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Caught in the Middle

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The following day bea had a text from maxine saying she needed her at the salon so bea got ready quickly and left a note for the girls before grabbing her keys and leaving for the salon, she arrived and parked her car before she went inside and dumped her bag under the counter, maxine was there with the other 3 girls talking, as she walked towards them she saw all the water on the floor and a bad smell coming from fuck knows where

'bea love your here

'hey maxi, whats happened? she said looking around at the mess

'someone burst the main pipe between our shop and 5 others and we all got water damage

'it stinks in here

'its the sewage

'fucks sake, how long will it take to fix the pipe?

'there working on it, apparently a couple teens were responsible, they stole a car and hit the pipe by accident

'are they okay? bea asked concerned

'yea just a few scratches, they have been taken by the police to the station

'do we know how long till its all fixed and this is cleaned?

'they said it will take a couple days to fix the pipe as they have to get a special brand new pipe delivered from somewhere so i would say at least 2-3 days

'alright send the girls home and tell them we will call them when we re-open, can you please reschedule all the appointments till next week, its gonna take us days to get rid of the smell in the place, fuck its making me sick, maxi can you burn some candles or something please

'sure bea,

'im going to the police station to talk to them

'alright here is the details for the case... maxine handed bea a card

'thank you maxi, i will be back soon.... bea grabbed her stuff and took off to the police station, parking the car she went inside and spoke to the officer at the front desk

'hi miss what can i do for you?

'hi officer, my shop was damaged today from the pipe burst

'oh yea i heard about that, 5 shops were involved

'yea exactly, i need an update about the teens involved please? i was told to ask for a officer jackson

'let me get him for you, take a seat.... bea sat down and pulled her phone out to text franky while she waited

'bbq at my place tonight at 6, bring bridget

'sure thing red, i will make a salad and a cake

'great see you than franky....... she sent the text to the others as well and decided to call kaz in regards to joan... kaz picked up after a couple rings

'hey bea how are you?

'im okay kaz and you?

'pretty good,

'listen kaz i wanted to talk to you about something are you alone?

'just hold on a minute bea.... bea could hear some shuffling and a door close... 'alright go ahead bea

'whats the deal with you and joan? kaz sighed she really hated talking about joan and didnt want to tell anyone what the deal was but she knew she could trust bea

'as you know i met her a while back but we were just friends, thats all i wanted from her but... she hesitated

'but what kaz you can tell me

'i dont know how to explain it

'are you in a relationship?

'i dont want to be, i dont see her like that but i thinks thats what she thinks or wants... taking a deep breath bea could tell it stressed kaz out

'tell me what has been happening? this has been on bea's mind for a while about joan, debbie hates her and now she stares at allie like a predator and now hearing kaz's distress doesnt fill her with anything but dread

'bea i have lived on my own for years and years and i very rarely share my space with anyone but she somehow has moved herself into my place and even sleeps in the same bed as me

'why dont you tell her to leave?

'honestly, she scares me, im scares of what she will do if i tell her this isnt what i want and i never did... bea understands

'i get it kaz,

'i saw how she looked at allie and how debbie reacted to her but i cant go anywhere without her, if i do she freaks out when i get back and i just dont have the energy to fight with her, i dont know what to do

'can you get away this afternoon and come to my place?

'i can try

'please do, we will figure out a way to fix this kaz, im sorry i didnt realise what was happening kaz or how bad it was

'its not your fault bea, i will do my best to come to your place

'all the others are coming here as well so we will all have your back, im going to tell them what is happening and together we will figure something out

'thank you bea, i appreciate you helping me, i cant take much more of this she really creeps me out, i feel like i cant sleep of fear of what i will be waking up too

'we got you kaz, i will see you later on, you can come anytime you want allie and debbie are home now so whenever you can just get to my place


'see you soon kaz

'bye bea.... hanging up she put her phone in her bag and she heard a voice

'hi im officer danny..... he put his hand out which bea shook it

'hi im bea smith the owner of curls the salon that was damaged

'bea please follow me to my office... they went down a long corridor and he opened the last door on the right and motioned for bea to have a seat and he took his own seat

'so tell me what has happened with these kids that damaged the pipe?

