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Molon Labe

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art by Kyzu

As always, Izuku Midoriya gazed out the tiny window of his room in hopes to catch sight of a soldier. For as long as he could remember, he wanted to be someone brave, strong, and fearless. He wanted to be someone who could help others. However, as an Omega in Athens, he was doomed to a life in the home never to see the scene of a battle, much less the outdoors in general.

Still, he dreamed. Occasionally he’d watch soldiers train outside his windows and he would copy their movements in the privacy of his room where no one else could see him. He’d perform their routines in hopes to become stronger and put extra muscle into helping his mother clean the house. Toned muscles weren’t exactly a preferred trait for Athenian Omegas, but he could easily hide them under his chiton. They weren’t anything special, but he still tried.

It wasn’t like he was going to get married off anytime soon. He was a ‘late bloomer’ and didn’t get his first heat until he reached the age of seventeen. It took months for his parents to find someone interested in marrying him, and he was slowly running out of time until he’d get swept away to a new life.

His mother was calling for him, but he couldn’t stop staring out his window. He wanted to witness at least one new training sequence, or perhaps some swordplay. When he saw the slightest movement from around the corner, he sat up a little higher to get a better look. However, it was the dreaded ruby red color of the Spartans that caught his eye and he threw himself back away from the window.

“S-Spartans!” he gasped, almost in disbelief. When he did, the screams and shouts of enemy soldiers followed. Izuku raced out of his room to the main area of the home where his mother was calling him from, determined to tell her the news so they could hide or call for his father. When he reached the space, however, there were already two Spartans that had broken through their wooden door and grabbed her by the arm to haul her outside.

“Please, don’t!” she cried, grasping for anything she could. Her eyes widened when she saw Izuku and she started sobbing even more.

Suddenly, he was grabbed just like her. One of the soldiers stuck their nose into Izuku’s neck, taking a deep breath in. It had been the closest he’d ever been to an Alpha other than his own father and the gesture made him shiver in both disgust and fear.

“Unmarked, eligible for taking,” he reported gruffly to his partner, voice broken from the screams of war most like. The other one just nodded and proceeded to drag the two of them out from their house into the sun.

Izuku should have been paying more attention to the fact that Athens had indeed been invaded by Sparta. He should have spent all his energies worried about his mother and what sort of dim future awaited them. For one second, though, he was outside. He could feel the sun on his face and body. He could see the world beyond his window. The fascination with the outdoors faded quickly though when they pulled him and his mother into two different directions.

“Stop!” Izuku finally yelled out, jerking his way back toward his mother. His strength had to have taken the soldier off guard, because Izuku was able to pull out from his grasp and start running towards her. In no less than a second, his heavenly moment ended when that hand was back to grasping at his bicep. It wasn’t as gentle as last time, either, the grip was certain to bruise later.

She yelled out his name and reached for him, but there was no escaping the wrath of the Spartans. Izuku could clearly see them rushing through the streets with their swords and spears, stopping at nothing to get exactly what they wanted. Any unarmed Alpha or Beta that tried to stand in their way was slashed down immediately with no mercy. The Athenian soldiers put up a fight, but they were no match for the well-honed Spartan warriors.

As he was dragged to through the city, Izuku couldn’t help but cry. He cried for the soldiers that were bleeding on the streets. He cried as he watched families pulled apart. He cried for his mother. The tears covered up the bubbling anger in his gut that he felt for not being able to do anything at all. When they rounded another corner toward the centre of Athens, Izuku realized just how dire the situation had become.

Omegas, just like him, were lined up and pulled toward several makeshift cages constructed of wooden planks. One by one, they were pushed into captivity until the cage was full. Some Omegas were covered in blood, some were sobbing, and others stared stonily ahead. Time passed by in a blur as Izuku waited in the line with his captor still holding onto him so tightly that he wondered if his bones would break under pressure. He was shoved in between two Omegas covered in blood and he ended up getting smeared with it on either side. The scent of them all nearly made him choke as if a storm cloud of fear surrounded them all.

All he could do was look on as the terror persisted through his streets. People were killed, taken, and broken right in front of him while he could only stand and hold back even more tears. He felt weak, hopeless, and absolutely useless.



The concept weighed heavily on Katsuki’s mind and bitter on his tongue as he moved through the blood soaked streets of Athens. The Alpha was also covered in the sticky filth, splatters of red colouring most of his torso and streaming down his face. He paid it no mind.

Spartan warriors were meant to bathe in the blood of their enemies.

But this did not feel like a victory. No, it definitely was not the great battle he had envisioned when he was ordered to march to Athens along with the rest of the Spartan army. Instead, he was met with weakness as the rulers of Athens betrayed their people and threw open the doors to the supposed fortress, hoping their lives would be spared when faced with Spartan brutality.

They screamed as they died as loudly as any helot.

The Spartan army sacked the entire city in just one day, and now the soldiers celebrated, getting drunk on Athenian wine. But not Katsuki. He had been too filled with bloodlust to be around his fellow Spartans so he stalked the sconce lit streets and tried to work out his irritation.

As he walked, his was scent heightened with irritation and rage and weakness was all Katsuki could see. From the burning buildings to the bodies that littered the stone beneath his feet; the great city of Athens was crumbling right before him. It made him growl in disgust and pick up his speed until he had reached the centre of the city without even realizing it.

A great bonfire filled up the courtyard, fueled by ancient scripts and art and illuminating the crude wooden cages filled to the brim with people. More helots? he wondered as he stalked closer until the smell hit him like a shield to the face. Omegas; unbonded Omegas reeking of distress. It was enough to make Katsuki hiss, his instincts screaming at him to calm their upset but his mind reeling with rage that was reflected in his strong Alphan scent. He hated feeling like he needed to care for the weak, the spineless.

Katsuki snarled at the frightened Omegas, making then scramble back and whimper… Except one.

Izuku couldn’t help but glare at anyone who sauntered past the cages of Omegas. Usually, there was laughter or some sort of distasteful remark. When a strikingly blond Spartan walked by, though, he simply radiated with an overpowering scent that reminded Izuku of blood and violence. Even though the Spartan was terrifying and wore a much more grim expression than the others, Izuku still glared and stood up straight. He gripped at the wooden bars and held his tongue, itching to spit out some kind of curse. For the sake of the others though, he just stood as proudly and defitiantly as he could.

“Lower your eyes, Omega,” Katsuki spit as he took a step closer to glare down his nose at the green eyed Athenian. He wasn’t used to anyone staring at him so disrespectfully, especially not some pampered Athenian Omega. His scent heightened, filled with malice and the command to submit.

The proximity, tone, and scent made Izuku’s body ache with the need to obey. He had never felt so oddly controlled before in his lifetime. As he worked against the need to submit, he continued to pinch his trembling brows together and hold his ground. He was drenched in the blood of his own people and surrounded by shivering, fearful Omegas just like himself. Izuku knew he couldn’t miraculously turn everything around and save his city, but he could at least refuse to back down to such a cretin. “No,” he managed to get out. His voice was small, but strong and unwavering.

Haah?,” the Alpha hissed, his hands gripping the bars above the Omegas as he cocked his head sideways with eerie intimidation. “Your people fucking lost, Athenian. Your lords’ opened the door and let us in. Your only hope is that some low level soldier asshole will take an interest in you. If not, your pampered ass will become a pleasure slave,” he snarled, leaning down close enough their noses were almost brushing through the bars.

Katsuki’s chest was heaving, nose flaring as he picked out this particular Omega’s scent from the rest. Just the smell of the sweet pomegranate scent tinged with defiance and fear was enough to make his blood sing. “Athens is no more and you are some worthless Omega that doesn’t deserve to look a warrior in the eye.”

The harsh reality hit Izuku right in the face, but he used all the strength that he was worth to not look away. A hand from another Omega was grabbing at his arm, perhaps trying to coax him away from the altercation but Izuku had no plans of doing so. The inner fury living and growing within his gut pounded with rage. Perhaps the lords of Athens tried to save their own skins by letting the Spartans in. Perhaps Izuku would become nothing more than a slave. At that one moment, all he had was stupid bravery and his own wit and he didn’t intend on letting either of those things go. Through grit teeth, he whispered, “I see no warrior. Just a bloody beast.”

Katsuki was taken back for a moment, not expecting the Omega to be able to speak under the threat of his Alpha scent. It managed to impress the Alpha almost in spite of himself. But the sudden respect in his eyes was gone as soon as it came.

Katsuki’s frown stretched into a feral grin, his pointed incisors glinting in the light of the fires burning around them. “I am a Spartan warrior,” he snarled then leaned in to take the Omega’s mouth in a violent kiss just because he could. Just because he knew it would piss off the small green eyed boy. He pulled away leaving a string of spit to connect them, “A beast is what I was born to be.”

The Alpha ripped himself away from the bars, his movements filled with controlled aggression as he spun on his heel to storm away. Even in the firelight, his blood red cape was bright, billowing out behind him with his every step. Who knew some Athenian Omega would catch his interest? He licked his lips to taste the remaining flavour of pomegranate on his tongue and hummed to himself. Maybe he would enter the tournament the next day...

Before the Omega could shout every obscenity Izuku knew how to say back to the brute, he was shushed by another Omega who clearly wanted the entire situation to cease. Out of respect for them, he huffed and crossed his arms in a physical attempt to hold the words at his chest. The scent of the Spartan Alpha still lingered and spurred Izuku on like no tomorrow. It reminded him of all the burning buildings in his city, a scent of pure destruction. He let his bloody index finger dust over his lips where he had been absolutely violated by the beast, overly aware of the taste left on his lips and the saliva smeared across his mouth. It had been his first kiss, one he’d regretfully never forget.

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The incident plagued lzuku’s mind until morning. He hadn’t slept at all, he didn’t think anyone did. Spartans continued to cheer in victory throughout the entire night and whenever Izuku thought he might get the pleasure of dozing off he was rudely awakened by an Omega crying, shifting, or a Spartan yelling. When he finally managed to actually rest around dawn, he was stirred yet again sometime mid-morning. Soldiers were gathering around the cages and opening them up to take the Omegas out again. When it came turn for Izuku’s cage, he glanced around nervously in hopes of figuring out what was happening to them.

Possibilities raced through his mind ranging anywhere from a humiliating execution to slavery, as a certain Spartan beast hinted at. As he watched the soldiers begin to inspect every Omega they’d taken, it suddenly became clear that they weren’t lining up for death but rather the opposite. They were meant to breed. When it came to Izuku’s turn, two Spartans sized him up and murmured notes.

“One that actually has some muscle,” one soldier commented as he grabbed Izuku by the wrist and held up his bare arm, laughing a little as if it were humorous. Izuku looked toward the ground, hoping they’d stop prodding at him. “Well fed, too.”

The other soldier grabbed him by the hips, patting his body down with meaningful movements. “Good hips, he’ll breed well. One of the few that could possibly handle a Spartan warrior in his womb at this point.”

The first leaned in to take a deep breath near Izuku’s neck and smiled when the Omega shivered. “Responsive. He’ll do well.”

Luckily, with that, the treatment was over. They moved on to the next poor Athenian in line and Izuku could hear them talking about how it was a shame that someone let such a pretty face go too malnourished. He tried to tune out the world and his own anxieties for the rest of the time, but couldn’t get a handle on his own emotions before they were moved again. The centre of town had turned into some sort of event as the Spartan warriors gathered in a large circle, waiting for something to happen.

It didn’t take long for a female Alpha to step out into the centre, the soldiers in her way parting without question. Her leather armour was freshly oiled, her long black hair was wild as it plunged down her back, and she held her golden helmet in one hand as the other held a long whip, dragging it across the sand as she walked. She took a moment to look around the circle, meeting the eyes of her soldiers one by one, revelling in their obedience and savouring the scent of victory in the air.

“Spartans!” she yelled suddenly, her voice echoing off the broken buildings around them.

AH-OO, AH-OO, AH-OO,” they answered as one, lifting their spears in unison with every shout.

She was silent for a moment as she smiled, pleased with the show of training of her warriors, then raised her voice once more, “You have won a great victory! Athens will rule Greece no more!”


Izuku’s wide eyes scanned the crowd as every Spartan grinned in barbaric achievement. He had the urge to shrink down to as small as he possibly could in the wake of pure Alpha pheromones rolling across the circle. A dreadful feeling in the pit of his stomach warned him that something awful was about to occur, but he wasn’t sure what.

“I, General Nemuri, have a message from our king!” she called, arms opening wide as her hands tilted to the sky, “You are to be rewarded, warriors of Sparta!”

At her words, a resounding chorus of spears slamming into metal shields echoed through the courtyard as the Spartan warriors responded in enthusiasm.

This time, she didn’t wait for them to finish. “You will fight for your honour to breed and bond these Athenian Omega’s! Carry on your name and bring forth a new generation of Spartan warriors! For Sparta!”


Izuku wanted to be proud of himself for his hunch, he couldn’t find it in his heart be remotely happy in any form. They were going to fight? Suddenly, the Omegas were being rearranged in line and Izuku was shoved near the back of the line. As if there was any chance of them running away, some soldiers came around to tie their wrists together with a scratchy rope and linked them all together once they were done placing them in all the right spots. The first Omega up to bat was the smallest of them all and at the back was the biggest and strongest-looking of the bunch.

Just like that, the battle began. Two Spartan Alphas walked up to the center of the circle in a battle stance. They didn’t have any weapons or much armor, which Izuku found odd. When their general yelled for them to begin, the two hurled themselves at once another in an attempt to wrestle the other to the ground. Izuku watched with an inkling of fascination as they tumbled around one another, constricting limbs and battling in a hand-to-hand combat technique that he’d never seen before. He could hear the Spartans in the audience cheering them on.

“Make him submit!”

“Take him to the ground!”

“He’s going to bare his neck, just watch him!”

As sadistic and violent as it was, Izuku couldn’t take his eyes off the fight. He soon learned that when the weaker of two Alphas bore his neck in submission, he lost making his rival the victor and winner of the smallest Omega of their lot. Fight after fight occured and their line started to get shorter and shorter.

As the more desirable Omega’s came to the front of the line, more and more Alpha’s joined in the fray so that one warrior had to defeat multiple of their comrades in quick succession to win the prize. Each victor would then go to retrieve their Omega, most aggressive, grabbing their chosen and dragging them away no matter how they struggled. As the Omega’s dwindled the tension was palpable in the air; no one wanted to leave without a prize so the fights became more desperate with more Alpha’s at each other’s throats.

Katsuki remained still where he stood, not even deigning to watch the fights before him. His red eyes were instead focused on a certain green haired Athenian, watching him from across the sand. It would be the Omega’s turn soon, and Katsuki hadn’t quite decided whether or not he’d fight, licking his lips over and over again like he might taste pomegranate once again. He couldn’t help himself but smirk when their eyes managed to meet across the fray.

Izuku’s gaze was stolen away from the fight by a certain Spartan soldier. Just looking at the blond-haired, red-eyed beast had his anxiety-ridden heart beating madly with rage again. He had to wonder if the crass soldier would fight for an Omega or not. The more Izuku tried to analyze the blond, the more irritated he got. His sole hope was for the Spartan to compete, only to lose. Out of pure spite, he tore his stare away and crossed his arms in an attempt to look as disinterested as possible.

He had bigger things to worry about as the person in front of him had been won by a victorious Spartan and Izuku was put up as the new prize. His heart beat quickly and relentlessly, unsure of what the Fates held for him. He watched as several huge Alphas joined in the circle, prepared for a fight. They all looked as fierce as the next, but right alongside that fear was an eagerness for the fight. Izuku had to wonder if they were more excited to win him as a trophy or to get another opportunity to tear each other apart.

At the last possible moment, Katsuki stepped forward into the ring, and the whole courtyard stilled in shock. Many knew of Katsuki’s anger and brutality and most were shocked he’d even want to fight for an Omega. Several Alpha’s in the ring that had been prepared to fight stepped back, unwilling to face such a threat for an Omega; Katsuki wasn’t one to adhere to the no killing rule.

Haah?” Katsuki screeched at the Alpha’s, fists balling at his sides, “I’ve never seen Spartan cowards before! Will no one fight me?” What was the point of winning without fighting? Katsuki wanted- no needed, to prove his worth.

There was silence until a loud sigh reached his ears making him whip around to face his opponent. Of course he groaned to himself, snarling at his challenger. “Shinso…” he hissed at the purple haired Alpha standing in the ring.

The Alpha just smiled, posture way too lax for a Spartan warrior. “You look like you are itching for a fight… But then again when are you not. Greenie over there is kinda cute… All wide eyed and pale skin… I wouldn’t mind him as my Omega…” Shinso answered with an apathetic shrug.

“Fuck off,” Katsuki hissed, taking a few menacing steps forward, losing his composure, “He’s mine!” He hadn’t even realized he thought that way until it came screeching out of his mouth, but Katsuki never half assed anything and he certainly wasn’t backing down to fucking Shinso of all people.

Izuko blinked a few times, making sure he was hearing everything correctly. The barbaric blond who had stolen Izuku’s first kiss was vehemently fighting for him? Izuku had to believe that the soldier was just like the others, in it for the fight and not the prize. His purple-haired rival, though, kept giving him a strange gaze that silently voiced passive interest. Still, he had to wonder how the two of them stacked up. By the looks of it, the blond beast was all muscle and no brains while Shinso, as the blond had called him, seemed to have a much cooler head and strategic personality.

“Oh, ho-ho,” Shinso teased, eyes widening then darkening with thrill as he began stepping forward himself, “Getting a knot for the cute one eh?” He’d never really seen Katsuki want anything except to win and be the strongest warrior, but apparently he wanted this Omega. That just made Shinso want to take green eyes away from Katsuki even more.

Katsuki ignored the teasing, just baring his teeth at Shinso as both of the Alpha’s steps widened until they were sprinting at full speed towards each other, murderous intent in their eyes as they clashed.

The full force of the blond hit Shinso hard when they finally met in the most intense grapple he’d ever had with a fellow Spartan. Katsuki didn’t scare Shinso like he did the others, but he was certain to never doubt the blond’s passion for a fight. Digging his heel into the ground, Shinso pushed back in an attempt to force Katsuki to stumble. “Doubt you’d even be able to take good care of green-eyes over there anyway,” Shinso muttered, curious to see if he could play around with Katsuki’s head enough to make him lose his balance. “They need a certain kind of attention that you may be too dense to provide.”

“For an Athenian… He can handle himself… He doesn’t need my care…” Katsuki growled between huffs, muscles straining as he held Shinsu back by the shoulders making sure to dig in his nails. In a quick succession of movement, he put all of his weight into one foot to free the other to try and wrap around Shinso’s ankle and trip him. It almost worked, they both began to fall with Katsuki on top before Shinso managed to pull away and gain his balance. They wasted no time in clashing again, Katsuki still trying to drag Shinso to the ground, and Shinso managing to break out of every maneuver.

Shinso would have laughed if he weren’t turning all of his focus on to making sure Katsuki didn’t put him at a disadvantageous position. He forced himself to keep moving and to keep his mind working. If he could consistently predict Katsuki’s next move, he could always find a way out. Still, he wasn’t sure how long his body would last under the rough close combat. He took a risk and reached out to get a solid hold on Katsuki’s shoulder so he could use the rest of his energy to yank the blond down to the ground. They tumbled back down again, and Shinso found his opportunity to try and get a hold on Katsuki’s shoulders to keep the blond from bouncing back up again.

As Izuku watched on and heard what the blond said, he stood stunned. Not only did he never imagine that he’d have to watch two Alphas literally fight for him, but he definitely didn’t imagine that any form of compliment could come from the beast. Of course, Izuku could take care of himself. He didn’t need anyone to care for him, well, until the dreaded heat came upon him again but he refused to think of that.

This time, when they were about to go down, Katsuki smirked, knowing he had the Alpha. Shinso was so focused on holding Katsuki down by the shoulders, he left Katsuki’s unattended hands to wrap around Shinso’s vulnerable throat as they fell. The pair hit the ground hard with an audible thud as Shinso’s hands came up to pull on Katsuki’s. The blond Alpha didn’t budge, so there they laid, Shinso choking on top of him and Katsuki holding on, watching as Shinso turned red and then purple to match his hair.

Shinso defeatedly tapped his hand at the ground and heaved his chest upward in an attempt to show off his neck to Katsuki. He averted his eyes from the other Alpha submissively and his chest throbbed with both a lack of air to breathe and the humiliation of a loss.

Izuku couldn’t believe how quickly the fight ended. One minute, they were jesting with one another and the next that blond beast had his hands around Shinso’s neck. He almost wanted to leap into the ring and attempt to save the purple-haired Spartan as it had been the most brutal takedown that morning. None of the Spartans seemed to care and the rest of the Omegas looked terrified. It didn’t matter, though, when Shinso accepted the loss and Izuku was waiting with wide-eyes and his breath held in. The most violent soldier of them all had won Izuku.

Katsuki held on just a moment longer, savouring the panic that filled in Shinso’s eyes. He didn’t actually want to kill the other Alpha; he just wanted Shinso to know that he could. The moment passed and Katsuki let go, shoving Shinso off of him to fall to the sand, gasping and choking as air returned to deprived lungs. Katsuki then moved to get to his feet himself, unflinching even as a white hot pain the seared through his rib cage. If anyone noticed him move slower, they wouldn’t dare say anything as red eyes zeroed in on green and Katsuki stalked towards the Omega.

The soldier supervising the line of Omegas had cut Izuku free from the line but left his wrists tied together. His skin under the rope was burning, but it didn’t distract him from the man approaching him. Without the wooden bars of the cage between them, Izuku lost his gall and took to staring at the Alpha’s hands. Hands that nearly killed someone that morning, and hands that definitely killed someone the day before. Out of curiosity, he peered up through curly locks to see just what the Alpha planned on doing.

Katsuki stepped right up to the Omega then pulled out a richly decorated and pointed dagger from the sheath at his hip. Twirling it in his hand on habit, he cut the rope cleanly from Izuku’s hands then put the blade back in its place; no Omega of his would be tied up like a slave unless Katsuki did it himself. He grimaced down at the Omega for a moment, starting to realize he hadn’t really thought this through. Maybe Shinso was right; maybe the Omega needed a more caring Alpha...

Turning his head away with a huff, Katsuki held his hand out, waiting for the Omega to take with thinly veiled impatience. “Lets go,” he grumbled, shifting awkwardly from foot to foot since he wasn’t used to offering any courtesy or even gentleness to another.

The hand Izuku had been staring at extended toward him, making him instinctively flinch back away from it. It was a hand that brought violence and pain, not something Izuku wanted to just take. Taking that hand would mean that he accepted that he had been won like a prize. Just like the first time he’d spoken to the blond, Izuku managed to get one word out.


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Katsuki narrowed his eyes, red gaze intense as he bared his teeth. “Fine,” he hissed, outstretched hand snapping forward to snatch the Omega by the wrists with a bruising grip then hauled the Athenian up and over his shoulders with a grunt. His ribs protested, the white hot pain shooting through him once again, but Katsuki just grit his teeth and began walking away with his prize, intent on getting away from prying eyes.

Izuku couldn’t help the yelp that burst out of him when the Alpha picked him up and hauled like a sack of flour. He was certain he had angered the blond, but he simply couldn’t help himself. Izuku’s entire world fell apart due to the Spartans and the last thing he planned on doing was sharing a new world with such a heartless brute. “Put me down,” he insisted, voice still much quieter than he wished it to be. He added in a few little insistent kicks in hopes that the Alpha would actually comply.

Katsuki ignored the Omega’s protests until a perfectly placed kick to the torso had the Alpha’s breath hitching and his step stumbling. The pain forced him to pause his gait and the Alpha took a deep shuddering breath as he tried to hold in his anger. “I’ll put you down when I fucking feel like it…” he hissed, the barely contained rage lacing his tone, “And if you kick me again, you aren’t going to like it when I fucking do...”

When no answer came, he continued walking towards the dwelling he had claimed for himself after the siege, intent on getting there to treat his injuries and then maybe figure out what to do about this dead weight he’d shackled himself to. The pomegranate scent was somehow soothing to him as he walked through the pain and it cooled the anger that had built from the Omega kicking him in his probably broken ribs. “What’s your name,” Katsuki finally asked, tired of calling the boy Omega in his head and sick of the terrified silence. The Alpha normally preferred others to be afraid of him, but somehow he found the fear tainting the smell of pomegranates annoying.

Izuku huffed and let his legs fall lax. Obviously there was no point to struggling, even though all he wanted to do was kick and scream until he found freedom once more. The fact that he hadn’t seen his mother since they were separated was wearing on him. “Izuku Midoriya,” he mumbled. He didn’t bother asking for the blond’s name in return even though a strange part of him wanted to know it. Blaming his inner people-pleaser, he bit his tongue and hoped he’d get set down soon. The potent scent of a warm bonfire was filling his nose and it sort of made him sleepy, if not lethargic.

Katsuki hummed in response, turning a corner then walking through a stone barrier to a small dwelling probably owned by a merchant family before the invasion. He kicked open the door then walked through the house all the way to the back bedroom where he had set up camp, dumping Izuku in a heap on the bed then turning away to began removing the armour from his upper torso. Not used to sharing his space with someone else other than his fellow soldiers, Katsuki didn’t even realize what stripping in front of the Omega might be construed as. All he wanted to do was inspect his chest and maybe wrap it so it didn’t hurt as bad.

“E-excuse me?!” Izuku scrambled his way toward the wall, as far away as possible. His mind raced, realizing the reality of his situation. The Alpha had won him as some kind of Omegan trophy during the barbaric competition, and an Omega only had one real purpose. The soldiers that had inspected him had even mentioned that he’d be good for breeding, but Izuku’s anxiety-ridden mind hadn’t thought so far ahead. He knew what undressing meant, though, and didn’t want any part of such a thing with a Spartan, no less.

Katsuki’s nose twitched and he grimaced, finally undoing his armour and pulling it off before he looked over his shoulder at the Omega. “Can you fucking not stink up the place? You reek,” he said pointedly, turning his back on Izuku to set his armour down carefully then move to the ground in slow increments as he held his rib cage that was stained red and purple with fresh bruising. He finally got to the ground and sat cross legged on the floor, pulling his rucksack towards him and digging out a white rolled up bandage. Holding it to his chest, he began trying to wrap it around his torso hissing and cursing as he went, struggling to bandage himself properly. His left arm wasn’t moving the way he needed it to, unable to lift it higher than his shoulder.

“Oh… you’re hurt,” Izuku breathed out in relief. He realized the sharp scent of panic in the room was his own doing and tried to compose himself while watching the Spartan attempt to wrap himself up. It was actually frustrating for Izuku just to merely observe the struggle and he could start to smell the scent of annoyance rolling off the Alpha too. Against his better judgement and inner spite, Izuku sighed, “Can I help you with that?”

Katsuki’s head whipped around to glare at Izuku, death promised in red eyes. “I don’t need your fucking help,” he spit, hackles raised and teeth bared at Izuku even implying he couldn’t do it himself. His movements became violent as he tried to wrap himself even faster until he hit something that really fucking hurt, forcing his torso to hunch over and stop all movement as he breathed through the pain. Sweat was forming on his forehead as he gasped for air, struggling between his pride and his pain. Finally he growled in a somewhat defeated manner, “Do you even know how?”

“Of course I do,” Izuku mumbled, crawling across the little room until he was directly behind the Alpha. It was blatantly obvious he was in serious pain and Izuku couldn’t take it any longer. He grabbed the bandages from the Alpha carefully and unwrapped what little work had been done so he could start cleanly. It was hard not to notice the plethora of scars decorating the soldier’s body but even harder to ignore the fact that they were so close. Izuku’s fingers slightly shook when he began wrapping up the bandage around the Alpha’s middle, sure to cover up the ugly, purpling bruise forming on his ribs.

Izuku couldn’t stand the silent tension, even though he wanted to. Usually when he got nervous or deep in thought, he’d mumble to himself until his mother told him to stop. He had a feeling it’d only tick off the Alpha even more, so he settled for a question that had been weighing on his mind. “What’s your name?”

“Katsuki,” the Alpha grunted, annoyed with himself for how soothing it was to have the Omega near and his soft hands roaming over his skin. “Bakugo,” he added almost as an afterthought, red eyes looking up to meet green, “Your name too now. So don’t forget it.”

With half a mind to jab Katsuki in the rib, Izuku tried to finish wrapping him up as efficiently as he could. Izuku had been stripped of everything he ever knew in a mere few hours, the last thing he needed was a reminder that his name was changing as well. Still, he couldn’t gain anything from hurting the Alpha anymore so he just sighed and kept at his job. He tried his best to keep his hands from brushing up against Katsuki’s bare skin because it made something inside him flutter, but it wasn’t easy when they were so close. Feeling the heat coming off of Katsuki’s skin threatened to put the Omega inside of him in control and that was the last thing Izuku needed. The first thing he needed, was a plan. If he was going to get out of whatever hell he’d been put into, he needed a plan. “When are you leaving Athens, then?” he asked, making sure to say you instead of we.

With a speed that the Alpha shouldn’t possess injured that badly, his hand whipped up and grabbed Izuku by the forearm, pulling the smaller male forward so that he fell into Katsuki’s arms, seated right in the Alpha lap. “We leave when I get the orders to march,” he said, face so close to Izuku’s his breath tickled the Omega’s lips, “You are my Omega now. And you should consider yourself lucky. Any other warrior would have you face down, ass up, knotted and bonded before you could even consider running away.” He held Izuku in place, glaring down at the Omega as he awaited an answer.

Izuku couldn’t breathe due mostly to the sheer proximity between the two. He wasn’t sure whether it was his rational side quaking in terror of the beast or the more irrational side thumping with thrill at Katsuki’s dirty words. The Alpha had a point, though. Even if Izuku managed to escape the blond, there was no telling whom he’d run into later. Athens was gone, so he’d have to brave the wilderness in hopes of finding another town. Beyond harsh words and empty threats, Katsuki hadn’t really hurt him either. In the end, his logical side won out, but somehow he felt even more defeated than before.

Even if he was stuck with the brute, it didn’t mean he wouldn’t stop fighting for his own dignity. “Okay,” he calmly responded, looking back down to the bandaged chest between them. Izuku straightened it out from where it had come a bit loose from Katsuki’s rapid movements. He adjusted them until he knew for sure that they’d hold. It was easier to work with from the front anyway, and it gave him something to distract himself with. “These should stay secure for a while now. Just be careful.”

Katsuki watched Izuku intensely, his hands moving to grip the Omega’s hips to steady him as he moved in the Alpha’s lap. When Izuku was done, Katsuki looked down to examine the work, then looked away, a light dusting of red on his cheeks. “Thanks…” he mumbled, the word thick on his tongue like he wasn’t used to saying it that often, scent curling with satisfaction around the Omega. It was probably the first time he hadn’t stunk of anger for longer than Katsuki could even remember; his fire like scent taking on a sweet tone like burning cedar.

The new cloud of scent around them was surprisingly pleasant and Izuku’s exhaustion had him melting into it. His muscles felt like they could finally relax under the spell of such a scent, which felt nice as he hadn’t realized they’d been tense for so long. Still unable to stand the silence, he drowsily looked over Katsuki’s scars and observed, “Have you been in a lot of battles?” He lightly touched one of the more defined ones, tracing it idly. Based on first impressions, all Katsuki knew how to do was pick a fight. It made Izuku wonder if that was all that Katsuki was, just a brawl and some bones.

Katsuki flinched hard when Izuku touched him, like he was expecting pain. Maybe he was; his entire life had been nothing but violence. The young Alpha hadn’t felt such a gentle touch since his mother was alive and it felt good to just be close to another person. No matter what Izuku did, he just seemed to draw the Alpha in closer.

Katsuki cradled the suddenly boneless Omega against his chest despite the pain, making sure Izuku didn’t fall over. The Omega’s soft green curls tickled his chin and nose and Katsuki was unable to stop himself from the gentle nuzzle he gave the top of Izuku’s head. “Yes,” he huffed, not really one for conversation, but pleased that the Omega was relaxing in his hold.

Izuku hummed and stayed still, contemplating. The first question proved that Katsuki would at least answer him and not get upset. There were plenty of burning questions circling his brain and he felt as though they might have reached a place where he could ask them. Without the scent of aggression and violence thick on Katsuki’s skin, the Alpha seemed approachable for once. Unsure if he’d ever get the chance again, Izuku whispered the only question that really mattered to him at that point, “Do you know where my mother is?”

Katsuki instantly started to growl, annoyed with Izuku for looking to the past and not the future. Katsuki lost his parents and he was fine. He pulled away to glare down at the Omega and tell him as much but when he saw the dejection in Izuku’s eyes the words died on his tongue. “I can find out…” he finally said, turning his face away from Izuku to not acknowledge that he gave in.

Perking up instantly, Izuku gasped, “Really?” He couldn’t believe it. He had prepared himself for the worst news possible, or even just to get written off. His entire world had consisted of his home and his parents, that was it. All he had was a strong bond with his mother, a respect for his father, a duty to fulfill, and a secret dream. If Katsuki was willing to figure out where she was and if she was okay, Izuku knew his heart would find some kind of closure. Invasion or not, he would have had to seperate from her eventually, but at least he would have known that she was safe at home. Without that certainty, he wasn’t sure he’d ever move on.

“Yeah…” Katsuki said, squinting at the smile the Omega gave him. He wasn’t used to people smiling like that at him. The Alpha lifted a hand from around Izuku’s waist to scratch at the back of his head. “If she’s older and bonded… They’d probably make her a servant or some shit. If you tell me her name and what she looks like, I’ll ask around tomorrow…” His eyes grew intense as his grip on Izuku tightened. “Don’t go anywhere without me, especially if I haven’t scent marked you…” he commanded, leaning into Izuku’s space waiting for a verbal confirmation that the Omega understood.

Izuku held onto Katsuki’s shoulders and blurted out information, unable to control the volume of his voice due to excitement. “Inko Midoriya! She looks just like me, at least that’s what she always says! But much prettier!” When he realized he may have spoken too loudly, he shrank back in embarrassment and collected his tone. “Sorry,” he hastily got out, trying to reel in the new wave of joy. He’d be able to see her again! She wasn’t gone forever!

But then Katsuki’s intense stare broke Izuku from his bubble of enthusiasm when he processed what the Alpha was saying. “Go anywhere…?” he squinted. He hadn’t been allowed to go anywhere at all before, trapped in his own house to learn what it took to be a good Omega. Even before his first heat, he hadn’t been allowed to the market or anywhere beyond sticking his hand a few inches out the window. “Okay. I won’t. But does that mean we’ll… go places?”

“You’ll have to come with me wherever I go,” Katsuki replied then sighed, rubbing a hand into his face in frustration, “Scent marking isn’t gonna keep those assholes away from you and I don’t wanna bite you just yet.” He didn’t know that Athenian Omega’s were confined inside; Spartan Omega’s had no such restrictions.

“You don’t?” It seemed strange, but Izuku wasn’t upset. It was explained to him that the moment an Alpha and Omega came together in an arranged marriage, they’d bond right away and spend their first night together rather intimately. The thought always freaked him out and never settled well in his stomach. Whatever he and Katsuki were definitely wasn’t an arranged marriage though, and he quickly realized that the Spartans were nothing like Athenians when it came to Omegas. “Keep them away… what would an Alpha even do?” Obviously there was a lot left to learn regarding Spartan customs.

“Steal you away,” Katsuki said simply, then looked up from his hand to meet Izuku’s gaze. “Do you want me to bite you?”

Izuku jerked away slightly and nervously. “What? No! I-I mean,” he rethought his knee-jerk reaction and hoped Katsuki didn’t take offense. It probably wasn’t wise to irritate such a violent person. “Not… now.”

Katsuki smirked at the Omega’s amendment. “Good,” he said, then leaned down to bare his teeth and graze them along Izuku’s delicate scent gland, “I’ll do it when I’m good and ready…” Turning his head, he ran their scent glands together, marking Izuku thoroughly over his neck then moving to do it across the Omega’s face.

Izuku’s face flushed as bright as possible when Katsuki started marking him. He squeezed his eyes shut out of his own shyness, unsure of what to do in return. His body was itching to rub onto Katsuki too, but his own nerves prevented it. The burning cedar scent enveloped him like the hug he had needed so badly after a traumatizing day.

Katsuki started to make a pleased humming noise deep within his chest before he realized he was crooning to the Omega, subtly rocking them where they sat without even realizing it. When Katsuki pulled back he was met with the sight of a dazed glassy eyed Omega staring back at him. The Alpha knew he probably looked just wrecked which was embarrassing. Warriors didn’t fall apart over Omega’s. “Until I bond you, we have to do that every time the scent mark wears off. Most Alpha’s will back off if they smell me on you like this… But still… You have to stay close to me until we get back to Sparta,” he explained, growling croon still evident in his voice.

Izuku yawned, “That’s not so bad.” It really wasn’t a bad price to pay for the opportunity of getting out and exploring. Especially when the scent marking made him feel so much more relaxed in Katsuki’s presence. He was certain after he got some more sleep his feelings would change, but with an empty stomach and sleepy mind, it really wasn’t so bad. “What are you going to do here until then?”

“Whatever I want… Now get off. I want to nap before we have to go to the banquet,” Katsuki said, nudging the Omega, his movement gentle though his words were harsh.

Izuku carefully scooted off of Katsuki and wondered if there was a room for Omegas in the home. He assumed there had to be, as unbonded Omegas slept separately from everyone else. If Katsuki was going to nap, he would too in hopes to catch up on the sleep he had missed from the previous night. Perhaps he’d even be able to change out of his bloody chiton into something borrowed from whomever used to live in the home.

Katsuki followed the Omega, getting to his feet with a groan. He wasted no time in grabbing Izuku by the wrist, striding to the bed and sitting down to remove his sandals and shin plates and throwing them over to wear he abandoned his armour. “Get in…” he ordered Izuku, tugging on the Omega’s arm, “You better not fucking snore.”

“Sleeping? With you? In the same room?” Izuku gaped at him. Were Spartans really so shameless? Or was he just sheltered? Blush still high on his cheeks, he got a little closer. Sleeping by that addictive scent was too tempting and he was too exhausted to think straight anyway. “I don’t snore,” he said with a little defiant tone.

“No shit… I just said you had to stick by me…” Katsuki growled, yanking Izuku forward so that the Omega lost his balance and collapsed into the bed. Katsuki ripped off the last of his armour, leaving him in his red cotton underskirt before he pulled his feet up into the bed then arranged the Omega’s flailing limbs into a spooning position. He wrapped his arm protectively around Izuku’s waist then stuck his nose directly into the nape of the Omega’s neck then growled, “You better not kick either… Or else I’ll make you sleep on the floor.”

Izuku’s heart was racing but his body was tingling under the heat of another person holding him. His face felt hotter than ever and he was happy that Katsuki couldn’t see it. All of the things he’d learned growing up had shattered in just a few hours and he wanted to be upset, but it was hard when he was so fascinated. There were probably plenty of grotesque things that he’d learn about the Spartans later, but the things he’d felt around Katsuki weren’t horrible at all. “Sweet dreams, Katsuki,” he mumbled as he let his eyes fall shut. It had been something his mother would say to him every time he lay down to rest, so he had gotten into the habit of doing it too. It sounded nice following Katsuki’s name and Izuku hoped he didn’t mispronounce it on his first try. Even if he did, he fell asleep too quickly to even listen for some kind of response. His precious wishes for catching a glimpse of a soldier were ironically fulfilled that day as he slept in the arms of one.

