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Caught in the Middle

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although allie had fallen asleep quickly after a couple hours she began to toss and turn as if she was uncomfortable, it woke bea up and she gently pulled allie into her own body and allie soon fell asleep again, but an hour later bea felt allie moving around in bed and mumbling to herself, she couldnt quite make out what she was saying but it was clear the blonde was struggling with something, allie's breathing was heavy and her eyebrows creased as bea sat up on her elbow and caressed allie's cheek

'baby wake up, allie wake up... allie slowly stopped moving and her eyes popped open looking around in fear 'hey its okay its just me


'yes baby its me

'did i wake you? sorry

'you did but its okay, did you have a bad dream?

'i dont know, i feel scared.... allie said in a trembling voice 'i should just leave bea, you deserve better than this, than me

'dont you ever say that, i love you allie and that will never change

'its not fair on you

'you know whats not fair? what happened to you, what you went through, what your clearly still going through and will for a while longer, remember what bridget said?

'that although im getting better it still takes time... allie said

'thats right, and what did she also say?

'to not push each other away

'and what are you doing? bea said raising her eyebrow

'pushing you away, i dont want to but i dont want you to feel obliged to stick around, this isnt what you signed up for

'i signed up for everything that has to do with you, your heart, your mind, your soul, your attitude, your sweetness, everything good and bad im here.... allie nodded and they were silent for a minute

'i think its because of the new house, different surroundings

'makes sense, what can i do to help?

'kiss me

'what? bea asked confused

'kiss me, come here... pulling bea closer allie planted her lips to bea's and bea quickly reciprocated as they fell into a loving make out session, allie's hands were on bea's back, shoulders, neck and ass, bea's hands were in allie's hair and on her cheeks as there tongues glided against each others, bea pulled back a little to breath and than her lips were on allie's neck kissing, licking and sucking on her pulse

'please bea.... allie moaned

'please what baby? what do you need? bea said looking deep into allie's eyes

'i need you, i need you to touch me, i need you all over me

'are you sure? bea asked and allie nodded

'yes babe.... bea stroked her cheek with her thumb and allie took her thumb into her mouth and fuck bea felt herself get wet just from what allie just did, bea sat up on her knees between allie's legs and pulled allie to sit up pulling her shirt off and than allie's panties followed by her own shirt and panties and lay right on top of allie there lips attached again, she kissed her way down allie's neck and to her chest sucking on a sensitive part just above allie's left breast

'babe... allie breathed out, she loved it when bea paid attention to that area, it gave her goosebumps, bea slide down more sucking her lift nipple into her mouth and rolling her tongue around the now hard bud, she moved to her right nipple doing the same thing and than moved down allie's body kissing all over her stomach but as she was about to go lower allie pulled on her arm

'bea come up here please, i need to see you up here with me..... bea crawled up allie's body and laid on her both moaning at the skin to skin contact, bea moved her hand down between there bodies and slid 2 fingers into allie's folds rubbing her clit and allie breathed in heavily as bea's fingers moved around collecting her arousal, bea didnt waist anymore time feeling how wet allie was and she pushed 2 fingers inside of allie and allie threw her head back on the pillow

'fuck bea..... bea moved slowly but that wasnt what allie wanted, she had felt restless for the last couple of days and needed bea like she needed air, there was only 2 people that could keep allie calm and that was debbie and bea, bridget had tried and sometimes could do it but it wasnt till the 2 smith woman came into her life she really felt safe, bringing herself back to the moment she looked deep into bea's eyes as bea moved her fingers in and out

'faster please babe, i need you so bad... allie begged and bea couldnt deny her girl and thing so she moved faster with every stroke and allie became wetter and wetter, she could feel allie's breathing become faster and her walls contracting against her fingers knowing allie was close so she moved her thumb over her clit rubbing it with every stroke and that was what she needed as within a few second allie's came moaning bea's name and bea covered her mouth with her own so no one else could hear her, working allie through her orgasm allie fell deeper into the mattress and smiled lazily, bea placed one more kiss to her soft lips and pulled out and lay beside the blonde taking her in her arms, after a while allie turned to bea and smiled

'i love you bea smith

'i love you too allie novak, how do you feel now?

