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Caught in the Middle

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bea was at the new house watching as the cleaners were cleaning the house after the bug spray, she made sure they got into every cupboard. draw and crack there was, the poison that was used was strong and she didnt want the others getting sick,

'hey guys can you make sure the garage is done as well please

'yes ma'am... they replied, bea's phone ringing pulled her away from them and she went out back sitting down to answer


'hey mum

'hey deb you alright?

'im good, i was just thinking that we need to do a shop for the kitchen

'shit yea we do. well when are you back?

'i just got back now it was a good few days away but im ready to set up our house

'how are you feeling?

'better than what i was i think, im feeling happier to be back and closer to you and allie, i know i have a few things to deal with but im feeling better

'im glad you had a good time but im so happy your back, i have been worried about you and allie hasnt stopped bugging me about you... she heard debbie laugh

'yea i know she just called me as if she knew i was back

'smart girl that one, whats she doing?

'packing her stuff at bridgets place, she wants to go for lunch so i was thinking that the 3 of us go for lunch and than we can shop for the kitchen?

'sounds good to me deb i will be done here in an hour

'okay well im going to bring boomers ute because we need the room so i will pick up allie and than how about we meet at the shops?

'okay say at 12.30?

'okay mum, i will see you than

'bye baby... bea hung up and went back inside and she was glad the smell had changed from the medication smell going through the house, once they were done she closed up the house and left to go meet the girls. debbie had text her and told her where they were so once she parked her car she headed to the cafe they were at, as she walked towards the cafe she could see allie and debbie laughing and giggling and could only imagine what they were talking about, her eyes went to the blonde and the way she threw her head back laughing and fuck bea just fell in love with her even more, bea smiled when her allie turned her head and there eyes met causing allie to smile as well

'hi babe

'hey baby how are you? she leaned in kissing the blonde softly

'im good and you?

'im good, hey deb you behaving?

'but of course mother.... debbie giggled and bea sat down and picked up the menu

'im so hungry

'you didnt eat bea? you were up at 7

'yes well i just got busy

'babe you need to look after yourself

'yea i know time just got away from me, anyways lets order first than chit chat.... once there order was placed they got there drinks straight away and relaxed back

'so kitchen stuff?

'yea i made a list mum here see if there is anything else you can think of.... bea read the list and than grabbed the pen, after reading she added a couple things and than gave it back to debbie

'you want a coffee machine?

'yep. i just want to flick a switch and its all done for me

'okay and you want a nutri-bullet?

'yep, i love my shakes so i want to get one

'alright, anything else?

'i dont think so. allie?

'i think you have everything but when we are shopping if we see extra stuff than we can get it

'good idea

'so deb tell me about your trip? bea asked and as they had lunch debbie told tham all about what she did with boomer and a few funny stories of what they got up too

'oh mum you should have seen it so funny, we went out for ice cream last night after we had pizza for dinner and we ended up going to a pub and we played pool, there were a few guys there a group of them and they tried to win the table from me and booms and lord did they try but we kept kicking there asses, one of the guys was so cocky that he wanted to put a wager on it

'oh lord.. bea said

'yea well me boomer arent scared so we said okay

'what was the wager? allie said intrigued

'he was so cocky he goes '$500' to the winners, i wasnt too keen on it but boomer said to not worry and if they did lose she would cover it so i agreed, the owner of the pub was there so he held the money and made it clear that no matter what the loser cant throw up a stink or anything which we all agreed to and the game began, it was close i will be honest but we beat them and the guy through up a stink and tried to come at me but the owner stepped up and put his hand out and goes to the guy

'listen mate you got your ass handed to you from the girls, shit happens get over it'

'of course boomer cant help but through a couple jabs in, she goes 'dont be such a cry baby or your mum might need to come here with your bottle and blanky.... bea, allie and debbie all burst out laughing

'oh my god typical boomer but fuck where does she come up with this stuff

'oh mum it was so funny and everyone in the pub cracked up laughing even the owner

'what happened after that?

'the guy his name was patrick got the shits and boomer being boomer goes to the owner who hands her the money and she goes over to patrick and puts her arm around him like there best friends and goes come on sweet cheeks imma buy you a drink, the guy just laughed and they went off to the bar and bought drinks, he and boomer even made out at one stage

'oh my god boomer has got some tricks

'it was just so funny, after we left the bar boomer thought it would be a good idea to go for a swim so me and her went to the hotel pool and snuck in and went swimming for a bit, it was 3 in the morning so the pool was closed but we didnt care, it was just so good to laugh and let lose a bit

'im glad you had fun deb

'thanks mum, im glad i went it helped me clear my head and i made $250... she laughed 'here take this back mum i didnt even use the money except for like $100... she tried handing it to bea but she pushed her hand away

'i dont want it deb you keep it, if you need anything just use it

'are you sure?