'well its 2 boys, one kid his name andrew andy and the other kid shane butler, andrew is one of those spoilt rich kids that thinks he can do whatever he wants and he does because his dad is well know

'how about shane?

'he is a street kid, his mom died when he was a baby, no one knows who his dad is so he went from foster home to foster home and now he lives on the streets

'has no one tried to help him?

'i have been dealing with shane for years and i got him into a shelter but he took off, ungrateful little shit... he sighed and bea was pissed off at what he said

'you need to understand thats kids like shane dont take to authority very well as they have grown up without anyone to help them, to guide them or even be there for him, calling him ungrateful would be very immature of you... bea said angrily, she had seen plenty of people on the streets that she wished she could help but wasnt able to and by the sounds of it shane needed help

'listen bea you try dealing with him it isnt easy

'have you actually tried to sit down and have a conversation with him and ask him what he wants? knowing full well that he hasnt

'no, i found him somewhere to live and thats all he needs

'wow you sounds stupid right now, how as a police officer you think that just putting a roof over someones head is just fine and thats all they need, what if he was getting bashed in there? abused? teased? treated like shit? some fucking police officer you are... she snided


'no just forget it, whats going to happen with them?

'andrew's parents sorted it out and they are getting processed as we speak, they will be out in a few minutes

'i want to meet shane and im not asking, if you all wont do anything to help the kid i will try

'fine follow me... he grumbled not happy how she spoke to him, taking her to another room they walked in to see a boy sitting on one side of the room and another closer to the door, the boy closer to the door had his head down and 2 adults in front of him screaming at him about being a trouble maker and to stay away from andrew, it was clearly shane and the fact that 2 adults who seem to be going off at this poor 16 year old kid made her blood boil, bea stepped in furiously standing in between them, she wasnt sure why but seeing this boy so down made her angry

'how dare you speak to him like that? the couple took a step back shocked looks on there faces

'excuse me? the lady said

'you heard me, you must the parents of the delightful little shit over there with the smirk on his face, how dare you come up here and have a go at shane when your son is old enough to know the difference between right and wrong and yet your going off at shane and not your own son

;shane made him do it

'oh give me a break, your son is an entitled little shit that does whatever he wants, when he wants and you just dont give a shit

'dont speak to us like that im....before he could finish his sentence bea cut in

'i dont give a shit who you are, nothing gives you the right to go off on this young boy, go teach your son some respect to others and make sure he doesnt come near shane again... turning to face shane who looked up and her heart broke

'hi shane, come on your coming with me... shane looked at officer danny who nodded and than followed bea out of the room stopping at the front desk to pick up his paperwork and than out of the station, she went across the road to the cafe and sat down, it was clear shane hadnt eaten in a while so wanted to make sure he had something, handing the menu to him she smiled

'order whatever you want its on me.... he looked at her quizzically and confused

'who are you?

'your ruined my shop today, the salon

'so why would you be so nice to me? i dont deserve it

;maybe i want to help you


'because i know how it feels to feel alone, to feel stuck like no one cares.... he looked at her sadly and nodded, the waitress came over just than

'hi what can i get you both? bea nodded at him

'a burger and fries please and a coke

'make that 2... bea said and the waitress left to put there order in

'im not going to press charges

'why not? he asked confused

'because that would mean you go to juvi where you get mixed in with stupid shit and thats not going to help you,

'so what do you want?

'number one you need to apologise to the shop owners that are out of business for the few days, clean up everyone's shop as well the sewage stinks, i almost threw up... she grimaced and he tried not to laugh but he himself threw up when it broke

'i know it made me vomit

'gross, where are you living? he shrugged

'in an abandoned car

'how long have you been there for?

'on and off for 2 years

'what happened? when the officer took you to the shelter?

