked down. It was a chain.

Next to him, he heard Bakugo angrily click his tongue and Midoriya and Kaminari gasping. They were in the same room again – but now the strings had turned into heavy metal chains, lying on the floor or dangling from the ceiling and blocking their view.

“Is this the end?”, Midoriya asked. It sounded as if he was holding his breath.

“No.” Without hesitation, Bakugo had slipped through some dozen chains into the middle of the room. “I can see another damn door from here.”

“That’s just great,” Kaminari groaned. Kirishima hurried after Bakugo.

I can’t freak out like that. What if Bakugo disappears again? And if he finds him-

“WHOAA!” - “Oh.” - “Uwaah!!”

Kirishima jerked his head at the cries of Kaminari, Todoroki and Midoriya who had been making their way through the jungle of chains right behind him.

They stared at him in surprise as the chains had apparently moved on their own and were now constraining them, hindering them from taking any step closer towards the door at the end of the room.

“What!?”, Kirishima gasped and frantically tried to free Kaminari from his chains.


“This is it, then?” Kaminari’s voice sounded strangely calm, but when Kirishima stared up at him through wide eyes, his expression showed that he was not feeling any less unsettled than before.

“If you can’t free us, Kirishima-kun, then this probably is the point where we’ll stay back.” Midoriya was smiling at him. It was probably meant as encouragement but Kirishima was not sure if it had any effect on him right now.

“Go. We’ll be fine, and you still got Bakugo with you.” Todoroki nodded at Kirishima calmly.

“Hurry the fuck up,” Bakugo growled at him.

“…Guys, I’m sorry. See you later,” Kirishima said, bowed his head at his chained-up friends and hurried after Bakugo. When he was about to open the door, he stopped when Bakugo let out a surprised sound, followed by a “What the fuck!?”

Kirishima’s eyes followed Bakugo’s that were fixed on his foot. One of the chains had fastened around his ankle, as if to prevent him from following Kirishima to whatever was behind the door in front of them.

“What’s wrong!?”, they heard Midoriya’s alarmed voice through the heavy curtains of chains.

“Bakugo’s-“, Kirishima started, but instead of finishing his sentence he quickly crouched down and put his hands on the chain.

There’s no way I’m locking Bakugo out, too. Never ever.

Kirishima took a deep breath, pushed with his thumb and index finger down on an invisible button on the chain’s surface – and it opened.

He let out a sigh of relief.

“Bakugo’s what?”, Todoroki’s voice asked worried.

“Nothing, it’s fine! The chain opened,” Kirishima let him know. “We’ll be off!”

“Have a nice trip…,” Kaminari’s shaky voice sent them off.

“I know you can do it Kirishima-kun!”

“Good luck.”

Kirishima put his hand on the doorknob again. “Thank you,” he murmured, and then he opened the last door. Because, the second he walked through the doorstep he just knew they had arrived in the last room. There was only darkness, and as soon as Bakugo was standing next to him, the heavy door fell shut behind them with sinister creaking and a final bang.


Neither Kirishima nor Bakugo moved or said anything while they waited for their eyes to adjust to the darkness. A weak ray of moonlight slowly creeped in through the window, gradually dyeing the shed’s interior into an uncanny silver light.

There were neither chains nor strings obstructing their view on the dark shape standing in the corner of the room.

Oh no it’s him after all.

Kirishima felt as if his heart just shrank in his chest. Then he glanced at Bakugo who was frowning at the shadow. Without thinking, Kirishima stepped in front of him protectively.

I can’t let him take Bakugo!

Several seconds of tense silence passed while both Kirishima and Bakugo were holding their breaths. Then, finally, -

“What a surprise. I didn’t think you’d come to see me.”

Both Kirishima and Bakugo flinched as the shape spoke to them with an all too familiar voice.

“And you even brought Katsuki…”

Bakugo snorted angrily as the shape used his first name.

“What- what d’you want!?”, Kirishima asked the shape nervously. The shape chuckled as it slowly moved closer, leaning against the end of the canopy bed and looking up at them, so that now they could see the face hidden underneath the black hood.

“Me? Oh no, it’s not about me. It’s about you, Eijiro. I know why you’re here. It’s because you couldn’t fulfil your desires, and now you regret.”

“What…!?”, Kirishima breathed as he stared into his own face across the room. The other Kirishima smirked at him.

“You were too weak to see it through ‘til the end. You were scared. Scared of giving him what he really needed because you wanted him to return your pitiful feelings.”






“What fucking kinda gibberish are you spouting,” Bakugo snarled at the fake, black-haired Kirishima.

“That’s right! I don’t regret anything, or if anything, it’s that I gave in to you for too long!”, Kirishima growled at his dark self.

“Oh? You really sure ‘bout that?”

The other turned his back on them as he walked a few steps around the bed and casually sat down on it. He smiled at them complaisantly and lifted one hand.

“Just see how well I’ve trained him!”

Although he knew fully well they were inside a dream world, Bakugo did not trust his eyes at first when suddenly, he saw himself next to the fake Kirishima on the bed. He was wearing nothing but a white, teared and bloodstained shirt. His hands were cuffed behind his back and he was blindfolded. Nevertheless, he looked creepily beautiful.

Next to Bakugo, the real Kirishima was taking steps back in shock until he bumped against the closed door.

“Wh-why,” he wheezed as he stared at the scene before them with his face warped in dread.

“It took me quite a while, but now I completely tamed him. Right, Katsuki?” The fake Kirishima let his fingers run down the fake Bakugo’s neck. Then he let it rest on his lower back, and now the real Bakugo was starting to feel nauseous when he watched his fake self obediently, needily press his face into the sheets, raising his hips into the air.

“Isn’t he beautiful?”, the fake Kirishima said lovingly, let his hand slide in between the servile Bakugo’s legs, and they could see blood running down his thighs.

“S-stop,” Bakugo heard Kirishima whisper next to him. When he looked at him, he realized that for him the sight his dream was showing them must be even harder to bear.

Bakugo grabbed his hand.

“It’s not real, it didn’t happen,” he growled at him. “It’s just your fucking dream, remember?”

However, it seemed as if his words did not reach him and Kirishima did not return the squeeze of his hand either. He just stared at the two apparitions on the bed as tears formed in his horror-filled eyes. The Kirishima on the bed opened his mouth again.

“Making you jealous, right? But don’t worry, Eijiro. You’ll get another chance with yours, too, I’m sure.”

“Don’t listen to him look at me I’m right here!!”, Bakugo shouted at Kirishima frustrated but it was too late. Kirishima’s hand slipped through Bakugo’s fingers as he slumped down to the ground and became a meatball.

A helpless meatball, shivering on the ground in fear and despair.


Bakugo stared at him, aghast. From the bed he heard the fake Kirishima laugh.

“Oi. What the fuck d’you think you’re doing!?”, Bakugo growled at the meatball. He stooped down and lifted it up. It let out a small, frightened noise.

„Just look at him…” The Kirishima sitting on the canopy bed stared disdainfully at the clump of meat before he flashed a sharp-teethed smile at Bakugo. “Be honest, Katsuki. You prefer me over him, don’t you?”

Bakugo shot a death glare at the fake Kirishima and hugged the shivering meatball in his arms tightly.

“Like hell I do,” he growled at the imposter through clenched teeth.

“He’s just a coward. And now he’s not even that anymore, just some useless piece of meat. He can’t protect you in any way. There’s nothing he can give you now.”

“That’s not for you to decide. Looks like you’ve got no fucking idea what he means to me. And who d’you think you’re talking to, anyway!? I don’t need him to fucking do anything for me.”

He raised the meatball to his face and stared into one of its eyes. It was the one with the scar.

“The only thing I need from you,” he said in a low voice to the meatball, “is for you to be with me. Is that too much to ask!?”

The meatball’s eye stared at him. It looked as if Kirishima was listening to him.

Bakugo softly caressed the spot underneath the eye, then he slightly shifted the meatball in his arms and put two fingers on its helplessly opened mouth.

“Come back to me, Kirishima,” Bakugo whispered. “Don’t be scared. I won’t let you go.”


The kiss he placed on Kirishima’s mouth might be the gentlest Bakugo had ever given him yet.

In the next second, everything was ablaze with bright warm light, forcing Bakugo to close his eyes. He noticed that the weight of the meatball had disappeared from his hands.

“Thank you, Bakugo.”

Hearing Kirishima’s voice in his head, Bakugo thought he felt two hands on his shoulders, and when he opened his eyes – he was looking up at large crimson dragon that broke the room’s walls and ceilings with its head, wings, and tail while setting everything ablaze with golden flames. Standing right between the dragon’s front legs, Bakugo was safe from the falling heavy logs, and when the dragon bowed its head down in front of him, Bakugo climbed on his back without thinking.

He felt like he had done this before.

The dragon that was Kirishima spread its wings, tensed the muscles in its legs, took off into the air and flew high into the night sky.


The wind felt pleasant on Bakugo’s skin. The sky was bright with stars and a large full moon again. It was an incredible feeling flying thousands of meters above the ground through the night, away from everything that had them held constrained in the dark shed.

Why does this feel so familiar…?


Then Bakugo realized they were forgetting something.

“Kirishima, we need to get the others,” he said to the dragon.

“No, it’s fine. They’re safe, I know where they are.” Bakugo was sure that hearing Kirishima’s voice in his own head was supposed to feel weird, but for some reason this, too, felt familiar. They had left the forest behind and now the seemingly endless field of poppies spread out underneath them. Kirishima suddenly dropped to a much lower height so that Bakugo could identify Kaminari, Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida, Sero and Tsuyu standing amidst the flowers on the field, staring at them with stumped expressions.

“BAKUGO!?”, Kaminari squawked as he recognized him.

“Kacchan!? Where’s Kirishima-kun!?”

The dragon flew in a circle above their heads so that Bakugo could see Todoroki say something to Midoriya whereupon Midoriya looked positively flabbergasted as he squeaked,

“Is that him!?”

“What’s wrong, never seen a fucking dragon!?”, Bakugo sneered at them. He heard Kirishima laugh happily in his head and then they took off to the sky again.







