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Caught in the Middle

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bea opened her tired eyes and looked at the time 1.30 in the afternoon, she felt really tired, her body ached from dancing and she really just wanted to stay in bed but she needed to make sure the girls were okay, turning over to look at allie the blonde wasnt there and the sheets were cold meaning she had been up for a while, rolling out of bed she used the bathroom and than went to debbie's room who wasnt there either

'where the hell are they? she mumbled to herself, going down the stairs her question was answered when she saw them both sitting at the dining table a plate of food in front of them and shane was getting them water by the looks of it, stepping closer debbie spotted her first

'hi mama... she beamed as she had her mouth full, bea could tell debbie was still pretty drunk

'hi baby, what are you 2 doing up?

'we got hungry.... debbie shrugged her shoulders, allie looked at her mouth full of toast and bea rubbed her cheek

'i was hungwy... she said and bea smiled, they both had glassy eyes, slurring there words and stank of alcohol, they were both still drunk but eating was a good thing to help soak up the alcohol

'you want some?

'no thanks deb i just need a coffee

'i will get it bea you sit down... shane made a coffee and put it down in front of the red head

'thank you shane and thanks for cooking for them

'well i couldnt let them burn the house down could i

'we would have not have done that... said debbie and scrunched her face up

'well you literally put the carton of eggs in the pan, like the whole thing

'well i wanted lots of eggs... bea and shane giggled

'sure ya did... debbie poked her tongue out at him and than continued eating, bea looked at allie who had her head down eating like a champ, as if the food was going out of style

'allie slow down you will get sick

'im good bea, i love food

'i can tell, after you 2 eat you need to shower, you both stink of alcohol

'i dont stink!!!! allie and debbie both said in unison

'ah yea you do, while you shower i will change the sheets and than back to bed

'but i dont wanna mum.... debbie whined

'well you need to sleep trust me..... debbie looked at her mum for a good full minute than huffed

'fine than

'good, allie?

'im not tired but i will lay down if it will make you happy

'it will, very much so

'than i will do it

'thank you.... by looking at them bea knew as soon as they laid down they would fall asleep and thats what she wanted, the more you sleep than the hangover is not so bad, once they finished she sent them up to shower while she cleaned up the few dishes, shane himself was watching tv, hearing noises upstairs she wiped her hands dry and told shane she would lay down with allie, going upstairs she could hear them chatting away laughing and gossiping about last night, walking into debbie's room they were sitting on the floor both in there undies and bra leaning against the wall

'what are you 2 doing? both girls looked up at bea

'nothing mum

'why arent you in the shower?

'we were going

'what happened?

'we got side tracked, i had to tell allie about something

'it couldnt wait?

'probably could but i didnt wanna

'are you finished telling her?

'well yea.... she shrugged

'well can you get in the shower please so i can do the washing

'ugh fine.... debbie stood up and headed to the main shower and bea raised her eyebrow at a smiling allie

'hi... allie wiggled her fingers at her shyly

'are you ready for a shower? bea smiled and allie nodded


'come on than... bea put her hand out and helped allie up to her feet, allie kissed bea's cheek and walked towards bea's room to use her shower, bea's eyes were firmly on allie's nice plump ass and when allie stopped halfway at the cupboard to get a towel bea wasnt concentrating and bumped straight into her, bea's hand grazed allie's ass on instinct, allie looked at her and smiled wide

'see something you like? she asked and bea blushed bright red and looked at the floor shyly


'good.... taking a towel allie went to the shower and stripped down and got in, bea shook her head of allie's ass in her hands and got some new bedding for both beds, once debbie's bed was done she did her own and threw the bedding in the laundry basket, going to debbie's room she had finished her shower and was now laying in bed

'baby do you need anything?

'i have a headache mum... she groaned

'alright let me get you something for it.... a few minutes later debbie took a couple tablets and drank half the bottle of water and lay back down

'mum its hot

'i will put the air con on but right now i want you to relax and close your eyes

'will you sit with me for a while?

