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Caught in the Middle

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A couple days later allie, debbie and bea were out shopping for something to wear for the graduation/party, they had been to 10 different shops but nothing caught there eye, allie kept saying she didnt care what she wore it wasnt important and bea replied with

'of course its important because your important... allie smiled tiredly and blushed a little, they walked into another shop and debbie was happy to see a few dresses she really liked, bea was helping debbie look through but allie was tired and grumpy like she had been since she woke up, she had a bad dream and it had instantly put her in a bad mood, she hadnt told the girls but debbie had seen this mood a few times while living together and knew what had allie stroppy but didnt say anything yet, once bea settled debbie in a dressing room she went over to allie who was looking at something on her phone, allie felt bea's fingers running through her hair and she looked up

'see anything you like?

'you could say that... allie quirked her eyebrow and bea smiled

'i meant clothes

'oh right, umm... i dont know..... she shrugged her shoulders

'how about i find you a few things, will you try them on?

'i guess so.... bea crouched in front of allie running her fingers gently up and down her thighs

'whats wrong?

'nothing im fine

'i know your not, we may not know each other for long but i can tell your grumpy, you can talk to me you know? im a good listener..... allie looked at bea and put her hands on top of hers

'thank you but i really dont want to talk about it right now.,,,,, bea nodded

'okay just know im for you

'thank you,

'anytime, how about i choose a few things for you to try on and once we are finished here i will take you and debbie to eat?

'okay sounds good... allie walked around with bea both of them choosing a few dresses and than bea set her up int he dressing room, yelling out to both of them that she wanted to see every dress

'yes boss.... debbie replied making allie giggle, bea sat on a chair in front of the dressing rooms and waited for the girls, debbie was the first out and she had on a blue dress that was long past her knee and long satin sleeves, standing in front of the mirror she looked at her self

'what do you think mum?

'its nice but its not you deb

'i was thinking the same thing, i dont really like the long sleeves, it will get hot later on at the party

'very true, especially when you start to drink and dance.... debbie nodded

'agreed.... debbie went back into her dressing room and than allie came out, she had on a gold dress that was glittery and it was knee length, bea had to admit one really big thing is that allie has a pair of sexy legs, they went for days

'what do you think bea? im not a big fan of this one its too

'show girl... bea replied

'exactly, next one..... they spent an hour trying on dresses and debbie even tried a suit which she really liked, she was caught between a grey suit with black high heels or a red dress that really looked amazing on her

'mum i cant decide, what are you wearing?

'im going to wear a black suit with a gold vest and high heels

'that sounds good, alright i think im going to go with the red dress with the black heels

'you will look beautiful deb

'thanks mum, alright im getting changed i wont be long, allie have you chosen something? she yelled out

'i think so, im coming out

'i thought you already did? debbie piped up causing allie and bea to laugh, allie came out and pushed debbie playfully

'your a shit head

'im a good girl..... debbie said

'pfft as if buddy, the only good thing about you is your grades

'ugh whateverrrr, so show what you chose

'i think this one..... she stepped out in front of the mirror and bea and debbie looked on, it was a black dress with spaghetti straps, it was flowy and long down to her ankles but there was a split down this side of her leg and it showed her amazing, sexy legs, debbie looked at her mum and tried not to giggle, she sat there with her tongue hanging out and just staring

'mum? no answer

'mum? still nothing, walking over to bea she clicked her fingers in front of her face and bea looked up

'mum snap out of it

'whats wrong?

'your tongue was hanging out

'no it wasnt.... she blushed bright red, allie smirked

'yea you were mum, i was going to ask you what you thought of allie's dress but by the look on your face you like it

''ugh yea its really nice, you look really pretty... she said locking eyes with the blonde with a genuine smile across her face as did allie,

'ugh you 2 enough lets get changed so you can feed me.... debbie walked off as the other 2 laughed

'she always thinks about her stomach that girl

'dont i know it,

'you sure this looks good bea?

'no it doesnt look good, YOU look good, absolutely beautiful

'thank you.... allie whispered and headed back into the dressing room to change into her normal clothes, once dressed they went to the shoe section and chose shoes, bea ended up paying for both the girls outfits and shoes which ended up with allie and her bickering

'no bea you cant do that

''of course i can, i want to

'i can pay for my own stuff

'i know that allie but i really want to so let me please, think of it as a graduation gift

'its too much bea

'allie dont bother arguing with her you will always lose, she is the most stubborn person i know.... bea smirked and allie knew she was losing the battle

'ugh fine

'good.... bea smiled and handed over her card and paying, once they were given there stuff they headed to a cafe and sat down and picking up the menu's

'i am so hungry

'when arent you? bea and allie said in unison

'im growing ya know and plus allie you eat as much as me

'sometimes... she countered

'more so, anyways i want the big platter

'on your own?

