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Caught in the Middle

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The day before graduation debbie and allie had to drive up the hall where the graduation would be held for rehearsal, bea offered to drive them but they both said they wanted tomorrow to be a surprise so bea lent her car to them, as allie drove debbie took it upon herself to act as dj in the car going from song to song that they both like, she had allie's phone as her playlist had more to offer when a text came threw seeing her mums name, she accidentally tapped it as she was choosing another song and she read it, smiling ear to ear

'Im laying here in my bed completely bored, completely missing you, completely wanting your arms around me, you make me feel so safe allie xx

looking at allie she smiled wide, allie could see it and wondered what she was smiling about

'what are you smiling about?

'you got a dirty text from mum... she said her face so serious and allie's eyes went so wide they almost popped out and debie cracked up laughing

'i was kidding but oh my god your face is priceless

'piss off.... allie laughed

'but you did get a text from her

'hold on a minute we are stopping for petrol here and i will read it.... allie pulled up in the petrol station and turned the car off 'can you fill it up please while i respond and i will pay?

'sure... allie read the message and her heart fluttered at bea's words, this woman really was so totally sweet, she sent off a text back to bea

'i miss you too beautiful, i would love nothing more than to lay with you in my arms, to play with your soft red locks of hair, to gently stroke your face and here you hum in delight, how i want more than anything to be close to you right now and soon i will be, its crazy how much i miss you already xxoo... throwing her phone on the seat and grabbed her wallet and got out of the car walking over to debbie to check what number the pump is

'deb what do you want to drink?

'do you want to share?

'yea sure, the raspberry drink?

'yes please

'alright anything to eat?

'we are gonna eat after rehearsal so no thanks

'alright i wont be long.... debbie got back into the car and picked up allie's phone so she didnt sit on it, her phone lit up with a message from her mum again, she really wanted to read it and normally she would as both allie and debbie always went through each others phones, they never hid anything from each other but because it was her mum she didnt as not to embarrass either of them, allie got back into the car and handed debbie the drink

'thanks allie, you got another text from mum, i didnt read it

'im not bothered if you do

'i know but its private between you 2... allie nodded and flicked the message open

'hmm i love when you stroke my face it gives me the sweetest goosebumps ever, i will leave you to do what your doing and i will see you when you get back, xx

'see you soon my beautiful bea...... allie smiled and handed her phone back to debbie who plugged it in and put the music on, they arrived at the hall and went inside, it took about 2 hours for rehearsal and by the end of it debbie was grumpy, tired and hungry, to top it off the director pissed her off when he was rude to her causing allie to step in and tell him to mind his manners, he wasnt impressed but the dean of the uni told the director to respect all the students, luckily 20 minutes later it finished and they left, the car was quiet as allie drove for the first 10 minutes, they were going to have lunch closer to home but debbie needed to eat so she pulled up at an outlet with a bunch of eating places and a couple restaurants

'why are we here?

'because your hungry and im starving, i cant wait till we get home i may pass out... debbie smiled thankfully

'thank you, im starving too

'good, what do you want to eat?

'how about the chinese restaurant?

'sounds good to me deb... getting out of the car they walked into the chinese place and were seated straight away and handed menu's

'ladies i will give you a few minutes.... the server said

'thank you... they both looked over the menu and decided to get a few dishes and share, an hour later and they had finished and debbie paid even though allie tried to but debbie wouldnt let her, they headed home stopping a few minutes from home to get something sweet as debbie really had to have something, arriving home they locked the car and headed inside shane was washing the dishes

'hey shane

'hey girls how was rehearsal?

'it was fine but im tired, allie tell mum im going to have a nap i think im in a food coma... they laughed

'alright deb i will get you up in a couple hours

'thanks....debbie took off up stairs

'hey shane where is bea?

'laying down, she did all the washing and i told her to lay down and rest

'im gonna go up and lay with her, you alright down here?

'im fine no worries.... allie went upstairs and opened the bedroom door slowly seeing bea sleeping, tip toeing into the room she took her shoes off and slowly got into bed with bea kissing her cheek and laying her head down, bea turned and wrapped her arm around allie

'i missed you... bea muttered

'i missed you too bea, sorry i didnt mean to wake you

'you didnt, i wasnt asleep

'your such a liar..... she giggled and bea squinted her eyes

'fine i was dosing off, how did it go?

