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Caught in the Middle

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The next morning bea woke up and had a shower in her personal ensuite and got dressed, she went downstairs and began to make a pot of coffee, she was taking out a mug when she heard a voice and it made her jump

'good morning bea... bea spun around and held her hand over her chest

'shit you scared me

''sorry i was just looking out your back door seeing the nice view

'oh yea debbie was sold on that which is why i bought this place

'its really nice.... bea nodded


'yes please, white with 2 sugars

'coming right up, breakfast? im gonna make a ham, cheese and tomato toasty

'yea sure.... bea came to the table 10 minutes later with 2 plates and 2 mugs and placed them down sitting next to allie

'thank you bea, its good to have someone make something for me

'your more than welcome, i like looking after people..... allie smiled

'i can tell, how long have you been at this place?

'5 years now, i bought it after i got divorced, we needed to get away from our old place and all the bad memories

'from your ex-husband right?

'im sure debbie told you about it?

'yea she did, she didnt go into detail about everything just the main points, we both know about each others past and we both trust each other, its weird because im 11 years older than her but she is my best friend

'even before meeting you i knew you and debbie were close, whenever i talk to her she brings you up and that your both hanging out and looking after each other, i really appreciate you helping her out a few months ago when you 2 were out at the club with that guy

'she was pretty scared after it happened, did she tell you what happened?

'she tried to but she just kept crying so i came and picked her up, she told me about you helping her and i wanted to thank you but you had left uni for a couple days

'yea i had to sort some stuff out, i didnt want to leave her but i made sure a couple of our friends stayed with her till you got there

'yea i met them, they had me and franky laughing, thank you for doing that i was scared when she called me crying

'i can imagine, she had me scared, that night we went out and had only been there for a couple hours when she went to the bathroom, she had been gone for ten minutes so i went to look for her with the other 2 girls and we went to the toilets and she wasnt there so we looked around, just down the corridor was the disabled toilets so i walked down there and opened the door to see the guy had her pinned up against the wall about to take advantage of her, i grabbed him and threw him against the other wall as the other 2 girls helped debbie by putting there jackets over her and take her out of the toilet

'debbie said you gave him a beating?

'i sure did, i belted the crap out of him and ended up getting arrested

'oh shit debbie never told me that

'i asked her not to, i didnt want you to worry, i would do it again the punk had it coming to him, i broke my hand i fucking hurt like a bitch... they both giggled and bea ran her finger over allie's knuckles

'im glad you were there to help her, when i saw the state she was in on the way home i felt so broken and i didnt know how to help her, it broke my heart to see her just lay in bed, she was home for a month and for the first 2 weeks she would only lay in my bed and didnt want to go anywhere, i know you rang everyday sometimes 2-3 times to check on her

'of course i had too, she is my best friend and i wanted to make sure she was okay

'it was because of your support she decided to went back to uni, thank you so much allie, what happened with the guy? debbie never told me

'he got off light as usual because he was intoxicated, he got community service

'thats such bullshit

'yea it is but as long as debbie is okay than i dont care about him.... bea smiled, bea's fingers continued to run over allie's hand the whole time they talked and as they sat in silence as well, allie turned her hand over and held bea's fingers in her palm and she heard bea gasp, looking into bea's brown eyes all she wanted to do was lean forward and kiss bea but she couldnt, she had to remind herself that bea was taken and allie doesnt take whats not hers, releasing bea's fingers she stood up and picked up the dishes

'i will clean up... bea nodded, bea herself felt the same sensation with wanting to kiss allie, she just wanted to pull allie into her lap and taste the blondes plump lips and she almost did until allie stood up and went to the sink, clearing her throat she too stood up

'debbie's boyfriend is coming today..... allie turned around and her eyes went wide

'fuck... allie mumbled

'whats wrong allie?

'i dont know if i should tell you, i dont want debbie to be mad at me

'tell me what? allie went quiet for a moment and bea moved forward 'allie?

'i have met him

'her boyfriend?

'yea braydon

'okay, what the problem?

'fuck debbie is going to hate me

'your starting to worry me allie

'bea... allie whispered and bea moved even closer and held her hand seeing allie have an emotional battle with herself

'talk to me allie, please.... allie took a big breath

'braydon does drugs...... bea felt her whole world shatter when she heard this, its because of drugs as well as alcohol that harry became so violent with her and debbie knows she wont accept this, allie felt bea's hand tighten around her own and looked into bea's eyes seeing different emotions scared, anger, confusion but most of all determination

'bea? are you okay? bea nodded

'yea thanks for telling me, does debbie know he does them?

