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Caught in the Middle

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The following day allie had agreed to come with bea to do furniture shopping with her and debbie, allie wasnt the most comfortable but bea and debbie agreed to always have one of them by her side, bea pulled up out the front of bridgets place and went to the door knocking and the door opened

'hey my beautiful girl

'hey babe

'you doing okay?

'im okay, where is debbie?

'in the car, she cant wait to go shopping

'she does love to spend money... allie giggled, bea leaned in kissing the blondes lips

'ready to go?

'um yes

'you sure your up to this allie?

'as long as im with my 2 favorite girls im okay

'alright lets go i have to feed miss piggy... she nodded towards the car, taking bea's hand they went to the car and bea opened the door for the blonde and she slipped into the passenger seat and than bea went around and got in herself, as allie put on her seat belt she felt debbie kiss her cheek

'hi bestie

'hey deb

'how are ya?

'im okay, you?

'im good, i would be happier if mum feeeeeeds meeeeee..... she sang out and bea rolled her eyes

'yea alright deb, we are going to the shops now and i will feed you

'yay... debbie fist pumped, bea and allie laughed and than took off, pulling up at the shops they got out and walked inside both debbie and bea holding allie's hands, debbie of course pulled them to the food court and sat at a table with cushion chairs

'what do you both want to eat?

'i want oportos

'same as usual?

'yes please

'okay, allie?

'maybe just some hot chips

'thats it? how about i get you a small burger with chips and a drink from oportos?

'i guess so

'okay i wont be long... kissing allie's lips bea went to line up at oportos, once she ordered she received her order for the 3 of them and she went back to the table and put the tray down handing out the food and drinks before taking a seat

'oh yum i loves me some oportos, thanks mum

'no worries deb, babe just eat what you can, okay... allie nodded, allie ended up eating all but half the burger which bea was happy about and debbie was even happier to finish it off for her

'your such a vacuum deb

'im good with that mum... she said licking her fingers

'alright lets go wash up and than go shopping.... after they used the bathroom they went to the first furniture place

'deb did you make the list?

'i sure did, now at this place we can do a lot of the bigger furniture, so lets start with couches over hear, come on you 2.... they followed an eager debbie to the area and began moving around looking at all the different ones

'how about this one mum? its L shaped, the ends come out to recline, the material is stain free so it will last long and there is this extra piece thats like an extra part

'its really nice, lets sit... debbie and allie sat at the edges and lifted the recliner laying back to relax

'these are great babe

'yea i think so too, deb?

'i love them mum and you can be comfortable on the couch when you get sent to the dog house... debbie and allie giggled as bea shook her head and laughed

'yea yea, whatever, alright debbie take down the reference on the tag and lets get beds... they went to where all the beds and mattresses were and began testing them out

'mum what size bed do you want? i think you should get a king, you deserve it

'you think? i dont know deb

'yes babe of course you should, you deserve it for sure

'okay than, i guess it would be nice to star fish... bea giggled

'good, now mum which one do you want?

'i like the sled one here in chocolate colored

'i agree

'how about you deb?

'i want the simple bass and mattress with the bedhead


'yes please mum

'okay, allie?

'i like this one here.... she pointed and showed a beautiful brown wooden bed and mattress, bea had to admit it was pretty beautiful and it suited allie perfectly

'its beautiful, alright get tags deb please

'got them

'okay, which one for shane?

'this one here, its sturdy and strong

'looks good, get the tag

'okay, how about we do room by room now? lounge room first?

'sounds good

'allie you okay to keep going?

'im good

'alright lets go..... they spent the next 2 hours choosing out a coffee table, dinning table and chairs, a buffet, fridge, freezer, washing machine, and an outdoor table, when bea went to pay allie tried to pay half but bea was having none of that

'bea you cant pay for everything

'of course i can

'i can afford this bea

'im not denying that you can allie but im paying for it all

'at least let me pay for my bedroom stuff?