*** *** ***








Chapter Text





When Midoriya woke up, he still saw the vivid image of Bakugo flying on a crimson dragon in the night sky in his mind. When he opened his eyes, however, it quickly got replaced by the dazzling sight of Todoroki’s beautiful sleeping face that was a tiny bit too close. They were both lying on their sides facing each other, and Todoroki had softly grabbed Midoriya’s forearm.


Still drowsy from sleep, Midoriya stared for a few more moments at Todoroki’s face before carefully turning his head upwards to glance over at where Bakugo, Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero’s futons where. In Bakugo’s futon, Bakugo and Kirishima appeared to be still sleeping, lying with their arms and legs entangled as they locked each other in a tight embrace. Midoriya could only see few spikes of Bakugo’s hair so he could not help but wonder if Bakugo was actually getting enough oxygen.

Careful not to move the arm Todoroki was still holding on to, Midoriya propped himself up with his other arm so he could look at Kaminari and Sero. Kaminari was already awake, too, and staring with a mixture of sleepy embarrassment and awe over at the sleeping couple. When Midoriya’s eyes moved on to Sero, he was startled by Sero grinning at him widely.

“Uwah- G-good morning,” he whispered at him bashfully. Hearing him, Kaminari flinched and looked at him, too.

“Good morning Midoriya,” he said back in a low voice. Midoriya had noticed before that apparently, Kaminari was not very good at whispering. “It’s finally over, huh?”

“Yes. Thank god,” Midoriya said with a quiet, shaky laugh. Then, he watched surprised as Sero quietly stood up and grabbed his phone. He took a picture of Bakugo and Kirishima – and then, he captured Midoriya’s surprised expression together with the sleeping Todoroki holding on to his arm.

“Sero-kun!”, Midoriya protested, embarrassed.

“Don’t worry,” Sero said cheerfully while doing something on his phone, “I just sent you the pics. And everyone else, too, of course.”

“Sero-kun…,” Midoriya repeated, shaking his head with red cheeks and without an ounce of fighting spirit. He turned his head to look at Iida. He seemed to still be sleeping, too.


Hesitantly, Midoriya softly put his hand on Todoroki’s wrist.

“T-Todoroki-kun,” he whispered, but Todoroki showed no signs of waking up. Midoriya quickly glanced at Sero to see if he was still looking over at them, but Sero had started getting dressed while he and Kaminari talked in low voices about their shared nightly dream adventures.

Midoriya awkwardly touched Todoroki’s cheek with one finger. It felt warm… He gave in to his curiosity to know how the burned skin surrounding Todoroki’s left eye would feel, and he ran his fingers over it slowly and as softly as he could.

So that’s how it feels… It must have hurt a lot back then.

He brushed Todoroki’s bangs out of his face gently, once more finding himself enthralled by the beauty of Todoroki’s facial features.

When Todoroki’s eyes opened, Midoriya’s heart almost stopped in his chest.

Todoroki looked at him through drowsy eyes. Midoriya wanted to say, “good morning,” but he did not find his lips. Thus, he just stared at him with big eyes as Todoroki smiled at him peacefully, let his hand slide down Midoriya’s arm to his hand, pulled it closer and softly pressed it against his face. Then he just closed his eyes, again.

Unsure what he was supposed to do now, Midoriya just sat there with his heart pounding fast in his chest as he stared at the placidly sleeping Todoroki snuggling up to his hand until by and by the rest of their classmates were waking up.






Kirishima stood at the sink, styling his hair with his mind floating somewhere in outer space.

 “Oi. Quit gawking at your reflection and get that shit finished. Don’t make me wait for your slow ass forever, shitty hair.”

Kirishima flinched and blushed hard at the reflection of Bakugo’s face in the mirror that had appeared behind his own.

“Sorry!” He flashed a bashful smile at him and quickly carried on finishing his hair. “I got, uhm, lost in thought…”

“Hhmm,” Bakugo smirked at him, and Kirishima was careful not to meet his intimidating stare in the mirror. But he had noticed that Bakugo’s cheeks still looked slightly flushed. While Kirishima had been occupied with staring at his own reflection in the mirror, Bakugo had been much more efficient, throwing their dirtied clothes into the bath’s locker room’s washing machine which they were all free to use. Fortunately, the machine’s options included a high-speed-wash cycle.

Obviously, Bakugo felt no need to ask what it was Kirishima had been thinking about.







When Kirishima woke up, he felt incredibly happy. And warm. His heart, and his body.

As he realized what caused the warmth of his body, it instantly heated up even more. And when Bakugo, that little devil, was slowly moving and grinding against him while all along acting as if he was still asleep, not even calling that one horrible episode of his dream back to his mind could stop Kirishima’s body from reacting.

When Kaminari had noticed he was awake, teasing him about their intimate sleeping position, Kirishima had told him bashfully that he did not want to wake Bakugo up yet and that Kaminari should go ahead and eat breakfast without them. When finally, the last slow persons had left the sleeping room (being Aoyama, Mineta, Midoriya and Todoroki), Bakugo suddenly opened his eyes, and when he smirked at him with glinting eyes Kirishima realized for the first time that Bakugo had been awake from the start.

And then, ignoring Kirishima’s discomfort about the very public space they were in, Bakugo made him forget at once all his concerns about possibly getting caught by their classmates. Muffling Kirishima’s protests with impetuous kisses, Bakugo sat on his lap and avidly moved his hips, and it did not take long until the stimulation of their erections rubbing against each other crammed between their bodies made Kirishima cum. Bakugo did not stop moving, though, since he was yet to be satisfied – and when finally he was, Kirishima was hard all over again, resulting in Bakugo giving him his second blowjob. And not only was it at least as intense as the first one, this time Kirishima found himself much more able to appreciate it than the first time when he had been utterly drunk.






Really, Kirishima was glad no one had caught them. Or at least, he hoped no one had. Because, every time Bakugo started doing lewd things to him, Kirishima’s brain seemed to become unable to concentrate on anything else. If he was honest, he was not sure whether he would have even noticed it if for example, Kaminari had walked in on them and sat down next to them on his futon - which, honestly, they had been a little bit too close to. Kirishima felt like he owed his friend an apology, but he knew he was better off burying that secret deep in his heart. Nevertheless…

That felt incredible.

Bakugo looked so hot… And,-

G-God, he even- even swallowed it! How could he!?

Kirishima caught himself spacing out at the mirror again while recalling the marvelous image of Bakugo cowering before him and smirking up at him with flushed cheeks and glinting eyes when he heard said Bakugo’s voice.

“I’m going.”

“O-okay! I’ll be done in a second,” Kirishima answered him flustered and smiled as he waved at Bakugo’s indifferent back leaving the room.

Some minutes ago, Aoyama had told them that the teachers had announced at breakfast that everyone was to assemble in the living room at 9:30 am which the clock would strike in a few more minutes. They had missed breakfast, but it did not matter. Despite the rather strenuous night he had not felt hungry at all. At least, not in that sense.

Kirishima hurriedly finished up his morning routine and then walked towards the living room.






Midoriya was sitting on a couch in the living room, trying hard not to stare at Bakugo who was sitting on another couch, nonchalantly reading what probably was hero news on his phone. As usual, his face showed a slight frown, however, it was now unavoidable that Midoriya thought he also saw some very lewd kind of satisfaction on it.

Midoriya sighed into his hands which he used to hide the face that just did not seem willing to return to its natural color. He wished he could stop his mind from replaying over and over again what he had accidently witnessed earlier when he had returned to the sleeping room with the stupid intention of asking if everything was okay when neither Kirishima nor Bakugo had appeared for breakfast.

Not thinking about it might have been an easy task if Midoriya could just distract himself by looking at Todoroki’s face, but unfortunately there were several reasons why Todoroki was the very last person Midoriya felt he wanted to see right now.

You’re so stupid!! And he even warned you, too!


When Midoriya had told Todoroki that he was going to see if Bakugo was alright, Todoroki had glanced at him with what had looked like amused skepticism, saying, “Are you sure you want to go now? I don’t think he’ll appreciate it.”

“Haha, I know. He never does,” Midoriya had dismissed his words with a laugh. He had taken off, and thankfully, stopped in the last second before opening the door to the sleeping room. Because it was then that he heard them.

Moans and panting. And the very lewd sounds of rustling clothes and skin rubbing against skin.

Midoriya did not trust his ears at first as it was the first time he had ever heard Bakugo moan like that – Kirishima too, of course. Or anyone, for that matter, apart from the actresses in the pornographic clips his classmates had forced him to look at once back in middle school. But they, too, had sounded so artificial that in the end, they were not the least bit comparable to the auditory information Midoriya’s ears were sending his brain right this moment.

If the door obstructing his view had not been a sliding door it might not have been so tempting to sneak a peek, but unfortunately, it was. Midoriya still felt the need to punch himself in the face for his own curiosity because the sight of Bakugo moving his hips on Kirishima’s lap was not something he would easily be able to forget.

Really, Midoriya wished he had not seen that.

And the fact that Todoroki seemed to be constantly staring at him did not make Midoriya’s nervousness any better. When their eyes had met earlier Midoriya was sure that what he had seen on Todoroki’s face was a knowing, teasing smile.

Why would you even know!? Don’t tell me you don’t find it strange at all that they would be doing something like that in our communal sleeping room!! Was what Midoriya had thought flustered after quickly adverting his eyes.


When Kirishima entered the living room with a giddy expression of utter beatitude on his face and sat down next to Bakugo on the couch, Midoriya almost wheezed from the sheer amount of embarrassment he felt by seeing the gazes the two of them exchanged. In the corner of his eyes, he thought he saw Todoroki give him a strange look but fortunately, in that exact moment their two teachers entered the room together with Recovery Girl.

“GOOD MORNING!”, Mic greeted them in his usual cheerful tone. Most of his students managed to return the greeting in time before he went on. “We got two things we wanna talk to you about. The first is, as we’ve already told you beforehand, that we prepared for you the chance to go HIKING in the mountains for two days starting TOMORROW!”

“You don’t have to, if you don’t want to,” Aizawa took over for him. “But for the people who are up to it, we prepared everything you’ll need. Map, equipment, tent and all. Depending on the number of people who are going we’ll have you split into smaller groups. Each tent fits three persons.” He scratched his head. “Uhhh… was that all?”

