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Caught in the Middle

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As bea sat in the car she could hear harry spill on about how shit bea was, how she was gonna pay for what she did to him, for taking his daughter away from him and all the crap he always used to spill about her, he went on and on and all bea could do was stare outside the car window thinking about allie and debbie and the scared and worried look on both there faces, she struggled to look them in the eyes knowing that it could possibly be the last time she would see them, bea wanted to break down crying but she couldnt, she had to be strong and follow through with her very dangerous plan with the very dangerous harry

she knows the records going missing wasnt an accident, it was definitely harry and if she could just find a copy of them she could take them to the police and they would arrest harry straight away, but harry would for sure have them somewhere not accessible to her or anyone easily, she had to do this, she would die before harry got near allie and debbie and that may still happen, when harry got into his angry moods and he used his fists there is no telling what he could do especially when bea tells him he couldnt touch her sexually, surely that would end badly but it has to be done, this all has to be done but there is one thing on her side and its a big one, bea knows harry, all of him and what he does and what he will do most of the time, she knew he would come for her, she knew he would try and take debbie but franky, allie and maxine made a promise to never let harry near her and they kept to that which she was thankful for, to be honest bea knew that allie would never let anyone harm debbie no matter what, she remembered a few days after the fire and it was allie's first night back at bridgets, bea and allie were laying in bed talking and allie had specifically said that no matter what happened allie would do anything to protect debbie even die for her, bea was taken back by the look in allie's eyes but she understood because bea would do exactly the same, plus allie saw debbie as her family and apart from bridget debbie was it for allie

she was a little lost in her thoughts until she heard harry say debbie's name

'we will go back in a couple days to get debbie, she needs to be with her family... bea shook her head

'your not going back for her harry, you dont go near her

'she is my daughter bea, dont piss me off, im getting her

'no your fucking not... before bea realized what was happening harry swung his hand back hitting bea in the cheek, it hurt fuck did it hurt but bea would not show him weakness, she isnt the sad battered woman he left behind anymore

'i dont give a shit what you do to me but you wont go near debbie... bea said wiping the blood from the side of her mouth

'you just wait bea, i will fix you right up... he shook his head in anger, after 10 minutes they pulled up outside a small house and harry got out, going over to bea's side he flung the door open and grabbed her arm yanking her out

'come on bitch..... he dragged her inside the house and threw her on the couch

'dont fucking move... he went to the fridge and got a beer, bea took in her surroundings to know where everything was, she needed to be smart about how she would play things out, there wasnt much around, a L shaped couch, tv, coffee table and a book shelf that had some books on it, there was a hallway which bea assumed led to the bedrooms and bathroom

harry came back into the room bringing a chair with him, placing it down 5 feet in front of bea he sat down and drank half his beer watching her

'you got yourself in a whole lot of trouble now darlin, you got yourself a nice piece of ass there now, maybe i should go give her ass a go, how much she charge these days? he smirked

'dont you fucking touch her asshole

'watch your mouth there bea, you know what im capable of

'im not scared of you harry, you mean nothing to me

'when im done with you bea your gonna wish you were dead

'you think your so tough harry but your not, you want people to fear you but why? does it make you feel big? because i can tell you your far from big.... bea could see the anger in his face and knew he would explode soon enough 'you got a small dick to match your small brain

how dare she speak of him like that? harry thought, she made it sound like he had a small penis which is in correct, according to harry it was huge

'i didnt hear you complaining when i fucked you so hard you screamed my name... he smirked at her

'i was screaming for you to stop, i was so dry at the thought of you touching me in any way, i found someone that gets me so wet she just slides right in there..... and there it was the twitch in his eye he got before he hit her, throwing his bottle down it shattered and he launched at her

'you fucking bitch.... he punched her right in the face followed by her stomach, he dragged her off the couch and over to the table throwing her over it, this was the normal thing for harry to do, he yanked her jeans down and as he tried to undo his zipper he spoke

'im gonna fuck like you need to be fucked, that slut has got nothing on me... bea found her strength to throw her elbow back connecting with his cheek

'your not fucking touching me you pig... harry stumbled back and bea got up pulling her jeans up

'you fucking bitch...harry was pissed, how dare she even think about going against him

'there is only one person that can touch me that way and it isnt you, stay the fuck away from me.... harry pulled his pants up and laughed