'no allie, i want you to save your money as in time you and debbie will be opening up your business so please let me pay and dont argue

'but babe... allie tried to argue but bea put her finger on allie's lips

'baby please let me do this, i know your independent but i want to take care of my family and that includes you, if it makes you feel better you can get dinner tonight? allie smiled

'fine babe

'good... she kissed allie's lips one, two, three times until debbie groaned

'ugh you too are too mushy

'shush up you or you get no dessert

'whatever mother!!! allie giggled, bea paid and organized delivery on the day they get the keys

'miss can please fill this out with the delivery information?

'sure.... once bea filled it out she handed it back 'what time will delivery be?

'the afternoon if thats okay? say between 3-6?

'perfect and please tell your delivery guys to be careful as it has new floors

'i will, if you have any problems please dont hesitate to call, one of the drivers will call you when they are on the way to your place

'okay thank you.... taking the receipt she grabbed allie's hand and they walked out

'alright where too?

'well mum lets go to freedom and get side tables and things like that

'can we do that online deb im tired and im sure allie is too

'im okay to keep going babe

'well im tired

'old age mum... debbie laughed when her mum shoved her playfully

'watch it you

'well how about you sit down and have a coffee while allie and i go and do some shopping?

'i dont mind, allie you up to shopping with deb?

'sure but will you be okay on your own?

'i will be fine, im going to the coffee shop and im gonna get a magazine and relax my feet hurt

'okay mum we will call you when we are done, card please.... bea gave debbie her credit card and than linked arms with allie and walked off

'bye babe... allie yelled out and blew a kiss, bea giggled and walked to the coffee shop getting a magazine on the way,


debbie and allie went to the freedom shop and walked in

'where do we start deb? whats on your list?

'lots of things really so lets get to the side tables, dressers and we can go from there

'sounds good.... they went around for the next hour choosing out side tables, for each bedroom and for the lounge room, also adding a cupboard for the laundry as debbie had realized it didnt have one, a tv cabinet for each room and some other bits and pieces, once debbie paid with her mums card they called bea and she told them where she was so they went there, as they rounded the corner allie smiled wide when she saw bea her head down in a magazine reading away, coming up behind the redheads she kissed her neck softly

'mm you smell good... bea hummed in delight

'hey baby how did you 2 go?

'i think we did good mum, here is the receipt, they will deliver the day we get the keys and set them all up.... bea scanned the receipt and was happy with what debbie got

'mum i think we should get electrical stuff now and leave it in boomers garage, there is a lock and she will keep it safe

'im good with that

'allie what do you think?

'sure but first i need something sweet

'alright what do you 2 want?

'iced chocolate.... they both replied and bea laughed as she went to the counter

'hi miss what can i get you?

'2 iced chocolates with cream, 1 cappa and 3 chocolate brownies

'sure... bea paid and sat down as it would be bought out to them... they received there drinks and cookies and debbie smiled wide

'you know me too well mama

'that i do sweet heart

'me too babe... allie said her mouth full making them laugh

'alright now do we have a list for electrical stuff?

'no mum we dont.... pulling out her phone bea opened the notepad app

'okay, what do we need?

'5 tv's, one for each of our rooms and the lounge room, laptops

'okay, what else?

'printer, stereo? are we getting another stereo?

'absolutely, you know i love my music

'mum loves to pump her music in the house, its quite funny to watch her dance around .... bea blushed as allie smiled

'anyways moving on, do we need a computer desk?

'yes and we can have it set up with the printer, scanner, pens and stuff like that, anyone can use it and shane is definitely going to need it when he starts to study

'why didnt he come today?

