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Caught in the Middle

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when bea woke up in the morning she felt soft breathing on her neck slightly tickle her, she opened her eyes to see allie's face dug into her neck and she was asleep, last night they had woken up after there nap and had dinner with franky and bridget and than retreated to the bedroom with ice cream and watched a movie before going back to bed, kissing allie's cheek and than her lips she smiled when allie sighed and chased her lips

'good morning beautiful girl... allie opened her sleepy eyes

'good morning babe

'did you sleep well?

'i did, like a baby, i mean i didnt poop myself or anything... bea giggled

'your so cute

'cute enough for a massage

'are you hurting?

'yes, my neck is really sore

'why dont you have a hot shower and than i will give you a massage

'you dont mind?

'hmm lets see, being able to touch and caress you? yea i think i will be fine with that, come on beautiful have a shower with me and than i have to go back to franky's


'because i havent spent much time with debbie and i should be supporting her after everything that happened

'yea your right, sorry to keep you from her

'hey i didnt mean it like that

'no i know that bea, i didnt mean to sound bitchy i promise, i just mean you should be spending more time with her, between all the braydon stuff and than the fire, losing teddy and everything would be hard on her, i didnt mean to keep you away from her, your wasting your time with me

'you are never a waste of time, your my girl and i love looking after you, now im going to stay at franky's with deb tonight

'good, i will be fine

'are you sure?

'of course, i have bridget here

'you will call me if you need me?

'yes i will now stop worrying and help me get clean

'now there is an offer i definitely cant refuse... they both had a shower and than sat down to breakfast which bridget had made pancakes with bacon, syrup and fresh fruit,

'bridget i wont be here tonight unless allie calls me to come, i need to spent time with debbie

'thats fine bea, i will be here

'if allie needs anything just call me, sometimes she doesnt bother... allie rolled her eyes

'yes i know she gets like that

'umm i am here you know.... allie huffed out

'of course you are baby. but you dont listen sometimes

'whatever.... allie said making them laugh

'alright come on baby let me give you a massage..... dragging allie to the room she closed and locked the door 'take your shirt off and lay on your stomach... allie did just that and bea straddled allie's cute ass and began working her hands into her muscles on her back, spine, neck and head, she decided to not use the oil because than it would go all over the bed, she spent 45 minutes and by that time allie was asleep, she got off the blonde and put her shoes on quietly, leanign down to kiss allie on the cheek and whisper in her ear

'baby im going to deb, i will call you later, love you... as bea was walking to the door she heard allie mumble

'love you too

'i love you more... bea said back and than left the room, she said her good byes to bridget and left the house in a taxi as franky had gone to work, arriving at franky's place she went inside and saw debbie sitting on the bench in the kitchen, a cold drink in her hand and was chatting away on the phone, debbie heard the front door and assumed it was franky but was surprised to see her mum

'shane i will talk to you later mum just got here.... hanging up she jumped off the bench and hugged her mum 'not that im not happy to see you but what are you doing here?

'i thought i would come and spend some time with you

'why? how about allie? is she okay

;she is doing okay, she started eating more which is good

'okay so what are you doing here?

'i wanted to spend time with my daughter, is that okay?

'of course it is, want a drink?

'sure what are you having?

'just a coke, i was craving it

'i will have a beer... handing her mum a beer they sat together on the couch the tv playing in the back round as they chatted

'so how are things deb? how are you after everything that happened?

'i dont know mum, its hard to understand that we literally lost everything, like down to your favorite red blanket... bea nodded

'i know baby, im still struggling with it too, im just so glad you and the other are okay and that no one was hurt more so

;yea well its definitely shit, mum we lost so many photos of me and you together

'yea, i lost all your baby photos, the glory box, everything

'how are we supposed to come back from that mum? debbie asked tears rolling down her cheeks, bea pulled debbie into her chest kissing her head

'with support, its not going to be easy but we will get there, we will make new memories, i will get you anything you want and need, the next couple months are going to be hard but we will get there and when i find out who did it i will kill the fucker... debbie jumped from the intensity of bea's voice

'no mum you cant, i need you, you cant go to jail... debbie clung to her mum and wrapped her arms around her 'please dont do anything stupid, your my mum i need you.... debbie said fear in her voice, bea rubbed debbie's back to soothe her

'im sorry deb, i got caught up, i wont do anything stupid i will leave it in the police's hands

'thank you... after some time debbie looked up a smile on her face

'so... what are you making for dinner? bea laughed debbie and her food

'what do you want?

