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Caught in the Middle

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It had been 3 days since they had found out about the files had gone missing, and 1 day since allie and bea had there first fight, 24 hours since allie gave bea the cold shoulder and just stayed in her room leaving bea on her own, she understood bea's emotions and frustrations about the whole situation but taking it all out on allie was not happening, it started out yesterday morning when allie let bea sleep in knowing she had a rough night of tossing and turning due to worry but allie didnt know bea had to go to the salon and accept an order, allie had made breakfast and set the table for them to eat, it was just the 2 of them as debbie and shane both went to work which took a lot of convincing for bea to let them go but franky was there and boomer would come in and hang out there as well, once the table was set with the pancakes, syrup, fruit, plates, cutlery and coffee she went to bea's bedroom and slowly walked in and sat on the bed next to bea's sleeping form, she had clearly had a bad night as the sheets were barely on the bed, stroking bea's cheek she kissed it before whispering

'babe wake up.... bea moved her cheek into allie's hand and allie smiled 'wake up babe

'hmm already?

'babe its 10.30.... bea's eyes sprung open and looked at the clock

'fuck i was supposed to be at the salon at 10 for an order, why the fuck didnt you wake me? bea said as she jumped out of bed and began getting dressed, allie was shocked at the outburst and stood up

'i didnt even know you were supposed to go there today

'well you should have, fuck i need to accept the delivery, fucking hell allie.... bea fumed and pulled her shoes on

'bea.... but before allie went to finish bea looked at her fire burning in her eyes

'dont fucking say anything allie, unlike you i have a job, i cant just sit around all day doing nothing, i have been trying to get this house together since everything that happened, i have tried to look after everyone since the fire and all you had to do was wake me up, fucking useless.... bea saw the broken look in allie's eyes and instantly felt like an asshole

'how fucking dare you throw all that in my face, i know what happened i was fucking there, i almost fucking died bea

'allie im so..... allie put her hand up and bea stopped talking

'i should have, that way i wouldnt be such a burden on you... allie shook her head and left the room running down the stairs and grabbing her phone and keys and left the house

'FUCK!!! bea screamed, picking up her phone she tried to call allie but she kept rejecting them and than she turned her phone off, bea groaned and messaged allie

'IM SO SORRY, PLEASE COME BACK, I LOVE YOU...... she than called maxine

'hi love how are you?

'had better days, listen has the delivery come through yet?

'no, the guy rang and said he will be here in about half an hour

'alright im coming now... bea hung up and sighed she knows she really fucked up and hurt allie, that was the last thing she ever wanted to do, she went to the kitchen to take something for her headache she gave herself and when she saw the table set up for breakfast she kicked herself as to how much of an asshole she is, allie was always good to her, so sweet, caring and loving and she just treated her like someone she hated, it had nothing to do with allie but the pent up rage and anxiety made her snap, she packed away the food and than left the house setting the alarm and video security, she kept trying to call allie but it kept going to voicemail so she left message after message

'please allie im sorry i was an asshole, it wasnt about you im just stressed and angry, please baby come home, i love you so very much.... once she arrived at the shop she went inside and when maxine saw her she pulled her aside

'bea whats got into you? you dont look well?

'just havent been sleeping much maxi, im fine, has allie been around here?

'no i havent spoken to her or seen her in a couple days, why? what did you do?

'i went off at her for not waking me up earlier today so i can come to the salon

'and why did you do that?

'because im an asshole

'you said it love

'she took off after our fight

'have you called her?

'like 50 times, i text, left voice messages but nothing

'give her a bit of time for her to calm down

'i dont have a choice, anyways i just want to take the stupid order that just has to have my signature so i can go look for her.... not too long later she signed for the order and left it in maxine's capable hands, she drove over to franky's restaurant and parked the car walking inside hoping allie came here

'hey red what are you doing here? you look like shit

'thanks franky, is allie here?

'no, just shane, deb and boomer. what did you do?

'i was a pure asshole

'at its finest, come sit down and talk to me

'where are the others?

'in the kitchen, there doing prep together, im just doing paperwork, hopefully they dont burn down my kitchen

'here is too hoping

'drink red?