“Sensei! Will you be accompanying us?”, Iida asked. Aizawa shook his head lazily.

“No. We teachers will stay at the inn, but if you need to contact us you can do so using the radio devices we’ll hand you.”

“I see. Thank you very much,” Iida bowed his head with waving arms.

“You’re going, right?”, Midoriya heard Todoroki’s quiet voice ask and turned his head to meet his gaze.

“Y-yes, you too, Todoroki-kun?”

Midoriya felt his heart jump in his chest when Todoroki smiled as he nodded, and quickly adverted his eyes again. “O-okay that’s great,” he stammered and frantically tried to concentrate on what their teachers were saying again.

“Well make you watch some movie about hiking safety rules later,” Aizawa announced in a bored voice. “And if anyone’s interested, Recovery Girl can teach you one thing or two about mountain herbs and stuff.”


“Any more QUESTIONS?” Mic grinned at them expectantly.

“Good. You can ask later, too,” Aizawa said and let out a sigh before he looked at Kirishima, making him sit upright in surprise at once.

“The second thing should only concern a few of you. Who were the ones trapped in Kirishima’s dream last night?”

His question was met with confused looks and murmurs by the students who had not been involved in the quirk accident and therefore had no clue what he was talking about. Apparently, not even Kaminari or Sero had said anything during breakfast.

Startled, Midoriya first glanced at Aizawa, and then at the more or less surprised looking other seven people involved. He was not really sure if he liked where this was going, but when Iida, Sero and Todoroki raised their hands without hesitation, he did, too, followed by Tsuyu and Kaminari.

“I see,” Aizawa said blankly. “That’s more than I had expected.”

“Oh yeah.” For some reason, Mic was grinning from ear to ear and Recovery Girl was smiling softly, too.

“So the ones affected by the dream quirk were Tsuyu, Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida, Sero, Kaminari, Kirishima and Bakugo,” Aizawa stated matter-of-factly.

“Why Bakugo? He didn't raise a hand,” Ashido noticed with raised brows.

“I just guessed and since he doesn’t deny it I must be right. Contrary to what some of you might think, we’re not blind, you know.” Aizawa pointed at the door. “With that being said, I’d like everyone not involved to get out of this room for a few minutes, so we can talk to them. It won’t take long but it calls for some privacy.”


While their classmates moved out of the room talking and whispering, shooting looks at the ones staying inside, Midoriya heard Bakugo snarl, “Yeah, right. That’s some great privacy having two teachers and a nurse stick their noses into our business.”

Recovery girl smiled at him mildly as she closed the door behind Tokoyami and sat down on the third couch next to Tsuyu. Mic sat down beside her, but Aizawa just remained standing behind them with his arms crossed.

“First of all,” Recovery Girl started, “There are two apologies we would like to make. The first is my own to you, Kirishima-san.”

Kirishima looked at her surprised. “Me? Why?”

Recovery Girl met his eyes calmly. “Because I did not treat you right the night before yesterday. Not as a professional nurse, and not as a human. I judged you without knowing the full implications of the darkness quirk. Poor boy. I know now how hard everything must have been for you. Please forgive me.”

Midoriya stared at Kirishima who seemed uncomfortable, but also utterly clueless about why Recovery Girl would feel the need to apologize to him.

Is this about the arrow? What did she do or say to him?

Kirishima bashfully said, “O-okay? I’m not really sure I understand why you think you’ve… treated me wrong or something but, uhm, yes, sure…?”

“Thank you, dear.” Recovery Girl smiled at him warmly. “Then, the second apology-“

“It’s really ‘bout all of you, but we especially want to apologize to Kirishima and Bakugo,” Aizawa went on in her stead. “When we get back, principal Nezu will personally apologize to you, too.”

“HUH!? Why even the principal!?” Kirishima looked at their teacher shocked.

“’Cause he, too, carries some fucking responsibility for the whole mess they got you in,” Bakugo growled at him impatiently. His bare feet were provocatively propped onto the coffee table as he glared at Aizawa. “Right, sensei.”

“Yes,” Aizawa admitted while directing a chiding glare back at him. He fixed his eyes on Kirishima again. “The fact that you got affected by the darkness-quirk is our fault, no one else’s. We’ve put you in an impossibly challenging situation, at the worst possible time, it appears.”

“I’M SO SORRY!!”, Mic bellowed and bowed his head so deeply it hit the coffee table. “OUCH!”

“Idiot.” Aizawa lightly smacked him in the face. “But yes, that’s how it is. I’m really, very sorry for what we put all of you through, and especially you two.” He bowed his head, too, and Recovery Girl did the same.

Flustered, Kirishima jumped to his feet. “N-no please, it’s okay! It’s not your fault-“ he was interrupted by Bakugo’s mocking snort, “a-and, I owe you a lot, too, since it’s thanks to you that things didn’t end any… worse… Right, Bakugo?”

“…Huhh. Well, having teachers bow to me’s not too bad,” he said smirking and Kirishima grinned back at him with obvious relief.

“Thank you. We appreciate your forgiveness,” Aizawa said seriously and raised his head again.


“Sensei. What does this have to do with the dream quirk incident?”, Iida wanted to know.

“Yes, I was about to get to that. Thing is-“

“I snuck into your room last night and poured the dream quirk essence on Kirishima-kun!”, Mic announced proudly. A “What the fuck” escaped Bakugo’s mouth but Mic ignored it when he went on. “That quirk is originally meant to enable couples to spend some QUALITY TIME together in one dream. I hope you got to do that, too,” he winked at the only couple in the room and Kirishima went bright red.

“NICE!” Mic showed him a thumbs up and Bakugo let out an irritated growl.

Aizawa pushed Mic’s hand down. “Anyway,” he sighed, “we didn’t just give it to you as a present, we figured if the dream quirk allows dream worlds to converge the ones entering Kirishima’s dream might be able to help him work through the issues that, I’m sure, that whole darkness-quirk business brought about.“

“Oh,” Midoriya gasped. “That’s why…” He fell silent and just exchanged looks of realization with the others.

“So, what we’d like to know is just if there were any problems and,” Aizawa looked at Kirishima again, “if it helped you in any way.”

“It did,” Kirishima answered without hesitation. He let out a shaky laugh. “It was pretty scary, but it meant a lot to me having the others and, well, Bakugo with me.” He looked down bashfully.

“I see, I’m glad. So, there were no bigger problems?”

He seemed relieved when they all shook their heads, though some of them, including Midoriya, were looking more or less embarrassed.

“Fine then. I hope all of you got to enjoy it to some degree and it didn’t freak you out too much. And if there appears some unresolved issue from this whole business after all, you can talk to us at any time,” their teacher concluded and dismissed them. When Aizawa exited the room with the other two adults, he almost tripped over their classmates who had been trying to listen to their conversation from behind the door.




*** *** ***





Chapter Text





“You can go in again,” was the only comment Aizawa gave their classmates as he left, and they all came swarming in, bombarding them with questions. Unfortunately, Sero had no qualms about letting everyone know about the significant factor determining who had gotten sucked into Kirishima’s dream.

Erotic dreams!? Seriously!?”, Ashido squealed.

“WHAT!? Why wasn’t I there, too!?” Mineta breathed heavily through widened nostrils.

“Who!? Who did you dream about!? Oh, oh my gosh, Todoroki-kun, having erotic dreams!?”

Hagakure sounded as if she was close to fainting.

“Kaminari! Don’t you think we wouldn’t notice you trying to sneak away!”, Sero sneered at Kaminari who had only managed to tiptoe half of the distance towards the door and was now turning around with a blushing face and an indignant look on his face.

“Sero, for god’s sake! You’re a fucking backstabber!”

“Oh no, why?”, Sero said with feigned sorrow before he was grinning from one ear to the next again. “I haven’t said a word ‘bout who you were dreaming about, have I?”

Kirishima was once again amazed by how easy to read his friend was when Kaminari’s eyes most obviously darted at Jiro before he flinched and dashed out of the room.

“Oh-oh, he’s such a poor, pure soul,” Mineta said mockingly while gaping at Jiro until Jiro, who seemed very flustered, punched him right into the trash can.

“And Midoriya! Who’d have thought that of our innocent little cinnamon roll,” Ashido teased Midoriya who almost fell from the couch in surprise.

“Ci-Cinamon roll!?”, he repeated in embarrassed dismay, showing them all his flustered-strawberry look when his face went bright red again.

“Don’t you think the biggest mystery is Iida-kun and Tsuyu-chan?”, Hagakure started discussing with Ashido while Kirishima quickly followed Bakugo out of the room as inconspicuously as possible. Being an officially declared couple sure had a lot of advantages. For instance, no one had pestered them with questions about whom they had dreamt about.

It’s that obvious to everyone, Kirishima thought, smiled to himself happily and caught up to Bakugo on the corridor.

“Up to a round of sparring?”, Bakugo asked him, whereupon Kirishima grinned at him, raising one eyebrow.

“In the literal sense, dumbass,” Bakugo clarified, punching Kirishima’s head with the hint of a smirk on his face.

“Sure!”, Kirishima said cheerfully. They went to get their gym clothes and water bottles and stopped by the empty dining room to grab some leftover bread buns which they hungrily ate while walking over to the gym.






Bakugo meaning ‘sparring’ in a literal sense was a very good thing, Kirishima thought, when it became apparent that there were quite a few others of their classmates who had the idea to use the gym during the morning, too. The first one to enter after them had been Shoji, followed by Jiro and Yaoyorozu (Kirishima wondered if Kaminari might presently be avoiding his crush), and when Iida, Midoriya and Todoroki arrived, the students decided to fight each other in pairs of two against two. It was Yaoyorozu’s idea, the purpose being to practice immobilizing problematic citizens or harmless villains without hurting them. They formed pairs on their own and decided on the respective mock fights by playing rock-paper-scissors.

