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Caught in the Middle

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allie had woken with a throbbing of a headache, her whole body ached and even her eyes were stinging, slowly opening her eyes the sun pierced straight through the window and into her eyes causing her to groan and shut them again, bea must have heard her because when she opened them again she was standing beside the bed


'im right here allie

'the sun

'too bright? bea asked and allie nodded 'i will close the curtain... once the curtain was closed the room was darker only the bathroom light was on and the tv

'thank you

'how are you feeling?

'my head hurts, my whole body hurts

'the doctor said it would happen, they will give you something for the aches

'no drugs

'its just going to be panadol but in liquid form through your drip... allie nodded, bea ran her fingers through allie's blonde locks and allie's eyes kept fluttering from exhaustion


'hmm.... allie responded and nodded

'why dont you go back to sleep?

'you need to go home bea, you must be tired

'im okay allie, i had a sleep on the fold out bed

'you need to rest properly....allie mumbled

'im fine right here, i want to be here with you

'your the best... allie mumbled as she fell asleep again

allie woke again a few hours later, opening her eyes she smiled when she saw bea sitting on a chair and her feet up in the bed reading a magazine

'hey babe... bea looked at allie and smiled

'hey beautiful, feeling any better?

'a little, hows your leg?

'its fine, a little sore but nothing to worry about, are you hungry?

'maybe for like fruit or something for now

'i will get debbie to bring you some she is on her way in

'i dont really want her to see me like this bea, im shaking and a bit scattered, i dont want her to be scared, im already embarrassed... bea got up and went closer to allie sitting on the bed rubbing her cheek

'you listen to me allie, this is not your fault and you have nothing to embarrassed about, this does not fall on your shoulders alright, its that bitches fault

'i feel like crap, i worked so hard to kick this habit and i feel like i have been on it for the last ten years

'im not going to begin to imagine what your going through but understand that we are all here for you no matter what, debbie is so worried about you and she really wants to see her

'i just dont want to scare her

'she will be fine, she is your best friend and she loves you... allie sadly smiled

'will you come and lay with me?

'of course... bea turned her body and got comfortable on the bed opening her arms for allie to lay on her chest which she did so, bea put the news on for a while and the story came up with an update on the fire to bea's house


'wow they found finger prints?

'i didnt know allie, i have been here

'where is your phone?

'over there on charge and on silent, i havent checked it since last night

'do you want to go check it now?

'no, they should have come and told me instead of finding out on the news

'yea true, i guess its good news though, who ever those prints belong to would be who is responsible

'hopefully this takes the investigation some where

'have you heard from the insurance company yet?

'not yet, franky lodged all the paperwork for me and hopefully we get an answer soon enough, till than we stay at franky's place

'yea about that, i was thinking i should stay at bridgets place

'what? why? franky doesnt mind you staying

'i know but to be honest with you the thought of staying with your ex-girlfriend doesnt fill me with joy at all, i would ask you to stay with me at bridgets but there isnt enough room for debbie and i wouldnt want to leave her on her own

'but i dont want to be apart from you

'i know bea but your place was only temporary for me, i was going to go to bridgets at some stage

'are you breaking up with me? bea said sadly

'no beautiful, not at all, i just think it would be easier, im going to have a few rough weeks and i need quiet and when i go through my mood swings its not fair to take them out on you guys, dont worry it will be fine, plus you can come and stay whenever you want

'i would just feel better when your with me

'listen to me this changes nothing between us, we will see each other all the time it will be okay

'i guess so, what if your unwell? how will i help you?

'i will call you and you can come over, i will get bridget to cut you a key

'okay if you think its the right thing to do than i get it

'it is babe, please dont be upset... allie said rubbing bea's soft cheek

'sorry, i just want you near me is all

'i do to but there is a lot you need to take care of so you wont be home much for the first few days and bridget hasnt started work yet, you can swap with each other, she can go to franky's and you can come to me and debbie can pretty much do whatever she wants

'okay, i trust you

'good, now tell me has kaz sold her place yet?

