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Caught in the Middle

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kaz and debbie were released a couple days later and debbie stayed with franky and kaz stayed with boomer along with shane, they did that because when bea and allie leave they would stay with franky as well, allie still hadnt woken as her lungs were really struggling with the inhalation of smoke, the doctor told them it was because of when she used to do drugs it had done some damage and although in the time she had been clean the damage was repairing on its own this has set it back, bea had to stay in a few more days in case of infection and she had thrown up a few times so her concussion was pretty bad, the fire chief matt fletcher had just arrived to talk to bea and franky was there as well as bridget, debbie was with boomer resting up much to the annoyance of debbie as she wanted to stay for her mum and allie but bea knew she needed to rest

'so bea we still have the investigators going through everything but we can tell it started in the lounge room and by petrol, we found 2 empty cans out the back along with fire lighters

'is everything destroyed?

'im sorry to inform you bea but yes everything in the house and garage is destroyed... bea nodded, she knew it to be but the confirmation made her sick

'did anyone see anything?

'we spoke to a mr henderson a couple doors down and he said he saw a person walking down the street about half an hour before we turned up but apart from that no

'what happens now? before you answer that be straight up with me, dont tell me to wait around and crap like that i just want the truth... matt nodded

'first thing to do is contact the insurance company and lodge a claim, i will have a final report by the end of this week although there really isnt much more we can find, than you have 2 choices, first- you can rebuild on the same lot, second- you look for another house

'what would you do? she asked him

'honestly i would buy another house, there would be constant reminders of what happened and you dont want that

'debbie loved that house, she is so upset about what happened and allie hasnt even woke up... she said grabbing allie's hand

'i get that bea i really do, you got to remember allie was in there the longest so inhaled more than you and the others although of what i hear she is a tough girl so hopefully she will wake soon, as for the house well you may need to start from scratch but its not the end of the world, you lost your memories but you can make more, you were all very lucky to have gotten out of there alive... bea nodded

'i know, things can be replaced, im just upset about debbie's baby photos and her teddy i gave her when she was 6, she is very upset about losing it, it was very special to her, we will start from scratch and make new memories, i think finding a new place is better

'i agree with you bea

'any update from the police?

'not yet, although they did want me to ask if you or the others had any enemy's or someone that didnt like you?

'there is a few people actually, franky can pass me the pen and paper i will write down the names

'sure, here ya go.... bea wrote down the list and handed it to matt

'harry smith, joan ferguson, braydon holt? hmm i know him, how do you know him?

'he is debbie's ex-boyfriend, it didnt end well and he tried to go after her once at a police station

'but red belted him.... franky blurted out and laughed as did the others

'right, joan ferguson?

'check her records and you will know who she is, crazy doesnt even begin to explain her

'okay, harry smith? your ex-husband? didnt he disappear?

'yea he did a while ago

'i thought he died?

'a lot of people think that but i think he is still around

'alright anyone else? bea thought for a minute

'i dont think so, franky?

'nah thats it i recon

'alright i will pass this onto the police, do you have a contact number?

'my phone burnt in the fire, all of ours did but here is franky's number, she is my lawyer so you can talk to her about anything and tell the police that

'ok i will pass it on, how will you get money out without id?

'franky here organised a stat debt and i ordered my new licence and bank card as well as a bunch of other stuff that will be delivered to franky's place

'thats good, dont forget to forward your mail as well

'i did that as well

'alright bea well they will be in contact when they know more, if you need anything please call me, here is my number

'thank you matt

'bye guys

'see ya.... matt left and bea turned to face allie again stroking her cheek

'we will get through this baby, i promise.... franky decided on a walk to give bea some time with allie

'gidge how about a coffee?

'yea okay

'red we wont be long... bea nodded and franky and bridget stood up and began walking out, as they reached the door bea gasped

'woah, allie?

'red what happened?

