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Caught in the Middle

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A couple days later bea had been discharged and her leg was healing nicely, she wasnt hobbling as much but still had to use the crutches, bea did not want to leave the hospital as allie was still in for another night or 2 and thats where they were at right now

'bea i will be fine on my own, you can go home

'no i dont want you on your own

'mum they wont let you stay so you have to go

'they cant make me leave... bea said

;yes they can, they can get security to escort you out and they will ban you from coming back... franky said

;babe please go, i dont want you banned i need you to come back tomorrow, im okay i swear, i will hopefully leave tomorrow if not the day after... bea looked at allie and than folded her arms and sighed

'fine.. she huffed out making allie smile at how much bea could sulk

'come here... allie put her hand out and bea took it and got off her chair and sat on the edge of the bed

'we will give you a moment to say bye, we will wait in the corridor... bea nodded at franky and debbie as they walked out and than faced allie

;it will be okay

'i dont want you on your own

'if i need you i will call you now that debbie set up new phones for us


'i promise beautiful, now give me a kiss and get to franky's to rest... kissing allie a couple times on the lips and than stood up with the help of the chair and grabbed the crutches

'are you sure you will be okay? bea asked worriedly

'yes i will be, i have my phone right here and you can call or facetime any time you want... bea pouted and allie giggled as she pulled on her shirt to kiss bea again

'go and rest up babe i will be fine, im going to eat my dessert debbie bought me and than go to sleep

'alright im going... leaving one more kiss to allie's lips she left the room and bea, franky and debbie all left the hospital

A nurse walked into allie;s room half an hour later to check her vitals as allie was just finishing her sweet treat

'how are you feeling allie?

'my chest is quite sore

'alright i will get something for the pain i wont be long... the nurse returned a few minutes later and pushed something into her iv

'this will make you more comfortable

'thank you... allie lay back and flicked through the tv till she found a movie and got comfortable, she fell asleep in no time at all



Allie woke up a couple hours later feeling sick, she had a tummy ache and her head was throbbing, she hit the nurses button and one of them entered after a few seconds

'allie is everything okay?

'no i feel sick, im gonna throw up.... the nurse grabbed a vomit bag and held it as allie threw up a couple times

'allie your a bit warm im gonna get the doctor here... the nurse went to get allie's doctor and they returned with another nurse as well

'hi allie the nurse says your feeling unwell?

'yes, my stomach hurts and my head is throbbing

'doctor she has a temp of 39.2

'its very high, bring me her chart.... the doctor looked through her chart and his eyes went wide

'WHO THE HELL GAVE HER MORPHINE??? HE yelled at the 2 nurses

'i did she was in pain

'did you check her chart?

'umm no i didnt

'she is a ex drag addict and allergic to morphine

'i want bea!!! allie moaned

;allie im going to fix this

'i want bea..... allie pushed the table over

'you go and call bea and tell her to come here and than go to my office and wait, your on immediate suspension

'but i didnt.... the nurse tried to argue but to no avail

'i dont want to hear it, call bea and tell her she is needed here urgent and than let the security know down stairs..... as the nurse left the other one grabbed a bowl as allie continued to throw up and rubbed her back

'oh it hurts... allie moaned out

'nurse go and get me the reversal medication.... the nurse returned a minute later and the doctor pushed some medication through allie's iv

'allie this will reverse the morphine and this other one will help with your pain

'i want bea... allie cried

'i know she is on her way, nurse put some fluids up please

'okay doctor..... allie kept asking for bea until the medication took over and it helped her go to sleep

bea was sleeping next to debbie when her phone started ringing, groaning she reached over and answered it


'is that bea?

'yea, who is this?

'im a nurse from wentworth hospital... bea sat up straight away

'whats wrong? is allie okay?