'of course i will..... as bea was sitting there rubbing debbie's head allie came in not looking to good herself, bea handed her a couple tablets which she took and climbed into bed with debbie, debbie put an arm around allie and within minutes they were both fast asleep with bea's fingers rubbing there heads, bea left them to sleep and went down stairs putting the laundry on to wash, she put on the central air con to cool the place down, looking around there wasnt really much to do as shane had been cleaning, going into the lounge room she found the young man sitting down watching tv

'hey shane thanks for helping with those 2

'no problems at all, when i saw what debbie was doing i had to step in even if she thinks she is gordon ramsey.... they both laughed

'i really appreciate it, did you have fun last night?

'so much fun bea, thank you for including me

'we loved having you there, your part of this dysfunctional family

'i never been part of a family, its nice to have people... he smiled

'yea it is, i didnt always have this, i was like you stuck... shane nodded

'did you think you would ever get out?

'no never, debbie and i went through a lot together, her father was a bad person

'she doesnt miss him ya know

'how do you know that?

'the way she acts, the way she smiles when she looks at you, she is happy and free

'im glad she is, i worried i wasnt enough

'you dont need to be, i have you and im really happy.... bea smiled wide as the boy opened his heart up to her

'im glad your here shane, i want you to treat this place like your own home, this is your home now and that wont change

'everyone says that, they say this is your home and than get rid of me.... bea's heart broke for him

'the difference with me is that i know how you feel, i know the meaning of not having a home and its shit so i would never do that to you, you deserve to be happy shane, you deserve to have a family and i hope we can be it, you trust me and i will help you make a real life for yourself... shane nodded

'i do trust you bea, more than i have ever trusted anyone before

'good and if you ever need anything come to me because im here for you

'thank you... they both smiled

'alright well im going to have a nap and you need to as well, we were up till this morning

'yea i know, i should have a nap im pretty tired

'have a nap and i will set my alarm and we can get up for dinner at 6

'sounds god bea... shane and bea went up to there rooms and bea laid on her bed, smelling the sheets it was her favourite thing to do when she put freshly cleaned ones on, pulling the quilt over herself she was dosing off when the door opened slowly and there stood allie looking at her shyly

'come on..... lifting the quilt allie got in and snuggled into bea and they both fell asleep, they all woke up a few hours later for a snack and than back to bed they all went



The next morning bea woke up almost falling off the bed and popped her eyes open, looking over she saw allie sleeping soundly and at some stage debbie must have crawled in bed with them as she was sleeping there as well, bea smiled and leaned her arm over allie and rubbed debbie's cheek, she loved her girl more than anything and was so proud of her little girl, they had been through so much and both came out on top of it,

harry was a disgusting man and bea had tried so hard to get away from him but on the last day she saw him he hurt her so bad and than took off and it was always in her head that he would come back and nothing would stop him next time, she had always looked over her shoulder thinking he was around or would pop out of no where had her worried,

looking at allie she kissed her cheek and smiled she she scrunched up her cute little face, allie was cute as a button and bea was excited to see where they went with what was going on between them, leaving the girls to sleep she got out of bed and left the room closing the door quietly behind herself, patting down the stairs and made herself a coffee and sat at the table going through her phone, she was looking at photos some she didnt even remember taking herself, she came across a photo that probably debbie took of her and allie, allie was sitting down with bea sitting in her lap and it looks like allie was tickling her and bea was laughing and moving around in her lap and allie had the biggest smile on her face, bea loved to see allie's smile it was so beautiful and it lit up the whole room, scrolling to the next couple photos she stopped at another one she and allie had there arms wrapped around each other and there foreheads touching, there eyes locked and the look in allie's eyes made her get goose bumps, no one had ever looked at her like this and her heart beats faster than ever for allie, her blue eyes on her gave her all kinda feelings, hearing a noise behind her she saw shane walking down the stairs

'good morning bea

'good morning, how did you sleep?

'like a baby, i dont know how those 2 go out all night and recover? i dont even drink and i felt crappy yesterday... they both laughed

'yea i know, i have done it myself but those 2 are something else, they just talk and talk and talk, i sent them for a shower yesterday afternoon and i found them 20 minutes later in debbie's room chatting away, apparently debbie just had to tell allie some gossip... they both laughed

'they can definitely talk, how are they today?

'there sleeping in my bed

'still? its 11

'yea well im guessing they were buggered, so i was thinking today we would get you registered for school?

'night school right?

'is that what you want?

