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Caught in the Middle

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bea had spent the next couple days trying to make it up to allie after there fight, from making every single meal, to running her a bath, doing all the cleaning and even massages, allie eventually put a stop to it all, it was nice to be looked after but allie already told bea she forgave her and they could move on but bea was her usual stubborn self and kept at it, bea had just finished making lunch and was about to start on cleaning the kitchen when allie wrapped her arms around her from behind

'i will do them

'no allie, you sit down and relax

'babe you dont have to do everything, we talked through what happened and you apologized way to many times already so enough doing everything

'but... allie hand over her mouth stopped her talking

'no buts, your tired, exhausted even, we are a team and i can look after you too.... bea leaned back against allie's chest

'i know you can, i just feel like shit after what i said to you

'you dont need to baby, we are done with all that okay, now your going to go and sit down on the couch and choose a movie for us to watch, i will clean the dishes and be there soon..... bea turned around and kissed allie

'okay if your sure

'i very much am, off you go beautiful..... allie cleaned the kitchen and took out some meat for dinner to cook spaghetti and than went to the lounge room, she smiled when she saw bea had fallen asleep sitting up her head leaning on the wall, it wasnt at all surprising considering bea had spent the last week tossing and turning with worry, she went to bea and gently laid her down

'allie.... bea mumbled

'its okay beautiful, you go back to sleep im right here.... she lay bea down properly putting a pillow under her head and draping a blanket over her as it was cold, kissing her head she left bea to sleep while she went to there rooms to change the bedding, allie liked to change the bedding once a week at least to feel fresh and clean, once she striped the bedding and put fresh ones on all the beds she threw it in the washing and turned it on, she decided to start on the meat and sauce for dinner so the longer it cooks the more flavor it has, an hour later she put the washing out and came inside answering a call from debbie

'hey allie where is mum? i called her but no answer?

'she is sleeping on the couch, she hasnt been sleeping much

'yea i know, i hate that she is going through all this crap

'me too deb..... just than a loud siren went off and allie tried to hear what debbie was saying

'fuck deb i cant hear you the alarm is going off, stay with franky i will call you soon..... as she hung up bea came running into the kitchen there was sheer relief in her eyes to see allie


'I DONT KNOW, IM GOING TO CHECK IT ON THE LAPTOP.... allie held onto bea's hand not wanting to be left alone and bea sure as hell wouldnt leave her, sitting at the laptop she got the alarm turned off once she put in the code

'shit my ears are still ringing

'i know, its loud but we need it just in case, im going to check the cameras from the last hour

'did i set them off maybe?

'where were you?

'i went to the bedrooms and than the laundry, than outside to hang up washing

'no thats fine, plus the system has your id and finger prints so it knows who you are, if it doesnt know someone and they are around or trying to get in thats when it goes off, sit down baby lets watch... allie sat in bea's lap and they watched the screen which was a split screen of 4 cameras from an hour ago to now, allie's phone rang and she took it out of her pocket

'its debbie, she was on the phone when it went off

'answer it allie

'hey deb

'allie, what the hell happened?

'the alarm went off, not sure why we are checking the security. listen you stay with franky till we tell you its safe

'yea okay, i dont finish for 4 hours anyways so just call me, shane or franky when your ready

'yeah okay and deb?


'dont worry okay, we are safe

'i will try..... they hung up and allie put her phone on the table

'debbie is worried

'im not surprised, i will call her soon, lets see if we can see anything...... the footage was fine until about ten minutes ago when allie was outside hanging up the washing

'wait rewind it back bea... bea rewind it a minute and allie pressed pause

'see there at the fence, who is that looking over? she looked at bea and her face went white

'fuck, thats harry

'how the fuck does he know where we live?

'i dont know allie

'fuck, what do we do?

'call the detective first, than call franky and tell her to not bring shane and debbie yet... allie could feel bea shaking and she wrapped her arms around her

'bea he wont hurt you

'im not worried about myself allie, im worried about you, deb and shane, i can handle him

'we will be okay, i will call the detective.... bea nodded and allie got bea's phone and called him, he said he was on his way and than hung up

'he is on his way bea

'okay good, im going to check the footage in the last few days, maybe he has been around

'good idea, i will make you a coffee

'thank you baby, can you do me a favor and close up the house, lock all doors and windows and close the curtains, im sorry i dont want to make it a prison but until we know what we are dealing with i want us locked in

'of course bea

'thank you, i will call franky

'i wont be long.....while allie went and locked up the house bea called franky

'hey red i was about to call you, debbie is worried

'hey franky, are you at work?