'scotch please

'of shit you really screwed up

'royally... they sat down and franky handed bea a drink

'so tell me what ya did? bea told franky exactly what happened between them and franky shook her head

'listen red i know your stressed about the whole fire, harry situation but taking it out on allie is only making things worse

'i know that franky, im an idiot

'not gonna deny that one

'i need to find her franky, where the fuck would she go on foot?

'i dont know, maybe ask deb

'deb will rip me a new one for sure

'you kinda deserve it red

'yes yes i know... she threw her scotch back and stood up 'better get it over with now.... bea went to the kitchen asking shane and boomer to give her a few minutes with debbie alone so they went and joined franky

'ay franks whats going on with them? before franky could answer they could hear debbie going off at bea


'debbie stop swearing

'NO I WONT, HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO HER? they heard debbie's loud voice

'shit i wouldnt want to be bea right now... boomer said

'im sorry i fucked up okay, i need to find her, do you know where she would go? debbie calmed down a little to think

'i really dont know

'there is no where she would go when she was upset, angry?

'she used to go to the boxing place but that was close to uni, its too far from here, is there a local boxing place? bea thought for a minute

'i dont know but franky might..... they both walked out franky had a smirk on her face and bea rolled her eyes

'in trouble red?

'as always, listen is there a boxing gym anywhere around?

'yes there is 2, one is down the road on this street and there is another over the next suburb, why?

'debbie said when allie would get mad or upset she would go to one so im going to try and look for her

'good luck red

'thanks, bye guys... debbie shook her head as she saw her mum leave

'she is impossible sometimes

'dont we know it deb, but we love her anyways

'true, anyways back to it..... bea googled the boxing places and went to the closest one first but allie wasnt there and hadnt been, she went to the other one and walked inside

'hi can i help you? a big buffy guy said

'im looking for someone, a woman, blonde hair, blue eyes

'angry streak? he said

'hmm probably by now, she here?

'she is but i wouldnt approach her

'i have to, she is my girlfriend and we had a fight

'ah that explains it, some guy tried hitting on her and he copped a mean punch in the face when he didnt get away from her

'shit sorry

'dont be, i can tell she was angry so i told her to go to the private room out back and train, go down the hall and its the third door on the right, its says private training room 2

'thank you... bea wasnt even sure allie would want to talk to her but she had to try, walking down the hall to the door she knocked and opened the door, she saw allie punching a big punching bag and by the sound of her grunts she was angry but bea couldnt help think how sexy the blonde was when she swung her fists, the sweat dripping down her body and the clothes stuck to her skin, slowly entering she closed the door and walked towards allie but kind of around as allie's back was too the door

'allie? she said but allie didnt answer, she came into allie's view but allie didnt even look up she just kept hitting the bag

'allie im sorry, im so so sorry for what i said... allie didnt respond again and her hits got harder and harder, fuck bea thought allie really can throw a punch, it was a little intimidating and she swallowed hard as she saw allie throw a pretty good right hook, bea flinched a little and allie looked up, she saw the look in bea's eyes and she was scared, allie stopped not wanting to freak bea out and tried to get her breath back

'what are you doing here? allie breathed out and bea looked up

'i um, im sorry allie, i didnt mean what i said i just took out my frustrations on you and you didnt deserve that

'whats it matter anyways bea, its obviously what you think, so... allie shrugged her shoulders and undid the gloves

'its not what i think, allie i was an asshole and i havent been sleeping, im angry and you took the brunt of it all, your not a burden to me allie, i love you

'just forget about it bea, its clear that your not as invested in this than i am, im the asshole not you, i should have just left you to be with franky, she is better than me anyways....bea felt the tears spring to her eyes as allie picked up her stuff and left the room

'did she just break up with me? she asked herself, she followed allie out of the boxing gym

'so what your just gonna break up with me like that? the first sight of trouble

'bea you cant fucking do that, you started this shit with your hurtful words

'i know i did and im sorry, please allie forgive me... bea sighed and wiped her tears, allie really hated seeing bea like this but she needed to stand her ground for a bit, she needed bea to understand she wont be her punching bag

'i need a walk

'are we done? bea asked her heart breaking

'not right now, i need time to think bea, i wont be your punching bag... bea nodded and allie turned around walking down the street, when allie was out of view bea got in her car and sat there crying thinking what an idiot she was, once she calmed down she went home and showered than cleaned up a bit before retreating to her room, she heard allie come home a couple hours later, have a shower and than went to her own room, they spent the rest of the day apart and bea only surfaced to order pizza for them all and than go back to her bed, debbie went to talk to her mum later that night but stopped outside her door as she heard her crying, she could hear her mum sobbing and she felt bad for going off on her

'what are you doing? debbie jumped and turned around

'shit allie dont do that, you almost gave me a heart attack

'sorry i just came out to get a drink, what are you doing?