'she will be okay but we need you to come to the hospital

'why? whats happened? bea asked as she reached down and put on a pair of trackies

'allie was given morphine which she allergic to

'than why the hell did you give it to her... bea snapped causing debbie to wake up

'im sorry, we really need you to come here and help settle her down

'im on my way... hanging up bea put her phone in her pocket

'mum whats wrong?

'that was the hospital, allie was given morphine and has had an allergic reaction to it

'she is allergic to it

'i need to go in deb

'come on i will drive

'no you go back to sleep i will take a taxi

'not happening, get dressed lets go, i can take franky's car... debbie helped her mum to the car once she grabbed the keys and left a note for franky and bridget, arriving at the hospital debbie wrapped an arm around bea's waist and walked into the emergency as thats the only way in at this time of the night, the security was already waiting for them and they were escorted to the ward and into allie's room, bea went over to allie who was now asleep and ran her fingers through her hair, the doctor and 2 nurses were there

'bea im so sorry to call you but she was calling out for you

'its fine, what the hell happened?

'after you left allie said her chest hurt which is normal after a fire, the nurse went and got something for allie but didnt check the chart to see her allergies and so forth

'she is also an ex addict, this will set her back

'i know it will, the nurse is suspended and i have contacted the head of the hospital who will be here as soon as possible

'this is unacceptable doctor, allie has worked so hard to get off drugs and get her life together and this may put her back to the start

'its fucking bullshit... debbie jumped in as she stepped towards the doctor... 'what the fuck is wrong with the nurse to not check someone's stats, even i know that and im not a nurse, for fuck's sake

'deb baby its okay, relax and sit down... debbie sighed and sat down beside allie holding her hand

'im sorry bea this should never have happened

'of course it shouldnt, its called negligence

'it is very much so

'she could have died

'i understand bea, i have given her something to reverse the effects of the morphine, her temp has come back down and she has stopped throwing up

'how many times did she throw up? bea asked

'about 6 times

'this is ridiculous, is she stable now?

'yes she is, she will feel unwell when she wakes up but she seems to be okay, although she may or may not go through withdraw

'what a mess, i want everyone out of here and the head of this hospital in here asap!!!

'okay, if you need anything please call out.... the doctor and 2 nurses left the room and bea sat down beside allie taking her other hand and stroking her cheek

'how fucking stupid can they be mum

'that bitch will pay for this i promise you, lazy bitch cant do her job.... they sat in silence for a while and debbie was falling asleep

'deb why dont you go back to franky's place so you can sleep? your tired

'im okay mum

'no your not, please baby call a taxi and go back to franky's

'what about the car?

'franky will pick it up tomorrow dont worry, deb your tired and its been a crazy few days

'yea okay mum, you will keep me updated?

'of course i will, just let franky know what happened and i will see you tomorrow

'alright, bye mum i love you

'i love you too baby... kissing bea's forehead debbie left the hospital taking a taxi home, bea looked at allie seeing she was pale and her hands were clammy, bea got comfortable on the chair, well as much as you could on a chair, she had been sitting there for about 30 minutes when she began dosing off leaning her head on the bed when she heard allie's voice, it was croaky but loud enough to hear

'bea, i want bea... she moved around in the bed slightly and bea moved closer to the blonde bombshell

'baby im right, your okay... allie's eyes slowly opened and she looked at bea, bea could see how unwell allie was and it broke her heart


'hey beautiful, are you feeling okay?

'bea i dont feel well

'i know baby, they gave you morphine by accident

'im allergic to it

'i know, you had an allergic reaction but they gave you something to reverse the symptoms, you will have a sore tummy and a headache for a while

'my head hurts bad, my mouth tastes gross

'you vomited a lot, do you want to have a shower? it might help you feel better

'yes please..... allie got out of bed and was a little hazy and unsteady so had to lean on bea a little

'its alright i got you allie, come on take small steps.... allie smiled sadly at bea as they walked to the bathroom, allie showered with bea's help and than once she was dry bea put the robe on allie and some undies, she brushed her teeth a couple times to make sure she didnt have smelly breathe, bea could feel allie shaking which most likely meant the drugs were wearing off and she may feel like she is withdrawing, bea sat allie on a chair near the window so she could get fresh sheets for her bed considering how much allie sweated and was sick, going to the hallway there was a few nurses there so she went over to them

'i need someone to put fresh sheets on allie's bed right now please

'i will take care of that for you bea

'are you the one that did that to allie?