'she has actually, there was someone that went way beyond asking price so she and debbie are looking for a new place

'thats good, hopefully she find something

'i think she will, oh pass your phone please... allie handed her phone to bea and she called debbie

'hey allie how are ya?

'deb its mum

'oh hi mum, whats wrong? why are you using allie's phone? is she ok?

'relax deb she is okay, she is sore and tired but doing okay, she wants some fruit can you get some?

'sure i know what she likes, i will be there in about 20 minutes, do you need anything else?

'some clothes for us

'sure, i will see you soon mum

'okay bye deb

'bye mum.... hanging up bea put the phone on the table and snuggled into allie

'do you need anything?

'just you and a shower... bea giggled

'yea you stink

'ya little shit...allie playfully smacked bea's butt

'im kidding babe

'no i think your right, my skin is sticky from sweat i need a shower big time

'well deb will bring clothes so you can shower soon

'good...... debbie walked in not too long later a back pack over her shoulder and a plastic bag as well

'yo bestie its so good to see you, how are you feeling? debbie said as she dumped the stuff on a chair and kissed allie's cheek and than her mums

'im sore but okay

'you know you shouldnt lie to me, i know when our feeling like crap and its okay to say it, im here for you no matter what... allie smiled sadly

'sorry, i just dont want you to worry

;i will always worry about you allie, now i bought your stinky asses clothes and more toiletries and i also bought you allie some fruit, oranges, mandarines, apples and bananas


'so why dont you both shower and i will cut up some fruit for you?

'okay, thanks deb, your the best

'obviously.... debbie said as she flicked her hair back making them laugh

'wow up your self much deb?

'but of course mother, now go get cleaned up

'yes ma'am.... bea and debbie helped allie to the bathroom, she was unsteady on her feet and felt dizzy, allie didnt want to shower on her own so bea went with her, debbie called a nurse to put fresh sheets and blankets on allie's bed which she was happy to do so, while that was getting done debbie was able to use the nurses kitchen to cut up a fruit salad for them to all share taking a portion and putting it away for allie for later, as she was sitting in the room waiting for them to come she asked the nurse for a jug of fresh iced water and a couple cups, after half an hour the door opened and bea came out carrying allie and putting her in bed

'she was really dizzy so it was easier to carry her

'but your leg mum?

'its getting better im fine, dont worry

'alright well i made us a fruit salad to share and there is a smaller one in the fridge for you 2 to have later

'thanks deb i appreciate it, by the way how did you get here?

'oh i have franky's car as bridget dropped her off, we need a car mum

'i know, why dont you go buy one for me?


'yea, i have access to my bank details which you know them so you can just transfer the funds when you find a car

'okay, what kind of car do you want?

'i really dont care deb, something nice and simple

'sweet, i will go once im finished here


'babe have you made the claim for insurance for your car?

'yes but i had some issues

'with what?

'because they wanted my paperwork that i originally received from them but i was trying to explain to them what happen and the dumb bitch i spoke to was like, well we need the paperwork

'so what happened?

'i asked for a manager and he put it all in for me, he apologized for the consultant and made sure to put a hurry on it

'so what happens now?

'they send some one to look at the car

'but its burnt?

'yes it is but they need proof, so someone is going to see the car today actually and they will email me with the report, although the payout takes up to 4 weeks to come through

'gee all these company's are so quick to take your money but for them to follow through with there policy is too damn hard, like seriously a lot of people dont have that kind of money to replace a car till there payout comes through, your lucky

'that i am, i think we all are after what happened

'agreed mum, by the way mum i found a really nice house

'oh yea where at?

'i thought we should move neighborhoods so its about 3 suburbs away, here i will show you... debbie pulled the house up on her phone and handed it to bea who scrolled through it and allie looked over her shoulder and she leaned her head on it

'lets see, 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom plus the main bedroom has an ensuite and an extra toilet outside, lounge, dining, new kitchen, laundry, backyard with pergola and balcony, full fenced brick home.. its really nice deb, when is it available to see?

'i spoke to the agent and he said when your ready we can go see it

'well as soon as allie is out of here we can go

'hopefully it is soon, i hate hospitals

'i know baby, not too much longer hopefully, but i cant even look after you?