'okay, well shall we head off to shop

'yes lets.... after bea paid they went off to start there shopping trip

'mum should we get 2 trolleys?

'i think 3 is better actually, we are starting from scratch so we are getting a lot of stuff... they got a trolley each and bea and allie followed debbie who was just in front of them, bea looked at allie who was smiling and kissed her lips and in return allie giggled, bea smiled even wider she loved allie's giggle/laugh it was so cute and innocent, bea mouthed i love you to allie and allie mouthed i love you too with bea saying a love you more, allie shook her head a slight blush on her cheeks she isnt sure she could ever get used to bea saying that to her, being pulled out of the daze with debbie's voice they looked ahead

'when you 2 are done googly eyeing each other lets start with the cutlery....... it took quite a while to go through the entire list but they did get everything plus a few other bits and pieces they found along the way, the trolleys were full to the top and than allie grabbed an appliance

'we need this.... bea looked confused

'what is it?

'its a machine that cuts up your veggies and fruit, its so good and you dont have to worry about doing it yourself

'does it work?

'sure does, bridget had one but i broke it


'i may have had too much to drink one night and i may have put a cup in it..... she said sheepishly, bea looked at debbie and they both burst out laughing

'oh baby your so damn cute.... bea said rubbing allie's cheek before taking the appliance and putting it in the trolley 'if this is what my baby wants this is what she shall get... bea pushed debbie playfully as she began making gagging noises

'ugh gross mum

'shush up you, alright anything else ladies?

'i think we are all good babe

'alright well lets pay for it and take it straight over to the new house.... bea paid and than they went to the new house and bought it all into the house and to the pretty huge kitchen

'should we unpack now babe?

'i think we should, its all been cleaned and its easier to unpack as we go than all at once

'yea true, okay i will do the plates and cups, deb why dont you do the cutlery and bowls and stuff and babe you do the appliances

'easy enough..... debbie played music from her phone and they went on to set up the kitchen, as they unpacked and packed things away it began to look really good and there was plenty of space

'deb, allie if there is anything we need write it down and we can go get them after

'babe i think we just need like a dish rack, sponges, detergent, tupperware and things like that which we can actually do online because i know your over shopping

'i so i am but can we really do it online?

'you sure can, how about i order us something sweet which will come in about 40 minutes and by than we will be finished and we can sit down and relax and order things online that we need so we dont have to keep going to the shop, it can actually be done as a grocery shop

'well the fridge and everything else comes tomorrow

'good so we can get it all delivered tomorrow and we dont have to worry about food, you can do meat, veg and everything really

'that sounds great, deb?

'im good with that, even im tired of shopping but first sweets? bea and allie laughed and allie went to her uber app and ordered krispy creme donuts, shakes and bottles of water for them, they finished the kitchen and as bea and debbie were breaking up the boxes and throwing the rubbish out the sweets were delivered so allie took the order out the back and set it up on the table by the pool

'girls come on lets eat and drink... bea and debbie came over and sat down both taking big sips of there shakes

'oh thats so good and so cold.... bea moaned and allie bit her lip when bea moaned, it was just so damn sexy, shit everything about this woman was sexy even now as she was dripping in sweat her shirt clung to her never ending sexy figure, her hair was in a rough bun and she even had back smudge marks on her from the boxes, she watched as bea took a cream filled donut and took a big bite only for some cream to end up on her shirt

'fuck now its dirty

'mum just take it off and clean it with the hose and hang it up, its hot and it will dry quickly

'you want me to walk around in my bra? bea asked her eye brows creased

'yes mum, its just us here and we have both seen it all before

'if your shy babe you can have my shirt, i dont mind... bea smiled

'thank you but im okay, but if anyone comes you have to tell me

'deal mum..... bea took her tank top off and gave it a quick clean and hung it up in the sun to dry than sat back down, to say allie was struggling would be an understatement, bea with a shirt was hot but bea in only her bra lord have mercy. she drank half a bottle of water trying to quench her thirst for the redhead and debbie started laughing


'oh my god you should see your face right now, you look like your going to devour mum... allie blushed brighter than ever before and put her head down concentrating on her donut

'deeeeb.... she groaned

'im sorry but what kind of friend would i be if i didnt put you on the spot... she continued to laugh

'i cant help it..... she looked at bea who just smirked at her and than winked

'yea yea, anyways lets get to the online order

'ah yea okay.... it took a while to make the order as they needed pretty much everything and than they placed a separate order for meat and one for fruit and veg and they would all come tomorrow afternoon as the furniture would be coming in the morning

'well thats all done, mum do you mind if i go to a friends place for the night?

