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Caught in the Middle

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bea nodded and turned to face franky

'i know we do... they were silent for a few moments

'i dont even know what to say bea

'as if i do but i guess i should start out by saying you have been the best person to have in my life apart from debbie

'i feel the same but i think things have changed recently, i umm.. shit i dont know how to say it... before franky could continue bea blurted something out

'i have feelings for someone else..... silence took over them again until franky chuckled

'why are you laughing?

'because i have feelings for someone else as well, god i hope its not the same person? franky asked


'bridget... they both laughed now

'im not gonna lie franky i love you like my best friend but any more than that i cant commit too,

'i know bea, we have been good together but the last month i think has been more of a friendship than anything, unless i get you in the sack and girl you got moves for a beginner.... bea blushed as they laughed

'piss off franky

'sorry couldnt help it

'listen franky i cant thank you enough for how you treated me, you made me feel wanted and loved and i will forever be great full for that

'i would do it all over again bea, i only want whats best for you and if allie is it than go for it, she is smoking hot... bea playfully slapped franky's arm

'watch it yea

'dont worry red she is all yours


'yea well i cant call ya babe anymore now can i, anyways isnt it funny we both fell for blondes and so fast?

'it really is, is it weird that there related?

'nah it aint, you and allie could be really good together, red just remember you can trust people, dont let your past dictate your future, go be happy, have fun, be everything you can and more

'thank you franky, you too thou, dont go back to your old ways, if you really have a connection with bridget than put in the effort to be who you really are, dont forget i know exactly who you are and if i see you acting like an idiot i will pull your ass up... franky laughed

'i hope so, so were good?

'of course franky, i told you best friends

'forever... they shared a hug and sat back for a while

'i should get home im shattered and i still gotta drive

'dont go franky just stay here

'wouldnt that be weird?

'franky were adults and your my friend, its only sleeping after all

'if your sure?

'i definitely am, its dangerous if you drive now so come on lets go to bed.... franky and bea made there way upstairs and into bea's room and got into bed facing each other

'i love you franky and i cherish everything we shared

'i love you too bea, you showed me what a real relationship is.... franky kissed bea's cheek before turning over and falling asleep straight away, bea lay there for a while trying to sleep but she just wasnt that tired so she got out of bed careful not to disturb franky and left the room, walking into the kitchen she saw allie making a sandwich

'there is leftovers in the fridge... allie jumped and turned around dropping her sandwich

'fuck bea you gave me a heart attack

'sorry i didnt mean too.... she saw allie bend down picking up the sandwich and throwing it in the bin 'you should have leftovers you havent eaten all day

'a sandwich is fine thanks... she turned to face the counter making another sandwich as bea went to the fridge to get a bottle of water for herself and handed one to allie

'are you okay? hows your head?

'its throbbing to be honest but i will get over it

'did you take anything apart from this morning?

'no i didnt

'i have something stronger that might help but it will make you drowsy do you want some?

'sure thanks... allie sat at the table eating her sandwich and bea handed her 2 tablets which she took

'thank you bea... bea sat at the table just staring at allie

'do i have something on my face? bea smiled

'no you dont

'than why are you staring?

'im trying to figure something out

'and whats that?

'how someone like you has feelings for someone like me?

'some one like you bea? she quirked an eyebrow

'come one allie you know parts of what i went through i know debbie told you

'so what? it doesnt mean your not a good person, please bea im the fucked up one, my past although its my past i have hang ups, i have issues that i need to deal with, im completely fucked up

'who doesnt allie, everyone has problems but your not fucked up, you care for debbie like a mother would, when she went to uni i was so scared something would happen to her, she stayed to herself and made a few friends but didnt go out much more wanting to concentrate on her schooling for the moment, 7 months ago when you transferred there she told about you and the little bit of information she knew about you i knew you were a good person she told me on the first day you were there you made her dinner and cleaned up, you stocked up on food which i am very great full and i know how much she can eat

'she sure can... allie laughed

'allie you looked after debbie and you will forever have a place in my heart.... bea saw tear that strayed down allie's cheek and swiped it away

'i didnt mean to upset you allie

'you didnt, thats nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, i love debbie, she is the best person i know although you could give her a run for her money... bea blushed and allie laughed, allie put her elbows on the table leaning her chin on her palms and looked at bea, they just stared at each other for some time bea blushing even more under allie's intense gaze, bea saw allie's eyes were getting heavy and she was struggling to keep them open

'you should get to bed allie you need to sleep

'im fine

'your falling asleep so go to bed.... allie nodded and stood up only to grab the table as she felt dizzy and bea rushed to her side putting her hand on her back and arm to steady her

'are you okay?

