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Caught in the Middle

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The 3 of them followed the detective into the hospital, bea was in a wheel chair as allie had requested it when bea left the hospital for a couple weeks to help bea if she needed to go anywhere and not walk to much, allie was pushing the chair and they got into a lift, allie could see bea was nervous as she played with her finger nails, allie crouched down taking bea's hand

'babe its okay to be nervous but just know it will be okay

'what if we go in there and its all a joke?

'what do you mean?

'what if he is luring us in there? or we go and see him and he tries to kill us? allie stroked bea's cheek softly and bea leaned into her hand

'i promise you babe that i will never let him near you again, both of you, i will protect you at all costs, now you hold onto squishy and trust me, plus he is a in a vegetable state..... bea nodded hugging her little teddy

'okay, i trust you... standing up she looked at debbie who mouthed 'thank you' to allie, she knew it would be hard on her mum and was so thankful she was here, it was as much closure for her mum as it was for her,

the detective wasnt surprised by bea's response after having looked through her medical files and the reports of the recent events, he thought she was just so strong to have gone through all that and come out the other side, when the door opened they walked down the hallway and he found his room

'alright here is his room its up to you if you want to go in

'we talked about it in the car, we decided we will all go in

'okay, im going to find the doctor i wont be long.... as he walked off the 3 of them went into the room and debbie walked closer to the bed seeing all the wires connected to the machines coming out of the really beat up harry, it was quiet for a couple minutes when allie spoke up

'see babe, he is a potato head.... both smith woman burst out laughing it was so typical of allie to make a joke of this

'no filter baby

'he doesnt deserve it, anyways see nothing to worry about, he is a potato head always has been really.... debbie giggled and bea rolled her eyes, just than the detective came in followed by the doctor and a few people

'bea this is doctor peters, doctor this is bea smith harry's ex wife, debbie smith his daughter and allie novak, bea's girlfriend, bea i need to get back to the station but if you need anything dont hesitate to call, due to both braydon and harry are gone there will be no case further pending

'i understand, thank you for all your work detective... with that he left leaving the doctor to step forward

'hi bea, as you know im dr peters and i have 2 nurses with me as well as 2 of the hospital lawyers and 3 witnesses, i need to explain everything about harry's medical condition for legal purposes and than i will need an answer from debbie as to where to go from here

'okay im listening.... debbie said as she stepped forward taking her mums hand and the doctor told them about harry's condition, he was brain dead and that would never change was basically the outcome, the doctor explained it in more detail but that was the conclusion

'with that all being said debbie i need to know if you would like to keep him on the machine 's or turn them off?

'i want them turned off

'okay the lawyers need your id and for you to sign some paperwork, i also need to know if you would like to organize the funeral?

'i dont want to do anything for him

'okay, we have a company that takes people who are unknown or unwanted and dispose of them

'yes do that

'wait deb are you sure? i dont mind paying for a funeral if thats what you want?

'i really dont mum, he has put us through so much crap especially you and i dont want any knowledge of where he is or anything of him

'okay deb, doctor its debbie's wishes

'of course, lets get the paperwork signed and than everyone would leave except me and the 2 nurses....once debbie signed all they need she and allie were given seats and bea was rolled between them taking debbie's hand, her other arm was still in a sling so allie laid her hand on bea's knee for comfort,

'how long would it take?

'once i disconnect the machines it could take up to an hour sometimes.... the doctor disconnected everything and the waiting was to begin, they all watched on and waited, it took 20 minutes and when the machine flat lined and the doctor called time of death bea burst into tears, debbie wrapped her arms around her mum knowing how much of a relief this would have been for her

'he is finally gone mum, all will be okay.... bea nodded her head against debbie's shoulder, allie was right there rubbing bea's back, after some time bea pulled back and kissed debbie's cheek

'are you okay?

'im okay mum i promise, im glad he is gone and cant hurt you anymore

'me too

'doctor is there anything else i need to do? i need to get my mum home to rest? she asked seeing bea yawning and wiping her face

'no thats all debbie

'okay, thank you for everything doctor

'if you have any further questions you can call through to us

'i dont think i will but thank you.... with that the 3 of them left the hospital and out to the car, bea sat in the back and allie did as well, by the time they were home bea had fallen asleep

'how are we supposed to get her out allie?