Chapter Text

The next time Katsuki stirred, the sun was already hanging low in the sky, illuminating the room in a dark orange glow. He must have shifted while they slept since the Alpha was now starfished on the bed with Izuku curled in his side still fast asleep. Rolling over, Katsuki laid the Omega out on the mattress then hovered on top of him, leaning close to sniff at Izuku’s skin to check the scent mark. It was definitely weaker than it had been when they went to sleep, so the Alpha settled his weight on top of Izuku and started lazily scent marking him until he began to awaken.

An unexpected, alarming pressure on Izuku’s chest startled him awake and he jolted up fast, smacking whatever it was that had invaded his space when his fight-or-flight instinct took over. He was firstly surprised that his first impulse was to fight, and he was secondly surprised that he had just hit Katsuki. Reality caught up with him quickly and he reeled back. “Sorry, sorry, sorry,” he kept repeating. He partially thought the Spartan deserved it for turning his whole world around, but the other primal part yearned to please the Alpha.

“Fucking shit,” Katsuki hissed, sitting back to hold his nose which Izuku had managed to smack with his forehead, “What the fuck, you fucking Deku?” He glared down at the Omega accusingly, feeling around the bridge of his nose to make sure it wasn’t broken. The Alpha knew Izuku couldn’t move since he was straddling the Omega’s thighs but he could feel the the flighty tension beneath him. “Maybe I should let you run,” he growled, verbalizing that he knew what the Omega wanted to do, “Let’s see how long you last out there without me or my scent mark to protect you.”

“I said I was sorry,” Izuku tried to assert, though his tone wavered in Katsuki’s presence. “I didn’t expect you to smother me in my sleep,” he muttered, wondering if he really should attempt to run for it. With regained energy came a renewed sense of fire. His people took over your entire city, killed tons of Athenians, and claimed you like a pet, Izuku thought to himself, And you’re cuddling with him? After cursing out his inner Omega for swaying him toward the Alpha, Izuku just tried to regain control of his breath as well as his temper. It wasn’t easy, though, no matter how many times he told himself it’d be smarter to stay calm.

Katsuki hummed, narrowing his eyes at the Omega’s tone then flopping back down on top of Izuku. “I wasn’t smothering you… I was scent marking you… We have to go out soon… And it pisses me off when I can’t smell my scent on you,” Katsuki said then resumed his previous ministrations, coating Izuku in a fresh layer of his oily Alphan scent and crooning lowly. He couldn’t help himself, he could scent Izuku’s upset and it was instinct to try and soothe it away.

Izuku vaguely remembered Katsuki saying something about a banquet. His rumbling stomach hoped for it to be true, though he was weary to know what Spartans ate. He’d heard rumors that they were cannibals or that they hunted for game using only their hands and bare teeth. Judging by Katsuki’s sharp incisors, Izuku honestly wondered if that was true. Eager to at least get a chance at eating something, though, he slowly raised his chin to let Katsuki mark him. The deep crooning helped him relax into the Alpha’s touch and ease himself down from the eventful awakening.

“You smell good when you aren’t scared…” Katsuki said, nosing into Izuku’s scent gland, marking himself with the Omega’s scent as well. “Like pomegranate… Should be able to get my hands on some at the banquet…” He pulled back to stare at Izuku for a moment, Shinso’s words echoing through his head. “What do… What do you like to eat?” he asked, almost haltingly, like he wasn’t used to asking such mundane questions. He hoped it wasn’t something ridiculous because once they were marching home to Sparta it didn’t do well to be a picky eater.

His heart thumped to know that Katsuki actually liked his scent. Izuku would have commented on Katsuki’s, but he was far too embarrassed already as he found himself moving along with Katsuki to make the marking easier for the both of them. The faster it was over with, the faster Izuku could gain some space and get back to his senses. Katsuki’s scent was so good that it felt intoxicating at times.

“Pomegranate? I’ve only tried it once, but I really liked it,” Izuku’s stomach growled. Okay, he decided, if they eat fruit than perhaps they aren’t cannibals. “I’d eat anything my father would bring back for us. Bread, fish…” Izuku never claimed to have a discerning palate. “Once he brought back oak acorns, but I didn’t like them much.”

“I can get you much better shit than that,” Katsuki said, as he sat back to give Izuku a smirk, his chest puffing a little at the idea of providing for the Omega. “You’ll get nice and fat with the food I’ll get for you,” he promised before he pushed himself off the of the Omega to sit on the side of the bed, stretching out his insanely muscular back then wincing at the feeling in his ribs. “You need to rewrap this,” Katsuki said as politely at he could muster, “I think it’s loose again.”

Instead of saying anything about how hard he had worked to gain the muscle he had and not wanting to ruin it by getting fat, Izuku realized that even Spartan Alphas probably wanted an Omega who was softer. Rather than spoiling the moment, he hummed and slunk off the bed to position himself so he could kneel between Katsuki’s knees to get the best angle at the bandage around his ribs. His eyes wandered as he tightened it up, finding himself in envy of Katsuki’s body. He was gorgeous and perfect, worn by war yet chiseled with experience. Bulk and definition worked together to create a powerful man that Izuku dared to liken to a hero, even though he knew the Spartans were far from. He grazed his hand over the bandage where he knew Katsuki’s wound was and made sure the bandage would hold up. “Should be okay now…” Izuku smiled at his ability to help and warned, “Now don’t ruin it by moving around too much.”

The Alpha stared the Omega down as Izuku wrapped his ribs and had the sudden urge to capture those lush pink lips. He managed to wait for Izuku to finish before he gripped Izuku by the chin then tilted his head upwards. “No promises,” he said then closed the distance to press a searing kiss to Izuku’s lips. It didn’t last long, just enough for Katsuki to taste the Omega then he pulled back and said plainly, “Taste like pomegranates too…”

With that he got up and walked passed the stunned Omega, picking up his gear and beginning to tie it back on. “You better be ready soon. We need to buy you something new to wear. Your clothes look like shit.”

A screaming voice in Izuku’s head belted, Again?! He hadn’t even gotten the chance to process his second kiss before Katsuki was pulling away again. It was as if Katsuki enjoyed stealing them way just to make Izuku jump out of his own skin. All he had to remember it by was the burning blush on his cheeks and the slightest flavour of Katsuki’s pleasant, comforting scent. It surrounded him and it seemed as though he was covered in the warm, fiery scent both inside and out.

While Katsuki strapped his armor back on, Izuku busied himself snooping around the room for anything he could possibly borrow temporarily until, presumably, they bought something different. It was something to busy himself with, at least, but he soon found that he shouldn’t have snooped in the first place when holding up the tiniest chiton he’d ever seen. The fabric was so sheer and short, it wouldn’t have hardly covered up his thighs. “Please tell me you won’t purchase anything like this,” he found himself saying while still staring at the outfit. He knew it had to have been some kind of sexual garment, but he had no idea what sort of things Spartan Omegas wore.

Katsuki lifted his head with absent thought, blinking before his red eyes seemed to focus on the garment Izuku was holding. The Alpha’s face instantly turned beet red and he whipped his head away rubbing at the back of his head in embarrassment and irritation. “Fuck no…” he answered, his back to the Omega, “You can’t walk around in that in front of other Alphas…” Then looked over his shoulder to catch the Omega’s green gaze. “Only me… Got it?” he asked, an edge to his tone like he needed Izuku to agree.

“Right, okay.” With a sigh of relief, Izuku nodded and tossed the cloth aside deciding that he’d never again go through another person’s artifacts even if his chiton was stained with blood. He wasn’t sure he’d ever want to wear something like that in front of anyone, but at least he knew the Spartans had some decency when it came to Omegan apparel. Little by little, he was sorting out the truths from the lies when it came to their sworn enemies and even the tiniest bits of information helped soothe his worries. The thing he hated most of all was simply not knowing anything about the Spartans and not knowing what to expect either.

Katsuki quickly finished the routine of putting on his armour, his fingers nimble from the exercise he had done daily for years now. Izuku hadn’t seemed to notice the Alpha was waiting for him so instead Katsuki watched as Izuku picked through the clothing. With long silent strides he came up behind the Omega then picked out a pale green chiton from the pile. “Wear this,” he said, dropping it on Izuku’s head, “It’ll bring out your eyes..” The material was soft and expensive and Katsuki was certain it would look lovely on Izuku’s pale skin.

Pulling the fabric off his head, Izuku looked to see that Katsuki had actually picked out something pretty. It didn’t look too complicated to fasten and came with extra fabric to help tie it on. He gave Katsuki a smile and then a pointed look, silently gesturing for him to leave the room or at the very least, turn around before Izuku planned on changing.

Katsuki rolled his eyes hard then turned around, tapping his foot impatiently. Nudity wasn’t something that bothered the Alpha and maybe he was a little curious what the Omega looked like without any covering, but he wouldn’t peek.

With quick movements, Izuku shucked off his old garments and into the softer one, letting drape over his torso first and adjusting it until he found a good fit with one end draping over his shoulder and the rest cascading down his body in folds. Once he finished, he started out the door as Katsuki seemed eager to leave.

Katsuki watched as Izuku walked in front of him then froze a moment before he yelled, “I change my mind you can’t wear that!” He began digging furiously through the chest, trying to find something that didn’t look as good on his Omega.

“What’s wrong with it?” Izuku had to ask, looking down at himself to try to find something wrong. He became rather fond of the chiton as soon as he put it on and wondered what bothered Katsuki about it. Did he miss some fastenings in the back, making it look ridiculous?

“Nothing… Fuck… You look… Too fucking good… I’m going to have to kill every Alpha that looks at you…” he hissed, throwing clothing until he came to the bottom of the chest and let out an anguished groan of frustration. Turning on Izuku he asked, “Do you gotta be all fucking…” he waved his hand at the Omega, gesturing to all of him in silent question.

Izuku snorted in jest and shook his head, “If my father couldn’t find one Alpha that would agree to marry me in a year, I doubt anyone will be looking at me. You wanted to go, didn’t you?” Finally, his inner logic was coming back to him now that he’d gained a little bit more distance from Katsuki’s skin. He didn’t believe that he actually looked desirable in any sense of the word and assumed Katsuki was just overreacting to flatter him. He was too hungry to rationalize and overthink it any further and took another step toward the door as if to urge Katsuki on.

Katsuki snorted back. “Did any of them see you or were they just put off by your pitiful dowry? If you weren’t paying attention, twelve Spartan Alpha’s stepped up to fight to claim you. They only backed off because I stepped in as well…” he growled at the Omega, stomping to his bag and digging around to pull out a small dagger before he stomped back. “I broke my fucking ribs to claim you... I don’t know what Athenians think pretty is, but you are more than beautiful to any Spartan…” Grabbing Izuku’s hand, he pressed the dagger into the Omega’s palm and looked at him sternly, “If any Alpha grabs you, stab them in the eye. Or in the cock. Whichever is easier to reach.”

The little blade was pretty in Izuku’s hands, in a strange way. He’d never held a weapon before and realized that Katsuki was either the most fearless person he’d ever met or trusted Izuku enough not to stab him right away. The moment of silence was needed for what Katsuki had said to him. Years of insecurity and feeling unwanted were suddenly stirred with those words like some kind of wake-up call. Blinking a few stray tears from his eyes, he nodded and gripped onto the dagger with fervent determination. “I will,” he promised, positive that he wouldn’t hesitate at the opportunity to actually stab a Spartan.

“Good,” Katsuki said, resting his hands on Izuku’s shoulders then leaning forward to kiss the tears off of the Omega’s cheeks, “You stab ‘em and I’ll slit their throats… We will make a good pair.” With that, he leaned forward to rub his neck over Izuku’s, making sure the scent mark was strong once again then grabbed the Omega’s hand and led him out the door.

As brutal as it was, it was nice to see Katsuki in good spirits. Izuku was beyond curious to know what was going on outside their little sanctuary and to experience life outside of a house in a situation where he wasn’t in a cage or lined up like cattle. As exciting as it was, there was a tiny bit of fear that accompanied him as well. He let Katsuki lead them around and ended up squeezing onto the Alpha’s hand whenever the littlest thing frightened him.

With every squeeze, Katsuki looked back in question but when he was met with only a nervous smile he huffed then continued on his way. The streets were becoming crowded with people, Spartans and Athenians alike, the closer they got to the makeshift market. It had popped up once the invasion was over, filled with merchants that survived by being smart enough to pay off the right people.

The more people, the more Alpha’s and Katsuki could feel every stare on his Omega as they moved. It was enough to get under his skin, growling at every Alpha that stared a moment too long. Pulling Izuku closer to his body, he wrapped an arm securely around the Omega’s waist and held him close as they moved, intent on shielding him with his bulk and his cape.

“Wow,” Izuku gasped as he watched life play out before him. There were tons of people strolling about. Spartan soldiers in their uniforms passed by and he even saw his own people milling about. The fear had been quickly outshined by the elation he felt. For the first time, he felt a little bit of real freedom and Katsuki’s hold on him helped him from completely drowning in that overwhelming situation. “There are so many people,” he observed unable to stop smiling. “Where are we going? What are we going to do? Do you think we’ll see my mom? How long do we get to be out here?” He mumbled the questions in a rant-like form, more so letting his endless questions help him digest the situation around him.

“Going to the market,” Katsuki said, eyes up and scanning the crowd as he walked, “You can pick out some stupid clothes and something to eat to tide us over until the banquet… You better not have shitty taste…” They walked a few more paces until Katsuki added, “Some asshole I know will also be hanging around… He should know about your mom, or at least direct me to someone I can ask…”

Chapter Text

The market was a sight to see as there were plenty of stands set up with all sorts of goods. Wooden boxes were all shoved together to display plenty of foods. Wooden racks held up all different kinds of fabrics in more hues than Izuku had ever seen. People bustled all around the area, bartering and yelling with one another. Dust from the ground started to pick up making Izuku cough a bit. “Katsuki, look!” he exclaimed brightly, pointing toward a crate of pomegranates. “You were right, they do have them here!”

He was so excited to finally see the world, he completely forgot that his city had been invaded in the first place. It was only when he saw another Spartan Alpha and their Athenian Omega in the market that he truly remembered. The Omega has their eyes blown wide open, probably a lot like Izuku. The shock of the outdoors had them both overwhelmed. He noticed a very violent-looking marking on the Omega’s neck and the way the Alpha couldn’t seem to keep their hands off of their new partner.

Katsuki hummed, a ghost of a genuine smile touching the curve of his lips. “Let’s go buy some…” he said, maneuvering Izuku towards the stand before he realized what the Omega was looking at. “Does it bother you?” he asked, curious as to how Izuku felt seeing the way the Omega was claimed.

“I… don’t know,” he averted his eyes back toward the fruit and tried not to think so much about it but failed. The marking looked like it had hurt, as if the Alpha went in with the intent of ripping the Omega’s throat open. There were others when he looked harder, some of them with the same brutal marking and others with collars around their necks. He might have seen one that had a leash but Izuku didn’t want to stare too long and blamed it on his spiraling imagination. At that moment, it was easier to worry about taking in the scene without getting lost or swept away in the crowd. “Maybe,” he sighed, deciding to be a little more honest.

Katsuki looked down at Izuku then back up again. “Most Omega’s I know said it felt really good to be bitten…” he commented, which was the truth. “It’s tying your life to another person completely… And promising them everything you have…” he tried to explain, grimacing at how ineloquent his words were. “Omega’s run Sparta… And only Spartan Omega’s give birth to true warriors… Even if I haven't bitten you yet, you are mine… So you are a Spartan.”

Izuku wasn’t sure he could believe Katsuki, the markings looked like they hurt and he couldn’t imagine them feeling good in any kind of way. At the end of the day, the Athenian Omegas were still prisoners of the Spartans, though, so he figured there wasn’t much of a choice for his fellow Athenians. “I am no Spartan,” he muttered, spite showing again as Katsuki hit a nerve. That bubble of anger that had stuck in his belly ever since his home had been invaded threatened to rise up as he saw what few Athenians there were and how the ones that were left looked fearful of making any wrong moves.

The glamours put up kept swaying him back and forth. He grew up knowing that an Omega’s place was in the home to serve the Alpha. They were not to leave the home and followed a strict upbringing. With Katsuki, he could see the world and it was too good to be true. Was he just using the excitement to keep Izuku calm and happy until he was hauled to Sparta? How many lies had he been told?

In a whirlwind of movement, Katsuki banked right away from his previous destination that was the fruit stand to a dark and deserted alley. He pulled Izuku from his side, and slammed him against the wall, hand yanking on green curls to tilt the Omega’s head upwards. “That’s right… How could I forget that you are some pampered Athenian?” he hissed into Izuku’s face, scent enraged, “Where was Athens when Xerxes invaded? Where was Athens when the three hundred, my mother, died defending Greece from Persia? Oh, that’s right! You were all sitting fucking pretty in your goddamn walls, gaining strength and praying for Sparta’s demise, setting our lands ablaze when we were at our weakest.” Katsuki was breathing hard, baring his pointed teeth down at Izuku, exactly like he did when they first met. “You may think of me as a beast. But at least I know who I am and what I fight for. Spartans do not deal in cowardice and deceit like Athenians do. So which would you rather be, Deku?”

With the wind knocked completely out of him and Katsuki’s infuriated scent around them, Izuku was choking for air. It was blindingly clear that Katsuki hated Athens, but Izuku never guessed just how deeply that loathing lied. Izuku knew nothing of the wars or battles that Athens had, apparently, ignored. He never considered himself patriotic in any sense, truly, though he did know right from wrong. He did see the Spartans killing off Athenian Alphas and taking prisoners like it was a game. He saw pain, torment, and murder that day and he knew he’d never forget it. But, in Katsuki’s eyes, he saw pain too. The pain of losing a mother and the pain of deceit. His better half urged him to finish catching his breath and quietly say, “Sorry.” He wasn’t apologizing for his country’s misdeeds or because he thought he had been wrong for feeling upset, but he was sorry for hurting Katsuki. His inner Omega made falling into the submission easy, but that little angry bubble didn’t quite disappear either. “Omegas don’t take part in battle or even get to hear about it. I didn’t know.”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes at Izuku for a moment before he let him go completely. “Convenient,” he growled, the hatred never leaving his eyes. The Alpha turned on his heel, his red cape billowing out behind him and began to walk away without offering Izuku his hand. “Let’s go.”

Izuku raced to catch up, fearful of getting lost in a sea of people. Before he could lose sight of Katsuki or get trampled, he took a gentle hold of the hem of Katsuki’s cape to keep him tethered to the Alpha in some kind of way. While he felt a certain hatred toward the Spartans for taking over their city and tearing him away from his family, he realized he didn’t hate Katsuki. He was certain there were still tears in his eyes from the intense reaction he’d gotten, but didn’t bother wiping them away in favor of keeping his eyes on the Alpha and making sure he didn’t get lost in the hustle and bustle.

Katsuki felt the tug on his cape but didn’t look back or slow his pace, marching his way to the fruit stand and stomping and elbowing people out of his way as he went. At this moment, he didn’t really care if he left Izuku behind. If the Omega wanted to be on his own, Katsuki could have that arranged. See if he cared whether or not Izuku could survive by himself.

When he finally made it to the stand, he dug out his purse of Athenian coin and slammed it on the table in front of a frightened merchant. With that he began picking through the fruit, holding it up to make sure it was dark red in colour and placing it in an empty crate he pilfered from beside the stand. He took no less than ten of the fruit and added in some oranges for good measure, glaring the merchant into silence when he made a peep about the price.

Izuku stayed out of the way, still weary of Katsuki’s rage and mystified by the marketplace around him. Merely a few feet away from the fruit stand was a table full of glittering stones. Like a crow, the shiny light distracted him and in an effort to not be a nuisance to Katsuki he took a few steps to take a closer look. A woman was selling tons of crystal jewelry and started talking Izuku’s ear off about the connections between the gems and their Gods and Goddesses. When he took a step back to clarify that he wasn’t planning on purchasing anything and merely looking, someone knocked into him and forced Izuku a few more steps backwards.

He spun around to try and spot the fruit stand again, but squinted when he realized he couldn't see it or Katsuki. Heart racing with renewed fear, he whipped his head around to try and see anything that looked familiar. A few more people were running into him, irritated that he was standing in the middle of the walkway and he was shoved further along until he managed to break away from the crowd and into a less inhabited space behind some stands.

Sighing with regret for ever pissing Katsuki off, Izuku tried to collect himself. Katsuki had mentioned that someone might try to steal him away, and he quickly decided that that was the worst case scenario. He felt around in the folds of his chiton for the dagger he’d tucked away and found a little comfort in feeling its weight in his pocket. “I’ve got to find Katsuki,” he decided aloud, as if stating his mission to the world.

It drew the unwanted attention of an Alpha that Izuku never thought he’d see again. The purple hair was unmistakable and Izuku remembered his name to be Shinso. “You lost?” he asked in a surprisingly friendly tone. Attempting not to cry due to the miserable situation, Izuku just nodded in response. Shinso extended a hand out and sighed, “Okay, let’s go find your Alpha.”

“Touch him and you forfeit that hand,” Katsuki hissed, carrying the crate of fruit on his hip, leaning against a brick wall behind them, appearing out of nowhere. In reality, Katsuki had been watching the Omega the entire time, following him and making sure no harm befell him even though he was angry. His anger had softened some at hearing that Izuku wanted to find him but then heightened exponentially when Shinso showed up.

“Lose him and you forfeit your mate,” Shinso calmly responded, though dropping his hand knowing that Katsuki didn’t deliver many empty threats. He wasn’t keen on fighting in such a public place, but he wasn’t above a few teasing words. If Katsuki Bakugo were the lion, Shinso adored being the thorn in his paw.

Katsuki lifted his chin and sneered down his nose at the other Alpha. “I didn’t lose him. I’ve had my eye on him the entire fucking time,” he growled, scent thickening with dominance and challenge then turned to glare at Izuku, “He just doesn’t seem to understand what stay by my side means.”

“Than perhaps he doesn’t want to stay,” Shinso wasn’t shaken by Katsuki’s scent, but his poor Omega seemed to be. Based on the boy’s expression, he was completely shaken. Athenian Omegas were quite skittish, Shinso noticed. It would have taken a gutsy one to stick with Katsuki. “Do you or don’t you?” he directed the question to the Omega who still hadn’t moved from his spot.

Izuko looked between the two Alphas and hated that he had ended up in between them. He had been warned that Alphas would want to steal him away, but he didn’t realize how awkward and uncomfortable it was. If he was forced to choose, though, he’d prefer the person he knew more about. He’d prefer the person whose scent made all his troubles seem to fade away. Despite the furious scent warning him to stay away, he stepped back over to Katsuki.

Katsuki’s eyes twitched almost like he was about to let them widen with shock. Instead he smirked ferally at Shinso as he puffed out his chest in victory, scent thick with satisfaction and smugness. “See that fuck face? He doesn’t want you.” Katsuki didn’t elaborate on whether or not the Omega wanted him, but Shinso didn’t need to know that.

Shinso shrugged and warned, “Next time you lose him, you won’t get him back.” By the looks of it, the little Omega was bound by fear rather than desire. Shinso knew how to wait. He knew Katsuki didn’t have the ability to make anyone like him, much less love him. Without wasting another moment of his own time, Shinso strode off to gather up some provisions for the next few days and was happy to escape the thick scent of Katsuki’s anger.

An apology rested on Izuku’s lips, but he couldn’t get it out without crying and he definitely didn’t want to cry in front of Katsuki. His lips mashed together to hold in a sob and he blinked several times to try to hold back the water works. He’d always been quick to cry.

Katsuki continued to smirk and flipped Shinso the bird as the other Alpha walked away in defeat until he noticed Izuku had begun to cry. Katsuki groaned and rolled his eyes hard then scrubbed the back of his head in frustration. He didn’t know what to do when someone cried; usually didn’t give a fuck. Putting down the crate, he picked up an orange and peeled it with vicious motion then grabbed Izuku by the cheeks to force his mouth open to stuff a piece inside. “It’s sweet. That should make you feel better,” Katsuki barked, “So stop crying asshole!”

The sudden citrus flavor took Izuku off-guard, and so did Katsuki’s kindness despite his harsh words. Chewing the fruit, Izuku’s expression turned soft again and he found himself smiling. It really did make him feel better. The relief-filled happiness went straight back to shock when he realized another Alpha was approaching them. The guy looked tough, mean, and had hair so red that it reminded Izuku of blood.

“Bakugo!” he called out, wearing a sharp smirk. “What the fuck are you doing back here?” When the Alpha’s eyes found Izuku, he grinned, “I saw you won the fight to earn him. He’s cute. Can I have him? I thought you didn’t want one.”

“Fuck off, of course I’d win against stupid Shinso,” Katsuki said, grinning at the other Alpha as the redhead drew near then the two clasped forearms in a rough greeting, “I saw you win that blond Omega at the beginning… Did he already ditch your stupid ass, Kirishima?”

“Nope! Still here!” the blond Athenian said wearing a yellow chiton, trailing behind his Alpha, his neck still raw with a bite wound but grinning from ear to ear, reeking of Kirishima’s metallic scent.

“Gross… How much did you scent mark him…” Katsuki groaned, wrinkling his nose at the blond.

“Your Omega is way worse than me,” the blond pointed out, nodding his head at Izuku, “He doesn’t smell like an Omega at all anymore and you haven’t even bitten him yet…”

“Good,” Katsuki said, looking smug.

Izuku rubbed at his own neck when looking at the blond’s, wondering how the other Omega could still smile after something like that. In fact, he seemed truly happy.

“Hi,” the redhead decided to introduce himself finally. “I’m Eijiro Kirishima, Bakugo’s only friend. And this is my Omega, Denki Kirishima.” He ruffled Denki’s hair fondly and smiled proudly.

With a little wave, Izuku returned the greeting and introduced himself too. “Izuku Midor-” he stopped himself and looked to Katsuki before amending himself, “Izuku Bakugo.”

Denki looked from Izuku to Bakugo and back again, sensing the tension immediately as the Alpha rolled his eyes and looked away. “Hey Izuku…” Denki said, “We should take some of that fruit off your Alpha’s hands and let them talk.”

“Oh, okay…” Izuku went along with Denki’s suggestion and took the crate from Katsuki. It was heavier than Izuku expected but nothing he couldn’t handle. He took it to Denki so they could give the Alphas some space to chat. With another Omega around, Izuku felt much calmer than ever before, especially a fellow Athenian. “I didn’t think I’d ever see Katsuki with a friend.”

“Why’s that?” Denki asked, plopping down on a wooden crate then pilfering an orange to begin to peel. He popped a piece in his mouth with a groan of satisfaction, munching happily before he popped another piece in.

“He’s…” Izuku tried to find the right words. “A little scary sometimes. I didn’t expect him to have anyone he really cared about.” It sounded mean as Izuku said it, but he couldn’t think of any other way to explain. He grabbed out an orange and picked at it, though he didn’t feel very hungry at all. It was more just something to fiddle with than anything.

“I don’t know… If Eijiro likes him, he can’t be that bad…” Denki said, turning his head to look at his Alpha with love struck eyes and a soft smile. It was almost as if Kirishima could feel Denki’s eyes on him, immediately turning to shoot the Omega a goofy smile and a wave before he turned back to Katsuki. “If you don’t mind him… I would lock that Alpha down before a different Omega snags him. You can learn to like him eventually and then you can get out of this hell hole,” Denki said, his tone serious as he looked back at Izuku.

“You like Eijiro? Even though he did…” Izuku gestured toward the wound on Denki’s neck. “That?” He noticed the way the two looked at each other, like they were the two happiest people in the world. “Even though they took you away from your family?”

Denki blinked at Izuku then said, “I asked him to. He was gonna wait like Katsuki but I wouldn’t have it.” His hand came up to rub at his neck, right over the bond with a funny smile, ducking his head in embarrassment. “Eijiro promised to show me the world outside this city,” Denki waved to the giant stone walls that stood high caging them all in, “My family kept me locked in the house. An Athenian Alpha would have too. In one day Eijiro has shown me more than I’ve seen in my entire life. No way I’d give that up…” The look on Denki’s face was firm, filled with determination. “Plus… Eijiro is gentle for a Spartan… He seems loyal… he smells good… And he keeps me fed and safe…” Denki listed off on his fingers then looked back up at Izuku with a shrug, “What more do you want in an Alpha?”

There was no denying that Denki had a point. He made it all seem so simple that Izuku almost felt silly for overthinking it all. The rationality of it all helped slow his conflicted mind down enough to see the silver lining. “You’re right,” Izuku slowly realized, glancing down at the crate of fruit Katsuki had picked up. He’d even gotten some pomegranates even though Izuku made him upset. “Maybe I could learn to like him.”

Eijiro glanced over at the Omegas, but wasn’t sure what they were talking about. Whatever it was, they were smiling and Izuku seemed cheered up. “Denki can make anyone smile,” he said rather dreamily to Bakugo. “Once I get him fed and fattened up a little, he’ll be good as new. Athenian fuckers didn’t feed him enough. How’s it going with yours?”

“It’s fine…” Katsuki said, which was what he said when things were definitely not fine. “I don’t know… I promised to find his mother… Which is why I came here looking for you…” Katsuki said then pointed over at Izuku, “See any older female Omega’s that looked like him? You were helping with the list of prisoners… From what he told me about her, I think she would have been made a servant… Inko Midoriya?”

“What’s wrong with you and the pretty boy?” Eijiro asked immediately, recognizing the weird face Bakugo had whenever he was uncomfortable or lying. “Is finding his mother some kind of apology gift? Damn, you must really like him. Inko, hm…” he rambled on as he tried to remember if there were any women that looked anything like Izuku. He snapped his fingers when the idea struck him, “You should check near the Temple of Zeus. Any unclaimed servants are being held there. The others are probably already in their new houses and will be until we leave.”

“He doesn’t like Spartans… And He’s sad and he keeps fucking crying over his mother like a fucking big baby,” Katsuki huffed, crossing his arms over his bare chest defensively. “Finding her… Will make him happy…” he finally said, like that was a good enough explanation even though he had never cared about anyone’s happiness before he met a certain green eyed Omega.

Eijiro snorted, “Well he is a Spartan now, so he can’t hate us forever. I bet he’ll come around, especially when you’re being so sweet.” He said the last word in a teasing tone, as Bakugo was the least sweet person Eijiro had ever met. “Denki told me the Athenian Omegas had a terrible life ahead of them, so I’m sure yours will realize the same thing in time.” Eijiro gave Bakugo a rough pat on the shoulder, the most encouraging and masculine way he knew how to bring his friend’s hopes up. “You know, you could start persuading him in the bedroom,” Eijiro wiggled his eyebrows, teasing even more.

Without even pausing to think about it, Katsuki swung a right hook right at Kirishima's head, but the redheaded Alpha ducked immediately like he knew it was coming. He leaped away from Katsuki, laughing his ass off as he pranced to Denki. “Come my love!” Kirishima said, bowing dramatically to the Omega who just giggled, blushing bright red as he took the Alphas hand and was pulled up with a squeak from the crate. “See you later, Bakugo! Bye, Izuku! Try and give that Alpha a chance, yeah?” he added with a wink at Izuku then wrapped his arm around Denki and led them away from the alley and back out to the market.

Katsuki was yelling curses at Kirishima until he was out of sight, his cheeks a bright red colour as he messed up his already messed up blond hair. “Gods above he’s an ass… I don’t know why I even fucking bother to associate with him,” Katsuki said to Izuku, stepping to stand beside the seated Omega.

“I like them,” Izuku happily announced, standing up and picking up the fruit crate. He balanced the crate on his hip and turned so he could face Katsuki head on. The Alpha’s closeness brought on a wave of his burnt cedar scent and even though they had only been a few meters apart he realized how much he had missed it. “Denki is nice and Eijiro seems to make him really happy.” Remembering what Denki had said, Izuku took a chance and reached out to take hold of Katsuki’s hand again.

Katsuki looked down at their hands then back up at Izuku. “Fucking hell, you are the most confusing person I have ever met,” he huffed, but there was no bite in his tone and he didn’t pull his hand away. “We have to go to the temple,” Katsuki added, pulling the crate off of Izuku’s hip to place it on his own, “And when we get there you should sit and eat more fruit. If you don’t eat, all that muscle tone will disappear.” The Alpha nodded his head to Izuku’s body with a squeeze of his hand, Kirishima’s words heavy on his mind.

The fact that Katsuki noticed Izuku’s muscle had the Omega stiffening. Omegas were supposed to be soft and dainty, didn’t Katsuki care? “It will?” he prodded for more information. “You… don’t mind if it doesn’t disappear, then?” It was awkward to talk about, but if there was any chance that Izuku could become stronger, he’d take it. After all, he couldn’t be anything like a warrior if he lost any of the muscle he worked so hard to build up. It wasn’t much, but it was important to him.

“I don’t want some fucking weakling as a mate… I eat a shit ton to maintain this fucking body… It must be even harder for an Omega to gain any sort of muscle mass,” Katsuki said, flexing his arms that he had worked hard for. He turned his head away as a blush formed on his cheeks. “You… look good… with muscle…” he said haltingly, like he was having a hard time spitting the compliment out.

Izuku’s eyes had to have glittered while he looked at Katsuki’s body, yearning for the same shape. The fact that he hadn’t been reprimanded for his secret training sessions came as a relief, and the fact that Katsuki actually liked how Izuku looked brought a new blush to his cheeks. Izuku dropped his hold on Katsuki’s hand to hold onto his bicep instead, feeling the raw muscle under scarred flesh. The hard, flexed muscle had a small, whining sound of awe and envy escape the Omega. “Could you teach me?” All Izuku knew about getting stronger were the few workouts he’d seen soldiers doing outside his window. Hell, he didn’t even know that eating helped preserve his strength.

Katsuki glanced at Izuku out of the corner of his eyes then grunted, “Maybe.” It wasn’t that he didn’t want to teach the Omega, but he knew once he found Izuku’s mother, their time was probably coming to a close. “You should learn some self defence anyway… So that stupid Shinso doesn’t kidnap you…” Katsuki growled, then began leading Izuku away through the winding streets towards the temple.

Chapter Text

The unfinished temple stood proudly as ever with the sun shining down gloriously against huge white pillars. Izuku remembered his father commenting on why it hadn’t been reconstructed or finished, but couldn’t recall why. A structure so large seemed impossible to build but his mind didn’t linger on the thought too long. Several meters from the temple were groups of Athenians strung together with rope and supervised by a few Spartan soldiers. Izuku’s heart sank when he saw the hopeless expressions of his people, but leapt right back up when he saw a familiar face. He pulled on Katsuki’s bicep, which he still hadn’t let go of, and cheered, “Katsuki, my mom!”

The Alpha nodded, then led Izuku towards the tied up Athenians, nodding at the Spartans who were guarding them.

Inko’s tired eyes brightened up the second she saw her boy running up to her, but darkened when she saw the Alpha he was pulling along with him. Izuku looked happy, which was incredibly odd after all they had been through. The second he got close enough, he threw his arms around her and started half-laughing and half-crying. His scent was nothing like it used to be. She could hardly pick out any fruity tones beneath the scent of a smoky bonfire. “Izuku, are you okay?” she had to ask firstly, looking between her son and the Alpha hovering near. She gave the filthy Spartan a accusational death glare and spat, “What did this bastard do to you?”

Izuku pulled away just enough to look her in the eyes and put himself between the Alpha and his seething mother. “He brought me here to you,” Izuku was happy to tell her. He was feeling oddly defensive over Katsuki, a little upset that she’d talk to him with such a tone. It was understandable, though, as she had taught him to hate the Spartans just as she had been.

“Your scent, your… are you bonded?”

“No, not… yet…” he blushed when thinking about it.

“You didn’t bond with my son? Is he not good enough for you?!” she exploded again, but blinked when she realized that she should feel relieved that her son hadn’t been permanently bonded to a Spartan.

“It’s fine, I’m fine,” Izuku tried to calm her down. “Are you okay?”

“So far, I’ve just been kept here,” she informed him with a frown. “Your father…”

Izuku had a feeling that his father had been killed. He was never close to the Alpha, so the thought didn’t plague him the way it did his mother. “I figured,” he interjected so she wouldn’t have to say it. In an attempt to brighten the situation and ease her worries, he introduced the Alpha next to him, “Mom this is Katsuki. Katsuki, this is my mom.”

Katsuki was indifferent to the woman, looking her up and down with a sniff then a curt nod. “I need to go talk to the guards,” he said, before he turned on his heel and walked away to give them some time.

“He truly hasn’t hurt you?” Inko glared at the Alpha as he stalked away. The guy looked scary as hell, and she could only imagine the horrors Izuku had been through. She heard that the unbonded Omegas were going to get paired with unbonded Alpha Spartans and knew her Izuku would most likely get picked out by someone.

“He’s… very kind,” Izuku assured her, thinking back to every little moment he had shared with Katsuki since they’d met. The Alpha was passionate at times and scary too, but always kind.

“Don’t fall for that nonsense, Izuku,” she warned. “I don’t trust him as far as I could toss him.”

“I don’t need your trust, Athenian,” Katsuki walked up, then looked at Izuku, “I need the dagger I gave you.” Mysteriously, the golden ceremonial dagger that never left his hip with a jewel encrusted pommel was gone. Katsuki made no mention as to where his usual blade had went, holding his hand out to Izuku expectantly.

Izuku cocked his head to the side in question but grabbed the dagger Katsuki had given him and returned it. He could his his mother gasping as if she were appalled that he dared to touch a weapon, but he kept his eyes on Katsuki. He’d began to trust the Spartan, despite what his mother had said, but wasn’t sure how he felt about Katsuki having the blade so close to his mom. He stayed in his spot between the two, casually shielding her from the mere possibility of danger.

Gripping the rope binding Izuku’s mother, he cut her loose and said, “You are free. If anyone asks, you are a servant of the Bakugo line. I would suggest you leave this city, lest you be captured again…” Red eyes lifted from what he was doing to glare down at Inko, “I won’t pay your price a second time, Athenian.”

Inko glanced between the Spartan and her wrists that had been freed. “You jest.” She couldn’t believe the act, couldn’t see how a Spartan would free her as simply as that.

Izuku was just as floored, grinning as hard as he ever had and throwing his arms around his mother in an excited, cheerful embrace. All he wanted was to assure her happiness and safety, and Katsuki has given him just that. “See? I told you he’s amazing!” Izuku laughed, shamelessly complimenting the Alpha in his glee.

“He’s not bad,” she slowly admitted, looking over Izuku’s shoulder and wondering if he were some kind of demigod.

Izuku let go of his mother just so he could whip around and throw himself at Katsuki too. He rambled on about his gratitude and giggled endlessly in joy.

Katsuki dropped the knife and caught the Omega even though he wasn’t expecting the sudden burst of affection. Blushing, he turned his head away, clearly uncomfortable with the attention, but he didn’t shove Izuku away either, holding him by the hips. “There’s an Alphan merchant leaving tonight during the victory banquet… He’s in poor health and needs someone to assist him on his travels,” Katsuki said, looking at Inko, “The old man will pay you well… He’s a fucking sucker for weaklings. I figured I’d bring you to him.”