'no she doesnt

'how did you find out?

'he came to our place one day and i went to the bathroom and he was shooting up when i walked in, i told him to break up with debbie and leave her alone but he threatened me

'what do you mean?

'he is part of the the holt family

'oh shit, i know about them there dangerous

'yea they are, he told me if i told debbie he would come after me, that was a couple weeks ago and i have been trying to get her to dump him but she wont

'fuck, i have to sort this out

'im sorry bea i tried to get him away but i couldnt

'its not your fault i dont want you getting hurt in this, i will have to find a way to fix this, he is coming today for lunch so we will see how it goes, thank you for being there for her

'i always will, anything she needs she can count on me

'im glad she has you, i need to figure out what to get for lunch

'just something simple and easy bea

'yea i will grab something in a couple hours, shit its 10.30 i need to clean up

'i will help you

'no your a guest

'none of that bea i want to help, plus i can hear foot steps upstairs so aunty bridget and debbie are probably awake so i will make them breakfast and you start cleaning, actually bea there is nothing to clean, its spotless in here... she laughed and bea giggled 'oh bea your a clean freak

'oh shush up... bea laughed

'well you clean your non existence dirty house that you could eat off the floor and i will make bridget and debbie something to eat... allie said looking up to see them walking down the stairs

'deal..... bea went to the lounge room and allie poured coffee

'good morning you 2

'morning al, any food?

'i will make you both a toasty because we are having lunch in a couple hours

'sounds good.... debbie said and yawned

'just coffee for me allie

'okay aunty, debbie's boyfriend is coming for lunch here today so you get to meet him

'sounds good.... bridget knows about braydon and his habits and hopes that bea knows about what is happening before debbie gets involved in it herself, bea walked into the kitchen kissing debbie on the head

'good morning baby

'morning mum, what are you doing?


'cleaning what? you could eat off the floor

'thats what i said... allie laughed

'oh whatever you 2, go and get your cheeky butts in the shower... debbie stood up and downed her coffee before walking upstairs followed by allie and they stopped half way and turned to face bea and bridget and saluted her and than ran up the stairs giggling, bea shook her head and laughed

'oh bea you have your hands full with them 2, are you sure its okay for allie to stay here for 3 weeks?

'yes of course, she is great to have around even though she is as cheeky as deb

'that she is.... bea sat down and sighed

'so braydon is coming here? bea nodded

'he is....bridget could see in bea's eyes that she knew exactly what braydon does

'you know dont you? about braydon?

'allie told me, what do i do bridget?

'its hard bea because debbie doesnt know and she probably might not even believe you if you tell her

'yea true

'i think the best thing to do is suss him out when you meet him

'thats the plan i guess, not much else i can do is there

'not really, just remember im here as well as allie

'i know thank you

'no problems, im going to have a shower he will be here soon..... as bridget went upstairs bea's phone rang picking it up she saw franky's name and she answered

'hey franky

'hey babe how are ya?

'im good and you? you at work?

'yea im flat out but im only gonna get busier so i thought i will buzz you quickly

'did you advertise for new staff?

'yea i did, hopefully sooner than later

'hopefully franky, are you coming here after work?

'im gonna be shattered babe

'i know but please come here so i can look after you, i dont want you going home to no one

'okay i will come there. i will text you when im finished, should be no later than 8

'okay good i will see you later on

'bye babe

'bye... hanging up bea looked at the time it was 12 and braydon was coming 12.30 she she ordered food to be delivered at 12.45, she couldnt be bothered to pick up so she looked through uber eats and came across a chicken and chips place and made an order to be delivered on time, dropping her phone down she leaned her head forward on the table and sighed, she felt so angry at the situation with braydon and didnt know how to fix this, maybe he will force debbie to take something? maybe debbie will feel obliged to try it? she felt a hand run through her hair which instantly soothed her

'bea are you okay? lifting her head she saw allie standing there

'i dont know how to handle this, im petrified that debbie will get involved with drugs

'i know your worried but i wont let that happen and the second i see it i will make sure i kick his ass

'thank you.. again

'i told you bea i have debbie's back no matter what.... half an hour later they were all sitting at the table when the door bell rang