'i got teased


'about the colour of my skin, im darker than a lot of people so they called me names and told me to go back to my country... he shrugged

'im sorry that happened but you cant live in a car

'no where else to go

'you can stay with me

'you shouldnt have to do that, i will stay in the car

'no you wont, i have an extra room although i have rules

'which are?

'no drugs or drinking as your underage

'i dont do either

'good, no bringing anyone back to my place unless you ask me, i have a daughter she is 19 thats lives with me and her best friend as well who i am currently seeing so if you have a problem with same sex couples? she quirked an eyebrow

'i dont, if your happy than who cares who you want to be with... bea smiled

'good, now do you need to get anything from the car? clothes or whatever?

'yes, i have a couple things there

'alright after we eat we can get your stuff and than go back to the salon to start working

'okay...... they had lunch and went to the car which wasnt far away and bea watched as he took 2 t-shirts, a paint of jeans and 2 photos, bea smiled sadly to see this boy has only 4 items of his life,

'im ready

'okay come on.... bea drove to a shopping centre and parked the car

'what are we doing here?

'you need clothes

'im fine, i have these... he said holding his stuff up

'yes you do, but you need more than that, your going to sort your life out, get your school certificate, get a job and you cant just wear those clothes so come on

'i dont have money... he said shyly

'dont worry about that, come on we got things to do.... following bea inside the shops she scanned the list of shops and found a couple of boys and mens shops so went to it and started looking around,

'what size are you? he shrugged

'i dont know, i get these at the shelter and the size was cut off

'alright, i think your a medium so try these pant and shirt on and we can go from there...... an hour later they had a trolley full of clothes, shoes and stuff for shane, she got debbie and allie a couple things she thought they would like, putting everything in the boot she drove them to the salon and he followed bea inside, he saw another woman there and put his head down in shame

'hey maxi sorry i took so long

'thats alright hun, who do we have here?

'this is shane butler one of the kids from the accident, he is here to clean up his mess, shane this is maxine she owns the salon with me... lifting his head he looked at maxine

'im sorry for what i did, i didnt mean to make such a mess, im sorry to both of you... maxine stepped forward and put her hand on his shoulder

'thank you for apologising shane and your forgiven

'shane go into the kitchen and get a drink i will take you to the other shops in a couple minutes.. he nodded and walked to the other room

'so bea what did the police say?

'oh he was an asshole, there was 2 kids the other one was andrew, a kid with filthy rich parents that thinks he can do whatever he wants and have no consequences.... bea shook her head and explained what had happened down to having a go at andrews parents

'wow bea

'i know, i just saw this kid getting absolutely banished by 2 adults who should know better and i snapped, i dont regret it at all this kid clearly needs help and im going to do what i can to do that... maxine rubbed bea's shoulder

'your a good person bea

'i just know how it feels to be left on your own to deal with shit

'your a strong woman, what are you going to do with him?

'i have a spare room so he can stay in it, i will help him finish his schooling and get a job, he needs to get his life together

'he sure does

'maxi you can take off shane and i will clean up

'are you sure love?

'of course, you took care of everything else so i will take it from here, relax for a while and come to mine tonight for a bbq at 6

'alright love i will bring something for dessert

'sounds good.... maxine left and bea went to the kitchen

'you ready to start? shane nodded

'better get this over with.... shane had apologised to all the shop owners and told them he will come back tomorrow to clean up as it was getting late in the day and they were thankful for that, bea locked up the salon seeing it was 3.30 so they headed back to bea's place, she had text both allie and debbie during the day telling them she would be home soon and that they all needed to talk


arriving home bea parked the car and got out but shane didnt he stayed seated in his seat, bea went over to his side and opened the door

'whats wrong?

'what if they hate me? im just some dumb street kid that caused you trouble.... bea crouched down beside him

'listen your not some dumb street kid shane, your just stuck in a place of doing stupid things but you want to fix your life up right?


'good, those 2 in there wont judge you trust me, all you have to do is stick to what we talked about and you will be fine... shane nodded

'are you sure?

