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Caught in the Middle

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Debbie was the first up and looking at the time it was 12.30, shit lunchtime already, her mum was still fast asleep so she got out of bed slowly and left her to rest, she used the bathroom to freshen up and went to the little kitchen and made a coffee taking it to the table and sat down, she had seen franky was sleeping on the single bed so assumed allie would be sleeping on the couch but it hadnt even been slept in, she looked out on the balcony and she wasnt there either, she was confused so got up and looked around the hotel room but didnt see her

'where the fuck is she? she said to herself, she had only just seen a piece of paper on the side table and picked it up and read it

'debbie i left, im sorry to bring you so much trouble with braydon, i should have kept my mouth shut, you deserve better than to have someone like me around, you will be good back with your mum now, i just want you to know your the best friend i have ever had in my life, your the only person i have ever trusted and the only person to accept me for who i am, i love you debbie and you continue to be the best person i know you are, please tell your mum im sorry for causing so much trouble,

'love allie..... debbie sat on the couch and dropped her head on her hands, apart from her mum allie has been the best thing to ever happen to her, allie is an amazing person and the thought of not having her in her life broke her heart, she cried for a while till she heard foot steps

'deb baby whats wrong? bea came and sat beside her daughter, debbie wiped her tears and looked up

'its allie

'what about her?

'look.... handing bea the letter she read it and she felt so many emotions, upset, hurt, sad and most of all her heart broke for allie thinking it was her fault, she never blamed allie if anything she was thankful that she told her and bea was able to get debbie away from braydon

'mum her bag is gone

'do you know where she would go?

'maybe back to school or back to our place because her stuff are there

'alright lets get ready and leave so we can go to the uni first and go from there

'mum your tired you need to eat and shower first or we could get into a wreck

'yea alright im going to shower can you get franky up

'okay, mum we have to find her

'we will baby i promise.... debbie nodded and went to the other room and woke up franky telling her what has happened

'just let me freshen up and i will help you look

'no franky i need you to go to our place and see if she is there, all her stuff are there, if she turns up make her stay there

'alright im on it..... half an hour later they had all showered and had a coffee before leaving

'bea i will see you both back at home

'please call me when you get to my place franky and if she turns up

'i know keep her there, have you spoken to bridget?

'yea but he is at the new house sorting stuff out, she tried calling her but she doesnt answer

'okay, i will be in contact..... franky left to go home and bea and debbie took off towards the uni picking up food on the way, once they got there they quickly scoffed there lunch and went inside and into debbie and allie's room and saw it had been completely cleaned up and fixed

'allie was here mum

'yea i know, fuck i wish she never left

'me too mum, what now?

'well there isnt anything else we can do so lets get the few things you can and go home

'i need to hand in the keys to the dean

'alright lets get going..... they left the uni 20 minutes later they left the uni and headed home, halfway franky had called and told them that allie hadnt come back and bridget had been trying to call her phone but allie wasnt answering

'alright thanks franky we are about 40 minutes away can you stay there please

'of course, see you soon.... hanging up bea kept driving

'i dont understand why she would blame herself? bea asked

'i dont know mum, what did she say to you last night?

'nothing, i didnt talk to her

'what? what do you mean?

'well i didnt want to talk to her i was embarrassed

'about what mum?

'i completely went mental and she saw me in that state, i was embarrassed about her seeing me like that, i never want her to see me like that

'mum its not your fault, if anyone's to blame its me, i was the one who chose him and went out with him

'no deb its not your fault, how are you to know what he is like? who he is? how violent he is?