'feisty arent ya bea, found yourself some back bone did ya? i like a challenge, lets make a deal bea... bea stood there holding her stomach which was pulsing from pain

'what do you want harry? she said angrily

'its been a long day for you so i will let that one slide for now, you can go rest but remember i always get what i want.... bea didnt say anything so harry grabbed her and pulled her down the hallway and pushed her through the doorway causing her to fall to the floor

'still pathetic as ever, i wish i did kill you that day, dont worry plenty of time for that.... he walked off laughing and bea could hear him in the kitchen getting what else other than a beer, bea stood up slowly she was hurting a fair amount but nothing she hadnt felt before, she flicked the switch for the light but it wasnt working, the light from the hallway shone in and she spotted a lamp on the dresser in the corner so she went over and turned it on thankful it worked, there was a bed and the dresser in the room, she did have an ensuite but when she looked in it the shower was dirty, the toilet stunk and the sink had hair everywhere.. she shivered at how gross it was, turning her head when she heard harry's voice who was standing at the door of the bedroom

'your gonna live like filth the way you deserve it... he said and than walked off, he was so cocky that he didnt close her door and lock her in or even the front door,bea heard a door close so assumed he had gone to another bedroom not far, she crept out and looked around seeing he wasnt there and quickly went to the kitchen, she grabbed a cup of water for herself as well as a sponge and squirted dish washing liquid on it and went back to her room, she quickly gave her bathroom a clean down the best she could, if she had to live in this she would try and keep it clean, she looked int he drawers and to her surprise harry had gotten her clothes, not many only about 5-6 items, sitting on the bed she sighed and thought 'what the fuck does he think is gonna happen? we would live happily ever after?' she went to her bathroom and got into the shower, it was weird and she didnt what it was but harry was been to laid back right now, the old harry would have laid into her big time for speaking to him like that and even refusing him sex.


she lay in the bed thinking about allie and debbie, she was so worried about them and wished she could hold them and tell them everything would be alright, turning on her side she made a point not to have her back to the door just in case, she closed her eyes and hoped to all earth that franky and maxine were looking after her girls



As allie watched the love of her life in the car with harry her heart broke in a thousand pieces, she stood in the middle of the road tears streaming down her cheeks for a while, she felt someone's hand on her arm and turned her head to see franky

'i know this is hard but debbie needs you now more than ever.... allie nodded

'i know, where is she?

'In the lounge room with maxine and shane, please try not too worry the detective have a car following them to wherever they end up, we will get her back

'i hope your right franky, i need her like i need to breathe

'i promise we will get her back, right now im going to meet the detective so i want you inside with the others, boomer is coming here as well with food

'i know the plan is important franky but fuck i just dont know if i can keep it together

'we have to, the detective was let in on the plan as well so was ready, he had an unmarked police car in this street for the last few days, he told me they are following them, i need you to trust me allie

'i will try franky

'good, go inside i will be back soon enough... allie walked inside the house and closed the door going into the lounge room, debbie was a mess, a crying sobbing mess

'allie.... she cried out as she doubled over holding herself, her mum was the most important person in her life and that asshole just took her like she is his possession, allie ran over to debbie pulling her up and into her arms holding her tightly

'i got you deb, its okay im right there.... maxine and shane watched as allie held debbie as she broke down crying, shane himself couldnt hold his tears in and when they fell down his cheeks for the woman that had become more important to him than anyone else it hurt, shane knew some of what bea went through from that monster and to see him take her away like that really hurt, allie saw this and put her hand out

'come here.... shane got up and went to allie, she hugged them both tightly

'it will be okay, we will get her back i promise, now why dont you both go and shower and than boomer should be here by than with food

'im not hungry

'listen sweet girl, i promise i will do everything in my power and bring her home, have i ever broken a promise to you? debbie shook her head

'no... she sniffled and wiped her tears

'i never will, but right now you also need to look after yourself, so shower and food okay? allie held debbie's face between her hands

'okay.... kissing debbie and shane on the cheek they walked off to there rooms to get clothes, shane went to the main bathroom and debbie used bea's

'how are you doing love? maxine asked and allie shook her head

'i just made a promise i dont know if i can keep maxi, what we are doing is dangerous, letting her go with that physco

'she doesnt do things by halves thats for sure, listen all we can do is go by what bea told us, be there for those 2 and wait, although bea has no idea the detective knows about her plan and has someone following them but i think thats a good thing, franky will hopefully have some news soon

'i hope so... just than there was a knock on the door

'thats probably boomer, i will get it love.... maxine went to the door opening it to a worried boomer

'where are they maxi?