'oh because he had work with franky, we asked him what he likes and he says 'i dont care im just happy to have a roof over my head'

'he is a sweet kid

'he sure is deb, so to the electric store.... on the way to the store debbie called boomer who was happy to store there stuff and upon hearing how much they would have offered to help pick them up with her ute which debbie was great full for, another hour passed and they had finished shopping, they were buggered but they were waiting at the back ware house with all there stuff for boomer to come, she pulled up her music pumping loud and her windows down

'hey bitches

'hey booms, thanks for helping

'no worries bea, lets load them all in the ute... they all helped loading the stuff and than boomer put the tarp over them and tied it all down to secure them

'they will be safe yea?

'yea no sweat bea, i got them, so mini ya coming over? pizza? movie? ice cream? ya can stay over

'mum do you mind?

'course not, go ahead deb

'sweet, are you staying with allie?

'not sure but if you need me just call

'okay, bye... debbie hugged them both and left with boomer, boomer assured them they could unload on there own and to go and relax, bea grabbed allie's hand and walked back through the center towards the carpark

'allie what should we have for dinner?

'well i wanted us to go out but i think were both too tired

'i sure am, do you mind if we go tomorrow?

'of course not, lets get chinese and take it to my place and than we can snuggle

'sounds good to me baby...



once they finished dinner bea cleaned the couple plates and threw the rubbish out while allie rushed off to the bathroom, unbeknown to bea allie had filled up the tub for her, lit some scented candles, rushed out the back to get a couple of roses from bridgets garden hoping she wouldnt mind and came back in scattering the petals in the bath water, she put the radio on in the back round and than went to get bea, bea had just finished wiping her hands when she took her hand

'come with me please

'where too?

'just come... bea nodded and allowed allie to pull her towards the bathroom and when they walked in bea gasped

'allie, you did this?

'i did

'why? as she began to undress bea she spoke

'because i wanted to look after you, i want you to relax, to take some time for yourself, since the fire you have been on the go non stop for me, debbie, shane, kaz, everyone but you havent taken a break for yourself so i will do it for you... she said pulling off bea's shirt and bra 'your my beautiful bea and are everything to me and i wont let you run yourself into the ground, i love you and i can care for you too, so your going to get in this bath and relax and not for 5 minutes, i am okay, its time for you to be taken care of and im going to do just that.... pulling down bea's jeans and panties she helped bea into the water and when bea laid down she put a towel behind her head to make it soft, kissing her cheeks, her nose, her eyes and than her lips

'i love you babe, just relax im still around, im just gonna have a shower and i will be back soon..... bea nodded unable to talk due to how choked up she was, no one had ever made her feel as loved as allie had and she fell in love with her even more.... allie got up and smiled before she walked out the room and to the other bathroom to shower, while at the shops she had spoken to bridget and she was staying at franky's place which gave them the place to them selves and she planned to look after her woman, bea was everything to her and she would do anything for her... after her shower she checked on bea and the water went a little cold so she topped it off silently and left the bathroom and went to her own room, it was a bit of a mess as she was in a hurry this morning so she cleaned it and lit some candles and took out some massage oil wanting to give bea a massage to relax her body even more, bea had been in the bath for 45 minutes and allie went to the bathroom

'hey babe you ready to get out?


'come on.... allie helped bea up and wrapped put the towel around her body wiping her down gently and than put on bea's panties and the robe on her

'come with me to my room.... bea nodded and followed allie to her room there hands linked, they walked into the room and bea smiled

'baby whats all this?

'this is for you, you have looked after me so well and i want to look after you, so if you would please take off the robe and lay on your stomach in the middle of the bed im going to give you a massage


'yes babe, this is about you so please... bea took off her robe and lay on the bed on her stomach her arms tucked under her head, allie undressed to her panties and a t-shirt to make it easier to move around, she grabbed the oil and straddled bea's plumb ass