After a few seconds of contemplation, Inko nodded apprehensively, “I’d appreciate that.” She didn’t like the way Izuku clung to the Alpha, but she could see why her son had taken a shine to the brute. In his own odd way, he was kind. “What will you do with my son, then?” She needed to know for her own sake. The non-traditional situation her son had been forced into made her uneasy. “Plan on taking good care of him?”

Katsuki snorted, nudging Izuku away with a gentle press of his hands so that he could bend over and pick up the discarded dagger. He wiped off the dust on his skirt, making the small blade shine before he flipped it over in the air then caught it by the blade. Holding the pommel out to Izuku, Katsuki caught the Omega’s eye and said, “He can take care of himself.”

Izuku gave him a toothy smile and took the dagger back, preening under Katsuki’s words. He felt happier than he could ever remember in that moment and could hardly contain himself.

Inko just raised an eyebrow but found Izuku’s exuberance refreshing. She had known of her son’s dream for freedom, but he never mentioned it to her out of his obligation to his duty as an Omega. He put on a brave face, but she knew he wasn’t happy. With this Spartan, though, he seemed to glow. “I’m hoping he can,” she honestly spoke. “He deserves this happiness and this freedom.”

They took off from the temple and back into town. All the while Izuku kept hold of Katsuki’s hand having learnt his lesson from getting lost, but chatted with his mother about everything that had happened, leaving out some details about sleeping beside Katsuki of course. The merchant Katsuki had mentioned was easy enough to find and just as sickly as Katsuki had described.

“Katsuki, my boy! It’s good to see you!” the merchant said as he struggled to his feet, his rich clothing hanging off of his skeletal frame, “And who are these fine Omegan beauties you got here?” The old man may have looked sickly but his eyes were still sharp and his scent still strong.

Katsuki rushed behind the stand to help the man sit back down before the wind blew him over. “Old man… see you haven’t gone to meet the Gods yet…” Katsuki said when he finally got the man seated, “This is Izuku Midoriya and Inko Midoriya… They are Athenians… I heard you were looking for someone to help you out on your next journey…” The Alpha looked to the Omega’s and said, “This is Yagi Toshinori… Or maybe you’ve heard of him as All Might the mercenary…”

Yagi snorted then said, “That was a long, long time ago my boy…”

“All Might?!” Izuku practically shrieked. He tried to compare the elderly man before him to the hero depicted in stories and legends. It seemed impossible, but the man didn’t deny himself to be the greatest mercenary to ever walk through Greece.

“Izuku, manners,” Inko reminded him, appalled that in just one day her perfect son turned into a boisterous little boy.

“Sorry, sorry, I just can’t believe it,” the Omega bit his tongue to hold back the questions and compliments he had. “You get to travel with All Might, mother, that is a once in a lifespan chance,” he whispered to her, completely and utterly jealous.

“I can promise to keep you well on the journey,” Inko politely and kindly promised the merchant.

“So this is who you found to accompany me, Katsuki. I didn't expect her to be so easy on the eyes…” he said, giving Inko a playful wink, “But I didn’t expect you to bring me two…”

“Ah… mmn,” Katsuki said with a noncommittal shrug.

“Oh, there was that banquet we had to go to, right?” Izuku asked the Alpha, realizing more time had passed than he thought. He noticed quite a few Spartans all walking in the same direction, as if they were all gathering up for it.

Katsuki nodded his head with a frown, looking off to where Izuku was looking. Turning back to Yagi he said, “We will come to see you off at the gate… Make sure you don’t get caught…”

Yagi smiled. “It’s fine my boy… I already paid some people off. We should be dandy…”

With a little wave to the both of them and a promise to see them both later, Izuku started off toward the banquet. His heart felt lighter than ever and he still couldn’t believe Katsuki would have ever arranged for his mother’s freedom. He wanted to pay the Alpha back, but he wasn’t sure how. As they’d only known each other for a short time, the things he knew about Katsuki Bakugo were slim. After going around and around in his brain for any sort of idea at all, he came up short of any good plans. What would make the Alpha happy? Izuku seemed to be an expert at pissing him off, but making him happy? “Hey, Katsuki?” Izuku asked, stopping in place while chewing on his lower lip.

Katsuki grunted to acknowledge that he heard the Omega, glancing at Izuku out of the corner of his eye as they continued to walk.

Stepping as high as he could on his tip-goes, Izuku softly kissed Katsuki in the cheek. It was softer than he expected and leaning in had him inhaling Katsuki’s addictive, warm scent. “Thank you,” Izuku hummed out when he dropped back down on his feet. It was something sweet that he had seen his parents do, something that made them both smile. He hoped it made Katsuki smile too, but was too nervous to even look the Alpha in the eye after. Instead, he continued on his way and kept his eyes on his feet while a thick blush took over the majority of his cheeks.

Stopping in his tracks, Katsuki lifted a hand to his cheek and stared at Izuku like he had gone mad. “What the fuck was that for? You can’t just… Don’t surprise me like that!” he screeched, a few steps behind Izuku and making a whole bunch of people stop and stare.

Shit. Izuku bit his lip, unable to tell if he had upset Katsuki or not. The Alpha definitely seemed alarmed, but not seething. “Sorry! What you did for my mother was amazing and I wanted to make you happy. I wasn’t sure what would make you happy though, so I guessed! Do Spartans have a different way of thanking someone?” He was waiting on pins and needles for an answer, both wanting to learn more about Spartans and attempting to figure out if he had done something wrong or not.

Katsuki growled, taking a few steps forward to grip Izuku by the chiton and drag him to the side of the walkway grumbling, “You’re in the middle of the path… Stupid Deku…” Once they were out of the way, Katsuki was twitching, his mouth grimacing like he was about to say something he didn’t want to.

“I did it so you’d stop fucking crying all the time…” he said, deciding on that as an answer.

(I did it so you wouldn’t hate me so much.)

“It was so fucking annoying…” the Alpha added.

(I don’t know what to do when you cry.)

Scrubbing the back of his head and shifting from foot to foot before, Katsuki reached out and pulled Izuku’s smaller frame into his chest, enveloping the Omega in a firm embrace. “This is how you say thank you, idiot...” he said, his growl softer as he said it into Izuku’s ear, “But don’t do this with anyone else… Only me…”

The sudden closeness had Izuku’s heart leaping out of his chest but after a few moments wrapped up in the Alpha’s warmth and scent Izuku’s entire body relaxed. Beyond Katsuki, no one else had ever held him in such a way. Izuku studied the way their chests were clung tight and how their legs slotted together and…

The thought hit him suddenly. Katsuki was so impressive to him that he looked past how attractive he was and just what Katsuki did to him. Izuku shifted, nervously laughed, and started rambling thoughtlessly as he usually did when he felt anxious, “What about Denki? I should really thank him for the advice he gave me. And probably Eijiro for being your friend and being so nice. Maybe Shinso for offering to help me find you when I got lost…”

Katsuki began to growl without meaning to as Izuku spoke, but the moment he mentioned Shinso, Katsuki’s hand slid up Izuku’s back to grip him by the nape of the neck. Pulling back so that Izuku could see his burning red eyes, Katsuki hissed, “Only me.” His lips were so close to Izuku’s, his breath ghosted over the soft flesh as he glared down at the Omega, waiting for Izuku to agree.

“O-only you,” Izuku repeated in a whisper. He shivered in Katsuki’s grasp, his inner Omega screaming at him to submit to the hold. Like grabbing a cat by the scruff, Izuku felt completely at Katsuki’s will. The worst part was that it was making his skin tingle and his stomach flutter with anticipation. You can’t get turned on in public! he screamed at himself, petrified at the thought of anyone catching him with an erection peeking through his chiton.

The sheer dominance Katsuki expelled along with his alluring scent and perfect body made Izuku’s knees weak. Glowering red eyes only heated up the fire in Izuku’s abdomen. “Only you,” he repeated a little louder, getting a grip back on himself. “Banquet?” he suggested before his body tried to act against him.

Katsuki stared down at Izuku a moment longer before he huffed and let go of the Omega’s neck to hug him close instead. “Give me a minute, for fuck sakes,” Katsuki said, nuzzling into Izuku’s scent gland, “I’m not done yet…”

It was like some kind of torture trying to retain control of his own scent with Katsuki’s nose so close, though he figured even attempting to control his scent was a waste of effort. Izuku let his chin rest on the Alpha’s shoulder and breathed in his scent. With every new inhale came an even deeper desire for more. Katsuki was like a fire, burning everything in his path. In his better moods, his scent was warm and sweet like cedar. When the Alpha’s fury came out to play, it turned sour and dangerous like an entire city was burning down in raging flames. He patiently waited until Katsuki was finished and prayed to every God and Goddess that he didn’t lose himself completely in the process.

Leaning forward to rub their scents glands together, Katsuki’s movements were frenzied like he was expecting Izuku to push him away. He finished by swiping his neck over the Omega’s face then grabbed Izuku’s hand to begin dragging him to the banquet. Just a little bit longer, Katsuki could be with him and be his Alpha just a little bit longer.

Chapter Text

A certain sort of calm came with an Alpha’s scent on his skin, especially Katsuki’s, and Izuku felt his inner panic ebb. Izuku really didn’t want it to be over, but knew he was better off without an erection at a banquet. He’d never attended such a thing before and hadn’t the slightest idea of what to expect.

Apparently, one of the government buildings had been ransacked and turned into a makeshift banquet hall with dozens of tables and benches set up with plenty of pillows for reclining. Dreary-looking Athenians worked as servants, standing at the doors and greeting Spartan guests who were already drinking and feasting on tables filled up with fish, fruits, and vegetables. While the Athenians made Izuku feel guilty and a bit uncomfortable, it was hard to worry too much when there was so much to view. The huge walls surrounding them were painted gorgeously and told stories of some sort. Fires kept the room lit and warm. Patterned curtains hung down decoratively, giving the space a multitude of beautiful hues. He kept looking to Katsuki for some kind of direction, feeling shier with every step.

Katsuki completely missed Izuku’s glances, too busy glaring at anyone who looked at Izuku to notice whether or not the Omega was looking at him. Much too soon, his instincts couldn’t handle it, pulling his hand away from Izuku to wrap his arm around him instead, pulling him close as he maneuvered them to the front of the room. “Only losers sit in the back,” he said to Izuku, “I’m not a fucking loser…” Spotting Kirishima with Denki seated in his lap in a cushioned lounge, Katsuki made his way there to claim the empty lounge right next to them.

“Katsuki! You made it!” Kirishima boomed, his voice rising up over the laughs and shouts of the other Spartans.

“Yeah, yeah…” Katsuki said, flopping down on the couch and dragging Izuku down with him, “Pass me some wine…”

“‘Course…” Kirishima said, handing the other Alpha a full goblet and managing to spill a bit on the floor as Denki whispered things into his ear, “It’s… its really good stuff…”

Katsuki raised his brow at Kirishima; the red head wasn’t usually a lightweight. But the flush in the other Alpha’s cheeks was a telltale sign and Katsuki shrugged thinking maybe a stiff drink was what he needed tonight. He swiped the cup from his distracted friend and took a hearty couple of gulps, downing the wine then wiping the excess off with the back of his hand. Katsuki looked to Izuku then held the goblet out in a silent question.

Izuku took the cup from Katsuki and drank down the rest of the cup in a few thick swallows. The wine he’d had at home had always been watered down, but he soon realized whatever he had just consumed was rich, potent, and tart. He glanced over to Kirishima and Denki, realizing they had definitely had their fill and were all over one another, cozying up and not caring what anyone else thought. They looked drunk off of wine and love, and Izuku almost felt a little jealous. Looking across the room, he realized quite a few pairs were just as close and no one seemed to give a damn. “More?” he held the cup right back out to Katsuki, hoping the alcohol would help numb his nerves.

The Alpha nodded, leaning forward to grab an empty goblet and a full pitcher off one of the tables in front of them then filled both their drinks up. He was about to down his drink when he paused, holding it up for Izuku for a moment in some sort of toast then finally knocked it back. Licking the red liquid off his lips, Katsuki frowned, feeling the warmth of the alcohol much too quickly. Where did they get wine like this? It was spiced, making his tongue tingle and Katsuki wanted more.

Katsuki didn’t short Izuku an ounce of wine and Izuku started sipping down at his full cup. The flavor was so bold and nothing like anything he’d tasted before. It went down smoothly as if it were water, yet tickled his tongue with sweetness and bitterness at the same time which left the Omega draining the glass faster than he intended. Izuku didn’t ever drink enough to start feeling so tingly, but his head started to feel light after a mere second glass. “Kacchan,” he said while leaning on the Alpha. Izuku snorted when he messed up saying Katsuki’s name, but didn’t try to correct himself. “Does this taste really good to you too?”

“Yeah… yeah it does…” Katsuki said, sinking in his seat as his legs spread out before him, trying to alleviate the sudden warmth between his thighs, his foggy mind unable to think about what the feeling could mean. No, he was too busy watching the Omega beside him; the way his cheeks were starting to flush and the way he was smiling at Katsuki. Even the fire light was beginning to swim across the Alpha’s vision, seemingly pointing at Izuku and making the Omega glow.

How could the Omega not know how beautiful he was? For some reason Katsuki had the sudden urge to tell him, but he was silenced by the entrance of his General and her personal guard.

“Spartans!” she yelled, arms raised up to the ceiling as she stood at the front of the room.

A-OO, A-OO, A-OO,” the warriors cried, even Kirishima and Katsuki raising their fists and yelling out like the rest of their brethren. The shouts were nothing like the ones at the tournament, all sloppy and mistimed.

“I’ll make this short. Have your fill of food and wine and fuck your Omega’s tonight in honour of the Gods,” the General said, then raised her glass to the warriors as they pounded on the tables in her honour. No one seemed to notice the glass came nowhere near her lips before she set the goblet down and stalked out of the room with her entourage.

“Huh…” Katsuki said, squinting his eyes against the slanting of his vision. He thought there would be a lot more to that. All the banquets he had been to were long and arduous; filled with speeches and rituals. But that was okay, he guessed, looking over to Izuku as the Omega’s pomegranate scent lured him in.

“You… you smell good…” Katsuki said huskily, turning in his seat so that he could face the Omega head on then plunge his face in Izuki’s scent. “Really good…” he growled, sniffing at the Omega’s scent gland like his instincts were telling him to do.

“What did she say?” Izuku drowsily asked, tilting his head lazily so Katsuki could have full access to his scent gland. The cheers and cries of Spartans sounded way too loud in his ears to be able to focus on their general’s announcement. Izuku’s head started to spin before she could even say her first few words and his eyes were pinned on Katsuki, not bothering to look at anyone else. He could vaguely hear Kirishima and Denki’s sucking, sloppy kisses when he attempted to focus. Katsuki’s words finally caught up with him and his inner Omega preened. “I smell good? You smell good.” It was the truth and the scent was making Izuku’s head even lighter.

Katsuki groaned, eyes rolling into the back of his head as he began to suck on Izuku’s neck. “Come… C'mere then…” he said into the now slick skin of Izuku’s scent gland, hands groping for the Omega’s hips to half pull half drag Izuku into his lap. The Alpha didn’t even realize when his hands found Izuku’s plump rear, something he’d been wanting to do since he laid eyes on it. “Fuck,” Katsuki swore, his head falling back against the lounger, feeling like the entire room was spinning.

Izuku fell right into Katsuki’s lap, hands grasping onto the Alpha’s shoulders for purchase and letting out the tiniest whine as Katsuki groped his behind. It wasn’t a whine for the Alpha to stop though, but rather one wishing that there wasn’t any sort of cloth between calloused hands and his ass. It started to feel like his heat, when slick would gather up between his cheeks and drip down his thighs except it wasn’t a heat at all, it was just Katsuki. He buried his face in the Alpha’s neck, sucking at Katsuki’s skin because it tasted so damn good and rocked his hips back into Katsuki’s grip.

“Shit…” Katsuki manages to say, allowing Izuku to suck on his neck, every movement a shot of arousal down to his cock, “Izuku” He lifted his head to nuzzle into the side of the Omega’s face, running his lips over the softness of whatever skin he could find. The Alpha pulled Izuku closer, shoving their hips together and gasping at the pressure. It felt so good, so fucking good.

Izuku let out an unabashed moan when his erection ground into Katsuki’s abs as their hips slotted together. The shoulder strap to his chiton fell loose and down his arm, showing off his freckle-speckled shoulders and chest but he couldn’t care less. The alcohol had truly freed his mind to do whatever he wanted to at that moment, and what he truly wanted to do was Katsuki. “Katsuki,” Izuku drawled as his tone sank into a sultry pitch, “I want... “ He couldn’t find the words to voice it. He lightly tugged at Katsuki’s armor and hated how it kept them apart. He needed to be closer. His eyes flitted over Katsuki’s lips and he bit at his own.

Katsuki’s head was swimming, on some level knowing that Izuku wanted the Alpha to kiss him. But Katsuki stayed exactly where he was, a lopsided smile quirking in the corner of his lips. “If you want something… Take it…” he goaded, nudging Izuku’s nose with his own, their breathes mingling and making the Alpha’s mouth water and his teeth hurt. He wanted to… He wanted to sink his teeth into that delicious neck. He wanted to fuck him into the lounger. Katsuki had never felt so out of control, never been with an Omega like this. Only Izuku, only his mate.

Not a second was wasted as Izuku closed the tiny gap between their lips, kissing Katsuki with the force of his pent-up lust. He grabbed hold of the Alpha’s hair and delivered kiss after kiss without registering if Katsuki was even kissing back or not because Izuku was following his instructions to take. His hips rocked back and forth for friction, sending sparks and tingles throughout his lower half. Slick began to soak through his chiton. Izuku became a total mess, but it was okay as long as Katsuki kept holding into him. He grabbed Katsuki’s lower lip between two teeth, experimentally tugging a few times before freeing it. With a tiny little smirk of satisfaction and pride, Izuku leaned back just enough to show off that he could take things when he wanted them and follow Katsuki’s instructions.

Katsuki chased after his lips, kissing him once then twice, then pulled back himself to give Izuku a genuine smile; no smugness or cruel intent anywhere near his mouth, just affection and happiness. “I’m going to miss you, you fucker…” he whispered like a secret, his forehead pressing into the Omega’s, “I don’t wanna let you go…”

“Miss me? Where am I going?” Izuku left little kisses on Katsuki’s nose. His head was still spinning but he was at least coherent enough to listen to the Alpha. Katsuki was beautiful wearing an actual smile and Izuku didn’t want to have to go anywhere to miss it. “Kacchan…” Izuku’s brows furrowed together, pushing for an answer.

Katsuki was just about to answer when a loud moan cut him off, forcing his eyes off of Izuku and to the side to see Kirishima’s bare ass pounding into his little blonde mate. It took the Alpha a moment to realize what he was actually seeing, then Katsuki was instantly looking up, suddenly alert as his scent turned completely defensive. All around them there were writhing couples in the middle of various forms of sex acts all over the damn room. “What the fuck,” he hissed before he looked back at Izuku who was also pretty much writhing half naked in his lap, “What the fuck?”

“What’s the matter?” Izuku tilted his head to the side, still completely dazed. He sniffed at the air and caught a myriad of scents that weren’t Katsuki and finally glanced around at the total debauchery happening throughout the room. If he were sober, he probably would have jumped out of his skin and ran out of there without a second thought. In his inebriation, however, he solved the problem by burying his nose right back into Katsuki’s neck to block it out. “I didn’t think… I didn’t realize…” he tried to say something but only ended up blubbering out some panicked half-sentences. Did Katsuki expect them to…? In a whole room filled with people? Was it a Spartan thing?

“It’s fine, it’s fine… don’t fucking cry… I fucking hate it when you cry…” Katsuki said in a hushed tone, crooning to his Omega, “Just keep your nose pressed to my neck...” It was hard for Katsuki to think with all the strong scents surrounding them and with his cock so hard and heavy between his thighs. Instead, the Alpha forced himself to focus on the sudden fear in his Omega’s scent then managed to think around the haze in his mind. He hoisted Izuku’s light body up into his arms then began to pick his way around the writhing couples to make it to the exit.

They were just about free from the banquet turned orgy when two Spartan guards suddenly blocked Katsuki’s path.

“Out of my fucking way,” Bakugo hissed, rubbing Izuku’s back as the Omega whimpered into the skin of his neck.

“All warriors are to stay and celebrate the victory…” one of the guards said, his voice skittish as he looked at his partner beside him instead of the heat of rage in Katsuki’s eyes.

“Out of my fucking way, or I’ll fucking kill you,” he growled, forced to set Izuku down then place the Omega behind him.

“Get back inside,” the other guard yelled, holding out his spear like he might stab Katsuki if he didn’t comply. But instead of listen Katsuki lunged forward to grab the spear then pushed it back right into the guards face, making him fall over with a pool of blood pouring from his nose.

The first guard growled and lunged as well, pulling out a dagger to stab Katsuki, but the Alpha blocked the blade then ripped it from the warriors hand to slam the handle into the side of the guard’s temple, knocking the Spartan out. Katsuki didn’t even watch as the guard crumpled to the ground before he was turning back to Izuku, coaxing the Omega into his arms once again.

Holding Izuku firmly to his chest, he stomped through the building to the night air, walking down the steps then turning down a unlit alley so they wouldn’t be seen.

Chapter Text

“Can you make yourself puke, or do you need my help?” Katsuki asked gruffly, setting Izuku down so he could lean against the side of a building, his cock still hard and his body still aching with the need to bite and fuck the Omega beside him.

Izuku’s heart pulsed so violently in his chest that he could feel his whole body pounding along with it. Not only was he oddly turned on by witnessing Katsuki fight the Spartan guards but the alcohol in his system made everything feel amplified. It took him a moment to soak in what Katsuki was saying to him as he came down from the whirlwind of the altercation. “Puke? You want me to make myself puke?” he stared in audacity. “What… is going on? Did you just drag me to an orgy?” He wasn’t sure whether to be completely furious or not, and he was even less certain if he had the capacity to feel anything other than terrified and horny.

“No,” Katsuki groaned, turning his head to press into the cool brick building, sweat forming in his forehead from the effort it took to stop himself from grabbing the Omega, “I… I didn’t know… I think... They drugged the wine…” Before he could say anything else, he doubled over and shoved his finger down his throat to throw up all the wine he drank.

He eyed Katsuki doubtfully, still verging on rage but holding it back as he watched Katsuki retch. Izuku bit onto his lower lip to hold back accusations and ended up just releasing a needy whine that he hadn’t intended to. His lower half was still tingling with desire and the seat of his chiton was thoroughly soaked through with slick at that point and his erection hurt. In an attempt to be comforting, he placed a gentle hand on Katsuki’s arm, secretly Izuku just wanted to touch him. “Why would they drug the wine?” Izuku still searched for some kind of logic in the flurry of madness around him. Even in his haze, he needed to figure out if Katsuki was lying or not. At that moment, he wanted to trust Katsuki with all his heart but his nagging mind wouldn’t cease until he knew the truth.

With one last retch, Katsuki gasped for air, then wiped his mouth off before he turned his head to look at Izuku. “Babies… To replenish the army… Numbers have been dwindling… And not all Warriors are willing to take an unwilling Omega… Like me, they don’t want to be a fucking rapist…” Katsuki said, feeling much more like himself after puking, “Drugging us takes our will out of the equation… Almost every Omega in there will be giving birth in nine months…” Turning around, Katsuki pressed his back to the wall then covered his eyes with an arm with a shuddering sigh. “If we had drank more you’d have a bite in your neck and a baby in your belly before the night was… We were lucky we went late…You reek of slick. If you puke, you’ll feel better…”

Oh. It made complete sense and Izuku’s head started to ease back into a warm, fuzzy place where all he wanted was Katsuki. A bite in his neck and a baby in his belly didn’t sound bad at that moment and his erratic emotions threatened to convince him that he wasn’t good enough for Katsuki to want him in such a way. Instead of crying over it, he bit at his lip again. “I don’t think I can…” he admitted, remembering how Katsuki threw his fingers down his own throat to force it out. Still, he tried. Just like Katsuki, he tried to gag on his own fingers to spur up some stomach spasms, but it didn’t work. “I don’t have a gag reflex,” he realized. “Can I use yours?” In all honesty, the thought of Katsuki’s fingers in his mouth seemed more appealing than throwing up anyway.

Dropping his arm he looked up at the sky, asking the gods silently why they were testing him. “This isn’t gonna feel good,” Katsuki said, gently reaching forward to grip Izuku by the nape of the neck. Lifting a hand to the Omega’s mouth, he plunged two fingers into Izuku’s mouth and down his throat, holding it there as he felt Omega’s throat constrict as he gagged.

Ripping his fingers away, a fair bit of wine erupted out of the Omega’s mouth and onto the ground. Katsuki made sure to hold onto Izuku as he retched, rubbing the nape of the Omega’s neck to try to be comforting.

It wasn’t the experience Izuku’s drunken mind had planned, fantasies of getting Katsuki’s fingers in his mouth turned into the harsh reality of vomit and a sore stomach. “Thank you,” he coughed out, staring at the ground in both pain and a touch of shame. The fog his mind had been drifting in slowly lifted with every cough and sputter. “Are we going to get in trouble for leaving?” Izuku’s steadier mind realized Katsuki had definitely knocked two guards to the ground in their haste to leave. The floatier part of his mind asked, “They won’t take me away from you, will they?”

Ending up with any other Spartan was an idea that terrified Izuku. He remembered plenty soldiers at the banquet having at their new mates without the need of wine, like the true barbarians he had thought them out to be. Others genuinely cared for one another like Kirishima and Denki. But then there was Katsuki, who planned on waiting until Izuku was ready and that meant more than the Omega could express.

“Nah,” Katsuki said, wrapping his arms around Izuku’s waist and resting his head on the Omega’s shoulder, sounding exhausted, “They’d have to admit to drugging us… They won’t do shit to me…” Katsuki just breathed for a while, rubbing his face into Izuku’s skin, mourning the want that the Omega was looking at him with before. “It was… just the wine, right? You don’t really want me…” he asked though his question just seemed more like a statement.

For the first time ever, Izuku glanced down at Kasuki and thought of how cute he looked. He would have never thought of such a word to describe the Alpha before, but the way Katsuki clung onto him was cute. It was just another facet of Katsuki that he’d never seen before and Izuku felt quite honored to witness it. His heart fluttered, sort of like how it did when he had a stomach full of wine. His lower half was still tingling and all he wanted to do was retreat back to their temporary home and hide away with the Alpha for the rest of the night. Want Katsuki? Izuku knew, on some strange level, that he did. Even though he didn’t know very much about the Alpha, he wanted to know more. Even though he didn’t get to feel Katsuki’s bite, he still wanted it. Even though he didn’t get to feel Katsuki inside of him...

“I… don’t know,” he finally answered, afraid of his own feelings and how Katsuki would react. He no longer possessed the courage that the wine had given him and the blush on his face was so hot that it became uncomfortable. “Do you… really want me? Or was it just the wine?” he dared to look down to the Alpha’s face, wondering if he’d get some instinct of push to reveal his true feelings, even if they were messed up and confusing. The sound of footsteps startled him though, and he sucked in a breath in anticipation of getting caught. His free hand went straight into a fist as if he were actually going to punch someone in the nose for getting too close.

“What do you think idiot. I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off and making a complete fool out of myself trying to make you happy,” Katsuki spit, then clutched Izuku by the thighs to throw him over his shoulder, “We’re going before I have to kill someone…” He began stomping away, ready to ignore any protest that Izuku made though he was viciously reminded of his broken ribs.

“Katsuki, you’re going to hurt yourself!” Izuku whisper-yelled, “Put me down and I’ll carry you.” He grabbed hold of whatever he could and died a little as he realized his slick-covered ass and chiton were as close to Katsuki’s face as ever. Being so close to the Alpha only made it worse as if he’d completely lost control of his own body and was at Katsuki’s mercy. His pheromones were out of control and so was his heart. He felt another hot wash of slick bubble out of him and down his thigh, cooling as it hit the night air.

Katsuki snorted obnoxiously. “Fuck off… You were shaking like a damn leaf and covered in slick. Even if I let you down you’d probably fall over…” Katsuki said, smugness in his tone, “Besides, how else will I ever get this close to your slick coated ass. Let me have my prize for once, Omega.” Lifting a hand to squeeze Izuku’s ass just to be a dick, the Omega could probably hear the smirk on his mouth. “And to think, if I was any weaker of an Alpha, I’d get to be knot-deep in it. I think I deserve a little cooperation for my good behaviour.” Katsuki knew he was being an asshole, and a large part of him was telling him to shut the fuck up. But he was letting Izuku go soon, probably when the first morning light and he’d already given away too much of his feelings. Better to push the Omega away instead.

The mere thought of Katsuki’s knot had Izuku’s mouth clamping shut to hold back an undistinguished noise that threatened to escape. A primal part of his heart purred when Katsuki’s hand was on his ass. Part of him wished Katsuki were a weaker Alpha so he could be claimed in every imaginable way. The new revelation that he truly needed Katsuki was going to kill him. “Where are we going, then?” he asked. “There should be a bathhouse around here somewhere that we could soak your ribs or a place to at least rewrap them.” He was certain the work he’d done to keep them tightly dressed had been ruined at his own hand during the banquet.

“Was gonna go home… But I guess a bath couldn’t hurt,” Katsuki said, then changed direction, heading towards the bath house. “At least it’ll be empty,” he added with a huff, completely discounting the idea he’d be bathing with Izuku.

“And it’ll be good for you,” Izuku added in with a satisfied smile as he grew more excited to actually take care of Katsuki instead of the other way around. “My mom taught me how to heat up the water and add in some herbs to really help, if they’re still lying out.” Not to mention he’d be able to clean himself up as well, which was desperately needed as he could feel the slick drying on his thighs in the night air. Or the fact that he’d finally get a full glimpse of Katsuki’s body. “It looks like the main, big one isn’t too far away…” he noticed, trying to crane his neck around to look forward.

Katsuki just grunted in response and continued on his way, grinding his teeth through the pain of Izuku squirming in his tenuous grip. He couldn’t let the Omega down after everything. That would be admitting defeat. No; Katsuki would make it all the way to the bath house, then Deku could nurse him back to health… Preferably naked…

The Alpha shook his head hard at the thought, growling at himself for such weakness, not even noticing the bath house until Deku squeaked for him to stop.

The Athenian bathhouse was nothing short of extravagant, a true palace for Athenians to over-indulge in their intricate bathing routines. Izuku’s mother had taken him there once after he’d finally endured his first heat and taught him how to properly dote on an Alpha should his future mate choose to take him to a bathhouse. He knew how to warm the water and add the right salts and herbs into the bath to create a pleasant soak. The building itself was beautiful with towering columns and an open ceiling to let the aromatic steam waft up toward the Gods. The largest pool was set in the middle of the space while several smaller ones were set up behind decorative curtains for a more private experience. By the looks of the rising steam, the water was still hot. “You can, um, set me down now,” Izuku gave Katsuki’s shoulder a little tap, ready to rush in, scurry around and gather up what he needed to pamper the Alpha a little. After saving them from the orgy, he sort of deserved it.

Katsuki huffed then went to lean to let the Omega down. Unfortunately for him, bending at the torso was extremely painful, so he ended up gasping in pain and dumping Izuku down roughly instead of what he intended. The Alpha clutched at his side, trying to catch his breath through the onslaught of pain, unable to even pretend it didn’t hurt in front of the Omega.

“Kacchan!” Izuku let the little nickname he’d made up in the back of his mind slip again. The Alpha looked horrible, more so than Izuku had realized before. Katsuki carried himself like a powerful warrior, something the Omega found oddly alluring. Under it though, the Alpha was seriously hurt and Izuku suddenly felt guilty for it. “Stupid Alpha,” he muttered, ushering Katsuki further into the bathhouse as fast as he could and attempting to keep the worry out of his scent. It didn’t work, but it didn’t matter. “Don’t overwork yourself when you don’t need to,” Izuku finished scolding, finally getting them toward the closest, hottest private bath he could. The size of the pool was fit for two and filled with steaming water. Without even thinking, Izuku started gently pulling off Katsuki’s clothing but slowed down and blushed when he realized he was about to see Katsuki naked. The rush of such a thought went straight down to his belly and tingled there with anticipation.

“Stupid Deku… I didn’t fucking overwork myself… You aren’t that fucking heavy…” Katsuki growled, glaring down at the Omega accusingly, “I’m just a little fucking sore…” With that he turned away from Izuku, undoing the rest of his armour and the clothing underneath to throw it viciously off to the side. He was so used to being naked around other soldiers, his nudity didn’t embarrass him at all, already stepping down into the bath with a deep sigh and settling himself down on the other side. The warm water was doing wonders for his pain already, allowing the Alpha to rest his elbows on the edge while his head fell back limply on his shoulders.

Katsuki’s harsh words were drown out by the fact that Izuku had just seen the Alpha’s bare ass. The image rolled and re-rolled through Izuku’s head like a recurring dream. “I… I’m going to go gather up some things,” he excused himself before his face got too bright with pink hues. He fled to the cabinets lining the outer walls and found the comfrey and lavender soap. When he returned, his flushed cheeks had calmed and he meticulously added the comfrey to the bath water. He bit his lip and contemplated the best way to help, inching closer and closer to the edge of the bath with the soap. His determination to make Katsuki feel better weighed out his embarrassment and he started to strip out of his own clothing. Before he could regret it, he slipped into the bath as well.

Cracking one eye open, Katsuki said, “Took you fucking long enough. You’re way dirtier than I am…” He watched the Omega for a moment, unable to really tell how Izuku was feeling since the smell of the herbs the Omega placed in the bath were quite strong-smelling. The Alpha couldn’t help it when his gaze dipped lower, along the Omega’s neck and collarbone, cataloguing the splatter of freckles on the top of his pale shoulders. The water came up just above Izuku’s nipple, but the pink buns were just visible under the line of the water. Before Katsuki’s eye could drift even lower, he closed it again as he head tipped back completely.

They should have picked a bigger bath so that they weren’t so close. As it was, when Katsuki dipped lower into the water, their legs tangled together from the lack of room. Izuku’s calves were soft against Katsuki’s and the Alpha couldn’t help but think about the lack of barriers between them. Izuku could be in his lap right that moment if Katsuki reached out and pulled him forward…

The hot water felt nice on Izuku’s skin and he could already feel the stickiness between his thighs melting away. “Yeah, but you smell worse than I do,” Izuku shot back with a proud little smile, getting better at teasing the Alpha as he grew more comfortable around him. He held up the chunk of soap and inched a little closer. “So be nice or you can wash yourself.” It was more a warning than a real threat as he was already set on letting the Alpha relax a bit while Izuku did the work of washing away the dirt from Katsuki’s limbs and hair.

“I’m never nice,” Katsuki growled, opening both his red eyes to glare at the Omega. “And I do, do I?” Katsuki asked, a smirk quirking on his lips as he leaned forward, suddenly blasting the Omega with his smoked cedar scent, making it even stronger than the the scent of the bathwater. “You sure about that, Omega? I’m pretty sure you said I smelled good when you were seated in my lap…”

The soap slipped right through Izuku’s fingers and sunk to the bottom of the bath while he used every bit of his willpower to not hop right back into Katsuki’s lap at that moment. Every little memory of his time spent there was a good one, drunken or not. His reservations were dwindling and while Katsuki claimed he was never nice, it wasn’t true. In Izuku’s opinion, he was the nicest Alpha he’d ever met. In battle and in the midst of passion, Katsuki was alluring as he was fierce and Izuku loved it. “You’d smell better without all those other Omegas’ scents on you,” Izuku finally mumbled out. The short time they’d spent at the banquet was just enough to douse them both in a variety of foreign scents. A strange, possessive nature needed Izuku’s scent to be the only other thing on Katsuki’s skin. Even the slightest whiff of something else had him wanting to wash everything off and mark up the Alpha all over again.

He reached down into the water in an attempt to look for the soap again, content with the fact that the little mission gave his mind something to focus on other than the fact that he’d revealed something a bit embarrassing to the Alpha.

Haah?” Katsuki said, then slumped back against the wall with an embarrassed huff. He had expected Izuku to brush him off or insult him, not agree with the Alpha’s teasing remarks. Turning his face away, redness coloured his tanned cheeks as he tried to compose himself. “Wash it off then if you don’t like it,” Katsuki said, petulance in his voice though he was still not looking at Izuku.

Izuku grabbed the soap with a strength that dented it around his fingers, but at least then it wouldn’t slip from them again. With Katsuki’s blessing, he made careful work of grabbing the Alpha’s leg to set it in his lap and start working the soap into his feet and calves and repeated the pattern on the other leg too. He took Katsuki’s arms next, making even and long strokes up from the Alpha’s wrists to his shoulders. With the gentlest touch, he worked his fingers into the muscles so he could massage and clean at the same time. While it was efficient, it was also fascinating to feel the thick muscles. They had Izuku’s heart fluttering again as he moved on to Katsuki’s next arm. “Are your ribs feeling better now?” he asked, keeping his eyes on Katsuki’s hand that he held onto while scrubbing the soap on and around the scent glands of the Alpha’s wrist.

Katsuki didn’t respond, his head lolling on his neck as a groan echoed deep through his chest. Soon it just turned into a purring croon, unable to quiet the noise since he felt so lethargic and content. Izuku’s hands were gentle but firm, digging into Katsuki’s aching muscles, allowing him to relax more than he ever had in his life. The Spartan wasn’t used to letting his guard down or even bathing for pleasure. It was usually a quick scrub down in freezing cold water.

Taking Katsuki’s croon as a yes, Izuku preened. The low, rumbling noise had his own body relaxing too. It left Izuku feeling comfortable enough to lean a little closer and start scrubbing down the Alpha’s torso. With the way his fingers were so eager to touch, he simply couldn’t deny that the Alpha was attractive in every sort of way. Well, except for the mean expression he wore often but even that could also be sexy in a dangerous kind of way. His hands travelled lower and lower, down defined pecs and toward rippling abdominals when a sudden clang had Izuku’s entire body freezing up at the intrusive sound. He dropped the soap again and turned every which way to figure out what or whom had caused the noise.

Katsuki was up and standing without a moment's notice, snarling in the direction of the sound as he stood stark naked in front of Izuku. He stood quiet for a moment, chest heaving up and down as he listened for anything more, but nothing came. Looking down over his shoulder he growled at Izuku, “Something must have fallen down… But I don’t like it here… too vulnerable to an attack…”

There was no longer a shroud of water covering up Katsuki’s naked form and Izuku squeezed his legs together in an attempt to hold in his own uncontrollable, growing lust. If the noise hadn’t startled him so badly, he wondered if he would have gotten the courage to sit right back in the Alpha’s lap again. “Who’s left to attack? The Spartans got rid of all the Athenian Alphas… right?”

Turning around to face Izuku full on Katsuki hissed, “There’s always an enemy. There’s always fucking potential for an attack…” The Alpha glared down at Izuku, his manhood proudly on display right at eye level, but Katsuki didn’t seem to care, only interested in the Omega understanding. Izuku wouldn’t survive by himself if he didn’t accept how dangerous the world was outside the Omega’s sheltered walls.