'why? where are you going?

'i think its a good idea to stay with aunty bridget

'what the hell? no allie, why would you do that?

'a few reasons, firstly franky is your mums ex

'so what, there best friends though

'secondly after what happened im going to go through mood swings for a couple weeks and i dont want to take it out on you guys, thirdly i need quiet and i doubt it would be there

'but we need to look after you

'like i told your mum, bridget hasnt started work yet so she will be home, you can come and visit anytime and when bridget is at franky's come and stay with me which will probably be a lot, im sorry deb i just need time right now is all, its not you guys its just me and this crap which im struggling to handle, i cant believe this happened, i feel like i took 5000 steps back and im right back to where it all began... allie said tears rolling down her cheeks

'allie dont cry please, i get what your saying and respect that but please dont look at this as a failure or going backwards, your clean and this was just a major stuff up, you didnt knowingly take anything and thats what counts.... pulling allie into a hug she held her tight

'it will be okay

'i hope so... allie whispered in her ear, allie lay back down and snuggled into bea's body again, she found so much comfort in the red head and didnt know what she would have done without her,

'so mum after i leave here im going to go to a few dealer ships to look for a car, do you have a price? and color? second hand or brand new?

'color maybe silver or red, i would rather brand new, price well maybe $20-$25,000, try and stay under that

'i can do that, is there anything you need me to do?

'yea actually can you call my electricity, gas, water and foxtel companies and tell them what happened and to disconnect the service for now and send me a final bill, your authorized on all the account

'sure mum

'oh did you hear from the police deb?

'no why?

'because we were watching the news earlier and the story came up about the fire and said that new evidence has been found of finger prints on the tin can of petrol was found

'oh wow, i hope they can match them

'me too deb, you know what at the end of the day we are all safe and okay, the rest of the stuff i can replace

'thats true but its gonna cost a fortune to replace everything

'slow and steady deb, right now we just need personal stuff, deb if you need a laptop now go and get one, transfer money to franky from my account and use her card to buy one

'if i need to i will,

'how is shane going?

'he is okay, he is a bit freaked out about everything that happened and thinks he will end up back on the streets

'i would never do that to him

'i know but he get scared like that, maybe call him to reassure him, i tried to but he would probably be better talking to you

'i will call him, listen deb do me a favour, he needs to get back into a routine so drag him to the shops with frnaky because he is scared of her and buy him proper clothes and work clothes and shoes nd get him back to work asap, it will keep his mind clear to do something

'i think thats a good idea... they looked to see allie had fallen asleep

'once allie leaves here although she is staying at bridgets i will be back and forth a lot

'i know mum so will i, if you need to stay there than do so but i just ask you text me so i know

'i can do that... just than the doctor walked in

'hello ladies, oh she is sleeping?

'yea she dozed off not long ago

'how is she feeling?

'better than earlier

'im thinking of sending her home, she will have medication for the pain but just the softer meds, i think she will recover better at home and in a comfy bed

'i recon your right doc... debbie said

'but will she be okay after last night? bea asked worried

'as i said earlier bea, it will be a tough couple of weeks and she knows what to expect considering she has done this before unfortunately, the medication i will be giving her will be for body aches, anxiety and just to help keep her calm, she will be okay but its a process

'i understand doctor

'can you wake her so i can check her vitals and if all good she can go home in a few hours

'well mum while all this happens im going to get a car, i will let you know how it goes

'okay baby, can you pass my phone before you leave please

'sure... debbie kissed them goodbye and left to go to the car yard, bea gently woke allie who was unimpressed about been woken up

'allie the doctor wants to check your stats and there good you can go home

'okay... she grumbled, the doctor did his checks and was happy with what he saw

'allie im sending you home with some meds to keep you calm and for the aches, its not strong but it will help