'no, she is with the doctor now and has been suspended, i always check the chart before i do anything

'good to know, can you please do her bed now she is tired and needs to sleep

'of course.... as the nurse busied herself with the bed bea went back into the room to see allie asleep her head leaning on the glass window, bea waited till the bed was done to get allie up, it didnt take long and the nurse known as nurse rose went over to help allie up

'allie come on sweetheart, lets get you to bed..... they both helped allie from each side and got her up and into bed with bea tucked her in

'is there anything else you need?

'can we get some water please?

'of course i wont be long... allie had fallen back to sleep within a few minutes and the nurse returned with a jug of iced cold water

'here you go, i also organised a rollaway bed to be set up next to allie's bed for you, you cant sleep in a chair and you need to elevate your leg so no arguments

'thank you... the bed was set up by a couple staff members and the nurse put a couple pillows and waited till bea was laid down to put the blanket on her and than put a pillow under her leg

'alright how does that feel?

'better, thank you

'good now you get some sleep, the head of the hospital is coming from interstate and will be here by lunchtime so i will wake you up

'good, can you be the only one to tend to allie please?

'already done, just me and the doctor will check on allie make she she is recovering well from it all, if you need me just press the button

'i will

'good night bea

'night... bea reached out for allie's hand and held it as she fell asleep


franky woke up seeing it was 9.30, bridget was still sleeping beside her, bridget was going to go back to her own place but franky insisted she stay and have dinner and than she persuaded her to spend the night not that it had taken a lot to make her stay, trickling her fingers down bridgets back she heard a light sigh fall from her lips



'we need to get up

'its too early franky... franky giggled

'gidge its 9.30.... bridget looked up at the clock

'shit i never sleep this late

'me too, i should get up check on bea and debbie but first im going to put the coffee on

'i will be down in a few... franky put some clothes on and patted down the hall to the kitchen, she put the coffee on first, seeing a note on the table she picked it up and read it, it was from debbie who wrote down what had happened to allie and that her car was at the hospital with bea, bridget came into the kitchen seeing franky reading something

'whats that?

'here look... bridget read the note and shook her head

'wow how can a nurse make such a mistake like that?

'i dont know gidget but im gonna rain down hard on the fuckers, allie could have died... bridget nodded and franky saw her wipe a tear

'im sorry gidge i didnt mean to upset you

'its okay, its just allie is my only family i see, i mean we have lots of family but they wiped there hands of us


'well allie was never wanted and im gay which is wrong in there books, my sister allie's mum is a right bitch basically, she dumped allie at a police station when she was 10-11 and never looked back, i tried so hard to find her but they had her files sealed for some reason, when i did finally find her she was a mess, hooked on drugs and prostituting herself, the next few years were spend on getting clean and than she fell off the wagon and it became a cycle

'how did she finally say enough was enough?

'a girl on the streets od'd so she came to me begging for help which i was happy to offer, i put her in detox than rehab and than regular NA meetings, she has been clean since

'thats good

'yea, she struggled when she started uni with not knowing anyone or having any friends but debbie was a massive support to her, allie may be older but she never learnt how to make friends and things like that, debbie bought out this really special side of allie that i have never seen and i will forever be great full, now this may set her back as morphine is like having a hit of drugs so im worried about her, i cant lose her she is my family

'you wont lose her, we will make sure to keep her away from it all

'thank you

'how about i make us a big breakfast and get debbie up to eat than we can go to the hospital together

'sounds good franky.... once they got deb up they ate and franky packed a couple containers of food for bea and allie and they left for the hospital


when bea popped her eyes open she saw big blue eyes staring back at her

'your watching me sleep? bea asked and allie smiled

'id say i was observing, your so beautiful its hard not to look at you... bea blushed a little and smiled

'your beautiful-er... bea said and leaned her head on her elbow looking at allie

'its not even a word

'i dont care, i made it up, how are you feeling?