'gently and together, get the chair from the boot deb and open it right next to her door while i try and wake her.... allie rubbed her cheek and kissed her lips

'babe wake up... bea just grunted at being disturbed so she tried again

'bea, babe you need to wake up so i can get you to bed.... bea opened her eyes and frowned

'i dont wanna... she sulked

'i know but you cant sleep in the car, lets get you to your bed

'okay..... allie and debbie lifted bea into the wheel chair and allie pushed it inside and down the hall to bea's room, allie helped bea up and than sat her on the bed

'im gonna leave you both to it and go lay down for a bit, if you need me just call out

'we should be fine, thanks deb..... allie took off bea's jacket, pants, socks and shoes and lay her down in bed tucking her in

'where is squishy? bea mumbled

'its right here..... allie said putting the stuffed teddy under bea's arm

'thank you, you sleep.... bea said closing her eyes

'i will sleep with you yes.... once allie undressed to only a t-shirt and panties she slid into bed and bea snuggled up to the blonde and they both fell asleep



when bea woke up she was on her own in bed, she felt allie's side of the bed and the sheets were cold, pushing the blankets back she got out of bed and used the bathroom to freshen up and than grabbed her teddy and left the room, it was quiet threw out the house as she patted threw the lounge room, coming into the kitchen she saw her blonde beauty cooking

'where is everyone? allie spun around walking over to the redhead and kissed her, bea looked tired and she looked so cute holding her teddy

'debbie wanted to clear her head so shane took her for a drive and there going out to dinner, wont be home for a while

'is she okay?

'she seems to be, i spoke to her before she left and she doesnt regret her decision but i think its sinking in that he is finally gone and your both free of him, shane will help her dont worry

'i will try not too

'you hungry?

'very much so and im thirsty. what did you make?

'home made mac and cheese topped with a cheese crumb, steak and lemon spinach

'it smells so good

'why dont you sit down and i will bring some food and drinks over, what would you like to drink?

'the red drink please

'okay go on i wont be long.... by the time bea got comfortable allie strolled in placing 2 plates down with the cutlery and went to get them drinks and joined the redhead at the table,

'how about we take squishy and sit him right in the middle so he can hang out with us?

'okay..... she poured bea's drink and handed it to her

'thank you, my mouth was so dry

'its the meds, the doctor did say that would happen

'yea true, alright lets eat it looks so good..... they started to eat and bea was trying so hard to cut her steak but with only one hand she struggled, allie saw this and pulled bea's plate towards herself and cut it up into bite sized pieces and pushed the plate back to bea

'thank you

'no worries beautiful, sorry i forgot you only had one useful arm at the moment

'dont ever apologize for looking after me allie, your the best and i love you so much

'i love you to babe, eat up so you can keep your strength going.... dinner went down a treat and bea loved it so much she had 2 plates, when she finally put her fork down she leaned back rubbing her tummy

'oh allie that was amazing, you know deb and shane are probably gonna want some when they get home even if they went out to eat

'yea i know thats why i made plenty for them as well as to have some for us 2 for lunch tomorrow

'yay i loved it, thank you baby

'anytime, how about we have a shower and settle on the couch for a movie?

'sounds good to me..... allie quickly cleaned the kitchen and than she and bea had a shower together, it was very tiring for the redhead but allie was a great help for her, they were sitting on the couch allie's arm around the redhead and bea's head resting on her chest, bea had chosen finding nemo to watch and they were ten minutes in when the front door opened and shane and debbie crept in thinking they were asleep

'your back? bea said making them jump, debbie came into the room and smiled

'i thought you were sleeping, you scared the crap out of us.... debbie laughed

'we just showered and we are watching a movie, how was dinner?

'it was good, we just went to the elvis cafe and had burgers and chips

'with shakes i hope?

'of course mum, there so yummy there, how are you feeling?

'im okay, how are you doing after today?

'surprising enough im good mum, i talked to shane as i was a bit worried about the whole funeral thing but he asked me a good question

'which was? bea said

'would you want to say good bye to harry? i said no, he was never in my life for anything than a sperm donor, i have no good memories and to be honest i hate him so im happy with my decision

'so your okay?

;im okay mum i promise, now on better news, shane and i have the day off tomorrow and we are going to the beach, can you 2 come?

'im sorry deb i just cant yet, i cant move that much

'i thought as much but i asked anyways, its fine mum there will be plenty of times to hang out


'so what did you 2 have for dinner?

'allie cooked an amazing meal, it was steak with home made mac and cheese with cheese crumb and lemon spinach, so good i stuffed my face

'sounds yum, any left? bea and allie laughed 'why you laughing?