'safe... a smile crossed bea's face and kissed allie's nose, eye's, forehead, cheeks and than her lips a couple times

'go to sleep beautiful girl... allie snuggled into bea's chest and bea waited till her breathing evened out and allie was in a deep sleep before she too fell asleep



debbie and shane were up before the other 2 and were sitting in the lounge room having the breakfast that shane made for them of french toast and maple syrup

'oh this is so good shane, thanks for cooking

'anytime, you know i love to cook

'that i do, so how is working at franky's place?

'its really good, the head chef has taught me so much and i even helped out the other day with service, it was fast but so good

'how about franky?

'she is so talented, she knows all these little tricks to some things that make it easier, she treats like a worker not a dumb kid

'she is good like that

'so how about you deb? whats your plan now?

'well as you know i was supposed to start at franky's but the fire happened and everything but i spoke to franky and she said the job is still mine so i will start on monday

'how about your business with allie?

'its still going ahead but allie just needs some time for herself before we get into such a heavy thing

'yea true, is there something we can do to help her?

'i think as long as she isnt alone for a bit and dont treat her like a kid she will lose it if you do that

'noted, support

'exactly, so are you working today?

'no i have today and tomorrow off

'any plans?

'not really, maybe swimming its pretty warm

'it sure is, do you want to hit up the beach?

'who with?

'me, boomer and kaz, i will ask mum and allie but im pretty sure they would want to get settled more

'okay sounds good, what time we leaving?

'when mum gets up i will see if they want to come and than pretty much straight away

'sweet, lets finish breakfast and get ready.... after breakfast debbie cleaned up and shane went for a shower and got his stuff together, once debbie was done she went to her room bumping into her mum in the corridor almost knocking each other over till bea wrapped her arms around her daughter

'shit deb sorry, are you okay?

'im fine mum, i didnt even hear you

'yea i just got up

'where is allie?

'still sleeping, she had a rough night

'anything i could do?

'i dont think so deb, you know bridget said she just needs time and i think it was because its a new place, she needs time to get used to it.... debbie nodded

'makes sense, shane and i are going to the beach with kaz and boomer do you 2 want to come?

'not this time deb, i think we will just relax at home today

'i thought as much, do you mind if we go?

'you both dont have to ask i just request you tell me where you are going

'okay well im telling you shane and i are going to the beach with kaz and boomer.... bea laughed

'thanks for letting me know smarty pants.... debbie smiled

'no worries mum, anyways i need to get ready

'okay do you need money?

'no thanks im good, im going to shower.... bea nodded and went to the kitchen pouring a coffee and sitting down as shane came in

'good morning bea

'good morning shane, how did you sleep?

'like a baby, the bed is great thank you

'no problem

'actually bea i wanted to talk to you about something... he said taking a seat

'go on... she said taking a sip of her coffee

'i want to pay you rent... bea shook her head

'no shane i dont want it

'but i want to pay my way and im earning and income now

'but its not what i want

'but bea... shane tried but was cut off by bea

'listen shane i didnt bring you in to have you pay rent and shit, i want you to save your money and be able to eventually get your own place, not just any place a place you can buy, you just need a deposit and you can buy yourself a little unit or something, its time for you to put yourself first

'but its not fair for me to live here rent free and you buy me clothes, food, a bed and all that stuff

'fine if it will make you happy pay me for the stuff in your room that way you can say you paid for it all yourself, lets say you can pay $1 a month? she said and shane laughed

'nice try, i will pay you within the next few pays and you will take it

'if that makes you happy fine.... bea rolled her eyes, this kid is too smart for his own good

'it would now text me your bank details

'okay i will

'im serious bea

'i know you are shane, i will send them to you but i dont want rent, if you want to do anything once a fortnight you can do a delicious family meal for us

'i would love that, i have some new recipes i want to try

'good deal than

'so how is allie going?