'franky went to meet the detective, the others are inside... boomer handed the food to maxine and went inside going to allie and picking her up and hugging her

'she will be alright, franky will make sure.... although allie was taken off guard she was thankful to have such supporting friends 'bea is strong, she will get through this... boomer said putting the blonde down

'thank you for coming boomer

'yea course i would, bea, debbie, shane and you is family.... allie let a small smile cross her lips and leaned up kissing boomer on the cheek

'yes we are, go and set the food with maxine on the table and im going to check on debbie and shane... allie walked down the hall to bea's room and sat on the bed waiting for debbie to finish, she saw one of bea's jackets and picked it up off the chair, bringing it to her nose it smelt of bea, she had a unique scent and combined with her perfume allie loved it, she hugged it tightly and cried into it, cried for the woman she loves, cried for the danger she was in, cried for not doing more, crying for everything they shared and so much more

The door opened to the bathroom and debbie walked out seeing allie so broken and it bought a fresh wave of tears to her as well, going over to allie she sat on her lap wrapping her arms around the blonde and they sat and cried for what felt like forever, they rocked back and forth for a while and maxine had come to the doorway to see why they were taking so long and saw the state they were in, she let them be in bea's room, hoping they could feel closer to her in some way

maxine went to the kitchen and made sure shane had something to eat but even he wasnt all for it, he was quiet and looking at the table not wanting to talk to anyone, even boomer couldnt really eat so maxine packed the food away and kept it warm for anyone that wanted to eat later on

'boomer why dont you and shane put a movie on, something funny or romance? maxine nodded to shane and boomer nodded in understanding

'ah yea okay, come on shane lets chose something... as they went and sat down maxine picked up her phone and called franky

'hey maxi

'hey, any news? i need to tell them all something here there all falling apart, even boomer

'we tracked them to a house about ten minutes from bea's house, its simple and when the detective ran a check its in the name of jacs holt and harry smith

'holt, why does that sound familiar?

'i thought the same thing maxi, i cant my finger on it, can you please ask them all there if they know someone with that name?

'yea just hold on a moment... holding the phone down she went to shane and boomer but they didnt know so went to bea's room

'hey girls do either of you know a jacs holt? both sets of eyes went wide

'jacs holt? debbie said

'yea, do you know them?

'thats braydon's mum, my ex boyfriend braydon

'you mean the head of the criminal ring?

'yea, she is in jail for murder, isnt that right allie?

'yes it is, after braydon and debbie broke up we did some digging online which really wasnt hard, after we put braydon's name in his mum and dad both came up, jacs is his mum... pulling the phone back to her ear

'did you get all that franky? she said walking down the hallway after telling the girls to have a lay down

'fuck, yes i did as did the detective im with him now, we are outside the house where harry went, how the fuck does jacs and harry know each other?

'i dont know franky, has there been any movement?

'no one can hear me right?

'no they cant, im going to the kitchen

'well the officers that followed them said he dragged her out of the car and took her inside, there was some yelling but other than that no

'whats the plan? what do the police and all them want to do?

'im not sure yet, what bea doesnt know is a couple days ago i planted a bug onto her necklace and they could hear what is happening

'and what is happening inside?

'lets just say he hasnt changed

'he hit her?

'thats what it sounds like, fuck maxi i just want to go in and knock his head off

;i know franky but you need to wait, the police know when it becomes too much im sure of it

'i hope they get something quick, i want him to slip and talk all the bullshit in the world

'hopefully sooner than later franky

;maxi can i ask you something?

'of course love

'are we doing the right thing? should we not have let her go? should we have let the police do there own surveillance?

'look franky maybe this isnt the right way to do it but we didnt have much choice, bea knows harry more than anyone does and he wouldnt have stopped tormenting her and debbie and he obviously knew about allie so she more than anyone would have been his target just for getting with bea, its clear as day how much bea loves allie and harry probably saw that, we may not have gone the right way with this but i trust bea and she knows her way around someone like harry... franky was quiet for a few seconds before maxine heard her sigh

'i know your right but listening to what is happening is really hard

'franky you know as well as i do that you should not be listening, you need to let the police who are trained in this kind of thing to take care of her, you need to trust the detective and his team

'i guess your right, what do i do now?