'i didnt but still

'no baby your not too blame

'neither are you, braydon is too blame for all of it

'fuck i should have talked to allie last night, i was just embarrassed, i dont want her to think im crazy

'well you kinda are but its okay... debbie giggled at her mums face

'gee thanks deb

'look mum anyone that knows you knows how protective you are about me, allie knows as well i have told her lots of stories about you going bunta

'ugh... bea groaned 'i hope she turns up at home.... bea said worriedly

'me too mum.... they arrived home 45 minutes later and debbie had called allie more than 50 times but it just kept ringing out, pulling up outside there house bea parked the car in the driveway and they both got out and headed inside hearing loud voices and one sounded like allie

'mum quick... running inside they came face to face with allie on the floor and franky sitting on top of her holding her arms down

'get the fuck off me franky

'no not till you talk to bea and debbie

'i dont need to do shit, get off me now

'not gonna happen blondie

'franky im serious, get off before i flip the fuck out and put you on your ass... allie struggled but she had to admit franky was strong for her size

'you listen to me okay, i dont know why the fuck you took off but bea and debbie are freaking out, you just fuck off and leave a letter like that? its not right

'i had too, i wont fuck them up because of me, now get off me... allie huffed, unbeknown to them they hadnt realised that bea and debbie had come home until they heard debbie's voice

'allie your here... allie and franky turned to see them walking towards them 'i was so worried about you

'im fine deb dont worry, im trying to leave but this fucking fatty wont get off me

'hey im not fat, i had a big lunch

'just get off me franky.... allie sighed 'i just want to get my stuff and leave

'why? bea spoke up 'why are you leaving?

'because i bought too much trouble to you, i should have never said anything about braydon

'im glad you did, what would have happened if i didnt know? he may have gotten debbie to do drugs? he may have hurt her really bad... she chocked out that thought making her almost physically sick

'please allie you cant go... debbie peladed

'i have to debbie... she managed to push franky off as she wasnt concentrating and stood up 'im sorry deb but i have to.... she began walking up the stairs but was stopped by debbie's voice but didnt turn to face her

'you promised me after what happened at the night club that you would never let me down, well thats exactly what your doing, your breaking your promise to me and if you leave it means you break every promise to me....debbie knew it was a low blow but she had to get allie to stay, turning to face debbie she sighed

'thats not fair debbie

'well its true thou isnt it, you told me when we went home that night that you would look after me, that you would never let me down, that you would never leave me, if you leave now you will break your promise to me so its your choice allie.... allie looked at debbie and than franky and than her eyes went to bea and they held eye contact

'please stay... bea begged, allie sat on the step and looked down she really didnt know what to say,

'debbie why dont you come out the back with me and give your mum a few minutes with allie... debbie nodded

'okay but if you leave im holding you to everything i just said.... allie didnt say anything and she walked out side franky stopped to whisper to bea

'go check your girl bea, she needs you.... bea nodded and waited till the door was closed behind them till she took slow steps towards allie and sat on the same step next to her, taking a deep breath she had to be strong for allie right now, she was clearly struggling with her inner demons and she needed support

'what happened to make you leave? they sat silently for a few seconds till allie spoke

'i thought you hated me... she whispered

'why would you think that?

'you couldnt even look at me last night and you never said anything to me, i thought that you blamed me for what happened.... bea sighed she had a feeling after reading the letter that was the issue and now it was confirmed, she needed to tell allie why she didnt talk to her

'it wasnt you allie it was me

'what do you mean?

'i was embarrassed at how you saw me, i mean i dont regret bashing that little fucker but i was worried that it would scare you, im not normally that person and i didnt want you to ever see me like that

'i dont get it bea

'acting like that makes me seem like harry... she spat out

'your nothing like him

'how do you know? you dont know who he is? what he is like?

'no i dont but i know who you are and what your like, your sweet, gentle, caring, amazing and so beautiful, you could never be anything like him, you protected your daughter and thats all it was

'i shouldnt have ignored you allie im sorry

'i shouldnt have taken off like that, im sorry as well, i didnt mean to upset you and debbie, she is gonna tell me off isnt she?

'oh without a doubt... bea giggled as did allie, they sat for a few minutes in silence again 'can you tell me why you got so upset and didnt talk to me?

'i guess it goes back to when i was younger, one of my foster families always said i was too blame for everything and i was always beat up and than put in a cupboard for time out, they would leave me in there for days

'im really sorry allie, i cant imagine how hard that was for you to go threw, i want you to know i dont blame you for anything in fact im so great full for you being in debbie's life and now mine, i dont know where debbie would have been right now if it wasnt for you having her back

'i always will, im sorry i freaked out and took off, as much as i hate to admit it franky was spot on, it wasnt right of me to do that

'oh god dont tell her she is right her head is big enough... they laughed

'can i ask you something?