'yea just sometimes i get a bad headache and it makes me dizzy or unsteady

'sit down for a second and i will close up the house than i will help you to bed

'im fine bea

'just listen for one would ya, geez your as stubborn as debbie... allie smiled as she watched bea check the front and back door and switch all the lights off, going to allie she pulled her up and wrapped an arm around her waist and they walked up the stairs together, once in allie's room bea helped her get settled in bed and bought the blanket over her body, without even realising she kissed allie's head

'good night allie, if you need anything call out to me

'good night bea, thank you.... bea left the room and went to her own crawling in bed and falling asleep next to her best friend


The morning came and debbie and franky were the first up and were drinking there coffees on the back veranda whilst swinging on the seat

'what time did you get in last night?

'by the time i finished work and drove here it was about 8-8.30

'shit thats a long day franky

'yea i know, i advertised for workers but not reliable ones

'what kind of jobs are you offering?

'i need a bar worker and 2 waiters

'well i got my bar licence a couple years ago and im back home so if your willing to give me a shot i need a job?


'yes if you want to, you dont have to

'of course i would love too deb, i trust you and i know you wont mess me around, how about you come in tomorrow at 10 and we can go from there?

'awesome thanks franky,

'actually debbie im not sure if your mum told you yet which i doubt but last night me and your mum broke up.... debbie raised her eyebrow in shock


'yea, look your mum is the most amazing person i know there is no doubt about that and she helped me stop being an idiot and really look at my life and better it, you know what i used to be like

'sleep around, go out all the time, yea i know

'well i stopped all that because your mum made me feel loved, like not in a sexual lover kinda way, in a way to make me feel important

'you are franky

'thanks deb, your mum and i were good together but i think in the last month we were more of a friendship than anything so we talked last night and decided to part ways, we both realised we had feelings for someone else

'allie and bridget

'how the hell do you know?

'it wasnt hard, as soon as you both greeted them i could tell

'is it weird to fall for someone so quick?

'nah i dont think so, i see it as a connection with your true person

'makes sense... franky nodded

'so will you still be around? i hope so

'oh i definitely will, your mum and i are best friends and that will never change

'will it be weird to see her with someone else?

'it might be weird just to start with but i want her to be happy, i need her to be happy after all the crap she went through

'me too, i want you both to be happy, your like my aunty franky so i hope you dont disappear on us

'i wont deb i promise, have i ever broken a promise to you?


'i dont intend too

'good.... while they sat and chatted some more bridget woke up and went to check on allie, walking in the room she sat on the edge of the bed gently shaking allie

'allie wake up sweety... allie slowly opened her eyes and groaned

'how are you feeling?

'my temples are throbbing i dont know why

'lets get you to the doctor okay, you havent had them this bad in a long time, can you get up and shower?

'just help me up i should be alright.... allie got up and had a quick shower and sat back on the bed while bridget had a shower and got dressed, as she was walking back to allie's room bea walked out of her room

'good morning bea

'good morning bridget, where are you off too so early?

'allie is not in a good way, im taking her to the doctor, do you mind if i use your car?

'of course not the keys are by the door, do you want me to come with you to help?

'do you mind?

'not at all just give me ten minutes to freshen up

'okay thank you bea... bridget went to allie's room and saw her leaning against the head board in the dark

'allie, bea is coming with us so lets get you down to the car she wont be long

'okay... bridget helped allie down to the car and told her she would be back, she put her in the back seat so she could half lay down with the blanket over her head to hide from the light, bea was coming down the stairs when bridget went inside to get a bottle of water for allie

'let me just tell debbie and franky we are leaving i will meet you in the car.... bridget nodded and bea went to the back veranda

'hey mum where are you going?

'allie is not well at all so bridget and i are gonna take her to the doctor, are you 2 alright here?

'no sweat red go look after your girl... bea smiled and ruffled her daughters hair before leaving, throwing $50 on the bench in case they needed anything even though both franky and debbie didnt need it, going out to the car bea saw allie in the back seat and got in there lifting allie's head to sit in her lap, allie peaked out from under the blanket and bea rubbed her cheek gently, bridget took off and bea directed her to the closest doctor center where they could do all the tests there as well, getting allie inside and sat down was a task as the light was hurting her head more so bea gave her sunnies to her and put her jacket over allie's head, bridget put her name down and sat with bea and allie, watching on as allie lay her head on bea's shoulder and bea gently rubbing her head, half an hour later the doctor called allie in and they went into his office and sat down

'hi ladies im doctor will jackson which one of you is allie?