'thats fine deb, how are you getting there?

'boomer said i can have her ute till tomorrow and than use it to move stuff around

'okay so your staying there tonight?

'yep where are you staying?

'not sure yet but if you need me just call

'i will.... debbie got up and kissed them both before leaving, once bea heard the car pull out she got up and went over to allie sitting on her lap and wrapping her arms around her neck and kissing the blonde

'you know i was thinking... bea started

'oh yea, what about?

'well since debbie is staying at her friends that me and you could spend the night away

'what do you mean?

'i always wanted to stay at the hilton in the city and i think a night there with my girl would be amazing

'dont waste your money on me bea.... allie said and looked down but bea wouldnt let allie do this so she put her finger under her chin and lifted so they were looking into each others eyes

'nothing with you is ever a waste money nor time, your my girl no actually, your my woman and i would love nothing more than to have you with me for a night away just the 2 of us before things get crazy with trying to set up and settling in, so i want you to come with me

'really? bea nodded and smiled

'really, i want you and only you in my arms tonight and forever.... allie wiped away a tear as she felt her heart burst with love for this woman



'okay lets do it, me and you

'always baby, i will book it and than we can go and grab a few things we may need and head there

'sounds good to me



once they got to the hotel they checked in and were shown to the room. bea had actually booked the best room in the place and although it was a lot of money but she didnt care as allie was her girl and she wanted to spoil her especially after what had happened in recent events, she could tell allie was getting better but at times she did see allie's anxiousness and worry when things were too loud or too many people were around and bridget had told her that it would be like that for a little while longer but she was definitely on the up and up, the guy showed them to the room and than once the door was open they walked in and bea tipped and thanked him for his help, allie was shocked the room was immaculate with the huge king size bed, mini fridge, huge window looking out to the harbour, there was a tv, couch and than allie's eyes went to the table that had a chocolate fountain with fruit, waffles and pancakes on a stick to dip in

'wow bea this is beautiful... bea wrapped her arms around allie from behind and kissed her neck

'your beautiful baby... allie leaned back into bea her head on her chest as they swayed side to side a little and bea kept her kissing to allie's neck

'bea... allie sighed out sexually

'you know when i first saw you all i could think is how damn beautiful you are... bea started in her ear


'i tried not to look at you but i was dragged into an abyss of you and your beauty... allie moved her head aside to give bea more access 'i felt so connected to you that i didnt know how to act around you, it was like i needed you, i needed to touch you, to hug you, to kiss you, to have all of you.... allie spun around in bea's arms and kissed her lips

'you have me bea, you have all of me, my heart body and soul

'yea? allie nodded

'yes babe, im all yours..... bea picked allie up in her arms and allie wrapped her legs and arms around the red head kissing those luscious lips she loved so much as bea walked to the bed and gently lay allie down and when allie loosened her legs she stood up and began undressing her self as allie did too, allie sat up once she was undressed and bea was just about to take off her panties when allie stopped her

'i will do it... bea nodded, allie kissed right above the panty line on bea's stomach and than pulled it back to flick the elastic back and bea moaned out, she than pulled them down and off and pulled bea into her lap there lips attaching straight away as they fought for dominance with bea's tongue making its way into allie's mouth tasting every little inch, allie pulled back breathing heavy but she needed to feel, touch, taste all of bea so her lips went to her neck, she could feel how wet bea was as her juices slid onto her own lap as bea tried to grind down needing some form of relief

'allie... bea groaned out and allie wasted no time in moving her hand down between them and into bea's soaking wet folds and over her clit feeling the nub harden under her touch, rubbing it gently knowing how sensitive bea was right now,