'yes mum, i missed breakfast im starving

'alright fine, allie what are you going to have?

'do you want to share a pizza and salad? we can also get garlic bread?

'sounds good to me..... once the order was put in they chatted about the graduation and party

'how many people have you guys invited?

'i just have bridget... allie replied

'i invited about 15 people from school

'okay so with them and our girls its about 30 people, thats doable

'mum what food are we going to do?

'franky organised to have a buffet, i told her not to go overboard and i wanted her to be involved in the party and not work the night so we decided we will order food, which is weird because its a restaurant but its easier this way and easy to clean up

'good idea, so what are you going to order?

'so we were thinking pizza's from a pizza place and kfc because thats your favourite, chicken, chips, gravy, all that stuff and people can eat as much or as little as they want

'thats so much better mum, i want franky at the party with us not working the night away

'exactly, i will have a open bar for everything except shots, people can pay for thee own shots but everything else is covered

'bea i dont want you paying for everything its not fair

'but i want to allie, i want to host this party for you both so just let me,

'its too much thou, at least let me pay half? i dont want a hand out from anyone, i have looked after myself and that has not changed.... she saw the look of hurt flash threw bea's eyes and realised how harsh it sounded

'sorry bea its not that i dont appreciate everything, i do, more than i can express but i want to pay for something

'fine, you can pay for half of the food

'i will pay for all of it.... allie chimed in and debbie giggled

'oh shit mum i forgot to tell you allie is as stubborn as you

'oh i can tell, alright fine pay for the food

'good.... allie smiled and touched bea's knee, there food came and debbie's plate was pretty damn big, she had 2 chicken skewers, 2 lamb skewers, hot chips, rice, cabbage salad, hummus, lebanese bread and garlic dip and she devoured it like a pro

'damn girl even i cant eat that... debbie wiped her mouth, took a drink of her coke and burped

'ahhh that was yummy, how about dessert?

'debbie where are your manners?

'oh sorry, excuse me, now dessert?

'do you mind if we get something on the way home girls im tired and my head hurts a little?

'of course allie, did you take your meds today? debbie asked concerned for her best friend

'no i forgot

'well than we should get home soon

'we are finished so lets go, deb while i pay why dont you go to the cake shop and grab some sweets for now and some for later, here take this... she handed debbie her card as she had cash and she went taking allie with her, once bea paid she went to the bathroom and than found the girl waiting for her

'mum i may have gone a bit overboard because i couldnt decide

'its fine deb we can keep it for tomorrow, lets go home.... they arrived home 20 minutes later and once inside debbie and allie took there stuff upstairs and packed them away, bea grabbed a bottle of water and went upstairs to allie's room and knocked,

'come in... she entered and saw allie sitting on the bed taking her shoes off

'hey i bought you some water to take your tablet

'oh thanks bea... allie quickly took her tablet and than settled back against the headboard, patting the bed beside her bea sat down as well, leanign her head back she face the redhead and smiled tiredly

'you tired?

'hmmm.... allie nodded

'you should get some rest, i will leave you to relax..... bea went to get up but allie's hand on her stopped her

'dont go please, do you mind sitting with me for a while?

'i dont want to disturb you

'you could never disturb me bea, i like having you here with me..... she held onto bea's hand,

'okay i will stay for a bit, do you want the light off?

'yes please.... bea leaned over and turned off the lamp turning the room dark, bea felt allie lay her head on her shoulder after a few minutes and she was happy to stay there with her, she wanted allie to lay down and whispered her name

'allie..... but allie didnt answer, she realised allie had already fallen asleep so she helped lay her down properly causing the younger woman to groan

'what are you doing?

'im just laying you down, go back to sleep... bea kissed her cheek and pulled the blanket up to cover allie and went to leave but allie grabbed her hand

