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Caught in the Middle

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Kaz was nervously tapping her foot as she was listening to franky and her friend jake talk about joan... bea, allie and debbie were all listening in shock at the information that has come to light

'wait a second, are you saying that joan has been on the police radar for a while now?

'yes thats right debbie, it started when she was younger about 10 years old

'what happened? bea asked

'her father was a very hard man to deal with and very hard on her, always wanted her to do right, to be strong and not let anyone be better than her, she came to the police's attention when she had suffocated a cat at 10 years old, the court ordered she buy a new cat for the owner who was there neighbour and she also had to attend anger management for children, i know thats weird but there are actually lots of angry kids that need a class like that, anyways from there onward there had complaints about her stealing, watching people, following people and things like that, it went on for the next 5 years but without proof they couldnt do anything

'wow thats shit

'it got worse. at age 16 she got into a fight with another girl from school and scratched her eye out, the girl lost her eye and needed surgery to put in a glass eye

'holy shit, thats fucked up... said allie shocked

'yea she ended up in juvi for 12 months but than got out like nothing happened, she went on with life for a couple years but she kept stalking people, she would have a fascination with one person and than concentrate on them for a while, she has had about 15 avo's on her but because she isnt violent they cant arrest her, than about 5 years ago she was prime suspect for a murder of a young aboriginal woman but lack of evidence caused her to go free,

'now she is stalking kaz.... debbie said and they all nodded

'what do we do?

'firstly i need your permission kaz to request her to leave your premises... kaz nodded 'i think its a good idea to get an avo on her till we figure out what her end game is, i think i know though

'what do you think? bea asked grabbing kaz's hand to try calm her

'she wants kaz, she wants to be in a relationship, lovers, whatever you call it thats what she wants

'how can we get her to stop though?

'one step at a time, first i will give serve her a notice to leave within 24 hours and also an avo at the same time, we have people watching her but she is very shifty so watch your backs okay.... they all nodded and bea faced kaz

'hey look at me kaz.... kaz looked at bea 'you will be okay, you stay here as long as you need

'im so sorry bea.... kaz's eyes filled with tears

'none of that now, i told you this isnt your fault she is the one with this crazy image of you 2 together

'ewwwww... debbie said making kaz giggle 'oh that makes me sick for anyone to be with that thing

'agreed, okay so jake what do you need from kaz now?

'i have the paperwork with me i just need kaz to sign

'give it to me.... kaz signed the paperwork and jake took off to see a judge to get immediate avo and an order of eviction even though joan technically doesnt live there,

kaz and bea were left alone on the couch

'i want to sell up bea, like now

'are you sure?

'yea, i cant live there anymore

'alright we can get your place appraised and get it on the market as soon as she has pissed off, you stay here till you sell and get a new place

'are you sure bea it might take some time?

'absolutely kaz, as long as you dont mind the 3 trouble makers in there

'we heard you mum.... debbie said making bea and kaz laugh

'thank you bea, you have been a life saver

'nah just a friend, alright now thats done its time to figure out dinner, lets go find out what they want.... walking into the kitchen where shane and debbie were laughing and giggling at a red faced allie

'whats so funny?

'allie's blushing

'why? debbie smirked and shane tried to stifle a giggle

'lets just say that when it comes to you mum allie is highly easily embarrassed

'shut up deb... allie sighed and debbie just laughed

'i dont even want to know, we came to find out what we should have for dinner?

'pizza... both debbie and allie responded

'okay well how about a drive and pizza on the beach?

'can we go swimming?

'ugh sure, its still early and quite hot so yea why not

'sweet, come on lets get readyyyyyyyyy.... debbie said heading up the stairs shane and kaz following, bea sat in allie's lap kissing her cheek

'so do i really want to know what that was about with deb?

'she is just teasing me about liking you, apparently i blush when i talk about you..... allie rolled her eyes

'thats cute baby

'im not cute.... allie whined

'of course you are, your my cutie pie... allie pulled a face making bea laugh

'ugh bea dont, im so not a cutie pie, give me a better name than that

'hmm let me think? bea tapped her chin like she was thinking real hard but was distracted as allie moved her hands under bea's shirt lightly scratching her nails against her stomach, her lips were kissing her neck

'allie... bea breathed out and swallowed hard as she rolled her head to the side giving allie better access

'is this what you want bea? allie so seductively and tweaked bea's nipples

'oh yes

'tell me what you want bea? i want you so bad

'i want you to touch me


'squeeze me breasts.... she said and put her hand over allie's massaging her breasts moaning in the process

'what else?

'i want you to suck on my neck, it drives me crazy.... she bit her lip as allie sucked on her pulse

'what else?