'im sure she squeezed my hand... franky and bridget walked back and they watched as allie slowly began to open her eyes moaning and groaning

'she is waking up, franky get someone.... franky ran off to find help as bea ignored the pain and pulled her self to stand by allie looking at her face as her eyes opened, she tried to pull the tube out but bea stopped her

'allie baby its okay, calm down beautiful... she felt allie squeeze her hand and she looked into her blue eyes, bea saw how scared she was

'just relax the doctor is coming now... allie slightly nodded and a doctor and 2 nurses came running in and to her bedside

'allie im your doctor, you have a tube down your throat and im going to take it out slowly okay, take a big breath in.... he said as he pulled the tube from her throat and allie had a coughing fit, the nurse put a mask over her nose and mouth

'i need everyone out please.... bridget and franky walked out and when bea went to hobble off allie wouldnt let go of her hand, she held it so tight that bea though it would break

'she wont let go... the doctor looked at allie

'allie i need her to go so i can examine you... allie shook her head no dramatically she sat up and tried to get out of bed frantically and took the mask off husking out


'if i let her stay will you calm down? allie nodded yes 'okay she can stay

'come on baby lay down and relax im not going anywhere... allie lay back down and held tight onto bea's hand as she looked into her eyes

'allie i need you to slow your breathing okay or your going to have an attack, bea talk to her and help her calm down... bea nodded and stroked allie's hair and cheek

'allie your okay, your in a safe place

'debbie... she croaked out

'she is okay

'fire.... allie said and bea saw the fear in her eyes

'yes sweety there was a fire but dont worry about that right now, everyone is okay and you are too

'debbie...allie said again

'she is with boomer

'debbie... bea scrunched her face and looked at the doctor as allie kept taping her eyes

'i think she wants to see debbie to make sure she is okay.... bea smiled and looked at allie

'i will call her to come

'now... bea nodded

'okay, i will message her i have franky's phone.... allie nodded and bea sent debbie a text to boomer's phone because she was with her telling her allie woke up and she wants to see her and debbie sent a reply

'she said she is on her way and she said she is bringing donuts... bea heard the slightest giggle from the blonde 'should i ask? allie shook her head

'alright allie im just going to check a few things.... he checked over allie for a few minutes and was glad that allie had calmed down considerably and was surprised how easily bea could calm down allie considering how worked up she was

'so allie your lungs are struggling a bit, we will keep the mask on for now

'no... she said

'you need it


'alright than how about this that goes in your nose. a nasal cannula? its this or the mask? allie pointed the the nasal cannula and it was put on her and tucked behind her ears

'good, are you in pain?

'chest... she croaked out



'it will be for a little bit, we are starting you on something to help break down the fluid that accumulated and it should help, you will feel different in a couple hours, you can have small sips of water and ice chips and i will check on you in a couple hours, hopefully this medication should work and you will be able to go home in a few days

'thank... she swallowed and tried clearing her throat 'you

'no problems if you need anything just hit the button... with that he left and allie turned to bea, she glided her fingers through bea's soft curls

'you okay? she asked

'im fine

'your leg? she struggled to get out coughing a little

'im okay baby dont worry, you just relax..... allie scooted closer to bea and put her hand on her leg gently and ran her fingers over the bandage, bea teared up in that moment, she had been hurt so many times at the hands of harry but allie only ever showed her love and not hurt, the moment was broken when franky and bridget walked in bridget going to allie's side kissing her head over and over again

'you scared the crap out of me


'are you okay? are you in pain?

'bridget she cant talk to much just yet, her throat is quite sore... bridget nodded

'okay... allie said and held her aunty's hand

'good, me and franky will go to the shops and get you guys a few things and some clothes for all of you, is there anything that you really need?

'a phone if you can please, i know its a lot to ask and i will pay you back when i get my bank card

'its fine bea, anything else?

'clothes and stuff for all of us, keep the receipts for it all and i will give you the money, guys can you do me a favour?


'as you know debbie's teddy was destroyed.... allie's eyes went wide and she teared up and she grabbed bea's hand


'its gone allie... allie shook her head


'it can be replaced, as long as everyone is okay than thats what i care about... allie nodded

'red do you want us to get her another one?

'yes please, it needs to be white

'i remember what it looks like, we will get it for her no worries red

'thank you so much

'its no problem, we will be back in a few hours and bring some dinner as well, tell everyone to stay around

'we will... the girls left and bea turned back to allie who was now dosing off, she kept opening her eyes trying to stay awake

'baby go to sleep, you need to rest


'she will be here in about an h our or 2 and i will wake you up... allie nodded

'you come

'what? bea asked

'come up..... allie patted the bed and bea understood 'please

'okay slide over... allie slide over and bea got up on the bed laying back and allie put a pillow under her clearly sore leg, allie lay in her arms and as soon as she felt bea's arms wrap around her she was fast asleep and bea followed her


when debbie got the text on boomers phone about allie waking up she was so excited and rushed to get into the shower to get there asap, once ready boomer drove them to the hospital bribing boomer to stop for donuts, they arrived at the hospital and debbie practically speed walked inside and to the lift

