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The Brat Pack

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Lee Donghyuck couldn’t believe that he was late. He’s never late in his life before. He was always on time. But that’s because Chenle, his little brother, never made a fuss when Donghyuck tried to wake him up in the morning before. Today, unlike usual, Chenle started to cry as soon as he opened his eyes. He almost kicked Donghyuck on the face when he tried to bath him and he still didn’t stop crying even after Donghyuck bribed him with ice cream—which was completely surprising because Chenle never said no to ice cream before. It took almost 30 minutes to get Chenle ready for school and by the time Donghyuck dropped him off at his kindergarten, the last bus that morning had already left. His new school was 20 minutes walk from Chenle’s kindergarten but now that Donghyuck was already late, he didn’t have a choice but run.

Donghyuck arrived at school right when the bell rang loudly through the hallway. He ran straight to throng of people, easily blending in because of his small figure. He needed to find teacher room first because he still didn’t know where his classes were. Donghyuck kept walking straight, his mind kept chanting ‘faster, Donghyuck, faster’. He didn’t really pay attention with his surroundings and when he took a right turn, he gasped loudly when his body collided with a bigger figure, his forehead knocked a very sharp jaw that sent him flying to the ground, fell flat on his butt. His hands immediately flew to his forehead, the collision was hard enough to make him dizzy. There were gasps and murmurs around him but Donghyuck was too preoccupied with the impact of the accident to realize it.


A string of profanities made Donghyuck looked up and his eyes widened when he saw the guy before him was bleeding. He quickly got up, the apology was already in the tip of his tongue, but when that guy glared so hard at him, Donghyuck immediately cowered on his spot.

“Are you fucking blind?” the guy spat at him, wiping his bleeding nose with his hand. Blood smeared from his nose to his mouth and down to his jaw. Donghyuck winced at the sight.

“Where the fuck was your eyes?”

Donghyuck’s throat got thick. He was just a new guy, this was his first day, and he already fucked up so badly. The guy before him was slightly taller than Donghyuck but his frame was bigger. His shoulder was broad, his face sharp, and his eyes were so intense. He looked at Donghyuck like he wanted to kill him. And he looked completely pissed.

“I’m—I’m sorry.” he whispered, lowering his gaze. The guy muttered a low ‘fucking blind’ and when he walked passed Donghyuck, he purposely bumped his shoulder against Donghyuck’s so hard it made him stumbled backward, almost falling again, but a hand caught his wrist and steady him.

Donghyuck looked up and realized that the guy wasn’t alone. There were another two guys with him. Donghyuck gaped at the guy who caught his wrist. He was also slightly taller than Donghyuck and he looked like he was straight out of manga books. He was so beautiful, his figure and his face was the kind you saw on the cover of Bazaar magazine. His eyes were so big, looking straight into Donghyuck’s eyes. His light brown hair softened his look. He looked unbelievably stunning.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his voice was so much gentle than the previous guy. Donghyuck lowered his eyes to read his name tag; Lee Taeyong.

“Y-yes,” Donghyuck answered, suddenly feeling nervous under his gaze. “I’m fine.”

“I’m sorry for earlier.” Taeyong said. “He isn’t usually like that. He’s just in a very bad mood this morning.”

Donghyuck didn’t know how to respond to that so only nodded at Taeyong.

“You’re new here?”


Taeyong smiled and his cold look melted. He looked so much better, prettier, and brighter when he smiled like that. Donghyuck gawked at him with mouth slightly opened.

“Welcome here,” Taeyong lowered his eyes to read his name tag, still smiling. “Donghyuck.”

“Thank you,” Donghyuck stammered and blushed.  

“Baby, we need to go now.”

Another guy, taller and leaner, but muscular, with dark straight hair, came from behind Taeyong. He had one arm around Taeyong's waist and Donghyuck could immediately tell that they were a couple. This guy has a very soft feature but his eyes were very sharp and he didn't smile. His lips pressed into a thin line and he looked displeased. It didn’t match well with his feature and it actually made him looked scary and unapproachable. He looked at Donghyuck with calculating eyes and Donghyuck immediately lowered his eyes.

“Once again, I apologize on his behalf. Hope you have a nice day, Donghyuck. Good luck.”

