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Caught in the Middle

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*7 years earlier*


harry had given bea a few slaps because the bitch just wouldnt go by his rules, was it so hard to to have his dinner ready when he wanted, beer in the fridge, the house cleaned, debbie out of his way and sex on tap? he was the man of the house after all and worked to pay bills, yea bea worked as well but she needed to pull her weight so her whole pay would go into his account and he would look after the money giving her an allowance for food and beer, after he left bea at home once he put her in her spot he went to a bar to do some relaxing and drinking of course, he had met someone there jacs holt and they hit it off, her husband was in jail so she was free to do as she pleased and ended up inviting harry back to her place which harry was quite happy to go,

once they got there jacs had offered harry drugs coke and meth which they did together, harry loved the high he got and that night he ended up fucking jacs, for the next year and a half they had a torrid affair with each other and harry was quickly hooked onto drugs as well as jacs, anytime he would fight with bea or beat her up he would take off to jacs's house and be with her, he was high all the time and ended up starting to do it at home as well

bea saw the change in him and knew he was into something but anytime she tried to bring it up it resulted in a beating followed by being raped as he claimed her the only way he knew, harry had met braydon in that time and he spent some time with the young boy helping him become a man and showing him how to show a woman who the man of the house was, told him that your fist is your best friend and when you want sex from your woman you just take it if she isnt willing, he told braydon about debbie and they would be a good couple together but at that time debbie was too young as was braydon so he didnt push any further

5 days before the incident with bea, jacs was arrested for murder and harry took it hard, he had fallen for the older woman and had hoped to leave his bitch of a wife and be with her but this would ruin it all, a couple days later jacs was given 25 years for the murder of a friend that had crossed the family, harry had gone to the prison and seen jacs and she asked harry to look after braydon but harry told her he couldnt afford to so jacs set up an account for harry, jacs was loaded from dealing drugs for years as well as taking people out for money, she had organised to put the house in braydons name and a bank account for both harry and braydon and harry was happy to watch over him,

on the day of the incident harry had been out drinking with a than 18 year old braydon, they had both gotten drunk and had gone to braydon's house to get high, after a couple hours he headed home, arriving home he went into his room he shared with bea and got on top of her, he was hard and wanted her to take care of him

bea woke up to harry on top of her trying to rip her clothes off but she kept pushing him off, she told him to get off and kept saying 'no dont harry' she pushed him and he fell off the bed and it sent him into a rage, he got up and grabbed her by her hair dragging her out of the room and into the dining room bending her over the table and ripping her pyjama pants down and panties as well before he rammed his penis into her, bea felt the pain immediately and begged him to stop but he wouldnt, he loved when she cried out in pain and thrust in harder, she found the strength to push the table forward and they fell to the floor and bea tried to crawl away from him but he grabbed het and flipped her onto her back, he straddled her holding her down with his weight and began to reign punches on her, one punch followed another and than another, bea begged him to stop but eventually she blacked out

once she was out harry stood up and kicked her in her sides a few times and went to the kitchen to get a knife, he wanted her to pay for disobeying him and not giving him sex, he went over to her and went to his knees, he looked over her face and body, dragging his finger down her bloodied face he looked at the knife in his hand, grabbing the handle with 2 hands he lifted it up and stabbed her in the stomach twice before dropping it to the floor and standing up, he washed his hands in the kitchen and than came out to see bea was slowly coming too and he stood over her saying

'i will leave you here to die a slow painful death like you deserve, bye bitch.... with that he left leaving bea there but bea was strong, she opened her eyes fully and looked around thankfully debbie was with liz at that time, she looked where the phone was which was about ten feet from her, she put one hand over her wounds as they were close together and flipped herself over to begin crawling towards it, she felt sick and like she was going to pass out from the loss of blood but she kept chanting in her mind 'debbie, debbie, debbie' it took all her strength but she got to the phone and called triple zero but by the time they arrived she had passed out again from the pain and loss of blood,

bea spent 2 weeks in a coma and a further 6 weeks in hospital due to her injuries, debbie stayed with liz who bea had met when she started working at the salon she no owns, she and maxine were a huge help to her with debbie and she would forever be thankful for that,

harry had disappeared without a trace like he never existed but bea and debbie knew that he would surface sooner or later

harry had left the house that night bloody and out of his mind and he ended up going to braydons house, when braydon saw him he took him in and got him cleaned up, once harry was cleaned up harry had passed out and the next day when he had realized what he had done he and braydon came up with a plan to get him out there without been seen, there was no way harry was going to jail for that bitch, braydon bought a cottage out in the woods which was where harry ended up, he lived there and would work for the holts when needed, jacs knew about everything that had happened and had made sure that harry was well looked after, after all he was now part of her crew and jacs looks after her crew, plus she did actually love harry in her own twisted way,

In the time harry was at the cottage he had asked braydon to keep him up to date with bea and debbie which he did so, he told harry about bea being in the hospital and debbie being with liz and maxine, about when bea sold the house and moved somewhere else, about her buying the salon and everything else in between, than when he found out bea was dating franky he flipped out and wanted to kill her but braydon told him he couldnt and jacs spoke to him through a burner phone and told him the same thing and told him the best way to get her back was to get revenge on bea, he had taken in all the information and began making plans for bea, he wanted to burn down the house with bea, franky and debbie in it, his daughter turned her back on him anyways so she needed to be dealt with as well,

when braydon dated debbie harry thought it was smart to get closer to her but that blonde slut interfered and that was shut down quickly, when allie and bea got together things changed and when he got knowledge of allie and bea together and the photos and some videos to go with it he was angry, the way bea looked at the blonde she had never looked at him like that, bea never put her arm around harry like that, she was always standoffish and he just wanted some love but she wouldnt even go near him unless he forced her too,

harry had his plan set although now there was this shane kid staying there as well as kaz but he didnt care, debbie, bea and her slut is who he wanted to take down, the others were just collateral damage, although he couldnt come out of hiding as his record showed what he had done and he was wanted, jacs had organized an officer that was on her payroll to make a copy of harry's file and give it to him and delete his files from the record which was done meaning that harry could come out of hiding without any repercussions, harry's plan was now set in stone and he had come back to town, his cottage was about a 9 hour drive from bea's so jacs organized a car for him and a house closer to her, he had moved in a few days before the fire which he had coaxed braydon to be in on it as well as a couple of the holts big guys,

The fire was set and he watched as the house was burning down but what he didnt expect was for them all to get out of the house alive, he wanted them to burn like they were in hell but it didnt happen, he was pissed and when he spoke to jacs about what happened she told him to stay low for a couple days toll she called him back

jacs did call back and found out what hospital they were at and had paid off a nurse to drug allie with the morphine ans he would be taken care of and so she could over dose but when that didnt work it frustrated them both, harry had had enough and wanted to do it his way, he told jacs he knew what scared bea and debbie more than anything and that was him, he wanted them in his house so he could treat them the way they should be treated so he got to planning, when the holts big boys that were following bea and allie said that bea bought a house and had put in a special security system they got hold of the security guys and got harry's details authorized to enter the house at any time without the alarm going off, the security guy was paid off quite well

harry had been watching them for a few days at the new house and than when he saw allie in the backyard he had to look twice to see how smoking hot she was, fuck if he didnt have a plan in place he would have jumped the fence and shown her a good time especially when he hadnt had a decent fuck in a long time, jacs had sent him some prostitutes but ti want the same, when he heard the alarm go off he quickly took off and called the big guys telling them that the security was not in place yet and to call the guy to fix it ASAP. once he got the confirmation that it was done he wanted to move on his plan the next day