'jesus wait deb... boomer huffed

'i just want to get there, i need to see allie... she said worriedly and shane grabbed her hand

'your mum said she is okay.... debbie nodded

'yea i know, sorry guys

'its all good mini-red.... once the lift got to the right floor they took off towards allie's room, as they walked in they saw both bea and allie asleep in the bed, handing the bag to shane she went over to her mum kissing her cheek which caused her to flutter her eyes open

'hey deb

'hi mum, how is she doing? bea gently rolled allie to lay down and got out of bed with debbie's help and sat on a chair

'she is in some pain, her chest is quite sore and she cant speak more than a couple words

'what did the doctors say?

'hey lungs are weak but there giving her medication to break down the fluid around her lungs

'will she be okay?

'there hoping in time she will start feeling better, let me wake her..... bea stood up and leaned closer to allie gently kissing her cheek and stroking her cheek

'allie wake up sweety..... allie groaned as she slowly opened her eyes seeing bea

'bea... she mumbled

'hey baby debbie is here, so is boomer and shane... debbie walked from behind her mum and smiled at allie tears rolling down her cheeks

'debbie... allie said and smiled as she took her hand 'you okay?

'im good, how are you?


''can i get you anything? allie shook her head no 'i bought donuts.... debbie said making allie giggle

'why does she giggle every time you say donuts? bea asked debbie who smiled

''well remember that time when i was at uni and that guy attacked me at the club? she continued when bea nodded 'well i wouldnt get out of bed for 4 days or leave the room so allie went and bought like 5 boxes of donuts and invited 2 friends over and she got me out of bed when she shoved a donut in my face so now when one of us is sick or not having a good day we buy donuts, it sounds silly but its our thing.... bea smiled the sentiment sounded silly but it really shows the important friendship debbie and allie share,

'its not silly debbie its cute, how about i take shane and boomer to the cafe for a drink while you spend time with allie?

'great idea thanks mum

'oh and franky is bringing dinner soon so dont go anywhere, she can eat slowly but not a lot debbie

'okay... bea stood up and kissed allie

'i wont be long okay... allie nodded and waved at shane and boomer as they walked out, debbie sat down and cut a donut in quarters and put it in front of allie

'thank you... she croaked out and they began eating, after a few minutes of silence debbie spoke up

'thank you allie... when allie scrunched her face up in confusion debbie continued

'you saved my life, if it wasnt for you being there with me i wouldnt have known what to do, you put your shirt over my face instead of yours and than covered my body with yours, you kept me safe.... debbie bit her lip as she struggled to hold it together, tears filled her eyes as did allie's, allie rubbed debbie's cheek

'you okay?

'i am okay, i was in here for a couple nights but im fine, you and mum are the ones that got hurt... allie nodded

'she okay? allie had to abbreviate everything as it hurt to talk just yet

'i know her leg hurts a lot even if she tries to play it down, i know her too well

'i will look... allie coughed 'after her, i promise

'i know, we will look after each other... allie nodded

'water please

'of course... debbie put some water in a cup and handed it to allie who took a couple sips

'thank you

'do you need anything?

'come lay down.. please.......... debbie packed the sweets away and got into bed with allie both lay facing each other for a while, bea came back with boomer and shane not long later and they decided to leave to give bea, allie and debbie some time, bea sat down and they all sat in silence for a while till debbie spoke up

'i was so scared, when someone grabbed us i tried to fight and i saw you allie kicking and trying to fight them but they were big guys and strong.... debbie's voice broke with emotions

'debbie you dont have to talk about it

'i know but i want to mum, when we woke up we were surrounded by flames and we tried to leave the room but the flames were covering the door so allie said we should go to the bathroom, it was quickly filling with smoke and allie wet her shirt and kept it over my face, she passed out first she was coughing so much and the smoke got too much for me so i did as well, i woke up in here... debbie cried into allie's shoulder and allie wrapped her arms around the young girl, bea rubbed debbie's back to comfort her

'its okay baby, we all got out of there and we will all be fine

'but we lost everything mum... debbie sniffed

'yea but i have a good amount of savings so i will replace everything, i will find us a new house and we will make it our own home

'insurance? allie asked

'yes i have it although it can take some time to get a pay out from them, sometimes up to 6 months

'holy shit, where are we gonna live for 6 months till we find a place?