'it was okay, the director was a tool


'yea on his high horse, gave debbie attitude and debbie told him to suck it

'oh my god, where does my child get this stuff? bea groaned

'it was quite funny, the dean had to step in and told the director to treat every student with respect, thankfully it finished soon after

'im glad debbie can stick up for herself

'oh she sure can bea you dont need to worry about her

'good, come closer... bea said and allie got even closer there breathes mingling, there lips so close bea can smell the chapstick allie uses, allie gently smiles before moving in and connecting there lips together, it wasnt anything dirty or forceful just a simple kiss full of warm fuzzy feelings, pulling back she kissed bea's nose making her giggle and tucked a lock of hair behind bea's ear

'your so beautiful

'you are.... bea whispered back

'how about a nap and than dinner?

'sounds good to me, where is debbie and shane?

'shane is cleaning the kitchen and debbie is having a nap, so your stuck with me... allie said as she turned around her back to bea and bea pulled her flush against her own body kissing her neck

'i wouldnt want it any other way.... they lay silently for a few minutes with bea tracing patterns on allie's back

'what if one day i kissed you and never stopped? bea said

'what if i let you? allie replied

'what if i had my hands all over you? bea said moving her arm to hold allie around her stomach

'what if i wanted you to?

'what if i touched you? bea said

'than i would let you.... allie replied, she was liking what bea was saying, allie really hoped bea would just let go of her fear and make love to allie, it was clear that there was a strong connection between them and eventually they will snap and just go for it, the thought of having bea's hands on her sent a slight orgasm threw her entire body before she finally relaxed, no more words needed to be said as bea held allie and they both fell asleep


The morning was a mess, between everyone trying to shower, debbie having a melt down about her hair before bea stepped in which she had tried to but stubborn debbie wanted to do it herself, allie was so nervous she kept tripping over things and eventually bea told her to sit down and have a scotch to calm down, the only good thing was shane was up ealry, had cooked everyone breakfast and had gotten himself ready, bea had taken him a couple days ago to get a suit and he looked smashing in it, debbie was finally ready and was walking down the stairs bea following, allie looked up at both of them and they looked absolutely beautiful, shane stood in the kitchen drinking a bottle of water which he dropped when he saw debbie, allie giggled at him as he tried to hide it,

'wow deb you look beautiful

'thanks allie so do you.... bea came over to allie a big smile on her face

'you look stunning bea.... bea blushed a little, bea in a suit made allie's legs even weaker being around her

'thank you so do you... looking at shane he looked really good in his suit

'you look great shane.... the boy blushed brighter than bea's hair and shyly smiled

'thank you, so do you, you all do... they all smiled

'mum photos?


'here give me the camera i will take them... shane said, they had taken quite a few photos and than debbie took the camera and set it on auto and pulled shane into the photo with them the biggest smile on his face, debbie also wanted a photo with just her and shane as well which bea took,

'alright guys lets go before we are late.... bea drove them to the hall and parked the car, it was getting pretty busy so they got out and allie and debbie headed round the back along with all the other students, shane put his arm out and bea happily took it and they walked inside and looked around for seats, bea heard her name and saw franky standing and waving at her so they went over there seeing bridget there along with liz, boomer and maxine as well

'hey guys im so happy you came

'we wouldnt miss it for the world love

'mum deb would be so happy to see you here

'im so excited to see her graduate bea, come on you too sit down... once they were seated they chatted amongst themselves for a bit

'hey bea where is kaz?

'she left early this morning she needed to go to the shops to get a few things

'is she coming today?

'im not sure but i hope so

'how has she been?

'you know what franky, kaz has been telling me about joan and the woman is a dead set freak, i dont know how she put up with it

'well after what my friend told us about her i think kaz was right to not push joan about anything, she could snap and hurt kaz badly

'yea true, i hope she comes today but im just not sure.... franky nodded and just than the lights went down and someone stepped to the microphone to talk, the ceremony went for about 40 minutes and than the names were called one by one, bea could see the line to see when the girls were coming up and saw debbie and allie right behind her about 5 people behind the first one she told the group and they got ready, the dean of the school was the one calling out the name and debbie was next

'DEBBIE SMITH..... bea and the rest of them jumped up cheering and tooting and hollering and debbie blushed red but smiled, accepting her award and shaking the other associates hands before walking off on the other side, next was allie

'ALLIE NOVAK.... again they all jumped up boomer whistling loud for both girls as franky hollered and stood on the chair, allie's face went bright red but when she looked at bea, bea blew a kiss and she acted like she caught it and giggled, allie accepted her award and shook the other peoples hands and walked off stage going to debbie and hugging the young brunet, the ceremony went for another 20 minutes and it was over, the group followed bea outside and they waited a bit till all the graduates came out, bea saw debbie first and debbie ran into her mums arms and she lifted her up hugging her and debbie squealed with delight

'im so proud of you deb, so so proud

'thank you mum... bea put debbie down and kissed her cheek 'i could never have done this without you

'no it was all you baby

'no mum, i would not be here without you, your my hero... bea wiped the stray tear that fell and hugged debbie again

'i love you debbie

'i love you too mum

'hey where is allie?