The tiniest whimper escaped Izuku’s throat as he glanced between the cock in his face and Katsuki’s glare. A musky, fiery scent hit Izuku right in the face and had him salivating. “R-right,” he weakly agreed, unable to pay attention to what Katsuki was really saying. So… big… Izuku couldn’t stop thinking and suddenly he was wondering if it would even fit inside him. He was wondering what it’d feel like in his mouth. The various lewd questions in his head spiralled and it felt as though he were drunk on that wine again. His lips parted and his body started to lull forward, but he stopped himself. “Should we go home, then?” he reluctantly suggested. He actually liked spending time with Katsuki alone, especially with such few barriers between them. In a way, it helped Izuku feel like they were actually equals. “Or…” We could stay like this a little longer, he wanted to say. A shuffling sound echoed through the space, cutting off that thought.

Katsuki whipped his head around, growling once again before he flopped down, making the water slosh out of the tub and soaking the Omega completely. Finding the soap, Katsuki grabbed Izuku’s arm and began scrubbing the Omega’s skin, firmly but his touch still gentle. “Clean you up, then go home…” the Alpha answered, moving up Izuku’s arm to his shoulder and neck and then his chest. Katsuki was barely paying attention to what he was doing, his hackles raised and head cocked as if he was listening for anymore noise.

The Alpha’s hands on his body felt surprisingly nice. Izuku was surprised to see that even in Katsuki’s hurried state, the scrubbing wasn’t abrasive in any kind of way. His soaked hair got in his face so Izuku pushed it back with his fingers and tried not to shiver as the cool night air had his wet skin prickling. It was almost funny to see that even when the Alpha was relaxed, he was still on high-alert. In an effort to be helpful, he remained pliant under Katsuki’s scrubbing and kept his own ears open for anything else.

Turning Izuku around, Katsuki washed the Omega’s back, covering all areas methodically until he reached just above Izuku’s ass. That was the only thing that made him pause in his movements. “Here,” Katsuki said, grabbing the Omega’s hand to press the soap into, “Get the rest.” The Alpha didn’t move away from Izuku though, cupping water in his hands to pour over the Omega’s back, helping him rinse off and finally admiring his unblemished skin. He ended up running his hands over Izuku’s back just to touch and feel him in a tender way. “You’re skin is… soft…” Katsuki said, his tone offhanded like he wasn’t expecting himself to say it outloud.

Peering over his shoulder, Izuku had to wonder if what he had just heard was real or not. He had become so relaxed under Katsuki’s touch, he knew he could have imagined it. By the look on Katsuki’s face, though, he knew it had to be real. “Thank you,” he couldn’t help but smile. Compliments from the Alpha always felt earned and genuine, which made Izuku’s heart flutter even more. Keeping his lower half under the water, he quickly finished the job of washing himself without getting too coy about it. He eyed the dirty chiton he’d stripped off earlier and bit his lip. “What are the chances someone left their clothes here?” Perhaps if he poked around, he’d be able to find something cleaner to wear. The echoing noises around the bathhouse were eating away at his nerves, even with Katsuki close by.

Luckily, nearby a stray piece of cloth was left behind. Based on looks alone, it resembled the fabric worn under Athenian armour. Izuku leaned over the tub to grab it to swipe his face clean and hopefully wear it in favor of his slick-soaked chiton. When his nose hit the cloth, however, he squinted. “It’s… warm. Like it’s been worn recently… And the scent is really strong too,” he muttered his own observation and glanced around the room. The scent of an Athenian Alpha was too potent to ignore, and Izuku knew it was fresh. As an unclaimed Omega, his senses were screaming out and alerting him that this new Alpha was near. “I think… someone’s here…” his voice dropped to the tiniest whisper.

Chapter Text

The scent of the Athenian Alpha that drenched the cloth reached Katsuki’s nose before Izuku’s whisper reached his ears, and instantly Katsuki’s demeanor changed as his nostrils flared. Gone was the irritable but ultimately tame Alpha that Izuku had come to know and returned was the beast-like warrior that the Omega had cursed.

Without warning, Katsuki gripped Izuku by the nape of the neck and pulled him backwards to fall into the Alpha’s chest, unfazed by the flailing and the surprised squeaks. “Deku,” he hissed into Izuku’s ear, lips grazing the shell as his scent engulfed the Omega like a raging wildfire, “Do you know why Athens will always bow to Sparta?”

Izuku’s heart was pounding harder than ever as a plethora of emotions squeezed around his gut and forced his insides into a panicked flutter. Katsuki’s question almost escaped him, but he couldn’t just ignore the Alpha. With such a dominating scent, his mind refused to let him simply let the question go unanswered. “W-Why?” he stammered out, looking every which way for the origin of the foreign scent.

“No retreat and no surrender,” Katsuki said, red eyes scanning the perimeter as his heartbeat heightened and he began to stink of bloodlust, “That is Spartan law…” Releasing his hold on Izuku, he stood as a cascade of water ran down his body. “No Spartan would watch as their home burned,” he snarled voice growing louder as he stepped out of the tub, “No Spartan would hide as their people were enslaved.” Reaching down, Katsuki picked up a discarded spear then straightened once again to look down his nose at Izuku with a feral smirk, “I would rather die.”

With that, he turned and launched the spear, watching as it sailed through the air and pierced through a curtain before a startled yelp echoed through the baths. Katsuki didn’t wait for the Athenian to show themself, picking up another discarded sword before he lowered into a battle stance, placing himself directly between the Omega still in the bath and the enemy lurking in the shadows.

With a jaunty chuckle, a voice came out from behind one of the many pillars, a meter away from where Katsuki’s spear landed. “You startled me, Spartan bastard!” The Athenian Alpha was tall with blond hair and blue eyes. He looked like the soldiers Izuku used to watch out of his window, huge and toned, though something about this one was different. His confidence oozed through his voice and Izuku didn’t like it. “While hiding isn’t my first nature, occasionally it can give us the upper hand. Fighting with our minds rather than our dumb, stubborn, braun differs us vastly.”

Izuku squinted to get a better look. His eyes widened when they realized just who they were dealing with. “Mirio Togata,” he gasped. While he spent most of his time trapped inside his own bedroom, he studied the world outside his window enough to know the most important names. Mirio was one of them, a high ranking soldier that the others would always gossip about. They said he had to have been the son of Zeus, a brother of Hercules based on his strength and wit.

Mirio must have heard him as he perked up and smiled. His eyes flitted from Katsuki to Izuku, putting the pieces together. “You’ve heard of me? I’m flattered, Omega. How about we make a deal? I don’t want to hurt you, sweetheart.”

“Mirio, are you serious?” another Athenian Alpha popped out of the shadows next to him, glaring. “You gave away our position and now you’re flirting with an Omega? He’s drenched in Spartan filth and probably already bred.”

“Nonsense,” Mirio snapped with a smile, somehow obnoxiously positive even though they were facing off with the most dangerous Spartan that Izuku knew. “Look at his neck. He’s fine. Unclaimed. Prepared to restore our population, I’m sure. Now, Omega, you come on over here with us, nice and easy. Get out of the way so we can deal with this… creature.”

Izuku didn’t move. He didn’t like their situation. Katsuki was injured and outnumbered. The Athenian Alphas before him both had the strangest look in their eyes. Some part of his brain told him that this was his grand escape, the only way he’d ever escape the Spartans. The other couldn’t stop looking up to Katsuki who was stark naked, ferocious, stinking of bloodlust, and absolutely captivating.

Katsuki bared his teeth at the pair, shifting more to try and shield Izuku with his body as much as he could. The Alpha did not like the way the blond bastard was staring at the Omega with hunger in his eyes or the way he had began to sniff the air as if to catch a whiff of Izuku’s pomegranate scent. “You two pieces of shit should keep your eyes on me,” he snarled, trying to draw their attention, “Cowards like you are not worthy enough to even glance in his direction.”

“Oh?” Mirio’s eyebrows rose as he watched how Izuku was inching his way out of the bath. “I just wouldn’t want such a pretty little thing to have to view something as unsightly as your demise.” He drew a sword, the metal stained with dried blood. The other Alpha followed suit.

Izuku grabbed the Athenian garb that he had dropped earlier, scrambling to throw it over himself. His next move was to secure a hold on the dagger Katsuki had given to him, digging it out from his own discarded chiton. It was all he had and he didn’t intend on leaving it behind. Katsuki wouldn’t flee and it didn’t seem the other Alphas were going to either. A battle would go down, and Izuku could taste the tension in the air from the rivalling Alphan scents. He slowly got up to stand, keeping his eyes on the three Alphas in the room.

“That’s it, sweetheart,” Mirio encouraged softly with a smile. He looked to the Alpha at his side and gestured toward Katsuki. “Let’s finish the bastard off, grab the Omega, and take him to the back. Quick and simple like the others.”

Katsuki kept his eyes trained on his enemies as he tracked Izuku’s every movement with his other four senses. He was hoping that the Omega would flee, but tensed the moment he could smell Izuku shroud himself in the Athenian’s clothing, effectively covering himself in another Alpha’s scent.

It was not surprising that the Omega wished to escape the Spartan warrior that effectively enslaved him, but Katsuki could not allow Izuku to go with these men; these cowards. Not when he had already entrusted the Omega to All Might. Not when Katsuki had already ensured Izuku would be able to leave with his mother.

If Izuku would not listen to Katsuki, then all the Alpha could do is rid the Omega of the option.

Banging his arm against his chest, Katsuki yelled, “No retreat, no surrender. Give nothing, take everything,” then launched himself forward to take on both swords raised against him.

“Two on one, this guy’s a moron,” Mirio laughed, raising his own sword to fight. He and the other stepped forward too, to the point where Izuku could get a good look at them. Mirio was almost as bare as Katsuki, wearing only a thin, transparent chiton. The other was dressed only in commoner clothes. While they weren’t wearing Athenian armour, they wore the faces of soldiers. Mirio was the first to make contact with Katsuki’s sword with his own, the blades clanging together so hard they created sparks that danced to the floor. Their weapons stuck together as the two both tried to pull through before they both backed up to swing their blades again, meeting in another clash.

Izuku gasped when the second Athenian attacked from Katsuki’s side, swinging his blade toward the Alpha’s middle. At the last second, Katsuki backed up to use his own blade to defend against the Athenian’s. It left him open to Mirio, who quickly thrust his blade forward to which Katsuki barely dodged out of the way. It was like a horrid game of cat and mouse, where Katsuki was avoiding getting slashed while the Athenians pummelled him with strike after strike. The Spartan could barely get any hits in as he mostly spent his time making sure he was clear of their swords. When he did attack, though, it was ruthless and precise. Despite it being a losing battle, though, Katsuki wasn’t going to flee and Izuku knew that as a fact. The Alpha wouldn’t back down or run away, no matter what.

So neither would he.

Izuku ran forward with tears in his eyes to the scene and the dagger tight in his grasp at his side. He was certain his scent held nothing but anxiety and distress due to the situation, but it played well for him because it caught their attention. Mirio was the first to notice him, his own scent shrouded in aggression but eyes surprisingly friendly. He ditched the fight, letting his friend deal with Katsuki, and opened an arm up to receive Izuku. “It’s fine, sweetheart, you’re safe now. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through,” he was already trying to comfort the crying Omega just as Izuku fell into his hold.

“This one’s hurt,” the other Athenian noticed, watching Katsuki’s movements carefully. It almost looked like he wasn’t trying anymore, bored of the battle and more interested in Izuku. “So leave him to me, take the Omega to the back. Just keep your clothes on until I get there too.”

It was only a moment where the Athenian looked away to call to the giant blond bastard but it was all Katsuki needed to counter the enemies blade then run the Alpha through. The Alpha looked down in shock at the blade that was now hilt deep in his abdomen, but Katsuki wasted no time in removing the blade then kicking the Athenian away.

Katsuki made his move, so Izuku would too. He held his dagger up and took a stab at Mirio’s face, remembering Katsuki’s words to him about going for the eyes. At that moment, he knew he couldn’t go back. There was no looking into the past any longer. He wanted a future at Katsuki’s side where he could see the world from beyond his window. He couldn’t go back to a place where he was expected to find happiness in the home and nowhere else. The Athenians underestimated him, and that was their downfall.

“Oh, what’s this?” Mirio asked with a hint of dark humor in his tone. His hand came up as quick as lightning, taking hold of Izuku’s wrist in a punishing grip before the tip of his blade made impact with Mirio’s face. All fondness fell from his face when he realized that Izuku was no longer a helpless Athenian Omega, terrified of the world around him and willing to submit to any Alpha’s will.

Izuku was a Spartan, whether he liked it or not. And in that moment, he wouldn’t want to be anything else.

Mirio yanked Izuku’s wrist back until the dagger was a safe distance away from his face. He wrenched the Omega’s arms painfully into the hold of one hand while drawing the blade of his sword up to Izuku’s neck. “Did you do this to him? Tainted a perfectly good Omega and turned him into a wild creature?” Mirio asked Katsuki in the most accusational tone.

Chest heaving and blade dripping with blood, the Spartan Alpha turned around to see a blade at his Omega’s throat. He scoffed at the Athenian Alpha, barely sparing him a glance before red eyes locked onto green.

“Did I turn him into the wildest most fucking beautiful creature I’ve ever met?” he asked, smirking at Izuku as he watched the Omega’s fist tighten over his dagger, “Nah… he’s always been a fucking beast.”

Izuku would have laughed a little at Katsuki being the one to call him a beast instead of the other way around. He would have blushed or thought more about the thumping of his heart at the compliments. He would have been able to relish in Katsuki’s praise if it weren’t for the bastard holding a blade to his throat.

In a savage rush of adrenaline, Izuku forced his arm down and around to thrust his dagger into Mirio’s abdomen. The pain and surprise must have thrown the Alpha off as he shoved Izuku away to grasp at his own stomach. Izuku hadn’t killed him, but he did bring the Athenian Alpha to his knees.

“I can’t… finish it,” Izuku looked down to the dagger in his hand and retreated back behind Katsuki. If they left Mirio, he’d probably die anyway. Wasn’t that good enough?

“No, you won’t finish anything. I won’t die at the hand of an Omega,” Mirio growled out, the false kindness dropping from his face. Nothing was left but pain and anger. With a hand still on his stomach, he raised his sword.

Grabbing Izuku’s hand, Katsuki shoved his blood drenched sword into the Omega’s palm without a glance towards the whining desperate Alpha. “Yes,” Katsuki said, still staring into Izuku’s eyes as he used his fingers to force Izuku’s into wrapping around the pommel, “You can.”

“This is ridiculous,” Mirio sighed out, hauling himself across the floor to close the distance between himself and the couple. He raised his sword, aimed at the Alpha to take out his biggest threat.

Izuku didn’t have to think twice with the blade raised to the Spartan. He used Katsuki’s sword like an extension of his own arm, pushing forward into Mirio’s chest. It wasn’t as easy as slashing Mirio’s stomach had been as the bones in his chest worked against metal, but with a strong push Izuku’s sword made its way through skin and muscle, effectively setting the Athenian back. Blood spurted from the wound, drenching the couple in red. Izuku paid no mind, unable to concentrate on the myriad of sensations around him. He was dead set on a single goal and didn’t deviate from it. With a second push, Mirio was falling to the floor without another snide remark. Izuku let go of the weapon as it stuck in between meat and bones, extending grotesquely from the Alpha’s front.

He blinked a few times to process what has just happened. Blood had sprayed from the Alpha over himself and Katsuki. The stench of death and pheromones filled the room. Izuku’s entire body was shaking. But he had done it. He’d kept himself and Katsuki safe, like the warrior he’d always dreamt of becoming. The overwhelming sensations and emotions manifested as tears, as they usually did, and he tried to keep his breathing under control so his question wouldn’t come out as a big sob. “Are you okay?” he asked Katsuki, determined to know that the Alpha hadn’t gotten any more injuries.

“Feel like shit, look like shit, covered in shit,” Katsuki listed off, eyes trailing over Izuku’s body to check for injuries. When the Omega was deemed injury-free, the Alpha reached out with one hand and shoved Izuku hard in the chest, forcing him to fall backwards and into one of the larger pools behind him. “And you smell like shit…” Katsuki hissed accusingly when Izuku resurfaced coughing and spluttering, “Wash off that filth and find something else to wear. We have shit to do.”

At Katsuki’s hand, Izuku fell directly into the water. He pushed himself up to the surface with a gasp and couldn’t stop coughing until the bath water was out of his lungs. A curse was at the tip of his tongue, but it wasn’t worth spouting off. Apparently even after committing murder, Katsuki was the same Katsuki. Izuku stared up at him with awe, the kind Alpha he had gotten a peek of had left the man completely and only a warrior stood in his place. Blood was dripping down his toned muscles and a victorious, dominating scent radiated off of the Alpha’s skin so prominently that it was the only thing Izuku could smell. It finally occurred to him that Katsuki had fought the entire battle in the nude and Izuku turned away before his eyes wandered right down beyond the Alpha’s hips.

Izuku stripped off the bloodied Athenian clothes he’d snagged, realizing they most likely had belonged to Mirio based on scent alone. He made quick work of scrubbing his skin clean of blood and sweat, letting the warm water do most of the work. By the time he was nearly finished, the entire pool was stained a light red hue.

Stepping out of the larger bath, he managed to find even more Athenian clothes that soldiers would wear under their armor. They were scent-free, most likely based on how long they’d been lying around in the open, and fit him nicely. “What… do we have to do?” he asked Katsuki, finally clean. He did everything he could to avoid looking at the bodies on the floor, perfectly happy to deny the fact he’d just killed a man with his own hands until he had time to properly process what he’d done.

Katsuki watched as Izuku bathed, guarding the Omega the entire time, and only when Izuku was dressed did he dress himself. He stalked towards the bodies and stared down in disgust for a moment before he looked towards Izuku.

“We have to give them a cowards’ burial,” Katsuki said, his tone menacing as he smirked at Izuku.

“A cowards’ burial?” Izuku couldn’t imagine what that would entail beyond blood, gore, and entrails. He’d never seen a dead body before, much less buried one. Izuku was already glancing all around the room, wondering what Katsuki planned on using as a shovel.

“Go get your dagger,” Katsuki ordered, looking almost excited as he cocked his head to the right and studied the bodies. Grabbing the hilt of the blade plunged in the chest of the dead Athenian, he placed his foot on the bodies ribcage for leverage and used his considerable strength to pull the sword out with a squelch. The Alpha then crouched next to the head, paying the sightless eyes no attention as he grasped blond hair and began to slice through the bastards neck with the sword. His movements were obviously experienced as he severed the flesh from the body and Katsuki always liked to think that the heads of cowards were easier to cut off.

Weakness would follow them even in death.

When Izuku returned to the scene with the knife in hand, his eyes widened as he watched Katsuki manhandle the corpse. Crunching bones and a pool of blood beneath them made Izuku shiver, though he was surprised that all he could smell was still Katsuki. It was like the entire space was filled with the smoky Alphan scent and it was oddly comforting at such a dire time. “I thought this was supposed to be a burial?” he cocked his head to the side, still unsure of what Katsuki meant and a bit afraid to find out. The sounds the body made would follow Izuku into his nightmares, he was certain.

The burial would have covered up the crime he’d commit. It would hide the fact that he had murdered someone, much less an Alpha at that. All his life, he’d been taught how to pamper an Alpha, not hurt one. As much as he probably wanted to in the darkest parts of his heart, he didn’t believe he’d ever go as far as killing one.

“It is…” Katsuki growled in exasperation, cutting through the last of the ligaments still holding the head to the body, then stood holding out the severed head to show to Izuku. “They do not deserve a proper burial. Their severed heads will be placed on a spear with their cocks in their mouths. All will fucking know that they lived without honour and all will fucking pray for them to be judged at the gates of Hades and be thrown into Tartarus,” he said, then dropped the head at Izuku’s feet. Unable to stand the quivering of the Omega’s bottom lip or the distress in his scent, Katsuki stepped on the chest of the beheaded body to reach the other. Crouching down, he began to work on the other Athenian’s head with his back turned to Izuku.

When the silence grew deafening, Katsuki stopped cutting and muttered, “They were going to rape you, you know… I could see it in their eyes…” The Alpha couldn’t contain his growl as his shoulders hunched up to his ears and his hackles raised at the thought. “They don’t deserve your guilt, Deku… Or your kindness.”

With eyes lowered, Izuku took a few steps forward so he could crouch down next to Katsuki. The close proximity to the corpse didn’t shock him as much as he thought it would. When he got a good look at the glassy eyes of the corpse, he knew Katsuki was right. The Athenian Alphas wouldn’t have saved him from anything, nor did they fight to protect anyone but themselves. They were cowards, but they were human too. The conflict in Izuku’s heart faded, though, when he realized that their lives came at the sacrifice of the Alphas’. Mirio would have killed him and Katsuki too if he hadn’t done anything.

Not only were they cowards, they were murderers too in their own right. And it seemed if Izuku truly wanted to live at Katsuki’s side, he’d do so standing in a pool of blood with a dagger in hand.

He watched as Katsuki butchered the corpse like an expert, obviously having done so before. Strong hands worked through the tough bone and joints, knowing exactly where to cut and split. It took all of Izuku’s strength to push a sword through an Alpha’s chest, but Katsuki made it seem so simple and easy. “Do you need help?” he softly offered, unable to stand the silence and disliking how useless he felt. If anything, it’d take his mind off of the endless, spiralling thoughts trampling across his brain.

“No,” Katsuki spit, keeping his eyes on his bloodied hands as his pace grew faster. He didn’t need shitty Deku to point out his failure to keep the Omega safe. Those cowards shouldn’t have got anywhere near Izuku! But they did… And only Katsuki was to blame for Izuku to have seen such violence, to know such terror. Which is why the Omega needed to go with All Might; Katsuki couldn’t seem to protect anyone close to him.

Not his mother… Not his father… Not Izuku.

It was best he stayed by himself. Unbonded, childless, and to find his demise on the battlefield. That was his fate. He knew that. Katsuki should have never hoped for something different.

Katsuki’s prickly tone and souring scent were warning enough for Izuku to keep his hands off of the dead bodies, but he didn’t move from his space next to the Alpha. After realizing that Katsuki was right and there were enemies no matter where they were, he didn’t plan on going too far away ever again. Katsuki’s presence brought him more security and comfort than anything else had over the past few days, surprisingly enough, and their encounter with the Athenians only proved the point further.

He was still learning how to handle the Alpha, but was determined to try. As many times as it took, he wanted to know more about Katsuki and wouldn’t cease his attempts until he knew how to best interact with him. “Can I help, then?” he pressed a little more. He figured the Alpha really didn’t need him or his help, like he’d originally asked. But perhaps he’d at least get the chance to prove that he was capable of something more than just crying for help. He wanted to offer something to the Alpha, and he figured he’d at least try.

Izuku’s proximity and then his voice forced the Alpha out of his dark thoughts. To show his gratitude, Katsuki groaned loudly, rolling his eyes and dropping his blade. “Yeah? You wanna cut up a corpse with me? When your cheeks are as green as your hair?” the Alpha mocked, then snorted to himself and shook his head before he picked up the sword once again and got back to work. The only tell that revealed he wasn’t as annoyed as he wanted to appear was the upwards quirk of his lips that replaced the solemn frown.

Swallowing down his nausea, Izuku laughed a little. False confidence filled his voice, “Yes, I really do. I’d love to cut up a corpse with you.” It sounded funny leaving his lips, a sentence he never thought he’d ever say. A little giggle left his stomach at the ludicrous situation they’d landed themselves in. “Or at least find some spears to, uh, place the heads on.” He was already glancing around the bathhouse, as there were several weapons lying about. There were surely two undamaged spears lying around if he looked enough. He guessed the Athenians had a stockpile of them somewhere in the shadows where they’d originated from in the first place.

Finally turning for red burning eyes to meet green, Katsuki stared long enough to make Izuku squirm where he was crouched beside the Alpha. “You seriously wanna fucking chop up dead bodies with me?” Katsuki asked, ignoring the offer of gathering spears. He waited until Izuku gave him a shaky smile and an almost reluctant nod then smirked devilishly. “Fine. Take your dagger and cut off their cocks…” the Alpha said, nodding towards the bodies genitals, “You know, unless you are too weak to get the job done and I have to do all of the fucking work…” Katsuki’s smile grew wider and wider as his eyes burned with challenge.

It wasn’t necessarily the introduction to Alphan anatomy that Izuku had expected, but Katsuki’s tone had him wanting to follow through with the suggestion just to shock the Alpha. He grasped his dagger in hand then moved to crouch down beside the already beheaded Mirio and started pushing away the fabric of the bodies chiton. As he came closer to the Alpha’s cock, the scent began to creep up on him. It was sickly sweet as opposed to Katsuki’s masculine scent and made Izuku feel more ill than he had staring down two corpses and their innards. He coughed a few times at the clouds of Alpha pheromones that began to surround him and truly started to regret his new task.

With the final strip of fabric pulled away, Mirio’s flaccid cock was inches away from his hand. An extremely petty voice in the back of his head compared it to Katsuki’s, and Izuku couldn’t stop the tiny bit of laughter that came out from his belly when he realized just how small the Athenian was compared to the Spartan. It was a truly frivolous thought, but one that helped bring a little more lightheartedness to the situation.

His next challenge was how to whack the thing off, something he really hadn’t thought through. The last thing he wanted to do was touch another Alpha’s genitals, though he wasn’t sure he had the right angle to slice it off single handedly. Katsuki’s words were dancing around his brain, cutting through his indecision. They were going to rape you, you know… I could see it in their eyes…

Biting his lip, Izuku followed his gut rather than his brain. He grabbed the base and used the dagger to deliver a swift, slick swipe down through soft skin. Blood sobbed from the wound, drenching Izuku’s hand. He dropped the appendage onto the ground with a horrible wet plopping sound and realized the remorse he had been feeling was dying.

Katsuki, who had finished up and looked over his shoulder to watch Izuku to make sure the Omega didn’t slice off his fucking hand or some shit, wrinkled his nose in disgust. Even he was a little grossed out by the act; not that he’d ever let Izuku know. He gave the Omega a nod of approval, then stood up straight, throwing the severed head he was holding to roll its way next to the other one. “I’m going to find some spears while you finish up,” the Alpha said, wiping his hands onto the red material of his underskirt, “Scream as loud as you can if anyone, Spartan or Athenian, shows up.”

Izuku hummed in response, working as quickly as he could to finish. It wasn’t much different than butchering the meats his father would bring home if he didn’t think so much about it, so he let his mind drift a bit while shuffling to the second body and shoving away clothes again. He breathed as little as possible, blocking out the pheromones that were radiating off the body. Katsuki’s growing distance made him nervous, but there were plenty of weapons around and he trusted that the Alpha wouldn’t leave him alone for long.

Chapter Text

Moonlight and several lit torches provided a dreamy, warm light to the Athenian bathhouse. The pools of water reflected the stars and moon, mirroring the beautiful night sky. In no time at all, Apollo would pull the sun across the sky chasing away the night. Steaming baths filled the air with steam and the scent of herbs and warmed the space to a humid yet comfortable degree. A slight breeze rushing through the open space had the chiffon curtains gently dancing with one another.

Huge sculptures of the Gods and Goddesses worshiped by the Athenians were scattered around the area, looking down on the humans with holy, unmoving gazes. Murals of their glorious victories against the Titans and stories of their lives were intricately etched into every wall and pillar.

Bloodstained weapons littered the floors, intermixed with dried herbs and blocks of soap, discarded from an unsuspected take-over. Splatters of red decorated the robes of the statues and the pools of blood on the polished floors leaked into the baths, staining them all with a light red hue.

All was quiet and peaceful, as if should have been, despite the complete destruction of Athens. Izuku found himself gazing at the bath water, transfixed on its colour and the way a trickle of blood poured into it, creating veins of red scattering across the surface and eventually melting into the rest of the water.


The screech echoed out throughout the tranquil bathhouse before an enraged Katsuki appeared once again, feet slamming into the marble with every step. His blood red eyes were open wide in a crazed sort of frenzy, not even noticing the surprised Omega as he took a spear he found and began viciously stabbing one of the corpses. When the spear broke in half, the Alpha threw it hard against a marble wall then turned to begin stomping on the other body, the ribs cracking under his force and the flesh beginning to turn into mush. Katsuki hissed and snarled with every stomp, angered by not being able to kill these bastards again and again. Their deaths were too quick; he should have kept them alive to make them beg for death.

Izuku’s heart was pounding with fear at the sound of Katsuki’s outrage. The sound sliced through the silence he’d been enjoying and he stared with wide eyes at the Alpha. Figuring the Alpha wouldn’t even hear him if he asked what had gotten him so upset, Izuku started to make his way toward the space Katsuki had stormed out of. He deduced that it couldn’t have been dangerous based on Katsuki’s reaction and wondered what caused such fury. Mirio and the other Alpha had holed up toward the back of the bathhouse where there were tons of private little rooms typically used for more erotic activities and he assumed whatever was back there triggered Katsuki into a total beatdown of the corpses.

Seeing the Omega in the corner of his eye pass through the curtain, Katsuki suddenly snapped out of his blind rage, immediately sprinting with gore covered feet to try and stop Izuku.

“Deku! Don’t fucking look damn it!” the Alpha yelled, pulling back the curtain and running down the hall. It was already too late.

The scent hit him before the sight did, but both combined nearly knocked Izuku off his feet. His knees felt weak and his stomach dropped low and flipped. A sickly sweet scent drifted around the room like a ghost over the pile of four Athenian Omegas tossed into the center of the small room. They were all dead, had been for a while by the looks of it, and all completely nude. They were all small, petite, and perfectly beautiful, both male and female.

It was different from seeing dead soldiers, different from assisting in the murder of the Alphas. The Omegas were nothing but innocent and defenseless against the Alphas. Rope bound their wrists and ankles together. Their bodies were nearly mutilated with gashes and covered in the sticky stench of an Alpha’s come. He studied each of their faces, paralyzed in absolute agony for the rest of eternity having suffered at the hands of demons. They were hopeless and helpless and just like Izuku.

Before he knew it, tears were flooding down his cheeks again and his jaw fell slack in a silent scream. His heart was torn between absolute despair and a bloodthirsty anger.

“I told you not to look…” Katsuki said when he reached the Omega, his voice filled with anguish for not being able to protect Izuku from the sight. Both of them stood in grief stricken silence, staring down at the bodies for a long time. Finally Katsuki growled, rubbing the back of his head viciously then stepping forward. “C’mon. I’m not fucking leaving them like this…” he said, kneeling next to the closest victim and untying the ropes with calloused but gentle fingers, “We need to wash them and find them some clothes to wear…”

Izuku couldn’t speak, but he did nod in agreement and scoured through the room, figuring their clothing had to be around somewhere. He was right, all the chitons piled up in the corner. They were all pretty shades of blues and greens, and the fabrics were delicate and rich. Gathering them up in his arms, he placed them near Katsuki and left again to grab a wooden bucket and some clean water from one of the private baths. It wasn’t warm water, but it wasn’t tainted with blood either. Lastly, he found a few sponges and got to work in helping Katsuki. As he did, he ignored the way his throat felt tight, how his head throbbed, and the way his internal panic wouldn’t fade away. The day felt like the longest he’d ever had, and finding such a tragedy only brought on more pain and exhaustion.

As much as he wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep for ten years, though, he was determined to give his fellow Omegas his respect and worked quietly alongside Katsuki to leave them in better shape than how they’d found them. It was only right. Their task was such a contrast to dismembering the Alphas, yet just as emotionally draining.

By the time they were finished, the bathhouse was beginning to fill with morning light. Katsuki had even found a stash of Athenian coins to place on each of the Omega’s eyes, laying in a neat row with clean bodies and soft chitons. Izuku was still kneeling in front of them, tears streaming down his face and dripping onto his hands balled in his blue chiton.

Katsuki didn’t know what to say or do to help Izuku in his grief. He was not equipped with the knowledge of how to comfort others, especially an Athenian Omega. He stood there awkwardly shifting from foot to foot before the Alpha decided to give the Omega a moment alone, patting Izuku on the shoulder before he left the room to finish up with the severed heads.

It wasn’t fair, but Izuku had already known life would never be fair in any way. For so long, he thought that the Spartans were the monsters while the Athenians were heroes. However, it seemed it had all been an illusion and he ended up being the luckiest Omega in the room, ending up at the side of a Spartan. He did the only thing he could manage, praying to the Gods and Goddesses for the deceased Omegas. He hoped Persephone would greet them with open arms in the Underworld, showing them the most fruitful gardens. By the time he had finished his prayers, he realized Katsuki had returned from finishing up with the Athenian Alphas’ bodies.

“Deku…” Katsuki said, his growl softer than normal, “It’s time to go… We need to eat and get some sleep… It’s been… A long night.” The Alpha could feel the weariness seep into his bones and his ribs were aching so badly Katsuki was now almost numb to the pain. They couldn’t stay here any longer.

With a little nod, Izuku followed Katsuki out of the bathhouse and finally got a breath of fresh, morning air free of steam and a muddled mess of pheromones, barely noticing the impaled severed heads with cock-stuffed mouths directly at the entrance. Without thinking, he took hold of Katsuki’s hand and hoped they could find some food and a bed sooner rather than later. In all reality, all he wanted to do was curl up beside Katsuki and forget the day had ever happened. He wanted that lovely burnt cedar scent filling his lungs and clearing out the nausea and the feeling of Katsuki’s strong presence surrounding him, even if it were just for a little while. His inner Omega was crying and he felt like crying too.

And then a thought struck him. “We were supposed to see All Might and my mom off… Right?”

Katsuki was so enamored by the warmth of Izuku’s hand in his own the Alpha didn’t register the Omega’s words immediately. It took a couple more steps before the meaning clicked and Katsuki stopped dead in his tracks.

How could he fucking forget?

“Right…” Katsuki finally answered with a grimace but remained rooted in spot, unable to get himself to move.

“And then… sleep?” Izuku yawned with a little hope in his tone. It was barely morning and he could hardly keep his eyes open any longer. His entire body ached and he found himself continuing his happy little daydream of getting to sleep in the comfort of Katsuki’s scent. His stomach growled on top of it all and he remembered how little he’d eaten since they left the banquet.

Katsuki glanced in Izuku’s direction, red eyes darting to watch the Omega’s lips stretch in a yawn and Izuku’s eyes droop, staring silently for far too long. Gritting his teeth and locking his jaw, the Alpha swept Izuku up into his arms, holding him to his chest like a princess instead of a sack of potatoes.

“Rest,” Katsuki ordered as he started forward, ignoring his own exhaustion. The Alpha was used to being stretched thin while the Omega wasn’t. Besides, this was probably the closest he’d ever be to Izuku again.

Izuku wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s neck to stabilize himself, letting his nose naturally nestle up against the Alpha’s neck. He took a long, deep breath to fill his lungs with Katsuk’s scent. That smoky cedar flavour filled his mouth and throat, warming his entire body and making him feel safe again. “But you’re still hurt,” he protested a little, voice heavy and drowsy. Even though his body was sinking in against the Alpha’s with ease, his mind still kept Katsuki’s injury in mind. The Alpha had to be hurting and hauling Izuku around couldn’t have been easy whatsoever. “I can walk,” he offered, closing his eyes to let them rest for just a few seconds.

Katsuki snorted when Izuku’s breath evened out in slumber after saying he could walk but the Alpha’s pace slowed when he could feel that the Omega was fast asleep in his arms. Even so, they reached the gate far too quickly for Katsuki’s liking. The place was deserted except for one wagon filled to the brim with chests and bags of goods.

“Katsuki my boy!” All Might called, standing beside a frazzled Inko, “We didn’t think you were going to show up!”

“We had some… Business…” Katsuki answered with a frown as he walked up, squeezing Izuku tighter to his chest.

Voices and a warm pressure around him stirred Izuku from his slumber. He jolted a little in shock, not realizing he’d fallen asleep in the first place. When he blinked a few times and glanced around him, he realized that Katsuki had walked them all the way to the gates of Athens where his mother and All Might stood smiling at them.

“Izuku,” Inko sighed with relief, happy to have the opportunity to see her son again. It was strange seeing him so comfortable in an Alpha’s arms, though she was pleased to see that her son seemed happy at all. She spent so much time watching him grow up with a frown on his face whenever she brought up the fact that he’d become an Alpha’s mate when he grew up rather than a soldier, it was nice to see him looking so content. She wondered if she’d ever see him so blissful again.

Izuku wiggled until he could carefully let himself down from Katsuki’s grasp so he could rush to hug his mother. “You’ll be safe with All Might,” he ensured her. “And I’ll be safe with Katsuki. So don’t worry so much, okay?”

All Might blinked a few times at Izuku then looked at Katsuki in confusion. The younger Alpha just crossed his arms and turned his head to avoid the old man’s gaze.

“He… Hasn’t told you?” All Might asked Izuku, voice filled with concern.

“Told me… what?” Izuku looked between the Alphas, uncertain. What was there left to know? They were supposed to see the two of them off, what more could there have possibly been to know?

“You’re not staying here, Izuku,” Inko tried to tell him. She kept her tone gentle, though even she was surprised that Izuku didn’t know. Yagi had informed her after Izuku and Katsuki left for a banquet, and she had been thrilled to know she and her son wouldn’t have to part.

Brows furrowing together, Izuku turned to Katsuki. “What?” His tone teetered between panic and laughter, as if it was all some kind of joke.

Katsuki refused to meet Izuku’s eyes and didn’t answer for a few tense moments. “I’m setting you free,” he snapped, hackles raising as he felt Izuku’s eyes on him and smelt the rising scent of betrayal in his scent.

Disbelief faded into a sad reality when Izuku processed what Katsuki had told him. He’d wanted freedom for so long and hated the fact he’d been captured by the Spartans and eventually bought by one. He’d wanted freedom when Katsuki fought for him and took him away from all he had known. But, somewhere in the short few days he got to spend with the Alpha, he found that he already had freedom at Katsuki’s side. He’d gotten to do and see more than he ever had before with the Alpha. Izuku learned how to survive and how to fight for what he wanted. His eyes had been opened to the big, wide world and all of its wonders and terrors.

And at the end of it all, Katsuki planned on setting him free. Katsuki was going to ship him off with All Might and his mother, even after all they’d been through. Izuku couldn’t let it happen. As crazy as it seemed, Katsuki was his freedom.

Only one word hung at the tip of Izuku’s tongue, the first word he’d ever said to the Alpha. “No,” Izuku said it with the same fervent, stubborn, determined tone as he did the very first time. It was instantaneous, but he meant it with all his heart.

Katsuki head snapped forward instantly, leaning to hiss in Izuku’s face, “What do you mean no? You don’t get a choice.” Katsuki’s teeth were bared as he glared, blasting Izuku with his angry Alphan scent and waiting for the Omega to lower his eyes in submission.

The smooth, smoky flavour of Katsuki’s scent turned intense like a wildfire. Izuku refused to back down, though. His inner Omega surrendered immediately, but Izuku stood strong. He glared right back at Katsuki and let his own scent grow dark and thick with his own fury. “I mean no, you’re not going to just throw me away like that,” he shot back. “After all this, you’re not going to just force me to leave.”

Katsuki’s eyes widened then he growled, a full on Alphan sound that meant danger. “I’m not fucking throwing you away!” Katsuki spit, voice gaining volume with every word until he was yelling directly into Izuku’s face, “I’m giving you what you fucking wanted, you ungrateful little shit.” The Alpha lifted his hands and shoved Izuku hard on the chest, making the Omega stumble back a couple steps. “Get your fucking ass on that motherfucking wagon,” Katsuki said, pointing towards it for emphasis, “And shut the fuck up before I make you.”