The taller guy, Jung Jaehyun, practically dragged Taeyong to move forward, leaving Donghyuck alone in the hallway. Donghyuck stood there for a moment, still disoriented from what had happened. A few moments later, he let out a squeal as realization finally hit him.

“I’m late!”



Fortunately, even though Donghyuck was late, the teacher was kind enough and let Donghyuck off the hook because it was his first day. She led Donghyuck to his new class. The classroom was quite big and as soon as Donghyuck stepped foot into it, all eyes were on him. He tried to stand straight even though he visibly trembling. He could feel their calculating and judging eyes when he walked to his chair and sit next to a very tall and cheerful guy. His name was Wong Yukhei but people in school called him Lucas. He was the only one who looked friendly and smiled broadly at Donghyuck. He started the conversation first and Donghyuck was glad he could make friends on his first day.

When the bell rang, Lucas asked him to go to the cafeteria together. He wanted to introduce Donghyuck to his friends. After lining up for their food, Lucas walked him to the table where his friends at and he introduced them one by one. There were three of them. The pink hair, Na Jaemin. The smiley eyes, Lee Jeno. And the tiny one, Renjun. They welcomed him warmly and it was easy to fall into a conversation after that.

A few moments later, suddenly the cafeteria became noisy and there were loud gasps and murmurs. Donghyuck looked up and saw Jaehyun and Taeyong entered the cafeteria. They walked side by side with Jaehyun's hand wrapped possessively and protectively around Taeyong's waist. He still didn't smile. They walked over the big table at the corner, away from another tables and it was still vacant. Another pair behind Jaehyun and Taeyong walked in the same direction. Both of them were tall and lean and they were bickering loudly while walking. The one with honey blond hair kicked the other’s leg and ran when the other chased him. Behind them, there was another pair. One of the two was very tall and muscular like Jaehyun. He was more boyish than the others and his hair looked so smooth and silky. He had one arm around the shorter one, leaning so close to him. The other guy was the shortest than the others, thin with sharp features. His hair was an ink black, he had a very pointed nose and eyes like a cat. It was clear that the two of them were a couple, like Taeyong and Jaehyun. They even looked more intimate.

The six of them sat at the same table. Donghyuck gawked at them, mouth slightly opened. All of them looked like they could be in college. They looked so different from other students and all of them looked devastatingly stunning. Just like Taeyong, the rest of their faces were the kind that showed up on pages of a fashion magazine.

“Who are they?” Donghyuck asked, turning his attention back to his group of friends.

Jaemin giggled and he looked at Donghyuck as if he was expecting that kind of question to come out sooner or later.

“They're the Brat Pack.”

“The what?”

Donghyuck almost choked on his food, looking at Jaemin incredulously.

“The Brat Pack,” Renjun repeated. “It's cliché, I know. The students here call them that.”

“So you mean they're like the ones who rule this school?”

“Kind of,” Jeno said. “They're a bunch of rich and spoiled kids.”

“But they're actually not that bad.” Lucas said, munching his sandwich messily. Donghyuck shook his head, reaching out to wipe the corner of Lucas's mouth with his hand, it was just out of habit. He always did that to Chenle because his brother was a messy eater. Lucas was stunned, looking up at Donghyuck in surprise, but then he smiled so wide at him and muttered a small 'thank you'. Donghyuck smiled back in return.

“That's because you're the only who actually talk to them.” Jeno said. He sounded bored and Donghyuck got the impression that he didn't like them that much.

“So, who are they?” Donghyuck repeated the question.

“The first one who came was Lee Taeyong and Jung Jaehyun. They're like the couple goals here. A lot of students look up to them. Taeyong looks cold outside but he was actually soft and warm. He's also very polite and smiles a lot. Jaehyun is the opposite. His face might look soft and friendly but he's the quiet one. Only Taeyong can soften him. And you don't mess up with Taeyong because Jaehyun will never hesitate to destroy everyone or everything that hurts his boyfriend. You see, he is a very possessive and protective type.”

Donghyuck shivered. “That sounds scary.”

"It is," Jaemin nodded. “But he's only on his worst when it involves Taeyong. He's actually nice.”