'she is coming, she got caught up talking to some one... bea nodded and debbie went to the others as they excitedly hugged her and congratulated her, allie came over 5 minutes later and bea hugged her

'congratulations allie

'thank you bea, i cant believe i did it

'you did and you should be proud of yourself, i definitely am

'thank you... allie blushed at the compliment, bridget came over and hugged her niece

'im so proud of you allie, you worked your ass off and you earned it

'thank you aunty bridget, all those late night study sessions and early morning was worth it... bridget smiled

'you deserve this allie.... after they all congratulated the girls they headed to the cars and towards franky's bar, franky left 20 minutes before them to make sure everything was ready, arriving there along with a few other taxi loads full of debbie's friends from school they all went inside and it looked amazing, it was decorated with 2 congratulations banners, balloons, streamers, confetti, the food was being laid out buffet style as it had just been delivered, drinks were lining up on the bar and people were starting to take them, a line of shots was made for boomer and the crew as well,

'hey guys over here.... franky said and the group walked over to them

'ay franks ya got the shots out? boomer wriggled her eyebrows

'of course booms, just for you

'sweet, here everyone take one, well except for you shorty...she said to shane who just laughed, he had tried the whole alcohol thing but wasnt a big fan of it plus he was under age so was happy to stick with coke, they all took a shot in there hands and lifted them

'congrats girls, you both deserve every bit of success, cheers... they all threw the shots back and allie cringed so badly bea laughed almost spitting hers out but she managed to keep it down

'that shit is foul franky

'oh come on, havent ya ever had a wet pussy? she smirked at allie

'more than you can count... franky threw her head back laughing and shook her head

'ya better watch this one bea, she is a cheeky little shit

'my eyes are on her dont worry

'arent they always? boomer said and they all laughed making bea blush and allie cackle, bea playfully pushed allie and laughed herself

'shut up you

'aww bea dont be like that, come on dance with me..... allie didnt give bea a chance to answer as allie threw her bag at debbie and pulled the redhead on the dance floor pulling bea close and pulling bea's arms around her own waist and her arms went around bea's neck

'allie i dont really dance

'why not?

'i dont know, i get shy i guess.... she shrugged and allie smiled softly,

'do you trust me? bea nodded

'i do

'good.... allie pulled bea flush against her there breaths mingling, there lips so close it was making bea's knees weak 'than let me lead and just follow, i really, really need to be close to you.... she pecked bea on the lips and than smiled when bea nodded and moved along with allie, it was a slow song so they just moved together as one, the others were seated at a booth franky saved for them with fresh drinks

'far out i have never seen bea dance to a slow song... liz said

'yea well since allie has been around red has been different, she seems more....franky said trailing off

'calmer... debbie replied and they all nodded

'allie makes her happy and she deserves that... maxine said

'aint it weird for ya deb? ya mum and ya best friend? boomer said

'it was a little to start with but i want mum to be happy and i want allie to be happy, there both very important to me and have both been through a lot of crap, when i see them together they just mesh so well and i love that, there happy and i know they wont hurt each other... they all nodded and watched on as allie spun bea around gently and bought her back to her own body, shane had been taking photos the whole time, of the ceremony and now at the bar, he got some really good ones of bea and allie together which he was proud of, franky announced that the food was ready so everyone came over to the table lining up to get food, well everyone except allie and bea who were in there own little world and continued to sway to the music together, tucking a stray curl behind bea's ear she kissed her cheek

'you look amazing bea, like how lucky am i to be standing right here in your arms? the luckiest damn person ever.... bea smiled and blushed

'i think im the luckiest person ever, im here with the most beautiful woman ever, she has the bluest eyes that have me so captivated its crazy, i know we only met a few weeks ago but i just cant get you out of my head allie, you drive me crazy... bea said as she boldly moved her hands down to allie's ass giving it a squeeze, allie leaned her head on bea's shoulder and let out a little moan right into bea's ear

'if you keep doing that i might have to drag you out of here

'i wouldnt be opposed to it allie... allie looked into bea's eyes full of desire

'bea you need to behave... she smiled

'im really trying but your not making it easy

'what did i do?