Izuku could hear his mother gasp, but he was beyond paying attention to anything other than Katsuki. The air felt suffocating around them as if they were in the middle of a raging fire. Izuku took a few steps back toward Katsuki and away from the caravan so he could yell right back in the Alpha’s face. “You spent all this time telling me you actually liked me and now you’re leaving me behind?! I spent all this time actually falling for you and now you’re done?!” Izuku gave Katsuki a push back, shoving hard enough to make the Alpha stumble. “If I’m going anywhere, I’m going with you. You said if I wanted something, I should take it so don’t try to push me away or I’ll make you regret it.”

Katsuki stood stunned once again before he began to laugh, the sound obviously forced as it echoed through the air. “And you believed me! You fucking believed that I actually cared about you! How can you be so naive?” Katsuki said, his smirk stretched awkwardly across his face though his red eyes were filled with pain. “Why would I like you? You... are a fucking weakling! Yeah… a weak piece of Athenian trash who knows nothing about the world…” Katsuki’s chest was heaving and his words were rushed like he was coming up with them on spot, trying to hurt Izuku as badly as he could so the Omega would go back to hating him. “I only… I only wanted to fuck you!” he finally screamed, swiping his massive arm between them, trying to make Izuku step back without actually touching the Omega, “So-... So get the fuck out of here!”

Tears threatened to spill at any moment, but Izuku didn’t have many left to spare after their night together. Even if it was all a lie, it truly didn't feel like one and the fury building up in Izuku’s gut was threatening to burst at any second. He tried to come up with words, something to convey the emotions swirling around uncomfortably in his brain and his chest. He struggled to breathe properly and the air felt shallow in his lungs. With one strong step forward, Izuku pulled an elbow back and let his fist fly straight at Katsuki’s face catching the Alpha’s jaw. “Stop this, Kacchan! It wasn’t all a lie and you know it! I won’t let you leave me behind!” With a shout, he took another swing at Katsuki’s shoulder. The Alpha was more impacted by actions than words anyway, one of the many precious details he’d learned and would never forget.

As a seasoned warrior, Katsuki knew Izuku was going to attack even before the Omega knew himself and it took all of the Alpha’s will power to ignore his training and not fight back. But he did, allowing Izuku to clip him in the jaw and again in the shoulder. “It was all a fucking lie,” the Alpha urged, watching Izuku lift his leg to kick him in the shin, “You can’t keep up! I’m leaving you behind!”

A primal growl left Izuku’s throat, a sound he didn’t even realize he possessed until absolute rage overcame him. Katsuki wouldn’t even fight back, which angered him even more. Still, he kept beating at the Alpha again and again with punches and kicks until he was breathless. He panted, “Fine. But you can’t stop me from chasing after you. I won’t stop, no matter what.” Determination gave him another surge of energy and he used all of it to punch Katsuki right in the chest, over his heart. He took a step closer until they were inches apart. His voice dropped to a hoarse whisper, “So either shut up about me going somewhere without you or hit me back, damn it.”

The pain from the hit to his chest was so intense, Katsuki almost crumpled to the ground right then and there but the Alpha managed to stay on his feet. The only problem was that all of his willpower to hold back was gone.

Gripping Izuku by the throat, Katsuki tackled the Omega and slammed him to the ground, pinning him with an animalistic snarl. “You don’t fucking mean it!” Katsuki yelled as Izuku squirmed beneath him, “You hate me! You don’t want to be bonded to a Spartan, you want to be with your mother! You said so yourself! So stop fucking lying!”

“Maybe at first but then…” There were plenty of things Izuku wanted to say, but wasn’t sure he could get out. Not with the Alpha’s pheromones slowly eating away at his resolve, nor with Katsuki’s body so close to his own. His heart was pounding both from the anger and the contact, a horrid mixture that tore Izuku’s heart apart. A small, primal piece of him craved that domination and it sent his own pheromones in a mixed frenzy. With a few shallow breaths, he got his head back into reality and looked Katsuki in the eye. “I couldn’t hate you. As much as I thought I wanted to, I couldn’t. Everything we did together.... Everything you did for me… I love you, Kacchan.”

The words came out so naturally, Izuku didn’t have to think twice about it.

Katsuki stilled the moment those words left those beautiful lips before he pulled back to glare at Izuku in suspicion. “Prove it,” the Alpha finally growled, holding Izuku’s gaze as he let go of the Omega’s throat to grip his hair and pulled until Izuku’s scent gland was exposed. “If you truly fucking love me like you say you do,” Katsuki hissed baring his pointed incisors at the Omega before he leaned down to press them to Izuku’s neck, “You’ll let me bond you.”

Izuku kept still and pliant under Katsuki’s hands. His heart pounded and throbbed so hard in his chest that he could feel his whole body pulsate with it. Slowly, he brought a hand up to rest on the back of Katsuki’s head. His fingers nestled into soft, blond hair and Izuku tried to lift his chin up a little higher despite the Alpha’s grip on his hair. “Okay,” he agreed, voice strained but true. From the corner of his eye, he could see All Might holding his mother back from interfering and placing a hand over her mouth to keep her from cursing or screaming. He didn’t spare them more than a glance, more interested in the Alpha on top of him anyway.

A life alongside his mother would have been nice, following the path that had been set out for him as a child. She would likely follow Athenian customs and find him an Alpha to marry, whisking him away for good. It would have been safe, typical, and conventional.

But a life alongside Katsuki was an adventure, a path followed beside someone Izuku admired, trusted, and loved.

“You can bond me,” Izuku urged on, hoping the Alpha would believe him.

Katsuki froze once again with his teeth on Izuku’s skin trying to scare him. Pulling back he stared at Izuku, trying to figure out what the Omega actually meant because it seemed ludicrous that Izuku was being serious.

“I’m really gonna to do it,” Katsuki warned petulantly, waiting for Izuku to protest.

“I want you to,” Izuku pressed against Katsuki’s head a little, pushing the Alpha’s mouth further into his neck. The fire in his belly was still raging, yet his mind felt calmer than ever. He let his eyes fall shut, the only nerves in his body were the ones fearing the bite would hurt. It was a silly thought after what they’d been through, but he didn’t let his grasp on Katsuki’s hair go.

“You’ll be stuck with me forever!” growled Katsuki, pressing his teeth into Izuku’s neck a little harder this time, enough to leave indents in his delicate skin.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Izuku smiled when he felt Katsuki’s teeth on his neck. He almost wondered if Katsuki didn’t want to bond him at all, or if the Alpha didn’t believe his willingness. Either way, Izuku relaxed under Katsuki and waited.

Katsuki sighed and removed his teeth from Izuku’s skin and was about to pull away since his bluff wasn’t working. But then he caught Izuku’s scent; the scent of an Omega wanting to be bonded… The Alpha’s blood began to rush through his veins as his pupils dilated and his mouth began to water. He swallowed hard, trying to clear his head of the sudden fog that came over him as his instincts tried to take over and took another tentative sniff to make sure. The alluring scent was exactly the same which meant Izuku was serious. If the Omega was serious about bonding, Katsuki would be serious as well.

“You wanna bare my children?” the Alpha asked, his whispered words ghosting over Izuku’s sensitive skin before Katsuki began to nuzzle into the Omega’s scent gland.

Izuku’s entire body tingled at the mere thought of having Katsuki’s children. His heart fluttered and he found himself clutching onto the Alpha harder than ever. “I do,” he softly responded, cheeks heating up. “Would you… want me to?” he dared to ask. A small voice nagged at him, warning him that Katsuki wanted him to leave minute before, warning him that he might not be good enough.

“Of course I fucking want you to…” Katsuki barked in answer like Izuku was stupid for even asking, “It’s just… You fucking said…” Another growl of frustration escaped the Alpha as he buried his face even further into Izuku’s neck. “This is your last chance Omega… I won’t give you up a second time,” Katsuki said, his voice low and words heavy on his tongue, “Stay and you are mine.”

“Then I’m yours,” Izuku calmly spoke, completely at peace with his decision. “So don’t make me go away.” He clutched onto the Alpha tighter than ever, as if Katsuki would pull away and leave him forever at any second if he didn’t. While he could keep his tone calm, his body wasn’t. He was shaking with residual adrenaline and fear that the Alpha would disappear.

Katsuki couldn’t help but smile into Izuku’s neck. “You aren’t going fucking anywhere,” the Alpha hissed into Izuku’s ear, just as much as a promise as it was a threat. He kissed Izuku on the sensitive skin behind the Omega’s ear then pulled back completely to get up and off of Izuku. Holding out his hand to help the Omega up, Katsuki met Izuku’s confused gaze with a look that said ‘not here’.

By the time Izuku was back on his feet, he glanced over to see his mother still held back by All Might. Her face was red and eyes wide. The mercenary finally let her go and she sped up to Katsuki, knocking him on the backside of his head in anger. “That’s for pushing my son,” she huffed. Wasting no time, she turned to Izuku to clamp onto him in a tight hug. “I know I can’t change your mind. You’ve always been so determined in whatever you set your heart on. Watching you push that Alpha around, though,” she laughed a little. “I don’t have to worry about my little boy anymore. I know you’ll take good care of yourself… as well as that Alpha of yours.”

It was the first time she ever complimented him in such a way, and Izuku was floored. He couldn’t help but smile and hug her back. “I know you’ll take good care of yourself and All Might too.” Despite keeping him in their home for his life and strictly raising him with Athenian tradition in mind, she had always been a wonderful mother to him. They both knew they’d eventually get to a place where they’d part forever, but that didn’t mean it hurt any less. “I love you and I’ll miss you.”

“I love you too, Izuku. May the Gods and Goddesses smile upon you and your new family,” she kissed his temple and let him go. Izuku let his thumbs brush over her cheeks to wipe her tears away and kissed her forehead before letting her return to All Might’s side. He was confident she’d find happiness on her journey alongside the mercenary, which made his heart feel warm and at ease.

Katsuki glared after the woman, gritting his teeth to hold himself from hitting her right back. But he managed to keep himself in check as Izuku said his goodbyes then stepped forward to make his own.

“Will you be making your rounds in Laconia?” Katsuki asked as him and All Might clasped forearms.

“Perhaps in a few months times we will come up the river,” All Might answered with a smile and a twinkle in his eye, “You know how I love the olives from your city.”

Katsuki nodded his head with a half smile. “We will search for you at the next harvest. Try not to die before then.” All Might just shook his head with a knowing smile.

The younger Alpha let go of the mercenary and turned to Izuku and offered him his hand once again. “Let’s go.”

Taking Katsuki’s offered hand, Izuku hummed happily and turned to give his mother and All Might one last wave. He wore the biggest smile, one that he wouldn’t have been able to wipe away even if he tried. For once, he’d chosen his own fate and didn’t regret a moment of it.

Chapter Text

Another yawn overcame Izuku as he and Katsuki trudged down the sandy paths as dawn slowly turned into day. It truly didn’t feel like morning, though Izuku wasn’t sure he could feel anything beyond exhaustion and elation. He wasn’t sure where they were going, nor did he care. All he wanted was to be next to Katsuki, no matter where they ended up. Using his free hand to slap himself awake a little, he realized everything looked quite familiar which was strange considering nothing in Athens was familiar to him in the slightest. He’d only been out of his house a handful of times before the Spartans arrived.

He stopped walking for just a moment to glance around, recognizing that they were standing in the middle of one of the many cleared areas for soldiers to spar. The big circle of sandy dirt was surrounded by pretty homes, all deserted and abandoned. After spinning around, his eyes widened as he saw something he thought he’d never see again. “That’s my house,” he pointed to the home closest to the sparring area. “I recognize this view from my window…” Little did he ever think he’d ever get to stand right outside of it.

Katsuki stopped his stride when the Omega resisted then cocked his head in the direction Izuku was pointing.

Hmph,” Katsuki huffed, dissecting the Athenian architecture with piercing red eyes. It was much too gaudy for his Spartan sensibilities. “Was your house. You’ll like our house better. It may not be as big but this one has barely any land and its packed in with all these other ugly ass monstrosities… No wonder since you Athenian’s caged yourself in.” The Alpha puffed up his chest with pride at the thought of the house his parents built together with their own two hands. He could already imagine Izuku living there with him, probably begging him to decorate it in some horrid Athenian fashion and walking through it’s halls in the beautiful chitons Katsuki would buy him… Nice and round with child…

The realization hit Izuku hard in the face, that the Spartans weren’t exactly barbarians that lived in caves like the horrid stories he was told by his parents. Katsuki lived in a house, just like any other person would. It was probably much different than the one he was used to, which only made it more fascinating. “I’m excited to see it,” Izuku grinned before yawning again. “The house looks big from the outside, but it’s mostly just a few rooms and a courtyard in the middle. My family didn’t have any slaves, not like other people, so it’s pretty empty inside.” Perhaps his rambling gave away his nerves. He wondered if it had been ransacked by Spartans or remained the same as it always had been. It was odd, but he couldn’t bring himself to care either way. The world on the outside was so much brighter.

The Alpha eyes darted from Izuku to the house and back again. “We will come back… See if there’s anything you’d like to take with us…” Katsuki said, trying to soothe the bittersweet tinge in Izuku’s scent before he pointed at the Omega accusingly, “It better not be anything fucking heavy ‘cause I ain’t fucking carrying it. And my horse will already have to bare your weight along with mine.”

Humming in thought, Izuku tried to think if there was anything useful left in his childhood home. Too tired to dwell on it, he tightened his grip on Katsuki’s hand a little and let the Alpha lead them along. It was sort of poetic, taken away from his old fate and following a new one. “I think all I really need is sleep… and some more bandages to wrap around your ribs….” He guiltily glanced over Katsuki’s torso, frowning a little, “Sorry if I hurt you before.”

Katsuki ignored the Omega’s apology, just continued on at a steady pace until they reached their temporary dwelling. As soon as the Alpha pulled the Omega inside, he crowded Izuku into the wall like a predator stalking his prey. “If you’re really sorry… You should make it up to me…” Katsuki said, pressing a palm to the wall above Izuku’s head and leaning into the Omega’s personal space.

A shiver dancing up Izuku’s spine and a sudden hot flash to his face shook him right out of his sleepy state. He blinked at the Alpha, slowly breathing in his scent. Everything about him was dominating, victorious, and a little wild. It was like having a stare-down with the Nemean lion. Everything about Katsuki was so alluring and desirable, and Izuku’s rapid, thumping heartbeat couldn’t deny it. A brief, hazy memory of the banquet filled his mind and had his lower half tingling. “Make it up to you?” he whispered, unable to get any more volume than that.

“Don’t make me repeat myself,” Katsuki growled, lifting his free hand to tilt Izuku’s chin up, “You don’t seem very repentant to me… Maybe you should get on your knees and beg my forgiveness instead.” Their lips were so close, when Katsuki spoke they brushed together.

The Alpha’s voice only made Izuku’s cheeks to grow pinker and hotter. Their proximity got his nerves into a buzzing mess. He could definitely feel a new wetness between his cheeks. He wanted to lean forward the tiniest bit so they could share a real kiss, not just experience the ghost of one. At that rate, he was certain Katsuki would be the death of him. “I-I really am sorry,” he started softly, grasping at Katsuki’s clothes for something to hold onto as his knees grew weak. In seconds, he was certain he’d fall to them, fulfilling Katsuki’s suggestion without really meaning to. He really was horrible when it came to mating, having never been taught a thing about it.

“Good,” Katsuki said, then gave Izuku a peck on the lips before he pulled back with a smirk, “Now that that’s cleared up… I need some fucking sleep.” The Alpha turned on his heel and swaggered away towards the bedroom to begin the long process of taking off his armour. Just as he was about to disappear behind the curtain, he paused and looked back at Izuku. “You coming or what?”

There was no hesitation in Izuku’s step, hurrying to catch up. He bit his lip to hold in a sigh. Katsuki had just been messing with him, getting him all riled up over nothing. The little bit of space helped his entire body cool down as he took off his sandals, sat on the bed, and watched Katsuki remove his Spartan armour with dexterous, practiced movements. The metal shined and reflected off of the morning sun leaking in through the little window. As the room slowly started to fill with the Alpha’s scent, Izuku found himself growing calmer. The dark tones of burnt cedar started to give him the illusion of a home. He found himself leaning forward, as if trying to get a better whiff, as silly as it was.

Down to his red underskirt, Katsuki set aside his armour then closed the short distance to the bed and flopped down with a groan. “So fucking tired…Only sleep I’ve had since coming to this wretched city was our nap together,” Katsuki hissed, splayed out on the bed with his eyes closed.

Unable to help himself, Izuku curled right up next to the Alpha. It seemed like an eternity since they’d last slept together. Nosing his way under Katsuki’s arm, he tucked himself into the perfect spot where his lips and nose could nuzzle up against Katsuki’s neck where his scent gland was. There, he couldn’t breathe in anything except for the scent that he’d quickly grown addicted to. “Smells good,” he murmured, almost more to himself than anyone else.

Mmn,” Katsuki hummed in response, forcing himself to not stiffen with the contact. It seemed like getting used to being close to someone again would take time. The Alpha had been alone for so long.

Wrapping an arm around Izuku’s waist, Katsuki pulled the Omega even closer to his body and nuzzled his nose into Izuku’s green curls as they both drifted off to sleep.

Heavy eyelids blinked open drowsily and Izuku took in a deep, warm breath of security. His slumber had only brought him nightmares of ending up in Mirio’s arms, or at the end of his sword. He’d dreamt of being stolen away, or unable to fight to protect himself and Katsuki. Waking up beside the Spartan next to him had been a relief and reassurance. Izuku allowed himself to snuggle in a little further to the Alpha, aware of how peaceful he looked when he slept, unlike his usual scowl. He gazed at Katsuki’s neck, one of the few places he didn’t bare a scar. Yet.

Pure curiosity got the best of the Omega. The spot caught his attention unlike anything else and he wondered if Katsuki tasted anything like he smelt. With the Alpha sleeping soundly, Izuku figured a little lick wouldn’t hurt or even wake the Alpha up. His tongue darted out to lap at soft skin. Immediately, Izuku relished the flavour. Spicy, smoky indulgence danced over his tongue like nothing else he’d ever tasted before. In his own infatuation, he dared to lap over the Alpha’s skin again in a short series of kitten licks.

“That fuckin’ tickles…” Katsuki said, voice low and thick with sleep as he cracked one eye open to look down at Izuku, “What are you doing?”

“N-nothing!” Izuku squeaked, jolting back. He hadn’t realized Katsuki had woken up. A blush crept up to his cheeks and he averted his eyes in embarrassment. How was he supposed to explain himself? “I, um, I just…” he stammered on, unable to think of any sort of answer beyond I just wanted to taste you out of pure compulsion.

“I never told you to stop,” Katsuki growled, rolling onto his side to face Izuku and open both of his eyes now that he was wide awake. “Does my scent taste good?” the Alpha asked, genuinely curious since no one but Izuku had ever had their tongue on his neck. There was no way Katsuki would ever let anyone get that close.

Izuku nodded a little, still flushed. “Really good,” he admitted, avoiding the Alpha’s gaze by focusing on his neck instead. “Sorry, I just… couldn’t help myself.” Being so close to Katsuki almost made him feel as though he were in heat where his Omegan instincts took hold of his control and threw it out the window. His body felt warm and he couldn’t quite control his own scent. Izuku tried to keep his logic in check, but struggled.

“You’re damn right,” Katsuki said with a smirk. Leaning forward to nuzzle into Izuku’s cheek, the Alpha nosed a path across the Omega’s face and into his neck. He took a deep breath then let it out, warm breath ghosting across the sensitive skin behind Izuku’s ear. “You know how hard it’s been to resist you? Little shit head, think you’re all that smelling this good,” Katsuki said, unaware of his own words as his mouth began to water and his teeth began to ache. The Alpha couldn’t help but shift even farther forward as his hand lifted to grip Izuku’s hip. He ended up half on top of Izuku as he inhaled the Omega’s sweet scent that was growing sweeter by the second.

Unable to help it, Izuku’s chin raised straight up to expose his neck to the Alpha. The tiniest whine left his throat, Katsuki’s low and husky tones making his insides twirl in anticipation. Katsuki’s influence on him had his body reacting as if he were in heat, or drugged at the banquet. It was as frustrating and embarrassing as it was thrilling. “I don’t smell that good,” he mumbled a little, defending himself of the accusation but still leaned into the Alpha. “Athenians thought it was a bad omen, aren’t you scared?” he teased just a little bit, trying to relax.

Katsuki growled low and threatening at Izuku’s words, pulling back his lips to reveal his sharp Alphan teeth to nip the soft skin of the Omega’s shoulder in reprimand.

“No, I’m not fucking scared,” the Alpha finally said when he let go, leaving a dark mark in his wake as he rolled completely on top of Izuku. Grinding his already aching erection down into the Omega, he gripped Izuku’s wrists to pin above his head while blood red eyes stared into emerald green, searching for any hint of fear.

“Are you?”

The pressure of Katsuki’s hardness on Izuku’s body forced him to take a sharp inhale in both shock and another wave of arousal. “No,” he whispered. “Not with you.” Izuku wasn’t afraid. He was nervous, a little embarrassed, and slowly losing control of his own body as he wasn’t sure what would happen next. But he wasn’t afraid.

Katsuki narrowed his eyes, trying to decipher if Izuku was being honest since the damn Omega was already shaking underneath him and he kind of looked like he was about to burst into tears. “Maybe… you should be,” the Alpha said then let his head fall down to rest in Izuku’s soft warm chest with a groan, “I’m… I’m not fucking good at this kinda shit.”

It was one of the few times Izuku got to see even the littlest spec of vulnerability when it came to Katsuki. He blinked down at the Alpha, almost in disbelief. Katsuki made his entire body feel warm and fluttery without even trying. His scent had Izuku producing slick without even thinking about it. To find that Katsuki was just as inexperienced as he was, almost made him seem a little more human. Izuku sat up a little bit, forcing Katsuki to look up at him. “Then we can figure it out together,” he offered, leaning forward to give the softest little kiss to the Alpha’s lips. “Right?”

“Yeah?” Katsuki couldn’t help but chase after Izuku’s lips a second, a third, and a fourth time, lingering with every touch. “You better fucking say something or punch me if I… If I hurt you,” he growled into Izuku’s mouth, a little pissed off that he even had to say something. Izuku seemed like the type to try and grin and bear any and all pain but Katsuki didn’t want that. No; he wanted Izuku to enjoy it as much as the Alpha knew he was going to.

Izuku hummed in agreement, but wasn’t sure how the Alpha would hurt him when every little touch made him feel so damn good. Each caress brought on a new series of rippling joy under his skin and he was close to begging for more. His inhibitions faded, and his desires rose to the surface. Just a few kisses had his cock hardening in seconds, pushing against the fabric of his chiton. He grasped onto Katsuki’s shoulders to tug him forward just a little bit so he could kiss him again, deeper and with more intent than before. Izuku was craving more kisses like the ones he’d gotten at the banquet, heated and hungry. He wanted to get lost in his own lust, letting go of his shyness in favor of hunting for what he really wanted.

Groaning against Izuku’s lips, Katsuki once again found himself losing all control as he drowned in the thick scent of the Omega’s arousal. His kisses became wet and aggressive as he forced his way inside Izuku’s mouth to explore with his tongue and the Alpha couldn’t help himself from rolling his hips down rhythmically with every probing flick.

Soon enough, Katsuki’s calloused hands migrated away from the soft skin of Izuku's wrists and down his arms. One hand managed to find a small and pert nipple that he began to rub with his thumb while the other travelled further south to Izuku’s thigh. Katsuki was immediately annoyed by the barrier of fabric between them and began pushing up Izuku’s chiton to reveal more smooth, unblemished skin and squeeze the flesh that he found there.

“Kacchan,” Izuku breathed out in a moan, tensing at first in surprise but relaxing instantly into the Alpha’s touch. His body reacted so readily to Katsuki, another gush of slick running down his cheeks to the mattress below them. Izuku wasn’t sure whether to focus on Katsuki’s tongue in his mouth or his hands, but he did know that the clothes between them needed to go. They were itchy against sensitive skin and only prevented the skin-to-skin contact he needed at that moment. With shaking fingers, he tugged at his own clothing and bit Katsuki’s lip in a silent demand. All the while he couldn’t stop his hips from thrusting upward or his chest from pushing forward into Katsuki’s fingers.

“So fucking demanding,” Katsuki hissed, trying to act annoyed but failing since he really fucking wasn’t. Not when Izuku was requesting that the Alpha remove his clothes. Unfortunately for the Omega’s chiton, Katsuki’s blood flow was currently headed south, so he couldn’t figure out how to get the damn thing off of his mate. In the end, Katsuki pulled the fabric until he tore it right off of Izuku’s body.

Izuku couldn’t bring himself to care about the clothes and was happy they were done away with. At the same time, he couldn’t bring himself to be completely embarrassed about his own nudity either. His eyes were focused on Katsuki, not his own body, though he carefully watched the Alpha’s expression. Did he approve? Did he still think Izuku was attractive, even though he wasn’t as small, plump or soft as a typical Omega? In Izuku’s eyes, Katsuki was the epitome of Alphan beauty with rugged muscles, tanned skin, and the most dominating scent. Izuku had to wonder if he was a demigod, a son of Apollo or Adonis. He fit the perfect form of an Alpha. Izuku, though, didn’t fit the mold of an Omega at all. Biting at his lip, he nervously waited for some kind of sign that they could continue.

Katsuki stared for what seemed like forever before he was scrambling to tear off his own skirt, his movements erratic and clumsy. The Alpha cursed under his breath a few more times as his eyes continued to roam the lithe musculature of his little mate below him. Finally, Katsuki was naked as well, his throbbing erection red and glistening from where it hung heavy between them. Framing Izuku’s ribs, he rubbed down the Omega’s sides to his hips then back up again.

Mine,” Katsuki snarled, his scent heightening two fold to fill the room.

When Izuku expected a wash of relief to flush through his mind, a rush of arousal hit him hard instead. His cock throbbed, needy and hot, while his mouth fell open. He intended to say something, anything, but found himself at a loss when his eyes dropped down to the Alpha’s cock. It was as intimidating as it was tempting, Izuku wondered how it would fit inside him and sucked a breath in when thinking about just how full he’d feel. The fullness he craved during his heats or on secret nights he spent pleasuring himself would finally become a reality. All of his fears and frustrations of being claimed and bred were swept away, all because of the man before him. Vicious yet gentle, haughty yet kind, Katsuki was the one person Izuku would submit to.

Missing the Alpha’s warmth, Izuku wrapped his legs around Katsuki’s thighs to pull him back down. “Mine,” he growled right back, looking back at Katsuki’s unmarked neck in frustration. For Athenians, it wasn’t common for Omegas to mark their Alphas, but the rule didn’t mean that Izuku didn’t want to. He wanted to claim Katsuki as his, so no one else would get to touch him the way Izuku could. A fierce fire in his heart threatened to burn as he thought about the mere possibility of someone else stealing his Alpha away and that fire only heightened his need to mate. “I…. need you,” he managed to get out in a desperate, almost pleading tone.

Katsuki snarled again, snatching one hand back to clamp down on the base of his cock to prevent a premature ejaculation. He closed his eyes and breathed in and out, trying to lengthen his short and ragged breaths. The Alpha had to contain himself; he couldn’t hurt Izuku no matter what.

“Deku,” Katsuki hissed through gritted teeth, turning his head to crack his neck, the fingers on Izuku’s waist tensing then relaxing, and his large muscles twitching with the effort to hold himself back, “Do you want to be bred… Or just bond…” He really hoped that Izuku understood what the fuck he was saying because Katsuki was having trouble thinking passed the haze of pheromones let alone speak. He cursed himself for not asking before hand.

“Both,” Izuku hurried to say. “If… we can…” he added on quietly after, leaving Katsuki control of their situation. If the Alpha didn’t want one or the other, Izuku could wait. His heart and mind were in full agreement, though, that he wanted anything and everything Katsuki could give him. He wanted to be filled with the Alpha in any way possible. His cock was aching from a lack of touch or friction. His ass was thoroughly soaked and still releasing even more slick. Izuku’s cheeks were probably the same color as a pomegranate. He lifted his chin ever so slightly and cocked his head to the side, showing off his neck and opened up his legs a bit more, presenting himself to the Alpha to physically send the message across.

Katsuki grinned ferally down at Izuku. “Oh thank fuck!” the Alpha cursed in relief. He didn’t know if he could hold himself back and not knot his Omega but he would have at least tried if Izuku wanted to wait. At the back of his mind he knew they couldn’t wait that long even if they wanted to. Not if Katsuki wanted to keep Izuku to himself…

The Alpha shook his head hard. They could worry about that later; right now he needed to fucking focus.

Letting go of his cock, Katsuki rubbed down Izuku’s thighs then back up, reluctant to feel anywhere too dangerous. He’d never done this before with anyone and his ego could only get him so far. The Alpha knew he had to rely on his instincts since he knew Izuku wouldn’t have any idea either. For fuck sakes.

In an impulsive decision, Katsuki gripped Izuku’s legs then pushed until they were at the Omega’s head, folding his tiny body in half so the Alpha could survey the target. The puckered hole was small but bright red, and leaking the most delicious substance Katsuki had ever smelled. His mouth began to water and an intense look of hunger struck him as one hand let go of Izuku’s knee to rub his thumb over it, hearing the Omega gasp as even more slick leaked out.

“I’m gonna make you feel so good,” Katsuki crooned in promise, feeling his confidence come back in droves with one pleasure filled gasp. He pressed even harder watching the Omega’s face twist in pleasure.

While Katsuki’s inspection of his lower half made Izuku want to cover up his face, the stroke of his thumb over his hole left him grasping at the bed beneath him and panting for more. He used a free hand to hold onto his own thigh to keep his leg up and out of the Alpha’s way. Izuku found himself pushing his hips upward slightly, wanting more than just a brush of contact.

During his heats, he’d use his own fingers to fill himself and somewhat satisfy the overwhelming urges of his heat. Once, he nearly got his fist inside during an especially horrid heat that nearly drove him insane with lust. It was the closest thing to a knot he’d ever gotten to experience. With Katsuki’s fingers so close, he knew the Alpha would make him feel better than he’d ever made himself feel. “Need you… inside…” he breathed out, looking down between his legs to the Alpha. “Please,” he tacked on, as if he needed to beg. “Then I can make you feel good too.”

The Alpha began to curse in a string of words almost like he was chanting. Katsuki didn’t know much but he knew if he forced himself in before Izuku was ready, the Alpha would be tearing the tight little hole but Izuku couldn’t wait anymore and neither could he. Repositioning his hand, Katsuki slipped his middle finger in, testing the tightness as he pushed it in and out, then added his index, trying to stretch Izuku as quickly as possible. Surprisingly, once he worked passed the outer ring of muscle, the Omega’s insides were soft and pliant. Maybe it would be okay?

Taking his pulsing cock in hand once again, Katsuki positioned himself in front of Izuku and began to push inside.

Izuku breathed easily when Katsuki worked him with his fingers but sharply inhaled when he felt the tip of the Alpha’s cock at his entrance. He felt lightheaded enough from the foreplay, and the first push made him feel downright dizzy. “S-slow,” he warned with tears in his eyes as he awkwardly tried to convey his point. “You’re… big.” He’d gotten plenty of views of the Alpha’s cock, and it wasn’t small by any means. A part of him was terrified that he wouldn’t be able to take Katsuki’s knot.

The first few inches didn’t hurt him though, which was a surprise. It seemed enough slick and spreading made everything easier and more comfortable. He was thankful Katsuki actually cared about how he felt and took caution to not rip him in half. Anyone else probably wouldn’t have cared. He let out an unabashed moan as he got more and more, feeling fuller by the second, and when Katsuki sank in deep enough to hit just the right spot Izuku couldn’t hold back a slur of curses.

“You’re tight,” Katsuki spit, eyes clamped shut as his breathes came out in ragged gasps while his nails dug into whatever skin he was holding onto. It felt like Izuku was simultaneously sucking his cock inside and pushing it out and it felt hot and wet. Absolutely fucking amazing. All the Alpha wanted to do was slam inside and fuck Izuku into oblivion but he could hear the discomfort in the Omega’s voice mixed with the pleasure. “You need to… Fucking relax…”

When Izuku tried to breathe normally, it just came out in a series of stuttered exhales and short inhales. His sensations were going haywire between the cock inside him, the thick combination of scents around them, and how stupidly gorgeous Katsuki looked. “I’m trying,” he promised with a little grumble, focusing on his lower half to relax tense muscles and catch his own breath. When he finally did, he moved his hips a little bit with impatience. “Better?”

Katsuki’s face scrunched up even more as he tested it, rocking his hips forward. He didn’t expect for Izuku’s muscles to give completely but they did and the last couple inches just slipped inside for him to bottom out. The Alpha gasped and fell forward, mouthing his way to Izuku’s lips to give the Omega a biting kiss. Finally he was able to open his eyes and look directly into Izuku’s as he answered, “Better.”

With Katsuki’s full length buried inside him, Izuku’s stomach fluttered and every little part of him sang with just how right it finally felt. His hands came up to frame either side of Katsuki’s face to hold him down for another kiss. While getting used to the sensation of something so large inside of him, Izuku stole several more deep, demanding kisses from the Alpha until he knew they’d be safe to continue. He relied primarily on his inner Omega that poked and prodded at him when the timing was right. Letting go of Katsuki’s face, he looked down between them and back up. As he got more relaxed, thanks to Katsuki’s help, he found his voice again as well as his ability to tease the Alpha a little. “Are you going to breed me or just stay there?” he said with a little snicker.

Katsuki’s pleasure filled and hazy eyes suddenly cleared and turned into a fierce glare at the obvious challenge. “Just for that,” Katsuki growled, pulling his cock back until just the head was inside, “I’m going to make your ass my fucking home.” With that he snapped his hips forward, slamming his cock inside with a ferocious snarl.

Izuku would have laughed, but he was squeaking in surprise instead. As vicious as it was, it felt sinfully good. The way Katsuki’s cock brushed up against all the right places in that swift pump had him seeing stars. “K-Kacchan,” he gasped. He wasn’t even in heat yet all he wanted was more. Katsuki made him feel so desperate it was almost embarrassing.

Katsuki cocked his head and smirked, pulling back his hips and slamming in again. “What Deku?”

“More?” Izuku asked softly. He moved his hips, trying to push and pull in a steady rhythm with no real progress. Every push threw him into such euphoria, he wanted more.

Katsuki’s smirk turned into a feral grin, shifting back into a kneeling position and gripping Izuku by the hips. “Careful what you wish for…” he said and then it began.

No more holding back, no more worry. Katsuki unleashed all of his inhibitions and finally began fucking Izuku in earnest, rocking in and out of the Omega’s tight heat as hard and as fast as he could.

A shrill cry left Izuku’s throat when he finally got what he wanted and a surge of pleasure washed over him. Katsuki’s tight grip almost hurt but in the best way, making him feel secure in such a bruising grip. As many times as he’d been fiercely scolded for swearing, the pleasure forced him to leave his manners behind and open his dirty mouth. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he panted and praised, “So fucking good, Kacchan.” His hand came down to his own cock, fingers curling around to give himself the friction he needed while his Alpha fucked into him.

Katsuki never would have guessed how fucking hot it would be to hear Izuku swear but oh it hit all the right buttons to watch as the Omega begged for more. Somehow, the Alpha managed to pick up the pace, bending Izuku’s body even farther in half than it was before. Katsuki was determined to fuck Izuku’s orgasm out of him before his knot popped but it was getting harder and harder to resist, feeling the tell tale swelling at the base of his cock already.

Izuku dropped his hand and grabbed onto any part of Katsuki he could. The Alpha’s hulking frame above him with his knees by his head brought him so close to the climax he’d been craving since they’d began. In their position, Katsuki’s cock was pressed up so far deliciously inside of him and hit every little spot that drove Izuku wild. Holding on tightly, he attempted to speak, “I’m… You’re going to make me… Kacchan.” He bit onto his lip and let his mouth fall slack when the most intense orgasm he’d ever gotten fluttered through him. Several spurts of come splattered between them, reaching up near Izuku’s nipples. “K-knot me, please?” he got out, knowing he’d definitely punch Katsuki in the face if the Alpha pulled away.

Katsuki fell forward and hissed into Izuku’s neck when he felt Izuku clamp down on him while he orgasmed. The Alpha’s thrusts became erratic and he was so close, almost there. All he needed was…

Izuku,” Katsuki said out loud for the first time ever, “Bite me.”

“B-bite you?” Not only was the thrown off that Katsuki actually used his real name, but that he suggested Izuku actually bite him. Athenian Alphas never let their Omegas bond them, it simply wasn’t done. Suggesting such a thing was even an insult. It didn’t mean Izuku wanted it any less, though. Of course he wanted to leave his mark on Katsuki’s neck, to claim the Alpha for his own. “I can? You’ll let me?”

“If you don’t fucking bite me right the fuck now,” Katsuki hissed through gritted teeth, feeling his knot starting to catch on Izuku’s stretched rim, “I’m going to pull out and… Not. Bite. You.” His threat was genuine, even going as far as to slow his thrusts. What, was Katsuki not good enough to bond? Izuku didn’t want to claim him back? Who the fuck would want an incomplete bond?

The threat was permission enough for Izuku. His teeth were tingling and he buried his nose into Katsuki’s neck, sniffing out the perfect spot. When he felt his heart lurch in excitement, he knew he’d found it and licked at the salty skin a few times before sharply inhaling and biting into perfect flesh. Blood flooded from the new wounds, but Izuku didn’t let go. He didn’t want his mark to heal over or become a sheer, dainty scar. The most primal part of him took over, desiring an unignorable marking that would never fade or be forgotten. He bit down harder, feeling Katsuki tense up under him.

“Gods’,” Katsuki breathed, practically melting into the euphoria of the claiming bite. “Finally.”

Shifting to find Izuku’s scent gland, the Alpha opened his mouth wide and bared his teeth, biting down hard through the skin until he tasted blood. When he felt the bond take, a sort of rightness in the core of his being, he knew that their souls were now entangled forever. Katsuki thrusted one more time into the Omega and he came, knot locking them together.

The Alpha came so much, Izuku’s stomach quickly became distended and Katsuki just knew the Omega would catch. Just the thought of his mate already quick with child made Katsuki come even more, growling and crooning with every spurt around the flesh he refused to let go of.

Between Katsuki’s teeth and his knot, Izuku’s body felt light and his head spun with an overwhelming amount of beautiful sensation. He moaned into Katsuki’s skin, as they were not only locked together between tooth and throat but in an invisible, everlasting bond that would keep them together until they were both sent to Hades’ doorstep. Izuku opened his mouth wide to free Katsuki’s neck from between his jaws, so he could lap at the spot and whisper, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” He repeated it like a mantra on the verge of tears.

The hot spurts of come warmed his belly and Izuku hoped they were successful. Some Athenians had to try again and again or wait for the Omega’s heat, his mother warned. While he wouldn’t mind getting knotted again, he also secretly hoped they’d get it the first time. Izuku never thought he’d want children, but it was different with Katsuki. It seemed all he needed was the right person to come around, and he was glad his Alpha had. Between the low crooning and warmth from Katsuki’s body, Izuku relaxed into the bed under him and closed his eyes for just a moment to focus on the knot against his rim and how right it felt to finally be filled with an Alpha’s come.

