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Caught in the Middle

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It had been 3 days since the incident and 3 days since allie had seen bea, 3 excruciatingly long days and allie wasnt happy, since bea hadnt let maxine and liz in they had decided with debbie and franky to get allie, debbie and shane to stay at franky's for a bit while they tried to help bea through what was going on, when the initial conversation happened allie fought with them all refusing to leave bea but when bridget had stepped up and explained bea's mental state of mind she calmed down and become emotional as she wanted to help her girl more than anything, since she wasnt able to do so she finally agreed to stay with franky so they had gone back home that day and packed a bag for a few days, bea was on the couch sleeping and allie stopped beside her and kissed her cheek whispering something in her ear

'i love you forever, you can get through this and i will be here whenever you want..... leaving one more kiss she left the house in tears and got in the car where franky, shane and debbie were waiting for her, since then allie and debbie had received the keys for the shop and allie had thrown herself into cleaning up the place, debbie was working quite a bit so allie was happy to do it on her own,


when liz and maxine turned up they had tried to talk to bea but she wasnt budging, she stared at them, more like stared through them as if she were imagining something, they tried endlessly to start up a conversation but bea didnt seem interested so they went about there day in the house, cleaning, cooking, hanging around, watching a movie and every now and than would chat between themselves but close to bea in the hopes she would join in on the conversation, it was that night when they talked to franky and debbie about them staying at franky's for a little while and allie had flown off her rocker for the main reason of not even giving her a choice, she felt like they were pushing her aside from making any decisions in regards to bea and debbie felt bad because no one knew her mum more than allie did so tried to take control of the situation along with bridget, allie had calmed a little but was very emotional about leaving bea but for bea's health she would do what needed to be done

so now it was 3 days later and allie was at the shop ripping things apart and cleaning up, she had a skip bin and was throwing all the rubbish away which seemed to be a lot of, allie was now beyond angry at being kept away and couldnt comprehend why it had to happen, as she was carrying some rubbish out to the skip which was out the front a woman came over to her

'hi are you allie?

'yes i am, you are?

'im kate the painter

'oh kate hi, i would shake your hand but im filthy

'its fine

'please come in..... kate followed allie inside

'the place is a pretty big mess just be careful

'thats okay, so tell me what you want done from me

'so i want everything painted, walls, skirting boards, poles the lot, i also want a feature wall can you do that?

'i can, any ideas what your looking for?

'well this will be a cake shop and i own it with my best friend and girlfriends daughter debbie, we want something like with cakes and cupcakes and things like that

'okay i will sketch up a few different drawings and see what you both like, now have you thought of colors?

'yes, we want bright fluro, we want the place to be kind of cooky, fun and out there, we want to stand out

'i really like the concept, alright what im going to do is look around and take notes down and than i will tell you my ideas of how to do it

'okay, im just going to be around so look for me

'no problems.....allie went back to work of clearing out all the rubbish, boomer had turned up ten minutes later with lunch and coffee

'hey blondie get that into ya

'thanks boomer.... allie huffed out, she had sweat dripping down her face and her face was red from exerting herself

'ay you need to take it easy blondie, i know ya have lots to do but ya cant do it all yourself

'im fine booms, any news on bea?

'franky said she finally had something to eat today, half a sandwich.... allie nodded

'good to see no one tells me anything, i mean im only her fucking girlfriend.... allie snapped and shook her head as she rubbed the bridge of her nose

'sorry boomer, i didnt meant to snap at you its not your fault.... allie sighed 'i just miss her so much, i feel like i havent seen bea in ages, i cant text her, i cant talk to her, i cant see her and its so hard... allie said wiping a couple tears

'oh come on blondie bea is in good hands, she is strong ya know, she could probably bash a lion, that would make her like the queen of the jungle, queen bea, get it? allie let a small smile come across her lips

'she probably could booms, queen bea i like that

'lets eat and than get to work, it will help keep your mind busy

'thanks boomer...... about an hour later kate came over to allie

'alright allie i have finished and i have i think a good image, how about i show you?