'this one here, im her aunty bridget and this is bea her friend, allie suffers headaches and has for years

'did something happen for it to start up? bridget looked at allie and she nodded

'when she was 16 a guy hit her from behind, she was in a coma for 6 weeks so since than she gets these migraines and sometimes when its really bad she vomits or cant even open her eyes, yesterday this one came up and she spent yesterday and all night in bed in the dark, she says the light makes it worse hence the sunnies and jacket on her head,

'has she ever had tests done to see why the headaches are still happening?

'she has had x-ray and ultrasound but they dont know why there happening

'there is a new fluid test that can be done, its safe but it can be scary

'what does it involve?

'an injection in the neck to extract fluid so we can test and we can also get an mri which will show more extensively what is going on, i can do both tests now if she is willing?

'allie what do you think? allie just simply nodded

'okay what im going to do is search our australian data base for her records from the incident and get as much information as possible, the nurse will get allie to do the mri first and than i will do the other test

'okay thank you doctor.... as allie changed into the gown and did the test bea felt her heart break when she thought about what happened to allie, for someone to hit you so hard for nothing just because they were intoxicated she ended up in a coma, you hear so many stories on this type of situation but you never think it would happen to someone you know, she was pulled out of her thoughts when bridget came over to her

'hey bea allie asked if you could sit with her during the test, she is really scared

'of course i can, where is the room? bridget took bea to the room and she went in and was given a special outfit to wear and sat in the chair by allie's bed and held her hand, she heard allie's faint voice say 'thank you' and she squeezed her hand a little, the test took about half an hour and than dr jackson did the fluid test, they were asked to wait an hour which allie groaned about complaining saying there was too much light in the waiting room so the doctor organised to have allie lay down in the spare room with the lights off and bea sit with her as bridget went to get a coffee, allie was laying there looking at bea and the redhead smiled at her

'can i get you anything?

'no thank you, sorry for keeping you here so long, you left your girlfriend home with debbie

'franky is fine with deb they get along well, plus franky is my ex-girlfriend

'since when? allie asked

'since last night, we both agreed it wasnt working and we are better off as friends... allie nodded

'thats the only reason? allie asked, bea smiled as she traced patterns on allie's palm feeling her shiver

'maybe there's another one... she shrugged, the doctor came in with bridget in tow some time later and they sat down

'allie i have your results

'are they bad?

'no actually there not, you have swollen blood vessels in your brain, it was caused from your attack but because they have been left untreated you still suffer headaches

'so what do i need to do?

'i will give you a course of medication to bring down the swelling for 1 week and you should be fine after that..... allie sat up and looked at him

'are you telling me that after i have seen so many doctors and specialists about my headaches its as simple as medication for a week? this could have all been avoided?

'i cant speak for what the other doctors have done but by the looks of your scans yes the medication will bring down the swelling, when you get angry or stressed do you fine the headaches are worse?

'very much so

'this will fix it allie and as long as you dont hit your head than you will be fine.... allie cried like really cried and bea got on the bed wrapping her arms around her

'its okay allie you can live a pain free life

'doctor how about you get the paperwork for me so i can get allie home

'of course follow me.... bridget smiled at bea and left them for a bit so bea can comfort allie, she was surprised allie allowed bea to hug her or even hold her hand, allie hated to be touched by others but she seemed to have a connection with the red head...

allie cried for a while with her head on bea's shoulder, she felt overwhelmed as after 15 years of these headaches she would be free of them, after some time she stopped crying but didnt move out of the red heads embrace just loving having her so close to her own body, bea felt so warm and bea's arms around her felt like a big warm fluffy blanket, pulling back a little she kissed bea's cheek

'thank you for being here for me

'i wouldnt want to be anywhere else..... the air changed between them and allie moved forward the need to kiss bea's lips was encompassing, as she moved closer and closer the red head did as well and just as there lips were about to touch the door flung open and they pulled apart

'you ready to go allie? bridget knew immediately what she walked in on but didnt say anything choosing to ignore it, both allie and bea's cheek flushed red and she tried not to giggle

'ah yea sure, can we get something to eat im hungry?

'of course come on..... allie's headache was still there so she put the sunnies on and bea's jacket over her head as they walked out and to the car getting in taking up the same positions as before, bridget stopped to get chinese for lunch for them all and than drove home, by the time they got home allie had been lulled to sleep with bea's fingers in her hair

'hold on a sec bea let me get her out

'i got her bridget its fine

'are you sure?

'yea i will help her to bed.... bridget held the door open as bea helped a sleepy allie to her feet and wrapped her arm around her waist and walked her into the house, debbie helped going up the stairs as allie was half asleep leaning on bea, getting her into bed bea put the blanket over her and left her to sleep, going to her own room followed by debbie she undressed and put something comfortable on

'how did it go at the doctors mum?