'babe im going to use oil so it may be a little cold to start with... bea nodded, allie squirted some oil on her back and began to massage bea's back feeling her muscles begin to relax after a few minutes, allie went from the shoulders to neck and down her spine and around to her hips, bea's gentle moans when she touched a particularly sensitive part was causing allie to tighten her legs as much as she can, she was embarrassed that she was getting turned on by the sounds bea was making,

as allie was massaging her bea felt herself getting turned on which worried her because apart from hugs and kisses they havent been intimate since before the fire, after about 20 minutes allie moved her hands through bea's red locks and to her temples

'allie.... bea moaned out and allie bit her her lip, bea's husky voice sounded so god damn sexy, bea couldnt take it anymore and slowly began to turn over which allie understood and lifted a little for bea to turn over and allie sat on her crouch bea's hands running up and down her thighs

'fuck your beautiful... allie said and bea blushed

'you are... allie leaned down kissing bea's lips 'is it bad how much i want you? bea asked

'i want you too

'like i want you so much allie

'so have me.... bea frowned 'whats wrong? allie asked

'i dont know, i just thought with everything going on i wasnt sure if i should

'babe i want you, i want you to touch me

'yea? bea asked unsure

'yes babe, i know its been a hard couple of weeks but i have never not wanted you, i got through all of this because of you being my my side, i love you and i want you too, so touch me... bea smiled, they spent the night making love over and over again till they fell asleep wrapped in the bed sheets and big smiles on there faces


when bea woke up the next day she was alone in bed, the bed was a little warm so allie hadnt been gone for long, reaching for her robe she put it on before going to the bathroom to freshen up, bea could hear movement in the kitchen so headed that way, walking into the kitchen allie was at the sink drinking water, she went up behind her snaking her arms around allie's waist and kissing her neck and allie leaned into bea's chest

'good morning baby... bea husked in her ear

'fuck that voice is so damn hot... bea chuckled

'thanks, thats a great greeting

'sorry babe, good morning, did you sleep okay?

'i slept great, you?

'amazingly, i got up to make breakfast but what your doing right now im struggling to concentrate

'maybe i want you for breakfast, maybe i want you in my mouth.... allie whimpered as a puddle formed in her panties

'you can have whatever you want bea

'i plan too.... turning allie around she pulled her into a kissed as they walked over to the dinning table and she lifted allie onto it

'shit babe on the table?

'on the table.... bea mumbled as she kissed along her neck, as bea's lips went down her body allie leaned back and laid down, bea looked up and the sight before her was something she could never imagine, allie was draped over the table her robe open, her chest and face flushed and ready for bea, bea placed soft wet kisses to allie's stomach and her hips nibbling gently eliciting little moans from the blonde, pulling allie's panties down her legs she threw them aside before looking at her mound, bea grabbed a chair and sat down to make it easier, looking into allie's eyes she smirked

'hmmm breakfast is served... she said and allie's face was just full of pleasure when bea moved in and licked from her entrance all the way to her clit and rolling her tongue around the nub, she sucked it into her mouth and felt allie's hand in her hair needing something to hold onto, she didnt mind as long as allie wasnt rough which she never was, moving her tongue all around her mound she felt allie get wetter and wetter and the juice was running down her chin which she absolutely loved, moving her hands up she grabbed onto allie's breasts and squeezed the nipples

'oh fuck... allie moaned out, bea knew allie was close so she pulled her clit into her mouth sucking a little hard and it sent allie into waves of pleasure, her body bound up needing bea to hold her down, she was moaning bea's name loudly throughout the otherwise quiet house and she squirted into bea's mouth, as bea licked her clean allie tried to get her breath back, sitting up properly she stroked allie's stomach to help her calm down, she was still worried about allie and wasnt sure about sex but allie had told her that if she didnt want to or was struggling she would tell her to stop, after a few minutes allie looked up and laughed

'so how was breakfast?

'hands down the best breakfast ever..... she laughed and allie laughed along with her, bea stood up taking allie's hand and pulling her up to kiss her

'i love you

'i love you too

'i love you more... allie chuckled bea loves saying that, 'so what have you got planned today?