It was hard to release Izuku from his teeth, but it was also harder not to say it back. So after a while of struggling with his instinct to hold on and his emotions telling him to let go, Katsuki finally pulled away from the Omega to look into those big green eyes and say, “I love you too... So why the fuck weren’t you going to bite me?” The second part of his sentence sort of slipped out, most likely ruining the sentiment of the first part but Katsuki couldn’t leave it alone since it was the last doubt nagging at the back of his mind through their bonding.

Izuku blinked several times, processing the fact Katsuki said he loved him but also curious on why he’d ask such a strange question. He went to cock his head to the side but decided against it as to not disturb the new wounds on his neck. At the time, they didn’t hurt him at all which was strange. Instead, his skin felt warm and tingly. “Omegas aren’t allowed to mark Alphas…” he thought a little further into it, and sighed realizing his misunderstanding, “At least not in Athens. I didn’t think you’d let me… or want me to.”

Katsuki’s face scrunched in confusion. “Well that’s fucking stupid,” he finally said with a huff before he dropped down to begin licking the blood leaking from the wound on Izuku’s neck.

“It sort of is, isn’t it?” Izuku snorted and laughed a little, humming happily as Katsuki lapped at his neck. As silly as it sounded, he hoped he’d get to see the marking himself. A free hand slipped up to run through the Alpha’s hair, while he gazed at the marking he’d left on Katsuki. It looked violent, but it was oddly fitting for the Alpha. “I’m glad you wanted me to.”

“There are no incomplete ass bonds in Sparta,” Katsuki said in exasperation, “My bite is my fucking commitment to you, Your bite is your fucking commitment to me. I give you my fucking all, you give me your fucking all. Anything less is… demeaning.”

The explanation seemed fair, ideal and even a little romantic. It was what Izuku always wanted but was never promised under Athenian culture. Such an ugly scar on an Athenian Alpha would ruin their perfect bodies, he was told again and again whenever he brought it up. But when he looked at the mark he gave Katsuki, it wasn’t ugly by any means. Blinking away some stray tears, he nodded with a determined smile. He would give Katsuki his all, no matter what.

It left him with a more awkward question left. “So, how… long does your knot last?” He hated to admit it, but being scrunched up was starting to hurt his legs.

“I don’t fucking know,” Katsuki grumbled as he hid his blushing cheeks in Izuku’s neck, “Not like I’ve ever knotted someone before.” He cursed under his breath and huffed a few times, trying to figure out how to get out of this position without hurting either of them. “Wrap your arms around my shoulders and hold on,” he said growled. They’d have to wait it out with Izuku on top so that Katsuki would stop crushing the small Omega. He waited until Izuku complied, then lifted them both up and gingerly moved until he was able to sprawl out on his back.

Once finally adjusted and feeling a flood of blood rush back to his legs, Izuku made himself comfortable on Katsuki’s chest. He rested his cheek on his mate’s collar and gave a few more tiny licks to the marking he’d left. His eyes felt heavy and he let them fall shut, nuzzling into Katsuki’s soft skin. If he listened hard enough, he could hear his Alpha’s heart beat and he realized it was the most comforting and precious sound he’d ever heard before. It was like a lullaby, soothing him and taking him away from all of his fears and worries. The nightmare he’d been through since the Spartans arrived seemed worth every terrifying minute, just because in the end he got to end up in Katsuki Bakugo’s arms.

Chapter Text

Izuku’s heavy eyelids drooped down and fluttered up as he slipped in and out of a comfortable, peaceful sleep. He remained on top of Katsuki, waiting out the duration of the knot in a drowsy slumber. Blood and come were smeared across his body, making his skin sticky but he couldn’t find the energy to care. Instead, he kept still and warm on top of his Alpha with a smile on his face. Rather than having the nightmares he had feared, he had the most restful sleep he’d ever had in his life.

Katsuki awoke slowly then all at once from the weight on his chest. He moved without thinking, shoving it off then he reversing their positions with his hand at his would be assailants throat before the Alpha realized it was Izuku.

Shit!” Katsuki swore, ripping his hands away as Izuku stared at him in bewilderment. The Alpha cringed hard in embarrassment.

Any blissful drowsiness Izuku had possessed was gone in a flash. He stared with wide eyes, hands flying up to his own throat to shield himself. “What… what just happened?” he asked, voice rising a few octaves higher than he’d intended. Was he still dreaming? If he were, it seemed much too real. The thumping of his heart and the scent of his own fear alerted him that it was indeed not a dream. He tried to scoot back and away for a little bit of distance out of instinct.

Katsuki for once let Izuku back up, looking down as his face turned dark red with flush. “Reflexes… My bad,” he explained poorly, lifting a hand to rub at his neck and wincing from the still raw bite on his scent gland. The Alpha’s hands fell to his knees curled in fists and sighed before he bowed his head in apology, “I get… these bullshit nightmares sometimes… I once woke up with Kirishima already in a headlock. But then again he’s pretty annoying… Tried to body slam me awake…” Katsuki cringed again, looking up at Izuku threw his lashes then asked, “Did I hurt you?”

Oh. Katsuki got nightmares too. Izuku figured it’d make sense, the Alpha had probably seen many horrid things that revisited him at night. He blinked a few times, registering the new information and feeling oddly special for getting to know something new about his mate. His hand came up to brush against the bite wounds on his neck, they stung a little but it wasn’t anything Izuku couldn’t handle. “No. You didn’t,” he assured. “Do you get them… a lot?” He had to ask, wondering if he should expect to be manhandled most mornings or not. A small part of him just wanted to pry for more information on who Katsuki really was.

Katsuki’s head fell back, groaning up to the ceiling and dry scrubbing his face. He really didn’t want to talk about this but he guessed he owed the little shit. “No,” the Alpha said like it was no big deal, waving the Omega off like he didn’t almost just snap his mates neck, “I only react like that when I’m… Sleep deprived… Usually I just forget about them.”

“Oh… good…” Izuku breathed out in relief. He glanced out the little window, noticing how the sun was still high in the sky, and guessed it was sometime in the late afternoon. “We better, um, clean up,” he suggested, looking down at his come-stained chest and belly. He was positive some of Katsuki’s leaked out of him during the abrupt awakening as he could feel it dripping down his thighs. With every little shift, he could feel more and more excess threatening to spill down his legs. Overall, they were both in desperate need of some sort of washing.

“Don’t move,” Katsuki said, holding his hand up to Izuku as the Omega moved like he was about to get off the bed. The Alpha got up and stomped out of the room towards the kitchen area, gathering a ceramic pitcher to fill with water from the well in the houses tiny courtyard. He brought that, a clean cloth, and a basin back to Izuku, setting it all on a small table beside the bed then poured the water so that he could clean up his Omega.

“Shoulda did this before we went to sleep,” Katsuki grumbled, wetting the cloth then ringing it out before he sat down again in front of Izuku. Lifting the cloth he began with cleaning the Omega’s face, wiping the blood off his mates mouth with firm but gentle touch.

Izuku let out a happy hum and held in a laugh. The last thing he’d ever thought he’d witness was Katsuki being such a doting partner. “Thank you,” he got out in a little bit of a giggle, moving his arms and legs with ease as Katsuki worked around him. His stomach growled like a lion as Katsuki’s hands passed over it and Izuku remembered how little they ate the day before. They really were a mess. “I can wash you next,” he offered, already sitting up to take over.

“You should rest. Bonding is fucking hard on the body, dumbass,” Katsuki said then heard Izuku’s stomach growl, frowning intensely at the sound. Getting up he stomped off again without a word then came back with a bundle of grapes from the courtyard and some sort of crushed barley cakes he found stored in the kitchen. “Here,” he said, shoving the food at the Omega awkwardly, face turned away with a blush blossoming on his cheeks, “The sound of your stomach is fucking annoying… Just say somethin’ if you are hungry, shitty Deku. I’m not a damn mind reader.”

“Oh…” Izuku’s eyes went wide at the food, excited to fill his stomach with more than just come. A bright smile took over his whole face and he beamed at Katsuki, “Thank you, Kacchan! You eat too.” He parcelled out everything evenly and started at his own portion. Izuku was determined to make sure the Alpha ate as well, concerned. Perhaps it was maternal instinct, but he wouldn’t relent until he saw Katsuki eat something too. It for him wondering about how the Alpha lived at home. “Do you… live with other people in Sparta that cook for you? Or do you cook for yourself?”

“You eat first, I stuffed my face when I was out there,” Katsuki said, standing up to dump the spoiled water out the window then filling the basin once again to dip the still damp cloth. With his back to Izuku and his ass on display, he began running the cloth over his large muscular arms then over his pectorals, down passed his abs, and finally began to wipe off his junk. “I have a couple helots to take care of the household, but I usually cook for myself.”

Izuku tried to listen but it was difficult to comprehend when eyes were focused on Katsuki. The view left the Omega staring with his mouth hanging open at the man before him. Izuku still wasn’t used to how jaw-droppingly gorgeous Katsuki was. He could smell his own arousal radiating off of him, but it didn’t matter. The Alpha’s damp skin gleamed in the sunlight and his bed-tousled hair somehow looked sexier than usual. How did Katsuki expect him to eat while showing off in such a way? Izuku forgot about his empty stomach and gazed at his mate. He’d rather eat Katsuki than the plump, red grapes in his hand.

The Alpha stilled then looked over his shoulder. Even though the scent wasn’t that strong, he could somehow feel his mates lust from within himself. It was odd, something he had never felt before. So this is what it's like to be bonded Katsuki thought to himself, then smirked at the Omega. “Did you always fucking stare at me when I wasn’t looking, Omega... I woulda obliged you sooner if you told me you wanted me,” Katsuki said, completely smug as he turned to give Izuku a full frontal view. The Alpha loved to show off.

Izuku bit his lip to hold in the most embarrassing noise. His stomach was fluttering again in sheer excitement and lust. Even his mouth was watering at the sight of his mate. Since when did he become so insatiable? “Not always,” he replied with a little pout, put out by the fact he’d gotten caught but not truly upset about it. Perhaps he’d eventually get over the embarrassment of mating, but his face grew scarlet red and his scent gave everything away. He tried to defend himself as well as his urges, “It’s hard not to when you look like…” he gestured vaguely at Katsuki, “that!”

Tilting his chin up, Katsuki flexed his biceps almost nonchalantly, putting on a display for his Omega. “Like what? Gotta be more specific, Deku,” Katsuki said, playing dumb though his tone was light and teasing.

“Kacchan…” Izuku drawled out in a whine, cheeks hot from his blush. He couldn’t even hide his own erection without any clothes on. Katsuki was a dangerous and fierce sort of attractive. He embodied a battle and for some reason, it captivated Izuku like nothing else. Shyly, he averted his eyes and mumbled, “Like a warrior.” After a second he peeked back toward his mate with a smile, “Like a beast.”

Katsuki’s mouth popped open then he immediately lifted a hand to cover it as turned his face away but his eyes quickly strayed back. Not only was he not expecting that as an answer, he also just now realized how exposed Izuku was. He could see Izuku clearly, not covered by water or darkness. His pale freckled skin was fully on display and the subtle curves accentuated by muscle... The Alpha could already feel his cock bouncing to life hoping for a repeat of earlier. But Katsuki could also see the bruises he left on such delicate skin.

“I hurt you,” the Alpha said, turning his back on Izuku to walk to his bag to pull out an extra red chiton then throwing it at the Omega, “You were supposed to fucking punch me if I hurt you…”

The fabric hit Izuku right in the face and fell into his lap. Unable to help himself, Izuku held it up to his nose to breathe in his mate’s scent. “I didn’t feel anything,” he looked down at the bruises over his hips and thighs from where Katsuki had grabbed him. The mere memory of their first mating had his insides tingling again. “We should be worried about you.” He swallowed his lust in favor of taking care of Katsuki. The angry bruise on his ribs hadn’t faded. Izuku buried his face in the chiton when he realized the Alpha had been straining himself the entire time for his sake, and it couldn’t have been comfortable during their coupling. “Sorry. I didn’t even think how that probably hurt earlier… We really need to wrap that up.” And Izuku probably needed to let Katsuki rest rather than attempt to tempt him into another round of sex. He inwardly smacked himself for forgetting about the injury.

Katsuki’s scrunched up in confusion. “What the fuck are you on about?” he asked, scratching his head before Izuku gestured towards the Alpha’s chest in exasperation. “Oh… That,” Katsuki said dismissively, looking down at his chest and poking at the bruises. He completely forgot about his ribs. “It feels… Better than it did… Probably set at this point. Alpha’s heal a lot quicker than Beta’s and Omega’s. I just needed some fucking sleep for my body to actually heal a bit.”

Izuku finally stood from the bed, holding out the chiton in front of him. It was a color he wasn’t allowed to wear before as it was too masculine, but he loved it. “If you say so,” he said with worry strung right into his tone. He quickly ate first, finally feeling full since the Spartans arrived. Food was more important than clothes at that point anyway. Katsuki still wasn’t dressed either which made for a distraction. “If you don’t put something on soon…” Izuku started, biting at his lip, “Then we won’t get anything done today.” He meant for it to sound logical but it all flowed out of his mouth like a teasing threat. For that, he blamed the perfect scent surrounding him and the fact he couldn’t get his heart to relax around the Alpha.

Izuku was closer to Katsuki now, so it was easy to turn and pull the Omega close by the hips. “Yeah? You gonna fucking make me get dressed, huh?” Katsuki asked, smirking dangerously down at Izuku before he began nuzzling into the Omega’s neck. Sure, this was the intimate territory that the Alpha had been avoiding, trying to give Izuku time to rest, get clean, and eat. Heal the emotional scars he was surely carrying from the last few days. But every time Katsuki tried to give the Omega what he needed, Izuku would protest and push the Alpha passed all reason. How was he supposed to resist?

“Kacchan,” Izuku let out in a little moan, heart thumping like mad. He tilted his head a little, giving Katsuki a little more room. “Yeah, I’m going to make you get dressed,” he half-heartedly agreed. “What are we doing today again?” he looked over to the Alpha, wondering just how much free time they had. He spent so much time gazing at Katsuki, he couldn’t remember if they discussed it or not.

“You and what fucking army?” Katsuki asked petulantly, setting his teeth to Izuku’s shoulder and nibbling but making sure not to press to hard. He didn’t want to leave anymore bruises but it was also the easiest way from distracting Izuku from his incessant questions.

The sharp teeth on his shoulder made Izuku giggle as they tickled his skin. “Just me,” he grinned. “I’m pretty tough though. Better not underestimate me.” At that, he flexed his own biceps, which weren’t anything like Katsuki’s but they weren’t limp either. Finally, his heart calmed down enough so he could tease a little. He wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s middle, pulling them even closer. “I can be pretty convincing too.”

The Alpha snorted as he pulled back. “Yeah? How?” he asked, challenge in his eyes as he stared Izuku down. The Alpha didn’t know why he didn’t want to leave, but the idea of letting the Omega out of this room was unappealing otherwise he wouldn’t kick up such a fuss.

Izuku should have expected Katsuki to challenge him, though he hadn’t completely come up with any sort of plan. Nothing was ever really planned alongside Katsuki, though. So, he followed his instincts and hoped Katsuki didn’t care. Izuku started with a few sweet, little kisses on his mate’s shoulders and worked his way down defined pecs and rippling abs. Playful licks and little nibbles were left along his trail downward until he fell to his knees. His nose nestled into the curly blond hair just below Katsuki’s naval and above his thick, hard cock. Breathing in, he got a lungful of the smoky, musky, woodsy scent he’d slowly found himself craving.

His hands came up Katsuki’s legs, feeling over hair and muscle until holding onto the Alpha’s hip with one hand to stabilize himself and the other grasped onto the base of the erection in front of him. Izuku finally kissed the head, peeking up to gauge Katsuki’s reaction.

Katsuki was dumbstruck, frozen in spot with his hand over his mouth trying to hide his gaping jaw. “What the fuck are you… Really? That’s not-... Fucking asshole!” he screeched, but couldn’t seem to move, his cock twitching incessantly everytime Izuku’s breath ghosted over it.

“What, is it bad?” Izuku cocked his head to the side and licked his lips. Every time he even looked at Katsuki’s dick, his mouth started to water. Such a sweet, perfect scent had to taste nice too, right? His instincts led him down to his knees, and his curiosity gave him the courage to stay there. With a push of bravery, he leaned forward to lick up the underside and nearly melted when he found out that Katsuki indeed tasted just as good as he smelled.

Fuck,” Katsuki hissed, eyes suddenly filled with lust as his breathes grew shallow, “N-No… It’s not fucking bad... But I wasn’t being serious, you don’t have to… To fucking do this!” No matter what the Alpha was saying, he also wasn’t pushing Izuku away. It felt… Too fucking good to make Izuku stop.

The reaction only felt like permission to continue as Izuku lapped a few more times, eagerly revelling in the flavor. A lust-filled frenzy shoved his shyness far, far away and left Izuku uninhibited to try out something new. He took Katsuki’s cock in his mouth, wrapping his lips around the shaft, and moaning into the sensation. One little regret he had about their first mating was that he didn’t get to taste his mate’s come. So, a more direct path to the goal made sense, right? He pushed forward and back, lips wrapped snugly and tongue working at the underside like a massage. Izuku relaxed his jaw and made sure to mind his teeth, licking and lapping and sucking greedily.

Gods’,” Katsuki swore, hands falling so that his fingers could run through Izuku’s curls, any protest about the Omega’s condition long forgotten. Izuku had barely even begun and Katsuki was already falling apart, his hips twitching from the effort it took to not thrust inside that sinful little mouth. The Alpha could get used to this kind of persuasion.

The hand in his hair had Izuku happily humming and bobbing his head a little faster. He took in so much of Katsuki’s cock that the tip of his nose brushed up against blond curls. When he got into a steady rhythm, he peered up at the Alpha and internally preened when he saw the look of pleasure plastered across his face. His hands came down to grip onto his mate’s thighs hard so he wouldn’t fall over.

“If you don’t fucking stop, I’m gonna-...” His warning was much too late, feeling the warmth in his balls building until it released, coming hard with a snarl. Izuku’s mouth was filled in an instant but he kept coming, pulling out to coat the Omega’s face in pearly liquid as well.

After a few thick swallows of salty, smoky come Izuku could finally breathe again. He peeked open one of his eyes, the one that hadn’t been splattered with come, and looked up to Katsuki. Even though he got a messy face in the end, Izuku smiled. He’d surprised his mate, and made him feel good too. “Good?” he asked with a smug little grin.

“Fuck off,” Katsuki hissed, but his tone lacked its usual bite since he was still feeling the aftershocks of his orgasm. He closed his eyes for a moment then opened them, cocking his head to the right as his red blazed down at Izuku. “Get on the bed,” the Alpha growled. Time for some fucking payback.

Knowing it wasn’t in his best interest to disobey, even for teasing purposes, Izuku backed up until he was right back where he started in bed. He carefully rubbed his eye clean and sucked the excess come off his fingers, figuring he’d get the rest later as he wasn’t sure what to expect. Based purely on the tone of his mate’s voice, though, he was in trouble.

The Alpha stalked forwards, pressing one knee on the bed and forcing Izuku’s legs open, staring the Omega down the entire time. “You like to push me until I fucking snap, don’t you?” Katsuki asked, moving forward as Izuku inched back, squeezing the Omega’s thighs then running his hands up to his mates hips. Without warning, Katsuki flipped Izuku over onto his belly then pulled his hips up, forcing the Omega’s ass high in the air. “For that, I’m not going to go fucking easy on you.”

“K-Kacchan?” Izuku squeaked in shock, “What are you going to do?” He really wasn’t sure, which was just as thrilling as it was ominous and turned his head to try to get a look at the Alpha and guess his intentions.

“Make you squeal like a fucking pig,” Katsuki said as he knocked Izuku’s knees apart with his own then used his hands to spread the Omega’s cheeks to survey his already leaking hole.

Izuku buried his face in his hands, completely taken off guard. His legs were spread wide open, Katsuki was so close to his ass, it all equated to a rush of arousal that had more slick coming out of his hole and an almost painfully hard erection. “Are you… sure…?” He wasn’t sure how to finish his own sentence, other than keeping his face hidden and biting at his lip to keep himself from saying anything stupid or from making any undistinguished noises.

Katsuki’s mouth was so close, he could feel the heat of Izuku’s body on his lips, but he paused before he dived in. “If you don’t want this,” the Alpha growled, unhappy with the idea of not continuing but making sure he wasn’t reading Izuku wrong, “I’ll fucking stop.”

“Please don’t stop!” Izuku rushed to say, whipping his head back to look at his mate with big, pleading eyes. He had been surprised, but knew for a fact he definitely didn’t want Katsuki to stop. The Alpha had a way of making him feel so fucking good that there wasn’t any possibility that Izuku would turn him away.

Are you sure?” Katsuki asked with a mocking tone, smirking as Izuku’s whimpered in response. “Fine… Since you want it so bad.” With that, Katsuki leaned forward to lick up a shining drop of slick that had leaked out of the Omega’s twitching hole. A happy rumble echoed deep his chest; fuck Izuku tasted good.

Fuck,” Izuku breathed out, still unused to swearing but unable to help it because Katsuki’s tongue felt so damned good. The hot wetness over his hole was sinfully perfect. “Kaaacchan,” he moaned and held himself back from rocking his hips toward the Alpha’s face.

Katsuki grinned to himself at the noises Izuku was making then dived in again, lapping at the hole as the Omega’s hips began to shake. “Taste so fucking good,” Katsuki hissed to himself before he stretched Izuku open even more with his hands before he pushed his tongue passed the tight ring of muscle, trying to get closer to the source of Izuku’s slick.

The whines, squeaks, and moans with every pass of Katsuki’s tongues didn’t cease and Izuku got to the point where he didn’t care or feel embarrassed about them whatsoever. He snuck a hand down to his own cock, unable to bear the need for friction any longer. “If you keep doing that… ahh...”

Katsuki pulled back just enough to say, “Keep doing what? This?” Slamming his tongue in hard, he circled Izuku’s fluttering rim, then curled his tongue downwards, trying to find the good spot.

Izuku yelped at the pressure and gasped when Katsuki’s tongue flexed just right. He repeated his mate’s name over and over again, pumping at his own cock with tears in his eyes. There wasn’t even a chance to say something as he came over the mattress in a sputtering mess. His front half collapsed onto the bed while he kept his ass up. He could feel the air cooling the slick over his thighs and shivered. “Gods, that was…” he didn’t have the right word, so he just let out a pleased sigh instead.

Katsuki just licked his lips, then wiped his glistening mouth with the back of his hand before he flopped back onto the bed beside Izuku. “Yeah, I’m fucking amazing, I know…” the Alpha said with a smirk, pillowing his head with his hands, “You were… Pretty good too…”

Flopping to his side, Izuku smiled up at the Alpha. An actual compliment felt good and warmed his heart. Compliments from Katsuki always felt earned rather than simply given thoughtlessly. And his tongue had been so amazing that he had to ask. “Have you... ever done that before?”

Katsuki’s eyes widened before he turned his head away. “Not that… But other shit, yeah,” he grumbled, uncomfortable with the topic but also not wanting to lie to his mate.

Scrunching his face up in utter confusion, Izuku cocked his head to the side and tried to sort of the myriad of questions Katsuki’s vague response stirred up. When it came to intimate activities, his knowledge was completely limited. “Do you have another mate? Or someone you wanted to be your mate?”

Katsuki’s head whipped back as he yelled, “No! Of course fucking not!”

Izuku recoiled from the shout but persisted. “But you did… other stuff…” he said slowly as he simply didn’t understand it. He was told again and again that his body was meant to be preserved for his mate, so if Katsuki didn’t have another one, Izuku had no idea what he meant.

“Yeah! With fucking other warriors! Not Omegas! Shit like handjobs and blow jobs! Not sex or any fucking thing!” Katsuki tried to explain, sitting up and pulling at his hair as his face turned beat red in his embarrassment. “Not… The fucking kinda stuff we do together. It’s like, impersonal! For release!” he said, waving his hands around as he spoke, “I was never really into it… But it’s kinda… Not mandatory but the higher ups really got a stick up their ass when I refused… So it just… Happened.”

“Oh…” Izuku digested the information slowly, another big pill to swallow that came with learning about an entirely different culture. He wasn’t sure whether he was simply surprised or… jealous. “With a lot of people then…?” he didn’t mean for it to come out as a question but his brain needed more information to help get the ache out of his stomach. As much as he didn’t want to care and for as little he’d known the Alpha, it still felt heavy on his heart.

“Nah,” Katsuki grumbled then sighed, flopping back down beside Izuku. “Just Kirishima. And it was awkward as fuck. Jacking each other off and trying not to make any eye contact. He tried to give me a blow job once, but have you seen his fucking teeth? Grazed me once and I knocked him the fuck out.”

After a few seconds of silence, a bubble of laughter crawled its way up Izuku’s throat and manifested as an unstoppable giggle. He probably should have been more understanding or even perhaps still jealous but he couldn’t help but laugh. The imagery Katsuki had painted was oddly humorous and Izuku’s giggles filled the room. “Oh, I see,” he snorted a little and wiped the tears from his eyes. “Do you, ah, still have to do that stuff now… now that there’s me…?”

“Only if I want to… Which I really fucking don’t,” Katsuki growled, deciding to ignore Izuku’s laughter completely, though he could feel a vein popping in his forehead from the effort. He turned on his side to face the Omega, lifting his hand to pet the side of Izuku’s face and wipe away a stray tear. “What about you? Anyone else catch your fucking fancy?” the Alpha asked, his tone even but a darkness growing in the depths of his red eyes.

The only Alphas Izuku had ever met beyond his own father were the Spartans, so he didn’t have any opportunities to see anyone prior to the invasion. Even after, Katsuki was the only one Izuku had come to trust so easily, the only one that had ever caught his eye. He relaxed under Katsuki’s hand, nuzzling into it a little bit and genuinely smiling. “Just you. The other Spartans are, um…” he tried to find a good word. Untrustworthy like Shinso? Forward like Kirishima? He thought back to the day they all fought each other for their claim of an Athenian Omega or how they behaved at the banquet. “Scary,” he finally decided. It turned out to be quite ironic, as Katsuki was probably truly the scariest of them all. But lying next to him so closely made Izuku realize that he was actually sweet, in his own way.

Katsuki’s smug smile returned once again only for it to disappear into a deep frown almost immediately. He grabbed Izuku by the hip and dragged him forward until he had buried the Omega in his chest. “Yeah… Well… We gotta… Gotta pick someone else, ya know. Just in case, I can't… I dont know how I’m gonna be able to stop myself from tearing their heads off though… So you better not fucking pick an asshole like Shinso,” Katsuki mumbled into Izuku’s hair, definitely forgetting that the Omega was not familiar with Spartan culture.

“Pick someone else? In case you can’t… what?” Izuku was captured tight in Katsuki’s arms, so he couldn’t even get a good look at the Alpha’s face. Instead, he was nuzzled up with his face pressed into the Alpha’s pecs. He tried not to panic, but it wasn’t easy when he didn’t know what was going on. “Do you not want me anymore or something?”

Katsuki hugged Izuku tighter as he tried to bite down his anger at such a question. “No. Stop fucking jumping to conclusions already,” he said in reprimand but also pulling back so that he could kiss the Omega on the neck reassuringly. “I’m not fucking good at explaining this kinda shit,” Katsuki mumbled into Izuku’s soft skin, “In… In Spartan culture the only thing that matters is being a warrior and making more warriors. So… If I can’t get you pregnant. You will have to-… Have to fuck someone else…” The Alpha almost choked on his words, beginning to growl deep within his chest, the sound full of the promise of death and danger. “A Spartan Omega must produce offspring…” Katsuki said, a phrase he must have heard thousands of times before in his life and never thought so bitterly about it until the threat was hanging over his head.

Izuku was again a little dumbfounded when he realized what the Alpha meant. It made sense logically, but it was a dark truth. Obviously, it wasn’t unanimously adored by the Spartans based on the sound coming from Katsuki’s throat, but it was enforced. Izuku’s hand slipped down to his flat, taut belly and bit his lip in determination. “Then we’ll just have to try a lot,” he decided. “Because I’m not going to pick someone else. So either you get me pregnant or…” Or he’d deal with the consequences of not sleeping with someone else voluntarily, whatever that was.

“Yeah… We fucking will. Or else they’ll take you away…” Katsuki said, baring his teeth and looking like he really wanted to kill something, “You have to take care of yourself too. Eat lots, get stronger, learn to defend yourself.” One of Katsuki’s hands found a way to rest over Izuku’s stomach, rubbing the soft skin reverently, “You have to be able to fucking protect our babies even if I’m not there, even if I fucking die, got it?”

With a fluttering heart, Izuku nodded as he agreed to his newfound mission. Of course he’d want to keep their children safe, no matter what. He didn’t want anyone to take him away from his mate, so he’d do whatever it took to stay wrapped tightly in Katsuki’s arms. “I will. But don’t die,” he used a firm tone, one he rarely brought out unless he truly meant something with a fiery passion. “Got it?”

Katsuki snorted. “I ain’t paying the ferryman till I’m old and gray. Hades is going to have to drag my fucking ass to the Underworld himself,” Katsuki promised, his smile menacing.

Nuzzling further into his mate, Izuku laughed softly at Katsuki’s response and hummed, “Good. I’d have to run down to the Underworld and pry you from death’s hands if He took you from me.” Izuku meant it too. He’d do anything it took to stay with Katsuki.

Chapter Text

It took them a while after that to get up but they managed, Katsuki finally getting dressed fully for them to leave the house. This time when they left though, the Alpha left nothing behind, gathering anything of use and packing it up. He didn’t bring a lot to Athens but his armour and his weapons, so he had sword at his hip and his spear and shield on his arm while he walked with his arm slung over Izuku’s shoulder. The Omega was leading them back to his childhood home and the Alpha seemed to be in a great mood, teasing Izuku mercilessly with a cocky smirk as they went.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take as long to get back to his home as Izuku imagined. As he got more familiar with the outside world of Athens, he found it easier to navigate through the streets and paths. In just a short walk, they’d made it right back to the house he’d spent a majority of his life in. It was untouched, by the looks of it, and he noticed the front door was ajar just like it’d been left when he and his mother were taken. Erring on caution, he nudged it open a little further with his foot to peek inside. It didn’t smell like anyone was in there, but he definitely didn’t want to stumble upon something he shouldn’t have. “Think it’s safe?” he whispered to Katsuki, trying to get a decent glimpse inside.

Pulling Izuku back by the shoulder, Katsuki kicked the door open and hollered, “If anyone is fucking hiding in here, you better come out right the fuck now or else my spear will find you and gut you!” The Alpha tilted his head and listened for a moment, trying to see if there was any shifting or scuffling within the house. When all remained quiet, he looked back at Izuku with a nod and said, “Seems alright. Can’t smell anything but the stale scent of your family. But you should stick close to me.”

The house was rather common if not a little smaller compared to most other Athenian homes. They had a main area for hosting with a worn table and chairs. A vase with flowers from the courtyard had been tipped over and broken, but the flowers were still alive in their knocked-over state. Straightforward led out to the larger courtyard with a few fruit trees and plenty of flowering bushes. Further forward was his own bedroom and up the stairs were his parents’. Their kitchen was off to the side and their big bathroom was on the other.

“It might be nice to have some extra clothes… seeming as mine always end up ripped or dirty…” he muttered to himself. “Maybe some food… I should probably give Kacchan my dowry since it’s technically his…”

Setting his spear and shield beside the door, Katsuki walked around the kitchen, ignoring Izuku’s mumbling as he picked up a yellow daffodil off the table. The Alpha reached over to set it behind the Omega’s ear, smirking at Izuku’s bewilderment before he leaned down to steal a kiss. If Izuku told anyone about how mushy he was being, Katsuki would deny it, but it was nice to steal these moments together. The Alpha was pretty content for once in his life.

“What’re you mumbling about,” Katsuki asked into Izuku’s lips, holding the Omega by the hips and pulling him closer.

“I… uh… was just…” Izuku lost his train of thought, taken by surprise per usual. Katsuki had a way of doing that. His eyes were pretty in the lighting, and Izuku got a bit lost in them. His lips still tingled from the unexpected kiss.

It was odd being with Katsuki in his parents’ home, like two unlikely worlds colliding. “I have something for you,” he finally got out, but he didn’t move from his spot. He didn’t think he physically could, not wishing to leave such a perfect place close to his mate.

“Yeah?” Katsuki asked, moving to rub his hands up and down Izuku’s back and nuzzling into his green hair, sniffing at the pomegranate scent reverently. He tried to think of what Izuku would have to give him and really only one thing came to mind. “If it’s your dad’s smelly old clothes, then I’ll fuckin’ pass.”

Izuku snorted in laughter and leaned into Katsuki’s embrace. “No, it’s not old clothes,” he giggled. “They’re in my bedroom.” He took hold of Katsuki’s hand and started pulling the Alpha through his house. As much as he enjoyed the closeness, he had a mission in mind.

His bedroom was just as he left it, plain and typical for any Omega. A little bed was tucked in the corner by the window. Colored curtains hung around the walls. A chest of chitons sat along the wall and under all the clothes were the items Izuku used during his heats. If one looked a little closer, they’d see the spots on the walls where Izuku would practice punching over and over again. They’d see the frayed wood on his bed and the chest from where he’d kicked and hit them like a sparring dummy. There were blood stains on some of his blankets and curtains from the numerous times he’d hurt himself due to his own personal training regime.

None of that was important though. Izuku reached under his bed to pull out two bundles of green, silky cloth. “My family wasn’t wealthy. But… my father is… was… a blacksmith.” He unrolled the clothes to reveal two beautifully crafted, matching swords. The metal shined beautifully and the hilt was crafted with delicate, intricate patterns of vines and the symbol of Ares. Little green gems were set into the metal, decorating the already gorgeous weapons. “So my dowry wasn’t exactly usual. Instead of money or livestock… my father made these to offer my future Alpha. So… will you accept them?”

Katsuki looked at the weapons with apt attention, his experienced eyes noting the intricacies of the details. Taking one of the swords out of Izuku’s hands, he pulled the blade from the sheath, inspecting the craftsmanship of the revealed metal. Holding it out, the Alpha did a complicated routine of maneuvers, dancing around Izuku and managing to keep control even in the tiny space. “It’s a pretty good blade,” Katsuki said, then frowned down at it, “For Athenian metal.”

Izuku watched Katsuki in awe, amazed at how smoothly he tore through the air with the sword. Perhaps he’d have to ask for the Alpha to teach him, but that could wait. “I think it’s the only worthwhile thing in here to give,” he shrugged. “We could sell them if you don’t like them, though.”

“Nah,” Katsuki said, putting the blade on the back of his hand to test the balance then flipping it in midair to catch, “It is a bit lighter than I’m used to but the balance is fuckin’ perfect. Should be a good fit for your first sword.” With that he held the sword out for Izuku to take. “I still can’t fucking believe you’ve went through you whole damn life without weilding a weapon. All Spartan children go through the training, regardless of dynamic.”

Face lighting up as bright as the sun, Izuku took the sword in hand. In the dead of night, he’d sneak it out from under his bed and slash through the air like the soldiers did. Only in his wildest dreams, he’d actually get to use one. He knew if he’d ever gotten caught, he’d face quite the punishment. “Mine?” he had to ask again. “Really? Will you teach me?”

“Got someone else in fucking mind?” Katsuki growled in sarcasm as he rolled his eyes, “Of course I’m gonna fucking teach you. I’ve said it a million times that you have to learn to defend yourself.”

Beaming, Izuku wrapped the swords back up and strapped them to his body with extra fabric. “How long does it take to get to Sparta?” he asked, curious on what he needed to prepare for. Really, he didn’t know much about the place whatsoever. “Is it cold there? Or hot?” Based on Katsuki’s pretty tan skin, Izuku guessed it was at least sunny.

“Three day’s walk,” Katsuki answered as he leaned on a wall, waiting for Izuku to grab the rest of his clothing and pack it into one of the bags that were in his room. “My horse is at the stable so you’ll ride on that most of the time since you aren’t used to travel,” he commented then considered the weather, “Sparta is hot and probably not as wet as Athens. It’s farther inland than your city so we don’t get the summer storms like you do.”

Izuku hummed in understanding, tossing the few chitons he owned in a bag. Between the swords, his clothes, and an extra pair of sandals the room was nearly barren except for the things he used to use to help him during his heats. He thought, with a smile, he probably wouldn’t need them any longer. It had him mentally calculating just how long it would be until his next one, silently hoping it was sooner than later. It would likely be much less painful and much more enjoyable with his mate. With the bag over his shoulder, he finally was ready. “I can’t wait to see it,” he honestly responded. “The city and your home too.”

Our home, idiot,” Katsuki corrected, then lead the way out, stopping to pick up his own belongings. By the time they left, the sun was beginning to set and Katsuki was really feeling the effects of his empty stomach, “You still hungry? We got some time before I have to report to my commander.”

“Yep,” Izuku told him with a smile, still unable to wipe it off of his own face. He glanced around Athens to see quite a few Spartan soldiers with their newfound mates wandering around just like they were. As they got closer to the main part of town, the streets became even more lively with plenty more people walking out and about. He wondered if they’d run into Denki and Kirishima, or perhaps worse… Shinsou, the guy who always seemed to bother Katsuki.

“I’m craving some fucking meat,” Katsuki said as they walked through the agora, “Someone should be selling some beef or something. I know the Spartan general took a hold of the livestock so there should be something good cooking.” Finally, his nose found the perfect vender, roasting a pig on a spit while a bunch of people crowded around trying to pay the merchant. Katsuki practically dragged Izuku there, then elbowed his way to the front to demand two sizeable portions. Shoving the Omega’s share into Izuku’s hands, Katsuki only took a couple of steps away from the crowd before he started to tear at the meat like an animal, wolfing it down.

For Izuku, the roasted pork quickly became the most delectable thing he’d ever eaten. He wasn’t used to big portions of meat and forgot about all of his manners as he ate so fast he practically choked. “So… good,” he practically moaned and it almost sounded sexual, but he didn’t care. It filled his stomach so pleasantly and made him feel almost rejuvenated, not having realized how hungry he had been.

Katsuki grinned at Izuku with specks of meat on his mouth then dropped his bag and shoved his spear and shield into the Omega’s hands. “I’m gonna go get more. Wait here,” Katsuki commanded, thinking that it’d be okay since the pork vendor was right there and he could keep the Omega in his line of sight.

Izuku watched Katsuki stride off and looked down at the weapons that had been thrown into his hands. They were heavier than he first imagined and felt a bit excited to hold onto them. His childhood dreams of being a soldier were sort of becoming true, in a warped kind of way. Trusting Katsuki would return quickly, he people-watched around the agora. With the mark on his neck and Katsuki’s scent still on him, he felt much less nervous than the first time and could actually relax a bit.

“Hello again, green bean,” a voice purred from behind Izuku, the smell of grapes surrounding the Omega instantly like the Alpha was trying to blast Izuku with his scent.