'i was gonna talk to mum but.... they both heard the strangled cry coming from bea's bedroom

'im sorry deb, im sorry your stuck between this, im sorry she is hurting

'i cant blame you and i cant even blame mum as stupid as it sounds, its him, she just gets bought to nothing when it comes to him, i know he hasnt surfaced but if mum says its him than i believe her

'i know, i do too, i was trying to help keep her calm in all this but the way she spoke to me its as if she was talking to someone she hated

'she could never hate you allie, she loves you

'i love her too, so much and i guess thats why it hurt so much

'i get that, just give her a chance to make it right

'thanks deb, im off too bed

'you havent eaten allie

'im not hungry, just make sure your mum eats please

'i will try

'good night deb

'night... allie went to her room and debbie knocked gently on bea's door and entered, bea tried to hide the fact she was crying but debbie wasnt stupid, she sat on the bed and stroked her mums back

'it will be okay mum

'she doesnt want to be with me, she hates me

'she doesnt hate you mum, she loves you...bea shook her head

'why would she, i was a bitch to her and she rightfully walked away, its my fault, i feel like my heart is gonna explode

'mum stop would ya, allie loves you but the way the treated her was wrong, just give her time.... bea nodded,, 'mum come and eat something, you havnt eaten all day

'im not hungry deb

'just come and have a couple pieces, for me

'okay.... after bea ate 2 pieces she had a shower and went to sleep, now it was the present day and allie or bea hadnt left there room except to shower, debbie and shane were working again and both were hoping that bea and allie would make up, it was about 1.30 in the afternoon and bea was in the kitchen making a coffee and a sandwich, she heard foot steps and thought maybe debbie or shane were home early but turning around she came face to face with allie, neither knew what to say so bea just turned to the bench and picked up her plate and mug walking outside to the backyard sitting at the table there, allie stood watching bea for a few minutes her heart breaking when she saw bea wipe tears rolling down her face, when she saw bea in the kitchen she was shocked to see her so drained, her eyes puffy and red, her hair a mess, her clothes were crumpled and she looked so broken, allie thought it was time to talk to bea so made a coffee and grabbed a packet of biscuits walking outside and stopping by the table

'can i sit? bea nodded without even looking at her, her heart was set that allie was going to end this and she couldnt bare to look at her or she would crumble... after a few minutes of sitting in silence allie spoke

'you really hurt me bea

'i know, im sorry allie, i didnt even realize i was saying it until it was too late, it was never about you

'what was it about? allie knew but she needed bea to open up to her

'harry, i dont know what it is but whenever he comes back into my life i spin out of control, his files missing? like what a joke that is, he could come here and take me back as his wife

'i wont let that happen bea

'you dont have a choice allie, he can take me and keep me forever

'your giving him the power bea,

'the poser?

'yes, your giving him control over you without having to do anything, your stronger than that

'i dont know if i am

'i know you are, have you been thinking about this?

'non-stop, i can handle it but i wont allow debbie and you to be dragged into this mess, anyone for that matter, i wont have anyone hurt because of me

'bea you cant control everything surely you know that

'i do know that but harry, fuck having him back around it making me crazy

'i can tell, your not sleeping or eating, your on edge all the time and your starting fights for no reason... bea put her head down in shame

'im sorry allie, i never want to hurt you, your not useless or a burden, your everything to me, i love you with my whole heart.... allie couldnt stand to watch this woman so down on herself anymore, she stood up and went to bea sitting in her lap, she pulled bea's arms around her waist and she put her finger under her chin and lifted so they were looking into each others eyes

'dont do that to yourself, dont bring yourself down because you are an amazing woman bea, i accept your apology but you have to promise me something

'what is it?

