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Caught in the Middle

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It had been a week since bea was in hospital and she was waiting on the doctor to hopefully give her the good news of going home, allie was sitting on the chair watching tv as bea and her had a stupid argument when bea snapped at her, it wasnt allie's fault and bea knew she was in a shitty mood being in hospital for so long especially when it was from harry, she had a nightmare about him last night and she had spent the majority of the night awake and flicking through the channels on tv, bea knew allie was pissed at her when she looked over and allie sat there her arms crossed over her chest and her eyes on the tv ignoring bea for the last hour, bea huffed she hated been ignored especially from allie and she missed her warm body beside hers, she knew she had to apologize for snapping at allie who only wanted to make sure bea was comfortable and not in pain, before she could get up the courage to say anything the doctor walked in with a nurse

'good morning bea how are you doing?

'im okay doctor, can i go home today? im sick of this place doc

'i know you are, just let me examine you and we can see where your recovery is at.... the doctor checked her shoulder first

'this is healing well, what the pain like?

'its a little sore but its getting better each day

'thats good and your cheek is getting better so now im going to check your ribs.... lifting bea's shirt he felt around a bit

'ah fuck.... bea yelled and tears sprung to her eyes causing allie to jump up and go to her side, she had been sitting down watching and listening to the doctor and even though she was upset at bea the minute she saw bea flinch in pain she was by her side grabbing her hand and running her fingers through her hair

'its okay babe, your okay just breath

'im sorry bea i didnt mean to hurt you.... the doctor said

'its... its not your fault.... she took a few deep breaths as she looked into allie's eyes that were able to calm her down, allie wiped the stray tear from bea's cheek

'look bea i would prefer you stay a couple more days but i know your hanging to go home so lets make a deal

'anything doctor

'if i send you home you have to promise to get straight in bed and only move very little at least for the next week, your ribs are not in a good way and you need to rest

'i can do that, please i need to go home

'okay i will send you home with pain medication but dont be a hero and not take them and if the pain is too much than you call an ambulance

'okay i promise i will do it all

'are you sure?

'i will make sure she does doctor.... allie said and bea let out a little smile

'good, the nurse will take out your iv and i will get your paperwork ready, i will see you back here in a week for a check up

'thank you for everything doctor

'no worries, you rest up and drink plenty of fluids..... the doctor left and the nurse went to taking out bea's iv

'im going to call debbie because she has the car, i will be back..... allie went out to the hallway and scrolled threw her contacts looking for debbie's number and hit call

'hey allie whats going on? hows mum?

'hey deb, she is doing okay and she has been sent home but only on bed rest as her ribs are still pretty bad

'thats great, well i am just finishing up the food shopping so i will be there in about half an hour to pick you both up

'great i will see you soon deb bye

'see ya...... allie went back in the room and sat on the chair while the nurse finished off

'okay bea i will get your paperwork from the doctor and we can get you our of here, i think you will be more comfortable in your own bed

'definitely, thank you so much for looking after me, you have been very kind

'it was a pleasure.... the older lady said 'i wont be too long.... once she left bea pulled the blanket off herself and gently swung her legs out of bed getting up slowly, allie was on her phone but saw movement and lifted her head to see bea getting up unsteadily so jumped up and rushed over to her

'bea stop you cant on your own.... allie said wrapping an arm around her waist and holding her hand

'i wanted to shower i hate the hospital smell

'isnt it better to shower at home in your own shower?

'well yea but i dont know how to shower at home

'what do you mean?

'well the shower isnt as big as here and i dont know if i can do it and your mad at me so you wont want to help me, not that i blame you......bea said sadly, allie sighed before helping bea sit down in a chair as allie crouched down in front of bea

'babe im not mad at you im upset, you spoke to me like im an idiot and dont understand how hurt you are when in reality i have been in your position, maybe not with your shoulder but with broken ribs and being hurt i do, i am just trying to help because i dont ever want you to feel like your alone, like you have to do everything for yourself because im here for you, i want to make it as easy as i can

'i know, im sorry i was an asshole i didnt mean to hurt you

'i know you didnt, i know your struggling with everything that has happened and i also know that your not sleeping very well