'sure......what kate said she wanted to do sounded really good so allie agreed for kate and her team to work on drawing it all up and the feature wall design which would take some time which worked out well considering the work was getting done with the new kitchen, cabinets and everything else that needed to be done, once kate left and said she would email allie the pictures once there done allie and boomer got back to cleaning up, the contractors were due to arrive tomorrow to start working on the foundation and kitchen, the electrician was also due tomorrow so they could work together to make a plan, boomer was getting ready to leave in the afternoon about 4.30 but allie wasnt ready to leave

'blondie you cant stay here all night

'i wont, i just want to do a few more things and than i will head back to franky's place

'alright, if ya need anythin call me

'i will, thanks for your help boomer.... boomer left and allie worked for the next 4 hours arriving back at franky's some time around 8-9 o'clock, walking in she saw franky, bridget, and debbie sitting there talking

'whats wrong? is it bea? panic evident in her voice

'allie come sit down, we have some news on mum

'okay... allie sat down and looked between 3 eyes 'so what is it?

'we all discussed mums state of mind and we think its time to get her professional help

'what kind of help?

'the hospital

'the mental hospital? no, not happening, dont even fucking think about it

'allie mum needs help

'yea she does but not there, people there are actually crazy and bea isnt crazy, those places are for people trying to kill themselves, people with mental disabilities, i wont let you take her there its not right and on another thought do none of you even give a shit what i think? why are all these decisions been made without me? what am i just a piece of shit?

'allie no... debbie tried but allie wouldnt let her speak, she stood up throwing her chair back and shaking her head

'how fucking dare any of you shut me out of everything, like i didnt exist, like im bad for her, like i dont matter, well i dont accept that and i never will

'allie settle down now... bridget said getting up and walking over to the shaking blonde and grabbing her hand

'its not fair, bea is more than just my girlfriend, she is my everything and i would die before being shut out from this, i have every right to see her, to talk to her, to make decisions for her and for some reason everyone is shutting me out

'its not like that allie, mum is just really different right now

'of course she is debbie, she is depressed, how do none of you see that? look what she went through, yes he is finally dead and she can rest easy but it doesnt mean her mind has caught up with her body, everything is going around and around in her head and she cant make sense of it, she doesnt need a hospital she needs a psychologist, someone that can go to the house and wait, wait for her to open up, wait for her to talk not some stupid fucking hospital.... bridget turned to franky and debbie

'she is right, allie knows bea more than anyone and if she says thats what she needs than i agree with her

'im sorry blondie, we didnt mean to lock you out we just didnt want to stress you out with all this

'im sorry too allie, we didnt realize we locked you out so much, mum needs you and you know her better than anyone.... debbie went over to allie and hugged her 'i just want mum back

'i know you do, we all do... debbie pulled back and sadly smiled

'what do we do?

'firstly aunty bridget you know quite a few doctors can you find me one, a woman with experience in this field

'i can do that, i will make some calls now

'good, debbie pack your bags your going home as is shane

'you think its a good idea?

'yes, she needs normality around her right now and your the one she needs more than anything and shane can be the strong male figure to have around that she can trust

'how about you?

'im not coming home as much as i want to, we need to do it slow and steady so lets start with you 2, maxi and liz can stay there if they want but you cant let them hoover over her, she needs space to get her thoughts in place

'but she would want you there

'when she wants me she has to ask for me, let her do it herself debbie, we need her to talk, to come out of her funk but safely

'makes sense

'good, where is shane?

'inside watching tv

'alright both of you go pack your stuff and franky will drive you over there

'okay.... as debbie went to shane to explain what was happening allie sat down with franky

'are you sure about this blondie? you not going?

'no but i want her to understand her feelings, if she misses me and asks for me than she will voice it, than we will know she is coming back to us, we need her to open up about everything she is feeling

'thats really smart allie

'thanks aunty bridget

'im going to make a few calls while franky you go and take debbie home

'i will see you when i get back gidge.... bridget went inside to franky's bedroom leaving the other 2 there

'i am really sorry we left you out allie, we never meant to

'well think about it this way, if this was bridget and all this happened and you came home from a long day and they told you all that what would you do?