'my stomach is a little better but my head is pretty bad

'why dont i massage it for you?

'you dont have to do that bea... allie said shyly

'i want to allie, you want to come here or me come to you?

'i will come to you

'okay but slowly.... allie nodded, bea held her hand out and held allie's hand as she slowly got out of bed and got into bea's bed

'its a tight squeeze bea... allie giggled

;well i like to be close to you so get comfy.... bea put her arm out and allie laid her head on it and with her other hand began massaging her head, allie was still shaking but bea didnt say anything,

'hmm that feels good, you didnt have to do this thank you

'it was my pleasure baby, i want you to get better

'me to... after some time allie has nestled into bea's neck and fallen asleep, bea wrapped her arm around allie pulling her in closer and she too closed her eyes for a little bit,

bea was woken a couple hours later by someone shaking her, popping her eyes open she saw franky standing there and bridget and debbie a few steps behind

'franky hey

'hey bea how ya doin?

'im fine its allie that isnt doing well

'yea deb filled us in, how is she feeling? pulling allie tight into her chest as she kept sleeping she placed a kiss to her head and sighed

'her tummy is not so bad but her head has been pretty sore, she woke up earlier and i was giving her a massage when she fell asleep, i just cant believe what a fuck up was made

'i know bea, have you spoken to who is in charge?

'the head of the hospital is coming from interstate and will be here by lunchtime, what time is it?

'its 11

'i should get up and shower, shit i dont have any clothes

'i bought you some mum

'oh deb your a life saver, just have to try and get out of her hold without waking her

'let me help you mum... handing franky the bag debbie helped her mum out of allie's grasp and bea got out of bed with bridgets help, debbie pulled the blanket back over allie's sleeping form and pulled the chair over to sit beside her best friend

'im just gonna shower i wont be long

'we will be here bea, take your time... bridget said, once bea showered she was seated in a chair in the room and they were chatting, she had eaten the pancakes franky made and was now waiting on the head of the hospital to make an appearance

'mum whats gonna happen now?

'im not sure deb, hopefully this didnt effect allie in the long term

'it better not... debbie said sadly as she ran her fingers threw her best friends hair, allie meant so much to her and to see her hurt, hurt her, not too long later a stocky dark tanned man walked into the room in a suit and introduced himself

'hi im andrew roberts head of this hospital

'im bea, allie's girlfriend and do you want to tell me what kind of nurse administers medication without checking there chart? this is absolutely unacceptable

'i agree with you bea and im sorry this has happened

'what happened with the nurse?

'she is on suspension right now and she will have a disciplinary hearing in a few days

'she needs to be fired, i should god damn press charges against her but we wont because were not that type of people... bea sighed, just than allie began to wake up and she was shaking a lot. she was moaning and groaning

'bea... she moaned out and bea went over to her

'baby im right here, its okay relax

'i feel sick, im gonna be sick.... bridget handed bea the bowl that was on the table and allie threw up a couple times,

'can everyone clear out please right now, she needs some privacy

'we will be outside mum

'andrew get her doctor and nurse rose in here now.... andrew got them both and the doctor came in and was checking on allie, she was shaking and sweating

'she is withdrawing bea

'what do we do?