'talk to me, dont snap or push me away because you think its easier because its not for either of us... bea nodded

'okay, im sorry

'stop saying that, you have said it so many times and as much as i appreciate it i dont need you to keep apologizing, you know you were wrong for what you said now lets move on

'so your not breaking up with me?

'definitely not, i love you bea, your my world

'i love you too, im so.... before she could finish allie's lips were on her own

'i said stop apologizing

'sorry... bea said and allie kissed her again and again making bea giggle, allie leaned her head on bea's shoulder and they sat quietly for a while

'since im forgiven can i have a biscuit? bea said so cutely that allie smiled

'of course you can but after you eat your sandwich

'okay... bea gave half to allie and they ate and than had a few bikkies



'you what we do next?

'next? bea scrunched up her eyebrows and allie smirked

'make up sex..... bea chuckled and allowed allie to pull her into the house and going to allie's room, she locked the door and they reconnected for the next few hours



Debbie and shane returned home about 5.30 with bags of food that franky had made for them all, putting the bags down in the kitchen debbie called out

'mum, allie? no answer so she walked through the house coming to a stop in the lounge room, allie was laying down with bea practically laying on top of her, there arms wrapped protectively around each other asleep, releasing a breathe she was glad they made up the tension in the house was not fun, deciding to wake them so they could eat she went over to the couch not really sure how to do it, she decided to crawl on top and lay down both bea and allie groaning

'what the hell? bea said and debbie giggled

'wake up you 2

'deb get off us

'but im so comfy... debbie maneuvered so she was laying on her stomach and kissing her mums cheek sloppily

'deb im gonna bash ya, get off us i cant breath

'breathing is boring.... she replied and allie and debbie giggled

'deb.... bea whined

'fine but first.... debbie tickled her mums side laughing and bea moved around screaming causing them all to fall off the couch one on top of the other, shane walked in just as it was happening and he stopped in his tracks and burst out laughing

'oh my god what are you 3 doing?

'freaking debbie... bea said and turned around and jumped on debbie tickling her

'AHHH MUMMM..... debbie laughed 'MUUUUUM PLEASE STOOOOPPP...... bea pulled her hands back and leaned over kissing her all over her face making her giggle

'i love you deb

'i love you too mum, now can we eat?

'i havnt cooked deb

'franky made food for us, its on the table

'alright lets eat... bea got up helping debbie up and smacking her butt 'get out of here cheeky, go set the table

'whatever mother... debbie said and poked her tongue out, bea turned to allie who was sitting against the couch and put her hand out pulling her up and into a loving embrace kissing her soft lips

'i love you baby

'i love you too bea

'i love you more..... allie smiled and squeezed bea's plump ass causing her to blush, debbie walked into the lounge room and groaned

'oh put her down mum and lets eat, i might starve... she said dramatically

'dramatic much.... debbie rolled her eyes and walked back to the kitchen

'too smart for her own good that one

'i know babe, come on lets eat before your daughter complains again.... they sat at the table and bea hummed

'it smells so good, franky had always been a good cook

'it does smell good, lets dig in..... franky made bbq marinated ribs, garlic prawns, tumaric rice, greek salad, tzatziki and pita bread, they dug in and absolutely loved it

'so you made up?

'we did deb, im sorry for being well... me

'oh mum i love that your you but sometimes you just need to think before you speak

'yes i know, how about i make it up to you guys and take you all out for dessert?

'i wouldnt say no to that mum


'yea sure sounds good


'sure, do you mind if we invite kaz? we havent really caught up with her properly and i want to see how she is since everything happened with joan

'of course allie, call her after we finish eating.... allie nodded, after they finished eating bea and shane cleaned up while allie called kaz and debbie had a shower, allie was in her room getting ready with her phone on loud speaker

'hey kaz how are you?

'hey allie im good, how are you doing?

'im good kaz, listen bea is taking us out for dessert and i wanted to invite you along?

'oh well um, im not alone

'who are you with?


'who's will? oh shit you mean will from the pizza place?

'yes him

'when did that happen?

'about 2 weeks ago, we went on our first date and it just went from there, we just finished dinner

'well you should bring him as well, we would love to meet him properly

'yea okay, where too?

