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Caught in the Middle

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bea was in pain there was no doubt about it but having her family around was more important right now, it was confirmed by her scans that she had 2 broken ribs, a broken cheekbone and some bleeding in her stomach, as well as the obvious injury to her arm that was shot, thank god it wasnt worse and bea would recover from all her injuries although painfully so, it was the next day and right now the room had maxine, liz, franky, bridget, shane and boomer

'franky where is allie and debbie? franky knew bea was in pain and tried to hold her hand and comfort her the best she could

'they will be here soon, they were here all night and needed to shower and change, there gonna stay here tonight so there bringing clothes with them as well, can i do anything for you? are you in pain? bea nodded and franky pressed the nurses button which she came in after a couple minutes

'hi bea what can i do for you?

'nurse she needs something for the pain

'is it getting worse? bea nodded as it was too sore to talk sometimes

'alright i will get you something for now but i will speak to the doctor and see if we can hook you to morphine for a few days and you use it when you need it, i will get you some pain relief now

'thank you... the nurse left and maxine stood up coming over to bea

'we are gonna go love so you can rest, we all love you and get better soon

'thank you maxi, love you too..... she rubbed bea's arm as she was unable to kiss her due to her injuries, bea's right eye was swollen shut the left was half swollen shut, her whole face in general was swollen and they all hated seeing her like this but they knew it could have been worse

'we will see you soon, the salon is taken care of alright.... bea nodded and waved them bye as they all left except for bridget and franky, the nurse came back and gave bea something for the pain through the iv

'that should help for now, you buzz me if you need more and the doctor has been paged so when he gets here we will discuss what to do next

'thank you nurse

'hey red are you hungry?

'no franky, im just tired

'go to sleep

'i cant

'you need debbie or allie here? franky asked and bea nodded, bea felt vulnerable at the moment and she hated it but she also knew she wouldnt be judged by any of them

'they will be here soon bea, allie just text me said there parking the car... bridget said and bea nodded, 5 minutes later allie and debbie walked in both smiling at the redhead

'hey mum how you feeling?

'im okay

'your such a shit liar mum, come on mum we are here for you and you went through a lot and we want to help, what do you need?

'she is right babe... allie said sitting on the chair next to the bed and rubbing bea's leg 'let us be here for you... bea nodded

'sorry, im just used to looking after myself

'well now im older, allie and the others are here for you

'right now i just need you close to me, im tired and i want to sleep

'we are right here beautiful

'beautiful? i look like an eggplant.... bea scoffed and allie giggled

'your still beautiful, sexy, amazing, cute, pure and i kinda dig the eggplant look... she smiled and bea smiled a little

'i love you

'i love you too babe

'i love you more.... bea replied and allie shook her head bashfully

'you 2 are so sappy, mum im gonna close the blinds and door so you can rest

'red gidge and i are gonna go, we will came back later on with food

'thank you for coming

'of course, see you girls later.... franky and bridget walked out and debbie closed the blinds and shut the door so it was darker and not too noisy, allie and debbie sat on either side of bea and touched her in some way so she knew she wasnt alone and all was okay, bea soon enough closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep as debbie and allie watched tv


That night franky returned with food for them all and as she was setting up allie was waking up bea, she ran her hand up and down her arm as she couldnt touch her face of fear of hurting her more than she already was

'babe wake up, wake up babe... bea groaned but slowly fluttered her half decent eye open 'hey sleepy head franky is back with the food

'already? bea croaked out

'babe its 7.15, you have been asleep for 4 hours

'oh shit, sorry the medication knocked me out

'its okay as long as your resting than thats okay, you hungry?

'yea but i dont know what i can eat, it hurts to eat

'well lucky you have a smart friend because she bought you chicken soup

'oh yum, i love her chicken soup, can you lift my bed please?

'of course beautiful.... once bea was a little more leveled to eat franky placed a bowl of warm soup in front of her

'thank you franky, your a legend it smells so good

'no sweat, i made heaps and bought in a couple containers and you can get someone to warm them up for you when your hungry, the nurses said you could use there kitchen


'babe do you want me to feed you?

'you dont have to do that, i should be okay

'well im here if you need help

'arent you gonna eat?

'after i know you have eaten than i will

'but thats not fair

'dont you worry about me, we need to get you better, im fine...... as much as bea wanted to argue the determined look on allie's face told her to just eat her own food, bea began eating slowly but she really enjoyed it, franky always made good food

'so red listen, i dont want to ruin your dinner but we need to talk about harry for a moment

'okay, what about?