'because your mum said you would come home and ask for food, you both would

'well we are growing people

'if you say so, yes there is plenty go and eat

'sweet... debbie skipped off and shane sat on the table in front of bea, watching her intently and bea raised her eyebrow

'why you looking at me like that?

'i want to know if i ask you a question if you would lie to me? bea scoffed

'i would never lie

'okay, well i want to know how you really are? physically? mentally?

'im tired, sore and over it to be honest, my face is healing and now its just green and purple bruising, a little tender but its getting there, the cheek is getting better as well, my arm as long as i dont move it the pain isnt too bad, its the ribs that hurt the most, every single thing o do makes them hurt and thankfully the medication is strong which helps a lot

'well do you need anything? you better not be doing anything stupid?

'im not i promise, i just need time to heal, i should be fully healed in about 3 weeks

'good, the sooner the better i hate seeing you in pain

'i know, im okay shane thank you, i have had it worse

'it doesnt mean its okay

'no it doesnt but i can cope with it for now

'what can i to help?

'allie has been looking after me really well but from you and deb i need you to make sure you keep the house tidy, if i fall over something i would be back in hospital more injured

'we will make sure to keep the house clean and tidy dont worry

'thank you, off you go and eat

'okay and than im going to bed so good night

'good night.... he kissed allie and bea on the cheek and went to the kitchen, allie and debbie laughed when they heard what shane said

'hey stop eating all the food piglet

'them 2 together are double trouble

'they sure are, you tired or do you want to watch the movie?

'i am tired, i think i need to go to bed

'thats a good idea.... they lay in bed together with squishy under bea's arm, allie didnt care if bea got attached to the little teddy as bea never really had this, it was like a security blanket for her and if bea felt comfortable with the stuffed toy than that was okay with allie, bea ran her finger down allie's cheek and over her lip

'are you okay with this?

'what? squishy?


'of course i am, bea if you find comfort in your teddy it doesnt bother me at all, he is like your security blanket

'yes he is but it isnt just that, i know since it happened we have barely been able to touch each other, kisses, hugs and more. so having squishy with me it makes me feel closer to you, the fact that you got him for me is a bonus.... allie was touched by bea's words and kissed bea's lips

'i love you so much bea smith

'i love you too allie novak, more than i can express........ they lay there heads down and within minutes both had succumb to sleep


The next afternoon debbie and shane walked into the house and went straight to the shower to clean off the sand, boomer and maxine ended up joining them at the beach and had a great time together, once showered shane went to the kitchen to start on dinner and debbie went on the search for her mum and allie finding them sitting on the swinging chair out the back and it was utterly cute, her mum was sitting between allie's legs leaning against her chest and allie's arms wrapped around her, getting closer to them she could hear allie singing to her mum knowing it was 'perfect by ed sheeran'

'Baby, I'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

debbie went around to them to see her mums eyes closed and allie smiled

'hey your home, how was the beach? allie whispered

'it was good, maxi and boomer came and you know how boomer is at the beach

'yea a big kid

'mum okay?

'its been a hard couple hours, she wasnt watching and when she came out here to sit down she fell, i gave her some meds but it took some time to get her to calm down

'poor mum, i hate this for her

'me too deb, we just have to look at the bigger picture and that is harry is gone and in a couple weeks she will be heeled.... debbie nodded

'yea i know its just hard, im going to go help shane with dinner and i will call you when its ready

'okay...... debbie went inside to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water

'they okay?

'mum fell off the seat outside and hurt herself, she seems calm now as she sleeps in allie's arms

'there really good together ya know?

'yea i know, i was worried at the beginning because they both have there issues but i know they belong together

'they sure do

'alright so what can i do and what are we making?

'spag bowl with garlic bread and salad, so you can cut up the salad and do the garlic bread..... they worked around each other in the kitchen preparing dinner and talking about there day and how shane wants to help with the renovations when they finally get the keys which debbie was happy to accept the help knowing there was so much to do, as shane dished up the food debbie went outside to tell her mum and allie, they sat down to eat a few minutes later, bea was trying to get comfy but her back was sore from when she fell so allie went to the lounge room and got a pillow and returned to bea

'lean forward babe.... bea did so and allie slid the pillow behind her

'thank you baby, your the sweetest.... allie smiled and kissed bea's cheek before she took her seat and they began eating

'so deb how was the beach?