In the first match, Kirishima and Bakugo fought Iida and Shoji with their opponents playing the part of the subjects who were to be defanged nonviolently. Trying to catch Iida without Bakugo being allowed to hurt him with explosions could only be described as a big pain in the ass. Not to mention Shoji – he just had too many limbs for Kirishima to concentrate on all at once. And of course, since their opponents were not playing heroes, they were very well allowed to hurt them. They did not manage to land any serious hit on them, though, and finally Kirishima managed to pin Shoji down under him – but only for a few seconds, since he was not able to harden his whole body longer than that and Shoji’s countless limbs kept tackling him from all possible angles. When Iida announced out of breath to all of them that the first round was over, Kirishima was very relived even though he and Bakugo had not really successfully managed to immobilize their opponents.

In the second round, they were up against Midoriya and Todoroki.

For some reason, Midoriya appeared to have a very hard time looking into his or Bakugo’s eyes, and when their eyes met for the split of a second, his face went beet-red. Which reminded Kirishima of the time several days ago when Midoriya seemed to constantly blush at him, too.

“Uhm, Midoriya? What’s wrong?”, he decided to finally just ask him.

Midoriya stared at him alarmed and red. “Huh!? N-nothing!”, he squeaked and outright hid behind Todoroki like some scared small animal. In that exact moment Iida blew his whistle and the fight began.

Bakugo pounced at the scared animal without mercy. After all, it was their turn now to play the problematic citizens to be immobilized and Kirishima was sure Bakugo felt quite frustrated from their fight against Shoji and Iida earlier.

Todoroki quickly reacted and created a wall of ice that protected him and Midoriya from Bakugo’s explosive attack. At least, for some seconds.

“Ha! If I’d hit my damn head on that stuff you’d be already out,” Bakugo sneered at him before detonating an explosion that destroyed the ice so that Midoriya and Todoroki quickly had to jump away.

“Yeah, but I knew you wouldn’t,” Todoroki answered him while creating a wall of fire that trapped Kirishima inside. Kirishima gasped surprised and reflexively hardened his body when Bakugo effortlessly catapulted himself into the fiery cage, grabbed his waist tightly and made both of them fly into the air with another big explosion. Bakugo let go of him midair so Kirishima crashed to the ground not very elegantly (hopefully the gym’s floor was not damaged now) while Bakugo remained in the air, jumping on explosions after Todoroki who was trying to keep him at bay with both of his quirks. Meanwhile, Kirishima tackled Midoriya with a big grin on his face, already anticipating that Midoriya would use his quirk to evade his attack. He seemed to be unsure how he was supposed to immobilize Kirishima without hurting him, though. They clashed a few times with Midoriya using his quirk to evade Kirishima’s attack, but he had trouble stopping and restraining him when Kirishima not only hardened his arms but made them super sharp, too.

All of a sudden, Bakugo came flying at them from above. Midoriya quickly jumped away, and Bakugo pursued him without hesitation. The way he was maliciously grinning let Kirishima know that he was utterly enjoying himself.


Kirishima had just as much time as to glance at where Bakugo had left Todoroki behind at the other side of the gym before Todoroki already came skidding towards him on ice very fast. Kirishima prepared to meet his attack when both of them were distracted by the surprised cries of their crushes. They jerked their heads at where Midoriya and Bakugo had been fighting and were now lying on the ground – and recognized at once the familiar looking smoke that was covering them both.

“Oh no,” Kirishima gasped and hurried after Todoroki who was already skidding towards the two.

Todoroki crouched down next to Midoriya who was coughing hard from the smoke.

“Midoriya, are you okay?”

Midoriya did not answer immediately, and Kirishima helped Bakugo back onto his feet. He seemed strangely unstable.

“Bakugo?”, he asked him worried, grabbing Bakugo’s face and moving it closer to his own.

Bakugo opened his eyes. He stared at Kirishima disoriented, and then-

He squeaked.


Kirishima stared at him aghast, not trusting his ears. First, the voice that had just escaped Bakugo’s mouth was at least one or two octaves higher than normal, and second,-

“…-kun!?” Kirishima repeated in disbelief.

No. Oh no no no that’s not possible is it-

“Oh,” Todoroki said in realization. Kirishima quickly crouched down to where Midoriya was still coughing on the ground and grabbed his chin a little bit too rough-

“What the fuck,” Midoriya growled and opened his eyes to glare at him.

“No way. Bakugo!?”, Kirishima asked the person that looked like Midoriya flabbergasted.


Kirishima jerked his head but sadly, he had just missed seeing Bakugo call himself by his nickname.

“Are you kidding me, for fuck’s sake,” Bakugo groaned angrily with Midoriya’s face and with Midoriya’s voice. Only that when Bakugo was in his body, Midoriya’s voice was a lot lower than normal, and his glare was not all too intimidating. Maybe a bit unsettling, though.


Meanwhile, the other students in the gym had noticed the smoke, too, and came running to see what had happened. Bakugo acted fast. He jumped to his feet, grabbed Todoroki and Midoriya by the scruffs of their necks and hissed, “Tell them and you’re dead! I do not want their fucking attention on this shit!” He directed one final glare at Kirishima which was just too strange. Midoriya, glaring at him like that… and cursing…

“What happened!?”, Iida shouted at them alarmed.

Todoroki raised his brows, apparently unconvinced by Bakugo’s reasoning, but Midoriya said, “O-okay…?”, which sounded just too cute. Bakugo, stammering in uncertainty? Kirishima just wished he would be looking at him, right now, and not at Midoriya - meaning, at Bakugo in Midoriya’s body… oh no, that was very confusing.

“Nothing,” Bakugo answered Iida and the way he managed to imitate Midoriya’s normal tone was impressive. If only that little frown would leave his face…

“But, the quirk accident?”, Jiro asked confused, catching her breath.

“It wasn’t,” Kirishima tried to say something helpful, though he quickly questioned whether he had succeeded. Fortunately, Bakugo made use of his lie.

“We thought it was too, at first, but nothing happened and then we noticed that the smoke was just the result of Bak- Kacchan’s explosions and ha- Todoroki-kun’s fire coming into conflict.”

Kirishima could tell Bakugo was trying very hard not to grimace when he added the -kun to Todoroki’s name. Somehow, even with Midoriya’s face Kirishima could more or less guess Bakugo’s facial expression.

Iida scratched his head looking confused. “Really? I could’ve sworn-”

“Yeah, me too, man!”, Kirishima grinned at him but decided not to say anything else. They all knew he was a very poor liar.

“Hmmm…” Jiro glared at them warily, but Yaoyorozu clapped her hands in relief.

“Thank god! I’m glad you weren’t hurt,” she said with an angelic smile, Shoji nodded at them seriously, and then the others actually returned to pick up their fights.


“I can’t believe they believed us so easily,” Midoriya said astounded when it was only the four of them again. Kirishima could not help staring at the rare expression on Bakugo’s face, which did not slip Bakugo’s attention.

“Oi, shitty hair. Quit your stupid gawking,” he growled at him and Kirishima was now looking into Midoriya’s angry face again.

“My god, Bakugo, this is so confusing,” he said to him feeling utterly overwhelmed.

“Not my damn fault, the stupid nerd bumped into that shitty capsule,” Bakugo growled and looked at Midoriya as if he was thinking about murdering him.






“S-sorry, Kacchan,” Midoriya said with a meek voice.

God, how excruciating to hear myself talk like a fucking weak-ass wimp, Bakugo thought frustrated.

“Midoriya.” Kirishima grabbed Midoriya’s shoulders. “Sorry, but, would you mind repeating that? In the same voice, and add my name instead of Bakugo’s?”

“If you do that I’ll fucking kill you nerd. And you too, shitty hair, if you don’t put those hands-“

“Haha, why, feeling jealous of your own body?”, Kirishima laughed mindlessly and teasingly tousled Bakugo’s hair which at the moment belonged to Midoriya. And Bakugo was sure to remind him of that- only, Todoroki was faster. His arm shot forward and grabbed Kirishima’s wrist, removing his hand from Midoriya’s head.

“Kirishima. This isn’t Bakugo at the moment. You can’t just touch him like that,” he said in a quiet voice that held an unmistakably warning undertone. Kirishima stared at him surprised.

“Eh?” He stared back and forth between Bakugo, Midoriya, and Todoroki, frowning which usually meant he was thinking very hard.

“Oh…,” he said finally. “I guess you’re right. Sorry.”

Todoroki nodded seriously, and Midoriya said with a shaky laugh, “It’s fine, don’t worry Kirishima-kun. But,” he added quickly, and adverted his gaze which apparently made Kirishima confused all over again, “I’d prefer it, too, if you… well, don’t mistake me for Kacchan.” Bakugo could see that his cheeks were bright red, and Kirishima stared at him again, looking completely stumped.

Bakugo sure as hell did not like this at all. Kirishima’s attention all over Midoriya, just because he looked like him – even though he did not act like him at all!!

Well, maybe he had a plan how to get Kirishima to realize once and for all who was in whose body. Bakugo slightly wrinkled his nose as he looked up at Todoroki which thankfully Todoroki did not have to witness as he was staring at Midoriya, too.

Well, some sacrifices have to be made.

“Let’s go somewhere else first,” Bakugo said to the others. “Before they notice we’re not fucking participating anymore.”

The others agreed, and they sneaked out of the gym.






The first person that really tested their nerves was, of course, Kaminari. They ran into him in front of the inn.

“Oh!? Already back? It’s rare seeing you four together!”

“Y-yeah,” Kirishima said and apparently did not know what further words he should add. But he did not need to, as Kaminari’s attention was already on Midoriya.

“Bakugo? What’s wrong, you look so… unangry!?”

Midoriya panicked but caught himself in the last moment before he messed up.

“F-fuck off, dunce face,” he spoke the short phrase which he had already heard countless times come out of Bakugo’s mouth, and thankfully Kaminari did not seem to notice how Midoriya blushed when he pronounced the f-word. Apparently, it did not slip Todoroki’s attention, though, and Midoriya suspected that when Todoroki coughed, it was actually his way of stifling a laugh.

“Yeah yeah,” Kaminari said good-naturedly and put his arm around Kirishima’s shoulders.

“You up for a round of car racing before lunch?”, he asked him, but before Kirishima could answer, Kaminari flinched surprised when he noticed how Bakugo was glaring at him.