'yes because i want to get a job, i need to earn money to live

'alright well than night school it is, as for a job i may know someone that has something to offer so i will find out today

'that would be great bea thank you

'let me get my laptop and you can register and i will make a phone call about the job

'sounds good.... bea got her laptop and logged on, she found the website to register and left shane to do all his details while she made a phone call, scrolling to the contact she hit the number and it was answered after a couple rings

'hey red how are ya?

'im good franky and you?

'yea pretty good, im just at work doing some paper work

'thats what i wanted to talk to you about, work

''whats up?

'shane needs a job and he loves to cook and wants to be a chef, i thought that since you need a helper in your kitchen maybe you could use him?

'hmm, can he really cook?

'he sure can, his food is great

'alright bring him in today and i will test him, if he does well than i will bring him into the team

'great franky thank you, what time?

'can you bring him in an hour?

'sure can, just gotta get the other 2 fed and we will come there

'alright red i will see you soon, laters

'bye franky.... hanging up bea went back to sit beside shane

'so i have you a kinda job interview in an hour

'an hour? im not ready for a job interview in an hour, i need time to prepare, oh my god im gonna fail, i have done an interview before.... he stressed

'shane calm down you will be fine, its with franky at her bar/ restaurant, she needs a helper in the kitchen

'oh okay than, i guess i could try it

'you will be fine dont worry, franky is great to work with and she is very talented, im going to get the 2 trouble makers up and make them something to eat and than we can go

'i think there awake i can hear there foot steps and whispering loudly... bea chuckled

'there not exactly subtle, alright i will make something to eat and you go get ready

'what do i wear?

'casual, jeans and a shirt with sneakers, you will be fine shane dont worry, now how did you go with your registration?

'great i finished and i got a confirmation email they received it and will let me know when i will start

'great, off you go get ready i will make food... he nodded and bea went to the kitchen to start making pancakes, she was half way through when debbie and allie came down stairs freshly showered and smiling

'good morning mama

'its not morning anymore debbie

'shit what time is it?

'just after 12, so good afternoon, how did you sleep baby?

'good, your bed is so comfy... debbie smiled

'hmm yes i did see an extra lump in my bed today

'i needed to get snuggled mum... debbie said so cutely making bea laugh

'baby you can come to my bed anytime, how did you sleep cheeky?

'very well thank you, it helped having your warm body next to me.... allie smiled when bea blushed

'oh god is this what i have to expect? you 2 all lovey dovey? debbie groaned

'oh shuch up you... allie playfully nudged a giggling debbie

'alright you 2 i made pancakes so dig in.... she placed the plate on the table and they dug in

'listen im taking shane for a job interview at franky's place soon so can you 2 behave till i get back?

'mum you make us out to be such trouble makers..... debbie mocked

'cause you are, both of you... allie and debbie looked at each other and shrugged than went back to there plates,

'well anyways we can behave, hopefully

'good to hear, shane is coming down give him some words of encouragement he is nervous... they both nodded and shane came and sat down to eat

'you look great shane

'thanks allie, i have an interview

'you will be fine, just be confident and show off your skills

'yea you will be great, franky is cool to work for and i work there too... shane smiled at debbie

'thank you both... bea and shane left not long later and pulled up at franky's place soon enough, getting out shane took a big breath and they walked inside

'shane you wait here i will get franky

'okay.... shane sat at one of the tables while bea went round to the office and knocked

'what do you want? franky shouted and bea opened the door

'is that how you greet everyone... franky laughed

'sorry red but the staff are being difficult today, how ya doing? franky got up and hugged the red head

'im good, i got shane out in the main area

'oh sweet, im going to get him to cook me something and see how he goes in the kitchen

'you will love it franky trust me

'i do trust you and you know how important this place is to me

'i definitely do

'alright lets go... walking out to shane the poor kid looked like he was gonna throw up and franky felt bad for him but she needed to know he has what it takes

'hey shane how are you?

'im good franky and you?

'pretty good, red here tells me you can cook and you need a job?

'yes thats right

'alright i want you to cook me something and we will see how it goes

'anything in particular?

'yep, i feel like eggs

'okay, where is the kitchen?