'yes, whats up?

'tha alarm went off and i went through the security footage and about 20 minutes ago allie was outside hanging up washing and in the footage it shows harry on the other side of the fence watching her

'oh fuck

'fuck franky i knew he was alive, he is fucking back and he wants to ruin everything

'we wont let him red, remember the plan okay, we know what he wants and thats you and debbie

'franky he cant take her

'he wont, although i hate the plan i wont let him take her no matter what, i fucking hate your plan bea

'i know you do, as if i like it, i would never willingly go with him but i know him and i know he wants his so called 'family' back and with no charges he can take us anytime he wants

'its dangerous, he could hurt you

'i know but i would rather me hurt than my family

'he could kill you bea... franky choked out

'i know..... i know franky

'i hope you know what your doing?

'i dont have a choice, i would do anything to protect my family

'i know you would

'listen can you bring debbie and shane home please?

'yea sure, i will get cover for us and than come there, should i call anyone else?

'just maxine, she knows

'of course she does, okay i will see you soon

'okay and franky please watch your back, i trust you with them

'i will guard them with my life..... hanging up she put her phone in her pocket and went to her room to grab something, she had a safe behind a picture frame on the wall, pulling the frame off she put in the pin and it popped open, she pulled out a necklace which had a built in recorder and she put it on and locked up the safe again putting the frame back up, sitting on her bed she had to get her head in the game, if he is around and no charges it wouldnt matter to him who was here, friends, family or the police, harry thinks he is untouchable, he would take bea and want to start again, saying they belonged to him and all the crap he would come up with, bea normally would not willingly go with him but with the files missing and him being free she needed to get a confession out of him, his over rated ego would spur him on to boast about the things he did with bea and while he was missing, he would be so confident in himself he would just come and do whatever he wanted, taking a big breath she went to the kitchen where allie was making coffee

'here babe

'thank you

'you have it on? allie nodded to the necklace, she hated the plan more than anyone but she didnt want to say too much knowing they would get into a fight about it and she did trust bea, bea knew harry more than anyone else and if she thought it was a good plan than allie would go along with it

'do you really think he would just come here and demand you go with him?

'yes i do, the thing about harry is that he thinks he is untouchable, i have no doubt he would come here and now thats confirmed his next move could be today, tomorrow or in a month

'fuck i dont know how im going to go along with this bea, he could really hurt you or ki... she stuttered out and chocked back a sob, bea put her coffee down and wrapped her arms around allie

'it will be okay allie, i promise

'you cant promise that bea, i cant bare to be away from you, see you go with him

'my plan is solid and once i know i have enough i will wait for my moment and take off, i need to do this allie, i cant live like this anymore, looking over my shoulder for him or risking him hurting you, debbie or the others.... allie nodded

'i know bea, i just hate this

'i do to, it will be over soon... they stayed hugging for a while till allie's words hit straight to bea's heart

'im scared of losing you... bea tightened her hold on the blonde

'you wont lose me, your my life allie, you and debbie are my whole world and we will get through this okay

'okay.... allie pulled back and kissed allie's lips tenderly

'i love you allie

'i love you too

'i love you more... allie smiled and bea wiped a stray tear from her cheek, just than the door bell rang and made them both jump

'its probably the detective... they went to the door and looked through the peep hole and it was indeed him, opening the door she invited him in

'hey girls,

'hi detective, i think i should show you the footage first

'good idea... bea showed it to him and it was definitely harry 'anything other footage with him in it?

'i have only been able to check a little bit but so far no

'okay, if you do see more than email to me straight away, can you please make me a copy of this one?

'sure, have you recovered the files?

'no, they havent been able to retrieve them themselves, although it does show that they were printed out but the files have been corrupted

'do you think its a inside job?

'im seems like it

'a corrupt officer?

'most likely

'anyone in mind?