'well the detective called me today said they did a thorough search of the house and they found some interesting stuff

'like what?

'well for starters 5 guns were found one of them been a rifle.... bea shook her head

'fucking pig.... debbie said and bea put her spoon down to hold her daughters hand

'deb why dont you go for a walk while i talk to franky?

'no mum i want to stay, i need to hear everything...bea nodded

'okay, franky can we just finish eating first and than you can tell us everything

'of course... they all ate and the rubbish was put away, bea pulled allie's hand to sit on the bed next to her and allie didnt want to because she was worried she would hurt her

'please allie, i need you close to me now

'okay babe.... allie sat on the bed and bea lay on her chest loving the feel of allie's heart beat

'okay go on franky

'they found his file that was printed off and deleted from the police, it showed who printed it out by there badge numbers and they have also been arrested, they found a shit load of photos, information and hand written notes harry has on you and debbie and more recently me and allie, i guess because of our relationships with you

'makes sense i guess, anything else?

'well yea but its confussing, the house was in harry and woman jacs holt, which is braydon's mum who is debbie's ex boyfriend.... bea frowned the best she could and looked at franky for a moment before she spoke

'how the hell does that work?

'i have no idea, it seems they knew each other quite well if the house is in both there names

'isnt she in jail? i remember allie and deb telling me that

'yes she is, has been for just over 5 years

'thats when harry disappeared, isnt it? bea said

'yea it is, nothing is confirmed but at this point the detective thinks that maybe they met each other a while ago and were friends

'or lovers? bea grimaced

'eww thats gross, harry and jacs together? she i ugly i remember the picture when allie and i looked her up on the internet

'she obviously gave him something i couldnt

'yea drugs, jacs is a huge time drug dealer and murderer, red you told me that on that last day when you looked into his eyes he was definitely on something?

'oh yea for sure, he had this look of like a demon or something, his behavior had changed from the previous 2 years before that last day.... franky was taking in all the information and went quiet for a moment trying to think, than she jumped up

'fuck i can see it in my head, its there right in front of us

'what is franky?

'2 years before that day he went drinking as usual but he was at a bar and you said he only went there when he had laid into you, anyways he was there and met jacs, they hooked up and she introduced drugs to him and he got hooked, they had an affair for the following 2 years and doing drugs together, than jacs get locked up and harry cant handle that so he does lots of drugs and comes home off his face that night and he does all that to you, he fucks off god knows where but he ends up getting help from jacs who has connections left right and center, she normally wouldnt care but she loves him so probably put him in hiding this whole time, the dodgy police would be under her thumb, the guns, the house, the money all her..... everyone went quiet thinking about what franky had just said not sure they could believe it but it all made sense 'im gonna tell the detective

'how does braydon fit into this?

'well thats her son so they probably sent him to debbie to keep an eye on her and you but allie got involved so they needed revenge, the fire was the start but allie lived so the next best thing

'was the drugs, the morphine overdose they gave me, the nurse quit and never returned to the hospital, its like she dropped off the face of the earth.... allie said

'im so sorry allie, this is all my fault

'dont you even try and blame yourself, non of this is your fault babe, this stems to harry and jacs

'you could have been killed twice because of me.... bea cried

'but i wasnt because your love saved me, you saved me both times bea and im so great full you did because i cant imagine ever being without you, please dont cry babe it will be okay

'how can you say that? jacs is in prison and sh caused all this with that asshole

'you dont worry about that, we will work this out... allie wrapped her arms around bea and held her while she cried, debbie hated seeing her mum like this, it absolutely broke her heart

'gidge lets go and leave them for the night

'sure franky

'red if you guys need anything just call me... bea didnt respond she just continued to cry into allie's chest, once franky and bridget left debbie went for a shower

'bea its okay... bea sniffled and gently wiped her face

'its not allie

'it is you know why?


'because we won, im here, your here and debbie is here

'if franky is right which it does make sense than he should have just fucked off with her a long time ago

'yes he should but harry isnt a decent person, by the sounds of it he enjoys having control over you so he stayed

'i hate him so much

'sa do i babe, so do i.... just than the doctor walked in with a nurse

'hi bea, sorry i could come back..... he said seeing bea was upset

'no its okay doctor

'okay well i spoke to the nurse about your pain and we are going to hook you up to the morphine press, it will let you press it whenever you need it for the pain for a few days

'when can i go home?