'they finally found a reason for her head aches

'seriously after so long?

'yep, swollen blood vessels, she takes medication for a week and she should be fine

'wow 15 years and something so simple

'thats what allie said

'im glad something good happened, or maybe 2 things good happened?

'what do you mean deb?

'you mum, i know you like her

' before bea could continue to stutter debbie giggled

'its fine mum, you like each other and if your both happy than so am i

'it wouldnt be weird?

'it might take some time to get used to, i mean my best friend and mum is different but she is much older than me and closer to your age, as i said i want you to be happy mum and if its with allie than go for it

'thank you deb but im not sure whats gonna happen, i do like her a lot

'and she likes you

'yes she does she told me, im just gonna let things digest by themselves

'good idea mum, now feed me.... bea laughed and pushed her daughter out of the room

'we got chinese lets eat



once they ate bea and debbie went to the chemist to get allie's meds and bea needed a few things of her own, they also went to do a shop as she hadnt had time in the last week to do so, they arrived back home and unpacked the shopping with bridgets help

'has allie woken up yet?

'not yet bea but i will wake her up so she can eat and take her meds

'i will wake her bridget, mum can you warm her food please

'im on it... debbie went upstairs and crept into allie's room and sat on the edge of the bed

'aaaallllliiiiieeeee wake uuuuuuuuuuuup.... she sang out quietly

'why are you singing? allie groaned and debbie giggled

'i wanted to serenade you

'as much as i appreciate it debbie you sound like a drowned rat... allie laughed and than held her head

'ah fuck

'shit are you okay?

'yea i just hurt, i hate when its this bad i end up in bed for days

'well we got your meds so why dont you come and eat and take them,

'okay let me just freshen up... allie freshened up and she followed debbie down stairs

'hey allie come and sit down and eat i just heated it up

'thanks bea..... bea put the plate down and than went around the house closing all the blinds and curtains as well as the lights and lit up a few candles and the tv was on for light

'you dont have to do that bea i dont want to put you out

'your not putting me out allie, you just eat and here are your meds you take one tablet 3 times a day

'thank you.... allie squeezed bea's hand and she smiled at her, once allie had eaten and taken her meds she sat on the couch

'hey allie do you mind if i go out for a while? i need to order furniture for my new place

'of course not aunty bridget, im just gonna watch some tv

'okay if you need anything just call me

'i will

'good, hey deb you want to come shopping?

'oh hells yea, mum do you mind if i go?

'go for it baby, here let me give you some money to get some stuff

'mum i dont need

'i know you dont... bea cut her off 'just let me do something for you

'fine thank you... bea gave her some money and debbie and bridget left the house and bea joined allie on the couch

'you okay? do you need anything?

'im okay thanks, im just a little tired which is weird because i slept all day and night yesterday and just now for a few hours

'now that you have started the meds they will make you feel better soon


'why dont we watch a movie?

'sure what do you have?

'well do you want scary? comedy? romance?

'maybe a romance

'okay here is the list.... scrolling through the list allie stopped bea

'oh that one

'the notebook?

'i heard is a great movie

'you havent seen it allie?

'not yet

'you will love it, alright lets watch it.... bea played the movie and they both got more comfortable, ten minutes in bea pulled the blanket from the side of the couch and draped it over them both and she felt allie take her hand

'is this okay? allie asked

'yes it is.... bea smiled, they had watched half the movie and bea paused it

'i need to use the bathroom and im gonna get a snack, do you want something?

'what are you going to have?

'i got some lamingtons earlier so i will bring them over

'sounds good... bea quickly used the bathroom and grabbed the packet of lamingtons and 2 bottles of water and went back to the couch, she opened them up and they both took a piece out, they were only small but very messy, allie giggled when some of the coconut fell on bea's chest

'umm bea.... she pointed but decided to grab the coconut that fell and bea's breath caught in her throat, there eyes locked and the air changed between them, allie tucked a lock or bea's hair behind her ear and stroked her cheek, bea saw allie's eyes change colour and go darker, allie leaned forward as did bea and there lips locked in a soft kiss, there was no dominance, no tongue or anything like that, it was soft, it was sensual and it felt amazing for them both, bea put her arms around allie's neck pulling her closer still, they broke apart and leaned there foreheads together

'wow allie

'sorry i couldnt help myself

'dont be sorry, im not complaining

'can i ask you something bea? she asked pulling back


'would you go on a date with me? allie asked nervously and bea smiled

'i would love too


'absolutely, i like you allie and i want to see where this can go..... allie pecked bea's lips and smiled

'how about saturday night?