'i would flip out, we didnt even give you a choice to leave the house for a few days, we were just trying to follow the same way as last time it happened

'i get that but from now on im not gonna stand back and let everyone make these decisions, they will be made by me and debbie, you can all have your input but it lays with us 2 and i wont back down when it comes to bea

'yea your right, i will speak to everyone and let them know that you and deb are the decision makers

'thank you franky, really i mean it thank you for watching over bea it means everything to me and deb

'i always would look after her but you need to as well so i will take a step back and be there when needed

'good, now im going for a shower i stink

'you really do... allie chuckled and pushed franky

'fuck you


'franky stop cracking onto my niece..... bridget said coming into the room

'oh babe we were just messing around, i only have eyes for you gidge.... bridget knew that but loved picking on franky it was just too easy

'allie i spoke to one of my colleagues who is the best in her field and i think is a perfect fit for bea, she will be coming around to bea's house tomorrow at 11am, i have told her of bea's state of mind and that she isnt talking but she is happy to work with her

'thank you and get her to send me the bill, give her my email address

'no allie you cant pay it all, it will be expensive

'i dont care, she is my woman and i will look after her so please just tell the doctor to send it to me

'okay... debbie and shane came out with there stuff

'listen you 2 just be gentle but dont act different, make sure she understands your there for her but do not coddle her, she wont be happy if you did that, shane your the man of the house right now and she trusts you but in saying that try not get to get to close unless she signals for you too, it may be a guy thing thats part of it

'alright we will look after her

'i know you will and franky give her my love, tell her i love her so much but if she wants to see me she has to come and get me

'i will tell her..... franky drove shane to bea's house and stayed to explain what allie had said, liz and maxine were happy to listen to what allie had to say, they had talked between themselves earlier about what allie would do, they had decided to stick around at bea's house with debbie and shane

franky went to bea who was sitting in bed watching tv, she sat beside her and held her hand

'how are you red? nothing, radio silence which is what franky expected,

'i bought shane and debbie back for you, they missed you a lot... bea turned to look at franky and nodded

'allie is with me, she is worried about you but knows your going through some stuff, she said to tell you she loves you so much and if you want to see her you have to go to her....... there was a ghost of a smile on bea's face before she turned to look at the tv

'im gonna go home but if you need me just call or text, what ever... with that she left her room running into debbie

'woah shit sorry deb

'all good, how is she?

'quiet, i think she would love to see you and shane, im gonna go home but i will speak to you soon

'okay, bye franky.... franky left and shane and debbie went into bea's room

'hi mum... debbie said happily and jumped on the bed beside bea and wrapped her arms around her, debbie could hear bea smell her hair and hum, her mum was definitely there she just needed time, shane came over and bea held his hand giving it a squeeze

'im happy to see you bea, im around if you need anything but right now im going to leave you to catch up with debbie.... shane smiled and than left the room, bea laid her head on debbie's shoulder and listened to debbie talk, she didnt say anything back but it was clear she was happy to have debbie and shane home, although she really missed allie a lot and was holding onto her teddy squishy like her life depended on it, after some time both bea and debbie fell asleep together


allie had gone for a shower and than bridget heated up some dinner for her, once she ate she was tired so headed off to bed in the spare room, she took out her phone and looked at some photos of her and bea together kissing her screen on bea's face, oh how she missed her but they needed to do this right, putting her phone on charge she fell asleep pretty quickly


bea felt like her world was falling apart, falling into the water completely freaked her out and for some reason it felt like she was drowning but her night in shinning armor came to her rescue and scooped her into her arms, when she wrapped herself around allie she felt safe, she felt secure and that she would be okay but when allie spoke to her she could barely spit out 2 words and it went from there, it felt scary, like the world felt scary and she didnt know how to manage her feelings, flashes of harry came roaring through her mind, the kicks, punches, pushing around, slamming of her body and all the words, the cruel mean words he said came into her mind and over took her, she felt alone and useless, she watched on as everyone tried to talk to her, from debbie, allie, franky, maxine and liz but bea wasnt budging, her mind felt like lead and she couldnt function, than maxine and liz stayed and shane, debbie and allie left for what felt like was so long

those days were hard she felt like she was falling more and more into herself and didnt know what to do, she missed her family and she couldnt even explain it, than one day she was sitting in bed and debbie bounced in with a cheerful smile followed by a worried looking shane, when debbie hugged her and she smelled her hair it was like she came home, she felt comfort and it was so good to see them both, although she had her daughter back there was this feeling in her heart that something was missing.....Allie..... oh how she missed her blonde beauty and wished she could wrap her arms around her, than debbie told her