'come here to bea's house, they need you here, shane and boomer are quiet and not eating much, allie and debbie are a mess and laying in bea's bed

'alright im on my way, i will call gidge and can you call liz please? they need all the support they can get

'of course, i will see you soon franky... hanging up maxine went to bea's room and saw allie laying on her back and debbie laying her head on her chest, they were both staring at the wall but were holding onto bea's jacket together, sitting on the side of the bed she tucked a lock of hair behind debbie's ear

'any news?

'i spoke to franky, they had someone follow harry's car and they stopped at a house about ten minutes from here and they went inside, they are scoping out the place right now and will let us know when there is more news, there eyes are on the house and if bea or harry leaves they will know about it... debbie nodded but allie didnt even respond

'franky is coming here as is liz and bridget, we are all going to stay with you no matter what, you dont go anywhere right now till we know more okay? debbie nodded and allie just stared at the ceiling slowly blinking

'why dont you come and eat? i know your going to say your not hungry but you need to eat deb, both of you do

'you go on deb, i wont be long... maxine held out her hand which debbie took and they walked out of the room together, allie is really trying to be strong but it was just too hard, bea had only been gone a few hours but it felt like eternity, it feels like someone literally ripped her heart out and threw it on the floor and stomped on it, she feels so empty and hollow without bea, although they hadnt been together for ages it doesnt matter to them, bea was her heart, her soul mate, her sea horse and with her not here allie was more lost than ever before, even being on the streets prostituting and doing drugs, getting beat up and raped didnt hurt as much as this did right now, sitting up she slipped bea's jacket on herself and laid back down turning on her side clutching at the redheads pillow hugging it tightly, the exhaustion came over her quickly and she fell asleep. debbie had found her that way an hour later so she crawled into bed with allie and fell asleep as well, both exhausted from what had just happened


The detective was sitting in his car in the same street as harry's house, he could see the house but it was a couple houses away and he had his partner with him, there was also 3 police cars in the same street as once he had gone to his chief about the situation that had unfolded with harry smith he was given permission to use whatever resources he needed and to keep him updated, they all had been listening to what was going on through out the night, franky had called him almost every hour for an update but he kept telling her the same thing, that since last night there was nothing new and it seemed that bea was sleeping, the morning came and the detectives were quietly watching and listening when the back doors opened and franky and boomer jumped in scaring the fuck out of them

'jesus christ franky you almost gave me a heart attack

'yea well i needed to see if you were alert, here get them into ya.... they handed over coffee and a toasted sandwich to them both and they all had breakfast

'anything yet?

'no its still, only 7am, say franky what do you think he wants from her?

'revenge, he thinks bea betrayed him by calling the police and having him charged

'so he thinks he is innocent? he asked surprised

'from what bea told me he is very good at putting on an act, he always wanted people to feel sorry for him and say that bea was a shit wife, mother and support for him

'he is a manipulator?

'along with everything else, but he only shows all of it to bea not in front of anyone else... he nodded in understanding ;i dont know him per say but i know what he has done, there is only me and allie who know about him and we know that he is evil, im worried that he will do something worse than ever before and bea wont survive

'me too, we have 4 cars here all listening in and hopefully we can get something sooner than later... they sat around for a couple hours till there was voices heard... franky rolled her eyes when she heard harry say make my breakfast but the anger she possessed when he heard the slap bea was making her sick, she wanted to run inside and bash the fuck out of him but it would all be for nothing, they listened on as harry talked his bullshit and bea pushing him, franky knew she was pushing him as they had discussed it previously, franky's eyes went wide when she heard harry confess to hitting bea previously but a couple minutes later he confessed to stabbing her and thats what they needed, she had to block her ear as bea was getting hit

'thats we got the fucker.... he picked up his radio and spoke 'we got what we needed, unit 1 and 2 to each sides of the house, unit 3 with me to the front, stay out of sight... he got out of the car putting on his bullet proof vest, franky got out too and she could hear harry yelling

'fuck hurry up and get in there before he kills her, you heard him he wants her dead.... she stressed

'stay here, both of you.... franky watched as they all drew there guns knowing how dangerous harry was and got into position, franky saw they all stopped dead in there tracks and boomer opened the door

