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Caught in the Middle

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bea looked at her daughter not sure if she really heard right

'sorry what? you went and saw him? debbie nodded

'dont get mad mum but i needed to

'what the hell for? deb he is dangerous cant you tell? she said moving her good hand to point to her face

'i know mum but let me explain

'it better be good deb.... debbie sat down and explained what happened with her and harry and to say bea was shocked would be an understatement, harry actually admitting to his affair with jacs and everything was surprising

'wait you told him you were gonna take his name off the birth certificate? allie asked

'not only did i tell him that i actually did it, look... she pulled out the certificate that was sitting in a plastic slip and handed it to her mum, it read mother-beatrice smith but under father it said unknown

'i dont want anything to do with him mum there is only you, your the only parent i want and need... bea dabbed the tears from her eyes and pulled debbie into a hug, debbie careful not to hurt her mum more so

'i love you mum

'i love you too deb.... allie herself couldnt hold back her tears and when debbie saw her wiping her tears she giggled

'your such a sap... they all laughed when allie pushed her playfully

'piss off anyways where are our donuts?

'donuts? debbie asked confused

'ah yea remember when someone is unwell or hurt we need donuts, your mum is part of this now

'right right im going to get your stinky ass some clothes so i will get some

'hey i dont stink... debbie laughed when allie got up and picked her up spinning her around

'hey dont drop my daughter...... bea warned playfully

'would i do that? its not like it would knock any sense into her... she said putting the young brunette down and ruffling her hair

'hey im smarter than you bimbo

'you little shit... allie tried to grab the laughing debbie but she moved out of the way, bea laughed a little to hard causing her to groan in pain and grit her teeth

'shit baby are you okay? allie said rubbing her arm, bea's face was still really bruised and sore so she couldnt touch her there.. bea nodded but the tears in her eyes gave away how much pain she was in

'mum press your morphine button it will help... bea did so and after a minute or so she relaxed back into the bed her good hand clinging to allie's

'its okay baby im right here... bea slightly smiled

'well mum im going to go and get stinky some clothes do you need anything?

'i need clothes please, im sick of being in this stupid gown where people can see my ass... allie giggled

'your ass is sexy babe

'eww thats my mum.... debbie groaned

'sorry but its true

'anyways, anything specific you want?

'something lose, a couple pairs of track pants, loose t-shirts and undies please, oh and i want my own bathroom stuff, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush and toothpaste please deb

'no worries mum, what do you feel like for lunch? i was thinking chinese because all the food is soft

'sounds good deb, my keycard is at home in my wallet so just use that for anything you need

'mum i have my own money

'deb please dont start, i know you do but your gonna need every dollar when you and allie start your business and i have more money than i need, the insurance has been paid out and its just sitting there so just use it and stop being a pain

'your so bossy mother

'you best believe it now come here deb... debbie went close to her mum and bea leaned up kissing her cheek

;i love you now go do what you need to do

'love you too, bye butthead... debbie said to allie as she left laughing

'that girl is gonna cop it when she gets back... allie laughed

'your both the same, both cheeky

'babe me? she feined innocent

'baby she gets it from you... allie giggled and bea smiled, bea loved allie's laugh and giggle it was totally cute, patting the bed she pulled the blanket back

'come and lay down with me please?

'i dont want to hurt you

'you wont, please baby... allie kicked her shoes off and laid next to bea, bea laying herself down so she was comfortable and allie kissed the top of her head,

'go to sleep beautiful.... bea let out a content sigh and closed her eyes falling asleep, allie just held bea as she watched tv


franky and bridget had arrived at the hospital a couple hours later and when they walked into bea's room bea and allie were just waking up and sharing soft kisses, allie didnt want to as she didnt want bea to think she was like harry and not care that she was hurt but bea said as long as it wasnt rough she was fine,

'hey bea you got a blondie on your face... pulling back they both blushed at being caught

'franky leave them alone... bridget said before walking over to the bed and giving bea flowers and chocolates

'thank you bridget, baby can you get a vase please?

'of course i will be back... allie hoped out of bed and pushed franky playfully before walking outside to the nurses desk, bridget and franky sat by bea's bed

'how are you feeling bea?

'still very sore, the face isnt as bad as the ribs

'i remember that feeling, even breathing hurts.... franky said remembering when her mum had kicked her so hard she broke 2 ribs when she was younger, bridget grabbed her hand and squeezed it for comfort

'yea its fucking shit but i know it will get better soon enough

'hows the shoulder?