'i will get it... debbie jumped up and went to the door, she opened it and the others could hears voices and than debbie came back holding braydons hand, bea stood up and they came closer

'mum this is braydon my boyfriend, braydon this is my mum bea

'hi bea nice to meet you... he put his hand out and bea shook it

'you too braydon, you know allie over there.... she nodded towards a nervous looking allie

'hmm i do... he gave her a filthy look which debbie missed but the other 2 didnt and to say bea was less than impressed would be an understatement, although she only met allie last night she felt protective of her especially after how she has looked after debbie,

'this here is bridget, allie's aunty and a lecturer at there uni

'hi bridget its good to meet you

'you too braydon

'braydon why dont you take a seat and i will get some drinks, lunch wont be far off

'i will help you bea.... allie followed bea into the kitchen and grabbed some cans of drinks from the fridge and put them on the counter, bea could see her hands shaking and she grabbed them

'allie your shaking

'its cold... she whispered

'its not cold... bea whispered back and looked into allie's bright blue eyes, 'are you okay?

'im fine bea, im just worried about debbie

'i know me too, come on it will be okay.... bea loved how much allie really cared about debbie, she was happy to see someone else in debbie's life that cares for her, taking the drinks back to the table they put them down and poured drinks

'here we go guys

'thank you bea... braydon said and bea and allie sat down side by side

'so tell me about yourself braydon?

'okay not much to say, well i own my own mechanic shop not far from the uni which i ran with 2 of my buddies, i dont go out much, i dont have any brothers and sisters

'how about your parents? what do they do?

'dad is in investments and mum helps him.... bea nodded knowing how full of shit he was

'do you see them often?

'every now and than... bea nodded knowing that there both in jail

'so when debbie moves back home how will you see each other?

'oh she is not moving back home

'excuse me? bea asked

'we talked about it and i decided she doesnt need to move back home..... allie felt bea take her hand under the table and squeeze it feeling her anger

'where do you think she is going to live?

'with me.... bea scoffed

'thats never gonna happen braydon, this right here, this place right here is her home and yes she is old enough to live out of home but its over my dead body that she will live you

'that can be arranged... he said and bea lost it as she launched across the table and punched him right in the nose twice before allie pulled her off him

'you dont go near my daughter you fucking pig,

'mum what the hell?

'debbie do you know who he is? who his family is?

'no i dont

'really you failed to tell her right, ass hole... allie held bea tighter as she tried to launch at him again

'bea calm down

'im not calming down for nothing, debbie he is a holt, part of the holt crime family, both his parents are in jail for murder and to top it off he is on drugs.... debbie looked from her mum to braydon

'is this true?

'your mums a fucking lying slut... he felt a kick to the groin and moaned in pain

'dont you dare fucking talk about my mum like that you pig, i want to know if its fucking true?

'yes it is, im a holt

'the drugs?

'debbie... he groaned

'just tell her bryadon, tell her allie walked in on you shooting up at there place and you threatened her if she told anyone, dont lie to debbie

'you threatened allie? the person who got me through all that crap, the person who beat him up for putting his hands on me, the person that looks after me when im so far away from mum, makes sure i eat, makes sure i have everything i need... debbie looked at allie and sighed

'im sorry allie..... allie shrugged

'its not your fault... debbie looked at braydon who was standing up

'get out braydon


'i want you out of my house, me and you are done

'your breaking up with me?

'yea i am, i dont want to be with someone like you, just go now

'you will regret this... he grabbed his car keys and mobile and left the house slamming the front door, debbie sighed

'im sorry... she muttered and walked up the stairs to her room, bea went to go after her but allie stopped her

'dont bea, leave her for a bit, she needs to get her head around what she just heard

'i know but i hate that she is hurting

'give her some time bea, allie why dont you take bea upstairs and get her hand cleaned up and i will clean up down here, the door bell just went so its probably the food

'okay thanks bridget.... allie pulled bea up the stairs and into her own bathroom and told her to sit down

'do you have a first aid kit?