'your so wet babe

'only for you allie, always for you... allie moved her mouth to suck on bea's breasts and in that moment she pushed 2 fingers into bea and bea dropped her head to allie's shoulder, allie worked her magic on bea and she pushed in and out and at the same time continued to suck, lick and gently bite bea's breasts which elicited the most sexiest sounds from the red head that allie loved so much, she felt bea begin to move her hips matching her own movements and the only thing that could come to mind right now is if she had a strap-on on and bea was riding her hard and fast, one day maybe she thought but right now she had the sexy red head riding her fingers and she felt herself get even more wet when bea wrapped her hands around allie's neck holding on and bouncing on her fingers

'thats it babe i got you, ride my fingers

'fuck..... bea moaned out as she felt it build up from her toes and finger tips, allie made sure to have a strong hold on bea's waist making sure she didnt fall, when allie added another finger that was all it took to push bea over the edge as she came screaming out allie's name over and over again, her hips moving faster than ever and allie thought how fucking sexy she looked right at this minute, as bea's movements slowed down and she came to a stop her head leaning back on allie's shoulder her breathing heavy, sweat pouring from her body, it had been really intense and once her breath evened out she began to cry, sobbing into allie's shoulder and allie wrapped her arms around her holding her tight

'shuu its okay babe im right here... bea clung to allie like her life depended on it and maybe it did, she felt so lost for so long and when she found allie she felt like she was home, allie rocked her gently and whispered sweet words in her ear for about ten minutes till bea calmed down and pulled back allie wiping her tears

'sorry i just got caught up in it all, no one has ever treated me the way you have allie, i love you so much, more than i can even explain or show you

'no need for apologies my beautiful bea, i get it i really do, i love you too baby, you own my heart forever babe, come on how about a bath? bea nodded

'okay.... allie went to the bathroom and began filling up the tub adding some bubbles they had, bea came in 2 glasses champagne and a plate of a some of the fruit, waffles and pancakes covered in chocolate they could nibble on, placing them down on the side table in there as it was pretty big bathroom bea got in first and than allie in front of hear leaning into bea's body and bea literally wrapped herself around the blonde's body, bea handed allie a glass of champagne

'cheers beautiful, to a new start

'a new start... they clinked there glasses and had a sip allie giggled when the bubbles tickled her nose, they fed each other the sweet treats only having a few as it was dinner time very soon

'bea what should we do for dinner?

'up to you baby, do you want to go out?

'hmm.... allie thought for a moment 'yea i think dinner out and maybe few drinks after if you dont mind

'so good to me baby.... when the water got cold they decided to have a proper shower and once they were finished they began to get ready, they were going casual both in jeans with allie in a nice v-neck top and bea in a blouse and her leather jacket and than they left bea grabbing allie's hand, allie had chosen a simple chinese restaurant and they were seated straight away and handed menu's

'i am ling, i take your order... the waitress said with her strong chinese accent 'you have drink?

'yes we will have a bottle of your best red wine

'yes yes very good, i get for you... the waitress walked off and bea and allie looked over the menu

'babe what are you getting?

'i think the curry with fried rice, you?

'the beef noodles, can we get honey prawns to share?

'sure baby... the waitress came back and poured them a glass of the wine and took there order putting it in with the kitchen, there was a loud table not too far from them and she saw allie squirm a little so bea held her hand rubbing her finger over her thumb

'hey if your uncomfortable we can go?

'no im okay just i dont know, sometimes when people are really rowdy i get worried

'its okay baby im right here, i wont let anything happen to you ever

'i know... allie smiled.. once dinner was done they left walking hand in hand down the street and it seemed allie knew exactly where she was going, after a few minutes they entered a pub not too far and looked around happy to see it wasnt busy

'babe drink?

'yes a beer please.... allie found a table and sat down and told bea she would be a few minutes as she went up to the bar, bea looked around a band was just starting up after what looked like there break, there werent too many people which bea was happy with and it was nicely air-conditioned, she hated going out to a place and it was hot inside, she was listening to the band when felt someone come and sit opposite her, turning her head to smile as she thought it was allie she frowned at a guy

'hello beautiful can i get you a drink? bea felt her skin crawl at the sleazy look he was giving her

'im fine thanks, im with someone

'i dont see anyone around and they would be stupid to leave a gorgeous woman like you here on your own so let me get you a drink

'i already said no so please leave, my partner will be back any minute

'how could i leave your beautiful self on her own... he said reaching out and grabbing her hand and she snatched it back just as fast

'dont touch me, i already asked you to leave so go please... she said frustrated but before the guy could talk again 2 beers were slammed onto the table and the guy looked up to see a sexy but angry looking blonde