“M-Midoriya, what’s wrong!?”, he exclaimed and for some reason instinctively removed his arm from Kirishima’s shoulders.

Bakugo seemed to have realized his mistake.

“Nothing,” he snarled ill-humored. Kaminari stared at him for two seconds, then glanced over at where Midoriya was trying to look angry with Bakugo’s face, too, before his eyes drilled through Kirishima.

Apparently, Kaminari was much more observant than any one of them had given him credit for.

“Kirishima? Seriously, what’s going on, bro?”, he asked him and Kirishima literally shrank under his piercing gaze. He could not stop his eyes seeking help from Bakugo.

Fine, have it your fucking way” Bakugo snarled, and Kaminari looked utterly distressed when he heard those words come out of Midoriya’s mouth.

“Oh, I’m glad,” Kirishima sighed relieved and turned to Kaminari. “You see, Midoriya was hit by another quirk and now he and Bakugo are stuck in each other’s bodies and-“

“WHAT!?”, Kaminari squeaked aghast.

“Yes, that’s how it is,” Midoriya said with a shaky laugh and tilted his head in embarrassment. Kaminari stared at him as if Midoriya had just walked straight out of a cartoon. It took him at least ten seconds to open his mouth and say,

“Holy shit you were right bro. Bakugo actually can look kinda cute!”


“You’re so dead,” Bakugo growled and stomped towards Kaminari, raising his hand – then he noticed that no explosions were crackling in his palm and he stopped in his tracks, staring at his fingers irritated.

“That’s right. Our quirks are part of our fucking bodies, so we changed those, too,” he thought out loud. Apparently, punishing Kaminari did not interest him anymore. He clenched his hand to a fist.

“How do I activate it,” he asked Midoriya without looking at him.

“Huh? Oh, I… You just feel it, I guess?”

Midoriya’s thoughts were whirling around in his head.

Oh god, Kacchan has One-For-All now!? Is that okay? Is that safe!?

“Feeling, huh,” Bakugo said, still staring at his fist. “Can you use mine?”, he asked Midoriya without looking at him.

Midoriya was not sure, how. “I don’t know, I feel like I need to get more used to being in your body first… Right now, everything feels so strange I’m not really sure, uhm, where exactly your quirk’s in me, I mean-”

“Yeah, figured,” Bakugo cut him short with a snort. “Whatever, I don’t care.”

“You don’t!?”, Midoriya asked him, surprised.

“No, I don’t give a fuck. I want my quirk back, together with my body, stupid nerd. You might think otherwise, though,” he added snidely.

“No! I want to change back, too! Of course,” Midoriya protested.


“Okay I got that all, but were you seriously trying to hide the fact that you swapped bodies!?”, Kaminari interrupted their fight impatiently. “You weren’t just trying to fool me, were you?”

“No, but Bakugo didn’t want the others to make a big deal of it, that’s why-“ Kirishima started to explain and Kaminari laughed. “Sorry, but you can’t pretend it’s not a big deal, Bakugo. Not when Midoriya’s cursing like that and you look like a scared animal!”

“Huh? Why!?”, Midoriya asked uncertainly. Todoroki put his hand on his shoulder reassuringly.

“It’s just that your facial expressions make him look a lot more docile than usual.”

“Oh…” It was strange meeting Todoroki’s eyes from this height. He hardly needed to look up.

“Oh, and it’s not really unsuspicious either if Todoroki and Bakugo look all close like that and Kirishima glares at Todoroki like some gory gangster.”

“Huh!? Oh sorry, did I just- sorry,” Kirishima apologized to Todoroki, looking confused.

“If you’re gonna do this then Midoriya needs to stick with Kirishima! And Bakugo needs to act more sociable,” Kaminari lectured them.

“Fine,” Bakugo said, and to Midorya’s surprise, he nonchalantly walked over to stay beside Todoroki. Midoriya sighed and nervously smiled at Kirishima. Kirishima still looked confused.

“But guys, you sure you wanna go through with this? It’s one thing for Bakugo and Todoroki, but Kirishima and Midoriya’ll be suspicious as hell! You can’t just have Bakugo and Kirishima act all touchy one day and the next suddenly all strange like that – people will think they had a big fight or something!”

“Who cares. If I see you touch him I’ll kill you, Deku,” Bakugo growled at Midoriya with an impending stare and Midoriya unconsciously distanced himself a bit more from Kirishima. “And especially you, shitty hair,” Bakugo added, glaring at his boyfriend.

“Huh!? Why, I’d never-,” Kirishima started to defend himself, but Bakugo interrupted him. “Oh yeah you would, ‘cause apparently just looking at my body makes you so damn horny your dick takes over your fucking brain.”

Kirishima’s face went bright red, Kaminari gasped scandalized and Midoriya hid his face behind his hands. “Kacchan, please!?”

Bakugo ignored them all. “You don’t really seem to get it either, Deku. So I’m just gonna show you, make sure you pay some fucking attention.”


With those words, he turned to Todoroki.

“You’re troubled, too, if they don’t behave, aren’t you,” he asked him in a suddenly very calm voice. Then he changed it further to a purr. “Todoroki-kun.”

Todoroki’s eyes widened as Bakugo wrapped one hand around his neck, and Midoriya just stared in a daze as he saw himself moving so close to Todoroki that their bodies were touching, seductively staring up into Todoroki’s eyes, standing on his toes to reach up to Todoroki’s face-

“BAKUGO.” Kirishima’s growl was low and sharp. It cut the air and made all of them freeze, including Bakugo. When Midoriya glanced at him, he saw that Kirishima was glaring at Bakugo as if he was seconds away from attacking him.

Bakugo let himself drop back to the ground and slowly turned to smirk at Kirishima with an expression of excited satisfaction.

“You got my point then, shitty hair?”, he purred at him gleefully.

“Yes.” Kirishima was still glaring at him. It was a really rare sight and Midoriya wished it did not remind him so much of the time Kirishima was affected by the darkness quirk… Well, at least now it was not Midoriya who was at the receiving end of that glare. At least, not in an intrinsic sense. And Bakugo seemed to actually enjoy it, somehow.

Midoriya noticed that it was now Todoroki who was staring at him with a confused expression.

Uwaah, Midoriya thought and bashfully adverted his eyes.






*** *** ***





Chapter Text





Lunch was extremely annoying. In order not to make the others suspicious, they had decided to sit as usual – meaning, Midoriya was now sharing a table with Kirishima, Kaminari and Ashido, while Bakugo found himself sitting next to Todoroki and having no choice but to engage in conversation with Aoyama and Ojiro.

“What exactly happened in Kirishima’s dream yesterday?”, Ojiro asked them without hiding his curiosity. “I mean,” he blushed and laughed nervously, “it was only an erotic dream until all of you met, right?”

Bakugo sure as hell did not feel like talking about it but forced himself to look as flustered as he could manage. Todoroki answered in his stead.

“Well, that depends…,” he said, tilted his head and raised his brows suggestively at Bakugo. Bakugo wished he could just tell him to fuck off.

“Oho? Do tell us, Midoriya-kun”, Aoyama perked his ears and smiled at Bakugo dreamily.

“Todoroki-kun’s only joking,” Bakugo said and made sure to add a shaky laugh.

God, how come it’s so fucking easy to imitate that boring nerd.

“Not really?”, Todoroki shrugged his shoulders, leisurely sipped at his tea before he went on, “Áfter all, it was Kirishima’s dream. He made Bakugo grow cat ears and a tail, and when Bakugo started to lick all over Kirishima’s face-“

“Shut- Todoroki-kun!”, Bakugo growled angrily and the mocking smile Todoroki showed him made him almost abandon all his plans to keep his identity a secret.

“Oh my god!”, Ojiro exclaimed and quickly glanced over at where Kirishima and Midoriya were sitting, while Aoyama added a “Mon dieu!” to express that he, too, was scandalized, though his expression did not show it at all.

Fortunately, Bakugo had just finished his food and impatiently jumped to his feet, grabbed his tablet and made his way to the sink and out of the dining room. He growled irritated when he realized Todoroki had followed him.


“What the fuck’re you following me for,” he hissed at him angrily. Being stuck in Midoriya’s body unable to use his own explosions made him feel jumpy, or jumpier than usual. Although this body was fairly muscular, too, it could not compare to the safe shell of muscles Bakugo was used to, and it made him feel vulnerable – not that he would admit it, though. Of course, Bakugo knew that Midoriya was not vulnerable at all with the superhuman power-quirk he had inherited from All Might. Even if it was true that Bakugo still felt rather bitter about the fact that All Might had chosen stupid Deku above him, it was a done deal. Bakugo tried not to question the decision All Might had made, and for some reason, he felt sure he did not want to test One-for-All out given that this was only a temporary exchange.

Even if he had the chance to make the exchange long-term, Bakugo would not want that, either. Not if it meant losing his own quirk in exchange. It was a part of him, like his body was, too.

“I wanted to ask you something, Bakugo”, Todoroki said quietly.

Bakugo sighed and pulled him to the wall. It was very irritating how he had to crane his neck just to glare into his classmates’ bicolored eyes at close proximity. However, reminding himself how this was only a temporary situation for him whereas Midoriya must deal with it all the time, including when he was looking up at him, too, made him feel complacent again.

“Suit yourself.”

But if you ask me to fucking make out with you I’ll blow up your balls.

Todoroki seemed tense. “It’s about what you did earlier.”

Bakugo frowned at him. “What.”

“Were you only doing that to make Kirishima jealous or…,” Todoroki stopped, apparently unsure how to phrase his question. Bakugo decided that he would give him exactly two more seconds to finish it. Maybe Todoroki sensed Bakugo’s impatience, and he went on.

“Or were you actually trying to make Midoriya jealous, too?”

Bakugo could see that Todoroki was holding his breath.

“Hmm..,” he sneered at him. “You’re not as dense as you look, half-‘n-half. But before I answer you that question, I’ll have you tell me why you’d think so – and why you wanna know.”

Todoroki squinted at him, not trying to hide his irritation at all.

“You know why. Don’t act like you don’t,” he said in a low, tense voice.