'of course you can allie

'do you still have feelings for franky? she whispered out and bea was a little shocked by the question but she really liked allie and she wanted to make sure there was no misunderstandings between them

'yes franky and i were together for 5 months and we went through a lot in that time, franky helped me to understand my feelings not just in the romance area but towards harry, with debbie and with people in general, she made me feel like i was worth it, like i was worthy to be who i was, for a long time i felt like i was shit, crap, a shit mother, a shitty wife, a shitty person in general and franky helped be to begin to deal with those feelings, im not going to lie i have a lot of issues allie and i am dealing with them day by day but i am trying, franky is very important to me but anything more than friendship is definitely off the table with us, i dont want to be with her at all, although i need you to understand i wont get rid of her from my life, she is too important to me... allie nodded

'i understand bea, im sorry to ask but i needed to know, i can appreciate your honesty and i understand of you and franky's friendship, i also need you to understand that i have my own issues to deal with, i need to be upfront with you which i should have done by now

'wait we really need to have a proper conversation come to my room, come on... getting up bea held allie's hand and they went upstairs to bea's room, kicking off there shoes and jackets they settled on the bed leaning against the head board

'okay go on

'bea my growing up wasnt very good, in fact it was down right shit, my parents didnt like me and made sure i knew that everyday, when my mum left me at the police station that night it was bittersweet, i was away from my fucked up so called family but now i didnt know where my life was heading, i went from foster home to foster home and each one worse than the last, with beating, abuse both physical and sexual abuse, when i finally went out on my own and ended up on the streets it wasnt just drugs and sleeping rough, i needed to find a way to support myself, i looked for work cafe's, bars, take away shops, clothing shops anywhere i could think of but when you dont have an address or phone number they dont even look at you so i was left to fend for myself.... taking a deep breath this was the part she didnt tell bea and she thought the easiest way was to just spit it out

'i worked as a prostitute to support myself.... it hung in the air and you could cut the tension with a knife, allie was more than a little embarrassed with herself, she had just told bea her deepest and darkest secret and she wasnt sure how bea would handle it, she was fiddling with her phone in her hands and refused to look at the redhead

bea herself was really shocked with allie's admission, allie had been through so much from abuse, to beatings, rape, drugs, living on the streets and to top it off she had to prostitute herself just to live

bea hadnt said anything for a while and allie felt the tears spring to her eyes, she is disgusting, why would bea want anything to do with her? why would she want her near debbie? allie felt her heart pounding and the tears began to fall so she stood up

'im sorry... she mumbled and went to walk off but bea jumped up and ran to allie slamming the door shut as allie was opening it, bea pushed her self into allie's body from behind and moved her face into her neck inhaling the sweet scent of allie, one hand wrapped around allie's midsection and the other on the door to support them both, pulling allie into her own body they fit together like a glove and they swayed gently

'you have nothing to be sorry for, you were dealt a shit hand and your trying to make your life better, you have made your life better... allie listened as bea spoke in her ear and leaned her head on bea's shoulder

'your an amazing person allie and dont you ever doubt that, each day i feel myself wanting to be close to you, i smile like an idiot whenever you walk through the room or you cheekily flirt with me, i feel so drawn to you that it scares me how much,

'but bea... allie tried to protest but bea's finger on her mouth stopped her

'no allie, i dont care about your past, its exactly that your past, i understand you have a lot of issues to deal with as do i but i want us to work through them together, i want to hold you when you struggle, i wont to be the shoulder you can cry on, i want to be there when you need someone to talk to, i just want to be here for you....... by now allie's tears were flowing freely 'please let me be that person for you, please let me be the one to help you through this tough time,

'are you sure bea?