'get away from her

'calm down blondie we were just having some fun

''fun? your kidding right? she doesnt want you so get lost

'course she does, she would love a round with me

'she is taken so take a hike asshole.... allie had seen him talking to bea and when he grabbed her hand she threw money at the bartender and rushed over there

'listen she is taken so piss off

'aint no one here claiming her

'really.... allie pulled bea up and into the most sexiest and dirtiest kiss either of them have ever encountered, allie's hand were in bea's red locks while bea pulled allie in closer than ever leaving no space between them, pulling back they were both panting

'allie i think you scared him away... bea said laughing when she saw the guy shaking his head and walking away

'good. your mine and no one elses

'only yours baby... allie sat down pulling bea to sit in her lap not wanting to be away from her or anyone try and approach her girl again

'little shit... she mumbled and bea kissed her cheek

'dont worry baby im right here with you... allie nodded, they sat and enjoyed the music for a while and than allie pulled bea up to dance which of course bea couldnt even say no, why could she never say no to allie she wondered, wrapping there arms around each other they moved to the music there bodies working as one, the music had slowed at this point as it was mostly couples dancing, they danced forehead to forehead arms running up and down each others back and it felt like it was just them on no one else existed in the world, bea's hands went to allie's face stroking her cheeks ever so softly as they gazed into each others eyes

'i love you beautiful girl

'i love you too

'i love you more... allie giggled and bea smiled,

'an we go back to our room?

'anything you want allie... holding bea's hand they left the pub and went back to the hotel and when they entered the room they were all over each other kissing as they pulled there clothes of there bodies, before they made it to the bed bea had allie moaning out her name as she came, the rest of the night was spent making love to each others body connecting on another level



The next day they got up earlier than they wanted but they had a full day ahead of them, after they showered they had breakfast and than collected there few things and checked out of the hotel driving over to the new house, pulling up debbie was there with boomer, franky, liz, maxine and bridget and they were all unloading there cars full of stuff whuch bea is not sure where they came from


'hey guys whats going on here?

'we are unloading

'but i didnt buy this stuff

'we know, we all put some money together and as a house warming bought you guys some stuff

'you guys dont have to do that

'we are family and we wanted to red, its blankets, pillows, sheets, comforters, clothes, towels, tea towels just anything we could think of that we know you havnt gotten yet.... bea bit her lip trying not to cry her heart burst with love for them all

'thank you so much guys

'we are happy to do it love... liz said and hugged the redhead

'alright enough of this mushy shit lets unload before the big furniture gets here, how long would that be red?

'there on there way so like 20 minutes

'you heard her guys lets do this.... they all pitched in and got everything unloaded and most of the things packed away, the truck turned up and 4 guys got out one of them coming up to bea

'hi im adam are you bea?

'yes i am

'okay bea if you could just sign off here we can start unloading and setting up all the flat packs

'how long would it take? she asked signing the paper work

'2 guys will start the flat packs and 2 guys will bring in the furniture and than all of us will set things up for you, so i would say about 3 hours total as you have a lot of stuff

'okay i will show you were things go as we go along

'that would help thank you bea.... once all the furniture was set in place except the flat packs bea decided to order food for everyone so she got easy and simple ordering 15 pizza's a few garlic breads and a a few bottles of drinks and waters for everyone and they would be delivered in 45 minutes

'babe? allie yelled out through the house and bea looked to see where allie was

'where are you?

'at the front... bea made her way to the front door only to find the grocery delivery there

'there here already?

'yes they are, is the fridge and freezer plugged in?

'yes they should be cold by now

'sorry miss i have here you were the first delivery, i apologize

'no its okay, we can take it now just bring it through to the kitchen.... the 2 guys bought in all the shopping and debbie came into the kitchen

'why is this here now?

'they got the time wrong


'deb... bea warned

'sorry mum, alright well lets unpack and mum im hungry

'i ordered pizza and drinks it should be here soon, just make sure the table is cleaned off please

'its already done mum, having the family here helps heaps

'sure does, speaking of family where is shane?