“Ha. ‘Kay, maybe I do. I want you to tell me, anyway.”

“You’re impossible.” Todoroki shook his head at him. He glanced around to see if someone was on the corridor, then he looked back into Bakugo’s eyes and said quietly, “Because I like him. I liked him from the moment he made me realize my left half doesn’t belong to my shithead of a father but to me. And since that time my feelings only grew stronger but I’m unsure if I really should tell him or not.”

“Huh. That wasn’t so hard now, was it,” Bakugo snorted at him disdainfully.


“So?”, Todoroki asked impatiently.

Bakugo smirked at him.

“Yeah, you’re fucking right. Not like I really care ‘bout him, guess I just felt like it. Give the damn stupid nerd a little taste of what he wants but fucking lacks the balls to admit.”

Todoroki stared at Bakugo, and Bakugo was not sure if the expression on his face was caused by the crude words that had just come out of Midoriya’s mouth or because of what the words entailed.

“Why- why do you think he-“, Todoroki started, and Bakugo interrupted him.

“You didn’t fucking pay attention yesterday, did you, bastard. While our dream worlds were converging I saw part of his dream, too. Not like I wanted to, for fuck’s sake,” he clarified, giving Todoroki a disgusted look.

“What did you-“

“I’ll put it in a nice nutshell for you. The one on that bed with him was you, and it looked very much to me like you were ‘bout to fuck him.”

Bakugo ignored Todoroki’s quickly-changing expression and added, laughing, “Or at least your lucky ass of a dream-self was. I wish I’d seen the look on Deku’s face when you appeared, for real! I bet he was freaking out as fuck ‘bout whether you’d seen what he dreamt-“

“Y-you, d’you really think he, he likes me like that!?”, Todoroki interrupted him, his left half was literally burning and his whole face was so red that one could hardly make out his scar anymore.

Bakugo rolled his eyes at him and Todoroki hastily subdued his flames.

“If you really wanna know, man the fuck up and ask him yourself. I don’t give a shit ‘bout you. I only told you on a whim, ‘cause it feels good tattling the nerd’s dirty secrets.”

Todoroki stared at him for a few more moments before asking,

“Did you tell anyone else?”

“What d’you think?” Bakugo smirked at him with an angry frown.

“…I don’t think you would do that,” Todoroki said, finally. Bakugo shrugged his shoulders at him and walked towards the living room.

“Thank you,” he heard Todoroki mutter behind him.






Midoriya nervously watched Todoroki go after Bakugo leaving the dining room.

I wonder what they’re doing

“Guys, you know why I wanted to sit with you today, right?”, Ashido’s cheerful voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

“’Cause you like us?”, Kaminari guessed and Ashido swiftly ruffled his hair.

“No. I mean yes,” she laughed. “But of course it’s because I’m not satisfied yet with what I was told ‘bout your nightly adventures! I wanna know exactly what happened in that dream!”

“You can’t expect us to tell you everything,” Kirishima said with an embarrassed laugh.

“Oh, no. Was it really that dirty?”, Ashido asked and raised her brows at Midoriya. Midoriya tried not to blush and look as smug and uninterested as possible.

“But ‘kay. I’ll tell you all ‘bout it,” Kaminari agreed all to eagerly, and started babbling about clothes, cat ears, dragons, giants, slime balls, and hedgehogs.

Midoriya felt it was a good idea to leave before he would get to the more serious part of the shed and apparently, Kirishima thought so, too.

“Let’s go?”, he asked Midoriya quietly, Midoriya nodded and they left the dining room.


Bakugo and Todoroki were sitting at two ends of one couch, leaving some unnecessarily big space between them. Maybe they had been waiting for them. Midoriya hesitated for a second, but then he sat down on another couch. When he directed a nervous smile at Todoroki and Bakugo, he was startled by the way Todoroki was staring at him and then quickly adverted his eyes. It looked to Midoriya as if he was feeling embarrassed.

Huh!? Why? Why!?

Midoriya quickly glanced at Bakugo, and the bad feeling in his stomach only intensified when he saw Bakugo’s gleeful smirk.

Oh no, what did he do!? No, he wouldn’t- He said, no touching- but maybe he said something strange to him. I need to ask him later-

Mic entered the room, looking at who had already assembled and waved a DVD at them.

“As soon as the other LISTENERS are here we’re gonna watch that EXCITING MOVIE!”, he announced to them and began configurating the TV settings. Midoriya did the easiest thing he could think of to act like Bakugo: He pulled out his smartphone and started looking at hero news until the rest of their classmates arrived and the movie started.






After the movie, Midoriya found himself troubled by a new problem. It was a very embarrassing problem.

Midoriya had noticed right from the start that being in Bakugo’s body felt completely different than being in his own. First of all, his nipples. Midoriya felt like they were constantly overstimulated. When Kirishima’s arm had accidently brushed him earlier, Midoriya had barely stopped a gasp from slipping out of his mouth.

He wondered if maybe it was just because he was not used to this body. Living in one body all your life and then suddenly being thrown into a different one surely had to mess up your perception. Indeed, Midoriya wished he was only overthinking the unfamiliar itchiness that seemed to come from somewhere deep in his butt.

Kacchan’s butt… oh my god, Midoriya thought, trying not to let his imagination run wild. And to not remember the scene he had witnessed only several hours ago.

But they weren’t… doing anything like that, were they?

Midoriya glanced up to Kirishima sitting next to him and quickly regretted it when Kirishima noticed and their eyes met. Midoriya was glad he was sitting because a sudden wave of heat flushed his body and now his knees felt weak.

This can’t be happening. I know I don’t feel attracted to Kirishima-kun like that!

Could it actually be that Kacchan’s body is reacting to him? Is that really possible, even though I’m the one inside!?


Midoriya finished his thought process by shaking his head at himself flustered.

“Mi- Bakugo? You okay?”, Kirishima asked him, worried. Midoriya looked up and noticed that Todoroki was coming over to their couch, too.

“Uhm, yeah,” Midoriya answered bashfully. He glanced around, but the other students in the room seemed to be busy looking at hiking equipment, gossiping and frolicking around, so no one seemed to pay any attention to them.

“If this is uncomfortable for you, we can go somewhere else,” Todoroki said gently, however it did not slip Midoriya’s attention that he did not look at him.

Oh god I need to know what Kacchan said to him.

He jumped to his feet.

“Kac-“ He stopped himself, remembering he was supposed to be Bakugo now. So instead of calling Bakugo’s name, he put his hands into his pants pockets and stomped over to where Bakugo was sitting.

“Oi, nerd,” he said, trying not to feel too humiliated by insulting himself. Bakugo looked at him, unimpressed.

“Y-You’re coming with me,” he said, in a loud and firm voice so the others would hear, too, and Bakugo would have no choice but to obey. And he did, which felt utterly wrong.

“Yes, Kacchan.”

Seeing the excessively submissive bow of his head made Midoriya feel a little bit mocked, but he made sure to hold his chin up high as he led the way out to the lawn. He walked to the backyard, stopping at the wall were, some days ago, he had witnessed Bakugo crying while telling Uraraka about his rejection of Kirishima’s confession.


“So. What the fuck d’you want, Deku.”

He turned to look at Bakugo who had relinquished all pretense of being him, now that no one was watching them.

“Uhm… sorry for acting so bossy just now, I just wanted to act like you-“

“HUH? You saying I’m bossy?”

“Oh, no, uhm…”

You’re always bossy, Kacchan.

“So what d’you want, nerd.” The way Bakugo was smirking at him now made it very obvious that he knew exactly what Midoriya wanted from him. Midoriya tried to swallow down his nervousness when he voiced his question.

“Did you say something strange to Todoroki-kun?”

“What makes you think I did?” The smirk got even bigger.

“He was acting…funny.”

“Oh? In what way?”

“Kacchan, just answer my-“

“In what way, Deku?”

Midoriya glared at him in frustrated embarrassment before he gave in with a sigh.

“He didn’t look into my eyes when we talked.”

“Huh, I see. That horny wimp.”


“That’s not the insulting part, nerd.”

“I- I know but- w-why’d you say he’s…” Midoriya did not dare finish his sentence. He was not sure how the two words fit together.



Blood rushed to his face. No. No. Connecting Todoroki to any kind of sexual word certainly was no good idea. When he looked back at Bakugo who was looking at him with a mixed expression of disgust and mocking glee, he realized that his face must have given away too much again.

“Please Kacchan, just tell me. Did you say anything weird to him?”

Bakugo leaned against the wall, all laid-back and content with himself.

“No. Nothing weird,” he said, and again he was smirking.

“But…?” Midoriya knew Bakugo, and he knew the way he was playing with his words.

“Nothing weird at all. After all, dreaming ‘bout fucking your so-called friend‘s not weird at all, is it?”


Midoriya stared at Bakugo for a few moments, unable to process his words.

Then the realization sunk in.

He’s talking about me.

About my dream.

He saw. Yes of course he saw, how could I’ve forgotten!?

Y-you- you saw!? How could you- How- Why-“ Midoriya’s brain apparently could not decide which question was the most important.

“Yeah I saw. Don’t fucking make me watch your disgusting sex fantasies, pervy nerd!”

Midoriya gasped for air as he felt stifled by his shame. But he would not go down without a fight. After all…

“You’re one to talk! You were making out with Kirishima-kun in that dream, too!”

“Yeah, the real one. Not some shitty fantasy I created ‘cause I’m too pitiful to get myself some real action!”

“Y-You know that’s nothing to boast about”, Midoriya spluttered at him, and he was feeling too embarrassed and too angry to think about whether the words that followed next were really a good idea to utter. “You know, our communal sleeping room’s not your personal love nest to get your ‘real action’! Have you no shame, Kacchan!?”


Bakugo stared at him perplexed for a second before his stare turned into a dark glare.


“I saw you! What would you’ve done if it had been someone else!?”

“Wait you lil fuck. What exactly did you-“

“What if it had been Aizawa-sensei!? Have you thought about how indecent you’re behaving? And make Kirishima behave, too? You’re supposed to be future pro heroes-”

“Stop your bitching, Deku.”