'i want your fingers inside of me, i want you to fuck me

'i want to so bad bea but we have to go...... just than bea stood up trying to even out her breath before yelling out

'deb, allie and i are going to get drinks we will be back in 20 minutes

'okay... debbie yelled back.... bea grabbed allie's hand and her car keys and took off out to her car, they jumped in both laughing and bea drove off, she parked her car at a park down the road in the corner where no one ever goes, they both climbed into the back seat and allie pulled bea's jeans off along with her now ruined panties and than pulled bea into her lap kissing bea hard as she wasted no time in plunging them into the red head, there was times to be gentle but now wasnt it, bea came within a few thrusts and once bea calmed down she took allie over the edge twice as she just couldnt help herself, as allie was calming her breathing sitting in bea's lap they both just started laughing

'fuck why cant i control myself around you allie?

'i dont know but im glad you cant, i just want to taste and feel every inch of your sexy body... bea giggled

'we better go before debbie has a freak out..... they got dressed and drove home stopping to actually get drinks so it didnt look suspicious, when they got home they both quickly showered and packed a bag before leaving with the others to the beach, when they got there it wasnt busy because it was like 5pm but it was daylight saving so they could swim for at least 2-3 hours, they settled on the grass area and shane and debbie ran to the pool connected to the beach which was only 15 feet from them and jumped in together laughing

'there such kids... bea laughed

'yea but babe its so fun... allie stood up and striped down to her sexy red bikini, kissed bea and ran and jumped into the pool bombing the other 2

'wow bea you have 3 kids basically

'oh i know, lord me but i love them all... bea's eyes went wide when she said that and kaz quirked her eyebrow

'you love allie? bea shrugged

'i dont know

'thats what you said

'yea but i dont know, how does one know? i have never been in love?

'different ways really, the main one is your heart flutters when you see them, talk about them or even think of them, you feel it in your gut and you miss them when there not around.... bea nodded

'i dont know, im confused i think

'thats okay bea, just relax and take your time, there is no rush and im sure allie isnt rushing you

'no she isnt, when it comes to us it was instant attraction but is it because she is so protective of debbie and me? is it real love? i dont know im so confused... she sighed

'i know what it is but you need to figure it out yourself

'can you tell me?

'nope sorry love, you need to figure it out yourself

'yea i know, alright you coming in?

'yep, lets go before the 3 musketeers make trouble... they laughed and got up jumping in the pool.. unbeknown to them a serial stalker is watching them and had been following them since they left the house,


A couple hours later kaz went up to the pizza shop to get dinner, walking in she went to the counter and looked at the deals they had before a man approached her, he was very good looking, dark and buff as hell

'hi im will the owner, can i take your order? he smiled wide

'um sure, i will get the big family special... this comes with 3 pizza's, 2 garlic breads, a garden salad and 2 drinks

'sure what pizza's would you like?

'a meat lovers, supreme and a peperoni

'okay and what drinks?

'a pepsi and a fanta

'okay take a seat it will be about 15 minutes.... kaz decided to sit outside on the outdoor setting, taking out her phone she replied to a couple texts from franky and boomer checking on her, she had a text from joan but didnt respond, she was going through social media when she heard a voice, looking up to see will standing there

'can i get you a coffee or something while you wait?

'no thank you will

'do you mind if i sit?

'course not... will sat down and smiled, kaz had to admit he was pretty damn fine, his muscles bulging from his shirt

'you got a nice place here will

'thanks... he nodded for her to say her name

'kaz.... she replied

'thanks kaz, i just bought it and making a few changes to make it my own

'well its a great location

'oh yea, we are run off our feet all day, its good business, so what do you do?

'i work at a shelter right now

'oh wow that must be fulfilling?

'yea it is, the woman there just want someone to care and comfort them

'its a hard situation when people end up there, i really feel for them

'it is but with the right support you can rebuild your life and move forward

'its really great.... will turned when his worker came out with kaz's order

'oh great i better get back to the others, how much do i owe you?

'its on the house kaz

'no come on will thats not fair

'fine i will take your number if you want? i would love to take you out, your absolutely beautiful... kaz blushed and smiled shyly

'okay..... will took his phone out and put kaz's number in and called her phone

'now you have mine as well, i will call you later or tomorrow kaz

'okay, bye will

'bye beautiful.... kaz picked up the food and drinks and took off across the road, looking over her shoulder will had his eyes on her ass and she had to giggle, she finally got to there area and the others were waiting for her

'you took so long, im starving

'sorry deb, i got side tracked

'with what? debbie said shoving pizza into her mouth bea rolling her eyes at how charming her daughter is

'i um met someone

'a guy? allie wriggled her eyebrows

'yes a guy, his name is will and he owns the pizza shop

'so what happened?

'we chatted a bit and i gave him my number, i got the food for free... she laughed at there shocked faces

'shit free food, a date with a business owner, i gotta go out with kaz... debbie said making them all laugh

'you got it going on kaz... allie said

'stooop.... kaz said blushing

'alright, alright thats enough leave kaz alone, im glad your moving on kaz you deserve to be happy

'thanks bea... after they ate they swam a bit longer before having an ice cream and than heading home, by the time they got home allie was fast asleep

'shane can you open the door please and put the air-con on its so freaking hot

'sure... shane and kaz headed inside

'mum she wont wake up

'how do you know?