'franky he has a gun, listen... the recording was still going in the car and they listened on



The following couple of days were just weird for bea and harry, she had woken up the first night in the middle of the night to him standing over her, he stared at her long and hard and than grunted before leaving the room, than during the day he would order her around to clean the house, cook for him and get him a beer, it was as if he fell back into there old life, bea did it all and just waited for her chance to dig around, that night they got into it and harry was going on about bea having an affair with someone before he left, she called him crazy and he slapped her around and than locked her in the bedroom

The next day he acted like nothing had happened and kissed her cheek good morning, she felt so disgusted with it that she almost threw up but she managed to keep it down, it had been the same routine and than at night he tried to fuck bea but she wasnt having any of it, she actually ended up kneeing him in the groin and in return he he punched her in the stomach and face and than threw her into the shower with just the cold water, leaving her under it for a long time to bea's recollection,


The morning came and bea was laying in bed wondering about the situation she put herself in, she needed harry to admit something asap meaning she had to bait him, had to push his buttons and bea knew exactly how to do that, it was time to take action so she quickly used the bathroom and sat on the bed her thoughts going to allie and debbie and how they were doing, bea wasnt stupid she knows that this was going to be hard on both girls, being pulled from her thoughts she head loud footsteps coming down the corridor and than harry walked in and grabbed her arm pulling on her

'come on bitch make me food... bea just went with him to the kitchen

'what do you want? apparently that was a stupid question because he swung his hand and slapped her across the face causing bea to fall back against the counter

'dont ask questions just do it... bea pulled herself together and began to make his breakfast, she looked out the corner of her eye to see him going to the bookshelf and pulling out a book, he opened it and looked at something than put it back, bea wondered what it was and would try and have a look when harry wasnt looking, ten minutes later she placed the plate in front of him

'sit!!! his voiced boomed and bea sat opposite him, it felt so weird right now, what was harry playing at? what did he want? why was he doing this? after he finished eating he looked up at his wife and bea spoke before he had a chance too

'what do you want harry? whats this all about?

'you betrayed me

'how so?

'you were gonna have me charged

'you beat the fucking crap out of me and than stabbed me, what did you think was gonna happen? harry laughed

'you deserved it

'i deserved what harry?

'you deserved all the kicks, the punches, slaps everything

'and i deserved to get stabbed?

'after the way you acted shit yea, i can do with you whatever i want, whenever i want without any questions

'no you cant harry, im not yours

'yes you are, you always will be as long as im alive

'well that could change any minute.... that comment angered him and he grabbed her by the throat lifting her off the chair and throwing her across the floor, bea coughed and held her throat

'fuck you... she said trying to push his buttons, she had thought long and hard about this as if he didnt admit to what he had done she could take enough beatings from him and be charged with something else, although he did admit to hitting her but not exactly to the stabbing, she needed more, the more there was to go on the better it was for her

'you fucking useless bitch... harry straddled her and punched her square in the face 'you need to learn some respect bitch.... he slapped her over and over again, bea's face was on fire but she used her strength and she managed to push him off her and slide back a bit

'your gonna regret that

'i regret everything with you harry, except for debbie and thank god she is all me, looks and acts exactly like me.... bea stood up slowly as did harry, she was clutching her side surely something was broken

'how does it feel harry?

'what? he responded confused

'to look at debbie and see me? she fucking hates you, she despises you and i dont blame her, your not a father, a dad or anything, your just a sperm donor and nothing more

'i should have killed you bitch, when i plunged that knife into your stomach i should have twisted the fucker and made sure you died..... bea smirked, she couldnt believe how quick he just admitted full blown what he had done

'i did nothing to you but look after you harry, you wanted me dead but you dont even know why? you have no reason, how can you hate someone that looked after you, cooked, cleaned, i even put up with you raping me for all those years

'you wanted it, you wanted me to fuck you

'your a parasite i never wanted you, you forced yourself over and over again, does the word 'no' mean anything to you harry? it doesnt because your scum, your bottom of the barrel, low life scum.... harry was seething, who the fuck was this woman standing in front of him, talking back to him, not listening, not obeying him,

'i will fucking kill you bitch.... bea saw the look in his eyes as he approached her and that was the same look she remembered the last time she had seen him, he threw a punch so hard that it sent bea flying onto the couch and than roll off it hitting the floor, he threw the table away and punched her repeatedly