'follow me, red get yourself a drink and come round and sit with me... bea nodded and went to the bar, shane followed franky to the kitchen and there were a few people there

'i need everyone out now, go for a half an hour break

'yes boss... they all said and scattered off

''alright shane my kitchen is yours, fridge is there, spices right there, i will be watching... shane nodded and got to work, franky sat on a bench and bea came and joined her handing her a coke with ice

'thanks red, he seems confident

'he is when he cooks, he can be quite shy with new people and things like that

'you can tell

'why did you get him to make something so simple?

'because eggs are simple and boring but if you can make them taste amazing it means you know your flavours... bea nodded

'thats true, i want to taste as well than... franky laughed

'yea alright red, ya can...... shane took out 2 eggs and whisked it in a bowl adding a little bit of milk to make them fluffy,, he added a few herbs and spices and than some basil and cooked it off, plating it up and handing it to franky with a fork

'thank you, time to taste... cutting off a bit she took a mouthful while looking at shane, she took another and than bea took a couple mouthfuls, franky nodded

'its pretty good, i like the paprika in it and the basil


'alright your hired, 5 days a week, you come in at 3 and do prep for 3 hours and than you help the head chef throughout the night, you finish normally around 10, can you handle that?

'absolutely, thank you franky i wont let you down

'you better not especially when bea recommended you, i think very highly of her and trust her judgement and i wont have any trouble here will i?

'no you wont at all, im done with all of that and need to make a life for myself

'alright well welcome to the team, you start on monday as i need to fix up the rosters so take this week off and relax, i need you to bring in your bank details and tax file number

'have you got any questions for me?

'yea how do i get a tax file number? both bea and franky chuckled

'dont worry red here will sort you out

'thank you so much for the opportunity

'righto well i got to get back to work you right to let yourself out?

'we are, i will talk to you soon franky

'will do, laters guys... franky went to her office and bea took an excited shane out to the car, he stopped her and pulled her into a loving hug

'thank you so much bea, you have no idea how much this means to me.... bea hugged him back

'im happy to help, now we need to call the school and change to day school online as you wont have nights free.... they drove home and parked the car, walking inside bea stopped at the kitchen her mouth open in shock, debbie and allie were attempting to cook but there was flour everywhere, broken eggs on the floor as well

'what are you 2 doing? they both turned around flour on there faces

'oh shit your home

'i sure am, can you explain what happened to my kitchen?

'umm well...we were going to make a cake and i fell over holding the flour, the flour went up and everywhere and i dragged allie down with me who had the eggs and they fell as well, sorry mum we were about to clean up but you came home... bea had to laugh these 2 together were double trouble

'im going to hang up the washing and water my garden, please clean this up

'we will bea... allie smiled that smile you just couldnt be mad at and bea shook her head smiling and walked out to the laundry

''let me help you girls clean

'thanks shane, the vacuum is in the closet, oh how did you interview go?

'great i got the job, i start on monday

'thats great congratulations

'yea congrats shane,

'thanks girls, im so excited to be working in a kitchen

'i bet, alright lets get this clean before miss doubtfire comes back

'i heard that debbie... they all cracked up laughing as bea was still in the laundry, they cleaned up and shane helped them make the cake and put it in the oven, allie left them to hang out and she went out to bea who was standing with the hose in her hand watering the flowers, snaking her arms around her waist she kissed her cheek

'your flowers are beautiful bea

'thank you, i did them a while ago to help me get through some stuff... allie nodded

'can i help with anything?

'if you dont mind can you just move the table over there so i can clean it

'sure thing... allie slid the table over and took a step back and bea wet the table and than wet allie

'whoops... bea said smirking

'whoops? allie said her hands on her hips

'my hand slipped... she said and wet allie again and allie yelped and laughed

'you little shit... allie went to run towards bea but bea completely soaked her but allie ran to her anyways fighting with the hose and she ended up with it and soaked bea, they wrestled to the floor laughing and wetting each other and giggling, bea grabbed the hose and turned the nozzle to turn it off and than straddled allie looking down at the blonde, bea's hair dripped water down onto allie as she stared down at allie's plump lips as she giggled, the air quickly changed between them and bea licked her lips and allie pulled bea down and there lips connected into a kiss, it started off chaste but allie deepened it wrapping her arms around bea's back and rolled them over so bea was now laying on the grass, allie pulled back taking a few breath's and looking down at bea, there legs were tangled and they were both now wet for a whole different reason, allie connected there lips again and slipped her tongue into bea's mouth both of them moaning, one of allie's hands snaked under bea's shirt and onto bea's breast and she felt bea stiffen up so she pulled back completely and sat on her knees both of them breathing heavily

'fuck im so sorry i shouldnt have done that

'im sorry allie, i.. i.. im just.. im sorry... bea got up and turned the water off and went inside and up the stairs into her bathroom, allie sat on the grass and sighed

'what a fucking idiot i am.... she mumbled to herself, debbie came outside after seeing her mum run up the stairs, she saw allie sitting on the grass wet from head to toe and mumbling to herself,

'hey you alright? what happened to mum?