'we have to ride it out with her, i will give her some meds to try and keep her calm but the morphine is very strong and it needs to leave her system, nurse bring me what i need, bea lets get her to her bed and pack everything else away its going to get tough in here... once allie was in bed bea turned to andrew roberts

'do you see this? this is what that bitch did to her after being clean for so long

'im sorry bea, we will do everything possible to help her through this

'im done with this conversation right now, but its not over.... turning back to allie she was laying on her side looking at bea tears coming down her cheeks

'it will be okay

'you cant see this bea, i dont want you to see whats about to happen

'im not going anywhere allie, im here and im staying

'please bea, im going to start to get angry, frustrated, im gonna pace the floor, be sick and fuck knows what else and i dont want you to see me like that

'well im not going anywhere, you did not do this to yourself and i will be here to get you through it.... allie looked into bea's eyes to see how serious she was and she sighed

'it wont be pretty

'i know but i know you can do this

'its going to be crazy, even though it was only one hit it will be like i have been on drugs for years

'im right here.... allie looked at the window and saw debbie looking through it

'i cant let debbie see this

'let her see you for a minute and than she will go home... allie nodded and bea signaled for debbie and the others to come in and debbie came to hug allie

'are you okay?

'i will be, listen deb you cant see this, i need you to go back to franky's place please

'i will but just know im with you 100%

'i know, i love you deb

'i love you too allie.... debbie stepped back and bridget stepped forward

'you stay strong and call me for anything

'i will aunty bridget

'i love you kiddo

'love you too

'you be strong blondie, you got this

'thanks franky.... once they left bea looked at everyone around, andrew, the doctor and rose was there

'we are ready bea and we are not going anywhere.... andrew said as he took his jacket and tie off, undid a couple buttons and rolled up his sleeves ready to do what he could to help

To say it was a bad day would be an understatement, allie went from vomiting again to pacing the floor, she was hot so walked around in her undies once she threw the robe off and than cold so bea wrapped blankets around her and held her tight, she tried to run out of the room on multiple times and eventually it had to be dead locked, she ranted and raved about everything and anything, telling them all to fuck off when they tried to help, this went on for about 5 hours till eventually bea and allie were on the floor and bea was cradling a very exhausted allie in her arms whispering sweet things in her ear and rocking back and forth, andrew had coped a hit in the face from allie at one stage and bea felt bad as the man stayed to help and had only tried to fix what had happened, rose had been amazing with getting water and ice to help allie stay hydrated, the doctor had been keeping an eye on her vitals making sure she was doing ok, andrew saw allie had fallen asleep and went over to bea

'bea lets get her in bed... andrew picked up allie easily and bought her over to the bed and laid her down, she was a complete light weight which is not surprising considering what she went through, bea got off the floor and sat in a chair next to the bed

'she did it bea, she went through the withdraw... rose said

'how will she be now doctor?

'the next few days will be tiring but she will be okay, we were lucky to reverse it so quick and she responded well to the meds we gave her

'thats good, im still angry about what happened but i appreciate you all staying here through this

'its the least we can do bea, we will cover any treatments, medications and anything else she may need

'i appreciate that, when allie is back to her full self i will ask her what she wants to do in regards to what happened

'i understand, here is my direct number and email address, you can contact me when your ready

'i will, thank you for coming andrew

'if you need me i will be in my office.... andrew left and bea looked at rose

'you have been here since yesterday, are you still on shift?

'my shift finished 8 hours ago but i wanted to be here for allie

'thank you i appreciate that, you should go home ad get some rest, she will probably sleep till tomorrow now, thank you so much for being here

'it was no problem, i will be back tomorrow so i will see you than, bye bea

'bye.... rose left leaving the doctor with bea

'do you really think she will be okay doctor?

'yes i do, because she has been clean for so long it has worked in her favor, she is a healthy young woman and in about a week or 2 she will be fine

'thank you doctor

'i will leave you to rest but im sending a nurse in with food for you, you hvent eaten since the morning, eat and sleep and i will see you tomorrow... bea had something to eat and had a shower before she lay down on the pull away bed, she was tired after the day but glad to hear allie would be okay, looking over at allie she was completely out of it, she got up and kissed her lips before laying in bed and closing her eyes