'your looking all kinds of sexy and if we were at home i wouldnt hold back... bea kissed allie on the lips and than took a step back, winked and than walked to the food table seeing everyone had gotten a plate, allie stood there stunned by bea's words not sure what to say or do, being able to be with bea would be an absolute privilege for allie, she would make sure to look after bea no matter what, but was she ready? would she be okay with allie touching her? she knew bea had been with franky and franky wasnt exactly shy in the sexual department but she didnt know if bea was ready, she seemed to be, the way she spoke made allie think she was but how could she truly know? an arm around her shoulder bought her out of her lust filled gaze and it was franky

'you right there? allie nodded and cleared her throat

'yea im good

'you know whatever she says to you she really means

'what do you mean? allie frowned

'well being intimate with her, she fought through a lot of barriers to be where she is now

'what if she thinks she is ready but she isnt?

'bea knows her own body by now, if she says or shows you than trust her on that

'i would never want to push her

'i know and she does too, just take it as it goes and trust your bodies, i will tell you one thing, she is a hell of a woman that bea smith and make sure you never hurt her or im coming for ya.... allie nodded

'i wont, i promise

'good, now go get food before debbie and all the youngins eat it all... they laughed and allie walked over to the food table nudging bea's shoulder playfully, they made a plate and sat down at the booth to eat, as they were eating bea saw kaz walk in with 2 massive bunches of flowers, bea went over to her and hugged her

'im so happy you came

'i wasnt sure if i would but i couldnt miss it

'the girls would be happy to see you

'where are they?

'stuffing there faces as usual..... bea signalled to allie to come over which she did

'congratulations allie.....kaz hugged the blonde and handed over the flowers

'thank you so much kaz and thank you for coming

'of course, i couldnt miss you girls graduating, where is debbie? she said looking around

'just there go see her kaz and than get food and sit with us... kaz walked to the young girl and hugged her

'congratulations debbie, im so proud of you... she said handing over the flowers

'thank you kaz, im so happy its all done with

'i bet, so whats next with you?

'allie and i will be going into business together

'thats great, you will be very successful

'thank you kaz

'you go over to your friends im going to sit with your mum and the others

'okay... kaz made a plate and went to sit in the booth, franky slid over and made room for her the others greeting her warmly

'im glad you came

'me too franky, i wouldnt miss this for anything... kaz smiled, franky asked one of the bar guys to bring over more drinks for everyone, an hour passed and everyone had eaten and there was heaps left over so the bar staff packed it away to be dealt with tomorrow, the drinks were flowing with franky and boomer pretty drunk already and allie and debbie not far behind, bea decided to not drink too much wanting to make sure debbie and allie were okay, although she was a little pissed and was giggling with allie beside the stage choosing a few songs to play

'oh my god bea you gotta see this

'what is it?

'this song here, one day me and debbie got bored and made up a dance routine

'oh this i have to see.... putting on the song it started to play and debbie's eyes found allie and she motioned her to come over, they moved everyone out of the way and stood in the middle both laughing, bea took her phone out and set it to video and recorded the whole thing, the song was 'ice ice baby' and debbie and allie rapped and danced to it like they came up with the song, everyone was cheering them on and some were rapping along with them, they danced and almost fell over a few times as they were pretty drunk and bea loved to see them so care free, when it was finished allie danced her way over to bea who had tucked her phone back into her pocket and wrapped her arms around bea's neck kissing her over and over again

'are you having a good time allie

'the best, i have never had anyone to celebrate anything with so this is a first for me, it makes it 100 times better than you and debbie are here as well

'we wouldnt want to be anywhere else

'good, now come and dance with me bea... bea just couldnt say no to this girl if she tried, the smiled on her face lit up the entire room, the next few hours they all danced and drank more, they arrived home about 3.30 in the morning, bea was helping allie and shane was helping debbie inside the house, both girls were a mess but all of a sudden they were hungry

'you couldnt tell me on the way home? i would have told the taxi to go to maccas

'i didnt think about it motherrrr.... debbie said and shane giggled

'well what am i supposed to do now? debbie shrugged

'oh oh oh oh i know i know, order uber eats.... allie said

'i guess i could, alright what do you want?

'maccas... they both said in unison and bea and shane laughed

'fine, i will order and you 2 go and get changed

'yes boss... they both saluted and headed to the stairs, bea made a quick order online and than looked up, debbie and allie were sitting on the stairs talking

'your supposed to be changing

'oh shit, right were on it.... allie said and they got up and head up the stairs, as they reached the top step debbie tripped and fell forward on the carpet dragging allie along with her

'oh shit thats gonna hurt in the morning..... allie groaned

'are you 2 okay? bea asked laughing as she came up the stairs

'oh my knee hurts... allie pouted

'muuum.... debbie whined 'i have a boo boo... she said and showed bea her elbow and her knee, bea laughed as thats what debbie used to say when she hurt herself when she was younger, debbie only had a scratch but bea would always look after her little girl

'does it hurt? debbie nodded


'how about you get changed and i will put a bandaid over them?