'work, franky needed him there to work with the head chef but he will be coming here after work

'good, he hasnt even seen the place yet

'yea he is excited to come here and be with us again

'i have no doubt.. bea looked at allie and shook her head

'allie what are you doing? allie had a biscuit in her mouth

'im hungry

'you couldnt wait? i ordered food

'my tummy hurts from not eating... bea nodded and smiled as she went to allie taking the packet from her hands and handing her 2 more

'thank you babe

'hey what about me? debbie whined and bea wasnt shocked by the statement at all so she gave debbie a few as well before continuing to pack the shopping away

'yay... bea laughed these 2 together and there appetites was too funny, after the shopping was put away debbie pulled out the plastic plates and cups and put them on the table while bea and allie went to the front as the food had come, once it was set up bea went to all the rooms calling everyone to eat and in the final couple rooms adam and his crew were putting things together

'come on guys come and eat

'no its okay bea its not right, we are here to work

'which you have been and i wont take no for an answer, so all of you get up and come and eat with us i bought so much food

'are you sure?

'absolutely so come on.... they all sat around eating and franky watched allie and debbie her mouth open in shock as to how much they could eat

'shit where the hell do you 2 put it? debbie and allie giggled

'we got plenty of room dont you worry franky

'far out red your shopping bill is gonna be monster

'i know and im good with that as long as they eat than i dont care... franky genuinely smiled at bea happy to see her happy, shane turned up an hour later absolutely exhausted, he had started at 4.30 in the morning to do prep, franky wanted him to learn how to do prep for a couple weeks so he was doing 4.30 to 2.30 which he was on his feet most of the time for

'shane welcome home... bea said as she went and hugged him

'im so excited to be here

'let me show you around..... the others all left at that time as everything was set up even the furniture guys were done, bea walked shane around showing him the house while allie and debbie lounged on the couch

'wow bea its beautiful you guys did great

'we have a pool too shane?


'yep but first your room... bea showed him his room and he couldnt believe it, there was a queen bed and built-ins, a tv and stand, a desk with a laptop as well and 2 side tables for bed

'wow this is mine? its too much

'no its not shane, we are a family and we look after each other... he threw his arms around the redhead and kissed her cheek

'thank you bea, you really and truly are a fairy god mother... bea smiled

'come on let me show you outside..... they went outside and looked at the pool, outside bar that hasnt got any alcohol yet but there was a fridge and all the glasses ready

'this is cool bea

'we are gonna really enjoy this outside area, i got the half shade put in a couple days ago so its not all sun

'its great bea

'well this is your house too shane, you use everything and anything, dont be shy okay

'thank you. right now im buggered so i need a shower and bed

'go for it, i bought you some more clothes and stuff your cupboard is full and franky bought all your stuff over, if there is anything you need just text me a list

'okay... shane went to have a shower and get some sleep, bea walked inside and into the lounge room

'allie? she looked on the lounge and saw allie and debbie fast asleep on the same couch, leaving them to sleep she draped a blanket over them and went to have a shower, she was tired herself as it had been a busy day, seeing shane in his room getting clothes she stopped to talk to him

'shane there is pizza in the kitchen we got it not long ago so eat yea

'oh i will thanks, i will probably sleep till tomorrow im so tired

'the other 2 fell asleep on the couch, too much work for them... bea laughed

'its an amazing place bea, thank you for having me here

'im happy your hear shane, this is your home now... shane smiled and than bea went to her ensuite to have a shower, it was nearly dinner time but they could have left over pizza for dinner there was no way she was cooking, after her shower she went to the girls and woke up debbie

'deb get up and have something to eat than shower and go to bed

'hmm what time is it?

'6.30, there is plenty of pizza

'okay... debbie got up and went ot the kitchen and than she woke up allie

'baby wake up


'come and eat something and than shower and bed

'i dont wanna eat... allie whined

'if you dont eat something now you will wake up with a sore tummy, just go have some pizza with deb

'okay... allie got up and bea could tell on her face that between last nights late night and doing stuff all day allie was exhausted, all 4 of them had something to eat and bea packed away the rest in the fridge, shane and debbie left for a shower and bed and allie went to have a shower, bea locked up the house and went into her room to hear the shower going, going into the bathroom allie was in the shower and she was leaning on the wall

'allie you okay?

'hmmm... allie responded and tried to open her eyes,

'oh baby let me help you.. bea opened the door and allie's eyes were closed, she quickly washed allie and rinsed her and than wrapped a towel around her 'you want to sleep with me or your room?

'with you if thats okay?

'of course baby, you sit on the bed and i will get you pj's... allie nodded but by the time bea came back allie was fast asleep on the bed so bea just pulled her up the bed so her head was on the pillow and tucked her in, she made sure debbie was alright and she was all tucked up in bed as was shane before she too got into bed next to the blonde and fell asleep