'lay down with me, i really dont want to be alone, please..... bea could tell in allie's voice that she needed some comfort so she kicked off her shoes and jacket and got into bed beside the blonde, allie immediately cuddled into bea wrapping an arm around her waist and than was fast asleep again, bea herself felt really comfortable with allie which was weird for her, apart from debbie, franky was the only one to get that close to her when they were together but that took time in itself, they didnt become sexual with each other till 3 months after they started a relationship, although bea thought franky would piss off waiting for her but she didnt, franky waited patiently and whenever they were together just kissing or cuddling franky would push just a touch more but stopping as if she knew what bea could handle but she never pressured her which bea was very thankful for, even though bea and franky had been together she still was worried and scared to get too close to allie, she was scared of getting hurt, she was scared of intimacy, of sharing her feelings, of being given her own space, of being hurt again, she knew that allie wouldnt intentionally hurt her but her mind over ruled her brain quite a bit but she was getting better since being with franky, kissing allie again she got comfortable and pulled the quilt over them both before closing her eyes to get some rest


when they got back debbie went straight to her room and put her dress and shoes away in the cupboard before laying on her bed for a while going through her phone, she laughed when she saw on instagram one of a video from the other day at the beach that boomer posted of her and franky with franky sitting on boomer's shoulders and they were singing and laughing together, putting a quick comment her phone rang straight after seeing it was a friend of hers from uni and she answered it

'hey samantha how are you?

'im good deb and you?

'yea good, just got back from the shops with allie and mum we got our dresses and shoes

'oh sweet, im going shopping tomorrow im excited for the party

'me to sam

'listen deb i need to tell you i came back to school today to get the rest of my stuff and braydon was here, like in the room sitting on your bed

'what the hell, what did he want?

'he said he needed to see you it was important

'well i dont want to see or talk to him

'i know, i told him so but he didnt take it well

'what happened? debbie asked nervously

'he trashed the room deb and broke the 2 frames you have of you and your mum and you and allie, i tried to stop him but he got too violent

'in what way? did he hurt you? they were silent for a few seconds and debbie knew he did 'tell me sam?

'he punched me in the face

'WHAT THE FUCK, THE FUCKING SCUM BAG....... debbie yelled

'debbie calm down, its okay im fine

'its not fine sam, he is a piece of shit

'i know and the police were called and he was arrested

'good, fuck i am so sorry sam, im sorry you got caught up in this

'dont worry abotu it deb but i think you and allie need to come back and sort through your stuff, he went crazy debbie and cut up all of allie's clothes, cut her mattress, ripped up her photos as well

'fuck allie is gonna be so upset

'i know, can you get up here today?

'yea i will bring mums car up, what did the police say?

'they will need to talk to you about braydon

'alright well i will go talk to mum and allie and get up there soon, thank you for letting me know, did you go get checked out?

'yea its just a bruise, he hits like a bitch... they both laughed

'your a good friend sam, i really appreciate you

'ditto kid, alright well i will be here for a while so call me when your here

'i will, see you soon.... hanging up her phone she put it on charge and went to her ums room to tlak to her, entering she didnt see her so she thought she would talk to allie, she knocked but no answer so she opened the door and peaked in to see allie and her mum snuggled together sleeping, she didnt want to wake them but she had too, walking in she gently shook her mum

'hey mum sorry to wake you

'its fine, are you okay?

'i need to talk to you, well both of you, something happened at uni

'let me wake allie.... she gently shook allie 'hey allie wake up... allie groaned

'too early.... she mumbled and snuggled into bea's shoulder making debbie and bea giggle

'get up lazy butt... debbie said and allie opened her eyes

;whats wrong deb? allie said

'how do you know something is wrong?

'because you only ever wake me to eat or when something is wrong

'true, alright well i had a call from samantha from uni, she went back to grab her stuff and braydon was in our room

'how the fuck did he get in there?

'i have no idea, he trashed our room pretty bad and punched sam in the face.... allie and bea sat up

'what an asshole

'i know, im so sorry allie, he cut up your mattress, broke our stuff, ripped up clothes and everything.... debbie sighed and sat on the bed, allie pulled debbie into a hug holding her tight

'thats just material stuff i dont care about that, is sam okay?

'yea she got checked out and she is fine, said he hits like a bitch... they laughed

'she is a worrior that one, so what happened to him?

'he got arrested, the police want to talk to us both, we need to go up there and clean up, sam thinks most of our stuff are rubbish

'even our photos?


'alright let me have a shower and we can jet off deb, the train might take a while

'i will come up and we can take me car

'are you sure mum?

'of course baby, although it will be late by the time we get up there so pack a bag we can stay in a hotel, we will leave in half an hour

'alright i will text aunty bridget and let her know whats happening

'tell her the backdoor is unlocked and i will leave a set of keys for her in the table

'alright thanks bea.... half an hour later they set off in bea's car, it was an hour drive and it was 3pm by the time they left, a few minutes before they arrived debbie called samantha and she met them at the car park, parking up and getting out debbie's eyes went wide when she saw the bruise on her cheek

'fuck sam thats not nothing

'dont worry deb, my baby sister pinches harder... she smiled

'im sorry you go hurt

'all good deb dont worry... allie came over an hugged samantha

'you alright?