'yes actually, there is a police officer that has been under the watchful eye for some time and i feel like he is connected to it, the chief knows and the investigation on him and his dealings has gone deeper than ever before, do you know any of harry's friends bea?

'he had a friend turk i think his name was, i didnt like him and he was an asshole but i dont know what he did for work

'okay i will look into that, listen girls i want to be honest with you here

'please do, i dont want bullshit talk.... he nodded

'we cant arrest him without the files or new evidence, if we take him in he will be let go within a few hours which is useless, we dont want him to think we are onto him, we want to come at him with strong evidence and not let him get away with everything

'thats what we need

'i will be in touch when we know more, i will have a police car drive past and if you need anything just call

'we will, thank you... once he left allie was in the kitchen finishing off dinner when franky arrived with debbie, shane and maxine... debbie ran to her mum hugging her tightly

'is it true? he was here?

'yes its true baby, we caught him on tape

'what happens now?

'he can technically turn up here if he wants, it will be okay debbie

'what if its not? we cant go through that again, you cant go through that mum.... debbie stressed on the verge of crying, bea held her head between her hands

'you will be safe, you listen to allie and franky no matter what happens, debbie promise me you will listen to them.... seeing how serious her mum was she nodded

'i promise mum.... they hugged again

'shane it will be okay, i want you to make sure you stay around someone at all times and keep each other safe

'i will keep debbie safe bea i promise

'thank you, why dont you both get cleaned up for dinner.... they went to there rooms to get clothes to shower

'your wearing it red? franky said

'yea i am, i never know when he could turn up, listen franky, maxi i need you to please look over my family, allie is not coping with this and debbie too, shane acts strong but i can see he is worried

'listen love we will be here for them no matter what but are you sure about this bea? its so dangerous to be stuck with him again

'i know it is but it is more dangerous if we just let him do whatever he wants, i need to trap him into confessing what he has done to me, this necklace is connected to a recording device i got made special, once i have a confession than i will find a way out

'bea what if he tries something? sexually? bea breathed out

'i wont let him touch me like that, there is only one person that can do that and thats allie

'what if he hits you?

'than i will take it till i get what i need, i know this is dangerous but it needs to be done, he wont talk to anyone but me, i know what he is like

'sweety we are here for all of you, you dont worry about your family, you do what you need to do

'yea we got your back red

'thank you, both of you... she pulled them both into a hug

'maxi can you check on allie please, she isnt doing well, she is in the kitchen

'of course love... maxine went off to the kitchen and franky and bea sat on the couch

'franky if this goes bad i need you to look after them, if i dont make it back i need you to make sure allie, debbie and shane are okay

'red dont speak like that

'you know what he is like franky, i have told you everything... franky nodded

'i know red but dont say you wont come back

'we dont know what will happen but just promise me you will look after them, i know debbie and allie are adults but i dont know how they will cope

'i got you and i got them.... bea nodded

'thank you.... just than debbie and shane came down the stairs freshly showered

'you guys hungry i think dinner is ready

'im not really hungry mum... bea pulled her daughter into her lap

'baby please dont let this effect you, i want you to keep living your life

'its very hard mum

'i know baby, just try not let this effect you too much

'i will try... just than allie walked into the lounge room and bea saw instantly she had been crying and it broke her heart, she put on a very fake smile and looked at them all

'hey guys dinner is ready, come and eat

'okay babe we are coming now... they all sat down and had dinner, allie and debbie barely ate but bea didnt say anything, after they ate maxine and bea cleaned up the kitchen and than they all sat down to watch a movie, they spent the night watching a movie bridget joining after she finished work and franky, bridget and maxine stayed the night



The following day bea had to go with maxine into the salon to do some paperwork, they were only there for a couple hours and franky had taken shane and debbie to the restaurant to do a few things and organize cover for them all, shane and debbie wanted to work but franky told them to take a few days off work and she wasnt taking no for an answer, once they were done at the restaurant they went back to bea's house

'hey guys im gonna make a sandwich you want something?