'bea your not in good shape to be doing anything let alone go home, im thinking maybe a week

'a week? bea groaned

'yes, come on bea your very lucky the bullet was in the shoulder to start with, thats what we are worried about, lets just see how you heal up okay?

'okay fine

'good, now the nurse will fix the machine up for you and if you need anything dont hesitate to call

'i will, thank you doctor..... he left and the nurse hooked up the morphine and showed bea how to use it and than left

'allie can you check on debbie she has been in there for quite a while?

'of course... allie went to the bathroom and knocked

'deb you alright in there??? there was no answer 'debbie answer me or im coming in.... debbie didnt answer so allie opened the door slightly and peaked in, debbie was sitting under the shower in the floor holding her knees and crying, allie rushed inside closing the door and going over to debbie, she turned the water off and grabbed a towel wrapping it around debbie

'hey sweety whats wrong? talk to me debbie... debbie cried and cried and allie kneeled beside her and hugged the young girl, debbie's heart never thought it could hurt more but when she heard what franky had said, the part about the guns completely freaked her out, harry had planned to kill her mum and she was struggling to understand why he would want to do that, after some time debbie calmed down

'why would he do that? why would he want to hurt her?

'because he is not well debbie, no normal person would want to hurt anyone and be okay with that, but what you need to look at is the fact that we have your mum back with us and she is here

'but she is so hurt

'she is but she will recover and we will be there for her no matter what right?

'right... just than the door opened and bea stood there

'debbie? baby are you okay?

'mum you should be in bed... debbie scrambled up to her feet wrapping the towel around her and going to her mum

'i was worried about you, are you okay?

'sorry it was all just a lot to hear, the thought of what his intentions were was too much, i cant ever imagine you not being here

'hey dont you worry about that, im right here with my 2 girls

'thats right, we are all here and queer... bea chuckled

'your such a doofus babe... allie smiled

'you love it

'that i do, i love you both

'we love you too... they both replied

'mum let allie help you to bed and i need to get dressed, i feel like there is air con up my butt.... debbie giggled

'okay baby as long as your alright

'i am mum, just a moment..... bea nodded and allie wrapped her arm around bea gently and they walked back to the bed, bea gritted her teeth as she got into bed from the broken ribs, she had had them before thanks to harry and knew the pain would be bad for a while but she would handle it for her girls

'babe use the morphine

'not yet, i want to have a shower i stink

'you dont stink

'well i need a shower, will you help me?

'of course beautiful... just relax for a few minutes and than i will help you get cleaned up, just so happens i need to shower as well

'well arent i lucky?

'i think so.... allie beamed, 45 minutes later bea was back in bed fresh and clean, allie packed away the dirty clothes and than sat beside bea in the bed, there was 2 rollaway beds in the room for the girls but bea wanted allie as close as possible, she even tried to get debbie in with them but debbie just giggled

'how am i gonna fit with you 2 mum?

'are you saying we are fat? allie said

'no but its a small bed

'but i want you closer to me... bea whined and debbie got off the rollaway bed and pulled it so it was right next to bea's bed


'give me your hand first... debbie held her mums hand once she was comfortable in bed

'happy now?

'yep definitely

'good go to sleep

'but i slept like 4 hours before

'but i know your tired, the moving around, the medication its all tiring, plus mum make sure your using the morphine when you need it

'it makes me fall asleep

'thats fine babe, as long as your not in pain than it doesnt matter, you dont have to always be a super hero especially with us

'sorry im trying to accept help its hard sometimes

'we get it, can i press for the morphine? bea nodded

'yes please... once allie pressed and bea got a hit of the medication she snuggled into allie's body gently, her ribs were absolutely throbbing but the morphine was kicking in and helping, allie's fingers going through her hair was helping her relax more so and within a few minutes she was fast asleep

'that didnt take long, i knew mum was tired

'she is trying to let us help which is good, she is used to it being just you and her so just give her some time to get used to it, she knows we are here for her

'i hope so, i just wish this never happened to her, mum has been through so much already and this shit was just crazy, he is so fucked up

'he really is deb, we got her back now and he is in jail where he belongs

'or 6 feet under

'well there too but right now we concentrate on your mums recovery.... debbie nodded

'do you want to watch tv for a while?