'it seems to be healing well, they got the bullet out in surgery and there wasnt any permanent damage

'thats awesome red... allie walked back in and put the beautiful white lillies bridget got into the vase and placed it by the window

'these are beautiful aunty bridget

'i thought they would brighten up the room

'i appreciate them bridget, so hows things?

'all good red, shane is back at work although he is struggling to concentrate because he is worried about you

'its not surprising, bea is the only person to show any interest in him and care for him, babe your like a mother to shane and he is probably scared he will lose you

'i should talk to him, franky tell him to come here after work and debbie and allie will take him home

'im not going home

'allie they already told us 1 day

'i dont care, im not going without you... allie said stubbornly

'i dont think you will have a choice blondie and if you refuse they may ban you from the hospital

'well thats bullshit i need to be here for bea... allie stressed and bea held her hand

'we will figure something out later baby dont stress.... allie kissed bea's wrist and held her hand to her chest and bea could feel allie's beating heart

'allie it will be okay, there are trained nurses and doctors here to care for bea

'i just dont want to be without her, i dont want bea to be alone... bea smiled at allie

'i promise i will be okay, if im not i will call you to come here

'will you though?

'i promise and i dont break my promises

'i dont really have a choice do i? fine but im not leaving till they kick me out... franky chuckled blondie really was stubborn

'she will be fine blondie relax

'fine... allie groaned

'so bea when did they say you could get out?

'they said a week originally but who knows, im hoping faster than that i need my own bed

'i can imagine these beds arent comfortable but dont be in a hurry to leave, they would only keep you here if they are worried about your recovery

'yea true, so hows it being back at work at a new uni?

'its good, new teachers and new students is always good, you get to learn about them all and make new friends

'thats good, i would hate to work somewhere and meet new people, im not exactly the most friendliest when i meet someone new... franky laughed because it was true

'oh yea, when i first met ya through boomer at the salon you told me to go fuck myself

'in my defense you asked what i wanted for breakfast after you rocked my world all night..... they all laughed except allie who scorned franky, if looks could kill franky would drop dead in front of them right now

'hey dont worry blondie i dont want red, dont get me wrong she is hot and all but eggplants just dont do it for me, plus im happy with my professor, when she has her glasses on woah i just take her wherever we are

'franky... bridget blushed and shook her head

'what? its true, the couch, kitchen table, the kitchen bench, the garage, bed, shower

'oh my god please stop franky

'sorry babe, your so cute when you blush.... franky kissed bridgets cheek

'well moving on hows debbie going?

'she seems okay, well actually she went and saw harry today?


'yes and by all accounts put him in his spot, he admitted to having an affair with jacs from years ago and she helped him with a place to live and money, than she told him she is gonna take his name off her birth certificate

'he would have flipped out?

'oh he did and she actually went and did it straight away, it now says dad unknown

'god i love that girl, she is ruthless

'that she is, she is coming back soon with lunch and some proper clothes

'thats good, you need eat bea, your on a lot of medication so the food will help digest it properly... bridget said

'hopefully, they make me feel a little hazy at times so hopefully they will help

'so have you told debbie about the stupid plan you had?

'no and im not sure if i should

'i know you dont want to but she might find out some other way

'she will be so angry

'yes but bea the plan was stupid but in the end you got what you needed and put him away

'what plan? they all turned there heads to see debbie standing there her hand full, she walked in and allie helped her put all the stuff down

'what are you guys talking about? bea and allie looked at each other and than at franky and bridget

'someone tell me what plan you are talking about? debbie stressed, they could lie but bea said she never wanted to lie to debbie

'deb i will tell you but after lunch, im hungry


'we are gonna go and let you eat and talk, if you need anything call us

'thank you for coming guys... once they left bea, allie and debbie all began eating, the tension in the air was pulsating and bea wasnt sure how debbie was gonna react to what bea did but she had to tell her, debbie isnt a child and bridget is right she will find out most likely in court and that would be really bad, once they finished lunch and the rubbish was thrown away they were seated quietly for a while till debbie raised her eyebrow at bea

'okay before i tell you debbie just know that i did it to protect us

'what exactly did you do mum? debbie sat there and listened to everything, from her plan to go with harry to allie, franky and maxine knowing to franky going to the police and everything in the middle, to say she was angry would be an understatement

'are you fucking kidding me right now?