''it was good mum, boomer picked up maxi and ran into the water and just tossed her in, it was so funny and maxi chased her for like ten minutes and when boomer thought she gave up maxi pounced on her and dunked her into a wave, shane and i laughed so much.... bea and allie laughed

'im glad you had fun, you need to let loose after everything that has happened, so are you back at work tomorrow?

'shane is but im not, franky hired another new person so she is training them so i get the day off

'so what are you going to do?

'im gonna stay home and annoy you both.... debbie grinned and bea chuckled

;of course you are

'i was thinking mum that the 3 of us could get take away and stuff our faces while watching movies and ice cream?

'sounds good to me deb

'me too debbie... allie replied as well

'good, too bad this kid has too work.... debbie said nudging a laughing shane

'yea well some of us need to earn money and no laze around at home.... debbie laughed, after dinner they watched a movie and of course bea fell asleep on allie's shoulder, they all together got her into bed and she was fast asleep again,


the next day bea and allie were sitting on the couch watching the news when the story came up about harry and his death as well as braydon and the feuding 2 and there crews going head to head in resulting there deaths

'i wonder what jacs is thinking now? allie asked 'like her son is dead, her lover is dead and she is in jail for a long time

'she doesnt have anything left does she, she deserves all the bad shit for her protecting harry the way she did

'she sure does, im just glad your okay and safe, if i lost you... allie choked out her voice breaking at the thought of losing her beloved bea

'allie its okay baby im right here

'i nearly lost you

'but you didnt, im right here with you and for you.... bea hugged allie with her one good hand and they sat holding each other for a while till the front door opened and debbie literally came skipping in her hands full, she dumped it all on the table in front of them the pair laughing at all the stuff she got

'a bit overboard deb

'well mum we need to make sure we have everything

'so what did you get?

'well first of all i got 5 dvd's, the notebook, pitch perfect 3, moana, the deepest ocean and step brothers so we have a selection

'thats good, what else did you get?

'lots of junk food, chips, chocolate, lollies, m&m's, skittles, mars bars, picnics mums favorite's, triple chocolate ice cream, oreo's and donuts of course

'did you get any actual food? bea said rolling her eyes knowing how much debbie loved junk food

'yes mother, i got us thai food and im going to cook dinner tonight by myself, i also got some different fruits so i can make you a fruit salad because i know your not a huge sweet person

'thank you i appreciate that, do you need help packing this stuff away? bea went to get up but allie stopped her

'its okay babe i will help her, you get comfy and we will bring lunch over..... 5 minutes later debbie and allie came back and allie bought the stand up table close to bea as she only had one hand to eat with, debbie handed them a bottle of water and sat down with her own food

'mum i got you your favorite with steamed rice

'thank you deb, i really appreciate you both looking after me in this time

'ah dont worry about it, when we have to renovate you can help us paint


'so what movie first? you chose mum

'step brothers for sure

'i knew you would say that.... debbie put on the dvd and they spent the whole day on the lounge, bea stayed awake all day which had clearly taken a toll on her and during dinner while debbie, allie and shane were talking bea had fallen asleep leaning on her hand

'seems mums tired

'yea she stayed up all day so she probably is, i should get her too bed

'you go we will clean the kitchen..... allie cleaned her hands and than went over to bea caressing her cheek

'babe wake up.... bea didnt move so allie rubbed her hand

'wake up bea

'its too early.... bea mumbled making allie smile 'babe you need to wake up, lets get you to bed... bea half opened her eyes and looked aroud

'i fell asleep? she groaned out

'you did beautiful, come on lets get to bed.... bea nodded and let allie lift her up and once allie had a hold around her waist they walked down the hall, coming into bea's room she sat the redhead down and helped her lay down

'do you need anything?

'water please

'okay i will be back.... allie returned with the water and bea drank half of it before getting comfortable under the blanket as it was cold, allie slipped in next to her and bea cuddled up into allie's body

'you cold bea?

'yea its freezing... she said shaking

'let me put the heater on...... allie put the heater on and the timer to turn off in half an hour. they were laid together and allie thought bea had fallen asleep so when bea spoke she jumped a little

'im so over this

'what do you mean?