'alright, thank you doctor

'well im going to get all the paperwork and scripts filled out, the nurse will take out your iv and you will be able to go in a few hours so rest up for now... allie nodded and she snuggled back into bea's chest and ell asleep again bea and the doctor laughing, he doctor left and bea wrapped her arms around the blonde and watched tv for a while, she had text debbie letting her know that allie was getting out in a few hours and debbie told her she would pick them up, she also text bridget telling her the good news and bridget was excited to have her niece home with her and her room was ready for her, bridget also told bea that she was welcome at her place anytime day or night not questions asked which bea was thankful for, she had planned to be the support for ace no matter how much she pushed her away or struggled as she goes through this


a few hours later they were showered and ready to go, debbie had called and told them she would be out the front waiting, she asked if bea needed help carrying things but a nurse was helping so there was no need, they were given all the paperwork and scripts and than began walking towards the lift, as they exited the hospital debbie stood there smiling in front of what bea assumed to be there new car, it was a red car, nice and not too big which is what bea like

'hey deb nice choice

'thanks mum, i thought it was too, hey allie how you feeling?

'tired, i just want to go home and sleep

'alright come on get in... debbie opened the back door and allie got in and buckled up as bea and debbie packed her stuff in the boot, the car had the nice new smell and allie laughed when bea got in and looked around at the functions, although she was in the back seat and was reaching for the radio

'oh my god mum your like a child

'its just so shiny and pretty, you did good deb, i would have chose the same thing

'good, now allie you need to eat so what do you want?

'i dont know im not too hungry

'how about i get thai food that way you can eat some now and the rest when you want?

'sure deb, thank you... allie lay her head on bea's shoulder as debbie drove just listening to the music, bea held her hand and could feel it shaking and she hated she couldnt do anything to make it all better for allie, debbie placed the order online so just had to pick it up, pulling up at a few shops together she got out and went for the food, she arrived back with 2 bags of food and a couple bags of bea couldnt really see what it was

'deb what else did you get?

'i got some fruit and hydrated water so she cant stay hydrated and also a few snacks if allie wants to have later or whatever... allie smiled thankfully in the mirror to debbie, they arrived at bridgets house not too long later and got out, bea and debbie carrying all of allie's stuff and lunch, the door opened and bridget stood there

'oh sweet heart im so glad your home

'me too bridget...they embraced in a hug

'come inside and get settled, come on girls... they went inside and bridget showed allie her room and where everything is, bridget had been shopping as she had bought allie some more clothes and things she would need which was a good thing because allie wasnt sure when she would be up to leaving the house to go shopping

'hey bridget we bought thai for lunch you hungry?

'im fine thank you, franky and i had lunch about 40 minutes ago but please sit down and eat im going to pack away allie's stuff, oh allie did you get any scripts from the hospital?

'yea 3 of them

'where are they i will go get them for you?

'just on the table

'alright i will be back girls, do you need anything else sweet heart?

'not right now thanks

'okay i wont be long... with that bridget left leaving the other 3 there, debbie unpacked the food and grabbed plates and folks, they each dished themselves a plate and began eating

'oh by the way franky has some paperwork for you 2 to sign

'whats it for?

'well we all need to get id's, medicare cards, atm cards and all of that stuff replaced so franky has the paperwork stating what happened and to get new cards for everything

'that would be good, i need access to my money

'allie if you need anything just let me know and i will get it or you can transfer to bridget and use her card

'yea i will but right now im good, i just want to eat and lay down, will you stay for a bit babe?

'of course i will

'what about me? you dont want to share a bed with me? debbie smirked

'absolutely not, you kick in your sleep... they all laughed

'im not that bad

'sure your not but hey if you want to cuddle with us by all means

'ugh no thanks im good, im going to pick up shane and franky to go shopping

'he is starting work?