'sure its still early... they put a movie on and when the nurse came to check on bea half an hour later they were all fast asleep, she turned the tv off and left them to sleep


debbie had woken up before the other 2 and while she was laying on the rollaway she got to thinking about harry and what he had done to her mum, deciding she needed answers she wanted to go and see him, not wanting to wake up her mum or allie she got up and put her shoes on, she left them a note saying she went to do a couple things and would be back later on and went home to shower and change and than head to the police station, she walked in and up to the reception desk

'hi miss what can i do to you?

'im not sure who i need to speak to but my mum is bea smith

'oh how is she doing? the officer obviously knew what had happened which isnt surprising as it had made the news

'broken ribs, broken cheek bone, she got shot in the shoulder and is bruised from head to toe

'im so sorry, i hope she recovers quickly

'thank you, i want to see him

'harry? you sure about that?

'yes, i need to see him, i need answers

'okay, he hasnt been transferred to the prison yet so i will get an officer to get him out of lock up, i need your id for the records please

'sure here you go... handing over her id she signed what she needed and after a ten minute wait she was escorted to a room down the hall and the officer opened the door, harry was sitting there in an orange jump suit his hands and feet chained to the table and 2 uniformed officers were standing on either end of the room, she walked in and sat opposite him

'you look like shit... she said and he chuckled

'you can thank your mum for that the bitch

'dont call her that asshole

'watch your mouth deb, im still your dad

'no your fucking not, your scum, how the hell could you do what you did? and not just the last few days even when i was younger? why do you need to put your hands on mum like that?

'she needs to know who the man of the house is

'a man doesnt put his hands on a woman to hurt them, a man, a real man supports there family, loves them, cherishes them

'i loved you

'did you? you sure about that?

'of course debbie

''if you loved me why did you hurt the most important person in my life?

'i told you debbie

'yea yea all your bullshit of she deserved it and your the man of the house, spare me with your macho bullshit and be honest for once in your life, for fucks sake you nearly took my mum away from me, do you not give a shit about me?

'why is it always your mum, how about me? im your dad... debbie clenched her jaw and harry realized thats exactly what bea does when she gets frustrated

'suck your exactly like your mum arent you

'proudly, fucking oath, i live to be like her


'because she is my hero, you dont get it do you?

'what? harry asked confused

'mum kept me safe from you, she made sure she took every beating from you so you didnt turn on me

'i would never hurt you, your mum knows that

'she also thought you would never hurt her but look how it turned out... he huffed hating that debbie was right, he didnt regret it but still hated it

'what do you want debbie?

'answer a few questions for me and i will leave

'what do you want to know?

'you and jacs, were you together? harry was shocked with the question and it showed clearly on his no longer smug face 'the house is in both your names

'yes we were, for 2 years before i took off

'why didnt you just leave?

'i was going to but she got locked up a few days before i left

'you mean a few days before you stabbed mum? he stayed quiet and debbie moved on

'tell me about braydon

'he is a good kid

'a good kid? he threatened to come for me and than he threw me against the wall at the police station choking me

'i knew about the police station but not that he tried to do that to you

'fucking hell do you understand what you have done? i dont know how you live with yourself knowing you hurt mum the way you did and than you send braydon to me what to keep an eye on me? to fuck with me? well allie saw him doing drugs at our dorm and no doubt im sure he would have got me onto them eventually, IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? FOR ME TO OVER DOSE????? debbie yelled losing her temper

'no debbie its not what i wanted,

'why not? you told mum you were gonna kill me

'i was never gonna kill you, how could i? your my daughter

'and mum was your wife, you took vowels remember, to love and cherish and all that fucking shit

'debbie calm down would you

'NO!!! I HAVE ENOUGH OF YOU FUCKING WITH MY FAMILY,... she took a breath ans stood up looking at harry 'stay away from us, its the least you can do after what you did, i hope you rot in prison harry... she started walking away and stopped at the door when harry spoke

'your still my daughter

'no im not, im taking your name off my birth certificate

'you cant fucking do that

'watch me you dirty fucker..... as she walked out of the room and down the hallway she could hear harry screaming and losing it kicking and screaming, going to the front to sign out the officer looked at her

'you did really good debbie, how do you feel?