'hmm, maybe your special chicken parmigiana with home made fries, salad and garlic bread

'now thats a feast, alright im good with that, why dont you invite kaz and shane over so i can check in with them too?

'sounds good to me

'im going to go to the shops to get food do you want anything else?

'dessert as well mum

'alright i wont be long, unless you want to come?

'ugh too much effort right now.... bea laughed

'fine, stay here and be good

'always mother, love you

'i love you too baby.... bea went to the shops and got what she needed including snacks, ice cream, more drinks and some extra food knowing poor franky would be eaten out of house and home by debbie and her big appetite, bea decided to just do a shop for franky's house, she went to the butcher and got meat, cheeses, olives and pita bread and than went to the cake shop picking up 3 boxes of mixed cakes, one she was going to drop off for allie and bridget on her way back, once the car was full with the shopping she took off towards bridgets house, walking to the front door it swung open and bridget stood there

'hey bea i saw you pull up, everything alright?

'yea i just got some sweets for you both and some more fruit for allie, is she still sleeping?

'no she just got up

'alright take these while i check on her.... bea went to allie's room and walked in without knocking and allie's face lit up

'babe, what are you doing here?

'i was at the shops getting stuff for dinner and i got you some fruit and cakes to share with bridget

'oh thank you babe

'anytime, do you feel like coming for dinner tonight? its going to be me, kaz, deb, shane and franky

'hmm sorry babe but im not up for it.... allie said sadly

'hey thats okay, you stay here and rest up, i will bring you and bridget dinner tonight

'you dont have to do that

'i want to, plus debbie is making me cook for 500 people... bea laughed

'than that would be great thank you

'my pleasure, well i have to go before the boss calls me, i will see you later on

'okay by babe

'bye... she left a kiss to allie's lips and left the bedroom bumping into bridget

'oh shit sorry bridget

'no its okay, im good

'dont make dinner tonight, i will bring you both food in a few hours, im having kaz and shane join us which i did ask allie

'but she isnt up for it

'exactly, so i will bring it to you once its ready, i will text you when i leave my place and just come out and get it

'thank you bea i appreciate that, in fact i appreciate how great you have been with allie and for her, your support has really been the best thing for her

'i would do anything for allie

'i know you would, just thank you so much

'honestly i would do it all over again if i had too, not that i want to see her hurt but if i have to i would never leave her, i love her

'i know you do, your both lucky to have found each other

'i said that yesterday, anyways i have to go i will see you soon bridget, bye

'bye bea... bea got in her car and took off home


bea was just finishing up dinner when she called out for debbie who came into the kitchen

'whats up mum?

'can you go into the bottom draw and get out the chinese containers that franky has please so i can pack food for the girls

'sure mum... debbie pulled out a bunch of containers and they both began to pack the food, they had packed bridget and allie there own food as there wasnt any big containers, they had 4 containers each and debbie put them in separate plastic bags

'mum should i take them over?

'no i will, i told allie i would see her again, i will be about 20 minutes so can you make the table and i will be back

'okay mum... bea took off to bridgets place and had text her before she left, pulling up out front she smiled when she saw her allie sitting on the brick wall

'hey beautiful

'hey babe

'i thought bridget was coming out? bea said getting out of the car with the bags

'well i wanted to see you, how was your day? allie asked stealing a kiss from the red head

'it was good, i had a really good talk with debbie, i went to do some shopping, made cookies with deb and dinner as well

'wow you have been busy

'definitely, here is your dinner, this bag is yours and this one is bridgets, dont get them mixed up

'okay,. thank you babe

'sorry i cant stay i have the others waiting to be fed

'its fine babe

'do you need anything?

'no im good thanks, you go have dinner

'i will call you after okay?