'i..i..... bea stuttered out but allie's hand on her cheek stopped her in her tracks

'please dont hide things from me, i know your used to doing things on your own but im here now and you can lean on me.... bea nodded

'i know i just get scared


'because if my shit becomes too much you wont want to be with me.... bea said looking down embarrassed at her confession

'oh babe if only you knew how much i cant live without you, you would never doubt yourself again, bea i love you, all of you even if you are a little crazy... bea snickered and looked up


'yea babe i do, more than anything

'i love you too allie, im sorry i upset you, i didnt mean it

'i know, its done now so lets move forward and get you home, i will help you shower at home and than we can have lunch and snuggle in bed together, how does that sound?

'sounds good beautiful girl.... allie smiled and kissed bea's lips

'good, you stay there and i will pack your stuff so we can leave..... ten minutes later the nurse came in with a wheel chair and her paperwork

'your script is in there, all the paperwork for the last week is in there as well as your appointment card

'thank you

'alright lets get you out of here

'in the chair?

'yes, its hospital protocal

'babe dont argue its easier than walking all that way

'yea true, i dont think i can do it.... allie helped bea into the chair and hung her 2 bags of bea's stuff she had accumulated on the handles and she carried the flowers bea had received from allie, shane and bridget as well as a bag that had 4 boxes of chocolates, a fruit basket that bea was holding, a snack box that boomer sweetly gave and a few other things, the nurse walked them right outside and debbie was there waiting, she opened the boot and debbie and allie put everything in the boot and than helped bea up to her feet

'thank you nurse we will see you next week at bea's appointment

'no problems, if you need anything just call or come back

'we will... once bea was seated in the car in the back seat allie got in the other side and slid right up against bea wrapping her arm around her shoulder, they arrived home 20 minutes later once they got bea's medication and some food, allie helped bea inside the house and to the couch

'alright babe just let me unload your stuff and we can eat than get you showered

'okay baby.... allie and debbie unloaded all bea's things from the car and left them on the bench in the kitchen

'deb lets wait till after we eat and i will unpack it all

'yea okay, mum needs to eat to take her meds, get plates and meet me in the lounge room...... they sat down and ate while debbie caught them up with whatever they missed out on, once they finished bea wanted to shower so allie helped her in the shower giving her a good scrub down as bea wanted, once they finished allie wiped bea down and put her panties and her robe on for now and sat her on the bed

'here take your medication... once bea took a couple tablets she laid down 'i will put a move on and do you want a snack?

'do we have watermelon?

'yes i will cut you some up.... once bea was comfy in bed allie put 'step up' the dance movie on 'i will be back in a minute babe

'okay.... allie went to the kitchen and cut up some watermelon and took it back to bea's room, walking in she saw that bea had fallen asleep the teddy bear allie got her tucked under her arm, allie pulled the blanket up to cover the red head and turned the tv off than left the room quietly not wanting to wake up bea, she put the fruit in the fridge for later and went onto unpacking bea's bags as debbie began dinner, it was early but they were having the family over as a welcome home thing for bea so needed to get started


bea opened her eyes a couple hours later looking around happy to be home in her own bed, she picked up the teddy bear and smiling it was such a sweet gesture and when allie wasnt there it comforted her, kissing its fluffy face she put it down and threw the blankets off before swinging her legs around and slowly getting out of bed and heading to her bathroom, once she had freshened up she left her room and walked down the hall hearing a bunch of hushed voices coming closer the lounge room she smiled when she heard franky say

'lets go and jump on red's bed to wake her.... and than allie replied

'leave my girl to sleep she is tired.... franky huffed, bea slowly walked into the room and franky jumped up

'yay your awake, how you doing red? franky said hugging the redhead

'im okay franky, what are you all doing here?

'debbie and allie wanted to do a welcome home dinner for you. how are you really doing love? liz asked

'im sore but im okay

'come and sit down and rest

'where is allie and deb?

'debbie and shane are setting up the table in the dining room and allie is in the kitchen cooking, we tried to help but she kicked us out

'i just want to see her i will be back

'do you need help?