Stiffening in his place, Izuku whipped around to see Shinso. The cat-like smile was spread across his face per usual, and his potent scent clouded around the two instantly. “Oh, hello!” Izuku finally remembered to return. Somehow the purple-haired Alpha always ended up finding him all alone, though never really did anything to harm Izuku. So, he figured he couldn’t be rude and just walk away.

“Bakugo leaving you all on your lonesome once again, I see,” Shinso said, looking the Omega up and down, lingering around the swell of Izuku’s hips then outright staring at the bite on his throat. “So he finally sealed the deal,” Shinso said with a ‘tsk’, stepping closer to lift a finger to trace the teeth marks, “Did he force you? Seems like the type. What a pity.”

Izuku gripped onto the spear in his hand a little harder. He didn’t like Shinso’s eyes on him in such a lecherous fashion, nor did he like the insinuation that his mate coerced him into doing anything. “He didn’t force me,” Izuku corrected, glaring at the hand reaching for him and taking a tiny step back to avoid contact. “I chose him.”

“Don’t have to lie to me, green bean. Doesn’t really matter though I just never thought he’d actually claim you, since he’s been ranting and raving about never taking an Omega for the entire time I’ve known him,” Shinso said with a shrug, leaning forward to get into Izuku’s personal space, “Tell you what, how about you choose me as your second, huh? I’ll be a lot gentler and won’t leave such ugly bruises on that pretty skin…”

“I don’t really want a second,” Izuku’s voice trembled under the influence of the Alpha’s scent, but he refused to back down with his body language. Instead, he stayed put and tried his best to put on a straight face. All the while, he couldn’t stop thinking about the fact Katsuki didn’t want an Omega. Fear, doubt, and stupid bravery all mingled together in his heart.

“Sure you do,” Shinso said, so close now that his warm breath ghosted over Izuku’s ear, “Don’t be rude now Omega, you can’t really say no to an Alpha like me can you? I know all about you Athenian Omega’s… Completely obedient…” The purple haired Alpha was about to say more when a large hand clamped onto his shoulder and spun him around.

“Is there a problem here?” Kirishima asked Shinso before he turned to notice Izuku, “Oh geeze Izuku? Bakugo’s Omega? Are you okay? Is Shinso… Is Shinso harassing you?”

“No, not at all,” Shinso backed up and waved his hand at Izuku, “Just talking about me being his second is all.”

Kirishima’s mouth popped open in surprise and was about to begin apologizing, when Denki appeared at his side.

“No, Eijirou, that purpled haired asshole was harassing Izuku! He’s stinking of distress!” Denki said firmly, stepping forward to put himself between Shinso and Izuku.

“I said, I don’t want a second,” Izuku repeated darkly, gripping onto the spear so hard that it shook in his hand. Completely obedient? Is that what the Spartan thought? Not only was Izuku completely distressed at the fact Katsuki didn’t want an Omega, but he was absolutely furious for Shinso to say something so utterly demeaning. The mere thought of something taking his mate away from him, especially so close after bonding, had his heart breaking. He dropped the shield and spear to the ground in full preparation to tackle the Alpha to the ground out of pure rage, but refrained due to Denki standing in between them. Tears gathered up in the corners of his eyes just from the overwhelming emotion of it all.

Seeing, Izuku’s rage and distress, Denki started to shake himself as his face scrunched up though there were no tears. “Eijirou this guy is upsetting me…” Denki fake whined to get the attention off of Izuku, “I don’t like him Alpha... Make him go away.”

Immediately, Kirishima’s happy go lucky attitude changed. Baring his spiked teeth, Kirishima snarled at Shinso, “You upset my Omega and our friend! Get the fuck out of here before I make you leave.”

Shinso’s eyes lingered on Izuku before he tilted his head and began backing away. “Alright alright. Let’s finish this conversation when we meet again, green bean,” Shinso called and with that turned on his heel and sauntered away.

Kirishima instantly went to check on Denki who was completely fine, not one tear formed. The Omega seemed to have already mastered the ability to get the Alpha to do what he wanted.

“Are you okay Izuku?” Denki asked, the mated pair turning to check on Izuku as well.

Finally able to take a decent breath of air without an unwelcome Alpha’s scent getting in the way, Izuku slowly started to calm down. His balled fists stopped shaking as the need to punch someone quelled. Still, one thing pestered at his brain so much that it hurt. He looked up to Kirishima and asked, “Does Kacchan really not want an Omega?”

Kirishima’s eyes widened, then he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “Welllll you know how Bakugou is… Doesn’t like to be told what to do,” he said then gave a nervous chuckle, “Whenever someone said he had to take one he’d screech on and on that he refused, simple as that… Some of us thought he was into Alpha’s instead but even then he’d of had to take an Omega.” Kirishima shrugged his shoulders then added, “But he must have changed his mind when he met you. The Bakugou I know wouldn’t have fought for you if he didn’t want you and he definitely wouldn’t have claimed you.”

The red headed Alpha looked up passed Izuku’s shoulder to see Katsuki walking towards them with a crate stacked high with food. “Sometimes, you think you want one thing,” Kirishima said quietly, eyes wistful as he stared up at Katsuki, then reached out for Denki to pull him close to his side, “But then you meet someone and everything you ever wanted changes in an instant.” The Alpha nuzzled affectionately into the top of his tiny Omega’s head then looked back at Izuku.

Izuku’s heart warmed at Kirishima’s words, knowing just how true they were. He originally never wanted to end up with a Spartan and in such little time, Katsuki became his entire world. Was it the same for the Alpha? He wanted to push past his own doubt and think so, but everything Shinso had said pestered him like mad. “Thank you,” he wiped away the tears from one of his cheeks and smiled at the couple before him. If it weren’t for them, he wasn’t sure what would have happened.

“What the fucks going on here?” Katsuki yelled as he walked up to them then noticed the tears on Izuku’s cheeks and the distress in his mates scent. Dropping the crate, he immediately pulled the Omega into his arms, crooning and covering him in a scent mark to calm him down. “What the fuck happened?” Katsuki growled lowly into Izuku’s ear as he furiously rubbed their necks together.

“Shinso,” Izuku got out, falling into Katsuki’s embrace and finally feeling truly better. Anger and fear turned into comfort and security for the most part. He held in a sob of relief and moved his head to accommodate for even more scent marking. It distracted him from wanting to run after Shinso just to give him a few punches to the gut and an extra to the groin.

Katsuki was instantly furious, snarling as he pulled Izuku closer to scent mark him more aggressively, dousing the Omega in his enraged Alphan pheromones that told everyone else to stay the fuck away. “Next time I see him near you, I’m going to fucking kill him,” Katsuki hissed into Izuku’s skin before he set his teeth to the Omega’s neck. He managed to hold back from piercing the skin, but the Alpha wanted to put so many claiming bites on Izuku, he would probably look like he got mauled.

With sharp teeth at his neck, Izuku stilled in the Alpha’s hold in preparation to get bitten but he knew Katsuki probably wouldn’t. Still, his inner Omega put a stop to all movement. The scent on him was probably sharp and suffocating to anyone other than Izuku, who found it to be surrounding and protective. “He wanted to be my second option,” he quietly explained with his nose pressed into Katsuki’s skin. It wasn’t the thing that upset him most, though, so he went on, “Said some things about you…” Like the fact Katsuki didn’t want an Omega. “Some things about me…” Like how he would obediently comply to any Alpha’s wishes.

He peeked around Katsuki’s frame to see Kirishima and Denki. In response to Katsuki’s pheromones, Kirishima had the little blond shoved behind him. The Alpha was obviously on edge, wrestling with his primal and rational selves by protecting his mate but not fighting off Katsuki in any way. They really were two amazing people in Izuku’s opinion. “Kirishima and Denki helped chase him off,” he said with a smile. “Before I tackled him down myself.”

The Alpha was trying to slow his ragged breathing, willing himself to calm down though it wasn’t working very well. “That’s what he fucking does.... Gets inside your head and fucks with it,” Katsuki grumbled into Izuku’s skin, having a difficult time letting him go. Finally pulling back, his hands lifted to Izuku’s face to hold him steady so his red eyes could burn into green. “Listen up. Shinso is so full of shit, every time he opens his mouth it comes pouring out. We are going to go back to the fucking camp, you are going to fucking tell me everything that fuck face said, and then I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll forget he even exists,” the Alpha hissed into the Omega’s face.

Izuku nodded the best he could with his face held in agreement, knowing it’d be better for the two of them to clear the area but also knowing he’d feel better after talking (and fucking) about it in length. Shinso did get into his head, leaving behind thoughts that weren’t so easy to push away.

“That’s all well and good, Bakugo, but don’t forget to report back to the commander,” Kirishima reminded him, still keeping a very close hold on Denki. His first priority was to keep his Omega out of danger’s path, and his second was to help out his friend. “We’ve finally got orders to leave soon, and they wanna check out your Omega too. You know… making sure you mated and shit. Probably tell you to try a few more times before we leave too. I know you hate orders, but I have a feeling you’ll won’t complain about that one.” The touch of humor in his voice definitely lightened the atmosphere, though it didn’t completely alleviate the tension.

Instead of answering Kirishima, Katsuki leaned down to attack Izuku’s mouth as one hand lifted to give the other Alpha the middle finger. Only when he was done did he look at his friend, then held out his arm for Kirishima to clasp. “I’ll see you back at camp,” Katsuki said, his tone clipped but his eyes filled with thanks. He was grateful Kirishima was looking out for Izuku in his absence.

The last thing Izuku needed at that point was to get lost again, so he clamped onto Katsuki’s hand tightly after they’d gathered their things to move on with their day. A fresh, albeit threatening, new scent-mark on his skin made him feel a bit less frazzled. As his head stopped spinning, he rethought the events that had transpired and tried not to let Shinso’s words get to him. They’d talk through it later, but in the meantime he was hoping to get the little meeting with the Spartan commander over with as quickly as possible.

Chapter Text

The red sea of tents that was the Spartan camp was set up across a row of fields outside of Athens. Katsuki quickly dragged Izuku there, not even realizing that it was the first time the Omega ever set foot beyond the city's walls. There were no Athenians in the camp like there were in the city, only Spartan warriors that watched the pair with every step they took. Katsuki ignored them all, heading straight to the largest tent in the middle of the camp and setting down their stuff before ducking inside along with Izuku.

“Katsuki Bakugo,” General Midnight purred in greeting, sitting on top of a raised chair as she gazed down on them below her, “How good it is that you finally turned up.”

“General,” Katsuki growled, beating a fist on his chest and bowing his head though a deep frown remained set on his face. The General waved her hand, allowing Katsuki to lift his eyes.

“And this is your mate, I suppose?” she asked, turning her gaze onto Izuku.

The Alpha before them radiated pure power and wore a scandalous outfit that clung to her bodacious figure. She was intimidating, so much that Izuku froze for a long moment before nodding to her. His hand rose up to his neck, grazing over the mark Katsuki had left there. It was still scabbed over, but healing quickly. He looked between the General and his mate, feeling out of place between two extremely dominant Alphas. His eyes averted elsewhere around the tent, surveying the simple extravagance of huge, shiny swords stacked up on a rack and a pile of huge, red pillows for sitting or longuing.

“I am,” Izuku confirmed, wanting to make it clear for the room. Katsuki was his and he was Katsuki’s and there was no one else to be added to that equation. His gut clenched while trepidation threatened to eat him up alive.

“You two didn’t like my banquet…” she whined, blue eyes piercing the Omega as she lifted her tasseled whip to flick at them, “I am so... Hurt.”

Katsuki’s hackles raised, itching to hide Izuku from her gaze. “Well maybe don’t fucking drug your warriors next time and we’ll attend,” he hissed, not one to beat around the fucking bush.

“Oh, don’t be mad my sweet boy,” Nemuri purred, smirking as Katsuki bared his teeth in a silent snarl, “It all worked out for the best didn’t it. And now you’ve finally stopped fighting me on taking an Omega! How wonderful.”

Izuku grabbed for Katsuki’s forearm, not appreciating the way the general stared at him like a piece of meat. He also didn’t like the way everyone kept telling him that Katsuki didn’t want a mate at all. Maybe he really didn’t want Izuku, only going through the trouble of marking him to follow tradition and fulfill obligation. He let go of him, recoiling at the thought. His hand came up to his neck, fingers brushing up lightly against the sensitive marking.

“It wasn’t any of your fucking business. I checked in. Are we done now?” Katsuki growled, crossing his arms over his chest defensively, too focused on Nemuri to notice Izuku’s upset.

“Just one more thing…” Nemuri said, sitting up straight in her seat and leaning forward as her domineering scent thickened even further within the tent. “You performed a cowards burial,” she stated, her blue eyes turning cold and calculated.

The sudden change in the general’s tone made Izuku’s heart stop. A wash of her disapproving scent sparked up a rush of fear through every single one of his nerves.

“So?” Katsuki growled, shaking under the weight of her scent but refusing to submit.

“They were Spartan informants. Invaluable to the invasion,” Nemuri snapped, standing up as her scent screamed for Katsuki to yield.

Izuku had to take a step back. The aggressive tension in the room was like a dark, rolling thunder. He could usually hold his own against one Alpha, but two with such potent scents was too much. The tiniest whimper left his throat, the primal need to submit was nearly overtaking him though he wasn’t sure how to satisfy such a need other than freezing in place.

“They raped and murdered Omegas,” Katsuki snarled back, taking one challenging step forward, ready to fight his commander if necessary.

Everything was tense as both Alpha’s glared at each other, chests rising and falling rapidly. But after a moment of deliberation, understanding flickered within blue eyes and Nemuri sat back down with an exaggerated huff.

“You made sure they suffered?” Nemuri asked and Katsuki nodded as both their scents began to calm. “Good,” she said, turning away from the two then waving at them with her whip, “We march to Sparta tomorrow. You are dismissed.”

Katsuki bowed his head and lifted it much too soon, grabbing Izuku by the arm and dragging him from the tent, still shaking in barely contained rage.

The hold on his arm was punishing but secure and Izuku let Katsuki yank him away from the tent without any kind of resistance. He was surprised that the general seemed to understand why such a death was necessary, and simply let them go without any real reprimand. The general’s furious scent was still on him, wrapping around his throat like a snake, but the cool outside air helped him breathe again.

Katsuki continued to growl even as he collected their belongings then dragged Izuku all the way to a red tent not far from Nemuri’s. It was smaller than the general’s with very few items inside, just one bedroll, some extra food, and a couple Spartan styled swords and spears. The entire tent smelled of Katsuki’s burnt cedar scent though, making it much more comfortable for the Alpha to be in his own territory. He immediately began to drop everything he carried and take off his armour with his back to the Omega, still trying to calm down.

Finally alone and secluded from the outside world, Izuku set his own bag and swords down on the ground but remained standing, hovering behind the Alpha as he tried to collect his thoughts. Katsuki’s scent was just as mixed as his own, quickly filling their space to claim the territory. It was comforting, despite the agitation tainting the scent. “Kacchan?” he dared to ask, breaking the silence. He couldn’t hold in his own thoughts any longer, and Izuku refused to let his worries go unsaid either.

Looking up over his shoulder, Katsuki pinned Izuku with his glare. “You fucking stink of distress,” Katsuki spit, throwing his armour on the ground then crowding Izuku up into the wall. “I’m not fucking mad at you,” he growled into Izuku’s face, then grabbed the Omega by the chin to tilt it upwards, “So, what the hell is your problem?”

Izuku blurted out his thoughts before he had a chance to shy away, releasing the ball of tension that had been building up for hours. “Do you even want an Omega?”

Katsuki blinked, pulling back in confusion for a moment. “Haah?... What does that have to fucking do with anything?”

“All day… this whole time… everyone keeps saying you didn’t want a mate or an Omega at all!” Izuku exclaimed, pulling away slightly to use his hands to help express his insecurity. “Shinsou said it… Your general said it… Eijiro…” Tears gathered up in the corners of his eyes, hating how much doubt had been festering in his stomach. Not only was he still shaken by Shinsou, but the general’s scent and anger only spurred on his own fear and upset.

“So what?” Katsuki snarled, red eyes burning into Izuku as he bared his teeth, “You’re just gonna believe what everyone else fucking says?” The Alpha’s hand snapped up without warning to grip the Omega by the hair and yank, exposing his marked scent gland for Katsuki to bury his nose into. “It’s true I never wanted a shitty fucking Omega,” he hissed into Izuku skin, “Doesn’t mean I don’t want you.”

The tears finally broke free and streamed down his cheeks and Izuku bit his lip to hold back a sob of relief. It was like the emotions he’d been holding back the entire day rushed through him and evaporated within a few seconds. He wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s middle to hold on, and pressed his face into the Alpha’s chest. The grip on his hair hurt, but Katsuki’s nose against his marking sent pleasant little shivers down his spine. “Shinsou’s a fuck. And your general is scary,” he muttered. “I don’t want a second Alpha to touch me like you do. I want you too.”

“That’s not going to fucking happen,” Katsuki said as he began to undo Izuku’s chiton, “I’m going to make sure it doesn’t.” As the fabric fell to the ground, Katsuki pulled Izuku back by his hair so that he could look his mate in the eye. “Get on your knees and present for your Alpha, Omega,” he hissed, his scent engulfing Izuku and commanding him to submit.

The most primal surge struck through Izuku’s entire body, taking his breath away from him and left him with no other thought than to obey. With a little nod, he pulled away enough to step over to the bedroll and fall to his hands and knees. Keeping his legs apart and his chest to the ground, he held up his back half in the air for his Alpha. A gush of slick was already running down his leg and his own scent of arousal was mixing in with Katsuki’s. “Alpha…?” he called out, turning to look up to Katsuki to search for approval in his mate’s expression. Where there used to lie doubt in Izuku’s head was filled with need, a need to be mounted, fucked, and filled.

Untying his skirt and letting it drop to the ground beside Izuku’s chiton, Katsuki eyes were roaming over the Omega’s body as he pumped himself to a full erection. “I’m gonna breed you so full of Spartans,” Katsuki growled, dropping to his knees behind Izuku and guiding his cock to the Omega’s leaking entrance, “You’ll never doubt my fucking devotion again…” Without another word, Katsuki snapped his hips forward and plunged deep inside Izuku with a snarl.

The suddenness of his Alpha’s cock knocked the breath right out of Izuku and he was stretched to his limits without any preparation, but it felt so damn good that he inched his ass up a little higher for a better angle. His mate’s aggression and domination filled the air, somehow only making Izuku want him more. “Won’t doubt Kacchan again,” he repeated, trying to figure out how to form words again while also focusing on the onslaught of sensations ricocheting through his body.

He didn’t need to worry about a second Alpha or being taken away. Katsuki chose him just as much as Izuku chose Katsuki, and his Alpha wouldn’t fail. It was Katsuki, after all, who refused to even say the word failure. “So give me your pups,” he demanded a little, shoving his ass backwards.

Katsuki growled in answer, his scent a whirlwind of power and uncontained aggression as his Alphan instincts took over. He only had one purpose in mind; breed his Omega. Pulling back until the tip of his cock was just inside Izuku’s entrance, the Alpha snapped his hips forward with a vicious thrust, forcing the Omega to lurch forward. He didn’t give Izuku a chance to gain his balance though, yanking his mates hips backwards so that Katsuki could slam forward again. This was the pace he set, brutal and unforgiving but still slow enough that he could savor every squeal the Omega made.

The burning stretch was nothing compared to the satisfaction Izuku got from such animalistic fucking…breeding. The true, feral Alpha he’d earned as a mate came out to play, pushing back any logic or rationality. It brought out the submissive, writhing Omega inside Izuku and left him panting with his face pressed into the bedroll. Katsuki’s scent overpowered everything and made Izuku’s skin tingle and his muscles seize up and relax in absolute obedience to his mate’s will. His erection ached in only the first few thrusts and continued to ache with every additional one, though he didn’t have it in him to reach under to stroke himself. Katsuki’s cock inside him felt so unbelievably good that he didn’t need to. “Kach-ch-chan,” Izuku moaned out in euphoria, unable to help himself. Anyone outside the tent could definitely hear him, but they were far from his mind at that point.

Bowing over Izuku’s back, Katsuki bared his teeth then pressed them into the Omega’s nape as he picked up the pace. He could already feel his knot forming while the sound of slapping skin grew louder. The Alpha wanted to make sure the Omega would feel his want for days, even if it made it impossible for the stupid Deku to ride in a saddle. Serves him right.

With tears leaking from Izuku’s eyes, he reached behind his shoulder with one hand to grab onto Katsuki’s hair in a merciless grip for something to hold onto. The fullness he had such an affinity for was on its way and his stomach fluttered in anticipation. Katsuki’s teeth on his neck only made every sensation burn with more intensity as he was held into place so primally. What Izuku needed at that point was a belly full of Katsuki’s come, and he didn’t plan on letting go of his mate until that happened.

Katsuki didn’t expect the sudden pull on his hair, the sting making him snarl around Izuku’s nape. It was enough to throw him over the edge as his thrusts grew erratic and his knot began to catch on the Omega’s rim. At the last moment, he stuffed himself inside and came, filling the Omega and stretching him wide as his teeth pierced the skin of Izuku’s nape.

Izuku sharply inhaled at the sharp teeth in his neck, the knot, and the way every breath he took was filled with Katsuki’s scent. All of it added to the pressure building up in his abdomen until it all combined and burst. Izuku’s orgasm hit him by surprise, spurting into the ground beneath him with wide eyes and a series of gasps. He’d never come untouched before, and didn’t realize it was even possible. It took a long few seconds before he could let go of Katsuki’s hair as his body felt light and floaty in the afterglow.

The Alpha was breathing hard, groaning and hissing with every burst of come as he shook off the animalistic frenzy the Omega worked him into. He removed his teeth from Izuku’s nape and began to lick at the bleeding wound while his hands rubbed over the Omega’s body to make sure he didn’t do any lasting damage. “Better?” Katsuki growled in question, nuzzling into the soft skin behind Izuku’s ear when he didn’t immediately answer.

“Better,” Izuku responded with a hoarse voice. His head still felt like it was spinning and his heart still beat fast, but his entire body felt so warm and tingly that his eyes dared to lull shut. Izuku refused to fall asleep, though, not wanting to miss a conscious second with Katsuki. The hot new marking on the nape of his neck burned a little but was soothed with every pass of his mate’s tongue. Letting his hand drift down to his lower abdomen, Izuku blushed and smiled at just how full he felt in that moment, in both body and heart. “Better?” he asked in return, wondering if Katsuki’s anger had quelled at all. With so many scents in the room, it was hard to pick out any emotion in particular. All Izuku could sense was the rich and sweet scent of satisfaction.

Katsuki hummed, pulling himself up only so that he could maneuver them down into a spooning position. “We’ll see… After I take you a few more times, Omega,” Katsuki said, voice low and filled with promise.

A much-too-loud whine escaped Izuku’s throat at the idea of more, and he slapped a hand over his mouth to keep himself from making any other stupid noises. The heat from Katsuki’s skin warmed his entire body along with the blush taking over most of his face and shoulders. Every intimate moment with his mate felt like the first in terms of dazzling sensation, but that also meant he couldn’t stop feeling the tinge of shyness at being so exposed. The overwhelming wish to carry Katsuki’s children, though, beat the embarrassment by a long shot. “Do you think… we did it?” he asked with the slightest bit of excitement in his tone, truly hoping they were successful.

Katsuki’s hand roamed to cup Izuku’s bulging stomach, smiling ferally at the thought of it being filled with something other than his come. “Don’t know…” Katsuki answered honestly, “So I’ll just keep fucking you until your stomach swells wide with pups… And even after that, just to make sure.” The Alpha could feel his cock twitch inside Izuku at the thought, and snickered as he felt a shiver go down the Omega’s spine. He never thought Izuku would be so adorable while filled with his knot. It just felt… perfect.

Izuku’s hands came down over Katsuki’s and he gripped on so the Alpha wouldn’t let go. Every little shift from his mate had Izuku’s lower half reacting with heat and more tingles. His cock was already hard again and it reminded Izuku of his heat. He couldn’t remember the last time he had one, but he’d never forget the sensations it brought. “You better,” he decided to tease a little, gaining a bit of courage since he didn’t have to look Katsuki in the eye when he said it. “Please…” he added on, thinking about what would happen if they couldn’t. The plea was useless though. Even after knowing the Alpha for such a short time, Izuku knew Katsuki would never give up- no matter how many times it took.

“I’m not going to let that happen,” Katsuki said, squeezing Izuku even tighter to his chest and burying his face into the Omega’s damp curls, “Trust me.”

Chapter Text

Dawn’s light crept into the tent and rudely awakened Izuku from his perfectly peaceful slumber. His entire body felt drowsy and heavy, especially his lower half that ached like mad. Even the slightest movement was met with a wet gush of fluid leaking between his cheeks and Izuku froze in place to keep any more from escaping. So, he stayed perfectly still curled up next to his Alpha’s side while his mate continued to sleep, sprawled out like a starfish.

Light wasn’t the only thing invading their space. Voices from outside started murmuring around them as the others awoke too, most grumbly and tired but others loud and clear enough to keep Izuku from falling back asleep.

“Kacchan,” Izuku whispered, nudging his mate in hopes to gently wake him. “Kacchan…” he drawled out in a little bit of a whine.

Katsuki groaned in answer, clearly not wanting to get up. They’d spent the entire night fucking just like the Alpha had promised, much to the dismay of the Spartans in the tents around them. He reached blindly towards the Omega, dragging Izuku closer and tucking him into his side like he would a fussy toddler, intent on going back to sleep.

As warm as it was and as delicious as the Alpha smelled, Izuku nuzzled his nose into Katsuki’s skin and hummed, “Kacchan, wake up... there are people out there talking about leaving or something…”

“They can suck my cock…” Katsuki replied drowsily as he began to nuzzle into Izuku’s curls searching for the Omega’s soothing pomegranate scent. Instead, the Alpha was met with the smell of his seed now dried on the Izuku’s skin. “I change my mind,” he growled as rolled on top of the Omega and smirked down on him, “You can suck my cock.”

“I can’t with you on top of me like this,” Izuku countered with a pout, pushing at the Alpha’s chest a bit. His cheeks felt hot from being so forward, but the restless need he felt for intimacy still crawled under his skin. “So either roll over or…” He definitely couldn’t say it when looking into his mate’s eyes so instead, Izuku wrapped his legs around Katsuki’s thighs and thrusted his hips up as much as he could to do the explaining for him. He’d either have his Alpha in his mouth or his ass and the anticipation was making his blood flow straight to his face and between his thighs.

Haah So impatient… Made you my little cock slut, have I?” Katsuki purred, but made no move to get off. Instead, the Alpha stretched out his massive bulk on top of the Omega and made himself comfortable between Izuku’s thighs. “How about a good morning Alpha before you start begging for my knot,” he teased then began to press lazy open mouth kisses across all the marks he left the night before.

Katsuki had never been this relaxed in his life, wrapped up in his perfect and firey little mate. He didn’t even think he had a soft side to show anyone. Izuku was changing everything and Katsuki couldn’t say he minded. Too bad they couldn’t stay wrapped up in each other forever.

Kacchan!” Izuku squeaked out of embarrassment at his mate’s dirty mouth, though he couldn’t deny he loved it. He loved everything about Katsuki, even without meaning to. After biting at his lip for a second, he parted his thighs a little more and mumbled, “Good morning, Alpha…” He spoke the word with a darker tone, one that he hoped would get across what he wanted without actually having to spit it out. If his tone wouldn’t do it, his scent surely would.

But before either of them could take another breath, a distinct voice from outside the tent cut straight through their morning bliss. “Hey, green bean, you better get out and ready to go before you get left behind. Wouldn’t want to leave this place without your pretty ass in tow.” Shinsou’s teasing tone meant no harm but the unpleasant memories of their last encounter had Izuku tensing up. He was positive Shinsou was long gone as he was smart enough to escape Katsuki’s general radius after making such a comment, but Izuku couldn’t shake off his nerves.

Katsuki was up and snarling within a heartbeat of hearing that insufferable voice but the smell of grapes was already long gone by the time the Alpha ripped open the entrance to their tent. Still seething and stark naked, he snatched his closest blade and began to storm from their makeshift nest, hellbent on finding that asshole and cutting out his tongue.

Unfortunately, Katsuki walked right into Kirishima instead.

“Woah!” Kirishima said, stepping in Katsuki’s way and trying to stay the other Alpha’s rampage, “Isn’t it a little early to be so murderous?” Not waiting for an explanation, Kirishima placed a hand on one of Katsuki’s twitching biceps only to be roughly shaken off. It didn’t seem to phase the redhead, who simply stepped in front of Katsuki once again.

“Get the fuck out of my way, Kirishima! I have a fucking snake to skin,” Katsuki snarled, ready to plow through Eijirou as well.

“C’mon, Bakugou! Shinsou isn’t worth it!” Kirishima said, hands still up as he tried to placate the storm that was his friend. From the murderous look in Katsuki’s eyes, he could tell it wasn’t working. Glancing over to see green curls poking out of the tent to see what was going on, Kirishima decided to use his secret weapon.’“Do you really wanna leave your mate alone right now?”

Just the mention of Izuku was enough to make Katsuki pause with teeth still barred and chest rising and falling rapidly. He glared at Kirishima a moment longer before he glanced back at his mate, red eyes meeting startled green.

A nervous whine left Izuku’s throat before the Omega quickly retreated back into the tent. The flurry of scents from outside, mostly Katsuki’s rage, put him on edge. He grabbed his clothing to cover himself up, quickly throwing his chiton on so he could make his way out of the tent and face Katsuki. “It’s fine,” he tried to calm the angry Alpha with soft words. “He’s gone anyway.”

Shoving Kirishima away from him, Katsuki rounded on Izuku, stepping forward to narrow his eyes dangerously at his mate. “How the fuck is it fucking fine?” Katsuki hissed, taking Izuku’s placation as defence of Shinsou, “And why the fuck is he calling you green bean? Pretty fucking familiar if you ask me. Do you want him to fuck you? Is that it?”

“Bakugou, that’s enough,” Kirishima said, placing a hand on Katsuki’s shoulder and pulling him a step away from Izuku, “That’s not what he meant and you know it!”

“Can’t you just fuck off!” Katsuki snarled, once again shoving off Kirishima as his free hand balled into a fist, ready to break his best friend’s nose if he didn’t back the fuck off.

Izuku wanted to cry but instead held his own. “Kacchan.” His brows furrowed together at the absolute absurdity of him wanting anything to do with Shinsou. As he glared at his own mate the sudden realization that Katsuki was stark naked in the open camp dawned on him. Izuku’s eyes slowly trailed down and his cheeks flushed. Not only was he embarrassed by the way his scent went from frightful to frantically aroused, but also finding himself in his own fury.

Katsuki was his to look at.

His hand darted out to grab the Alpha by the wrist and yank him back into their tent. “Would you… Could you… Please just…” Izuku fumbled on his words in this attempt to get his mate to both calm down and to put his clothes back on. Finally, he was able to get out what he really wanted to say. “You’re mine, and I’m yours, and would you just put your clothes on already?!”

Katsuki was completely caught off guard when Izuku pulled him back inside, making a disgruntled sound and pulling away from his mates grip immediately. “Why?” Katsuki yelled, throwing his sword down in emphasis and making the Omega jump from the clatter, “Can’t stand the look of me now? You weren’t fucking complaining last night!”

The fire in Izuku’s belly roared with frustration as he couldn’t properly communicate his feelings to the enraged beast before him. In one blast of realization, Izuku found a brand new fear. He’d been concerned about the possibility of having a different Alpha bed him. But what about Katsuki having to bed another Omega?

The Omega closed the small amount of distance between them to gently rest his hands on Katsuki’s pecs. The sharp scent of smoke almost made it hard to breathe, but it was also intoxicating in ways that made Izuku’s scent sweeter. “Because I don’t want anyone else to see,” he got out in a small voice, eyes focusing on his marking on the Alpha’s neck. “Because I want you to myself…” It was selfish but he couldn’t deny his possessive desires. It was better to be honest, right?

Katsuki’s eyes widened as he was silenced by Izuku’s admission, becoming flustered under a green gaze filled with desire. Redness filled Katsuki’s cheeks and he turned his head away, unsure what to say for a long moment. “That’s… fucking stupid, Deku,” he huffed eventually as his hands lifted to rest on Izuku’s hips, “No one… looks at me that fucking way… Only you.”

Izuku breathed a sigh of relief, though the worry kept biting at his heart. “If someone asked… would you have to…?” He could hear Kirishima and Denki talking outside, knowing just how close Kirishima and Katsuki were. What if he asked Katsuki to be Denki’s second option?

Katsuki’s face instantly scrunched up in disgust as his fingers gripped Izuku’s hips harder. But he could not hold Izuku’s gaze, turning away from his mate once again. “A warrior cannot refuse their duty,” he answered in a roundabout way, eyes flickering back to gage Izuku’s reaction.

With a low hum, Izuku rested his forehead on Katsuki’s chest for a moment in a slightly depressed understanding. “Right,” he sighed, kissing the Alpha’s collar before taking a little step back. For once, he hoped Katsuki’s prickly personality scared everyone else away. The sound of Kirishima calling to them made him wonder if the redhead would ever ask for such a thing.

Immediately sensing the upset in Izuku, Katsuki growled lowly in his chest then pulled his Omega back into his embrace. “No one will ask,” Katsuki said, tone filled with promise as he nuzzled into Izuku’s green curls, “And if they do… I’ll refuse.” To the Alpha, the thought was bordering on absurd. He’d never been close enough to any Omega to be considered a second. But somehow he knew that would not soothe his mate’s worries.

Under the Alpha’s attention, Izuku’s body relaxed and his racing heart slowed to an even thump. “If you go out there and they see how pretty you are… and how… well-endowed… you are… they probably will,” Izuku mumbled, hiding his blush by keeping his face pressed into the Alpha’s chest. The thought of Katsuki blatantly breaking the rules just for Izuku was endearing, and he didn’t doubt that the Alpha would.

Katsuki snorted, giving Izuku one more squeeze before he pulled away to pick up the chiton he had discarded the night before and pull it on. “Not all fuckin’ Omega’s are thrilled with the idea of being split open by a cock, Deku,” Katsuki said, smirking at Izuku over his shoulder.

“Kacchan!” Izuku whined at such teasing but followed Katsuki out with blushing cheeks anyway. The sea of red tents was dwindling as the Spartans started packing them up. It seemed they were finally leaving Athens, something Izuku thought he would ever do.

“Izu!” Denki brightly greeted, stepping forward with his arms open for a hug but stopping short. He wrinkled his nose and retreated back behind Kirishima. “Sorry but you… smell like Bakugou. Wanna walk together, though? Eiji said we have to walk for three days before we get there!”

“It won’t be so bad!” Kirishima said, looking over his shoulder with an over enthusiastic smile, trying to coax his mate out from behind him. “If you get tired, I’ll just carry you.”

Katsuki immediately rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. “So you’ll carry all your armour, weaponry, and his dead weight? In this heat? Don’t come crying to me when you drop dead on the road back.”

Denki’s eyes immediately went wide, looking from Kirishima to Katsuki and back again before tears filled his eyes and he began to stink of distress as he clung to Eijirou harder.

“I won’t drop dead!” Kirishima said in protest, giving Katsuki an exasperated look before he turned his entire attention on Denki. “I am way, way, wayyy stronger than that. When we were in training, me and Bakugou both had to walk for ten days straight through the mountains with snow up to our knees hunting a wolf at ten years old! This’ll be a complete walk in the park!”

Katsuki snorted. “It may have taken you ten days… I was back in six,” the blond Alpha boasted, puffing up his chest and preening with pride as he glanced at Izuku hoping to see a glimmer of awe in those wide green eyes.

Six days to climb an entire mountain? At ten years old? It sounded impossible, though Katsuki always had a way of doing the impossible. Izuku lit up, questions ready to roll off the tip of his tongue. Katsuki was truly amazing and Izuku wanted to hear every story about his adventures, but it seemed they would have plenty of time to chat on the long walk to Sparta. In the meantime, he could simply let his heart swell at just how much he admired Katsuki.

Kirishima simply rolled his eyes at the blond’s bragging and threw an arm around Denki to keep him close. “Anyway, we figured we’d help you guys pack up. We were just going to get our horse from the stables, did you want me to bring yours too?”

“As long as you don’t let her bite you this time,” Katsuki growled, turning away from Kirishima to head back into their tent and start packing up. “I don’t wanna hear your fucking bitching all the way back to Sparta.”

“I didn’t let her bite me!” Kirishima cried, throwing his hands up in the air, but Katsuki was already gone. Giving Izuku one last exasperated smile, Kirishima turned on his heel and began to lead Denki away. “We’ll be back when it’s time to go,” he called to Izuku before they both disappeared in the crowd.

Giggling to himself, Izuku followed Katsuki into their tent to help. Things like weapons and satchels were carried by hand while survival supplies and their tent would be strapped to the horse. Katsuki got fully dressed and put on his armour before deconstructing the tent which didn’t take much time at all and Izuku marveled at just how efficiently Katsuki took it down. It was probably second nature after doing it so many times.

The worst part of it all, though, was losing the little haven of their combined scents. Izuku’s inner Omega was chastising him for the destruction of their temporary nest, but he ignored the ache in his heart so he could focus on the fact that they’d be leaving Athens for good.

Some Spartans stayed behind to tend to the Athenian Omegas and children taken in as servants while the newly formed pairs moved out. Izuku’s head spun as he tried to take everything in, almost not noticing when Kirishima and Denki finally returned with two horses. The brown and white one whinnied happily as they approached. The other was much larger with a dark dapple grey coat and long black mane.

“Took you long enough,” Katsuki spit without any sort of thanks, yanking the reins from Kirishima’s hand to lead his horse closer to where their belongings were packed up and where Izuku was waiting. “Deku, meet King Murder Kill, or King for short,” Katsuki said, patting the giant horse on the flank. King stood staring at Izuku and flicking her tail in annoyance, deciding if she wanted to take a chunk out of this new human.

Izuku’s eyes went wide as he got close to a real horse. They were gorgeous and he’d always loved to watch them from his bedroom window. He was glowing with excitement and tried to stay calm as he kept his distance and smiled. “Hi King,” he greeted cheerfully. King came off the tongue a lot easier than King Murder Kill, that was for certain. Leave it to Katsuki to choose such a name.

“Careful. She bites,” Kirishima muttered, glaring the horse down. There was obvious bad blood between the two as he got a huff from King in response.

“Really? She doesn’t look so mean to me!” Izuku marveled. She was a beautiful horse, he’d never seen one with such a pretty coat. Nor had he ever seen one so big. She towered over all of them, even Kirishima’s horse. “She’s so pretty!”

King could tell when she was being praised, taking a step closer to the Omega and then sniffing at green curls. It pleased the horse that the Omega smelled like her master so she but her nose up against Izuku’s face affectionately.

Katsuki’s eyes softened as he watched Izuku interact with his horse. He had expected King to try and bite the Omega like she had with every newcomer, but he was glad she seemed to like his chosen mate. “She’s a fucking good judge of character,” Katsuki said, pulling an apple from one of the bags and placing in Izuku’s hand to feed to her.

Unable to help his own delighted laugher, Izuku giggled as he offered up the apple to King. She seemed to appreciate it, nipping at it instantly until it was gone in a flash.