'okay but can you help me up please

'of course baby... helping debbie up she took off to her room, she looked at allie who was actually bleeding

'come on allie you need to get changed and i will clean it up for you

'but it hurts... she sulked

'yes i know, you landed on it

'silly debbie... allie said like a child and bea tried to hold back a giggle but she just couldnt, 'come on let me help you up.... helping allie up she walked her to the bedroom and sat her on the bed

'can you get changed yourself?

'i think so

'alright i will be down stairs with the first aid kit

'alright.... allie and debbie were down stairs after ten minutes and bea cleaned debbie's elbow and knee first

'owwww mum it stings

'i know but if i dont clean you can get an infection... debbie giggled

'thats a weird word, infectionnnn. in-fec-tion. infection... bea laughed this girl is a funny drunk at least, putting a bandaid on her elbow and knee she kissed them both


'much better, thank you mama

'why dont you sit on the couch while i clean up allie?

'okay... debbie went to the couch and bea went on to clean up allie's knee, shane had just gone up to get changed into something comfy and joined debbie on the couch, bea wiped the wound down on allie's knee

'ouch bea... she said crankily

'oh not you too, i need to clean it

'well its sore... she pouted

'i know, im nearly done okay?

'okay... once bea was done she kissed allie's knee and than helped her to the couch, packing away the first aid kit she washed her hands and than the door bell rang so she answered it taking the food off the guy and thanking him, taking the food into the lounge room she handed it out and they began eating, even shane and bea ate as i had been some time since they ate

'mum its been the best night... debbie said her mouth full of burger

'im glad you had fun baby

'yea its been the best

'yea bea it has, you and franky out done yourselves for sure... allie said after she swallowed a bite, she was holding chips in one hand and a half eaten burger in the other and as she was talking her eyes were closing and she was dosing off

'allie... she clicked her fingers in her face 'allie stay awake and eat, it will help soak up the alcohol

'alcohol? what alcohol?

'the alcohol you drank, you both drank

'i didnt drink

'me neither... said debbie 'i think mums drunk allie, she thinks we drank... bea raised her eyebrows at them both and than looked at shane and they both laughed

'just eat your food

'gee she is bossy when she is drunk

'i know deb, thats your mum

'yep, the best damn mum ever, hey, hey allie did you know that mum knows how to cook?

'no way.... she said shocked

'oh yea, she makes, chicken, steak, pasta lots of stuff, oh and she makes this yummy chicken soup with fresh crusty bread, yum its my favourite.... bea and shane looked on as allie and debbie talked about the most randomest of stuff and were so serious about it, they had finished eating and shane had cleared away the rubbish and now bea and shane were just listening to them talk

'you know deb, one day i went and i bought a sandwich

'oh yea?

yea, it had like green cucumber and cheese and ham and lots of other stuff, it was yum.... bea had enough and she was really tired and if she didnt separate the 2 they would sit here for hours talking, bea saw it was 6am and they spent 2 hours talking

'alright thats enough its bed time... she said standing up

'bed time? what are you talking about mum? its daytime... debbie rolled her eyes

'we are all tired and we should all have a sleep, dont you think so shane?

'yes absolutely, we are all tired and need to take a nap

'okay fine i guess we should have a nap

'good, come debbie let me help you to bed

'alright, bye allie

'bye debbie

'bye shane, you looked really handsome in your suit today

'thank you debbie, you looked really pretty... he shy smiled

'thanks cutie

'alright come on... bea took debbie upstairs sloppily and got her into bed, the second her head hit the pillow she was out, bea tucked her in and kissed her cheek, she pressed the button to close the shutter to make it dark and left the room, going to allie who was currently showing shane how to juggle with the oranges

'see i can do it.... she threw them up and 2 fell straight away rolling to where to where bea was who picked them up

'thats great allie but bed time now

'i guess so, bye shane

'see ya allie

'shane go to bed you need to sleep

'yea im going, good night

'night... shane went to bed and bea walked allie up the stairs and into bea's room sitting her down on the bed

'where is debbie?

'she has gone to bed, she was tired

'im not tired bea

'well i am and i really want you to lay down with me please

'okay than, i will snuggle with you till you fall asleep.... bea could see allie was exhausted and was already dosing off as she was sitting there and bea closed the shutter to make it dark, bea slowly laid allie down and was fast asleep within seconds, bea got into bed and fell asleep just as quick