'okay... after sharing a few too many kisses bea got in the car waiting for allie to go back in the house and than she drove off, when she got back the others were just sitting down at the table, franky poured everyone a drink as debbie dished the food

'mum sit down you cooked... bea nodded and a couple minutes later debbie placed the plates of food on the table and they began eating

'shit red i forgot how good you can cook, if you ever want to give up being a hair dresser or sitting on your ass come to my restaurant

'im good where i am franky but thanks for the compliment... after dinner shane and debbie cleaned up as the other 3 sat on the couch with fresh drinks

'so kaz how is everything with you?

'its good bea, i sold my place and i found another like 5 streets from here, i signed the paperwork today so i get the keys in a week

'thats great

'yea im excited and please bea i want you to come and stay with me, you opened up your house to me and now its time for me to repay the favor

'you dont have to do that kaz

'i know but i want to, and no offense to franky but i know that allie isnt comfortable you staying with your ex-girlfriend

'none taken at all, i can imagine it is weird... franky said 'look bea if you want to stay at kaz's so you can have allie with you i wont be offended trust me, just know your always welcome here, you all are

'i will speak to debbie and see what she wants to do

'red if she wants to stay here she is more than welcome you know that

'i do thanks franky, thank you both for opening up your houses to us

'its no problem

'dessert? debbie said walking into the room making them all laugh, shane bought over the 2 boxes with plates and forks for everyone to put there own, debbie had so much cake it looked like she could burst at any time

'you right there deb? bea said watching her daughter rub her tummy

'mum you may have to carry me to bed

'or roll.... franky said as they all laughed and debbie shrugged

'why do you always eat till you cant move?

'i cant help it mum, food is life

'i guess it is in your case.... they all spent a couple hours chatting and than kaz and shane had to go as it was getting late, bea and franky walked them out to the car and saw them off, walking back inside they laughed when they saw debbie had fallen asleep on the couch, her bottle of water in her hand and her phone sitting on her stomach

'looks like you will be carrying her after all

'i recon, oh well im happy to do anything for my little girl

'i know.... bea scooped up debbie and took her to the spare room she was sleeping in and laid her in bed, stripping her of her jeans and socks and than tucked her in bed, leaving a kiss to her cheek

'good night deb... bea left the room and went to her own room she was sleeping in and stripped herself naked and put the robe on, she went and took a shower and than laid in bed taking out her phone to call allie


when allie got he food from bea she went inside and gave bridget her bag and they sat down on the table with plates and pulled the food out

'she doesnt do things by halves does she?

'thats my girl, oh look a note.... allie picked up the note and her heart skipped a beat when she saw what bea wrote

***to my beautiful girl, i have packed a dinner fit for my queen which i hope you will enjoy, i just want to say that i have never been happier than i am when i am with you, since the day i met you, you have held my heart and my soul, i love you more than words can say so i will show you everyday how much i love you my girl, enjoy your dinner and i will call you soon... xxoo

allie couldnt believe how sweet bea was and she couldnt wait to to have the redhead in her arms, she showed it to bridget and she smiled

'she is very sweet

'she sure is, alright lets have dinner so i can call her... after dinner allie took some desserts and went to her room settling in bed, she decided to call bea but didnt answer, 40 minutes later she was watching a movie when her phone rang seeing it was a face time from bea she answered the smiling red head's face showing on the screen

'hey beautiful girl, how was dinner?

'hey babe it was amazing thank you, bridget and i ate so much


'so how was your night with the deb and the others?

'it was good, debbie ate till she couldnt breath and fell asleep on the couch... allie giggled

'sounds like debbie had a great night

'i recon so, so what are yo doing?

'just watching a movie in bed and eating your sweets

'yea i can tell you have a little... she pointed out to allie's mouth and allie wiped her mouth

'oh shit, ugh im so embarrassed... allie blushed red

'dont be, im glad your eating

'yea i think more than i should be now, sometimes i dont want to eat at all and other times i stuff my face till i cant breath

'oh you and deb sharing a room at uni would have been full of food adventures

'oh yea we had lots of really good times

'im sure, so kaz said tonight that today she bought a house and gets the keys in a week

'thats good

'yea and she offered me to stay there as well as deb and you


'yes, she knows that your uncomfortable with me staying with franky and you dont want to really come over so she said i could stay there and you could come over and stay with me as well, what do you think?