'she had a rough night, its because she is in a new environment so it was a bit hard, she just needs time

'if she needs anything let me know

'i will

'good now there is breakfast for you and allie int he oven, french toast and maple syrup

'great thanks... just than debbie walked in a bag slung over her shoulder

'boomer and kaz are here you ready to go

'sure am, bye bea

'bye mum

'bye guys have fun, put sun screen on.... she yelled out as they walked towards the door

'yes mother.... they yelled out giggling and bea shook her head a smile on her face, bea decided for allie to wake up to have breakfast so decided to sit on the couch and watch tv for a while, her phone rang not long later making her jump, picking it up it was the detective


'hi bea how are you?

'im good and you?

'good thanks, listen i need to talk to you

'is everything okay?

'not really, can i come past and fill you in?

'sure i will send my my new address

'okay great i will be around in about an hour

'okay see you than.... it now worried bea as to what had happened and she decided to get allie up for breakfast and they can shower than the detective would be over, going up to there bedroom she walked in seeing allie hugging bea's pillow, sitting on the bed she stroked the blondes cheek

'allie baby wake up... allie stirred and opened her eyes smiling at bea

'good morning babe

'good morning, you should get up?

'why? im comfy

'i know baby but i got a call from the detective

'what did he say?

'that something happened, he will be over in an hour so i was thinking of getting up and we can have breakfast that shane made for us and than shower before he comes

'i wonder what it could be?

'i dont know allie but if he is coming here not good.... allie reached for bea's hand and squeezed it

'im here for you bea, no matter what... bea smiled

'i know, thank you, lets eat yea?

'okay... allie put shorts and a shirt on and they had breakfast and than they had a shower dressing comfortable and than sitting on the couch waiting for him, it didnt take long and 10 minutes later the detective arrived and bea let him in

'can i get you a drink? coffee? water?

'no thanks bea

'okay come and sit down... he followed bea to the lounge room and sat down and bea sat next to allie holding her hand

'alright so just spit it out detective please

'bea all the reports that you gave including debbie, liz, maxine and susan have all disappeared

'sorry what?

'okay, after the final time with harry and the police looked into your history seeing this was a recurring thing we took statements from all of you about harry and his abuse and we have them on file, well we did have them on file

'what do you mean you did have them?

'they vanished, they have all been deleted as if they never existed

'how the fuck does that happen?

'im not sure bea, we have a team looking into it

'what does this mean?

'it means if harry resurfaces than we dont have the evidence to put him behind bars.... bea sat there her mouth open in shock not really sure what to say

'what the fuck detective, if harry turns up than he has no charges? are you fucking kidding me? he can approach bea and debbie anytime he wants,

'harry is alive.... bea said 'he has to be and he is behind this, i bet no one else profiles were touched or deleted?

'no no one elses details were deleted, im sorry girls i really am... bea shook her head

'its not your fault, this is what harry wants

'what do you mean babe?

'think about it allie, the fire which appeared from no where, than the statements now go missing, i bet you anything that harry is back and he wants me to pay for what happened

'but its his fault

'he will always play the victim to everyone, wants people to feel sorry for him

'fuck, detective whats going to happen now?

'we have a special team trying to recover all the files

'but if he turns up he can do whatever the hell he wants, what a joke

'i need to get debbie.... bea stood up abruptly 'i have to go and get her, i wont let him touch her no matter what i wont let it happen, where the hell is my phone? bea went to walk off but allie stopped her

'bea calm down for a second

'no, i need debbie to be safe.... bea stressed and allie rubbed her cheek

'i promise we will get her, sit down and i will call boomer and tell her to bring the kids back... bea nodded

'please hurry allie

'i got you baby, always just sit down please

'listen girls im gonna leave you to it but i will be in contact, call me for anything

'you need to find those files, i know he is back and he is dangerous

'we know he is bea but without that paperwork we cant do anything, i will be in touch soon... with that the detective left and allie went to the kitchen and called kaz knowing boomer isnt exactly the calmest person

'hey allie how are you?