'i have never been more sure allie,..... she kissed allie's neck a couple times and than turned allie around gently and smiled

'its not going to be easy, i sometimes still crave drugs, i sometimes let my thoughts run away from me, i have a lot to deal with... tucking a lock of blonde hair behind her ear she kissed allie's lips

'i know and i will be right beside you this whole time, although i think we should put a hold on our date for a while, not because i dont want to but just give us both some time to deal with some stuff and also we have to deal with braydon and the graduation, i still want to spent time with you and get to know you better that does not change

'i think thats a good idea..... allie wrapped her arms around the redheads neck and held on tight, she felt very emotional and began to cry, she wasnt sure why, maybe it was because for the first time in so long she had someone who knew how it felt to be alone, to feel abandoned, to feel unloved and that made her feel comfortable to let bea in, her sweet, caring bea... allie stopped crying after a few minutes but they still held each other, bea felt allie's body relaxing into her touch and allie's head was getting heavier on her shoulder

'allie are you asleep? she asked and allie mumbled something she didnt really understand so she pulled back slightly

'did you sleep at all last night? allie shook her head

'no i didnt

'come on and lay down you need to sleep

'im fine bea... she said her eyes closed

'no your not so come on....... guiding allie to her bed she pulled the quilt back and laid her down and pulled the quilt up

'i should go to my bed... allie mumbled but she was already falling asleep and if bea was honest she didnt want allie anywhere else but her bed right now, she left allie to sleep and seeing it was already 8pm she went downstairs to see where franky and debbie were, they were sitting at the table talking and laughing

'hey mum is allie okay?

'she will be baby, she is going through a lot and needs some help dealing with it all

'you both are mum

'yea bea i think both of you can help each other

'thats the plan franky, thanks heaps for being here for us all

'no worries bea im happy to help anytime

'im going to order pizza do you want to stay?

'no thanks im going to pick up bridget and go for dinner so im going to get going

'alright bye franky... both girls said and franky left, bea sat down with debbie

'you okay baby?

'im good mum im just glad allie is here

'me too

'did you 2 talk?

'yea we did, she told me about everything

'everything, everything? debbie asked

'yes everything, the drugs, abuse, prostitution and everything else

'how do you feel about it?

'as i told allie its all in her past and it doesnt change how i feel about her debbie, i really like her

'so the date?

'we put it on hold right now, just for a few weeks, we need things to settle with braydon and graduation first, right now we will continue to hang out and get to know each other more and go from there

'thats a good idea mum, now feed me.... bea laughed and ruffled her daughters hair, they ordered pizza and sat down to eat

'should we wake up allie?

'no deb she didnt sleep at all last night

'like at all?

'nope so just let her sleep right through

'is she in bed?

'she is in my bed im going to leave her there

'alright well im going to shower and head to bed im tired

'alright sweety,

'by the way tomorrow we need to sit down and you need to tell me what happened with the police,

'yea we will deb, i will tell you everything

'alright good night mum, i love you

'i love you too my girl.... debbie headed off to bed while bea put the leftover pizza in the fridge and closed down the house, she went upstairs and went to the main bathroom and had a quick shower, she than went to her room and quietly crept in trying not to wake allie, allie was completely out of it so when bea got in bed she didnt even flinch, allie hadnt even moved but bea was happy she was getting some rest, pulling the quilt over herself she put an arm over the blonde and she too fell asleep



The next day allie woke up alone in bea's bed, it was lunch time about 12.30 and she stretched out like a cat her bones and spine cracking, she felt really lethargic as she had slept for so long, she doesnt even remember falling asleep, her tummy rumbled so she got out of bed and used the bathroom before heading downstairs seeing debbie at the table

'oh look who is awake... debbie smiled

'morning deb

'more like good afternoon, did you sleep well?

'i did, how long was i out for?

'since last night about 7

'shit i slept like 15 hours

'you sure did, hungry?


'mum made pasta i will put you some

'i got it you sit down.... allie put herself a bowl of pasta and sat down with debbie

'where is your mum?