'deb please dont swear like that

'your lucky to even be here to say that to me, how could you put yourself in such danger? how could you think this was a good idea? fuck i didnt understand when he turned up why you went so easily and how the fuck could you let mum go with him allie? this is bullshit, i cant believe you did this, i just, i cant, i dont, FUCK!! she shouted as she stood up and paced the floor, bea looked at allie and sighed knowing that this would be hurting debbie so much, she hated seeing the hurt and anger on her and debbie didnt deserve to be in the middle of this, debbie stopped at the window and looked outside they were all quiet for some time

'am i not important enough to keep yourself out of danger? debbie said so broken that it tore at bea's heart

'no baby its not that, your the most important person in my life.... debbie turned around and looked at her mum tears streaming down her cheeks

'if im the most important person in your life than you should have told me what you were doing and taken my opinion into account, but instead you went with him, put yourself in danger and left me to think i was never gonna see you again, as for you allie i will never forgive you for keeping this from me, your not a real friend and i hope mum dumps you.. tears sprung to allie's eyes straight away but she kept them at bay, debbie was angry and lashing out and she hoped that what she said she meant

'deb wait... bea said but debbie put her hand up

'im done with this, i will see you tomorrow mum... with that she stormed out of the room,

'debbie wait dont go.....bea cried and tried to get out of bed only to lose her balance and fall groaning in pain, luckily allie caught her and held her up

'bea you cant do this, she needs to cool down

'but i need to see if she is okay

'she clearly isnt, we both broke her trust

'i dont want her hurting

'i dont either, i hate this... bea wrapped her arm around allie and held her, bea cried and cried for debbie, debbie was angry with her and she understood why but to top it off she was angry with allie and that wasnt fair, allie was in the middle of it all and bea didnt give allie a chance to do anything but stand by her

'im sorry she went off at you

'i deserve it

'no you dont allie, im the one to blame in this not you or anyone else

'your wrong there actually, its harry, if he wasnt well harry than non of this would have happened

'still i know what debbie said would have hurt you

'i have had worse... allie shrugged

'its not your fault allie, non of this is

'it doesnt matter, the only thing that matters is you getting better, lets get you in bed

'i would rather a shower to be honest, could you help me?

'of course babe, here lets get you there and on the shower seat and i will come back for your bathroom stuff..... bea was naked on the seat sitting under the water, allie washed her hair gently and than conditioned it than she used the body soap to clean her body, she squirted it on the rag and allie massaged bea's back and shoulders than down her chest and stomach staying away from the ribs, she did down her legs and feet and let bea do her private area, allie rinsed her and than turned the water off, once she was dried and dressed allie brushed bea's hair and put it in a pony tail and than bea brushed her teeth and she was done, once back in bed bea was exhausted and in a lot of pain

'babe here your button... bea pressed it and within a couple minutes she was fast asleep, allie than went for her own shower and than sat down with her phone, she wanted to call debbie but she didnt even know what to say so she called bridget who was with franky

'hi sweet heart how did it go?

'not very good, debbie completely lost it at us

'is she still there?

'no, she stormed out of here about an hour ago, she hates me aunty bridget

'she doesnt hate you

'yea she does, she told me she said im not a real friend and hopes bea dumps me, i dont blame her, i cant when its true, i let bea go with him

'no you didnt allie, we all know once bea has something in her head its set in stone

'but it was so dangerous

'listen blondie there is only one person to blame and thats king dickhead, just leave debbie for a bit and she will calm down soon enough... franky said over the loud speaker

'maybe, can you please check on her? although she may be angry at you too franky and maxi as well

'i can deal with her, we will check on her and if she doesnt speak to us she will speak to shane

'okay thanks, i will let you 2 go bye

'laters.... hanging up allie moved her chair to the window and stared outside of it, she felt all different kind of emotions right now but the one that comes first is fail, she failed to protect bea and maybe bea is better without her, debbie hates her so it will be easier to leave if thats what she chose to do, looking over at the sleeping redhead how could she leave her? she was so in love with bea that when she isnt around it hurts, and thats scary, leaning her head back on the wall her eyes eventually closed and she fell asleep


franky had spoken to shane and told him that bea wanted to talk to him after work so once he finished he went home and had a shower and gotten changed, as he was getting changed he could hear debbie throwing stuff around the house in the lounge room so walked down the hall coming face to face with debbie breaking plates

'hey whats going on? debbie looked up her eyes full of rage

'whats going on? well where do i start? lets see, when mum found out that harry was back she wanted to trap him and came up with a plan, the fucking plan

'deb give me the plate, take a deep breath and sit down and tell me what happened..... debbie took shane's hand and he lead her to the couch and she told him everything