'you fucking bitch

'your dead meat... he spat out continuing to hit her. he went from punching her in the face and stomach to kicking her in her side, bea swung her foot out causing him to fall backwards giving her a chance to get up, her face was starting to swell up pretty quickly including her eyes, her ribs were throbbing most likely at least 1-2 were broken but she couldnt lose focus, she had what she needed and it turned out quicker than she thought and now she had to get out of there, she went to run out but harry reached behind him and pulled out a gun pointing it at her

'dont even make a move.... his voice so cold it sent shivers down bea's spine, he stood up the gun still pointed at her as he laughed

'harry dont, why the hell do you have a gun?

'im gonna kill you bea, than debbie for turning her back on me, than i will fuck the shit out of your blonde slut and than strangle her to death, your all gonna pay for it... he cocked the gun and bea ran down the hall and to harry's room hiding, he would never think she went there, she could barely see as her eyes were becoming more swollen, she crouched down in the corner of the cupboard, listening out for his foot steps, she thought to herself that this was it, she was going to die so decided to say her farewells into the recording

'i dont know if i will make it out of this alive so to debbie my babygirl, i have never been more prouder of anyone in my life, i love you so so much baby and i want you to live a long healthy life, you be your strong self and lean on the family.... 'allie, you are the most amazing person i know, your sweet, caring, loving and for some reason you love me and my crazy ways, i love you allie and you will forever be in my heart my beautiful girl.... bea was trying not to breath heavily as the pain in her side and face was becoming worse, on feel of her face maybe she had a broken cheek bone, she could hear foot steps through out the house and harry's voice

'come out, come out where ever you are... i will find you bitch and i will make sure you die a slow and painful death... his foot steps got closer to his bedroom and than they stopped and she heard his voice

'come out my darling wife, so i can rip you to shreds.... he laughed evilly, he was taunting her there was no doubt about that, 'fuck' she mouthed as his foot steps got closer, the next thing she knew the door swung open and the gun was pointed at her

'there you are, any last words? bea gulped and with as much strength as possible she said

'yea.... go to fucking hell!!!!!! just than the window was broken and 2 police officers jumped through, there were officers coming at him from the hallway and the detective dived at harry taking him out but his gun had gone off in bea's direction

'fuck check bea now.... a couple officers ran straight to bea and saw her holding her shoulder blood streaming out of it

'she got shot in the shoulder, someone get me a towel or something to wrap around it

'how the fuck are you here?

'franky... bea smiled softly

'of course franky, where is she?

'outside with boomer

'can you bring franky in here please?

'of course.... harry was arrested and taken outside and thrown into the police car and taken straight to the station, 2 officers helped bea to sit on the bed and she moaned in pain

'i think my ribs are broken and my cheek

'we have an ambulance coming bea, that was too close and what you did was stupid

'i know but i got what was needed

'you did, franky actually planted our own listening bug on your necklace so we have it all recorded as well, he wont be seeing the night sky for a long time

'good.... just than franky came running down the hall and into the room and to say she was shocked by what she saw was an understatement, bea's face looked like an eggplant, blood streaming down it, she had her arm wrapped in a towel

'bea... she sighed almost relieved to see the red head but hated to see her like this

'franky..... bea cried out and franky sat beside bea and wrapped her arms around her gently

'you scared the fucking shit out of me

'your not the only one

'are you okay?

'i think a broken cheek and ribs, he shot me in the arm the prick but apart from that im fine, the girls?

'to be honest there a mess, so is shane, in fact they all are but there altogether so there safe

'bea the ambulance is here... bea nodded, the 2 officers came in and checked her vitals and than loaded her up on the bed and took her to the ambulance, bea saw boomer and held her hand out which she took

'fucking hell bea, ya should have let me bash his tits in..... everyone including bea laughed, typical boomer lightening the mood without even realizing

'thank you boomer for being here for me and the family

'anytime bea, do you need anything?

'bring my girls to me please

'the hospital?


'okay, franky will go with ya i will see ya soon... boomer left in the car as bea was being loaded into the ambulance with franky, franky held bea's hand the whole way there and bea was thankful she was there, she felt relieved this was all over but mentally she was struggling, how could someone hate her so much they wanted to kill her?