'hanging up the washing out the back, she wont be long.... allie nodded

'look deb im really sorry about yesterday, i never meant to upset you or anything

'i know but you leaving like that was a shitty thing to do, apart from my mum your the closest person to me and when you left it felt like you didnt care about me.... allie held debbie's hand

'debbie your one of the most important people in my life as well, i care more for you than i do myself dont ever think otherwise, i just have issues that i struggle with sometimes and when i get in my own head it makes me do stupid things

'i realised that, i know you have issues allie but you need to know me and mum are here for you, even if its just to listen... allie nodded

'yea i know, your mum and i talked last night and both have our issues and we will help each other deal with them

'thats good, mum never lets anyone get this close to her even franky doesnt know a lot about mum

'i will be good to her deb, i would never intentionally hurt her

'i know allie, let her help you

'i will, how can i make it up to you? debbie made a thinking face and allie laughed

'you owe me dinner

'fine how about i take you and your mum to dinner tonight?

'and dessert? debbie asked smirking

'yes dessert as well, you find us a place to go to and book it

'sweet..... debbie skipped up the stairs to look on her laptop for good restaurants, allie had just finished eating when bea walked in and ruffled her hair affectionately

'good morning allie

'good morning bea,

'how did you sleep?

'like a baby, thank you for letting me sleep in your bed.... bea kissed allie's cheek and sat down smiling

'i am happy to share with you, well unless you still the covers.... she giggled and allie playfully smacked her arm

'i dont still the covers.... she laughed

'sure you do

'maybe i did it on purpose so you would snuggle into me

'yea yea if ya say so.... debbie came bounding down the stairs her laptop in hand and sat at the table

'i booked us into blackbird cafe, the food looks so good and its not expensive

'sounds good deb

'what are you 2 doing?

'allie is taking me and you out for dinner tonight

'not that i dont appreciate it but why?

'an apology dinner, i really stuffed up and yes i know we talked and sorted things out but i really want to do this... bea nodded

'okay what time are we leaving?

'well i booked for 6.30 so we should leave at 5.45

'alright done, i have to go and do the shopping before my child eats me out of house and home.... debbie giggled

'im not that bad mum

'hmm if you say so deb, do either of you want to come?

'i have to go with boomer and help her with something mum, is that alright?

'of course baby

'i will come with you bea... allie smiled as did bea

'great, we will leave in ten minutes

'alright i will be ready.... debbie left not long later and allie and bea a few minutes after her, bea told boomer to keep an eye on debbie in case of braydon which boomer replied with i will punch his tits in and sits of his dumb ass making the girls laugh, arriving at the store bea grabbed a trolley which allie wanted to push around so bea let her, as they went through the isles they put things in the trolley bea needed and wanted, allie put a few things of her own as well as last night they decided that allie would stay with bea and allie and not go to bridgets just yet, they had some big issues to deal with and bea suggested that it would be easier to do it under the same roof and they can get to know each other even more so which was a bonus, getting towards the end where the frozen foods and ice cream was, allie got a bunch of frozen pizza's and dropped them in the trolley

'thats a lot of pizza allie... bea laughed and allie blushed

'i love pizza, its my favourite

'you sounds like debbie so much, she is the same

'oh i know, we have hogged into pizza's so many times together

'i can imagine, alright how about ice cream?

'ohhhh i loooooove ice cream.... bea giggled at how excited allie got over pizza and ice cream

'alright which one?

'umm lets see, the wagon wheels, the choc tops, gaytimes and the tub of the picnic and tim tam one

'alright anything else?

'hmm oh yea debbie likes the splice

'alright lets go so i can go to the butcher.... once at the checkout allie paid after bea tried tried to argue with her but allie put her foot down

'no bea im paying and dont even bother trying to fight with me, im not backing down

'ugh fine than, your so stubborn

'i know.... allie laughed and kissed bea's cheek, once they had packed the trolley with there food they went to the butcher

'i want to have a bbq tomorrow so is there anything you dont eat?

'i eat almost anything except like liver and offal

'oh me neither, alright let me see, where is the guy? she looked up as he was walking towards them

'hello ladies what can i get you?

'hi can i get a 20 pack of bbq flavour kebabs, 20 pack of sweet chilli kebabs, 20 packs of the garlic kebabs as well, can i also get 5 kilos of chicken wings, 2 kilos t-bones steaks, 5 kilos of griller chops, 3 kilos of chicken breast and 5 kilos of the beef sausages

'sure i wont be long.... once he packed it all for bea he put it in her trolley 'anything else i can get you?