'well im still tired so how about a day in bed? we can order take out for lunch, watch movies or shows and just relax together?

'how about debbie?

'she is going with boomer and kaz today to help with shopping for kaz's house, she decided to donate all her stuff so she can start fresh

'isnt debbie sick of shopping?

'thats like debbie's 2nd favorite thing to do

'whats her first? allie asked and they both replied

'food... they laughed

'well in that case bed with you all day sounds great but first shower

'oh definitely, come on beautiful.... they had a shower together and than got dressed, well in undies and a shirt, it was now lunch so allie ordered lunch while bea cleaned the table allie laughing when she got off the phone

'i think im gonna have to get bridget a new table babe i wont be able to look at her without thinking about what we did

'i know, i feel bad, like we fucked on her table.... allie laughed

''oh well i can order one online to be delivered today, come on help me choose.... allie chose a new table and for it to be delivered asap which would be in an hour, there food arrived which was hungry jacks and they ate lunch in bed while they started watching tv, the new table was delivered not long later and they took the other one out to the garage,

'babe should we go for round 2?

'allie no, we have to behave, bridget is going to know

'no she wont

'as if she wont

'she wont say anything anyways

'she wont but freaking franky will

'oh shit she probably will.... allie laughed

'allie its not funny

'yea it kind is babe, dont worry i got your back always.... bea smiled and kissed allie and than they went inside and into bed, they stayed there the rest of the day either making out or watching movies, having a nap at some stage but it was good for it to be just them 2, bridget messaged and said she would pick up dinner and she was coming with franky so they decided to get dressed and at least look slightly decent, when they arrived they came in and put there stuff on the table

'hmm this isnt my table

'ugh no its not aunty bridget, i got you a new table... allie looked at bea who was trying not too blush


'i just thought you needed an upgrade... bridget nodded and smiled

'okay, thanks... bridget said nothing more but wasnt stupid, the look on bea and allie's face said it all, although looking at franky who was about to spit something out she couldnt stop her girlfriend from embarrassing them

'oh shit, ya got ya fuck on ay? she asked and bea covered her blushing face and allie just giggled 'oh shit you did

'franky leave them alone

'nah gidge this is brilliant, red and blondie got there fuck on on your table and well they decided to get you a new one, shit who knew you 2 were freaky little fuckers.... she cackled

'franky shut up.... bea groaned

'franky i said leave them alone

'ah gidge its too much fun, i mean red cant even look at us and blondie, well? she doesnt even care

'franky im gonna belt the shit out of you.... bea said as she dropped her hands and went to walk towards a laughing franky but allie wrapped her arms around her

;babe dont worry about her, she is just jealous, its just you and me okay? bea nodded

'tell her to shut up before i make her... bea growled

'dont worry bea she will stop or she can spend some time in the dog house

'gidge you ruin all my fun.... franky pouted and crossed her arms

'you will be fine baby, anyways girls i bought indian so you can sit with us and franky will behave herself or take it into your room, wherever your more comfortable

'bea lets eat here yea? she will behave

'okay fine... bea and allie sat down and bea stuck her finger up at franky and she laughed

'i didnt even do anything

'thats for before, dont be a shit

'i cant help it, im a full blown ass hole

'dont i know it.... they had dinner and bea and franky cleaned up while allie and bridget chatted about allie moving in with bea,

'so red you and allie are good?

'were really good franky, better than i have ever had, shit sorry i didnt mean it as an insult you were great to me

'hey hey relax i know what you mean, we were good but were better as friends and we both found someone we have strong connections with, i mean you wouldnt do it with me on the table.... franky laughed and bea punched her shoulder

'ass hole

'so i hear, anyways im just shit stirring ya im happy for ya, you found someone really special there

'i know, you have too franky, bridget is great

'yea she is, she is amazing and i think im falling for her

'thats great franky... they shared a hug and allie chose that moment to walk into the kitchen, if her eyes could kill franky would be laying on the floor right now, she turned and walked away and bea heard the door slam shut making her jump

'what the hell just happened red?