'the dessert shop by the water bay vista in about 40 minutes?

'sounds good see you than.... hanging up allie pulled her jeans on and a jacket, grabbing her wallet and phone she went to the kitchen

'babe kaz is going to meet us in half an hour at bay vista with her special friend


'will, remember the guy from the pizza shop at the beach?

'oh yea, i forgot about him since everything happened

'yea well they went out a couple weeks ago and have been seeing each other since

'thats great, she needs someone after joan

'agreed, so we ready to go?

'yes, come on beautiful.... holding allie's hand they walked out of the house and activated the security, bea opened the door and allie slid into the seat and she closed the door, bea walked around to the drivers side and got in cranking up the car, shane and debbie were already in the back seat laughing at something on debbie's phone

'mum can you put the radio on please?

'sure deb... once the music was on to what debbie wanted bea started driving, bea held allie's hand and kissed her wrist making allie smile, once they arrived bea parked the car and they all got out, walking into the dessert cafe they saw kaz and will sitting at a big booth and went over, kaz got up hugging them all

'oh its so good to see you all, and you allie look so much better

'i feel better

'my girl is strong... bea said rubbing allie's back

'sit down guys... they all sat down and debbie's smile as she looked at will was priceless

'guys this is will, will this is bea, allie, debbie bea's daughter and shane

'its good to meet you all.... he shook there hands

'you too will, dont worry about this creep here smiling like that..... allie said nodding towards debbie 'she cant wait to ask you a million questions... will laughed

'its fine, she can ask me anything she wants

'oh gee you opened it up for her, lets order first..... the waiter came and took there orders and put some cold iced water on the table with cups for them

'alright dibbie ask me what you want

'okay, i can ask anything?


'where do you work?

'i own a pizza shop by the beach

'do you have kids?

not that i know of

'whats your family like?

'they all live in new zealand except for a brother and he is pretty cool

'how old are you?

'38, how old are you? he countered

'19, have you ever cheated on a woman?


'have you ever hit a woman?


'so if i run a check on you your clean?


'when was your last relationship?

'about 5 years ago

'why so long ago? something wrong with you?

'deb stop being rude

'im not mum, kaz is family and i need to make sure the person she is with is right

'its fine bea, debbie my wife died 5 years ago and i have only just been able to move on

'how do you know your ready? how do we know you wont use kaz as a rebound?

'i have worked really hard to move on with my life and yes it took a lot to do so but kaz is definitely not a rebound

'you finished deb so we can enjoy the night

'fine, i guess so.... allie giggled and kaz put her hand on debbie's and rubbed it gently

'thank you for looking out for me deb but will is a good guy

'we will see.... even shane found it hard to hold back a snicker, there desserts came with kaz and will sharing the waffle dessert plate, shane had pancakes, debbie had the waffle plate for herself, bea had ice cream with nuts, chocolate bits, sauce, wafers and cream and allie had the nutella dessert, they stuffed there faces and will paid at bea's annoyance

'it was my shout tonight

'please let me bea, as a thank you for letting me join you, next time is yours

'okay fine... after they paid they walked across the road to the beach, shane and debbie ran to the kids play area

'you would think they were 6 and 7 the way they act sometimes... they all laughed

'babe leave them, they have so much fun together

'yea i know, i just worry

'what about bea? kaz asked, they all sat at a bench they found not far from them

'i can see the way they look at each other, i think they like each other

'why is that a problem?

'well for starters deb is older than him

'only by 2-3 years

'olus they live in the same house, i dont want there to be anything going on between them, plus shane is getting his shit together as is debbie actually, allie and she will be working on a business together so i dont want them distracted

'listen bea, the age thing is not an issue and you know that... bea nodded at kaz, 'as for living together that may be a good thing, you can keep an eye on them but also have ground rules for now, if you see something starting up with them sit them down like adults and explain that if this effects there study or work than it wont be happening, be firm but bea realistic

'i guess so, i just worry about deb, look what happened with braydon

'babe not everyone is like him, in fact most arent thank god and shane is definitely not like him, he is a good guy and has managed quite quickly to get on his feet

'thats true, i just dont want them to sneak around

'well babe if they are you havent given them much choice, you have come out and said that they cant see each other romantically

'yea i probably shouldnt have said that

'no you shouldnt, i know she is your daughter but she is getting older and needs to make her own decisions, you need to guide her but from a distance

'i need to talk to her dont i?