'absolutely, now come on its warm out here.... getting out of the car he followed bea inside bea smiling when she saw debbie and allie giggling as they were making something sweet by the smell of it

'hey trouble makers... they both spun around smiling

'hey mama, where have you been?

'i will fill you in soon enough, listen this here is shane he will be staying with us for a while, shane this is my beautiful daughter debbie and her best friend allie

'umm hi... he said shyly

'hi shane welcome to this crazy house, dont trust this one here... she nodded at debbie 'she stole my toast earlier... debbie and allie giggled

'shane why dont we get your stuff and i can show you your room and you can unpack... he nodded and followed bea,,, a few minutes later they were up the stairs and bea took him to the spare room which had a queen bed, a cupboard, 2 side drawers, a desk and table and a tv in there

'here we go, you can unpack while i explain to the girls whats happened, dont look so worried they wont judge you

'i hope you will all let me make it up to you

'i told you shane you just stick to what we talked about and we are good, we are having a bbq later on so you will meet the rest of the family soon enough, the bathroom is across the hall

'okay, can i take a shower?

'of course you can, you dont have to ask shane

'thank you bea, for everything

'anytime... leaving him to unpack and settle in bea went downstairs to talk to the girls who were now sitting on the table

'you dont always come home with randoms

'sorry i havent had a chance to call you but i wanted to tell you face to face anyways.. she said taking a seat

'so what happened? bea spent the next while telling them exactly what happened and how she came across shane

'wow pour kid has had it hard

'yea i cant imagine being on my own without you mum,

'you never will baby, he just needs a chance at a real life not just here go out and figure it all out yourself, he needs stability, comfort, love, food, shelter, guideness, sorry i should have spoken to you both before i bought him home

'no mum you did the right thing, i hope we can all help him get himself together

'he is a good kid he just needs a chance, he knows no drugs or alcohol as he is underage to drink, he will finish his schooling, get a job as well, he is going to spend the next couple days cleaning up the mess he made

'how about andrew?

'ugh mr i cant do whatever i want, forget about him, shane is not to talk or see him at all, its one of the rules, shane needs friends that dont get him in trouble

'yea true, dont worry bea we will all keep an eye on him

'thank you, well we have the bbq tonight and i need to do a whole bunch of stuff

'dont worry we already did it

'what do you mean?

'well we cleaned the house, set up the tables and chairs along with the bbq, made the salads, marinated the meat, cut up the veggies, made the rice it just needs to be heated up, the drinks are in the fridge, we also made ice cream cups that are in the freezer

'oh wow thank you so much, i thought i wouldnt have time

'well it was mostly allie as she was up earlier than me

'well thank you both, what time is it?

'4, mum why dont you rest for an hour or so you look tired

'i am a litte

'well you and allie can go rest and i will hang out with shane, he is closer to my age than you 2 oldies

'hey watch it you cheeky bugger... bea pushed a laughing debbie playfully

'come on bea... allie stood up and took bea's hand and they went upstairs stopping at shane's roon

'shane my room is at the end of the corridor im going to lay down for a bit with allie, debbie is down stairs, feel free to eat and drink whatever you want dont be shy, i want you to be comfortable

'okay, can i do anything to help set up for later?

'these 2 did it all, the tv has foxtel with lots of movies and shows taped so watch whatever you want just dont delete them debbie will freak out

'thank you so much for everything

'im glad your here... bea walked with allie to her room and allie sat bea down on the bed, taking off her over shirt leaving her in a singlet, taking off her sneakers and socks as well

'bea its so hot you shouldnt wear 2 shirts and sneakers

'i know i was in a hurry this morning

'well lay back and relax

'will you stay with me?

'yes just let me put the over head fan on... pushing the switch she took her things off and lay in bed next to bea both facing each other, allie stroked bea's cheek and bea smiled loving the feeling of allie's soft palm against her cheek

'i missed you when i woke up

'i know sorry, i wanted to stay till you got up but i had to take care of the salon

'its okay, im glad your here now,

'me too, by the way kaz is coming over at some stage

'with joan?