'no thank you.... bea walked off heading to the kitchen and passing debbie and shane on the way giving them a hug, going into the kitchen allie was there stirring something that smells really good in a big pot

'that smells good.... allie turned around and smiled

'hello beautiful, you should be resting... allie said going over to the redhead

'i got hungry

'i thought you would, here sit down babe... once bea was seated allie kissed her soft lips rubbing her cheek

'what are you making?

'i made soup with chicken and a whole bunch of veggies, fried rice, pasta with chicken, mushrooms and bacon in a cream sauce and garlic bread

'yummy it sounds good

'its nearly done and we just need bridget, kaz and boomer to get here

'where are they?

'they went to get dessert, do you need anything? a drink? medication?

'im good right now thanks, although i could do with another kiss

'that i can do.... allie leaned down kissing bea's soft lips over and over again making bea smile

'hmmm i missed you in my bed

'me too babe

'will you sleep with me tonight?

'if thats what you want than yes

'thats what i want

'than yes and no funny business, like bea i know im irresistible but you gotta be good.... bea giggled

'i will do my best

'good girl..... boomer's voice boomed through the house

'im back bitches.... bea and allie laughed

'lets eat yea.... bea nodded

'alright lets get you seated and i will bring the food over

'i will do that allie... bridget said walking through to the kitchen with a few boxes of the sweet treats, after putting them down she turned to bea kissing her cheek

'its good to have you home

'thanks bridget, im glad to be here

'lets sit at the table so we can eat.... bridget helped bea to the dining table and boomer and kaz came over and said there hello's, shane helped allie bring all the food over

'babe what do you want? allie said standing next to bea

'can i have some rice and the soup in this bowl please and the other few things on my plate

'of course beautiful... once allie plated up bea's meal she put it down in front of her and kissed her head 'there you go enjoy

'thank you baby

'what do you want to drink?

'the red drink please

'okay everyone drinks? they all shouted out what they wanted and allie went to grab them but franky's hand stopped her

'listen blondie sit your ass down and eat, you worked your ass off cooking and now you need to relax, i will get the drinks and if i see you in trying to clean up after dinner i will have to fart in your mouth... bea laughed when allie's eyes went wide

'thats so gross franky

'well relax than, sit with your girl and eat

'okay i will

'good, i will drinks.... allie platted up her food and began eating, allie looked over at bea smiling when she saw her hogging into her food like a champ and was happy as bea had lost some weight in the last week, bea felt like she was being watched and turned to see allie's piercing blue eyes on her

'what? is there food on my face?

'no beautiful, i just missed you and im so happy and lucky to have you.... she said grabbing bea's hand and kissing it

'i recon im the lucky one... bea said as they shared a kiss

'oh damn blondie this is some good tucker

'thanks boomer, there is plenty so eat up... boomer nodded happily, allie put extra food on debbie's plate

'allie too much food

'yea right, i know your appetite more than anyone so eat up, the stress on and your mum this last couple weeks has made you both lose weight..... debbie couldnt argue with that, she had probably lost 5 or so kilos as well as her mum a little more than that but now her mum was safe and they could move on with life, once dinner was done bridget and franky cleaned up the kitchen kicking allie out multiple times till boomer picked her up and placed her on the couch beside bea

'you stay there or i will punch ya tits in

'fine, like i have a choice

'baby you have put the whole dinner together so just relax now, plus i want you with me... bea said snuggling up to the blonde, allie tucked a lock of bea's hair behind her ear and kissed her, she really just couldnt get enough of bea's lips and fuck she missed her so much

'hey enough eye fucking you 2.... bea flipped franky off and everyone laughed. allie placed one more kiss before facing the group

'so kaz hows lover boy? allie asked and giggled when kaz blushed

'he is good, really good

'how long have you been seeing him for now?

'not long, a month but he so great

'so whats he like in bed? bea groaned knowing her girlfriend has no filter and franky high fived the blonde

'allie..... bea whined

'what babe? we need to know if he is good.... allie said like what she said was normal 'anyways so kaz so how big is he? he looks like he would be pretty big, what 7-8 inch?