'yes a kilo of greek feta cheese, 2 punnets of green olives and 5 bags of pita bread thanks...... once bea paid they went tot he car and put everything in and took off back home, they both unloaded the car together and packed away the shopping allie having bea laughing at her stupid jokes and quirky manner

'oh god allie stop my stomach hurts

''hmm does it... she smirked and pulled bea into her own body, bea wrapped her arms around allie's waist and smiled

'i like being this close to you and you smell so good... allie said her face in bea's neck kissing ever so lightly

'allie... she moaned out and she lifted her head looking into big brown eyes, allie leaned in brushing her lips softy over bea's and she could feel bea's breath fasten, bea herself was struggling to hold back as allie was being a complete tease, she couldnt handle it so in a split second she lifted allie up and held her against the fridge and kissed her hard, allie held on around bea's neck and reciprocated just as much releasing a loud moan from her lips, bea held allie under her ass and carried her to the couch and put her down, she looked down at allie who was breathing heavily

'come here.... allie husked out and pulled bea to straddle her lap and there lips were on each other straight away, allie's hands snaked under bea's shirt touching her bare back and fuck was it strong and the muscles were on point, dragging her nails down bea's back when bea sucked on allie's bottom lip, they had only stopped to take a couple of deep breaths but they were going at it again and much more passionate than before, they had been making out for a while when allie's hands moved to the hem of bea's shirt and bea pulled back helping allie take it off

'are you sure? bea nodded

'absolutely... pulling bea's top off allie's followed right behind and bea sat back a little to take in the view right in front of her, allie's chest was pink and heaving and her breasts were absolutely beautiful and she couldnt help but palm both her breasts and allie moaned, she could feel her nipple harden after her touch

'fuck bea i need to feel you.... allie huffed out and pulled bea into herself and turned them over so bea was laying on the couch and allie was hovering over her, there lips meeting in another passionate kiss, they made out for sometime almost 40 minutes, they both knew they didnt want to go all the way as things were still new but the temptation was definitely there, allie kissed along bea's chest and licked bea's nipple through her bra making bea moan loudly, all of a sudden the door opened, allie looked up and saw debbie walking through with boomer, she tried to hide herself but she leaned back an ende up falling on the couch, debbie stopped in her tracks and looked at allie realising what was going on when she saw her mums shirt on the floor and turned around making boomer turn as well and they started laughing

'oh fuck deb im so sorry.... bea said

'nope dont say anything just get dressed please, i saw nothing but i dont want to be scarred..... allie grabbed hers and bea's shirt and they quickly put them on and sat down properly on the couch

'is it safe to come in?

'yes it is... debbie and boomer came walking over giggling, her mums face was bright red and allie was red herself

'i dont want to even hear about what you 2 were doing but im glad i didnt see anything

'us too.... bea mumbled

'well im going to shower and get ready, boomer i will see you soon

'thanks for your help mini, enjoy dinner, im gonna go franky is gonna love this

'boomer.... bea said as debbie laughed walking up the stairs and boomer walked out cackling

'ugh she is gonna tell everyone.... bea groaned

'she sure is, sorry i shouldnt have let it get that far

'it wasnt just you allie, we both got caught up but i dont regret it

'me neither bea, i guess we should get ready as well

'yea i need a shower

'shit me too, im on fire... allie laughed and got up and went upstairs swaying her hips as she went, leaving a blushing bea behind


They arrived at dinner at 6.30 dressed casual, bea couldnt stop her eyes following allie's legs, allie had on a nice blue dress with high heels and her legs looked amazing, debbie also had a flowy purple dress on with boots and bea had on black dress pants with a white button up, a black vest and heels, they were seated pretty quickly which by the way debbie's stomach had been growling was a good thing, allie had called to request a table away from everyone else as she wanted to be just them, it would cost more but she didnt care the smith girls were well worth it,

'welcome to blackbird cafe ladies, i am brooke and i will be your waiter, can i start with drinks?