'if you want allie you have to go and get her'

bea wanted nothing more than to do so but she was tired and stuck and she didnt know how to fix this, she needed allie like she needed air, as she lay down with a sleeping debbie beside her she vowed to do everything she could to get to allie, to hold her, to kiss her and so much more, closing her eyes dreaming of blonde hair and blue eyes



The next day bea and debbie were sitting on the couch watching tv, that morning maxine took bea to get the plaster and sling off her arm which had healed well, there was a little stiffness but in a couple days it will adjust itself, the door bell rang so maxine answered it

'hi im doctor edwards im here for bea

'hi doctor im maxine a friend please come in... she closed the door and smiled

'where is bea?

'she is in here with her daughter... she followed maxine into the lounge room and smiled at bea who had a confused look on her face

'bea sweety this is doctor edwards, she is a psychologist.... bea's eyes went wide and she shook her head

'mum listen for a minute, you need help and she wont hurt you she here to help you, please just try it, for me..... bea looked into debbie's pleading eyes and nodded

;bea how about we sit down and talk? bea shrugged

'debbie why dont me and you go and water your the garden?

'okay, im just out the back mum..... debbie followed maxine and the doctor sat in the single chair opposite bea

'bea im not here to hurt you or push you into something, i was sent here to help you, i have been told your shutting people out and not talking, do you know why?

'can you tell me how your feeling? bea shook her head no, this went on for about 40 minutes, questions went unanswered as bea just shrugged her shoulders, and than it was silent, bea looked at anywhere but the doctor and the doctor tried to study bea, after a few minutes the doctor asked a question that would hopefully get an answer for

'what do you want? what do you want right now bea? bea lifted her head and looked the doctor straight in the eyes

'i want allie, all i want is allie.... the doctor smiled knowing what the relationship was between the 2 girls after bridget told her,

'where is she?

'at franky's.... bea replied

'you miss her? bea nodded

'more than anything

'why isnt she here?

'she told debbie i had to go and get her

'why dont you?

'im scared

'of what?

'disappointing her

'i doubt that would ever happen, of what bridget told me allie is very worried about you, she is quite upset about not being able to see or talk to you, she misses you dearly

'i love her

'do you want her here with you?

'without a doubt

'so go get her, bea i believe your struggling with what happened recently and years ago with him, i wont say his name but you know who im talking about, what happened recently has bought up the trauma you suffered by his hand, its nothing to be scared of and i can help you, although without the right support we cant start, you tell me bea can you do this without allie?

'no, i want her here, with me, she is my world

'than go get your girl..... bea stood up and nodded

'doctor may i ask you come back tomorrow and i would love your help to get passed this

'you got it bea, i will be here tomorrow at 11am

'thank you so much, i felt stuck the last few days but you put things in prospective, i need allie so much so im going to get her

'good, i will see you tomorrow bea, bye....... the doctor left and bea walked out the back to where debbie, maxine and liz were walking around the garden, she went up to debbie and pulling her hand spinning her around and hugging her daughter

'im sorry and i love you so much... debbie didnt know what was happening till she heard her mums voice, she wrapped her arms around her mum and squeezed her

'i love you to mum, i missed you so much

'i missed you to, i didnt mean to scare you.... bea said pulling back holding debbie's face in her hands

;its okay, how are you feeling?

'i have a lot of work to do and the doctor will be back tomorrow but i feel okay, im scared but okay, as for you 2 thank you so much for being there again

'of course love, we always will be no matter what

'listen deb i need a favor

'whats that?

'i need to see allie

'i know, i will take you but first you need a shower, you have been in the same clothes for a couple days... bea smiled

'yea alright, i will get ready and you can take me?

'of course mum...... debbie kissed debbie's cheek and walked inside to get ready

'she is back

'she is love... maxine said wiping debbie's tears and hugging her, bea went into the shower and cleaned her hair and body, she dried off and got dressed before brushing her teeth and hair putting it up in a pony tail, it was weird she woke up that morning feeling like crap but the doctor asked the right questions and the most important was about allie, she needed allie and she was going to get her, once she slipped on her shoes which was a little sore as her ribs werent 100% yet but she managed than she met debbie in the kitchen and they left the house, debbie drove to the shop knowing allie would be there with the contractors and electrician, parking the car out front bea got out and turned to debbie

'you can go deb i got it from here

'are you sure mum?