'i have thought about that, im going to apply for a bank loan and than pay it off when the pay out comes through

'no mum than you will be paying all this interest you cant do that, you have some saved?

'yes, putting aside money for furniture, clothes everything really plus a new car, i have about 90% of a new house, i have been looking online

'but all that interest to pay back is too much, shit how did you even get that much?

'the salon plus harry's death insurance payout

'wait is he dead?

'thats what they think but he was never found, after a particular amount of time they pay it out, anyways i got a payout from his insurance a while back but never touched it, you do too actually i just wasnt sure when to tell you

'really? how much?

'$500.000.... debbie's eyes went as wide as a cartoon character in shock

'holy shit, well than use that for the house

'no way, not happening, thats your money to start your life

'but mum im not going anywhere, yea allie and i are starting a business together and all that but i cant have my own place and my own business at the same time, thats too much adulting for me at once... allie and bea giggled 'seriously mum unless your kicking me out im not ready to go anywhere

'i would never kick you out, im dreading the day you leave me, if anything you should just live with me forever.... bea said so cutely that debbie giggled

'dont say that mum it might happen, than its settled you will use my money

'no debbie

'oh my god mum dont be difficult, why dont we do this, we both put in half and co-own it?

'own the house together?

'yes mum, im not going anywhere for a while and i think its better that way you cant be a sook about it

'i dont know deb, are you sure you want to do that? i should be looking after you

'which you have my entire life, so yes i am absolutely sure, allie its a great idea right? they both looked at allie who just nodded 'see allie agrees

'alright co-owners, if you change your mind its okay

'i wont change my mind, im 20 and im gonna own a house. sweeeeeet... debbie fist pumped 'i cant wait to decorate... bea groaned

'lord help me... bea said making them laugh, allie coughed up a fair amount and bea gave her water while debbie patted her back gently

'thank you

'no problem, you lay back down and i will organise the tv for you.... when bea returned allie was laying on her side facing the chair bea sits in and debbie was massaging her back, neck and shoulders gently

'thats all done.... bea said hobbling in and sitting down once she turned the tv on ' you alright?

'sore... she said

'thats why im giving her a massage...before bea could respond franky walked in with bridget and lots of bags

'hey fuckers

'jesus franky too loud

'shit sorry guys, anyways we got ya heaps of stuff but first... franky put all the bags on bea's bed and rampaged through them 'red come here... bea went over to her and franky handed her the teddy bear for debbie

'thank you so much franky

'anytime... bea turned and went to the seat smiling at debbie, 'i asked franky to get me this so i could give it to you, im sorry yours got destroyed but im hoping this little guy can help keeping you safe... bea said handing over the teddy bear to her daughter as she wiped debbie's tears away, she had been so upset about teddy that franky heard her cry herself to sleep last night, it was the only important thing to her as it was from her mum, debbie got off the bed and went to her mum pulling her into a tight embrace

'thank you so much mum, i love you

'i love you to baby... bea wrapped her arms around her not so little girl feeling all the love she could from her, kissing her mums cheek she pulled back and showed allie

'cute... she said as she played with its ears making debbie giggle

'alright so sit down red before you hurt yourself even more and i will show you what i got... once bea was comfortable franky continued as bridget sat and watched

'alright so for shane we got clothes and toiletries and some shoes for now, i will take him shopping so he can chose his own clothes,

'good idea

''kaz i did the same, got her some tops, shirts, a couple trackies, shorts, shoes and thongs and of course some undies and socks for all of you, now you 3 are pretty much the same size except allie is taller by a couple cm so i got a whole bunch of clothes, pants, shirt, tops, singlets, jeans, shorts anything i could find in a short period of time i got you, i will make a bag for each of you while your here and take the rest home with me, i also got you a pair of sneakers each, thongs and slippers and toiletries as well, i got you 3 a robe each too, i also got all 5 of you a brand new phone they just need to be set up

'oh wow franky and bridget thank you so much for everything you have done, where are the receipts?