'oh baby you have no filter... bea said

'babe thats boring

'im sorry kaz, allie has no shame

'dont worry bea its fine, well allie i gotta say will is very passionate but sexy, as for how big think a pepper shaker you would use at a restaurant

'holy shit and your still walking straight? allie said as they all laughed

'only just, after the first night i was a little tender but now its so damn good

'woo hoo, you go kaz, im happy for you

'thanks allie, so how about you and debbie buying that place, when do you start revos?

'we get the keys in 8 days and than start straight away, there is a lot to do

'how long do you think it would take?

'maybe a month, im hoping no more and speaking of the bakery i wanted to talk to you boomer

'me? what about?

'well i heard you used to make cakes and your trained?

'yea but its a long time ago

'well how would you like to work in our bakery?


'yep, deb and i talked and we need another person and who better than you to work with us, we would need to see what you can do but if we are happy then we want you with us, what do you say?

boomer scratched her head unsure how to show her appreciation, they all looked on and waited to give boomer some time to get her head around the offer, boomer had always been treated like crap from her family, her sister was a bitch and franky had gotten into it at the pub after boomer's sister joined them for a night out so her and boomer can reconnect since they stopped talking because her sister fucked boomer's boyfriend, they had broken up and he went and got together with boomer's sister causing a riff in the family, so boomer tried to reconnect by inviting her sister trina to the pub but after a few drinks trina began slagging off boomer and franky flew off the handle causing bea to hold franky back practically carrying her out of the bar to calm her down, boomer had never felt loved by them and the only family she cared for was this one right here

'fuckin ay i would love ta..... boomer said jumping up and hugging the blonde and now debbie as she walked into the room being lifted off her feet and spinning her around,

'ah boomer.... debbie squealed confused as to whats going on as she was in the kitchen

'boomer put my daughter down before you hurt her.... she put her down and ruffled her hair

'sorry mini bea

'whats going on? debbie asked

'deb i just asked boomer to join us at the bakery and i think she was saying yes

'ah yes yes yes i am, i promise i wont stuff up, i will be good ay

'we know boomer, we trust you and it will be fun and allie and i want your input about the renovations so we are having a meeting on the weekend about it so make sure your here

'i will be here nah worries

'sweet, so everyone how about i put dessert? mum?

'sure deb, actually put it here in the middle and everyone can put there own

'good idea.... as they had dessert they chatted about bea's recovery and catching up in general, bea had her head leaning on allie's shoulder for a while feeling comforted by the blonde

'babe you need to take your meds, where are they?

'in my room on the night stand

'i will get them mum.... debbie returned with her mums medication and bea took what she needed and some pain pills than rested her head back on allie's shoulder

'thanks deb..... kaz, boomer and liz had left a few minutes later and the others relaxed with a coffee or tea

'blondie your girl is out... allie turned her head to see bea asleep on her shoulder

'the medication makes her tired, i should get her to bed

'let me help you.... franky and allie helped bea to her feet which was highly hated by bea but sleeping on the couch would be bad for her body

'just leave me here.... bea grumbled

'im sorry babe but the couch is not good for you, come on let us help you to bed.... it was hard to move bea due to her injuries but they finally got her to her room and laid bea down in bed

'thanks franky i got it from here

'see ya frankydoodle...... bea mumbled making them both laugh

'thats some good meds right there red.... franky chuckled

'where is my allie? bea mumbled looking around, looking into her eyes bea was on a huge high right now as the medication was really strong

'babe im right here, do you want your teddy? bea nodded


'here you go babe..... allie tucked it under bea's arm and pulled the blanket up to her chin and tucking her in

'you got a new friend red?

'this is squishy, he is my friend... bea said kissing the teddy and closed her eyes

'you go to sleep beautiful, i love you

'i love you more... bea mumbled as she fell asleep

'she is out for the night now

'thats good, blondie you should lay down with her

'i will after i finish a few things off, lets leave her to sleep..... they left the room and went to the lounge room where the others were

'mum asleep?

'yea she is, the medication makes her tired, can i get anyone another coffee or something?