'yes please, i will have a beer

'make that 2

'i will have a red wine please.... said allie

'okay i will be back with your drinks and to take your food order.... brooke left to get there drinks and the 3 girls had a look through the menu

'there is so much to choose from mum what are you going to get?

'i was thinking the ribs and wings but it will be too much just for me

'i will share with you bea, we can have aranchini balls and garlic bread to start and than share the main?

'that sounds really good, how about you deb?

'i might try the kangaroo, the last time i had it at a restaurant it was really good

'do you want a separate starter or share with us?

'i just want a piece of garlic bread please

'alright done... brooke came back and handed out the drinks

'alright ladies are you ready to order?

'yes we will have the aranchini balls and garlic bread to start and for main the kangaroo with mash potato and salad

'do you want the jack daniel's sauce?

'yes please... allie said when debbie nodded

'okay what else would you like?

'we are going to share the ribs and wings combo with chips and salad please, that would be all

'okay i will put your order in it shouldnt be too long, if you need anything else please dont hesitate to call out

'thank you brooke... broke left the girls to place there order

'hey mum i was thinking for the party next week that we could do a chocolate fountain?

'we can do that deb but not a big one

'no i dont want a big one, i found one online a couple days ago its small but big enough for the party, they set up the machine and put in the chocolate and they give us extra incase we need it, we can get marshmallows, fruit, waffles things like that

'you can have anything you want baby

'dont tell her that bea she might get strippers.... debbie blushed bright red and giggled as the other 2 laugh

'as if i would allie

'you might not but i would just to see what aunty bridget would do to franky if she got one

'oh shit she would go crazy, i have seen angry bridget and you better stay out of her way when she is like that

'definitely, oh by the way i spoke to a really good pizza place and placed an order for pizza for that day and they will even deliver it, i also spoke to kfc and placed an order with them too and they will deliver as well

'wow you work fast, what did you get? debbie asked

'lets see, from the pizza shop i ordered 3 meat lovers, 3 Hawaiian, 3 bbq chicken, 3 cheese, 3 chicken and feta, 3 pepperoni, 2 supreme, 10 garlic breads as well, from kfc i ordered 50 pieces of chicken, 20 large chips, 10 potato and gravy, 10, coleslaw and like 50 bread rolls of and the big bucket of popcorn chicken

'shit thats a lot of food

'i may have gone a big overboard but i would rather have too much than not enough plus i know people like to snack through the night and debbie and her fiends eat again after they drink, like stuff your face drunk

'in my defence i get hungry after i drink and dance so i need to refuel

'well there will be plenty of food for the night and any left over can maybe go to a shelter or something

'thats a really good idea, kaz works for a shelter so we can organise it through her... bea said


'wait mum is joan coming?

'she will most likely come yes, i think her and kaz are together, like girlfriend and girlfriend

'thats so weird, kaz can do so much better than her and she creepy as hell

'i know deb, franky and i have tried talking to kaz but for some reason joan has this weird hold on her

'yea i saw it at the beach, its like when franky told kaz to come to the water she had to check with joan if it was alright to do so,

'yea i saw that as well, kaz seems really nice but joan will only bring her down... allie said

'all we can do is keep our distance and watch each others back, there is something fishy about her but until we know more we cant do anything about her, she might just be weird ya know

'yea i guess so mum, oh look food... debbie's eyes lit up as the entree was served to them, not too long later they received there main course and began eating

'look debbie about before at home

'no mum stop, your both adults and can do whatever you want but just do me a favour and keep it to the bedroom and quietly please... debbie giggled when her mums face went bright red

'deeeeeb... bea said shyly

''sorry mum but it was too easy, but seriously you can do whatever you want i just dont want to see or hear it

'we will try and keep it down deb... allie piped up and smirked

'oh please do, so are you 2 like together? bea looked at allie confused her self and allie thought this woman is so cute

'not officially deb, your mum has asked me to stay with you 2 for a while so we can help each other with dealing with our issues and also so we can spend more time together and see where things go, would you be alright with that? if not debbie its fine i wont be offended or hurt, the most important thing is that your happy and comfortable with us.... debbie laughed

'wow allie i never thought i would see you ramble like that, or see you so nervous.... allie blushed a little and looked at her wine glass

'i really like your mum and i dont want to stuff it up... she whispered although both bea and debbie heard her, debbie held allie's hand knowing how hard that was for allie to say

'im glad your staying with us, although us 2 together mum might have a heart attack... they both giggled when bea raised her eyebrows

'whats that supposed to mean?