'no, i spoke to her today about the whole joan thing and there is a lot more to it, joan practically moved herself into kaz's place without even asking, she in under the assumption that there together and she even sleeps in kaz's bed


'yea, kaz is too scared to ask to her to leave, she freaks out at kaz if she leaves without her, i told her to get out of the house and come here by herself and we will figure out what to do, i think joan is dangerous and i need to get kaz away from her

'well debbie sure as hell hates her... bea nodded

'yea and i dont like how she looks at you


'no, i dont want anyone looking at you just me... allie smiled

'good because your eyes are the only one i want on me... allie surged forward placing soft kisses to bea's lips and than laid her head on the pillow

'you should have a nap, i will set the alarm

'only if you stay with me?

'deal.... allie set the alarm for 5.30 and they got comfortable and fell asleep


debbie was sitting on the couch a drink in hand scrolling through the shows and movies looking for something to watch when shane came over and sat on the single couch

'i hope you dont mind?

'course not shane, im just trying to find something to watch while mum and allie rest

'sorry to keep your mum away all day

'its fine, i mean yea what you did was stupid but if you learn from it than thats what matters

'oh i definitely did, whenever i hang out with mathew we always end up in trouble

'than why do you hang with him? shane shrugged

'he buys me food, you would do almost anything to fix the stomach cramps you get from not eating... debbie looked on sadly

'im sorry you went through all the crap you have

'well it has lead me to here and thanks to your mum i have a chance to get my shit together

'thats good, so school?

'i only got to the end of year ten so i need to finish till year 10 at least, i also need a job to pay my way and pay your mum back for the damage to the shop and everything she bought me, far out debbie she bought me so much stuff, more stuff than i have ever owned before

'mums like that, if she sees someone in trouble or that needs help she does whatever she can to help

'i see that, so many people dont look at me twice but mum your came out of no where when mathews parents were going off at me, i was pretty close to losing it myself but your mum burst in and put them in there place, i had no idea who she was but she was the first person to care about me and stick up for me

'im glad mum helped you, you deserve to be happy and living here mum will make sure you do what you need to do, sometimes she will be hard on you but thats because she cares

'i know, so are you in school?

'no i just finished uni and i graduate in a week

'wow congratulations

'thank you

'what will you do now?

'well allie just finished as well and we will be opening a business together very soon, right now i work at mums friends bar for some extra cash and keeps me busy because when im bored i just lounge around and eat... they both laughed

'its good you know what you want to do

'have you ever thought about that?

'you have a lot of time to think when your on the streets, i always wanted to have my own business

;doing what?

'i want to open a restaurant that does burgers, fries, hot dogs, nachos but i want there to be like different things you can put on your food and make it your own because if the customer isnt happy than whats the point

'true, sounds good shane, you can definitely do it, start with school and a business course and go from there

'thanks debbie,

'do you know how to cook?

'i do actually, i used to cook at the shelter i loved it but the ingredients were very minimal but people liked it

'will you cook me something some time?

'sure, i can make dinner tomorrow?

'great, we can go to the shops tomorrow and get what you need

'awesome... he smiled and debbie put a movie on to watch,

allie and bea woke with the alarm at 5.30 and allie giggled when bea groaned and pulled the quilt over her head

'make it stop allie.... allie turned it off and faced bea

'bea we need to get up

'i dont wanna... she whined, allie pulled the quilt down a little to reveal bea with a sad puppy dog face

'i know your tired but it was your idea to have the bbq

'i know but i cant be bothered

'bea you need to get up the others will be coming soon, all you have to do is shower and than sit outside with a drink i will take care of the food and drinks

'no no, im not doing that, i cant do that

'of course you can bea, the food prep is done its just cooking the meat, dressing the salads and heating up the other couple dishes, so get your cute butt in the shower and get down there,

'fine... bea huffed and allie giggled when she stomped off towards the shower

'well at least i know where debbie gets her sulking ability from.... bea turned around and frowned

'dont make me come there and get you allie

'im not scared of you bea, in fact if you put your hands on me they will never want to come off.... she smirked and bea shook her head

'maybe thats what i want... she responded

'i dare you.... allie said

'dont tempt me allie

'worried you cant keep your hands to yourself?