'its up to you bea,

'i want your honest opinion allie

' im trying really hard to be okay with you being at franky's, i really am

'i know baby and i appreciate that

'its just hard, i know that you and franky are best friends and not in a relationship but for some reason i just cant get my head around the fact that you 2 used to date

'i get that, if i go and stay with kaz will you be more comfortable and come over?

'yes i will but i dont want you to do it for me

'i would be doing it for us, hopefully it wont be for too long and deb and i find a place

'did you look at that house deb showed you?

'we are seeing it tomorrow, will you come with us?

'is it just to see a house?

'i might buy you lunch as well? bea smirked

'i guess i could come

'good, i love having you with me, i wish i could just roll you into a ball and put you in my pocket

'or panties, i could lick you all day long.... bea blushed and bit her lip

'that sounds hot

'you best believe it babe, so what time tomorrow?

'we have an appointment at 2 so i will pick you up at 11.30 and we can have lunch than go to the house?

'sounds good... allie finished with a yawn


'yea but i slept so much in the last few days

'allie your body is healing and tiredness will be part of it

'i guess so

'im gonna let you go so you can go to sleep

'okay, i love you bea

'i love you more my queen... allie smiled and blew a kiss before they both hung up, allie lay in bed wondering how she got so lucky with bea, she had stood by her through all of this and always stayed patient and sweet, allie re-read the letter and than put it in her top draw to keep, she soon turned over and went to sleep dreaming of red curls and beautiful brown eyes



at exactly 11.30 the next morning the door bell rang at bridgets house, the door sprung open a few seconds later and allie smiled when she saw bea and debbie standing there and bea had flowers in her hands

'hi allie

'hey deb you alright? she said hugging the younger smith

'im good, i have missed you

'i missed you too deb, we should do a proper hang out just me and you soon

'sounds good to me... allie looked at bea and smiled

'hey baby, i got these for you, i tried to get something as beautiful as you but i couldnt find it

'oh your so sappy mum, im gonna wait in the car... allie giggled when debbie walked off and pulled bea into her kissing her lips

'hi babe, i missed your cuddles last night

'i missed them too, tonight thou?

'for sure, we better go before debbie loses her mind in the car... bea nodded and they both laughed when debbie pushed the horn, allie handed her flowers to bridget and went to the car, bea opened the door for allie and once she slipped into the seat bea closed the door and got into the drivers seat

'alright lunch time, feed me... debbie whined

'sure princess, what do you want to eat?

'i want junk food so maccas?


'im good with that

'okay, maccas it is... bea drove to the closest maccas to the house which was only about 15 minutes away and parked the car, the 3 walked inside and lined up to order

'deb what do you want?

'big mac meal please

'okay, baby what do you want?

'umm i dunno, i dont normally eat maccas

'well how about we get a family deal and we can share and whatever is left im sure the vacuum here will eat it

'okay babe

'good, why dont you 2 find a table and sit down?

'okay but mum make sure you get nuggets and sauce

'yes yes i know.... bea placed the order and than once her tray was ready she walked slowly to the table the girls found and placed it on the table

'shit thats a lot of food mum

'yea i know, whatever is left we can keep for later or something.... they had lunch and allie thought the fillet-o-fish burger was yummy so bea told her to eat it all which she did happily bea smiled as she wiped the side of allie's mouth from the sauce, god she just loved the blonde so much and she was cute as a button, there were some nuggets and 2 burgers left so they asked for a take away bag and put them in to have later, they got back into the car and drove to the address of the house they were checking out today, they were a few minutes early so they sat in the car with the windows down

'its really nice from the front, hopefully the inside is just as nice... allie said when she saw the beautiful garden, the front porch with the swinging seat and the double lock up garage

'deb what is the persons name we are meeting?

'her name is mel and here she is pulling up now... they got out of the car and as the other lady got out she heard debbie mumble 'she is hot'.. bea couldnt lie the woman was very pretty with her suit on, long legs, hair straight going down her back

'hi ladies im melissa but you can call me mel

'hi im bea and this is debbie my daughter and allie my girlfriend... bea said making sure mel understood to keep her eyes to herself, she saw mel checking out allie and she wasnt having any of it

'its nice to meet you all, come follow me inside..... they went inside and began looking around, the photos didnt do it justice the place was amazing

'wow its huge and so open... debbie said

'yea the owner did his own renovations to this place, originally this was 2 small rooms but he knocked the wall down

'its definitely better, mum look at the kitchen its so nice.... bea held allie's hand as they walked through the kitchen and out to the backyard which bea now realized had an inground pool and spa

'i didnt know they were here?