“Those two who bicker a lot, the honey blond and the guy who sits across him, that's Kim Doyoung and Nakamoto Yuta. Doyoung is the president of Student Council. He's the most social one. If you don't see him with them you will think he's just a normal student like us. Yuta is the captain of the football team. He is the Casanova. The one who breaks many hearts.”

Donghyuck glanced at their table again. The Brat Pack. The name actually suited them. The young rich kids you couldn’t quite keep straight. They were what kids wanted to see and what kids wanted to be.

Donghyuck seemed couldn’t look away and when Taeyong caught him, he gave him a small nod and smiled a little at him. Donghyuck blushed and hesitantly smiled back. Jaehyun saw that and turned his head to Donghyuck, his gaze hardened. Donghyuck quickly looked away.

“The last one was Johnny and Ten. They're together and grossly in love. Their PDA is no joke. It's not surprising to see them making out in the hallway, locker room, or bathroom. And we're all used to see Ten all over Johnny.”

Donghyuck cringed.

“All of them are senior?”

“Yes,” Renjun answered. “This year is their last year here.”

Jaemin was about to say something but then he caught a sight at the entrance of the cafeteria and his eyes quickly lightened up.

“And that's Mark Lee. The leader of The Brat Pack.”

Donghyuck turned around and he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the very same guy who bumped into him this morning was walking straight to the end of the table. He had both hands on his pocket and even though he was alone, he still managed to look so powerful and dominant. He walked with his chin high up in the air, eyes cold, and lips pressed into a thin line. Donghyuck watched as the girls squealed when Mark walked passed their tables. Mark approached his group of friends and sat in the middle, the only empty seat remained. He didn’t eat like the rest of his friends. He was engaged in what seemed like a serious conversation with Jaehyun, his eyebrows furrowed and his hands moved frantically as he explained things to the latter.

He is the leader?” Donghyuck muttered under his breath, still couldn’t believe what he just heard.

“Yes. He’s actually the youngest. A junior like us but he is the one who leads the group. The co-leaders are Taeyong and Johnny, the oldest in the group.”

“Mark is Jaehyun’s younger brother.” Lucas informed him. “And before you ask, they’re step-siblings. That’s why their surname is different.”

“Taeyong doesn’t seem like he can hurt a small bug but he’s very protective of them. There are rumors and stories but I don’t think you’re ready for that today.” Renjun explained and Donghyuck could only nod.

Donghyuck glanced at them and it was just so happened that Mark looked up at the same time as Donghyuck. Their eyes locked and the scary look in Mark’s face returned. His frown deepened as he looked at Donghyuck, scowling at him. Donghyuck shivered and quickly looked away.

Jaemin caught their small interaction and his hand immediately flew to his mouth, gasping loudly.

“Oh my god,” Jaemin looked at him with wide eyes. “You are the new kid.”

Donghyuck looked at him confusedly.

“Um, I am?”

Renjun and Jeno looked back and forth between Jaemin and Donghyuck before the realization finally hit them.

“You mean the one who made the Mark Lee bled?” Renjun said, his jaw fell open.

Donghyuck’s widened. How could all of them know about that?

“What do you mean?”

“Donghyuck-ah,” Jeno said slowly, there was a pity in his eyes and Donghyuck’s stomach immediately twisted. “The Brat Pack is a big deal. And Mark is the leader.”

“So…?” Donghyuck asked, still didn’t get the hint.

“All of the students keep talking about the new kid who made Mark bled this morning. You have to know that Mark has his own fan club here and let’s just say they aren’t very nice.”

“They’re after you,” Jaemin broke the news for him. He looked at Donghyuck pitifully, just like the rest of them. Even Lucas grew very quiet. “Nobody messes up with Mark in this school, Donghyuck-ah. And after what happened this morning, you become their next target.”

As soon as the words sunk in Donghyuck, he could feel his blood ran cold through his body. He sat there helplessly, staring down at his food. He was the next target. Donghyuck knew exactly what it meant and he felt like crying now. It was his first day and he’s already gotten himself into a trouble. This wasn’t how Donghyuck imagined his first day would be. He never imagined that he would get involved with Mark Lee, the leader of the Brat Pack, the one who ruled the school. He was so screwed.