'im fine but your room is in a bad state

'we will sort that, this is bea, debbie's mum

'hi bea nice to meet you... she shook her hand

'you too sam, sorry you got hurt

'its a scratch, come on guys lets go to your room.... walking to debbie and allie's room they opened the door and walked in having to step over stuff, broken glass and clothes

'fucking hell, what a mess.... allie said as she looked over her stuff and bed seeing the big cut marks on the mattress, bea came up behind her almost falling over something till allie steadied her

'woah you alright?

'yea thanks

'where do we even start with this mum? debbie said sitting on her own bed and putting her head in her hands and sighed, bea went over to debbie and sat beside her pulling her into a hug

'its alright baby we will sort this out

'but everything is ruined

'things can be replaced debbie dont worry about it alright, all of us together will clean up

'its alright debbie its just stuff and he made a fool of himself, im going to get a couple of the bins from outside and start throwing stuff out... allie said and took off

'hey deb i need to get the last of my stuff so i got to go but i will see you at graduation

'okay, thanks for letting me know what happened sam and sorry again

'no worries, see you soon, by bea it was nice to meet you

'you to sam... sam walked off but came back in a couple minutes later when she remembered she had a couple photos in her pocket, allie had just walked in as well

'i forgot to tell you i have these... she handed one to allie which was of allie and bridget on allie's first proper xmas together and it was very important to her

'oh my god thank you so much sam, this is my only photo from when i was younger

'i know thats why i grabbed it... allie hugged the young girl

'and debbie i have this one of yours... it was of debbie and bea when debbie was ten years old and she and bea were sitting at the beach on her birthday and it was a harry free day, it was so important to debbie and she cherished the photo

'your a life saver sam, this is the only copy of this photo

'i know deb, when i saw him starting to break things i grabbed both photos and tucked them into my jacket, i had come here to grab my shoes i left here last time

'thank you so much sam, i owe you big time

'you owe me a shot at the party... she laughed

'you got it sam

'alright girls see you soon, bye.... once she left allie rolled a bin into the door way and the 3 of them started throwing out all the broken and ripped up stuff, they sifted through most of the things and the only things that seemed to be okay is there toiletries, perfumes and the photos that sam saved

'he literally ruined everything here.... debbie said 'how could he do that, its not right

'no its not deb but people like him are entitled... replied allie

'i will replace everything allie i promise

'dont worry about that deb, i had half my clothes with me so im good...... debbie nodded

'girls why dont we finish it tomorrow and lets go to the police station now and get to a hotel

'thats a good idea mum, im tired

'alright come on, most of it is done so lets get going.... they agreed and left the room and got into the car driving to the police station going on the card that samantha gave them, parking up they went inside and as allie and bea were at the counter debbie was sitting down checking her phone, one second she was replying back to a text from franky and the next she was up against the wall with braydons hands around her neck

'you fucking bitch, im going to fucking kill you.... before anything more could happen bea turned around and saw red and grabbed him and turned him around punching him square in the jaw followed up by a upper cut which landed him on the floor, she jumped on him and laid punch after punch into his face

'YOU FUCKING PRICK YOU DONT TOUCH MY DAUGHTER..... she yelled in his face, she felt arms around her waist and was lifted off him by an officer, a few other officers following through to break it up and allie quickly went to debbie to make sure she wasnt touched because by the look in bea's eyes she would tear this place apart if anything happened to debbie,

'crazy bitch.... braydon said

'STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER YOU PIG..... bea fought against the tight grip around her as she kicked and screamed 'LET ME FUCKING GO NOW

'miss i need you to calm down


'i cant until you calm down and even than you assaulted someone


'stop swearing and calm down miss

'mum im okay, please your scaring me.... bea looked at debbie and tried to control her breathing, she was okay wrapped in allie's arms, thankf fuck for allie being there otherwise god knows what would had happened

'sorry debbie.... she breathed out but the anger she was feeling was to far gone and she was breathing heavy and she was trying to calm herself down

'miss i need you to come with me to the interview room, you get mr holt into the medical room and than into another interview room... the officer said to another officer

'im not leaving my daughter

'you dont have a choice

'mum its okay, allie is with me

'its okay bea i have her, take deep breaths and calm down it will be okay.... bea nodded and the officer guided her to the interview room and sat her down in the chair

'stay here i will be back soon

'like i have a choice... the officer went back out to the waiting room and braydon had been taken to the medical room and allie was sitting down with debbie sitting in her lap her arms wrapped around the sobbing brunette

'im really sorry about what happened, you must be debbie?