'im fine, listen i need you to bring debbie and shane home please


'yes now

'whats happened allie? kaz could hear it in allie's voice something was wrong

'its easier to tell you when you get here just please bring them home and dont stray, just come straight here

'alright we are on our way

'thank you.... hanging up she decided to call franky knowing she would want to know, after scrolling to her number she pressed call and it was answered within a couple rings

'yo blondie whats going on?

'franky listen you need to come here

'why? whats wrong?

'its harry and its better to explain it in person, its not good franky

'alright im with bridget so we are coming now... hanging up allie went back to the lounge to find bea sobbing on the floor, allie rushed to bea and sat next to her pulling bea into her lap and holding her tight, bea tried to fight allie off but allie wasnt budging, bea had been there for allie through everything and now it was allie's turn to be there for her, bea cried into allie shoulder for a while

'babe it will be okay

'you cant know that allie, he will come back and take me, he will try and take debbie, i wont have that

'he wont take either of you

'allie i need you to promise me something

'anything babe

'do you remember what we talked about? if he turned up again?


'if it comes to it i need you to follow through with it

'no bea

'allie please, i need to know debbie is safe

'of course i will keep her safe bea, i promise

'no matter what?

'i promise you bea, i will guard her with my life... bea nodded


'but bea this is crazy, what we talked about surely wont happen?

'you dont know what he is like allie, according to him i belong to him, i am his property

'i wont let you go

'allie if its between me and debbie you have to.... before they could finish the door burst open and debbie, shane, boomer and kaz walked in, debbie took one look at her mum and knew it was something bad

'mum whats wrong? bea stood up and hugged her daughter

'deb sit down and i will explain whats happening

'just wait a few minutes franky and bridget are coming


'because you need your best friend... bea helped allie up and kissed her

'thank you... allie went to the front door and stood there waiting for franky and bridget who appeared a few minutes later along with liz and maxine

'whats going on blondie?

'come in and you will find out.... allie followed them into the lounge where everyone was waiting

'mum what the hell is going on? bea held allie's hand for support knowing everyone would be shocked but debbie more than anyone

'the detective from the investigation came over today, remember when harry left and we all gave statements about what he had done? she said and they all nodded

'well the statements have gone missing

'mum what are you talking about?

'i dont know what other way to say it.... bea stressed and allie squeezed her hand and took over

'the detective said all the files including all the statements have been wiped from there systems, meaning without that information and statements there are no charges to be laid against harry if he turns up

'are you fucking kidding me? debbie yelled

'debbie please dont scream or swear

'im sorry mum but this doesnt make sense, how could it all just vanish?

'they dont know, they have a team working on it and we will know more when they do

'bea love what do you think has happened?

'there is only one thing i can think of

'that he is back... franky said and the room went quiet struggling to process it all, franky got up and went to bea pulling her into a hug

'it will be okay, i promise

'you cant promise anything when it comes to him

'red i wont let him hurt you or debbie

'i just need debbie to be safe... franky pulled back and nodded

'is your security on?

'its ready but i havent set up the pass codes and things like that

'lets go do that now..... bea saw debbie was white as a ghost

'just one minute franky... going to debbie she pulled her daughter up and into a loving hug feeling debbie reciprocate it

'you will be okay deb, i promise baby

'what if he comes back mum?