'yes mum, after you called him earlier he called me and we worked on a plan to get him to work with franky which will help keep his mind busy

'thats good, he needs to be kept busy and tired

'agreed, mum you let me know if you want to be picked up and i will get you

'okay deb... they finished eating and debbie left, bea cleaned up the few dishes they used and than looked around to see where allie was, she found her laying in her bed wiping her tears away, bea went to the bed and climbed in behind the blonde wrapping her arms around her holding her tightly

'it will be okay, you will get through this and i will be with you the whole time

'im just scared

'what about? talk to me... allie turned over to face bea

'that i will crave, of losing you, of pushing you away, pushing debbie away... she said shame coming over her

'oh baby you have nothing to worry about, debbie is here and so am i, i love you and that wont change anytime soon.... allie's eyes went wide with what bea had said and even bea blushed red

'you, you love me? allie asked hesitantly, bea didnt mean for it to slip from her lips but she couldnt deny how she was feeling, putting her hand on allie's face she stroked her cheek

'i do, i love you allie and im here for you, for anything you need, for whatever you want

'what if i want cuddles at 3 in the morning?

'than i will get my ass over here as quickly as possible and get in bed and hug you with so much love your heart will burst...allie smiled wide for the first time since the fire, she kissed bea's lips and looked into her eyes

'i love you too beautiful... bea smiled and kissed allie once, twice, 3 times before settling on the pillow

'do you need anything right now?

'im okay i just want to relax right now with you.... they spent a few hours in bed bridget just leaving them be only going in with allie's meds and than she went to have a drink at franky's restaurant leaving them on there own, bea and allie would sleep for a little and than wake up talk, cuddle and kiss, they did this for the rest of the day, bea realized that when allie was really relaxed and comfortable she wouldnt shake so bea did her best to keep her relaxed, that night allie asked if bea would stay over which she was happy to do so, they got up to have dinner with bridget who made pasta and than after they had showered they headed back to bed to watch a movie, bridget had bought a tv and dvd player for allie and it had been set up by franky just before she got home, half way through the movie both girls dozed off for the night and when bridget came to check on them they were wrapped in each others arms, bridget was happy to see how comfortable allie was with bea, she doesnt normally get involved with people at fear of being hurt but the first night they met it was pretty clear there was an attraction, turning the tv off she left the room and went to her own room to call her trouble maker of a girlfriend franky, scrolling to her number she pressed call

'hey gidge

'hey baby, you still at work?

'yea, so busy today we had a tour bus pull up a couple hours ago, i wont finish for at least another 2 hours

'oh damn, was hoping you would come here for the night since debbie is staying at boomers with shane

'im gonna be late gidge, i wont get there till 12 midnight

'i will wake up just come here

'are you sure?

'yes of course

'alright i just needs to get some clothes form home, thank god i need to come in tomorrow

'good, i will see you when you get here, just call me when your hear so you dont wake wake bea and allie

'okay gidge i will see you in a couple hours, if you cant wait up just text me its fine i can go home

'no no i will wait up dont worry,

'alright see you soon

'bye baby... hanging up bridget decided to watch a movie of her own, she didnt mind waiting up for franky as she wasnt at all tired anyways, just after midnight franky turned up and bridget opened the door for her and kissed her girl

'hey gidge

'hey baby, oh you stink

'i know damn pablo opened a pickle jar and dropped it on me

'well get your butt in the shower

'yea okay, here take this

'what is it?

'food, im starving, havent eaten since lunch

'franky that was ages ago

'i know, i got so busy, i gut you food as well

'alright well hurry in the shower, try not to be loud allie and bea are asleep

'okay.... franky had a quick shower and went to bridgets room sitting next to bridget on the bed and they ate

'oh damn im hungry

'baby you cant go that long without food, you will burn out

'once shane starts in a few days i can relax more, we just didnt expect the tour bus to come through

'yea well i think will be a good asset the way debbie talks about him

'ya recon there is something going on between them gidge?

'i think maybe they dont realize they have feelings for each other, i dont think have acted on anything, i saw the way they looked at each other at the graduation party and when they danced together was cute

'yea but red will go crazy on both of them

'bea needs to understand that debbie is 20

'yes but shane is 16

'i thought he was 15?

'well his birthday in in 2 days so same thing

'yea true, you better let bea know she would hate to miss his birthday

'yea i will, anyways she wont let them be together, shane is too young and still trying to get his life together

'exactly, anyways lets clean this mess and go to sleep im buggered... they were asleep in no time after a few kisses