'you sure do babe

'bea if im not over stepping i could talk to shane for you, explain that he needs to respect you girls and the home and if he does want to see debbie like that to come and speak to you, how would you feel about that?

'i would love that will

'good, why dont i go for a walk with shane and you talk to debbie

'thank you... will kissed kaz's cheek and walked tot he park

'babe kaz and i will go for a walk, you text me when your done, no hurry

'okay thank you, both of you

'anytime... allie and kaz walked one way and the boys walked the other as debbie came and sat with her mum

'why did everyone disappear?

'i needed to talk to you

'am in trouble cause if i am i didnt do it, allie did.... bea chuckled her daughter really was just too funny

'no deb your not in trouble, i want to talk to you and i want you to be honest

'okay... debbie said hesitantly

'you and shane, is there something going on between you?


'do you want there to be? do you like him? the red cheeks on debbie's face answered it for her

'umm yea he is cool, we do like each other but didnt want you angry at us, are you angry?

'no deb im not, i think i shouldnt have said what i said last time, i guess its hard for me to let you go in general let alone with a guy, especially after braydon

'i get that mum but i wont make the same mistake again, i learnt a lot from what happened but shane is different

'i can see that, he is a good kid i just dont want you both distracted

'how would you feel about us dating?

'there would have to be some rules in the house

'like what?

'firstly no sleep overs

'okay thats fair

'if your in the bedroom door open, i know that sounds childish but i need time to get used to it and your both young

'we can do that

'no distracting from his studies and both your jobs

'anything else?

'yes, just dont grow up so fast, i still want my baby girl around

'mum did you not just see me run to the swings over there, i was tempted to call you to push me, im not growing up anytime soon.... bea laughed

'okay well than you have my blessing


'yes really but if you break the rules im putting a stop to it all

'we wont i promise.... debbie jumped up and went to her mum hugging her

'i love you mum

'i love you too deb

''so where is everyone its getting cold

'i will text them.... bea text shane and allie to come back to the table and when they did they said there good byes to kaz and will and left, allie was happy they left she was pretty damn tired having tossed and turned most of the night, arriving home debbie and shane said they would stay up for a movie and bea and allie went to there bedrooms, allie was changing when there was a knock and the door opened showing bea's cute face

'allie are you sleeping in here tonight?

'do you have a better offer?

'well yea, i want you to sleep with me

'do i get snuggles? she smirked

'you can have anything you want beautiful girl but by the looks of your red eyes your tired

'i am very much so

'well than come to bed with me... holding her hand out allie took it and they went to bea's room, bea sat allie down and pulled her shirt off followed by her bra, allie lay back and let bea strip her of her unzipped jeans and panties, bea striped herself and they both crawled into bed, bea was laying on her back and allie lay half her body on bea's her head on her chest using her fingers to trace patterns on her toned stomach, allie thought about earlier at the gym the look in bea's eyes and wanted to broach it



'earlier at the gym were you scared?

'i guess i was, it just reminded me of the hit harry used to give me, he was so powerful how you would hit a football player or something, i guess i didnt realize how strong you were physically

'bea i have lifted you up a few times

'i know i just didnt think about it

'i hope you know bea i would never hurt you, i would ever raise a hand at you to hurt you only to love you, because i do love you babe, so very much

'i know you wouldnt allie and i love you too, i trust you with my life but even more i trust you with debbie's and i dont do that ever, only a handful or people close to me can look after debbie

'i love you both babe

'i love you both too.... snuggling into bea's chest bea knew allie was falling asleep as she became a dead weight and her breath even out, bea lay there thinking about what happened yesterday and today with there fight and what allie said to her and she agreed, its not allie's or anyone elses fault, harry got in her head and until he is found and put behind bars she will do anything possible to protect her family, bea was not one to be fooled with and she knew what she had to do, dangerous as it is it has to be done and the only people that knew about it was allie and franky, when harry comes back the plan will be in motion without anyone knowing but them 3, its time to take down the scum