'she is worried when your around, your my ex and she thinks maybe i will get back with you or something would happen, i tried to tell her that we are just friends but sometimes its just hard for her

'i get it red, really i do, should i talk to her?

'im not sure she would want to talk to you, she may actually kill you

'no i will be fine, just give me a few minutes

'okay go for it... franky went to allie's room and knocked and than entered

'its just me

'what do you want franky? she asked pissed off

'i just want to talk, give me a couple minutes... allie clenched her teeth but nodded so franky walked into the room and closed the door leaning against it, franky took a big breath knowing she had to explain hers and bea's relationship to allie to help her understand that its not what she thinks

'when i first me bea she was a mess, scared to talk to people, scared to go out to the pub with the group and at times scared to leave the house, i loved going to the salon to meet with her and i made sure i went once a week minimum so she had some consistency in her life after harry, all she had was liz and debbie and she was so closed off, the first few lunches she didnt say much at all and i worried that maybe i was pushing her too much but eventually she began to open up to me and i did to her,

'you see when i was a kid my mum hated me and used me to put out her cigarettes and it really messed me up, i struggled for a long time and when i began to see bea for lunch every week we both opened up to each other, we understood how much hurt we both went through and our relationship grew from there, im not gonna lie i did have feelings for bea but i mistakened them for romantic ones when really they were love of friend ship and comfort, she was the same, she was the first person i trusted and i was the first one apart from liz that she trusted, we were comfortable with each other and although i dont regret my relationship with bea i have to say there wasnt any romantic love between us, it may have been down the track but it wasnt at the time,

'but sexually? allie asked not sure if she wanted to hear it but she needed to

'yes bea and i were intimate, i wont lie to you she was great, it took her some time to get her footing but when she finally opened up sexually to me it was great but in saying that she never gave me all of her and deep down i knew that, she was holding back to some point, when you came into the picture she felt something for you the very first night and i did for bridget, when we talked we knew it straight away that we werent meant to be but you 2 were, you 2 are meant to be together, allie she loves you more than i have seen her love anyone except debbie, she would never do anything with me or anyone else you can trust her

'i do trust her i just get scared im not good enough for her

'oh allie of course you are, you 2 are perfect together

'you think so?

'i know so, you and her, me and bridget... frnaky laughed and shook her head

''its weird how it all happened but im glad it did, im falling for your aunty and i dont plan to fuck that up, bea she loves you and i know she wouldnt want to do anything to lose you, in saying that you cant be upset with her anytime we talk, hug, are on the phone, anything like that, its not fair on her.... allie nodded she knew that but it was hard to admit

'i know, im trying to be accepting its just hard sometimes

'i get that, just know im her best friend and we were friends before we dated and definitely will be after, i need her in my life

'she needs you too.... allie said nodding

'so are we okay?

'yea just dont get too touchy feely with her, im still trying to get used to it

'that i can do but im irresistible... franky laughed when allie threw a pillow at her face

'your so up yourself

'well yea, someone's gotta be, anyways im going

'can you ask bea to come in here please and tell aunty bridget i said good night

'sure, night blondie

' good night.... franky walked out and a couple minutes later bea came into the room and allie patted the bed and she sat down, allie took her hand

'im sorry i stormed off

'its okay

'no its not, its not fair to be mad at you for hugging your friend, im trying to get used to the fact that you and franky are friends and nothing more

'nothing more baby, your my one and only and always would be, i love you allie

'i love you too bea, am i forgiven?

'nothing to forgive... allie smiled and kissed the red head, laughing when bea yawned


'hmm yea, someone kept me up most of the night

'i didnt see you complaining

'i never will, now move over and stop hogging the blanket.... they got into bed and put a movie on, within 10 minutes bea was asleep and a few minutes after that allie followed