'yea in the cupboard

'run your hand under warm water first, come here... as bea rinsed her hand allie took out the kit and sat down, bea sat in front of her with a towel wrapped around her hand, wiping her hand she saw 2 decent sized cuts

'this is gonna sting bea.... bea nodded as allie wiped her hand with alcohol wipes

'ah fuck that doesnt sting it fucking hurts

'sorry.... allie blew on bea's hand to soothe it and it gave bea butterflies in her stomach, once her hand was dry allie put a bandage on her hand and than kissed it

'there all better

'thank you... bea leaned forward and kissed allie's cheek but she lingered there for a few seconds the smell of allie filling her nostrils, allie turned causing her lips to graze over bea's, looking into each others eyes they knew they had to pull back and when they did bea heard alllie sigh

'whats wrong?

'its nothing bea..... allie looked down

'i know something is up

'i cant tell you

'why not?

'because you will probably kick me out... bea was confused

'what are you talking about allie? allie really wanted to tell bea about her feelings but was worried how she would react plus she has franky

'are really truly happy with franky? this caught bea off guard

'i think so.... allie nodded and stood up

'good im glad, you deserve it... she went to walk out but bea grabbed her hand

'why did you ask that?

'just asking

'there is a reason why you did, allie i need you to be honest with me..... to be honest bea was having feelings for allie and she thinks allie has some for her but she needed to be sure before anything happened and she figured out what to do about them, she also had franky to think about

'i dont want you to freak out bea

'i wont freak out, please talk to me... taking a big breath allie looked bea in the eyes

'i really like you, like all i want to do right now is grab you and kiss you, i want my hands all over your beautiful body, i want you to be mine and only mine, i want you you so bad bea it hurts... shaking bea's hand off she began to walk away before stopping again

'but i cant because your with franky, your happy and i would never tarnish that for you, you deserve the best and im far from it, your too good for someone like me, im just gonna pack my stuff and stay in a hotel its easier, sorry... she mumbled and walked out of the room leaving a stunned bea still sitting there, allie went to her room and sat on the bed and began packing her stuff into her bag

'what are you doing? she looked up to see debbie standing there

'hey deb you alright?

'im fine but what are you doing? why are you packing?

'im going to stay in a hotel

'why? is it because of braydon?

'no... she shook her head, debbie could tell allie was upset and she walked in and closed the door before sitting on the bed

'hey whats going on?

'i just cant stay here deb

'why not? allie shook her head

'is it mum? allie sighed and looked at debbie before turning her head to look at the wall again

'you like her?

'is it that obvious?

'yea pretty much

'sorry deb, i made things weird and shit as usual

'allie you need to stop being so hard on yourself, your a good person

'no im not deb and you should know that

'what i know is your amazing, you look after me like a mother hen, you have my back all the time, you took me out of my funk and made sure to stay close to me till i was over the worst of it, your the best friend i always wished i could have, so you like my mum im not surprised she is beautiful and amazing,

'but my past deb

'i know all about it, you stripped and you did drugs, i know it all remember but that doesnt change who you are now, who you strive to be, we graduate in 3 weeks and you can work on opening your cake shop and i will be by your side the whole time because your the best person i want in my life, your not going anywhere allie your staying right here, plus mum likes you too... allie scoffed

'as if she does

'seriously she does, i can tell as soon as she met you

'she has franky and franky is good for her

'im not gonna lie franky is great but they work better as friends than a couple

'it doesnt matter what you or i think she is with franky and thats not gonna change

'you cant leave allie, i wont let you, even if i have to sit on you the whole time to get you to stay, please i need you here especially after that dumb ass braydon

'your mums not gonna want me here

'why wouldnt she?

'because i told her how i feel, i didnt want to but she pushed me to it

'mums not like that you know, she would upset if you left for any reason..... just than there was a faint knock on the bedroom door

'come in... debbie said and the door opened to bea

'hey deb can i talk to allie please?

'sure mum, maybe you can tell her not to leave.... bea nodded as debbie left the room closing the door

'bea im sorry

'no wait stop allie... bea said and sat on the chair in the room opposite allie 'what you said caught me off guard but im glad you told me

'why so you can laugh at me? allie bit back, she didnt mean to but she had her walls firmly in place right now

'oh allie i would never laugh at you especially your feelings, im glad you told because i needed to know that this isnt one sided

'what do you mean bea?

'i have some feelings for you as well, as soon as i saw you i felt something and i was confused, i know its only since yesterday but it happened straight away

'what about franky?