'wow thats crazy

'you think? how could i forgive this shane? how can i look at mum and know that she risked her life like that? and allie how the fuck could she let it happen? i can never forgive her i hope mum gets rid of her

'wait stop deb your bang out of order right now... shane said


'listen to yourself, did you ask your mum or just go off on one? looking at debbie's face he knew the answer

'deb you need to understand that your mum loves you more than you could ever imagine and yes what she did was stupid but your mum down not do things without thinking, it was stupid but there was a reason why she did it

'but she put herself in so much danger

'yes she did but with harry around you 2 would always be in danger, think about it debbie, you both would be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life and maybe she was just sick of letting harry rule her life

'i never thought about it like that

'as for allie you cant be mad at her, you told me yourself that you always wanted your mum to have someone that loves her, would do anything for her and would stand by her no matter what which allie does that, what you said about allie is not right after everything she has done for both you and your mum... debbie sighed

'i know, she saved us both

'and you threw it in her face, i know your angry but your anger should be towards the person that started all this crap



'ugh i have to apologize to mum and allie?

'you sure do but right now you made a mess and you need to clean it up, how many did you break?

'5, it was the old ones that we were gonna take to the rubbish anyways, the ones we got from franky but we got new ones

'yea well now you gotta clean it and i have to go to the hospital, do you want to come?

'no i need to cool off i will see mum tomorrow

'okay, i will see you soon, i would tell you to make dinner but im afraid you might poison me... he laughed when debbie punched him

'get lost you rat bag... she laughed as he jumped up and left the house, he arrived at the hospital 20 minutes later and after buying some flowers and a teddy he went up to her room, peaking his head around the corner he knocked on the door

'shane its so good to see you, come in

'hello ladies, these are for you bea

'thank you, babe i need another vase please

'im on it... allie went to get a vase and shane sat down next to bea

'how are you feeling?

'still quite sore, how are you? hows work?

'yea really good, franky keeps me on my toes

'i think she keeps everyone on her toes that one

'yea true, so i saw deb just now and she told me everything

'how angry is she?

'well she angry enough to break like 4-5 plates but luckily they were the ones sitting on the table waiting to go to the rubbish

'shit i shouldnt have let her leave

'she stormed out i imagine, not much you can do with that, she told me what she said to you and allie

'allie is really upset about that

'i can imagine, i told debbie what she did was wrong and she understands now, i mean yea what you did was stupid but you dont do things without a reason, i explained her to her that you do things out of love as does allie and having harry on the loose is a dangerous thing so you took action

'pretty much, im not proud of it but it needed to be done, if i had waited who knows what he would have done, as we know he had like 5 guns

'fucking crazy thats for sure, like seriously 5 guns

'i know right

'anyways she needs to cool down but she will come and see you tomorrow

'i hope so, i hate fighting with her and thats the biggest one we ever had

'dont worry bea she knows better just give her a moment to get her head around what happened

'i will... just than allie walked in a vase in hand and put the flowers in

'babe im going to go get something from the cafe for dinner what do you want?

'something soft please, im not fussed

'okay, shane?

'im good, i will cook for debbie and i when i get home and i guess you if your coming

'i can eat twice... allie shrugged and walked out as the other 2 laughed

'her and deb are so much a like its crazy.... shane said

'i know, so tell how you really are and dont lie to me, franky said your struggling to concentrate?

'i guess a little, im just worried about you, like i dont want a phone call saying your hurt again or anything happened to you or deb and allie and the others, your all my family now and i lost enough family

'i know sweety and im sorry for putting you through this

'i understand why you did it and it makes me think

'what about?

'my own family, they wouldnt take the risks you would to protect me, why not?

'all i can say about that is some people just put there own needs before anyone else, no matter who you are, you have struggled for a while and im glad i took you in, you are apart of my family and always will be, i love you shane

'i love you too bea.. thank you , you gave me a chance, you gave me hope, you gave me love when i didnt even love myself... bea pulled him closer and hugged him with her good arm, shane was scared he would hurt her but bea assured him she was fine, after they pulled back shane sat down and allie walked in her hands full

'baby did you get enough? bea said watching allie trying to juggle all the food

'well we gotta have variety.... allie said as shane helped her put the food on the table

'what did you get? bea said sitting up slowly

'lets see i got for you a small fried rice, a small pasta, a small noodles thats for dinner

'allie what am i going to do with all that?