'absolutely deb, i need some time with allie

'alright but if you need me just call

'i will deb, i have my phone and wallet so dont worry

'i will try.... bea watched the car drive off and turned towards the shop, there were guys walking in and out in work gear and moving equipment and tools around, she walked inside the shop and looked around and so much has been cleaned out and the work was on its way, she didnt see allie so she walked towards the kitchen but she wasnt there but she heard her voice and bea's heart skipped a beat, she followed the voice to the outside back area and there she was, the blonde woman that held her heart chatting with franky, bea stood there just staring and franky looked over allie's shoulder who had her back to the door and smiled before nodding behind allie and she turned around,


allie had woken up that morning feeling sore and tired from the work the day before, she also couldnt stop thinking about bea and hoped the doctor would be able to help her, she rolled out of bed and went into the shower, once she finished and was dressed she went into the kitchen where franky was making breakfast

'morning franky

'morning blondie, how did you sleep?

'i slept an hour or so

'you cant sleep without her ay?

'yep, i miss her so much

'i know you do, hopefully now we can get things moving with this new doctor, gidge said she is the best in her field

'i hope so

'here sit down i made breakfast

'no im good just coffee for me

'sit your ass down, if red finds out i didnt feed you she will kick my ass.... allie giggled before sitting down and accepting the plate from franky as she joined her

'thank you franky, i know when we first met i was hard on you because of your relationship with bea and i was jealous but i know you 2 are best friends and you would do anything for her, i appreciate everything you have done for bea

'its no sweat allie, i just want her to get better

'me too.... as they ate they chatted away

'so you want some help at the shop today?

'your not working?

'no got the day off

'well i dont need help but you can come and hang out for a while

'sounds good.... after they ate allie cleaned the few dishes while franky showered and got ready, soon enough they were at the shop and allie opened the doors, the contractor and electrician appeared and allie had a meeting and with the help with franky who was quite handy they came up with a plan of how they would work together, allie had the contractor in place since she signed the paperwork as she didnt want to waste time, a couple hours later allie and franky were out the back area talking and franky was showing allie a funny video on you tube and they laughed pretty loudly,

;oh god that was too funny franky, i bet that guy wont be going near cactus again

'i recon so.... franky looked up to see bea standing there and she couldnt be happier to see her out of the house, she nodded at allie to look behind her and when allie turned around she heard her breath hitch in her throat

'bea... she breathed out, bea took a couple steps closer not sure how allie would feel about her being here

'hi allie.... allie felt the tears running down her cheeks but didnt care to wipe them, bea was standing in front of her after 5 days of no contact, wait did she just hear her voice?

'you spoke

'thats what people tend to do to communicate.... bea smiled and allie chuckled

'i missed you

'i missed you more.... bea said in return, bea just couldnt take it, she walked up to allie and wrapped her arms around her, she wasnt sure if she should do this and was going to pull away when allie didnt reciprocate the hug but in no time allie wrapped her arms around the redhead and nuzzled her face into bea's neck smelling the unique smell of bea, franky couldnt help but smile wide to see her best friend not only talk and be out of the house but do exactly what allie wanted and needed which was to come and get her, it really does show that allie knew what bea needed all along, walking up to them and putting her hand on bea's shoulder

'its good to have you back, i will leave you both to it, call me later

'thank you franky for everything

'anytime, you can pay me back in chocolate cake... bea laughed


'see you both later... franky left but allie and bea hadnt budged and continued to hold each other in an embrace, after ten minutes allie pulled back and kissed bea on the lips over and over again before smiling

'are you okay?

'i will be, i need to explain what is happening

'you dont need to, i spoke to bridget and i think she is right, your struggling with the trauma he caused you and you were never able to deal with.... bea nodded

'i never meant to shut you all out

'i know, i cant even imagine what you went through and what your feeling but no matter what im here for you


'absolutely, anything you need

'right now i need you to come back home, i also need you to move into my room permanently, we are together and your in my room most of the time anyways

'are you sure?