'he wont get near you

'what about you?

im fine deb okay, dont worry... pulling back she kissed debbie's cheek 'why dont you go and hang out with shane and watch a movie on one of your rooms, i will order some food

'yea come on deb, leave the oldies to talk... shane said and put his arm around debbie

'okay... bea nodded at shane thanking him and they walked off to shanes room to watch a movie

'allie can you order food for everyone and im going to activate the system

'okay babe.... franky went with bea to help her and maxine helped allie order pizza and than they sat down with the others on the couch

'are you okay? bridget asked her neice

'i dont even know, poor bea and debbie have to go through this and i dont know how to fix it

'allie this is a dangerous situation so all you can do is support them both, hopefully they will find the files and if he has turned up than he will get arrested

'bea seems to think he has turned up

it looks like he has, the fire, the files going missing, i wouldnt put it passed him

'ugh, i hate this, why cant we just move on with our lives without any fuckers? we just want to be happy

'i know sweety.... bridget hugged her niece, 'we are all here for you guys

'thank you aunty bridget..... by the time the alarm was set up and bea and franky came from the other room the food had arrived, allie made a plate for bea and sat her down making sure she started to eat before going to get shane and debbie, walking into his room shane looked up sadly and nodded towards debbie who was crying

'shane the food is here go and eat.... he got off the bed and left the room, allie went and sat beside debbie wrapping her arms around the young girl and holding her tight

'it will be okay debbie

'it wont be allie, he is an evil monster, i trust mum and if she thinks this has harry written all over it than i believe her

'i do too, it would make sense

'the fire allie, he was quite happy to kill not just mum but 4 other people including his own daughter.... debbie said bitterly and shook her head

'debbie i have always promised you that i would look after you and i wont break that, im here for you, you and your mum are my priority

'how are you so good to mum when you havent been together that long? debbie asked looking into the blondes eyes

'i guess it comes down to love, apart from aunty bridget, you and your mum have accepted me for who i am, you never looked at me in disgust because of my past, your my best friend i love you deb

'i love you too allie, how about mum?

'oh god debbie, that woman held my heart the first second i met her, she just pulled me in like no one ever had, i can literally feel her down to my soul, i mean who would stand by a person that did drugs, prostitution and is a fuck up

'your not a fuck up allie, you saved my life, you risked yourself to save me and even if that didnt happen your have been there for me since we first met, you saved me from that guy, from braydon and from myself, after that guy tried that shit at the club i was so in my head thinking is it my fault? did i send out the wrong signals? but i remember you telling me that no matter what a woman is doing, wearing or how they are acting should never be in a position like i was, no means no, no matter what

'thats right deb, you always hold onto that

'i will.... allie wiped debbie's cheeks with her shirt

'alright you ready to come and eat before boomer eats it all... they giggled

'yes im hungry

'good come on...... allie got up and held debbie's hand and they walked out of the room and to the dining room where everyone was, bea looked up a worried look on her face when she saw debbie had been crying, allie gave her a reassuring smile and than put food for debbie and than herself and they sat down either side of bea

'you okay baby?

'im good mum just had a moment, allie helped me, she is alright that one... bea smiled

'i think so too... they both looked at allie who just took one of the biggest bites of her pizza like it was running away from her making the smith woman laugh

'what? she said her mouth full and bea kissed her cheek

'i fucking love you

'i luff you too.... it came out with her full mouth

'i love you more... they shared a quick kiss laughing when franky and boomer faked gagging and bea stuck her finger up at them making everyone laugh, after they ate liz, maxine and bridget cleaned up, shane, debbie and boomer went to get something sweet and snacks as they all decided to spend the night at debbie's request and have a movie noght, allie, bea and franky were out the backyard talking

'listen red you dont worry about him

'he will come back franky, i know it

'he probably will, not gonna lie but your stronger now, debbie is older, you have allie and you have all of us behind you, we all have your back

'i know franky, listen no matter what happens debbie is to be looked after

'both of you will be

'debbie is more important, listen i have discussed this with allie of a plan if he turns up

what kind of plan?