'umm lost em... franky shrugged, bea raised an eye brow

'you lost them? no you didnt

'yea i did anyways dont worry about it


'bea dont start, i wanted to do this so get over it, i wont tell you how much i spent or my bank details so move on, you have to worry about getting a new place and furnishing that, plus you got heaps more to buy in wardrobe and shit

'fine but no more, i want to pay for it i can afford it

'i know you can but just let me do this this okay.... bea nodded and hugged franky, allie watched on a little jealous of franky and bea hugging, she knows she shouldnt be but she just couldnt help it right now, she was very vulnerable and stressed with the whole situation, looking over to bridget she grabbed her hand

'i lost our photo

'oh sweety you dont worry about that, we can take many more and we will okay? allie nodded as bridget stroked her cheek, moving closer to the bed to reach allie as the other 3 went through the shopping, bridget got closer to allie to talk between themselves

'are you okay? your upset

'i just cant believe what happened.... she whispered out, it was getting a little easier to talk 'i was so scared that when something is finally going right in my life its gonna get taken away, maybe i dont deserve it... bridget wiped allie's cheeks and looked up at the others

'girls can i get a few moments alone with allie please? bea looked at them and allie was facing bridget, bridget mouthed 'its okay' and bea nodded

'deb pass me my crutches and lets go for a walk... they left after a couple minutes,

'allie why do you think you dont deserve it?

'i have done a lot of bad things in my life

'so have a lot of people and for some fucked up reasons, you didnt do bad things allie you did things to survive, your not a bad person your a survivor, you deserve bea and debbie in your life, you deserve so much good in your life and i will be by your side all the way through... allie ponded for a few minutes and looked at bridget

'i love you aunty bridget

'i love you too sweety.... they watched tv for a while when bea, franky and debbie returned food in hand

'did you go get pizza? bridget asked

'no we ordered it, they delivered to our bench where we were sitting, the face on the delivery guys face was priceless, i doubt he has ever delivered to a hospital

'it really was franky... bea came over to allie kissing her lips

'you okay? allie nodded and smiled

'i am now, you need to rest

'i will but im hungry, you hungry


'good, franky lets eat... after dinner which allie was able to eat 2 pieces and some iced water she was slowly dosing off as they were all chatting away

'allie baby go to sleep

'i cant, i want to shower i feel yuck... she looked at bea with her tired eyes

'okay, how about i get franky to help you there and than i will help you shower?


'hey franky can you guys help me please

'of course, what do ya need?

'franky can you help allie to the shower, debbie can you get me and allie a change of clothes and some shampoo, conditioner, body soap, tooth brush's and tooth paste please and bridget can you get us a couple towels each please

'of course mum, you make your way there and get the chair ready.... bea watched as they all got allie out of bed to make sure she is steady as she hasnt walked for a few days, after a couple steps she was fine to walk slowly and debbie and bridget got what bea asked,

'alright thank you guys we wont be long

'we will be here mum if you need anything

'thank you deb,... closing the door bea undressed them both and sat allie in the chair, the shower took a little longer than normal as they both washed both there hair and body like 3 times to make sure all the smoke is out, once bea rinsed them both the hair and body she turned he water off and wiped the dry and got dressed, they brushed there hair and there teeth and they were done, bea opened the door and they both had slippers waiting for them

'there ya both go

'thank you deb, come on allie... putting the slippers on they went to the bed and allie got in and bea tucked her in kissing her forehead, debbie collected there stuff and put it away, as they had on hospital gowns she put them in the dirty washing basket outside there room and than came back to her mum

'alright mum you need to be in bed as well

'im fine deb

'mum im not going anywhere until your in bed... before bea could protest again allie spoke

'babe im okay, you need to rest your leg and your still concuss so please lay in bed, im right here im not going anywhere

'okay fine, my leg does hurt.... kissing allie on the lips

'come on than

'your so bossy... bea mumbled to debbie who just laughed

;wonder where i get that from... she giggled, debbie helped bea into bed and put a pillow under her leg to elevate it and than tucked bea in

'there we go your both all tucked in and ready for bed, now we are going before we get kicked out, mum i will set up all the phones and bring you back yours and alllie's, if you need anything you can call from the room phone to franky, boomer or bridget's phone

'yea okay

'i will be back tomorrow at around lunch time with a proper lunch

'okay... bea yawned

'hey guys looks like allie was tired... they all looked to see her fast asleep and bea smiled

'she is so cute... bea said making debbie groan

'your so love sick, come on you 2 lets go

'see ya red

'see you guys, you look after my daughter yea?

'i will guard her with my life

'good, bye guys, thank you for everything i will see you tomorrow

'good night mum

'night..... bea said as her eyes were closing, it had been a busy day but she was very thankful that allie woke up