'i needed him to know he isnt and never was my dad so im happy i saw him, thank you for allowing me to see him

'its fine, he gets transported to wentworth prison today so you just got in

'dont hesitate to run over him, he wont be missed... the officer snickered

'as much as i would love to we cant

'oh well he can enjoy jail, thanks for everything bye

'bye debbie, tell your mum we all hope she makes a speedy recovery

'thank you.... debbie left the station and got in her car driving to births deaths and marriages to get his name removed and because she is over 18 she can do it herself on the spot and get the certificate on the spot, than she had to go to the hospital to tell her mum and allie what she did


bea woke up moaning and groaning, the medication had worn off over night and the pain was really bad and as she was moving around the button for the morphine dropped and she couldnt pick it up, debbie and allie both werent there so she just cried

allie was in the shower and had just turned the water off and was drying herself off when she could hear bea crying, wrapping the towel around herself she ran out of the bathroom and over to bea

'baby whats wrong? allie said worried

'im hurting

'did you press for the meds?

'i dropped it...bea cried out, allie picked it up quickly and pressed the button than wrapped it around the handle of the bed so it didnt fall again, she rubbed bea's back and stroked her hair

'its okay baby i pressed it, it should kick in soon

'im sorry.... bea cried

'you have nothing to be sorry for babe, im right here..... bea held allie's hand to her chest 'try and take slow deep breathe's it will kick in very soon

'dont leave me.... bea sounded so broken that allie struggled not to throw up, it literally made her sick

'i wont, im here babe, im not going anywhere, shuu its okay babe.... she realized when the medication kicked in because bea's body finally relaxed and her eyes began to close again, her heart hurt to see bea in so much pain, she wished she could take it away but she couldnt, all she could do was be there for her, she tried to remove her hand from bea but bea had a tight hold and she needed to get dressed it was getting cold, she beeped the nurse who came in a couple minutes later

'hi what can i for you?

'i know this isnt customary but i ran out here in my towel because bea was screaming in pain, she had dropped the buzzer for the medication and she was crying, anyways i pressed and managed to get her back to sleep but she wont let go, do you mind getting my clothes?

'of course allie... allie had gotten on really well with all the nurses so far, they were doing a great job with helping bea and she was very thank full, the nurse returned with her clothes and put them on the bed in front of allie

'do you need help dressing?

'no thank you i got it from here, fuck is it normal for her to be in so much pain?

'with broken ribs yes, as they heal the first 3-4 days are pretty bad, if she wants ice helps a great deal because the area tends to burn up, if bea wants it please dont hesitate to ask we have ice packs on hand all the time

'i will definitely mention it to her, thank you so much for your help

'no problems, im just going to check a couple things and let you be

'do you mind closing the blind on your way out? and the door?

'of course, the more she rests the better it is for her... the nurse left after a couple minutes and allie got dressed but when it came to her shirt she struggled so she quickly took her hand away and once her shirt was on she put it back and bea held on again, she sat on the edge of the bed next to bea and run her fingers through her hair, bea moved her good arm and wrapped it over allie and moved her head to lay it in allie's head on instinct, allie was happy to sit there and let bea practically lay on top of her, as long as she was comfortable it was okay, she sat there watching tv for some time till debbie walked in just after lunch thank fully with food as allie hadnt eaten all morning

'hey allie, hows mum?

'she had a touch morning

'the pain?

'yea, i was in the shower and she dropped the buzzer for the morphine but i heard her and came out and pressed it, she calmed down after a while and fell asleep

'poor mum, i wish a couple weeks would pass so she can be over the worst of it

'me too, all we can do is be here for her

'true, you hungry i bought chinese

'starving, i cant exactly move... debbie giggled

'we should get her up to eat, she hasnt eaten since last night

'you wake her deb its hard to do it from my position... debbie nodded and went closer to the bed and rubbed her mum arm

'mum wake up.... bea groaned in response 'mum come you gotta get up... bea opened her good eye and sighed

'but im comfy

'i know but you need to eat, it will help with recovery and all the meds your taking, lay back down and i will bring the bed up... bea laid down and allie hopped off even if bea whined at the loss of contact

'dont worry im still here.... debbie put some rice in front of bea and some jelly she got with a bottle of water and a straw

'just eat what you can

'thank you baby..... as they all began to eat bea had wondered where debbie had been

'where were you?

'i had to go and do a couple things

'which were?

'before i tell you you need to promise to stay calm

'what did you do deb?

'i went and saw harry