'yea the owner decided not to put them on the add for some reason, he says the house will scream out to the right people and not just the people that want the pool, he is very family orientated and wants the house he shared with his family to go to another loving family

'thats nice to hear

'who is it that would be living here?

'myself, debbie and shane a 16 year old

'this house will be great for you guys... check out the rest of the hosue and let me know what you want to do.... they spent half an hour looking over every nook and cranny to make sure they dont miss anything, debbie had separated from them at some stage and as allie and bea walked into the master bedroom and than the ensuite they laughed when they saw debbie sitting in the spa bath

'this is cool mum, this will be your room and you will have a spa bath

'it should be your room deb

'nah, its too big for me im happy with the other one near the bathroom, you know how long it takes for me to get ready when i go out?

'too long... allie said making debbie and bea laugh

'yep, so what do 2 think of the house

'its beautiful deb


'its so nice, you will make this your own in no time

'i want it on one condition?

'whats that? bea asked

'i want allie to move into the spare room with us

'oh no i cant do that, im fine where i am

'i know your fine but i want this, listen allie bridget starts work in 2 weeks and you will be home alone, you have a hard few months ahead of you and we need to be there for you and with you, if you live with us one of us is almost guaranteed to be home with you or not be far, mum tell her... she hadnt discussed this with her mum so she was hoping she wouldnt be put on the spot right now, she relaxed when her mum smiled and nodded

'deb is right baby, i would love nothing more than to have yo live with us, you will have your own room and we will be there for you for anything you need, please move in with us... bea said pleadingly, allie looked from debbie to allie and back to debbie again before nodding


'okay? debie said

'okay, i will live with you guys but on one condition

'whats that?

'we totally have a big pool party/house warming when we are settled in

'oh hells yea... debbie tried to get up and hug allie but she slipped so bea pulled her up 'thanks mum, ya im so excited

'me too deb, are you both sure about this?

'no doubt in our minds, now lets go make an offer.... they went down the long hallway and to the kitchen where mel was going through some paperwork

'so what do you girls think?

'we like it, im going to make an offer, can i have a piece of paper please... mel handed debbie a paper and pen, allie and bea watched on not saying anything, if needed bea would step in

'i know what there asking for but lets be realistic, we lost our home in a fire, we lost everything possible except the clothes on our backs, so we are starting fresh, give this offer to the owner and tell him there is no better family that would want this house but us, tell him we love the place and want to make new memories after the shitty time we have had, tell him love makes a family not money... debbie said handing the offer over to mel who looked at it and raised an eyebrow

;thats $50,000 less than the asking price

'i know, just tell him what i said

'okay, i can call him now and see what he says

'good... mel took her phone and walked out the front while the other 3 stayed inside

'do you think he will go for it?

'i think he will mum, the guy sounds like its all abut family for him and there is no better than ours

'thats true, lets sit out the back allie is tired...t hey went to the backyard and sat on the chairs by the pool, bea pulled allie to sit in her lap and allie snuggled into bea's body

'you okay allie?

'just a little tired deb but im fine

'im so excited to have you move back in with us, we can hang out, watch movies and stuff our faces... bea smiled and shook her head, if debbie had to choose between food and money it would always be food, mel came outside about 10 minutes later and sat down

'so what did he say?

'he said to tell you that you drive a hard bargain, he also said to tell you that he knows what its like to lose everything, when he lived in queensland his house got destroyed by the floods, that being said he accepts your offer and will sign right away


'really, he is on his way now if your happy to sign now?


'absolutely, lets do this

'good, im going to go to the office and get some paperwork and i will be back in half an hour with him, he is meeting me at the office, do you mind hanging around?

'thats fine mel... mel left and they just stayed seated where they were

'wow this is all ours?

'it is deb, i told you we will build slow and steady, today we bought a house, in the next few days we order furniture, it will happen deb i promise, have i ever broken a promise?