'i seriously fucked up right now

'what happened?

'i cant tell you deb, its a little private... debbie nodded

'oh okay, just so you know its hard for mum to be around new people so just give her time

'thanks deb

'are you coming inside?

'not right now, i just need to be alone for a bit, sorry

'dont be i get it remember... allie nodded and debbie left allie outside on the grass, bea herself got into the shower and stayed in it for a while she needed time on her own, what happened with allie felt so good, having allie kiss her like it was there last kiss ever was amazing, when allie touched her breast she felt a different kind of emotion, she was scared but not because allie touched her it was because of how it felt whens he did, she was so turned on that she felt like she would combust so she had to get out of there, but shit she didnt think how this would effect allie she just took off

'fucking idiot... she mumbled, finishing in the shower she got dressed and looked out her window allie was still sitting on the grass and it was night time and she felt like a complete idiot, going down stairs shane was making dinner with debbie's help

'hey mum you alright?

'im good baby, im just going outside to talk to allie

'thats a good idea, she hasnt moved since you went upstairs, mum just remember she has been hurt too and you also know that she hates it when people walk away from her

'fuck i forgot about that, i will sort it out... walking outside she closed the door so the others didnt hear and walked closer to allie she was just staring at the floor,

'allie? she said softly but allie didnt look up

'allie im sorry i ran off, i didnt mean to walk away from you... allie nodded but didnt look up

'im sorry i scared you, i didnt mean to force myself on you

'oh allie it wasnt that at all and im very embarrassed about what happened, i was scared but it wasnt because of being hurt, i was scared of how aroused i was when you touched me, i have never felt that before so i panicked and took off.... allie looked up at bea trying to see if she was lying but there was no way she was, bea hasnt and wouldnt lie to her

'i thought i hurt you... allie said almost releasing a sob, the tears rolled down her cheeks and bea crouched down beside her wiping them

'i promise you didnt, i just didnt know how to cope with the excitement i guess you could say, god its so embarrassing

'no its not bea, i like that you have a new feeling with me, thats what i want


'yes, i want you to always feel like that with me, i want to show you there is pleasure not pain, love not hurt, i want to show you the world if you will let me... bea smiled and kissed allie

'i would love nothing more, come inside and shower your shaking from your wet clothes... allie nodded and bea helped her up and they went inside, debbie smiled at them on there way up and than they went to bea's room, allie showered and bea sat on the bed waiting for allie to finish, once allie was done and dressed she walked out of the bathroom and looked at bea, bea moved her finger to tell allie to come closer and she did, she stood in between bea's legs and bea put her hands on allie's legs gliding them around to her ass giving it a gentle squeeze before bringing a hand around and lifting allie's shirt a little and placing soft kisses to her skin

'bea... allie whispered and ran her fingers through her soft curls as bea continued her kisses, pulling back after a couple minutes she looked up at allie and allie tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and rubbed her cheek

'so you know allie i loved you touching me, im not scared of you im more nervous about my feelings for you.... allie smiled and pecked bea's lips

'thank you for explaining it to me, i get nervous to you know bea


'yea i do, i have never had a proper girlfriend or relationship and i know we arent girlfriends yet but im hoping thats where we are heading... bea smiled and nodded

'i want that too... standing up she kissed allie and held her hand 'debbie said dinner is ready so we should eat

'yes please im hungry... going down stairs they sat at the table and allie made a child like face as she smelled the food

'smells yummy guys

'thanks allie, dig in everyone.... after dinner they stayed up and watched a movie and than retreated to bed, debbie and shane were going to watch another one, bea and allie crawled into bed and gravitated to each other, they shared a few kisses before getting comfortable and falling asleep