'i know i put myself in this position but i just need so much help now and i cant do anything for myself, to shower, to cut up my food, to get dressed, im falling asleep at dinner, like who even does that its not normal, im just a mess

'bea your being to hard on yourself, yes you need help right now but it doesnt make you a mess, what you did for your daughter there are a lot of people that wouldnt do that my own parents included, your a hero and nothing less, i admire you for everything you went through and for how strong you are, you think your weak but i think your the strongest person i know

'yea? bea said unsure

'absolutely, so what you have a few weeks off playing super hero but soon enough you can put your cape on and get back to it, your my super woman..... bea smiled wide and pulled allie into a loving kiss

'i love you so damn much allie

'i love you too babe

'i love you more.... allie giggled

'ah whatever cheeky, now come here and let me hold you.... it took some moving around for bea to get comfortable to where she didnt hurt but she finally did and they both fell asleep


Its been a week since bea has been out of hospital and she had a doctors appointment, so after allie and she showered and got ready they were in the car driving to the hospital

'is there anything you want to do after bea?

'i need to go to the salon and i havent seen franky if you dont mind can we go to the restaurant?

'how about we go to the salon for a bit for a coffee and than we can go have lunch at franky's place?

'sounds good to me

'but i wont have you doing anything, i dont want you hurting yourself

'i wont i promise

'good..... allie parked the car and helped bea out and into the wheel chair as it was a long walk to the doctors office, once they arrived allie put bea's name down and they waited for bea to be called, allie was making bea giggle as she was telling her stories of her and debbie when they were at uni, bea had to hold her tummy she laughed so much

'oh allie please stop my stomach

'sorry babe but you should have seen it, debbie fell her butt in the air, it was priceless

'she can be very clumsy... bea giggled

'she sure can.... they both looked up when the doctor came out

'beatrice smith

'over here

'come in girls... he held the door open and allie pushed bea inside and settled her in front of the desk where the doctor sat down

'so bea how are you doing since you have been out of hospital?

'tired, very tired

'thats normal, the medication is strong because i dont want you getting an infection, how about you sit on the medical table and i check you out.... bea nodded, allie helped her up and stepped back as the doctor checked her face first

'the cheek is doing much better, the bruising i would say has another week or so, now how do your ribs feel?

'sore but i know there getting better, i had a bit of a fall the other day but i dont think it did any damage, it hurt for a bit but i think it was my mind panicking more than anything

'i want you to do an mri of the whole body so i can check if everything is okay, it wont take long and its better to be safe than sorry

'okay doctor..... bea did the scan and than they went back to his office and waited a few minutes when the doctor walked back in

'bea your scan look good, your ribs are coming along perfectly as is your arm and face, do you find your ribs are hurting a lot?

'yea at times

'thats because one of them lost thia tiny little bit but dont worry it is growing back and there joining well, i know this has been a long journey for you but i think a couple weeks should have you back to your old self

'thank god for that, thank you doctor

'no problems..... they soon left the doctor's office and took off towards the salon, they spent an hour there chatting with the girls and had organised a bbq at bea's on the weekend before going to franky's restaurant, allie parked right at the door so bea could just walk straight inside, it was quiet and only a few people around so they grabbed a booth and sat down, debbie came over and smiled

'hey mum, hey bozo.... allie laughed

'hey deb

'what you doing here?

'just came for lunch and to see how franky is doing, havent see her in a few days, where is she?

'oh miss moody pants is around, she has been telling everyone off all day


'she had a fight with bridget

'do you know what happened?

'nah she wont say but i bet she will talk to you 2 so im going to send her over, what do you want to drink?

'the red drink for me please

'coke for me deb.... allie said

'okay and i will come back and get your orders soon.... debbie returned with there drinks and they ordered there food

'i will put this through and get franky for you mum

'thanks deb..... debbie went ot the kitchen to give shane the order

'stop doing that your idiot... she heard franky say to one of the workers 'i told you to do it this way, i swear if i see you do it the other way again your fired... debbie looked at shane and rolled her eyes


'she is getting worse

'well mums here and she will sort her out, here is mum and allie's order

'i will take care of it just get franky out of here i cant concentrate

'hey franky come here

'im busy debbie

'franky i need you now, its important... franky huffed and came over to debbie

'what is so important? she snapped

'just come with me and i will show you and dont even think about telling me off..... debbie grabbed her hand and pulled her all the way to bea and allie's table and pushed her into the booth to sit down

'everyone is sick of her, sort her out or you can go home

'its my place

'i dont care franky, people cant work with you hovering over us just because your in a bad mood.... debbie took a breath and looked at bea and allie

'your food wont be long, i have to get back to work.... debbie left and bea raised her eyebrow at franky

'talk....... franky was quiet for a few second before she looked up and tears sprung to her eyes

'i think its over between me and bridget