'never.. debbie shook her head as her eyes filled with emotion

'i never plan to, i know we lost a lot and the memories we cant get back but we will make new ones with our family okay? debbie nodded


'come here sweety... debbie got up and sat next to her mum hugging her, allie tried to get up but bea's arm around her stopped her from moving

'your our family too baby, dont go anywhere... allie hugged the smith girls and kissed there cheeks

'i love you both

'we love you too... after some time mel returned with a guy, tall, brown hair and built

'girls i would like you to meet bruce the owner of the property, bruce this is bea, debbie and allie

'hi girls nice to meet you

'you too bruce

'so who is the one that made te offer?

'thats me... he laughed

'of course it is, the youngest one is always the fire cracker, im glad the house is going to someone who will make it a home

'we are really happy with this house, we will definitely look after it bruce

'good to hear, well lets get things signed.... while bea, debbie and bruce signed all the paper work allie felt uncomfortable under mel's glare, she looked allie up and down checking her out and than winked, once the paperwork was done they chatted for a while and bea saw allie looked really uncomfortable as she sat in her seat, bea had seen mel's eyes on allie so she leaned closer to allie and whispered in her ear

'baby come and sit in my lap before i tear her head off... allie smiled very thankful for bea picking up on the situation, mel wasnt happy to see allie sitting in bea's lap so she just stood up and began collecting the paperwork

'you get the keys in a week once all this goes through and the payment has cleared, i have to show another house if there isnt anything else? she looked at them all and they all shook there heads no 'okay i will be off, bruce you can show them out

'of course, we are just chatting

'okay, good bye everyone... she stormed off and bruce laughed when he heard the front door slam

'oh wow bea im surprised you didnt push her in the pool, i saw her trying it on with allie

'yea well im trying hard to keep my cool so i dont stress allie out, she doesnt need that

'you been through a tough time kid? allie shrugged 'can i ask what happened? allie looked at bea and nodded for her to tell him, which she spent the next ten minutes letting him know about everything

'wow thats pretty shit, how are you doing now?

'its hard, sometimes i feel like i dont even know who i am

'i get that, im 13 years clean


yep, i almost lost it all until my wife stepped in and gave me an intervention, i went to detox, than rehab for 6 months, it was without a doubt the hardest thing i have ever done but i dont regret doing it, i learned a lot and i learnt to appreciate what i have, you will get through this allie just give yourself and your body time to heal

'thank you bruce... bruce chatted to debbie and bea for a while longer till bea saw allie fell asleep on her shoulder

'ah you better get this one back to her bed

'yea all the walking around was making her tired

'do you need help getting her to the car?

'no thats okay, thank you thou... bea woke up allie who was not in any mood to wake up but she knew she had to get home, she walked bea's arm around her to the car and after thanking bruce they left and allie was asleep again

'deb what do you want to do? you want to come to bridgets for a while?

'actually do you mind dropping me at boomers place? she wants to go for a drive to the beach if thats okay?

'of course deb, i know boomer would look after you... once she got too boomers house debbie leaned over the front seat kissing them both on the cheek

'love you

'love you too, here take this... bea pulled out 4 hundred dollars hundred and gave it to debbie

'whats this for?

'for you and shane, $200 each for food or anything you want to buy, you both need money so dont bother arguing

'okay, thank you

'no problems, are you staying at boomers tonight?

yes i am, are you gonna stay with allie?

'yes so if you need me call me

'i will bye... once bea saw boomer let debbie in and wave she drove off to bridgets place, she tried to get allie out but she was out of it so she called bridget to open the door and hold it open while she carried her in, bridget laughed when allie snored lightly when bea walked passed her with allie in ehr arms, when she got to allie's bed she gently placed her down and took off her jacket, shoes, socks and jean leaving her in a shirt and panties and tucked her in, she went out to the car and locked it up grabbing hers and allie's stuff before doing so, thanking bridget she decided to lay in bed with her girl beaing so very hopeful for what was to come, she will rebuild with debbie, shane and allie, it wont be easy but they will get back on there feet, she was taken out of her thoughts when allie started mumbling random things so bea whispered sweet things in her ear and stroked her back, allie snuggled into bea's form and went back to sleep, bea had decided to stay awake and look online for furniture stores around to go with the others to shop in the next few days, the pain has come, the hurt has come but the happiness will be all worth it