'you hear that little noise? she said and they both went quite and bea smiled wide when allie let out the cutest little snores, you could barely hear them

'she does that when she is tired, she wont wake up

'i guess i will be carrying her than, here debbie can you lock up the car after i get her out please

'sure mum.... bea lifted allie into her arms and walked inside, allie was completely out and a bomb could go off and she wouldnt wake up, taking her to her bedroom she laid allie down on the bed and took her thongs off leaving her in her shorts and t-shirt, she tried to take off the bikini top at least but allie was just such a light weight, she pulled her up so her head was laying on the pillow and pulled the sheet over her as it was too hot for the blanket, she saw allie was quite red from the sun so put some aloe vera gel on her, she herself had a shower and than went down to get a bottle of water

'hey mum we are gonna play a game, you want to play?

'no thanks deb, im pretty tired so im going to bed

'okay good night

'good night guys..... bea went upstairs and got into bed beside allie pulling her flush against her own body, sleep consumed her quite quickly


unbeknown to them the stalker had been watching them the whole time, joan had followed them from home and was watching them at the beach, when will approached kaz and was seen talking to her joan was seething because according to her kaz was hers and this guy was trying to take her as was bea, she blamed bea for keeping her away from kaz and bea would pay for it at any cost, she watched as kaz played happy families with bea and her slut allie, yea she knew exactly who allie was and what she had done in her life, she was disgusting and she had clearly turned bea gay and took advantage of her, debbie was also a trouble maker, saying joan was a 'weirdo' and creepy, she would get whats coming to her as well, but now was a new person in the mix shane butler, she had looked into him when he saw him at bea's salon while she was watching bea, his family history was sad but that didnt mean shane could be a punk, they all needed to be taken care of and joan had the perfect plan, if she couldnt have kaz no one would, after following them home she herself went back home, well kaz's place which she classed home now, she had been there for about an hour when there was a knock on the door, opening it she saw 2 police officers and a what seemed to be a detective

'joan ferguson?

'yes, what do you want? she always hated police since she was younger

'this is for you, you have been served, you have 24 hours to vacate the property of karen proctor... with that they left leaving a stunned joan behind, she slammed the door and sat down reading the paperwork,

'how dare she do this to me?!?!? she yelled out 'i will fix them up, she got to work on her plan to take them all down..... she had planned to go back to her own house and work from there


allie woke up in the middle of the night with a freight jumping up and looking around, the jolt had woken bea in the process

'hey allie its okay

'bea... allie croaked out

'yea its me, are you okay? she said stroking allie's cheek feeling it was quite warm

'yea sorry i just had a bad dream

'you feel very warm allie

'yea i have a bit of a headache

'i think the heat made you a bit unwell, do you want a couple tablets?

'no thats okay i should be fine

'come lay down baby... allie lay her head down on bea's chest and bea gently massaged her head both of them falling asleep not too long later,

bea woke up a few hours later seeing it was 9am, allie was still sleeping and upon feeling her cheeks and head she was still quite warm so she went to the bathroom and getting a face towel and wet it with cold water and took it back to allie putting it over her head, allie moaned a little but stayed asleep, leaving allie to sleep she left the room and went down the stairs and into the kitchen shane was there with debbie

'morning guys

'good morning mama, coffee?

'yes please deb.... bea sat down as debbie slid a coffee in front of her

'there you go

'thank you

'allie still sleeping?

'yea she is not feeling too well, she is quite warm

'heat stroke?

'probably, i put a wet cloth on her head just before i came down here so hopefully with some rest she will be okay

'yea, so how about i make breakfast for us?

'sure deb that would be great..... debbie made breakfast with the help of shane of course and they ate, she made a plate for allie and put it aside till she was ready to eat, they had decided to have a relaxed day at home watching movies or whatever, they were sitting watching a movie when allie came into the lounge room and sat beside bea resting her head on her shoulder

'hey sleepy head, how you feeling?

'i little hot but better than earlier

'you hungry?


'let me heat your foot up... bea heated up her plate of food and bought it to allie and she ate, they spent a few hours just relaxing on the couch, bea and allie laying down on one couch and debbie and shane taking the single seats, kaz had left early to go to work and than franky and bridget were taking her for dinner so she would be home for a while, before they knew it they ate dinner and had an early night


a couple day later they were all sitting at the table after just finishing dinner which allie cooked, they were chatting away until all the lights turned off


'woah what happened? mum did you pay the bill?

'of course i did, use your phones to light up the place a bit, im going to check it out

'i will come with you

'okay come on shane, you 3 stay here..... they walked outside the house and to the box checking it to see the wires had been cut so they headed back inside, it all happened so fast, they heard big crash the sound of a window breaking and than bea felt a hit across the head as did shane and it all went black