'100% sure, your my everything allie and if you can deal with my ups and downs that will be soon to come as i work with the doctor than i want you in my bed, i want to share everything with you, what do you say?

'i say im in babe but if you snore im kicking you out of bed.... bea laughed and kissed allie

'i love you

'i love you too

'guess what allie?


'i love you more.... allie giggled and pulled bea into another hug

'god i missed you bea

'i missed you too allie, do you have a lot to do here?

'no actually, the contractor and electrician dont need me here and they lock up at the end of the day

'how about we get your stuff from franky's and you come home? we can set up our room together

'that sounds good babe but first are you hungry?

'starving, i havent eaten properly in a few days

'how about lunch? just me and you

'sure, i want a burger and chips

'anything my girl wants she gets...... allie said kissing bea again like she couldnt help herself, allie grabbed her things and told the guys she was leaving for the day and left with bea, they got into allie's car and allie drove to franky's and grabbed her stuff and than to a take away shop

'babe who is at home?

'debbie, maxi, liz and now it should be shane

'alright im gonna get food for everyone, let me call franky and tell her to come, its the least i can do.... franky had just picked up bridget so they were happy to come and have a late lunch with them, bea text boomer to come for lunch who was shocked to even see the message but replied saying

'fuckin ay im in chatterbox... they both laughed as they walked into the shop, allie ordered way more food than they needed but bea didnt fight her because between boomer, debbie and shane they would eat it later on anyways, she ordered burgers for them all as well as 4 different salads, hot chips, a few whole chickens and some chicken sticks as well, allie had the biggest smile on her face as they waited and bea leaned into allie's side loving the feeling of the blonde's body next to hers, they hadent been sexual with each other in quite some time, since before the whole harry situation to be exact, allie had been so patient with bea no matter how hard bea tried to touch allie she wouldnt let her because allie saw it as it wasnt a one sided relationship and she was happy to wait,

'should we get drinks babe?

'yes, get 3 bottles of coke, 2 fanta and 2 of the red one.....once they got there order and allie paid even though bea tried allie wouldnt let her and than they got in the car and drove home, walking inside they were all there and boomer went over to bea and hugged her, boomer had the best hugs and it was like hugging a big teddy bear, she loved her dear friend

'ay im happy your getting better bea

'thanks boomer and thanks for helping the girls

'anytime, we is family ay

'we sure are.... bea than went to bridget and hugged her

'thank you bridget, dr edwards is pretty good

'im glad she helped, will you continue to see her?

'yes, she will be back tomorrow and we can go from there, im not letting this happen again

'thats great bea, sit down and eat with the family

'i will i just need franky for a minute... grabbing franky's hand she dragged her over tot he hallways and than wrapped her arms around her tattooed friend

'you being here for allie, debbie and shane meant the world to me and im sorry it all happened

'hey dont worry about all that red, im just happy your on the mend, you work hard and get to where you want to be in life, dont let him justify you

'i wont, its time to put myself first

'good, now lets eat im hungry.... they sat down and bea laughed when she put bea's plate down in front of her


'what? she said innocently

'how am i gonna eat all this?

'just eat what you can, i just want to look after you.... bea smiled and put her hand under allie's chin and turned so they were facing each other before connecting there lips

'thank you beautiful girl..... after lunch kaz turned up having been busy with work and she talked a bit with bea and was happy to see her on the mend, they all knew bea had a long way to go but this was a definite start, debbie and shane went and got dessert for everyone and a couple hours later bea and allie were laid up in bed together, they decided to move allie into bea's room tomorrow because they were both tired, not being able to sleep with out each other these last few nights, they lay facing each other a hand linked and settled on the pillow between them

'im so happy your in front of me right now, dont ever leave me

'i wont, i promise allie

'let me in and i will do everything in my power to help you now matter what, lean on me i can be strong for you

'it wont be pretty

'i know, i know.... allie replied and rubbed bea's cheek

'okay, i will do my best to let you in

'thats all i ask, now go to sleep before your eyes roll to the back of your head.... bea giggled and kissed allie

'good night baby

'good night babe.... bea moved so she had head head laying on allie's chest and together they drifted off to sleep