Once they arrived at the hospital they went on to get bea scan, ultrasounds, blood tests take make she she doesnt have internal bleeding and getting her cleaned up which franky stayed with her the whole time

allie and debbie were sitting with the others in the lounge room a movie playing when boomer came bounding into the house

'guys come on get up we got to go

'what for? debbie said

'your mum, its all over you need to come

'wait what? are you serious?

'yes, she is at the hospital with franky... allie and debbie jumped up

'she is hurt? allie asked

'how bad? debbie countered

'she is alive but she is in a bad way, come on lets get to the hospital and you will find out there

'shane, allie and debbie go get changed and go with boomer, me, liz and bridget will be along soon enough.... they didnt waste anytime and within 5 minutes they were off towards the hospital, they were firing question after question boomer's way but boomer didnt know what happened and she hadnt known about the plan

'listen i dont know much, i just know harry is in jail and bea is at the hospital but listen guys she is pretty hurt so be prepared... allie grabbed debbie's hand

'its okay, your mum is strong she will be okay... debbie bit her lip trying not too cry but a few stray tears rolled down her cheeks and allie wiped them before hugging the young girl

'im right here for you and your mum

'thank you.... debbie sniffled, they arrived at the hospital and all got out going inside and up to the reception

'my girlfriend bea smith is here, what room? the lady checked her records and looked up

'its only family right now and your not family

'what do you mean im not family, im her girlfriend... allie said angrily

'thats not family... debbie stepped forward knowing allie was about to go crazy

'im her daughter, tell me what room now... the lady huffed

'level 3, room 15 but only you can go

'get lost.... she grabbed allie and shane's hand and started walking 'come on boomer... boomer smirked and followed debbie to the lifts flipping off the lady, once they were at the floor they looked for the room number and finally had it, allie stopped in her tracks when she saw bea through the blinds

'what are you doing?

'you go in deb, i just need a moment

'allie she is gonna want to see you... allie breathed in and out slowly and debbie nodded seeing the look on her face

'alright we will go in but she would want to see you soon... allie nodded, debbie went into the room followed by boomer and shane, she ran over to her mums bed

'mum... bea turned and smiled the best she could

'debbie baby

'oh my god mum, what the hell did he do? she looked from her mums face to her arm

'im okay baby, its just some bruising... debbie shook her head wanting to hold her mums hand but didnt want to hurt her even more so bea wrapped her good arm around debbie bringing her in closer and hugging her, debbie laid her head on her mums chest and let out a few tears

'i thought i lost you

'im right here baby girl, always

'i love you mum

'i love you too baby... bea looked at shane who was trying to wipe his own tears before anyone saw but bea reached out to hold his hand

'its okay shane

'no its not, no man should ever lay his hands on a woman

'i know but i will be okay in no time

'are you sure? he asked so softly and bea smiled a little

'im sure... bea let him go and he sat down with franky and boomer, stroking debbie's hair she was sad to not see allie here

'deb where is allie? debbie stood up wiping her face

'she is outside, she needs a moment

'is she okay?

'she struggled with what happened, you gotta remember mum apart from bridget me and you are her only family and she almost lost you.... bea nodded

'i know, im sorry i put you through all this

'its not your fault its his

'you dont worry about him now, he is in jail

'good, do you need anything? are you hungry?

'i need some clothes and im definitely hungry

'well how about me and shane go and get some clothes for you and bring some food for us all?

'sounds good to me baby, god i missed you

'me too mum, i was so scared i thought i would never see you again

'i know baby, im right here though and im okay

'okay..... debbie kissed bea's cheek and she left with shane using boomer's car

'hey red boomer and i are gonna meet the others downstairs they will be here soon, so i think we will leave you 2 alone?

'us 2? bea asked confused and franky nodded towards the door where allie had peaked her head in, boomer and franky left them alone and allie took a couple steps inside, allie's stomach churned to see how hurt bea was, neither spoke for a couple minutes and than allie sighed

'i thought i lost you bea.... allie said tears streaming down her cheeks

'oh babe im right here

'but your hurt

'yes i am but i will heal, he is finally gone for good and it was worth it to put him away

'i love you... allie cried out

'i love you too babe, come here.... allie went over to bea holding her hand and kissing her anywhere she could where it wouldnt hurt, after what happened allie wanted bea to feel so much love it was bursting from her veins