'i think its the other way around... bea said stepping closer to the bed where allie was now sitting on the edge of, bea ran her fingers through allie's soft blonde locks and heard allie hum in delight

'i dont think you will be able to stop bea

'you think i have no will power?

'i know you dont bea, i see your eyes follow me, i see them on me all the time

'they have a mind of there own.... leaning down towards allie she put her finger under her chin to make her look up at her, bea moved in slowly and can feel allie's breath on her own lips, just as she was getting closer and closer bea pulled back smirking

'maybe later allie.... allie was left open mouth and shocked as bea took off to the bathroom and locked the door behind her, allie sat there a few seconds and shook her head

'fucking little shit, i need a cold shower... she mumbled to herself 'i will get you for that later bea...... she yelled through the door and heard bea chuckle, allie left bea's room and went to her own to get a change of clothes and went to the main shower to wash up, 20 minutes later she walked into the kitchen being greeted by a smirking bea and allie just shook her head

'later... she whispered in her ear and went out to debbie and shane to have a drink, debbie handed her a beer and she sat down

'thanks deb, how you settling in shane?

'yes good, i unpacked my stuff and had a shower, i havnt showered like that in like 3 years

'im glad your hear shane, you have a chance to get yourself together... shane nodded

'im very grateful for bea's help, she took me in without even knowing me and i will never take that for granted

'good to hear, she is a good woman... allie gushed, they heard the door bell and a few minutes later out came boomer, bridget, franky, liz and maxine,

'hey fuckers... franky yelled making them laugh

'hey franky, hey everyone this here is shane he will be staying with us for a while, shane this is franky, bridget, liz and maxine

'hi shane good to see you again

'hi maxine

'hey young blood... franky said shaking his hand

'hi franky, hi bridget nice to meet you both

'you too shane.... bridget smiled at the shy young boy before pulling franky to sit down

'shane love im liz im like bea's mum and debbie's grandma

'you are my mum and debbie's grandma.... bea said behind her and liz smiled

'what she said, its nice to meet you love

'nice to meet you too liz... he went to shake her hand but was pulled into a loving hug, shane had never been hugged so was a little stiff but relaxed in liz's embrace easily, it was clear to bea how much this boy craved love and affection and she would do her best to provide him with what he needs, liz herself had been told by bea a little bit inside and was eager to meet young shane, the minute she felt him relax in her arms she knew he had been hurt so much her heart breaking for him, puling back she rubbed his cheek

'you trust bea and let her help you, she has a heart of gold and only wants the best for you

'thank you liz... he got chocked up a bit, bea had gone to sit down with allie and debbie and allie gave her a beer

'you relax here i will get things done

'no i will help... bea went to get up but allie stopped her by sitting on her lap

'no, i told you i will do it


'no buts bea, just sit your ass down right now, if i get up and you follow me your in big trouble

'maybe i want to be in trouble... bea whispered making even allie blush

'dont start this now bea, you behave

'behaving is boring... pulling allie closer they kissed before bea whispered in her ear 'i really really want to misbehave with you, i want to be naughty... allie shivered slightly and bit her lip

'later on bea, i will show you how naughty i can be... she whispered back and stood up winking at the red head before going inside, as allie walked inside she asked shane to come with her which he did

'shane do you mind doing the bbq?


'do you know how too?

'of course i do, i want to be a chef... he smiled brightly

'thats sounds awesome, well here is the bowl with all the meat its at the end of the balcony

'okay i got it.... as shane walked out the door bell went and she went and answered it seeing a scared kaz standing there looking over her shoulder

'hey kaz you alright?

'hmm i think she may have followed me though, i may have lost her half way, fuck i hope so

'come in kaz... allie pulled her in and hugged her feeling her shake, she didnt know kaz long but she felt a close connection to her for some reason and seeing her like this make her feel sick

'come inside i will get bea... allie took kaz to the couch and gave her a beer and than went to the balcony, bea looked at her and she nodded her head to come to her which she did

'whats wrong?