'sounds good... they snuggled together and finished off the movie together, when it finished allie wanted to make dinner for them all

'no allie you need to rest

'as long as its quiet in here i should be okay

'well than im helping you and dont bother arguing with me

'fine come on beautiful...... bea giggled and followed allie into the kitchen,

'alright what do we have... she said and opened the fridge

'i just did shopping so there is plenty of food

'alright you have chicken breast so how about i make burritos?

'yum i love them

'great how about i do the chicken and bread and you cut the lettuce, tomatoes and make the guacamole

'deal........ they worked well in the kitchen while making dinner and when bridget and debbie came in just before it was ready they watched on as bea and allie giggled and made fun of each other and worked together in the kitchen

'hey mum were back

'hey baby did you have fun?

'so much fun you know i love shopping

'what did you get?

'oh well i got a couple dresses because summer is very soon, i got matching shirts for me and allie... allie looked over and laughed, debbie had a 2 shirts one saying im with stupid and the other said im stupid and they all laughed

'which one is mine deb?

'well were the same size so we can swap

'good to hear, what else did ya get?

'i got a new pair of sneakers the other are ruined

'there awesome deb

'debbie why dont you go put your stuff away dinner is ready

'okay mum.... debbie took off upstairs and bridget set the table

'how you feeling allie?

'im okay aunty bridget, my headache isnt as bad

'thats good but you watch yourself yea, keep away from light, drink plenty of water and keep up with the meds and lots of sleep

'i will bridget..... debbie came down the stairs and sat at the table

'lets eat im hungry

'when arent you... allie said and debbie poked her tongue out, they had dinner and debbie and bea cleaned up while allie had a shower and bridget took a phone call, which turned out to be franky but no one knew that,

'so mum you and allie? whats the deal?

'no deal

'oh come on mum, you 2 were flirting before in the kitchen so up with it... bea took a breath

'we kissed... debbie squealed

'oh my god mum thats great, how do you feel about it?

'it was amazing deb, my god this must be weird for you

'no mum its not, i love you both and i want you both to be happy, so tell me where it goes from here?

'she asked me on a date and i said yes

'awesome, when is it?

'saturday night

'im so excited for you mum

'thanks deb im pretty excited, is it bad that im moving on so fast from franky?

'no mum its not, you and franky ended on mutual and good terms

'yea true

'alright well im off too bed mum

'okay deb good night

'good night mum i love you

'forever..... debbie took off and allie came back down the stairs looking so cute in her pyjama pants covered in puppies and matching top

'you look so cute allie

'you like? she smirked and bea giggled and nodded, allie kissed bea's cheek

'did you take your med?

'im about too now, i guess you could call it dessert right

'something like that, actually speaking of dessert how about some fruit and chocolate bikkies

'sounds good bea, do you want to sit in my room and watch tv or listen to music with me?

'sure i would love too.... bea made a fruit bowl and grabbed a packet of biscuits and a couple bottles of water and they headed up to allies room after she took her tablet, they got into bed and decided to put the radio on low and just relax, they had there sweets and sat against the head board

'so tell me more about yourself allie

'i guess i should tell you my past before we go out, you probably wont want to anymore... she nervously played with the blanket covering them, 'when i was ten my mum dropped me off at the police station and i never saw her again, i bounced from foster home to foster home till i was 16 and when i got hit and ended up in a coma the family i was with told the hospital i was not allowed to go back there again, when i was released i lived on the streets for some time and i had to do some really shitty things to live

'like what?

'i stole, i robbed people and shops, i needed to eat somehow what else was i supposed to do, i did that for a couple years and i stupidly got into drugs, i know what your gonna say and i agree with you i hate drugs but i needed a way to forget about life, about the hole i was in, than i did something really stupid... allie bit her lip nervous to tell bea the next part

'you dont have to go on allie

'i need to tell you, i tried to kill myself, i had had enough of it all, the drugs, the stealing, living in a car, sleeping in door ways and all that crap, so one day i went to the wharf in the city and climbed up the harbour bridge and jumped off, i remember hearing people scream and that was it, i just wanted to die but there were officers on duty that saw it and they pulled me out of the water and revived me, i broke my leg and arm but apart from that i was fine, i got sent to the mental hospital for a month and thats where bridget turned up, she had been trying to find me since i was ten and never had any luck but she my name on the news and tracked me down, i got clean, got the help i needed, finished my schooling and now almost finished uni..... allie had not looked at bea of fear of rejection so her eyes were left on the blanket on front of her

'if you want me to leave i will