'what if you get hungry later or tomorrow? you gotta eat babe, i need your sexy ass strong and recovered.... if bea's face wasnt an eggplant she would be blushing right now as shane giggled

'right now i got you something sweet as well

'what is it?

'i know you have donuts so i got you some mouse, jelly and custard

'yum, thanks baby

'anything for you beautiful, so what do you want for dinner?

'noodles please

'coming right up.... allie bought over the container and a fork to bea's table, she opened it up and kissed bea on the head 'there you go, what do you want to drink?

'iced water please, they have it in the kitchen

'i will get it, you stay allie.... shane went to the kitchen coming back a couple minutes later with a jug full to the top with iced water and 2 cups pouring allie and bea one

'thank you shane, do you want something to eat?

'no thanks im good, im gonna eat with debbie

'baby what are you going to eat?

'i got a roast chicken with sweet potato and chips with gravy, i want you to eat first

'no allie i want us to eat together, please baby sit down and eat with me

'okay fine

'well while you 2 eat im going to head home

'are you okay to get home shane?

'im good allie, the bus from the front of the hospital stops right outside our place plus i like catching the bus i can listen to my music so im fine

'okay, you look after yourself

'i will allie, oh and i spoke to debbie about what happened earlier, im sorry she went off at you she shouldnt have done that

'she has a right to, i mean i let bea go even though i knew it was dangerous

'i will say the same thing i said to debbie, when it comes to bea once she makes up her mind there is no changing it, plus bea doesnt do things without thinking about the consequences even if it is stupid... bea nodded agreeing

'its true baby you could not have stopped me no matter what, i needed to get harry well and truly locked up and i did

'but you got so hurt and debbie hates me for it

'she cant blame you when you were trying to stand by me

'allie just give debbie some time she will come around... allie nodded at shane 'alright well i better go, i will come by tomorrow or the day after

'no worries shane, if you need anything just call franky

'i will, bye

'see ya... shane left the room and bea and allie were watching tv while they were eating, well bea was eating allie had only had a few mouth fulls wanted rather to watch tv as her mind wondered to debbie, the anger and sadness she saw in her big brown eyes worried her, she had never seen debbie like that before.. a gentle finger down her cheek pulled her eyes and thoughts back to the beautiful redhead

'stop thinking about it, debbie will come around

'what if she doesnt? what if she doesnt want me to be with you? i would never want to come between you both it wouldnt be right

'allie that wont happen, debbie she is hot headed and she said shit in the heat of the moment, she doesnt mean them

'you dont know that, she doesnt want you to be with me.... allie looked down trying to shake off the tears that were threatening to fall

'my beautiful girl thats not what she wants, she is looking to blame someone and you were in the line of fire, she probably wanted to scream at me but look at the state im in so you were next in line, she didnt mean it baby, allie look at me please.... allie lifted her head and bea's heart broke when she saw the look in allie's eyes, it was fear and scared

'i dont want to lose you... she said wiping her eyes

'you wont, im right here... allie put her hand out and allie grabbed it and stood up going to bea, they shared a gentle hug and bea kissed allie wherever she could

'i love you

'i love you too bea

'i love you more... that was it, the flood gates opened and allie broke down crying, just the thought of being without bea was too much to handle, bea was the love of her life, her lifeline, her soul mate, her everything and she would fight tooth and nail for the fiery red head

'i got you baby, always.... allie calmed down after some time and the nurse walked in

'sorry ladies but visiting time is up, i tried to get you another night here but the director said no

'im not happy about it but i understand, nurse please call me if bea needs me for anything

'i will i promise, im on bea watch tonight so if anything happens which im sure wont i will call you

'thank you

'bea i will give you a few minutes to say good night... the nurse left and allie looked at bea

'just go home and sleep, you need to rest allie

'i will, you get some rest too okay and make sure you use the buzzer if needed

'yes boss... bea giggled.. after a couple kisses allie pulled back

'i dont want to go but i have to

'take your food and eat it

'i will, bye babe love you

'love you too, good night and dont worry about me

'i will try... they blew kisses to each other and than allie finally left, leaving the hospital she thought about going home and having to deal with debbie which she didnt have the energy for so she decided to get a hotel room for the night, she had a bag of her clothes and toiletries as well as her charger and phone so she didnt need to get anything else, there was a hotel not far so she got in the car that bridget was lending her and drove to it, booked herself in for the night and went to her room, it was nice like a mini apartment with a king size bed, after dumping her stuff she put her phone on charge and finished her dinner, she had a shower and than laid in bed watching tv falling asleep in no time