'kaz is here, she is freaked out

'shit, okay one sec..... she went to franky and whispered something in her ear and she followed bea inside to where kaz was sitting and hugged the older blonde woman,

'how you doing?

'im fucking freaking out bea, there is something unhinged about her, she knows something for sure

'what do you mean?

'a couple hours ago i was making a coffee and she came into the kitchen and said out of the blue 'your mine forever' it sounded so creepy

'fucking hell, look i have franky here because she is a lawyer, i need you to tell her everything about joan and she has contacts to find out everything

'i thought you owned a bar?

'i do, im a chef and a lawyer

'talented much? franky chuckled

'yea yea, alright tell me everything.... kaz didnt know much about joan so she just told them what she knew and franky put in a call to an associate of hers

'he will get back to me tomorrow, he said he has heard her name but didnt know anything about her

'alright good franky, kaz you will stay here till we figure this out

'she has been calling me... showing her phone to bea and franky, 10 missed calls in 1 hour

'obsessive much? franky said

'give me your phone im going to call her... kaz handed her phone over and hit call on joan's number and she answered very fast

'where are you kaz? she said harshly

'hi joan its bea

;oh bea, how are you? her voice softened

'im good and yourself?

'not too bad,

'i just called you to let you know kaz is with me so no need to worry, im not feeling the best and i asked her to stay with me for a few days to help debbie and look after me, i didnt want you to worry

'i had wondered where she went... she grumbled out

'yea dont worry she is with me, have you had the chicken pox joan?

'no i have not

'i didnt think so, thats what i have and i know kaz has had it so she cant get it again so i asked for her help, i didnt want to ask you because there is just so much germs involved in it ya know..... bea said looking at kaz and than franky

'yes thank you very much for letting me know bea, i hope you feel better soon

'the doctor said about a week it will take but kaz is definitely going to be a big help for me

'im glad, i will let you to rest

'thank you joan, bye

'good bye bea.... hanging up the phone she gave it back to kaz

'how the hell did ya even think of that so quick bea?

'i know joan despises germs and its the first thing that popped in my head

'well she will definitely stay away from here

'exactly, alright tonight no more of this crazy bitch talk till tomorrow, lets relax, eat, drink and be happy... bea said and the other 2 agreed, they went out to the balcony and bea went to the kitchen

'everything alright bea?

'yea, i lied to joan and told her i had chicken pox and kaz is helping me out for a few days

'you think that will keep her away?

'well she has this phobia of germs so i dont think she will come near here right now

'thats good

'yea, do you need any help?

'no thank you, you go relax

'but i wanna be with you... bea said cutely

'im nearly done here but do you know where is boomer?

'thats a good question, i will call her... sitting at the table she called boomer

'hey bea

'hey boomer you alright? i thought you would be here by now

'yea im good, i got a flat tyre i just fixed it, i will be there in ten minutes

'alright see you soon... shoving her phone in her pocket she stood up

'she had a flat tyre she will be here soon

'thats good, off you go to sit with the others...s he shooed bea off, bea quickly kissed allie's cheek and walked off outside to join in, boomer arrived and than the food was laid out like a buffet

'everyone dig in... everyone made a plate and complimented shane on the cooking of the meat and allie for the rest of the food, bea made a plate and looked at allie who was in the kitchen cleaning up, going inside she grabbed her hand and pulled her outside

'but the kitchen

'i dont care about a mess, you made all this delicious food and you need to eat and take your tablet

'oh shit yea i forgot

'here sit here and eat i will go get you one... bea returned and sat next to allie giving her the tablet and she took with some water

'thank you... she whispered, they sat around talking and eating, bea happy the others were involving shane and finding out about him making him feel comfortable,

'allie, kaz will be staying with us for a few days till we figure out the whole joan thing

'okay, i will crash on the couch

'no i was thinking more you can sleep with me? unless you dont want to? she said quickly in case allie didnt feel like it

'of course i want to, sleeping with you in my arms is the best feeling ever, well for now anyways... she winked at bea and giggled when she blushed, they finished dinner and maxine and liz insisted on cleaning up leaving the others to chatter away for a while, dessert was the ice cream cups debbie and allie made, cupcakes, moist almond cake and a chocolate mud cake, it was 2.30 when everyone left and bea took kaz upstairs to allie's room

'you stay in here, allie will be staying with me... kaz smiled

'you really like her dont ya?