“I’m not-“

“Yeah you are. And though I admit the sleeping room might’ve been rash, we both know you’re just saying all that ‘cause you’re fucking jealous.”

“I’m not-“

“Yes you are jealous don’t lie to me, wimp!” Bakugo’s eyes were glaring daggers at him now. “You want that damn bastard but you’re too stuck-up to admit it, and I know you’re angry ‘cause I got myself what I wanted and you’ve not even tried. After all that nosy sticking-your-nose-in-my-business shit you pulled on me. I wouldn’t say a fucking thing ‘bout it but knowing you want half-‘n-half without even trying to get him is fucking irritating to watch!”


For the first time, Midoriya considered the possibility that maybe, Bakugo was feeling concerned for him. That to Bakugo, this, too, might be a competition in some way. And apparently, he was feeling rather disappointed by Midoriya’s lack of fighting spirit.

Midoriya’s hands clenched to fists. No, he would not give up this fight, whatever this was about. First of all, he would get the answer to his question.

No, I already did get that…

Or not. Wait.

…Wasn’t my question… what Kacchan said to-

You told Todoroki-kun I dreamt of him!??”

“Yeah,” Bakugo purred gleefully. “He totally knows you want him to bone you.”

Midoriya decided that now would be a good time to wake up from this dream. Sadly, after violently pinching his forearm he had to accept that this was reality.

“Oi. Don’t fucking nip other people’s bodies without their fucking consent.”


Todoroki knows. He knows he knows he knows-

“He asked.”

Midoriya stopped the trundling avalanche of smothering, embarrassing thoughts that otherwise might have succeeded to bury him deep underground in a hole of shame. He looked up at Bakugo’s nonchalant expression.

“He… he asked?”, Midoriya repeated weakly.

“Yeah. Not exactly ‘bout the dream, but I decided to tell him anyway.”


“Tell whom?”


They both jerked their heads at Kirishima’s voice. He was standing at the corner, and Midoriya’s heart almost jumped out of his chest when Todoroki appeared next to him.

“How much did you hear?”, Bakugo growled at him, and Kirishima first looked at him slightly startled, then let his eyes wander to Midoriya and frowned seeing Midoriya’s upset expression on Bakugo’s face.

“Uhm, we just arrived, so just that part about telling someone something?”

“I-I just needed to speak to Kacchan about this whole body-swapping situation, that’s all,” Midoriya squeaked, making sure not to look into Todoroki’s direction by fixing his gaze on Bakugo’s face that was his own.

“Oh? Is there a problem? I thought we were doing just fine so far,” Kirishima said, and it was hard to tell if he was really suspecting nothing or just trying to lift the tension between them. “That is, except that time with Kaminari…”

“Well it’s annoying and getting fucking boring to act like that goody-two-shoes nerd,” Bakugo snarled with a glare at Midoriya.

“S-sorry Kacchan-“

“So I have a proposition.” The fact that Bakugo had retrieved his smirk bode ill.

“Proposition?”, Kirishima repeated attentively.

“We’re gonna turn this into a competition. To see whose cover’s blown first.”


“The winners can issue one command each on the losers.”


Oh no, this is definitely not a good idea!

Midoriya decided to panic after hearing Todoroki’s beautiful voice, first.

“I thought you didn’t want anyone’s attention on this?”

“I changed my mind.”

Kirishima laughed at Bakugo’s whimsical declaration, but his eyes nervously wandered between him and Midoriya.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Kacchan,” Midoriya protested. “Can’t we just tell them if you don’t care anymore?”

“Who said I don’t care, fucking nerd.” Midoriya flinched surprised as Bakugo approached him with swift steps and grabbed his ear, pulling it down so Midoriya would catch his whisper.

“You don’t get to choose, Deku. If you don’t play, I’ll let everyone know ‘bout your dream.”

Midoriya froze.

This is playing so dirty, Kacchan.

Midoriya clenched his teeth. “Fine. Have it your way.”

“What did you just say to him?”

Hearing Todoroki’s voice sounding almost like a growl made Midoriya completely forget his resolution not to look at him. Todoroki had stepped close enough to tower over Bakugo as he glared down at him, and Midoriya was amazed seeing the difference in height between Todoroki’s body and his own.

We look good together…

“That I’d expose the contents of his dream to everyone if he doesn’t play.”


There were not too many times Midoriya shouted outside of battle. But the situation was too ridiculously, mind-bogglingly embarrassing to remain calm. And then his eyes met Todoroki’s.

Oh no.

“S-Sorry!”, he squeaked, rushed over to Kirishima to grab his wrist and drag him away hurriedly.

“And no touching him, Deku,” he heard Bakugo snarl at his back. “If you dare, I’ll tell everyone, too, and after that show you some mercy in your shame by fucking killing you!”

“That’s so unreasonable,” Midoriya shook his head in embarrassed despair as he dragged a very confused looking Kirishima with him back into the inn.




*** *** ***




Chapter Text





“Are you serious Bakugo?”

Bakugo snorted at Todoroki’s shocked expression.

“This whole situation’s a fucking joke, anyway.”

“You won’t tell anyone, right!?”

“If he behaves and follows my rules, I won’t.”


“And the same applies to you, icy-hot. I won’t have that nerd touch shitty hair, so if you do or say anything that would provoke a situation where that gets my cover blown, I’ll make you pay. Deku’s shame is your shame, right?”

Todoroki stared at him angrily.

“It’s not about that. I just don’t want him to get hurt.”

“Yeah, right.”

“And I don’t want Kirishima to touch him either, you know.”

“Huh. It’s not even his fucking body.”

“But it’s him. Wasn’t that the point of your demonstration earlier?”

“Guess at least you seem to have grasped it,” Bakugo snarled as he started walking back to the inn’s entrance. He knew that Todoroki was quietly following him as he heard Todoroki’s voice behind him.


“Why’re you doing this, Bakugo?”

“It’s fucking payback.”

“Payback for what?”

“For his shitty, obnoxious meddling in my affairs since this trip started. Or more like ever since I can fucking remember.”

“He saved you from that shed, Bakugo! He saved both you and Kirishima, it’s thanks to him that you two-“

“And that’s,” Bakugo snarled sharply, jerking his head to glare at Todoroki behind him, “exactly the reason why I’m paying him back, twerp.”

Todoroki stared at him with his mouth open for a change.

“This is your idea of thanking him?”

“Don’t get cheeky, bastard. Like hell I’m thanking anyone.”

“You’re absolutely ludicrous.”

Bakugo smirked as he walked on. “Just you wait. You’re gonna fucking thank me before long.”






“Midoriya, you okay?”

Kirishima was staring at him with a worried but also fascinated expression while Midoriya paced around the empty dining room muttering his thoughts.

This is not me and Kirishima versus Kacchan and Todoroki. It’s just me against Kacchan.

Midoriya believed that Todoroki wanted this to quickly blow over, too, if only to avoid the embarrassing situation of having all their classmates know that Midoriya’s erotic dream had centered around him.

Oh my god he really knows.

Midoriya decided to try postponing freaking out on a later time. And also to ignore the fact that being in Bakugo’s body had started to feel all weird again. Maybe being in a room alone with Kirishima was a bad idea, after all.

I need to concentrate. How can I win this?

It’s probably difficult to make Kacchan expose himself. So, my best chances of winning are to have Kirishima-kun blow our cover. It’s not really winning then, but it’s not losing either.

“Uhm, you may be right ‘bout that but I’d like to avoid that if possible. I don’t want Bakugo to be mad at me…”

Midoriya turned his head towards him, surprised.

“Oh no, did I say that out loud? Sorry it’s just, I really would prefer to stop Kacchan before he does something, uhm…”

“Before he tells everyone ‘bout your dream?”

Midoriya knew he was blushing.

“Yes… Although it looks like he’s already told Todoroki-kun anyway which is too embarrassing to even think about right now but I really don’t want anyone else to know about it, it wouldn’t be fair to Todoroki-kun and-“

“Wait wait. You dreamt about Todoroki? Last night!?”

When he heard Kirishima’s flummoxed-sounding question, Midoriya stopped his muttering at once to stare at him in dismay.

“Oh god you didn’t know yet, Kacchan hasn’t told you!?”

Kirishima laughed sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. “No, I had no idea, sorry.”

“Oh god. Then please forget what I just said.” Midoriya plumped down on an empty chair, propped his elbows on the table and hid his red face in his hands.

“D-Does this mean you like him??” Kirishima was looking at him with eyes that sparkled as if Midoriya had just told him there would be another yakiniku party tonight.

“P-Please don’t ask anything, let’s not talk about this okay.”

“Uhm, okay. Sorry, I know it’s none of my business, it’s just-”

“Yes, I know,” Midoriya cut him short bashfully. “Thank you Kirishima-kun.”


Kirishima sat down on the chair opposite him, and they both remained silent for a few moments. Midoriya had started muttering again when suddenly, the door opened and Bakugo came in with a terrifying smirk on his face.

“K-Kacchan!” Midoriya jumped to his feet reflexively. He fought the urge to hide under the table when Todoroki entered the room after Bakugo with a slightly tense expression.

“Are we back to hide-and-seek again, Deku?”, Bakugo sneered at him and stopped about four feet before him.

“This whole game is absurd, Kacchan! How is this fair if you’re making the rules!?”

“Making the rules is part of the fucking game, too, Deku,” Bakugo growled at him, but the smirk had not faded from his face as his gaze wandered to Kirishima. They locked eyes for a few seconds, and Kirishima was looking at him questioningly.

“Remember. You’re not allowed to touch him Deku,” Bakugo said without taking his eyes from Kirishima. Then he just turned away to prance towards Todoroki.

“But I sure as hell am.”

Before Midoriya’s brain could grasp his words, Bakugo grabbed Todoroki’s hand to slip it under his shirt, presumably pressing it against his naked chest.

Todoroki froze, literally, and Kirishima jumped to his feet with a surprised growl.

Midoriya was frozen, too, though not literally.


“Oh, was that too much for you wimps,” Bakugo sneered as he distanced himself from Todoroki’s frozen hand. Todoroki apparently regained his consciousness and melted the ice covering his body enough to tumble a few steps back from Bakugo with a rather red face.