'i really dont know about it all right now, to be honest im confused

'i didnt mean to make things difficult for you bea

'i know you didnt, just please dont go, i dont know what any of this means right now but i need to sort myself out and i wont hurt franky, she has been so good to me and for me

'i know she has... allie nodded her eyes on the ground the whole time, she couldnt look at bea right now she felt too vulnerable

'please stay

'i dont think its a good idea

'i want you to stay, what just happened stay between us

'and debbie

'you told her?

'she figured it out, apparently im not very subtle sorry

'stop apologising, you have nothing to be sorry for, please just stay and give me some time to wrap my head around the whole situation

'okay i will stay but if it gets weird im leaving

'it wont get weird... bea stood up and headed for the door 'come down for lunch the food is here

'i will in a few minutes.... bea nodded and left the room going down stairs and sat on the table, debbie handed her a plate

'thanks deb,

'everything okay?

'its all sorted, are you okay?

'i will be, now that he is gone

'sorry i hit him

'what made you hit him?

'he mumbled a smart ass comment and i just flipped out, plus he was trying to control you

'well he is gone now so dont worry

'i will try not too... just than bea saw allie walk down the stairs and sit at the table debbie handing her a plate

'thanks deb..... bridget and debbie chatted about random stuff as bea watched allie's lame attempt at eating, she was clearly in her own head and bea wished she could just wrap her arms around her to make her feel better, she didnt want allie to kick herself over what happened, getting up she grabbed drinks for them and placed them down, when she placed allie's down she gently rubbed her arm trying to bring her back to herself and allie looked up seeing bea mouth

'its okay... before she took her seat again, it bought allie back a little but after a few minutes she excused herself saying she had a headache and was going to lay down for a while, bea and debbie exchanged glances as they watched her go back upstairs, the rest of the day passed and bea made dinner, allie didnt want to eat so stayed in her room, bridget checked on her after dinner sitting on the bed

'you alright allie?

'im fine just a headache is all

'you need to eat something?

'i will soon

'have you got any tablets?

'yea debbie bought me some earlier today

'they havent helped?

'not yet. im fine dont worry aunty

'alright well im going to take debbie for a drive to check out my new place that i move in next week do you want to come?

'no thanks you go enjoy yourself

'if you need me call me

'i will thank you.... bridget left and allie laid there a little longer before having a shower


bea got a text from franky saying she was on her way there so bea got to filling the bathtub to help her relax, once done she heard franky's car and went to the front door opening it just as franky was walking up the pathway

'hey babe

'hey franky you look shattered..... she pulled franky into a kiss and hug holding her tightly

'i am..... they stood holding each other for a couple minutes before bea pulled back

'come on come and relax.... she pulled franky into the house and upstairs to her own bathroom, she undressed franky and helped her into the water leaving a kiss to her forehead

'im going to get your dinner ready i will be back..... franky felt her body relax into the warm soapy water, she had been thinking about coming here after work all day but she felt it weird that she was really looking forward to seeing bridget more than anything, after last night she felt a really strong connection to her and found her to be extremely sexy, bridget was a woman of substance and poise which franky really liked, how in the hell can she feel like this about someone only knowing them for 24 hours, during her lunch break her mind wondered to bridget and how she would be in bed, how is would feel to have bridget's trembling body come undone beneath her finger tips, shit she had bea thou and would never want to hurt her especially after the trust they built between each other, thinking back to last night it was weird that both bea and franky had the biggest smiles on there faces but they werent together they were talking to allie and bridget, come to think of it allie had that look in her eyes when she looked at bea and maybe bea felt the same, she needed to talk to bea because if this was in fact happening there was no use stringing each other along just for the sake of not hurting each other which would happen if they did do that, she was tired but tomorrow was her day off and so after she ate dinner she would talk to bea, getting out of the bath she dried off and got dressed before retreating down stairs to the table where bea was placing a plate down with a drink

'sit down and eat franky... as franky was eating allie came down stairs to grab a bottle of water

'hey franky

'hey allie how are you?

'good and yourself? busy day

'very busy, you dont look to well are you okay??

'im fine franky thanks, just a bit of a headache..... glancing at bea she looked back at franky and than began to walk off

'im off too bed good night to you both

'good night... they both answered as allie left the room, franky saw it the sly glance between bea and allie and she couldnt be mad because the feelings she herself was having for bridget was just as bad, finishing off eating bea cleaned the few plates and than they sat on the couch in silence for a few minutes

'bea i think we need to talk...................................