'shit, so much kaz, i feel im already falling for her

'im happy for you bea, you deserve to be happy after everything

'you do too kaz

'i just dont get it, im not into woman so i dont understand why joan thinks im interested in her

'some people do warped things kaz and we just dont understand

'i guess so, i mean dont get me wrong if the right person came along man or woman i wouldnt hesitate

'its good to have an open mind, i mean look at me

'yea you went from Casanova to little petite allie... they laughed

'i guess so

'do you have a change of clothes bea?

'your about debbie's size elt me grab you a couple things and you can go to the shops tomorrow and get a few things... bea returned with trackies, shorts and a couple t-shirts and handed them over

'thank you so much bea, for everything

'we are family and we stick together... kaz nodded, hugging bea she went into the bathroom and had a shower before falling into bed, bea went downstairs and allie was cleaning up with hsane, debbie was asleep on the swinging chair

'guys go to bed i will clean up tomorrow, you have both run the night tonight

'its fine bea we are nearly finished

'im going to take debbie to bed

'do you need help?

'i should be alright thank allie... going over to debbie she shook her gently

'baby wake up

'mm its too early... debbie grumbled and bea smiled, debbie always hated to wake up early and hate to be woken up

'baby your sleeping outside come to your bed... debbie's eyes half opened

'im too tired to move

'i will help you, im not leaving you here all night..... lifting debbie to her feet she wrapped an arm around her waist and walked her inside and upt eh stairs, going into her room she put her to lay down, she pulled all her clothes off and put on a t-shirt and shorts and than tucked her in

'i love you baby... she whispered to debbie and kissed her cheek and walked out, stopping at the door when she heard debbie

'to the moon and back... she mumbled and went straight back to sleep bea smiled she and debbie had been saying that to each other since she could talk and bea loved it. closing the door behind her she saw shane walking into the bathroom

'im having a shower and than going to bed

'did you have a good night shane?

'it was great, i loved cooking, all your family are really nice and i felt very welcome

'im glad, im really happy your here shane

'me too

'good night shane

'good night bea... bea went downstairs to see allie sitting at the table

'hey allie you alright?

'hmm, yea just a little tired

'i told you to let me help you... bea said sitting in her lap

'you cant be doing everything all the time bea, i wanted you to relax

'well its time for you to relax with a nice shower and than bed, your all sweaty

'i know i stink

'you dont stink, your just sweaty its quite hot, why dont you get in the shower and i will use the other one and i will meet you in bed?

'sounds good, can you put he air-con on please its freaking hot

'of course, off you go

'yes boss...... they both had a shower and allie lay on the bed cracking her neck and massaging it

'allie lay on your stomach


'i will give you a massage, take your shirt off and i will be back... allie took her shirt off already having no bra on and lay on her stomach on her shorts, bea returned with a body lotion and sat on the bed,

'this should help

'you dont have to do this bea

'i want to so just let me... allie nodded, bea squirted some lotion on her hands and rubbed them together before putting her hands on allie's back, she massaged all along her shoulders not able to reach properly so she straddled allie's very curvy ass and pushed more into her skin, allie moaned gently every now and than as bea's hand were doing wonders for her back, bea massaged her shoulders, neck, along her spin and down to just above her ass, she had been massaging for a while and allie had been quite for a few minutes

'allie? she whispered but no answer. looking to the side she saw allie had fallen asleep so she got off her and washed her hands, before joining allie in bed, pulling the quilt over them she put an arm over allie and allowed sleep to consume her quickly