“But I guess I can do fucking well without touching, too,” Bakugo went on with slight disgust in his voice and slipped out of his shirt in one pull.

A cool air stream told them that Todoroki had frozen, again, and Bakugo nonchalantly used the rigid angle of Todoroki’s arm as coat hook for Midoriya’s shirt.

Midoriya watched full of dread and suspense as Bakugo sat down on the table next to where he and Kirishima were standing. Then, making sure Todoroki would have an excellent view, Bakugo raised his hands to his chest, let his head drop back lasciviously and started to slowly, sensually rub his nipples.

Midoriya stared at him in a state of shocked trance.

What is he doing in my body…

Oh, is that how his-

His thoughts were disrupted by his own voice coming out of Bakugo’s mouth and sounding not at all familiar when Bakugo moaned, “T-Todoroki-kun…

Several things were happening simultaneously. It took Midoriya some moments to realize that the one who had just exploded his chair was he himself, since he was kind of distracted by the fact that Todoroki had burst out into flames whereas Kirishima had grabbed Bakugo’s hands so irately he had ended up knocking them both from the table and was now pinning Bakugo to the ground. Bakugo was laughing, laughing so unconstrained it sounded almost like Midoriya’s laugh, and when Kirishima growled at him again and moved his face dangerously close to Bakugo’s which actually was Midoriya’s, Midoriya decided that it was a good moment for his brain to go back to work, and he jumped at Kirishima, wrapped his arms around his torso and pulled him away from Bakugo violently.

“Kirishima-kun don’t forget that’s still my body!”, he shouted at him and he was feeling really angry – angry, embarrassed, shocked, dismayed. Bakugo could have his fun all he wanted but Midoriya would not have Kirishima claim his body, too, not even accidently.

Luckily Kirishima seemed to regain his senses too, even if he was still glaring daggers at Bakugo. In the meantime, Todoroki had forced his flames back in, too. Midoriya’s eyes met his, and they both looked away instantly. Midoriya just wanted to run away and hide in Mineta’s trash can, but Bakugo’s mocking sneer at him made him decide otherwise.

Time for revenge.


Midoriya took a deep breath and crouched down to look at the remains of the chair he had just destroyed.

“That surprised me. You’re quirk’s really wayward.”

“Only if you can’t fucking control it,” Bakugo growled, and Midoriya could hear from his voice that he felt irritated by the fact that Midoriya was acting so calm after what he just did.

Midoriya stood back up again and sighed.

“Yes, that was really low of you just now. And you know what, Kacchan?”

Midoriya sat down on another chair, trying to appear completely unfazed by the whole situation as he went on.

“I’d really like to return the favor right now, but I think you wouldn’t like that.”

“Ha. You’re too fucking scared, anyway,” Bakugo sneered at him. “Scared that shitty hair might accidently try to eat you if you make my body look too fucking delicious.”

“That’s one of the reasons. But I also know your nipples are so sensitive just touching them makes you hard, and demonstrating that might be a bit awkward for us all, don’t you agree?”

Oh god what am I saying in front of Todoroki-kun, Midoriya thought, shocked about himself, but Bakugo’s reaction told him his embarrassment was worth it.

Bakugo actually gasped for breath as his face turned beet-red. “You lil fuck you dared to fucking touch my body!?”

“I see, so you actually get hard from just your nipples? You even dreamt about lactation yesterday, how dirty Kacchan! And maybe you’d like to tell us more about this weird, greedy deep-set itch in your butt, too!?”

Bakugo’s eyes nearly popped out of his face and his mouth practically foamed, which was quite disturbing to see with him being in Midoriya’s body.

Midoriya decided that now was a good time to run.






Maybe running to the living room was not Midoriya’s smartest idea of the day, since Bakugo quickly followed him there, and eventually Kirishima and Todoroki came, too. Meaning, the game of whose cover would get blown first had full-on started, but fortunately, it also meant that Bakugo could not roast him alive without anyone noticing.

Midoriya decided not to look up when Kirishima sat down between him and Kaminari on the couch.

“Uhm, sorry about earlier,” he heard him mutter, and he could tell from his voice and tense posture that he was feeling rather awkward about the whole mess Bakugo had got them in, too.

“It’s not your fault,” Midoriya said in a very low voice so the only person who could possibly hear them was Kaminari who, thank god, already knew about the body swap.

“A-about what Bakugo did earlier and, uhm, also if I’m making you uncomfortable.”

Midoriya sighed at his smartphone.

“I don’t expect you to control him, but just make sure you at least control yourself. It’s really a bit unsettling because Kacchan’s body seems to constantly scream for your attention.”

“S-seriously?”, Kirishima stuttered a bit too loud in his surprise, and Midoriya shot him a bashful glare to remind him to be quiet. “S-sorry but, oh man. That makes me so happy, and…really…” He drifted off, staring over at Bakugo who was browsing through a book of mountain herbs Recovery Girl had brought them earlier.

“You’re forbidden to think about that any longer, okay,” Midoriya urged Kirishima, suddenly regretting letting Kirishima know at all. “But I wouldn’t mind at all if you accidently mess up and let everyone know about the body swap.”

“You know me. I wouldn’t ever go against him.”

Midoriya raised his brows at him. “Really?”

Kirishima appeared to be thinking his answer over for a few moments. Then, he rephrased it.

“Okay, maybe I would. If for some reason someday he gets completely carried away and you don’t manage to stop him, you can count on me to do it.”

Midoriya nodded. “I actually think he counts on us for that, too.” He laughed wryly. “Though surely not today, sadly.”






„Deku-kun, are you interested in mountain herbs ‘n stuff?”

Bakugo forced his expression to appear as cheerful as possible as he turned his head to look at Uraraka who had sneaked up behind him.

“Yes. But I also thought Recovery Girl might be sad if no one shows any interest after she went out of her way to give us this book.”

“That’s true! Lemme look, too!”

Just fuck off.

“Sure!”, he smiled at her and moved closer to Iida to make space for her on the couch. To his dismay, this also got them Iida’s attention, too.

“Oh, mountain herbs? I’m interested, too.” When he moved his head closer to glance over Bakugo’s shoulder at the book, Bakugo had to fight the impulse to facepalm him away.


It took only few minutes for Uraraka to apparently decide that the book’s contents were boring, and she started to brabble about a topic that was completely unrelated to hiking and mountain climbing.

“Deku-kun, Iida-kun, won’t you tell me some more about what happened in Kirishima-kun’s dream yesterday?”

Bakugo’s first impulse was to feel annoyed, but then he had an idea.

Iida laughed bashfully. “It was a bit of a strange dream, but what would you like to hear about in particular?”

Bakugo answered eagerly before Uraraka could.

“Oh, I would like to hear some more details about what exactly happened in that erotic hospital-dream of yours that included Todoroki-kun and me.”

“WHAT!?”, Uraraka squeaked and clapped her hands in front of her mouth while Iida looked at him in startled embarrassment.

A side glance at the expression of Midoriya who was sitting on the neighboring couch gave Bakugo the satisfying knowledge that he had heard him, too.

“I- I told you, that was purely biological- I- I don’t think there’s any meaning in telling what exactly happened-“

“Why not? Maybe we can re-enact it,” Bakugo said as innocently as he could, but it was hard to control the twitch of the corner of his mouth that urged him to smirk at Midoriya who was wringing in shock and shame.

“Huh!? N-no you don’t know what you’re talking about,” poor Iida stammered with his face red and clearly panicking, “A-anyway, we’re too young, and- we’re too young to even talk about those things so-“

“Oh, it’s okay Iida-kun. Guess then it’s only me and Todoroki-kun,” Bakugo concluded, placed the book into Iida’s trembling lap and jumped towards Todoroki who saw him coming, and it was clear that he had heard their conversation, too, as he fled the living room.

Bakugo laughed, loud and cheerfully. “Todoroki-kun, why’re you running?”, he shouted at him fondly and chased after him.






Kirishima stared at the door through which Bakugo had just chased a very embarrassed Todoroki, and he forgot about the “no touching” rule as he absentmindedly patted Midoriya’s back which was bent in shame so violently his head almost touched the carpet.

Luckily, their classmates were too distracted by the strange scene they had just witnessed to notice the very uncharacteristic posture of Bakugo’s body.

It was Kaminari who somewhat saved them this time by starting to laugh out loud, even if he sounded a bit hysteric.

“Come on guys, that was clearly a joke just now! I can’t believe Midoriya’s such a joker, ahahaha!”

“Oh. It was!?”, Iida asked hopefully, and Uraraka laughed awkwardly.

Since Midoriya’s head was back to where it belonged, Kirishima dared to draw some attention by joining the conversation, too. “He totally was joking! He occasionally does this, cool right!? And since you don’t really expect it from him it’s all the more powerful!”

He laughed loud with Kaminari and, thank god, Ashido joined them mindlessly without a minutes’ delay. Sero started laughing, too, although maybe just at how stupid his friends were, laughing like lunatics in a room filled with flabbergasted people, but eventually the tension disappeared, and everyone went back to mind their own business.

“Oh god. Thank you,” Midoriya wheezed, and Kirishima smiled at him apologetically.

“Sure you don’t wanna give up yet?”

Midoriya sighed.

“Honestly, I have no idea how to win this fight, but I’m not ready to just give up, either. So, not yet,” he said quietly, and Kirishima respected his decision.






Bakugo came back about ten minutes later, and Midoriya was not at all amused when he was more or less dragging Todoroki with him, making quite a few of their classmates turn their heads and whisper to each other. Todoroki’s expression was difficult to read, and Midoriya decided not to try for too long before their eyes could meet again.

Midoriya knew now was the time to fight back, but he still had no clue what he actually could do.

Besides, he just realized that he needed to go to the toilet. However, sneaking away on his own after the embarrassing and provocative things he had said about Bakugo’s body earlier was something he was not quite sure was a good idea.

Should I ask him first? Or just ask Kirishima to come with me? No that would be weird-

“Stop Midoriya,” Kirishima warned him in a low voice. “You’re muttering again. Though Bakugo probably doesn’t want me to tell you that.”

“Oh, sorry! Thank you, I mean,” Midoriya said in