'no thank you love, we are leaving so you guys can rest

'okay maxi thank you all so much for coming, bea was happy to see you all here for her

'you know allie if you need anything just call any of us

'i will thank you.... allie saw them out and locked up the house, she went to the kitchen and debbie was there cleaning the dishes from the dessert

'deb go to bed you must be tired

'i am but i want to finish the kitchen

'i will finish deb go to bed

'are you sure?

'yes i am, where is shane?

'he has work early so he went to bed

'okay off you go too because i know you have work

'alright bossy im going to bed, good night and if mums needs anything just get me up

'i will dont worry...... allie spent the next couple hours finishing the kitchen, putting the washing on which had a dryer connected, she tidied the house up and checked it was all locked up before heading to bea's room, she freshened up and slid into bed and bea on instinct moved in closer to allie's body, allie was soon fast asleep happy to have her girl right next to her


The next day bea was on the lounge laying down watching a movie as allie was on the other folding all the laundry which a lot had accumulated while bea was in hospital

'baby why dont you wait for debbie to help you?

'its all good babe im happy to do it plus i need undies, i ran out

'wait are you not wearing undies? bea said blushing

'you better believe it babe

'fuck those shorts are lucky.... allie laughed

'dont worry bea when your better i will rock your world

'you always do...... bea winked and allie giggled, allie packed away all the washing in the bedrooms and was walking to the lounge room when the door bell went

'you expecting anyone babe?

'no im not.... allie went to the door and pulled it open

'detective we werent expecting you

'hi allie i have some important information for you and bea

'please come in

'babe the detective is here..... allie said as she entered the room

'hi bea sorry to disturb you while your recovering

'its fine.... bea said letting allie help her up, allie sat next to bea and held her hand

'so whats up?

'well i just got news that i think you should hear first, 2 days ago braydon was arrested for aiding and abetting, theft, drug trafficing and a bunch of other charges

'okay, whats that got to do with us?

'well he had a lot to say about harry and all he has been up to since he took off, he was offered a deal for any information he had on harry and he gave so much from how he helped harry to go into hiding to how he made his money and much much more, he was offered ten years instead of up to 30 so he took the deal, he was transported to wentworth jail yesterday and somehow harry found out of braydon snitching on him and he went after braydon

'what do you mean went after him? bea asked confused why she is being told this information

'there was a fight at the prison between harry and his crew and braydon and his crew which were some of the boys that he worked with for his mum that were taken down, the fight turned into a brawl and braydon and harry were badly hurt

'how bad?

'braydon has his throat slashed and died and harry is in hospital, he is in a coma with brain damage, they are doing tests right now to see if he will ever wake up, he could be a vegetable

'a vegetable, like brain dead? allie asked

'exactly, as you and harry are divorced the only other person that is in charge of his medical decisions is debbie


'yes, debbie is the only person that can chose what happens next with harry, i need her to come to the hospital

'i cant let debbie do that.... bea said shaking her head angrily

'babe its okay calm down..... she stroked bea's cheek 'just relax for a moment yea.... bea nodded

'im sorry girls to bring such news

'its not your fault detective, bea is understandably upset as we want to just be done with it all

'i get that, let me call the hospital and find out if there are any results

'okay we need to call debbie and see what she says about this

'i will be just out the back if thats okay?

'yes of course detective..... he went outside and allie grabbed her phone

'bea i know your upset because you think debbie shouldnt be in the middle of this but you know deep down she can handle it all

'but harry

'i know bea but debbie is stronger than you think

'i know she is, call her and ask her to come home.....bea didnt know how to feel when she heard the news about not just harry but braydon as well, they both together hurt the 2 most important people in her life and although it was sad because braydon was so young but in another breath they both deserved it for what they had done, debbie was confused why allie asked her to come home early but she agreed to come home straight away, when debbie arrived the detective was sitting with bea and allie, she kissed them both on the cheek before sitting down

'so whats going on mum?

'i will let the detective tell you.... debbie listened as he told her everything to do with braydon and harry and to say she was shocked would be an understatement, braydon is dead and harry is on life support, there was confirmation that harry was brain dead so it was up to debbie to agree to turn off the machine, debbie looked at her mum, than at allie and than back to the detective

'turn him off