'sure mini bea

'sure deb, let me help you.... shane followed debbie through the house debbie freezing when she saw who was sitting at the table, shane saw him as well he had recognized him from a photo bea showed him

'hello sweetheart..... franky had ran to the bathroom and than was walking towards the kitchen when she saw them standing there

'hey where is my sandwich? franky said when she reached them 'WHAT THE FUCK? she said seeing harry sitting at the table so she walked to stand in front of shane and debbie

'franky right? he said and smiled that creepy smile that bea had told her about

'what the fuck are you doing here? get the fuck out

'no thanks, this is my families home

'no its not, this is not your family harry, you need to get the fuck out dick head

'dont swear in front of my daughter

'im not your daughter.... debbie said and she felt shane squeeze her hand

'you are my daughter debbie, you and your mum are my family

'no we are not, this here is my family, me, mum, allie, shane, franky and all the rest of them, we dont want you

'YOU BELONG TO ME!!!! he said slamming his fist on the table. franky took a distinctive step back as did debbie and shane

'DONT YOU DARE RAISE YOUR VOICE AT HER!!!!! a voice boomed from behind them, they turned to see bea walking towards them with maxine, bera and maxine had finished the paperwork within a couple hours and than left the salon in the capable hands of the manager they hired. when they got home and parked the car they walked in and bea heard the voice that has haunted her for so long so she walked over quickly

'oh look my darling wife... he smirked

'what do you want harry? how the hell did you get in here?

'i want my family back, you and debbie

'not happening, we arent your family..... harry stood up taking a couple steps closer to them

'dont come near us..... bea said and stood right beside franky 'you dont come near my family

'im your family bitch, you and debbie belong to me, i want you to come with me


'because i want my family back, you and debbie are mine and your both coming with me or maybe something will happen to your blonde slut.... bea clenched her jaw and harry smirked

'dont talk about her

'hit a nerve did i, where is our little princess? just as bea was about to talk the front door opened and she could hear allie's voice

'hey babe can you help with the shopping please? allie walked in her eyebrows crossed when she saw them all standing together 'whats going on? she said reaching them and than her eyes landed on him, harry standing like all mighty like nothing could touch him, allie held bea's hand

'now its a party, i got to say bea you got good taste but you just need a real man and im here

'thats debatable... allie said

'shut your mouth slut

'dont you fucking talk to her like that harry, what the fuck do you even want?

'i told you, i want you and debbie

'thats not happening, your not taking debbie

'the fuck im not

'i will come but not debbie

'i want you both, we are starting over

'no, debbie is not coming.... harry thought for a moment eyeing bea

'come here... harry said, bea swallowed hard, squeezed allie's hand before letting go and walking over to harry

'no mum dont

'its okay baby, it will be okay

'come here baby.... he grabbed her roughly planting a rough kiss on her 'ah i missed this... bea wiped her face and he slapped her

'thats for betraying me and going with this bitch

'bea... allie went to go to her but franky and maxine kept a hold on her and maxine whispered in her ear

'the plan, dont forget the plan.... allie's tears fell down her cheeks when bea stood beside him her lips bleeding

'its okay allie

'yea allie its okay, she is with a real man now and im gonna show her all night long... bea shook her head no to allie

'now debbie

'no harry, i told you only me

'debbie now... he took a step forward but allie stood right in front of debbie

'your not taking her

'yes i am, she is mine

'i dont give a FUCK, she is not coming with you

'get out of my way... he tried to grab for debbie but allie pushed him back causing him to stumble.. he went to run at allie but bea held him

'no dont, come on you have me

'i want debbie

'another time, give her time to get used to you being back, come on harry lets go... harry looked at bea and than at allie and debbie

'im coming back for debbie

'you will never get to her fuck head... allie said bea surprised by allie's confidence, 'you dont come anywhere near her.... harry laughed a laugh of pure evil

'im taking my wife and going, i will be back..... holding onto bea he began walking pulling bea as he went, bea mouthed 'i love you' to allie and debbie and they both mouthed it back, with that harry left with bea, franky and allie went to the window to see the car he was driving and franky got the number plate, allie's heart hurt so bad watching harry push bea into the car and slam the door, franky was on the phone with the detective giving him as much information as possible and he forwarded it onto to all police to track his car put not approach, they needed to know where he was staying and go from there, franky got off the phone and looked at debbie who was crying in shane's arms, maxine rubbing her back, allie just stood at the window as the car took off and than she went out the front and ran onto the road watching the car leave with the love of her life