“I still don’t trust her,” Kirishima groaned before he steered Denki toward his own horse and helped the Omega up onto it. He grabbed the reigns and started leading them forward. “Let’s see who can get to Sparta first, Bakugou,” he challenged with a snicker. “I’m sure your helots miss you dearly.” The last comment was spoken with thick, teasing sarcasm as they headed forward.

Izuku realized all the Spartans were moving out, all with horses, equipment, and Omegas in tow. Most looked excited, smiling and chatting with their new partners while others looked exhausted. Three days worth of traveling didn’t seem so bad, it seemed thrilling.

“Do you want to ride or walk?” Katsuki asked gruffly, strapping most of their packs to King’s back and placing the rest on his own. His actions were hurried so that they would catch up to Kirishima though he’d never admit to falling for the other Alpha’s goading. “Don’t think I’ll be like fucking Kirishima and carry you if you get tired… You’re gonna have to fucking pull your own weight no matter how hard it gets. Plus when we stop, I’ll be teaching you some maneuvers to drill through… So don’t get cocky and waste all your strength at the beginning.”

“Maneuvers?” Izuku brightened up. “Like fighting maneuvers?!” He was practically jumping. “I can walk,” he remembered to answer. He wasn’t sure he could sit still with the amount of energy flowing through his system. Every nerve felt as though it were vibrating.

Katsuki grunted in response, checking to make sure the straps were tight then taking King by the reins and setting out with long strides, red cape billowing out and armour shining in the sunlight. “Yes, fighting maneuvers…,” Katsuki said, then immediately began to smirk. “I didn’t think you’d want me to teach you mating maneuvers out in the open… You know, since you don’t want anyone else to see me naked…”

“Kacchan!” Izuku sighed, unable to help the blood rushing to his cheeks or the mental image the Alpha gave him. The thought of getting fucked in front of the others put a strange mix of arousal and shock through his bones that he had to shake off. He hoped his scent didn’t give him away, instead trying to focus on the road ahead. There was so much of the world for him to see, and he didn’t want to miss a second of it.

Chapter Text

art by ky9zu

The weather was hot and unforgiving as the troop trudged on. Izuku panted for breath as his legs started to feel heavy, but he needed to keep walking. How else would he get stronger if he didn’t push himself?

“Damn Athenians slowing us down,” he heard a lone Alpha mutter. “It’s going to take at least five days at this pace.”

“SPARTANS!” the general shouted from up front, causing the group to stop in their tracks. Izuku swayed on his feet, secretly happy to have stopped. “Take a break,” she grumbled with a dramatic sigh, waving her hand to a rider who immediately took off, sweeping down the line of the marching army and repeating the general's orders.

“Finally,” Denki dramatically sighed. “Eiji! Your scent is wearing off.” He reached down from their horse until the Alpha laughed and helped him down, already licking and kissing at the giggling Omega’s neck.

Behind them, Katsuki snorted at the disgusting display then untied two water skins and a pail that were latched to King’s flank. He dumped a quarter of one into a pail for the horse to drink then thrust the other into his mates chest without warning.

The Alpha had been keeping an eye on Izuku the entire walk, noticing when the Omega’s steps grew shaky and his breath became laboured and waiting for him to give up and ask Katsuki for help. But Izuku never did, his attitude remaining cheerful and rambling at the Alpha the entire walk, which both impressed and pissed Katsuki off at the same time.

“Drink,” Katsuki ordered with a glare, then lifted his own skin to his lips as he tilted his head back, taking a few hearty gulps as water trickled down his chin then dripped onto his bare torso. The water was refreshing but he drank for Izuku’s benefit alone since the Alpha was used to long walks without hydration. Somehow, he knew if he refused to drink then his mate would as well.

The Alpha didn’t have to ask twice as Izuku gulped down several mouthfuls of water. His dry mouth was nearing unbearable under the sun and a long drink had him feeling almost re-energized. He watched as the other Athenians around them panted for breath and were tended to by the Spartans. Such a walk didn’t tire any of the Alphas, but the Omegas had never done so much walking in their entire lives.

Izuku took a moment to sit and rest his legs, observing their surroundings. The dirt trail they followed seemed to go on forever along the countryside. Trees were scattered about, ones bigger than Izuku had ever seen before. Birds sang to one another and soared across the clear blue sky above. The world outside of Athens was gorgeous, and had Izuku’s eyes sparkling.

But nothing was as captivating as Katsuki. How could someone make something as simple as drinking water look so alluring?

Lowering the waterskin, Katsuki wiped the excess water off on the back of his forearm as he watched as those around them got comfortable, sitting down right on the road and pulling out food. With an annoyed growl, he picked up their packs and grabbed King by the reins before he began stomping his way to the nearest scraggly tree. It didn’t provide much shade but it was better than plopping their asses right in the dirt like a fucking animal.

It took a couple steps into the long grass before he realized that no one had followed him. “You assholes coming?” Katsuki barked at Izuku, Kirishima, and by extension Denki. He didn’t particularly care for his friend’s Omega, but it wasn’t like the redhead would leave the whiny blonde behind.

Izuku rolled to his feet, legs aching at the thought of taking another step but the Omega pushed through it to follow his Alpha through the grass. He could hear Kirishima and Denki behind him, rushing to catch up with Katsuki’s large strides. The grass was much softer to sit on than the dirt path anyway and King seemed to appreciate the opportunity to snack on the foliage around them.

Yes, sitting at the base of the tree was much nicer. Izuku sat next to Denki and listened to the little blond chatter about how gorgeous the outside world was and Izuku could only agree. Both Athenians were mystified by every little detail and couldn’t stop going on and on about it.

“And the trees! They’re huge! We didn’t have one in our courtyard,” Denki exclaimed. “But this walk is taking forever!” He dramatically dropped his head into Izuku’s lap out of exhaustion causing a cloud of Kirishima’s scent drifted upward into Izuku’s face. “By the time we get there I’ll be an old man.”

Katsuki snorted and Kirishima gave him a sharp look that made the blond Alpha roll his eyes but ultimately shut up. Why the fuck did that airhead always have to be all over his mate. It was enough to set Katsuki’s teeth on edge. The only hands that should be on Izuku were his.

“Hey, ‘Zuku! You want some bread?” Kirishima asked, pulling out a couple rolls and holding one out to Denki as he tore into another with his sharp teeth.

The sight of food has Izuku’s eyes lighting up, and Denki was just as excited. Denki flew up from Izuku’s lap to accept the roll. “Sure!” Izuku readily replied, already having a full string of thank you’s to blabber out to Kirishima for sharing.

It took everything in Katsuki’s power not to bare his teeth and swat the roll out of Izuku’s hand. Why the hell was he taking food from fucking Kirishima? He could have asked Katsuki for food if he wanted but the Omega never even said he was hungry. Of course it did make sense since Izuku had been walking for so long without a break… The Alpha hissed under his breath in frustration then got to his feet, startling everyone else.

“Kirishima… Get your ass up,” Katsuki ordered, glaring down at his friend with crossed arms as the redhead looked up with his head cocked and his cheeks puffed up with bread. He tried to ask ‘why’ but it was muffled by the half chewed roll.

Katsuki was silent for a moment before he took a couple steps away into the open. “Gotta teach these two fucking weaklings how to protect themselves,” the Alpha finally answered, jerking his head towards the two Omega’s still holding half eaten bread.

Kirishima looked from Katsuki to the Omega’s and back again with wide eyes before he managed to swallow. “But…” he started, face scrunching up in confusion, “They have us…”

“So?” Katsuki snarled, “I’m not fucking spending the rest of my life babysitting. You do what you want with your Omega but my mate is learning how to look after himself.”

Kirishima sat startled for a moment before he nodded his head and got to his feet. He didn’t particularly agree with Katsuki’s logic but he was interested in how the Alpha planned on instructing his mate. Katsuki definitely wasn’t what he considered to be a teacher.

Izuku sat up from his slouched position, bread long forgotten in his hand when he watched Katsuki drop into a fighting stance. Nothing interested him more than learning how to fight and defend like a soldier. And watching his own mate spar with Kirishima had his mind racing along with his mouth. He mumbled endlessly without even realizing it. “If those two actually spar, Kacchan has the advantage with his speed and power. But, Kirishima has obvious bulk that may make him more difficult to tackle to the ground. Though, to Kacchan, that might not even matter much…”

“Zu-zu,” Denki snickered, giving Izuku a poke to the arm. “If you don’t pay attention, I’m pretty sure Bakugou will yell at you.”

“Oh, right.” Izuku blinked a few times, snapping out of his inner analysis. The match wasn’t win-or-lose, it was a demonstration. Still, the idea of the two of them truly sparring fascinated Izuku. It would have been an even match.

At first nothing happened, the warriors staring at each other and communicating silently like they had a million times before with their posture open and lazy. But the light hearted air around them changed when both Alpha’s moved at once; Kirishima charging forward head on as Katsuki slid his feet shoulder width apart and flexed his core muscles in preparation for impact.

In one breath they slammed together but Katsuki remained unmoving, absorbing the entire force of the red headed Alpha and holding him back. The only sign of a struggle between them was the slight shake in their arms as they bared their teeth in feral smiles at one another. It was only a moment later before Katsuki shoved Kirishima away to stumble back a few steps so that his eyes could fall on Izuku instead.

“The first thing Spartan children learn is how to hold a stance,” Katsuki growled, feeling his blood sing from the clash, “And to keep holding it no matter how hard the enemy comes at you.”

Izuku was completely captivated, he didn’t even blink when the two Alphas collided. He could hear a small squeak of worry from Denki. A strong, unyielding stance seemed crucial and made sense.

Kirishima offered a goofy smile to Denki, a tiny assurance that there was no real harm coming from the fight. “See? If you can hold your own and never back down, you’ve got an advantage.” With another wicked smile, he flashed shiny sharp teeth and went for Katsuki again.

This time Katsuki shoved the Alpha off immediately, only for them to crash together three more times until Kirishima finally caught a hold. He began twisting his leg around Katsuki’s to try and trip him, but the blonde Alpha just kicked the attack away, keeping his stance solid on one leg so that he could use the other to sweep the red heads feet out from under him, slamming him into the grass. It didn’t end there, however, Katsuki moving on instinct to pin the Alpha to the ground without even realizing it until Kirishima made a choking noise from Katsuki’s forearm pressing into his throat and Denki called out to the redhead in fear.

Katsuki blinked for a moment before he hastily pulled away, extending a hand to drag Kirishima up.

“You seriously are the worst person to spar with,” Kirishima said hoarsely as he rubbed at his throat and gave Katsuki a teasing smile, already forgiving the outburst. It was common for Katsuki to go overboard during sparring matches which was one of the reasons why Kirishima was the only warrior to still train with the blonde.

The worry faded from Katsuki’s eyes as his hackles raised from the teasing. “Maybe if you trained more I wouldn’t always put you on your ass!” Katsuki snapped, letting go of Kirishima’s hand.

“You like putting me on my ass,” Kirishima said with a smirk before he turned to an upset Denki who had managed to find his legs and run to his mate.

“Eiji! Are you okay! I thought he murdered you!” Denki cried, throwing himself into Kirishima’s arms.

“I’m fine, I’m not hurt!” Kirishima cooed as Denki rubbed his face into his neck before he looked back at Katsuki. “Think you can take it from here with ‘Zuku?”

Katsuki huffed in annoyance then waved Kirishima off to console his mate as he made his way towards Izuku. “You get any of that? Kirishima is a lousy sparring partner to begin with.”

Izuku hopped up to his feet wearing a smile crafted out of pure determination. He’d studied Katsuki and his fighting style since the day they’d met. After watching the little demonstration with Kirishima, Izuku felt he had enough knowledge to hold his own. “I got it,” he confidentially reported.

The two walked out into the grass to gain a little space from Kirishima and Denki. They started just as the two Alphas had, settling into their stances and staring into one another’s eyes. Katsuki’s eyes looked similar to a tiger’s, predatory and ready to pounce.

Katsuki was just about to attack when the image of Kirishima’s choking danced across his eyes then morphed into his hands wrapped around Izuku’s delicate neck. It startled him enough to take a step back and out of his stance to the confusion of his mate.

Katsuki had never met a person he wanted to treat delicately before.

It was terrifying.

Before Izuku could ask what was wrong, Katsuki closed the distance to get behind the Omega, pressing his hands into Izuku’s shoulders to force his base lower then migrated to his hips to tilt them slightly back. He continued on with the small adjustments to Izuku’s stance before he finally used his feet to nudge Izuku’s farther apart as he breathed in the smell of his mate from his green curls that tickled the bottom of his chin.

“There,” Katsuki growled finally allowing himself to nose into soft freckled skin, chest pressed into Izuku’s back as he held the correct form, “How does that feel?”

A shiver ran through Izuku’s entire body with Katsuki’s pressed up so close. The Alpha’s hot breath against the sensitive skin on his neck and cheek was distracting in the best way. “Feels amazing,” Izuku said without thinking much about it. Because being so close really did feel amazing.

It definitely wasn’t what Katsuki meant, though. And the lesson was important. Izuku forced himself to focus a little harder and took note of how much stability came with proper positioning. “Feels better,” he amended, peering back at his Alpha with a smile. “Ready to go?”

Katsuki chuckled at Izuku’s enthusiasm, a dark rumble vibrating deep in his chest. “You want me to attack you that badly?” the Alpha asked, forcing himself to move away from Izuku’s back to stand before the Omega. Without warning, he slammed his palm into Izuku’s chest and shoved the Omega hard, pushing him out of his stance and flat on his ass. Katsuki crossed his arms and looked down at Izuku with a smirk. “You were the one that wasn’t fucking ready, Deku.”

As Izuku looked up to the Alpha, his heart aches and throbbed with a new fire. He really did want to go head to head with Katsuki. The idea thrilled Izuku in both a mental and physical way, his skin practically vibrating at the idea of sparring with his mate and learning something new. The adrenaline he was running on helped him pick himself back up off the ground and widened his stance to make himself sturdier.

He took a note straight out of Katsuki’s book and lunged forward without warning, remembering exactly how Katsuki had done so many times before. Thrusting his entire body weight into Katsuki’s and using his foot to dislodge Katsuki’s from the ground, the two went down in a tumble.

Letting out an unmanly squak of surprise, Katsuki managed to catch Izuku mid air to make sure he was on the bottom to cushion their fall. But the moment his back hit the ground, Katsuki was already rolling, flipping Izuku down into the dirt and pinning him. The Alpha grinned down at the Omega ferally, dilated eyes filled with heat and clearly impressed that his little mate was able to take him down. “When’d you learn how to fucking do that?”

A fluttering sensation jolted through Izuku’s entire body starting in his stomach, the same thing he felt every time he found his way underneath his mate. The way Katsuki’s eyes had grown dark and that wicked smirk made Izuku feel weak, but the pride he felt for being able to surprise his Alpha was unignorable.

“You,” Izuku offered up a cheeky smile, reaching up just enough to kiss Katsuki on the nose. “But I still lost,” he sighed, still smiling despite the disappointment.

“See? I told you they’d probably just end up mating again,” Izuku could hear Denki exclaim to Kirishima.

Katsuki’s head whipped up as he growled, giving the other couple the finger before he got up and offered his hand to Izuku. “Fuck off with that shit,” the Alpha reprimanded his mate as he hauled him up, “You did… Well. Not many people have been able to take me down and you’ve had next to zero training, stupid Deku.”

Taking Izuku by the hand, Katsuki dragged the Omega back to the tree by their bags, flopping down as he pulled his mate into his lap. One arm remained wrapped around the Omega’s waist securely while the other went digging around in his pack, pulling out his stock of dried meats and apples to shove into Izuku’s hands. “You need to eat lots of food to get big and strong, then the weight difference won’t be so massive,” Katsuki said, giving the Omega probably way more than he could eat. “My food is way fucking better than those nasty ass rolls shitty hair gave you,” he added with a huff, hand rubbing possesively over Izuku’s abdomen, glaring petulantly at Kirishima over his mates shoulder.

Izuku’s stomach was growling and he didn’t hesitate to stuff his face. “Mmm, thanks Kacchan,” he hummed gratefully, settling into his Alpha’s lap comfortably. Fruit and meat were much more satisfying than bread, and Izuku felt fired up all over again. “Can we go again?” he looked up to ask with a big set of puppy-dog eyes and a hopeful smile.

Katsuki huffed, not particularly wanting to get up now that he had Izuku right where he wanted him, but he conceded, tipping the Omega out of his lap and dumping him on the ground so he could get up. “Let’s see if you can stay on your fucking feet this time around,” Katsuki said throwing a smirk over his shoulder, “If you do… I’ll give you a reward, Deku.”

A reward from Katsuki was intriguing. “I’ll stay on my feet if you promise to not take it easy on me,” he shot back with a smile. He noticed the way the Alpha went at Kirishima versus how he went at Izuku, a certain hesitation accompanied the fight with the Omega. Izuku wanted the full force of Katsuki Bakugou, in every facet of their lives.

That made Katsuki still as his hackles raised. Why the fuck did his shitty ass mate have to be so damn perceptive? He could fucking hurt the little shit. What if Izuku was pregnant for fucksake? The Alpha growled and ran his fingers through his spiky hair before he turned his glare on the Omega. “I’ll go all out when you prove to me you can damn well take it. You are my mate and you could be carrying my fucking pup, Deku…” he spit, before he turned his back on Izuku once again. There was a vulnerability to the set of his shoulders, something he would never show anyone but Izuku as he said, “I’m not gonna be the one to fucking hurt you… So you better get good enough or else I’ll never come at you like that.”

After blinking a few times and registering what Katsuki said, Izuku bit his lip and nodded. “You’re right,” he slowly stated, eyes pinned to the ground. “So I swear I’ll get better. I’ll get better for you, and for me, and for our pups.” The oath was serious, something he wouldn’t take lightly. When he looked back up to Katsuki’s back, he took to a fighting stance. “So lets do it again.”

With that, Katsuki carefully explained different fighting styles and maneuvers, mostly focusing on self-defense. They’d spar to practice whatever new move Katsuki taught so Izuku could perfect the movements and timing. They got in just a few lessons before the Spartans moved out again to continue down the dirt trail. Izuku, exhausted from combat training, relented and started the journey on King’s back rather than on foot.

By the time the army stopped for the night, the Omega was half asleep on King’s back, head nodding as he tried to keep himself in the saddle. When he tried to help Katsuki set up camp, the Alpha just glared at him, shooing him away so he could get it done quickly without disturbance. It wasn’t long before everything was set up just how Katsuki liked it, then dragged his dozing mate inside where there was a pitcher of water and a rag ready and waiting.

“Clean yourself up,” Katsuki huffed as he took off his armour, “You’re covered in fucking dirt from the road.”

Izuku struggled to keep his eyes open and slowly nodded at his Alpha’s demand. Looking down, he could see just how filthy his feet had gotten and how his legs were covered in a layer of dust. Looking back up at the rest of his surroundings, he noticed how it looked exactly like the last time they camped. A small cot sat in the corner with a blanket spread nicely on top of it. Weapons and gear were neatly stacked together against the wall. Katsuki stood in the middle of it all, slowly taking off his armor which was more than a little distracting. He forced himself to take his eyes off the Alpha and back to his legs, working the cloth over them in lethargic movements. Getting the dirt off felt amazing, which only made him more exhausted.

With his back turned to the Omega, Katsuki said, “You did… alright today. For a pampered Athenian.” It was probably as close to a compliment as the Alpha could get, feeling his face warm anyway.

Bright eyes were torn from washing, the task forgotten, when the words hit Izuku’s ears. He set the rag aside, figuring he’d done good enough, and inched his way toward the Alpha. “I thought you said I was a Spartan now… like you.” There was a hint of teasing in his tone and obvious pride. He paused an arms length away from Katsuki with a cheeky smile.

Head snapping around to glare at the cheeky Omega, Katsuki tried to come up with something to say before he failed and turned away. “No I fucking didn’t, shitty Deku,” he answered petulantly, crossing his arms like a child.

Izuku hummed a little and recited from memory in his best Katsuki impression, “Even if I haven't bitten you yet, you are mine… So you are a Spartan.” He gave the Alpha a poke to the back. “That’s what you said, right?”

Katsuki snorted at the impression, glancing at the Omega out of the corner of his eye as he suppressed a smirk. “Musta been out of my damn mind,” the Alpha answered, the muscles in his shoulders relaxing as he turned around, eyeing the bite mark on Izuku’s neck. No matter how often the Alpha saw it, the mark always made his heart do strange things in his chest. Though he’d never admit that to Izuku.

Feeling the Alpha’s eyes on his neck, Izuku’s reaction was purely instinctual yet casual. His head tilted to the side, showing off his neck but also in a silent question. Eyes drifted toward the similar marking on Katsuki’s neck and Izuku’s stomach jumped and fluttered, like everything he’d ever wanted was standing right there in front of him. “Kacchan,” he said lowly, though wasn’t sure what he needed to ask or say. He just wanted to hear his mate’s name again, as it slowly became the most comforting sound he’d ever heard.

There was no way for the Alpha to resist such display, lured into the Omega’s space and surrounding him with his smokey scent. Katsuki remained transfixed by the sight of milky white skin marred only his mark; his claim. He couldn’t help but trail his calloused fingers from his mates jaw down to the still healing wound, dancing over the scabs. Red eyes darting back to green, Katsuki loomed over his little mate. “Izuku.”

The sound of his own name rolling off of his mate’s lips caused a shiver to dance down Izuku’s spine. He didn’t get to hear it often, every time was a surprising delight. His eyes dropped, heavy with sleep and a newfound desire to be even closer to his mate. Izuku let his body fall into the Alpha’s, leaning into him and breathing in his scent. “Kacchan,” he slowly repeated. “I…’m… tired.”

Katsuki wrapped one arm around Izuku’s waist holding him steady while the other smoothed up his back, over his nape and into his wild green curls. “You did good… Let’s get some damned sleep before Shitty hair comes to get us up in the morning. Tomorrow will be as shitty as today was,” Katsuki mumbled into the top of Izuku’s head then nuzzled into the smell of pomegranates.

With that, the Alpha nudged the Omega towards the cot then directed them both down into the covers with Izuku pressed into his bare chest. No matter how uncomfortable the road was to Sparta, Katsuki found it was a lot less rage inducing with his mate along with him.

“Not so bad…” Izuku yawned, nuzzling into his Alpha’s neck. He tucked himself against Katsuki as close as he could, murmuring against soft skin, “‘cause I get to be with you.”

“Do you always say such stupid shit when you’re tired?” Katsuki huffed, trying to sound irritated and failing, “Go to sleep, Deku.” Izuku wiggled some more against him probably just to spite him but the Alpha allowed it, wrapping his arm around the Omega’s body and holding him close. It was hard to believe that not long ago the Omega would be plotting a way to get out of his embrace but instead Izuku sought it out.

What in Zeus’s name had he done to be rewarded so? Katsuki didn’t think he’d ever find out.

* *
Out of sight, from on top of the hillside, the Spartan camp could be surveyed. Spartans, such a horrific bunch of barbarians, stunk up the pasture with their overly aggressive scents and newly claimed Omegas. Athenian Omegas at that, a rare sight to behold outside of Athens.

“This is it,” Stain murmured to himself, voice gravelly yet admirably determined. “They’re vulnerable. Let’s go.”

Chapter Text

“Spartans, the only breed we shall hunt,” Stain muttered to the others as they stalked their way down the hill, silently and masked by darkness. He could spot a few Spartan soldiers pacing the perimeter of their campsite and expected nothing less of the warlords. They knew better than to turn their backs on the wilderness around them. It didn’t matter though, as the bandits from Persia were prepared for a battle. “They’re less than human, closer to devils. They kill, pillage, and capture the innocent. In return, we’ll kill them, pillage their belongings, and capture their tainted Omegas to return them to purity.”

He could hear hisses and whispers of agreement, a full brigade of loyal subjects creeping through the darkness behind him. They were all on board with this train of thought, followers of his convictions. Normally, he worked alone but for the Spartans, he’d make an exception. He didn’t just want to take away their new treasures, he wanted them to burn.

* *

Izuku woke with a start, gasping not for fresh air but the scent of his mate. With his face still nuzzled into the crook of Katsuki’s neck, he could easily take a few deep breaths of rich, burnt cedar and let his eyes fall shut again with their bodies tangled together in the night, subconsciously keeping them as close as possible. Katsuki’s arms held him tight, heavy in the Alpha’s sleep but as strong as ever. His Alpha’s deep, even breaths were like a lullaby, easing Izuku right back to sleep alongside the crickets and cicadas.

Right when the Omega dared to think he’d fall asleep again, a curious noise forced his eyes flashing right back open again. What sounded like rushed footsteps swished through the grass and unfamiliar voices spoke lowly to one another in harsh whispers. They sounded as though they were arguing until a rumbling voice demanded, “Burn them all.”

Izuku sat up at the sentence, pulling himself past his Alpha’s hold so he could get a better look. A bright orange glow from outside shone through the red fabric of their tent before growing to a more intense light. In total bewilderment, Izuku crawled toward the opening of their tent, grabbed his sword on the way, and stuck his head out with complete and utter curiosity.

That curiosity turned straight into terror as he watched a group of bandits dressed in unfamiliar armor throwing torches at the tents around them, setting the camp ablaze. Horses whinnied and huffed, fighting against their reigns tied to stakes in the ground. Alphas rushed out of the tents with their Omegas in tow with swords at the ready and shouts of war. Bandits fought back in teams of two or three, obviously outnumbering their group.

A specific cry from King caught Izuku’s attention as he noticed the fire from a nearby tent blowing in her direction. She pulled against the ropes holding her in place, staring at the flame with wide eyes. Izuku’s body started to move on its own, pushing him outside of his sanctuary and away from Katsuki. With his sword at the ready, he sprinted to King and cut her loose, letting her run to safety in the nearby grasses.

His sigh of relief for her safety was cut short as someone grabbed him by the hair and stuffed their face in his neck to take a deep breath. A second yank forced him down to his knees, the pain caused him to let out a cry of shock and panic. He kept a tight grip on his sword, but found the person staring down at him to be too quick to slash at. They worked around him as if it were childsplay, looking at him with a strange look in their eyes. With bandages secured around their nose and a dark hood, it made them difficult to truly see.

“Omega,” they finally stated. “Couldn’t tell based on scent alone.” With that, they pulled him right back up to his feet and growled. “Defiled by a beast. But I can save you.” One of his hands kept a firm grip on Izuku’s hair and the other flew in out of nowhere, delivering a sharp blow to Izuku’s stomach. The second that the punch was delivered, the stranger let go and Izuku fell to his knees. He coughed, unsure whether he needed to catch his breath or hack his lungs out. Blood splattered across the ground in front of him as he struggled between coughing and breathing.

The tears started flowing from his eyes without much thought. It was instantaneous and couldn’t be helped. They weren’t tears of sadness, however. Izuku couldn’t hold them in, just like he couldn’t hold in the newfound rage burning in his stomach.

Rage hot enough to finally wake the Omega’s sleeping mate…

Katsuki was moving before he was even fully awake, throwing himself up and snatching the nearest weapon before he had even blinked the sleep out of his eyes.

Looking around, he realized his mate was not there.


Diving out of the tent and into the chaos of fire and battle, he ran in search of his mate cutting down anyone who was stupid enough to get in his way.


Things were becoming clearer now the more the Alpha was splattered with the blood of his enemies. Clear enough to smell the scent of pomegranates through all the carnage and direct him to see his Omega on his knees in the hands of a Persian.


They were under attack


His mate was in pain


His mate was in danger.


His mate was about to be cut down right in front of his eyes!

Izuku!” Katsuki screamed at the top of his lungs until his throat was hoarse, desperately slicing through as many bodies as he could to get to his mate.

He wasn’t going to make it.

Izuku couldn’t hear anything beyond the fierce wash of hot anger rushing past his ears. An unnatural snarl slipped through his teeth as he stared down the assailant with a dark glare illuminated only by burning Spartan tents. Before he could make another move, a swift and sharp kick to his abdomen caused him to cough again with a new splatter of blood painting the ground under them.

“Who… are you?” Izuku breathed out, voice ragged and harsh. Blood and spit dripped down his chin but he refused to back down.

“Brave. That’s admirable,” the bastard snorted. He knelt down so the two of them were at eye level. “Stain. Spartan Killer. I’m here to save-“

Izuku brought his sword up in one even, strong slash to cut through Stain’s face. The cut wasn’t as deep or fatal as he hoped, but it was enough to shock the Spartan Killer. He stumbled back up onto his feet, but Izuku kept true to his strategy and grabbed for Stain’s ankle to drag him back down to the ground again.

The only gap in Izuku’s plan was that the Spartan Killer wasn’t alone. Someone behind him grabbed the sword out of his hand, but it didn’t matter. Izuku hurled himself at Stain and threw punch after punch with everything he had.

“Calm yourself, Omega,” Stain hissed. “Can’t you see these beasts have left you delusional and plagued with false dreams of freedom? I don’t want to hurt you. I will purify you and deliver you to a suitable Alpha.” With that, Stain rolled Izuku off of himself to stand once more. Izuku did the same, stumbling to his feet despite the pain.

“Delusional? The only delusional one here is you. Can’t you see?” Izuku dropped down into a firm, fighting stance just as he was taught, coughing up blood again but remaining determined. “You and your friends won’t leave this place alive.”

The crazed Alpha was egotistical enough to look at Izuku in bemusement no matter the beating he just took, unsure if he had ever come across such a feisty Omega before. Usually they all cowered before him, baring their necks and begging for their lives when faced with any amount of violence or threats. That was why he needed to rescue these pour inferior souls and deliver them to freedom.

It was time Stain put this Omega in his place.

Sheathing his crooked blade, Stain snickered as he lazily copied Izuku’s stance, rolling his eyes at the Omega to the laughs of the few underlings not currently engaged in fighting Spartans. “I will humour you for now, little boy,” he mocked, then attacked without warning, deciding he would enjoy making this Omega submit.

Izuku barely dodged the Alpha’s attack, noticing how Stain continued to underestimate his own skill. The close proximity let Izuku grab onto Stain’s wrist in an attempt to drag him to the ground. He tried to remember what he had just learned, keeping his feet planted and eyes pinned on his target.

Instead of allowing himself to be dragged to the ground, Stain used his other hand to backhand the Omega across the face, grinning maliciously when the blow left a decidedly red mark on Izuku’s cheek. It was enough to distract him from the fact that the Omega had somehow kept a hold on the Alpha’s wrist.

Every new wound made Izuku angrier, hating the way Stain smirked while they fought as if it were all just a game. Izuku twisted the wrist in his hand with a hard jerk, yanking again to force Stain to bend forward so Izuku could thrust his knee up into the Alpha’s gut.

Stain was winded but he recovered quickly, baring his teeth at the Omega with a snarl before his hand reached out and snatched Izuku by the throat.

Submit,” Stain hissed into the Omega’s face, squeezing his throat until the boy’s eyes were bulging out of his sockets as he gasped for air.

“I won’t,” Izuku choked out, kicking with his feet at anything he possibly could, Stain’s shins, his groin, his knees. Anything that could get the Alpha’s hands off his throat. He couldn’t just submit. He couldn’t let go of everything he’d ever loved. His friends, his freedom… Katsuki. The thought of his Alpha had a surge of adrenaline rush through Izuku’s body as he clawed at Stain’s hand and tried to wrench himself from his grasp.

Stain laughed, enjoying the Omega’s fruitless struggles before he threw him to the ground. “Tie him up,” the Alpha said, turning his back on the choking Omega, “We need to round up as many Omega’s as possible before we-...”

The Alpha never got to finish that sentence.

Izuku leapt up from the ground and took a running charge at Stain, smacking into him with all of his might. He didn’t have a sword and throbbing pain burned through his entire body, but a surge of energy pushed him forward so he could wrap his hands around the Alpha’s neck and squeeze. The look of shock on Stain’s face then morphed into a strange, genuine smile.

“A lost cause, you are,” he coughed out. “Not pure at all. You’re one of them, it seems. But… your determination is… admirable…”

The blood running down Stain’s face coated half of it, sticky and slowly drying in dark, ugly clots. It would certainly scar, a mark left by Izuku forever. Izuku watched as the blood dripped into the Alpha’s eyes and that horrible smile faded.

“We have to go,” a rushed, panicked voice alerted Stain. It startled Izuku as he finally could take in the scene around him, watching as the Spartans rightfully chased off the bandits. It looked like beyond the fires, there weren’t many injuries issued to the Spartans. With Izuku distracted, Stain ripped free of his grasp and started running up the hill alongside his companions.

The group of persian bandits was infinitely smaller than they were before they attacked, with many injured. It was telling that the Spartans were more concerned with putting out the fire then they were with chasing them down, many warriors running with pails of water to dump on the last licks of roaring flames.

Only one was standing still, covered from head to toe in blood looking like a demon that had crawled out from the depths of the underworld and staring at the Omega.

“Izuku,” Katsuki hissed, throwing his sword and shield to the ground before closing the distance, stopping just before they collided. He glared down at the Omega for a long moment, breathing harshly through his nose as adrenalin continued to rush through his veins.

“Do you have a fucking death wish?” Katsuki screamed down directly into Izuku’s face.

“Kacchan,” Izuku breathed out, ignoring the way his wounds burned at the touch in favor of letting his heart swell at the touch of his mate. The Omega shook without realizing it and tears streamed down his face freely, but he was still smiling. Even at the hands of a beast soaked in blood and the sour scent of fury. “I don’t… I didn’t…” he stammered out, trying to explain himself over the flurry of emotions hitting him. It was like everything he suppressed came flooding through his heart. “They came out of nowhere, Kacchan! I had to fight.”

“So you’re just a dumbass then? Dropped on your head too many times as a baby, is that fucking it?” Katsuki spit, too angry to budge, too upset from watching his mate in the hands of an enemy Alpha to comfort the Omega. “You didn’t have to do fucking anything, Deku! You could have died!” He couldn’t help it when his hands lifted to grip onto the Omega’s shoulders, only barely stopping himself from physically shaking some sense into the idiot by pulling him into his chest instead.

Rubbing his face aggressively into green curls, Katsuki hissed, “I almost watched you die.”

“Kacchan, I didn’t mean to…” Izuku started blubbering out, pushing his nose into Katsuki’s shoulder and smearing blood over both of them. He squeezed his eyes shut to try and keep himself from crying, but the whirlwind of emotions wasn’t helping his case. He was only trying to save King and protect himself against the stranger. Anger took over and he launched himself into a fight. Izuku thought about the two blows he took to the stomach and his chest tightened. “I’m sorry, Kacchan, I... failed…”

Katsuki growled, hugging Izuku even tighter to his body. “Shut the fuck up, Deku. You didn’t fucking fail.”

If Izuku failed, then the Alpha was no better. Couldn’t even wake up when his Omega was in fucking danger. He was fucking pathetic.

“You’re alive aren’t you? A dumbass, but alive.” He didn’t know why he was even trying to comfort his mate. Deku deserved to wallow after how stupid he acted. But Katsuki fucking hated when Izuku cried. He wanted to hunt down that asshole that put his hands on his mate and serve him up to the Omega on a silver platter.

“I wanted to save King,” Izuku sniffled. “And that guy… he came out of nowhere. I cut open his face, but then someone took my sword so I just… fought. When he got me in the stomach… and thought about our pups… I just saw red…” It was only the truth and Katsuki deserved to hear it. Izuku wanted nothing more than a life and a family with Katsuki, and he couldn’t forgive anyone who tried to take that away from him. He went blind with rage and his body moved on its own.

He dared to let a hand sneak down and over his stomach, wincing at the tenderness and knowing full-well there would be a huge, purple bruise there at dawn. “What if he took away our pups? I couldn’t just back down!”

Katsuki could feel his face twist into a snarl, his entire body now shaking with the effort to keep himself from leaving right now to hunt that fucker down. “He didn’t. You’re fucking fine, Deku,” Katsuki said, hand shifting to palm over Izuku’s abdomen, “You’re here, with me. And you sliced that fucker up. So just…” The Alpha growled in frustration, unsure of what to say to make the Omega feel better.

Pulling away, red eyes met green for a long moment before Katsuki gave Izuku a biting kiss, pouring everything he couldn’t say and every feeling of fear and relief into one lip lock.

All tension left in Izuku’s body dropped when Katsuki’s lips bet his own. They were rough, bloodstained and tasted like copper, but they were his mate’s and Izuku fell into it instantly. His shaking hands came up to Katsuki’s cheeks, holding the Alpha there just in case Izuku fell apart.

The fires around them were doused and Izuku could hear the Spartans decide to rest until dawn when they would move out again. Salvaged campsites were thrown together and the scent of fear and carnage started to blow away with the evening breeze. Eventually, most of the lights were out except for a few big campfires in the center and the torches held by watchmen. In the middle of it all were Izuku and Katsuki, communicating through a kiss alone. One passionate, hard kiss that morphed into another, just as intense as the first. And another that made Izuku wonder if he’d end up with a bruised lip too.

“Are you hurt?” Izuku whispered out as he caught his breath, trying to look over his mate. It wasn’t easy given that Katsuki somehow managed to cover himself in blood. Whether that blood was his own or not was the concern.

“Don’t know,” Katsuki answered honestly. He was so focused on getting to Izuku and cutting down everything that got in his way that he didn’t even feel if he was hurt himself. “King’ll find her way back. I need to get this shit off of me. You need to clean up too,” he said, pulling away and linking their hands together before he lead the way back to the tent.

They were just about to duck inside their luckily untouched tent when the tent beside them opened and Kirishima came out yawning.

“What’s going on?” the Alpha asked, hand running through his sleep mussed hair.

Katsuki could feel himself gape at the other Alpha.

“Did you seriously fucking sleep through a battle?” Katsuki yelled, completely incredulous.

Shh not so loud! Denki is sleeping!” Kirishima said, not quite understanding what Katsuki was on about.

Katsuki turned to Izuku, the blood on him now drying and flaking off, looking like he was contemplating the murder of his best friend.

Izuku put his free hand on Katsuki’s arm to push his Alpha toward their tent. He offered a tired smile to Kirishima and cocked his head toward the rest of the camp. “We, uh, were just attacked. It’s okay. We, um, got it.” He couldn’t help but wonder how Kirishima and Denki both slept through such an event accompanied by screaming, fire, and bloodshed. It was a miracle that neither one was burned to death or murdered.

The world back inside their tent looked untouched despite what they’d gone through, offering up the slight feeling of home. Their mingling scents trapped inside the canvas walls were like a breath of fresh air, allowing Izuku to breathe again. Izuku went for the bucket of water and rags stationed at the entrance, wetting both and offering one to Katsuki so they could both get rid of the blood and dirt from their bodies. It didn’t take Izuku long as he gently swiped away the blood smeared across his skin from Katsuki and dabbed at his bruising arms and abdomen. Katsuki, on the other hand, was coated in sweat, blood, and Izuku’s tears.

Katsuki was still working on all the dirt when he felt a cloth on his back mopping up the blood. Leaning back into the touch he sighed, closing his eyes and tipping his head back to just enjoy the feeling of Izuku’s hands. When they circled around to his chest, Katsuki caught them in his own and held them tight.

“Don’t you dare leave me behind,” the Alpha said, his voice low and strained with the emotion it held.

Izuku presses his cheek against Katsuki’s shoulder, holding him close and lamenting the moment he’d have to let go. “I won’t,” Izuku promised, lesson learned. “Never again. I swear. I’m sorry.”