'nothing mother, nothing at all.... they finished off dinner and sat for a while longer, allie paid even though bea tried again to do so but allie wouldnt let her, once they left they decided on a walk along the dock where the water was, it wasnt a cold night but it wasnt hot either so they were comfortable to walk off there food, allie grabbed bea's hand as they were walking and bea smiled shyly at her, she hooked her other arm with debbie and they walked for some time, they could see all the drunk people walking around being loud and obnoxious but they just ignored them, after some time they came to a stop where there was a little water area of about 10-15 holes that spat out water and normally kids would run through them and play, they sat on the bench and took there shoes off as they started to hurt

'its really nice here at night mum

'yea i just hate all the drunk people being idiots... they looked over at a guy fighting with his mate which was quickly broken up

'yea its shit because they ruin it for so many people..... they all nodded, debbie stood up and went to one of the holes to touch the water but only reaching out with her hand as she didnt want to get wet, unbeknown to her allie was right behind her so when the water spat out allie picked debbie up and ran through not tjust that one but most of them and debbie screamed and laughed

'ahh allie im getting wet

'i told you i would get you back for the other day at the beach... she laughed and stopped at one of the holes both of them getting soaked

'mum help

'ah no sorry baby im staying dry on this one.... she laughed as she watched the terrible 2, allie put debbie down and went to walk off but debbie jumped on her back laughing

'your not going anywhere.... they messed around in the water for sometime till it got windy and they were both cold and shivering, going over to bea she couldnt help but laugh

'you 2 look like drown rats.... she chuckled

'mum im cold.... debbie whined

'alright baby lets go to the car i have clothes there in case i need them for work.... they went to the car and bea pulled out a couple towels and handed them to the girls

'take your dresses off

'what? no way someone will see me

'i have dry clothes for you deb

'but someone will see me naked

'fine get in the backseat and get undressed and put these trackies and shirt on

'my bra and undies too? she asked shocked

'yes or you will get sick, were going straight home anyways

'fine, hold a towel over the window please

'we will.... debbie got changed in record time and got out of the car so allie could do the same, once they were changed they got in the car debbie insisting she wanted to sit in the back, bea and allie werent sure why but 10 minutes on the drive home it was obvious when she was fast asleep

'she was tired thats why she wanted the back seat... bea smiled

'she was up early worried about you, i tried to get her to go back to bed but she wouldnt budge

'im sorry i upset her

'i know you, she is fine so dont worry allie... they arrived home not long later and allie helped a tired debbie into her bed and tucked her in and than she left her room and crashed right into bea and almost fell till bea's arms wrapped around her waist

'fuck bea you scared the crap out of me

'sorry i was coming to see if you need help with debbie

'oh no she is fine all tucked into bed

'good, how abotu if you want, maybe you would want to sleep with me in my bed? bea asked shyly

'are you sure bea?

'yes i am... she nodded

'than i would nothing more than to hold you while we sleep

'me too, come on..... holding allie's hand they went to bea's room and closed the door, allie was going to sleep in bea's trackies and tshirt she gave her but she needed to freshen up

'bea im going to let you change and im going to freshen up i will be back.... allie returned 5 minutes later and they both got into bed facing each other, they held a hand between them and smiled at each other

'did you enjoy dinner?

'very much so, thank you

'it was a pleasure, im so full

'me too, im glad we didnt have dessert i wouldnt be able to stomach it...bea giggled

'me too... just than they both yawned and laughed

'i guess we should sleep

'yea im buggered.... leaning over allie placed one kiss than another to bea's lips and laid flat on her back, bea moved over and laid her head on allie's chest and they wrapped there arms around each other and fell asleep