'she is... allie replied as debbie was too upset to reply

'we need to take statements from you both about what just happened and what happened earlier with mr holt at your university

'okay, whats going to happen with bea?

'the redhead? thats her name?

'yea it is, thats debbie's mum

'not sure yet i need to tao take statements and see if mr holt wants to press charges

'will she need a lawyer?

'most likely as im pretty sure mr holt will want to press charges


'can i get you anything while you wait?

'no thanks

'alright i will get you in as soon as i can.... allie nodded and the officer walked off

'allie you need to call franky?


'she is a lawyer as well

'oh okay than, give me your phone i dont have her number... debbie handed her phone over and called franky and allie told her what had happened, franky said she was on her way and to hold tight. 7 hours later bea, allie, debbie and franky all left the police station

'i booked us a hotel room, it not far from here.... allie said

'im going to drive home, you guys going to be alright?

'no your not franky you come with us, its 3am and your not going anywhere, your tired

'im fine bea

'no your not, allie can drive my car with debbie and i will come with you

'fine...... bea gave her keys to allie and barely even looked at her, allie was a little upset that bea hadnt said anything to her and that bea went with franky which was her ex-girlfriend, letting it go for now she got in the car and drove tot he hotel she booked with franky following them, once they got there allie organised the key and they went up to there room, it was pretty big and it had a queen bed and a single bed, there was a L-shaped lounge with a little kitchen and a tv with balcony

'im going to take a shower

'okay baby.... debbie took off to the bathroom and undressed getting under the water, allie sat at the table and bea and franky sat on the bed in the bedroom talking, allie was really pissed now as bea hadnt said a word to her at all and wondered if she was pissed at her, debbie came out of the bathroom not long later and allie went for a quick shower and than sat out on the balcony on the lounge with debbie

'are you okay deb?

'it was scary, i never thought he could be like that

'i didnt think he could when i first met him either but he showed me his true colours quite quickly, i need to know debbie that your okay?

'i think i am, it bought back memories of that guy at the club that night

'im sure it did, your okay debbie i promise.... wrapping an arm around the younger woman debbie leaned her head on allie's shoulder

'i know i am, do you think mum is angry?

'with you?


'no way, its not your fault its braydons and she knows that, she would never blame you for this, anyways your tired you should head to bed

'how about you?

'im fine deb but you need to rest so off to bed ya go

'yea i am pretty tired, good night allie thank you for being there for me today

'anytime, good night.... debbie went inside and sat on the bed with bea and franky

'you okay kiddo?

'yea i am, it was scary thou

'i bet it was

'im sorry mum

'you have nothing to be sorry for baby, he is the scum bag not you

'he really is..... debbie yawned

'you go to sleep debbie

'what about you mum? can you lay down with me please?

'of course just let me have a quick shower..... debbie thanked franky for coming to help them while bea was in the shower, bea climbed into bed and debbie lay her head on her mums chest

'good night to you both im going to sleep on the couch, where is allie?

'on the balcony, said she isnt tired yet

'okay, night girls

'good night.... both smith woman were asleep before franky switched the light off, she went and had a shower and went out to see what allie was doing, she was watching over the view with her legs up on a chair

'do you mind if i sit?

'go for it... franky sat down

'bea and debbie asleep?

'they sure are, they fell asleep reel quick.... allie nodded

'good..... they sat in silence and franky could tell allie was thinking really hard about something

'are you okay allie?

'im fine

'you really are a shit liar, try again

'its nothing its just been a big day

'it has been but are you sure your okay?

'im good, as long as bea and debbie are okay than thats all that matters.... allie replied not even moving her eyes from the view

'im here if you want to talk

'nothing to talk about, im fine

'okay well im going to sleep on the couch

'you can sleep on the single bed franky

'no thats where you should sleep

'its fine you take it

'are you sure?


'okay thanks, good night.... franky left allie on the balcony and fell into bed falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. allie herself had all these different thoughts going through her head, maybe bea blamed her for what happened with braydon? allie should have just kept her mouth shut and dealt with it herself, if allie didnt say anything to bea none of this would have happened, thats why bea wouldnt talk to her, thats why she is ignoring her, she was angry at her, 'she must hate me' allie thought, im not good enough for bea, im shit, my family were right im nothing, im rubbish, im useless, worthless... all these thoughts were going through her head and she felt her anxiety rise, she couldnt be here when the others woke up, looking at her phone she saw it was 5am, going inside she closed the door quietly and grabbed her bag swinging it over her shoulder, she wrote a note and left it on the table and than left the room, walking otut of the hotel she walked down an alleyway and with that she was gone